Review Jalan Besar Sports Centre, 100 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore

Review Jalan Besar Sports Centre - Singapore 100 Tyrwhitt Rd

“It is always beautiful to watch football games here. Great seating, sound system, lighting system. …” or “Very quiet swimming pool. Very little swimmers during lunch time. Friendly Life Guards.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Jalan Besar Sports Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Jalan Besar Sports Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Jalan Besar Sports Centre. In terms of Sports complex, it is generally believed that Jalan Besar Sports Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 100 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Sports complex, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62939058 (+65 62939058)
  • Website:
  • Address: 100 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore
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Jalan Besar Sports Centre reviews

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To determine whether Jalan Besar Sports Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“It is always beautiful to watch football games here. Great seating, sound system, lighting system. …”

“Home of the Sailors! Been here multiple times for matches the past two seasons and atmosphere is great as always. Hopefully the good old days of local football come back soon.”

“Great place to watch football. Food and drink is allowed here compared to you know where. Been watching/enjoying here since LionXII time. Now LCS(formerly HUFC).”

“New eateries to cater to sportists and Swimmies after exercise. Its much cleaner and more efficiently managed. The food court looks good to carry on makan.”

“Very quiet swimming pool. Very little swimmers during lunch time. Friendly Life Guards.”

“It's a pretty nice place. While I visited there were a marathon going on. May be it was a charity event. It was huge gathering over there.”

“Equipment are well station.quite spacious ,I love this place not pack during weekdays..I shall come frequently.”

“Everyone should support local football and check out a game with the lion city sailors. Amazing atmosphere and football!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 246 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Jalan Besar Sports Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Jalan Besar Sports Centre, 100 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore

There is a total 246 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Miles xian

    A swimming pool and a big mini stadium

  2. Avatar photo
    brice dinh

    Very good pool for lap swim. Design to absorb wakes better than others I have been to. Some decent places to eat around.

  3. Avatar photo
    Wiryadi Hamidon

    Nice ambience surrounding the Jalan Besar Stadium. Gives me the nostalgic feeling.

  4. Avatar photo
    Gary Tang

    Big open seated space 2 watch football. More over è swimming pool is just besides. Famous Kok Kee wanton mee is Oso near-by lots of local food.

  5. Avatar photo
    Kennerve Tan

    Great facility, excellent viewing experience for football matches.

  6. Avatar photo
    Jagdish Singh

    Love it

  7. Avatar photo
    Audi Benjamin

    Only 1 entrance and exit you have to enter from kitchener road

  8. Avatar photo

    This stadium needs a tear down and a huge revamp. Really. Change the stadium. Home team supporters has shelter but not the opponents? Why? Don’t you guys use your brains when constructing something that costs alot of money?

  9. Avatar photo
    Puay Khoon Yeo

    My son attends ActiveSG football lessons there every Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning. It is an artificial pitch.
    There are toilet and shower facilities, just like a public pool. There are no lockers though.
    There is very little shade as well so come prepared with a hat. You can use the water cooler to drink some cold water to cope with the hot weather.

  10. Avatar photo
    Tanvir Romel

    The swimming pool is really amazing and very much convenient. I just loved it.

  11. Avatar photo
    Samad Arshad

    It’s very accessible and with carpark facilities in and around the stadium. The AIA-Spurs soccer camp for kids was a success with big name players from England conducting the event. Set-up was perfect and the kids were having lots of fun…!!

  12. Avatar photo
    Jacky Wu

    One of the newest active Sg gym in town. Though small, it’s well equipped for me who prefers machines to free weights.

  13. Avatar photo
    Im Jayce

    Very small gym, too little equipment and too narrow, wouldn’t recommend

  14. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Tiboleng

    Should have remained the original grass turf

  15. Avatar photo

    Place was one of the smallest activesg gyms. Machine was quite new. Nice views to pools and streets both ways. Have to take the lift to 2nd floor.

  16. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Schonne

    Cheap access fees and good quality swimming pools
    Lanes for lap swimming
    Kids pool
    Showers and lavatories need to be renewed

  17. Avatar photo

    SGD 1 weekday. Cash payment is not recommended

  18. Avatar photo
    Chen Dylan

    good place, nice vibe

  19. Avatar photo
    Tzer Chew Goh

    Clean and well maintained swimming pool

  20. Avatar photo
    Md Amirrul

    Had a swimming best day

  21. Avatar photo
    Bharat Singh

    This stadium and sports arena is a major venue in the context of SIngapore. So much activity here, it will trigger a state of action from a state of inaction, merely by being present. So go on down for a healthy timeout.

  22. Avatar photo

    It is quite huge. Usually the football (soccer) matches are held here.

  23. Avatar photo

    Small compact stadium. There are no fans in the covered shelter area.

  24. Avatar photo
    Wengheng Chan

    Affordable gym n classes

  25. Avatar photo
    Sergiu Bodiu

    Could be improved, doesn’t have a lot of choices. The shops are dated

  26. Avatar photo
    Henry Wong

    Good place to watch live soccer in Singapore

  27. Avatar photo
    Soma Sam

    Jalan besar sport stadium and swimmig pool just side by side and along corner there’s broadway coffee shop 24 hours food food and drinks and football lovers you can live football chanell with some drinks to go with it.

  28. Avatar photo

    Seems like a nice place.. didn’t enter the premise tho

  29. Avatar photo
    lee nick

    Overall a good swimming complex.

  30. Avatar photo
    C Pang

    First timer to a public gym in 20 years. While it’s not as complete as a private fancy gym, it serves my needs. It’s a bit small but works well enough during covid crowd management.

  31. Avatar photo
    Noraschid Ghani (The_City_Landscapist)

    If you want a good workout.

  32. Avatar photo
    Adriv Lim

    The stadium need a renovation.seats are uncomfortable and the Soccer field is in horrible state

  33. Avatar photo
    Mike Pearson

    Decent venue, with a few seats falling apart. The whole con of having no food and drink allowed in, but then limited options once inside is a bit of a scam. Also making you queue for hours, without managing social distancing, in order to buy tickets, without checking to see if all in the queue are vaccinated seems a little counter-intuitive. Still, good stadium with decent view and ample facilities. And good to be allowing spectators despite temptation to restrict during periods of higher cases.

  34. Avatar photo
    Roland Tai

    Very quiet swimming pool.
    Very little swimmers during lunch time.
    Friendly Life Guards.

  35. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    Sports facilities built by Singapore government with public swimming pools and food centre.

  36. Avatar photo
    Mokkie Mok

    Good stuff:
    – 3 pools: play pool with fountains and slides for kids, kid’s pool and adult pool.
    – kids’ change area near to the entrance; convenient for kids.

    Bad stuff:
    – This is just a typical public swimming pool in Singapore, so expect not-so-clean and old toilets.

  37. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Chaturvedi

    Lot of open space..very hot

  38. Avatar photo
    Elaine Ong

    Had a meal at Broadway situated at Jalan Besar Sports Centre

  39. Avatar photo
    Jardin Jumat

    Great place to watch football. Food and drink is allowed here compared to you know where. Been watching/enjoying here since LionXII time. Now LCS(formerly HUFC).

  40. Avatar photo
    mav phlaw

    Enjoying Soccer Match

  41. Avatar photo
    Fazaru Lopo

    Its a place i play for my school soccer team and its a great experience

  42. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    One of the best swimming pools in the middle of the city. For just a dollar one can get a fresh clean swim, especially around lunchtime.

  43. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Yang

    Perhaps because of the residential density around the swimming pool, there are a lot more patrons. In the morning, the pool is crowded with aunties and uncles getting their morning swim. In the evenings, everyone. The quieter times are definitely around lunchtime.

  44. Avatar photo
    The SDS Team

    More facility. I really like the water spray that soften the ground

  45. Avatar photo
    momo my

    Not much movement I guess players only train bright at dawn

  46. Avatar photo
    muhammad zaydh

    Has a great Swimming complex.

  47. Avatar photo
    Firdaus Mufirahm

    Walking distance from lavender n bendemeer mrt.

  48. Avatar photo
    David Boon

    Good place for a swim. But swimming complex a bit small.

  49. Avatar photo
    Elven Wong

    Small but well equipped gym. You got everything you need here. Toilet has shower. 2×20 cents coins to use locker.

    Before you go, download the ActiveSG app and purchase an entry pass, also bring your own towel.

  50. Avatar photo
    Soumyadeep B

    Wow, excellent place … full of amenities

  51. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the place as i used to stay in the area. The sports center is near People’s Association where i came for meeting.

  52. Avatar photo
    SG family Fun time

    Including a new gym with swimming pool and stadium

  53. Avatar photo
    Lance Wong

    Nice place

  54. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yap

    Quite completed equipments, got water heater for shower

  55. Avatar photo
    Niño Ross Rodriguez

    Decent swimming complex for their price. I cant give them full stars because there was poop in one of the cubicles

  56. Avatar photo
    Amit Bhojvia

    Hope government will renovate the stadium as well.

  57. Avatar photo
    Lionel Kwok

    Nice stadium for local sports

  58. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Abit troublesome to enter swimming pool due to covid control, but was enjoying the whole pool was by my family.

  59. Avatar photo
    Linda Li

    Very nice place to swim. I love it

  60. Avatar photo
    Junior Hsu

    Good for small sports event , artificial turf a let down

  61. Avatar photo
    Raphael Siah (Waffle)

    Screen not working

  62. Avatar photo
    Zero Tkh

    Local soccer match hang out area, crowded when there is matches.

  63. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wahab T.K

    Jalan Besar Sports Centre located Central area and also near to Lavender MRT Station.

  64. Avatar photo
    Hou Daniel


  65. Avatar photo
    Sajib Mustafiz

    It’s a pretty nice place. While I visited there were a marathon going on. May be it was a charity event. It was huge gathering over there.

  66. Avatar photo

    It is a good location but is a little packed . Despite that I think it is a pretty okay place to go for matches with your friends. Also I wish that it was bigger because I remember standing in the queue under the hot sun.

  67. Avatar photo
    Faisal Mohamed

    Not much crowded

  68. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Jamaluddin

    Great place to catch matches from SPL

  69. Avatar photo
    Ani S

    Got 3 pools including one at 0.5m for babies

  70. Avatar photo
    Vui Hau Howard Chia

    Just to take note the swimming pool is closed until April 2020 for renovation. Not sure when in April will resuming, but could call the swimming centre before going, just to make sure. Stay Healthy! 2020

  71. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Jain

    Cool place. ActiveSG gym here is pretty small

  72. Avatar photo
    ณัฐวิเดช เกตุอินทร์

    Good and clean, stadium is old but still look good

  73. Avatar photo
    Shawn Seah

    Nice and clean swimming pool near to lavender mrt station.

  74. Avatar photo
    Wilson Chan

    Great place to take a mid day dip to refresh for the road ahead. Easily accessible for tourists and workers in the area.

  75. Avatar photo
    Zahari Nawi

    A new building midst of old and matured heartland.

  76. Avatar photo
    Lim Swee Huat

    Good food

  77. Avatar photo
    Nigel D'Souza

    Good well maintained stadium. Good seats. Good views.

  78. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Sirisena

    Nice stadium with good seating and views of the pitch from the stand. Atmosphere can be good with bigger crowds or when internationals are on.

  79. Avatar photo
    Ramkumar Vijayan

    A great place for sporting fun. Also nice swimming pool and gym.

  80. Avatar photo
    Amit Gilboa

    Smallish Active Sg gym but good location right downtown

  81. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Another iconic sports hub for ages and still stand tall.

  82. Avatar photo
    Yong Siew Wong

    The facility and equipment are well maintained, but it’s too crowded…

  83. Avatar photo
    Vinay Adiga

    Artificial turf for football and footsal which can be improved better atleast in footsal area. Squash and tennis courts available for booking as well.

  84. Avatar photo

    Well maintained swimming pool, and the water is clean. Except is open space, no shelter. Good for someone who looking for tanning.

  85. Avatar photo
    david chua

    toliets are very dirty n not well maintained
    staff are very rude esp when i went there just
    10 mins before closing they chased me away n even scolded me idoit
    for coming so late.
    im veri upset at their attiude towards the public n just to let the managment
    know ill be sending a email to MOM regarding this matter.

  86. Avatar photo
    Bill Barr

    Great facilities and super value in central location. Huge 50mtr open air pool and water fun features for kids.

  87. Avatar photo
    James S

    A decent though not the biggest stadium which hosts domestic football league matches.

  88. Avatar photo
    Lee Huat

    Good food. 24hrs. Local dish at low price.

  89. Avatar photo
    Wei Xiang Tay

    Not so crowded public pool

  90. Avatar photo
    Almoil Official

    Awesome Stadium! Has a great Football (Soccer) pitch and a cool ActiveSG pool

  91. Avatar photo
    B S

    Great place for parking and chionging at night

  92. Avatar photo
    Joan Toh

    There’s no ActiveSG vending machine nearby. so if you forgot to bring towel, you can always head to 7eleven or the shops nearby as there’s many hotels around+.

  93. Avatar photo
    Chia jitkiat

    Home of the lions.

  94. Avatar photo
    Farhan Afif Safiqri

    Persija won the game! against Home United

  95. Avatar photo
    Alexandra Söder

    I want to echo the privious reviewers on that the gym is small but has decent epuipments. Popular is the smith machine that is busy by boys and men disco pumping their chests most of the day.
    The cardio machines are great consisting 3-4 variations of machines.
    Dumb bells rather well altered to pretty heavy loads, but then one of the staff used to be a body builder so he had probably some say on the equipments.
    Become member to get access to a very affordable price.
    The staff is friendly but keep to the rules (as there are many to consider)!
    Good spread of guests with both women, men, elder and young.
    The ladies locker room was more or less a rest room with a shower. Nowhere to hang your belongings while you wash off.

  96. Avatar photo
    Akshir AB Kadir

    Not the biggest gym and most well equipped but has all the key equipment to get jacked and fit …it’s bright and fairly spacious… better than some private gyms for sure!

  97. Avatar photo
    Gibu Koshy Babu

    Swimming lessons in jalan besar is awesome

  98. Avatar photo
    Chris Jin

    For travellers that was a quick workout its perfect, its small though so can be packed some times.

    It has one smith machine that doubles as a sudo squat rack and bench so it is always in use.

    You can deadlift there is a extra barbell but there is limited weights.

    Over all decent for a $3.5sgd entry.

  99. Avatar photo
    Monsieur Snow

    New ActiveSG gym. Lacks a proper bench press and inclined bench press. Limited equipment, but sufficient to work out.
    It’s on the second floor btw

  100. Avatar photo
    Hashim Bachok

    A lot of hard ware shop , spare part , castom made aitem just behind the stedium

  101. Avatar photo
    Ben Ding

    Nice pool for kids. Good pool to swim if you don’t mind it’s a bit old

  102. Avatar photo

    Cool place to swim….u will gonna love there

  103. Avatar photo
    Muhd Sha

    It is always beautiful to watch football games here. Great seating, sound system, lighting system. …

  104. Avatar photo
    Khairina Mohd

    Watch Victoria school VS St Patrick. Stadium is old but clean. Needs upgrading

  105. Avatar photo
    Cai Sheng Tong

    Small stadium with sheltered & unsheltered seating areas. Walking distance to several mrt stations such as lavender, Jalan Besar & Farrer Park.

  106. Avatar photo
    Jasim uddin

    Multiple sports halls available

  107. Avatar photo
    Joanne Jacobs

    Watch the lane rules; they tend to have a rotation over two lanes so you effectively have two lanes of traffic going in each direction. Otherwise, a good pool.

  108. Avatar photo
    Faizur Rahman

    My first time here. You’ve got to book a slot before being allowed in – 50 pax max for a 1.5h slot. If you’re planning to go here, don’t forget to bring a towel! Wasn’t too crowded and the equipments were sufficient and simple enough for someone who doesn’t really know a lot about gymming. The people using the gym did seem nice though, so if you’re unsure about something you could probably ask someone for help as well.

  109. Avatar photo
    Vu Long Tran

    Nice sports centre. Simple and easy. Has the basics you need here, including a new gym!

  110. Avatar photo
    Usman Siddiqui

    Great sports complex and even greater full length pool

  111. Avatar photo
    Anıl Özgür Music


  112. Avatar photo
    sarinah rashid

    Equipment are well station.quite spacious ,I love this place not pack during weekdays..I shall come frequently.️️

  113. Avatar photo
    Sebestian Tan

    The spicy BBQ fish from the stall selling China food is pretty good.

  114. Avatar photo
    kristopher yang

    A quiet place to swim during office hours

  115. Avatar photo
    Piqued Wanderer

    Nice compact stadium that is quite near to malls and mrt. It is beside People’s Association and this stadium has hosted big soccer games over the years.

    Although it does look small, don’t let its size fool you. There is minimal carpark space but come on, after a great game, take d public transport with frenz and ul neva know when ul stop for food n drinks.

  116. Avatar photo
    Celso Virtucio

    Nice place for swim sesh …

  117. Avatar photo
    Lay choo ong

    Good place to swim and chill. However there are some coaching lanes so stay out of that area as lessons are going down. Nice baby pool for young kids to play. Toilet(sadly) is in unsatisfactory condition so i urge you to try and get out as quickly as you can. Good place to swim. Very impressed.

  118. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    Was on duty at the VIP seats fir a football match .

  119. Avatar photo
    Randy Sugianto 「Yuku」

    Pretty standard swimming pool. Showers are not too maintained.

  120. Avatar photo
    Hafiz M Umer

    Good place for swimming but crowded on weekends

  121. Avatar photo

    Old school stadium. No frills. Located near the Lavender station for easy access.

  122. Avatar photo

    During this pandemic this place allowed us to play in the pool. How cool.

  123. Avatar photo
    Angga Hetz

    It clean..but rarely dk any activity there

  124. Avatar photo
    Kunal Sharma

    Nice facilities, helpful staff.

  125. Avatar photo

    Was a good match SG vs PLE

  126. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    This is quite an old stadium but most soccer matches are featured here. There is also a public Swimming pool next to it. Te 2019 Soccer A Division Finals _ VJ vs SA was held here yesterday. Roaring crowd on the stands. Building and Seats are quite old. Could do with a bit of makeover and renovation with some convenient stores.

  127. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tan

    very cosy very good for gym ,not like others like gathering chit chat

  128. Avatar photo
    Deepika S

    Good Place for swimming

  129. Avatar photo
    Dhani Van Houten

    Nothing much to say as I was on duty over there but the stadium is well maintained and easy excess

  130. Avatar photo
    Raihan Jumat

    Nostalgic venue. Only vibrant during major games. Not much parking available.

  131. Avatar photo
    ASIT KUMAR Ghosh

    Enjoyed the football match on 7th oct’18.

  132. Avatar photo
    Tayrius Low

    great for swimming

  133. Avatar photo
    alvin wong

    Nice place to swim

  134. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    Low crowd compared to other swimming complex. Sunny in the afternoon, building does not block most of the afternoon sun.

  135. Avatar photo
    Saurabh Aggarwal

    Spacious leg space. Spectacular views with a pool for swimming …loved it

  136. Avatar photo
    donggg pik

    Place was really accommodating for the huge crowd there, as there was a lower and upper gallery. View is not bad too. Quite well maintained place. only down side is the lack of water coolers, hence a 4 star rating

  137. Avatar photo
    Matthew Hardman

    Simple complex, well cleaned and managed

  138. Avatar photo
    T B Koh

    I went to The Lobby by Food Paradise food court to patronize Queen of Wok. On the first visit, I 打包 咕噜肉 for my son. He said it’s gooood. The pork is crispy and tasty. Next day, my second visit, I tried their Fried Horfun with egg in gravy (滑蛋河粉). It’s with generous quantity of sotong, meat and reasonably sized prawns. Cost: $7.00. On the third visit, went there with my sister and her hubby. Ordered some dishes and it was good too. Especially their signature doufu dish. Their small portion is kinda medium-sized when compared to other zi char vendors. I like their fork and spoon. It’s not unlike those you will see in most vendors. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics. Will remember to do the next visit which will be soon.

  139. Avatar photo
    Caleb Lipeng Wu

    A place near the kallang river bay. Marina Bay , suitable for leisure time

  140. Avatar photo
    Gazi Alamin

    Very good Stadium…

  141. Avatar photo
    Ellen M

    carpark is every where no worries …

  142. Avatar photo
    Anthony Neo

    A good place to watch Prime League Football

  143. Avatar photo
    Nathanael Siaoman

    A lot of options were at quite an affordable offer.

  144. Avatar photo
    Asher Loh

    Good place for some morning exercise.

  145. Avatar photo
    Sazadur Rahman

    Nice place for getting fit. I go there for swimming. Very cheap. Only one dollar per entry.

  146. Avatar photo
    Victor Teo

    the gym is quite small/ They only have one studio for classes and yoga.

  147. Avatar photo
    hari singh

    Nearby coffee shops and shopping area

  148. Avatar photo
    Shashank Sreekumar

    Very nice place to play football

  149. Avatar photo
    Sim Lai Teong

    A nice place to exercise.

  150. Avatar photo
    mehedi rashed

    i see the photos & easily can findout the located

  151. Avatar photo
    Low Ah Chye

    Swimming pools/football stadium modern building easy to reaching the location

  152. Avatar photo
    Gerhard J Mayer

    Great for lap swimming….Not too busy. Change rooms and showers average. Low entry fee

  153. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Thong

    Sports complex with swimming pool. Where local football games take place. lots of food choices around this area.

  154. Avatar photo

    I just visited the public swimming pool for a 2 hour swim.

    The other part of this complex is a running track surrounding a soccer field.

    There is also a hawker centre in the complex

    Back to the swimming pool, you need to buy ticket from a ticketing machine at the main entrance to enter the premise.

    This place is accessible to wheelchair and has a small wheelchair friendly car park.
    There are life guards on patrol.

    There is a shallow pool of half meter depth where you can enjoy the “hydro massage” and is also a hydo play ground for children.

    There is a 1 meter deep pool where children can learn swimming with swimming aids and also have fun in the water.

    There is an olympic standard pool that has depths of 1.2 meter, 1.4 meters and 1.8 meter at different part of its length.

    There are multi tier lockers for your use at SGD0.40 per usage.

    There are two big shower and toilet rooms, one for each gender.

    There is also a shower and toilet room for children below 6 years old.

    There are benches at the walls for non swimmers to sit.

    There are also tables and stools (fixed to the ground type) at the side of the half meter deep pool for you to enjoy your food and drinks during breaks.

    However the cafeteria is not in operation all the time so bring your own food and drinks. There is a drink vending machine though.

  155. Avatar photo
    Karthig Kunasakaran

    Very close to a few train lines with the closest being lavender. Also has a swimming complex just beside the stadium with a lot of food places nearby.

  156. Avatar photo
    Snehal Jain

    Good for a swim or rowing classes

  157. Avatar photo
    Abraham Lincoln

    It’s a family hub for spending time with together while watching games. Great view to watch games

  158. Avatar photo
    shirni ong

    Cheap and not too crowded even on a Sunday.
    4 life guards, You feel very safe.

    3 pools:
    1 child pool
    1 medium pool
    1 big pool (for lap swimmers)

    Female toilet smells of pee, yucks.

    Lockers available for $0.20

    Adult $1.30 (Weekend $1.70)
    Sporean/PR $1.00 (Weekend $1.30)
    Child $0.50 (Weekend $0.60)

  159. Avatar photo
    A.S. Gunawan (ASG)

    One of great place at Singapore cause near Buddha temple

  160. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kho

    Best footy pitch in Singapore at the moment! Great location, good seats and screen and lighting, excellent staff, but the spectator experience could do with more ticket counters and payment methods. Look forward to the Jalan Besar wave and/or roar one day!

  161. Avatar photo
    ayesha patricia

    Enjoying a game with kids

  162. Avatar photo
    arthur lim

    2:1 score

  163. Avatar photo
    Md Tanjilur Rahman

    Jalan Besar Sports Center is the place, where in morning lot of people go and take exercise which is really enjoyable for all who are continuing the event. Its really good for health.

    And for sports you can book the indoor court and you can enjoy.


  164. Avatar photo
    Chia Joel

    Nice sports centre with good playing field and big space.

    Seats can improve though not too comfy.

  165. Avatar photo
    Muhd Sha

    It is always beautiful to watch football games here. Great seating, sound system, lighting system.

    just beside the stadium is the swimming complex.

    It is walking distance to city square mall and lavender mrt.

  166. Avatar photo
    Victor Ng

    Football field and swimming pool next to it. Nearest MRT is Lavender. Short cut walking thru the HDB flats.

  167. Avatar photo
    Rizkia Mei Ajeng

    Cool place, area are clean near by mrt station so easy to go everywhere!

  168. Avatar photo
    Anish Mehta

    Attended Magic bus Celebrity Football Match there. The stadium capacity is quite good.

  169. Avatar photo
    peter liew

    Jalan Besar stadium is the oldest stadium in Singapore. It was open in December 1929. The stadium is surrounded by commercial and housing.
    There were many fond memories of football matches back in the 70s and 80s.
    The stadium was renovated a few years back and it looks very new.

  170. Avatar photo

    Swimming pools are good for both kids and adults

  171. Avatar photo
    Pratik Shah

    I could found Indian stall very I can get good vegetarian option comparatively.

  172. Avatar photo
    sandun fernando

    One of superb stadium in Singapore. Easily accessible. So many Food stalls is on walking distance.

  173. Avatar photo
    C.K THEN

    There is a football stadium and swimming pool.

  174. Avatar photo
    Serge V.Bobrov

    Great outdoor swimming pool. Recommended.

  175. Avatar photo
    Hai Nhu Phan

    very clean and tidy, i love this place

  176. Avatar photo
    Dayn Soh

    Simple recreational gym for moderate intensity exercises.
    Not the best for weightlifting and strength training, as they do not have power racks and only have 1 Smith machine for free weight workouts.
    Heaviest dumbbell is 20kg.

  177. Avatar photo

    great stadium well ventilated

  178. Avatar photo
    Senthil Kumar

    In city have a stadium and also swimming pool to open for all public

  179. Avatar photo
    Roberth Cho Seong Wong

    Nice swimming place 1.0 and 1.2 m depth

  180. Avatar photo
    Phil Way

    Amazing seats to watch the game, clean restrooms. Great view.

  181. Avatar photo
    Shahiran Abdul Rahman

    Been there countless times to watch soccer games. Can’t wait for d maximum capacity to b increased to more than 1000

  182. Avatar photo
    Anthony Lee

    My usual and favourite public swimming pool in Singapore. Reason I like this pool is that is not crowded as compared to other neighbourhood public swimming pools and the pool water is the cleanest. There is a total of 3 pools (children, shallow and Olympic size). I usually do between 2-4 km swims on Thu nights in the centre of the pool. It also have a decent shower facilities for you to hit the showers after a long swim.

  183. Avatar photo
    Leong Wee Tiong

    Beside this sports centre lies a public swimming pool.

    Price is reasonable. For those foreigner residing who are around Jalan Besar area this is a place not to be MISS and should make this place your evening or weekends relaxing swim .

    There is a 50 & and 25 meter pool with a children pool which young children will love to be in such pool.

  184. Avatar photo
    Ahn Bustamante

    Cheap and easy. A great place to chill after a long run. Lots of trendy cafes nearby.

  185. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Syahrul

    Came here for a football match. Great centralised location. Perfect place for live near pitch football action. Parking spaces is not a issue for those driving or riding. Nice swimming complex opposite the stadium. Many eating place surrounding the stadium, halal food option available. Snacks and drinks stall is available in the stadium, thou the price abit on the high side. Smoking not allowed in stadium.

  186. Avatar photo
    Yeow Yang Neo (YY)

    Friendly lifeguards and helpful service personnel at the counters

  187. Avatar photo
    Rupal Singh

    It has two seperate pools for learners and learned swimmers. Good trainers and seperate changing rooms for male and female.

  188. Avatar photo
    Kavin Bhalaji

    The seats were good, moreover the fact that there were so many nearby snake/food centres nearby really saved my school when we went to cheer there for Football finals

  189. Avatar photo
    Adrian Tan

    Great little place for a quiet swim. Not too crowded Toilet is basic and well utilised. Awesome water features for kids to have endless fun with. Life Guards on duty so pretty safe. Even a special changing room for kids.

  190. Avatar photo
    zhifa zhao

    Very well kept. Swimming pool is nice and spacious. Gym is new and cheap. Very good place for workout

  191. Avatar photo
    Ryan 13obadilla

    Didn’t get to watch a game here but I passed by this complex a lot of times as it is near our hotel. It is not big but I saw from the outside the good pitch & the modern seating.

  192. Avatar photo
    Maroof Ahmad

    I had been there for one football match which was between Singapore team and Bollywood team. One side is shaded seat while orher side was naked to sky There seat between class was as not much difference and people can roam freely. That stadium do not have a proper canteen during event and also no place to meet celebrities. …

  193. Avatar photo
    Conan Chua

    Used to be great for sports decades ago. a lost treasure that comes alive during football season

  194. Avatar photo
    Amsyar Hanif (Amsyar Hanif)

    Watched the mighty Hougang United play against NFL team Katong FC, ending in a 3-0 victory for Hougang United! Pitch looks good, well lit stadium with the potential of becoming a hostile ground during big matches.

  195. Avatar photo
    Nguyễn Đoàn Phúc Đức

    The stadium is kinda small but provides full of high-quality equipments

  196. Avatar photo
    Swaminathan Iyer

    My boys go to play at Cub ActiveSG Football academy in the stadium great way to learn for kids

  197. Avatar photo
    Guo Hao Chia

    Great atmosphere for the 3rd 4th NSG soccer game

  198. Avatar photo

    Good swimming pool, but bathroom needs better cleaning.

  199. Avatar photo

    Place was one of the smallest activesg gyms. Machine was quite new. Nice views to pools and streets both ways. Have to take the lift to 2nd floor.

  200. Avatar photo
    Xavier Tan

    Decent facilities without overcrowding

  201. Avatar photo
    Shramee Srivastav

    Swimming pool is incredibly cheap and easy to go to.
    Just use an EZ link card and enter without any membership at really cheap prices of about a dollar (~$1) and no time limit!

  202. Avatar photo
    Ghumakkad घुमक्कड़

    Great place for sports in singapore, here you can book your court and can enjoy your indoor and and outdoor both kind of games. Changing rooms available for male and female both.
    Book in advance because lots of people are trying.

  203. Avatar photo
    Glenn Toh

    The lifts were out of order not Wheelchair friendly at all

  204. Avatar photo
    Jaryl Tan

    Has various eating and drinking facilities within and nearby the centre

  205. Avatar photo

    Review is based on pre covid expereince.

    Smallest activesg gym that I’ve been to. There’s only 4-5 treadmills, so you would need to queue for your turn. Theres only 2EA for the rest of the usual gym equipments. Very crowded as well.

    Didn’t brought a towel during my first visit here as didn’t know it was a requirement. Almost can’t enter the gym. Luckily, the staff manning the entrance allowed me to use my spare tshirt as a substitute for towel. However, saw that a lot of the other gym goers wasn’t even using towels….

  206. Avatar photo
    Jasmeet Kaur

    A stadium with a multitude of facilities – gym, pool, race track – u name it.

  207. Avatar photo
    J.K. Chua

    Great experience and soccer atmosphere… Lion City Sailors!

  208. Avatar photo

    Clean environment & friendly staff …

  209. Avatar photo
    Benson Chiew

    Has plenty of carpark and facilities are quite good.

  210. Avatar photo
    Omair Jafrani

    Great facilities. The price is great, $1.00 on weekdays and $1.30 on weekends so it’s completely adorable for anyone. But it does get crowded quite easily.

  211. Avatar photo
    shxmeer 11

    Damn beautiful stadium to watch or play soccer

  212. Avatar photo
    Charu Gupta

    It is known for its football match. It’s the best stadium for practise

  213. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    One of the earlier stadium built by sport council. Football league used to held in this stadium.

  214. Avatar photo
    Jin Hao Ho

    Nice place to swimm before cafe in the area

  215. Avatar photo
    Damian Pang

    Well built with a good atmosphere but it should be bigger.

  216. Avatar photo
    David Teo

    Home of the Sailors! Been here multiple times for matches the past two seasons and atmosphere is great as always. Hopefully the good old days of local football come back soon.

  217. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    New eateries to cater to sportists and
    Swimmies after exercise. Its much cleaner and more efficiently managed.
    The food court looks good to carry on makan.

  218. Avatar photo
    Rosh Wang

    Good place for exercises or an afternoon swim. Facilities are a bit old though.

  219. Avatar photo
    Lam Toan Bao

    Good service, nice staff

  220. Avatar photo
    David Teo

    Home of the Sailors! Been here multiple times for matches the past two seasons and atmosphere is great as always. Hopefully the good old days of local football come back soon.

  221. Avatar photo
    Mark Frugal

    Great place for a swim. Quite cheap – less than a dollar during off peak hours

  222. Avatar photo
    just dave

    Wasn’t crowded on weekend. Prob we were early, airy and spacious. Esp like SWK noodle (Red) and their slice pickled red chilli.
    Strangely, if street side vendors were allow along the old shop building and this eatery, it may become a go to night spot. But of course, effort will have to be put in, before it can be successful.

  223. Avatar photo
    Reza Maha

    Tampines Rovers vs Bali United in First Premilinary Round AFC Champions League

  224. Avatar photo
    Douglas Seah

    Everyone should support local football and check out a game with the lion city sailors. Amazing atmosphere and football!

  225. Avatar photo
    John Urbanek

    Good place for simple food and very reasonably priced beer (for Singapore anyway!)

  226. Avatar photo
    Hangi Tavakoli

    It’s good place. Could be slightly cleaner.

  227. Avatar photo
    VN Ita

    Nice stadium

  228. Avatar photo
    Kevin Ice

    It’s primarily for S League but public can use the gym and pool

  229. Avatar photo
    Ridzuan Ahmad

    Great place for sports. 50m swimming pool is very nice.

  230. Avatar photo
    Athena M

    Good place to park if you are going around the vicinity (eg to Apartment Coffee)

  231. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Irshad

    Very nice atmosphere, cannot wait to come back

  232. Avatar photo
    De Day

    Classic football place! Big place.
    The swimming complex beside is nice (: (y).

  233. Avatar photo
    Kiefer Yeo

    The stadium is quite clean and there are lots of seats.However my only complain is the vending machine only accepts contactless payments and not cash which is quite irritating if you only have cash on you.

  234. Avatar photo
    zac yesthatsme

    Brightly lit swimming pools with medium-low traffic (in the water).

  235. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Østergaard

    Very nice place when the heat outside becomes too much

  236. Avatar photo
    Pui Yee Lee

    Nice, especially during none peak hours.

  237. Avatar photo
    Ghazali Salleh

    Big n nice n big place good for sport event especially soccer

  238. Avatar photo
    Chan Kah Hoe

    Good and well furnished equipments for general usage

  239. Avatar photo
    TW W

    Nice place to watch Spl. Modern compact stadium where history was made when lions 12 existed. Also the place which witnessed dominance o foreign teams like Brunei dpmm and aliens niigata. Good thing is that it’s just 10 minutes walk from the mrt station. You can get good food at coffeeshop and restaurants nearby. If you need another high other than the adrenaline of watching your favorite Spl team play attractive football, you can go petain road which is 10 minutes walk from the stadium.

  240. Avatar photo
    Nam Hua Teo

    Limited equipment but good for a quick workout. The pool is ok but the shower has no hot water(unlike the gym).

  241. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lee


  242. Avatar photo
    Wen Sheng Foo

    Nice swimming pool but carpark have no eps gantry

  243. Avatar photo
    Shruti Veenam

    What a cool complex…Clean and affordable. I used the gym i loved it. Small and simple. Enough equipment. Next i ll try the pool. Looks perfect.

  244. Avatar photo
    Fergus darvy

    It’s fantastic place to have fun with kids.

  245. Avatar photo
    Adam Syed

    Good stadium and vibes are awesome during football games

  246. Avatar photo
    Adelene Tie

    Came here to swim, no frills but has all that you need to cater to kids with a fountained playground, leisure swim and full lap pool. Plenty of space cubicles in changing rooms, lifeguard always on site, tap in and out using your EZ-Link card, costs $1.30, stays open till 9pm.

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