Review Jal Yoga Woodlands, 30 Woodlands Ave 1, Singapore

Review Jal Yoga Woodlands - Singapore 30 Woodlands Ave 1

“One of the best yoga studios I’ve been to, the teachers are knowledgeable and approachable. Staff are always friendly as well.” or “Very happy to find out a yoga class in woodlands area. Teachers and admin staff are very friendly. Highly recommended!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Jal Yoga Woodlands. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Jal Yoga Woodlands is quality.

Introduction about Jal Yoga Woodlands

Here are some fundamental details regarding Jal Yoga Woodlands. In terms of Yoga studio, it is generally believed that Jal Yoga Woodlandsis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 30 Woodlands Ave 1, #02-5A, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Yoga studio, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 69099829 (+65 69099829)
  • Website:
  • Address: 30 Woodlands Ave 1, #02-5A, Singapore
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Detailed information of Jal Yoga Woodlands

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 7:15 AM to 9 PM.

Friday, Saturday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


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How to contact Jal Yoga Woodlands?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Jal Yoga Woodlands via:

Phone number

You can reach Jal Yoga Woodlands at 69099829(+65 69099829). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Jal Yoga Woodlands via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 30 Woodlands Ave 1, #02-5A, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Jal Yoga Woodlands reviews

Jal Yoga Woodlands is among the best destinations of Yoga studio in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Jal Yoga Woodlands good?

To determine whether Jal Yoga Woodlands is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I had a great experienced, good customer service and good trainers. As beginner I learned a lot of things there.. good vibes situation, encourage able training, not forcing one, make us feel free and happy.”

“Abir has been very helpful when I was deciding if I should take up yoga. Very attentive and was able to accomodate to my concerns. Have been having wonderful yoga sessions since i've signed up.”

“Abir is very patient and professional in helping me to select the package that suits my lifestyle. Enjoy classes at Jal Woodlands where location is convenient and instructors are friendly”

“One of the best yoga studios I’ve been to, the teachers are knowledgeable and approachable. Staff are always friendly as well.”

“I'm glad to discover this hidden gem. If u r northerner searching for nearby yoga class, this place will not disappoint. Thank you Abir for making my visit and signup a smooth process!”

“Very happy to find out a yoga class in woodlands area. Teachers and admin staff are very friendly. Highly recommended!”

“I am new in yoga life!!! All people who work there are very nice!! I feel happy to be part of this studio!!! Super recommend!!”

“Abir has been very helpful and respond promptly! I enjoy my Jal Yoga classes, very accessible.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 201 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Jal Yoga Woodlands, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Jal Yoga Woodlands, 30 Woodlands Ave 1, Singapore

There is a total 201 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    asha nair

    Good experience

  2. Avatar photo
    Radz G

    Tried my first trial yoga class at Jal Yoga and I’m very impressed. Firstly the staff were really professional, friendly and helpful, especially the admin staff. She was so patient explaining all the classes and how everything works there. And the trainers are also very professional and they really know what they are doing. I have an existing injury and they are always checking on me to see if I’m doing alright. If I can’t do a certain pose or something, they help me with an alternative but I still get that part of my body working. I’m so happy with their service that I signed up a package for their classes. Looking forward to attending more classes at Jal Yoga. I fully recommend

  3. Avatar photo
    Melissa Chua

    As someone who lives in woodlands, I was very happy to find out there was a yoga studio here. It’s a small studio which only has 1 class at a time. The classes are great! I’m a total beginner but the instructor ensured I could keep up. I get such a good workout here. The admin staff also helped with finding the best package and is very friendly. The only downside is that my package can only be used in woodlands so i can’t try other outlets and the weekday night classes get fully booked really fast

  4. Avatar photo
    Rolando Franco

    The environment was very suitable for practicing yoga. Friendly staff who helped recommend the different types of classes as well as accommodating my needs and eventually I signed up for 100+ sessions. Great variety of classes for both beginners like me.

  5. Avatar photo
    Michelle Toh

    Went to jal yoga woodlands with hubby. We tried the 26&2 hot yoga. Very pleasant experience and we both had a good sweat out. We will definitely go back for more yoga practice.

  6. Avatar photo
    Phoon Jing Ying

    It was a good workout after a long time

  7. Avatar photo
    Wang Vivian

    The teacher is very professional

  8. Avatar photo
    Siti Safina

    I chanced upon Jal Yoga through the web when I was searching for yoga classes. This is true a hidden gem in my hood Woodlands! Just 15 mins walk from my home! Got my trial session on 16 Nov, signed up immediately after the class. Tried their Hip opening, Yin and Neck, back and shoulder yoga, love love love them all! Instructors are nice and friendly. Also patient with new students. Will try out their other classes for sure. Can’t wait for my next class this Friday. Woohooo!

  9. Avatar photo

    Tried my trial class with Jal yoga, it was a good experience. The staff and instructors are very friendly and inclusive especially to new comer. Will definitely recommend Jal yoga!

  10. Avatar photo
    Gary Liu

    Glad to find out there is yoga studio in the north. Went to the Woodlands branch and the receptionist Lucky is very helpful to show me the class room and share with details. I have signed up right the way and will start in the coming week.

  11. Avatar photo
    Phoon Jing Wen

    Went for a really pleasant barre session with Jal Yoga! First time doing barre and it’s really a workout. I would come back again and try out the classes here.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan Yi Ning

    Enjoyable sessions with a kick!

  13. Avatar photo
    Thamarai Narayanasamy

    Jal Yoga, Woodlands is a great place for learning especially for beginners. The instructors and admin staffs are approachable and accommodative. The instructors go all out to ensure that you get your postures right

  14. Avatar photo
    jayson chong

    Good trial experience. Will consider signing up.

  15. Avatar photo
    Claudia Moh

    Instructors are very warming and patient. Had a good experience and will definitely continue to attend their classes!

  16. Avatar photo
    Wei Ling Leiw

    Very small studio but it’s good because not many good yoga studio in the north. My Favourite is YinYang class. But recently they removed this class from class schedule . Please bring YinYang class back! …

  17. Avatar photo
    Regine Tan

    Jal yoga gave me the satisfaction I couldn’t get else where

    The teacher quality surprised me, all of them are so good, so much of knowledge, so much of passion and they are very experience in coaching us to get into he right posture it should be

    Teacher also help to correct us one by one, and keep motivate us to go further.
    I would strongly recommend whoever wanna learn Yoga to join Jal Yoga

  18. Avatar photo
    Kelly Teo

    Woodlands Jal Yoga is a great place for workout.
    I like the trainers and admin staffs. They are all friendly and professional. No stress learning with them and guess what! My hubby likes it too!

  19. Avatar photo
    Leena Mathew

    Personally telling that I have a very good experience as physically and mentally . Trainers are so friendly.

  20. Avatar photo

    One of the best yoga studios I’ve been to, the teachers are knowledgeable and approachable. Staff are always friendly as well.

  21. Avatar photo
    email mala

    Did my trial and love the experience.

  22. Avatar photo
    Santhimathi Rajaram

    This place has some of the best instructors! They give you personalised advice based on individual abilities and strengths to make learning and practicing yoga a pleasant experience.

  23. Avatar photo
    Genevieve Lai

    Loving the place and the people here! Plus point is that it is conveniently located in my neighbourhood. …

  24. Avatar photo
    Suah Hin Cheong

    I likes Jal Ypga Woodlamds I really enjoyed it

  25. Avatar photo
    Zi Qi

    I have been to few branches and would say the price worth the money as Jal Yoga provides nice environment and some teachers really skilled and experienced. Btw Abir is the trusted and go-to person if you wanna sign up, speaking from experience

  26. Avatar photo
    Vimal Kumar Ramanathan

    Good quality classes and highly professional …

  27. Avatar photo
    Pushparani Supplya

    I had a great experienced, good customer service and good trainers. As beginner I learned a lot of things there.. good vibes situation, encourage able training, not forcing one, make us feel free and happy.

  28. Avatar photo
    Swing YAAAS

    Love the staff working over there! Always so friendly and welcoming ! The teachers over there are very detailed in their teaching as well. Just that nowadays quite hard to book the class due to sg still in phase 2.

  29. Avatar photo
    Melissa Chua

    As someone who lives in woodlands, I was very happy to find out there was a yoga studio here. It’s a small studio which only has 1 class at a time. The classes are great! I’m a total beginner but the instructor ensured I could keep up. I get such a good workout here. The admin staff also helped with finding the best package and is very friendly. The only downside is that my package can only be used in woodlands so i can’t try other outlets and the weekday night classes get fully booked really fast

  30. Avatar photo
    Peggy Chau

    My 1st yoga place that I’ve found and have been going for 6 classes so far, it has been real good
    The instructors were pretty friendly and approachable
    Nonetheless, classes were easy to book as well with the help of the prompt replies by the company crews 😀

  31. Avatar photo
    C P Wong

    Priya is a good instructor. I can follow her instructions. Had a good sweat.

    Update: It has been around three weeks since I joined. I realized this studio can attract excellent instructors and disciplined students. It is a place where I wanna be. Their studio is simple, honest and no-frills. Just a tiny reception area and a water dispenser and a workout space. Who seriously needs all the bells and whistles when all we need is a basic space for a good session with good instructor.

  32. Avatar photo
    Candice Loo

    Friendly front desk staff and experienced teachers. Convenient location for me as it is just 5 mins walk away from my house.

  33. Avatar photo
    Gaik Pin Ong

    Administrators in woodlands are very friendly n helpful. The instructors teaching in this studio is very professional, n they also always explain patiently to students if they have any doubts in their practice.

  34. Avatar photo
    Wan Cheng Kwan

    I enjoy the classes and instructors are very professional and experienced. Very cosy and comfortable environment for yoga practice. There are many other classes besides yoga, such as pilates, barre. The only thing I think can improve on is the timing of classes. As my schedule only allows to go for certain classes, I am not able to try other classes. So would like to see if there’s some kind of rotation on the timings of various classes.

  35. Avatar photo
    Isabelle Cms

    There is a good variety of classes at Woodlands Jal studio for beginners and advanced learners. The teachers here are very professional and knowledgeable, and the administrative staff are very friendly and helpful, and it feels like home when I go there.Thanks to the teachers’ guidance, teachings and patience. I would really recommend anybody who like to learn and practise yoga.

  36. Avatar photo
    bryan lo

    Very friendly instructor for yoga beginners!

  37. Avatar photo
    Spencer H

    Attended my first ever yoga class and was pleasantly surprised by how tough the workout actually is. Had a good stretch that loosen up my tight muscles and I’ll definitely be heading back for more.

  38. Avatar photo
    Lavena Xu

    Attended the trial yoga class today and enjoyed myself. Vrahi from Woodlands Branch was very patient with her explanations towards me. Will recommend others to join

  39. Avatar photo
    Sunita Tripathi

    Jal yoga yoga experience is very good. There staff is very friendly and helpful. my teacher is Priya she is very good yoga teacher she is very kind and helpful and very friendly too. I joined yoga classes one to one private class I learned some tips about yoga and information about it thank you priya and jal yoga.

  40. Avatar photo
    Nathalie Sim

    Had a great experience at the Jal yoga! The admin staff and teachers were all friendly and patient. As a beginner it has great classes to learn from and the admin staff are great in explaining what kind of classes you can take depending on your needs/wants!

  41. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Tan

    God exercise..they teach step by step..and near my house also

  42. Avatar photo
    Krishna Priya

    I really like the way they teach. It’s so customised .

  43. Avatar photo
    Puspa Rani Kuna Raja

    I am only able to go on certain days to Woodlands Jal Yoga.
    However my satisfaction is beyond expectations esp with dedicated instructors like Rachel ,Perlin,Basava and Abhijeet
    Thank you kindly for meeting our individual needs .A special thanks to the admin staff for their caring service

  44. Avatar photo
    Crystal Moh

    Loved going to classes here! Well kept and great instructors

  45. Avatar photo

    Very happy to find out a yoga class in woodlands area. Teachers and admin staff are very friendly. Highly recommended!

  46. Avatar photo
    Rea Goh

    They are not pushy in sales even though you’re there for the trial class. I find the voice of the guru to be a little soft a times but that might be because I am a little tone deaf. Guru is also very attentive to new comers even in a group setting, kept getting correction which I appreciate a lot.

  47. Avatar photo
    Chathuranga Jayarathna

    Good place to start practice, authentic traditional style. Helping me in correcting my body posture while doing yoga. ️

  48. Avatar photo
    Jenna Rahim

    Attended a trial session at Jal Yoga for the neck, shoulders and back yoga class. I had a wonderful class – the instructor Priya was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed her teaching. The yoga studio is clean and new. The process to sign up is seamless and everyone working there are friendly and ready to help. Looking forward to more sessions with them.

  49. Avatar photo
    Sherry de Guzman

    Great class and was very helpful for the health

  50. Avatar photo
    Rini Andi

    Friendly service. Flexible options to choose what type of package suits you and your schedule. Definitely enjoying my time at the studio…

  51. Avatar photo
    Nan Khan Luang

    Staff is friendly and service is good

  52. Avatar photo
    Sunita Kumari

    Abir has been very helpful when I was deciding if I should take up yoga. Very attentive and was able to accomodate to my concerns. Have been having wonderful yoga sessions since i’ve signed up.

  53. Avatar photo
    Pushparani Supplya

    I had a great experienced, good customer service and good trainers. As beginner I learned a lot of things there.. good vibes situation, encourage able training, not forcing one, make us feel free and happy.

  54. Avatar photo
    Tan Jessie

    Awesome yoga school! Studio fully equipped with all kinds of yoga equipment to help assist u into perfecting your favorite yoga posture. Mats are well sanitized individually after each class. Many choices of different classes to choose from. Yoga classes are taught by very good and professional yoga teachers here. They will help to correct yr alignment, only if you are comfortable to. In-house JAL yoga apps for class bookings are very easy to use and understand. Not forgetting you will always be warmly greeted by the lovely voice of Ms Liza, the front desk cheerful lady. She is always happy to help in whatever questions you have regarding packages, class booking, etc. Thank u for the trial yoga class and I’m a JAL yoga member now. Hope u like JAL yoga school too.

  55. Avatar photo
    Manmeet Arora

    Good experience with Jal Yoga

  56. Avatar photo
    Victoria Chai

    Attended the trial session today with instructor (Priya Vijain) for Neck Back and Shoulder class. It was an eyeopening first experience as a beginner. The instructor gave clear instructions throughout and assured me to go at my own pace. The class environment is comfortable too! Great first experience. Thank you.

  57. Avatar photo
    Maya Nikey

    My 1st experience joining Jal Yoga was great. Since i have anxiety i like it a lot njoy the class

  58. Avatar photo
    suneeta devi

    Am forever grateful for the lovely ladies at Jal Yoga Woodlands for always making my experience pleasant and friendly. The service is top-notch and they always go the extra mile to make things easy. Kudos to Liza and Vrahi!

  59. Avatar photo
    Nasri Z

    Awesome cosy studio!

  60. Avatar photo
    Theresa Heng

    Good experience and great location for those that live in the north

  61. Avatar photo
    Prema Latha Mueller

    JAL Yoga studio in Woodlands is great! Although I was never a yoga person, my cousin recommended JAL Yoga to me. I tried one class and immediately signed up. The yoga instructors I have had so far, Aim and Pranava, are fantastic and I really enjoy their classes and what’s best is that I feel the difference. The neck and back aches have reduced and I’m generally calmer. The staff like Vrahi are super helpful and nice. I definitely will stay on. Thank you JAL Yoga team!!

  62. Avatar photo
    nasnad nasnad

    Abir was the staff that helped me sign up the classes and etc. He always assist me in joining the classes when it is outside of the booking hours. Really like the classes too. Plus, compared to other yoga studios which are very far from my place, this is a more accessible area for me. Good that they air the room & clean it as it is important to air the room after each session to get the “sweaty smell” out.

  63. Avatar photo
    Chong Yen

    Had my 1st trial class and with the helpful staff’s explanation , cozy ambiance and attentive teacher , I signed myself up for a year course here.

  64. Avatar photo

    Jal is a small but has a family vibe kind of studio. Staff is helpful and instructors are patient, knowledgeable & professional, true yoga gurus. I don’t feel intimidated even in my trial classes and I’ve been with Jal Woodlands studio for about 2 years now. The team has made me stronger and I stopped studio hopping since I found out about them online!

  65. Avatar photo
    Candy Fan

    Friendly staff nice environment looking forward to my next session.

  66. Avatar photo
    Frita Yusefa

    The instruction is good, the receptionists are friendly and helpful.

  67. Avatar photo
    Marcus Ong

    Instructors are very professional and proficient

  68. Avatar photo
    jingfen choy

    Good for beginners who wants to learn yoga. Patient instructor …

  69. Avatar photo
    Chen LitMing

    Nice barre session and good teacher

  70. Avatar photo
    camila neo

    JAL Yoga instructors and staff are professional and friendly. I started as a beginner and can definitely see positive changes after a year with JAL Yoga. Highly recommended!! …

  71. Avatar photo
    Jothy Sivapatham

    I have been attending for 2 weeks at Woodlands
    It has been really enriching and I have been going for the class at least 3 times a week. I m able to stretch and the teachers do look into the welfare. Thankyou very much

  72. Avatar photo
    Rani Sv

    Nice super

  73. Avatar photo
    Zuo Hou Tan

    It was a good first experience with yoga at Jal Yoga. The trainer guides and coaches well. More importantly I like that there is an app to book and record every sessions which makes it very convenient.

  74. Avatar photo
    Gwen Ko

    Clean room and mats. Class size is just nice

  75. Avatar photo
    rose kyaw

    Friendly Receptionist and nice studio

  76. Avatar photo
    carousel yans

    First time trying. The instructor was attentive and corrected my posture during the group session and provided alternative and good guidance for beginners! will continue to try

  77. Avatar photo
    Carol Phang

    Sweaty extreme challenge is different from other yoga u need to come and try

  78. Avatar photo
    Cathryn Cathryn Lee

    Very relaxing and professional

  79. Avatar photo
    Lim Cyndi

    nice session after 1st trial…feel relaxed

  80. Avatar photo
    Xin Yu

    I had the most pleasant experience there — great instructors and friendly receptionists. Signed a package with no hard-selling at all and have loved it ever since.

  81. Avatar photo
    Arinah Azahari

    I’ve always enjoyed Yoga classes at Jal Yoga and love that they now have a space in the North! The classes are always engaging and the instructors are always positive and patient which makes it a good experience. Highly recommended!

  82. Avatar photo
    Wei Kiat Tan

    Tried hip opening on my trial class and love it. Instructor and staff are friendly.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ash K.

    Instructors are patient and pay attention to help every attendee. The Infra-classes are unique to them and really work up a good sweat!

  84. Avatar photo
    Salleh Abdullah

    Front counter staff Liza and the other lady (I didn’t get her name – sales rep) are very friendly, helpful and approachable. Always willing to help and have a cheerful and welcoming disposition. Location near to my place and very convenient. As a beginner, the instructors are very helpful and I always look forward to coming to class. I will definitely recommend it to people! I used to think that they could do better by providing towels but after awhile, you’ll realise that it’s no inconvenience bringing your own towels. Mats are provided. Thank you Jal Yoga!

  85. Avatar photo
    Shoun Lei

    Abir has been very helpful and respond promptly! I enjoy my Jal Yoga classes, very accessible.

  86. Avatar photo
    Stella Ooi

    Love that it’s so convenient to my place. There are also a good varieties of yoga classes. Attended a few different instructors’ classes, enjoyed all of their guidances. Good place to go for yoga class if you stay nearby.

  87. Avatar photo

    Homely and warm yoga studio in the woodlands neighbourhood! The teachers and staffs are friendly and helpful too

    The classes are also afforable with a good mix of variety, definitely a great studio that is within a short travelling distance if you are staying around Woodlands!

    I have been looking forward to the evening and weekend lessons since joining this month!

  88. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chua

    Experience instructors and extremely friendly and nice staffs️

  89. Avatar photo

    Wonderful place to learn yoga. Studio is clean and tidy

  90. Avatar photo
    Shi hui

    A very comfortable place with friendly staff members.

  91. Avatar photo

    I joined Jal Yoga recently and attended 2 classes so far. My experience has been pretty positive. The front desk staff are very friendly and cheerful, always greeting people who walk in and out. The instructors are helpful and friendly. They guide us to achieve various poses each session. Overall, I’ve had a great experience and I’m looking forward to future sessions.

  92. Avatar photo
    fatra faizel

    The admin staff are absolutely amazing and friendly. The studio cozy place that is easy to get to. Instructors are skilled and taught well. I went for two classes in a row! Overall, I loved the experience and became a member there!

  93. Avatar photo
    Dennis Lee

    No regrets for coming to Jal yoga class at Woodlands.
    All instructors I met are awesome.feel better on my back pain after just attending few classes, wish to have more different classes at nights.

  94. Avatar photo
    Liliya Kim

    I’ve been with JY Woodlands since opening. Always loved the Teachers and our helpful front ladies Liza and Vrahi. I enjoy classes very much, help me a lot with my back problems.
    The reason I gave 4 starts out of 5, because lately some morning classes moved from 8:30am to 8am without warning. My schedule have been settled since studio was opened. But now timing quite inconvenient, as I have to drop off my kids at school and rush to the classes. Sometimes due to morning traffic jam I’m late for my class. Don’t feel comfortable to distract teacher and others.

  95. Avatar photo

    Instruction were clear and the steps were easy to follow.

  96. Avatar photo
    Nang Thiri

    This place has amazing yoga instructors and friendly front desk staff Liza, who has been really helpful in proving assistance whenever needed. I am enjoying my classes and can’t wait to be back on track with my yoga practices!

  97. Avatar photo
    Munisvaran Hajamani

    Good customer service. I really enjoyed my first trial class.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jacqui Chan

    Great support and fast response. Good to back in the studio. Will definitely consider to come back and restart my journey

  99. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Han

    The front staff, Liza is very helpful and knowledgeable. Instructors are also very good. Attended 3 classes so far and each time the experience with them are enjoyable!

  100. Avatar photo
    Brenda S

    Yoga class is great, and Lucky is very helpful

  101. Avatar photo
    Jenna Rahim

    Attended a trial session at Jal Yoga for the neck, shoulders and back yoga class. I had a wonderful class – the instructor Priya was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed her teaching. The yoga studio is clean and new. The process to sign up is seamless and everyone working there are friendly and ready to help. Looking forward to more sessions with them.

  102. Avatar photo
    Lena Ng

    If you have some time to spare, why not try out a yoga class in the North ️, look no further, try out Jal Yoga. Front desk staff Liza is very approchable, always cheerful and willing to help. She will explain patiently on the packages available, no hard core selling which is definitely what I like.

  103. Avatar photo
    Huali Xiong

    The instructors are all professional and are punctual.
    I hope more programmes can be added like Tai qi or dances.

  104. Avatar photo
    Li keng

    Jal Yoga Woodland branch is a very convenient place for me. Teacher is very good and Lia is very friendly and helpful. Worth to sign up the package! Stay healthy everyone …

  105. Avatar photo
    Zar Yus

    Approachable teachers, wonderful customer service. I have been with Jal for more than 2 years, and I am looking forward to many more years with them. I feel stronger and more flexible ever since I join their classes.

  106. Avatar photo

    So happy I found a yoga studio in woodlands. Been to a few classes now. The staff are very friendly. Instructors are professional. I feel very comfortable practicing yoga here. Response via whatsapp chat is very prompt too!

  107. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Seah

    I attended the trial yoga class and even before attending, the admin staff who was really helpful and friendly contacted me to confirm the class and sent detailed instructions on what items to bring etc. During the class, the teacher patiently corrected our postures. I really enjoyed the lesson and am looking forward to further my yoga practice with them

  108. Avatar photo

    Staff are friendly , multiple choices for your workout. Love their energy

  109. Avatar photo
    june yong

    Nice enveronment, app is easy to book.the good thing is open on ph.

  110. Avatar photo
    ong karen

    There are a variety of classes (Pilates, barre, infra yoga, yoga) to suit different needs. The instructors are professional and are very clear in the instruction. They correct my posture /alignment to maximise the benefit for each practise. Enjoyed the classes.

  111. Avatar photo
    Sylvia WANG

    I tried the trial class today. The overall experience is satisfactory and I am looking forward for the rest of the classes.

  112. Avatar photo

    Very friendly reception and great instructors.

  113. Avatar photo
    Yanni Yeo

    Friendly front desk.. zen and clean environment.. instructors are attentive and professional.. …

  114. Avatar photo
    V T

    Great experience with the classes at Jal Yoga – the teachers are knowledgeable and the vibe is fun

  115. Avatar photo
    jez min

    Friendly studio and staff, and convenient to come by the studio.

  116. Avatar photo

    For a better tomorrow, please come to join

  117. Avatar photo
    Karen Soh

    very professional and friendly staff! really liked my first experience here and will be looking forward to more lessons

  118. Avatar photo
    Muniza Askari

    Awesome and helpful staff and good Teachers, recommended

  119. Avatar photo
    Aishwarya Gowda

    Myself being a physiotherapist I have absolutely looked forward going to Jal Yoga everyday these past months.BEST YOGA EXPERIENCE EVER! I am truely impressed with their services and facilities. The unlimited classes gives me the flexibility to plan.

    Special thanks to LIZA AT FRONT DESK who has been very helpful from day 1 in identifying the packages and classes which would suit my requirements.

    Instructors are highly experienced and super passionate in teaching beginneres to advanced students, they have lots of variation to suit your level, especially love the Hip opening, Hatha yoga, yin Yang, Infra Vinyasa, Wheel Yoga, 26 and 2 by KRISHNA KUMAR, ABHIJEET, PRANAVA, PERLEN LEE, SARAH. I have seen a lot of improvements from when I first started.

    Finally, the integration of heat and sequence of movement is smooth and energizing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a holistic and dedicated Yoga exeprience.

  120. Avatar photo
    Angel Wong

    Attended my first trial class at Jal Yoga (Woodlands) & it was a great experience! Thanks Sarah for your assistance with signing up for the classes!

  121. Avatar photo
    Shamun Shiva

    Very rare to find a place for yoga classes in the north area. Very convenient for me as it’s very near. My trial class was great and I signed up for package. Good service by admin and the instructor was clear and consistent.

  122. Avatar photo
    Ee Ee Yeoh

    I’m glad to discover this hidden gem. If u r northerner searching for nearby yoga class, this place will not disappoint. Thank you Abir for making my visit and signup a smooth process!

  123. Avatar photo
    Xiaow Jun

    The staff is warm and friendly and the teacher is good.

  124. Avatar photo
    TianHui Wu

    The teachers are very professional and very trustworthy. I have been in Jal yoga (woodlands) for two years, and then continued for another two years.

  125. Avatar photo
    Tee Kaiwen

    Variety of yoga class here, helpful and nice admin staff to help me register for yoga class. The yoga instructor also vey friendly and professional.

  126. Avatar photo
    rani singam

    Just completed a yin class with teacher Basava at Woodlands this evening. Excellent! Truly keeps to the spirit and purpose of yin yoga. Clear, calming instructions without too much talking!! The studio location is also in a quiet place making it ideal for this type of meditative yoga.
    Also great service by the sales & admin personnel Abby & Liza.
    All relaxed n ready for a restful sleep tonight!!

  127. Avatar photo
    Rissa Yang

    Great service and professional instructors

  128. Avatar photo
    Joyce Loi

    The instructor there are all good and professional. Highly recommended!

  129. Avatar photo
    Sandali Premawansa

    Jal yoga experience is very good. Attended yoga session for the Yin yoga and Infra Hatha 1 class. I had a wonderful class, the instructor Jeevithaa is very good and professional yoga teacher and I enjoyed her teaching. She is very kind, helpful and friendly too. The yoga studio is clean and new. The process to sign up is seamless and everyone working there are friendly and ready to help. Looking forward to more sessions with them.

  130. Avatar photo
    Christine Ko

    JAL offers better variety of classes and happy with the services given by Abir.

  131. Avatar photo
    Vivek P.Eswar

    Jal studio is a place that puts you at ease not just because of the tension relieving aasanas/poses but also because of its ‘People’, starting from the front office staff, Liza and Vrahi, who are always there to cheerfully greet you and address all your concerns patiently and efficiently. The fellow practitioners are friendly and super sweet and make the beginners feel comfortable in their journey. Last but not the least, the instructors Abhijeet, Basava, Priya, Pranava and Ain are brilliant. They are always present to give you that one essential tip and nudge to get you on track to the next level.
    I have been part of this studio for a couple of years and I am pretty sure it will remain the one constant place bringing me forward in my Yoga journey

  132. Avatar photo
    Wai Hong Hoh

    The class was good, as a beginner going in for 1st class, the instructor was friendly and helpful.

  133. Avatar photo
    Azizah Sarmani

    My first trial lesson was sweat inducing but really worked those tight muscles. Big thumbs up for the friendly service at the front desk also. Liza and Abhijit made the morning class really worth attending. Gonna get a package right away!

  134. Avatar photo
    Wanmei Wong

    Instructors are professional and environment is nice …

  135. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi

    Authentic yoga practice in a surprisingly spacious area. Recommended ️

  136. Avatar photo
    Succulent World SG

    Very nice place to practice Yoga in woodlands. Teachers are all friendly and care about me, help me correct my poses when I do wrong

  137. Avatar photo
    Lilian Ng

    So far, I enjoy the classes provided by the centre. Timing wise are fine. Staffs are friendly and helpful too. Instructors are good and very professional.

  138. Avatar photo
    Daz Leiw

    Very few good/professional yoga centres in North area so having Jal is great! If only the centre is bigger with more classes…very popular means hard to get slots!

  139. Avatar photo
    jasmine tan

    I’ve been with Jal for almost a year now, and I can really see progression in my yoga journey! I started out very new and unsure if yoga was really for me, but since then I’ve been looking forward to all my sessions the instructors are professional, attentive and very good at leading the class even with students of different levels. The receptionists are also lovely and always cheerily greeting us when we arrive! Amazing place with amazing energy.

  140. Avatar photo
    Billy Aung Myint

    Great experience at Jal Yoga Woodlands 😉

  141. Avatar photo
    Lily Lim

    Yoga transform me and more to learn at Jal woodlands

  142. Avatar photo
    sheryl cheam

    Very glad to have found this Yoga studio as they have the best teachers and classes (both yoga and pilates) and reception staff. The classes are always challenging and that’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. The teachers are so experienced and they truly care and help correct postures so you are actually stretching or working the right muscle.. Can’t recommend the this place enough, there will be something for everyone for any level.

  143. Avatar photo
    Tan Tan

    Had my first infrared barre class today. Great workout. The recep/admin is very friendly and helpful.

  144. Avatar photo
    Li Ping Koh

    Glad to find a yoga studio close to home, now that i’m perpetually on WFH arrangement. Have not tried hot yoga before, but their infrared hatha yoga class was quite comfortable. Friendly instructors and customer service.

  145. Avatar photo

    Friendly admin and experience instructor. Nice environment

  146. Avatar photo
    Joanne Tan

    Good introductory lesson to yoga, the instructor was very nice and guided us through the lesson.

  147. Avatar photo
    Ruby Low

    Friendly staffs and helpful trainers, had a great experience

  148. Avatar photo
    Liu Chang

    A great yoga studio for yoga practitioners at all levels. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging!

  149. Avatar photo
    Darren Dyh

    Went to woodlands branch for the trial class. The staff and instructor are all very friendly and professional. The place is also very neat and cozy. With the infrared it’s really a good and unique yoga experience. Will definitely go back for more yoga practice.

  150. Avatar photo
    wei way

    Went for a trial class. Staff are very friendly. Instructors are concise in coaching.

  151. Avatar photo
    coral sea

    Great place to learn yoga and experience different types of yoga. Instructor are good and the staffs are friendly and helpful. will recommend!

  152. Avatar photo
    sharmaine tan

    Stumbled upon the free trial class that they offer and decided to try it. The entire process from booking the trial class up to signing up for the membership recently has been fuss-free with the help of Liza from Jalyoga (Woodlands). She’s been super helpful, patient to explain all our enquiries and gave us clear details of class packages and any other important information to note.

    Really excited to start my yoga journey with Jalyoga after 3 years of break from yoga practice. There are so many interesting classes that I can’t wait to book my lessons for like aerial yoga, hot yoga, wheel yoga and many more.

    Definitely will recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable yet offers an extensive range of yoga classes to go with friends and family!

  153. Avatar photo
    Cindy Chua

    Abir is very patient and professional in helping me to select the package that suits my lifestyle. Enjoy classes at Jal Woodlands where location is convenient and instructors are friendly

  154. Avatar photo
    Quana Pemberton

    First time doing hot yoga and I’m obsessed. The infrared warmed me from the inside out making me sweat 10x more than usual. I had to purchase a membership.

  155. Avatar photo
    nikki ye

    Thanks for bringing affordable good quality yoga in the heartlands

  156. Avatar photo
    Shey Asuncion

    I enjoyed their class pass where I am able to try different classes. The yogi will help you to correct your posture which really helps in the practise.
    Eventually, I became a member here at Jal Yoga.

  157. Avatar photo

    Professional yoga instructors here and able to learn different type of yoga. Helpful and responsible staffs there,especially Abir who is showing doing the good job there and helped me to solve the problems.

  158. Avatar photo
    gertrude lawrence

    I think its great. The instructors are thoughtful and kind. I like coming here very much.

  159. Avatar photo
    Violet Wing

    Teacher is patient and experienced …

  160. Avatar photo
    Kaili Lee

    very good

  161. Avatar photo
    Talya P

    Great communication with Ms Vrahi who is the front staff – she’s helpful and sincere in answering your questions. Was interested in 11.11 deal and I’ve signed a package with them. Went for trial lesson and instructor was great.

  162. Avatar photo
    Andrea Daltro

    I am new in yoga life!!! All people who work there are very nice!! I feel happy to be part of this studio!!! ️️
    Super recommend!!

  163. Avatar photo
    Phua LingLing

    Enjoy the classes very much, trainer are friendly and patient with students and the admin staff are great too. Look forward for more evening/night classes.

  164. Avatar photo
    Gina Lim

    Today at Jal woodlands, I tried the wheel yoga and the aerial yoga , it is a good try and aerial yoga is interesting. Teacher is helpful and friendly.

  165. Avatar photo
    Belle Wong

    Very convenient for woodlands people. First time trying out yoga. Teachers very friendly. The studio is very clean and neat. Especially the admin staff Abir, always attended to my enquiries never fail. Very friendly and sociable person. Look for him to get packages! He responds very quickly. Great customer service!

  166. Avatar photo
    Jessica Liu

    It’s great Yoga place. The instructors are professional and the environment is cozy and clean. The stuff here is very friendly especially Liza who’s very responsive and helpful!

  167. Avatar photo
    Khairani Jemaat

    For a beginner, I would say that this is a good experience

  168. Avatar photo
    Sherry Tran

    friendly instructor, relax lesson, nearby neighbourhood location, highly recommended

  169. Avatar photo
    wancy teo

    Ms Priya is very patient and friendly!

  170. Avatar photo
    cynthia chuah

    Relaxing classes
    Enjoy with the class

  171. Avatar photo
    Diyana Hashim

    Went for the trial class last week and I was impressive with how professional and patient the instructor was. As a first timer, I felt comfortable being in a new environment. The staff working at the front desk was also very helpful and answered all of my enquiry patiently. (:

  172. Avatar photo
    Sharan Kaur

    Amazing! Instructors are very attentive and ensuring that I was properly doing each pose. The front desk staff are awesomely cool and friendly. Nice warm smiles as you enter the studio. All their classes offered are fantastic with comforting energy and holistic approach. This is what keeps me coming back to Jal Yoga. Kudos!!

  173. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Tan

    Attended my trial class today. Love the location, within 5 minutes walk from my place. Studio looks clean and nice. Bought a 1 month unlimited pass and I’m looking forward to try classes by different instructors, and hopefully find something that I like.

  174. Avatar photo
    Vilynn Loh

    Just had my first trial here and the experience was pleasant. Barre class was quite intensive for me as I am just getting back into workout. Reception staff is very helpful and friendly.

  175. Avatar photo
    Au Jing Ting

    The studio is convenient for people who lives in Woodlands. The teacher is patient in teaching and highly recommended for all to try yoga here!

  176. Avatar photo
    Roberto Vega

    Fist time doing Yoga. I definitely recommend to try it. It does help you in some many ways. The staff and Teachers are outstanding, they go beyond and above to make you feel comfortable. Great atmosphere!

  177. Avatar photo
    Arun Iyer

    The Class was quite well conducted and the session was intense but very useful. Would recommend others to try and decide the best suited seasion

  178. Avatar photo

    A serene environment with encouraging instructors. I look forward to attending more classes at JalYoga!

  179. Avatar photo
    Xin Yee Lim

    It was my first time trying out yoga and I had a great workout!
    The instructor was very nice and gave advice on the correct postures and gave alternatives for beginners like me. Will definitely book another class with Jal Yoga

  180. Avatar photo
    January Born

    Instructors at Jal are great ! Always being greeted warmly by staff and it takes away the stress from work.

    As we all know, once a wk is not really sufficient to improve our flexibility. Request was made for same instructor to have classes minimum twice a wk. We do see changes eventually but for consecutively last class and 1st class the next day . I wonder what difference does this make? ie. Before towel or yoga gear can be dry- you are up for the next class. Wonder if anyone will find this sensible ?

  181. Avatar photo
    Gabby Gao Bing

    The trainer is professional, comfortable room , and class size is nice too. Highly recommend you to join no matter you’re a Yoga beginner or an expert.

  182. Avatar photo
    Audrey Ng

    A convenient studio for people who are living in Marsiling. Jal yoga provides a wide variety of classes that I really appreciate. Their instructors are also professional and encouraging. Personally I enjoy their infrared and barre classes.

  183. Avatar photo
    Lee Lian Lim

    Great place!!!

  184. Avatar photo

    Wonderful yoga studio located in woodlands. Provides a wide variety of yoga classes, caters to different fitness levels. Specially enjoy Priya, Regine, Wynn and Sarah’s classes. Also really enjoyed the aerial yoga class by Pranava. It’s really popular, so I only got to try once, unfortunately.

    Special thanks to Liza for assisting me with all admin issues and ur generosity ) look forward to many more fruitful workout sessions at Jal Yoga (woodlands)

  185. Avatar photo
    Josephine C

    The teacher is attentive to new student. The pace is just right. I really felt my muscles really stretched.

  186. Avatar photo

    Always been afraid of attending fitness classes but I’ve been going for a few sessions here now and I’ve never felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s enjoyable to go for classes, and is inviting for you to want to make it a habit. Also rare fitness boutique in Woodlands of all places.

  187. Avatar photo
    Audrey Ngiam

    Super friendly and helpful staff with good teachers for classes. Gaining popularity and location has ample car park and bicycle stand too

  188. Avatar photo
    Shafiq Sha

    It’s not just a yoga studio, it feels just like home. From front desk staff, teachers and fellow practitioners. A special place where it’s an extended big family hidden in a nook in woodlands. Somehow the small size is also it’s quaint alluring charm suited for those living in the neighborhood.

    Many special connections are forged here by open hearted people from all walks of life. Just come with a smile

  189. Avatar photo
    Jia Yin

    Went for 2 classes so far, hip opening and barre class. It was a good workout. Clean, small studio with friendly staff, Vrahi and Liza helped me with the booking and signing up. Different packages available!

  190. Avatar photo
    Miao Er Poa

    Very good experience with the first trial class for yin yoga. Will definitely come back for the next classes.

  191. Avatar photo
    Kyly Ang

    Good experience for a beginner! Receptionist was also patient in my many queries

  192. Avatar photo
    Yunita Susilo

    Finally a yoga studio in woodlands! Love the classes and I enrol immediately after 1 trial!!

  193. Avatar photo
    Lorraine Loy

    Very friendly and easy to follow instructions!

  194. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ng

    Love that it’s conveniently located in the neighbourhood. Have gone for two classes so far, Aerial and Neck, Shoulders & Back class, really enjoyed both. Staff and instructors are really friendly too.

  195. Avatar photo
    Sheela Sunderaraj

    Staff and teachers are extremely friendly and encouraging. The ambience is peaceful and clean to classes.

  196. Avatar photo
    Le Xin Ong

    Friendly and helpful staff. Instructors are knowledgeable and will go around to correct our postures during the class. Great experience overall!

  197. Avatar photo
    maybel tan

    Decided to sign the package immediately after the trial session.

    Happy to find a good yoga place within woodlands.

  198. Avatar photo
    miss j

    Excellent place, teaches & front desk assistant!
    This is the place you can healing yourself ️

  199. Avatar photo
    Tya Noringhang

    Welcoming teachers and staff so I was comfortable getting back into yoga after quite a bit of time off. The infra classes have been really great especially since I didn’t know what to expect. I highly recommend Jal Yoga!

  200. Avatar photo
    Paramasivan Karuppasamy

    As a Beginner Jal Yoga given a positive mindset and hope to start yoga. very friendly and Professional.

  201. Avatar photo
    Berlinda Boudville

    Had my trial Barre class today and the instructor was very friendly and helpful. Liza, the admin staff was so patient explaining all the classes and how the booking works. It was a great experience and I will be coming in for more classes

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