Review I12 Katong, 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore

Review i12 Katong - Singapore 112 E Coast Rd

“A cozy mall with not much to offer. Parkway parade is just a 5 minutes walk away, way better.” or “Malaysian Boleh food court at Basement 1 selling Malaysian Street food. Can try if you are near Katong area.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about I12 Katong. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if I12 Katong is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding I12 Katong. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that I12 Katongis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63063272 (+65 63063272)
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  • Address: 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore
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“This Place is actually Kim Choo Kueh Chang. It is famous for it's Nyonya Ba Changs. The Ba Changs is a Must Try. You can taste the Peranakan Herbs and Spices in the foods.”

“Very nice mall with charging area and climb central. …”

“A nice if rather small mall. Perhaps best described as an upmarket neighborhood mall. It is home to some lesser known brands, and also has quite a few eateries.”

“Very modern design with nice places to eat. Theater is spacious too. Overall a good place to hangout and chill.”

“It is just open on December 2021. Some shops are not open yet but at least you have malaysia boleh! if you looking for food.”

“nice and modern but not too many choices for shops however there are many many restaurants available”

“Totally change the mall entirely. Nice place to eat and buy something.”

“Another of my haunts when it was KATONG MALL. Upmarket now with good restaurants and cafes. Excellent place to chill out. Basement Food Hall is usually packed. Try the Mexican, solid taste!!”

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Review Review I12 Katong, 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    iam bee

    Delicious mushroom aglio olio and corncumber sushi with brown rice. Super yummy …

  2. Avatar photo

    Revamped place with more food choices, great hangout place for a short family gathering session.

  3. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    I went over to this shopping mall after attending a wedding reception at a nearby restaurant. It’s just a small mall that you can find some things that are not usually found elsewhere. There are a few shops that under renovation and there’s quite a few shops that were closed when we window shopped there. There are a few interesting things that you can find here – a shop that sells reversible clothing for kids (these clothings are very adorable for kids), a corner where you’d see different types of laundry baskets (Hello Kitty, Minions, Cats and many more) and many more shops that may ‘tickle’ your interest. It’s worth a visit to this mall because you’ll want to buy something for yourself or your family…

  4. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loo

    New or refurbished shopping center. B1 with Kopitiam (not open) and an upmarket Cold Storage. There are no fast food outlets eg McD, BK etc.

  5. Avatar photo
    Asoka T

    Sitting on the edge of east coast road it is right next to all the popular eateries, pubs and tid bit shops of Katong. The mall name is a clever tactic where the number “112” is displayed so that the first number looks like the letter “I”, which when read out loud sounds like “I want to Katong Mall”. Clever. Has a wide variety of shops and restaurants including a full Cinema with Gold class seating as well. Currently a large area of the mall is undergoing a facelift and renovation at the shops where most them are expected to open starting the beginning of April. Apart from the usual mall type shops you get to find the staples of Starbucks, Breadtalk, Wine connection, Soup spoon as well as few other foodie essentials. More are set to open in the middle of this year. One key facility to note is the large kid play zone right in the middle of the mall main floor which looks like a lot of fun to do and watch from above! Still more to explore!

  6. Avatar photo
    Grace Tan

    The newly renovated mall has a wonderful tenant mix including ToTT Store, a specialty kitchenware store, located on the second floor that also offers culinary classes and private culinary parties.

  7. Avatar photo
    David Quek

    One of those malls that modernize this area. The variety of product and services are quite well spread.

  8. Avatar photo
    Djad Trenerry

    The recent renovations have lifted the vibe at i12 Katong. The restaurant selection on the ground floor is excellent, catering to Mexican, Japanese and Western tastes along with bakeries and cafe’s. There’s a Lululemon on the first floor too. Venture to the second floor for homewares and children’s stores. Higher up you’ll find rock climbing, a cinema and a whole bunch of hairdressing and other retail spaces. Down in the basement you’ll find a food court with delicious local SE Asian fare. Worth a visit one weekend to enjoy the cold a/c.

  9. Avatar photo
    Jared Woong

    A pretty decent mall, still under construction for some of the shops

  10. Avatar photo
    Derek Liew

    Visited this place 5 months ago and now is so much better with more retail outlets opening up. Those have not been to this place after the major renovation, it is worthwhile to check it up.

  11. Avatar photo
    W C

    Easy parking. Lots of choices of food. Got cinema. Explore food in Neighbourhood too.

  12. Avatar photo
    Thomsom Hills

    I12 katong looks like a half hearted attempt by the keppel management who took over the mall. I do not think it can be considered a mall as most of the shops are educational,healthcare on the upper floors.. The saving grace is the lower food floors which holds most of the variety of eatery and I hope more big brands come in like subway or McDonald’s. Hopefully by March the new management will complete their master plan which still looks like a stab in the dark.

  13. Avatar photo
    Irene Arifin-Lewis

    It is a compact, clean and very cozy mall that is becoming very kids friendly– from the playgroups, toy stores, fish tanks at the lobby and the play area. I love taking my family there for a day out, or even meeting up with my friends for lunch.

    Another plus is the outdoor water recreational area located maybe on the 3rd floor(?) that the kids love!

  14. Avatar photo
    Ana Rohana

    Was here to watch movie at GV. Not very big mall with nice wall painting.

  15. Avatar photo
    Arno Belham

    good place for brunch, fancy supermarket and haircut! Last floor is clearly a treat: foodcourt with so many different flavours, GV cinema and a musical instruments’ shop! Not all the big brands here. But it perfectly fits its purpose!

  16. Avatar photo
    Foram S

    Newly renovated and good shops and eating options !

  17. Avatar photo
    archana gandhi

    Went here for a movie and loved the place and visited again for prive

  18. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    Many new food outlets moved in while some left. Overall feel was better than previous. The management did a good job making the mall survived.

  19. Avatar photo

    Only about 80 percent of the shops are operational. Fairly quiet.

  20. Avatar photo
    Danny Ferguson

    A great area full of old shop houses converted to modern businesses while keeping the character of the area. Many choices of places to eat and all seem wonderful. Wagyu beef burger was excellent

  21. Avatar photo
    Siew TF

    Malaysian Boleh food court at Basement 1 selling Malaysian Street food. Can try if you are near Katong area.

  22. Avatar photo
    Dusty F1

    It’s back! Layout is much better.. Look forward to more shops and restaurants …

  23. Avatar photo
    PearlAveril Forrest

    During this pandemic,many shops have closed down. However new ones are springing up. Its forever repeating itself .
    Missed Canton Paradise because I go there for my tim sum whenever I am back in Singapore.

  24. Avatar photo
    Jerald Ong

    It’s a local mall that’s small but has all the right shops we require. A huge movie theater, games for kids, good eateries inside and nearby! Worth my time

  25. Avatar photo
    Ng Eric

    1st 2 hours free parking till 31 Dec 2021. No redemption required.

    Give a is my review helps. …

  26. Avatar photo
    Wright Maddy

    Many pleasant varieties from shopping to eateries! Recommend!

  27. Avatar photo

    Nice shopping centre with a nos of food outlets

  28. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tan

    A group of 6,we tried different dishes, the penang kway teow, and a few other dishes. Quite frankly, tak boleh make it. It no where close to Malaysian taste, the Penang kway teow from Pasir Ris Mrt is more authentic.

  29. Avatar photo
    sing Song

    Yep, I stay near the mall.
    The mall is really small compared to Parkway parade. The thing i like about I12Katong is that there’s a cinema and marketplace. I cant really shop there because I don’t see what I need in the shops but Its a very beautiful place to walk walk. When bored, can also go Jalan jalan at the water playground at rooftop.

  30. Avatar photo
    Ma Victor

    A good place for local nearby people. There are some restaurants and a supermarket CSfresh inside. It is very close to famous Joo Jiat area ( a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops).

  31. Avatar photo
    Cappuccino Mocca

    One of my favourite shopping mall which is situated in the Eastern part of Singapore. . In fact, Katong has been my childhood hangout days as a young kid. It is very convenient and stretegically located too. Being blessed and also surrounded by food eateries too. I will always look forward to be here on every weekend with either myself looking for food or getting my usual daily necessities with either myself or together with my family. Or maybe just to catch a movie or some quick bites.

  32. Avatar photo
    Darrell Lye

    This relatively new mall is showing it’s age.

    Like the previous building that used to occupy the same spot, the invariable low foot traffic, the (current) lack of a nearby MRT station, detracts from the decent array of shops and restaurants.

    The crowded streets on weekends around the Joo Chiat area do not help, more so with the recent street diversions.

  33. Avatar photo
    E L

    After the reno , it’s slightly better, at least most of the shops are occupied but human traffic is still lacking. Let’s hope the shops can survive

  34. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    This is really a cool small scale shopping mall. Unfortunately, for various reasons, they are not able to bring in the crowds and the retail and restaurants have been struggling. This includes even Ding Tai Fung moving out, although I suspect it’s more to consolidate manpower, rather than the business. Now with Parkway having a Cinema, I12 is going to struggle even more to bring in the tenants.

  35. Avatar photo
    Reuben Conceicao

    One of my favorite malls because of the great layout (it’s easy to get around), GV Katong movie theater, and little shops that are highly differentiated. Sadly a few big name tenants have left, but hopefully the rest of the shops will survive the hard times.

    The two bad points: limited parking, and only 1 elevator. So if you’re coming with a pram or wheelchair, be prepared for a long wait.

  36. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ang

    Quite a food variety of F&B outlets

  37. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    I was looking for place to visit at Katong and ended up driving here. The map was saying to park ad Hilton instead but I know there must be a parking in here. I was arriving from the side of the mall and notice there is P sign on the map and entered from there. The guard was telling me to make a turn because there was a big construction truck parked at the lane. They should have closed the entrance except for loading. I made a turn and entered from the front which lead me to the back again just that from the other direction.

    There was quite a number of parking spots when I visited one Saturday afternoon.

    The mall is new, still quite a number of unfilled spots inside. Food stalls might be difficult because there are so many food stall just outside the mall on the street. The toilet was stuck and the poop was just lying on the floor inside the toilet, messing around.

    I didn’t really spend time in here and walked outside to see. Ended up walking around few hours around the area and not inside the mall.

  38. Avatar photo
    Zoey Liu

    Ooohhhhh. This is great. They have many delectable dishes and restaurants they also have rock climbing!

  39. Avatar photo

    The mall has a pleasant smell. Even the car park has this nice smell.

    Unfortunately, the mall lacks of iconic stalls. Nice place to have a coffee or dinner but really lack shopping experience.

    The great thing for the residents around the area is the cinema located at the top floor.

  40. Avatar photo
    Cindy Ho

    Nice Malaysia hawker foods we enjoyed.

  41. Avatar photo

    I like this new I12. Great mix of tenants now, known names. Huggs, PS cafe, amongst the names. And therapy market. Particularly intrigued by the Malaysia Boleh food court, which I want to check out.

  42. Avatar photo
    Glen See

    The food is alright but it’s not really worth it for the price. However their cakes are really nice, I tried the banana cake with butterscotch sauce and it was delicious

  43. Avatar photo
    YiZhong Zhuang

    Nice selection of food outlets, and apparently and awesome kids water playground which unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to use. Not the most easily accessible by public transport, although there are numerous bus stops within a 10-15 minute walk.

  44. Avatar photo
    For Peen

    Small mall for nearby residents. Not worth a trip if you’re 30 mins away. PLQ mall area at the north and Parkway Parade at the south will be more likely to have what you need.

  45. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Tan

    A total transformation mall. Many reputatable restruants and shops.

  46. Avatar photo
    Maurice 龍的传人 Yee

    This is a 4 or 5 story small shopping mall in katong. I think they have upgraded the mall, so alot of new shops, cafes, restaurants and etc. This shopping mall has got everything you need, it has a cold storage supermarket and a Malaysian food court also.
    eating and shopping

  47. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    Not fully open yet. But looking forward to the some of the exciting tenants i12 is bringing in. The mall feels bigger after the AEI. So nice to have PS. Cafe and Lululemon at Level 1, & Scoop in the basement. Oh, & not forgetting Malaysia Boleh, it was crowded on the day when I visited

    (Will update again when more tenants open in the next tranche)

  48. Avatar photo
    phang c fong

    Nice shopping mall. Love it.

  49. Avatar photo
    Deanne Koh

    Used to be quite interesting to walk around the mall as it has shops that are unique. However it seem hard for those shops to sustain. One major downside is it only has 1 lift which makes it hard for the wheelchair-bound.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ruth W

    Theres a good variety of shops: golden village cinema, bakeries (Breadtalk), cafes (various ones including Starbucks), restaurants, furniture, grocery store (Marketplace). One thing that could be improved would be the addition of a food court. There used to be Food Republic but it had closed down a while ago.

  51. Avatar photo
    Chandra Suciadi

    Lovely and quite packed mall located neat east coast. There a lot of unique store inside, but mainly i see the child day care on the 4th floor.
    There are also fast food chain, supermarkets and clothing store for your needs. It is one to go mall if you around the area.

  52. Avatar photo

    Newly renovated shopping mall at the corner of Joo Chiat and East Coast Road junction.

    The interior added more Escalators but as of now, only 20-30% occupancy with many shops still not open!

    Malaysia Boleh Foodcourt is now at the basement together with some other F&B stalls!

    Wine Connection and a new Japanese restaurant “Ippudo Ramen” both next to each other on the ground level.

    More F&B outlets on level 2 and level 4 caters more to Learning Centers.

    Level 5 still retains Golden Village Cinema!

    Overall it’s more refreshing interior look and sincerely hope this mall could stand its time !

  53. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chan

    I believe it is under going upgrade. And there is one Malaysia food court selling many tasty Malaysia food

  54. Avatar photo
    SH TAN

    Newly renovated, more shops. Considered small for a mall

  55. Avatar photo
    MH C

    I live in the vicinity and used to go there every other day for my dinner and movie fix. Pre-pandemic, the food republic at the top floor is the only food court around the area and after it closed, I had to walk a further 10mins to parkway for non-cafe food. Was even worse when lock-down hits, whole mall is closed for reno for 2yrs+ so even Marketplace is unavailable. I’m glad it’s up and running now with more “relevant” shops. And also the removal of the carpets is the best thing.. it used to have this musky and damp smell whenever we walk into i12.

  56. Avatar photo
    Raycher Lim

    New shops around the basement of new i12 Katong

  57. Avatar photo
    Y'von Koh

    Dessert is nice however overpriced.

  58. Avatar photo
    Jz L

    Fairly new with kids’ acts in mind. Mix of good old brands and new concepts

  59. Avatar photo

    Good place, not much to do, just a classic mall with some fun little stuff. Would recommend the burrito on the right just after entering, very good

  60. Avatar photo
    Kain Fei Wong

    Car park charges is higher than average at least on Sundays. Nice cosy mall to shop in. The Market Place has a nice range of upscale supermarket products to offer. It has roof-top water playground too though a part of playground seems to be out-of-order.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ellie Bee

    New favourite mall – has it all. Best food options and many resteraunts. Good clothes choice and overall nice mall

  62. Avatar photo

    among the top 3 malls in the east. smaller mall intended to serve the east coast, katong mountbatten, joochiat residents. pretty wide selection of food and services. sports, gym and cinema

  63. Avatar photo
    Gregory Athanasius

    I12 Katong, formerly Katong Mall and Katong People’s Complex, A revamped shopping mall in the East Coast and Katong area has plenty of surprises in store, including Singapore’s first medical co-working space, a live theatre concept by Golden Village, and a dog club and daycare.

    The mall will also feature art exhibitions in partnership with local gallery Sound of Art.

    Some anchor tenants, such as CS Fresh, Golden Village and United World Preschool, will return, alongside new entrants such as aesthetic collaborative cafe Huggs Collective, ramen chain Ippudo, confectionery Janice Wong Singapore, foodcourt Malaysia Boleh and restaurants such as Prive and PS Cafe. I12 Katong sits in the heart of Katong. With dishes you’re guaranteed to love.

  64. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ching

    A nice if rather small mall. Perhaps best described as an upmarket neighborhood mall. It is home to some lesser known brands, and also has quite a few eateries.

  65. Avatar photo
    black sky

    Super place.nice place to watch movies and food corners also shopping moll

  66. Avatar photo
    Gary Goh

    Great place for many choice if dining stalls.

  67. Avatar photo
    Amol Gupta

    Good mall to go have eat. They have quite a number of restaurants to eat and enjoy. For shopping very few shops avaliable

  68. Avatar photo
    Wendi Chan

    Nicely revamped. Good food and supermarket. Come here for my exercise classes!

  69. Avatar photo
    May Ling

    Typhoon Cafe popular with Taiwan dishes
    Missing Taiwan foods can give a try on this cafe, same as Taiwan foods at least 80%
    So far happy with the dishes

  70. Avatar photo
    Eric Wong

    Came to the mall on 26 Dec 2021 boxing day.. looks fresher though many stores are still empty or waiting for tenants to occupy them. But new eateries are coming so check them out when they open fully on Mar 2022 …

  71. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    Quite sad to see so many shops done and dusted. Let’s hope the management will bring in more happening stores to operate. Popular jointed here include: the wine and company, ABC cafe, toastbox, Starbucks, Soup spoon.

  72. Avatar photo
    Nicolas L

    Great mall for kids

  73. Avatar photo
    Zen Liew

    I love how you can redeem free parking with the i12 Katong app!

  74. Avatar photo

    I12 partially opened today, 23 Dec. From the shops which are opened and indications of those which will progressively be opened, it is apparent that the tenant mix is a good improvement over the previous one.

    My only misgiving so far is the foodcourt at B1. The theme is Malaysia Boleh, with food touted to be from Penang, Ipoh, Klang and Kuala Lumpur. So the spread is large. However, it is a great insult to Malaysian hawkers in these states. The food quality is so low that it can never be cooked by Malaysian hawkers. The quality is like that of the average Singapore hawkers. It is like an assembly job, with workers mixing the ingredients, stir and fry them until cooked. No cooking skills are involved. So all in all, it is a con job. This will be my first and last visit to the foodcourt.

  75. Avatar photo

    Another of my haunts when it was KATONG MALL. Upmarket now with good restaurants and cafes. Excellent place to chill out. Basement Food Hall is usually packed. Try the Mexican, solid taste!!

  76. Avatar photo
    sneha mv

    We go there for the water play area, and to watch movies at GV. There are a few options for kids to play so that’s the good thing about the mall. However there are not many interesting stores here. The Kopitiam is under renovation at the moment.

  77. Avatar photo
    Wai Yip Tham

    First time at iKatong, seems like a compact and self sufficient mall with some nice clothes brands and food!

  78. Avatar photo
    Alex Ang

    Very sad mall. Quite a few shop spaces were either empty or under renovation. Even though it’s trying to reinvent itself, not much has changed. Ok maybe the climbing walls are new. Hurray for those into sports climbing. Maybe good for parents who wants their kids to take tuition or enrichment classes.

  79. Avatar photo
    Koh E.S.

    The mall is new renovated.Patking is convenient.The food at Boleh Malaysia eating place is good n price is reasonable.It worth to visit there.

  80. Avatar photo
    Moiz Asad

    Great restaurant including a mini mall on the 3rd floor great swimming pool very kind staff and the beds are very comfortable here. When I stayed, the service, cleanliness and sleeps were the best thing! Definitely try out their omelette in the kitchen! It tastes great!

  81. Avatar photo
    Gileew Oh

    As you enter the shopping mall, there is a nice smell of white tea. Shops are typical of a shopping mall, abit more expensive. Not much variety and not much to see. Food court upstairs is small with many of the stalls closed.

  82. Avatar photo
    Yujin Horioka

    Nice shopping mall, it’s usually quiet and peaceful on the weekdays
    Golden Village is on the top floor.
    nice seating areas with table at lvl 3 just after the escalator (nice spots for studying and doing work)
    lots of restaurants, fair amount of shops.

  83. Avatar photo
    James Chung

    Ghost town… with so many shop units hoarded up. So in a way, that’s not too bad as you can avoid the crowd at Parkway Parade

  84. Avatar photo
    Anuj Jagannathan

    Good mall and centrally located. Golden village is the main attraction here. Quite a few good eating places and the food republic is good with lots of options. Also has a Raffles Clinic here.

  85. Avatar photo
    Team Sopeology

    Valet and Parking grace of 10 mins available. Parking is not exactly cheap. Crowded during lunch time especially weekends. GV cinema available. Several eateries including new ones like The Chop House which has some set lunch specials.

  86. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    A small but very lively shopping in the Katong neighbourhood that provides almost anything and anything you need. There are several wine retainers here, including 1885 and Wine Connection. And of course, there is JMart and Toast Box. A small food court on the top level where you can find some cheap eats of you done fancy going to one of the restaurant in the mall or nearby.

  87. Avatar photo
    Wing Seng Chan

    Tried the signature and is average. Since they just opened, I got a 1 for 1 free, which is a bonus surprise. Initially thought it was fast food but the noticed the 10% service charge which I feel should be taken out.

  88. Avatar photo
    Edyth-Anne Herczech


  89. Avatar photo
    Victoria Cruz

    Some interesting shops but not a lot for me to buy. But the free shows in the mall during weekends is worth seeing

  90. Avatar photo
    Hux Siah

    i12 underwent renovations and opened in December’21. Main attractions at i12 are the restaurants and the cinemas. There’s a new food court Malaysia Boleh and a supermarket at the basement. Also new food outlets and shops at the basement and level 1. Signature Koi, Prive, PS cafe, Ippudo, Wine Connection and Guzman Y Gomez are among eateries on level 1. There’s also a Climb Central and various enrichment centers at the upper levels. Level 2 houses open concept shops like Rina Lee jewelry, Lim’s furniture and a moving at gallery, among others. Visit i12 to check it out.

  91. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    Place has been revamped again. Looks great!

  92. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Wang

    A lot of the shops have moved out. The only thing drawing the crowd is probably the movie theater (and perhaps toastbox on the ground floor). Parking is really expensive for a place that has no shops and low traffic, even more expensive than some places in town.

  93. Avatar photo
    Bear Jin

    It is just open on December 2021. Some shops are not open yet but at least you have malaysia boleh! if you looking for food.

  94. Avatar photo
    Gopi Bala

    The mall has been cosmetically improved and is now much better than the original state.

    Tenant mix could be improved though.

  95. Avatar photo
    Vamsi Ramakrishnan

    One of the best places for kid friendly outlets

  96. Avatar photo
    AP Ng

    Pretty toilets and free old school arcade

  97. Avatar photo
    rom goh

    Same old same old small shopping mall and many shops yet to open. However you can find good food here and the area around the mall.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jesse LeeDerrick

    I’m not the only who like this place, many types of races lije it too including foreigners. The thai boat noodle “Hatyai” is highly recommendable, so is Yan Xi restaurant, the Chop House n many more just to the above few will definitely satisfy your appetite.
    You must try the food on the 2nd level YanXi restaurant. Food there is great. Must try are soups, jellyfish salad, roasted duck n many more.

  99. Avatar photo
    Thomas Rettig

    Nice place but saddening to see that business isn’t at the pinnacle right now. Before COVID-19, there were few shops open, many of them either in renovation, and the hitherto popular water-play ares at the top level is gone. Go here for the Cinema, though, which is, in my opinion, quite good. Also, another small rant of mine: The name I12 is a lousy choice. Many locals here erroneously call it 112, because of the ambiguity “I” and “1”, which is wrong. They should choose a font with better legibility. And the number 112 is a police number in many countries. Sigh.

  100. Avatar photo
    Cezary Kowalik

    Nice mall, centrally located, many shops and food options. There is a foosball table on the upper level.

  101. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    Frequent the mall for the Golden Village theaters. Lot of educational and performing arts classes here. Not a wide range of large stores it there are smaller and niche stores.

  102. Avatar photo

    Lots of new shops coming up there’s games for young adults and kids too

  103. Avatar photo

    Used to be a nice cosy mall with posh vibes. Had many cafes, restaurants, hipster shops and fancy eateries. Sadly they are all gone now, and the place is now closed in a bid to reclaim some identity again. It was good while it lasted

  104. Avatar photo
    WS Kim

    Totally change the mall entirely.
    Nice place to eat and buy something.

  105. Avatar photo

    Katong Mall used to be a very quiet shopping mall many years back. It underwent a few rounds of renovations. Each previous renovations didn’t manage to attract much crowds. There were even rumors saying that the mall has Feng Shui issue. However, the latest renovation has really changed the place. There are wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafe and entertainment facilities etc. Little did I expect one day Katong Mall would have such constant crowd.

  106. Avatar photo
    Arun Sankar

    Decent and handy mall in a traditional area.

  107. Avatar photo
    Cl Ang

    Malaysia Boleh food court looks good but food there so-so. StarHub customers beware! No reception inside totally.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jason Chan

    Katong I-12 is a very nice small mall to walk. They have few nice eateries like Toast Box, Starbucks, Japanese restaurants. However, since March 2020, the mall is closed for renovation. Not sure when will it be opened again and will it still be known as the same name I-12. Please refer to photos taken 12 July 2020.

  109. Avatar photo
    Nigel Tristan

    I really dun understand how they can take 3 years to do a complete overhaul of i12 and come back with an even worse mix of shop tenants and choices..been there 3-4 times since it has reopened and it has just gotten worse. Not sure if i would be coming back here in the future unless really neccesary.

  110. Avatar photo
    Suneel R

    Perfect place to go for Coffeeshop, quick lunch and dinner! Too tired don’t feel like partying but want to chill and have a drink and conversation then check out wine connection! In the mood for movie GV has its screenings!

  111. Avatar photo
    ayoblaza 69

    Lots of shops but packing eateries

  112. Avatar photo
    Ruicheng Luo

    Awesome mall, but too small

  113. Avatar photo
    Woon Chin Lam

    How much do you need to spend to get a $5 voucher for i12 Katong? For non supermarket receipts, it is $1000! For supermarket receipts, it is $5000! So pathetic I wonder why they even have such a scheme in the first place!

  114. Avatar photo

    Newly renovated i12, lots of shops have changed. Generally the new mall is not like a typical mall, it’s more like a gallery style mall. Honestly I’m not very buying the darkness inside, and lots of weird gallery and works. Many shops are still unopened now.

  115. Avatar photo
    Shaun R S

    Over priced coffee with substandard service at Typhoon Cafe.

  116. Avatar photo
    Megha Banerji

    Village cinemas, good eateries like canton paradise, ABC, chop house, Timho wan, Starbucks and toast box. It’s a good place for a quick bite to eat and catch a movie. The Market Place grocery store as well as J Mart japanese groceries adds to this mall. Small yet a good mall for a quick in and out visit in the east.

  117. Avatar photo
    Lilo Stitch

    Not a big mall but very nice and quiet on weekday.A decent 7-storey venue for shopping, dining & entertainment from international & Singaporean brands.More new food outles moved in.Like to dine in Hatyai restaurant as its halal and served delicious authentic Thai foods.A good supermarket at Market place ,a decent cinema and big homeware store at Houze.The pull of the crowds is the new mega claw machine arcade store Play United.Its crowded during the weekends with family and friends having fun time here.The Toast Box is the best place to enjoy your coffee.Its quite spacious and have a nice outdoor view.Overall its a small mall with adequate amenities.

  118. Avatar photo
    Elf Seah

    not sure why the label will say “massive” cos this is nowhere near massive. many shops are closed for reno/change tenants. the lift is super slow. some nice shops around.

  119. Avatar photo
    Sebastien Trousset

    Great revamp of i12, bringing even more life to this fantastic neighbourhood.
    Looking forward to having all the shops / restaurants open!

  120. Avatar photo
    Tan jack san

    A good alternative mall in the east other than Parkway for all your culinary and groceries needs…..

  121. Avatar photo

    the mall is okay and it’s a go to place to shop however, there’s not much food options, lack of Halal food stores. would be better if there’s other food store options like McDonalds or KFC or BK or Texas etc. overall, everything is fine.

  122. Avatar photo
    Thena Garan

    Shop lot are fully occupied in i12 katong…

  123. Avatar photo

    Come here for Climbing, only rock climbing wall in Katong/Marine Parade

  124. Avatar photo
    Shane Raja

    A cozy mall with not much to offer. Parkway parade is just a 5 minutes walk away, way better.

  125. Avatar photo

    A staple of shopping in the Marine Parade area, Katong i12 has been retrofitted and changed their name thrice in most recent years from Katong 112 too. The cinemas has changed hands a couple of times and some of the shops have been coasted from one tenant to another. But it still remains an elegant icon of shopping in the same area.

  126. Avatar photo
    Paul Warmer

    Some good restaurants here, but limited shopping opportunities apart from a well stocked supermarket and some food and drinks related stores. Few fashion boutiques on the second floor, a furniture store and that’s about it. For a wider selection of stores you might need to walk to nearby Parkway Parade.

  127. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chia

    Nice mall, with many relevant shops for locals, but with limited parking and a huge crowd. The architectural layout is a little unusual, and the escalators were not intuitively located. A cinema is at the top floor. There was a food court up there as well. As we travel to the lower floors, there was a mixture of various retail stores and eateries. The ground level is mainly taken up by restaurants and eateries. A Toast Box was just at the entrance. If you are comfortable with large crowds, then this mall would be suitable for you. Oxygen levels are sufficient despite narrow corridors at certain spots, and meandering through the mob is sometimes fun. You wouldn’t expect the locals to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze like in Japan and Taiwan, but surely they do cover their buttocks when letting out gas, which is much appreciated, especially in an air conditioned mall where such human gas by products are retained ad infinitum until fully inspired by humans. Now there’s food for thought. All in all, nice mall, with many relevant shops for locals 😀

  128. Avatar photo
    Matthias Ong

    What a revamp! I think still a bit too much tenant mix are for classes. Otherwise it feels so much less congested than before… Kind kones is a highlight. Liked the Malaysian Boleh food court in the basement too!

  129. Avatar photo
    P Y (Ahbobo)

    Local shopping mall. Lulu lemon stall, cinema and also local food. New eateries.

  130. Avatar photo
    Rajagopalan Ra

    Refurbished, so the ambience is better with a healthy mix of shops you find in any other shopping mall. Nothing that stands out though.

  131. Avatar photo
    RealSpace SG

    The newly rejuvenated i12…one of the favorite hangouts in the east of Singapore!

  132. Avatar photo
    Vivienne Tan

    This mall is so bustling now as compared to 10 years ago.

  133. Avatar photo
    Sherman Guo

    Revamped mall is now open. With more shops in it!

  134. Avatar photo
    Morgan Awyong

    A small mall that was overhauled and livened up the area, but failed to retain shops within. The most popular levels have got to be the basement where there’s plenty of restaurants and the grocery, along with the first level where more food joints are, and the top level where the food court (see a pattern?) and a small cinema is at. The rest of the shops here are like afterthoughts. A weird mix overall.

  135. Avatar photo
    KC Lee Caleb

    Nice and trendy place. Now not so crowded. Eateries close early by the way

  136. Avatar photo
    Andrew Cheong

    Small mall but packs a punch. How did they pack in a cinema, retail shops, banks, hair salon, education schools, etc into this tiny place? If you drive you might need the patience of a saint especially on weekends when you queue to get into the tiny basement car park.

  137. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chong

    Excellent renovation and lots of new and trendy shops. The crowd is back too!

  138. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    Good place to relax, shop and eat. An exemplary to mall improvements in keeping with time and adapting to changes of customer experience.

  139. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    Same different Change in some retailers with a few old ones holding on, like Makisan and Cold Storage still here. New includes Malaysia Boleh which is food court specialising in M’sian fare… the KL Hokkien Mee comes full of lard so beware if you’re health conscious ! Very tasty even if you are careful to pick them out and leave them aside. Rojak has guava and unripe mango slices and for $5, seemed a little bit less than I had expected. Indian Prata stall not yet opened at this time, or the Pan Mian stall but good to look fwd to. Basically great esp if you’re missing JB and KL makan due to Covid so get your taste of M’sia here at slightly above hawker prices !

  140. Avatar photo
    Jerald Kng

    Just opened with a few stores, golden village is already open, nice and refreshing look

  141. Avatar photo
    Wang Zen

    Most shops arent open yet but it looks p good
    There is guzman y gomez so that deserves 5 stars already

  142. Avatar photo
    Carlos A-Barnes

    Not to big. Everything in there is just expensive. Of course some good restaurants, bakeries, cinema, cold storage and that it. The location is good and very near marine parade.

  143. Avatar photo

    Nice little mall, packed with good restaurants and shopping.

  144. Avatar photo
    Lim Cher Khiang

    This place for shopping, enjoy good food and buy something you need.

  145. Avatar photo
    Estella Skywalker

    This Place is actually Kim Choo Kueh Chang.

    It is famous for it’s Nyonya Ba Changs. The Ba Changs is a Must Try.

    You can taste the Peranakan Herbs and Spices in the foods.

  146. Avatar photo
    Keat 88

    Hard to find this only at hardware city @ i12 katong.

  147. Avatar photo
    Win (

    Much better after the renovation. Great food options available.
    GoPizza, Malaysia Boleh, Wine Connection, Prive, PS cafe, Crystal Jade, Tim Ho Wan. Vegan dessert – Kind Kones.

  148. Avatar photo
    Francis Woo

    Nice Mall and spacious too. Some good eateries with decent pricing.

  149. Avatar photo
    Wilhelm Soh

    The Chinese toilet-cleaning auntie on the 2nd level scolded me loudly for taking toilet paper to wipe my hands after washing them. She claimed that it belongs to her. I have a phobia of using hand dryers after someone lost a finger using it at Ion Orchard. May I suggest to the mall management to install paper towels in the washroom?

  150. Avatar photo
    Slavina Bueva

    Nice mall with a lot of options to eat (mostly $$ or even $$$ except toast box and 1 option at B1) and shop interesting not too mass market cloth & accessories stuff. There is a cinema too. Not too convenient if you come with a baby as nursing room is on construction already for quite a while and it seems there is no other option with a changing table.

  151. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    Toast Box was uncrowded on a Friday evening. Unusual and it gave me a chance to interact with the wait staff. The best- they make you feel like you’re a regular even if it’s your first time there.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Ng

    It’s supposedly fairly new, but not much tenants around. The food court also closed with not much crowd…. Only saving grace is golden village cinema

  153. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Low

    Traffic in the mall is relatively healthy. The mall however seem to have issues holding on to mainstayers and is slowly changing to an enrichment area. Recent renovation increased eateries but it is still not drawing the crowd. But mall is saved by a cinema and an awesome supermarket.

  154. Avatar photo
    Ng Tiow Seng

    The revamped Katong i12 Mall is pretty refreshing, the tenants-mixed is so much better now with new brands, newness, almost every floor. It is strategic to have Malaysia Boleh near B1 carpark entrance. Carpark is not big, if you are lucky to park near the travelator, it will you right to the shops. Remember to have a meal at IPPUDO at 2nd floor.

  155. Avatar photo
    Dr. Martin Karnolsky

    This small and renovated mall is my favorite. Full of space, the food court is not the main part of the mall. You have cinema, sport part with rock climbing centre, nice restaurants and perfect supermarket.

  156. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    love the foodie atmosphere..very good selection of eateries and also the wine shop..

  157. Avatar photo
    Karin Ng

    After their massive renovation, now they have a lot of nice F&B – PS cafe, Kind Kones, ippudo ramen, wine connection n many more. Go n explore them yourself

  158. Avatar photo
    Christopher Lee

    It is good as a local shopping center.

  159. Avatar photo

    Small mall. No electronics stores. Malaysia boleh food court.

  160. Avatar photo
    Horace Tan

    The Toilets Are Like A 5 Star Hotel.There Are Some Open Eateries, But Only A Few. Definitely Recommend.

  161. Avatar photo
    eric khoo

    Newly opened mall at Katong

  162. Avatar photo
    Kayance Chen

    Looks really nice and everything, just with a major flaw. All the stores are absolute dogwater. There is a severe lack of decent stores and everything above level 1 is just horrible. Bring back the old i12 stores pls

  163. Avatar photo
    Desmond Soo

    For u know reasons.. This shopping centre is under going renov at first floor and also the top floor where the food court used to be… They better fix the tenants before this place becomes less popular… Only crowd pulling tenants like GV and the eateries at basement….

  164. Avatar photo
    Tan George

    The eating place Malaysia Boleh is quite pack.
    Food wise is not very commendable.
    Can try if someone who is desperately wanting to eat Penang food due to home sickness, else, can skip.

  165. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Not entirely sure if it’s a mall experience that I want to spend too much time in, or more so a pass and go situation.

    Given the relatively small plot of land around here in Katong, it felt more like a mall in JB experience to me, than it being a mall located in Singapore. Maybe it’s the air maybe it’s the furnishing maybe it’s just the weird layout of the mall.

    That all said, they do have some really good shops and eateries, with some interesting concepts on trial as well.

  166. Avatar photo
    San Lo

    Coffee and Gelato on the second floor is excellent. And great random shoes deals at Catalog.

  167. Avatar photo
    imas karina2

    Nice place..but I refer parkway parade..bigger..more shops.

  168. Avatar photo

    Interesting place. Couple of athletic lifestyle apparel shops and studios here.

  169. Avatar photo
    MMM 2

    Reason why I gave it 4/5 was :
    1. The shops is so ecstatic. (Clean)
    2. Has more than 30 shops.
    3. Toilet was great!
    4. Customer service was helpful
    5. Entrance was eye-catching!

    So overalls my personal rating is 4/5

  170. Avatar photo

    A very underrated, quiet mall. It has literally everything, from restaurants, cafes, (LOTS) of study spots, and even a cinema. 100% recommend if you’re looking for a conducive area to study/work, but still want to be surrounded by exceptionally clean washrooms, restaurants of every kind (ippudo, privé, guzman, etc etc). The area is perfect lots of shophouses, bigggg starbucks and bus stops. Highly recommend ️

  171. Avatar photo

    The cinema here is nothing short of fantastic. Chairs are clean and comfy, the cinema is well ventilated and there’s an abundance of legroom. Great audio too! As for the mall, it’s not a crowded as other malls, so you can take your time to explore each level at leisure.

  172. Avatar photo
    Nizham Nizham

    Nice mall,..varieties of food shop.

  173. Avatar photo
    A 3

    Cosy mall that looks & feels upmarket

  174. Avatar photo
    Thirukketheeswaran Ajanthan

    is a seven-storey shopping mall in the east of Singapore. lot of restaurants, basement has a supermarket, Korean food market, Good coffee shops, clean Toilets, Parking also available, GV cinema is great for weekend movies.

  175. Avatar photo
    Sujoy Mukherjee

    Lovely quaint place.lots of good food joints

  176. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    I was looking for place to visit at Katong and ended up driving here. The map was saying to park ad Hilton instead but I know there must be a parking in here. I was arriving from the side of the mall and notice there is P sign on the map and entered from there. The guard was telling me to make a turn because there was a big construction truck parked at the lane. They should have closed the entrance except for loading. I made a turn and entered from the front which lead me to the back again just that from the other direction.

    There was quite a number of parking spots when I visited one Saturday afternoon.

    The mall is new, still quite a number of unfilled spots inside. Food stalls might be difficult because there are so many food stall just outside the mall on the street. The toilet was stuck and the poop was just lying on the floor inside the toilet, messing around.

    I didn’t really spend time in here and walked outside to see. Ended up walking around few hours around the area and not inside the mall.

  177. Avatar photo
    Hanna Psalms (Hanna)

    Nice place to shop at the east . we love to dine amd go to movies too.

  178. Avatar photo
    Nasvill Pereira

    Fairly average with a few good eat and drink options, cold storage for groceries and hmmmm… I am thinking if I could write about anything more about the place!

  179. Avatar photo
    Peter Limb

    Festive time to visit new places; has a couple places I enjoyed such as Scoop and the Malaysian food court; Meidiya and would definitely return when I am looking for a variety of ethnic foods to indulge in or shop for food gifts️. Parking was no issue during Friday, lunch hour, so that’s a plus+ …

  180. Avatar photo

    nice and modern but not too many choices for shops however there are many many restaurants available

  181. Avatar photo

    honestly it isnt too bad of a mall though it is a pain to get to without a car, pretty empty too.
    6/10 tomatoes …

  182. Avatar photo

    Accessibility: By bus or private hired car only.

    Products Price Point: Mid.

    General Cleanliness: Good.

    General Ambience: Good.

    Family friendly: Yes.

    Variety of Services available: F&B, fashion, tech, baby care products.

    General Quality of Service: Good.

    Overall experience:
    Good. There’s a cinema, food court, restaurants, etc. Worth a visit. Thereafter head off to Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, and maybe East Coast Park.

  183. Avatar photo
    W C Tan

    Small neighbourhood mall with good selection tion of f&b outlets cuneplex, rock climbing snd children’s Playpens. Compared with the nearby older malls it is the best.

  184. Avatar photo

    Looks really different from before. There’s also a shared place where you can order food from different restaurants and get it delivered there for you to enjoy! Great when you are out with friends who wants to eat different cuisine. Toilets are amazing!

  185. Avatar photo
    Joseph Wee

    This is the first time I’ve been here after the major renovation, and I’m happy to report that the building itself and the new range of shops are both much better than before.

  186. Avatar photo
    Ax Ying

    We recently ordered 2 cakes over the weekend.
    Cake on Saturday was Thai milk tea with chocolate cheesecake.
    Cake on Sunday was Strawberry Lime.
    If you are looking for something different and delightful to the taste bud, do try these cakes by Janice Wong.
    My favourite is still the Strawberry Lime. Not too sweet. It is has a refreshing Lime taste. Both kids and adults (even elderly) enjoyed the cake. Not to mention it looks gorgeous too!

  187. Avatar photo
    Lena Ong

    Nice & cooling place to stroll & enjoy the lovely sight of Greens & Flowers.

    Thanks to the volunteers who were seen there maintaining and preparing for the next theme.

  188. Avatar photo

    Very nice mall with charging area and climb central. …

  189. Avatar photo
    Sonzy M

    New tenant mix looks pretty similar to the old version and many shops have not reopened yet. Escalator system has improved and makes more sense now. Top floors feel like an education/ tuition hub.

    Pros – GV is back. New tenants include Core Collective, Climb Central, Green Party, Guzman, Lulu Lemon

    Cons – No sign of a Toast Box or Yakun with lots of seats: there isn’t an affordable breakfast/ bread outlet like that anymore – all replaced with Prive and PS Cafe. Fun Toast in the basement looks like a small space with few tables.

  190. Avatar photo
    Alexander Presto (Alex)

    Too few shopping boutiques or stores to keep it interesting. The airconditioning is COLD AF. If I spend more than 10 minutes in there, I start shivering. Its saving grace is a decent movie theatre and close to where I live. To get decent shopping done, try walking around 500 metres to Parkway Parade.

  191. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ngan

    Clean but quiet mall. Few restaurants and coffee places

  192. Avatar photo
    ashwanth raghavan

    Picking up the momentum compared to how it opened
    Kids play area coming up at L4

  193. Avatar photo
    Cayden Ng

    Nice mall, cool rock wall and many dessert places …

  194. Avatar photo
    Hemant Garg

    Roll Gaadi at lower Ground floor. Amazing Indian Rice bowls.

  195. Avatar photo
    Eric Wong

    Came to the mall on 26 Dec 2021 boxing day.. looks fresher though many stores are still empty or waiting for tenants to occupy them. But new eateries are coming so check them out when they open fully on Mar 2022 …

  196. Avatar photo
    Travel Writer

    Mall has a decent selection of stores/cafes. A yoga studio and a GV movie theater can be found here. During the major Chinese New Year holidays, only selected cafes like abc cafe that serves an awesome Western breakfast sets, toast box, cedele and soup spoon are open.

  197. Avatar photo
    Pallavi komal

    The mall is crowded over the weekend, but it has a good collection of stores ranging from average price and more.

  198. Avatar photo
    Tatianna Sotiropoulos

    Small but charming. It was located close to the hotel snd was handy to get food and other things that I needed.

    Some of the food was delicious.

    There is a bus stop right in front as well as a Taxi stand so you can go anywhere quick.

    Convenient but not a place I would go out of my way to visit unless staying close by.

  199. Avatar photo
    Tan Jun Sen

    Very posh mall.

    Unfortunately not every outlet is open because it’s still reopening in phases.

    Right now, there is a serious lack of variety of dine-ins to choose from due to the crowd occupying main contenders like Ippudo Ramen and Malaysia Boleh (that food court never has seats).

    The escalator layout is also slightly confusing, so plan ahead and have ample time if you’re rushing to catch a movie at the Golden Village upstairs.

  200. Avatar photo
    Ettore Palazzi

    Overall ok. We mostly cone here to shop at GoFresh gor sushi, sashimi and bread. Their ciabatta is excellent, only $3.80

  201. Avatar photo
    Alex Puah

    I like the nice smell in this mall. The air-conditioning system has a special aromatherapy treatment making the whole mall smell refreshing. There’s a cinema and supermarket here too.

  202. Avatar photo
    Uday Balakrishna

    Great theater experience, average sized shopping mall. Conveniently located.

  203. Avatar photo
    Saurabh Mehta

    After renovation the mall has quite a number of new stores. It is a happening place. Lot of options to shop and eat.

  204. Avatar photo

    A nice place to hangout with a cup of coffee and friends. Especially like the fish tanks located at the basement and the water play area on the roof top. Excellent for kids. Also love the Marketplace outlet. Good range of food stuff. The GV staff could do better with their customer service and offer more variety in terms of food and movies e.g. movies of foreign languages. Nice niche shops selling clothes but a bit on the expensive side. Can get better online of the same quality.

  205. Avatar photo
    Alex Dmitriev

    Always overcrowded though I like the food court in the basement

  206. Avatar photo
    Nafeel Ahmed

    A mall apt for mothers, toddlers and infants. Since the location is very easily accessible, you may see a huge crowd during the weekends. There are also restaurants of different cuisines available in this mall to choose but there is no cinema theatre. There are also some promotional events happening. There are shops for sports and fitness, waxing, kids learning centre etc

  207. Avatar photo
    NCH N

    Interesting mix of retail shops, restaurants, salons, clinics, etc.

  208. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Young

    Sadly this mall is becoming a deserted place as shops come and go due to the low volume of shoppers. I mean, to be frank, there isn’t much to see or do there unless your kids have tuition or music lessons there. There’s a small GV cinema on level 4 but the Food Republic had closed so there’s one less eating option now.
    The busier levels are Level 1 and B1 where there’s Starbucks, Toastbox, Tim Ho Wan dim sum, Sukiya etc. At B2, there’s a Market Place supermarket, Paradise Kitchen, KoreanFood, Soup Spoon and others. There are 2 pharmacies there: Guardian at B2 and Watson’s on level 2. UOB wealth banking is on level 1.
    Certainly not an exciting mall at all!

  209. Avatar photo
    Sebestian Tan

    Just a normal small mall with supermarket, F&B outlets and retail shops.

  210. Avatar photo
    Nitin Soni

    Recently renovated shopping mall in east of singapore with several nice eating places such as wine connection and Guzman.

  211. Avatar photo
    Nanwuahmitoufu Meow

    More variety of shops than the previous with a nostalgic msian styled foodcourt in basement… overall much improvement with additional elevators oso. Lookin 4wd to crystal jade opening soon.

  212. Avatar photo
    Nick or Nicole

    a beautiful new mall in the heart of katong – east coast road. my girlfriends and i found alot of quality professional services and products we liked here. high hygiene standards in the mall. choosing to have their set lunches at The Wine Connection was one of the unexpected great finds here. it has great ambience even in the day and becoming a favourite. especially when we are looking for a place for longer catch-ups or wants to spend some quality time together.

  213. Avatar photo
    chetan shah

    New renovation done
    Well moving crowd when i visited

  214. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Rampuria

    Not a big mall. Shops on house hold items like tables matters and ToTTs. Etc. went there to see movie in GV on level 5. Couldn’t find anything that else of interest though. There was a rock climbing wall feature on level 4.

  215. Avatar photo
    W. Hormchant

    i12 KATONG
    Newly open Shopping Mall, located at 112 East Coast Road, Singapore 428802

  216. Avatar photo
    Joey Yow

    Not the general HDB estate type of mall Not too crowded with quite a lot of empty spaces. I came all the way here thinking the open space water play area still around, only to find it was closed for a while already. Luckily basement two has a play-o-lah (a similar concept to Joy of Toys) for kids 12mths to 12yo. However, I think the group which will really enjoy will probably be 4-6 yo. It’s an enclosed play space with toys of transport theme, construction theme (with pebbles like fake sand) and kitchen cooking theme, etc. There’s some learning centre, kimage, several food and coffee junction. Generally ok to come but don’t expect too much.

  217. Avatar photo
    Lim Dawson

    Crowded on weekend but a very good place for shopping and food plus very clean

  218. Avatar photo
    Guo Joyce

    think this place is ideal for “weekend market” kinda concept shops! love that there is absolute studios here as well!

  219. Avatar photo

    Very modern design with nice places to eat. Theater is spacious too. Overall a good place to hangout and chill.

  220. Avatar photo
    Daren Wong

    I went to I12 recently after the renovation. The place was a big change after the renovation. My only gripe about the place was the high parking charges. I parked for 3 hrs from 1830-2130 hrs and it cost me $10!! Drivers have to take note.

  221. Avatar photo
    daniel goh

    Reopening day on 23rd Dec. Not many shops are open yet but the food court and ramen place is for those wanting to grab a bite

  222. Avatar photo
    Dave Hoong

    Newly renovated mall in katong. Lots of eateries and shops to choose from. Cold Storage is back there and also GV Katong .

  223. Avatar photo

    Newly renovated i12, lots of shops have changed. Generally the new mall is not like a typical mall, it’s more like a gallery style mall. Honestly I’m not very buying the darkness inside, and lots of weird gallery and works. Many shops are still unopened now.

  224. Avatar photo

    Small mall with a few home accessories store, and a good selection of restaurants.

  225. Avatar photo
    Daniel Muller

    The mall does feel roomy but there is a lot of shops. Mainly in the bread/coffee type.
    The wet play area, is a nice addon for children, even if it could get some maintenance.

  226. Avatar photo
    Verlin Neo

    boring,not much variety of shops

  227. Avatar photo
    Rosemary Tea

    A nice shopping mall… not so big and luxurious, but it had good dining options, be it restaurants or cafes. It had also, as far as I can remember, a gift shop, a massage shop, a bank… things like that. Didn’t see lots of apparel stores (maybe there were some in the upper floors).

  228. Avatar photo
    Lina Ting

    I like this area. Good to walk around and shopping is good too!

  229. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Most of the shops seem have opened already.

  230. Avatar photo

    A newly renovated mall which draws higher end retail outlets amidst the atas neighbourhood of Katong.

    Furnishings like Dyson hand dryer and Rigel taps were spotted in the toilets too

  231. Avatar photo
    Lucas lu

    I have followed Chinese Physician Dr Ma Yong Hong for a decade, engaging her services. She has help my family with all sorts of help. From female related matters to my sports injuries, even now after recovery from Covid where I engsge her for medical aid to improve my respiratory capabilities. Right now, she has joined Liang Yi, The Good TCM Healers. I strongly recommend her services. The facility is well equipped too.

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