Review Hydrodash, Palawan Beach, Singapore

Review HydroDash - Singapore Palawan Beach

“Great for kids to spend about an hour doing the obstacle courses. Better go earlier in the morning. Can shower right on the beach.” or “Safe and fun place. Enjoyed the safety briefing before actual playtime… Lifeguards are all around and they’re friendly and helpful.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hydrodash. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hydrodash is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Hydrodash. In terms of Water park, it is generally believed that Hydrodashis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Palawan Beach, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Water park, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 97837549 (+65 97837549)
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  • Address: Palawan Beach, Singapore
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“Great for kids to spend about an hour doing the obstacle courses. Better go earlier in the morning. Can shower right on the beach.”

“Safe and fun place. Enjoyed the safety briefing before actual playtime... Lifeguards are all around and they're friendly and helpful.”

“My daughter and I had a blast this morning! Can't wait to try the "adult" side of the park when she's a little older (over 6).”

“Fun place for an outing. Staffs were friendly and helpful. Some obstacles are challenging”

“Great fun for kids and teens. Ticket staff were flexible about rescheduling.”

“The HydroDash floating aqua park was super fun and we played for almost an hour. You cannot bring your phone with you so make sure to take pictures before or after”

“Nice place to go for some fun with friends. Good workout. Prepare to ache the next day.”

“Always a good experience whenever I’m there. Great experience for re-living your childhood experiences despite being an old 30-something with aching muscles everywhere post-activity …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 209 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hydrodash, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Hydrodash, Palawan Beach, Singapore

There is a total 209 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Rui Yi Gan

    Fun place! But could have been better maintained.

  2. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Lifeguards are attentive. 1hr is enough as it’s tiring. Not suitable for motion sickness sensitive people

  3. Avatar photo

    Super fun place to go with family or friends! Check for tide because you can’t access certain areas during lowtide. You can book either online or physically, but I would recommend you to book online as most slots fill out quickly.
    Aqua shoes were recommended but I didn’t manage to get them in time and it still turned out okay! in fact more fun because it was more challenging.
    Come a little earlier as there will be a safety briefing first and you can also go to the beach for a bit! the beach in this area is really clean and nice. Toilets are within a 2 minute walking distance and no lockers are available but you can leave your valuables at the counter.
    1 hour was pretty much enough because it’s realllllly tiring hahahah (it’s much harder than it looks) and be prepared to have body aches the next day.
    Falling into the water is fun and safe as you have a vest. If the obstacles are too hard for you, you can just swim across haha. Lifeguards are fun and friendly, observant and come to you when they see you struggling in the water.
    Some other reviews mentioned barnacles but it’s really safe as long as you follow the rules and instructions, and they clean it out everyday. The steps in the water have algae and some are a little slimy to touch, so if that bothers you you might want to get aquashoes. Overall would recommend as it was really a great experience ️.

  4. Avatar photo
    Samson Yu

    An overall fun experience with friends (since there are obstacles that can be races with friends), especially for people who love the beach and the sea. The failures are memorable and funny due to the awkward ways they happen. Seawater might be a little jarring when you fall into the ocean. 1 hour might be a little rushed for adults who want to try to complete all obstacles in a relaxed way. My friends and I went for an hour during low tide when 1 whole section was closed, and we still did not manage to complete 1 obstacle (probably the hardest one). Note that we are not the fittest bunch around.

  5. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lim

    Worth a visit if you love water themed playgrounds

  6. Avatar photo
    Quak Yong Sheng

    Absolutely fun place to be in. It’s like a must go place with all the fun and laughter with friends seeing how clumsy each other can be. Had a good laugh and it’s like a workout session using so much of my arms and legs. The place is well set up and organised.
    Common Bathing facility is nearby this establishment.

  7. Avatar photo
    Jon Vikan

    The HydroDash floating aqua park was super fun and we played for almost an hour. You cannot bring your phone with you so make sure to take pictures before or after

  8. Avatar photo
    Sabiah Jabar

    Fun tiring but worth it activity

  9. Avatar photo
    Loraine Shah

    Fun fun fun as ever.. 1 hour is enough running and slide to the salty water …

  10. Avatar photo

    Very fun bet the barnacles on the underside of the play area gave me a lot of scratches but I still recommend the attraction.

  11. Avatar photo
    sumathi rangasamy

    Very good for bigger children ,Age 9 and above can enjoy better, for younger children it is best for adult to accompany eventhough help is available. Ticket counter lady is bit patience less and bit rude but the play area helper s are really nice and helpful..

  12. Avatar photo
    aditya chai

    Good for kids

  13. Avatar photo
    Stephen Yeo

    Fun place to spend the afternoon.
    Go during high tide is better cos can do the vertical jump
    Need some level of fitness to navigate the obstacle course

  14. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Hu

    Fun place but needs more safety focus. Lots of reckless teens and maybe too crowded on weekends to be safe

  15. Avatar photo
    Dave Chow

    Boring. Was expecting it to be a lot more fun but was disappointed. The float absorbs a lot of heat and they are very hot to step on. Apart from hydrodash, there is not much activities in this beach.

  16. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Ng

    Either you love it or you hate it. Great for people who love the sea. 1hr is enough if you are bringing 5/6 year olds cos the area they are allowed to play in is relatively small. Fun for teens and adults who love the outdoors.

  17. Avatar photo
    Ammar Lol

    Hydrodash first time here ,we book 12-2 pm we know its a stupid cause who would want to swim when the sun is just blazing above but luckily for us there were some clouds shielding us so its not too bad. Initially walking down the bridge was definitely a killer as we toast our feet the bridge was so hot to walk on. I would suggest at least lower the birdge so that some water can cool down the surface. But overall we had a good time jumping from the balloon cliff. If u wanna go here the more people really its much better

  18. Avatar photo

    Lots of fun need stamina to enjoy it’s fullest

  19. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    Extremely fun (and exhausting)! Though a bit pricey, it is really fun to do with friends. A lot of fun obstacles to navigate.

  20. Avatar photo

    Very good experience, tickets can be purchased using SG rediscover vouchers. Recommend to get the weather insurance +$2 amidst this rainy season. & to wear long rash guard, super fun!!! EVERY lifeguard on duty are friendly and checked in with us :’)

  21. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Very exciting and i love the place!!! 1hour was a little bit short but i’m glad i got to experience this! Definitely going to come back here again!

  22. Avatar photo
    Riana Oberoi

    very fun, had to re-book after first time thundered heavily. Prone to injuries so long sleeves recommended. Booked 2 hour session and though one and a half hours later there’s was lightning, we were still allowed to re-book and gain back our 2 hour session on another day. Great experience overall.

  23. Avatar photo

    Nothing to say because they stopped all activities cause of lightning warning. Have rescheduled my visit to after Ramadan. Will update all of u then. …

  24. Avatar photo
    Low Ko Wee

    Interesting to combine beach experience with floats.

  25. Avatar photo
    Kent Ma

    Great for kids to spend about an hour doing the obstacle courses. Better go earlier in the morning. Can shower right on the beach.

  26. Avatar photo

    Floating water obstacle course at Palawan beach. The place is suitable for adults/kids. There are 4 designated zones with Zone 1 dedicated for minors (under 5yo) while the others (Zone 2, 3, 4) are for Adults (5yo above with body height of at least 1m). The obstacles are designed to be unfair, so expect lots of tosses and tumbles and trips . Pro tips: wear plenty of sunscreen, wear rash guards that protect your knees and elbows as they WILL rub alot against everything, you can keep your valuables with the counter but no pictures/videos in any form within the play zones (you can take from pontoon and beach area afterwards sure, besides, enjoy the fun and stop that insta behavior once in a while). The lifeguards were very attentive throughout; I also observed no sharp edges or risky structures in the immediate vicinity, kudos to the up keeping of great safety standard! Please visit and find out yourselves.

  27. Avatar photo
    Swee Koon Ng

    Fun activity with your family or friends. The area is quite big. 1 hour is enough under the hot sun. If you are afraid of falling on the float or into the sea water, wear a pair of rubber shoes. Bring your own towel, shower area is available, just a short walk to the common toilet outside the event area. You can put your valuables with the counter, but small items like wallet, keys, phones only. Recommended.

  28. Avatar photo
    Mcw Chow

    $20 per pax ! 1 hour more than enough ! But bring your guys friends along cause unknowingly you will drop into the sea for multiple times . Fun worthy !

  29. Avatar photo
    Yilin T

    Go during high tide to enjoy the jumps, went on a weekday, an hour is just nice to enjoy all the obstacles, obstacles are fun and exciting. Will be good if the algae is cleaned up more frequently as the steps are covered and quite slippery. There’s no lockers, nearest locker can be found at the toilet. Drink loads of water before entering as your body gets dehydrated quickly in the sea water.

  30. Avatar photo
    cayleigh chong

    Hydro Dash was really fun! Lifeguards were really kind and friendly.

  31. Avatar photo

    Super challenging and fun but be prepared to suffer some minor cuts here and there!

  32. Avatar photo
    Zayden Teo

    Really fun and tiring but the 1 hour timing seemed a little too short to complete all obstacles. Obstacles were more difficult than expected, but had great fun figuring them out.

  33. Avatar photo
    Risako “Risa”

    very fun! but I hurt my leg by hitting an anchor ️🩹 …

  34. Avatar photo
    Hyn Halim

    Always a good experience whenever I’m there. Great experience for re-living your childhood experiences despite being an old 30-something with aching muscles everywhere post-activity …

  35. Avatar photo
    Kenny Koh

    Fun and tiring.. haha..
    Minor cuts are inevitable though, however, the sea will just disinfect it immediately.

  36. Avatar photo
    Hervé Caux

    My daughter and I had a blast this morning! Can’t wait to try the “adult” side of the park when she’s a little older (over 6).

  37. Avatar photo
    Fazlie Muhd

    Fun fun obstacle course. For those with knee problems to avoid, due to unstable and slippery surfaces.

  38. Avatar photo
    Lim Joey

    My kids had fun …

  39. Avatar photo
    Mark Tan

    If u like to challenge yourself that u ve nothing done before, this is the place!

  40. Avatar photo

    Sea is actually salty but its still fun

  41. Avatar photo
    Leanne Tea

    Kids loved it, plenty of lifeguards but don’t expect them to assist or give instructions, they just leave you to figure it out like the big pillow. A bit pricey for an hour, kids were asking to go again as soon as the hour was up.

  42. Avatar photo
    Syarifah Nur Annisa

    So fun and refreshing activity. A good way to bond with family. Do be on time for your slots, or your fun time will be cut as well …

  43. Avatar photo
    Sunshine Crackers

    Hydrodash is amazing fun but the floats are quite slippery. They can try to put anti slip dots on the floats to make it less slippery or provide anti slip water shoes. They provide life jacket but not aqua shoes.
    Some people have a really hard time getting up after falling into the water.
    Very young kids face less issues but older kids and teenager and adults face issues with slipping and getting out of the water.
    I saw people getting injured and cuts and twists of their arm and legs. Be very careful.

  44. Avatar photo
    M S

    A must do activity for kids and adults. Its not easy to spend 1 hr as you get tired easily. I would recommend going in small group to maximise the fun.

  45. Avatar photo
    Rum Tan

    Fantastic fun! Did not expect it to be so fun. Worth going again!

  46. Avatar photo
    Steve Wood

    It’s great to have such an attraction in Singapore. By the end of an hour you have scrapes, bumps and bruises! All part of the adventure. I would also say it is value for money for what it is.

    I am just glad they do not charge to take seawater home, as I ingested probably at least 3litres of sea water from falling off so much! A really great and fun afternoon.

    Booked the 4pm slot. Booked on the day. Not too busy. Managed to complete all obstacles.

  47. Avatar photo
    Oscar Kurniawan

    It’s fun but not for me. Tiring though.

  48. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Hydrodash is really fun for swimmers. I went as a non-swimmer and I will suggest to not try if you cant swim. When they say that you have to know how to swim at least 20m its true! I had to let my wife who is a much better swimmer than me, pulled me to the starting platform. And when I fall into the water, it was a struggle and she had to pulled me again to the step.

  49. Avatar photo
    Yanni Wang

    The beach was decently clean and the floats were fun to play on. However, there was too much algae growth and the bottom of the floats were disgusting.

  50. Avatar photo
    Chris Eldridge

    Awesome fun. Important point – can only jump off highest floats at high tide – check first then book a slot

  51. Avatar photo
    CK C

    The obstacles are not exciting (eg. the slide is not even one level high), although some may be difficult to complete due to the slipperiness. The place was also very crowded with about 40-50 people squeezing into such a small area (forget about social distancing). Except for the bespectacled Indian chap with nice curly hair, the other staff seem like they hate their job. Overall, still a fun activity with family and friends.

  52. Avatar photo

    It was tiring!

    Not kidding you. This is one of the most tiring waterplay obstacles course. As i have never been to other water obstacle course, i cannot give you a comparison. My most tiring is because, we normally play slides and queue in other waterplay courses. But never an obstacle.

    You will fall, you will smash your face. You will swallow sea water. You will feel like drowning(dont worry, there is a compulsory life jacket on you), you will be panting like you just ran for a 100m sprint.

    But, the experience was all worth it!

    Come here and get over your fear!

    Even my 5 year old girl is jumping into the sea over at the kids course.

  53. Avatar photo
    Sharmili Phulgirkar

    The place is good fun & better if you go with a larger group.. Book in advance and go so that you get a good time slot.. Weather plays an important role in ensuring you have fun! We only got a slot at 1 pm and we’re worried about it being very hot but a good cloud cover helped.. the bathrooms and lockers are public toilets/showers of sentosa.. hydrodash do not have any of their own.. 1 hour slot will become too short if it’s too crowded..

  54. Avatar photo

    Great value, fun packed, family day out. The family ticket for $60 for one hour for 4 people is brilliant.
    Adults and kids will enjoy in equal measure! Life guards survey constantly and life jackets must be worn. Great afternoon out.

  55. Avatar photo
    En Qi Tng

    Super fun!
    Staff are friendly!!
    Obstacles are great!!

    Cleanliness can be better. Expect mossy and slimy ladders, so if you wanna avoid stepping on 95% of the ladders, just use your arm muscles to get you up the floats hahahhaha

  56. Avatar photo
    Chean Hong Ooi

    Well organised, and it’s so fun!!!!

  57. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Irshad Mohamed Yossuff

    Nice fun obstacle course which requires a good sense of balance. Maintenance could be better though.

  58. Avatar photo
    Random Dude

    It’s awesome! I booked tickets and read some reviews before coming, and some reviews were not really good, so I went there feeling slightly doubtful. However, when I went there, it was really fun! Allow me to address some of the complaints:

    1) There are barnacles, but they clean it everyday, and though some barnacles still grow, they don’t grow to the point where it is really sharp. If you follow the rules (don’t go under the floats), you will not get cut.

    2) There are changing and shower facilities, it is a one or two minute walk from the beach. The toilets are actually quite clean.

    3) It was not as challenging as I thought it would be (according to the reviews), it may require some physical exertion, but not too much.

    4) You definitely can get up, there are designated spots all over the floats where there’s a step to climb up.

    5) The briefing is short, but they do highlight the rules and safety protocols. Instructions are clear.

    The seawater is not really salty, but it can still irritate your nose and eyes. When you slide down the slide, you should close your eyes.

    I went at low tide, so certain parts were closed. I recommend coming at higher tide.

    It rained a little when we got there, but it’s fine, since we would get wet anyways. As long as there’s no lightning or thunder, it’s fine.

    Very fun, everything is awesome! All challenges are possible, for the bar ones, the trick is to go fast. The green parts are the anti slip parts, so they are the best place to step on.

    Must try!!! The slide is the best part!

  59. Avatar photo
    Samuel Joshua

    Fun and interesting. Recommended to wear aqua shoes to prevent slipping alot

  60. Avatar photo
    raven Han

    OK-OK experience… wet playground experience similar to indoor playground time limit rules. Not as good as wet outdoor theme park. Nevertheless safety is not compromised with life jackets and lifeguards around to assist.

  61. Avatar photo
    Valerie Fedacou

    Very unsatisfied about the attitude of the safeguard. Rude, unhelpful and lazy

    Booked it for my son bday party :one of the kids arrived late. First time for him, the briefing was inexistant, he was told not to wear his goggles. I had to beg the staff member to accompany him to meet the rest of the group. He left him at the end of the bridge. I told him to ask another guard to help
    him to find the rest of the group as he was really disadvantaged without his glasses.
    He replied that he was not there to help “my child” but to serve the rest of the community! What a joke and what an horrible reaction and bad experience for that young child!
    That guy then left and went back to sit and chat with his colleagues for another 10 minutes, doing nothing!

  62. Avatar photo

    Simply amazing experience.. lots of fun and very adventurous.

    Its good for both kids and adults.
    But best to go in a group.
    They provide life jackets so its ok to fall in water and can try multiple times crossing a slide..
    During the day it’s going to be very hot so carry sunscreen if u dont want to get tanned

  63. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Arrive 10 to 15min earlier is just nice. I went on a high tide so I can jump off the highest point of float. It is fun n exhausting. I strongly recommend u to try.

  64. Avatar photo
    JH Law

    Excellent fun with great workout too …

  65. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Wan

    Not really fascinating. When u drop into the water, its very hard for u to climb back up. Is way to slippery and lots of algae develop on the rubbers. It should have handles for us to hold and climb up. Furthermore when u climb up, there’s is a one step platform at every yellow point. When climb up, it definitely cut u and this causes u minor bleed. So the more u drop into the water, the more cuts u recieve when going back up. Is some small cuts which doesn’t prone to life threatening. Better to go to those free beach to have fun.

  66. Avatar photo

    Very fun but pricey

  67. Avatar photo
    Gerald Leong

    Here’s your Hydrodash cheat sheet. I had many unanswered questions before I went so I hope this helps!

    1. Wear water booties. You can buy them from Decathlon for cheap. It really helps with the grip. Also, you won’t feel the algae on the steps when climbing back up, and trust me, you’ll be falling into the water a lot. So if that bothers you, wear water booties. Oh and the bouncy castle gets hot under the sun.

    2. You can wear your spectacles in. Yes that Smartlocal article said no specs but I went ahead with it anyway. Hydrodash, if you’re reading this, please add it to your FAQ. I had so much difficulty finding an answer to this.
    Lifeguard asked what was my degree and tried to persuade me to not bring them in but I’m blind as a bat without so he allowed it. Do your prep and secure the specs using rubber bands. Oh and I even wore a hat in. Again, secured to my head. Otherwise you WILL lose them in the seawater.

    3. Yes, you may stash your items in the lockers near the toilets. However, I felt like there isn’t a need to. You can leave your bags on the beach (demarcated by squares due to social distancing). This part of the beach is closed off to public anyway so it’s definitely safer (not 100% safe). Leave your valuables with the counter. It’s going to be hot and there’s only limited squares under the shade so bring a picnic mat or two. 1 layer to protect your stuff from the sand, another layer on top to protect it from the rain/sun.

    4. It’s not that physically demanding. You will slip and fall into the water here and there but you won’t hurt yourself. It’s not exactly Ninja Warrior. Kinda, but not really. Again, water booties helps!

    5. Check the tides before you book your timeslot. You can only do the jump station if it’s high tide.

    6. 1 hour is enough to try the entire course.

    7. I didn’t get cut by any barnacles. Follow the rules and you should be fine.

  68. Avatar photo
    Sachin Palaniappan


  69. Avatar photo
    Jiayang Chong

    My wife and i Went to hydrodash today during 5-6pm. We fall into the sea and my spectacle fell off and sink into the sea. Very thankful to Nicole who dive into the sea and retrieved back my $700plus worth glasses. Experienced and skillful lifeguard! …

  70. Avatar photo

    1. Excellent attraction for the family! Super fun albeit challenging obstacles.
    2. Friendly staff and attentive life guards
    3. Good queue mgt. release visitors in small batches to ensure safety.
    4. Reasonably priced attraction.

    1. Email and phone responses super slow. Need to call more than 20 times before someone answers.
    2. Not enough sheltered spaces on the beach for ppl to rest or leave their things.
    3. Staff should manage large groups of ppl coming in together. We saw a large group of over 10 NUS students coming in together despite social distancing guidelines.

  71. Avatar photo
    MN Alamdin

    It’s a great place to have fun for an hour or so. The price is a bit much for an hour but life guards are plenty. We were 5 minutes late and by the time we suited up we went in 10 minutes later. We still had to leave after 45mins even though the place was totally empty . Not flexible on the timing at all. No seats or cafes for parents to hang out while waiting and the beach has too much ants to chill. Leave your food or drinks for a few minutes and ants will swarm in.

  72. Avatar photo
    Dazmond Tan

    It was fun but tiring. Good to just go for an hour if you don’t do physical activity regularly.
    Having water shoes on is like a cheat code…while the rest of the people just slip around. Saw some barnacles but not a problem at the access points which u climb up from.

    No toilet or lockers within the premises. Hydrodash helps to keep your valuables, if needed. Toilet is just 2mins outside though.

  73. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sabares

    Very tiring but i have so much fun.

  74. Avatar photo
    Darryn Ong

    Enough novelty to last you at least an hour, that’s for sure. Some parts of the course were quite difficult but that’s to be expected for a clumsy guy like me. If you like falling down and laughing at yourself/other people, it’s definitely worth trying at least once.

  75. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Well, its overall fun but an hour aren’t enough. You are also better off with the wet shoes on rather than bare feet so be prepared. First, you have to jump off the jetty and climbing up the platform is difficult. Also going to the various zones is abit hard as there are obstacles. Wish its much more straight forward wet and wild fun. Once in a lifetime experience i guess

  76. Avatar photo
    Zainuden Kosnan

    It’s quite troublesome to enter the beach. There’s a hording all round due to the pandemic. Make the beach area looks horrible. Its not the same palawan beach it used to be.

  77. Avatar photo
    jon s

    Was overall really fun and I just ended up slipping into the salty water way too many times. Had bad weather when we went the first time but we had the inclement weather insurance so we rebooked for another weekend. Went during low tide so couldn’t do the high jump. For us 1 hour was enough.

  78. Avatar photo
    I Kuan

    Our 2nd time there. Bought 2hr tickets from their website as they had a good deal for 4pax, and had a great time thanks to good weather and the controlled entry to ensure that each session was not crowded. Although parts of the inflatable stairs leading up to the jump platforms were slightly deflated, the kids still enjoyed it thoroughly.

  79. Avatar photo
    Balaji S

    Good for water play. Please go with water play grip shoes for greater enjoyment.

  80. Avatar photo
    Mark S

    Extremely fun!

  81. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chang

    Amazing experience! Had a lot of fun trying out the obsticles. Staff were friendly and helpful. Booked it off Klook and had face some problems but was resolved promptly

  82. Avatar photo
    Reema Shrivastava

    Nice place to spend family time. Suggest 2 hours play instead of 1.

  83. Avatar photo
    Sherry Elliot

    Pretty fun first time experience here. Booked for one hour and I think it’s really more than enough. We went on a cloudy/windy day and it’s great because we didn’t have to run around under the hot sun but I felt pretty woozy after 45 minutes because the waves were quite strong and the platforms rocked about quite a bit.

    The instructor doing the briefing was clear and friendly. You can wear your glasses but it’s at your own risk because there’s a chance it might go missing in the water. Stated in their website participants have to know how to swim but it really isn’t necessary. I don’t actually know how to lol. You’ll wear life jackets and will stay afloat in the water 100% of the time. Just have to know how to move your arms and kick your legs a bit to move to the platforms.

    Pro tips:

    1. Go on an empty stomach. You will be slipping and sliding around, falling off the platforms and heaving yourself up onto them. On top of that, the platforms are rocky if the waves are strong. You REALLY do not want to feel sick and puke at the play area!

    2. I wish someone had mentioned this before I went. If you’re not an expert in holding your breath under water, I’d recommend wearing nose plugs (not sure if that’s viable tbh) or to pinch your nose quickly when you slide off the platforms because it’s definitely not pleasant to have saltwater up your nose and in your mouth! Yes it’s common sense to hold your breath when you’re going under water. But when you’re falling off a high platform, it might take you by surprise and you might just end up with a mouthful of saltwater so if you’re not much of a water person or a swimmer like me, that’s something to prepare yourself for!

  84. Avatar photo
    Jaboon The Baboon

    It was fun. Although the briefing was quite short, I understood it. The life guard also did a good job.

  85. Avatar photo
    Loh Winston

    Need some level of physical fitness. If u can IPPT gold u will enjoy v much.

    Other less fit people like me will enjoy going into the waters

    Kudos to DANIEL one of the lifeguard on duty. He pacified my crying girl. Get her to try to enjoy the play time.

    One hour is really enough. I was allowed to go in a bit earlier. I went on Low peak period.

    Dont bring anything. My girl dropped her beach shoe and it was impossible to retrieve the shoe.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kevin Seng

    Fun experience! Bounce and bump around with your friends in this slip-and-you-will-miss-it floating obstacle course. If you laughed at the contestants in TV shows like Wipeout, get ready to experience first hand what they feel like. 1 hr is definitely not enough to complete the entire course, and I’ll want to be back for more.
    They provide a small box to keep your valuables (phone, wallet), and they demarcated spaces for you to place your bags. They will also provide life jacket so guys can leave your tops at home.

    Do note that you’ll not be able to bring phones/cameras into the playing field. But then again, you’ll be too busy climbing back onto the course and laughing at your friends anyway.

  87. Avatar photo
    Bernadette Low

    Fun for all ages (in fact, it seemed harder for adults). More challenging than I expected, esp stage 4 obstacles, and just a load of laughs. Every participant was friendly and we were helping out and encouraging each other, and also laughing very hard at each other. Multiple lifeguards on alert and the ones I spoke to were nice and one even gave tips on how to complete some of the trickier obstacles. A unique way of spending time. Would go back!

  88. Avatar photo
    Brandon Wong

    all the inflatables have a lot of algae, when going down the slide i hurt my arm and had to go to the doctors

  89. Avatar photo
    Zann Teo Yi Wei

    amazing place with full of obstacles. tiring but i really enjoy it.

  90. Avatar photo
    Owais Siddiqui

    Great place for children and adults. At first I thought this was only for kids, but it’s amazing and equally entertaining for adults as well. One hour is sufficient but if you are into it go for two hours tickets.

  91. Avatar photo
    Victoria Phan

    Used to come here often with my nephew and we’ve always had a good time. Usually the floating obstacles are well-inflated and staff are quite flexible with timing – if you come late, they’ll let you join a later timing so you can enjoy the full hour. You can buy tickets online or in-person and you can leave small valuables with the counter staff. Plenty of lifeguards to keep you safe and even show you how to get through the obstacles.

    However, in our last visit, we noticed the floating obstacles were a lot less inflated than usual. Usually we don’t have any issues running on platforms when they are fully inflated. But this time, they were not, so it was very unstable to even stand on. I even slipped and fell through one of the obstacles, causing an injury to my shoulder. Had to see a physiotherapist and even after 2 months, it has yet to fully recover (getting there tho).

    Tl;dr Hydrodash is fun but poor maintenance/inflation of the floating obstacles can cause high risk of injury. Once bitten twice shy, so I will not be visiting Hydrodash again.

  92. Avatar photo
    Chizuki emi

    Very fun and enjoyable

  93. Avatar photo
    MN Alamdin

    It’s a great place to have fun for an hour or so. The price is a bit much for an hour but life guards are plenty. We were 5 minutes late and by the time we suited up we went in 10 minutes later. We still had to leave after 45mins even though the place was totally empty . Not flexible on the timing at all. No seats or cafes for parents to hang out while waiting and the beach has too much ants to chill. Leave your food or drinks for a few minutes and ants will swarm in.

  94. Avatar photo
    Yu Yun Tan

    It was fun and an innovative theme park.

  95. Avatar photo

    Was a really fun experience, and the obstacles were challenging but fun. However, the seawater and equipment were quite dirty. In the water, there was a significant amount of trash, including pad and candy wrappers. The underside of the obstacles were also slimy. I think the park was fun for people of all ages, but there can be improvements to the cleanliness of the equipment and surroundings.

  96. Avatar photo
    Chia Zhi Jie

    Very fun! Try to time your visit with the high tide as you can’t do some obstacles when the tide is low. There were barnacles on the underside of the floating platforms, a little gross and they may cut you. I got quite a few scratches all over my body from the velcro on the floor (it’s used to connect the floats together)

  97. Avatar photo
    Nick Kole

    Went hydrodash with my partner and had a blast there! I went too wild during my time there and had a few scratches and cuts. Nonetheless I had an awesome time there. I would prep myself better the next time.

    One hour is good for a first timer unless you are very fit and sporty to last for 2hours

    just take note to go slow and nicely not ramming up and down the arena otherwise you’ll end up like me.

    The staff have a great sense of humor and were very nice to offer first aid as well as assistance when I couldn’t make it to the top. Oh! Just go straight to those platform cliff and jump off them. Just as exciting as it sound!!

    It will be a great help (with those plain slippery ramps without aids) and protection if you have those kind of shoes/footwear for water activities

  98. Avatar photo
    edric seet

    The place was fun and very fun to play catch in however the waiting time was quite a while

  99. Avatar photo
    Usui Takumi

    Went there on a Sunday at 4pm. Not much people. Obstacles were hard to complete but had fun. $20 for 1 pax for 1 hour is more than enough. Next day whole body ache. Had multiple bruises and cuts after playing so might not be very safe for kids. Platforms to climb back up were filled with algae, super slippery. Almost couldn’t make it back up. Sea water was pretty dirty as well.

  100. Avatar photo

    overall fun but a bit underwhelming cos its a bit small and the elements are not very challenging

  101. Avatar photo
    Ugly Dumpling

    So much fun, better bring your own water cause water overthere is quite expensive!

  102. Avatar photo
    Fenella Teng

    Super fun! I would want to go again 😀 Must wear aqua shoes, significantly reduce chances of falling. Remember to check if it’s high tide if you want to play the dive jump station (it’s not allowed during low tide). Arrive half an hour before your slot and you get to hang around on the beach area.

  103. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lee

    It was a great experience at HydroDash, instructors were informative on the briefing regarding the DOs and DONTs before allowing us to the huge playground in the sea. Had a great time with my family, kudos to Fiona for assisting with the bleeding of one of my family members due to a minor cut and also clearing off the blood on the pavement after. Even though it looks like it is for kids, i would recommend adults to try as well! It will be more fun than you will expect. Would definitely return again! Thank you team for making it an astonishing experience!

  104. Avatar photo
    Pei Yin Liew

    Very fun

  105. Avatar photo
    Yan Shuang Low

    It is a great experience but not quite what I would have expected. The ground is too smooth for me and I can barely walk. It is more suitable for kids who isn’t afraid of dropping into the water.

  106. Avatar photo
    Varnika Horsley

    Great experience, so much fun! Would recommend. If you have bad joints just be careful as it is slippery. 1 hour is just the right time. One point off for grumpy staff- did not smile once, did not signpost the lockers so we had to leave our phones by the lifeguard’s zone and then were told off for that like schoolkids. Staff did not let us dry ourselves in their area. Very cold interactions.

  107. Avatar photo
    Lara Hernandez

    A great few hours for kids and adults

  108. Avatar photo
    Jess White

    It’s okay. Fun for a short while. Dont seem like there was any social distancing cause lots of people around.

    Lots of kids running around and jumping queues. In that way understandble cause they’re kids but there were parents who jumped queue as well while bringing their kids. Big nono. Of course cant blame the company for that I guess

  109. Avatar photo
    Rosli Mohamed

    You will find it fun and not easy task though. Very challenging.

  110. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman (ManBerteman)

    Awesome place to wear out the kids with sliding fun! unfortunately not able to take any photos…or they would be epic!

  111. Avatar photo
    Eliza Hamzah

    Safe and fun place. Enjoyed the safety briefing before actual playtime… Lifeguards are all around and they’re friendly and helpful.

  112. Avatar photo
    Ying Wei

    Very fun!

  113. Avatar photo
    Elroy Yunos

    Went on a weekday. Steps on the playground too high. Those with tummy like me, Abit to hard to lift ourselves back up onto the platform after dropping into the sea.

  114. Avatar photo
    Vhandzky Lakwatsira

    It’s my first time here and it’s a little fun because I don’t know how to swim..but I’m confident because I have a life vest hehe I’m not allowed to bring a camera so there are no pictures in the area. …

  115. Avatar photo
    Purdey Yap

    Need to clean up on the algae at the steps and scrub the float as too slippery. Even though there are steps to climb back to the float after falling into the water but the steps are too slippery as full of algae so unable to climb. Not suitable as family activity as parents will be busy taking care of kids going through the obstacles and pulling them up from water instead of enjoying as a family game.

  116. Avatar photo
    az social

    Came without expeditions and I left satisfied. The lifeguard with a golden chain, (without sunglasses or headgear) that conducted the briefing was professional and attractive. Hi Mr Lifeguard 😉 …

  117. Avatar photo
    S C Aw Yang

    Good family outdoor activities, it needs arm strength, speed n good body balancing. 2.5m slide into the sea is so exciting….

  118. Avatar photo
    Teo Tian Xiang

    Exercising is no longer mundane at Hydrodash. Quite demanding, but total fun when with friends.

    Expect to be totally wet, no dry moments. Best is to go during high tide period to maximise experience.

    P.S. Unless you are very fit, 1hr is enough to enjoy quite a lot, and leave you tired but refreshed

  119. Avatar photo

    Had a blast!
    I was worn out after an hour but my 11 year old kept going!

  120. Avatar photo

    Fun and slippery! Everyone was nice and friendly. There were many lifeguards around too. Nearest lockers were by the toilets. You can only keep valuables at their counter. Bring an umbrella and plastic bags to cover your bags or shield your bag from the rain as you can only place them on the sand/beach (if you don’t use the lockers). They will call everyone out approx. 5 mins before your timeslot ends.

  121. Avatar photo

    This place is super fun. Be sure to choose two hours. It is recommended to keep things in lockers, where there is no place to store. It’s not allowed to bring photo equipment, which is a little disappointment. This place is suitable for team building and friends. If you want to have fun, don’t wear socks and gloves. If you don’t want to fall into the water, it is recommended to wear gloves and non-slip socks.

  122. Avatar photo
    Joelle Tanya

    Great fun! 1 hour is enough. Do take note of the following:

    – You might get cuts because of the shells/barnacles that get attached under the float. We were told by the lifeguard during the briefing prior to entering HydroDash. They try their best to clean and remove them, but sometimes it is inevitable. I unfortunately got a deep cut on my ankle the minute I jumped in.

    – The water is extremely salty (by nature of course), hence it will sting your eyes. Please be wary of this, especially to those with sensitive eyes. Do not wear contact lenses.

    It was a great experience nonetheless. Showers are located nearby. Walking distance to Sentosa Beach carpark.

  123. Avatar photo
    Vijayan Ramamoorthy

    Fun experience for both kids and adults. Get ready to get wet and have fun with your friends. Recommended to go in a group for maximum fun.

  124. Avatar photo
    Mike Alessi

    Really good time here for the kids especially. What they don’t tell you is how challenging it is for adults especially when you’re trying to get out of the water and back on to the feature. Looks pedestrian enough but quite difficult especially in the little kids section where the foot wells are very shallow. Witnessed a number of people needing a boost from lifeguards as a result. Would be great if they found a way to make it a bit easier. Think adults would have a better time alongside their kids. Overall quite a neat place to play.

  125. Avatar photo
    arkady bakenov

    Fun for adult as well, came with wife and 2 friends for a different activity. Recommend for a different date.

    Note: do not moisturise before coming lol

  126. Avatar photo
    Tan Lynn

    Lots of fun with kids in tow. Younger kids are limited to zone 1 can quickly be bored. If they are closer/taller to next age group consider to buy the adult ticket n play with them. Some obstacles looks challenging but falling into water is part of the fun. Their pfd does a good job keeping even non swimmers afloat. Still please keep watch for smaller kids and have fun together

  127. Avatar photo
    Vikas Bhandari

    Worth a experience.. it was was nice. Lot of obstacles, some are really difficult..almost not possible to complete. 1 hour session is sufficient to cover all zones, not necessarily you complete it.

    Few issues
    1. It was just 50 minutes, not even full 60 minutes. They started saying we are closing please exit quickly.
    2. Kids have very less option, only 1 zone and that too quite small, my kid was happy but not satisfied.

    Overall .. must try once atleast

  128. Avatar photo
    Nathania Jayne Daniel (Mgss)

    Really fun place to go with friends and going once is never enough!

  129. Avatar photo
    MR. Bojenggoals (The One)

    Very exciting, adventurous but very tiring water activities. But you will have a lots of fun, guarantee

  130. Avatar photo
    Jassy Kaur

    Perfect for a game day!

  131. Avatar photo
    Paisan Areeprasertkul

    Quite a fun water adventure, on Sentosa. Can spend 2 hours on the entire adventure.

  132. Avatar photo
    R G

    Dope place, great for friends or families. Will be a ton of fun if you and your friends race the obstacle course!

  133. Avatar photo
    Riffana Sheik

    A really fun set up, enjoyable for both children and adults.
    Instructions were clear and the maximum number of people allowed ensured that we have sufficient space to explore the area.
    1 hour was not enough for us to fully explore the area as it takes time to get used to walking without slipping down, and getting yourself up if you go into the sea.
    You can leave your belongings by the beach side, and give any valuables to the counter to store.

  134. Avatar photo
    Tok Htc

    Is fun when go as a group. But the overall maintenance are poor. Lots of handers are missing. Algae not properly clean off.

  135. Avatar photo
    Jia Yan Ng

    Bought tickets on klook and went on a weekday 5pm. 1 hour playtime is just right. Weather was good but it was low tide so couldn’t do the jump off from higher platform. Suggest to wear wet shoes to have a better experience else it is slippery and hard to move around the floats barefooted. Goggles are allowed but it is better to go without cos we lost ours when going down the slide. No lockers available, we left our bags by the beach and valuables can be kept with the ticketing counter staffs.

  136. Avatar photo
    shombrita ghosh

    Fun !

  137. Avatar photo
    Steven Weddle

    Great time with the kids though was exhausted after two hours

  138. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    Water play area. It os like obstacle course. Really had great time there.
    Don’t forger swimming costume.
    Shower area is not inside hydrodash but slightly out but not so far.
    Place is good to go.

  139. Avatar photo
    Dave Holland

    A strenuous exercise activity for the kids – bring your brave spirit!

  140. Avatar photo
    Ai Goh

    One of the only better fun places to visit in sg. Alot of slipping is expected unless you bring your own rubber shoes.
    Signage is not well indicated and took some time to locate the place, as the map given my klook or sentosa is wrongly to a hotel.
    A 5 to 10min distance walk once you park your car but on the way is so deserted and under covered up for reno, I always u turn and miss my actual location.
    Better to have more signage on the way there.

  141. Avatar photo
    Ryza Jusary

    Booked the 6pm slot with the wee one. Came early and we were allowed in so we had extra time. Lifeguards were friendly and they took time to brief the little one too.

    Can see some wear and tear due to the weather but that is expected. Was allowed only in Zone 1 cos of his age restriction.

    Definitely need aqua shoes. Experienced some small cuts on my feet.

  142. Avatar photo
    Audi Wong

    Kids find it fun but a little upper body strength is required. 2nd outing, I had to reschedule due covid measures. Dealt with Patrick who was prompt and nothing short of outstanding in his help. If only all businesses were as good as this one.

  143. Avatar photo
    Teck Boon

    Some things to note. There’s no locker or shower facilities in the compound itself. But the nearest toilet/shower is only less than a minute’s walk away so it’s not an issue. Bags have to be placed at the beach so maybe don’t have too much valuables with you.

    Slots can be booked for either 1 or 2 hours. Quite an enjoyable hour and I think if it was 2 hours it would have been a bit too much. As it’s still necessary to do social distancing, the place wasn’t too crowded on a Monday afternoon. Enough lifeguards around and they do watch over everyone. Had a good time and it was great for an afternoon with friends.

  144. Avatar photo
    S S

    Guards on duty are experienced and on standby to help though you might need to shout to get their attention. Somehow moving around is easy for kids and tough for adults. I had no issues with falling into the water and you WILL fall OFTEN (current can be quite strong) but getting back up is almost impossible; the platform is incredibly slippery (no hand grips to pull up), the so-called step in the water to elevate yourself is slippery with algae so you can’t even get a foothold. Having to rely on guards’ help all the time increases fear of falling. Most adults just sit around until time’s up.
    Slightly dangerous, during my hour there a man had a cut on his foot and another had a swollen cheek and couldn’t open his eye. Again kids had no issues, it was the adults.

  145. Avatar photo
    Hazel Chua

    While it was a challenging and enjoyable hour, the numerous barnacles underneath the floats were very sharp and dangerous, making me wary of swimming in the water. However, when we fall from the obstacles/climb back up, we inevitably have to be near the floats and those barnacles. The steps up the floats were also covered in algae, making them slippery. Many people fell back into the water while climbing up the steps due to the slippery steps. The safety issue is such a pity as the obstacles were really fun and interesting. I would definitely go again if the barnacles and algae are removed.

  146. Avatar photo
    Brandon Soo Wai Kit

    Very fun! They only allow high jumps during high tide. Tends to be a bit crowded sometimes.

  147. Avatar photo
    Zulfadly Abu Bakar


  148. Avatar photo
    Kaptain Kerr

    Went here on a Saturday afternoon in October 2020 and had a fantastic experience. Really well setup for kids, with it surprisingly difficult and fun for adults as well. It’s compulsory to wear life vests so safe for all, with falling into the water a regular occurrence. Booking online was easy with the staff advising to arrive 30 minutes before our start time, which worked well. The shop has a small choice of drinks and ice creams but no other food, with the closest restaurantals and takeaway Beach station or FOC beach club.

  149. Avatar photo

    Good as a once a year / once in every three to four/five years activity, just like the zoo / night safari. TLDR: good for people with solid six pack abs and core strength or kids, with or without water grip shoes. I spin twice – thrice a week, and do pilates and yoga once weekly, respectively, but was pretty much useless on the obstacles which look like innocent bouncy floating castles but are more like an army obstacle course. Unless you’re mega fit, go for the one hour option and be prepared to ache like mad the day after.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ariel Chermaine

    I went on a Thursday afternoon so the amount of people was very reasonable. Didn’t really run into others on the floats and even if I did we just brushed past each other. A lot of others here said the floating platform is dirty (algae, barnacles) but i didn’t mind. Nothing cut me also and I don’t even have a single bruise; I completed every part of the course. Props to one particular lifeguard who helped me get up the rope obstacle (the one with the longest slide). He was very friendly and made the experience more enjoyable.

    I think it’s only super tough if you’re very very unfit. Generally if you’re somewhat active this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Don’t wear loose clothing, or jewelry. Rash guard will be best because the sun can get blistering hot sometimes, it will even burn my feet standing on the platform. Be prepared to fall,slip, slide, loose grip on the handles etc. it’s not supposed to be super easy that’s what makes it fun.

    It was super fun but 1 hour is enough to complete everything. I hope the play area can expand, then I will go again. Swallowed a lot of seawater and there’s water in my ear now but really really fun n great experience!

  151. Avatar photo
    Joanna O

    This is a fun activity. They recommend getting pool shoes for it, and I would too (we didn’t have them and there were a couple areas where the surfaces were pretty hot). Younger kids (5-6) have to stay in one area, but it’s still enough fun for an hour or so. You definitely need to have your sunblock on! It’s a fun outing for sure.

  152. Avatar photo
    e sm

    Lifeguards where informative, helpful and entertaining. Facilities were relatively well maintained and offered variety for all ages. However, adults be warned, It will be a workout

  153. Avatar photo
    Seri Nurshira

    So fun!

  154. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Teo

    Very fun. Basically a water obstacle course that will put your upper body and core muscles to the test

  155. Avatar photo

    This place is super fun. Be sure to choose two hours. It is recommended to keep things in lockers, where there is no place to store. It’s not allowed to bring photo equipment, which is a little disappointment. This place is suitable for team building and friends. If you want to have fun, don’t wear socks and gloves. If you don’t want to fall into the water, it is recommended to wear gloves and non-slip socks.

  156. Avatar photo
    Linda Yap

    Nice place to go for some fun with friends. Good workout. Prepare to ache the next day.

  157. Avatar photo
    Haixiang Xing

    Good place, not a big fan of sea water though. Gave me a headache. Otherwise, a fun place for family and friends. Highly recommended.

  158. Avatar photo
    Prem Chandiramani

    Fun and awesome place

  159. Avatar photo

    The play area was pretty packed on a Monday afternoon. Due to the way the grooves are designed on certain areas of the structure, personally I feel it is not very safe especially for adults who are not as agile. Have had minor sprain in a few areas during the play, bf also suffered a few cuts from the barnacles. Nonetheless we still had loads of fun.

  160. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Chew

    Fun! One hour is enough!

  161. Avatar photo
    Shun Yao Bai

    Challenging experience for all ages, yes even young adults – in fact the younger kids may have an easier time.

    1 hour is sufficient if you’re going on a non-crowded day; perhaps consider 2 hours if going during peak hours.

  162. Avatar photo
    Pháp Bảo Dhamma

    So so..

  163. Avatar photo
    SL M

    Nice place to have fun with family and friends. We walked through obstacles, pushed each other in water ect. However, there are seaweed and algae in the seawater, and the weather really affected my good time there. I ordered a two-hour ticket, but I had to wait for one hour because they say there was thunder although it did not rain at all.

  164. Avatar photo

    This is a recently added activity at Palawan beach,Sentosa. Its a complete water based activity. By seeing the picture, we booked the tickets. Its like $20 per hour ppax. All the look and the safety is all ok, but the water there was very filthy. While doing this activity, you generally get to fall into the water. But really it was very frustrated getting into that. The tickets are non refundable, so pls be careful while booking. Since mobile phones, camera are not allowed can’t share the pictures here

  165. Avatar photo
    Wong YY

    Fun place for an outing. Staffs were friendly and helpful. Some obstacles are challenging

  166. Avatar photo
    Won Soon Lau

    Good experience for kids and even adults. But one has to be careful as I saw 2 of the kids got cut from possibly barnacle on the ropes securing the floats. Anyway 1 hour is more then enough for this

  167. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Khogali

    Really every one need to go there ..

  168. Avatar photo
    Karan Gaur

    Super fun!

  169. Avatar photo
    Akriti Vij

    Makes for a super fun day out with friends/family!
    Can consider wearing aqua/boat shoes but also doable barefooted

  170. Avatar photo
    Gin Gin

    Obstacles were more challenging than expected. Cause its a floating platform, so maintaining balance was one of the ‘subconscious’ things to do. Wear long pants or grip footwear to climb over the slippery surface of the obstacles. Lastly, don’t worry about falling into the water, guaranteed it will happen! Rofl. Great fun nonetheless. Body aches the next day!

  171. Avatar photo
    Lynn Gwynie

    Just a 5 minutes walk from beach station, only one stop away (2mins from the station) if you want to take the shuttle bus. The place is near Animal Encounters and there is a small entrance towards the right hand side! Valuables can be left at the Hydrodash ticketing counter, life guards are really nice and you can request to ask them to help you take some pictures too!

    Went on a Tuesday afternoon (12-2pm), highly recommend to book a 2 hours (or more) slot because 1 hour is way too short. It wasn’t very crowded and thank goodness for the good weather! Wouldn’t mind coming back the second time too!

  172. Avatar photo
    Shah S

    Good, quick fun. 1hr is enough. Timings does have some impact with tide so don’t just think about how hot the sun will be.

  173. Avatar photo
    Viraj Datar

    Simply brilliant. Equal parts fun, safe, scary and adventurous. This is a definitely “must-do” for an hour or two. Make a weekend trip here and then carry over the fun by the beach.

    The slides, obstacles are all very well designed. Amazing fun for both kids and adults. We went as a family, but will be awesome to go in a group too. It’s totally cool even if you don’t know how to swim. The life jackets will keep you safe.

  174. Avatar photo
    Claire Hu

    Visited Hydrodash with my friends on 3rd May 2022! Had a fabulous time, plenty of laughter

    My friends were super late and the counter staff, Eileen was absolutely wonderful and understanding when I asked if she could grant us some timing concession. Without having me to ask further, she assigned us to the next time slot and we could enjoy the venue thoroughly for 1 hour.

    I had so much fun, thank you Eileen for your wonderful service. I will return again with more friends️

  175. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kho

    My partner Grace and I thoroughly enjoyed an hour of fun in the sun here at HydroDash. It’s neither Ninja Warrior nor Wipeout, but it’s as close as you’ll get, at least in Singapore. The staff were all really nice and friendly, and the course was pretty interesting. We had heaps of laughs and giggles, as did most – if not everyone!

  176. Avatar photo
    Hajirah Banu

    Not for very young kids. Ok for teenagers and swimmers only.

  177. Avatar photo

    1 hour of great fun in the sun. There is an option for 2 hours but it would be way too tiring. 10/10 worth trying.

  178. Avatar photo
    Mutant Cacti

    Personally I get seasick very easily so the movement of the platforms made me nauseous but I imagine this won’t affect a lot of people and it was fun anyways so whatever

  179. Avatar photo
    Ale Cryptonews

    It’s great fun also for adults but better to go on off times when there’s not too many people. Most lifeguard are very friendly, except for one tall one with glasses who was on a power trip who kept whistling people non-stop.

  180. Avatar photo
    Andres Acosta

    Good fun. Good service by Simon

  181. Avatar photo
    Madhav Mallam


  182. Avatar photo
    Ernest Mui

    Fun water obstacle course in Sentosa!

  183. Avatar photo
    Russell Tan

    Great and fun activity

  184. Avatar photo
    Max S.

    Came here to use up the SRV voucher so wasn’t expecting too much. At 2pm, somehow the sun wasn’t all that hot either but it was still pretty crowded considering it was a weekday afternoon. The Aqua park was unexpectedly fun! Thought it would’ve been too easy as the admission criteria sells it’s tickets for “ages 7 and up” but there are actually obstacles that would challenge even the very agile. Some parts where you fall off into the water are difficult to get up though due to the slippery surfaces. 1 hour is probably just enough time to try everything at least once!

    Protip: fastest way to fall into the water is to just run everywhere. Or maybe just run straight into the water.

  185. Avatar photo

    Good I guess

  186. Avatar photo

    VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE! Make sure to go 15 mins early to get the admin stuff out of the way. Wear sunblock in advance!!! I had to eat pills for my motion sickness because the floats made me feel wonky, if you are prone to motion sickness maybe you should take this precaution too. I wore a hat and have 0 regrets, all my friends got epic sun burns on their face. Be warned this activity will tire you out and help you train your lats

  187. Avatar photo
    Monisha Around Town

    Had a blast splashing, slipping and sliding on the obstacle aqua course! Only downside was getting scratched by barnacles on the undersides of the inflatables *ouch*! Otherwise fun in the sun for the whole family!

  188. Avatar photo
    S Wun

    Had so much fun at Hydrodash! We didn’t think we would as it seems like something for the younger crowd, but we had loads of fun too!

    No specs or loose objects (googles, specs, watches) allowed. Many of the reviews talk about being cut by the barnacles, just follow their instructions and you will be safe. We weren’t cut at all.

  189. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Very fun but more for youths.

  190. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Tay

    A fun time to spend a hot afternoon. There are choices of 1 and 2 hours play. If first time there, I recommend just 1 hour first because it is pretty tiring. Expect to keep falling into the water and prepare for some bruises. If you are slow, the faster kids will cut your queue. Haha.

  191. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Goh

    This is super fun! All the staffs are friendly and nice. Tiring but so much fun and it brings so much laughter! Would definitely come again.

  192. Avatar photo
    Joanne Qiu

    Fun and physically demanding

  193. Avatar photo
    Chris J. "Mohawk" Reed

    Not for adults and not for young kids. Badly designed and no changing facilities but quite expensive for what you get.

    The worst thing about this place, which all the adults in the small kids area suffered (we all had to accompany kids under 7 in one quarter of the play area which they don’t tell you on the website) is that once you fall in you can’t get out. Yes I know!

    Really badly designed. They have a little step for the kids to get out but no big step for the adults and nothing to hold onto to help grip. Really bizarrely designed considering they want adults in this area with the young ‘un’s.

    The staff kept saying that over in the older kids area it’s easier to get out but that didn’t really help me or the other dads get out in our mini area!

    It’s clearly not designed for adults at all and should really only be attended by 7-14 year olds no more and no less.

    There are also no towels, another thing they don’t tell you on the website.

    They seem confused as to whether there are changing areas or storage lockers or not. The website says so but when I asked the staff they said no however there are about 2 minutes down the road next to the toilets. Dirty and not especially nice but they are there.

    Don’t do two hours if you’re with a young kid as there’s limited space to play in, which they sneakily do not tell you on the website before you book.

    I suggested that my kids come back when they’re older or my eldest with his friends but I won’t be back. It’s not for adults in anyway,

  194. Avatar photo
    Aaron Ng

    I wouldn’t say it was too challenging (compared to Bali) but if you want something to kill an hour of your life, this is fine.

  195. Avatar photo
    Derek Wong

    There should be a rope for those steps in the play area, the steps are full of algae that made it too slippery to get a foothold.

  196. Avatar photo
    Candy Deng

    Have Fun recommended for teen and family …

  197. Avatar photo
    Lee Cedric

    It’s quite fun but the surface is very slippery to walk on. To have better traction on the surface, buy some diving shoes that provides better grip when running along the floats.

  198. Avatar photo

    Mostly raining during this period of time, but a hell lot of fun when it’s actually open.

  199. Avatar photo


  200. Avatar photo
    Aamir Mehdi

    Great and different activity. Take a while to getting used to but then it is a lot of family esp. with family. The obstacles are not easy though. Three tips:

    1. Don’t resist falling in water. That will make it both easy and more enjoyable.

    2. Get aqua shoes. No grip with bare feet and worse if it is raining.

    3. Get a locker to stow away stuff. They are closeby.

  201. Avatar photo
    Ravi Srivastava

    Great fun for kids and teens. Ticket staff were flexible about rescheduling.

  202. Avatar photo
    Grace Ke

    Was truly a hilarious time. If you’ve ever wanted to be on Wipeout, this is pretty much it. Bring a bit of bravery, a sense of humor, and if you wear bikini bottoms there’s the off chance of it coming undone so yeah maybe wear shorts

  203. Avatar photo
    Farhan Anas

    Loads of fun for both kids and adults. Prepare sunblock and ready to get wet. No one can avoid falling into the water with the kind of obstacles they have!

  204. Avatar photo
    Amani Das

    So fun

  205. Avatar photo
    Hamstie Hun

    An interesting activity which is suitable for families. Safe and fun floats in the sea. An hour’s booking would suffice for an exploration of the whole area.

  206. Avatar photo
    Damon Liu

    Fun, many obstacles to play with

  207. Avatar photo
    Patrick Ng

    Please get your kids here

  208. Avatar photo
    thiensen low

    It was fun and exciting! Something new to try out in Singapore. This is a different type of experience as we often see obstacle course that is on land. Went there, unfortunately, during low tide period, so some of the sections are closed off for safety reason. Check the tide before you book the time slot!

  209. Avatar photo
    Fenella Teng

    Super fun! I would want to go again 😀 Must wear aqua shoes, significantly reduce chances of falling. Remember to check if it’s high tide if you want to play the dive jump station (it’s not allowed during low tide). Arrive half an hour before your slot and you get to hang around on the beach area.

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