How to Enjoy Vegas on a Tight Schedule

Enjoy Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, so no matter how long you stay here, you’re virtually guaranteed a good time. In fact, sometimes just staying in Vegas for a night or two is a great way to experience this destination which is known to cause sensory overload.

If you find yourself in town for just a short time, but still want to experience all that Vegas has to offer, try to schedule all of these amazing and unique experiences into your itinerary:

Stay at a Luxury Resort

If you’re only staying in Vegas for a night or so, you can probably afford to stay at one of the many luxury Las Vegas resorts available both on and off the legendary Strip. In fact, due to the dip in the national, but especially the local economy, plenty of incredible Las Vegas hotel deals can be found in Sin City. Good deals are especially easy to uncover if you don’t mind staying during the week. Vegas resorts tend to take luxury very seriously, so expect nothing but the best when you book with one of the luxury hotels in town.

See a Big Production Show

Virtually every casino on the Strip offers a spectacular big production show. From acrobats to big name singers, there’s bound to be a show for even those with the most discerning of tastes. Like with everything else in Vegas, these shows are big and over the top; in fact most have to be seen to be believed. Get discounted tickets by buying your tickets at the last minute (i.e. day of the show) from the various discount ticket booths featured all over the Strip.

Dine at a Fancy Restaurant

Dining out in Vegas isn’t just buffets and food courts, there’s also a plethora of first class restaurants available. What’s more, a huge number of internationally renowned chefs have opened their own restaurants in Vegas, allowing visitors to sample fine cuisine from around the world without ever having to leave Sin City! Try at least one fancy restaurant while in Vegas, as they’re an essential and thoroughly enjoyable component to getting the full experience.

Try Your Hand at Gambling

Going to Vegas without gambling is like going to Hawaii and never seeing the ocean – you simply have to try it! Even if you only bet a couple of dollars on the slots, gambling in Vegas is a virtual rite of passage. As a bonus, there’s many perks to gambling, such as complimentary drinks (yes that usually includes alcoholic drinks!) and reward cards that offer fantastic freebies like discounted hotel rooms, dinners and entertainment. By all means, don’t bet away your life’s savings, but do gamble at least a little, if only for the thrill of it.

Visit an Attraction

Want to see dolphins? Take your picture with your favorite celebrity’s waxwork? Or go on a rollercoaster? Well you can do all of those things in Vegas, along with many, many more! Las Vegas offers a virtually endless supply of attractions, many of which can be enjoyed day or night, and most of which truly are worth exploring. You can check out what attractions you want to see by simply taking a walk up and down the Strip, talking to guest services at your resort or by flicking through one of the Vegas themed magazines provided in most hotel rooms.

Vegas is one of those places worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime, if only for a wild couple of days. Make sure you try to fit all of the above suggestions into your stay and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable visit. Enjoy!

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