Review Hougang Mall, 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore

Review Hougang Mall - Singapore 90 Hougang Ave 10

“Hougang Mall maybe small in size but seems to have everything one needs for day to day living. …” or “Hougang Mall has many major shops around. There’s a Fairprice, library and a SingPost.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hougang Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hougang Mall is quality.

Introduction about Hougang Mall

Here are some fundamental details regarding Hougang Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Hougang Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 64889617 (+65 64889617)
  • Website:
  • Address: 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore
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You can reach Hougang Mall at 64889617(+65 64889617). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Hougang Mall reviews

Hougang Mall is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Hougang Mall is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Grew up around here. Still growing fat around here. My favourite mall. November 2022 - I bring friends here. And they love it too. Jan 2023 - discovered great ramen in Foodie Garden. Still getting fat.”

“Diverse food varieties. Affordable prices. Nicely set clean eating environment”

“If high-end brand is not your criteria, you can get anything here for home, fashion, groceries, all basics you need.”

“Small mall but hast most important stuffs in. The eateries are ambundance.”

“Many shops within the mall. Walking distance to MRT Station. Private and public carpark available at the Mall area.”

“Not too familiar with the place but from what I've seen it is big with plenty of good anchor tenants.”

“This mall has everything. Places to eat, library, popular books store”

“Awesome neighbourhood mall providing all daily necessities!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 223 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 75% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hougang Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Hougang Mall, 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore

There is a total 223 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Andy Tan

    Can find many things to eat n shop.

  2. Avatar photo
    Peter Lek

    Staying in Hougang, Hougang mall is the best of both world. Shopping or marketing, its fantastic. Good food, good shop.. 2 NTUC supermarket, great restaurants, great hawkers foodies.. Love it.

  3. Avatar photo
    Winston C

    Like any heartland mall, it’s has its staple of stores – food, supermarket and shopping. Nothing really high end but it’s is comprehensive to be a one stop mall. It’s well connected to the bus station.

  4. Avatar photo
    Tariq Hussain

    This place is good for shopping and food. Got all the major shops e.g value dollar, KFC, mcd, subway, challenger , Starbucks. This place good one Food Garden which have lot of food stalls.
    Another good this is that, this is very close to MRT station and hougang bus stop.

  5. Avatar photo
    Ling Chew

    Minced meat noodles is great js next to the mall, tried the kway teow veri smooth yummy

  6. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tan

    The food court at Hgmall is a nice environment for food.

  7. Avatar photo
    Dr Reviews

    Hougang Mall maybe small in size but seems to have everything one needs for day to day living. …

  8. Avatar photo
    Rajima Senanayake

    Diverse food varieties. Affordable prices. Nicely set clean eating environment

  9. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lim

    One of my favorite mall in Singapore. Besides the anchor tenant Fairprice on B1, there is also Cheng San Public Library located on Level 3.

    Popular Bookstore is also on Level 3. Watson Level 3 and Guardian Level B1. Harvey Norman is here too at Level 2. Foodcourt on Level 4.

    This still remains one of the go-to places for residents in Hougang.

    Coffee, Tea and Leaf is opening soon on Level 1 next to OCBC to provide some caffine competition to Starbucks on Level 2.

    If you really needs to find an imperfect point with Hougang Mall is that it is not large enough to accomodate a cinema operator.

  10. Avatar photo
    shun rong foo

    A mid size mall and it have everything u need.

  11. Avatar photo
    karen chia

    Small compact mall, one could get most things you wanted. Lots of beauty saloons and great choices for eating out. Would recommend a visit to the excellent library.
    Top floor is considerably warmer due to the skyline roof design. Also on the top floor, lack of seats for waiting parents for when their children are tutored.
    On the ground floor, pinch point at the entrance/exit as people are funneled through a narrow passage on entry and exit. On top of that quening customers to various fast food also added to the bottleneck.

  12. Avatar photo

    Tiny and old mall. Not recommended if you have trolleys or prams. Lift is small and tiny and only 1 is functional.

  13. Avatar photo

    Small mall but it has different mix of retailers.. not bad

  14. Avatar photo
    ken koay

    vibrant and colorful, with most of the typical shops you would expect to find in a shopping mall including the ever popular Value Shop. outside and nearby of the Mall are strips of shophouses to continue your shopping or grab something to eat if you don’t fancy inside-shopping-center’s food court.

  15. Avatar photo
    seagate loh

    Come for kfc, bought a belt as mine snapped. They have a g brand which is more expensive. Just when i am out of choice for pricing. C0tt0n 0n was there and 7 dollar for a decent belt. Defense +9 …

  16. Avatar photo
    Teng Pok Chye

    Surprising crowded at mall. Susa bar, kopitiam, Mac Donald, Fairprice etc… Look like people are out to air themselves in person and families. Not afraid of Covid. It’s svhool hoildays and weekday. Meeting friends is commonly noted.

  17. Avatar photo
    Hwee Leng Chew

    Lots of shops,library ….restaurant and NTUC….everythings you need can find here except cinema…..

  18. Avatar photo
    Georgina M

    Convenient to people living nearby. Decent variety of shops available for all occasions. Good number of food choices in and around the mall.

  19. Avatar photo
    Ruicheng Luo

    Awesome mall, hope it could have been a little less cramped

  20. Avatar photo
    Sharrifah Sharrifah

    Ntuc is good to shop for everthing u need..Execellent

  21. Avatar photo
    kyle finn

    A small old mall, but at least it covers basic necessities residents need. Can get super crowded during peak hours. Currently has (not extensive): Food court, NTUC, Popular, Cheng San Library, a few enrichment centres and Stalford tuition centre, few clinics, BoxBoss, usual fast food like McDonald’s, KFC, Long John Silvers, Subway, couple bread/cake shops Four Leaves and Mugiya, Begawan Solo. Dessertstory, starbucks. Post office. Koi came in recently too. Challenger. Toilets are okay. Clothing stores too like cotton on, giodarno, bossini. It’s not a mall you would make a trip from across the island for, but if you’re a resident nearby Hougang Mall is likely to be a cosy mall that offers enough. Decoration wise – don’t expect much. (also outside of Hougang mall really nearby is a cluster of shops – have kangkar mall (air-con kopitiam) + outside coffee shop + bread shops extremely nearby as well so no worries about food at all)

  22. Avatar photo
    Christine Tan

    The shopping mall is quite small, nothing much to shop.

  23. Avatar photo
    Spring Ng

    Like the food court desert stall and the 红糟鸡noodles. Delicious and super comfort food. Safe entry control a bit massive in the food court.

  24. Avatar photo
    Bee Bee James

    Busy place, packed with people even during Covid; however, we got to dine in McDonald’s and shopped at young hearts. Left when we got done shopping. Place was still the same as I could remember years ago.

  25. Avatar photo
    joshua hwang

    A simple neighbourhood mall with a basic mix of shops – catering to daily necessities. Foot traffic is pretty high, but with the lack of atrium sales, space is pretty manageable.

    Food options can be improved – but that would mean a reallocation of store space. Cleanliness is also pretty decent with no visible forgotten spots.

    The mall could use more speciality shops which may help as an anchor or as a draw for consumers to visit. Otherwise all it is is a basic neighbourhood mall.

  26. Avatar photo
    Peter Soh

    Food court has some pretty good foos

  27. Avatar photo
    J O

    Came only for Starbucks – might need a face-lift

  28. Avatar photo
    judy gan

    The Vietnamese staffs at HG work very well together. There is laughter n happy chattering in the air. I like their service.
    Minus point is outlet ventilation no good. Hot n smelly.
    N TB price is overall high. The cake n Toast is v expensive. Butter cake should cut into 10 pcs, not 12 pcs. Too small n costly at $2.20!
    Tho TB justifies the breadtoast is 1pc but thicker(so price is comparable with other toast outlets),not true, rather serve 2 pcs, we get more satisfaction from eating n paying !

  29. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Zhuang

    Nothing change much. Hence even if one has not been there for a long while, it is still easy to navigate. And it has undergo a lot of renovation outside as of the year 2019

  30. Avatar photo

    Our weekly weekend destination. Not a huge mall like nex, but cosy one which has enough to cater to our needs. Only complaint since day 1 was how horribly they built their taxi stand n carpark entrance. Very user-unfriendly where it will get jammed n stuck n angry drivers Horning at each other for blocking each other’s way due to the stupid way they design the drive-in to the taxi stand n carpark!

  31. Avatar photo
    Abhinav Sinha

    Good mall with cotton on, molley, subway, popular, national library along with lot of food option. Only problem is if you need to use lift as only 2 lifts are available one of which is closed currently for servicing.

  32. Avatar photo
    Barbette Strauss

    A shopping mall in the heartland of Old Hougang Estate that houses almost every essential product & services. The location of the mall is pretty strategic becox it is very near the interchange, NEL mrt Station & HDB branch office which is located almost next to it. Highly recommended place for both shopping for toiletries, supplements, prescribed medication, Chinese herbs and also food.

  33. Avatar photo
    Jeremy See

    It may be a neighbourhood mall, but it has clout. The shops offering the essential services and goods any heartland dweller will need, ranging from fast food restaurants to a post office. A supermarket, a bank and a Starbucks round up the A-list.

  34. Avatar photo
    Dr Reviews

    Hougang Mall maybe small in size but seems to have everything one needs for day to day living.

    From Fairprice supermarket to Popular to a plethora of eateries,  it seems the Mall has everything.

    The Mall can get congested as in very crowded during peak hours considering  its smaller size.  It’s well connected to Public Transport facilities including the Hougang MRT and Bus Interchange.

    The redevelopment   of the Mall gave it a new lease of life. Several more businesses opened up in the Mall. In addition mall space was better utilised.

  35. Avatar photo

    Definitely a run-down shopping mall. Nevertheless, it offers basic shoppers experience such as NTUC, cake shops, clinics, bookshops, eateries, etc.

  36. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    Better than Buangkok Square in terms of size, location, neighbourhood. Crowded after office hours and long queues outside certain eateries.

    Unusual Kopitiam Food court with different dialect poems. Tried the ginseng chicken soup at the Korean stall. Entire small chicken priced at $15 for 2 pax. Not bad. Generous portion of soup.

    Bossini has 60% sale and I grabbed a eco-friendly reversible jacket cheaper than sold online.

    Moley also has 25% discount for its clothes. My friend got a dress.

  37. Avatar photo
    Nora Yu

    The place got more variety there. You can search foods like McDonald’s,kfc, subway,kfc in that mall. Popular bookstore is at the top level..very convenient to those who live there. It’s a big mall anyway.

  38. Avatar photo

    different types of shops (e.g restaurants, supermarket, book store, clothing stores). very convenient to visit as it is near an mrt station and bus interchange. it is family-friendly and there is also a library (cheng san library) there. clean toilets and nice environment. …

  39. Avatar photo
    Ian Lin

    It’s not so crowded in the morning but around 12+, the crowds will become larger. I would say the shopping mall is very clean

  40. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Not bad place to be, good variety of shops, even has the library in there. Tho it does take a ding because there ain’t any food court in the mall, other options for food ain’t necessarily as affordable as a food court….

  41. Avatar photo
    Sally Eats

    all-in-one mall sufficient to cater to the needs of residents leaving nearby the mall. Over the years has included more varieties of shop and restaurants.

  42. Avatar photo
    shrihari mahale

    Good place. Closest to MRT. Lot of eating joints, hawker center just outside if mall gates. Shops and entrance starts shutting down from 10PM

  43. Avatar photo

    Support worker party. No good also must say good.

  44. Avatar photo
    Ong Jun Hao

    Could have more sheltered and protected charging stations for electric bicycles to be charged and smartphone to be charged to prevent no battery halfway through delivery and more hydration points for delivery riders to hydrate themselves and have meal break. More sheltered parking lot for delivery to protect against thunderstorm and sun. Thanks.

  45. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    My neighbourhood mall.
    I love it!

  46. Avatar photo
    Henry Aw

    It is well located and having a variety of shops.

  47. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Rampuria

    Visited in Nov 2021. Found some great sale at Baleno shop bough bunch of cloths for whole family. There were sale going on in Giordano outlet and couple other shops like bags and footwear one on level 1 and 2.

  48. Avatar photo
    Cheng TC

    Fairprice Supermarket located at base floor but not operated on 24-hour.

  49. Avatar photo
    Ernest Pak

    Quite a decent mall with shops ranging from big stores to push carts.
    Many restaurants and small eateries, but due to limited space, seats are also limited, however, should be enough as not all will crowd at one place, since there so many choices.
    There are also edu centers, spas, salons, even a library.
    Good for family hang out.

  50. Avatar photo

    Hougang Mall used to be our childhood hang out place after school.

    Even though a lot of shop changed, the classic feel is still there.

    Shop wise, quite balance.
    Even tho the building feels old, there’s Pretty much all the necessities shops. There’s even a post office in the mall. Which made it quite convenient. Lots of nice food too!

  51. Avatar photo
    Tan Patrick

    Very neat and organized shopping mall. Easy to get through, safe entry protocol well in place. Very clean environment and customer service staff very helpful. Many eateries, reliable NTUC supermarket and basically you can get what you need unless you are very choosy fussy and not knowing what you want. A good family place to go browsing around, shop, eat, bank and enjoy the ambiance..

  52. Avatar photo
    ZX Soh

    Minus the lack of cleanliness, this has been the grocery, personal care & food shopping haunt for my family near our home!

  53. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Tan

    Lots of food choice. Crowded on sat afternoon due to parents sending children to enrichment class. Car too small n narrow

  54. Avatar photo
    jase f

    A good central mall in the opposition ward, has many old style shops in the periphery which gives this area the rustic feel overall. Good location as there are other open air car parks which are nearby to help you economise…
    Good mix of shops, to note – affordable massage at top level, bakery at b1, LJS also, but rather tight..pity the money changer is no longer there. Also houses a nice library,and post office. NTUC at basement is okay, but can be a bit pricey on certain items all due to the “finest” badge it bears…

  55. Avatar photo

    Amazing mall that my girlfriend and I visited today near her old school. It has many good shops and food options to choose from. The atmosphere is quite nice as well, very busy but that makes it a popular place to shop and hang out. It has a local library, McDonalds and nice book store.

  56. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Alhafizh Nahron

    Not bad for a small shopping area. Pretty much alot of shops that is well known such as cotton on and crave. Plus the mall’s frequent atrium sale sells goods that are quite afforable.

  57. Avatar photo
    Yijie Tay

    Came in at 9am, it was terrible ! Send my son to enrichment class at 9am and the air-conditioning was not turn on ! The whole building is so stuffy and warm! Perspire throughout the whole time. I think it was turn on at 930 or 10…. terrible morning !

  58. Avatar photo
    Doriss L

    A shopping mall with supermarket and food court.

  59. Avatar photo
    YNWA marc mquez

    HG Mall nearby Mrt Station. Alot shop nearby area.

  60. Avatar photo

    Your neighbour mall, nothing special. Tuition Centers on the top floor and a FairPrice Supermarket in there basement. Outdated but clean toilets.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jovel Chia

    Lvl 4 rice garden food is affordable and great! Must come !

  62. Avatar photo
    Grabe Jud

    Small mall but hast most important stuffs in. The eateries are ambundance.

  63. Avatar photo
    Priya Rangarajan

    A simple neighborhood mall for basics. Fair price store is located here for groceries. The locals shop here. Other options are limited. Again , if you get lucky you will bump into the flea sale that happens every month and you could find something interesting but not always. It is opposite the mrt ( metro) station so accessibility is easier.

  64. Avatar photo
    Chia Meow Hiang

    Nice shopping center with everything u need can buy here. It my new working place now after twenty three years working near my home.

  65. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Unais

    A nearby mall, a very nice mall too. Got the popular food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Koi bubble tea shop and others and markets like Fair Price and others. It even has a library

  66. Avatar photo
    Alwin Woo

    Simple Mall with necessities and reasonable food choices.

  67. Avatar photo
    Ra aR

    It keeps changing, and it’s for the good. Great place for a quick shopping.

  68. Avatar photo
    Joseph Puzon

    Fairprice Supermarket offers you all your needed items for your food preparation.
    The ground floor have many food stalls ready for your quick bites, ideal for all those busy people .

  69. Avatar photo
    Charles Tan

    Just about to visit Hougang mall after alighted from Hougang MRT

  70. Avatar photo
    Francis Chew

    It provides a reasonable range of retail, food and beverage services. Ground floor always packed with services and activities but lacked in crowd control in human traffic that make it less desirable place to visit.

  71. Avatar photo

    The mall is very large, with a scattered distribution of restaurants, department shops and others. It also has a relatively small public library on the third floor. Owing to the variety of department shops, one can get many things at this mall. For kids, there is also a large Play United outlet on the fourth floor. A variety of food options, such as Subway and Old Street, along with cafes on the second and third floors. However, the mall itself is quite old, and also crowded especially during weekends. One of the lifts was under maintenance so the only other lift was often packed and we had to use escalators.

  72. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    Male toilet at Level 2 being blocked by a plant and a floor dryer. Does not make sense to me. Seems like some shops are closed due to poor business or maybe high rents by Frasers Property. Can do better to boost the diversity of shops and not asking for high rents. Toilet maintenance and design can be improved, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

  73. Avatar photo
    Matthew Khng

    Fairly well stocked mall with all the usual essential shops required of a neighbourhood mall. New shops include a Fun Toast cafe and a Coffee Bean outlet.

  74. Avatar photo
    Maurice Low

    The typical neighborhood mall with busy terminal and MRT serving it. NTUC at basement n use to have Kopitiam on the 4th floor but another vendor is taking over now.

  75. Avatar photo
    Golden Bluewave

    Two slow lifts are insufficient to cater to shopping trolleys, strollers and roller bags. Due to the design of the escalators, the lift is often more convenient to reach the high floors. Much inconvenience especially moving the shopping trolley to the customer service, taxi stand and bus stop. Claustrophobic feeling without a sense of hygiene from the narrow corridor all the way to the toilet and dirty basins@1900 on L2. In a Mall, least attention is usually given to toilets, lifts, escalators and signages. Maintenance and inspection works do not seem to be taken up after closing too. This evening 08Jan2020 is one of the many occasions where escalators at the Guardian were inconveniently down and no signages to inform. This mall is small with many customers, more should be done to ease the human traffic and with due consideration to the convenience of all visitors. Toilet seats sanitisers and antibacterial foamy soap should be installed.

  76. Avatar photo
    J R

    Crowded small mall, extremely limited food choices and shops are mostly the same since a decade ago. The food court used to be my favorite eating place due to popular stalls like tze char, hokkien mee and western but these have since closed down and replaced. Claw machine is the only entertainment around, which is a plus.

    Hope to see more improvements.

  77. Avatar photo
    Norman Lim

    A small Hougang neighbourhood mall more than enough to satisfy daily needs. Good spread of delicious foods, ntuc supermarket, library and electronic products here. Is easy to access by Hougang mrt station and bus station.

  78. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Exciting location for neighbourhood hartland mall next to MRT station and bus interchange with plenty of dinning shopping banking library postage community centre cinemas entertainment and amenities nearby. Plenty of choices of drinks local desserts hawkers delights and international delights. Freshly prepared healthy ingridients with tender loving caring skillful cooking and professional warm services. Free wifi. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists expats locals visitors and families.

  79. Avatar photo
    Lim Xiang Long

    It was great. Not very crowded at the top levels of the mall. It was easy to get into the mall as there are many barcodes of SafeEntry in front of the mall for people to scan easily without crowdiness. There is also clear facilitation of the number of people entering and exiting the mall too, by the security guards and mall ambassadors. Great shopping experience as usual.

  80. Avatar photo
    Martin Tay

    Quite a lot of stuff but nothing much to buy. Update : Getting quite crowded. Not as many usual shop brands as other malls. More ‘local’ selection that people around here are more likely to patronise. Update : more & more people now.

  81. Avatar photo
    Gregory Athanasius

    Hougang Mall, previously known as NTUC Hougang Mall, is a suburban shopping mall in the Noth-East part of Singapore. It is accessible to the Central Bus Interchange, as well as the MRT station.

    For Hougang residents, it is convenient as it is only a 5 -10 minutes drive to the mall and most of the bus routes cover the stops around the mall and at the interchange. There is a local outdoor food court to eat and in the basement of the Mall, an NTUC Supermarket. Even though it is a relatively small Shopping Mall, up to Level 5. It has many good food options and shops.

    It is a great place to go to visit! There is also a library located within the mall. Hougang Mall definitely serves the needs of the residents staying around the Hougang area.

  82. Avatar photo
    Kurosu T Ch. クロスT

    It’s near my school so I visit this mall often and it almost never disappoints. With numerous shops with all assortments of items on display, an arcade and a library, as well as it’s convenient location by Hougang MRT station and multiple bus stops, I would definitely recommend this as a good hangout spot.

  83. Avatar photo
    Eddie Lee

    went to hougang mall to purchase digital lock. Hannah was very patient n professional in servicing us. She possess very good product knowledge n gives us a good head start on the electronic lock that was very new to me. We thank you.

  84. Avatar photo
    Serene Peh

    Experience as a motorised wheelchair user:

    Ease of entry/exit: Currently during COVID season (June 2020), it is a little challenging to get into the mall because of the type of queue poles used. The designated point of entry at level 1 is not wide enough for two rows of queue poles with round bases and I ended up rolling over the bases at several points despite navigating in a snaking manner. Sometimes some shoppers would see me struggling and pull aside the poles for me.

    There are only two tiny passenger lifts (the size of HDB lifts after HUPs) that take fairly long to arrive and can only accommodate 1 wheelchair user maximum at a time. Have actually been left waiting for 10 minutes for a lift to be available despite it being only levels B1 to 5.

    Handicap Toilets:
    Available at all levels but the doors are the heavy swing types that are almost impossible to swing open if you have any issues with your arms and you can’t get up from your wheelchair. Toilet seat was also badly soiled with urine when I went in.
    There were no toilet seat sanitiser dispensers available for use. I ended up using my own isopropyl alcohol spray.

    The kopitiam foodcourt at level 4 is easily accessible currently for wheelchair users owing to the safe distancing measures which required more spacing between individual tables. I was able to navigate my wheelchair with ease. A stall holder even offered to bring my food to my table after checking with me, which was very kind of her.
    No designated wheelchair area/table, but the round tables at the entrance of the foodcourt allows me to park my wheelchair in with ease.

  85. Avatar photo
    Su Lee

    This is my 2nd time to this mall. I do not have a special affinity to the mall. However I could see alot of children, youngsters adults and families coming here for food, offered by a range of pocket -friendly eateries such as the usual fast food brands, Subway, Syazeria and etc.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kevin Foo

    Hougang Mall has gotten a little more hip with the refurbishment of the outdoor space just outside its main entrance, and the addition of stores like my favourite MOS Burger. The usual assortment of shops is made a little more unique with a Best Denkia Watsons and a hardware store. It’s probably one of the more well rounded heartland malls in Singapore

  87. Avatar photo
    HS T

    Nice place to shop and eat. One can find practically anything you need. Parking may be a problem during peak hours. However, you have a choice of parking at nearby HDB carpark.

  88. Avatar photo
    Estelle Sim

    I went to the library. HM is a good place for routine trips, there is supermarket, library and foodcourt. Food is quite decent. Though i prefer the coffee shop outside the mall. If you’re having a meal in the food court, the ban mian and vegetarian food are quite nice.

  89. Avatar photo
    Rayner Chua

    Safe entry personnel was on the ball and told me the singpass app did not reflect the correct identity of the mall. Kudos to the team for taking their responsibilities seriously.

  90. Avatar photo
    Min N

    A small mall for residents around the area. Not much. A library, supermarket is not big but it has all the necessities. Some restaurants. Good for experiencing local lifestyle. There are coffee shops in the surroundings to have a sip in the afternoon.

  91. Avatar photo
    Brian Wong

    Urban mall in hougang central , guess alot more good choices expanding its variety to keep it exciting new and fresh

  92. Avatar photo
    Peterson Tan

    It’s a small mall but you can definitely find what you need here. Lots of food places such as pepper lunch, McD, food court, subway etc

    There is also a Harvey Norman and Challenger for you to shop for electronics and electrical appliances.

  93. Avatar photo
    Sunbreeze Cazi

    Near my old place. Nostalgia reasons for the rating.

  94. Avatar photo
    Dennis Lim

    A shopping which is connect to Hougang Mrt and Bus interchange. Quite a good shopping mall patronise by many of the Hougang residents. With super market, shops , eateries and many other amenities.

  95. Avatar photo
    Gyver Chang

    Neglected this mall for close to 6 years ever since I moved to Kovan and my gosh that was such a huge mistake. This mall has everything my family and I ever want in a mall that is not offered in Heartland Mall and NEX. The variety of food and shopping here is amazing.

  96. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Went Post Office to collect my passport appointment at 2pm but got 15 pax ahead at 1.55pm.

  97. Avatar photo
    Ashmi Vasantlal

    One of the best salons I have been to. The staff are very friendly and professional. It took me a few hours to get my treatment done as my hair is very long, but the staff were so patient and they did a fantastic job. Thank you! I’ll definitely go back to the salon again.

  98. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    Not too familiar with the place but from what I’ve seen it is big with plenty of good anchor tenants.

  99. Avatar photo
    serene soon

    Nice quaint neighborhood mall for all your simple grocery shopping/ f&b needs. Just don’t expect too much, in terms of facilities and amenities cos it doesn’t have a cinema, arcade or karaoke place.

  100. Avatar photo
    kelvin ng

    Above average mix of shops. But needs refresh soon.

  101. Avatar photo
    Rose Lina

    Travellator area at the entrance from the carpark has just been painted brighter and livelier

  102. Avatar photo
    Shila Ismail

    ok….not to big… but considering a lot things, shop inside…. always go here…and near mrt very easy to go..a lot food also

  103. Avatar photo
    Cipherous Sae

    Nice variety of products and goods with both challenger and Harvey Norman for those interested in electrical products.

  104. Avatar photo

    Favourite comfort mall. Cosy atmosphere. One of the smallest “shopping malls” in Singapore but one of my favourite too!

  105. Avatar photo
    Augustin Boey

    Very crowded. Contains the usual range of shops for a medium sized suburban mall. Has an NTUC Fairprice in its basement. Starbucks is on level 2.

    Also has the following fast food: McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Long John Silver’s, Pizza But, Nene Fried Chicken, Pezzo, Stuff’d and Pepper Lunch.

  106. Avatar photo
    Ambrose John Bwangatto

    Lovely food courts

  107. Avatar photo
    Charles M

    All a nice place to shop after all these years

  108. Avatar photo

    Amazing mall that my girlfriend and I visited today near her old school. It has many good shops and food options to choose from. The atmosphere is quite nice as well, very busy but that makes it a popular place to shop and hang out. It has a local library, McDonalds and nice book store.

  109. Avatar photo
    Henry Soo

    First time experience going around in this mall, lot of food to grab….

  110. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Need better signboards leading to the mall from the MRT.

  111. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Good sized neighborhood mall. Retail and food outlets are a plenty.

  112. Avatar photo
    Jin Bock

    Hougang Mall was also quite popular with many people shopping around.Outside the mall there are many shophouses selling things.At there u can find the things u wanted to buy. And also many type of food u can find at there.Is a nice place u can see people shopping around.

  113. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tan

    Wanted to eat at Saieraya but the queue was too long. Hougang Mall is a small shopping centre owned by Frasers Centrepoint where you can collect fraser points and get a $5 digital card if you spend at least $30 for June. It has a small outlet of Harvey Norman and Challenger. Ichiban Sushi, Bak Kut Teh, Subway, Soup Restaurant, etc are located inside the mall. Conveniebt for Hougangers.

  114. Avatar photo
    Dana Fang

    Our family always have a good shopping experience here. There are many shops available and has excellent variety of food houses too. Not so crowded compared to other big malls.

  115. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli BMO

    Many shops within the mall. Walking distance to MRT Station. Private and public carpark available at the Mall area.

  116. Avatar photo
    D. Fan

    One of the best heartland malls I know of. The variety of shops hits a sweet spot; in combination with the nearby HDB shops, almost all necessities (and most luxuries) can be found here. There is also a healthy rate of retail shop refresh just enough to pique the interest of nearby residents, but not leave a sense of disconnect (with some malls, the high churn rate is quite off-putting).

  117. Avatar photo
    Hwee Kuan Tan

    Good evening!This mall is quite a big mall.I love to shop here too .enjoy my breakfast a hot cup of coffee with kaya toast .then shop at various storrs such as 美珍香i like the chicken floss here .anyway clean spacious nice cosy environment thank you

  118. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    It’s been around for many years and near Hougang Central Bus Interchange, as well as Hougang MRT station. A pretty vibrant mall at first go which is popular amongst residents and individuals of all ages.

    There are tuition centres on the top floor for the young ones and an arcade-like outlet with addictive games. Plenty of F&B choices, from the very well-known homegrown brands to international delights. A couple of new ones have opened up over the pandemic too. A library is also situated here for those keen to have a bit of quiet time to read or simply rest. FairPrice supermarket is also here – no surprises as this mall used to be called NTUC mall way back in the days. Good to have your grocery done easily. The food court is also recently refurbished and rebranded – even houses a gastro bar-like dining experience at a corner!

    Parking is slightly limited but there are plenty of HDB parking options nearby too. Definitely a great place to spend time with your family or friends.

  119. Avatar photo
    E L

    A nice neighbourhood shopping mall. Has NTUC, Tuition centre, electronic and household stores, fashion, sports, food court, atms, etc
    But the lift is low and erratic. It skips levels and seldom go up to level 5.

  120. Avatar photo
    iPS yANg

    If high-end brand is not your criteria, you can get anything here for home, fashion, groceries, all basics you need.

  121. Avatar photo
    Seb Ong

    Regular heartland shopping mall with vevy human traffic especially weekends. Outside the mall, there’s alot of shops and eatrries too.

  122. Avatar photo
    Ronex D Bonex

    Nice shopping mall. Value Dollar is also there like it …

  123. Avatar photo
    W S.H

    Nice compact neighbourhood mall with everything you need under 1 roof. Newly-renovated foodcourt has many good options – hk cheong fun, fried rice, Collins grill, vegetarian food, Vietnamese, JB Meng Meng roast duck, etc. Supermarket, bakery, restaurants, bubble tea, snacks, fast food, clinic, TCM, beauty salon, library, Popular bookstore, bank, optician, goldsmith, enrichment centre etc.

  124. Avatar photo
    Shannon Koh

    A small and old shopping mall. Not bad, with the library and kopitiam. However, need a lot of improvement on the escalator. It’s closed for maintenance often for the 3rd and 4th floor escalator.

  125. Avatar photo
    Dan Ho

    Local mall in Hougang with essential shops and restaurants. Feature key anchor tenants like OCBC Bank, Macdonalds, NTUC Supermarket, Popular Bookshop, Starbucks, Harvey Norman, Kopithiam Food Court, KFC and more. There are food kiosks lining the front the of mall like Stuff’d Kebab, Old Change Kee and Qi JI.

  126. Avatar photo
    Can “Can” Can

    Neighbourhood mall most are dinning shops but it has a supermarket and some fashion shops convenient for residents near by

  127. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Near mrt, many shops. Many good shops at basement 1. Upper floors are regular shops. Restaurants at level 2. Starbucks at level 2. Coffee bean and tea leaf at level 1. Ntuc at basement 1. Four leaves. Good and clean toilets

  128. Avatar photo
    Boon Pah Lee

    Collect passport. Very slow. More than an hour after my appointment time then got my PP. No seat for especially elderly.

  129. Avatar photo
    Xiaomi 920190

    Residential mall near MRT station with everything you need. Lots of small retail and F&B shops nearby too. Has a rooftop access with great view for photography lovers.

  130. Avatar photo
    Dinh Thanh

    Not bad for a small mall. Shops include Harvey Norman, Challenger, Popular Bookstore, Selffix DIY, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Singapore Post. You can find all the necessities in this mall without travelling to the city.

  131. Avatar photo
    Chan “Toffees” Allen

    Crowded and cluttered mall with little walking space. There are various restaurants, retail shops, food Court and a supermarket. One good thing is there is a mrt station within walking distance. There are amenities nearby

  132. Avatar photo
    Andy Low

    A mall that needs a facelift as it’s getting old. Even the newer malls in Sengkang/Punggol are significantly better with more entertainment amenities such as cinemas, bigger variety of stores, etc.

    The only thing I miss here is that weird, crackpot guy who always wear plastic bags as gloves and claiming he is the ‘CEO of Hougang Mall’.

  133. Avatar photo
    Ken-Sherry Ho

    New and many food options. Price range $5 and above.

  134. Avatar photo
    Jardin Jumat

    It’s just an ok for me. Not too big not too small. Enough food stall to dine in but other than that not much too offer if talking about entertainment.

  135. Avatar photo
    Mt Lee

    Escalators are often out of order, might be a problem for elderlies.

  136. Avatar photo
    Debbie Wong

    A simple 5 storey neighbourhood go-to mall with access to fast food, F&b restaurants, supermarket, library, singpost, hardware, software, women sports retail, kids edu centres and claw machine zone. Only the toilets need much improvement

  137. Avatar photo
    Teng Jeremy

    Still one of the iconic areas in hougang. Never fail to satisfy my needs for discounted items there at value shop.

    Quite a good place to go for those who love claw machine as there’s a big area at the top floor that are filled with claw machine for you to catch till your heart content.

  138. Avatar photo

    Adjacent to MRT station. Very popular, crowded and happening place with shops, restaurants, services like banks, educational centres, etc.

  139. Avatar photo

    Awesome neighbourhood mall providing all daily necessities!

  140. Avatar photo
    peter chua

    Mall conveniently located with easy access via public transportation. Variety of food items for selection here. Bought traditional mooncake there this morning.

  141. Avatar photo
    Ch Mu

    Heard this was a big mall but was average size. Very crowded during the weekend. It’s just outside the MRT making it very accessible. Cotton On, Body shop are available. Macdonalds is located just as you enter the mall from MRT and KFC just near it. It is also located right in front of HDB making it easy accessible. The walk from MRT to the mall is sheltered making it very Convinent to walk

  142. Avatar photo
    Ghim Siang Cheah

    Nice neighborhood shopping is a small mall but consists of all the places from groceries, dining as well as enrichment center for kids. Now also has the place for entertainment – Play United claw machine …

  143. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Kumar

    ew food court is opened, fun toast just opened and couple of more shops coming up..

  144. Avatar photo

    A bit old but it has quite a lot of storey up to 5, and it has pepper lunch n yomie yoghurt, that was why we went there. But my helper told me the basement toilet was quite dirty, there were insects too

  145. Avatar photo
    Peter Lee

    There is lots of shops.
    However, I think becos of the any eating places outside the mall…the mall food court is quite pathetic. Food is so so quality and expensive.

  146. Avatar photo

    Have good foodcourt food

  147. Avatar photo
    Jumiaton SelamatKadri

    Just outside Hougang Mall, local singers, Nuradee busking …

  148. Avatar photo

    A narrow mall I’ve seen

  149. Avatar photo
    Tyler Teo

    An integrated mall that has variety of food choices (including food court that serves red wine chicken, red bean soup with 粉圆), library, popular bookstore etc

  150. Avatar photo
    Warqah Neufal

    Small, compact mall. Quite difficult to move around if you’re wheelchair bound because of the tight space. But there are lifts serving each level. There are many eateries & small shops to buy stuff. Very clean since Covid started. Overall, not bad.

  151. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Pang

    Its a good mall, just a little old. Food options are quite good, nearby theres a lot of phone stores with phones at cheap prices.

  152. Avatar photo

    It’s a heartland mall through & through with all the facilities you’d expect of a neighbourhood shopping mall – Library, Starbucks, kopitiam on level 4, ntuc,a of fast food and bubble tea chains. Toilets are generally clean and you can get all your groceries at one stop.

  153. Avatar photo
    Caroline Ong

    Although Hougang Mall is a fairly old mall as it’s more than a decade old but it has managed to renew itself with new shops. It is also one of the malls in Singapore that has many popular brands all in one mall. From bubble tea (Chicha San Chen, Liho, Gong Tea) to popular beverages (Mr. Coconut, Starbucks). There is also a wide range of popular food operators to choose from (McDonald’s, KFC, Pezzo, Mos Burger, Jue wei, Long John’s, Toast Box, Pepper Lunch, Sushi Express, Kopitiam, Soup Restaurant, Saizeriya, Crave. There is also UOB and OCBC bank within the premise. Not forgetting Popular Bookstore, Fairprice, Watson, Unity, Hock Hua, Guardian are among some of the shops in Hougang Mall.

  154. Avatar photo
    Melvin Ho

    Although this building is almost 20 years, it has undergone a few rounds of refresh to keep it relevant. The latest round results in quite a few eateries popular with youth being set up in the mall. The only problem is they are not located on the ground floor and may not be obvious to those who visit the mall for the first few times.

  155. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    It’s been around for many years and near Hougang Central Bus Interchange, as well as Hougang MRT station. A pretty vibrant mall at first go which is popular amongst residents and individuals of all ages.

    There are tuition centres on the top floor for the young ones and an arcade-like outlet with addictive games. Plenty of F&B choices, from the very well-known homegrown brands to international delights. A couple of new ones have opened up over the pandemic too. A library is also situated here for those keen to have a bit of quiet time to read or simply rest. FairPrice supermarket is also here – no surprises as this mall used to be called NTUC mall way back in the days. Good to have your grocery done easily. The food court is also recently refurbished and rebranded – even houses a gastro bar-like dining experience at a corner!

    Parking is slightly limited but there are plenty of HDB parking options nearby too. Definitely a great place to spend time with your family or friends.

  156. Avatar photo
    John Lim

    Foods a bit expensive here

  157. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Hougang mall is quite a old mall and surprisingly there is plenty of eateries inside this mall. Most eateries are has limited seats but the choice is not bad.

  158. Avatar photo
    PADzCam Adventures

    When I visited this place, it was so crowded. There is not much space because this is a small sized mall. There are lots of food shops but still, it’s hard to find a dining table to eat because of the huge crowd.

  159. Avatar photo
    Little Owl

    Hougang Mall has many major shops around. There’s a Fairprice, library and a SingPost.

  160. Avatar photo
    Kim Teo

    Convenient location next to MRT, with good spread of shops, including library and food court. Weekly consumer fair, promotions at the atrium of the mall, attracting vibrant crowd and shopper

  161. Avatar photo
    Kaushani (Shay)

    Had many good store to shop. And also good eating places including Mc donald shop.

  162. Avatar photo
    Edgar Cheong

    As a person with disability, the mall is quite accessible to wheelchair users and non ambulant people. However, there are only two passenger lifts serving seven floors, so it is rather difficult to use the lift. Instead, I suggest that the goods lift be used. Avoid the goods lift during 7am-10am as many goods are being transported to the supermarket on level B1.

  163. Avatar photo
    Fred Beibar

    Good …

  164. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    The mall is walking distance from hougang mrt so is almost always crowded. Has mcdonalds, kfc, ntuc and 4d booth, foodcourt and japanese restuarant. The hougang library is also found here. Because of the wide varieties of shops and eateries, i guess that why is always so packed.

  165. Avatar photo
    Aparna A

    This mall, though a bit small, has a nice set of shops and serves as the shopping hub for Hougang. Many sale keep happening frequently in Level 1. The Fairprice here is really good and the library in this mall has a really good collection of books too

  166. Avatar photo
    Yong Jie Aw

    Hougang Mall has not changed for a long time. It is getting increasingly less attractive. No specially good food that make it stand out. tho it still served the residents well by providing the necessities.

  167. Avatar photo
    Venkatesh Krishnan

    Value for money sort of mall. No big fancy brands. Friendly neighborhood mall.

  168. Avatar photo
    Avriel Peter

    Excellent Kopitiam on the 4th level. Though this mall is small, it has everything that you need.

    More importantly, it is a mall focused on family and living – go around, chill, relax. No one chases you away, because everyone us family! ️

    Well done Hougang Mall

  169. Avatar photo
    Lilo Stitch

    A small neighbourhood mall but lots of essentials and necessity shops here. Not many restaurants tho and fastfood outlets always so pack and crampy. The lifts are small and with so many elderly around and those with strollers, wheelchairs and trolleys is quite a hassle.

  170. Avatar photo

    Many choices of eateries and shops though it is quite old-fashioned. Has an OCBC branch. There’s also a nearby building with a few new retail outlets and some vacant stores.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Great place to hang out and eat. Had changed a lot!!!! Many stores including MOS, Sushi, Starbucks, Chinese restaurants and fast food. Place is small but packed with many good stuffs

  172. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    Nothing much for halal food except for some fastfood restaurants

  173. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tang

    Good & large neighborhood shopping mall with a NTUC fairprice, library & food court. Good selection of shops & f&b outlets. Can be very crowded during lunch & dinner. The coffeeshops surrounding the mall have quite delicious & affordable food too. Worth exploring

  174. Avatar photo
    Haja Rifa

    This mall has everything. Places to eat, library, popular books store

  175. Avatar photo

    The lift sometimes can be quite crowded that make a family with stroller and wheelchair need to wait for more than 10mins to get a chance to tk the lift.

  176. Avatar photo
    Gary Wong

    This mall have alot of shops such as NTUC, breadshops, eateries.

  177. Avatar photo
    w chia

    A typical neighborhood mall with stores serving the daily needs of the community surrounding it. Plenty of food choices such as Pepper Steak, Toast Box, 美珍香,etc. Gets pretty crowded. Optical, watch, shoes, clothing, cell service, supermarket, as well as other types of stores can be found here.

  178. Avatar photo
    Bengteck Tan

    Two years ago last visited, not much changes except food court gone.

  179. Avatar photo
    Jack Faizal

    Easy access to the loading area

  180. Avatar photo
    Ang Alden

    there are a lot of shops there and we could buy clothes,etc. the place is quite clean place but at some point of time, then carpark will be full and got to wait for every long just to park ur car at the carpark. so i recommend ur to go there early as the carpark will be full at some point of time.

  181. Avatar photo
    Quang Vu Nguyen

    Old mall. Food court under renovation!

  182. Avatar photo
    Aswad Aziz

    clean mall and good variety of food and shopping for home and lifestyle needs

  183. Avatar photo
    boon siong ng

    More a kampong environment type of mall.

  184. Avatar photo
    Noorul Ameen

    Small but all the relevant shop from key making to clothings to shoes and books are all available.A lot of popular fast food like subway,KFC,Mc Donald under one place

  185. Avatar photo

    Decent Mall that gets you the things that you need and a little more. FairPrice at the Basement made shopping easier in one location.

  186. Avatar photo
    Darren Chui

    This place is relatively old, just a few refurbishings as compared to 2-3 years ago. Shopping experience is great, though there’s no leisure or entertainment, since the only entertainment facility, which was timezone, got removed and replaced by Beijing 101. A good place to chill and have good food, but not so for fun-seekers.

  187. Avatar photo

    Cool neighborhood mall with a little of everything! Got more shops now

  188. Avatar photo
    Eng Julie

    This shopping mall was rejuvenated to more spacious and attractive foods/shops. I love Tutu Kuehs cos it smells so good. Go for basement floor to try.

  189. Avatar photo
    Chng Lip Ern

    Quite lacking in choices here but the location is really convenient and it links up with the neighbourhood shops.

  190. Avatar photo
    Lohith GN

    Yet another mall in the neighborhood. Inside is not that much of a fancy place. To me this is a OK-Ok mall. Outside the mall is a good stroll.

  191. Avatar photo
    Rell C

    Nice mall with plenty of amenities surrounding the area. There is a library inside which one can sit and read some books. This is a nice neighborhood shopping mall. Mac, KFC, Subway, Pizza, Jap, Qiji are all there.

  192. Avatar photo
    Jacelyn Tan

    Neighborhood shopping with basic essential shops like food, optical, fashion & supermarket. It has a newly renovated food court.

  193. Avatar photo
    Don Ong

    Apparantly have everything you need in one place, for a mall that size it is quite good. Carpark need upgrade.

  194. Avatar photo
    Phoebeta Tauri

    Big praise to Kebil. Very engaging to customer and has alot of conversational topics which he is able to relate.

    Will definitely come again!

  195. Avatar photo
    Poh Ivy

    It’s ok..was with mom..goldlion neck-tie
    …for uncle pastor’s ordination..$39.90..

  196. Avatar photo
    Caleb Liu

    It’s a medium sized suburban mall with many of the usual mix of tenants. There is a Popular Bookstore, a NTUC supermarket, your usual fast food (McDonald’s, KFC, Long John Silver, Subway), clothing stores and so on. They do have quite a decent community library on the 3rd floor as well.

  197. Avatar photo

    Massage place is good

  198. Avatar photo
    Andmeuths “Andmeuths”

    Good amenities. Ample parking. Has a Supermarket and more than adequate selection of stores but no movie theater.

  199. Avatar photo
    adrian gian

    Very popular neighbourhood mall with strong merchandise mix and good F&B outlets to whet your appetite.

  200. Avatar photo
    Raphael Lim

    A regular neighbourhood mall. With KFC and Macdonalds on the ground floor. A few nice restaurants inside.

  201. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Goh

    More than a decade and the mall is still more or less the same.. Some improvements but takes a long time for new developments.

  202. Avatar photo
    Carlo P

    Small mall with very few options. Services the local area well but considering how crowded it was during a weekday it could have been designed better to accommodate more shops. I did not see any real restaurants (where you pay after you eat) and the atmosphere is lacking, some decorating would be nice

  203. Avatar photo
    Greg Goh

    Food is generally above average… Unfortunately my wife & me, we were seated in front of Yang Tow Foo stall…saw some electrical workerl came to do tests on the vege-rice stall. He just plugged the power extension socket to power-point of and then left it as it was. There was no ” DANGER!~ WORK IN PROGRESS Signboard placed on the floor. I had to help a cleaner push her cleaning cart over the wires on the floor.

  204. Avatar photo
    WR Tan

    An air-conditioned mall that brings convenience to neighbourhood. Do check out the shophouses and kang kar mall nearby for grocery and food.

  205. Avatar photo
    nguyen khoi nguyen

    A lot fun things to play …

  206. Avatar photo
    Piqued Wanderer

    One of d hidden gems here in Hougang.

    With lots of food varieties, from Nene Chicken, Pizza Hut and more to choose from, this place is like a big mall, capsulated into 1 smaller version. There are lots of things to see and buy here.

    Despite d size, this place has lots of shops too.. and most of these places have sale, so dont miss those sale items.. we are pretty sure, if you, have never stepped in here, den u have missed out on lotsa goodies.

    And if u r tired, get ur shot of mocha n relax. Ok, jz go in and slow down for a walk around d place.. Cheers!!

    #famwithsten #hougangmall #hougang

  207. Avatar photo
    Kesmond Kwek

    A local mall with all kinds shops, from fashion to household, from jewelry to IT, many restaurants and food outlets to satisfy different taste buds. supermarket (NTUC) is at the basement, the mall is rather small but packed daily essential services and supplies that make a one stop mall.

  208. Avatar photo
    Jason Ow

    Today’s crowd was alright, still able to buy and window shopping with ease.

  209. Avatar photo

    Crowded on weekend and public holiday. Basement foodcourt offer numerous delicious food but limited seats when busy. Within walking distance a famous fried spring chicken.

  210. Avatar photo
    joan tay

    I only like NTUC..staff they r polite. Only at the $1shop.. the cashier is rude.. she is small in size n is Filipina.

  211. Avatar photo
    Rich Goh

  212. Avatar photo
    Andrew Yoong

    Small mall with a good variety of shops.

  213. Avatar photo
    Melvin Koh

    This mall has been here for at least 20 years and still going strong. It has undergone quite a few renovationa, and at the moment, the food court on the 4th floor is being renovated. Good enough to be a neighbourhood mall, with all the amenities, like, NTUC, post office, clothing store, public library, restaurants, McDonald’s, breakfast places, etc.

  214. Avatar photo
    Advin Xavier Lee

    Clean and tidy. Whenever I go there I feel welcomed as the shop keepers are friendly. This is where I would go everyday as there is a variety of food and if you want desserts there is one on the second level. There is a kopitiam on the 4level

  215. Avatar photo
    Roy Chan

    Nothing much special about Hougang Mall. It is merely a convenient mall for residents in Hougang, Sengkang, Serangoon and maybe Punggol. The restaurants are mediocre and not so expensive. There are also two FairPrice, the other one in Kang Kar Mall ( just beside Hougang Mall), for groceries need.

  216. Avatar photo
    Phillip Tan

    Small mall. First time visiting in a long while. Doesn’t really have a wide variety of shops, but TMI you can find most of the major bubble tea brands here. As with most malls these days, restaurants take up maybe 30% of mall space so that’s good.

  217. Avatar photo
    E.K.K. fred

    Basement carpark notably humid & warm during raining day. Fogging up of my car windscreen occurs when enter into the area especially trying to negotiate traffic while vision is impeded is not safe. Suggest to have ventilation system or fans.

  218. Avatar photo
    Saint Baum

    too crowded during peak hours, not a good shopping experience. one of the more dirty foodcourt compared to other shopping malls.

  219. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling Luo

    Grew up around here. Still growing fat around here. My favourite mall.

    November 2022 – I bring friends here. And they love it too.

    Jan 2023 – discovered great ramen in Foodie Garden. Still getting fat.

  220. Avatar photo
    Arun Revington

    Too much crowd, very small mall,

  221. Avatar photo
    Kor Tan

    If you want to go to Hougang Mall. I think Saizeriya will be a very good restaurant for you to eat. If you’re looking for electronic gadget, you should probably head to level 4 where you can find challenger there. The outlet there sell heavily discounted display set.

  222. Avatar photo
    SuzseQ “RedDotter” Ng

    It’s a pity they closed the Kopitiam at the upper floor for good, left with less than average choice of dining at mall. Overall, it’s your usual estate mall with all the right mix of tenants of kids enrichment schools, beautician shops, etc. Have an interesting silver polish, jewelry cum repair, ear piercing service shop.

  223. Avatar photo
    A Lim

    This is a really convenient place because the food stalls, library, post office and supermarket are all there. I love to go to Saizeriya there altho it is a small one compared to the Kovan one.

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