Review Hougang 1, 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore

Review Hougang 1 - Singapore 1 Hougang Street 91

“Small but an interesting mall with all you need. NTUC on Level 2 is quite big. Level 1 with a few nice eateries.” or “Very good place. MC Donald’s, Subway, KFC, Kopitiam all in one place. Level 2 has big Fair Price extra too” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hougang 1. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hougang 1 is quality.

Introduction about Hougang 1

Here are some fundamental details regarding Hougang 1. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Hougang 1is one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 65933351 (+65 65933351)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 11 PM.


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You can reach Hougang 1 at 65933351(+65 65933351). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Hougang 1 via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Hougang 1 reviews

Hougang 1 is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Hougang 1 good?

To determine whether Hougang 1 is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I always never leave empty handed while I visit.Though its not big but I like that it's not overly crowded and best of all,all shops display is very neat & tidy. …”

“Very good place. MC Donald's, Subway, KFC, Kopitiam all in one place. Level 2 has big Fair Price extra too”

“It’s an amazing mall that has a NTUC which opens late, KOPITIAM foodcourt, and many restaurants. It also has McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks etc.”

“Typical HDB neighbourhood mall. NTUC, Kopitiam, clinic various shops.”

“Small place yet you can buy most stuffs you need in your place, includes supermarket and food court”

“Convienien Near to ntuc, market place Can view fire work from marina Good place …”

“Xtra from NTUC is a good groceries shopping experience”

“The shops that are available and food restaurants are getting better..There are various food to suit your liking.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 282 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 76% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hougang 1, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Hougang 1, 1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore

There is a total 282 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Abdul Shukor Ali

    Quiet corner of Hougang Green. Nice place to for local coffee ang light breakfast as there are few eateries.

  2. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Siyah

    Was searching for a place that opened early and had Canon printer cartridges. Got it here. The place has a decent electronics section.

  3. Avatar photo
    Bond Tay

    1) small shopping mall with a big ‘NTUC Xtra’.
    2) only a few shop houses.
    3a) Kopitum not really 24/7, as night time only drink store is available.
    3b) Foods are not so delicious.
    4) Macdonald open only 24hrs during Friday, Saturday, and eve of PH.

  4. Avatar photo
    Frank Dave

    the Copitiam is standard. Japanese stall is worth a try.

    Fairprice Xtra on the second floor is big, selling everything from orange to a bike.

  5. Avatar photo

    The most convenient place to shop and dine for those living around Hougang St 91.

  6. Avatar photo
    Jing Yi Quek

    The NTUC Xtra located there is simply amazing! The variety of stuff there is really a spoilt for choices.

  7. Avatar photo
    martin chin choy leong

    Alot things to see

  8. Avatar photo
    Kef Low

    Although it’s small, it has the shops you’ll need, from fashions, salons, food court to restaurants, fast food restaurants McDonald’s, ntuc supermarket and shop selling all kinds of household needs. It also have Posb atm machine outside the mall.

  9. Avatar photo
    roysten ng

    Great neighbourhood shopping malls with good food A supermarket at level two and some handphone shops around!good place to hang out with friends

  10. Avatar photo
    Kyp Teh

    2nd level ntuc quite big, else nothing much.

  11. Avatar photo
    Rahweya Hameed

    Good l like to buys thing at ntuc

  12. Avatar photo
    Terence Wee

    Small mall in the Hougang heartland

  13. Avatar photo
    Cheng Zhi Xiang

    One of the few malls in the north east with a hugee NTUC Extra! The other one is at NEX which is usually crowded. Also has a big kopitiam, a few restaurants, McDonald’s, a hardware store, Korean mart, bread shop,watsons and hockhua.

  14. Avatar photo
    Seah Eu may

    I always never leave empty handed while I visit.Though its not big but I like that it’s not overly crowded and best of all,all shops display is very neat & tidy. …

  15. Avatar photo
    Soumya Sinha

    Walking distance from my house. Almost everything is available like Fairprice, KFC etc. Their Mcdonalds is 24 hours plus they recently opened Starbucks also. Save my lot of time

  16. Avatar photo
    Eric Kan

    A heartland mall with a huge NTUC supermarket, a food court, clinics, restaurants and various shops. Not forgetting Macdonald’s and Starbucks cafe. A good mix for both young and old.

  17. Avatar photo
    zhen yu Chong

    Having lived beside this mall for over 10 years, it has grown on me. It’s a simple place where aunties and uncles go to do buy their groceries and other necessities, while at the same time it is an outlet for students from neighbouring schools to have a nice lunch. It’s a bit on the small side, and really it caters more towards the residents of Hougang so I wouldn’t recommend shoppers coming here to do your shopping as you will be done by 30 minutes, unless you know what you want to buy is sold here.

  18. Avatar photo
    Prathipraj Devaraj

    Basic amenities available. Fair price Hyperjoint, kopitiam and other basic stuff.

  19. Avatar photo
    eric tanlaysan

    Great wonderful …

  20. Avatar photo
    Chong Peng How

    Not as crowded as Hougang Mall. Good selection of restaurants, fast food and cafes. Car Park entry is very narrow, so be careful when driving in.

  21. Avatar photo
    Abby Shai

    Clean and well maintained! Best one stop for grocery shopping and dinner for small family.

  22. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Lee

    No improvement. Kopi Tiam – the food not getting better but the price gone up after ntuc took over.

  23. Avatar photo
    Sally Eats

    I grew up visiting this mall. it is enough for simple needs and supplies.

  24. Avatar photo
    Eileen Tan

    Love it esp with the new Starbucks open at Hougang 1 . Kopitiam food varieties getting lesser. Hopefully new tenants coming in.

  25. Avatar photo
    BK N

    Not much to shop here. Most people came here to buy groceries at fairprice or eat fast food.

  26. Avatar photo
    Teck Leng Lim

    Small mall not much shops on 1st floor, on 2nd level there is a big ntuc.

  27. Avatar photo
    Junel Luces

    Fair price select inside the mall.

  28. Avatar photo

    It is at a great location, many nice shops and affordable restaurants. But the mall can be bigger and i think it should offer more shops.

  29. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chong

    Anchor tenant is NTUC Fairprice. Great grocery shopping for regulars. Sakae Sushi, McDonald’s, KFC, Kopitiam, Mugiya, Yakun. Good place for meals.

  30. Avatar photo
    indra w

    Small mall, but packed with things you need, from FairPrice, bakery, Cheers, Watsons, Kopi tiam (food price start from $3), McDonald’s just to name some.

  31. Avatar photo
    GF Chin

    The NTUC staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They give me a pleasant experience shopping there with my family …

  32. Avatar photo
    SjojoS PhIn3y

    Small shopping mall with wonders inside of it. Get to enjoy great food and big NTUC for u to get all wonderful things in it.

  33. Avatar photo
    Koh Jeremy

    Functional neighbourhood shopping centre with a huge supermarket on its second level and famous fast food on ground floor.

    Nothing too fanciful but serves the entire neighbourhood

  34. Avatar photo

    Love the NTUC hypermarket here. The Kopitiam served quite a variety of food. A few fast food joints available too.

  35. Avatar photo
    Aik Koon Wee

    This is for the NTUC Xtra. Comparatively to the other branch in AMK and Nex, the aisle here seemed so much wider and alot of room spaces
    makes shopping here breezy compared to the other 2 branches where you need to be trimmed and nimble to navigate through the crowds.

  36. Avatar photo
    Keng Min Lee

    A very good mall, lots of promotion at the ground floor. A lot of shops to patronise and there is a library in the mall.

  37. Avatar photo
    Ultraman Lim

    A small neighbourhood mall but a large NTUC occupying the entire 2nd floor. Mostly patronised by residents living nearby. A few restaurants available and has a kopi tiam with limited food options.

  38. Avatar photo
    Grace Kate

    Simple mall but lots of good stuff

  39. Avatar photo
    Eaglenestsg SG

    The only major store here is NTUC Fairprice. Rest of the stores are not doing very well except for the eateries. Conveniently located with good underground car parks.

  40. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    It is not as big as the amk extra fairprice but it has the essentials we need n the savings which also apply. Easy to find stuff, neat n organised. …

  41. Avatar photo
    Josephine Xie

    Small mall but has the necessity shops such as ntuc, bread shop, and guardian. Lots of eateries such as shi like fang, macs, wang cafe, Western food.

  42. Avatar photo
    Shariqsaf Ryan

    The shops that are available and food restaurants are getting better..There are various food to suit your liking.

  43. Avatar photo
    Kris Ang

    Small but enough variety of shops. Ntuc fairprice is big & sells very fresh fish

  44. Avatar photo
    Andrew Poh

    A small but well stocked shopping centre with a NTUC for your daily supplies.

  45. Avatar photo
    CHIAM See Chye詹世才(Zhan Shicai)

    There’s additional new food outlets after renovation. Love the mixture. Fairprice on 2nd level also have a facelift, feels wider.

  46. Avatar photo
    BellyJay 88

    It’s nearby my house.. Very convenient. Mcds, KFC, FairPrice, Starbucks, Watsons, Cheers

  47. Avatar photo
    Ina83 Adi

    I always frequently go to Hougang 1 because it is very convenient for me to get everything I need from groceries to fast food to household essentials. Every weekend, without fail I go to Hougang 1 and I will continue to go there. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

  48. Avatar photo
    Ng Amy

    A place that near the Institute of mental health, as seen I had mental illness. Then I hope people will understand what is mental illness, about it and please care for the mentally ill. Anyway I seldom go to hougang 1, for good shopping trip and have a nice tea break

  49. Avatar photo

    Xtra from NTUC is a good groceries shopping experience

  50. Avatar photo
    Lisa Arina

    Small shopping, a bit crampy causing long queues at the F&B section..very little halal food(only McDonald , Starbucks, Prima deli ) not much entertainment for the children, more for a quick pick up n go mall.

  51. Avatar photo
    Sidek Ali

    Japan Home is the place for a shoppers to buy or to get a product that produce from Japan. There are a lot of choice to chose, from kitchen to showers or from hall to a dine table.All items sale in reasonable price….buy items that coast $18/- you get $8/- voucher… hurry..hurry..hurry!!!.

  52. Avatar photo
    Shi Hui

    Walking distance from my place! A one stop solution within walking distance for those living nearby. NTUC supermarket is located at level 2 of Hougang 1. Parking is located at basement for those driving. Bus stops outside Hougang 1 for buses 72, 109, 116, 325 easily accessible from Yio Chu Kang MRT station, Serangoon MRT station, Hougang station. There is condominium located above Hougang 1 which is so convenient for those living upstairs to get their daily necessities fixed.

  53. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    A neighbourhood shopping mall. Has enough products to cater for the daily neccessities of the residents here, also there are some eatery outlets and a foodcourt.Also there is a Hyper Ntuc Fair Price Supermart.
    Dated : 02/10/2017 ( Monday ).

  54. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Got to love these neighbourhood malls. Theres a NUTC supermarket on the 2nd level. Hope this place doesn’t turn into a REIT…..

  55. Avatar photo
    Jeyathasan So krishnan

    Big & well stocked NTUC supermarket with fresh fish, prawns, crabs etc sold. Choose your own sea food products, thereafter the stall attendant will clean & cut the fish according to buyers instruction.

  56. Avatar photo
    moyiao miao

    Why’d they name all the malls with one – point – cities? I mean they’re not even that nice

  57. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    It may not be a big Mall comparing with others, but this place has some of the bests food outlets just like any other popular places. In fact, parking is a breeze and you get any shopping and food outlets you can think of, such as NTUC, Kopitiam, Watson and even your favourite Toto outlets . …

  58. Avatar photo
    Joseph Puzon

    The Supermarket and Kopitiam.
    You get most of the kitchen needs on the second floor.
    You get comfort foods on the ground floor and serves hot.

  59. Avatar photo
    Teivian Raj

    Best part of this mall is the fair price, it’s huge! Besides that you get decent food selections. Fast food, a kopitiam and some other eateries. It’s a regular heartland mall for the residents staying nearby.

  60. Avatar photo
    Xavier Fok

    Coming here only because my partner stays nearby. Good because it’s well connected to the surrounding HDB blocks and you won’t get wet despite heavy rain.

    But why would you come here unless someone was here?

  61. Avatar photo
    Ming Yan Chong

    Supermarket, some eateries and restaurant. Convenient because of its proximity but just an usual heartland mall

  62. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    I visited once only to find food in the morning. I can only find Mcd which it says 24hrs and found that Mcd is only open 24hrs on weekend only. I have to wait till 7am to order the food.

    This mall is located quite far from mrt. Only to cater the neighbours resident around the area. It is very convenient for them but for visitor it is far.

    There is fairprice extra in here.

  63. Avatar photo
    Dinil Thomas

    Huge mall. Food court is there. Mc Donald’s and KFC is also associated. Parking space available. Wheel chair options are available. The mall comes with all kinds of shoppings.

  64. Avatar photo
    Food Lover

    A great place to go to to fix ur sushi cravings at umisushi , grocery at ksupermart and ntuc , meat cravings at the bbq store opp umisushi . There’s even Mac n KFC , heavenly Wang and another food court! Lots of food lol

  65. Avatar photo
    Monsieur Snow

    Used to be called Hougang Festival Market.
    Cozy neighborhood shopping centre. It has many shops since the renovation some time ago.
    There are fast food options like macdonald’s, KFC, umi sushi.
    Also has a kopitiam food court, NTUC on second level.
    Rocky masters, Starbucks, gong Cha, tun xiang, gochisho syokudo, heavenly Wang, stationary shop, spectacles shop, QB house, clinic, hockhua tonic, mugiya, super coconut, Korean mart, diy shop, hair salon, cow play cow moo arcade, prima deli, i-Tea, dough culture, unity, saizeriya, cheers, twelve cupcakes.
    Listed all that I could remember above.
    Subjected to changes over time.
    There’s also a basement carpark here.

  66. Avatar photo

    A nice shopping mall with daily nesscessaries at fairprice which helps in the covid 19 situation right now

  67. Avatar photo
    Brian Chng

    Heartland Mall @ Hougang
    McDonald’s, KFC, NTUC Extra, Kopitiam Food Court and a few other shops around.

  68. Avatar photo
    Lee Lik ngan

    Convenient for takeaways at foodcourt & grocery shopping at NTUC. One of my favourites.

  69. Avatar photo
    T. Kah Jun (KJ)

    First floor comprises of mostly F&B, with some clothing shops, stationary stores, pharmacies, TCM and bakeries. 2nd floor is a NTUC and another pharmacy

  70. Avatar photo
    connie chang

    A small shopping mall but well-equipped with McDonald’s, KFC, Kopitiam, fairprice, bakery, LiHo….etc. Very convenient!

  71. Avatar photo
    Lim Denis

    Great place to park , eat , pick up grocery , grab take away food and go .

  72. Avatar photo
    Abu Bakar

    Very convenient however i have yet to be able to smoothly use the thermometer.

  73. Avatar photo
    XuanKai Chen

    Food, clothes, huge NTUC Xtra where most necessities can be gathered in one go.

    Food court with wide variety of food, Mac, KFC and speciality restaurant all under one roof.

  74. Avatar photo
    Kenny Zhang

    This is a good functional mall. Has all the important essentials: supermarket, some food options, photo developing shop, laundry dry cleaning. And no other unnecessary shops that will bring the window-shopping crowd. Because of this, easy to get in, buy what’s needed, and quickly get out. That’s how it should be. The polar opposite is something like Nex, I would never go to the ntuc in Nex

  75. Avatar photo
    Clement Chew

    Typical heartland mall. The NTUC Extra branch provides a goid variety of goods that are not available in smaller outlets. This makes it convenient for nearby residents.

  76. Avatar photo
    John Heng

    It’s smaller than I expected but otherwise has all my basic needs – Ntuc supermarket, McD, food court, etc.

  77. Avatar photo
    Yusof Joseph Abbey

    I love buying groceries at NTUC..

  78. Avatar photo
    Rina Goo

    Small shopping mall with FairPrice Extra hypermarket spanning the entire second floor. Also has Kopitiam, reasonably priced. Other food outlets are McDonalds, KFC, Sakae Sushi, and Wang, so there’s lots of variety.

  79. Avatar photo
    Leong Eric

    New Shops Opens Here!!

  80. Avatar photo
    Yukimura Matcha

    Not bad bah… Dining there. KFC service slow. Macdonald staff is friendly.

  81. Avatar photo
    Rosh Wang

    Great place for family outing and shopping. Lots of small eateries for gatherings as well.

    There’s also a Fairprice Extra supermarket which has varied choices of household products, good range of fresh produce, meat and seafood to choose from.

  82. Avatar photo
    Surendran K

    Less shops, Singtel small showrooms there in L1

  83. Avatar photo
    Chye Poh Neo

    The mall is rather old but it looks better with the yellow lighting at most parts of the mall (you can see the contrast with white lights at some corners). Nevertheless, it looks ok in overall and it has most of the essential items we need. My sons like the dentist Dr Alice Chua’s dental treatment (hard to get appointment though).

  84. Avatar photo
    Yati Yati

    Near to ntuc, market place
    Can view fire work from marina
    Good place …

  85. Avatar photo
    Johnny Loh

    Ample parking lots, great for groceries shopping at FairPrice X’tra

  86. Avatar photo
    Desmond Soo

    Still got some stores not occupied… Ntuc fairprice extra is one of the few I always patronised. Food choices are OK.

  87. Avatar photo
    Navindran V

    Not a great shopping center but it has a big kopitiam and NTUC (Fairprice Xtra)

  88. Avatar photo
    Kevin Boo

    Kopitiam food court, sakae sushi, mc Donald’s, kfc, xinwang HK cafe, ntuc grocery store, 4D ToTo outlet.

    Wireless@sg WiFi available but coverage can be spotty. Only tested at McDonald’s. Good coverage there.

    Free lockable mobile charging station by Singapore power on level 2, ntuc. (Feb 2016)

  89. Avatar photo
    Nisa Abdul Khalid

    Heartland little mall which can fulfil your needs. Best places are the big fair price xtra supermarket and prima deli waffles. Halal options are limited except for KFC and Macs.

  90. Avatar photo
    ThianYong Chan

    There’s supermarket on the 2nd floor. Many eateries at the ground floor. Although small, this mall has all its needed. Very convenient.

  91. Avatar photo
    John Brian Lim

    Must try the zi cha stall here, real value for money, taste like restaurant but much cheaper, got the JB taste!

  92. Avatar photo
    Charlene Yap

    I come here to shop for groceries. The NTUC here is huge and well stocked with all kinds of groceries.

  93. Avatar photo
    Roy yuan

    The only extra Fairprice in the north east, however the supermarket doesn’t offer much fresh live seafoods.

  94. Avatar photo
    Priyanka H

    Great experience in this relaxed and exciting mall. McDonald, Huge NTUC Supermarket, Starbucks. People are quite nice here. The secruity guards are nice and polite.

  95. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    The main attraction here will be the Ntuc Fairprice. The whole of 2nd storey is the Ntuc supermarket. The rest of the shops at 1st storey is mainly small eateries. The narrow slope down carpark can be quite challenging for some.

  96. Avatar photo
    CK roid

    Kopitiam for food, NTUC for daily necessities ansd usually easy to find parking lot in carpark.

  97. Avatar photo
    Keith Yeo

    Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle that is NEX lies a quaint, rustic mall that is Hougang 1. This hidden gem is a great place for a quiet cuppa as you finish your final draft of whatever that’s otherwise never coming to fruition.

    Remember to get the waffles there as you lose yourself in quiet contemplation about life before you lose yourself in a downward spiral as you’ve overshot your calorie count for the xth time.

  98. Avatar photo
    Vince Goh

    Less crowded today with a very comprehensive spread of groceries items at NTUC

  99. Avatar photo
    JP Foong

    It’s number 1 in Hougang.

  100. Avatar photo
    Khairul Ikhwan

    Dead mall. But got big ntuc so ok la

  101. Avatar photo
    bui boy

    big ntuc

  102. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Yap

    Nothing good to shop only got nice restraunt to dine..

  103. Avatar photo
    David Lim

    Basically i only visit ntuc for grocery but the fruit section should be improved as most of the fruits are damaged particularly bananas

  104. Avatar photo
    Jac Moses

    So far so good. The shopping is clean. Everything in order and also they have the automated machine for the safe entry.

  105. Avatar photo
    vincent Aw

    Except no book shop & cinemas!

  106. Avatar photo
    Dennis Tan

    Food court. Wang coffee. MacDonald. KFC. A bigger NTUC and some other restaurants.

  107. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Ng

    small mall but a good place to hang out during weekdays

  108. Avatar photo
    Sainudin Lestution Jaafar

    Just a simple heartland small shopping place. Not much of choices of shops.

  109. Avatar photo
    Mary Ong

    Only NTUC/KOPITIAM and mostly bread shop and alot of eatery shop also hardware other than that cannot find anything interesting

  110. Avatar photo
    Zamri Rasheed

    Great place to shop got ntuc got mac donalds kfc kopitiam and many more

  111. Avatar photo
    Albert TAY

    A very small neighborhood shopping mall with ntuc extra in level 2. Kopitiam air con not on in the morning, very hot (dunt understand logic, why they turn on the mall air con but not kpt). Carpark travellator up to mall since perpetual down for min 3 months since jan 2021

  112. Avatar photo
    Mag Mag

    Nice cozy heartland mall. Love the eateries there.

  113. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    Neighbourhood mall. Has Fairprice Xtra, McDonalds, kfc, watsons, prima deli, kopitiam foodcourt etc. Good for food & grocery shopping

  114. Avatar photo
    T K

    Rather small mall but convenient for people living nearby. There isn’t much to do here but it has quite a few food options.

  115. Avatar photo
    Richard Teo

    Ntuc fair price supermarket is best n should get better after renovation
    limited retail shops n dining outlets
    should open up or create another 2 dining outlets outside n allow more seats

  116. Avatar photo
    Xavier Goh

    A good nearby two level mall with eateries and some nice food or drinks outlet like Saizeriya, Starbucks, Li-ho, Hock Hua, KFC, Sushi Teh and Macdonalds! Yap, there’s an NTUC supermarket there too.

  117. Avatar photo
    Specky Boy

    Good variety of food at Kopitiam

  118. Avatar photo
    Ronex D Bonex

    So far so good. There is restaurants, groceries,clinic, coffee …

  119. Avatar photo
    julian yue

    Rather quite due to current covid situation. All the regular stores of a neighbourhood shopping complex. Large well stocked supermarket however .

  120. Avatar photo
    JoJo Anne

    One of my favourite supermarket NTUC and food Court allocated here.

  121. Avatar photo
    Errol Champion

    It’s your usual neighborhood mall. Incorporating a Fairprice Supermarket, rather large food court which offered a wide variety of dishes. Enjoyed the c fact that there were a number of cafes and restaurants too and other eateries. All in all, I would say it’s a mid-range neighborhood mall. Bonus too for anyone who plans to do a stay cation at the nearby Hougang Residences.

  122. Avatar photo
    Taqin J

    The only reason to visit this mall would be the huge NTUC Fairprice at level 2. Besides that it’s a pretty standard heartland mall.

  123. Avatar photo

    Not too bad for a neighbourhood mall.

  124. Avatar photo
    David Yeo

    Nice place, being here many times. Eat, shop and relex.

  125. Avatar photo
    Kynx Loh

    Lots of parking lots but with only one small elevator (only able to accommodate 1 shopping trolley) serving the whole of Hougang 1.
    Physically well persons please use escalating travelators instead.

  126. Avatar photo
    S J

    Its a clean mall .conveniently located nearby bus stop.but not too many shops there.only the basic shops are there .Fairprice is quite big.

  127. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    Very huge mall. Went to the ntuc x-ray which was quite huge but the stationery section was a little pathetic.

  128. Avatar photo
    Apple Beetroot

    Nothing much happening here. NTUC, McDonald’s. Terrible food court. Filthy toilets. One of the worst malls in Singapore.

  129. Avatar photo
    Sha Sulaiman

    The only place i visited was the NTUC supermarket. Small mall with choices of Watsons, food court, starbucks, tuition ctr, bread shops, barber and few others.

  130. Avatar photo
    Amin Shah

    Has a food court, ntuc outlet (non 24 hours), sushi restaurant, fast food (macd and KFC), and ample space for parking. Wish it had 24 hours ntuc though.

  131. Avatar photo
    Justin Yeo

    Has food court, supermarket and restaurants. Not a big place and not that crowded either. A

  132. Avatar photo
    James Tian

    Stall sn shops are well located and easy to find. Reasonable prices n good service in general

  133. Avatar photo
    Bay Qinyao

    Recently furbished. Has a fairprice xtra, and a food court. Has a small selection of heartland shops

  134. Avatar photo
    Krishnan Junior

    Great place to shopping especially NTUC Fairprice Xtra

  135. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Lim

    They have variety of food at the mall.
    Average and affordable..prices

  136. Avatar photo
    Cheng Joo Cheng

    Great place to do grocery, at NTUC but is midst of renovation…

  137. Avatar photo
    Shy 0_0

    Not many people are around 8 to 11 am. Even in the afternoon there won’t be much. There is a kopitiam deep inside the mall but it would be packed with people. Right near the toilet there is an arcade where you can play games like claw machines and coin drop. There is a bakery, Starbucks, Macdonald and many more places to visit in your free time. but if you are far from Hougang you would be wasting time coming here. do visit if you are nearby like serangoon, amk or if you just Wanna travel. I believe there is a place Near Hougang 1 Mall Village Residence Hougang, just steps from Hougang 1 Mall. It is a family-friendly aparthotel. Once I visit that would do a review on it

  138. Avatar photo
    Jessie Lim-Heng

    Nice place with decent range of food and shops. Nice big NTUC fair price supermarket to shop at.

  139. Avatar photo
    karen chia

    Small compact provincial shopping, good parking. There are various eateries, pastry shops, etc The main attraction a mega store NTUC supermarket.

  140. Avatar photo
    Johan Jansen

    Good value restaurant with nice foodcourt inside. Also it’s nice to have a supermarket closeby. Furthermore the barber is also good

  141. Avatar photo
    vin b

    Small shopping mall convenient to residents at Hougang neighborhood district.
    There is a bus stop just right outside the building.
    There are fast food restaurants, food court, Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurant, bakery shop, Starbucks and other shops at 1st level.
    NTUC at 2nd level.

  142. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling

    Good for grocery shopping. Other than the huge ntuc Xtra, there’s nothing much. There are mcd, kfc, wang cafe, a small watsons, bakery like mugiya and prima, kopitiam foodcourt etc.

  143. Avatar photo
    J O

    Came here for NTUC only

  144. Avatar photo
    KR Liew

    Nice and cosy mall

  145. Avatar photo
    _ Growdabian_

    Good place with basic shops, not a lot of variety for food

  146. Avatar photo
    Wei Ghee Ng

    supermarket is big and kopitiam serves decent food with variety, couple with thai super bowl and saizeriya within the mall, one of the smaller but has everything mall

  147. Avatar photo
    Bevan Chen

    The shopping center is not big and good enough for neighborhood area.

  148. Avatar photo
    Adeline Lee H L

    A mini Neighbourhood shopping mall around AMK area and it has all the necessities shop there for you to explore and get all the stuff. NTUC Fairprice extra is pretty big there.

  149. Avatar photo
    Syaheerah Shafi

    I love the NTUC Xtra! The whole of level 2 is Fairprice NTUC! It is huge and has variety of things to choose from! They even have clothes section, halal roasted chicken section etc.

  150. Avatar photo
    Joseph Puzon

    It houses your daily needs from your basic household to personnal wear and you can find several food stalls to satisfy your hunger.
    Fairprice Supermarket is at the second floor and food stalls are on the first level.

  151. Avatar photo
    Casey Degamwala

    A handy place for quick shopping for grocery and clothes for the residential blocks around Hougang 1 Mall. Nice food outlets within.

  152. Avatar photo
    Amos Ang

    Nice suburban mall anchored by NTUC Hypermart, with other necessity-oriented shops as well. Serves the surrounding blocks of residences well.

  153. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    If you are looking for a place to get free masks N95 then please go to Haugang 1 mall NTUC. They have available stock. Please do not forget to take your SP services bill to collect your masks. Stay safe stay healthy

  154. Avatar photo
    Anuar Selamat

    Neighbourhood shopping convenience..

  155. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheong

    Not bad for a heartland mall. 100% better than buangkok square for sure

  156. Avatar photo
    Anson Lee

    Quite good considering Its size. Food choice is particularly good for a mall like this size

  157. Avatar photo

    The shopping mall overall not bad just that it’s a bit small

  158. Avatar photo
    Suiyang Wong

    Mall had good selection of retail offerings. Crowd not too packed to make shopping experience uncomfortable

  159. Avatar photo
    Swati Das

    Excellently catering to all the neighbourhoods!

  160. Avatar photo
    Hellen F

    Popular staff were very friendly and helpful. Even loaned me her power bank to charge my phone.

    You can charge your phone at the customer service just outside popular book store

  161. Avatar photo
    Siti Nor Aisyah

    Spacious, alot of shops and NTUC Extra

  162. Avatar photo
    Aracanius Infinius

    Food options not bad, shopping options not bad. Both are diverse enough for a neighbourhood shopping mall, however, beware the janitors.

    I got hosed in the toilet via the gaps under the toilet stall walls, the only warning prior was a violent shaking of the door before the floor became Niagara Falls.

    Food: 3/5
    Shopping: 3/5
    Experience: 1/5
    Fun: 2/5

  163. Avatar photo
    Wee Geraldine (GW)

    Can find super market, clinic, dentist, Starbucks, foodcourt, bubble tea n fast food here.

  164. Avatar photo

    Always lepak at McDonald’s after school, has variety of stores catering to both the young and old, fairpirce is huge lol

  165. Avatar photo
    Melvin Ho

    Personally I don’t like the overall design of the mall. It is rather small and squeezy, giving shoppers a claustrophobic feeling everytime.

    For those who are OCBC bank customers, their ATM machines are located within NTUC Fairprice itself. Given this Covid-19 situation, it is a hassle to withdraw money from those machines: one has to do SafeEntry twice.

    It is questionable even to the need to check-in just to withdraw money given that the main crowd of the supermarket is way within.

  166. Avatar photo
    Jen T

    My usual routine is going to Saizeriya on the first level for lunch or dinner followed by grocery shopping at Fairprice Extra on the second level. The Fairprice Extra houses pretty extensive range of appliances and groceries. The vegetables section is well stocked.

  167. Avatar photo
    Henry Soo

    Lots of food to choose…. haha!!! Still prefers chicken rice…. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Sze Ying Ong

    Pretty okay! Small place but with a food court, some restaurants and Fairprice upstairs

  169. Avatar photo
    meowo z

    Small shopping mall with a large supermarket – fair price extra.

  170. Avatar photo
    Emma R T

    Its a little mall with a few shop eateries.24hrs NtUC at the second floor. With a posb ocbc banksDBS banks. A few buses to the nearest area town. Not bad the nearest condo regentville then local schools. Its walking distance to factories industrial food never MacDonald. KFC there’s is also a Thai food.

  171. Avatar photo
    Kim Elldee

    Here for ntuc, big many variety.

  172. Avatar photo

    Not as big as other malls, but it has a lot of FOOD there. All are nice.

  173. Avatar photo
    Ramasamy Vijayaragavan

    Very good place. MC Donald’s, Subway, KFC, Kopitiam all in one place. Level 2 has big Fair Price extra too

  174. Avatar photo
    Jude Lee

    Used to be called Hougang Point. There’s a big ntuc here, kopitiam, a few restaurants like Sakae Sushi and Saizeriya, bakery, wang cafe, McDonald, KFC, and small shops.

  175. Avatar photo

    Simple…convenience…single storey mall…but parking…somehow somewhere to color makes u go dizzy and difficult to gauge

  176. Avatar photo
    Angel Yeo

    Typical neighbourhood mall, compact with essentials and a handful of usual eateries like Thai Express. Food court is large.

  177. Avatar photo
    Vodka Lim

    If you need a meal and grocery shopping, it is a nice place with several food options. A food court that serve local favours, fast food chain like KFC and McDonald’s and Fusion Japanese Italian Restaurant. If you need laundry service, there is one near the basement car park escalator. Ntuc supermarket on the top floor has almost everything you need. Parking is not something you might enjoy as it is in a circular car park and it is rather dim at some spots.

  178. Avatar photo
    Nail Seoul

    i like to went to the NTUC

  179. Avatar photo

    I think it was an okay experience, not many shops as it’s a smaller mall but i think the service at the shops and the cleanliness is good!

  180. Avatar photo
    Kennedy Yap

    David Ang is an extremely passionate service crew who goes above and beyond to explain the singtel plans to his customers. He has great knowledge of what Singtel has to offer and always seeks to meet the demands of his customers!

  181. Avatar photo
    George Yeo

    Nice. Cosy. Moderate food price

  182. Avatar photo
    Weichong Lau

    A very small mall with a reasonably size supermarket but very limited food options.

  183. Avatar photo
    Deepakraj K

    You have variety of food and shopping.. kfc,mcd,cakes,bakery items and fairprice

  184. Avatar photo
    TiewChan Yek

    Small suburban mall, with NTUC Extra as main feature, shopping for groceries is good, and some food & beverage outlets like Wang Cafe, KFC, MacDonald, and Kopitar Food Court.
    Shopping wise not great at all.

  185. Avatar photo
    John Moo

    Good for daily groceries at NTUC and enjoy the food from restaursnts and food court as well.

  186. Avatar photo
    George Cheu

    Have NTUC, Kopitiam food court KFC, McDonald’s….. good place for buy food and vegetables

  187. Avatar photo
    Gurpreet R

    Can get the basic day to day stuff. The fairprice extra, Mac d and kfc make the mall popular in the area. Overall, I would say number of shops is few. Unfortunately, many shops can’t sustain probably because of high rental and have to close sooner or later. The previous market called the festival market was better; it had many more shops.

  188. Avatar photo
    Audrey SMC

    Ntuc finest at the 2nd floor. Reasonable food in the neighbourhood area. Clothing shops, stationeries and baby stuff too..

  189. Avatar photo
    Tan Irvan

    Lousy mall. Only come here for FairPrice Xtra, otherwise I won’t even step into here. Kopitiam stalls are lousy too, the good one all ran away after a period of time. Maybe the greedy Kopitiam jacked up the rental price.

  190. Avatar photo
    Athanasius Koh

    A small mall in the heartlands not to be underestimated. Alongside it’s convenience to residents, it’s variety of tenants including a supermarket, various hairdressers and F&B options make Hougang 1 a functional yet easily accessible mall.

  191. Avatar photo
    Tana P

    Bakery, pharmacy, supermarket, handy store, fast food, hairdresser, good range of food options

  192. Avatar photo
    Neo Noel

    This mall is small and have NTUC, Japan Shop, TCM and bakeries. The food court have most local food. Not really top rate.
    Serving nearby HBD housing estates.

  193. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tan

    The only good thing is MacDonalds is 24hrs on Friday Sat and PH. NTUC Extra is very decently decorated with the main essentials…

  194. Avatar photo
    Squall Leonhart

    Small place yet you can buy most stuffs you need in your place, includes supermarket and food court

  195. Avatar photo
    Joseph Loh

    Good size neighbourhood shopping mall with more or less all we need, big supermart, well known fast food chain, hardware store, cafe and a food court.

  196. Avatar photo
    Prakash Kolandai

    Nice place to have a meal and it’s delicious.

  197. Avatar photo
    Val Kweh

    Has upgraded/ renovated itself and now has an optician shop named (W optics)

  198. Avatar photo
    K T

    Super weird parking with pillars all over the place and poor signage. Good spread of shops, and has ntuc but very crowded.

  199. Avatar photo

    Shopping mall ideal for best eating outlets

  200. Avatar photo
    Lew Maan Tarng

    A nice shopping mall near Hougang. There are some restaurants here such as Taiwanese and Korean, which foods are delicious.

  201. Avatar photo
    Melodie Tan

    Supermarket is big and has almost everything. Mall is small though. Mall has limited stores.

  202. Avatar photo
    Amanda Cheng

    A small shopping mall situated in the middle of surrounding HDB flats, Hougang 1 is a convenient place to get grocery shopping done. Besides that, the family can go there every once in awhile to eat at several affordable food places which can be found there. There are also a few clothing shops and a nice Starbucks outlet as well.

  203. Avatar photo
    Andy Chua

    No doubt the place is a small mall, but its very homely

  204. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Suburban shopping centre with a huge NTUC Xtra, a Walmart-like supermarket, a large kopitiam food court and a couple of fast food restaurant.

  205. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Simple mall. Good for neighbouring residents. Thinking of coming from afar? Better to stick with your usual malls

  206. Avatar photo

    Small but an interesting mall with all you need. NTUC on Level 2 is quite big. Level 1 with a few nice eateries.

  207. Avatar photo
    Winson Chua

    Convenient place to grab groceries at the ntuc fairprice. Have other services like dental and hair saloon.

  208. Avatar photo
    Errol Champion

    It’s your usual neighborhood mall. Incorporating a Fairprice Supermarket, rather large food court which offered a wide variety of dishes. Enjoyed the c fact that there were a number of cafes and restaurants too and other eateries. All in all, I would say it’s a mid-range neighborhood mall. Bonus too for anyone who plans to do a stay cation at the nearby Hougang Residences.

  209. Avatar photo

    This mall is my school time favourite place, it withheld so many fond memories during my student time. Of course during that time it is not call Hougang 1 (Don’t try to guess my age).

    If you are not a supermarket person, you are confined to level 1. But it is good enough, there are so much food there! Saizeriya, Shi Li Fang, Prima Deli (Yums!). Besides food, there is this Box Store too, find your collectibles/ cables / Plushies etc there .

    Oh ya! there is another store which feels like Korean Style, they have claw machines there too.. Try your luck there ! If you think you had gotten too much of the plushies, you are welcome to donate (to me) them out.

    Shop till your heart content. Who knows? Your lunch hour might just passed by like this?

  210. Avatar photo
    Khairina Mohd

    Big and spacious. Can find most things there. Good place to buy groceries

  211. Avatar photo
    Jason Chan

    Reasonable tenant mix, easy parking

  212. Avatar photo
    Ariane Lee

    Able to serve the surrounding population with basic necessities ️. …

  213. Avatar photo
    Yazid Hassan

    Neighbourhood concept shooping centre…cool stuff..lots of food..bakery.
    NTUC…this place is just great.

  214. Avatar photo
    Kravgen Sven Ruffenberg

    Large variety of food but place was quite small which resulted in cramped spaces und the fair price on the top was a very large branch

  215. Avatar photo
    Won Soon Lau

    NTUC Fairprice Xtra supermarket basically anchor this place. You come here to get your groceries and then find something to eat. Otherwise, no good reason to be here. The parking system has improved a little in the last 6 years I have been visiting. By improvement I meant per minute charging. As for the Fairprice supermarket, I think the layout is not good and much worst then the one at AMK hub. Of course nothing can compare to Costco or Target.

  216. Avatar photo
    Edmund Seah

    Good neighborhood shopping mall. Hyper store for NTUC. Even has a Starbucks (not that I care) now after the cosy Delifrance vacated it a while ago.
    Now with free parking 12-2pm (weekday only, I think) if spent $30, $50 for supermarket.

  217. Avatar photo
    Abu Muhammad al-Singhāfūrī

    Nothing much to explore here, only thing worth going here is the Fairprice Xtra. Pretty much a neighbourhood shopping mall.

  218. Avatar photo

    New stores lately. Jollibean, super coconut and another dessert store beside jollibean and solmart. Bettter to shop for food now.

  219. Avatar photo
    Bennett Chng

    The place will be fairly crowded in the evening to night schedule as there a lot of teenagers hanging out there and eating but no trouble occurred in my experience.

  220. Avatar photo
    Birunthaban Sivanesan

    Not a huge mall with multiple levels.. only one level with Starbucks, McDonald’s, kfc, bubble tea, koppitam, Watson’s, bakery shops, sushi shop, Chinese medicine shop, fairprice xtra and hairdressing shop..

    Posb and ocbc atms..

  221. Avatar photo
    Duane Thia

    Simple mall that meets the needs of grocery shopping n food for the stomach.

  222. Avatar photo
    hoayseng loh

    Nice air-conditioned food court in Hougang 1. The Ma La Xiang Gou dish, mini Monk-Jump-Over-The-Wall soup & pumpkin rice, bubur cha cha & black glutinous rice desserts were above average.

  223. Avatar photo
    Timothy Liu

    Typical HDB neighbourhood mall. NTUC, Kopitiam, clinic various shops.

  224. Avatar photo
    Aisyah Burhanudin

    Easy ways to find things

  225. Avatar photo
    Saravanan Perumal

    Has NTUC fairprice extra, Wang’s cafe ,starbucks and so on…an all in all a great place for families for grocery shopping and other daily shopping place..

  226. Avatar photo
    Krishna Kumar

    Have NTUC, cheers, kopitiam,McD, KFC. Good place for neighbours. No shopping options. Have some tution centers.

  227. Avatar photo
    eunice kay

    Theres a guardian at the Second story, and most of the second story is occupied by NTUC Extra.
    On the 1st story, there’s a foodcourt, some fast food and non-fast food restaurant, optical stores, gift shops. Neighbourhood small shopping centre, not very near an MRT station.

  228. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Seet

    Food court, some fast food, a sushi place, bakeries, NTUC. Basic stuff but good enough.

  229. Avatar photo
    Simon Wee

    Bought groceries at NTUC Extra supermarket for the week.

  230. Avatar photo
    Castiel Soong

    Small mall with at least an air-conditioned food court (no halal stalls btw) and a rather huge NTUC on the 2nd storey. Still acceptable for families living near it …

  231. Avatar photo
    MS Eng

    Place is abit small and few mix of shops. Food court there is urgently needed some improvements.

  232. Avatar photo
    jackie chung

    Used to frequent there often when I was a student, but apart from the NTUC, and pretty nice food from the kopitiam there is nothing much to do there

  233. Avatar photo
    Linda Syah

    Small mall. Good eateries. No halal food at food court but there are Macs, KFC, Heavenly Wang etc…Gigantic NTUC on the second level and other shops.

  234. Avatar photo
    ᴋɪsᴀᴋɪ ᴀɪʀᴀ

    Decent neighbourhood store that pretty much contain essential store such as Watson , Fast Food Restaurant and Fairprice

  235. Avatar photo
    MHong Cheung

    Convinient and satisfy basic everyday needs such as dining and groceries. Good location in the neighbourhood.

  236. Avatar photo

    Very accesible from our place. Can get all i needed from FP extra

  237. Avatar photo
    Yoke Fei Phan

    There’s a Fairprice Xtra here & a few dining places like McDonald’s, KFC, Heavenly Wang, Rocky Master & Gochin Shokudo

  238. Avatar photo
    Dave Lommen

    It tends to get a bit crowded, but maybe that is an indication of its success. The Mall is clean and friendly-looking, with nice outlets. There are limited chances at the coffee shop, where the drinks stall uses too many disposable items. The restaurants are generally of good quality.

  239. Avatar photo
    Chye Poh Neo

    The mall is rather old but it looks better with the yellow lighting at most parts of the mall (you can see the contrast with white lights at some corners). Nevertheless, it looks ok in overall and it has most of the essential items we need. My sons like the dentist Dr Alice Chua’s dental treatment (hard to get appointment though).

  240. Avatar photo
    Neil - The Backpack Adventures

    Has a grocery with a wide selection of items for sale. However, there are only a limited foreign fastfood chains here. Regardless, you may choose to eat in their fastfood which has a great selection of Singaporean dishes.

  241. Avatar photo
    Le Thu thuy

    Be careful when you go to the toilet at level 1 beside cow play cow moo because toilet cleaner will be looking at you from below. When I ask her why, she said it’s her job …

  242. Avatar photo
    Sean Yee

    great heartland mall with a variety of shops. Fair price on the 2nd level is big with alot of choicea. Be spoilt for food choices with a Kopitiam, mcdonalds, kfc, saizeria and more. Parking is always available at basement with easy access via travellator after a long shop @ fair price.

  243. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lim

    Neighbourhoods shopping mall. You can find all the things here like fair price, kopitiam food court, watson, Mc Donald, KFC , Starbucks, Hairstylist shop, bread shop, herbal shop, $2 shop, GP, dentist n etc.

  244. Avatar photo

    Newly renovated in 2015. Needs to have more interesting shops here to make the mall more vibrance.

  245. Avatar photo
    Bunny Gale

    Best to visit when grocering. Not much shops but has one big food court with many stalls opened. Can be crowded during weekends for eating options.

  246. Avatar photo
    alex aw

    Nice place. Not crowded on wkdays.

    Ntuc on level 2.

    Plenty of carparks in B1.

    Expect some crowds on wkends.

  247. Avatar photo
    Norazah Anwar

    A small shopping ctr but good for neighbourhood estate to have this place where it has supermarket, bakery, eateries, hair salon etc.

  248. Avatar photo
    Clayton Liau

    If you are finding decent and cheaper food, walk less than 8 minutes down to Ci Yuan CC, don’t stop here.

  249. Avatar photo

    I ran out of starbucks to visit in Singapore and found this hidden gem after 2 bus rides from my sister’s place. When I went there I saw my barista friend who lives in JB and work in SG. Nice place and great ambiance.

  250. Avatar photo
    Sasa Sazali

    I only go there for their NTUC extra for my groceries.

  251. Avatar photo
    Lee Hon Keong

    A big NTUC Fairprice supermarket occupying the whole of the second floor. Supermarket is always crowded. Amble parking at basement carpark. Eateries and pharmacy available here, so is a dry cleaning laundry kiosk at the entrance from the basement carpark.

  252. Avatar photo
    alan wang

    Fair price Extra provides variety of items but the prices increaess.

  253. Avatar photo
    Arthur Toh

    McDonald’s was given a run for their money by KFC which saw a long q since every Tuesday there is a promotion for 6 pc chicken at $9.00. Human traffic is low cause of Covid and I guess the more rampant reports of cases in the Hougang area.

  254. Avatar photo

    Went there for refreshments after my brisk walking

  255. Avatar photo
    Jarron Lake

    A classic mall that was revamped. Rather small with the supermarket taking up the whole 2nd level. Good for grocery shopping not much food choice as compared to other malls.

  256. Avatar photo
    garret yeo

    the usual small residential mall
    food court, fast food, supermarket
    no cinema
    Bus from hougang interchange, travel time estimate 10 min

  257. Avatar photo
    Ruth LX

    Huge NTUC, a bubble tea store, Starbucks, KFC and maccas, a pharmacy, traditional Chinese herbal store, a bakery, a cake shop, a cupcake and cookie store, and a full-fledged food court…this is a really great place. There’s even a steamboat restaurant, DIY store, stationery shop, a clinic, and not one, but two hair salons.

  258. Avatar photo
    Preetie Ghosh

    Have quite a few local bakery shops where one may find traditional bakery items of singapore.Also have mostly everything you may need in a mall. Good location

  259. Avatar photo
    Dominic Tan

    Nice little mall with a huge NTUC covering almost the whole of the second floor. Great food variety as well with a food court, bakery, KFC, McDonald’s and Japanese restaurants.

    Entry into and exit from the mall is also organized and efficient with the safe entry points.

  260. Avatar photo
    Tang Kw

    Not many shops. Few shops/premises closed. Same for the stalls in kopitam. Only attraction is the Ntuc Xtra Supermart.

  261. Avatar photo
    san jm

    NTUC in Hougang 1, have to pay for plastic bags.

  262. Avatar photo
    stefano servadei

    Our 1st ever shopping centre since 2013
    ️ …

  263. Avatar photo
    Jill Huong

    The Kopitiam here offers great variety of food choices. The herbal soup from Soup Master is yummy n allows for refill.

    There is also a giant NTUC at 2nd floor. A great variety of stuff from food to daily items like pillow.

  264. Avatar photo
    Junaidi Abdullah

    Love the NTUC store here. Huge with lots of varieties of items on display. Quite a few eateries in here too.

  265. Avatar photo

    It’s a tiny mall.
    On the second floor there a huge Fair price Extra
    First floor theres restaurants, mobile shops

  266. Avatar photo
    Kai Boon Lau

    Amazing offerings for a small heartland shopping mall. It has various fast food chains, restaurants and even Fairprice Hypermart.

  267. Avatar photo
    K WX (SaltyBrownie)

    Convient location for shopping and recreation activities. Huge fair price to stock up on all your needs. Waffles available too!

  268. Avatar photo
    x o

    Rather small mall but it does have all neccesaties. The NTUC is pretty big and the staff were friendly and respectful. Overall a great mall.

  269. Avatar photo
    viking T

    A very small neighborhood shopping mall. Not really fantastic but enough to fulfill basic needs.

  270. Avatar photo
    Javen Gwee

    Basic mall with food court and giant NTUC Hypermart. The Thai food restaurant is nice and cheap.

  271. Avatar photo
    Kennedy Ng

    After renovation toilet no mirror. The first stall selling kueh the side glass wall should have covered up as they leave it transparent. It is so unsightly when view from outside.

  272. Avatar photo
    Winnie Yeo

    Ntuc there is great. Big and wide varieties. Poultry are fresh too

  273. Avatar photo
    For Review

    Your neighbourhood mall for food and groceries. NTUC Fairprice is one of the anchor tenants here…

  274. Avatar photo
    tan ghim liong

    Ntuc extra is located at 2nd storey of Hougang Mall. Kopitiam is at 1st storey. Convenient for both buying grocery and having dinner.

  275. Avatar photo
    Qizhong He

    Everything and anything you want to buy in Ntuc is here. Once you shop once in the Ntuc here, you wouldn’t want to shop at those small Ntuc outlet.

  276. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chou

    Very big fair price on lvl 2

  277. Avatar photo
    Violet Shankar

    A neighbourhood mall to chill out with a friend. Good food outlets like Mac Donald, KFC, Starbucks, Rocky Master, Liho, Cheers, KopiTiam, Saizeriya, Twelve cupcakes and other notable joints. Its an easy access mall with curremt required secured safe entry practises.

  278. Avatar photo
    Aisyah Burhanudin

    Easy ways to find things

  279. Avatar photo

    Convenient all in one complex building. A big NTUC super market locate on the 2nd level and reasonable numbers of shops on the ground level. I can get most of my needs here..

  280. Avatar photo
    Uriah A G

    It’s an amazing mall that has a NTUC which opens late, KOPITIAM foodcourt, and many restaurants. It also has McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks etc.

  281. Avatar photo
    Seah Eu may

    I always never leave empty handed while I visit.Though its not big but I like that it’s not overly crowded and best of all,all shops display is very neat & tidy.
    From Korean supermarket,Ntuc,Watson, pharmacy, fast-food chains,food courts….
    And I noticed there’s more interesting store coming up.

  282. Avatar photo
    Eugene Hu

    For a neighbourhood mall it has pretty much everything you will need with anchor stores like NTUC, Mcdonalds and KFC! 😀

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