Hotels in Athens

Hotels in Athens

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Athens but you will probably want to look for one that is both affordable and close to all the popular sightseeing destinations. You will also want to be able to catch local transportation as well, which is convenient and easy to use, meaning you probably won’t need to rent a car in Athens.

The Fresh Hotel is a budget hotel that is high on style. This hotel is near all of the sights and is only three blocks from Omonia Square. The hotel features one hundred and thirty three rooms and is designed with minimalism features. The rooms are crisp and clean and feature splashes of bright color including hot pink, amethyst and orange. The floors are wooden and the walls are crisp white. The value of this hotel is awesome, especially if you are young and have a lot of nightlife action planned.

King George II was named for the monarch as he regularly stayed in this hotel when it opened. Other popular guests include Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly, Prince Ranier, Marilyn Monroe, Brigette Bardot, Frank Sinatra and more! The hotel was remodeled and decorated prior to the Olympics and the design now features silks, velvets, ornate moldings, chandeliers, marble and gilding. There are also fabulous views of the city from the top floor of the hotel. The Tudor Hall restaurant features nouveau-Greek menus designed by Alain Ducasse and the organic produce comes from a farm in Crete.

Semiramis features fifty-two rooms are interestingly designs and decorated by Karim Rashid. This hotel is very unique and the rooms have been described as amoeba shaped and electric ice cream colored. The couches are bubble gum pink and pompously curvy. The walls are lime with glass floating sinks in bathrooms. There are six bungalow suites with remote controlled drapes, private gardens and easy access to the kidney shaped pool. This hotel definitely encompasses the style of Karim Rashid and his style is definitely not for everyone. Some people will love this hotel while others may feel nauseated by the extreme colors and style, however, the hotel is fun and you will definitely remember your stay here. While you are here, you will also want to be sure to visit the eponymous restaurant where Chef Yiannis Loukakos serves up international finger food. The hotel is also a gallery for owner Dakis Joannou for his collection of pop art and school of Koons.

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is considered one of the most luxurious addresses in Athens. This hotel features three hundred and twenty one rooms of neoclassicism. This has also been a popular hotel for celebrities and diplomats including Winston Churchill and Sting. The structure was constructed in 1874 and was renovated in 2003. New marble was laid in all of the bathrooms as well as fog-resistant mirrors. The hotel caters to the jet set and is the best hotel available in Greece. The higher priced rooms feature balconies facing the square and amazing views of the Acropolis. You will also be able to watch the changing of the guard at the Parliament building. The Roof Garden restaurant is open from mid-May to mid-October and offers stuffed calamari and grilled steak.

These hotels will leave you refreshed and relaxed during your vacation. They offer great views and values with a taste of the Grecian style of life. These hotels are unique and different, you may find yourself wanting to hangout at the hotel a little more as well. Where you stay really does have an effect on your vacation and you want to have a really nice hotel when you are so far from home.

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