Review Hotel 81 Lucky – Singapore 23 Lor 20 Geylang

Review Hotel 81 Lucky - Singapore 23 Lor 20 Geylang

“It is comfortable to rest, near the center of the city and very reasonably priced, and its ministry is friendly” or “Room a bit small but toilet is very clean.. im fine with that room size. Ac is cooled and staff is very friendly. Highly recommended.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hotel 81 Lucky. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hotel 81 Lucky is quality.

Introduction about Hotel 81 Lucky

Here are some fundamental details regarding Hotel 81 Lucky. In terms of , it is generally believed that Hotel 81 Luckyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 23 Lor 20 Geylang, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64768181 (+65 64768181)
  • Website:
  • Address: 23 Lor 20 Geylang, Singapore

Detailed information of Hotel 81 Lucky

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Here are the operating hours of Hotel 81 Lucky.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


Please check the information below to find out the distance and travel time from the center of Singapore to your destination.

8.82 km9 minute11 minute7 minute

How to contact Hotel 81 Lucky?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Hotel 81 Lucky via:

Phone number

You can reach Hotel 81 Lucky at 64768181(+65 64768181). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Hotel 81 Lucky via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 23 Lor 20 Geylang, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Hotel 81 Lucky reviews

Hotel 81 Lucky is among the best destinations of in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Hotel 81 Lucky good?

To determine whether Hotel 81 Lucky is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“It is comfortable to rest, near the center of the city and very reasonably priced, and its ministry is friendly”

“great stay, the receptionists took care of us and had temperature checks at the beginning of corona”

“The staff are so nice. Also the hotel is located in strategic location and not far from MRT station”

“Love this place, clean and quiet stay for one night.”

“Room is worth the price. Near the famous frog porridge.”

“This is romantic place but i hope the rate more cheap..”

“Worth the money, provided great service. 100% recommend!”

“Budget stay is affordable. Cheapest stay in Singapore”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 195 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 57% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hotel 81 Lucky, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Hotel 81 Lucky – Singapore 23 Lor 20 Geylang

There is a total 195 reviews

3.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Gamers Happy

    Cigarette smell
    Not suitable for family

  2. Avatar photo Member

    very …

  3. Avatar photo
    Simone Comastri

    I wouldn’t call it nice… Good quality/price. Very helpful staff

  4. Avatar photo
    Ishido Philip

    Reasonable Price of Adequate Amneties

  5. Avatar photo
    Tonda Krist

    Good location. 15 minutes to city centre and 25 to airport. Clean and reasonable price.

  6. Avatar photo
    lookmoo kurobuta

    Go so close, there are not many options. And it’s my first time going to Singapore. I can sleep but not good.

  7. Avatar photo Member

    Perfect! near aljunied mrt station.. super clean..

  8. Avatar photo
    Riad khan

    Yes it was Very Very good i like this Hotel

  9. Avatar photo
    chun shen

    The quilt is too thin, no slippers

  10. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Ng

    If not mistaken workers are staying at the hotel. Can see people taking temperatures for them.

  11. Avatar photo
    Fazelino Suhood


  12. Avatar photo
    king hong


  13. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Friendly staff.

  14. Avatar photo
    wee brandon

    Receptionist not as friendly as the past

  15. Avatar photo Member


  16. Avatar photo Member

    We had organised a late check out before we got there but couldn’t get out of the place fast enough, don’t bother. Minutes walking distance to MRT station. The staff was very nice. I made use of this cheap hotel simply to have a sleep on a 15 hour stopover in Singapore and have a shower before returning to the Airport.

  17. Avatar photo
    Hossain Masum

    It’s nice

  18. Avatar photo
    Chae Moo-Ryong

    Pretty narrow

  19. Avatar photo

    The hotel is clean, near a halal night place

  20. Avatar photo
    Gregory Reinhardt

    Kinda low end motel, nice staff. Room had TV and telephone. Little bit of a cigarette smoke smell about the place. Good location for wonderful street food with non tourist local atmosphere.

  21. Avatar photo
    Xavier Zheng jian an


  22. Avatar photo
    Abdull Aziz Ahmad

    the room is ok n conformable the price is ok its my favourite hotel

  23. Avatar photo
    xy z

    The location is not very good, in geylang, which is the red light district of Singapore, the taxi driver’s expression is “stay away” when he heard it. Fortunately, the hotel is close to the Aljunied subway station, the transportation is convenient, and there is a food street near the hotel! In terms of accommodation, it is equivalent to Home Inns in China. The bathroom is a bit broken. The service of the hotel is very commendable, and the service attitude at the front desk is very good! !

  24. Avatar photo
    Andry Goblin700

    Procedure complicate

  25. Avatar photo

    Rude pinoy staff with a judgemental look and behavior towards hotel guests, named from the tag shown as NINA and another was a Malay man, strongly hope that the branch manager will do a surprise checks on these staffs who thinks that hotel guests owes them a living, for those who read this review, please pay a visit and u will see my points, typing here to warn others not to experience similar unfortunate incident.

    Points to take note for Night Shift Pinoy Female Staff NINA – Gave unhappy face, busy playing cellphone while serving guests, No greetings or Smile and saying Thank You, will give a judgemental look at guests. branch manager if there is, kindly look into it and monitor please.

    Points to take note for Night Shift Malay Staff – No greeting, Raised voice at guest (do not apply usage of face mask excuse as the distance from counter to guest is extremely near. thus no need to raise voice at guest, challenge guest for a fight.

    This review has been written after many careful consideration, monitoring and chances given.
    i hope whoever the in charge is, please do know that guests is the ones that keep the hotel business running for many years since it is in operation. please educate, brief the above mentioned staff or give disciplinary actions if need to, to prevent recurrence.

    Thank You

  26. Avatar photo
    carla loiuise

    Well maintain and clean its just abit noisy outside

  27. Avatar photo
    ahlong lam

    not bad

  28. Avatar photo
    Otto Banegas

    For solo travellers

  29. Avatar photo
    xu fan

    Not bad

  30. Avatar photo
    Jaclynng Jac

    Just on my way out from No.31 Lorong 20 Geylang Road , Cheng Teck Sian Buddhist Association temple will pass by to go out to main road to take bus.

  31. Avatar photo
    K Chabarprai

    Twin room

  32. Avatar photo Member

    The rooms are clean and well-maintained daily. The ro …

  33. Avatar photo
    Chua Ban Cheng

    Air con remote cannot control temperature

  34. Avatar photo
    Muhyiddin Mohammed

    Smelling odour shower on our first day stay there. No extra pillow given.
    On our first day check in , friendly staff greet us but on our 3rd day checking out there front desk woman we’re rude. You’re the face of your hotel image. Please at least say thank you or smile.
    Aircond were warn although 16c.

    The best part of this hotel is nearby 24hours Indian Muslim restaurant. That’s why I give this hotel 1 star. If not better negative.

    Cheers from Malaysia!

  35. Avatar photo

    It’s was a amazing show

  36. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Dorman

    Not bad is the standard price to save the budget. And the location is close to Albidayah restaurant, halal food for Muslims.

  37. Avatar photo
    mohd nazri selamat

    This place is affordable and public transportation is convenience

  38. Avatar photo
    Renny Octavia

    not bad, clean.. singapore

  39. Avatar photo
    william hoover

    All good.. and near the action .

  40. Avatar photo
    Panca Prima

    There the facilities are very good, comfortable, and clean, I am very comfortable when I sleep, the air conditioner is very cold and that’s what I like

  41. Avatar photo
    Aditya Rachman

    It’s okay if you travel alone and need privacy. Room too snug

  42. Avatar photo
    Pheenithi Phuakjairoeng

    Good room, cheap price, not far from MRT

  43. Avatar photo
    Martial BOTON

    The rooms are comfortable but the staff is selective, especially the manager who doesn’t like black people. Sorry

  44. Avatar photo
    Takahiro Ishizaka

    Considering cospa, it is normal.

  45. Avatar photo
    KI Space

    Clean and neat. Close to amenities and great places to eat! Great value for money !

  46. Avatar photo
    mn Niloy

    Everything is good but so expensive 2hrs 30$

  47. Avatar photo
    Jose Revelo

    Very small rooms, cleanliness can be improved and the facilities are very outdated. It includes water and coffee, includes towels (a bit old), the wifi is acceptable and the location is good, near the Aljunied station, perfectly connected to the airport. The price is high for what it is.

  48. Avatar photo
    Adi Kiswoyo

    The hotel is small, the room size…

  49. Avatar photo
    Giác Chuẩn Thích

    Sạch sẽ

  50. Avatar photo
    Kamil Rybka

    Very poor bathrooms

  51. Avatar photo
    Trekka Travels

    Clean, helpful staff easy walk to MRT.

  52. Avatar photo

    Comfortable, the staff is also friendly, close to the MRT station

  53. Avatar photo
    Kwan Kazumi

    It is a good hotel for relaxing. just a short time not far from the train station

  54. Avatar photo
    Grey Donchyk

    the location is great, just near a bus station. the staff is friendly and helpful. I’ve been checked in earlier and allowed to leave my luggage for a few hours after checking out for free. windows are no opened, stuffy air everywhere

  55. Avatar photo
    Supriyanto Dendy

    Very tasty and clean

  56. Avatar photo

    a lot of cockroaches

  57. Avatar photo
    Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Yến

    It’s quite small and really unconvenient. Nothing intersting around.

  58. Avatar photo Member

    it good

  59. Avatar photo
    Asrizal Nasar

    Comfort for stay

  60. Avatar photo
    sam sung

    Window can’t open.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ninna Aristyaningsih

    I will comeback soon. Love this hotel.

  62. Avatar photo
    shailendra A

    Budget stay is affordable. Cheapest stay in Singapore

  63. Avatar photo
    Rusli Henry

    Nice place

  64. Avatar photo
    Oudy Immanuel

    The male receptionist is really jutekkk

  65. Avatar photo
    Wike Yuliatin

    It’s cheap…the rooms are pretty clean…the facilities are in accordance with the price…ad coffee water and toothbrush tea

  66. Avatar photo
    Roger Lunde

    Okay place to live

  67. Avatar photo
    Rk Brian

    Good room condition just the place a little red light, if you dont mind the location its a good choice

  68. Avatar photo

    The room is according to the price.

  69. Avatar photo
    Eko Sulistyo


  70. Avatar photo
    Zhen Liang

    Fast check in, staff was polite.

  71. Avatar photo
    mila watan

    The sound insulation is not that good, and it seems to smell like smoke. A couple of male waiters are ok, but one female waitress…

  72. Avatar photo
    Agung Tresno Nugroho, S.Psi, M Si

    When I stay here,
    Thank God I got a good and memorable experience

    The hotel maids are always friendly,
    morning noon evening always greet every time I enter the hotel,

    The room is for two, quite spacious,
    and also clean
    the water in the bathroom can be used at any time, morning, afternoon, evening, okay

    The hot water also works fine

    the facilities in the room are also good,
    there is coffee, glasses, small spoons, TV, AC, wardrobe, hard driyer, water heater, towels, shower, sink in the bathroom, etc.

    minus: no hand shower

    then in the lobby also provide hand sanitizer,

    i stayed here 2 nights,

    oh yes here also provides bag storage,

    the story is I have to check out at 12,
    and my plane still leaves at 23.00,
    and I still want to go around first in some areas of Singapore,
    so I leave my things at the hotel, instead of having to carry my suitcase everywhere,
    and apparently the same as the hotel,

    and at night I took my things,
    and free without being charged any fees.

    oh yes at the end of the road there is halal food,
    some of the officers can speak Indonesian,
    the food is indian food,
    but yes, in my opinion, it is still suitable for the Indonesian tongue.
    the menu is also a lot, there are fried chicken, eggs, various vegetables, fried rice, and others,

    recommended deh for me

    oh yes,
    hotel 81 lucky is located in geylang,
    he said the area of ​​the red district,
    but how come I walk around the area, eat food, hang out, and take small walks to the minimarket starting from 20.00 – until 23.00 I don’t find the one that people are afraid of hehehe…..

    or maybe it’s less late at night hehehe…

  73. Avatar photo
    shan rococo

    Dining area…

  74. Avatar photo Member

    Very bad experience. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone even for a short stay. Chinese are allowed to smoke in the hallways and complaints to ***agement only turned them against us.

  75. Avatar photo

    The response of the reception is solid and it is as it is. However, the hallway is narrow and the voice echoes quite a bit, so if you have small children staying on the same floor, it may be a little noisy. Cost performance may not be very good, but there are convenience stores and seafood restaurants nearby, so it is certainly easy to spend. However, at night there are a few people standing on the same street (laughs).

  76. Avatar photo
    devinda w.k.d

    good place

  77. Avatar photo
    Van K

    ….not a nice experience

  78. Avatar photo
    nova tria

    to small room

  79. Avatar photo
    MC LEE

    Small rooms, location OK, service good

  80. Avatar photo
    Lovneet Balhotra

    Not clean

  81. Avatar photo
    Ferdy Gunawan


  82. Avatar photo
    Ignatius Ryan

    The staff are so nice. Also the hotel is located in strategic location and not far from MRT station

  83. Avatar photo
    Fariz Primadi

    old building…

  84. Avatar photo
    Introvert Foodie

    The hotel is located along the Geylang Road. It is easy to find and the nearest metro is Aljuneid.

    Room is simple with AC, and television. Wifi is stable.

    Toilet and bath is ok. No bidet.

    There is free bottled water and coffee.

    They keep your luggage after checking out in case you need to go to some spots

  85. Avatar photo Member

    Hotel 81 is a budget hotel chain in Singapore and this hotel located in Geylang area, this’s the most dangerous area in Singapore because the red light district is situated there. I feel that very dangerous to me, The girl at the …

  86. Avatar photo
    Ko Sithu

    Singapore visit nice and cheap hotel…

  87. Avatar photo
    Ade Fardiansyah

    comfortable staying here cheap too

  88. Avatar photo
    Carlos Martin

    I haven’t been to another hotel in Singapore, I can’t compare. It’s pretty clean, it’s cheap. They make your bed, but they don’t clean your room.

  89. Avatar photo
    Sumonsrabon1993 Sarker


  90. Avatar photo Member

    It is at a strategic place. Although in red light district but overall it is still safe.

  91. Avatar photo
    Phuripob Srima

    Good Hotel 3 Star

  92. Avatar photo

    The room is clean, the toilet is almost.

  93. Avatar photo
    Rifqi Sultahan


  94. Avatar photo
    Selly Wati

    Clean and friendly receptionist

  95. Avatar photo
    mustansyrr bhori

    The locality isnt good. Not recommended…hotel 81 is a good chain in Singapore but don’t choose any in this locality – geylang

  96. Avatar photo
    anuj peepre

    Cheap hotel but pathetic staff, go only if your other option is to spend the night on streets. The hotel smells like someone has smoked cigarettes all over the place. The staff acts rudely and in threatening manner. The room which I stayed in had blood stained bedsheets and the hotel staff refused to change it despite requesting them.

  97. Avatar photo

    We do not recommend this hotel. Bathrooms disaster fear to use. Plus is WiFi and air conditioning. You have to expect more costs than stated because tax is added.

  98. Avatar photo
    Nur Akhmad H

    Very comfortable sleeping in that hotel

  99. Avatar photo Member

    The hotel was clean and the staff were extremely helpful and I would stay there again

  100. Avatar photo
    Mr 80

    Bình thường

  101. Avatar photo
    Zaimudin Al Mahdi Mokan

    Comfortable, delicious, okay facilities

  102. Avatar photo
    Ellen Natalia

    Good location, great staff, when my ac didn’t really cool, they change my room.

  103. Avatar photo
    david beeson

    Very small room but besides that the room and bathroom were clean.

  104. Avatar photo
    Sm Nannu

    81lucky #05-06

  105. Avatar photo
    Angie Banyuke

    Good nice

  106. Avatar photo

    Easy shopping, eating, cheap price

  107. Avatar photo
    Dian Batam Private Tours

    5 stars review for cheap hotel

  108. Avatar photo
    gautama tama

    The receptionist is Indonesian. Both don’t hesitate to help fellow Indonesians

  109. Avatar photo

    Affordable accommodation, clean, spacious room with bathtub but no refrigerator. Even though he was in the red light district, he wasn’t as scared as he thought.

  110. Avatar photo
    Nabarun Dey

    Rooms are small, but nice n clean. Very close to metro station.

  111. Avatar photo
    Tony Crilley

    The rooms in this hotel were small and dirty with lots of hair on the floor. The floors were sticky and the room suffered from severe condensation which meant everything felt damp. Located in the red light area the location isn’t as bad as it might sound and there are local restaurants in close proximity. Its a ten minute walk to the tube station.

  112. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Cheap but not clean

  113. Avatar photo
    jay uy

    Old and not on par with other hotel 81 i have been to. Elevator was not working for 2 days. And the floor was dirty

  114. Avatar photo
    Rafael Landerdahl

    Just for one night! red light district

  115. Avatar photo
    Hawks Aria

    The bed is so small that your legs stick out.
    Some people had the door open because the air conditioner didn’t work very well.

  116. Avatar photo

    Room a bit small but toilet is very clean.. im fine with that room size. Ac is cooled and staff is very friendly. Highly recommended.

  117. Avatar photo
    Richie Rich

    Good for transit

  118. Avatar photo
    Moch Hafid Arofat

    The FO is really fierce

  119. Avatar photo Member

    We recommend that you use it. It has air conditioning, …

  120. Avatar photo
    PooPoo PeePee

    Worth the money, provided great service. 100% recommend!

  121. Avatar photo
    Azzam 18


  122. Avatar photo
    Maxwell Francis

    Good stay… Room size is good compared to 3 or 4 star hotels

  123. Avatar photo
    Gisselle Castro

    If you’re looking for a good nights sleep, do not stay here. The fire alarm went off 3 times in the middle of the night and on top of that it’s very noisy. The rooms have windows but you can’t open them so when you shower it gets extremely humid and wet in the room. Bathrooms are moldy.

  124. Avatar photo Member

    The room was small and the area was sketchy (expect to be propositioned by day shift hookers), but who cares because you made it to Singapore. All is behind closed doors. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone unless ur planning to get ur kicks on for a few hours because clearly that`s it’s main purpose.

  125. Avatar photo
    Boon kee Lim

    hi jesus

  126. Avatar photo
    2Ø2Õ Röcķeţ 3 Ř

    Cheap hotel

  127. Avatar photo
    Huu Hien Chung

    Rất tệ. Phòng rất bẩn, dường như việc dọn dẹp không hề có tác dụng.

  128. Avatar photo
    syamil 90

    Literally a nice hotel but the surrounding area is not suitable for families since it’s a red light district

  129. Avatar photo
    Yuli Anggoro

    Still not enough

  130. Avatar photo
    Aniqabede Bagus

    Wifi and bathroom are good, suitable for families

  131. Avatar photo
    Catur Pambudi


  132. Avatar photo
    Iwan Budidharma

    ok, the cheapest hotel at 01.30 am for 3 person in 1 night.

  133. Avatar photo
    Eka Aribawa

    This is where you can upload and download because there is free wifi in each room.
    The waiters are friendly..

  134. Avatar photo
    Uda Dedet

    Not bad for a break

  135. Avatar photo Member

    Best value for budget price

  136. Avatar photo

    It is suitable for the price.

  137. Avatar photo
    Dan Gumera

    One of the worst hotels i have been. Room is small and dirty with no slippers. Staff is un accommodating when we tried to change our booking for us to leave 2 days earlier; said that we need to call the booking agency, what a disgraceful service.

  138. Avatar photo
    thera cane


  139. Avatar photo
    Bintang Bkwan


  140. Avatar photo
    Jeff G

    parking lot

  141. Avatar photo
    Michael Chu


  142. Avatar photo

    great stay, the receptionists took care of us and had temperature checks at the beginning of corona

  143. Avatar photo
    Rain S

    the bed is a bit small

  144. Avatar photo
    Hafeez Khosa

    Never Trust pictures. Staff is not so much polite. Not a good experience.

  145. Avatar photo
    Indra Kamaruddin

    Budget hotel…pretty comfortable

  146. Avatar photo
    Carlo Celis

    Cigarette smell in the room they can’t seem to get rid of.

  147. Avatar photo
    harish kumar Upadhya

    It’s a budget hotel, a decent hotel to stay for a day or 2, maintainence is ok , room smells with sigarete from other rooms. Hotel is near to aljunaid metro station , so easy to commute. There are places to dine out near by so no problem for food.

  148. Avatar photo
    Jatmiko Adi Nugroho

    It is comfortable to rest, near the center of the city and very reasonably priced, and its ministry is friendly

  149. Avatar photo
    ss vv

    The rooms are clean and comfortable, with a morning topok too.

  150. Avatar photo
    Dony Simaradona

    The bedroom and bathroom are clean. In the bedroom, coffee sachets and tea bags are provided, there is also a water heater for making tea and coffee. The wifi signal is strong until the bedroom. In the bedroom there is an air conditioner, an LCD TV with subscription TV broadcasts, there is an outlet that can be used for cellphone chargers, the socket is the same as the socket normally used in Indonesia. In the bathroom, 2 towels, shower gel and 2 toothbrushes have been prepared. Distance from MRT Al junied station to the hotel – + 10 minutes. Near the hotel there is an Indonesian food stall, which sells Javanese. The price of the food is around 2 to 3 dollars, depending on the side dishes too.

  151. Avatar photo
    Amrit pal singh

    So so

  152. Avatar photo
    La Gaviota Azul

    would be ok if you are on a budget. just use waze or google map to trace your way back due to street naming peculiarity. a few minutes walk to aljunied station. it is located in singapore’s red district.

  153. Avatar photo
    Angeline Hung

    The smell of smoke that is important to cover the smell of smoke is also very heavy.
    The sheets were smashed and the quilt was opened. The sheets were only laid in the upper part.
    It’s disgusting to lie down without lying on the sheets.

  154. Avatar photo
    Kenny Lim

    Still able to for short stay.

  155. Avatar photo
    Tomo XIRAIXI

    hot water is quite strong and hot. I feel comfortable.

  156. Avatar photo
    V N

    Terrible and room is not cleaned for year’s.. Broken bed and aircon

  157. Avatar photo
    Đoàn Văn Điệp

    blond male staff attitude is not good

  158. Avatar photo
    Ramon Paolo Alfar

    It was though, though it could use upgrades in its amenities.

  159. Avatar photo
    lam wing Chew


  160. Avatar photo Member

    Love this place, clean and quiet stay for one night.

  161. Avatar photo
    Yulia Indrawati

    Service is good

  162. Avatar photo
    Rizky Bagus Oka

    Not bad

  163. Avatar photo
    Tukang Gigi Arizona


  164. Avatar photo

    Need more clean

  165. Avatar photo Member

    Geylang is obviously not for those who want tidy streets, free of girls of the night. I felt totally safe walking at night outside with ***y ***y cheap eateries in the area. Hotel 81 is your basic average hotel whose main mission is to provide a good night’s sleep.

  166. Avatar photo
    Athay Line

    The hotel is normal. But there are many restaurants in front of the hotel

  167. Avatar photo
    sutana batik


  168. Avatar photo
    Aung Myohlaing

    Not good room smell n old model

  169. Avatar photo Member

    Had a 15 hour layover in Singapore and wanted a good nights sleep. The staff were friendly. Good services and friend staffs. I tried to just let it go and went with my friend to Sentosa Resort World, where we did get so much fun and met so ***y lovely and friendly Singaporeans.

  170. Avatar photo
    Zuhair Abbas

    Good service

  171. Avatar photo
    Nabilla Tashandra

    Too pricey for their minimum facilities. But it’s accessible and near MRT station (around 600 meters)

  172. Avatar photo
    Nandun Kahandawa

    Cheap hotel situated near aljunied station… Good for transit passengers from airport for short term use… Closed to amneties with lots of eateries and groceries… Rooms are not that spacious. Reception is 24 hrs and good security for the staying people… Has to be vigilant since this is situated at the red light area of the Singapore..

  173. Avatar photo
    April Lei Arregadas

    Nice, clean and accommodating staff

  174. Avatar photo
    Yana Azam

    Not good. Double room, but too small. No spray pipe for wahing after pass motion. Need to install toilet washing spray pipe.

  175. Avatar photo
    rahul ujjainwal

    No good location.. Small room.. Rude staff

  176. Avatar photo
    Spooky One

    Ok if you just want to stay one night before flying out but wouldn’t want to stay much longer there

  177. Avatar photo
    Ardi Tjan

    The staff is Indonesian… the hotel is ok according to the rate of 65 dollars singly..

  178. Avatar photo
    Chris Fun

    This is romantic place but i hope the rate more cheap..

  179. Avatar photo
    Harjono Harjo

    The place is strategic & clean

  180. Avatar photo
    Indra Tamedius Diputra

    Great Experience

  181. Avatar photo

    In the middle of the red light district. But that didn’t bother us as it made it cheap. MRT is 10 minutes walk away, yellow and green line. There is also a food court nearby. Rooms are ok, only the beds are strange.

  182. Avatar photo
    Steve D

    ok for the low price, no luxury, very small room …

  183. Avatar photo
    Taoufik Abardouch

    What can I say, really bad hotel… You should be blind to your smell… The only glimmer of hope is the staff, who were very friendly and courteous.

  184. Avatar photo Member

    The hotel is located in a perfect location. There are plenty of eating places around the hotel. All in all a good hotel in a good location with great transport connections. I got a pretty cheap price for booking the room the night before. Strongly will recommend friend to stay.

  185. Avatar photo
    Ardya Inderawan

    The place was tidy, staffs are friendly. However, it is not spacious. For a near budget-level hotel, it is agreeable.

  186. Avatar photo
    Sri Balendran

    Good price

  187. Avatar photo
    Hanry HO

    Room is worth the price. Near the famous frog porridge.

  188. Avatar photo Member

    Perfectly decent place to stay and what you lose on location you’ll make back in cost, quality of sleep and ability to get anywhere easily. At midnight The noise and the sound of the water resonant throughout the room until the cleaning was completed at 12.53am. Good value for money.

  189. Avatar photo
    Vita Brevis

    – Surrounding is an establishment like that (staff informed that He won’t bother you. (⁠-⁠_⁠-⁠;⁠)⁠・⁠・⁠・)
    – The hallway contains the smell of cigarette smoke like in a port bar. (You can borrow an air purifier from the reception. But in the morning, please take it back to him as well.)
    – Employees are fine. That is, to inform anything, ask anything, get a good response, not hide
    – The room looks clean. Just the floor looks like it gets mopped once a month.
    – If the guest is a gang of single men, don’t think too much. Easy or want to buy this type of service is enough. But if it’s a style of a gang of women coming to stay or as a family with children to stay Strongly not recommended
    – and do not mount in Thai in front of the hotel Because the shop staff is like the opposite side can speak Thai

  190. Avatar photo
    Drey Dut

    The hotel is nice…clean and the service is good…the price just happens to get a discount, but it’s a bit hefty to the MRT Aljunied station, 10 minutes walk there

  191. Avatar photo
    putri maryashinta

    Rooms that are still counted close to the mrt
    The service and the lift are also comfortable
    The room is clean and spacious, it’s still comfortable for the two of me with friends
    The price is also still suitable for the middle class in Singapore
    But if I go to SG it seems I will look for a hotel closer to the MRT because the distance is pretty good (around 800m)

  192. Avatar photo Member

    Great location. The room was clean and calm. I think th …

  193. Avatar photo

    decent place for stay

  194. Avatar photo
    Wendy Lim

    The room really too small

  195. Avatar photo
    Thomas Labadie

    Nice quiet hotel with spacious rooms (considering the price) and really helpful staff.

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