Review Hong Kah North Community Club, 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore

Review Hong Kah North Community Club - Singapore 30 Bukit Batok Street 31

“Great place for Vaccination! Good customer service from the staff and volunteers! Efficient and punctual!” or “Place for the community & resident… Change token, vaccine plus some others service available here” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hong Kah North Community Club. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hong Kah North Community Club is quality.

Introduction about Hong Kah North Community Club

Here are some fundamental details regarding Hong Kah North Community Club. In terms of Community center, it is generally believed that Hong Kah North Community Clubis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Community center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 65673130 (+65 65673130)
  • Website:
  • Address: 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM.


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How to contact Hong Kah North Community Club?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Hong Kah North Community Club via:

Phone number

You can reach Hong Kah North Community Club at 65673130(+65 65673130). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Hong Kah North Community Club via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Hong Kah North Community Club reviews

Hong Kah North Community Club is among the best destinations of Community center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Hong Kah North Community Club good?

To determine whether Hong Kah North Community Club is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great place for Vaccination! Good customer service from the staff and volunteers! Efficient and punctual!”

“I was here for my Covid-19 shoots. Nice place to meet people and easy to reach.”

“I am impressed with the facilities and activities available here for residents to enjoy.”

“Vaccination centre and many shops in the surrounding area. Very convenient and prices here are most reasonable. Special here is have many muslim food stalls.”

“Went for my vaccination booster. Staffs were efficient and entire process was quick. Completed my booster process within 15mins”

“2nd Vaccination Done With Cinta 'Moderna' Waiting time is so efficient, not so crowded and well maintained. Thumbs Up #IGotMyShot #MimieAnje #DivaAnje #PukPukPuk #JanganBodek #GoJerr #JLO”

“1st time here..quite a big place.Its now being used to administer booster shots.No bus-stops nearby.Had to walk from the mrt.”

“Here covid-19 booster vaccination is available daily 50pax walkin”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 277 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hong Kah North Community Club, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Hong Kah North Community Club are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Hong Kah North Community Club, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Hong Kah North Community Club, 30 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore

There is a total 277 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    pao phuwit

    Staffs are very friendly and efficient.

  2. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Goid for fast breakfast or what we cakl santai in the morning(relax maa)

  3. Avatar photo
    subhashis saha

    Have gym, Badminton, table tennis court etc.

  4. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Nothing to shout about…

  5. Avatar photo
    Henry G


  6. Avatar photo
    Nur Muhd Razali

    Wet Market and good local hawker food!

  7. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Panda garden noodles delicious.

  8. Avatar photo
    David Matupang

    Non air-conditioned hall

  9. Avatar photo
    Bobo Shooter

    Local activities and get together spot

  10. Avatar photo
    Pradhap Moorthy

    This cc has lot of events happening from time to time.

  11. Avatar photo

    No comment

  12. Avatar photo
    Ganesh Murusamy

    Vaccination center

  13. Avatar photo
    Imran Z

    Went here to take my booster jab. Place is very well organised. Whole process went smoothly.

  14. Avatar photo

    Big space, friendly staff, machine for recycling bottles

  15. Avatar photo
    Jz Wildduck

    Normal services for community clubs

  16. Avatar photo
    luke Loh

    Loads of hdb shops

  17. Avatar photo
    Yong David

    Excellent place for people to learn new things and do sport,as of now it is a temporary place to be vaccinated for co-vid 19. Great place to pick up dance lessons and do some sport for people both young and old.

  18. Avatar photo
    Kunal Bhatia

    Went there for covid vaccination, and so I just got to see the hall where it was all being done.

    The place looked clean, spacious and well planned..

  19. Avatar photo
    lau kim lon

    Community center in Bukit Batok

  20. Avatar photo
    Kong Poh Suan

    It is good to find mrt and anemities near the community club.

  21. Avatar photo
    Md Mamun

    Very good

  22. Avatar photo
    Roy Koh

    Nice hong kah north cc

  23. Avatar photo

    Very new centre

  24. Avatar photo
    Piyush Raj

    Convenient to visit and very well organised. Though there is no public parking available in community club, several HDB nearby provide ample parking place in vicinity.
    Vending machine only accepts Currency notes. Wish it allowed cards as well!

  25. Avatar photo
    shishir s

    Nice place

  26. Avatar photo
    Yun Rui Y

    Got friendly staff service

  27. Avatar photo
    Ratnasamy Matchavelavan

    Well Organize. Feel proud

  28. Avatar photo
    Annam saravanan

    Average Wi-Fi speed

  29. Avatar photo
    Paramasivan Gopal

    Good community forum

  30. Avatar photo
    Badariah Dahrol

    Excellent service managed by raffles hosp. Pple there are so helpful n caring when handling seniors. I am satisfied n happy.

  31. Avatar photo
    Venkataraman Krishnan

    Nice and spacious. Doing vaccination camp now.

  32. Avatar photo
    Rahwi Amat

    Ideal location lots of facialities

  33. Avatar photo
    Fatimah Juhmat

    Nice people around.

  34. Avatar photo
    Thulasi nathan

    My vaccination center. Good experience

  35. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chu

    Need to park at adjacent multi storey carpark

  36. Avatar photo
    Bingshen Goh

    Tht great here!

  37. Avatar photo
    DHeats Cheesecake

    Came here for covid-19 injection.

  38. Avatar photo
    Congyun grace Fan

    Many new varieties have been added, it is worth watching

  39. Avatar photo
    H W Teo

    Under renovation very messy…

  40. Avatar photo
    Daniel M

    Nice and clean. Ample parking lots next to it.

  41. Avatar photo
    killer Queen killer Queen

    Loved it

  42. Avatar photo
    raman tech 10


  43. Avatar photo
    Masri Gurdev


  44. Avatar photo
    Mighty Flamy

    Very nice

  45. Avatar photo
    Amos O

    Pretty fast processing if you coming here to do your booster(modena only)

  46. Avatar photo
    Blue Sky

    Clean club where i was been vaccinated with my first dose for covid19…

  47. Avatar photo
    Thomas Bech

    I went there for COVID vaccine shot and ot was awesome

  48. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheoh

    Went for booster jab. Closing June 1st 2022

  49. Avatar photo
    Yoong Chee Teck


  50. Avatar photo
    He Wei

    A lot of activities offered.

  51. Avatar photo
    Balakrishnan Pavadaisamy

    Well organised for the booster shot.
    Place is very neat znd clean.

  52. Avatar photo
    Mohd Halmi

    Fast, convenient & efficient…

  53. Avatar photo
    Gen Ong

    Good facilities available. Also has lots of recycle bins around!

  54. Avatar photo
    Jixian Gavin Goh

    Went there for vaccination

  55. Avatar photo
    Daéng Sulaiman

    Done ️ 1st Moderna Vaccine here today …

  56. Avatar photo

    Food nice

  57. Avatar photo
    Manikam Sankar

    Now is a vaccination center for Morderna booster from Raffles Hospítal

  58. Avatar photo
    Dave masri

    Friendly staff

  59. Avatar photo
    Mat Kental

    Gd direction.. …

  60. Avatar photo
    Hariyadi Slamet

    Good market

  61. Avatar photo

    Busy in the weekend, due to community events. Has water-cooler, SAM machine and cashcard topup machines.

  62. Avatar photo

    Went down to get my cousin’s singpass registered. Booster jab was also from here. Nice and clean place.

  63. Avatar photo

    dirty but well functioning

  64. Avatar photo

    Booster vaccination by Raffles Clinic for Modena. Handicap friendly building good shopping arcade nearby. Bukit Gombak MRT nearby.

  65. Avatar photo
    Avp Vijay15

    Very good

  66. Avatar photo
    Rion Toh

    Probably the Community Club in SG with the MOST activities. Lots of Events, Lessons as well. Small in area but packed with Hype!

  67. Avatar photo
    Wang Xiaodi

    The government cares about everything!
    Organized and orderly.
    Very good!

  68. Avatar photo
    Siti Zainab

    Many spots and health activity at this place can join , families and community club also have.

  69. Avatar photo
    Tan Chee Yong

    Neutral on the location as I just visit this place for my covid vaccination. Surrounding place has few good places for food for me to fill stomach before my vaccination

  70. Avatar photo
    Ashton De Xi Tan

    Indoor Basketball court .. Good for sport.

  71. Avatar photo
    mdnoh Rykiel

    Words can describe the convenience…

  72. Avatar photo
    Kin Chew Chiah

    Thank you Singapore government for vaccinating here twice

  73. Avatar photo

    Good and spacious

  74. Avatar photo
    Brendan Rodrigues

    I go there take booster. Not shiok. My armpit now pain lo :’)

  75. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Lots of space for activities! Near Bukit Gombak sports stadium MRT & the scenic Little Guilin Park. Love low price public gym. Friendly cosy comfy green breezy ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists & families.

  76. Avatar photo
    Barbara Lina Lei

    Get our trace together token changed 24/7 via vending machine

  77. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Swee Kok Lee

    I find the halls airy. Suitable for badminton. It should have a Macdonald’s Restaurent to lure a crowd, especially the young ones.

  78. Avatar photo
    Isharrudin Bin Jumari

    Community center currently part of it being used for vaccination center…

  79. Avatar photo
    Kel Cordeen

    Community centre is quiet and clean

  80. Avatar photo
    Jammy Deep

    I dont see anything nice there

  81. Avatar photo
    Nicole Dorville

    Toilets need cleaning more often, but facilities and staff are good

  82. Avatar photo
    Fauzi Wayne

    Vaccinator must learnt how to talk and smile to people, I know is night but at least have the courtesy to talk nicely, not like we owe you money

  83. Avatar photo
    JHow Loo


  84. Avatar photo
    Tony Fong

    had my vaccination here. quite a diswaway from the bukit gombak mrt station.

  85. Avatar photo
    juster neo

    3rd jab here, very fast

  86. Avatar photo
    Herman V

    Booked my vaccination shots here. The whole vaccination process was very well organized and efficient. And there is a multi story car park and a food court next door. Convenient place to visit even when there is no longer a need for vaccination.

  87. Avatar photo
    PM Kwong

    Spacious and clean cc

  88. Avatar photo
    Gurpreet Kaur

    I gained many experience and I learned many new things related to ijob

  89. Avatar photo

    Has a good indoor basketball court

  90. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    This is one of the big CC in Singapore. The hall currently is converted to a vaccination center. Besides you can change your trace together token here, there are many different re-cycle containers for disposing glasses, bottles computers/printers, clothing, bulbs etc. Very convenient for residents staying at Bukit Batok area.

  91. Avatar photo
    Subiah Prakash


  92. Avatar photo


  93. Avatar photo

    Just drop off so no comment

  94. Avatar photo
    Seah Hendrick

    Great environment with cool mindset while awaiting for my dose of vaccination …

  95. Avatar photo
    wk choy

    The queue for the vaccination at around 10 plus is very fast . No need to wait.

  96. Avatar photo
    Vim Vim

    Go there to look for toilet, nearby have many shops and coffee shops. Alight at gombak MRT. Quite convenient

  97. Avatar photo
    KongMeng Tan

    Various types of courses, activities and common sports for residents and walk-in participants.

  98. Avatar photo
    Carmen Lee (mambokid)

    Went there for vaccination.

  99. Avatar photo
    Sivagnanam Sundararaju


  100. Avatar photo
    Babulal Rajan


  101. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Great place for Vaccination! Good customer service from the staff and volunteers! Efficient and punctual!

  102. Avatar photo
    Douglas Lim ewe jin

    Staffs was friendly and cheerful

  103. Avatar photo

    It’s ok

  104. Avatar photo
    CHUA Modern

    I had went for COVID-19 VACCINATION for 1st Dose Vaccine ,2nd Dose Vaccine and 3rd Dose Booster Vaccine for All the same Vaccine Brand MODERNA COVID-19 (mRNA-1273) injection in the Same Community center at HONG KAH NORTH Community Center and it was So Clean …

  105. Avatar photo
    Pohcheng Kuan

    I go there to exercise

  106. Avatar photo
    Brian Shadow

    Nice place whereas you can meet many of the community as well as nearby eateries.

  107. Avatar photo
    suki gemok

    The service was good and taking the 3rd dose was very effective and fast well done to the staff

  108. Avatar photo
    விமல் சா

    Regular community club with indoor courts…

  109. Avatar photo
    Ashok Kumar

    This has been converted to COVID-19 vaccination centre. As with other centres, well organised process.

  110. Avatar photo
    Chua Eow

    Sleepy place

  111. Avatar photo
    Md Babu


  112. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Well organised for the vaccination activities

  113. Avatar photo
    Ali Akbar Pammu Abdul Kadir

    It is temporary vaccination center for moderna. All staff are welcome. It also accepts for walk-in vaccination for 3rd jab, booster

  114. Avatar photo
    Kumaran Palmanappam

    Would be nice if people can come in and drop off/pick up and go…

    Now got to do it outside which affects traffic.

  115. Avatar photo
    Eleen Toh

    Great choices of affordable activities avaliable

  116. Avatar photo
    Boon Leong Ang

    No common

  117. Avatar photo
    Liuchuan Lim

  118. Avatar photo
    Lii Ngee

    Activities for the residents

  119. Avatar photo
    Osmiya Roslan

    It very good and helpful

  120. Avatar photo
    Arunsankar R

    A big CC with a lot of social uplift programmes and trainings. An engaging place

  121. Avatar photo
    CS Toh

    Very good, can put in ICT equipment like old tablet PC, notebook and laptop.

  122. Avatar photo
    Yingzhi Tan

    Airy compound. Lots of space for activities

  123. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    a lot of courses n enrichment classes available here.

  124. Avatar photo
    Komari Kario


  125. Avatar photo
    Yansen Yansen

    Old building, here for vaccination.

  126. Avatar photo
    Sam Wong

    Went there for vaccination. The administrator really follow the appointment timing. You will not able to get your Jab even if you are early. They will move in batches of each 30 min appointment. The process is quite fast.

  127. Avatar photo

    Here covid-19 booster vaccination is available daily 50pax walkin

  128. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    Vaccination centre and many shops in the surrounding area. Very convenient and prices here are most reasonable. Special here is have many muslim food stalls.

  129. Avatar photo

    A lot of programs

  130. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Well organize

  131. Avatar photo
    mingwei liu

    I got vaccinated at Hong Kah North Community Club and it was great! Nice!

  132. Avatar photo
    Md Nor Taha

    Nothing to comment

  133. Avatar photo
    Chengkh Peter330

    On the day went for my booster jab there was other events make me confused ran here ran there went to one of the tent told me that was inside the basketball court ai !so messy arrangements

  134. Avatar photo
    Chow Bob

    Spacious community club

  135. Avatar photo
    Phileo Kang

    Vaccination program here was excellent. Guided well and the place was well ventilated. Would have fallen asleep while waiting to be discharged after the jab.

    Besides Vaccination drive, I’ve totally no idea what you can do at this place.

  136. Avatar photo
    Ting San Yuan

    The CC being located in the heart of Hong Kah, it serves its purpose for its residents. Amenities such as multi-purpose halls, indoor basketball courts, and more are available for the general public to use, and is well maintained.

  137. Avatar photo
    Harisabtu Antiria

    Good, the best service and all that serve people Rama,

  138. Avatar photo
    Riad Mahmud Rocky

    Taking my vaccine, very first & smooth way rking process

  139. Avatar photo
    Wai Peng Chan

    Great zumba marathon happening here!

  140. Avatar photo
    Wong YY

    Went for my vaccination booster. Staffs were efficient and entire process was quick. Completed my booster process within 15mins

  141. Avatar photo
    Krish Karuppiah

    Excellent the way they care about the nation good job. …

  142. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Got my covid vaccine here. Its was fast and the one who inject me did a great job.

  143. Avatar photo
    Kasun Chathuranga

    I went there for covid vaccination. Friendly and fast service.

  144. Avatar photo
    Ong Yean

    Hong Kah Nort This place is very good and convenient. There are many coffee shops to eat and it is close to MRT.

  145. Avatar photo
    Rosh Wang

    Great place for the community and nearby residents especially senior citizens and families to gather, take up cooking classes or dancing classes for kids.

  146. Avatar photo
    Rickey L

    My wife and I went for our 1st covid jab and were very jmpressed with everything there. The place was well-organized with all the thoughtful details looked into, staff were professional and helpful, and the place was airy and comfortable. Well done by Raffles Medical group and the team there!

  147. Avatar photo
    Randy Wan

    Useful and services aslo good

  148. Avatar photo
    Hamidah Ali

    Nice HDB built batok have many shop

  149. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Rafi

    A good one…. attended a wedding function…spacious, easily negotiable, carparks are a little setback, unlike other Clubs….no public shops inside clubs premesis, it’s a definite plus point, office staff good, easy accessibility by general public, need to be a little seclusive here…overall a good one…keep it up.

  150. Avatar photo
    Appasaheb Naikal

    Good sports (indoor) available. Easy to access and friendly staff to assist.

  151. Avatar photo
    WK WLK

    Nice place and Beside got a Coffee shop for you to eat some nice foods.

  152. Avatar photo
    Varadha Gokula krishnan

    A good community gathering place. Check out for events & training programs.

  153. Avatar photo
    Meenaloshini Girjashankar

    Would be better if there’s few parking lots for emergency purposes. Came down to accompany my family member but had to park at a HDB carpark and it was a little troublesome to walk to and fro.

  154. Avatar photo
    Chan Jing Hui Benedict

    Had my vaccination there.

    Sad that they didn’t have the Vita-Rays chamber.

  155. Avatar photo

    Nice place i will remember last time i’m working

  156. Avatar photo
    Sahrom Bin Jalil

    Nice and full amenities

  157. Avatar photo
    mohamad azlee

    Eco Clean Up Day. Event n booth sharing ideas on recycling n eco waste reduction

  158. Avatar photo
    Lee Thiam LEE

    The vaccination Centre was well managed

  159. Avatar photo
    Sam Chan

    Over experience is good. Rooms for improvement on cleanliness.

  160. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tng

    The walkway of the CC alongside the neighborhood HDB block, the lighting is very dim at night, potential risk of accident and crime. Next, visitors who are smokers always smoke along this walkway. I believe this area is considered as smoking prohibited public area, hope the management of the CC can look into the above issues to ensure residents safety and healthy.
    Thank you.

  161. Avatar photo
    gaNesh Nesh

    The PA staff are very friendly and the RMG is doing the Moderna Vaccination

  162. Avatar photo
    Sim Kang Leng


  163. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    One of d easy located CC near mrt

  164. Avatar photo
    Tony LLH

    The place is big, convenient, close to MRT, but the toilet is not clean

  165. Avatar photo


  166. Avatar photo

    The help they render to the seniors on using HP is too basic. If asked beyond…they cant help much.

  167. Avatar photo
    J Pepper

    This CC has quite a number of activities to join in both for adults and children and they have an air-conditioned reading room quiet and conducive for reading newspapers. Nearby there are three food centres and two supermarkets and a lot of convenience shops and stalls there too.

  168. Avatar photo
    Shafiq chowdhury

    Very nice location

  169. Avatar photo
    janet Lai Yee Mui

    Confortable and relaxing environment.

  170. Avatar photo
    Dhani Van Houten

    Nothing interesting here.

  171. Avatar photo
    kit wong

    Community club offering many community prgrams such as language courses,zumba, ypga,pilate, ukelele cources etc at very reasonable prices.

  172. Avatar photo
    Justin Tam

    Okay experience. adequate facilities

  173. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    Useful to residents. We’ll designed and managed.

  174. Avatar photo
    Venkataraman Kumar

    Very spacious, now a centre for covid vaccination

  175. Avatar photo
    Siva Kumar

    Nice place currently vaccination programme taking place by raffles medical

  176. Avatar photo
    Durga Ganesan

    I did my first vaccination here today done by raffles medical and it was super fast n only took less than 10 minutes for the whole process to get completed..the staffs was very friendly the whole the experience ! …

  177. Avatar photo
    lura boy

    not really very clean but its ok

  178. Avatar photo
    Eka Nur Elisa


  179. Avatar photo
    Noh Abdul Shukor

    ok lah. not bad

  180. Avatar photo
    Bells bells

    Mordena Vaccination Centre Run By Raffles Medical. Smooth and fast

  181. Avatar photo
    Brampy Franklin

    Nice place.

  182. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Y T Lim (Veritas Raymaker)

    Conveniently located next to public transport and ample parking. Well ventilated and we’ll lit at night.

  183. Avatar photo
    Melissa LovesIceCream

    Convenient with sheltered walkway from Bukit Gombak MRT

  184. Avatar photo
    Yoges Varan

    Good service

  185. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Rather impress with the many activities to sign up.

  186. Avatar photo
    Ms Natt

    I am at my lowest point in life. My wonderful neighbourhood volunteer assisted me to apply for food rations at Hong Kah North CC. However, was treated like an outcast with the auntie at the counter. CC mission was to serve community with integrity and empathy. From what I saw, she treating everyone with no empathy and integrity.

  187. Avatar photo
    Sebas Lange

    Was at this CC for Covid-19 vaccination. On the side of the CC there were eating houses.

  188. Avatar photo
    FaNg leOna

    The toilet at level 1 is very dirty. Thrs one time i saw a female teacher bring boy students to the female toilet to do business and after that didnt wipe the area where thrs stains.

  189. Avatar photo
    sasi kumar

    Vaccination program here was excellent and place were ventilated well…

  190. Avatar photo
    Gargantuan GARY

    cozy place. Managed to go there for multiple needs… collected our TraceTogether tokens at the same time. Wooton, finally no more draining of phone batteries

  191. Avatar photo
    Michael C

    Very efficient Covid vaccination center.

  192. Avatar photo
    Qaseh Mimi

    Place for the community & resident…

    Change token, vaccine plus some others service available here

  193. Avatar photo
    Tuck Fang Lim

    Went there for Covid vaccination. Spacious and orderly.

  194. Avatar photo
    Majid Abdul

    As per usual

  195. Avatar photo
    Simon Chew

    Honestly I was only there accompanying someone going for her 3rd covid vaccine jab. Not easy to find; it’s tucked deep within d estate, along a small road, NOT serviced directly by bus or train!(it was raining..) Don’t go there unless necessary..

  196. Avatar photo
    Seow Hin Lim

    Yesterday at 2:30 pm, I went to the Fengjia North Club to get the coronavirus vaccination. The place is very spacious, the flow of people is good, and the staff are very polite.

  197. Avatar photo
    Steve Demers

    I don’t know how this place is as a community center but it’s a great vaccination center. Those people are friendly!

  198. Avatar photo
    Tricia Lye

    Went there for Covid vaccination. Spacious, airy, well organised team there. Cant drive in to drop off. Problem for elderly.

  199. Avatar photo

    I came in for my first vaccination.
    For the first time, there was no need to make a reservation, and there was almost no waiting time other than the waiting time after vaccination.

  200. Avatar photo
    My SECRET Corner

    Easy to find and people around are helpful.

  201. Avatar photo
    Hmue Khant Thu

    Very huge and spacious, lots of room for group activities.

  202. Avatar photo
    jeff lim

    Very nice and quiet place!

  203. Avatar photo
    Amirah Nazeeya

    I came here for 3rd booster vaccination. Hong Kah Community Centre offers Moderna™ choice only, which is good since it was what I wanted. The place was not crowded and I didn’t have to wait long for my turn.

    The venue was well ventilated, I did not feel hot/stuffy even though it was 3pm in the afternoon. No sweat at all!

    Overall, the location is convenient, as it is only 400m walk from Bukit Gombak mrt station.

  204. Avatar photo
    Anita Padman

    Booster shot centre. Excellent setup

  205. Avatar photo
    Ken Tan

    Sheltered basketball court, not bad good net but the rims a bit too stiff. Still, can’t complain! There’s water cooler, vending machine and clean toilets in the same building.

  206. Avatar photo
    laoren teo

    The collection of token and cdc voucher is in the indoor basketball court but the sign to there are not clear enough. U can only see the area for vaccine.

  207. Avatar photo
    Ym Jin

    At the Modena Vaccination Centre in western Singapore.

  208. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Big public carpark beside

  209. Avatar photo
    Ting San Yuan

    The CC being located in the heart of Hong Kah, it serves its purpose for its residents. Amenities such as multi-purpose halls, indoor basketball courts, and more are available for the general public to use, and is well maintained.

  210. Avatar photo
    Aaron Shaw

    parking is NA. be careful when drive there..

  211. Avatar photo
    meng eric

    Very efficient. .

  212. Avatar photo
    Ms Natt

    I am at my lowest point in life. My wonderful neighbourhood volunteer assisted me to apply for food rations at Hong Kah North CC. However, was treated like an outcast with the auntie at the counter. CC mission was to serve community with integrity and empathy. From what I saw, she treating everyone with no empathy and integrity.

  213. Avatar photo
    Kenzy Lua

    Nice place!

  214. Avatar photo
    Mcroy Thean

    I love this place

  215. Avatar photo
    Akira, Tze Wei Toh

    Good efforts for community & grassroots efforts by Hong Kah Town Council & HDB for new residents of West Edge

    Part of 9 estates of “9 West @ Bt Batok” HDB plan

  216. Avatar photo
    Thean nyoon wee Mcroy

    They help to comunicate all the neighbour.

  217. Avatar photo

    When there just for bowling

  218. Avatar photo
    thean nyoon wee

    thean nyoon wee mcroy
    phone number 88017476

  219. Avatar photo
    Jithendar Reddy


  220. Avatar photo
    Singa Indo Production


  221. Avatar photo
    Karthik PS

    Great CC with lots of new activities

  222. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Seah

  223. Avatar photo
    Clement Pang

    There for vaccination. Fast & Efficient. But for facilities? See other reviews.

  224. Avatar photo
    TG Ler

    I am impressed with the facilities and activities available here for residents to enjoy.

  225. Avatar photo
    Mak Ct

    Parking behind multi story carpark

  226. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cai Wenjie

    lively place. always have events for community.

  227. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    It is a large community centre with many amenities to serve the community here. Currently, the basketball court is being used as an vaccination centre. It is easy to access from the MRT station nearby, with a 10 minute walk. The entrance is …

  228. Avatar photo
    jureimi mohamad

    Under utilises buildings

  229. Avatar photo
    Ng Jiak Chung

    food cheap

  230. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    A bit old and warm with no air con hall. Time for a facelift.

  231. Avatar photo
    sekar k

    Lot of classes n activities available to register

  232. Avatar photo
    Mariani Sani

    This is where my hubby & I got our first dose of Moderna Covid19 vaccine last weekend. Cool & relax environment!

  233. Avatar photo
    Yolanda Lingad

    Got my vaccine 1st and
    2nd doze

  234. Avatar photo
    foo-chye long

    Moderna, fast, and 1 box of masks

  235. Avatar photo
    Lizhi Wang

    instructions are clear

  236. Avatar photo
    Kiat Siong Yeow


  237. Avatar photo
    Maran Maran

    Staffs were nice and polite.

  238. Avatar photo
    sanjoy karmaker

    Covid 19 vaccination

  239. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Haniffa

    1st time here..quite a big place.Its now being used to administer booster shots.No bus-stops nearby.Had to walk from the mrt.

  240. Avatar photo
    Tsuzuki D Nas

    Lots of activities in this CC.

  241. Avatar photo
    Arulanantham Vethamuthu

    I was there for my first dose of vaccination.

  242. Avatar photo
    ZAILEE SAMUBARI (Zakk Skipper)

    Fast and efficient public service..

  243. Avatar photo
    cindy choo

    Taken Covid-19 Vaccination here on Sunday,
    21st November !! Time : 2:55pm !!
    Very good and efficient staff !! Especially
    A Malay lady at the entrance to get the vaccination , She is having white head scraf,
    White t shirt and jeans , very good service
    And very friendly !! Thanks to her
    And also all the staff at Hong Kah North CC :
    Because of all of you , we are safe and healthy !!

  244. Avatar photo
    Abbasyiskhan firan

    community service center

  245. Avatar photo
    Arah Teo

    Our Very Nice Community Centre!

  246. Avatar photo
    Anje Letop

    2nd Vaccination Done With Cinta ‘Moderna’
    Waiting time is so efficient, not so crowded and well maintained.
    Thumbs Up

  247. Avatar photo
    Ivan Krylov

    Did vaccination.

  248. Avatar photo

    Nice placr to go for vaccination as near to many eateries

  249. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Still silence now due to Covid 19

  250. Avatar photo
    Voon my

    Moderna vaccination center. Very organized

  251. Avatar photo
    Ming lim

    Staff is friendly and helpful. Sorry that I forgot to ask for his name but he even called me for clarification, otherwise my application to renew Passion Card would not be successful

  252. Avatar photo
    Pauline Kwok

    Very gd coz nearby gt many eateries

  253. Avatar photo
    Wen Wen

    Nice place to chill

  254. Avatar photo
    Sridhar Sri

    For kids More fun activities

  255. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Had my 2 Moderna COVID shots here

  256. Avatar photo
    Tony Foo

    Went there for my Vacination Jab. It was raining heavily outside, it did not affect the general running of this process as the whole procedure was executed flawlessly.

  257. Avatar photo
    Amy Ko

    Friendly staff

  258. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Large CC that serves the community well, especially the elderly

  259. Avatar photo
    Yoh Keng Yew

    very good

  260. Avatar photo
    SANDY Tok

    Great place

  261. Avatar photo
    Rosalina Ibrahim

    Located near Dazhong Primary bus go inside..must walk from mrt or bus stop

  262. Avatar photo
    Rajendra Kulkarni (Kuku)

    excellent place and helpful people on the vaccination day …

  263. Avatar photo
    Tony Fong

    had my vaccination here. quite a diswaway from the bukit gombak mrt station.

  264. Avatar photo

    Went there for vaccination. Good and fast service.

  265. Avatar photo
    Yoges Dayalan

    Brought my mum for vaccination. The process was very quick. Very efficient.

  266. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Soh

    Vaccines centre

  267. Avatar photo
    Doris Ang

    Cuisine for races.

  268. Avatar photo
    Amirul Hakim

    Moderna vaccine place

  269. Avatar photo
    Zainuddin Ahmad

    Same like other CC.
    I’m there for my 2 vaccines.

  270. Avatar photo

    Its a vaccination booth site.

  271. Avatar photo
    Roland Tan

    A good place to do activities for all people and social works.

  272. Avatar photo

    Lovely place

  273. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chin

    Some toilets need serious maintenance. Pleasant jabbing experience.

  274. Avatar photo
    Jeramy Chua

    Neighbourhood community centre with many facilities

  275. Avatar photo
    Francis Boey

    Beautiful place. Quiet and coffeeshops nearby for a cup of nice coffee!

  276. Avatar photo
    Riza Iskandar

    I was here for my Covid-19 shoots. Nice place to meet people and easy to reach.

  277. Avatar photo
    Nato TONA

    Purpose of presence was attending wedding reception. The hall is edequate for any functions. However the building needs to upgrade n renovate

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