History of Hong Kong

History of Hong Kong

The area of present day Hong Kong was once inhabited since the Paleolithic Age. The area was used for a trading region during the Tang and Sang dynasties. In the 19 th century, Hong Kong was ceded to the British during the Opium Wars. Traders from other countries visited Hong Kong for goods that were not easily found elsewhere in the world

Tea, silk and other Asian goods were introduced to the English by the Portuguese. At this point in history, the English wanted control over everything they liked. They wanted to be able to maintain their lifestyles and do it cheaply. The only way to do this was to have control over the origin of their goods. In an attempt to make China act according to their plan, the British invade China in 1841. The British won the First Opium War after this invasion. The British first occupied Hong Kong Island in 1842. The territory was ceded to Britain in 1842 as well. In 1843, Hong Kong became an official crown colony. The British now had their source of their favorite goods

Hong Kong experienced its dark ages in World War II. Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese Army at this time and it was devastating to the economy and culture. Many Hong Kongers were executed by the Japanese Army during this period of time.

In the 1980′s the British began to decide whether or not to negotiate sovereignty for Hong Kong . Led by Margaret Thatcher, the British signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration. The document was signed by both the British and the People’s Republic of China . On December 19, 1984, the whole territory under British control was became the Hong Kong Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China . On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was transferred into the People’s Republic of China at midnight.

In mid-March of 2003, Hong Kong was hit by an outbreak of the SARS virus. The outbreak lasted through the summer of 2003 and was devastating to the Hong Kong economy. The area had been experiencing increased tourism from foreigners and the Chinese. The SARS outbreak caused this tourism to drop drastically due to fear of spreading the virus.

Hong Kong ‘s climate and weather is prone to monsoons and is subtropical. It is cool and dry during the winter from January to March. The summers are hot and humid and most hotels have air conditioning, which is uncommon in many major European cities. It is generally warm, sunny and dry during their fall season.

About 260 islands surround Hong Kong . Many of these islands are really just areas of rock that protrude from the ocean. Other islands are small and inhabited by the locals. Many of the islands have hundreds of years of history. There are also many islands that were exclusively inhabited by Buddhists.

There are several cities and towns within Hong Kong . Many are located on Hong Kong Island while others are located on the Kowloon Peninsula . The peninsula is home to the Ocean Terminal, which houses the Hong Kong ‘s largest shopping mall, restaurants and hotels. Hong Kong is a popular port of departure and port of call for many popular cruise lines. Hong Kong also has its own cruise line that departs from Hong Kong and explores the Asian coast. There are also many local cruises that explore the harbors of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been described as a city where East meets West. The culture in Hong Kong is especially unique due to the fact that it was once inhabited by the British. Many speak English and Chinese. Many British people were raised in Hong Kong and still live there today. Hong Kong has a shopping culture all of its own. Many people travel to Hong Kong just to go shopping. This culture simulates the trade culture that existed here hundreds of years ago before British occupation.

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