Review Herschel Tangs Plaza, 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review Herschel Tangs Plaza - Singapore 310 Orchard Rd

“Visited the food court at basement 1 of the Tangs Plaza, the Tangs Market fried kway teow was delicious and at reasonable price.” or “Our favourite shopping place especially 12% rebatewe like to have simple meal there as well.. chili ban mian is my fav and mee siam is nice too …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Herschel Tangs Plaza. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Herschel Tangs Plaza is quality.

Introduction about Herschel Tangs Plaza

Here are some fundamental details regarding Herschel Tangs Plaza. In terms of Department store, it is generally believed that Herschel Tangs Plazais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Department store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67375500 (+65 67375500)
  • Website:
  • Address: 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore
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Detailed information of Herschel Tangs Plaza

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Sunday: 11 AM to 8:30 PM.


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How to contact Herschel Tangs Plaza?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Herschel Tangs Plaza via:

Phone number

You can reach Herschel Tangs Plaza at 67375500(+65 67375500). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Herschel Tangs Plaza via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Herschel Tangs Plaza reviews

Herschel Tangs Plaza is among the best destinations of Department store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Herschel Tangs Plaza good?

To determine whether Herschel Tangs Plaza is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Definitely a place to shop. They have all the best in the world here. But of course the price for a good product differs greatly from the mediocre too. If you like my photos please give me likes. Thanks.”

“Our favourite shopping place especially 12% rebatewe like to have simple meal there as well.. chili ban mian is my fav and mee siam is nice too …”

“Best ever. In Bar Mr.Veni awesome Must try his mixing.”

“Extremely relaxed atmosphere. Christmas sales have begun. Staff are extremely polite and helpful.”

“Having lunch here at Salad Stop. There’s one tucked at the entrance of their basement. Very good service and food is properly fresh.”

“Superb place to eat. There are plenty to scoff down in the basement. My favourite coffee can be found here too. The boost stand is superb too.”

“Best place to visit, and cheap if you didnt buy anything …”

“Got different brands of skincares and cosmetics …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 297 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 92% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Herschel Tangs Plaza, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Herschel Tangs Plaza, 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 297 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Beautiful sc
    Beautiful washroom too

  2. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    A high end shopping centre with electronic good and eating stall

  3. Avatar photo
    Karthick Tamilarasan (foxKarthick)

    Best ever.
    In Bar Mr.Veni awesome
    Must try his mixing.

  4. Avatar photo
    Harvey Clamp

    Great place to shop and dine

  5. Avatar photo
    Wu Minxiu

    Great shopping day

  6. Avatar photo
    Derek Zhang YD

    Get 20% and 10% additional discount… for a $1k stuff. Quite happy.

  7. Avatar photo

    Nice shopping mall. Same as all shopping malls but with chic Singaporian touch

  8. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    One stop shopping centre for everything you need

  9. Avatar photo
    Lennon Lee

    Herschel Tangs Plaza, is always nice to shop with Tangs …

  10. Avatar photo
    Yael Luxman-Bahat

    This luxury, all-encompassing shopping center reminds me a bit of Galeries Lafayette in Paris in terms of not having closed designated shops but rather an open space planning where the different shops and brands mix and blend together to create lovely continuity of the shopping experience. Each floor is dedicated to a different kind of products (clothes, shoes, kids, home, etc.), and the overall experience is great.

  11. Avatar photo
    Christine Tan

    There are more variety items than previous.

  12. Avatar photo
    Reanne Quek

    Superb place to eat. There are plenty to scoff down in the basement. My favourite coffee can be found here too. The boost stand is superb too.

  13. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    Ambience not bad. Food wise so so only. Portion of food a little below average and service normal standard.

  14. Avatar photo
    Stefano Valentini

    Great plaza and it’s got a tang. All kinds of goodie’s to shop, several ATMs available, food and appliances, sporting gear, shoes, bags, makeup and more. Nice place, always swing by on the weekends to see what’s new. Go there, you’ll love it!

  15. Avatar photo
    Chok Wai Lee

    Good place to shop around for good ideas but things are not cheap.

  16. Avatar photo
    Varat Mack S

    Good for shopping . Have everything.

  17. Avatar photo
    Peter Chrisp

    An amazing shopping plaza plenty of floors state of the art complex shops are beautiful looking and brilliantly lit …

  18. Avatar photo
    Masbianto Subianto

    Big… nice plaza..

  19. Avatar photo
    Texximond Thong

    You can almost anything you want as long brand is not an issue to you

  20. Avatar photo

    A little underrated and overshunned by the neighbouring malls. But there’s nothing that this mall over that is not offered by other malls, so I don’t see the point of going here.

  21. Avatar photo
    Henry Goh

    Almost everything under one roof!

  22. Avatar photo
    Chetan Mehra Photography

    The best products under one roof.
    convenient location and 6% cash back on everything once you become a member.


  23. Avatar photo
    Ye “Kunlun” Yang

    It’s a famous point for corporate D&D. Specially, it’s 10 years’ “anniversary” today from my 1st D&D here. Time flies, we stand on and tall. Be merry and joyful! Cheers to life.

  24. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lim

    Our main errand was to allow Juana to send money home to the Philppines, not so much of a shopping trip. Having said that, I must say that we had a delicious Japanese lunch at one of the Japanese restaurants there, with good service to top it off.

  25. Avatar photo
    Chow Lee M

    Having lunch here at Salad Stop. There’s one tucked at the entrance of their basement. Very good service and food is properly fresh.

  26. Avatar photo
    Mario Ferraro

    A great place to buy gifts for all occasions

  27. Avatar photo
    Gurjeevaan Singh

    A great place Shop. A huge variety of options. The basement could be a little busy to walk through as it tends to get crowded.

  28. Avatar photo
    Nancy Ho

    good variety of skincare product. Unfortunately, i only realized when I reached that the brand i wanted as only available in Vivo outlet

  29. Avatar photo
    Sulaiman Atif

    Nice for shopping and dining

  30. Avatar photo
    Christopher Powell

    So many things to see! Shopping is fantastic. From the “pricey” to the reasonable, they have it all.

  31. Avatar photo
    Margarita Chen

    Great place for shopping

  32. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Quite disappointed with its Christmas displays this year.

  33. Avatar photo
    rajesh sharma

    High end shopping place in orchard area

  34. Avatar photo
    David Wibowo

    It’s a good place to visit

  35. Avatar photo
    Joe Vu

    Super Kitchenware dept., Sell almost everything, good staff relationship, worthwhile plc to shop! Fashion dept also up to date!

  36. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience. Good for bargain hunting. Exciting refreshing local Japanese & western delights at Tangs Market.

  37. Avatar photo
    M C

    Missed the yesteryear Christmas Festivities. Just not the same.

  38. Avatar photo

    Great place to shop

  39. Avatar photo
    Matt C

    Good department store style centre, has everything you would expect in a store – connected to MRT for easy access

  40. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    Iconic tower in the heart of orchard road.

  41. Avatar photo
    Harvey Kristiawan

    Food court is nice place, cozy but delicious

  42. Avatar photo
    ruchir rashil

    Nice shopping centre

  43. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Problems to enter. Scan code issue

  44. Avatar photo
    kelvin koh

    From fashion to electronics everything is inside..

  45. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Misra

    A nice shopping mall

  46. Avatar photo
    Anwar Setyawan

    50% discount on women bags

  47. Avatar photo
    shanaz ashfaq

    Good .you can enjoy shopping here

  48. Avatar photo

    a lot changes after 5 years renovation

  49. Avatar photo
    Mohan krishna Goyal

    Quality store. Kitchen section at basement offers authentic and wide variety of products.

  50. Avatar photo
    Christo Artiwianta

    Best place to shop

  51. Avatar photo
    Sunil Kambar

    Good shopping Street

  52. Avatar photo
    Tamil Manni

    Friendly helpful sales person

  53. Avatar photo
    B Ruth

    Lots of shops to choose from. It wasn’t too crowded and everyone was so nice. Has a groc8and a fantastic french bakery.

  54. Avatar photo
    Yus Joseph

    Can get crowded during the weekend

  55. Avatar photo
    mawar jingga

    Good services

  56. Avatar photo
    JJ Low

    Great historical place in orchard.

  57. Avatar photo
    Troy Rea

    Too high end. Nothing to buy unless you’re a millionaire

  58. Avatar photo
    nick chew

    Great place to shop for youngster

  59. Avatar photo

    The hotel is great and comfort.

  60. Avatar photo
    Max Collins

    Yep some good stuff here

  61. Avatar photo
    Darren Lee

    Food was pretty normal. Service was slow. Could be further improved.

  62. Avatar photo

    Massive shopping under and above ground every store needed

  63. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Yusoff

    The food at the restaurant is nice

  64. Avatar photo
    Raymond SG

    Big shopping centre in Orchard Road

  65. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Pey

    Upmarket shopping mall with wide variety of branded goods

  66. Avatar photo
    Eudora Male

    Good value for money. Older property, hence bigger rooms. Smack in the middle of the action Orchard. Saves cab fares to some extent. City view rooms on higher floors are great, but can get super hot in the late afternoon.

  67. Avatar photo
    Gurdesh Kaur

    Relaxing place to shop

  68. Avatar photo
    koh alan

    Nice shopping environment. Not crowded

  69. Avatar photo
    AlessandroMattietto Emerson

    Very nice

  70. Avatar photo
    Adelaida Lazatin

    Meet my daughter

  71. Avatar photo
    Steven Yap

    Worth to try indonesian crusine

  72. Avatar photo
    Sivasothy Nanthagopal

    Extremely relaxed atmosphere. Christmas sales have begun. Staff are extremely polite and helpful.

  73. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan

    Modern shopping mall located in Orchard Road

  74. Avatar photo
    TC Alan Tan

    Good shopping Experience.

  75. Avatar photo
    Eva Su

    Our favourite shopping place especially 12% rebatewe like to have simple meal there as well.. chili ban mian is my fav and mee siam is nice too️ …

  76. Avatar photo
    Imran Arif

    Just take my money

  77. Avatar photo
    Claudia Amanda

    The price is bit expensive thn other store.
    All the staff is friendly, but you can find anything you need here like your skincare make up and many more

  78. Avatar photo
    Ken Lee

    Fully opened.. business as usual..

  79. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Tan

    5/5 service
    We hold our banquet there and hui San, our planner, assist us throughout the entire journey and addressed all our concerns during this difficult period of covid-19.
    Moe, the banquet leader, was really attentive and he ensures that all our guests are served promptly.
    We felt blessed to have our wedding banquet at Marriott.

  80. Avatar photo
    SS Tan

    Great shopping experience.
    I like the Cafe within the shop feel

  81. Avatar photo
    Ronn Tan

    it is nice. has an array of brands to see and buy from. but not really amazing, it is still a departmental store. worth to go down and see and buy though.

  82. Avatar photo

    Lots of shopping and a supermarket in the middle of the hustle and bustle of orchard road. Food outlets and restaurants good value.

  83. Avatar photo

    Crowded and too messy for the seat arrangement

  84. Avatar photo
    Elson Teng

    Good place to look for kitchen appliances

  85. Avatar photo
    Jenny Liauw

    Nice environment but all are cakes. Should mixed with some ginger bread or etc. Just to enjoy the environment, the money is not worth it.

  86. Avatar photo
    Govind Arajan

    Good hangout spot

  87. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Great shopping and the in-house street food is awesome!

  88. Avatar photo
    The Linear

    Tangs is there, u can get what ypu need under one roof. It was very crowded when we visited, lots of Christmas stuff to choose from. It is my favourite place to do shopping.

  89. Avatar photo
    Lynn Yong

    Nice place to shop

  90. Avatar photo
    Tony Giat

    Good mal at Orchad, many shops & restaurants.

  91. Avatar photo
    Lee Siok Kwan

    Unique products and festive atmosphere

  92. Avatar photo
    pang gavin

    Atas place with atas products for atas people!

  93. Avatar photo
    Gabby Fantasy

    Catching a break here at the basement where you get to savour local food and this chendol is delicious.

  94. Avatar photo
    Seng Hoe Teoh

    Always love shopping here.

  95. Avatar photo
    Loh Mui

    I visit the hotel dobby toilet, it very set that the urine bowl using eco safe water, done at this time is very dangerous, if 1 persons has the virus then any person went to the toilet he will has the virus, an it will be like the worker in the dormitory, I hope that the management can look into it very seriously.

  96. Avatar photo
    Bobby Wan

    Good selection of products and many floors. Located just opposite Orchard train station.

  97. Avatar photo
    Lean Neo Ang

    Great place to shop.

  98. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ang

    Quintessential department store in orchard

  99. Avatar photo

    Good place for shopping

  100. Avatar photo
    gilberto kunihara

    A heritage place with lots of old splendour. Another upmarket malls in Orchard Road Singapore. …

  101. Avatar photo
    John K.

    Great hotel, great location, amazing and friendly staffs! One drawback, did not get upgraded to Suite as per my MB Titanium status.

  102. Avatar photo
    Terence Wu

    cool place

  103. Avatar photo
    Sahwan Osman

    Wide range of items for shoppers.

  104. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Zie

    Great shopping centre. Friendly staff. Good service. Nice ambience

  105. Avatar photo
    vicky viki

    Nice mall to shopping

  106. Avatar photo
    Kennvolution Kennvolution

    Nice environment to shop at

  107. Avatar photo
    ng esther

    Tang is my favourite department store and has a good food court. Fashion’s and household items

  108. Avatar photo
    Retire Lee

    Items are super cheap

  109. Avatar photo
    A G

    Nice shopping and good location

  110. Avatar photo
    Jay Lee

    High end shopping place is within the Marriott Tangs property. Do try out the bakery at level 1 (Tiong Bahru bakery).

  111. Avatar photo
    Hong wee leong

    Have frequent promotion with standard chartered card during weekends (spend $200 get $15 voucher on top of rebate). Yakun at B1 for husbands that are tired of shopping …

  112. Avatar photo
    Gilberto Kunihara

    Another big name in the retail trade in Singapore.

  113. Avatar photo
    EK Ong

    X’mas decoration is 2020

  114. Avatar photo
    K T Marc Tiong

    Awesome services provided! …

  115. Avatar photo
    hwei lee ong

    Had a wonderful stay at Tang Marriott. A short staycation at Tang Marriott had fully recharge our energy. They had a good housekeeping and the bed is so comfy.

  116. Avatar photo
    Dipal Oza

    Very decent mall. Good products. We received good offers on Christmas.

  117. Avatar photo
    yip mich

    Iconic shopping mall for all ages. Check out the basement eatery reasonably priced.

  118. Avatar photo
    Pretty Ang

    The Providore at level 2 provide good coffee & snacks.
    Served by Internship student, Ms Tanya from MDIS provided good explanations on choice of coffee, snakes of which very useful

  119. Avatar photo
    Joshua Choo

    Service can be refreshed.

  120. Avatar photo
    Koh Steven

    Great friendly staffs to service you! Memorable!

  121. Avatar photo
    Chan Kongkee

    Good to shop

  122. Avatar photo
    Indranil Ganguly

    Good ambience and good service too

  123. Avatar photo
    James R

    Could not move on the streets or inside the shopping centres. Sundays belong to the Philippina helpers lol

  124. Avatar photo
    Kong Swee Yu

    Really good …

  125. Avatar photo

    Hotel is very nice, heart of Orchard Rd. They value their elite members. Lovely rooms and very clean! Staff very friendly as well.

  126. Avatar photo
    nani adham

    Just pass by and stop for ice cream

  127. Avatar photo
    Benson Tan Life Records

    Been here since young and I like the place very much but could do better to deal with the crowds due to COVID-19

  128. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    The service is good. Verdict: convenient location and the products are GOOD! WILL PATRONISE!

  129. Avatar photo
    Eunjae Ponzalan

    sitting and relaxing out there is comfy.

  130. Avatar photo
    Kuak Keian Meng

    Great place for shopping and staycation.

  131. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    My family enjoys the red hill mee pok
    as well as the rojak.
    followed by a walk thru the huge range of household stuffs. we love to walk thru these aisles of specials.

  132. Avatar photo
    Kah Meng Ong

    Love to visit especially during the 12% member rebate days…

  133. Avatar photo
    Robert Menezes

    Went for a late night dinner, quiet decent menu and drink options.

  134. Avatar photo
    Abe C

    Pleasantly exciting shopping experience. Wide range of merchandises available.

  135. Avatar photo
    kezia yesika

    not too big but complete shopping centre

  136. Avatar photo
    Roy I Evendy

    Price so expensive due to branded one. Easy to notice from normal trafic.

  137. Avatar photo
    Wong Wong

    Pleasant and nice decoration

  138. Avatar photo
    Jaypandiyan JJ

    It’s a top place ” well received staff n management “! Good restaurants n nice clear

  139. Avatar photo
    vernadeth tungcul

    Love this mall..

  140. Avatar photo
    Cze Low

    Good shopping centre

  141. Avatar photo
    Soar link

    Generally a smooth outing but parking was a bit hazardous to elderly due to poor design n needed climbing up n down to reach lot caused by lock up of all floors except B2.

    Those on wheelchair or weak knee/leg should alight on main entrance of hotel.

  142. Avatar photo
    ybanfong John

    Great place to buy kitchen products.

  143. Avatar photo
    Ana Hamdi

    I love to shop at Tang Plaza!

  144. Avatar photo
    Rodolfo Vargas

    Nice place, specially if you are looking for presents

  145. Avatar photo
    Shaik Mohamed

    Its ok why must l did like this place.

  146. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    Value for money on household items. Great place to look for Gifts!! I like the wide range of kitchen utensils n storage of food items

  147. Avatar photo
    andrew ong

    Good safety Covid-19 measures in place

  148. Avatar photo
    Craig Bishop

    Really good Christmas buffet lunch

  149. Avatar photo

    Best place to buy the kitchen items and perfume

  150. Avatar photo

    1/24/20: It is a fun plaza. Busy. Full of shops. Safe.

  151. Avatar photo
    alivia roulina bellatrix

    Best place to visit, and cheap if you didnt buy anything …

  152. Avatar photo
    Abhijit Naik

    Decent place. The food court is so so.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ratna Lim

    Good location

  154. Avatar photo
    Ina Bandung

    Its location is very close to mrt station, the collection is quite complete, food is good also…

  155. Avatar photo
    Anita Padman

    Superb place for Christmas shopping

  156. Avatar photo
    L Tan

    Very expensive stuff. Unclear about which departments do not belong to Tangs such as the Providence cafe. Wasted our monies thinking can use Tangs vochure. The cheesecake is just ordinary buy super expensive. Would have gone to Starbucks or coffee beans.

  157. Avatar photo
    D. Lundy

    Large format high end department store. Sales aren’t the best but if you look hard, you will spot some bargains

  158. Avatar photo

    Was a great place to shop especislly during sale

  159. Avatar photo
    Cros Chum

    Classic and orderly. Not ideal when over crowding.

  160. Avatar photo
    Abbiey Lim

    Check out ” the other room” bar!! Very cool!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Louis Lee

    Great place to shop

  162. Avatar photo

    Excellent place very convenient location

  163. Avatar photo
    Nicolas Phong

    So many available brand to choose for perfume.!

  164. Avatar photo
    Philippines singapore

    I got good experience

  165. Avatar photo
    Yenny Cang

    Nice place to shopping

  166. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hoh

    Great when there is sale!

  167. Avatar photo
    Kolsum Begam

    Staff not spread evenly today. Only promoters were available. Cashier was helpful.

  168. Avatar photo
    Lily Tay

    Tang is on sale is a good bargain

  169. Avatar photo
    Kumaresan Dhanapal

    Nice place for shopping. Perfume can found in optimal price…

  170. Avatar photo
    Rina A

    Good shopping center to stop by and located in orchard road so you can walk around if you dont want to shop. I bought some cake inside and it was good.

  171. Avatar photo
    Florence Natalia

    O well this is one of the fanciest mall I’m Orchard Road…too bad they only have limited brands in this mall

  172. Avatar photo
    Iain Roebuck

    Always enjoy going to Tangs even with the crazy Christmas crowds.

  173. Avatar photo
    Don Macapinlac

    Good foods for Great people…

  174. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Has withstood the test of time with changing dynamics of contemporary retailing

  175. Avatar photo
    Chiu Hee Tan

    Very nice shopping ambience, with friendly staff to advise you!

  176. Avatar photo
    Lisa Lemons

    One of my favourite malls to look for shoes, cosmetics and homeware. Small and comfortably compact, while never too crowded.

  177. Avatar photo
    ivan yeong

    Windows shopping is always nice.

  178. Avatar photo
    wong kaijek

    Very nice place

  179. Avatar photo
    Naggy Guibman

    Yup generally liked the layout and the merchandize coz we have not been here like for ages. For toy goers, their collection is not as big as OG or BHG.

  180. Avatar photo
    S Tan

    Crispy, buttery & yummy croissant at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Good cup of cappuccino & quiche.

  181. Avatar photo
    Steven Hu

    One of the oldest shopping mall in orchard road shopping belt.

  182. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lai

    Good place to shop.

  183. Avatar photo
    davidking sg

    Attending wedding lunch. A good place for a good gathering lunch.

  184. Avatar photo
    Fazli Amin

    Well furnished and well equipped and state of the art

  185. Avatar photo
    jeetender sindhi

    Tang Plaza is one of the busiest places located right on the Orchard Street . The place has lots to offer and is clearly a winner here . The crowd out here mainly consist of people wanting to shop till you drop types . The variety of food offered out here is also outstanding . The inflow and outflow of crowd out here is quite a big support to this place . The connect to this place is amazing too and anyone can reach here from anywhere without a hassle . The famous Marriott hotel is also in the vicinity which caters to a number of high profile guests as well

  186. Avatar photo
    Sophia Ng (SF)

    Visited the food court at basement 1 of the Tangs Plaza, the Tangs Market fried kway teow was delicious and at reasonable price.

  187. Avatar photo
    Steven TS Lam

    Cosy and nice place

  188. Avatar photo
    Heng Jolyn

    One stop place for all my needs! Love the free parking privilege for Preferred Members with a $100 spend.

  189. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    Well linked to other buildings around the vicinity. This makes it really convenient and not an issue even in Singapore’s frequent downpours!

  190. Avatar photo
    Prasad Gujar

    This is very expensive happening place

  191. Avatar photo
    Jason Claxton

    My second time staying at this hotel. Both times the couch is covered in un identifiable stains. Housekeeping put a sheet over it for me. Toilet was dirty when I arrived and so were the table tops.

  192. Avatar photo
    Sheila Anderson

    Security was good very good food in basement hawker food

  193. Avatar photo

    Abit CROWDED I didn’t try to go inside …

  194. Avatar photo
    Yew-Fei Tang

    Nice place in orchard

  195. Avatar photo
    Joanne Catalina

    My usual hunt for underwears which are abit expensive but lasting. Think of it in long run costs saving, n Tangs is the start of belt to shopping spree especially Xmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. Have a bon weekend !

  196. Avatar photo
    C (C)

    Interesting clothes for women

  197. Avatar photo
    Kenny Ong

    Place to visit if you are around this neighborhood

  198. Avatar photo
    S A

    Very nice clean shopping place adjacent to Marriott hotel Singapore.

  199. Avatar photo
    Joachim Meyer

    Crossroads cafe. Ideal to watch the world pass by. Perfect glass of champagne

  200. Avatar photo
    Murat SAKAR

    Very big very nice

  201. Avatar photo
    Finn Art

    Good for shopping at orchard road.

  202. Avatar photo
    Carmen Soo

    Good shopping place.

  203. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    Definitely a place to shop. They have all the best in the world here. But of course the price for a good product differs greatly from the mediocre too.
    If you like my photos please give me likes. Thanks.

  204. Avatar photo
    Wooden House

    Small portion but good taste

  205. Avatar photo
    Kors Chua

    Wonder build amazing nice shopping centre lots of brand good clothing shoes home used Kitchen cooking product more to have but of course not cheap aswell can have worth price but when sales period of times season

  206. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    Tangs is good place for shopping. Good mall with mediun to high end brands. Now a days closing at 8.30 Pm. Enjoy shopping.

  207. Avatar photo

    Just beside Orchard MRT station.

  208. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Expensive place to shop

  209. Avatar photo

    Good shopping mall

  210. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Love to walk in Tangs. Though the items are pricey, they are high quality

  211. Avatar photo
    N.Common Man

    Just bought a surprise Christmas gift for my girlfriend there price is right cos its Christmas sales

  212. Avatar photo
    Edwin Goh

    Always interesting events at basement

  213. Avatar photo
    Choon Ng

    Men’s department is pathetic… couldn’t even find a short sleeve shirt for my son.

  214. Avatar photo
    Kit Tan

    Great mall for everything. Have cafes for shopping breaks.

  215. Avatar photo
    Chee Ming Chan

    really like how spacious and clean the shopping mall is. makes my shopping experience very enjoyable

  216. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ridley

    Always nice things there

  217. Avatar photo
    Val Frenkel

    Great place

  218. Avatar photo
    Glo Lim

    Noticed some changes on the top floor, with individual cubicles of skin care brands.

  219. Avatar photo
    Hengli Liao

    Place for shopping!

  220. Avatar photo
    Alan Chuah

    They used to have road marshall managing the human traffic vs the car traffic at the zebra crossing. Not sure why they longer have that. Could be quite a pain when you are driving through Tangs’ zebra crossing between Tangs and Lucky Plaza.

  221. Avatar photo
    Anne Dcruz

    Why would you shop online only when you have the pleasure of seeing beautiful merchandise in a beautiful store?

    I would definitely recommend a visit to Tangs.

    For ladies, you will be spoilt for choice among the aisles of dresses. And of course lots of cosmetic brands to choose from.

    I was also impressed with the Kids Department.

    As for the Household Department, it has always been famous at Tangs.

    You will be able to admire all the beautiful merchandise even if you are only window shopping. Enjoy!

  222. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Filmer

    Something for everyone exists here. An Orchard Rd staple for the last many decades

  223. Avatar photo
    Honey Wai

    Got different brands of skincares and cosmetics …

  224. Avatar photo
    Doris Tan SH

    Time to order food for christmas because of discount on card.

  225. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Soh

    Nice place

  226. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    A department store that has it all … I particularly love their selection at Christmas, and I like their jewelry selection for women. And the kitchen furnishings. Lots to chose from.

  227. Avatar photo
    Yusuf Santoso

    Nice place

  228. Avatar photo
    kelvin loh

    Nice shopping n good environment place

  229. Avatar photo
    Ash Ley

    U can find Freitag, Porter,Superdry, Timbuk, Herschel and many more!

  230. Avatar photo
    Jacky Chong

    So far so good no special comments

  231. Avatar photo
    Connie Quek

    If you like good strong coffee, can try Tiong Bahru Bakery. Prices averaged $7.00

  232. Avatar photo
    Nandita Singh

    Great Plaza. Went to the basement mainly- the home appliances section. Great deals. Membership makes it even better.

  233. Avatar photo
    Dominic Koh

    Love to swim at the hotel pool and dine beside Restaurant Pool Grill located Level 5. And the Gym at Level 4 with all range of workout equipments including a basketball court. As for dining, love the buffet from breakfast, lunch high tea to dinner. Especially on Thursday with free flow of house wine. After mid-night if you are hungry, Crossroad Cafe is the best restaurant for all. With wide variety of dishes and drinks. Love their welcome bread served before meals. Best bread ever tasted.

  234. Avatar photo
    Zahari Nawi

    Great place

  235. Avatar photo
    Nahid Tahrima Rashid

    Though expensive, but the stuff is very helpful and always have new electronic appliances. Please check out the kitchen section!

  236. Avatar photo
    Giri C

    Very big hotel and costly

  237. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ridwan

    Good Damm place

  238. Avatar photo
    Chan Yuet Kheng

    I not very sure ,about shopping ,I never went in for shopping .

  239. Avatar photo
    Dragon Fu

    No chance to shop

  240. Avatar photo
    Wg Cdr RC Singh

    Proper precautions are being taken for Covid-19.

  241. Avatar photo
    Idik Chaerudin

    Good Location

  242. Avatar photo

    So many shops , great place a must visit if in Singapore

  243. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Firdaus

    Many amenities

  244. Avatar photo
    Lim Ju Meng

    Quiet and peaceful.

  245. Avatar photo

    Best place to buy perfumes in Singapore. Less than half the price compared to malls. Food court smells a little weird.

  246. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Liem

    Excellent customer service

  247. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    Definitely a place to shop. They have all the best in the world here. But of course the price for a good product differs greatly from the mediocre too.
    If you like my photos please give me likes. Thanks.

  248. Avatar photo
    Mahesh Advani

    Beautiful ” mall “.. interconnected to Orchard .. huge amount of shopping and food choices .. good brands ..certainly worth a visit

  249. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    Spacious but the buzz of previous years is dampened by current pandemic. Nice displays for quiet shopping

  250. Avatar photo
    Razon Rechilda Gavino

    Is a beautiful place a lot of shop so many things you want to buy found at Tang plaza.

  251. Avatar photo
    CH Low

    Good shopping centre

  252. Avatar photo
    Raj Bista

    Made some purchase here and everything went smoothly.

  253. Avatar photo
    Dailyn Espra

    I would like to compliment the great service of your staff Faith. She did an incredible job.Kodus!!!

  254. Avatar photo
    Joey Yeo

    Friendly staff and good food at the basement food court

  255. Avatar photo
    John Davis

    High end part of Singapore… Great for shopping.. Restaurants.. And outdoor cafes

  256. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Good departmental store.

  257. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    Jyz another shopping mall

  258. Avatar photo
    Frank Staszesky

    Beautiful but too crowded

  259. Avatar photo
    Jo Lee

    Grand old dame of Orchard Road

  260. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Tan

    Very pleasant environment. Staff and hawkers are very friendly.

  261. Avatar photo
    Sophia Ng (SF)

    Visited the food court at basement 1 of the Tangs Plaza, the Tangs Market fried kway teow was delicious and at reasonable price.

  262. Avatar photo
    Weera Chaiyo

    metro 3 story no 1 cosmetic no2 cloth no 3 hardware

  263. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    It’s a huge mall, but a relatively old one. They have hotels, departmental stores CK Tangs, and various other eateries, restaurants, and boutiques. It’s a short walk away from Orchard MRT station, and right across the road from ION Orchard. Great place, historical, been there since I was a kid, and definitely iconic with their Chinese exterior.

  264. Avatar photo

    Big and spacious and spoil for choice.

  265. Avatar photo
    Poh Neo Chua

    It took me 5 minutes to decide to buy but it took some time, trying to contact the department that sold the product to me regarding some warranty issue.

  266. Avatar photo
    Ivy, Guat Chiew Yeo

    Up market departmental store. Display well organised and spacious. Staff friendly.

  267. Avatar photo
    Kalimuthu Veerapan

    Very good place for shopping and I personally like the place and every year during Christmas we go there to buy staff because of promotions

  268. Avatar photo
    Marie Lee

    Quite the place to do some shopping for the family as it’s one of those old school “departmental store” with everything in it kinda store. Still good and keeping itself relevant here.

  269. Avatar photo
    Fonz Row

    Love the new revamped Tangs. Everything is so neat and tidy now. A great place for rich Tai Tai (Wife) to shop and gossip at the basement eateries.

  270. Avatar photo
    Marie Lee

    Quite the place to do some shopping for the family as it’s one of those old school “departmental store” with everything in it kinda store. Still good and keeping itself relevant here.

  271. Avatar photo
    Wenwei Lee

    Black Friday sale!

  272. Avatar photo
    Patrice Leung

    Shop till you drop

  273. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    V Good local food

  274. Avatar photo

    A department store along the Orchard Road shopping belt that offers a wide range of retail products.

  275. Avatar photo
    Helen Koh

    Love to shop at Tangs and after shopping; I could enjoy my lunch, tea time or dinner there!

  276. Avatar photo
    Enajyram Frank (Jane)

    This place is very crowded people but can seat there and standby waiting for my friends..

  277. Avatar photo
    WHY Quinn

    Private dining at the Wan Hao Chinese restaurant was great. Their red grouper fish with celery sauce was one of the best that I’ve ever eaten. I’ll definitely come back for it again. Service was great and their staff was very friendly too.

  278. Avatar photo
    Gerry Danen

    Lots of things to shop for, but also very busy

  279. Avatar photo
    Yasir Aslam

    Shoppers place, all luxury items.

  280. Avatar photo
    Vijay Nathan

    Best place to get all your perfume selections

  281. Avatar photo
    Saam H

    Old hotel but well maintained But well maintained in 5 star standard

  282. Avatar photo
    Michael Goh

    Extremely helpful of bell man to assist in door opening

  283. Avatar photo
    Maricel Pepito

    So many People here if sunday

  284. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Sharma

    Big shopping mall at orchard road. Each floor gives you a different shopping experience. Third floor got Cafe and a small outlet for dining. They also have a kids section as well providing almost everything from toys to clothing and other necessary equipments for small child. Fourth floor got nice greenry as well and can buy plant and other gardening stuff.

  285. Avatar photo
    jimmy mcaulay

    Very nice plaza with lots of shopping

  286. Avatar photo
    Florence Joy Antonio

    Nice place to visit.

  287. Avatar photo
    U Qi Tian

    Pretty crowded, had afew sales around but its not any big discounts.

  288. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Love the place. Tangs is my favorite department store.

    I would say that because the sales person is attentive and friendly. Not all though but most of them are.

  289. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    An up class departmental store located in the heart of Orchard road.

  290. Avatar photo
    A C

    Beauty products branded

  291. Avatar photo
    kn0x kn0xy

    Gorgeous exterior in Chinese Style architecture. Stop in at the Marriott outdoor bar for a beverage or a spot of lunch on a busy corner to people watch as they shop till they drop!

  292. Avatar photo
    Zarin Bharucha

    Good stuff but pricey

  293. Avatar photo
    Alan Ngu

    One of my favourite places to visit in orchard road – the household items at the basement, many interesting stuffs.

  294. Avatar photo
    boba asboba

    My favourite SC. men’s dept is a must visit. Sometime they offer jackpot price discount.

  295. Avatar photo
    Stanley Khoo Zhen Shen

    Good place for shopping

  296. Avatar photo
    Wesley Goi

    Got 10x points with grab Pay awesome!

  297. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yong

    Love the higher end shopping experience. We are mostly here to look for kitchen items. We bought 2 sets of pots in the kitchen and utensils. One set for our normal use and one set for display. Well whatever for peace in the family…
    Nice selection of white goods for the nicer things in life. Love the face that we can touch and feel the items before purchase.

    Items might cost a little more but it brings out the zing in your home.

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