Review Hell’s Museum, 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore

Review Hell's Museum - Singapore 262 Pasir Panjang Rd

“Great visit and experience today. The guided tour with Simon was really well worth waiting for and joining.” or “A must join tour before you enter the park. Michelle is very knowledgeable and friendly. Deep thought after the visit.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Hell’s Museum. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Hell’s Museum is quality.

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  • Phone: 67730103 (+65 67730103)
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  • Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore
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“Very interesting museum about the view of death from different religions and cultures. There are free tours, we had Simon as our guide who was very fun and knowledgeable.”

“If you have not been to Haw Par Villa before or if your last visit was many years ago, do give this place a visit. Get the ticket to the Hell’s Museum as well and join the guided tour. Super recommended”

“Great visit and experience today. The guided tour with Simon was really well worth waiting for and joining.”

“A must join tour before you enter the park. Michelle is very knowledgeable and friendly. Deep thought after the visit.”

“Wonderful tour at Hell's museum by Hem who went into great detail about all the facets and remained upbeat and entertaining throughout. Thanks for educating us about death! It was worth the price!”

“Best place ever very educational and fun the guides was nice and smart and they explained everything crystal clear if you are in Singapore come visit this place recommended”

“Hem was a fantastic guide for Hell’s Museum! I thoroughly enjoyed her tour of the beliefs of life, death and afterlife. Thank you, Hem!”

“April is a good and detailed tour guide. I had gain so much knowledge throughout her tour and know the place better. Thank you April! Highly recommend.”

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Review Review Hell’s Museum, 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore

There is a total 242 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Desmond Koh

    Hell’s Museum is the world’s first museum on death and the afterlife.

    It covers perspectives and insights on death and the afterlife across various religions, cultures, and civilisations – the result of humanity’s quest over 300,000 years to seek answers to the big questions in life.

    The museum is an immersive experience, featuring specially commissioned videos, and replicas of altars, a burial crypt, a void deck funeral, and a traditional Chinese grave, to provide understanding of commonalities across the world’s major belief systems – and how different communities around the world, and in Singapore, draw meaning from death.

  2. Avatar photo
    michelle simon

    The museum tour was super interesting. 10/10 will come again. The research and info is incredible and vv detailed.

  3. Avatar photo
    Oliver Huang

    Very interactive tour guide who had our attention the entire journey

  4. Avatar photo
    aina chow

    Kimberly was clear and detailed in her explanations. An hour long tour – highly recommend to enjoy the place better.

  5. Avatar photo
    John lee

    Recommended if you’re curious to find out about the afterlife! Very Buddhist focused though do take note. And it’s slightly smaller then expected, 2 hours can easily clear. However the displays and altars were very realistic and very very well done. Didn’t take any photos when I was there other then this burial site. Can pay them a visit! Tickets can be purchased off the ticket office there. Entrance to park is FOC. And guided tours is available too!

  6. Avatar photo
    Zoe Wolf

    Hell’s museum was wonderfully educational and interesting to learn about other cultures and religions and how they process death and the afterlife. I’d definitely reckon to all however some of the sculptures are a bit “scary/ graphic” for young children however that is the idea behind the museum, they warn those about the consequences of their actions. There are free tours that I’d highly recommend planning to attend.

  7. Avatar photo
    Yeo Shumian

    Really enjoyed the museum especially the parts on different religions. Super informative and glad it was presented academically instead of skewing towards any religion. Most of the areas are air-conditioned. The cafe served $4 beer which was great for a hot day. Food was also pretty good and affordable. Do prepare cash for parking as we were charged $5 cash and had to dig for some since we only brought our phones and cards.

  8. Avatar photo
    chee siong Ong

    it’s a night in hell …

    We jumped at the rare night time opening of the Haw Par Villa, it usually closes at 6pm (for quite obvious reasons, one don’t wants to be here late…) while for two days a year, it stayed open till 12mn. Hopefully not intruding to the residents.

    One of the highlights of this visit is to go to hell … museum and to understand more about life, and what’s after it… literally.

    Pls stick to the guided tour and try to avoid getting lost, physically and spiritually.

    Coupled with Halloween theme, there’s a few extras thrown in. Details in the photos.

    I must say the Ten Courts of HELL is certainly worth it’s time to visit, though I would return another day to slowly view the exhibits, in lieu of the crowd forming at it’s entrance… or did I see wrongly.

  9. Avatar photo
    Terry Tan

    Amazing tour and venue, it has still not lost its charm unique to other attractions since my time here as a kid. Highly recommend to take a trip here to revisit hell (in a sense)

  10. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Jayde

    I loved exploring this place with my friends, we had such a blast going all through the museum and finding out the history of death and hell by different religious standpoints and also just what people have believed all throughout history. We also got a look into how people process death all I’ve the world and it was super educational.

    My favourite part had to be the levels of hell though, like there were little sculptures and sets of the levels, it was air conditioned in there and it was funny seeing how many times we were going to hell for all kinds of things.

    I loved it and would recommend spending the money to go into the museum because the sculptures outside are cool but the full history of hell is even better.

  11. Avatar photo
    Joy Tay

    Fun and informative tour by Tiffany! Clear thoughts and explanation Great Job

  12. Avatar photo

    Great experience, mostly aircon. Guided tours (no extra charge) very well done. Thanks Christine for the great overview and explanation.

  13. Avatar photo
    Yvette Woo

    Very interesting and educational tour. Clear explanations were given. The place is cooling and comfortable.

  14. Avatar photo
    Alicia Chen

    Joanne was a very engaging guide and we have learnt much from her sharing. I haven’t been back for close to 30 years since I was a child and it’s great to be back again with my children this time round to learn and appreciate, esp as they have just lost a grandparent.

  15. Avatar photo
    Min'an Tan

    Had a great tour with Wee Lin through hell’s museum, highly recommended …

  16. Avatar photo
    Red Barker

    Great visit and experience today.

    The guided tour with Simon was really well worth waiting for and joining.

  17. Avatar photo
    Marino Leone

    This place opens your eyes to how different cultures and religions treat the dead and think about the afterlife. Who knew all these perspectives were possible! Absolutely worth a visit.

  18. Avatar photo
    Samuel Swee

    The main building which you enter from is small, and the walkways are narrow, which can be a problem if many people are gathered to read information from the walls. Overall, I enjoyed my trip in the museum as I learnt about similarities and differences in religions of eastern and western cultures. I thought it was quite interesting that they had a mock up of a Chinese grave and funeral, with details of what each aspect entails. I certainly learnt a lot knowing how to interpret the characters on tombstones. I would say the main highlight is a second building which showcases the different courts of hell and their punishments. It is also a nice cool respite from the heat after walking around the sculpture area.

  19. Avatar photo

    Had an awesome tour led by Tiffany – really informative.

  20. Avatar photo
    Ng Pei Sun

    Was a very interesting experience here! Went for the guided tour and the guide was very informative, learnt a lot from her it was also interesting to read and see the figures and stories there! Worth a visit! …

  21. Avatar photo
    Daniela Philipp

    We had a very informative tour to Hell (and back) and really enjoyed it. Thanks Michelle!

  22. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tng

    Very detailed and interesting tour of the Hell’s museum by our tour guide Hem. …

  23. Avatar photo
    Lin Junkai

    Tiffany, our tour guide was great! She was very clear and interesting in her explanation such that all of us have truly learned a lot.

  24. Avatar photo
    Ben Heng

    Brought my wife to Haw Par Villa for the 1st time. The highlight of the trip was definitely the tour of the Hell’s Museum. Our guide, Tiffany, was really knowledgeable despite her young age. She was engaging with us.

    As for the tour itself, we were really pleasantly surprised by the details and information.

    The tour is a must!

  25. Avatar photo
    L N

    We joined the free tour, great info on the life after death and the differing religious beliefs. First time back to see the 10 courts of hell after its revamp, enjoy the cooling environment

  26. Avatar photo
    Sunny Chan

    Great tour guide experience, old story with fun fact to keep everyone engaged.

  27. Avatar photo
    Simone Lean

    Hawparvilla (garden) alone wasn’t worth the visit although it’s free. But hell’s museum is highly recommended. Sgd18 a bit high , as my previous visit to the old hell’s museum (before refurbishing) was free. But still worth it. Ms April, the tour guide made our visit worthwhile with her quirky jokes that gave bluntness to death, afterdeath and reincarnation. Kudos to her. Make sure u join the tour!! It’s free and you don’t need to scan the qr code of each attraction after the tour as it’s pretty much covered by the tour. The courts of hell are well maintained, air-conditioned, clean and informative

  28. Avatar photo

    Nice and interesting tour.

  29. Avatar photo

    super interesting tour, informative. tour guide’s name is hem, very friendly.

  30. Avatar photo
    Alex Chan

    The Hell Museum tour is the highlight of my trip to Haw Par Villa on 10 Jun 2022. Kudos to Helena for the wonderful and informative tour and my kids appreciated as much as well!

  31. Avatar photo

    Thank you Kimberly for the detailed explanation. Enjoyed the tour really much.

  32. Avatar photo
    Timothy Cutter

    Paid $18 for an adult ticket to the Hell Museum and enjoyed a 2.45pm tour by Mr George! Tour guide was really engaging, funny and knowledgeable on the various faiths and customs. He was also able to offer good insights on various Taoist/Buddhist beliefs on the afterlife. Highlight was definitely the 10 Courts of Hell. Would recommend Singaporeans who have yet to visit, to come down and experience history and culture.

  33. Avatar photo
    Stu Kennedy

    Very good, really interesting spiritual stuff.

  34. Avatar photo
    Nurhidayu mohamad noor

    Tour guide is very friendly and informative. Lovely!

  35. Avatar photo

    18sgd per pax. Tickets to the museum can be purchased online. Guided tour need to be registered at counter. Quite a short museum but parts are air conditioned. The start introduced various religious beliefs. The 10 courts is more of taoist concept. Staffs very friendly. Worth a visit

  36. Avatar photo
    Ju Dee

    Helena was absolutely amazing as our tour guide. She had a great sense of humour and was welcoming to all. Helena was extremely knowledgeable in her craft and smashed through the tour with lots of excitement and energy. It was a pleasure having her take my friend and I through the 10 courts of hell. Thank you Helena!

  37. Avatar photo
    Calista Lam

    The guided tour was very informative and interesting! Highly recommended for those who would like to learn more about the Asians religions, culture and customs.

  38. Avatar photo

    It has been a long time since I visited Haw Par Villa. We went for the Hell’s Museum and registered for the tour. Our tour guide, Mr Razeen, shared a lot of interesting stories and details about what they have been researching on in a fun way and also ensure all of us understand it! It must be hard for them to do tour under warm weather and with mask on. Kudos to the team that makes this place keep going!

  39. Avatar photo
    Yu Shao Pang

    Had a great time with the guided tour, thank you April!

  40. Avatar photo
    Eric Chong

    The most interesting and worthest place in Haw Par Villa, very informative but the ticket price is a little bit high since the exhibits is not that much.

  41. Avatar photo
    Chong Rui Zhen

    went for the guided tour after walking around the hell’s museum with my friend! the tour guide is very well prepared and delivered quality information that made the tour really interesting and engaging 😀

  42. Avatar photo
    Mariana Costa

    Hem was a really cool guide, explaining the beliefs of afterlife acording to different religions, but the main focus was that the important thing is to do the right thing now.

  43. Avatar photo
    San San Tan

    Our tourguide Helena was fantastic and she explained everything very well!

  44. Avatar photo
    Google Account

    Simon was a fantastic tour guide! Great museum, awesome experience. Make sure to join the free tour that comes with the ticket, it is really informative and the guides are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks Simon!

  45. Avatar photo
    si hui

    hmmm i think it’s not bad lah my first time and i think it’s quite interesting. very mind blowing HAHAHA manage to get a very new experience during my holidays the tour was quite enriching as well thank you so much to whoever who toured !! was a amazing experience

  46. Avatar photo
    Yu Jun Lim

    Tour guide gave a detailed explanation of the different religions and how they relate to the hell’s journey. The place was renovated with many new information. very insightful tour.

  47. Avatar photo
    edouard gheerbrant

    Michele is a very engaging, interesting and cultivated guide. We loved our visit of the museum!

  48. Avatar photo
    Paige Gan

    Kimberly was a great tour guide! She gave us a good tour of Hell’s Museum and definitely gave us a new perspective of it, compared to the version our parents gave us when we were young lol

  49. Avatar photo

    Very interesting to know not only about afterlife but also learn more about how religion started.

  50. Avatar photo
    A Sudistira

    Michelle is a wonderful guide. She has great in-depth knowledge and really enjoyed her tour. Well recommend to visit Haw Par Villa to learn about life’s purpose..

  51. Avatar photo
    Marisa Davis

    The 1-hour guided tour was amazing. Our guide was very knowledgeable and could answer all of my questions. He is a taoist himself so he could share a lot of personal stories and examples. It made the tour very lively.

    All the information in the museum is clearly presented, easy to follow, and the videos are short and well-made. The various set ups are also a plus for foreign visitors who get to peek into local traditions.

    Overall the guided tour was my favorite aspect of the museum and I highly recommend it to future visitors.

  52. Avatar photo
    Santiago Aguiar

    For all the history/culture inclined people this tour is a great way to get an overview of the main religion’s after life ideas. Helena was our guide and she was knowledgeable, engaged, and had a great sense of humour.
    I totally recommend this tour!

  53. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Chung

    The guided tour was very interesting and informative. Our tour guide was Tan Wee Lim. The analysis of religion is well researched and intriguing. Admission is on the high end but considering the maintenance cost, it’s understandable.

    I would recommend especially to those who wanted to learn more about the Chinese culture and folktales. It’s a very different kind of culture and I was impressed even when I came from the Chinese culture itself. Hardly had I seen anything like this.

  54. Avatar photo
    Myra Alnawaz Hui Jin

    We really enjoyed the tour of the museum conducted by Hem! She was extremely eloquent and insightful, and made the experience entertaining with amusing anecdotes throughout! All the information was easy to digest and it was intriguing to see the contrast and parallels between the multitude of faiths we follow! Revisiting the Courts of Hell definitely brought me back to my childhood outings here with my family, and I greatly appreciate how it’s been up-kept and even expanded upon!

  55. Avatar photo
    Berenice Lim

    Amazing how the sculptures are still preserved as it is. The guided tour is very informantive. Michelle and Jason provided good explanation of the museum. Hard to find such original tourist place in Singapore!

  56. Avatar photo
    Ashley Woo

    Educational and insightful guided tour around the Museum! I learned more about the world culture and religions today. Cheers.

  57. Avatar photo
    Zec A

    Fantastic explanation done by the guide.

  58. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Torre

    Very impressed with the place. Really interesting sculptures and history. Super knowledgeable and helpful head curator. The museum is educational about hell, but also death customs in general as practiced by many major religions.

  59. Avatar photo
    sonder island

    Not crowded even on weekends and exhibits are well maintained and informative. Sculptures are still as terrifying as I remembered them when I was young. Unlikely to find anything like this anywhere else in the world so it’s worth a visit

  60. Avatar photo
    Gene Teo

    Guide was very good. Her name is April and she gave us a thorough 1 hour explanation in Mandarin, which was very helpful because my parents only understand Mandarin. One star less because for an exhibit which charges $18 per person, only having English info boards is a bit unprofessional.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ricky Khong

    Very good and insightful tour, Michelle was a very good tour guide.

  62. Avatar photo
    Ying Ying Ng

    Very enjoyable moment and have great understanding of how hell works. HELL YEAH

  63. Avatar photo
    Shir Lee

    Very detailed and well organised information and displays. Really love this tour and museum very very much!! 200% worth going!!!

  64. Avatar photo

    Kimberly was a great guide that kept the tour engaging and informative.

    The museum itself is well-curated – informative & content-heavy. I think that it is great that we get to see different religious rituals rather than just Chinese. A. good microcosm of Singapore’s multi-cultural aspect. You can definitely spend 1-2 hours or more in the museum if you were to read everything available.

  65. Avatar photo

    the tour guide, eisen, was super knowledgeable and informative! enjoyed my experience

  66. Avatar photo
    Shivohne Saldanha

    Thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Kimberley! Although it’s a shame that we were her last tour group, the museum is filled with macabre depictions of the ten courts of hell. It was a very educational visit!

  67. Avatar photo
    PSK's Mailbox

    Amazing tour guide Hem!! I learned so much at each step and I would highly recommend for anyone interested in topics related to philosophy of religions, heaven, and hell too haha!

  68. Avatar photo
    Kallista Law

    highly recommended! the stations were really immersive with mock sculptures, detailed write-ups and videos. went for the guided tour as well, i must say the guide was really informative and clear in what she’s trying to express. she really made the whole experience an engaging and enjoyable one thank u and jiayous to the guide!

  69. Avatar photo

    Michelle is really knowledgeable tour guide!

  70. Avatar photo
    l lm

    Hem is a very informative and funny guide, enjoyed the tour so much!

  71. Avatar photo
    W T

    Enjoyed a fun, thought provoking and engaging tour (included in the $18 admission ticket) led by Mr Simon See. Thoroughly fascinated by the history of the place, Singapore as well as the depictions of the afterlife. Overall a great and meaningful way to spend the weekend. Would recommend this for families, friends or just about anyone.

  72. Avatar photo
    Cindy Feronica

    Hem, the local guide is so informative. My trip here would be different without her. Thank you Hem

  73. Avatar photo
    carmen chan

    Great tour from Helena. Really detailed and very engaging. 5 star would come again to scare myself.

  74. Avatar photo

    Ms Helena has been very kind and informative during the tour

  75. Avatar photo

    Wonderful place that will give you a rich understanding of Taosim.
    Make sure you take the guided tour which is very informative. Our guide was April who was simply exceptional. Provided a deep, contextual understanding of the subject, in a very witty manner that kept us engaged. A must visit for locals.

  76. Avatar photo
    Seann Tan

    Good place to visit to ponder about life. The guided tour by Mrs. Hem was awesome , very clear and having good knowledge and insights. Highly recommended.

  77. Avatar photo
    Chipskatess JR

    Informative, interesting and awesome tour by Michelle-she is fun and amazing! We find the mock coffin, graveyard and altar part very real. $18 ticket is not cheap, but would definitely support them and give 5 stars because they are the first and the only one of its kind in the world! So though still can be improved in term of interactivity of the exhibition items/activities/experience, i think they have done a good job including the research team. Thanks for the wonderful experience. And don’t forget to get the fruttega berries sorbet (thailand brand ‘mingo’, if not mistaken for $1.70) from the souvenir shop, we love it!!! It is made from real fruits, without the antibiotics/chemical-like taste. Overall good experience.

  78. Avatar photo
    Jean Chu

    Hem was a friendly n knowledgeable lady. She made the tour very easy to understand and enjoyful

  79. Avatar photo
    Wilson Lau

    Very decent guide and tour, worthwhile visiting

  80. Avatar photo
    Karolis M

    The name is a bit of a misnomer. The museum is actually a respectful, inclusive, and diverse tour into the concepts & traditions of afterlife globally.

  81. Avatar photo
    Alexandria Lim

    Was surprised to know that the once free attraction is now $18. But trust me, it’s worth the money because of Hem’s effort in educating us. Hem was delightful. Not only was she engaging, she made learning fun, which should always be how information is delivered. Did not expect a tour to be available free of charge, it was a pleasant surprise. Hem also went into detail about the different Asian religions. She was extremely knowledgeable. 10/10 experience.

  82. Avatar photo
    Jam Leong

    My second time here, this time with my students. Guides are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Then were able to explain about the exhibitions and significance of the sculptures. Highly recommended!!

  83. Avatar photo
    Shuhui Yang

    Very informative and thought provoking tour by our guide Hem.

  84. Avatar photo
    Japheth Enver

    Hem Was such a passionate tour guide

  85. Avatar photo
    Cory Saputra

    Excellent guide, very resourceful information. Clean & indoor aircon area are enhancing the experience and time to explore the place.

  86. Avatar photo
    Mali A

    Very interesting museum about the view of death from different religions and cultures. There are free tours, we had Simon as our guide who was very fun and knowledgeable.

  87. Avatar photo
    Jie Samanthie

    We joined the tour guided by Miss Tiffany. She is well prepared, the information shared in a lively and interactive approach. My kids enjoy her tour and the sharing helped them to understand better. I will highly recommend to join the tour.

  88. Avatar photo
    Hanada G

    This is a must see, oh, I loved loved loved this place. This is the real Tiger King story if the Tiger King were two brothers who created Tiger Balm and then decided their legacy should also be to make a visual representation of Chinese Hell.

    Take the plunge, it’ll be a hell of a trip!

  89. Avatar photo
    winter crescents

    It was a very interesting tour and the $18 into Hell’s Museum was definitely well spent. Very insightful trip and our guide Eisen gave us a lot of knowledge. Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for something fun to do in sg!

  90. Avatar photo
    Crystal Sutol

    Incredibly interesting tour. James is the best tour guide! Very knowledgeable, professional and interesting.

  91. Avatar photo
    Chengzhi Chua

    Ms Helena is a very knowledgeable tour guide who share topics on religion in a open manner. The museum is good and the guided tour is good. Thank you.

  92. Avatar photo
    Lynn Ng

    Thanks Michelle for the intro. We have a great day here.

  93. Avatar photo
    CW Lim

    Suitable for specific group of visitors only. Check details before enter.

  94. Avatar photo
    911 Your Towers

    Tour guide was very engaging and patient, had a really good time and learnt a lot about the 10 courts of hell!

  95. Avatar photo
    Ayaka Elyce

    Our Tour Guide Mdm Hem?
    Was a very pleasant lady.
    Her guiding was very clear, she was also very patient and I really enjoyed it.
    Just one thing was that when I asked questions some of the things she was unable to answer.
    Probably due to the fact that she wasn’t used to the type of questions asked.
    Maybe the guide can be trained to answer multiple questions in case of curious tourist like me

  96. Avatar photo
    jason low

    A bit run down on the exterior exhibition. But the Hell exhibit was great experience but a bit expensive on it’s entry fee thou.

  97. Avatar photo
    Elsie Poh

    Guided tour is well delivered and informative by Tiffany …

  98. Avatar photo
    Diyaanah Lim

    Joined the Hell’s Museum tour led by Razeem, and it was very educational and interesting! Learned a lot of facts I otherwise would not have learnt outside of this museum. Overall, it was also well maintained after the refurbishment.

  99. Avatar photo
    Kayla Woo

    April is a good and detailed tour guide. I had gain so much knowledge throughout her tour and know the place better. Thank you April! Highly recommend.

  100. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Yong

    Recommended to go for the free tour. Helena was our guide. My friend and I enjoyed the tour by her.

  101. Avatar photo
    Jessica White

    We had a tour of Hell’s Museum with Lina and she was an amazing tour guide. It was such a great -albeit terrifying! – experience, and was incredibly interesting. Whether you are a local or tourist, I definitely recommend giving Hell’s Museum a visit and to attend one of the tours if you can.

  102. Avatar photo
    Sue Ann Lim

    Happened to catch the free (after paying for tickets, of course) guided tour which run at specific times. Helena’s explanation gave more context to the exhibits, versus exploring on your own. I immensely enjoyed how weird and creepy and horrifying the exhibits(? statues?) were. If you like these kind of things and what’s in the rest of Haw Par Villa then don’t miss the museum!

  103. Avatar photo
    Patricia Ng

    Paid to go to “hell”.. Very interesting and fun experience to explore the afterlife.. Razeen was very informative and knowledgeable, love the interactive and fun explanation.. impressive and highly recommend to go for the guided tour.

  104. Avatar photo
    Clare Teo

    i had a great experience here and the tour guide michelle gave a very comprehensive tour!

  105. Avatar photo
    Frédéric ABADIE

    Excellent tour by Kimberley : very nice, competent and knowledgeable of all the aspects of the circuit. Interesting tour in hell.
    Recommended !

  106. Avatar photo
    Phyllis Lim (sunshinephyllis)

    Eisen did a great tour and really went into details to explain each and every section. He even answered a lot of my questions as well and he’s very passionate about his work!

  107. Avatar photo
    Manuel Alejandro Gil Gonzalez

    Tifanny Is a really good guide. Fun, energetic and she knows very well the history behind hell’s museum

  108. Avatar photo
    Ross Johnson

    I really enjoyed Hell’s Museum! They did an excellent job bringing together different cultural approaches to life and death. Great narrative throughout and Michelle, who guided our tour, really brought it all together. Thanks!

  109. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Phua

    Free entry into the park but ticketed admission into the newly minted Hell’s Museum. They have hourly guided tours if for ticket holders that you can sign up for at the entrance.

    Razeen was an excellent guide and dropped many nuggets of wisdom and facts along the way that helped us appreciate the displays! 10/10 would recommend!

  110. Avatar photo
    Audrey Tan

    Visited today at the 10am slot and signed up for the 10.30am tour (which was a great decision because the group size for the next slot tripled)! Our guide was very knowledgeable and well spoken 🙂 the place was nicely maintained as well. Recommended to visit at least once!

  111. Avatar photo
    Wendy S C Lim

    Eisen our guide did a very good explanation of the trip. Must join the museum to have a more in depth understanding of the place. Good place to visit!

  112. Avatar photo
    Yap xin yu

    Well spoken! Friendly and cheerful to guide us on the tour from Hem

  113. Avatar photo
    noel chin

    Wonderful and educational. Kimberley our tour guide was very patient and helpful. She gave a very good insight amd explanation throughout the tour.

  114. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lxy

    very informative and insightful look at the various religions’ ideas of death and the afterlife. the ten courts of hell was definitely a highlight of the visit. shout out to ms tan wee lim for being such a friendly, engaging and knowledgeable guide. (:

  115. Avatar photo
    sean harrison

    My tour with tour guide Helena was brilliant ️

  116. Avatar photo
    Tu Ngo

    Very educative, I learnt a lot abt the afterlife in various religions. Staffs are friendly and supportive too. Our tour guide Kimberly has a lot of knowledge. The price is not so cheap but worthy, due to the high-quality contents inside the museum, they really put their efforts making them. Highly recommended!

  117. Avatar photo
    Jason Ho

    Michelle gave a really informative tour that gives a good perspective of religion, life and death. Really liked the revamp Hell’s tour since i last came as a kid.

  118. Avatar photo
    Yumna A

    I initially went to Haw Par on a Monday only to learn that Hell’s Museum is closed Mon & Tues. So I went back on Wednesday and I am so glad I did! The exhibits do a great job showcasing the different burial practices and philosophies. The 10 courts of hell are especially interesting but morbid. And the staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. Shout out to James for offering a quick tour when he realized this was my last day in Singapore. He picked up on my feeling rushed and inquired and I am so grateful to him for it. Thank you for making it so great!

  119. Avatar photo
    Alyssa Cheok

    Interesting museum. Had a chance to join the guided tour led by Christine – she did a great job explaining – thank you!

  120. Avatar photo

    Kudos to Hem for the informative guided tour! Really enjoyed Hem’s sense of humour along the the tour and it made the whole experience enjoyable and fruitful.

  121. Avatar photo
    Oshie's Home Cooking

    It’s a nice place to learn and think about the meaning of life, enjoy the tour…

  122. Avatar photo
    Daryl Kang

    Hem was a very interesting and engaging tour guide! Learned so much from her. Truly insightful! Look out for her!

  123. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Teo

    very great tour with Ham interpreting throughout

  124. Avatar photo
    Serene Anne

    I booked tickets to the museum to bring my 9 year old Godson to learn about the concept of hell and we were in time for a guided tour led by Michelle. She was very patient with the kid and provided a very interesting narrative about religions and practices. Highly recommended to go for the guided tour as there are some surprises and insights you wouldn’t know on a self-guided tour.

  125. Avatar photo
    Loo Shuin Teow

    The guided tour is very informative, with the guide able to explain the exhibits and other chinese customs.

  126. Avatar photo
    Henry Schreiber

    Incredibly informative and fun. Make sure to take the guided tour; their volunteers are full of knowledge.

  127. Avatar photo
    Shin Carmen

    The tour guide was really engaging and lively. The video showed at the start was educational, impactful and necessary to give participants knowledge on death, afterlife and religion to meaningful engage with the entire experience. However, the entire museum was quite small, so it’s a bit more pricey than I think it should be.

  128. Avatar photo
    Nikki Ebreo

    Informative and definitely one of a kind tour and experience. Would be great if the management can add more interesting feautures to the museum such as background music, more entertaining story or information sharing by the tour guide.

  129. Avatar photo
    Shanae Tan

    Interesting exhibition. Unlike most of my peers, I don’t recall being brought here as a kid by my parents to be “taught” of what I should not do.

    Helena was our tour guide and she was absolutely fantastic. Her sense of humour is definitely a plus as well.

    Perhaps the museum could consider addinh the Chinese words (in addition to the hanyupinyin spellings) to the digital screens in the hell museum. E.g. 孽镜 beside Nie Jing

  130. Avatar photo
    Jaime de Guzman

    I learned a lot about many Asian religions’ views on the afterlife! Honestly, I’m kind of scared of going to hell now because of the list of punishments that I’ve fallen under. At least I’m not Taoist because you get your body sawn in half if you waste food or possess pornography… Not to say I’ve done either, but it is what it is!

  131. Avatar photo
    Cindy Ong

    Had a great time! Learnt so much about the origins of religions and theories of afterlife. Very informative.
    The guided tour by Michelle was amazing! Great pace, clear speech, interesting and fun!

  132. Avatar photo
    Dawn Wu

    The guided tour provided lots of insights into the the history, context, philosophy of the religious beliefs of ancient Chinese in.

    Highly recommended to visit!!

  133. Avatar photo
    aloysius chua

    its a pretty good experience all these while

  134. Avatar photo
    Adeline Ngo

    Gone through a revamp and it’s a lot more informative. Learnt new knowledge and tour guide was very engaging and informative. Good to spend an afternoon here.

  135. Avatar photo
    Claudine Kroepfli

    Such a great experience ! Our guide taught us so many interesting things about different religions and their views on death ! Clean and great park as well !

  136. Avatar photo
    Beatriz Delgado Díez

    Such a great guide and interesting museum!

  137. Avatar photo
    Cordelia Lee

    Great experience and excellent tour given by Hem. Learn more things.

  138. Avatar photo
    Evonne Lim

    The tour guide Michelle is very friendly and enthusiastic as well as informative on the tour, enjoyed it a lot

  139. Avatar photo
    Seanne Felyne Mondonedo

    Uncle tour was very informative and friendly.

  140. Avatar photo
    Sharon Lee

    Insightful tour by knowleagable museum tour guide. Awesome structures and comfortable air-conditoning tour.

  141. Avatar photo
    Srieena Kezia

    Hell’s Museum was a really interesting experience as it delved onto the different world religions, southeast asis and their festivals to commemorate death. Our tour of the museums and the 10 Courts of Hell was complimentary. We really enjoyed how informative the tour and all the exhibitions were.

    Haw Par Villa does maintain its infamous charm along with other modern additions like Terrapin feeding, and revamped parks.

  142. Avatar photo
    Ging1 Lam

    Best place ever very educational and fun the guides was nice and smart and they explained everything crystal clear if you are in Singapore come visit this place recommended

  143. Avatar photo
    Jessica Hoo

    A great sharing by Tiffany. I learnt more about Chinese cultures from her . She is a good story teller.

  144. Avatar photo
    Valerie Ho

    Interesting experience and great explanations by the tour guide – Hem!

  145. Avatar photo
    Bryan Loh

    Came without expectations and it didn’t disappoint. Took up the free guided tour and Tiffany was passionate in her sharing. Noticed many non tour visitors joined in the middle and the group became larger and I was concerned with safe distancing. Maybe can have a tour in Chinese too. Perhaps to charge cheaper for non tour visitors and identify with stickers? Tip: Bring umbrella in case it rains. Also enter early so that you will still have time to tour around after the tour. Bring mosquito repellent for the outdoor parts. Bring $1 coins to purchase feeds for the ponds if keen. Brings back memories.

  146. Avatar photo
    Xin Yu Lee

    Friendly staff in the museum. Went for the complimentary guided tour, very informative. Friendly and knowledgeable tour guide!

  147. Avatar photo
    Janay Lim

    Felt so nostalgic visiting HPV once again after prob more than 20 years! Enjoyed the guided tour of the Hell’s Museum by the young lady tour guide Kimberly! She could answer many of my questions during the tour! Was a very interesting visit and learnt new knowledge!

  148. Avatar photo
    Kaylee Petersen

    Haw Par Villa is such an experience and Hells Museum is its own experience. The staff there is incredible! Just amazing people running it. I didn’t have time for the tour but that is offered for free. Very cool experience and very well done. Also check out the little gift shop! Very cool!

  149. Avatar photo
    Sean Goh

    Visited the Hell’s Museum at Har Par Villa today. Tickets can be purchased from the website and collection of physical ticket is done onsite at their visitor centre. Ticket is priced at SGD$18 for adults and SGD$10 for children. There are quite a few time slots to choose from and the session is split into morning, afternoon and evening session.

    There was a complimentary guided tour which we signed up. Our guide, Helena was very well knowledge and she presented the tour well. Personally enjoyed the tour very much as it was informative and the session was lively. The thing that i feel that there is room for improvement would be the duration. Overall, a positive experience.

  150. Avatar photo

    The tour guide is very good and exciting,its very fun and interesting. I learnt alot more about singapore history and also learnt alot of different cultures of life after death. The staff are all very friendly

  151. Avatar photo
    Crystal Chen

    I will recommend this place and best if u can join the tour to get a better understanding of the Hells gate

  152. Avatar photo
    Sarah Martin

    Very interesting and rich knowledge from the guide

  153. Avatar photo
    Edmund Ng

    Thanks to Hem our tour guide, who explained various parts of the museum very well to us. I encourage everyone to join the tour to have a better understanding of the museum and the exhibits.

  154. Avatar photo
    Xuanling Kuck

    Interesting museum with detailed explanation to talk about not just death, but also afterlife and life itself. Great materials and lots of research of different religious beliefs of the afterlife.definitely worth a visit!

  155. Avatar photo
    Tony Huang

    Great tour and fascinating little museum.

  156. Avatar photo
    Tu Ngo

    Very educative, I learnt a lot abt the afterlife in various religions. Staffs are friendly and supportive too. Our tour guide Kimberly has a lot of knowledge. The price is not so cheap but worthy, due to the high-quality contents inside the museum, they really put their efforts making them. Highly recommended!

  157. Avatar photo
    Adriel T

    Was nice to see the place in a different light. Enjoyed the old classic sculptures with the modern additions. The new museum was nice. Really enjoyed the tour as well.

  158. Avatar photo
    inlingua chinese

    Guided tour is very helpful.

  159. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lee

    Took a guided tour by Hem. It was insightful and good explanation on the beliefs and ideation of religions

  160. Avatar photo

    It’s not a bad little experience, but you should take the guided tour, and Hinduism is not the oldest religion that’s just as far back as they went, and some of the statues and stuff need repaired, but other than that it was interesting

  161. Avatar photo
    Autumn Ying

    Indeed a great experience to know about the afterlife story! Thanks for the knowledgable tour. It’s really meaningful

  162. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Sharul

    Very interesting place, first time being introduced to the concept of death and afterlife in singapore. Hem was an amazing dosent

  163. Avatar photo
    Pesto Sauce

    The guided tour is a must-do and I learnt a lot even as a local who visited haw par villa once before the renovation! Einsen (sorry hope I spelt his name correctly) was great, enthusiastic, informative and funny as our guide. Amazing learning experience and interesting cultural artifacts

  164. Avatar photo
    Aeternal Fates

    I’ve been through hell (as a child) and now im back again! (as an adult) Been here as a child almost 30 years ago, this place has definitely been upgraded over the years! The guided tour is a must go for all the truly hellish details. This is a must bring to all your non-local friends! A very educational trip about different religions and their beliefs on the cycle of life!

  165. Avatar photo
    Jamie Chua

    Initially, I was shocked that there is a ticket price right now because it used to be a free attraction. However, after the tour, I definitely understood why! They have upgraded so much, and our tour guide, Kimberly, explained everything to us in the most delightful way

    Keep it up management team

  166. Avatar photo
    Zenn Lim

    There was a patient and friendly tour guide that brought us around and gave detailed and clear explanation

  167. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Very cool museum with lots of interesting things to see. Especially if your interested in afterlife!

  168. Avatar photo
    Deb L

    Friendly, excellent and comprehensive tour included with museum admission

  169. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Moran

    This place had been touted to me as a quirky part of Singapore’s past and attractions, which was already appealing, but I was even more surprised and delighted by what it has become since its renovation. The museum had a tour in English that was fascinating and accessible, introducing Chinese traditions and beliefs around death and the afterlife, and explaining the amazing/ hilarious/ gruesome dioramas. The guide also answered questions about Buddhism and Daosim, and was generous and personable. My kids and I loved it. I hope this place get the UNESCO status they’re hoping for to preserve this unique experience for future generations.

  170. Avatar photo
    Katia Rosafio

    Great learning about religions , definetely go for a guided tour because is highly worth to understand about Singapore religions , and others . Great guide !!!

  171. Avatar photo
    Shinichiro Yamaji

    We will encounter a catastrophe here. No one can escape death. (hell with no way out). What happens to us when we die. The grave as a gateway to realm of dead. This place was interesting to learn “how they process death and the afterlife.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Andrews

    Absolutely enjoyed this experience. Very knowledgeable, just walk in with an open mind and you will definetly take lots out of it. Would 100% recommend

  173. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Tan

    Guided tour was very informative and well-researched. Kudos to our tour guide, Kimberly, for the great job!

  174. Avatar photo
    Khee Ern Wee

    Tiffany was a good tour guide and very engaging. It was cool learning from her …

  175. Avatar photo
    Mark Tse

    Our guide, Hem is very engaging and her explanations are very clear. Enjoyed the tour and strongly recommended to visit the museum.

  176. Avatar photo
    Youqing Xu

    Joined the guided tour in Hell’s Museum led by Tiffany. My kids and I had a insightful time learning more about the burial culture in not just this region but internationally. Suitable for kids and adults alike!

  177. Avatar photo
    Wg Ting

    I’ve enjoyed the guided tour by Wui Wui ! She provided so much insights on how certain practices are being influenced by the local culture and all. Would definitely recommend the guided tour for more insights n localised information

  178. Avatar photo
    danielle chan

    Michelle was a great host sharing the tour with clarity, patience and detail.

  179. Avatar photo

    Hem was a fantastic guide for Hell’s Museum! I thoroughly enjoyed her tour of the beliefs of life, death and afterlife. Thank you, Hem!

  180. Avatar photo

    the tour guide, hem is very detailed in explaining the whole tour and the tour was amazing

  181. Avatar photo
    Hwee S (Hwee)


    Wished there was more variety of video clip at different timings. There is a 8min intro video which is really interesting.

    Went for the guided tour and the mock ups + information were done professionally. Recommended 🙂

  182. Avatar photo
    Florence Then

    The hell of museum tour was amazing. The tour guide explained everything in details. Great experience

  183. Avatar photo
    June Datol

    Very interesting and the employees were very nice.

  184. Avatar photo
    abbie smith-howe

    As a person who loves to learn about how cultures approach death, I found this museum super. Great guides, fascinating dioramas, good information.

  185. Avatar photo
    Brossy M

    Izan or Ivan the Chinese tour guide is awesomeee wooooo

  186. Avatar photo
    Joyce Cy Lau

    (More than 5 stars!) It’s a tiny building within the large park but is simply one of my favourite museums in Singapore. I was at first sceptical when someone at a bar recommended it – all I knew of Haw Par Villa were their garish dioramas. But the operator has really seized the opportunity to do something truly meaningful – on the one hand attract unsuspecting visitors who are just looking for a bit of theme park fun, on the other building conversations around religion and attitudes towards death / afterlife. I haven’t encountered museums on this topic in my travels before and am so grateful for it. The museum has done it tastefully and the experience has been made all the more impactful by *superb* docent tours (Ms Tan Wee Lim is a great educator!). For the price of SGD18, it’s worth every cent; do make sure you set some time aside to read the captions on your own.

  187. Avatar photo
    Jiunn Ngee Tan

    The exhibition has provided a good insight on the concept of death between the different religions and beliefs, and (surprisingly) there are some commonalities on the concept of death across some of the religions. A must-visit!

  188. Avatar photo
    fei law

    Kimberly was a passionate and enthusiastic guide that brought us through the key elements to Hell’s museum. Strongly recommend

  189. Avatar photo
    Sowmya Gopi

    Michelle made the tour very interesting and engaging and the duration was just right.

  190. Avatar photo
    desiree chua

    tour guide was really patient and nice. tour was very interesting, was able to understand more about the different religions

  191. Avatar photo
    Jessica Chiu

    Our tour guide, Helena, is doing a great job in showing us around. We highly recommend the tour and the hell museum here!

  192. Avatar photo
    Joan Toh-Lau

    Staffs and our guide Michelle were friendly and helpful. Interesting experiences for our 7yr old. Most of the exhibition in the Hell’s museum are air condition which helped on a hot humid day. There’s a fee for the Hell’s Museum but the rest of the park is free. We visited the Museum at 230pm, spent an hour in the Museum and took a walk around the villa as the late afternoon sun wasn’t as hot.

  193. Avatar photo
    laura santini

    Your with Helena was absolutely wonderful, super interesting and funny at the same time!

  194. Avatar photo
    Alvin Wah

    Michelle brought us a great tour! We found out so much more compared to walking hell’s museum ourselves! Highly recommended that you join a tour …

  195. Avatar photo
    Bianca Marinelle

    very informative Hem was a great tour guide for the ten courts of hell. it’s an insightful experience into different religions

  196. Avatar photo
    S.Y Ho

    I really enjoyed the guided tour by Helena and the new hell museum was well designed with video explanations as you walk through the indoor museum.

    They did quite an extensive exploration of the origins and development of the concept of hell, which was shared.

    It would have been nice to see some of the other parts of the outdoor statues and monuments to be better maintained. Still worth a visit

  197. Avatar photo
    Zann Yee

    super interesting tour with helena! you learn a bit about major religions and their practices & especially chinese practices in Singapore

  198. Avatar photo
    bai jialong

    Highly recommended to come, the place is much more furnished now. Tour is recommended.

    Was led by Hem for the tour, really knowledgeable and patient in answering questions, very fluent and gave a very good tour.

  199. Avatar photo
    Gordan Lee Wz

    Great tour given by the guide and great place to bring kids to learn about life after death

  200. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chan

    Had a really great tour at Hell’s museum! Seeing it for the first time, and it is well done!

  201. Avatar photo
    Yu Yang Tan

    10/10 tour. Very insightful. Interesting

  202. Avatar photo
    Mei Jiuen Lim

    It was an interesting session whereby the guide shared about the different religions in Singapore

  203. Avatar photo
    Giang Huynh

    Michelle, our tour guide is fantastic. The tour was very insightful and interesting. Highly recommended!

  204. Avatar photo
    Ong Jiayu

    Hem, was very knowledgeable and she presented in a way that was simple to understand

  205. Avatar photo
    Zoe Wolf

    Hell’s museum was wonderfully educational and interesting to learn about other cultures and religions and how they process death and the afterlife. I’d definitely reckon to all however some of the sculptures are a bit “scary/ graphic” for …

  206. Avatar photo
    Clyde Lhui

    Visited the museum today and went for the tour. I used to visit Haw Par Villa when the 10 courts of hell were still free to visit. While I was initially a bit apprehensive about the $18 ticket, I must say that the experience was really worth paying for. The guided tour was really well done and the guide explained the exhibits in great detail. All the setups were done very professionally and were extremely realistic. As a Singaporean, I was very impressed by how much I could relate to the content of the exhibit. I learned so much about my own culture and I believe that the museum is worth a visit even for Singaporeans who have once visited the 10 courts prior to the rejuvenation. Highly recommended and I would definitely visit again/bring my international friends to visit!

  207. Avatar photo
    Devin Lee

    If you have not been to Haw Par Villa before or if your last visit was many years ago, do give this place a visit. Get the ticket to the Hell’s Museum as well and join the guided tour.

    Super recommended

  208. Avatar photo
    Tian Lee Lee

    Very educational. Showcases of the spectrum of after life beliefs from cyclical to linear. The 10 courts of hell is literally cool!

  209. Avatar photo
    Samantha Gxy

    My first visit to Haw Par Villa and the Hell’s Museum. It was an interesting experience. I highly recommend to go to the Hell’s Museum with a guided Tour! Our tour guide was Kimberly and we really enjoyed the tour thanks to her. She is informative despite her young age and were interactive throughout the tour.

  210. Avatar photo
    yu en

    Our tour guide was Tiffany and she was extremely informative and entertaining. It is a must-see attraction and I recommend everyone to visit and learn more about religions and beliefs.

  211. Avatar photo
    Mehtul Bawkes

    Who knew Death and Hell was so interesting? The tour guide James gave a very interesting look into death and religion in Singapore.

  212. Avatar photo
    Angela Angie

    Hem was an engaging and lovely guide! Enjoyed the tour and her take on this hells museum

  213. Avatar photo

    The guided tour is very engaging and informative, definitely worth the time and it’s included in the admission ticket

  214. Avatar photo
    Zheng WeiXiang Sean

    My experience was fun and interesting to know about the culture

  215. Avatar photo
    Huiting Ang

    Good informative sharing of the guide at Hell Museum, her name is Ham. Thumbs up to her

  216. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Jayde

    I loved exploring this place with my friends, we had such a blast going all through the museum and finding out the history of death and hell by different religious standpoints and also just what people have believed all throughout history. We also got a look into how people process death all I’ve the world and it was super educational.

    My favourite part had to be the levels of hell though, like there were little sculptures and sets of the levels, it was air conditioned in there and it was funny seeing how many times we were going to hell for all kinds of things.

    I loved it and would recommend spending the money to go into the museum because the sculptures outside are cool but the full history of hell is even better.

  217. Avatar photo

    Very informative guide tour by Tiffany! The 10 courts of hell is aircon-ed, but part of the tour and museum is outdoor so realllllly hot to come during the day

  218. Avatar photo

    Amazing place to visit. Linda was helpful with her tour. Would highly recommend guest to purchase tickets first before going and check out the timing of tours. All this if you would like to maximise your time here.

  219. Avatar photo
    Barney Adams

    Guide Tiffany was very knowledgeable and answered all my burning questions (pun intended) after the tour.

  220. Avatar photo
    Irene Tan

    Interesting tour in the hell museum conducted by Lyana. Paid to go “hell” LOL. Come to experience a hell worth of beliefs, values and religions displayed in the museum

  221. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yap

    Very nice sharing by Helena..really enjoyable

  222. Avatar photo
    Gemma Teng

    Awesome experience! Our docent was passionate and knowledgeable. The exhibits and info panels were full of thoughtful details (enough to hold your attention, but so much to bore you to death). Gift shop merch was great too – very tongue in cheek, hardly the sort of naff stuff you might expect given the park’s obiang image. The book selection could be expanded though..!

  223. Avatar photo
    Jen Ng

    The tour guide is very informative

  224. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tay

    The new revamped Hell’s Museum in Haw Par Villa is really insightful. I like it that the keep the old artefacts (nostalgic) and add in a layer of information about death and funeral rites around the world.

  225. Avatar photo

    The tour conducted by Kimberly is entertaining and information not overloaded. It is nice to see young local tour guide explaining cultural heritage. The hell museum is renovated and easier to read the storyboard. It will be nicer if there is more Chinese explanation. One feedback is the online payment is a hassle while buying ticket. You have to key in your credit card details to buy ticket online. There is no on the spot cash or paynow payment.

  226. Avatar photo
    Bernardo Gaudereto

    Loved the experience and would come again (bring water)

  227. Avatar photo

    Have wonderful time at the Hell Museum and we received a very nice presentation & guided tour your by Tiffany. Thank you

  228. Avatar photo
    chu xuan

    Beautiful sculptures which depicts the rich history of Buddhist religion and the origins of Singapore’s Haw Par villa.

    It’s free to walk around outside of the museum, which I strongly recommend. Large drawings and small snippets of iconic and beloved Chinese mythology like Sun Wukong! Make sure to bring water, hat, maybe umbrella since most of the areas are unsheltered and very very hot!

    Many funny statues like the statue of liberty, tiger balm sumos, and random animals all around LOL! We read its history and realised this was part of SG’s failed attempt in attracting international tourists, back when it tried to be an American-themed park. It also shows the story of Tiger Balm’s success which forms a big part of Haw Par Villa’s history.

    Inside the museum, adult ticket is $18 to visit hell. Hell is much smaller, only showing the circles of hells. It is more gruesome and dark, but also very interesting! However, hell is too short and expensive. I think walking around outside is enough

    If yoy really want a good experience of hell, try Malaysia genting’s 清水岩庙 (Chin Swee Caves temple) for a glorious large depiction!

  229. Avatar photo
    Meg Malc

    Have not been back since I was a child. Happy to see the villa well restored. Razeen was knowledgeable and we enjoyed the tour with him very much.

  230. Avatar photo
    Brian Tan

    Helena was a very thorough tour guide, gave us good insights on the history of Haw Par Villa!

  231. Avatar photo
    jorida ong

    Worth the museum ticket price. Definitely learnt more with the tour than my childhood visits! Kimberly was a great tour guide.

  232. Avatar photo
    Elize Lin

    Tour guidrs were very well read, all staff is friendly and the museum is kept well up to date and maintained. Very well in depth information about various religions and their histories, worth the ticket prices to support passionate people.

  233. Avatar photo
    joline lee

    Very informative tour guide, kimberley who gives us detailed and descriptive explanation of the different religion towards death. It is also positive tour to encourage all beings to do good. Whether animals or humans, we have a chance to gain liberation if we are mindful of our conduct, speech and mind.

  234. Avatar photo
    Eolhc L

    Hell’s museum really satisfied my curiosity about death, the afterlife and religion. Hem was really engaging and provided a really informative tour. Highly recommend this museum trip!

  235. Avatar photo
    Eleanor Ee

    highly recommended to go for the tour. very info.

  236. Avatar photo
    KLS U

    Wonderful tour at Hell’s museum by Hem who went into great detail about all the facets and remained upbeat and entertaining throughout. Thanks for educating us about death! It was worth the price!

  237. Avatar photo
    Harrison De Witt

    Helena was a great tour guide. I went in not knowing about how the afterlife is for certain faiths and the levels of hell. She combined humour with facts relating it to members of our tour group to make it easy to understand. Would recommend her to anyone who is unsure.

  238. Avatar photo
    Annie SG LAI

    A must join tour before you enter the park. Michelle is very knowledgeable and friendly. Deep thought after the visit.

  239. Avatar photo
    Mathilde Wimez

    Super fun and very insightful. You should do the guided tour!

  240. Avatar photo

    Had the tour with Wee Lin and it was great, very informativ and interesting! A great place to visit in Singapore to learn more about death across the religions.

  241. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    It is one of its kind in the world, incorporating different religions and concepts about life and death. I learnt a lot and definitely recommend this place for a visit especially the ten courts of hell!

  242. Avatar photo
    Mukmin Pitoyo

    Hem is an awesome tour guide! She is very knowledgeable about Haw Par Villa and the histories, practices and cultures of different religions. She is very passionate about it and is also very clear and articulate. Very much appreciate her efforts! Learned a lot today

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