Review Healing Thai Massage, 39 Jln Besar, Singapore

Review Healing Thai Massage - Singapore 39 Jln Besar

“Good and clean thai massage by experienced thai ladies. Air con is cold though.” or “Great massage, the masseuse knew what she was doing, it however felt rather medical then spa-like, which is fine if you know it ” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Healing Thai Massage. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Healing Thai Massage is quality.

Introduction about Healing Thai Massage

Here are some fundamental details regarding Healing Thai Massage. In terms of Thai massage, it is generally believed that Healing Thai Massageis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 39 Jln Besar, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Thai massage, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62940139 (+65 62940139)
  • Website:
  • Address: 39 Jln Besar, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10:30 PM.


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How to contact Healing Thai Massage?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Healing Thai Massage via:

Phone number

You can reach Healing Thai Massage at 62940139(+65 62940139). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Healing Thai Massage via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 39 Jln Besar, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Healing Thai Massage reviews

Healing Thai Massage is among the best destinations of Thai massage in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Healing Thai Massage good?

To determine whether Healing Thai Massage is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Good and clean thai massage by experienced thai ladies. Air con is cold though.”

“Great massage, the masseuse knew what she was doing, it however felt rather medical then spa-like, which is fine if you know it ”

“Good THAI Massage The Therapist was Maggie Next time I will take 2 hours”

“Authentic Thai massage, no frills location but clean and well priced.”

“I've been here twice and is now my favourite place to get a full body massage. They're very thorough and apply appropriate pressure to ease the knots.”

“My hand was numb for a few weeks, the massage was hard and painful, but after one session of 90 mins, my hand feel so much relieved.”

“Traditional thai massage! Those who miss thai massage could have a nice massage here! Better to call them to book ur slots to avoid disappointment.”

“It was a very good experiences.the lady was doing a power hand massage on my neck and back shoulder.i love it.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 158 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Healing Thai Massage, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Healing Thai Massage, 39 Jln Besar, Singapore

There is a total 158 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Som Shekar

    Good Genuine Thai Massage

  2. Avatar photo
    SW L

    Good traditional Thai and Oil Massage in Singapore. Very healthy and professional services! Open until 3 am every day!

  3. Avatar photo
    Eddy Ng (Bryan 黄俊盛)

    This place gave me the best thai massage ever. My masseur applied sufficient force and awesome massage, my stiff muscles are gone. I will definitely revisit this place again and again. Totally awesome place.

  4. Avatar photo
    Anne Kang

    Very effective

  5. Avatar photo
    darius tay

    Fantastic experience

  6. Avatar photo
    Shi Min Ng

    Professional and felt so much better after the massage! The back crack felt sooo good

  7. Avatar photo
    Prasanna Ravindran

    It was excellent and the atmosphere was Greta . The perosnnel were very experienced and great at their work .

  8. Avatar photo
    Mel C

    Healing Thai has been our regular go-to every two months now. We always chose the aromatherapy oil massage. All of the masseuse are experienced and professional. Do let the ladies know where you’ve been hurting and feeling uneasy you’ll feel all new and fixed the next day. …

  9. Avatar photo
    Albert Ler

    Peovide Good Thai massage

  10. Avatar photo

    Legit clean and good massage place.
    Does a good job to ease my muscles aches and “cracking” / loosening my joints.

  11. Avatar photo
    sabari A

    Very good place, good care, experienced staff. Value for every dollar spent.

  12. Avatar photo
    Mehar Dadhich

    For me personally this place was good as the massage was good. However, my wife had a bitter experience as her body started to ache as soon as the massage got over. Therefore, 3 starts!

  13. Avatar photo
    Brijesh Bolar

    I must say I am really impressed by their massage service. Good for family with professional masseuse service. I felt so good after the body massage that I actually gave a tip to my masseuse.

  14. Avatar photo
    Nadia Asmir

    masseuse applied the right pressure & spotted the area which needed more work. will come back again

  15. Avatar photo
    C.Mahesh Reddy

    I feel the last experience was best this time it was too bad the masseuse was in a hurry to finish I took 90 minutes see said completed at 75 minutes

  16. Avatar photo
    Thomas Sander

    Very nice massage as always. Happy they finally open during CB phase 2. Safety measures in place for Covid-19 to ensure great and healthy experience

  17. Avatar photo
    * “‪Cho‬” *

    Authentic Thai doing massage. Generally good, just the environment abit rundown and no much privacy – can hear other pple talking and small space. Only shorts are provided.

  18. Avatar photo
    Joe Goghan

    Perfect Thai massage. Very clean and professional

  19. Avatar photo
    Kelly Hall

    My mother and I experienced very relaxing massage is here. We were both treated respectfully and had our individual needs and requests met. The facility was clean, quiet, and provided for our privacy. I would highly recommend healing Thai massage.

  20. Avatar photo
    Lena Kalaya

    That’s great, that’s great, that’s great.

  21. Avatar photo

    Best Thai massage in Singapore.. Look for lena

  22. Avatar photo
    Panneer Selvan R Gounder

    Good and clean thai massage by experienced thai ladies. Air con is cold though.

  23. Avatar photo
    Sohail Inayatullah

    Sometimes ok. Sometimes outstanding. Clean place.

  24. Avatar photo
    Kate Hedman

    Professional, laid back, and excellent. Feels like you’re in Thailand. Sabai dee!

  25. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ooi

    Very good

  26. Avatar photo
    Jambay D

    Superb massage. I was blown away by the quality and the authenticity of the thai massage. Reasonable price considering you are in Singapore.

    I was attended to by Ivy who was not only skillful but professional and always concerned if I was doing fine.

    Will be coming back again.

  27. Avatar photo
    Pramod Nair

    Visit here for no frills authentic massage. $60 for 60 mins is higher than average for the curtain partitioned massage beds.
    Apparently the price hike by $5:is recent as I see a 4 month old review at older rates.

    On the plus side it appears comparatively easier to just walk in or book appointments at short notice on most days as the have many therapists.

  28. Avatar photo
    kristoffer batu

    Great massage place they know how to do the authentic thai massage without.. you know what i mean

  29. Avatar photo
    John Cheng

    The room smelled slightly musty. The oil massage was quite gentle and relaxing, but I prefer it harder.

  30. Avatar photo
    Cellarpantry Travels

    Excellent Thai massage

  31. Avatar photo
    Dark Angel


  32. Avatar photo

    There was a confirmed case on June 23. Take care~

  33. Avatar photo
    Singh Singh

    If u want a massage that will hit all the right spots and loose all ur knots and leave u feeling totally stress free. This is the place. I am visiting Singapore and I went there before our check in and fell in love the place and their services and customer care and they way they simply make u feel at home.

    Total professionals with very experienced staff. Complete value for the money spent.

  34. Avatar photo
    Neo Sree (NeoSree Stories)

    Very good massage. Affordable too.

  35. Avatar photo
    Olivier Puyraud

    Nice place for a traditional Thai massage

  36. Avatar photo
    Jack Chin

    It was a very good experiences.the lady was doing a power hand massage on my neck and back shoulder.i love it.

  37. Avatar photo
    Kalidas Magalimgam

    Authentic massage. Will relief all your pains. Worth every cent paid. Go for the 1.5hours massage.

  38. Avatar photo
    jdjohn john

    It was really good I loved it

  39. Avatar photo
    Kala Lurve

    Best massage in Singapore!

  40. Avatar photo
    Fred Groen

    Authentic Thai massage, no frills location but clean and well priced.

  41. Avatar photo
    Mahamad Ali

    Good massage for both Men and Women .. Traditional Thai massage os vefy nice

  42. Avatar photo
    Gabrielle Chua

    I’ve been visiting this massage place for about 4 years now, would go once a month, and I really love their services. I’ve always asked for M to do my massage as she’s really good at it, the strength is just right and she’s always able to help me relieve my aches. Would really recommend her if you’re looking for authentic and good Thai massage!

  43. Avatar photo
    Mei Yin W.

    Went on 12 Jul afternoon, paid for oil massage. Wasn’t informed by the receptionist that oil massage is unavailable. Until I was in the massage room, the lady covered me few layers of towel and press above the towel which I thought it was a warm up. Aft about 20 mins, I asked the massage lady whether there is oil massage, the lady told me oil massage is unavailable as per government’s guidelines during covid period.

    After massage is done, my hubby in the next room came out and told me he had oil massage. So I was fooled by the receptionist or the massage lady…?

    4 star because the massage is still done well & hubby enjoyed it too.

  44. Avatar photo
    Harsh Vardhan

    Loved the ambience. Prices are OK. The masseuse Judy had strong hands and all the pressure points were taken care off. I no longer feel the stiffness in my lower back and shoulders. I tried catching a quick power nap as well but occasionally masseuse were talking within themselves hence that kept me awake. But overall a very good experience. The massage service is very professional and my masseuse seemed very experienced. Thumbs Up!

  45. Avatar photo
    mel lee

    Came for 60 min Thai traditional (no oil) massage on a public holiday. From reception to interior the place smells very strongly like moth balls. Was led to a table and expected to disrobe— I had to remind them I wanted no-oil massage, then after giving me clothes to change into they left me alone waiting for more than 5 minutes.

    SAFETY & COMMUNICATION: Masseuse spoke Mandarin and did not understand English, so when I had to inform to please not place body pressure on the metal plate I have in my forearm, we struggled to communicate. Later, she seemed to have weak understanding of technique or her own body form, as when she bent my leg to the side she went right for my spine not my hips— I thought alright, maybe it’s a style. Then switching to the left she seemed to have a different approach, and when pressing onto the joints to the side of my spine, laid her support hand directly on top of the center of my spine. I yelped in pain and seemed to surprise her. She couldn’t understand what I was reacting to. Her touch was intended well perhaps but was fierce and imprecise. At the end, when I took a few mins to recover myself (it was not yet a full hour), she came back after setting my tea outside again surprised, saying they needed to clear the room for the next customer. There are no customers waiting and there are other rooms available. Perhaps she’s only been trained to churn and burn?

    Will not return. According to other reviews there might be better experiences — my masseuse was Ying, who might work for people who aren’t that aware of their body and like this approach.

  46. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Good massage

  47. Avatar photo
    Nicolas Tann

    Massage wasn’t authentic Thai. Strokes were sometimes up, sometimes down and curved to the side which is honestly not too comfortable. I’m a trained therapist so I know. First time here and probably last time too.

  48. Avatar photo
    Kevin Lim

    So far the best skilled Thai masseuse I have in Singapore.

  49. Avatar photo
    Lefty fingers

    Good message. Recommended

  50. Avatar photo
    Doris Leung

    Totally 5 stars. I usually go to chinatown for thai massage but they were fully booked so I decided to give this place a chance and no regrets at all!
    Their style of thai massage is a combination of traditional thai and deep tissue – less twisting of your body but more pressing of your muscle. My masseuse is a thai lady and she gave a very strong massage which totally untied all my knots. I will for sure be back.

  51. Avatar photo

    Great massage, the masseuse knew what she was doing, it however felt rather medical then spa-like, which is fine if you know it

  52. Avatar photo
    Krishnakumar Selvaraj

    I feel good for their massage. I spend 60 dollar for one hour massage. No stressful. Feel better

  53. Avatar photo
    Aditya Kajwe

    The massage itself was quite good. However the infrastructure here is quite poor. This place feels like a massage factory with tiny compartments separated by a mere curtain. It can get quite noisy, with therapists talking loudly to each other, or a customer’s mobile phone going off. There’s no space to keep your personal belongings. Shower does not have a shampoo. Will not visit again.

  54. Avatar photo
    Axl Loon

    Decent massage place

  55. Avatar photo

    Worth for its price

  56. Avatar photo
    Caeren Loh

    Their massage is really professional. Worth to try!

  57. Avatar photo
    Kumaresan Kumar


  58. Avatar photo
    joshua tan

    Good relaxing massage

  59. Avatar photo
    Woo Cher Chong Joe

    2nd time over period of 6 days to relief my super tensed muscle, from shoulder to calves. It’s definitely a place to recommend.
    Will be returning for few more sessions to lessen especially tight calves which is affecting my walking normally.

  60. Avatar photo
    isa loo

    Not really Thai massage, felt more like a Chinese massage, where they try to undo the knots quite deliberately, even after requesting to have a lighter massage. Would have preferred a more relaxing massage..

  61. Avatar photo
    kuppusamy vijayakumar


  62. Avatar photo
    Antoni Sitorus

    Very good quality and very good

  63. Avatar photo
    Carlos Castano

    I recommend Avon!

  64. Avatar photo
    vijay kumar


  65. Avatar photo
    mervin oh

    Massage is solid but too pushy to extend time. Spoils the experience. Otherwise it’s fine.

  66. Avatar photo
    Yennie Kanno

    ms Angie, she is the Best!!!

  67. Avatar photo
    Jim Giam

    super fantastic all the time

  68. Avatar photo
    Hit U

    Enjoyed nice Thai massage with reasonable price.

  69. Avatar photo
    Keira Cheong

    Thai operated massage parlour with great Thai masseuse. Great place if you are looking to loosen your stiff shoulders.

  70. Avatar photo
    Min Jin

    Affordable pricing while incredible massages

  71. Avatar photo
    Zsoka Scurtescu

    It was ok, but I expected a bit more based on the reviews. It’s clean enough, but could be cleaner. The ladies were nice. Mine was quite gentle, which I didn’t mind, but my husband’s was more strong/painful (in a good way), so it really depends on who you get.

  72. Avatar photo
    Eva Kucich (MindFit)

    True Thai Massage
    Im, a big fan of Thai massage and, have been looking for an experience as i can find in Thailand. This place is that place. Simple arrangement, but effective and very skilful.

  73. Avatar photo
    SYP Tan

    First visit was pleasant and Thai lady did a good job. To be honest this is one of the best Thai Massage in Singapore and price is reasonable SGD110 for 120 mins or SGD 75 for 90 mins. Will definitely come back again.

  74. Avatar photo
    isa loo

    Not really Thai massage, felt more like a Chinese massage, where they try to undo the knots quite deliberately, even after requesting to have a lighter massage. Would have preferred a more relaxing massage..

  75. Avatar photo
    G L

    Traditional thai massage! Those who miss thai massage could have a nice massage here! Better to call them to book ur slots to avoid disappointment.

  76. Avatar photo
    Enis Anas

    Great massage. Must try the hot oil.

  77. Avatar photo
    kiran shetty

    Good Thai massage

  78. Avatar photo
    Jane 서현 Park

    I had jasmine as my masseuse and she was so kind and strong. She tailors it according to where you feel more need for. It was so good i initially paid for 60 min and extended it to 90. Strongly recommend!

    Edit: went a second time, had a different lady and it felt like she was just going thru the motions instead of truly massaging. Didnt feel that great after paying a steep 75 dollars for 90 min. Waste of money and time

  79. Avatar photo
    Amber Gomaa

    Clean place, kind people and amazing massage!

  80. Avatar photo

    Very Relaxing, environment is great and comfortable. Their massage are great and comfortable too.

  81. Avatar photo
    francis ng

    Very good

  82. Avatar photo
    Jack Le

    This is always my go-to massage place. I’ve been visiting this place monthly to relieve my my muscle pain in shoulder, back and neck. I would recommend Jasmine as my favorite but other masseurs are also very nice. Thank you!

  83. Avatar photo
    Karin Feldkamp

    After a 26 hour traveling across the ocean my back was twisted and hurting. A 90 Minute Thai massage for $75 Singapore dollars fixed it all. Very deep and healing. Fantastic

  84. Avatar photo
    Hock Soon Ng (SOON)

    good authentic massage

  85. Avatar photo
    前田 Maeda健策 Kensaku

    Is it the only one in the Little India area where there are many massage shops that smell like scent? Where you can get a massage by a relatively decent Thai. I go many times and nominate someone who suits me.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kenb Ker

    Authentic Thai massager!

  87. Avatar photo
    Andy Low

    This is the other reasonably cheap and professional Thai massage parlours in Singapore, right before Loy Krathong Thai massage in Aljunied. The authentic Thai masseuses here are very skillful and mindful if you mention about existing injuries. The place is well-kept, clean and has a nice ambience. As someone who does sports regularly and is prone to soreness and muscular injuries, I find that the massages here really helped me in recovering. Highly recommended place!

  88. Avatar photo
    Mohd Azreen

    Best massage by Thai ppl itself

  89. Avatar photo
    Karthik Mani

    The massages are really good. Would recommend Ivy and June.

  90. Avatar photo

    Really nice massage very well. needed

  91. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Lee

    I have never try thai massage in Singapore but this as good as it can get, comparing to Thailand. Very good pressure massage. I love it!

  92. Avatar photo
    Erlend Wahl

    Serious place with professional employees

  93. Avatar photo
    Charon Rai

    Very good

  94. Avatar photo
    Mohammad AlHaris

    This is an Authentic Thai Massage with no stupid things done here.

  95. Avatar photo
    nandeesh v

    Refreshing. The masseuse Mint has amazing skills to take your pain off.

  96. Avatar photo
    Catherine Chien

    No frills thai massage – quality of the massage was high and the price was reasonable. The masseuse put her knees on my super stiff back and that helped loosen up the knots. Deco could be improved.

  97. Avatar photo
    ศิวปรียา ยุพาพิน

    Massage was very good, masseuses were mostly Thai.

  98. Avatar photo
    Joy Dsouza

    Very nice and professional massage done here. You heard it right only professional massage. No extra. Please keep this in mind.

  99. Avatar photo
    Tom Drake

    I have had 100s of Thai massages before (no exaggeration) and that was hands down the best one! Payed for 1hr 30m with Rse. She was from Thailand like the rest of the masseuses and was definitely very experienced. She applied hard/firm force and knew exactly what needed work. I feel like the 90 mins was the correct time needed to cover everything properly. I think what makes a good masseuse is that they can find your troubled spots without you telling them, and she did exactly that. 10/10

  100. Avatar photo
    Timothy Choo


  101. Avatar photo

    Very solid and low price.

  102. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Chang

    Great service and enough force to loosen up my shoulders.

  103. Avatar photo
    Ravi Shankar

    Very pleasant and authentic.

  104. Avatar photo
    Francis Xavier

    Authentic Thai massage by real Thai.

  105. Avatar photo
    Avijit Chowdhury

    Skillful. Thai massage should be done on floor, not elevated bed

  106. Avatar photo
    Pandiyan Ganesan

    Really enjoyed the professional massage and thanks to Irin

  107. Avatar photo
    Mann Silentcer

    Nice Massage..

  108. Avatar photo
    Olga Mateva

    Really needed a good massage and this lady did such a good job!!!

  109. Avatar photo
    Upender Rao

    My fav massage spot. Good for family as well. Been going there for 10 years now.

  110. Avatar photo
    Leimoon Manaw

    Recommended by a friend to Healing Thai. Great experience. Felt really relaxed after the session, masseuse (Bella) applied the right strengths to where i felt tense. And i felt she really put in effort to her job making sure i feel relaxed through out the whole session. Will definitely come back again.. good job!!

  111. Avatar photo
    Nirmal Agarwal

    The place was OK. But massage was good value for money. The place is for pure massage intrested people only.

  112. Avatar photo

    Slightly pricey but they are professional masseurs. They have two choices; Thai/oil massage, or the aroma hot oil massage. Prices are as listed in the attached image.

    It was painful during the massage but I felt relaxed afterwards. You may let the masseur know how much pressure to you prefer. However I gave only 4 stars as the masseur tend to press very hard on my bones. There was also a time when she was pressing hard on my spine that my legs felt numb.

    Otherwise, all was good. Will return if I am in need of a massage

  113. Avatar photo
    Kieran Hearley

    Pretty decent massage. Therapist was very skilled and when I said my shoulders needed work she 100% nailed it. Only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is due to the staff constantly talking throughout the rooms. It’s quite off-putting when trying to relax. Otherwise really reasonably priced massage!

  114. Avatar photo
    Lai Hong Tan

    People who frequent massage parlours would know that without requesting specific therapists, the experience it would be an hit-or-miss. I had a ‘hit’ recently with Ivy, likewise that of my 2 friends with their therapists. I give 5 stars because my Previous experiences at Healing Thai were mostly ‘misses’ due to either therapists practicing unorthodox techniques, or chatting among themselves. There aren’t many choices for thai massage in Singapore so I would still go there for massage when I am in town area. I have been trained in Thai massage twice in Thailand and in different schools, but never practiced cos ‘too good life’ with my other job. But I have learnt to appreciate good Thai massage, but at the same time critical about poor practices. Perhaps I should try out every of their therapist and do a rating chart to share with all of you.

  115. Avatar photo
    Anders Höglund

    Very good traditional Thai massage at decent price level.

  116. Avatar photo
    Abraham Lee

    I’ve been here twice and is now my favourite place to get a full body massage. They’re very thorough and apply appropriate pressure to ease the knots.

  117. Avatar photo
    Dave C

    Relax and enjoy a authentic body massage no cheap tricks or services …

  118. Avatar photo
    Phan Ngoc

    I was do my Manicure and pedicure, face massage so good . and I keep my manicure, pedicure very long . Thank you so much Selena .

  119. Avatar photo
    Daniel Hutchinson

    A little too rough for my liking. If you want a vigorous massage this is the place to beat you into shape.

  120. Avatar photo
    Yashwant Aditya

    Staff are good and well trained. Frankly, my first experience was awesome but last one was definitely not..

  121. Avatar photo
    Kin Jun Lee (Iunius)

    Very Confortable massage service. Highly recomended to visit

  122. Avatar photo
    Arshan Hussain

    Been going there for 9 years …amazing massage. Try lina and eng eng

  123. Avatar photo
    Hans tu

    Enjoy my massage there.

  124. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Lee Li Chern

    My hand was numb for a few weeks, the massage was hard and painful, but after one session of 90 mins, my hand feel so much relieved.

  125. Avatar photo
    IOB Group

    What a great massage and the lady was very gentle and accommodating she was also very friendly too… highly recommended

  126. Avatar photo
    Nalaka Warnakula

    Went to get a massage as I was having a stiff neck and sore upper and lower back. Price was reasonable, service was good and professional.

  127. Avatar photo
    Pavan Kumar

    Very professional and decently priced.

    Quite relaxing.

  128. Avatar photo
    Azhar Ismardhi Ismail

    Excellent massage. Always coming back to ease my pain or tiredness

  129. Avatar photo

    Clean, Hygenic, Good Pressure Massage – non sexual …

  130. Avatar photo
    Denise Jaschke

    Great therapists. Super value for money. Very simple but clean ambience. Nothing fancy.
    I’ll be back for more….

  131. Avatar photo
    Vijay Chellappa


  132. Avatar photo
    Joan Tam

    Have a great massage with Lena today
    Great service I luv it when my knuckles being cracked

  133. Avatar photo
    Fiona Chin

    Super good massage, we had the traditional oil massage for 90 mins, the masseuse hit every pain spots and cracked my back. It’s really just exactly what I wanted and needed, thank you May! You are really great.

  134. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Affendy

    Professional Therapist

  135. Avatar photo
    Elmo Red

    Love the thai massage, its authentic. Even my hubby who is fussy abt thai massage finds it good. We had Rose and Lina both were good.

  136. Avatar photo
    Lauren Kate

    Had a great Thai massage with Evon then stayed for a foot massage with Peter. Walked in and was able to get both appointments with minimal wait. Clean, comfortable place. Ginger tea complimentary! Highly recommend and would return if I were to have longer in Singapore!

    Friendly, efficient reception!

  137. Avatar photo
    Chris Teow

    Good body massage

  138. Avatar photo
    Saravanan Perumal

    A very good place for a good massage after a hard days work.I have been going here for years.great for couples and solo.Place is clean and proper.Would be advisable to book in advance as they do get crowded at times.

  139. Avatar photo
    meimeiong sh (siang hui)

    Good massage skills! Affordable price.

  140. Avatar photo
    Kalaiarasu Ramesh

    Amazing massage.. nice ambience..

  141. Avatar photo
    Jacquie Loon

    Was in the Jln Besar area and saw this place, Googled it and there were good reviews so gave it a try. Quick and friendly service at the reception, no waiting. Emma was assigned to me and from first contact, she was friendly and queried on what I needed. The massage was really good, strong hands, good technique with just the right amount of pressure…. Will definitely go back again for my monthly massages… Oh! I was lucky that they had availability, the roster looked full with appointments.

  142. Avatar photo
    Sunny Mohawk

    Best massage place offering truly healing massages

  143. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Hussain Syed

    Ok lah

  144. Avatar photo
    Mr Keat

    Good !

  145. Avatar photo
    David LIM

    Second visit. Massueur is Ivy. Right from the start, she got all the points of knot correct. The feeling of blocked lactic acid can’t be described by my vocabulary but for those with tight aching muscles will know what I mean. Highly recommended!

  146. Avatar photo

    Need a professional massage? This is the place to go to! Decent pricing and the masseuse always does a great job! Clean place too!

  147. Avatar photo
    Mel C

    Healing Thai has been our regular go-to every two months now. We always chose the aromatherapy oil massage. All of the masseuse are experienced and professional. Do let the ladies know where you’ve been hurting and feeling uneasy you’ll feel all new and fixed the next day. …

  148. Avatar photo
    Nicole Schaffland

    A perfect, authentic and soothing massage in a good atmosphere. From a European point of view, the price-performance ratio is just great for me.
    I am several times for 90min. Been there for a massage with my partner.
    The body feels looser, more relaxed and stretched after a few days.

  149. Avatar photo
    Bakhtiar Iskandar

    All the masseuses are well trained and cater to your preference..will definitely recommend anyone looking for pure Thai massage…

  150. Avatar photo
    Martin Dietze

    Excellent. I came there with constant headache due to problems in shoulders and neck. After having seen the good ratings I made an appointment. Pleasant people and excellent work, also good value for money. Will sure go there again when in Singapore next time.

  151. Avatar photo
    Andrey K

    The worst mattresses and pillows impossible to sleep – this does not correspond to a 4-star hotel. Location is very good.

  152. Avatar photo

    Been here plenty of times. Great massage, friendly people in there..

  153. Avatar photo
    Karen Kupfer

    Exceptional thai massage with an exceptional masseuse. These women work hard everyday and yet they provide a high quality massage at each and every time. I gave her a tip, the price (90 mins = 75$ and available right away) is more than fair and the massage was really great. I would encourage tourists to always leave a tip, there is a lot of hard work and not always recognized. Thank you to the lady that made my day with this massage! Loved it

  154. Avatar photo
    Yan Xiazak

    Fabolous experience- one of the best massages that I had. Very detailed oriented and very professional.Really amazing technique reachnes.

  155. Avatar photo
    Badr Alsaney

    Good THAI Massage
    The Therapist was Maggie
    Next time I will take 2 hours

  156. Avatar photo
    Scott HH

    I paid 80 dollars for a 90mins oil massage therapy. The Thai masseur speaks English and get down to business. No time wasting and not rushing. She finished the massage at 90mins. The session is very good i must say compare to many other spa. she knows exactly what is required for the pressure points. The rooms are clean but a bit dated. That is what you will get. No frills. The receptionist at the desk is strict. Perhaps she can be more polite and friendly instead of only instructing customers i.e. hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands ; take off your shoes .etc. she should have said thank to a few walk in customers including myself which she didn’t. I was observing when i was at the front desk waiting area. I could have rated them 5 stars. On a whole, it was a pleasant experience to me as the massage is good. No pushing of selling massage package or snake oil.

  157. Avatar photo
    Unmukt Yatree

    Therapist working here are generally Gems, value for money place to go to.

  158. Avatar photo
    Drew Goh

    Was a little concerned that it’s sleazy, but it’s not (coz of the area)! The Thai auntie who did my massage cracked bones with her feet, and massaged away a lot of my soreness.

    She would ask if a certain area needed more to relieve the soreness, though one minor downside was her trying to get me to do 90 mins instead of the 60. That said, the massage is superb. Waiting room is a little small and dingy, but the massage bed that I was assigned was clean.

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