Review Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore, 991D Alexandra Rd, Singapore

Review Hackwagon Academy  Data Analytics  Python Courses in Singapore 991D Alexandra Rd

Knowing the address, operating hours, phone number, and services of a place plays an important role. Additionally, reading customer evaluations can give you an idea of what to expect, both in terms of the quality of the services provided and the overall experience. If you want to find out more about Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore, read this article on to gain more interesting knowledge.

Introduction about Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore

Here are some fundamental details regarding Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore. In terms of Technical school, it is generally believed that Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 991D Alexandra Rd, #01-22, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Technical school, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Website:
  • Address: 991D Alexandra Rd, #01-22, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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How to contact Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore via:


You can contact Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 991D Alexandra Rd, #01-22, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore reviews

Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore is among the best destinations of Technical school in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore good?

To determine whether Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Insightful and enriching course. The instructor and teaching assistants are always willing to clear my doubts without hesitation. Overall, it has been a great experience to pick up python!”

“Great experience in this course. Definitely learnt a lot! highly recommend to anyone with basic python knowledge and would like to delve more into data science!”

“Good intro crash course that was well run and organized. Instructors and TAs were very helpful in answering queries both during and outside of class. Very engaging and would recommend to anyone new to Python.”

“Lessons give us a good understanding of python basics. Instructor is engaging and explains concepts well. TAs are reachable via telegram whenever you have any questions. Not to mention the good food!”

“Course instructors are professional, the DS101 course is very beginner friendly. Will certainly recommend this course to people who are interested in python but do not know where to get a basic foundation.”

“The content of learning is adequate and effective to get anyone started on Python! I enjoyed the lessons as they were interactive and the teaching assistants were very helpful. ”

“The lessons were easy to follow and practices given were useful in applying what we have learnt after each lesson. Definitely a good start in learning Python!”

“Really helpful course that taught the basics of Python from scratch! The TAs and instructors being very helpful and always following up with queries allow beginners to pick up the fundamentals well!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 253 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Hackwagon Academy Data Analytics Python Courses In Singapore, 991D Alexandra Rd, Singapore

There is a total 253 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Just finished DS102, and had a great time learning new and interesting concepts using python. The skills taught in data analysis will definitely help me in the future. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in data analytics!

  2. Avatar photo
    Jean Anne

    The lessons were easy to follow and practices given were useful in applying what we have learnt after each lesson. Definitely a good start in learning Python!

  3. Avatar photo
    Chen Liangrui

    (took DS101)very beginner friendly, might be a bit slow for fast learners/experienced students. instructors are friendly and professional, would attend to you for any questions asked. lessons are structured and progressive. “lectures” in classroom, submit homework within a week, mini quizzes during lessons. “lectures” are clear and concise.

  4. Avatar photo
    Lee Shao Qi

    Great introductory class for students who are interested but have less motivation to self-learn, as Hackwagon provides easy to understand examples and assignments that are realistic. Tutors are helpful and knowledgeable. Students who can’t keep up in class can also attend weekly online review lessons.

  5. Avatar photo
    Crysta Ling

    you should have some basic coding experience. else the course could be quite fast.
    the 7 week program helps to get beginners to get the understanding for data science better.
    alot can be learned from class and many hands on practical which are really useful work work too.

  6. Avatar photo
    Zoe Chua

    The course offered is great! The instructors and tutors are very helpful and knowledgeable. The course is well-structured and organised. A lot of helpful learning tips were offered for beginners like me.

  7. Avatar photo
    Gerald Tan

    Great introduction into the basics of python programming. Approachable and helpful team. Instructors are patient, approachable and lessons are well-paced.

  8. Avatar photo
    Zhi Guang

    Very well planned and engaging course. The instructor and teaching assistants are friendly and approachable. For those who does not have background on programming will definitely learn the basic concepts here. Cheers

  9. Avatar photo

    Throughout the 7 weeks course, the instructor and TAs have been really helpful and patient in explaining the concepts in class and take-home assignments. Highly recommended for those who are looking to learn some basic python skills!

  10. Avatar photo
    JingLong Ong

    DS101 is a good introduction course to python for people without any background knowledge in programming. The lessons are conducted at a rather manageable pace and the instructor and TAs are very patient and helpful

  11. Avatar photo
    Faith Lim

    I had a pleasant experience taking the DS101 class, the instructors and TAs were approachable and friendly. Even in trying situations as such, I did not feel that our learning was compromised, thank you for making things happen!

  12. Avatar photo
    guangyuan tan

    Great introduction to Python!
    Managed to pick up some new skills!
    Instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to approach.
    After many hours of enquiries/question, the instructors were still patient enough to explain the steps and errors.

  13. Avatar photo
    Theng Theng

    Lesson content was suited for beginners at programming and both the instructor and teaching assistants were very helpful and responsive to all our questions. My teaching assistant even conducted extra lesson every week to help us better understand the concepts taught. Overall a very insightful and pleasant experience for me.

  14. Avatar photo
    Neo Yi Fang

    The tutors at Hackwagon Academy are very patient and helpful. They reply messages and queries very quickly, and often offer to hold consultation sessions, in the event we have any questions or doubts about our assignments. In addition, they are very detailed and thorough in their explanations of methods and solutions.

    The classes were often well-paced, not too fast nor too slow, and it was really good for beginners like me to grasp the basics. Classes were also not boring, as the tutors include elements of fun such as kahoot quizzes, giving students a chance to win some prizes, and at the same time refresh our memory on the content learnt in the previous lessons.

    Would definitely recommend beginners who are interested in picking up a new skill such as coding to try out the courses at Hackwagon Academy!

  15. Avatar photo
    Joel Hong

    Module was great. Pacing was appropriate and instructors were friendly and patient. They made learning python a smooth sailing journey and was overall pleasant.

  16. Avatar photo
    Hao Tian

    Great lesson plans with accompanying in-class practices and assignments to consolidate my learning. The tutors are proficient and patient. I got a taste of what coding is like through the introductory course!

  17. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lim

    Great introductory course on Python. Lessons and homework were very in depth and the instructors were always very keen to render their help whenever required. Highly recommended!

  18. Avatar photo
    Romi Agarwalla

    Very practical course for beginners. The pace is slow to begin with but picks up towards the last few classes and the instructors to keep everybody engaged throughout which I found is not easy for courses with such technical content

  19. Avatar photo
    Charis Ching

    A good foundation course for people with zero knowledge about programming. Step-by-step approach with mostly well-paced lessons and assignments helped me to grasp the concepts better. It can get a bit confusing at some parts but reading the materials on my own after the lesson always helps me to catch up. Instructor and TAs were very helpful and approachable.

  20. Avatar photo
    Justin Tan

    Really enjoyed my time here during the DS101 course! The instructors are super enthusiastic and always willing to help, even after class and even during odd hours in the middle of the night! They try to answer our questions all the time and at anytime no matter how dumb the question might be. Recommended

  21. Avatar photo
    Shyam Kumar Singh

    Very informative and easy to understand introduction to Python programming with progressive levels of homework and in class work given. The tutors are very responsive and clear in their teaching so understanding lessons and keeping up are usually never an issue.

  22. Avatar photo
    Jiunn Yann Alex Ng

    Great setup that not only provides the platform to learn but also tries to induce fun and more importantly, real-world applicability of what we are learning. With no background to begin with, I’m now bestowed with some know-how in Python Programming and it’s exciting applications.

    Kudos to the TAs who work round the clock to assist us with our understanding and problems to both lessons and homework. Good Job!

  23. Avatar photo
    Yulian Seet

    Instructors and teaching assistants are friendly and helpful. Lessons aim to build up your foundation in the topics covered, meaning that the lessons do not cover very deep and complex topics. Thankfully, they build up your foundation well such that you will be able to google the deeper stuff on your own

  24. Avatar photo
    Douglas Teo

    Great course with friendly TAs and instructors.

    For students that has a bit of experience in programming, I wholly recommend DS102 to experience an even greater learning curve and fulfillment and to further your interests in Python.

  25. Avatar photo
    Spencer Lim

    I think the lessons are very well thought-out and well-paced to maximise learning for a beginner such as myself. The notebooks provided by the Hackwagon team are very instructive and serve as a good platform to revisit certain concepts should we be unsure and would like to refresh our memory. The teacher-to-student ratio is ideal and ensures that anyone who requires assistance is attended to as quickly as possible. I feel that I have benefitted a lot from this boot camp and that coding is not as scary and foreign as I once thought.

  26. Avatar photo
    JingCheng Li

    Lessons give us a good understanding of python basics. Instructor is engaging and explains concepts well. TAs are reachable via telegram whenever you have any questions. Not to mention the good food!

  27. Avatar photo
    Wilson Te Jing Yang

    DS101 has been a great course to introduce python programming to beginners in a comfortable and conducive setting. Great instructors and TAs to go around the class to ensure everyone is on track with the lesson.
    Very easily accesible from Laborador Park MRT (Sheltered all the way)
    Great food catering every lesson.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jason Li

    The module was a great eye-opener and experience into the world of coding and computer science. Learning python from scratch, the instructors were very patient and kept the class at a steady pace. The course was well conducted and the assignments given got progressively harder as the course progresses, which was a good indicator of our learning progress. Would definitely recommend students to join this course as it is subsidized by the government and it allows you to learn a skill which may be a requirement in the future workforce.

  29. Avatar photo
    Goh Junkang

    The lessons taught here are structured and clear. The teacher as well as the TAs are extremely helpful and patient. They will initiate consultation even though no one asked for it. Highly recommended for beginners that have interest in Python.

  30. Avatar photo
    Lexus Quek

    Courses here are structured such that any layman can easily pick up coding and learn to utilise basic and advanced data analytic coding through a competitive yet fun setting.

    The instructors here are very warm and friendly, armed with deep coding knowledge to answer even mathematical and statistical questions.

    Would definitely recommend anyone to participate if you’re looking to improve or learn Python coding.

  31. Avatar photo
    Janice Cheong

    Attended their Full Stack Web Development course 101 over a period of 7 weeks. I am proud to say that I’ve learnt a lot throughout the entire 7 weeks, although short the entire course is a pretty short time, I learnt a lot more than when I studied in university. Dedicated and helpful instructors and TAs, who are expert in their fields. Will definitely sign up for more courses with them in future.

  32. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lam

    Great course! I thought that the courses were well-paced even for a full-time working person. The materials are also very well thought out. DS101 is great for anyone keen to pick up a new coding language. The instructors and TAs are super friendly and always on standby to help. You can even reach them on Telegram individually any time and they respond throughout the day. Most importantly it made my learning fun and enjoyable. There’s some cool food that comes with the course too. Grab vouchers if u can win on the quiz. LOL.

  33. Avatar photo
    Nathan Lur

    The instructors are very helpful and there are a lot of practices to be done which helped to extend our learning further. The teachings are clear through youtube streams during the COVID-19 situation. The concepts are very thorough and the lessons are also well-paced.

  34. Avatar photo
    Kwan Zhi Xin

    Really good introductory course to coding. Easy to understand and follow, with examples using real life situations. The instructors and TAs are super willing to help even outside of lesson times. ))

  35. Avatar photo
    Ernest Chua

    Attended the DS101 course- TAs and instructors were readily available to help with both in class-problems as well as the weekly labs. The weekly labs provided a timely checkpoint as a succint and consolidation of the skills learnt that week. Furthermore, with some mini challenges throughout the course, this provided some element of fun away from the usual lessons. Definitely a good introduction to programming!

  36. Avatar photo
    Ray Quek

    Their DS101 course feels very supportive of its students as their instructors can be contacted almost all of the time and they have a good number of teachers at your fingertips to count on. The 7 week course is very nicely paced and has a conducive classroom to study in. They also have really good dinner meals for the night classes. Although its really far for me but I would say that its a really beneficial course that makes learning very conducive. I’ll definitely recommend it!

  37. Avatar photo
    Soon Keefe

    The course has been really engaging over the past 7 weeks of lectures, and assignments. The lecturer and TAs are all very helpful and do not hesitate to spare some time to help the students!

  38. Avatar photo
    Wan Ting Soh

    Despite having zero tech knowledge prior to this course, I have been able to follow up with the lessons really well and it has sparked an interest in data science in me! The lessons were carried out smoothly (even though there was a shift to the online platform due to COVID-19), thanks to the great facilitation and assistance from the instructor and the TAs. 10/10 would recommend!!! 🙂

  39. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Wong

    DS101 Review: Good overview and introduction for those with zero programming knowledge. Even if you have programming knowledge, it teaches you the basics in the context of data science so there is still lots to learn. Instructor and TAs are receptive to feedback and responsive. Overall an enjoyable and enlightening experience. But of course, you aren’t going to get a job in this area immediately after finishing it as it is a fundamental course…not a fault of the curriculum though.

  40. Avatar photo
    Benedict Tan Kong Han

    I was assigned a course instructor ,Danielle, she paced the class well and stopped when need. However for my last session I was assigned to another class for my make up. The instructor did not seem concerned that almost half the class was struggling to catch-up.

    Despite this, overall I enjoyed the course and recommend it to people who have some free time in their hands and want to learn something, weekly consistent effort is key.

  41. Avatar photo
    Wallace Tan

    Good instructors, helpful and patient TAs, quality content. Hackwagon Academy teaches me the skills that I know will be useful and relevant in the market for years to come. Amazing that they open up specific consultation hours every week for students to clarify their doubts with the TAs. Moreover, the consultations are held in small groups so as to allow each TA to spend more time helping each student adequately. Very pleased with their method of teaching. Highly recommend!

  42. Avatar photo
    Chit Yin Ong

    Embarked on the DS101 course completely clueless but the instructors and TAs definitely made it a far smoother experience than it would have otherwise been. The pace was just right, environment was perfect (think lounge music when we are working on in-class practices), and the food prepared every lesson was simply the cherry on top. Can’t find a bone to pick at all!

  43. Avatar photo
    Jiawen Wan

    Entered this course as someone who has 0 knowledge about programming. Classes were well planned out and had plenty of practices and assignments to help understand and apply the concepts learnt each week.

    Instructors and TAs were really helpful too and try to reply asap to help with understanding concepts and questions.

    Yu Siang was not the instructor of my class however he was really patient and he really wanted to help, not just with providing the right answers but making sure that I understood the application and foundation of each concept. He even stayed up late to do extra online classes for both the class and myself when I had challenges with some concepts.

    Wei Han was the instructor of my class and made what we learnt more applicable to real- life situations and how to potentially use what we practiced in our careers as well. He also shared alot of other classes we can take and gave us alot of helpful tips from his own experiences.

  44. Avatar photo
    Rachael Loh

    Signed up for this during my school break and definitely did not regret it! The instructors are detailed with the explanations. There will be lab exercises to check your understanding and if you are stuck at any question, the TAs will hold consultations to clear your doubts. Super helpful and patient.

  45. Avatar photo
    Ying Xuan Lim

    This course has given me a fair exposure to programming using Python, and has allowed me to explore how programming can be used to benefit me in data analysis. Plus points to the instructors for being knowledgeable and approachable throughout the entire course!

  46. Avatar photo
    Keith Ng

    Great environment to learn coding! The instructor and teaching assistants were very helpful and patient. The pace was just nice for me as a beginner trying to pick up basic Python. Would recommend to anyone looking to go into Data Science / learn basic Python programming.

  47. Avatar photo
    Jie yi

    Took DS101 at Hackwagon- the instructors and teaching assistants were all very helpful in clearing any doubts we have with regards to the content! Would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn some Python basics.

  48. Avatar photo
    Clarence Tay

    Took up DS101 (Introduction to Python Programming) which spans over 7 lessons/weeks over Zoom platform. Lessons were conducted in a structural manner (intensity/difficulty scales up gradually) to ensure folks who are clueless to coding can also follow through. Content was well delivered with good articulation by the instructor (Danielle). My assigned teaching assistant TA (Kei Wen) was also responsive to our queries regarding our weekly assignments.

  49. Avatar photo

    Awesome place, instructors were friendly and helpful. Food was pretty good. The lessons are extremely fast-paced however, and if you’re new to programming, you might have to spend more time on researching stuff online. But if you are interested, and have the drive to learn, definitely take up the courses!

  50. Avatar photo
    J K

    Great experience learning under Hackwagon for Python Programming 101. Information was taught in an easy-to-understand manner and instructors and TAs were very helpful and responsive to any questions. Would recommend for people who want to learn Python but have no prior programming experience like I did!

  51. Avatar photo
    Shermin H

    The DS101 course is a very start for people without any prior knowledge to Python. The instructors were very help and really went the extra mile to explain the concepts, assist in assignments, etc – shout out to instructor Yu Siang and Vera!
    Would definitely recommend this course to everyone

  52. Avatar photo
    Kevin Li

    Great module for beginners who have zero experience in coding to pick up some basic programming and coding skills. Instructors are very professional and excellent at teaching the concepts.

  53. Avatar photo
    D C

    Very useful introductory course that explains Python concepts in a comprehensive and engaging manner. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend the DS101 course!

  54. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Xu

    Conducive and nice environment for learning. Instructors and TAs are very friendly and helpful. If the pace can be a little slower, that will be perfect for those with 0 background in python!

  55. Avatar photo
    Sean Ng

    Good course that covered the basics of Python Programming. Well-designed lessons and assignments. Instructors and TAs were helpful and clear with their teaching. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in programming courses!

  56. Avatar photo
    Amber Zhao

    The DS101 course was well-structured and lessons were easy to follow. The weekly assignments and project were helpful too. The instructors and TAs were extremely helpful as well – you can text them at any time of the day and they will reply to your questions as soon as they can. Strongly recommended course for beginners with zero background!

  57. Avatar photo
    j e

    The pace of the class was great and I managed to grasp a lot of basic python knowledge within a short span of 7 weeks. The instructor and TAs were very helpful and willing to answer any queries and classes were conducted in a fun, enjoyable way. Plus points for delicious food provided during class! Only con is that the class size is slightly too large. A smaller class would be ideal to provide a more conducive learning space.

  58. Avatar photo
    Eugene Yew

    Very informative and educational, many resources available, good food provided.
    Educators were good at relaying technical jargon to people with zero experience.
    Very steep learning curve after lesson 4. Required additional help from TAs or external sources.

  59. Avatar photo
    Marcus S

    Really thankful to the team at Hackwagon for introducing Python and programming to me – I’ve struggled for a while to pick it up on my own.

    The course content is easily digestible and I can follow classes at a comfortable pace without having to spend too much time outside of class. Thanks guys!

  60. Avatar photo

    I took the DS101 Dec boot camp and overall it was a great experience! The instructor and TAs were very helpful and a nice bunch of people. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning the basics of python !

  61. Avatar photo
    Gene Swarley

    Had a splendid time here learning about Python programming language. The materials provided were relevant, extensive and extremely helpful. Most importantly, the TAs were there to help and made learning a lot easier. Lessons were also structured in a progressive manner, allowing lessons to be made readily understandable.

  62. Avatar photo
    choon hwee koh

    Took DS101 which provides a good introduction on python programming which combines fast-paced learning on the foundation as well as practical applications. It is an interesting course which is useful for intro to data science

  63. Avatar photo
    Jian Wen Tan

    The course was really fun. I am new to data science but I was able to learn quite a handful of useful coding skills under the guidance of the instructors. The instructors here are friendly and talented. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct the lessons.

  64. Avatar photo
    David Jedidiah Ong Han Yuen

    Took the DS101 Introductory course and DS102 Data Analytics and Machine Learning course. Course content were structured really well and course materials were very helpful. Pacing was really good. Instructors were very patient and ready to jump in to help. Overall a great experience and felt like I gained a lot of knowledge that will be helpful in career.

  65. Avatar photo
    G L

    Very fun course in my opinion, food provided every lesson TAs and Instructors are really nice and approachable as well. Good way to start leaning more about Python

  66. Avatar photo
    Cherilyn Cheow

    A very conducive environment for learning and the bootcamp course I signed up for had taught me a lot. The instructors were really helpful in helping us when we have question within and after the class. Overall, a very good experience for the whole course.

  67. Avatar photo
    Wilson W

    Great introduction to coding for beginners! Really interactive classes and lab practices that engage the student to think critically about the application of the content taught in class. The teaching assistants are really responsive in giving aid to students on additional content that’s beyond what was taught in class.

  68. Avatar photo
    Wen Jun Ng

    The course is well structure, with the basics of Python programming explained. However, the pacing of the lectures could be improved as the concepts get harder, more time would be required for the later lessons. Overall, it was a good course and gives a good insight to the possibilities of using Python.

  69. Avatar photo
    Charlie Thang

    Great concept and lesson structure. Enjoyed the content and the value that it provides. Weekly dinner welfare is a great addition too!

    My instructor was Sherman – super knowledgeable guy and really fast with the software. Speaks a bit fast so one must keep up!

  70. Avatar photo
    Wisely Neo (WNeo)

    Attending CS101 in Hackwagon Academy was a nice place to be introduced into the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Instructors were nice and readily helpful.
    Programs planned were interactive as they got us to participate by Kahoot in the beginning and an interesting Capture the Flag team challenge. That helped us to make sure we understand the concepts taught and even if we got it wrong, the instructor will go through each question to reinforce the understanding of the topic.

  71. Avatar photo
    Trevor Tan

    Provides superb introduction to python programming and adequate TAs to guide around the class. They also warmly address your questions and concerns about the class and lab works. It was a far better experience than I imagined. You can even feel the effort contributed by each TA to conduct the lesson to ensure that the class runs smoothly. Pretty engaging and provides opportunity to explore into various fields of jobs which requires data science. Also if you are a fan of toasties please come to this class.

  72. Avatar photo
    Zen Goh

    Each lesson was very clear and well-paced for students that are new to catch up. Instructor was clear and detailed on his explanation. Would recommend for people that are looking into taking a first step into data analysis. The only downside was that the content is a little limited and you would need to take further courses to gain deeper understanding in data analytics.

  73. Avatar photo
    Natalie Moh

    Really enjoyed the program – for someone who has never touched Python, it was a very manageable course that helped break down the concepts very clearly and concisely. The lessons were engaging, with practices and homework after the class to ensure we kept up, and if we couldn’t manage, the Teaching Assistants were always there to guide us through. The learning environment was also super conducive to learn in (food is provided!). This programme really piqued my interest in programming and would strongly recommend in to individuals interested to start programming

  74. Avatar photo
    Amir Syafiq Bin Abu Saiere

    Pace of DS101 course is well suited for beginners with no programming background. Instructors and TAs are also very approachable and easily contactable. Class room environment and food/welfare provided is also great

  75. Avatar photo
    B X

    Instructors are really nice, course materials are great too but class is pretty fast-paced and learning curve is really steep. Overall a pretty interesting experience and I really like that food is provided every lesson

  76. Avatar photo
    Nicole Liou

    Great place for beginners to pick up the basics of python! The instructors and TAs were really helpful and knowledgeable. Best of all, food is provided so I didn’t need to worry about getting dinner after work/school

  77. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Ong

    DS101 was a great way to spend my holidays learning the basics of python. The instructors and TAs were really helpful and patient in guiding the students and they even response to questions outside lesson hours!

  78. Avatar photo
    Elena Lam

    Great course. Instructors and TAs were really approachable and helpful. The course itself was also very well structured; it is great for beginners with no coding experience.

  79. Avatar photo
    Keni Lim

    Good program in basics; great set up of teaching via remotely and the practices are great.

    This course doesn’t necessary teach “what is python” but “how to use python in your daily future work” so it’s a great introductory course if you have some form of basic understanding on programming

    Would be nice if there’s more details about “how to set up your computer” for python, and an overall introductory module on Python and computer programming – there’s an influx of non-tech background students enrolling so they would need as much information as possible.

    Sometimes the tutor would respond to a question by saying “You can YouTube or Google that” so that’s a little annoying.

  80. Avatar photo
    Kernix Siew

    Helpful team of TAs and instructors, able to see how well adapted the team is despite the current COVID situation, offering small group physical consultation and even opening themselves up for any queries anytime when you go through the lesson even outside of class! Definitely able to trust that you’re in good hands through this journey of learning Python!

  81. Avatar photo

    CS101 was a good introduction to cyber security. There was a good amount of hands on exercises, the teaching team was very helpful and classes was enjoyable. For someone like me with no prior knowledge, it was a manageable pace.

  82. Avatar photo
    Lynn Phang

    I enrolled for DS101 having zero base in python. It has been a fulfilling course. Vin has been very helpful during the tutorials and is patient in explaining. Vin and the lecturer, Weihan, are knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend those who wants to learn Python to sign up with Hackwagon.

  83. Avatar photo
    Liew Zheng Jie

    Course instructors are professional, the DS101 course is very beginner friendly. Will certainly recommend this course to people who are interested in python but do not know where to get a basic foundation.

  84. Avatar photo
    Shaun Tham

    Good course to get you started on programming with challenging lab exercises to develop your understanding of the topics even clearer. The instructors were warm and friendly and answered any questions we had promptly.

  85. Avatar photo
    Qian Yu Hew

    This course is great for beginners (like myself). The instructors and teaching assistants are very patient and guide through each lesson very clearly so it was easy to follow along and learn! The take home assignment segment was a great platform to learn as well

  86. Avatar photo

    The lessons provided by Hackwagon are indefinitely insightful for those who are interested to grasp what is Data Science about and basic programming knowledge. I was able to appreciate the applications and the methodology when using Python language during this course. The content was presented in a ‘simple to understand’ scheme, and the instructors are well verse in teaching the different concepts. There were also online sessions for those who were unsure of concepts and to clarify key pointers taught in class, as well as occasional games to keep the brain always thinking. The refreshments provided are also quite satisfying but that should be a side bonus (haha). All-in-all, the DS101 is a course that will benefit those who are wanting to pursue this field and for those who wants to get an idea on data analysis. Two thumbs up and will definitely consider for DS102!

  87. Avatar photo
    YS Soh

    Very good course – instructors were clear and patient;
    Important to be consistent and clarify any concepts you don’t understand in order to keep up with the pace of the 7-week course
    Had zero experience in programming, only knew Excel and now I have a better appreciation of what coding actually entails and the way it trains you to think about problems

  88. Avatar photo
    Sean Lee

    I attended the DS101 coding course. Prior to this course, I was worried that this data science course would be difficult to pick up and understand. However, with the excellent support and patience from the instructors, it was a breeze to learn. In addition, lunch is provided for all students attending the course. I would highly recommend hackwagon if you’re interested in learning python!

  89. Avatar photo

    Lessons were taught at a good pace for beginners or people without prior knowledge in Python.

    The instructors and TAs were all helpful in answering students’ queries promptly and clearly. They were also patient in helping students solve the lab questions.

  90. Avatar photo
    Jia Mei

    Some of the advantages as to attending the DS101 class at Hackwagon Academy would include gaining access to useful python resources and step-by-step guidance on python coding for beginners. The Instructors and Teaching Assistants have been extremely helpful throughout the 7 weeks of the course as they would respond to us promptly when we are in doubt.

  91. Avatar photo
    Bixun Yu

    Lessons were understandable and easy to grasp especially for people with no coding background like me. Instructors and Teaching Assistants were very helpful. Recommended!

  92. Avatar photo
    Shao Shxuan Chua

    Attended DS101 Intro to Python course here and I would recommend. Instructors and TAs are friendly and knowledgeable. Very willing to help you out if you’re in need of help. Environment is amazing.

  93. Avatar photo
    Akshita Ravi

    Great experience at Hackwagon – experienced instructors and TAs who are always willing to help either in class or through Telegram, simple in class exercises that can be translated to moderately challenging labs! Was really bad at programming when I started and DS101 provides a great foundation to Python.

  94. Avatar photo
    vi goh

    Ds101 provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic and fundamentals of python. This course is useful for aspiring software engineers as a foundation or refresher course. The learning curve is definitely steep and requires commitment to perform well in python.

  95. Avatar photo
    Choo Gladys

    DS101 is a good beginner course for people who have no background knowledge in programming. Instructors are knowledgable and pace the lessons well. Materials are well thought out too!

  96. Avatar photo
    Dillon Tan

    Really good course offered! Had fun learning more about Data Analytics. Though I have little background knowledge about anything related to computer science, I felt the classes were designed such that they were progressive and easy to understand. Plus the food provide was great!

  97. Avatar photo
    Vivien Tan

    The weekly courses were easy to follow and the TAs were very helpful in answering any questions that I had for the courses and the take-home lab. As someone with no background in programming, the course has helped me to gain a basic overview of python programming in data science.

  98. Avatar photo

    Data Science 101 is great for beginners. Besides the clear lectures, well thought-out class labs, the home assignments also challenge us to dig further into the topics. Teacher assistants are helpful to guide us when we need help outside of lectures.

  99. Avatar photo
    Ong Yan Lun

    Very clear lesson outline while tapping on real-world data to see the applications. The project at the end really helps to summarise the lesson learning outcomes and understand what it takes to craft a data analytics project. Great support from our Instructor Raymond as well as the TAs.

  100. Avatar photo
    Sylvester Toh

    It was extremely fun to have gone through this course with the helpful TAs and understanding Instructor.
    Although only held over a week, I managed to pick up the some fundamental coding skills that will undoubtedly help me to read codes with ease in the future.

  101. Avatar photo
    Cass Zheng

    Friendly and approachable instructors really helped me with understanding Python programming. 11/10 recommended for people with no background. Definitely gave me a head start in Data Analytics.

  102. Avatar photo
    Xiaomin See

    Was a highly manageable course, pace of classes was perfect for a novice to programming like me and I enjoyed the classes. Instructor and TAs are super approachable and helpful! Would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to start Python!

  103. Avatar photo
    Joyce Chang

    Signed up for DS102 after completing DS101 with them. Great learning environment with very passionate instructors and TAs. DS102 was specially customized for real life applications which made it more relevant.
    Major cons are that the location is a bit far in Alexandra but that said, there are a lot of transport options. And that the instructors teaching methods were very varied – some were a lot more engaging than others so its highly dependent on which class you choose. But overall, still highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn data science.

  104. Avatar photo

    Insightful and enriching course. The instructor and teaching assistants are always willing to clear my doubts without hesitation. Overall, it has been a great experience to pick up python!

  105. Avatar photo
    Bryson Lee

    I enjoyed my time with DS101. The instructors hired were approachable and even though I felt lost at times, I could rely on their expertise for clarification. Overall, it was a good experience and a great primer for me into computer science.

  106. Avatar photo
    LH Lee

    Nice exposure course for someone with no background in python.
    TAs are helpful and there are sufficient practice for us to do.
    Fun daily interactive class quizzes.
    Nice food provided.
    Take it while the subsidy lasts.

  107. Avatar photo
    Denzel Pak

    Great place to learn introductory level of coding and data science. Classes were well structured and fun, and it was easy to pick up the concepts they taught. Would highly recommend for others. They feed us lunch as well

  108. Avatar photo
    Lee Shen Kai

    Starting to code on our own isn’t easy for a lot of us and this seemed like a good place to start. With a good team that was relatable and friendly, I managed to pick up quite a bit of the basics of Python. This exposure has piqued my interest in computer science even greater and hopefully I can continue this learning, be it on my own or with Hackwagon in the future.

  109. Avatar photo
    peh shao yi

    Instructor’s explanation for theories is clear and sufficient hands-on for application of what we have learnt in the lesson.
    Teacher Assistants are helpful and prompt in their replies.
    Food, drinks and snacks are provided as well.
    Learning environment is conducive.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Foo

    Instructors friendly and approachable, patient when explaining the concepts. Lesson structure was well planned out and pace was easy to keep up with. Food also damn solid. Great place to begin your introduction to coding/data analytics!!!

  111. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Lee Rou Hui

    Attended DS101 class and i really enjoyed classes every week. Lessons were always interesting and fun. This course helps me to build on my foundation for basics of python.

  112. Avatar photo
    Yu Jing Lim

    The session has been enriching and I feel more confident in my skills with python. The instructors are patient, friendly and always available to help us. The welfare is excellent as well! Definitely coming back should I decide to further my relevant skillset

  113. Avatar photo
    Rochie Zhixin

    Good lesson structure and delivery. Instructors are very helpful and friendly. The food provided is also wonderful. Definitely a place where you can enjoy learning while having fun at the same time.

  114. Avatar photo
    Hwai Mun Yan

    Instructors were very humble, patient and generous in sharing their knowledge. They adapt the lesson to our learning pace and give us ample amount of time to complete the exercises. At first glance, the concepts taught in class may seem straightforward, however the lab exercises are challenging and fun to do. Highly recommended for anyone to join. I would love to have a Data Science 201 !

  115. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tan

    Clear and Engaging Content. Instructors and TAs helped to make sure everyone was on the same page. Pacing was suited to beginners with 0 experience in coding. Had a great time especially cause dinner provided was really good.

  116. Avatar photo
    Samantha Png

    Good introductory course for beginners, with a good support system from the teaching assistants. The homework was a good way to cement the understanding from the lessons, and I appreciated the structure for which the lessons were taught. (P/S: There is also food provided which was a pleasant surprise!)

  117. Avatar photo
    Neo Hui Yi

    Even though it was an intensive 7-day Python course, the class materials and Instructor/TAs made it easy to understand throughout the course. The instructor and TAs are very helpful and friendly too!

  118. Avatar photo
    Annie Zhang

    The pacing of for the DS101 classes is very good and suitable for newbies which allows me to learn the python concepts well despite having no background in coding/programming. I enjoy the food provided every lesson too!

  119. Avatar photo

    Python programming DS101 course curriculum was well structured, however the quick pace of the class made it challenging to keep up. Consultation sessions were centred around weekly lab work with minimal focus on real-life practical applications. Data science jobs require more than these fundamental knowledge. Considering the hefty price tag, you can get similar or better value with a Udemy python bootcamp (self learning) that costs $20.

  120. Avatar photo
    Megan Sim

    DS101 is a pretty good place for beginners at programming to start – the lessons are informative and are easy to follow as long as you’ve done the work for that week. The instructors are very friendly and always willing to stay back and help you with your code and answer your queries. The fact that you can apply your what you’ve learnt in practical application (Youtube, Lazada, Airbnb) really makes this both relevant and informative. Thank you for such an enjoyable learning experience!

  121. Avatar photo
    Derek Yuen

    This program gave me a brief insight on how being a data science student would be. I attended the course in hopes of understanding what my Uni course would be like. I am currently enrolled in NUS Data Science and Analytics. This course has helped me have a better understanding of how programming is and helped me to make a more informed choice on whether I want to carry on with the course.

  122. Avatar photo
    Spada Lance

    Coming from an SMU-background, the lessons taught were in line with the SMU style lessons. 3 hours long, with short breaks and the TA and Instructors engages you to be vocal with regards to any issue. The Instructor speaks really well and is engaging. I am thankful that the TA is very knowledgeable and patient that they are willing to reply to my questions late into the night. Sometimes the lesson did feel too fast for a new coder like myself but all in all, it is manageable. I appreciate the materials distributed in class as it is some of the most comprehensive and detailed Python materials seen, much better than some of my school’s notes. Very thankful and appreciative to be in the class and would like to continue to 102 during the next summer.

  123. Avatar photo
    yi torng lim

    The DS101 course has an extremely friendly teaching team who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand the concepts. Though learning to code can be quite daunting, the lessons and complex concepts are taught in a way that allows students to grasp the Python language with ease.

  124. Avatar photo
    marcus leong

    Instructors very helpful not just during but after class hours. Engaging content and is taught at a very manageable pace. People here very friendly and ensures everyone understands content before moving on. Moreover, they are very receptive to questions from the class.

  125. Avatar photo

    Great examples, content and pacing. Very patient and dedicated instructors who know their stuff and very willing to share. I had the great fortune of knowing one in particular – Linus Cheng – who went as far as to meet me separately outside class for consultation at his own time as I was a slower student. Overall would recommend for anyone with zero background like myself

  126. Avatar photo
    Brennan Tan

    The course was overall an enjoyable experience. It has a well thought out curriculum and I could feel a steady pace of improvements every week. DS101 covered the basics of Python in an engaging manner, using real life data and applying our new found skills to manipulating and visualising that data. Their website is also intuitive to use and navigate, which was a plus for me, given the current COVID-19 situation.

  127. Avatar photo
    Colin Hong (googlercolin)

    Enjoyed the course here because of the patient instructors who are always willing to answer our queries. The quizzes at the start of each class definitely helps in recapitulating the concepts learnt in the past week. However, the class usually seems rushed toward the end of the class, and they could do with better time management for students to learn better. The final class for DS101 could also do with more sample practices using Pandas, instead of glossing over the features.
    The food doesn’t deserve that rave reviews as I felt that some days were better but mostly average e.g. high-carb.
    Also, as the location isn’t very central (at the southwest), perhaps they could have another branch closer to town/east?

  128. Avatar photo
    Tan Tock Chuan

    Extensive and detailed course that helps to understand python better! the homework and exercise further improve my practical skills as well. Instructors are very helpful as well as they will often answer to us as soon as possible. Moreover, the course is subsidized!

  129. Avatar photo
    Wei Jun

    Instructors and teaching assistans are there throughout the learning process. Course curriculum is structured and designed to be suited for everyone.

    You will definitely find it relevant and easy to learn via their interesting and engaging approach!

  130. Avatar photo
    Mavis Lim

    My experience with the school is tutor explanation of the Python programming was very detailed and easy to understand. Administrative arrangement was organized and clear. Admin was very fast at response to enquiries via telegram. My overall review is Hackwagon is very well organized

  131. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lam

    Location is convenient and the learning environment is conducive. The instructors are helpful and provide interesting references to some topics.
    Lessons are well structured and the curriculum covered essential topics. I was looking for a course that is fuss-free with an emphasis on hands-on application for beginners and I am very pleased with Data Science 102. I definitely look forward to joining more courses with Hackwagon.

  132. Avatar photo
    ilyda chua

    it’s a pretty comprehensive course, lots of info crammed into a fairly short amount of time. great food and environment, and the TAs are really helpful too! but it’s very very fast-paced — those with zero prior programming experience will probably need to google and revise like mad to keep up.

  133. Avatar photo
    Kai Sheng Chong

    The instructors did a great job in providing a detailed run through of the course. With absolutely zero programming background, we are now able to understand the basic mechanisms behind python and proceed to learn higher level skillsets independently henceforth. Strongly recommended for beginners.

  134. Avatar photo

    I don’t usually rate stuff but I would be doing others a disservice if I did not. The lessons taught were easy to understand, well presented and really engaging. It was pretty easy for me to understand the material even though I had zero programming knowledge. The instructors and teaching assistants were really approachable and responsive to any queries raised. Would highly recommend to anyone just starting out on building a solid foundation on Python. 11/10 would recommend!!

  135. Avatar photo

    Choosing to take up Data Science course without any prior experience can be pretty daunting but I’m glad I chose to take it with Hackwagon. The pace of the DS101 lesson was just nice and the instructor gave us ample time to practise during lesson time. The TAs had also been extremely helpful during the course. Whenever I encounter problems with the tutorial, my friendly TA always replied promptly even in the middle of night. Thank you very much!

  136. Avatar photo

    Great course that teaches you the basics of python programming from scratch. The homework given after every lesson helps you to understand the concepts better. The instructor and TAs are very knowledgeable and approachable! They even gave an extra recap lesson on Google Hangouts to help students (like me) who are struggling with certain concepts. Highly recommended for those interested in getting started in data science or python!

  137. Avatar photo
    Mavis Seah

    Great environment for beginners to learn Python Enjoyed my lesson here as they were clear and easy to understand. This was only made possible with the help of their friendly TAs and instructors who were patient and willing to guide you!

  138. Avatar photo
    Ming Yan Tan

    Can be pretty fast-paced but instructors/TAs are very helpful and patient. You will get to learn a lot over the 7 lessons! There will be more statistics in DS102, since DS101 is more about introduction to python programming.

    Advice: Make friends to survive & book your ride early if you want to get a ride home.

  139. Avatar photo
    Yee Hwee

    Enjoyed the pace of the DS101 course – approachable tutors ensure most beginners were able to keep up with new knowledge, appreciate the lab practices and in-class ones too.

    Kahoot quizzes are fun and would be great if it can be more accessible even after the class.

  140. Avatar photo
    Low Yee Lee

    The course materials are helpful for all ages, skill levels and knowledge background. The instructor is thoughtful in conveying the lesson material in the simplest most layman manner easiest to understand. Teaching assistants are always on standby and knowledgeable to assist in any difficulties that we students faced.

  141. Avatar photo

    The DS101 course was clear and easy to follow. I came in with zero background in coding and have learnt a lot over the past 7 weeks. TAs are super helpful and I enjoyed this whole course. Would definitely recommend!

  142. Avatar photo

    The environment was really conducive for learning: spacious, with all the necessary amenities (wifi, charging ports, food etc).

    Besides that, the instructor was very passionate, and was well-prepared for class with in-class worksheets to guide. During the lesson there were also teaching assistants who went around the room to provide guidance when help was needed (very necessary in a coding class).

    After-class help was also provided, with the teaching assistants contactable via telegram chat should you require any assistance with your homework.

    Overall a very wholesome and a great course for those who are looking to pick up a solid foundation on python programming.

  143. Avatar photo
    Yiren Chee

    A great place for amateur to begin their programing journey. Instructors are friendly and patient – providing a relaxing environment to learn. Curriculum prepared by the Academy is also comprehensive while challenging at the same time!

  144. Avatar photo
    Singhao Siak

    A well planned introduction to python programming course with approachable TAs who were always willing to help us with any question. The course was package very well, with food provided and interactive learning through kahoot to deliver different concepts.

  145. Avatar photo
    Jo. Chen

    Instructors friendly and approachable, patient when explaining the concepts. Lesson structure was well planned out and pace was easy to keep up with.
    Great place to begin your introduction to coding/data analytics!!!

  146. Avatar photo
    Koh Jewelle

    It was an intensive 7 lessons but truly a great introduction class for those interested in learning a bit more about Python.
    The course instructor and TAs are extremely approachable and always ready to offer help when needed. 10/10 would recommend!

  147. Avatar photo
    Jean Chia

    Great introduction to python for beginners! The course content was well structured to cover important concepts over 7 lessons. I will recommend!

  148. Avatar photo
    Germain Foo Yun Min

    The curriculum was very clear and concise. The learning pace was just right, not too fast. The teaching assistants were also very dedicated and would walk around the class to assist us in our learning which really helped a lot.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lau

    As an introduction to Python, DS101 has been able to carry across the basic principles of python functionality, allowing graduates to manipulate and display many forms of data across platforms from html to excel files. The lessons are spaced sufficiently for learning, and take-home projects are sufficiently challenging for students to remain fresh on newly taught principles, and as well as train their problem-solving mindset.

  150. Avatar photo
    Alisha Sorfina

    Has absolutely no background in Python/coding but would recommend this class to everyone. It was an enriching experience. Especially so with many knowledgeable and helpful TAs that went out of the way to conduct consultation slots to help us!

  151. Avatar photo
    Pei Jia Lee

    Extremely helpful and experienced instructor and TAs who are very receptive to queries even after lessons. Went through concepts thoroughly and will be a good place for people who wants to learn python in an engaging environment with extensive resources.

  152. Avatar photo
    Chee Hao Kok

    I attended 7 week course on Introduction To Python Programming and enjoyed it! The instructor was clear and engaging in teaching us Python. I also like the food as every week is of a different variety. They do cater to vegetarian! Moreover, the TAs are very helpful. Especially Yu Jie who took his personal time to go through the course with me and my girlfrend at SMU. Another plus point is that you can claim 70% of the course fees under government subsidies. In short, it is recommended for anyone who wants to pick up programming.

  153. Avatar photo
    David Jedidiah Ong Han Yuen

    Took the DS101 Introductory course and DS102 Data Analytics and Machine Learning course. Course content were structured really well and course materials were very helpful. Pacing was really good. Instructors were very patient and ready to jump in to help. Overall a great experience and felt like I gained a lot of knowledge that will be helpful in career.

  154. Avatar photo

    The course was very easy to follow for a beginner, instructors are friendly and approachable as well. Queries are also answered promptly. Would recommend for anyone with no background and looking to learn Python, I think it is useful and great for foundation.

  155. Avatar photo
    Washeem Mohamed

    Great experience in this course. Definitely learnt a lot! highly recommend to anyone with basic python knowledge and would like to delve more into data science!

  156. Avatar photo
    Kevin Mak

    The DS101 course was a very well organised and helpful introduction to python programming. It gave me a good foundation to kick start my future learning in python and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and projects given us. The instructors and TAs were extremely helpful as well!

  157. Avatar photo
    Edbert Lau

    The course outline was really well thought out and it is obvious the organizers put in a lot of effort agonizing over what to be taught. For a person with absolutely zero background it coding, I was able to learn a fair share of data analysis/visualization skills that will surely help me in the future. This is really impressive considering the short time-span of only 6 lessons.

    Additionally, all the instructors and teaching assistants were really patient and approachable. Despite being a constant annoyance to all the staff such as making them stay after class to clarify doubts and even on the telegram group outside of class they remained really friendly.

  158. Avatar photo
    Jie Lin Yeo

    I am looking out for Python learning resources and found out about Hackwagon Academy. Very fast response from staff who clarify all my doubts during course enquiry to sign up.

    Both Lecturer & Teaching Assistants have been amazing in delivering the course as I do not have any background in programming!

    The course consultation has been a great help and motivation to keep practising and learning Python.

    If you are looking to join an academy that teaches basic Python (DS101), Hackwagon is the GO-TO academy!

    Looking forward to DS102!!

  159. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Tan

    The lessons were insightful with each lesson being taught with a particular curriculum structure.
    The teaching instructor and teaching assistants are very prompt and passionate in helping students.
    They also go out of their way to provide us with online consultations to consolidate our learning.

  160. Avatar photo
    Lee Jun Wei

    Despite the COVID-19 situation affecting the presence of face-to-face lessons, the teaching team had really gone the extra mile to ensure that the lesson given online was extremely informative and palatable, especially for beginners. There were multiple online consultation sessions for those with queries and the instructors went through various concepts in depth, clearing up any doubts. Highly recommended for anyone with a keen interest in learning data science!

  161. Avatar photo
    Jin Jan

    The location at Labrador Park is easy to access. This programmes teaches relevant coding skills like Python and Pandas by the best teachers as they all hold important roles in the companies they work with or have masters degree with good Universities. The certificate from this is enough to get people to be employed. Teachers and assistant tutors are very helpful and approachable, they are also able to answer questions by students 24/7 through Telegram even when it is out of lesson context. Definitely recommending it to people! Students can use this for internship application and adults can use this to get a legit job.

  162. Avatar photo
    Weng Tim

    It was a great external avenue to get an in-depth introduction to programming with Python. With experienced instructors and helpful teaching assistants, the DS101 course is a great option for those who have no prior experience in Python and want a stepping stone into the world of programming, data science or any other field in relation.

  163. Avatar photo
    Zhixun Yeo

    Really good pace for someone who has close to 0 background knowledge in coding. Instructor was clear and made sure that everyone understood what was going on. Weekly assignments for students to apply what they have learnt as well. Food was provided to make sure that students were not hungry too!

  164. Avatar photo
    Alexis See

    Great course to learn the basics of python, strongly recommend! Had no knowledge of coding prior to attending but the lessons were easy to follow and learnt a lot through the course as well

  165. Avatar photo
    Hanley Chong

    This course is quite intensive, I am glad that I have some background in c-programming and experiences as engineer which help me a lot in keeping up the pace of the lesson. Anyway, overall experience is good, the help is always there if you need any guidance.

  166. Avatar photo

    Overall fun and engaging course.
    Helpful tutors that clearly explain each questions we have.
    Willing to go extra miles for clarifications.
    The resources are easily reached.

    I would recommend my friends or colleagues who want to learn more on Data science to this course.

  167. Avatar photo

    Great introductory course for anyone who is looking to learn Python. The instructors and TAs were very approachable. Lessons were fun and engaging, with games and quizzes as well as hands-on practices. Definitely recommend to anyone/everyone who’s looking to learn some basic Python concepts

  168. Avatar photo
    Su-Ann Nair

    Good intro to Python. Steep learning curve. For those who can claim and want an intro to Python, this is the best option. Office hours would be great. Instructor and TAs were very approachable

  169. Avatar photo
    Perry Kwan

    DS102 was a good intermediate course to gain further proficiency in Python. I learnt a lot more tools that complements my Data Visualisation course in school. I also enjoyed the Machine Learning component that broke it down such that it was more easily understood.

  170. Avatar photo
    Reetika P

    Took the DS101 Hackwagon course, the module was easy to follow and summarised basic python fundamentals very well. The exercises and projects helped to cement understanding, and the instruction was well-paced and clear. Def will reccomend, esp as it is fully subsidised for Singaporean tertiary students

  171. Avatar photo
    Zhuoyuan Lai (Roscoe)

    DS101 is a really good introductory course to Python to people with no prior background to programming. Introductory lessons were slow and thorough. Key core concepts were continually emphasized throughout the course (e.g. the counting with dictionaries trick can be really helpful in the real world dealing with ‘super-tables’). The teaching team was really helpful and actively tailored the lessons according to the class profile. In this particular case, the instructor identified a disparity in the learning rates within the class and tried to adjust accordingly to accommodate everyone. Concretely, he came up with extra challenges, which kept a person quite occupied and forced someone to learn much more than otherwise possible. More importantly, the atmosphere during class was relaxing and something to look forward to every week! Staff were also willing to share interesting knowledge and information outside the scope of the course as well.
    Great experience!

  172. Avatar photo
    Chloe Sam

    Instructors and TAs are very helpful and friendly. The assignments and class structure are also very well thought out, engaging and interesting and has undoubtedly sparked my interest for data science and programming.

  173. Avatar photo
    Robert Goh

    A very good place to start learning about programming. The friendly and helpful instructor and teaching assistants, together with concepts made easy to understand, makes attending this course very worthwhile.

  174. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tan

    The DS101 program provided by Hackwagon has been a great introduction to the world of python programming. Through this course, I have certainly grown a keen understanding and appreciation to the role that programming plays or could play in everyday applications.

    With the guidance of the instructors, the delivery of the lessons was effective and easy to follow. The homework assignments were not too difficult and will reinforce your understanding of the respective topics.

    Given the aforementioned, if you are interested in learning the basics of python programming, look no further and register for this course.

  175. Avatar photo
    Loo Eugene

    Instructors friendly and approachable, and patient when explaining the concepts. Lesson is easy to keep up with and food is damn good! Study environment is good too. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a place to study coding/data science.

  176. Avatar photo

    Good place to learn coding in Python for beginner. However, class size is a little too big. Ideal class size for effective learning should have been 15-20. Overall, highly recommended.

  177. Avatar photo
    Yeo Jing Ying

    The course is basic but effective in teaching Python language and coding concepts to beginner coders, by including real-world data analysis into the course teachings. The instructor was clear and often drops extra tidbits of information during class time. Food provided was good as well so that’s a plus!

  178. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Shaheed

    Excellent course even without prior experience. Went in with 0 experience with anything Python-related and left with a much greater appreciation for coding. Instructors and TAs are especially helpful, engaging and friendly!!!

  179. Avatar photo
    Ng Yi Pin

    The DS102 lesson is very good at covering the basics to pandas and matplotlib for data visualisation, nltk and sklearn for basic machine learning so that one has a foundation to explore further. Besides, the food for the dinner session is really not bad!

  180. Avatar photo
    Kenji Ong

    Overall, the lecturers are very willing to help you better understand the concepts and always goes through the lesson to ensure that everyone’s doubts are cleared up.

    The module also serves to promote critical thinking and to prompt you to apply the concepts in unique ways.

    However, there are some issues.

    Using an eulogy, it is like teaching someone to make a normal smoothie, and proceeding to tell them you want a strawberry vanilla ice smoothie with 50% sugar along with pearls.

    Of course, the lecturers are still available and willing to help you better understand.

  181. Avatar photo
    Darrell Lai

    The course is thorough and easy to follow. The TAs are incredibly helpful and a lot of effort goes into making sure no one is left confused. After every 3hr class, one of the TAs would go through the week’s content once more, and some weeks there were even Q&A/reviews conducted online – all of this was outside curriculum time). However, there was a fair bit of hand-holding when it came to projects and homework and the pace might be a little slow for some people.

  182. Avatar photo
    Bryan Mitchell Chia

    I attended took DS101 and it really helped me gained a better understanding of Python and data science! The instructors and TAs were very helpful, making the whole process extremely enriching.

  183. Avatar photo

    Hackwagon has provided me an enriching and engaging experience learning the basics of Python. Even though lessons are online now, the lecturer and TAs went the extra mile to make sure we understand the concepts by always being readily available to contact us individually.

  184. Avatar photo
    Cindy Goh

    A good introduction course to python programming. For someone who has absolutely no background in programming, the lessons were fast-paced and require a lot of online research and self-study. However, it was really an interesting experience working on assignments that used real-life situations. Instructors and teaching assistants were very helpful and dedicated in their work.

  185. Avatar photo
    Justin Lew Kwong Jun

    I entered into the DS101 course without any prior programming knowledge of any kind. However after going through the 7 day course, thanks to the proper guidance and engaging lessons by the instructors and TAs, I was able to understand most of the concepts well.

  186. Avatar photo
    Cong Run Tay

    I was here as a DS101 student. Despite knowing Basic Python already, I feel that the inclusion of exercises involving real data is very helpful in revving up one’s proficiency in the language. The instructors were also very proactive in answering queries. Overall, I feel that it is a good place to learn, even if you are already in the working community.

  187. Avatar photo
    Spada Lance

    Coming from an SMU-background, the lessons taught were in line with the SMU style lessons. 3 hours long, with short breaks and the TA and Instructors engages you to be vocal with regards to any issue. The Instructor speaks really well and is engaging. I am thankful that the TA is very knowledgeable and patient that they are willing to reply to my questions late into the night. Sometimes the lesson did feel too fast for a new coder like myself but all in all, it is manageable. I appreciate the materials distributed in class as it is some of the most comprehensive and detailed Python materials seen, much better than some of my school’s notes. Very thankful and appreciative to be in the class and would like to continue to 102 during the next summer.

  188. Avatar photo
    Hui Ang

    Clear and structured, I started as a beginner and gained confidence in 5 weeks. Instructor and TAs are also available via Telegram and in class whenever we have questions. Very good primer for Python Programming! Will recommend anyone who wants to gain exposure to the programming language to go for it!

  189. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Chua

    Recommended course for beginners with no programming background. TAs and instructors are friendly and helpful. Able to grasp basic understanding of python after the 7 lessons.

  190. Avatar photo
    Venecia Ng

    Plan to do a career switch and came across this course which includes govt subsidies. I decided to give it a try. Learned a fair bit on Python programming skill and there are assignments to test our knowledge after each class. There are Telegram group chats where you can get updates on your class or discuss assignment questions. For students who are need more guidance, there will also be additional help provided. The course is rather intensive, you will need to do additional research in order to attempt the assignment questions. The assignments are realistic and applicable in work. Overall I enjoy the course and am looking forward to DS102 to gain more knowledge.

  191. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Ho

    The DS101 course offered was simple for beginners to follow but at the same time also challenging and fun. The instructors and teaching assistants are very responsive and helpful in answering our questions.

  192. Avatar photo
    Soh Jun Ming

    Attended the DS101 course recently and it was very insightful. Would definitely recommend it to beginners who want to gain a basic understanding of data science. The teaching assistants are also very friendly and helpful. I look forward to joining another course soon!

  193. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Sim

    The content of learning is adequate and effective to get anyone started on Python! I enjoyed the lessons as they were interactive and the teaching assistants were very helpful.

  194. Avatar photo

    The course was really helpful for a beginner like me who did not have much experience in coding. The instructors are friendly and patient throughout the entire course, and are very supportive in our learning. It is also helpful that the team allows student to have flexibility in attending alternative class schedule, especially given some of our busy schedule.

  195. Avatar photo
    Camillus Chua

    The course provides you with a good foundation of what you need to know and how you can use resources to continue a journey as a data scientist. The course instructors are almost available 24/7 and very responsive. You can always ask them questions and they take the effort to make sure you learn it well. The only difficult part comes from the student themselves.. if you have no programming background, they teach you and to be well at it you have to just keep practicing everyday. I would highly recommend this as a starter for all ages.

  196. Avatar photo
    Johnny Chan

    The DS101 course is well-suited for new programmers like myself. The environment is conducive and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Highly recommended for those who would like to learn Python from scratch!

  197. Avatar photo
    Taufiq Rahmat

    Enjoyed the course throughout. Totally new to Python but this course made it easy for me to learn. TAs were very helpful and guided me, even outside of class. Highly recommended!

  198. Avatar photo
    Lyon Suteo

    DS101 Covers the fundamentals of the Python language, it is a good crash course for anyone who wishes to delve into data analytics. It teaches you the fundamentals of the language as well as its applications. The TAs are helpful and the ratio of Instructor/TAs to students is somewhat manageable.

  199. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chin

    DS101: Great course for beginners who has no knowledge of python programming. The course provides a great start off on the basics understanding and concept. A great way to start the journey on learning to code.

  200. Avatar photo
    Weng Hong Wei

    Learnt the basics of Python in a short 7 weeks course. It was an fulfilling experience as I was introduced and taught coding skills which I never thought I would have. Instructors are concise and straight to point with their lessons. They are helpful and made sure that students understood the concepts well before moving on to the newer concepts. Will definitely recommend to people who wish to pick up Python in a short period of time!

  201. Avatar photo
    Teo Ming Jun

    Really helpful course that taught the basics of Python from scratch! The TAs and instructors being very helpful and always following up with queries allow beginners to pick up the fundamentals well!

  202. Avatar photo
    Darryl Chua

    Instructors are friendly and helpful, and are willing to answer any of our questions inside and outside of class. The pace of the lesson is also just nice, with ample time to practice and absorb the content of the class.

  203. Avatar photo
    Ning Sheng Ying

    DS101 is a very hands-on course that includes real life applications of python programming. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering because not only are the trainers very friendly, they provide lots of good food too! q:^)

  204. Avatar photo
    Lim Wei Yang

    Course instructors are very approachable and helpful. Food and drinks are provided so you don’t have to worry about not having time to get food before you come for lesson!
    Course generally is well paced and well delivered by the instructors.

  205. Avatar photo
    Oliver Yap

    I rarely write a review, but after going through this course, it’s definitely an awesome beginner course that offers fundamentals to those who are interested to learn about coding. Instructors and TAs are superbly friendly and offer their help 24/7. Will recommend to others!!

  206. Avatar photo

    The lessons are extremely structured and clear and the teacher, Mr Jack, is very focused in class and extremely helpful and patient when helping you with your questions. having individual consultation slots during the week when we have questions really helped me whenever i had doubts when doing the homework. will highly recommend!

  207. Avatar photo
    ikhwan wahid

    The syllabus is well spread. Abit of a rush but it is quite easy to keep up once you get home and review the material.
    Instructor knows what he is on about.
    TAs are really helpful and knowledgeable, always available for consultation even at weird timings.
    Overall a good course to start your path in data science

  208. Avatar photo
    Chris Yap

    I really enjoyed taking DS101, as the lessons taught were engaging and enriching. Instructors and TAs were very approachable and help make the learning journey very enjoyable, and increased my interest in data analytics.

  209. Avatar photo
    Yeo Shi Yi

    DS101 is a fun and light course to take for people who wants to start learning programming. The lessons were easy to follow and interesting. One can get help easily from the instructors/TA along the way.

  210. Avatar photo
    Yan Si Heng

    The teaching assistants are very helpful and they make an effort to clear doubts and clarify concepts with students! The TAs are friendly and approachable.

    Assignments are not so tough if you understand the concepts gone through in classes. And no worries if you need help for a particular question, the TA is here for you

  211. Avatar photo
    Jason Toh

    I started this course with zero knowledge about programming, constantly making careless mistakes every now and then. Despite all by blunders, the instructors were very patient with me, guiding me even after the lesson was over, which I am really appreciative of. Choosing Hackwagon to start your coding journey will be the right choice for you.

  212. Avatar photo
    Zehra Diyaa

    It had been two decades since I did any programming, so this course is definitely enjoyable for a rusty old blade like myself. The course is definitely tough for a newbie but if you persevere, you should pick up some new skills for yourself, be it for work or just picking up a new hobby. The TAs are super helpful and very concerned about your learning and they explain really well where you did wrongly in your coding steps. I specially like the Kahoots games and the weekly feedback on your programme codes. Helps me understand where I made my mistakes. Thumbs up and cheers to the whole team for a well-planned package!!! Will definitely recommend this beginner course to anyone interested.

  213. Avatar photo
    Theng Theng

    Lesson content was suited for beginners at programming and both the instructor and teaching assistants were very helpful and responsive to all our questions. My teaching assistant even conducted extra lesson every week to help us better understand the concepts taught. Overall a very insightful and pleasant experience for me.

  214. Avatar photo
    Win Soon “Finalys”

    Overall, I felt that the pace of the entire course was at a comfortable pace, especially for a complete beginner to Python like me.
    The teaching assistants were patient and detailed to go through my errors and debug with me. I’d recommend this to complete beginners too if they are interested in learning Python

    The food was pretty good I’d say.

  215. Avatar photo
    Brandon Teo

    Online Data Science, Python course modules start from basic, building up the foundation. Well plan course structure. Personally, I like the course using real life data sample to work on. Excellent Instructor and Training Assistant that will answer any queries.

  216. Avatar photo
    Lionel Wong

    I attended the DS101 course. The instructor and TAs are very clear and concise, they really help you to understand the concepts involved. In class, the TAs and instructor are very willing to help those that are stuck. Even after classes they stick around in case you still have questions. And they also take the initiative to ask even if some are too shy to ask for help during class. For homework, they are also very responsive when you ask for help and give apt hints but they also make sure to not spoon-feed us the answers. Overall, this is a course that anyone should attend if they are interested in coding. And you do not need any experience in coding either. The course was wonderfully executed in every way. Shoutout to my instructor Darren and chief TA Tedmund!

  217. Avatar photo
    Rachel Tay

    Enjoyed the course and manage to learn basic programming. the professor teaches well and the TAs are there to help with our understanding. dinner is provided for every lesson so it does allow more time for students to come down for lesson. very friendly environment and definitely will recommend to enroll for their courses!

  218. Avatar photo
    Pei Fang Lee

    As someone with zero background knowledge about programming, this course (although with a steep learning curve), has allowed me to gain a broad understanding of introductory level Python Programming. The teaching assistants were extremely helpful, and are always ready to offer any help I needed. They were always welcoming questions from the students and are overall very clear in their explanations as well. Thanks for the great learning experience!

  219. Avatar photo
    Claire Chew

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the course!

    the teaching was very visual. coding can seem very confusing and daunting but the course did a very good job teaching foundations, and then building on it and giving us opportunities to apply what we’ve learnt with class practices and homework.

    homework was especially fun for me. they weren’t as easy as the in-class practices, a great challenge! and they applied to the real-world context.

    tutors and instructor were all very approachable and helpful, and provided lots of insights on our mistakes at every step.

    also, love the food!

  220. Avatar photo
    Maddy Chen

    I think the course instructors and TAs are the most helpful peeps I have ever met. They are not calculative with their timings and they plan their work and teaching based on the needs of their learners. They provided differentiated coaching, which is great! Do consider joining them for your basic introduction to Python. I came in with zero knowledge and a humanities person to beat, but their explanations were clear even to me.

  221. Avatar photo
    Yu Kee Ng

    The instructor and teaching assistants were really prompt and helpful in responding to questions and created a safe and fun environment to learn. Course was well structured as well! I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the assignments helped to wrap up each lesson’s learning objectives and reinforce concepts.

  222. Avatar photo
    Stanley Cheah

    I attended the Hackwagon DS101 course in data analytics as a complete beginner with no prior knowledge to programming. The course has really given me a good understanding of the basics of programming and I hope to apply this knowledge to other applications and languages in the future. Overall, highly recommended for anyone who wants to try out and see if programming is right for them or not

  223. Avatar photo
    Ping Huay Soon

    Very good course and patient teachers who guide a 0 in programming like me. I have definitely learned a huge amount from this course, and the class was conducted at a steady and comfortable pace. Teachers are available for contact and consultations. NO REGRETS.

  224. Avatar photo
    Angeline Liew

    Good lesson pace and great content are being taught during the lessons. The food provided was great as well for the past 7 weeks! The instructor for the course was very patient and knowledgeable!

  225. Avatar photo
    shawn wee

    Great coding course! Instructors were very helpful and lessons covered the syllabus very well. Sufficient practices were given to ensure students grasp the concept well.

  226. Avatar photo
    Dominic Dominic

    I attended this 7-weekend data science course. Honestly I struggled quite a little due to the content initially and also because I do not have any programming background. However, the instructors were very helpful and they regularly checked on us to make sure of our progress. Also feedback is given to help us with our codes. Overall I enjoyed myself and learned a lot of useful skills!

  227. Avatar photo
    Esther Chua

    It was a great place to learn data analytics and python, especially for beginners. Weekly assignments require additional knowledge that can be outside the course content, but that strengthen the learners’ learning curves.

  228. Avatar photo
    Hui Jun Ling

    I had initially thought that learning python would be extremely daunting. However, the instructors in Hackwagon have done such as good job in conducting the classes that the past 7 weeks have been absolutely enjoyable for me. No doubt, there were times where certain concepts got a little challenging for me, but I could always count on the dedicated instructors to help clarify concepts that I do not understand. Over in Hackwagon, instructors are always encouraging us to ask questions whenever we do not understand. True to their talk, they always reply to queries with great efficiency and clarity. I am looking forward to pursuing the next course with them!

  229. Avatar photo
    Claire Yap

    Good introduction to python programming, especially without any prior background programming knowledge. The lessons are well paced and the TAs are approachable and helpful. Will definitely recommend!

  230. Avatar photo
    Josh Atticus

    This course is a very good introduction course for data science. The instructors are very well prepared for the lessons and also were very attentive to the needs of individual students. The lessons go pretty fast, but they make sure that you are well equipped to handle it. I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to get into programming.

  231. Avatar photo
    SL Lim

    Took DS101. The lab exercises and quiz in class helped to reinforce what are learnt in class. Would like to thank the instructor and TAs who are very helpful in class to help us clarify doubts that we have and guide us on issues that we may encounter for the lab exercises.

  232. Avatar photo
    Jaren Heng

    Good course for beginners to pick up. First few lessons are challenging and fun but remaining few lessons are too fast-paced and feels very rushed. Students are not guided clearly by the instructor who copy pastes answers without fully explaining them.

  233. Avatar photo
    Kok Tiong Noh

    A very well-organised and structured course with friendly and knowledgeable trainer who put in effort to make the lessons interesting and always ready to share. I would recommend it to anyone who like to pick up python as a beginner.

  234. Avatar photo
    Yi Ting Sim

    Course content was well spaced out and we had the opportunity to cover a wide range of data analytical skills such as such as extracting data, checking which data is the highest values etc. The TAs were also very approachable and can be contacted if you we were facing any issues with our codes. This has helped us to get a better understanding and be on par with every week’s course.

  235. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Toh

    I took up the DS101 course and felt that the entire learning experience was generally good. The teaching was conducted progressively at a good pace. The instructor was very clear in his teaching and the TAs were helpful. Overall, I enjoyed myself during the lessons and took away some insightful knowledge from the course.

  236. Avatar photo
    Dawn Z

    Good intro crash course that was well run and organized. Instructors and TAs were very helpful in answering queries both during and outside of class. Very engaging and would recommend to anyone new to Python.

  237. Avatar photo
    anqi kwok

    Will definitely recommend DS101 for those who wants to learn about Data Science but with zero background. The instructor and teaching assistants were all very helpful. Food was included too for each class …

  238. Avatar photo
    Tao Yi Wong

    course is taught in a simple way where one can understand without any background info about it
    but the assignments makes u think about how to code it , which is good as it is intriguing
    And the instructors are helping in to clear the doubts we have and also to make sure we really understand

  239. Avatar photo
    Daniel Kor

    Great place to get started on Python, the curriculum is well structured. I am thankful for the friendly and helpful instructors who are always prompt in replying any queries that I have. Overall, I am satisfied with this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning Python.

  240. Avatar photo
    Min Feng Tan

    Lessons were structured and organised. The instructor was very informative and provided additional links and materials for us to expand our horizons, instead of being limited to what is taught in the lessons. Assignments created were also carefully planned to ensure all knowledge taught in class is exercised during the assignment, the assignment also provided an avenue to explore different methods to complete the assignment.

    Finally, the project to complete was open and limitless, creativity was encouraged and provided a great opportunity for us to further expand or add on to what we’ve learned. The instructors and TAs were supportive and open to any questions. Definitely recommended to all looking to explore data analytics!

  241. Avatar photo
    Kai Yan Chan

    This was a good introductory course to data science and is suitable for people with limited coding experience. There was a comprehensive introduction to data visualization methods, web scraping, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques. Great instructors and TAs!

  242. Avatar photo
    Ang Kheng

    The DS102 course is quite comprehensive, providing insights into a myriad of visualisations tools. Instructors are enthusiastic and well versed at teaching while the TAs were extremely approachable and helpful. Great place to learn Python!

  243. Avatar photo
    Qi Wei Lim

    Course Attended: DS101

    It was a good and guided course. Personally I have been learning snippets of the Python language on my own and this course helped me to consolidate the knowledge and also allowed me to think through the intricacies of how some code behaves through examples from real data sets. The lessons were taught rather clearly, well-paced and planned so that we have a good build up of knowledge of Python at the end of the course.

  244. Avatar photo
    Han Hao Juan

    It was a great experience at Hackwagon where I was introducted to the basics of Python programming. The teaching assistants were very helpful and approachable! It made the learning process much easier!

  245. Avatar photo
    Joyce Tan

    This course has been very interesting and practical to kickstart python coding for beginners. Instructor was able to lead the class at a pace we could catch and through the 7 weeks, I can see myself progressing to solving more complex problems

  246. Avatar photo
    Pinzheng Zhang

    DS102 is pretty interesting course because it picks up from the basics of Python to allow you be able to make out some applications. A good start if you are interested on the track to data analytics, coupled with some individual practice.

  247. Avatar photo
    Wong Jing Ting

    Lessons are structured and easy to follow for beginners with no experience. Definitely able to reach a good proficiency through the DS101 course. The instructors and teaching assistants are also always super helpful and will attend to your questions out of lesson promptly plus there’s good food every lesson

  248. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Chua

    A good crash course that covered the fundamental well and there are lab exercises that was created to help us check our understanding of the concepts which is also very comprehensive. Also, the instructors was very helpful in answering to our queries during class and out of class. A good place to start learning python!

  249. Avatar photo
    Juliana Chong

    DS101 has provided a comprehensive introduction to Data Science and Python. As someone who knew completely nothing at all, I was able to follow through the classes well. The instructors and teaching assistants were friendly and extremely helpful too. Free (and good quality) yummy meals were provided during every lesson 😀

  250. Avatar photo
    Tanvi J

    Hackwagon Intro to Python course allows one with no programming background to be well-equipped with basic python knowledge in an easy and fun way! The instructor and the TAs are really helpful and approachable.

    Would like to thank the TAs, especially Vikram and Mingyi for supporting me throughout the lessons and labs.

    Highly recommend this course, it will be one you won’t regret!

  251. Avatar photo
    Eurich Thia

    Overall a good experience with kind and patient instructors to guide and teach all students. Managed to learn the basic fundamentals of data sciene (python) which I am sure will be extremely useful in the future. Highly recommended!

  252. Avatar photo
    Nicol Wong

    I highly recommend DS101 for everyone, even for those with no prior programming knowledge. Lessons are well-paced enough for all to follow, assignments are also inter-twined with practical real-life datasets. Lastly, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the TAs and professors who have greatly guided me along the way!

  253. Avatar photo
    Chris Goh

    DS101 was an extremely interesting introductory course to python. My instructor Filbert was encouraging and guided us closely through the questions. The questions were also crafted with the right difficulty so that learning could take place effectively. Course could perhaps be extended so that the content will not have to be condensed. Would love to attend another of this course again.

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