Review Genki Sushi Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore

Review Genki Sushi Suntec City - Singapore 3 Temasek Blvd

“Have choices for small eaters, i.e. the mini bowls. Ordering platform also easy to use and seamless.” or “My favourite place to eat sushi in Singapore, the service here is good and food arrives quick time” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Genki Sushi Suntec City. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Genki Sushi Suntec City is quality.

Introduction about Genki Sushi Suntec City

Here are some fundamental details regarding Genki Sushi Suntec City. In terms of Japanese restaurant, it is generally believed that Genki Sushi Suntec Cityis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-456/457, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Japanese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-456/457, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 10 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Genki Sushi Suntec City via:


You can contact Genki Sushi Suntec City via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-456/457, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Genki Sushi Suntec City reviews

Genki Sushi Suntec City is among the best destinations of Japanese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Genki Sushi Suntec City good?

To determine whether Genki Sushi Suntec City is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“My favourite place to eat sushi in Singapore, the service here is good and food arrives quick time”

“It's one of the best Japanese sushi place in Singapore. Food is a bit pricey but you always get good quality without the wait. My kids love the sushi train and we like to spy on what others are ordering”

“Nice, efficient sushi place. Cannot go wrong with salmon sashimi.”

“Quite a lot of varieties to select, place quite spacious n after the meal, lots of stores to shop”

“First meal after CB, nice and contactless delivery. Good quality for the price. …”

“Fast meals, good service, ice cream is on sale now,big space,Still use the train to deliver food”

“Favourite affordable sushi chain. The cute train that delivers food never ceases to amaze me. Love their teriyaki chicken bowl and ebi fry.”

“Nice place good food good atmosphere nice service overall good”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 183 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 74% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Genki Sushi Suntec City, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Genki Sushi Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    omai solskjær

    was let into the outlet at 8.25 and was told that their last order is 8.30 only after I have check into the shop thinking that is too much trouble to check out as i just wanted to have a peaceful dinner after a day of work I decided to let it slide . However, at 8.50 when i barely started on my food a guy came to inform me that they are closing soon and i have to finish my food quickly. Firstly, I’m not full from the meal as i was only able to make one order. Secondly, i was rushed to finish up on my food just because you are closing soon?? I feel that F&B should be more honest and inform customer about their last order before hand so that we would be able to find another place to eat. They should also understand that it is impossible for one to order their food in like what 5 mins and wolf their food down in less than 20 mins. If u really want the sales from me then plssss don’t chase me away when i haven’t even finish eating!! RUDE!!

  2. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Ling

    Great sushi place! Paid $30 for a feast though.

  3. Avatar photo
    Timothy Ngui

    Simply fresh sushi at an affordable price.

  4. Avatar photo
    Darren Chiam

    Food is good but service was terrible.

  5. Avatar photo
    Douglas Cheong

    Service so so

  6. Avatar photo

    Enjoyed the food but the portions are very small

  7. Avatar photo
    Ian Long

    One of the newer outlets… it has upgraded trains to return when thr trains are empty… kinda of took away the fun from the concept

  8. Avatar photo

    Love the experience! Best conveyor belt sushi in on the island. My kid totally enjoyed his experience, plastic trains deliver your food to your table, much better than having your sashimi go round and round. High chair concept.was great too, smart invention. Highly recommended place for parents with young kids. Sushi variety is huge and so delicious.

  9. Avatar photo
    sarina sanuse

    This is a fast food Japanese restaurant. No fuss nor hassle..You ordered the food, it came and you ate..Nothing special

  10. Avatar photo
    Daniel Jackman

    The sushi is average. Convenient location.

  11. Avatar photo
    Fransmeister x

    Food always of good quality but the aircon is much too cold making longer visits unbearable. The queue system seems flawed and many times I did not receive any sms when table was ready , and so I missed my slot.

  12. Avatar photo
    Margaret Mahyoke

    Staff is quite helpful helping us to place order the food by IPad. Went on smoothly and got our food as ordered without much difficulties.

  13. Avatar photo
    Chong Seok Yin

    Food is fresh but small quantity.

  14. Avatar photo
    Renee Choo

    Service provided was good and staff offered to clear our table frequently so we had enough space to dine. Thumbs up for the service.

  15. Avatar photo
    Jason Kim

    Great food at genki sushi. Was very tasty and service was fast. Not sure why their are other comments about the service. Dai man zoku!

  16. Avatar photo
    Andy Chin

    I like the service of the staffs..friendly n attentive.. But this beef sushi’s food presentation abit off.. Need improvement.

  17. Avatar photo
    Siew Hong Lean

    Like self-service ordering, food delivery by machine train, affordable price

  18. Avatar photo
    Jerald Lim

    Above average casual Japanese food, well liked by my kids with the trains conveyor concept. At this Suntec branch, the trains return automatically after you retrieve your orders.

  19. Avatar photo
    Kee Kuan Jim

    So delicious

  20. Avatar photo
    Ssue Chung

    I saw the long queues but never wanted to go in thinking it must be one of those cheap sushi chains with disportionate rice and small sashimi. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted them. They were so much better than I expected with right amount of rice and sashimi (though rice wasn’t very firm.. but then we are not talking about top sushi house here). Their express tray concept was very cute too.

    I would recommend if you are nearby!

  21. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Tan

    The food are served on belt and you just need to collect it from your table side.

  22. Avatar photo
    SiHao Chong

    Love the udon, cold soba and sashimi. The aburi need to sear a little bit longer. Quite a popular place, which tend to be crowded. Do expect longer waiting time

  23. Avatar photo
    Nax Chua

    Great place for sushi and kids love the trains delivering food to the table.

  24. Avatar photo
    Sim Leng Ng

    Food came after nearly 25 min. Udon was bland and had to add soy sauce. Handroll had a generous cut of salmon for $2.30 so not too bad. A place to fill the tummy when not sure of what to eat and certainly no culinary value.

  25. Avatar photo
    Nicolas B

    Extremely cold aircon, quite unfriendly staff, thank you and sorry is not part of their vocabulary. Not a good experience. Brought kids to have fun with the train conveyor, but couldn’t help thinking of leaving ASAP. Will stick to order the same for takeaway, home delivery.

  26. Avatar photo

    One of the shorter queues genki outlet! Food was served fast, everyone was welcoming.

  27. Avatar photo
    Yue lun

    maze soba was underwhelming but the mentaiko salmon was good.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Lee

    Not bad lor Japanese fd

  29. Avatar photo
    Kai Ling Koh

    Ex n i think it’s basic sushi. Slightly better quality compared to sushi express but a lot more pricy

  30. Avatar photo
    teo kim kim

    Great place to bring young kids! They are thrilled with the trains….

  31. Avatar photo
    G Wong (Foodbiz101)

    Oishii!!! Fast service. Tidy & neat. Children friendly. Bright and clean dining environment. Affordable price, sad a bit for not much choices on the menu. Overall is good. Self order using barcode on the table. Recommended. Would definitely come back for sushi and sashimi.

  32. Avatar photo
    L SY

    We went on a crowded Saturday. Even though it was full house, I must say the staff were amazing. The service was amazing. The food also met our standards. Additionally, even though there were about 40 numbers before us, the queue moved pretty fast.

  33. Avatar photo
    Tan jack san

    A good dining experience from a mass market Japanese eatery. They have certainly improved tremendously! Will go back for sure

  34. Avatar photo

    okay okay ba…
    some hit some miss… depend on what you order
    attractive thing should be the cute train coming with your sushi
    price wise still okay lah…
    the rice isnt that good kinda lumpy

  35. Avatar photo
    Choon Ng

    Very basic sushi… literally no frills.

  36. Avatar photo
    Yuh Luen Tan

    Quality and fresh sushi

  37. Avatar photo
    Michael Lachica

    An interesting place but probably the kids would have more fun here with the delivery system.

    The food was very average nothing to rate here other than it was pretty fresh.

    The sushi needs more work though. The sushi rice wasn’t made correctly and falls apart easily.

    It’s just another Japanese Singaporean style restaurant.

  38. Avatar photo
    Herbert Pang

    Nice place to eat. Kids enjoy looking at the ‘train’ which delivers the food.

  39. Avatar photo
    Olivia Tan

    Good. Service was fast. Good food

  40. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    Love having lunch or dinner here. it’s great for a low-key date or as a place to take the family and it’s especially fun for kids with the robotic trains. The prices are really good and the food is always actually have a really high-quality. The staff were really great and even though the line might look long generally they have a pretty quick turn over there which is worth waiting for.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jay T

    Great service and general quality of food. One complaint is the gyudon is quite salty! Food arrived quickly and we could have a speedy lunch.

  42. Avatar photo
    Yu Ong

    Great tasting food at reasonable prices

  43. Avatar photo

    Fast meals, good service, ice cream is on sale now,big space,Still use the train to deliver food

  44. Avatar photo

    Great experience with good food

  45. Avatar photo
    Samantha Guo

    The service standards at suntec is a tad different from the one at Ngee Ann City, servers were not as enthusiastic to help or guide you to your seat. Many items were also out of stock.

  46. Avatar photo
    John Ting

    Fast service. Less crowded.

  47. Avatar photo
    kristopher yang

    Pack as usual on the weekend. Had to wait at least 45mins ++ to get in. The rice today seen to fall apart easlier the moment its been taken off the plate.

  48. Avatar photo
    Dwk Y

    Has quickly become a default quick easy tasty decent value stop when in the area. Food comes quickly after ordering from an efficient self explanatory mobile phone menu. Selection very decent and quality good for the price. Would say that the plain udon is the secret star here the ultimate comfort food, simple tasty and well sized to complement the ordering of other foods. Other highlights are the Salmon belly sushi, and also the hand rolls which are freshly made so the seaweed still crunchy. Download the app for some offers such as buy one get one free ice cream.

  49. Avatar photo

    food was pretty good and affordable but some items took really long to arrive. one of the service staff (Mandy) was very helpful and professional.

  50. Avatar photo

    Cleanliness not so good. Floors are dirty every single time i patronised, esp at the seating area. Sticky floor. Gives me a very uncomfortable feel. To think this place is a restaurant… ‍️ …

  51. Avatar photo
    Lim Wee Keong, Daniel

    Ok and decent sushi

  52. Avatar photo
    Martin Krishnan

    Price apt quality. Quality of sushi better than what you can get at sushi tei.

  53. Avatar photo

    Sushi is fresh and tasty and kids loved the “speed train” delivery

  54. Avatar photo
    Douglas Chan

    Recently priced, good service

  55. Avatar photo
    Wee Wee

    Okay.. ample space

  56. Avatar photo

    Great food but dirty plates. Suspect they reuse plates to serve to the next customer without washing it …

  57. Avatar photo
    Lay Nee

    Rather expensive

  58. Avatar photo
    rexy Tan

    Genki sushi as usual. All their branch performs the same regardless of location.

  59. Avatar photo
    James Ng

    Average food with small portion which is rather poor value for money. Services is non existent, I don’t understand why there is a 10% service charge for dinning here.

  60. Avatar photo
    Alan Koek

    First time trying the food here. Not many variety but food is generally nice. The platter could be waste of money.

    Remember to download the Genki Sushi app for menu

  61. Avatar photo
    Lezah Etnemelc

    If got options to give Zero review I will definitely give to the rest….this 4 star is only for Choon, the rest need to educate if doesn’t want to work just go home! Don’t give ur unhappy service to ur customers!

  62. Avatar photo
    Sire 313

    First time dining in, was quite surprised they didn’t serve free flow green tea powder & mug like they do in Japan but somehow the hot water outlet was there. Inquired with a staff but they were a bit clueless & told me to “just order….”

    Sushi variants were a little expensive. Other than that, they were all tasty including the miso soup & cold soba.

  63. Avatar photo
    Paul S

    My favourite place to eat sushi in Singapore, the service here is good and food arrives quick time

  64. Avatar photo
    Hui Ying

    aunty joyce was very helpful and friendly! love the service attitude

  65. Avatar photo
    Ho Wee Chuen

    Average sushi with affordable prices. Nothing to rave about, nothing to complain.

  66. Avatar photo
    Phillip Gripka

    Very tasty sushi at a fairly reasonable price. Quick and easy, and this location isn’t usually as mobbed as some other Genki outlets. Service can be hit and miss, but it’s still one of my go-to places for a quick bite.

  67. Avatar photo
    Brenda Chan

    Food is good and been here a few times

  68. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lee

    Food reasonably priced. May have to wait as can get crowded

  69. Avatar photo

    Personally prefer Genki than Sushiro.

  70. Avatar photo
    Clev W.

    The staff is not paying attention to the wait ticket. Asked for a seat that is not at the counter, but assigned a seat at the counter anyway.
    Ordered food, and the rice is loving the plate so much, you cannot lift it without using a spoon. Ordered a Salmon Ago Mentai Don, but the menu did not mention explicitly it is a mini portion. This main also took its time to arrive, as it only arrived after the rest of the 16 items were served.
    Green tea also need to be prompted to the staff to be served. If we ate any faster, we would have saved the cost of the drink.

  71. Avatar photo
    Aaron Yong

    Very friendly staffs. The food and atmosphere is normal

  72. Avatar photo

    Was pleasantly surprised when this wait staff asked me, so u want to sit right inside when I told him I prefer a seat at a quieter spot n not by d entrance. All d other outlets I have been to didn’t offer me d same. Wld have given 5* rating if not for this other wait staff who’s rummaging d drawer containing chopsticks when I was eating. I feel that he cld check after I leave. Food wise is alw good as they r made to order hence served fresh n hot. Like that d train auto retracts aft I collect.

  73. Avatar photo
    ᴘᴜᴛʀᴀ ᴢᴜʟғɪᴛʀɪ

    Nice food

  74. Avatar photo
    Hui Bing Lee

    Some hits and a lot more misses. The concept is good and there were good items on the menu like the chicken nanban and the explosive sushi or whatever it was called. On the it her hand, the sashimi was not fresh and smelled incredibly bad. Salmon sashimi was fine but the platter was just a waste of money. Service could be better, understand that it is a difficult time for the service staff to explain but they just pointed at the QR code and left. Cashier was friendly though.

  75. Avatar photo
    Cookie Monster

    Not bad actually for the price.

  76. Avatar photo

    the food serving really fast and yet delicious

  77. Avatar photo
    Maxime LMA

    Nice concept but barely adequate quality food (for sushi, hot dishes are fine).
    You have to order from your phone.

  78. Avatar photo

    My first Genki experience! Queued for approximately 15-20mins . It was past 8pm ( Friday night ) when we got our queue number. Love how the fast moving train delivers the food to our counter. So easy, so fun.. part of the experiencing …

  79. Avatar photo

    Good taste, nice service, cozy place. Taste good but the soup too light for me, i like ramen with thicker soup tho. But it still taste good …

  80. Avatar photo
    Paul H

    Good fresh sushi.

  81. Avatar photo
    Chandler Ling

    decent quality service & price. good venue for a quick meal.

  82. Avatar photo
    Y X

    Date & time of visit: Monday 27th of January 2020 around 7 PM.

    Despite half of the dishes being sold out, we decided to give Genki Sushi @ Suntec City a try. The orders came after 30 minutes or MORE. On one of the plates there was a long HAIR!.. We even waited more than AN HOUR for one order, after asking if it was still coming we did not really get an update of the situation. After asking TWICE we received a plate in 30 seconds, which was different from what we ordered in the first place… Other than that the staff was kind.

    The sushi that we did get was tasty hence I am still giving 2 stars. But I’m not sure if it’s because I was STARVING after waiting so long. I don’t get why it took so long because the place was not full.

    + tasty, kind staff
    – SLOW, HAIR on plate, almost everything SOLD OUT

  83. Avatar photo
    Philip Ang

    Quite a lot of varieties to select, place quite spacious n after the meal, lots of stores to shop

  84. Avatar photo
    Desmond Wong

    This genki outlet is a bit more quiet than the other outlets. However the service and quality of food is not as good. My kids love genki hence we were here but otherwise I would avoid if I can.

  85. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Great place for dinner. Sometimes very crowded

  86. Avatar photo
    Gerard Ng

    Good and interesting choices and taste. You will end up comparing it with other budget sushi joints and it will hold up better in taste.
    Portions are good.
    Great idea on the kids menu items coming in a box.

    Slightly pricier than other budget joints, still worth

    Its pretty autonomous with the toy train express trays.

    A little congested but thought has been put in to the layout. clearing of plates in a straight line to the back. Seat cushions tilting you forward though.

  87. Avatar photo
    Kel Kel

    Fresh ingredients

  88. Avatar photo
    Paul Wong

    Nice and bright. Staff friendly!

  89. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    It gets really crowded during meal times, especially dinners. So be ready to queue and wait. Get a number the first thing you arrive at Suntec City Tower 5. You can walk around and shop while you wait for your number. They’re also okay with you missing your number and coming back to be the next table served.

    Sushi and sashimi was surprisingly not too bad quality. I was half expecting them to be a sub-par Japanese fast food restaurant, but I guess it’s one of those where you don’t expect much and you get more than what you expected.

  90. Avatar photo
    Li Fern Goh

    First meal after CB, nice and contactless delivery. Good quality for the price. …

  91. Avatar photo

    A Japanese sushi restaurant that children love to visit. Udon noodles are very Q, sushi is very fresh. Food delivery by powered car is also one of its selling points, and children like to push buttons.

  92. Avatar photo
    C S

    Tasty, fresh food which gets delivered in their little yellow bullet trains. Great entertainment for kids. Safe distancing measures are well done here.

  93. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Nice food and fast service

  94. Avatar photo
    Koko Teo

    Long queue.

  95. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    Fast service and bright, cheery ambience

  96. Avatar photo
    WXA G_A

    Food was subpar compared to waterway point outlet. Plating for the food was “i dont give a damn” and the cutting of sashimi was poorly cut. I would recommend waterway point outlet over this outlet anytime.

  97. Avatar photo
    Yen Lin

    Love their DMZ beef…compared to other brand outlets, its definately the better 1. This outlet has shorter queues

  98. Avatar photo

    Tekka maki
    Shine Saba
    Salmon belly
    Soy source
    Nameko miso soup

    Interior very clean, order delivery very quickly
    Service is almost automatically


  99. Avatar photo
    koh deric

    Suntec city
    A Shopper paradise.
    Consists of five tall towers for shopping.
    High quality brand and consumer products with wide range of east and west eatery

  100. Avatar photo
    Wilson Lim

    Delightful food served on the Genki Express Train!

    Genki Sushi @ Suntec is newly-opened. The entire premise is brightly-lit with warm and cheerful staff members serving the hungry guests.

    The food is unexpectedly good! I was not expecting much but the menu provided a good diversity with new local fusion dishes. The Seared Salmon with Salted Egg was surprisingly wonderful. The salted egg sauce did not overwhelm but rather complemented the seared salmon well. Another pleasant surprise was the Salmon Miso Soup. It was large flavorful bowl and the salmon taste has blended well with the miso.

    Hot Green Tea in most local Japanese restaurants are often rather bland (more like hot water with a tinge of matcha) But at Genki, I really enjoyed being able to “make” my own cup of Ocha by adding my preferred amount of powdered green tea.

    One of my biggest gripes about Conveyer Belt Sushi restaurants was the high probability of getting a stale plate. Genki Sushi mitigates this with its concept of made-to-order sushi served right to you on the express plate. Being able to see your plate delivered to you is quite an experience and builds your anticipation of tasting the dish.

    Genki Sushi is definitely worth a second visit!

  101. Avatar photo
    Philip Lee

    Table n seat no properly clean after guest leave..

  102. Avatar photo

    Overall it’s okay. Food delivered using a Express tray at the side of the table. Seats are spacious and comfortable. Shushi taste average. My favorite is Chawanmushi which is smooth and has flavorful taste. Only worth to visit if you have craving for Shushi and no other good option.

  103. Avatar photo
    Junjie Jay

    Good queue system

  104. Avatar photo
    Philip Loon

    Good food and friendly services.
    It was abit crowded but it was ok to wait.

  105. Avatar photo
    jinie Singapore

    It tasted better the longer I ate it.

  106. Avatar photo
    Lilin NAT

    Although at peak dinner we have to wait quite some time but the staff there still provide good service. Quick and attentive.

  107. Avatar photo
    Maya Giggles

    Yummy food there everything is fresh and totally recomend this place if u like sushi

  108. Avatar photo
    M Sim

    Quality good at a convenient place.

  109. Avatar photo
    Sean Tan

    Dai Man Zoku

  110. Avatar photo
    Julie Sim

    Went on 2/2/2023, staff are prompt and professional.
    Actually, I went I12 branch, the staff were extremely rude, unhelpful and unfriendly. I left without dining in and went over to Suntec immediately.
    Service standards is sky apart.

  111. Avatar photo
    Zijia Pan

    The reason for the long waiting time lies in the kitchen. Took at least 20-30 mins to be served. Hopefully they can get more manpower.

  112. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Sng (Lloyd)

    Cheap sushi, average service. Nothing much to shout about. Good for days where you just favour quantity over quality.

  113. Avatar photo
    Azizan Azhar

    Simple, no-frills sushi joint. One of the longest standing sushi outlets available in Singapore, and despite prices going a little high, I find myself returning to Genki.

    Good mixture of sashimi, sushi and fried items along with some desserts. It is what it is, nothing crazy to shout about!

  114. Avatar photo
    QM Wang

    Good place for cheap and value for money sushi

  115. Avatar photo

    Yummy sushi. Fish were fresh and tasty. However, staff were a bit slow in responding to needs.
    Mentiko fries was not bad, but fries were overly done, a bit dry.

  116. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Chow

    Pricey among other sushi options

  117. Avatar photo
    huimengg (Acchan)

    Great place to settle aburi cravings

  118. Avatar photo
    Jasper Yap

    The good ol’ Genki Sushi that rarely goes wrong.
    Ya can expect to just go in quickly and food will be served in light speed (literally by their conveyor belt’s train).

    Mentaiko mayo is pretty much the specialty of Genki Sushi, so anything that’s with it and roasted can’t possibly go wrong.

    Pro Tip: You can actually reserve your seats ahead of time if you’re a premium member on their app.

  119. Avatar photo
    Lilian Systems

    Food was great but the service needed a little perk up. Staff were all in their own world chatting while we wait to be seated. Perhaps there was no training in service ethic but again being a Japanese based company, it is sure a disappointment.

  120. Avatar photo
    Ray Meows (RayMeows)

    They’re probably in a rush and served us dishes that are not packed properly and plates that are visably unclean (stain marks and all)

  121. Avatar photo
    Jasper Yap

    The good ol’ Genki Sushi that rarely goes wrong.
    Ya can expect to just go in quickly and food will be served in light speed (literally by their conveyor belt’s train).

    Mentaiko mayo is pretty much the specialty of Genki Sushi, so anything that’s with it and roasted can’t possibly go wrong.

    Pro Tip: You can actually reserve your seats ahead of time if you’re a premium member on their app.

  122. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cher

    Quality as you would expect of Genki. May need to queue a bit

  123. Avatar photo
    Tracy Kurai

    I like the food here and never ever have complains about Genki Sushi as a whole. But, this outlet made me feel very disappointed (not for the food, but, for the service).

    Firstly, my 2 girl-friends and me arrived and there was 2 waitress at the entrance that looked at me and looked away. Didn’t bother to ask or what and act as if we are non-existent. When 1 of them finally turn again the 3rd time then she gave more attention to us and I told her 3pax.

    I was still alright by then, as I just take it as that they are deep in thoughts /=
    But, what I hate most is..
    I ordered hot ocha for my drink which the waitress wld need to serve it to the table.
    thing is, I work in the f&b industry for more than a decade and I take my work seriously as I like to make sure my customers wld be happy at the end of the day.
    Okay, back to the main point..
    She slammed my cup onto the table with a veryyyy unhappy face. (the bui song kind of slamming)
    so.. this really made me very unhappy.
    if you dont have the mood to work, then dont f***ing work. You affect the others with your bad service.
    I can ignore other things like.. forgetting my order, wrong order, waiting etc.
    but, not rude service that is on purpose.

  124. Avatar photo
    Vivien Leong

    Social distancing is in place, family friendly

  125. Avatar photo
    Cheng Kaiyi

    Didn’t took long to enter (Entered at 11.45am) with number booked using their app. Food were served fast and table was clean.

    Quality of the table didn’t disappoint us too. Love their new plates and there’s gachapon for more than $40 spent. Good experience

  126. Avatar photo
    Kamal Halim

    Long queue in the weekends, fun watching the trains delivering sushi to the table.

  127. Avatar photo
    KC Lim

    Speed & clean restaurant for a quick fixed

  128. Avatar photo
    Xavier Chng

    Great experience here! Staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a wrong order and it was rectified immediately.

    Our family loves the Spicy Salmon here. You can’t get it anywhere else. I tried to replicate this taste at home but I couldn’t.

    It might be a fast food restaurant. But the quality of udon and soba served here is good. Mentaiko sauce is very rich and flavourful.

    Will definitely be back again!

  129. Avatar photo
    Fun Kwok

    Fuss free ordering via QR code now and the food arrives really quickly.
    As usual, Genki sushi never disappoints. The service is fast, children will be ecstatic to see the food coming in on a train, and quality is always good.
    The udon is nice and qq and the tempura flour is light and airy. The sushi does seem abit smaller than previous rounds but I guess that’s inflation for everyone.

  130. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Fun place for sushi and other japanese food items. Spicy salmon maki is very good. So is California temaki. Genki maki is so-so. Aburi sushi is below average. Looks mangled and not well put together. Kake udon is quite good. Overall a positive experience.

  131. Avatar photo
    bernice ye

    food was nice and came fast
    workers were friendly

  132. Avatar photo
    Weijie Aw

    First time having Genki Sushi and was disappointed by the limited selection of the menu. The selection were very rather basic and boring when compared to other sushi places like Sushiro. Lots of fried stuffs and mentaiko dishes clearly catered for a younger and unadventurous crowd. Overall underwhelming if you want to try more variety of sushi.

  133. Avatar photo
    Haytham Shbaita

    Nice for families, the kids will love it. The food is also great!

  134. Avatar photo
    Jacelyn Yap

    Wasn’t crowded (weekday dinner). Food arrives quickly. Recommend the chawanmushi and the Salmon 3 kind. Overall quite affordable and many options (frequently introduce new items too).

  135. Avatar photo
    John Chung

    More than anything else. Good to bring kids. Food is not too bad. Try thr volcano sushi …

  136. Avatar photo
    Parvish Nagrani

    Awesome sushi served on a mini automated train!

  137. Avatar photo

    Didn’t have to queue for a Friday night dinner. food is consistently good.. for bar counters, I think they can try to think of something for customers to keep their bags.. the sashimis are fresh and so yummy.

  138. Avatar photo
    Ember Shen

    Delicious but too Long queue

  139. Avatar photo
    Memphis “TravelGuider2021” Roblox


  140. Avatar photo
    Zheng-Yi Sim

    Nice place good food good atmosphere nice service overall good

  141. Avatar photo
    Eliza Ho

    Food was prepared fast, hot foods were warm.

  142. Avatar photo
    Jack Sim

    It’s one of the best Japanese sushi place in Singapore. Food is a bit pricey but you always get good quality without the wait. My kids love the sushi train and we like to spy on what others are ordering

  143. Avatar photo
    Ananda Lye

    Favourite affordable sushi chain. The cute train that delivers food never ceases to amaze me. Love their teriyaki chicken bowl and ebi fry.

  144. Avatar photo
    E Van (Ed)

    I had a really nice and better experience in tokyo but here first of all it cost arm and leg , like almost everything around 4 sgd mark suddenly the bill hit the roof , staff are rude and very stressed and busy , basically Hongkong MK style

  145. Avatar photo
    CC Teo

    I love the toy train slides in with your orders. This idea is very interesting. The food is fresh and the taste is on point.

  146. Avatar photo
    Lena Koo

    Quick service. Quite a number of the Food is out of stock but overall quality is ok

  147. Avatar photo
    Dixon Chan

    Great fun for kids with food serving automation

  148. Avatar photo
    KK T

    The sushi is lovely

  149. Avatar photo
    Elsye Ma

    Worried about our health after seeing this flaking paint from the bowl please kindly replace with the new and better quality

  150. Avatar photo
    rich teo

    Food is good. Everything uses technology here.

  151. Avatar photo
    Daphane Yeo

    Food taste the same for the other genki. But the service soso only. Seem like everyone stuff seem to be in a rush. They do not have a large waiting area. Those waiting might actually blocked others from doing their business.

  152. Avatar photo
    Kelias Quek

    Genki sushi have always been a great place for simple Japanese food that are at great price point. Overall I am very happy with all my visit across all the outlets in Singapore.

  153. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    Maybe you get what you pay for?
    The raw sushi is meh, slices fall off the rice. The beef sushi was the nicest in fact.
    Had to drink tons of water after the meal, something was laden with msg.

  154. Avatar photo
    Daniel Leong

    Food was affordable, but utensils for soups were not clean. Also, 2 orders were forgotten/omitted and needed reminders.

  155. Avatar photo

    Great sushi

  156. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tay

    Fancy gimmicky train delivers your food but somewhat disappointing as food took quite a while to arrive. Overall, not as cheap you’d expect. I had expected such sushi joints to either deliver on speed or price, both of which were missing.

    Ironically, the kyoto egg sushi stood out the most. (Not sure if that is really a compliment…)

  157. Avatar photo
    Wei Zhi Khoo

    understaffed had to wait outside despite queue number called

  158. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Yeoh

    We have an enjoyable dining experience.. Thanks for the great services and food

  159. Avatar photo

    My first Genki experience! Queued for approximately 15-20mins . It was past 8pm ( Friday night ) when we got our queue number. Love how the fast moving train delivers the food to our counter. So easy, so fun.. part of the experiencing dining in. Just got to be patient to come earlier to get the queue number as Genki Sushi are so popular with kids and families.
    Overall experience is great here.

  160. Avatar photo
    Kee Chiat Yeo

    Quite standard compared with other outlets

  161. Avatar photo
    Eudy Oh

    Service was good and food was very well cook. One of the best genki outlets and have standard quality in food too.

  162. Avatar photo

    Excellent service! Great staffs, food is up to standard. Overall a must go, moreover its location!

  163. Avatar photo
    Guo Hwei Lee

    Have choices for small eaters, i.e. the mini bowls. Ordering platform also easy to use and seamless.

  164. Avatar photo
    I W

    The sashimi’s quality deteriorated – salmon had fishy smell and looked pale and not fresh. The mentai sauce is so much less then it was in the past and in the pic.

  165. Avatar photo
    G Wong (Foodbiz101)

    Oishii!!! Fast service. Tidy & neat. Children friendly. Bright and clean dining environment. Affordable price, sad a bit for not much choices on the menu. Overall is good. Self order using barcode on the table. Recommended. Would definitely come back for sushi and sashimi.

  166. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sim

    My family and boyfriend came for my mother’s celebration and there was a mixed up of the orders with another customer however, they settled the issue fast and even gave a type of compensation. The food was great and we had good quality time together. Have came here last time too.

  167. Avatar photo
    W L

    The food was okay! The experience wasn’t though. They didn’t really explain the ordering process and what happens after I’ve placed an order online, so I go to the counter and pay first? Do I pay online? So yeah I hope they communicate better with the customers so that we won’t be confused as to what will happen next.

  168. Avatar photo
    Yu Sung

    My queue number was skipped and they offered counter seats when I didnt check the “counter seats” box. But the staff were very nice nonetheless!

  169. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Tan

    One of the better Genki branches. They’re way more consistent with their standard.

  170. Avatar photo
    Siew Chien Ho

    Salmon belly fish is not oily enough! Come on!

  171. Avatar photo
    Katlyn Jieyi

    Lovely place. Not much queue on a Thursday. Was perfect

  172. Avatar photo

    If going in groups of 5 during this pandemic, try to split into 2/3 people, the waiting time for 5 people is very long, about 1hr for 2 people ahead

  173. Avatar photo

    Increased menu items since the last time I went (2 years ago). Same good comfort food

  174. Avatar photo
    Sean Shia

    Lots of seating and great food.

    Waiting time was about 15 mins on a sat dinner hr

  175. Avatar photo
    Crystal Heng

    Consistent quality

  176. Avatar photo
    christopher low

    staff where really nice we dine in today till 9.30 only to find out that they actually close at 9

  177. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Zan Win

    Fancy bullet trains serving your sushi ?
    Order with your phone and speedy trains serve your food.
    The food? It hold up the Genki quality. …

  178. Avatar photo
    Angela Y

    My kids loved their Chawan mushi and chewy udon. The new cheese mochi was nice too.

    The salmon sashimi is fresh still like before.

    Advice: Fried salmon skin – don’t order it’s like overly fried and really nothing much to eat into.

  179. Avatar photo
    Lian Jye Su

    Not sure what’s with all the bad reviews. Personally I find the sushi offered here are quite standard, with a few surprises. Would recommend to avoid the salmon miso soup and all rolls, but the rest are quite tasty. All items under Dai Man Zoku and Gunkan are well prepared. With the current pandemic, the in-store train delivery service is much appreciated and deserves to be adopted by more F&B vendors.

  180. Avatar photo
    Laura Alicia

    Always been a fan of genki sushi, they are reasonably priced, have decent variations to select from and taste great! We tried the seasonal calbee×genki sushi and enjoyed the shrimp with calbee chips – something you can for if you want some nice crunch!

  181. Avatar photo
    Gek Chuan Wan

    Food is still great, but terrible wasabi. Perhaps due to Covid, they’ve changed the wasabi to individually packed wasabi. My partner and I are wasabi lovers, and the wasabi taste really ruins the experience. The Mentaiko Fries are terribly small portion compared to the many times we ordered from their other outlets.

  182. Avatar photo
    Zo Be

    Nice, efficient sushi place. Cannot go wrong with salmon sashimi.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sergey Kushnarev

    Floor has been consistently sticky here for a year.

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