Review Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review Forum The Shopping Mall in Singapore

“Quieter side if Orchard but place to meet for food ir coffee. Jade Palace LINO Coffee Bean Mcdonald . Very clean and conducive” or “Forum is a small mall that has a few cafes, boutiques and others. It’s located beside voco Orchard Singapore.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Forum The Shopping Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Forum The Shopping Mall is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Forum The Shopping Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Forum The Shopping Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67322469 (+65 67322469)
  • Website:
  • Address: 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore
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You can directly come to 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

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“I like to have breakfast on Sunday at basement 1. Noddle and coffee”

“Great, clean, mantained properly managed place. A must visit.”

“My friends have recommended Arium Clinic to me and I am glad I listened. Very happy of the results! Definitely will recommend to my friend !”

“Forum - one of the favourite shopping malls by local and expatriates during Singapore Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)”

“Family friendly with comfortable seats in restaurants, toys to look at in many shops for kids”

“Excellent mall for kids. Enrichment classes, shop for kids and of cos toy r us”

“Amazing 2018 Christmas decoration! Whole mall is clean and organize …”

“Escalators are all having maintenance. Retails are more on high end fashion and luxury goods, and some learning centers for children, with some food and coffee joints.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 251 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 67% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Forum The Shopping Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 251 reviews

3.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Lee Seng Huei

    A bit of a quiet mall. But there is toys r us!

  2. Avatar photo
    Yu Kean Lai

    Went for lunch with my lovely friend. Surprisingly the McDonald’s outlet not crowded at 1pm. Feel comfortable at the shop with a helpful assistant clearing out the trays.

  3. Avatar photo
    O. Banjo

    Standard mall with all the popular international retailers. Several malls close by so you can get pretty much everything you need within a walking distance

  4. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Mukherjee

    Beautiful mall meant for kids, kids toys, bookstore, garments, kid themed restaurant and a salon….

  5. Avatar photo
    JUwel T

    Kid friendly mall with high-end boutiques. The Chinese restaurant at the basement is good.

  6. Avatar photo
    Bryan Nguyen

    A good mall in the heart of Orchard Road, which is more kid oriented. With indoor playground for kid (required membership that cost SGD $25 as of Dec 2017). Definitely a good place for family with kids in Orchard

  7. Avatar photo
    AIDIL Johari

    Long time never visit this mall. Not sure what store have inside. Previously forum have the biggest toys r us.

  8. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Saeed

    Mall near Western end of Orchard road. There is Jamie’s Italian restaurant at the front and when you walk downstairs from the staircase in front there is a Mac cafe

  9. Avatar photo
    Arash Haseli

    Our hotel was at the beginning of Orchard Street and near the Forum Shopping Center. That’s why we came here several times. At the entrance of the shopping center is the Shiraz Restaurant, which has a very tasty barbecue. And as for the mall itself is a family-oriented mall that boasts a unique mix of stores and eateries and it is a mere 5-minute walk away from Orchard MRT station, it is home to over 60 specialty stores catering to the needs of sophisticated shoppers and families with young children, the mall offers a wide selection of fashion wear, F&B outlets, educational centres, and paediatric clinic. Fashion savvy shoppers can choose from international designer labels such as CK.
    After a day of shopping, shoppers can satisfy their appetite with the mall’s cafes and restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian, Uma Uma Ramen, and The Benjamin.

  10. Avatar photo
    Teo Desmond (Desmond Sean Teo)

    Amazing 2018 Christmas decoration!
    Whole mall is clean and organize ️ …

  11. Avatar photo
    Theo P

    For your little ones, nice place to just be there and hey Toys R us is here!

  12. Avatar photo
    Aishwarya Shivdasani

    Jade Palace is my favourite Chinese restaurant and has one of the best wine lists

  13. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafizd

    If you want to go to toys r us with fewer people, then come to the Forum branch. The whole building has fewer people compared to other buildings in Orchard road. The Mcdonalds here is also very relaxing.

  14. Avatar photo
    Betty Fuwee

    This mall is too far from the train station and there is not much shops. I only go there because of my favourite Japanese restaurant.

  15. Avatar photo
    Wii L

    A mall for high-end brands for children and kids. Parents would love being able to get everything under one roof for their children, while the kids will love the Toy’R’us! I ate at Jamie’s Italian on the first floor and will recommend it.

  16. Avatar photo

    Forum The Shopping Mall is strategically located in Orchard.

    It’s a quieter place in Orchard if you like to avoid the crowds.

    It has a variety of boutiques, cafes as well as music schools.

    There’s also outdoor pop up stores along the exterior of Forum.

    Some of the cafes have outdoor sittings as well.

    The taxi pick up point is located at the back of the shopping mall.

  17. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tan

    Good shopping mall for kids and a new wine shop recently opened in the basement. Great cocktails at horse’s mouth and ramen at uma uma ramen. Check them out!

  18. Avatar photo

    Many shops for children items, there is a 24hrs Mac and 24hrs cafe. love it.

  19. Avatar photo
    Nam Hung Tran

    Ideal place for family with kids. Lots of toy shops and child education centre. Quite small and no food court though, and only McDonald’s for affordable meal.

  20. Avatar photo
    Jude Lee

    Not many restaurants and shops. More for enrichment classes and a big toys r us and Jamie Oliver’s kitchen. However, now that toys r us USA is bankrupt, I don’t know the fate of Spore’s toys r us. Forum has been around since I was a teenager, so it’s an old mall. Still quite well maintained. McDonalds and coffee bean has been around since the late 90s

  21. Avatar photo
    L SY

    Family friendly with comfortable seats in restaurants, toys to look at in many shops for kids

  22. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Cute Landmark hotel in the midst of vibrant Orchard Road now a shopping mall. Plenty of sight seeing dinning shopping. Friendly cosy ambience for romantic intimates tourists & families.

  23. Avatar photo
    Lester Tang

    Quaint mall with Toys R Us. Not much of a shopping experience here unless you know exactly what you are looking for and you have a purpose coming here. Lots of schools here. Good Restaurants residing in this mall you can check out. Wouldn’t recommend Jamie’s Restaurant here. You’ll get bad service.

  24. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Zie

    Big and spacious mall. Quite a number of shops selling kids attire

  25. Avatar photo
    Hannif Khoo

    A place with lots of kids activities. A great dessert Cafe, a Chinese restaurant, 2 nice Japanese restaurants, Italian restaurant and a restaurant serving Western food.

  26. Avatar photo
    emily ho

    Good food. Must try the 4×3 grid platter and Dreamcatcher with Rum. The flying noodles is just so-so but noodle is nice by itself. Be prepared to spend at least 3 digits if you are going there with a date or a group.

  27. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Singh

    Loved the Xmas Show for the kids

  28. Avatar photo
    Claire Tong

    A bit old. Just a place to get essentials.

  29. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Lau

    Restaurants are generally expensive here. Also it is inconvenient for shoppers to access the mall as most of the doors are locked. Good thing is that there is McDonald’s here.

    Update 19 Jun 2020: I do not like the arrangement that exit and entrance is at a separate location. Personally I prefer to be able to exit from the main entrance as it is more convenient. It also doesn’t make sense that the side entrance is for exit only, as people who come by taxi, private hire vehicle or own transport would alight there, since it is not convenient to stop by the main road. If both points allow entry and exit, it will be more convenient for shoppers.

  30. Avatar photo

    Very inaccessible, and they only have 1 escalator which is all the way to the other end of the mall? And their level 2 looks like level 1 lmao the floor numbering is confusing

  31. Avatar photo
    Subramaniam Thirumeni

    Wonderful place to get stuff for kids… Clothes, toys, educational toys, etc. Not crowded or noisy.

  32. Avatar photo
    Srd G Bains

    Except super nature organic food market… I don’t see much .
    Kind Kobe’s ice cream available with gluten .
    Rest don’t see any value add just to go to that mall.

  33. Avatar photo
    Spencer Campbell

    I only come to Forum to go to Super Nature supermarket but ended up having lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant there, so makes it worth a visit.

  34. Avatar photo
    Eddie Eddie

    Fair bit of eateries on ground floor and basement. CBTL at ground level is large and has great outdoor seating.

  35. Avatar photo
    brendon tan

    Nothing much. Office towers and quite a few tuition Centers which is pack with kids during the weekend. Parking is expensive. Can give it a miss if you have nothing to purchase.

  36. Avatar photo
    yip mich

    Located along the bustling of Orchard Road, reasonable parking rates at $3.20 per entry on weekends. A few boutique cafes and child education centres. Not the mainstream crowded mall but conducive and peaceful for families and children.

  37. Avatar photo
    Bobby Wan

    Quiet place. Many places to wine and dine…

  38. Avatar photo

    Decent shopping mall, great Christmas decor.

  39. Avatar photo
    Md Imam


  40. Avatar photo
    chandana kulasingha

    Slow place with less human traffic. Had lunch at the B1 McDonald’s and the staff were very very friendly
    If you want to park, park at the public parking whine the four seasons hotel which is cheaper than the shopping centres

  41. Avatar photo
    Mae Ng

    Nice restaurants here

  42. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    Forum Galleria is a shopping mall near the the hardrock cafe.
    There is a french cuisine restaurant call Cosmo Wine Bar at #01-22 . It sells classic french cuisine like Foie Gras or goose liver as an apetizer at $20.
    Its a new start up. Weekdays are not crowded.
    Its light meal not a heavy meal.
    Prices are premium.
    Wines are from $150/bottle onwards.

    Napolean french restaurant is at 206 Telor Ayer Street not at Forum Galleria.
    House pour is $6/ glass as the french owner imported from her own vineyard on France.

  43. Avatar photo
    Nabeel Jahangir

    Mainly liked the place for the library and the toy shop…

  44. Avatar photo
    Yi Ming Teo

    Good place for family shopping but not for the price sensitive consumers

  45. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Big Toys ‘r’ Us upstairs and couple of kids tuition outlets. Has a McDonald’s, California Pizza place, Japanese eatery, coffee place, an organic supermarket in the basement, money changer, remote control cars/planes/model shop, Chinese restaurant, and house the 2nd Jamie Oliver’s Italian outlet (first one is at Vivocity). Also next to Hard Rock Cafe, HIlton Hotel and directly opposite Orchard Towers.

    Not much to shop, if you ask me…

  46. Avatar photo
    SP K

    Shopping mall. Food, clothes… More for kids. Kids classes…There is a big toy shop inside the mall, toys r us.

  47. Avatar photo
    L.J Tan

    Fading mall on Tanglin Road. Most visitors have a store in mind when visiting. Not a great place for exploring.

  48. Avatar photo
    yusmin candra

    I like to have breakfast on Sunday at basement 1. Noddle and coffee

  49. Avatar photo
    Travel Lounge

    Good shopping and food options and It’s a nice place to chill around.

  50. Avatar photo
    Jay Sibel

    Quiet, older and small. But a comfortable place to shop if the stores have what you are looking for.

  51. Avatar photo
    Grace Seah

    Only 1 miserable lift (small) yet there are many shops specialising on young children… if you bring a stroller be prepared to wait for a relatively Long time for the lift.

  52. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    Nice shopping mall with many young children enrichment classes available at the mall.

  53. Avatar photo
    Amelia Goh

    Went there for a singing class, the food of course was amazing! There weren’t much noise and all the shops i needed was there!

  54. Avatar photo
    David Chang

    Very quiet. Had a good lunch at Jade. Very tasty claypot rice though exp.

  55. Avatar photo
    Varun Sharma Sekar

    Good mall. Especially for kids. All the shop’s are targeted for kids

  56. Avatar photo
    deddy nursalim

    We decided to try the uma uma ramen today, so we went to the forum that were close, we ordered the uma uma ramen and the spicy ramen,

    For the taste, to be honest, its not what i expected, flavor is just so so for the soup, and the noodle is very average, the slice pork is not very flavouful.

    For the price, its a bit expensive for a bowl of ramen for its level, about 17 sgd per bowl.

    Well, maybe its just me that rate this ramen as ‘ not good ‘. I hope everyone else have a good eating experience.

    But hey, who am i to judge, just come buy and taste one bowl of their ramen.

  57. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Quiet shopping mall for the Tai-Tai. Good place to get a sit down dinner.

  58. Avatar photo
    Roman Kogalin

    Ok place

  59. Avatar photo
    T Mok

    Many shops have closed down

  60. Avatar photo
    San Lee

    Nothing much interesting here, except for the secret bar located at the basement. Tip: look for the horse’s mouth japanese bar here. Enter through the ramen shop and you will find yourself in another world.

  61. Avatar photo
    Eu Spries

    It’s a cozy place. And there’s a lot of shops you can choose from.

  62. Avatar photo
    Giorgio M

    One of the smaller malls in the area, a little bit more kid focused due to the playground inside. The shops are the usual international brands, usually the ones that are a little bit cheaper compared to the fancier malls around. Decent place in itself, but you can find better within walking distance.

  63. Avatar photo
    Victoria Cruz

    Its a place you go to if you have kids

  64. Avatar photo

    A bit bland mall.

    Jamie’s is always great food, albeit pricey.
    Kid’s book shop on 2nd level is really neat, lots of books that are really nice but not-so-mainstreamy, i.e. can’t find many of them at Times/Popular. What you *can* find in other shops will probably be more expensive in this shop, though.

  65. Avatar photo
    Yee Ching

    Quite small and caters mostly to family oriented shoppers

  66. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ty

    Says that they close at 10pm on google but they actually close at 9++pm. Mall is still open before 10 but everything is closed.

  67. Avatar photo

    Good place for shopping, would get almost everything what basic needs you want. There is cinema hall. And fun arena

  68. Avatar photo
    Suguru Osako

    One of the oldest mall in Orchard Road. Barely staying relevant. They really need a revamp.

  69. Avatar photo
    Pastel colours

    Alot of shops cathered for children:
    there is Toys R Us, children clothings and a play place with filled with sand and a playground indoors within a unit

  70. Avatar photo
    Jake Jenkins

    Nice classic shopping mall

  71. Avatar photo
    Jenny Pyne

    Best camera shop on first floor, the owner had been there 30 years. Gave us great discount

  72. Avatar photo

    Top restuarant food available here. There’s a new cook who cooks pretty well which tastes great. Hope he’s there for good.

  73. Avatar photo
    Zelda Xie

    Quite difficult to find this place Quiet, not many people.

  74. Avatar photo
    P.C. Soo

    Not much things worth shopping around. Rather quiet on weekdays. Prices are on the high side to cater for tourists!

  75. Avatar photo
    James Pang

    Quieter side if Orchard but place to meet for food ir coffee. Jade Palace LINO Coffee Bean Mcdonald . Very clean and conducive

  76. Avatar photo
    Henri Henderson

    Not the most exciting mall. Serves some specific purposes for kids and families.

  77. Avatar photo
    Ashok Sankaran

    One of the older malls located on Orchard road so not as glitzy as the newer places. Has one of the lowest parking rates after 6pm o the Orchard road stretch. Has a couple of coffee shops and is opposite Orchard towers

  78. Avatar photo
    mosen abulgar

    Very nice location. The design is unique.
    Not many stores there.
    Very clean as well.
    Macdonald is recommended there.

    #Singapore shopping spots
    #easy shopping in Singapore.
    #mosen Bulgar

  79. Avatar photo
    Mommy ed Tilos

    I went to Super Nature to get some stuff which is mostly of there products is organic and glutten-free….It is located in the basement if Forum The Shopping Mall.

  80. Avatar photo
    Mark Phil

    Old Mall
    People with children frequents this place for a Toy store and Music Center.

  81. Avatar photo
    Nari Lulla

    It was a big draw for shoppers but since ION and Takashimaya became prominent with wide F&B Forum has lost its shine as a visit and shopping place. Nothing distinct to draw traffic. Just some fast food places.

    Needs a revamp of the facade and tenants’ mix. Probably doing well in office occupancy. Tenants desire more space so best keep shopping minimised

  82. Avatar photo
    Ice Qu

    You know, it is all right over here. A clustery-feeling mall with some shops that include some food and beverage offerings, gifts, clothing, etc. I like how it is sort of a roundabout so you don’t get lost. Just remember what store you saw when you came in and it’ll be there for you after you walk around browsing. Shopkeepers here are thankfully not aggressive either, despite all the tourists swarming from time to time. A pretty good place, just not huge.

  83. Avatar photo
    Xiu Ling Lim

    The place to go to if you are looking for a quiet place in town with not as much crowd as other malls in Orchard. The main attraction there is likely the Toys “R” Us and enrichment centres. On weekends, you can see parents sending their children for classes there. Lifts may take a long time.

  84. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Long

    Little niche sort of place .. parking not good if you are there during the peak periods as you can wait a while before you get into the carpark. They are currently upgrading their lift as at end dec 2017 likely done by mid year 2018 if i am correct. It is terrible wait for the lifts. There are many enrichment centers there which adds to the carpark and lift woes. Food is great many varieties from fast food to chinese reataurant. Shopping not so much ex ept for toy r us which has one of the biggest outlets here at the forum.

  85. Avatar photo
    Aivey Peh

    Nice and quiet mall with many niche shops. Toys”R”Us in this mall is not crowded and a nice place to shop.

  86. Avatar photo
    Samad Arshad

    It’s a mall for kids especially….from McDonald’s to indoor playground and famous kids brand clothing…

  87. Avatar photo
    Tan Qiu Chun Alan

    A mall that focus on quality stuffs for kids! great clothes, toys and learning.

  88. Avatar photo
    Joshua McAllister

    A good place to shop and eat albeit being rather aging and small compared to most of other malls in Singapore.

  89. Avatar photo
    Jamil Malakan


  90. Avatar photo
    Constance Penka

    This mall is enormous and hotels are attached to it. It’s expensive but this is the place to get high end brands. All of your shopping spree needs can be fulfilled here with good food selections you choose from when you’ve spent all your energy.

  91. Avatar photo

    Escalators are currently down but fear not, business as usual, only two lifts, hope they run well till escalators are done with repairs or else good luck taking your child to piano lessons and toysrus

  92. Avatar photo
    PY Lee

    Very expensive place for F&B. Quiet when I visted 2 weeks ago. Mainly expat families. No tourists or locals. Vegan ice cream store…average and expensive. Fruit juice store $10 for a small bottle. Nice place for quietness and aircon. And for a lot of maids to hang out while with their employers’ kids.

  93. Avatar photo
    violet Chan

    My friends have recommended Arium Clinic to me and I am glad I listened. Very happy of the results!
    Definitely will recommend to my friend !

  94. Avatar photo

    Numerous restaurants, cafe and foodcourt but alittle pricey cater for so-claimed high end professional and their family. Within walking distance opposite this mall’s has a budget basement foodcourt for working class although food prices alittle high but still affordable with many local foods.

  95. Avatar photo
    Gargantuan GARY

    Good spot to catch vehicles as there is a spot for people to rest their feet.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ms. Suchi

    I visited Brown and Butter Cafe, it was good. It is at level 1.

    Rest of the mall was quiet.

    Toilets are with broken sinks.

  97. Avatar photo
    charmaine Chua

    Not much thing to shop, abit boring to me.

  98. Avatar photo
    nigel ong

    best mall for kids, quiet place to chill

  99. Avatar photo

    Not crowded very comfortable shopping time…. …

  100. Avatar photo
    Tori P

    Shop til you drop.

  101. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Going nearby places and decided to park here. Wasn’t many slots left on my visit on the weekend. Sunday might be more crowded since parking is per entry at $3.20.

    Not that easy to go out for prams if parked at B3 parking since there is no lift directly to level 1 or 3 (toy r us level). There is one lift which served B2 to upper level but a bit slow.

  102. Avatar photo
    Divyanshu Mahajan

    One of the first and oldest malls, yet it’s maintained it’s status with good array of shopping, food and entertainment avenues. The PVR is the best screen in my opinion and with IMAX and 4DX options it makes it a must for cinephiles.

  103. Avatar photo

    How does one distinguish one mall from another if retail therapy is not your priority ? Well , they all look the same and feel the same to this reviewer. No offence meant , but a mall is a mall is a mall !

  104. Avatar photo
    Asad Norouzi

    It’s a rather small but nice shopping mall.

  105. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    Great mall for family. Toy shop on the top floor, but not many restaurants here. McDonalds in the basement, and Jamie Olivers on the ground floor, and more.

  106. Avatar photo
    anwar alzalzalah

    Passed by real quick at a restaurant. Seems like a small sensible area for some quite shopping.

  107. Avatar photo
    EG Brothers in Singapore

    Cozy ambiance in California Pizza Kitchen. If you need a place to have a short meeting or discussion. You may visit the place and at the same time enjoy the savour of their Pizza and the rest of the menu. Thin crust is yum yum to the max.

  108. Avatar photo

    A last minute drop in – and was rewarded with one of the best dining experience this part of town. Service was tops – attentive and caring for this 68 years old man with a knee problem.

    Was shown a window seat without having to ask. My favourite. Service staffs obliging. And of course the food is o la la. Authentic Italian. Coffee is good. But you should order tea in a heavy pot like my female companion.

    Will go again. Jamie’s at The Forum

  109. Avatar photo
    Joanne Caldwell

    A middle-of-the-range mall on the quiet end of the shopping belt, it has a few restaurants, a Cold Storage supermarket. Toys R Us used to the draw here. It looks a like mummy mall as many children around.

  110. Avatar photo
    Sophia Ng (SF)

    Visit office unit on top of Forum shopping mall from time to time, not too crowded but the shops are rather consistent including restaurants, branded outlets for fashion and toys etc.

  111. Avatar photo
    Chaur Jyh Tan

    Limited food options available and limited resting places for parents who are waiting for their children to finish their classes.

  112. Avatar photo

    A mall with its own identity – unlike many other malls which have more or less the same tenants. The 1st flagship Toys R Us is here, although now they occupy only half a floor. Aureus Academy is a comprehensive music academy. At Forum you can find things like ballet, jazz, taekwondo, bookstore for kids, child care n enrichment. Many might not know at their office block, they have beauty (do Yr facial or massage here!), enrichment for gifted and talented kids, kumon, dentist, yoga, pilates, chiropractic etc etc! Do explore both retail and office block if you hv a chance. Some good restaurants here too!

  113. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Safwan Naqi

    Excellent place to shop for kids’ apparel and toys. Most shops are a bit high end, so tend to be expensive. Huge “Toys R Us” and “Stride Rite” stores. Jamie’s Italian restaurant on Level 1.

  114. Avatar photo
    AK Seow

    Great for kids im midst of shopping paradise – childcare, toys’rus, Macs, piano lesson, kids hairstylist…

  115. Avatar photo
    Ang Eng Yeow

    Excellent mall for kids. Enrichment classes, shop for kids and of cos toy r us

  116. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Choo

    Although this shopping mall has been around for decades, the shops and restaurants had been refreshed.

  117. Avatar photo
    Christopher Chiam

    Family friendly mall with our favourite children’s salon. Although there aren’t many family friendly restaurants.

  118. Avatar photo
    Eileen Koh

    Always come here to buy supplies and bring my kids as well. Shops are unique and have plenty of varieties.

  119. Avatar photo
    Omar Solaija

    I was in Singapore for work and pretty much all the locals suggested this as the top place to visit for shopping. Multiple levels of shops under ground. A little difficult to navigate but a great experience.

  120. Avatar photo
    Chandra Purnayuda

    An old mall with not much to look at, but always goes here for Bao bao and Toys’R’Us

  121. Avatar photo
    Surya Devan E

    Transit food court
    (much of the money has been spent there)

    Tommy Hilfiger
    Denims & miscellaneous shirts and material to work with.

    Supportive footwear in a rush store, incorrect sizing.

    Driving shoes after programming a near faulty meter.

    An awkward evening outing, much like a what is expected for a precocious young girl. I’m guessing…

  122. Avatar photo
    Padmashree R

    Supernature has been moved to forum mall now. They also have amazing pizza spots and pastries!

  123. Avatar photo
    JJ Z

    Lots of kids related shops in there, their focus is children related products and services. Playground, garment, toys r us, hair cut and etc. There’re restaurants available.

  124. Avatar photo
    Wanbing zhang

    Learning center, …

  125. Avatar photo
    galih ratri

    I go to this mall, to find super food at super natural shop inside the mall. The shop almost has complete items, but a little bit pricey.

  126. Avatar photo

    Love the Toys R Us here. But other than that, nothing much to shop here really. Time to upgrade!

  127. Avatar photo
    Fiona Liew

    Not many people in the mall but restaurants were all full

  128. Avatar photo
    Yu De Lim

    A few kids apparel shops and a Toys R’ Us on the upper floor. Mcdonalds at B1 with a few spots to rest for the parents.

  129. Avatar photo
    Dave Lommen

    The place looks a bit run down on the outside. Most shops appear fine.

  130. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Teh

    Nice cosy mall….quite a number of nice makan place….with the anchor tenant of toys r us. I was like grow up with this mall.

  131. Avatar photo
    Misha Graboi

    Cute, kid-family oriented mall on Orchard road. Massive toys-r-us on the top floor.

  132. Avatar photo
    Samantha Cheng

    Great mall for kids, a whole floor dedicated to kids shops/activities, another floor with Toys R Us and another floor with schools – Julia Gabriel and Chiltern House.

    Pretty convenient, located at the start of Orchard Road, so the hustle and bustle is still controllable and manageable. Great options for food too, though they are either slightly pricey or fast food.

    Two 24 hour shops – Coffee Bean and Macdonalds, if you ever have a late night hunger pang.

    Also filled with a lot of designer shops – even for little kids – Kids 21, a little excessive and pricey, but you’ll find them all here

  133. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Opened in 1986, Forum The Shopping Mall is an old mall but with a fair number of good eateries like Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant, LINO, and Social Place, and a 24-hour Coffee Bean and McDonald’s.

    Now regarded as the quieter side of Orchard, many believe the mall is awaiting redevelopment as the owner owns several adjoining plots. Washrooms and common facilities are dated but its a good place to meet as its just located outside the ERP gates

  134. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Opened in 1986, Forum The Shopping Mall is an old mall but with a fair number of good eateries like Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant, LINO, and Social Place, and a 24-hour Coffee Bean and McDonald’s.

    Now regarded as the quieter side of Orchard, many believe the mall is awaiting redevelopment as the owner owns several adjoining plots. Washrooms and common facilities are dated but its a good place to meet as its just located outside the ERP gates

  135. Avatar photo

    One of the more dated shopping malls in Orchard. Doesn’t have the exciting new stuffs or high end stuffs. Most young people don’t even know that it exists

  136. Avatar photo
    Averill Yang

    The mall seems a little isolated to me in a sense, however the stores there are nice

  137. Avatar photo
    Renaud Wicky

    Toys’r’us all 4th floor and mall for kids cloths and games. also can leave your kids in day care. famous Jamie’s kitchen ITALIAN on main floor

  138. Avatar photo
    Lee Soon Guan

    Mostly children stuff sold at this shopping mall. Jamie’s restaurant is located here too. Toys R us is here too.

  139. Avatar photo
    Sunny Heng Zhi Qiang

    love this place. great waiting place in nice cafes there while waiting my dd when she is having her enrichment classes. this is life for parents.

  140. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lo

    I come here for children’s books, kids haircuts, and to travel back to the early 90s when malls like this might’ve have been passable.

    Some of the shops (and their proprietors) are lovely to visit, but I suspect the narrow band of offerings and condition of the mall means it’s owners don’t see a point in it beyond the next few years? Just a guess…

  141. Avatar photo
    Sean Seah

    Not many shops. Main tenant would be a Toys r Us occupying the top floor.

  142. Avatar photo
    Louis Loo

    Alot of resturant and children related shops. T r Rus is there too.

  143. Avatar photo
    RealSpace SG

    Forum – one of the favourite shopping malls by local and expatriates during Singapore Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

  144. Avatar photo
    Maurice 龍的传人 Yee

    This is a small shopping mall at orchard, opposite orchard Tower. We hardly go to this mall, but it has a few restaurants and cafes, especially if you like coffee bean franchise cafe, like in the old days . I don’t think there are any retail shops here, but it’s nice to meet up for kopi, if you prefer not so crowded shopping mall. We went there for dinner, so it has a few restaurants there.
    eating and drinking kopi ️

  145. Avatar photo

    Nice, quiet place with niche shops. Good if you are trying to go for less commercial stuff and the regular eats. There’s a shop located at the basement selling vegan and kosher food items. Has more choices than the organic sections in most supermarkets including marketplace. A good find therefore.

  146. Avatar photo
    Anna Soo

    The place is a little inconvenient esp for those that drive. The lifts are slow and not upgraded. Shops in the mall are interesting though, with trendy boutiques high street wear. There are some unique restaurants with nice ambience to try as well.

  147. Avatar photo
    Prathima Kharvi

    Good place to shop, kid friendly with nursing room, vegan ice cream shop, supermarket etc.

  148. Avatar photo
    Pau Sou

    An old shopping centre and is more in enrichment classes for children. There are still few shops that I like. Some good restaurants are available.

  149. Avatar photo

    Sandy Dandy awesome sand play for kids

  150. Avatar photo
    Shazni Shoffie

    Family friendly mall. Not much if you’re without children.

  151. Avatar photo
    Wee Gim Hong (Nbss)

    I like the quiet environment it have here as usually I do not like people staring at me. Not crowded! I like the food here, (eg. McDonalds, Kind Kones). However, the bad thing is that I really disliked the restroom it have there. Maybe they should renovate it to make the restroom more cleaning and a bit more spacious.️

  152. Avatar photo
    admen Lim

    Many Children shop with toy a rus

  153. Avatar photo
    Kane Han

    Although the outside exterior isnt that great, the inside interior is actually quite well maintained! Quite a decent mall

  154. Avatar photo
    shady hozayen

    Forum mall has good variety of shops but a bit expensive. Good shops r mothercare, toys r us . cheap eating is MacDonald and other expensive restaurant.

  155. Avatar photo
    Lau Suan Hai

    One of the least crowded shopping centre along the Orchard Road Tourist belt . Have lots of shop that cater for children and their interest .

  156. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Lokman

    Was just having breakfast at Coffee beans and Tea Lives. Nice place but not much to do there.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wannakoonz79 Lim-Lee

    Nice lots of shops to shop at.

  158. Avatar photo
    vivek thakkar

    Good place to shop for kids. Limited food options but being in orchard food options around are plenty

  159. Avatar photo
    likkhian yeo

    Old shopping mall most famous for having a toysrus. Not many people go there in the day now, except for the MacDonald’s serving the drunk people of the night.

  160. Avatar photo
    Christina Yeo

    I always visited the coffee bean because the service staffs was very friendly, the places here also seem to be clean and chilling.

  161. Avatar photo
    Den Ver

    Nice place. Nothing much to shop here. Quiet, kinda boring mall. Kids might enjoy more here.

  162. Avatar photo
    Tejasri Gopi


  163. Avatar photo
    Raymond SG

    Have a big toy shop at top floor R and…always fly toy for my grand children there

  164. Avatar photo
    Garett Lee

    The only mall on glitzy Orchard Road that primes itself as the go-to place for children’s branded apparel and enrichment service providers, Forum has a large Toys R’Us store at the top level, and with leading preschool enrichment provider, Julia Gabriel also making its presence felt. At the basement, long time well-known upscale Chinese restaurant, Jade Palace sees its regulars flocking on weekends to celebrate family dinners and the like.

  165. Avatar photo
    CC Liu

    Visit the mall every weekend for kids classes. Overall not very well maintained and lots of mosquito inside the mall, car park and drop-off lobby.

  166. Avatar photo
    Nancy Yeo

    Very quiet mall. Restaurants close very early …by about 9.30 pm, the whole mall is asleep.

  167. Avatar photo
    Gail Abbett

    Every time we come visite as a tourist we found this mall to be nice and clean, It has many good restaurants . I love it

  168. Avatar photo
    Hiral Patel

    Standard mall, good location but not many relevant retailers in the mall.

  169. Avatar photo
    Elle D

    I enjoyed this air conditioned mall on a hot day. The food choices were good and lots of things to see while visiting.

  170. Avatar photo
    Gavin Tan

    The main Toys R Us is here. Great hair salon for kids too. Jamie Oliver restaurant happens to be here. Great place to park on Sundays, with per entry charges. Shops are not that many, with most closing early at times.

  171. Avatar photo
    Hao Xigang

    Most of Shops are related to kids such as kids schools, toy stores and etc..

  172. Avatar photo
    Tok Pearl

    Visited Social Place Singapore, a Restaurant which served contemporary Chinese Cuisine.
    Never expect to see the sweet and sour pork served on ice cubes with honeydew balls, the effect of dried ice also made the dish well presented. Love the crispy charcoal tou fu, its very tender. The charcoal custard bun , spicy sichuan chicken ( Eggs that simple), chicken cube was fried till golden and crisp. The egg yolks were mango jelly. Roasted Quali was tasty. Seafood crackling rice soup was flavourful. A must try recommendation is the dessert: Majong jelly and small pig pudding, it’s so adorable that you may not want to eat it.

  173. Avatar photo
    James S

    Small mall. Popular with parents with toddlers. Lots of shops for toddlers. Not much things to eat though. The office floors above the mall full of enrichment centers, e.g. kumon, speech therapy, english reading writing, etc.

  174. Avatar photo


  175. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    This mall may be considered old in context of how the other shopping malls along Orchard belt has changed and been refurbished. Still it caters to a loyal crowd of people who frequents the place for its eateries, especially the Chinese restaurant within, anchor tenant Toys’R’Us as well as a proliferation of baby / infant care stores and other children enrichment centres.

  176. Avatar photo
    Amar Deshmukh

    Good mall in Singapore. Having lot’s of good brands for shopping. You can spend entire day here easily

  177. Avatar photo
    Timothy Teo

    Family oriented mall. If you need a quite place to hangout and reflect in town area this would be good

  178. Avatar photo
    Goh B B

    Very expensive parking although mall is minimalistic

  179. Avatar photo
    Richard Lim

    It is a mall mostly for kids shop but still had some eating place that can had a bite.

  180. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Good mix of food but the shops here appeal more to expatriate rather than locals.

  181. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tng

    Jade Palace is a good restaurant for Cantonese food dining. Reservation highly recommended

  182. Avatar photo
    Casandra Ong

    Limited shops. Mostly piano schools and ToysRUs. Dbs and citibank atms available there.

  183. Avatar photo
    Li Hsing Goh

    Love this mall, not so busy like the rest of orchard road yet they have some of the healthiest and most delicious eateries here. Kind kones for superb vegan ice cream (I’m not vegan but this works for me).

  184. Avatar photo
    CW K

    A mall for kids and family with shops targeting families e.g. Clothes for kids, children play area, big Toys R Us, The Little Gym, and preschools like Julia Gabriel and Chiltern House. Food choices are limited with a few good restaurants for Chinese, Pizza, Italian and MacDonalds. A place if you have something in mind, else nothing much to do.

  185. Avatar photo
    suruchi thapar

    Best for kids. Lots of things to do with kids including toys r us. Mother care, Nicholas bear, kidz station. Good mall to spend time with kids

  186. Avatar photo
    Richard Poulin III

    There is a lot here. Their elevator for the business office side can quickly become crowded which is annoying.

  187. Avatar photo
    Lennie Lee

    Limited food range but good for kids toys and clothing

  188. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Location not central & accessible by MRT. Visit by cars or taxis

  189. Avatar photo
    Hardeep Sharma

    Another very nice, air conditioned shopping centre with a wide range of shops on multiple floors

  190. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ng

    The place is good for kids and you can find any items you need for your kids

  191. Avatar photo
    Bernie Low

    It’s a regular shopping mall with numbers of shops available. It is very kid friendly, my kids love the toy store Toys R Us so much. I noticed they have young children enrichment classes too. Will check it out next time.

  192. Avatar photo
    Anuj Doshi

    One of the good mall. Very convenient and has good selection of shops

  193. Avatar photo
    Maurice 龍的传人 Yee

    This is a small shopping mall at orchard, opposite orchard Tower. We hardly go to this mall, but it has a few restaurants and cafes, especially if you like coffee bean franchise cafe, like in the old days . I don’t think there are any retail shops here, but it’s nice to meet up for kopi, if you prefer not so crowded shopping mall. We went there for dinner, so it has a few restaurants there.
    eating and drinking kopi ️

  194. Avatar photo
    Doriss L

    A small shopping mall. Most cheapest parking in orchard road that can find on Sunday for whole day per entry

  195. Avatar photo
    Joanna O

    Not quite the high-end shopping mall you can find at other points on Orchard Road, but this is a nice small with some useful stores. It’s very kid-oriented on the lower level, with toys and a Little Gym among things you can find there. The taxi stand is easy to use, which is nice too.

  196. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    Rather dated mall but positioned for families and kids so still decent. The Toys R Us there is the best in Singapore.

  197. Avatar photo
    Chee Meng Chan

    Popular for families with young children. Has lots of amenities that targets young kids.

  198. Avatar photo
    Aditya Ferdika

    Good mall for kids because at 4 floor there are a toy’r’ush for your kids

  199. Avatar photo
    Mark Zhou

    Quite a small mall and mainly caters to families as there are enrichment centres and children clothing stalls. Some eateries are here with most famous being the jamie oliver Italian kitchen.

  200. Avatar photo
    Zoe L

    They are shop like supernature and one ice cream store that sells ice cream without egg, milk and sugar.

  201. Avatar photo
    Aiman Stark

    Nothing much here in this mall. Not many shops that are interesting to me. The good part is it’s close to other shopping mall on the orchard road. You can window shopping here also if you like it. Quite many people here especially during weekends.

  202. Avatar photo
    Mel CC

    Nice location but the category of the stuff they sell here has not changed for so long. A good retail relevance review is due.

  203. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Forum is a small mall that has a few cafes, boutiques and others. It’s located beside voco Orchard Singapore.

  204. Avatar photo
    Eva Chia

    Great indoor sand playground on the 2nd floor

  205. Avatar photo
    Jude Dr Cruz

    One of the quieter malls as its away from the main shopping area so not much people around unless you are sending your kids for extra curriculum but they have an organic and healthy supermarket at the basement if you are looking for serious healthy eating and living!! Also Jamie’s Italian restaurant is on the ground floor facing towards the main road!!

  206. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Koneru

    This Mall is not located at appropriate place. Vehicles need to take detour of 1 km if one has to enter the mall. There is severe jam infront of raintree and might lead to severe health issues to Malaysian township people owing to the pollution emitted by the slow moving vehicles. If you need to go for a movie at 7pm and you are around 5km from mall then you have to start at 6pm. If you take metro work disruption then the time gets bigger. You cannot have an enjoyment going to the mall or coming out of it. I think it’s presence is causing more pollution and inconvenience which far outweigh the benefits it offers as a mall. Hope some solution comes out.

  207. Avatar photo

    A small mall at a human scale, with a boutique twist to it despite it’s age

  208. Avatar photo
    jayesh shirpurkar

    Great, clean, mantained properly managed place. A must visit.

  209. Avatar photo
    mosen abulgar

    Very nice location. The design is unique.
    Not many stores there.
    Very clean as well.
    Macdonald is recommended there.

    #Singapore shopping spots
    #easy shopping in Singapore.
    #mosen Bulgar

  210. Avatar photo
    Anita Nair

    The whole mall needs an update….entrances are blocked and bathrooms feel like it did back in the 90s! Time for an update!

  211. Avatar photo

    Great mall with amazing shops!

  212. Avatar photo
    Aparna A

    I recently visited this mall and was surprised to find this old-looking mall housing so many great shops for kids’ toys and clothing as well as indoor play areas for kids. The sand play area priced at 20 SGD or so per hour is sure to attract the kids.

    On a Sunday evening, the mall hardly had a few people. Shopping at the huge Toys R Us here turned out to be a leisurely affair with no crowd whatsoever.

  213. Avatar photo
    Milagros Dizon

    Nice xmas tree

  214. Avatar photo
    ST Lim San Teng

    It is always pleasure to visit Tanglin Mall nearing to Christmas as this place will be filled with seasonal Xmas decoration. There is also always something special near the entrance from Holland.

    Sure enough, this year there are two foam machines with Christmas Tree and lightings. Couple with Xmas music and atmosphere is just right to celebrate Christmas.

    You can go for a casual meal or fine dining at Restaurants within the shoppings.

    The supermarket at B2 allow family to have a last minutes visit before the family.

    Take a walk down Orchard Road to feel and experience the lightings decoration from Tangling Mall to Far East Shopping Centre, to ION, to Shaw centres, to Mandarin Hotel, to Orchard Central, to Plaza Singapore, to Raffles City.


  215. Avatar photo
    Qizhong He

    Not many shops left but there is a coffeeshop at level one that sells cheap food. Prawn noodles are good

  216. Avatar photo
    Vamsi Ramakrishnan

    Fantastic for the toy store in level 2

  217. Avatar photo
    Flavia Destro

    Good shops specially for those with children. There’s a large toys ‘r us

  218. Avatar photo
    Aileen Lim

    One of the smaller malls on Orchard Road but still a great place to shop, especially for niche items.

  219. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tanusaputra

    Feedback for improvement
    There is lots of dengue mosquitoes at drop off point areas. There are lots of kids attending enrichment here.
    Further their escalator is broken down for almost 2 years and keep repairing…

  220. Avatar photo

    I think the place is good for child and parents because there have many nice shops and restaurants with nice interior.
    But I don’t recommend the place’s toilet.
    It’s sooooooo dirty
    So if you guys have to go the forum, don’t go toilet i think you can find hilton Singapore toilet or opposite delfi toilet too must remember that

  221. Avatar photo

    A family shopping mall and a nice place to shop and you get lost in the mast building with so much to do. there are many shops an if fashion is you thing then tag along and indulge

  222. Avatar photo
    Johnson Ong

    Nice and quiet place, good restaurants, been there twice for special occasions dinner. Bit old, few interesting shops. Macdonald and Hagen Das open till late.

  223. Avatar photo

    Good shopping mall..

  224. Avatar photo

    Most shops catering to kids and sometimes hard to find parking especially during saturdays

  225. Avatar photo
    MaximYishun Zhulanov

    Food are very delicious in Hana restaurant

  226. Avatar photo
    D Lim

    Forum shopping mall have always been the one of the best places to shop around.

  227. Avatar photo
    Maki M. I.

    ■Nursing Room INFO■
    —I didn’t check whether other floor also have the nursing room

    Amenity:2 chairs & changing boads
    —Separated by curtain
    —Electrical Outlets
    1 wash basin
    Trash box for the diapers

    Comment:Small area, but cute and cozy. Especially their sofa is comfortable and easy to breastfeed.

  228. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    Bye bye toys r us. I came here as a kid to get toys for my birthday. It put a smile on my face. I did once confussed my 2 year old niece by bringing her here and saying you can have 1 toy. It like watching a kid in a candy store. I am indeed gonna miss this place. It holds a special memory. Good memories and help foster a bond with my niece. Thank you so much.

  229. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    It’s good if you have kids and join a member to play at the playground
    There’re some enrichment class and cute apparel shops for kids;)

  230. Avatar photo
    SV Gunalan

    Julia Gabriel school is a great place to pick up acting and drama related training.

  231. Avatar photo
    Keiwee Tay

    Located along the fringe of town, this shopping mall is the place to go for authentic and awesome Japanese cuisine such as soba and ramen

  232. Avatar photo
    Himansu Sahoo

    Is a good mall with lots of shops mostly big brands. I liked the way it is arranged

  233. Avatar photo
    Jerrick Tee

    Good place to hang out near end of the orchard road. You can find EAT noodles and McDonald’s here as well. Quiet too !

  234. Avatar photo
    Marcello Rinaldi

    Perfect playground for babies and kids on level 2, extremely cheap for Singapore (one payment for a full year of enjoyment).

  235. Avatar photo
    Chin Yong

    A little out of the way if you take train to Orchard. But it has a few fashion outlet which are suitable for girls. Good if you want to do shopping peacefully as the mall is not very crowded most of the time.

  236. Avatar photo
    Seb Ong

    Escalators are all having maintenance. Retails are more on high end fashion and luxury goods, and some learning centers for children, with some food and coffee joints.

  237. Avatar photo
    Francis Chen

    The toilets are broken and left unrepaired. The escalators going up from B1 to Level 2 seem to be taking forever to be repaired / replaced. The management does not seem to acknowledge the need for repairs since their tenant mix draws a captive audience of children’s enrichment classes and services.

  238. Avatar photo
    M Sim

    Has toysrus! Who doesn’t love that! Check out the store directory before visiting… Not very much here.. Could skip this unless I want to shop at a particular store

  239. Avatar photo
    Mohan Fernando

    At the corner of Orchard Road this is a smaller. Mall. Has some restaurants and eateries with road frontage. The basement has a bunch of shops focusing on. Nutrition, Organic produce, and general well being.

  240. Avatar photo

    Orchard road with its aura and forum well placed has a great ambiance and shops serve all amenities and spacious. Nice place to roam around and spend the weekends with family and friends…. Good outlets to dine … overall well rated

  241. Avatar photo
    Glenn Ang

    Very quiet mall. Seldom go to this mall due to a lack of big vendor.

  242. Avatar photo
    Regina Cheah

    Great for families. There is an indoor playground which is great for 2 year olds and also has good dining options

  243. Avatar photo

    Family oriented shopping mall with good restaurants and lots of retail for kids.

  244. Avatar photo
    Margaret Ng

    Came regularly for facials but spendings not entitled to rebates as store not considered retail unit being on 11F, disappointed.

  245. Avatar photo

    Forum The Shopping Mall at Orchard Road, Singapore , you can choice so many brand in shopping Mall .

  246. Avatar photo
    Farhan Qarisyma

    Other than mcdonalds n coffeebeans, you have Toys R u at the top floor

  247. Avatar photo
    Francis Tabin

    Pretty good, small and clean. Although there are other malls close by that make it look less nice.

  248. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tong

    A middle-of-the-range mall on the quiet end of the shopping belt, it has a few restaurants, a Cold Storage supermarket. Toys R Us used to the draw here.

  249. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    Old mall at the beginning of orchard which focuses mainly on children’s products and the largest Toys’R’Us in Singapore

  250. Avatar photo

    One of the smaller and older malls in the orchard area. Nothing exciting. Right beside Hilton Singapore.

  251. Avatar photo
    sheetal prabhu

    Small and convenient family mall. Toys r us , family hair salons , restaurants and cafes.

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