Review Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill, 2 Duxton Hill, Singapore

Review Flor Ptisserie  Duxton Hill - Singapore 2 Duxton Hill

“Love their matcha cake… The cake has a rich sense of layering ” or “Chocolate cheese tart :—) Yum Yum. Think the original flavour would be nicer.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill is quality.

Introduction about Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill

Here are some fundamental details regarding Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill. In terms of Bakery, it is generally believed that Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hillis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Bakery, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62238628 (+65 62238628)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore
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Monday: Closed.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11 AM to 9 PM.

Sunday: 11 AM to 7 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill via:

Phone number

You can reach Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill at 62238628(+65 62238628). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill reviews

Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill is among the best destinations of Bakery in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill good?

To determine whether Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I love thé cakes here. Not so sweet just nice. Always buy my mom’s Bdae cake here ”

“Picked a few cakes for my birthday party we loved Arriety (chocolate, orange), and strawberry souffle. I would love to come back and try other cakes.”

“Best place in Singapore to have pastries in the CBD area. More choices and well priced.”

“I brought home the cakes. The strawberry shortcake was the best, light and refreshing. The rest were nice but not as impressive. Very friendly staff too, highly recommended to get your cake there.”

“Citrus tart tastes really as it's not too sweet. And the African coffee with strong milk and aroma is just perfect with the desert.”

“Love this little place. Cake was great. It was light and not too sweet while the coffee was strong and good quality. Definitely coming back.”

“Beautiful and delicious cakes. Easy process to order and pick up in advance”

“Great ambiance and service.I love their strawberry cake, its soft and light, very refreshing taste! Highly recommend. I will be back~”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 213 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 87% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Flor Ptisserie Duxton Hill, 2 Duxton Hill, Singapore

There is a total 213 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    James Tai

    a wide variety of delicious cake.

  2. Avatar photo
    Stefan Pun

    Great pastry and nice cakes

  3. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Chew

    The rainbow millecrepe was really refreshing with different layers of fresh fruits. Need I mention? Pleasing to the eyes! The frozen cheese tarts are a must try – we had original and matcha. I have to say the original one is the best. Royal milk tea was really milky if you like milk teas towards the milky side this is for you.

  4. Avatar photo
    Cheong Tuck Wai

    The place is clean and quiet. Even though it’s lunch time but is quiet enough for you to have a nice cup of coffee and cake to go along. The cakes are nice and soft. The aircon is quote strong. The cakes are tastefully done. If you are thinking if having a quiet spot. Out of the madness of the hectic city life,I will definitely recommend this place. The place also have cartoon like painting for sale. Certainly interesting.

  5. Avatar photo
    Nipuni R

    Wanted to give more stars for the Strawberry shortcake but the quality of the coffee was really bad.
    Ordered a flat white and it had way too much milk, barely tasted any coffee.

  6. Avatar photo

    Great cakes but the server messed up my birthday surprise by not fulfilling my candle request

  7. Avatar photo
    kiki amano

    High quality pastries. Love their chiffon cakes and cheese tarts.

  8. Avatar photo
    Terence Lee

    Nice cakes! Good range of choices, some cakes can still be improved but Still are above average!

  9. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Lim

    Very pretty delicate pastries and cakes here. They also do a mean chai latte. Recently renovated with lots of seating space and Japanese style decor. Great place to just relax and read a book!

  10. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Tried the pastries here and they were quite nice

  11. Avatar photo
    Ragesh Ramasamy

    Nice ambience, friendly staff and cakes and drinks were delicious.

  12. Avatar photo
    Young-Jay Paik

    Average cakes and cookies.

  13. Avatar photo
    Mona Lisa Turla

    A humble cafe that you need to visit if you are around the area of duxton hill, cozy warm cafe that served different variety of pastries i highly recomend the crepe cake in any flavour its velvety creame makes me keep coming back.

  14. Avatar photo
    Qierra Choo

    A very pleasant place to sit and chill with friends! Cakes and drinks were decent, and the staffs were friendly!

  15. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lin

    Mont Blanc was delicious. Ordered oolong but got pu-er

  16. Avatar photo
    Irene Wong

    Loved the strawberry souffle

  17. Avatar photo
    Leander Yohanes

    Japanese inspired, French based pastries made fresh daily

  18. Avatar photo
    Issa Poco

    My go-to place for cakes and the cheese tarts

  19. Avatar photo
    Tze Kwang Teo (TKTeo)

    Wonderful cakes both cream based or fruit based

  20. Avatar photo
    Chubby Mimi

    One of my favorites shop for cakes.

  21. Avatar photo
    Kenn Tan

    Very pleasant dining experience, cosy interior with smoothing music. Quality premium dessert.

  22. Avatar photo
    Jing Pei Lin

    Came for coffee after a heavy lunch. Pleasantly surprised by the ambience of the cafe. Simple and clean cut. Ordered Milliefeuille and Strawberry souffle together with our coffee. Vastly impressed by the 2 cakes. Think its a great place for cake lovers, coffee is good standard too. Think I would like to be back to try other cakes.

  23. Avatar photo
    JH Lee

    fabulous strawberries shortcake. Amazing environment and delicious cakes

  24. Avatar photo
    pat wong

    Delicate cakes

  25. Avatar photo
    MM Ou

    Lovely ambience, cakes are competently done too!

  26. Avatar photo
    Cj Ong

    Great cakes

  27. Avatar photo
    Local guide KW Chua

    Nice place to have a nice cuppa coffee. Cake is delicious

  28. Avatar photo
    Jiremi Ra-ai

    One of the OG earliest Japanese patisserie offering in singapore since 2012 times?

    Delicately bested cream, freshly done, and brilliant texture.

    Outstanding picks – the chestnut mille feuille cake with layers of biscuit and cream. Juxtaposed chestnuts cream with normal cream.

    Strawberry shortcake- one of the best around.
    After 10 years, their standard has remained exceedingly high. Now that’s consistency!

  29. Avatar photo
    Dave Toh

    A good place to go in flor patisserie

  30. Avatar photo
    Min Tay

    Great cakes! Tried the earl grey souffle and Wakakusayma and preferred the latter, but berry berries is still the best

  31. Avatar photo

    Good serv …

  32. Avatar photo
    Chong Chen Tan

    Cakes to die for XD

  33. Avatar photo
    si hui chua

    Lemon souffle has a strong lemon flavour with fruit slices in between. Earl grey ice cheese tart was not bad!

  34. Avatar photo
    Alex Yong

    Love the ambience

  35. Avatar photo
    IngSsaem Belajar Bakor

    Have always been my favorite cake shop in Singapore. Is a must visit place whenever I came to Singapore. Tried almost every of their cake and the one that I like best is their Paris Vert cake. The mixture of Green Tea cake with a chantilly cream and red bean in the middle of it. Don’t forget to add the tea. They give you two cups for every one tea menu you order, so I would say the price are quite reasonable compare to other cake shops with the same theme. And this one tastes really good

  36. Avatar photo

    One of the best soufflé cake I’ve tried!!! Will def be back for other cakes in the future.

  37. Avatar photo
    Jack Lai

    Excellent service and wholesome cakes. Will definitely come back again …

  38. Avatar photo

    Nice strawberry shortcake, and many others. I like the texture of the sponge cake and the lightness of the cream.

  39. Avatar photo
    Pisith Thanasaethsakul

    No Wifi, Only 1 plug socket in the cafe.

    The cake and the coffee is standard
    The place is quite quiet compared to other cafe nearby

    Not Recommend to come if you are looking for a place to work, have a coffee & cake.

    This place fit for a people who want to read and have coffee, because if good lighting, light background music.

  40. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Love the strawberry shortcake. So light and fluffy!

  41. Avatar photo
    William Tan

    Wonderful cakes. Incredible service by lovely Sarah.

  42. Avatar photo
    Jamie Jarton

    Good stuff but pricey

  43. Avatar photo
    Joe Soh

    Expensive cakes. Taste ok. Coffee so so..

  44. Avatar photo
    Mary C

    Nice patisserie with a trendy and relaxing ambience. The cakes are yummy.

  45. Avatar photo
    Cleo W

    strawberry cake and latte are nice, environment is quite, suitable for a date.

  46. Avatar photo
    Liz Seet

    Nice, clean n staff very polite

  47. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Their cakes are nice, but they’re pricey. It’s not one of those cake places that I’d visit regularly enough, and it’s also not a mind blowing cake place. So Flor falls into an awkward gap of good but not great, for me. It’s definitely good enough for many occassions though. Make sure you call to prebook a cake, if you’re looking for a birthday cake from them. They don’t carry too many ready units of large cakes, but have sufficient sliced cakes in their fridges.

    If there’s one recommendation if it’s your first time – do try the Fruitier. It’s nice, refreshing, and light. Very enjoyable.

  48. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Jagwani

    Ordered the strawberry shortcake although the taste was ok, at 10+ with taxes and charges it felt a bit overpriced.

  49. Avatar photo

    Chocolate cheese tart :—) Yum Yum. Think the original flavour would be nicer.

  50. Avatar photo
    Chai Chuanchung

    One of the staff is terribly unfriendly and unwelcoming

  51. Avatar photo
    Yosua Sugiarto

    It’s a nice n simple place but they having a great cake! Must try for the Milefeuille not very sweet and got the balance from the sponge cake, cream, n crunch from layer of milefeuille!

  52. Avatar photo
    Kylie Chang

    Their cheese tarts was damn good!

  53. Avatar photo
    Ai Leng Tan

    The cheese cake is so so so yummy!
    The latte is just nice..
    Nice ambience.. the chair is not for long sitting comfort..

  54. Avatar photo
    Jessica Ngan

    Came around noon and only a few varieties available. Asked if lavender Earl grey available today and answer was maybe. Further asked when and answer was no idea. Come on! Does she even work here? Turned out to get a matcha swiss roll. Dry sponge cake with a strong fake matcha taste though the cream was smooth. Another star is for the pretty package.

  55. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Barak Perisseuo

    Delicious cakes in pleasant environment. Mango cake is a must try!

  56. Avatar photo
    Alan Soon

    Nice ambiance. Lovely cakes. Sadly no WiFi. Staff seemed to lack training on service and how to speak to customers.

  57. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Chen

    It’s a small place, but it’s ver …

  58. Avatar photo
    Musho Pea

    Lovely cakes

  59. Avatar photo
    Evidyne Loh

    Ordered strawberry shortcake and matcha. It’s Four Leave Bakery standard cakes at a premium price..

  60. Avatar photo
    Ching Ging Ng

    Nice desserts. Must try the frozen tarts.

  61. Avatar photo
    TN Lam

    Love this little place. Cake was great. It was light and not too sweet while the coffee was strong and good quality. Definitely coming back.

  62. Avatar photo
    Melissa Quek

    Absolutely love the cakes here. They are so soft and light.

  63. Avatar photo
    Zach Tan

    Had the blue donut cake which, although was fancy to look at, wasn’t tasty at all. There is a focus on looks over palate here. The saving grace was the classic earl grey cake…

  64. Avatar photo
    Reiy Teo

    A nice place for fancy cakes and tea. Especially in the afternoon. Not too crowded and nice place to chill.

  65. Avatar photo

    Pastry and tea are good. Nice ambience too.

  66. Avatar photo
    keith poh

    Good tarts and cakes

    Poorly made matcha latte, came with chunks of undissolved matcha powder.
    Didn’t expect this level of execution from such a decent cafe.

    Service recovery could be better, didn’t acknowledge the issue.

    Replacement offered after saying “its like that’, didn’t take up the offer because of wastage and replacement likely to be prepared the same way.

    Come for the pastries, avoid the matcha latte

  67. Avatar photo

    Their straw shortcake made my day. It was too good to be true. Recommended by a few friends saying that the strawberry shortcake is the best in town, not sure true or not but to me the cake is heavenly good coz i rly cannot take heavy regular whipped cream.

    Tho I saw from store the sliced cake is rly small in portion so maybe shd get the whole cake instead haha

  68. Avatar photo
    Man Owen

    Very good Japanese style cakes & pastries. Recommended.

  69. Avatar photo

    Quite underwhelming, price screams ‘artisanal patisserie’ but the taste was on par with Paris Baguette’s cakes. Not bad at all but not worth close to $10 (after gst)! Poor choice of strawberries and the cheesecake didn’t bring out much flavors of the cheese. Would be a 5 star if the cakes were $6 maybe – great lady at the cashier and good variety of cakes.

  70. Avatar photo
    Joanna Ng

    Nice little cafe. The yuzu cake is really good !

  71. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Good products, good service, a good place to be if you like to have good Japanese pastries and cakes.

  72. Avatar photo
    Angela Ong

    Instead of their signature strawberry soufflé cake I went for the chestnut mille feuille and absolutely loved it! light cream and chestnut cream, buttery from the puff pastry layers, fluffy from sponge cake layers …

  73. Avatar photo

    Place was clean and neat. Gave people a really nice atmosphere to relax and chill. The cafe has great aircon too . Their prices on the menu is before GST, so take note when making payment. I personally love their royal milk tea! …

  74. Avatar photo
    Vicki Leng

    Love their matcha cake… The cake has a rich sense of layering ️

  75. Avatar photo
    JY Teo

    Nice cake I got for a birthday. Only problem is the ordering system is not user friendly but still recommended

  76. Avatar photo
    Christine Lee

    One of our fav shop for cakes

  77. Avatar photo
    Jillian C

    Delicious cakes, nice ambience , friendly staff.

  78. Avatar photo
    Chaisia Tung

    Nice pastries, nice environment to spend some time or even alone time.

  79. Avatar photo

    Came here to have a rest after a long walk. Ambience is nice for a good chill. The cake and tea is really good too!! Highly recommended!!!

  80. Avatar photo
    Joe C.H. Ng

    Nice coffee!

  81. Avatar photo

    The ambience is ok and the staffs are nice. But quite pricey.
    Drinks and cake on the average.
    Fruit cooler is super sour!

  82. Avatar photo
    Billy Cheng

    Nice environment to have a cup tea break, chat with friends or read a book there to chill. The coffee is very good but the cake not as good as I expected but still ok. Staff are friendly and attentive.

  83. Avatar photo
    Charlie Thomas

    Bought the crepe cake for my colleague’s birthday as I work just down the road at Neil Road, amazing taste, price is a little on the high side, but you won’t stinge on your friends. Amazing service too! 5/5!

  84. Avatar photo

    Cafe latte and Today’s special. The cake was fresh and good for refreshment. Cozy and nice place for a break.

  85. Avatar photo
    Wanyi Leong

    Japanese cakes that are so soft and fluffy!

  86. Avatar photo

    The cakes are pretty good – we tried their signature strawberry shortcake, and a matcha cake. Light cream with nice textural contrasts of the strawberries/ adzuki beans. However, the iced matcha and royal milk teas which we also ordered were a giant downer and tasted mostly of milk. The matcha milk especially – it was a gritty suspension of clumped matcha powder in a lot of milk. One would expect the same degree of effort and finesse of their cakes to be extended to their drinks as well, especially for $8 a glass. Unfortunately the drinks seem to be a shoddy afterthought, which really ruined the experience. Shame.

  87. Avatar photo
    Jason Boon

    My favorite cakeshop

  88. Avatar photo
    Coen Teo

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Cakes are delicious. No complains at all!

  89. Avatar photo
    Li koon

    Very good cakes and tarts. The coffee is very strong.

  90. Avatar photo
    萊克兔Like Too

    Japanese cake shop, the ca …

  91. Avatar photo
    Chris Mason

    Yummy yummy, in my tummy

  92. Avatar photo
    Prabu M

    tasty kek tasty coffee CANT COMPLAIN (sry for the short review)

  93. Avatar photo
    Arya Ng

    Always a great cakes since their first day in Singapore!been patronise the shop until attention on their seasonal fruit cakes.fruits was handpicked from farms in Japan.most of all, a must try is their ice cheese cake/tart!

  94. Avatar photo
    Yuchen L

    Beautiful and delicious cakes. Easy process to order and pick up in advance

  95. Avatar photo
    John a

    Dropped in quickly on a walk by to see what pastries they had and found a “weekend only” item. Fortunately it was Friday so I could enjoy the soft milk chocolate tart with a flaky pie crust and covered with large sweet orange cubes of mango. Chocolate and mango is a terrific combination. I paired it with a decent long black coffee, served the proper temperature, and was lightly acidic to offset the sweet fruit. Indoor seating available.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ben Goh

    best cakes!

  97. Avatar photo
    Sharon Leong

    Its pricy. A small strawberry tart is about $12. The tart is so so. I guess alot of cafe out there have better dessert. The cafe also charge 10% service charge and 7%gst.

  98. Avatar photo
    Luella Rose

    A good variety of cakes, and available on Deliveroo. Arguably one of my favorite cake shops on the island. Ordered the strawberry and rose cakes but wasn’t impressed. I do love the mille feuille and mango tart though! And the chocolate shortcake is delightful. For those 3 cakes alone I’ll give it 4 stars.

  99. Avatar photo
    Okkar Kyaw

    Cheese cake texture was so addictive.

  100. Avatar photo
    Anthea Neo

    My favourite place to go from 5pm onwards. Japanese-styled French pastry & cakes. Freshly baked and just the right balance in term of taste! You can have two slices of any cakes and not feel jelak after …

  101. Avatar photo
    Monica Teh

    It has cosy and relax ambiance. Their cakes are of high standard, fresh and are beauty to the eyes. They have different Artworks being displayed on a monthly basis too! That’s cool! …

  102. Avatar photo
    Connie Lim

    This is such a lovely place. Not just a pretty place it has a wonderful selection of Japanese cakes n dessert. The strawberry shortcake and strawberry souffle is a winner. Very fluffy soft and fresh. Coffee was really good today. Full bodied and fragrant. Lovely ambience perfect place to come with a book and chill and enjoy the afternoon away.

  103. Avatar photo

    Tasty cakes. Great for those with sweet tooth.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jonathan T

    Very delicate cakes. It’s a nice quiet place to chill out and chat. Oh I also liked that they blend teas on the spot for you. Definitely recommend a cake and tea.

  105. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yeo

    Cozy and nice tarts

  106. Avatar photo

    I’ve tried their cake once and I liked it. the sponge layer of the cake is fluffy AND dense. I bought the fruit cake. Not too sweet and the taste is beautiful. Pricy but worth it.

  107. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lim

    Very nice simple cakes. Try their cheese tart too.

  108. Avatar photo
    Roger C

    A fine piece of strawberry short cake. Not the best in town, but certainly a good one. Good coffee, too.

  109. Avatar photo
    Xavier Leung

    nice Japanese style cakes in a quaint, cozy cafe

  110. Avatar photo
    No Name

    Staffs very friendly and nice cake. Recommended Ama cake which make frim left over sake.

  111. Avatar photo
    ong mellyjane

    Yummy cakes, beautiful relaxing embiance. Good place to hang out over coffee and drinks. Theres a v close parking lot also. V convenient! Cake delivery avail 2 day in advance. Note No delivery on Monday!

  112. Avatar photo
    Andrew Soh

    Very Delicious cakes

  113. Avatar photo
    Evangeline Neo (Evacomics)

    I brought home the cakes. The strawberry shortcake was the best, light and refreshing. The rest were nice but not as impressive. Very friendly staff too, highly recommended to get your cake there.

  114. Avatar photo
    Kee Keng Poh

    Flor sells a good variety of cakes. They also have a cafe in the shop where sliced cake and coffee are served. The service is polite and the cakes are good.

  115. Avatar photo
    Winnie MC Wee

    I loved this place!
    Enjoyed their cafe latte and cakes
    Friendly staffs, good atmosphere. …

  116. Avatar photo
    Evelien Veranneman (EvelienV)

    nice place , the kids loved the cake and bleu donut cake was delicious and a good cup of coffee.

  117. Avatar photo
    Min N

    Loving the homely atmosphere good cakes, nice smelling cafe. One feel calm and refreshed here. Please try this rose shaped lychee cake! It was amazing!

  118. Avatar photo
    Chin Zhi Hui

    Nice strawberry shortcake place as the taste and texture of the cakes were very light. Coffee was especially fragrant as well.

  119. Avatar photo
    Mag TY

    Came here to see the Watercolor Paintings and enjoy an after-dinner Cake with tea. Service however is forgettable at best with server overturning the chairs by 815 coupled with dettol floor cleaning smells to drive you out by 830pm. This all happened when there were at least 6 guests still eating and drinking at the place. I certainly wont be revisiting any time soon.

  120. Avatar photo
    carolynn Ang

    Nice cakes.

  121. Avatar photo
    Joanne Ong

    Feels like the cakes are not as good as it used to be….average..

  122. Avatar photo
    Tan Zhen Yang

    Great cakes, great atmosphere.

  123. Avatar photo
    Owen Jones

    I had a delicious strawberry shortcake sponge called Berry Berries.

  124. Avatar photo
    Wayne Mathews

    I drop in to Flor Patisserie regularly for cake. It is a great option for desert. The cakes are quite delicious and light.

  125. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chow

    This place has a strong artistic feel, you may find a yellow theme over arching the cafe. Every art piece is carefully curated. The space planning is great, with a inverted C layout. The venue is great for organising cozy events like birthday parties, book launches or gatherings. The coffee is what you will expect in any cafe but the cakes are really amazing with a good selection. Tugged at a quiet Duxton Hill on a weekend, you will not find it crowded. Overall a very nice place to sip coffee, read a good book or just soaking in the artistic energy the place is providing.

  126. Avatar photo

    Unbelievably expensive!

  127. Avatar photo
    Rhea T

    Delicious Japanese patisserie at great prices.

  128. Avatar photo
    B K

    Nice pastries

  129. Avatar photo
    Zoe Chen

    Great Japanese pastries and they now have a nice sitting area! Frozen cheese tarts also available for you to grab and go. Get the original or matcha one!

  130. Avatar photo
    Robin Ng

    Nice place for an afternoon tea with a slice of Japanese infuse cake.

  131. Avatar photo
    Ferdinand Quek

    Lovely place!

  132. Avatar photo

    Nice place …

  133. Avatar photo
    Giselle Lin

    Great ambiance and service.I love their strawberry cake, its soft and light, very refreshing taste! Highly recommend. I will be back~

  134. Avatar photo
    KJ Poh

    Very nice cakes and cookies. But also very costly.

  135. Avatar photo

    Their straw shortcake made my day. It was too good to be true. Recommended by a few friends saying that the strawberry shortcake is the best in town, not sure true or not but to me the cake is heavenly good coz i rly cannot take heavy regular whipped cream.

    Tho I saw from store the sliced cake is rly small in portion so maybe shd get the whole cake instead haha

  136. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lee

    Expensive cafe

    What works for it is the place is quaint, service is great and cakes were good.
    It’s not a rushed venue – I could imagine myself sitting here for a whole afternoon.

  137. Avatar photo
    Komei F

    We sell Japanese-style confection …

  138. Avatar photo
    Prudence Cheong

    Great Japanese French Patisserie!

  139. Avatar photo
    Yun Jia Tan

    Cozy and relaxing Cafe with minimalist interior design. The cakes are also light and tasty which complements the ambience of the cafe.

  140. Avatar photo
    Petrine Lee

    My friend ordered a mango decor cake as a gift to me. Was looking forward to a good cake based on the previous reviews. However, i was disappointed after tasting it. The sponge was light but just too much fresh cream on the whole cake. For eg, the layer of fresh cream in the middle was too thick and there were only a few slices of mango that were sliced so thinly that you can hardly taste it.

  141. Avatar photo
    Chobitss Chan

    Beautiful decor and ambience. Staff are pleasant despite the nonstop line of people visiting and making purchases on top of entertaining foodpanda thank you for the delicious cakes

  142. Avatar photo
    EL T

    I hearts everything coming out of this superb Japanese bakery. Magical.

  143. Avatar photo
    Siang Ee Tan

    Best of the best!

  144. Avatar photo
    Prasanga Pradeep

    Everything good tasted and the service great!

  145. Avatar photo
    Yoke Fei Phan

    Great pastry in quiet corner

  146. Avatar photo

    Good Japanese cake shop, choose their strawberry series cake can not go wrong, suitable for relaxing with friends

  147. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lim

    One of the best chai tea latte in Singapore. Authentic because their chai is not from powder but actual tea leaves and spices. Reminds me of the best chai I had in Melbourne’s flinders street. Haven’t found any others comparable to this in Singapore.

    Cakes here are good but pricey.

  148. Avatar photo
    Ming Jie Loh


  149. Avatar photo

    Great cakes and good coffee. Earl Grey Lavender cake tasted more like extra sweet lavender cake though; not the best.

  150. Avatar photo
    Azhar Ali

    Managed to satisfy my cravings for these. …

  151. Avatar photo
    Matthias Ng

    Tart is really awesome service was nice

  152. Avatar photo
    Empower Your Life at Step Into Poetry with Kris Ang

    Lovely place with amazing cakes and teas! Great service too! Sad part is, they don’t have free wifi.

  153. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Soon

    Delicious cakes

  154. Avatar photo
    Min Min

    great cakes

  155. Avatar photo
    A L

    nice cafe to cool down from Singapore heat. the chocolate cake was good

  156. Avatar photo
    L W

    Cozy nice clean. Lemon matcha cake is a bit sour. Coffee is average

  157. Avatar photo
    Chris Playford

    Great place for a treat

  158. Avatar photo

    First of all, I praise and support Flor Pâtisserie for its commitment to save our earth, it no longer gives out single-use plastics!

    I am a pie lover, so, Flor Pâtisserie’s chocolate banana almond pie is always my favourite. I would also recommend its mazukimo cake and hazelnut opera. Workshop and gifting service are available there, enjoy !

  159. Avatar photo
    Juliana Soo

    Cosy ambience and I loved their lemon souffle cake.

  160. Avatar photo
    Noon Noonie

    Nice cakes and not too pricey.

  161. Avatar photo
    Sarah Wong

    Good service

  162. Avatar photo
    Ken Tan

    Very comfortable environment. Having a cozy Japanese cafe feel in the heat and buzz of Singapore is fantastic!! On top of their usual classics, try their Earl Grey Choco. It’s apparently a hit with kids!! And wives!!! Lol beautifully put together too! We ate it before I remembered the pictures. And if I had stopped to get my camera, my wife would have eaten it up, thus… no pictures…

  163. Avatar photo
    Leo Lee

    Ordered princess cake. Looks gorgeous and tastes amazing. Cream is exceptional.

  164. Avatar photo
    Karthy Krishnan

    Nice staff, pretty cafe. They also sell the paintings on the walls

  165. Avatar photo
    Atsushi Fujiwara

    Although a bit pricy cake and coffee, elegant type of cake, cozy place on the back of the store

  166. Avatar photo
    Su Kyung Lim

    Delicious unsweetened ca …

  167. Avatar photo
    Nicole Wang

    Citrus tart tastes really as it’s not too sweet. And the African coffee with strong milk and aroma is just perfect with the desert.

  168. Avatar photo
    Goh Siew Ting

    Quite popular for their cheese tarts and Japanese style strawberry souffle and shortcake. A zen place to spend a lazy afternoon sipping away some tea, cake and tart.

  169. Avatar photo
    Eric Kiew

    Nice cakes

  170. Avatar photo

    The inside of the cafe is bright and clean. The waitress informed me that the strawberry whipped cream cake was the most famous cake in the store. The fresh cream, which smells like milk rat …

  171. Avatar photo
    Jaehee Choi

    Authentic Japanese cake! Not too sweet, not too heavy! Whenever I get birthday cake from them, I get complements from people.

  172. Avatar photo
    Danielle Z

    We bought the fruitier cake for a party and loved it. So tasty. Bring your own big plastic bag to get 5% off!

  173. Avatar photo
    Crystal Koh

    Tried the earl grey lavender cake, flavour is intense and filled with oomph, yet the cream is light like their signature cakes. Prices range from $6.90 to $8.20. They also sell frozen flavoured cheese tarts. The new shop now has a bright sitting area with hanging plants and calming vibes. They sell lunch sets as well.

  174. Avatar photo
    jaswant kaur

    Delicious cakes. Lovely ambience. Staff could be friendlier

  175. Avatar photo
    Audrey Ong (teeheeaudrey)

    Flor has been my favourite place to chill and have cake for years!

  176. Avatar photo
    Renlie Neah Tiburcio

    the food is great, ambiance is nice too staff are accomodating

  177. Avatar photo
    S. Seow

    Lovely cakes at this Japanese styled Patisserie!

  178. Avatar photo
    Hello Bye

    I love thé cakes here. Not so sweet just nice. Always buy my mom’s Bdae cake here

  179. Avatar photo

    Great ambience. Love the cakes here, would definitely return in the future!

  180. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tan

    Came in the late afternoon and it was quiet, but love the ambience and fresh taste for its strawberry shortcake and mango pie! The only thing is the fork that’s hard to cut/grab the crumbs for mango pie. Still good!

  181. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chan

    brilliant fresh cream cakes to brighten anyone’s day

  182. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Lim

    Lovely place with friendly staff. Coffee was strong and good but a little expensive (it was more than $6 for a long black inclusive of gst and service charge). Good variety of cakes available here. We tried the strawberry souffle – reasonably priced with loads of strawberries. Cheesecake base was not too dense but still has the flavor of cheesecake.

  183. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Kwek

    Loved how simply and beautifully designed this patisserie is, and that it was such a quiet space on a Sunday evening! The staff provided great service, bringing my dessert and coffee to my table even though I was looking around at their shelves of beautiful things and the art paintings hanging around on their walls.

    Spent a lovely evening there reading and recollecting, and am sure that i will recommend this place to others looking for a nice quiet spot with tasty desserts just as I was recommended!

  184. Avatar photo

    Picked a few cakes for my birthday party we loved Arriety (chocolate, orange), and strawberry souffle. I would love to come back and try other cakes.

  185. Avatar photo
    jolin liu

    Bought the strawberry shortcake as birthday cake. Too pricy compared to the size and quality, and they charge additional gst. The cream and strawberry are good, but sponge is too sweet. Definitely can find better choice with lower price around the area, plus their staff are not very friendly. Don’t think I’d go again.

  186. Avatar photo
    Chee-Wee Ong

    great ambience and service

  187. Avatar photo
    Joshua Lim

    Quite expensive

  188. Avatar photo
    Barbara Cardozo dos Santos

    Delicious Strawberry cake!

  189. Avatar photo
    Tim Hashimoto

    The products are variety and will be one of my best leisure spots for Japanese cafe.

  190. Avatar photo
    Daniel Low

    Nice and chill place. Love it!

  191. Avatar photo
    Christopher Kwek

    Nice little cafe but a bit pricey. Overall still a nice place to visit.

  192. Avatar photo
    Wai Keong Chan

    Like the strawberry shortcake …

  193. Avatar photo
    Sutjahjo Ngaserin

    Cozy place for tea, coffee and cakes. Exceptionally good service staff.

  194. Avatar photo
    Joonho Rhee

    Nice, Clean and quite. Whole atmosphere is modern Japanese style. Cake is very nice and OK selection of drinks.
    A bit pricey.

  195. Avatar photo
    Thomas Thng

    Nice n cosy atmosphere. Concern about seating capacity if got plan to dine in. Cakes look tasty.

  196. Avatar photo
    WB Khoo

    Nice place for coffee and cake. The signature roll is nice, but this is the first of many times which I had the cake that the sponge cake is a bit wet and slightly soggy. A bit on the pricey side… Parking can be challenging during peak timings.

  197. Avatar photo
    Siti Aminah Sabtu

    Nice ambience to chill with friends with cake and drinks.

  198. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    The strawberry short cake is to die for!

  199. Avatar photo
    Patricia Abie Lupac

    Very nice ambience to kill time, always looking for a place like this to spend time with myself sometimes! Their cakes taste good as it looks too!

  200. Avatar photo
    Mr Huang

    quiet if not abit spartan. prices of some selections are okay but mostly leaning towards the high side.

    has a selection of artist works for sale that has some merit viewing

  201. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Great ambience, a nice and quiet place for reading and small chat

  202. Avatar photo

    Came here because they had cakes made especially from strawberries and mikan oranges imported from Japan.

    The pros: the atmosphere is absolutely lovely. Its a very cozy looking cafe and the location is very good, there’s bookshops and other small shops and restaurants nearby. I loved how quiet the cafe is.

    The cons: the food is kind of pricey and the cakes were not… that great… It was a bit disappointing for me tbh

  203. Avatar photo
    Gurumurthy Viswanathan

    Best place in Singapore to have pastries in the CBD area. More choices and well priced.

  204. Avatar photo
    John a

    Dropped in quickly on a walk by to see what pastries they had and found a “weekend only” item. Fortunately it was Friday so I could enjoy the soft milk chocolate tart with a flaky pie crust and covered with large sweet orange cubes of …

  205. Avatar photo
    musfirah ramdan

    the cakes is so light and good! i approve!

  206. Avatar photo
    Sean Moo

    Good cakes and selection of teas.. very good place to chill & work during off peak hours

  207. Avatar photo
    Jerry “Tzerjerry” Lee

    Nice and cozy place.

  208. Avatar photo
    T T

    Greeted by their friendly staffs who took effort to explain their different type of cakes available. Strawberry sponge Cake was light and flavourful. Coffee was aromatic and rich! Bring yr own cup less$1 . Discount given if u Omit plastic bag for takeaways. A great place to chill with a book & coffee or meetup with Friend after lunch! they having promotion on 10cakes loyaltycard at $69.50
    Which is very worthy.

  209. Avatar photo
    Hui YMTT

    I like the cake so much!!

  210. Avatar photo

    The ambience is ok and the staffs are nice. But quite pricey.
    Drinks and cake on the average.
    Fruit cooler is super sour!

  211. Avatar photo
    James Tai

    Delicious pastries !

  212. Avatar photo
    Robby Surachman

    Japanese style cakes. Little pricy for a dessert but the taste is great! Loved it!

  213. Avatar photo
    Si Ying

    Nice quiet atmosphere. They might have recently painted it or had it renovated, as there was a very heavy paint smell lingering.
    Otherwise, a great selection of cakes and frozen flavoured cheese tarts.
    Weird gst and service charge at 13% on top of bills to note.
    The matcha latte was delicious

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