Review Fairprice Kitchener Complex, 808 French Rd, Singapore

Review FairPrice Kitchener Complex - Singapore 808 French Rd

“A one stop shop for all grocery and home needs. You can get almost all things you want at this shop. Helpful staff.” or “Most essential items are to be found here…. open till 11pm making it convinience…” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Fairprice Kitchener Complex. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Fairprice Kitchener Complex is quality.

Introduction about Fairprice Kitchener Complex

Here are some fundamental details regarding Fairprice Kitchener Complex. In terms of Supermarket, it is generally believed that Fairprice Kitchener Complexis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 808 French Rd, #01-01 Kitchener Complex, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Supermarket, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62949535 (+65 62949535)
  • Website:
  • Address: 808 French Rd, #01-01 Kitchener Complex, Singapore
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Detailed information of Fairprice Kitchener Complex

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Here are the operating hours of Fairprice Kitchener Complex.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7 AM to 11 PM.


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6.66 km7 minute8 minute6 minute

How to contact Fairprice Kitchener Complex?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Fairprice Kitchener Complex via:

Phone number

You can reach Fairprice Kitchener Complex at 62949535(+65 62949535). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Fairprice Kitchener Complex via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 808 French Rd, #01-01 Kitchener Complex, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Fairprice Kitchener Complex reviews

Fairprice Kitchener Complex is among the best destinations of Supermarket in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Fairprice Kitchener Complex good?

To determine whether Fairprice Kitchener Complex is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“A one stop shop for all grocery and home needs. You can get almost all things you want at this shop. Helpful staff.”

“Good for shopping. But not so cheap. So far ok”

“Nice place to shop for your groceries. The shop is not that big but good enough for what you need. The cashier were friendly, helpful and courteous.”

“Good place for groceries stuff. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables at fair price .”

“Descent sized supermarket near Lavender with good stock of groceries.”

“It's a Convenience store for us with friendly aunties cashiers n staff. Plus 1 nice old uncle. Things that meet our daily needs. …”

“Good shopping place for fish,vegetables, fruits and other foods shopping products …”

“Just another NTUC. Update (Saturday, 18 June 2022): Ta Sun Coffeeshop, located behind NTUC, is temporarily closed for upgrading/renovation.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 272 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 74% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Fairprice Kitchener Complex, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Fairprice Kitchener Complex, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Fairprice Kitchener Complex, 808 French Rd, Singapore

There is a total 272 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Tony Tran

    Fair price for groceries.

  2. Avatar photo
    Tan Kweehuat

    It convenient nearby

  3. Avatar photo
    Daliah Alias

    Just fair bit

  4. Avatar photo
    Dian Kristyawati

    Same as its name, a fair price place to shop. Realy helpful for traveller who stay around that place

  5. Avatar photo


  6. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Faris


  7. Avatar photo
    Yuli Antie

    Near my house

  8. Avatar photo
    Ha Le Vu

    Just pass through awhile!

  9. Avatar photo
    thitikorn topothai

    Various things

  10. Avatar photo
    Eaglenestsg SG

    Nice and spacious. The same products and produce that one would typically find in a fairprice supermarket. I understand the need to go for cashless system. However not all of us are comfortable to use the cashless system and prefer to be attended to by a cashier. The queue at the cashier was really long and it took about 15 mins before I could pay for my 3 items. Perhaps they should have at least 2 cashier stations available. Just a suggestion. Other than that it’s a very pleasant place to browse around and make purchases.

  11. Avatar photo
    Shieby Arantina Malo Umbu

    Nice Market
    I ordered some stuffs to bring it home. Price was so reasonable and sometimes there discount
    The atmosphere was clean and coolpretty complete stuff, especially the fruits was a lot! and fresh.
    The Service was great!

  12. Avatar photo
    TurboTacho (Ickart)

    Decent variety and conveniently located.

  13. Avatar photo
    Vani Bala


  14. Avatar photo
    Yi Ming Lee

    Considered quite a small one

  15. Avatar photo
    Jason Frederick

    Complete selections and fresh, well priced

  16. Avatar photo
    Elaine Tan

    Ok but a bit small like neighbourhood single level only

  17. Avatar photo
    Jude Manganti

    A handy supermarket with two cashiers & two DIY counters. Got our basic supplies here during our stay in our nearby hotel.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ng Ah Leng

    Service very slow ,only 1 cashier.

  19. Avatar photo
    Steve Chen

    If you’re traveller then you should go here to find cheap and good products

  20. Avatar photo
    reza makouei

    Good selection, open till late

  21. Avatar photo
    Frank L

    Good selection in clean store

  22. Avatar photo
    Sukumaran Menon

    It one of the smaller Fairprice. Friendly staff. Closes at 11pm daily.

  23. Avatar photo
    RJ Bikash

    Good for shopping. But not so cheap. So far ok️

  24. Avatar photo
    Paulo S

    The only person at the register was a mentally handicapped guy, need to wait in line ten minutes to get a couple of items. We gave up and went to Cold storage.

  25. Avatar photo

    supermarket with everything i needed

  26. Avatar photo
    Rostin Siaw

    Many item

  27. Avatar photo
    Mary Joy

    Convenient supermarket for tourists as it is near hostels in lavender area.

  28. Avatar photo
    Irene Xu

    Descent sized supermarket near Lavender with good stock of groceries.

  29. Avatar photo
    pH L

    This is my favorite grocery store to buy affordable priced water

  30. Avatar photo
    John a

    Not the largest store, but many things you need. Especially good prices and selection of vegetables. Very handsome and friendly temperature checker and stocking clerk, helpful cashier.

  31. Avatar photo
    Emem Otung


  32. Avatar photo
    Eddie Siow

    Cheap cheap cheap, located near station aswell.

  33. Avatar photo
    Janet Tang

    The product variety is not as much as other outlets/mini marts.

  34. Avatar photo
    Akash Nagrani

    Didnt find many of the things that I found in other FairPrice strores.

  35. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chong

    Just another NTUC. Update (Saturday, 18 June 2022): Ta Sun Coffeeshop, located behind NTUC, is temporarily closed for upgrading/renovation.

  36. Avatar photo
    Ilia Klinkin

    Good Chinese supermarket with fresh fruits, vegetables and all other foods. Really fair prices. I was amazed that this chain has electronic shelf labels, so they can change product prices online in all chain stores …

  37. Avatar photo
    Vishal Paliwal


  38. Avatar photo
    Shante Yeow

    But you missed the Geyland area I went yesterday and the bank I robbed two days ago with another Aetos guys. Haha

  39. Avatar photo
    Puay Khoon Yeo

    Good selection of items.

  40. Avatar photo
    Cai Sheng Tong

    Mid-sized outlet within walking distance from lavender station & Jalan Besar stadium.

  41. Avatar photo
    Sataish Zara

    Smell is terrible right when you enter. Limited choices compared to other ntuc

  42. Avatar photo

    A very small fairprice with only 2 cashiers. Has the basic necessities; good for tourists. Two blocks from the mrt.

  43. Avatar photo
    Keng Fei Wong


  44. Avatar photo
    Siam Kia

    A small shopping mart where u hve no time to buy during working hours…. U can buy fruits n many more things on the shelf

  45. Avatar photo
    Koo Ss

    I like

  46. Avatar photo
    patrick Lee

    Can get all your groceries need over here

  47. Avatar photo
    Elma Laurito

    staff are very good friendly

  48. Avatar photo
    JingXuan Seoh

    Really small, and doesn’t have enough staff to manage the crowd at almost every hour.

  49. Avatar photo

    Easy to park. Big place not crowded.

  50. Avatar photo
    xiongbin xu

    Convenient place for household shopping.

  51. Avatar photo
    siva kumar

    Good place and price

  52. Avatar photo
    Lim Cher Khiang

    This place look OK.

  53. Avatar photo
    Gaurav Tyagi

    Fair price shop

  54. Avatar photo
    Abusamah Hassan

    Because the senior staff they are very friendly helpful espesily the fat cashiier wesring spec excellence staff u have and hard working.

  55. Avatar photo
    Ivy Tan

    Good place to buy daily necessaries

  56. Avatar photo
    Udiek Widhianto Dwitomo

    Standard Fairprice store, you could almost find anything for your normal daily need. Clean, and lived up its name “fairprice” since prices here a relatively fair for Singapore standard.

  57. Avatar photo
    Rodney Tey


  58. Avatar photo
    Tiến Trần

    Good price …

  59. Avatar photo
    Yugi Purba

    Nice store

  60. Avatar photo
    Noraini Mohd Hassan

    Good shopping place for fish,vegetables, fruits and other foods shopping products …

  61. Avatar photo
    pcps0240 chua

    Having offer, and today seniors will have 3% discount.

  62. Avatar photo
    Bulla Nienaber

    Love it because the beer was cold

  63. Avatar photo
    Narasimha Bhat

    Loved the store. All items at best price

  64. Avatar photo

    Very convenient near the station! As it is super that is not so big, assortment is not good enough, but there are food seasoning such as sweets which buy beer and become a little souvenir. …

  65. Avatar photo
    Sab Sim

    The place is big and offers a wide variety of items. I love going here to buy grocery.

  66. Avatar photo
    li evan

    There are many types and the goods are complete. In addition to food but also household items and medicines. …

  67. Avatar photo
    Amber Engineer

    this shop have much discount offer for customers

  68. Avatar photo
    Qayyum Jdioak

    Because there’s a fool following me around

  69. Avatar photo
    Kevin Lee

    Big variety

  70. Avatar photo
    Gaurav G (G)

    Super clean and near

  71. Avatar photo
    Annie Ng dang

    Is just a walking distance to Lavender MRT and there is few hotel around this area

  72. Avatar photo
    khaja hussain

    Not so big but cant get things what you need

  73. Avatar photo
    Jojo Guzman

    A 24 hours grocery store where you can get basic items you need.

  74. Avatar photo
    Hansen Setiady

    Most essential items are to be found here…. open till 11pm making it convinience…

  75. Avatar photo
    alfon rizaldi

    many variety, 1st floor not far from V hotel where I stay. Good price. Recommended 4 tourists such as me

  76. Avatar photo
    George Ng

    Close to lavender MRT. And Kitchener complex with McDonald’s, kopi tiam, food shops like old Chang kee

  77. Avatar photo
    Karina Mayne

    Clean and organised, good location. I found everything that I needed!

  78. Avatar photo
    Delia Ho

    Typical mid-size FairPrice, overall neat and well categorized.

  79. Avatar photo
    Erika Anggraini

    Good place, will come again

  80. Avatar photo
    Dave Tan

    Crazy pre cny crowd almost bought the store

  81. Avatar photo
    siew laychan

    Staff very helpful

  82. Avatar photo
    Benwang Bc


  83. Avatar photo
    Vedika Anand

    Good place for groceries stuff. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables at fair price .

  84. Avatar photo
    baby aida

    At night, Fast and shorter queue …

  85. Avatar photo
    kokseng wong

    You can find almost all local products from this place with a reasonable price.

  86. Avatar photo
    Intan A

    Nice place to find cheap stuff. Lots of prepared foods and fresh vegetables. Clean place

  87. Avatar photo

    Lots of stuff, blackberry and strawberries are delicious, cheaper than Thailand. …

  88. Avatar photo
    Cauhs Crymdorn

    Average supermarket.

  89. Avatar photo
    Joshua Choo


  90. Avatar photo
    萧振冼kenny seow

    spacious & like d vegetables & fruits they offer

  91. Avatar photo
    นางฟ้า ซ่าเเซ่บ

    Buy the fruit

  92. Avatar photo
    Poniman Linda Mulijadi

    Good price….recommended supermarket

  93. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Monickoraja

    Excellent service

  94. Avatar photo
    leslie choo

    Very unique fairprice. Got most stuff & next to a food court kopitiam. If you are near must see

  95. Avatar photo
    Farzana Hossain

    Not wrong to choose this place

  96. Avatar photo
    Lee Marco

    Near to V hotel and it’s good for tourist

  97. Avatar photo
    SH TAN

    Mid size supermarket.

  98. Avatar photo
    Dana Fang

    Fully stocked with plenty of great selections. Has fresh produce and is pretty complete!

  99. Avatar photo
    Syl Nguyen

    The new SafeEntry gate installed is 100% unnessecary and troublesome. Staff was rude & unhelpful when my spouse had issues with the gate.

    Other issues aside, the outlet has limited selection in terms of goods. For example, some spices & herbs are missing, not brands for body soaps, limited vegetables & fruits.

  100. Avatar photo


  101. Avatar photo
    Pramodh Thomas

    A one stop shop for all grocery and home needs. You can get almost all things you want at this shop. Helpful staff.

  102. Avatar photo
    Ivy, Guat Chiew Yeo

    Good place to shop for daily needs.

  103. Avatar photo
    Erick Juni

    Good food choices for a Fair price

  104. Avatar photo
    Aaron d'Almeida

    Limited product range.

  105. Avatar photo
    Robert Li

    Easy marketing

  106. Avatar photo
    Fa Ha

    Really a fair price

  107. Avatar photo
    Arjun Kishore

    Good supermarket. Fast billing.

  108. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Convenient place to shop

  109. Avatar photo
    Madeleine Putri

    Very near to @TravellerSG and good supermarket

  110. Avatar photo
    shaiful azali

    Not much to choose

  111. Avatar photo
    troy Who

    Jz a supermarket nuthing exotic

  112. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lin


  113. Avatar photo
    walter koh

    Happy with the service,prices n range of products.Regards Walter Koh

  114. Avatar photo
    Abraham Lionel

    Fair prices…

  115. Avatar photo
    sebastien stettler

    couldn’t find balsamic viniger

  116. Avatar photo
    Patrick Poirier

    Ideal for shopping near Lavender. The prices are very correct, it is clean and well kept. Open until 11pm, and the staff are very welcoming and helpful. Accessible to people with reduced mobility. …

  117. Avatar photo
    Bright Lee

    Get the necessity here easily.

  118. Avatar photo

    Found shampoo always sold out at my district, staff are very efficient, customer not much at the moment

  119. Avatar photo
    Farit Ismeth

    They don’t sell some stuff here.

  120. Avatar photo
    Roopali Fulzade


  121. Avatar photo
    HX Su

    FairPrice at fair price on groceries.Fresh vegetables and fruits everyday.

  122. Avatar photo

    Same old supermarket

  123. Avatar photo

    Entrance pretty narrow due to some blockage and payment counter always have to wait…

  124. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Nice place to shop for your groceries. The shop is not that big but good enough for what you need. The cashier were friendly, helpful and courteous.

  125. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Shahril อีสกันดา ชาริล

    Relatively big but coffee variety is limited.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ngô Xuân Ngọc Erik (Erik)

    NIce place for enjoy the good meal

  127. Avatar photo
    Asep Adiwinata

    Cheaper price compared with 7 eleven.

  128. Avatar photo
    Amit Joshi

    This place offers reasonably priced items.

  129. Avatar photo
    Mintha Sel

    My favourite place to go

  130. Avatar photo
    Augy chew

    Small but it has enough products

  131. Avatar photo
    Angie Lim

    Convenient location

  132. Avatar photo
    S.Bhupinder Singh Brar

    It’s a tight squeeze for me on my e wheelchair but still managed some how.
    The staff are always around o assist
    Good varieties available for daily needs.

  133. Avatar photo
    J K

    Back to being fully stocked although the fresh vegetables and fruit look a bit sad

  134. Avatar photo
    Kambri Seruji


  135. Avatar photo
    Boon Kiat Goh

    nice small ntuc

  136. Avatar photo
    neil shah

    Decent size and day to day need based items available

  137. Avatar photo
    eka supariyanti

    The price is great and you can find lots of interesting stuffs here. Seems like people like going here to shop and there are ATMs near this place if you need to withdraw money. Like the others traditional but modern market style.

  138. Avatar photo
    Elvin Do

    good one, recommended

  139. Avatar photo
    G BL

    Not the biggest Fairprice means there are lacking for product. Long queue always while check out. Lack of cashier.

  140. Avatar photo
    Haja Ham

    It’s nice, but I need membership card, which I missed few years b4

  141. Avatar photo
    rodney darell

    It’s a supermarket that can most items cheap

  142. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    A reasonable sized supermarket that meet the needs of the residents at King George’s ave area.

  143. Avatar photo
    Sophia Ho

    Easy to find things there.

  144. Avatar photo
    Melvic Fernandes

    Good place to buy your daily needs from. Note that it says its open till 11 but sometimes shuts 20 to 30 mins before. Go early for your last min needs. Decent collection and choices of items.

  145. Avatar photo
    jimmy chia

    Offering the usual items

  146. Avatar photo

    Nice to shopping

  147. Avatar photo
    Michele Chen

    Good place to get your grocery. The staff are friendly and helpful esp chief cashier set a good example partly cos more elderly here. Even helpful to domestic helpers with advises. Always have good impression after shopping my grocery there.

  148. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Anthony

    Lots of things here. They have 1 counter for cash self service. 3 counter for card self service. And 2 counter with cashier. Open from 0700 to 2300.

  149. Avatar photo
    D L

    The self service checkouts have a long way to go to being intuitive without assistant interference. It constantly stops and asks for someone to log in. Do something about it quick smart nation..

  150. Avatar photo
    Ren Hua Yu

    Not sure

  151. Avatar photo
    Erlend Wahl

    Didnt have the huge selection of goods I was hoping for

  152. Avatar photo
    Bernice Ong

    Service is good. No traffic

  153. Avatar photo
    Francis Tang

    Long queue at around 8pm but only 1 counter in service.. the rest is self service counter..

  154. Avatar photo
    Saskia vdH

    cheap supermarkt. you get all what you need. open from 7 am till 11 pm.

  155. Avatar photo
    Indar Kaur

    Do all my grocery shopping at French Rd. All the staff are very friendly & helpful.

  156. Avatar photo
    Susanto Wicaksono

    Good price and quiet complete store..

  157. Avatar photo


  158. Avatar photo
    Liberty Adi


  159. Avatar photo
    David Quek

    Small supermarket, with all the require stuff

  160. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chiu


  161. Avatar photo
    pocket adda


  162. Avatar photo
    Benjamin KS Wong

    Good to have supermarket in the area.

  163. Avatar photo
    Alexandreia Michelle

    Cheaper price.

  164. Avatar photo
    Michael Wu

    Payment long Q

  165. Avatar photo
    Pramodh Thomas

    A one stop shop for all grocery and home needs. You can get almost all things you want at this shop. Helpful staff.

  166. Avatar photo
    Al Alif Media


  167. Avatar photo
    Eric Seng

    Good location

  168. Avatar photo
    himanshu bansal

    In Singapore…nothing to say negative about the country..its clean and people also very loving and helping and no communication problem…

  169. Avatar photo
    Deeshetty Raghunandan

    Good …

  170. Avatar photo
    Tapon Mahamud Jony

    Very convenient. Located at my door step. Open from morning until 11 pm.

  171. Avatar photo
    Lee Huang Koh

    Great deals which are not offered in other branches

  172. Avatar photo

    Singapore prices are not cheap. Still, I got a flat peach here! …

  173. Avatar photo
    Casey Chan

    Great ,had a fantastic day

  174. Avatar photo

    Love to patronise this place especially in the night where I can park my car just outside the store which is very convenient whenever I need to buy a lot of grocery

  175. Avatar photo
    Chew Peng Heng

    Wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables

  176. Avatar photo
    Felix Y

    Really fair price

  177. Avatar photo
    Dharmesh Arjunan

    Should have more items like other stores.

  178. Avatar photo
    Sanket Dhamecha

    thousands of products all are very fair price

  179. Avatar photo
    Ezekiel Thio

    Not as crowded during this time.

  180. Avatar photo
    rashid sal

    This place should open 24 hr n bigger like Nex wowpower tks.

  181. Avatar photo
    Doris Tan SH

    Price up in fruits

  182. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s a Convenience store for us with friendly aunties cashiers n staff. Plus 1 nice old uncle. Things that meet our daily needs. …

  183. Avatar photo
    William s i

    So far as so Good ,no Good New !

  184. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Soong

    It’s about half the size of a standard supermarket. Limited fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

  185. Avatar photo
    Janardhan Bambulkar


  186. Avatar photo
    Wak kent0t

    Great place to shop.

  187. Avatar photo
    S Renaudie

    Bigger choice than the small 7/11 just across

  188. Avatar photo
    Helen Lee

    It’s a small ntuc supermarket but it has most of your daily necessity though variety is quite limited

  189. Avatar photo
    For Review

    Your go-to place for regular groceries.

  190. Avatar photo
    Puspa Andhira Raudhya

    I remember going here and found indomie for like 2 dollar lmao in here with 2 dollars you can have 10 indomies

  191. Avatar photo
    Shaun R S

    I usually come here to get good chilled beef mince and diced portions, but these days they are always sold out! Not available…empty shelves.
    Even zucchini is hard to come by… which is quite normal for NTUC
    possibly catering only to the heartland Chinese customers…?

    Wish ColdStorage or some other similar Supermarket would consider an outlet at this locality.

  192. Avatar photo
    Paeterasp Vevaina

    Very well stocked and pleasant staff.

  193. Avatar photo
    samoha divyesh


  194. Avatar photo
    Fow Tuber

    Great service for customers.. …

  195. Avatar photo
    wilton Low

    Price ok a bit slow casher

  196. Avatar photo
    Mark Frugal

    Spacious super market offering a wide range of products at reasonable prices. Walking distance from Lavender mrt

  197. Avatar photo
    Wiko Suhendra

    Small but complete

  198. Avatar photo
    Ezzy Chan

    Great selection of items at good prices, purchase on purchase too.

  199. Avatar photo
    Peter Chen

    goto place for grocery needs

  200. Avatar photo
    PADzCam Adventures

    This is a small branch of FairPrice but all the basic things you need in a grocery store are available here.

  201. Avatar photo
    Davis Ray

    Good place when you need something in the night or hungry and need a midnight snack. You dont have to go too far from Hotel V

  202. Avatar photo
    Sharon Oh

    My daily visit. Its located along Tg Pagar road. Friendly staff and the place is always packed

  203. Avatar photo
    Phonkrit B

    Accessible late at night for convenience

  204. Avatar photo
    tong leong

    Not sure why but i sure feel a higher level of stress when shopping at this store . Shopping at prime super . is a breeze at the other end of the block and better customer service as well

  205. Avatar photo
    i O (jynx)

    Just another NTUC supermarket….

  206. Avatar photo
    T L

    Small convenient supermarket for basic needs. Not enough manpower so cashier service poor… has a few self service cashout machines…

  207. Avatar photo
    Mary Oh

    The staff very helpful when I don’t understand where can I change the iten .Than she call up check for me.Thks the staff helping me.

  208. Avatar photo
    Shamsul Slamat

    The feeling loss it used to brizzling …

  209. Avatar photo
    Hock Hai Teo

    Insufficient manpower. Slow queue

  210. Avatar photo
    Rajan Gandhi

    Good place fruits and vegetables were good fresh. Loved it everything under one roof

  211. Avatar photo
    Minang Sutriawan


  212. Avatar photo
    A Lim

    Good and near Lavender MRT station

  213. Avatar photo
    H D

    This is a compact, well-stocked supermarket, and conveniently close to Lavender MRT Station.

  214. Avatar photo
    A K


  215. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chew

    Convenient groceries shopping.

  216. Avatar photo
    qfeuille3 _

    Ok, medium size supermarket branch.

  217. Avatar photo
    Abigail Chang

    Clean and well stocked

  218. Avatar photo
    San Lwin Oo

    Medium size fairprice. Limited variety

  219. Avatar photo
    hafis sahrudin :3

    Small but help full with fast groceries

  220. Avatar photo
    hy lim

    Many choices and option to choose

  221. Avatar photo
    Timothy Lai

    Small supermarket, long checkout lines

  222. Avatar photo
    Pobi Cita Wiyata

    Nice one

  223. Avatar photo

    All items with best and cheap prices

  224. Avatar photo
    Roidan Sutherland

    Has all the things a small Supermarket needs. Supply’s everything from Food to Hardware as well. All ’round good.

  225. Avatar photo
    Shieby Arantina Malo Umbu

    Nice Market
    I ordered some stuffs to bring it home. Price was so reasonable and sometimes there discount
    The atmosphere was clean and coolpretty complete stuff, especially the fruits was a lot! and fresh.
    The Service was great!

  226. Avatar photo
    Vin Mel


  227. Avatar photo
    Gary Tang

    Always short of fresh fruits n vegies

  228. Avatar photo
    Cedric Soh

    Not big, but stock enough varieties for normal household

  229. Avatar photo
    Adi Wicaksono

    Fair price

  230. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Sng

    Nice and neat supermarket

  231. Avatar photo
    Faisal Aqeeli

    Good price, but very crowded

  232. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wahab T.K

    Most of the food and sundry goods available here. Fast services in the daytime.

  233. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Fawaz

    Cheap prices

  234. Avatar photo

    Love it

  235. Avatar photo
    Mrs Mrs

    A decent sized grocery store given the location. It’s very close to lavender MRT and the stadium. It has a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and your everyday favourite items.

  236. Avatar photo

    This is a small neighbourhood supermarket where you can get a large veriety of fresh, canned, frozen and prepacked groceries, toiletries, home care, personal care, car care care products.

    Wheelchair accessible.

  237. Avatar photo
    Arthur Michael

    This place provide things with reasonable price. Within everybodys budget. Must keep it that way.

  238. Avatar photo
    Jane Koh

    Not all products are available here. The range of fresh fruits are not many.

  239. Avatar photo
    yama chi

    There are few meat and fish, but I think the other items are satisfactory. There are frozen items as well as other branches.
    The surrounding area has a strong local color, but you can leisurely shop. There …

  240. Avatar photo
    soo ching luk

    Spacious, neat and clean. Varieties of food and groceries meet basic needs. Easy to get a parking lot nearby.

  241. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    Doesnt really have wide variety, but all the basic brands are here.

  242. Avatar photo
    john tan

    Nice place.

  243. Avatar photo
    Dexter Low

    Tea serve by Traditional Penang Food store is very nice

  244. Avatar photo
    Said Mubaruk Sultan Athaham

    Sometimes, the fruits are spoilt, must be careful when buying.

  245. Avatar photo
    Zulkarnain Bahrawi


  246. Avatar photo
    Sabu Varghese

    Good place for daily provisions.

  247. Avatar photo

    Slow service…should open more payment counter

  248. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Still fine,not so crowded on normal working days.

  249. Avatar photo
    Hafeezulla Baig

    Only one OCBC deposit machine nearby little india area , other than that need to go City square Mall , for deposit/ cash withdrawals .

  250. Avatar photo

    Very fair prices!!

  251. Avatar photo
    Daneil Cheah

    Counter less open

  252. Avatar photo
    Phillip C

    Great little supermarket, with everything you could need.

  253. Avatar photo

    No weighting machine in shop. Also shop is not that big scale.

  254. Avatar photo
    Happy Lucky

    It is so large the ntuc

  255. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Soleh


  256. Avatar photo
    Achman Winata

    Often long queue at cashier, although now improving after they open up 4 self service check out pos, thou only 1 of them can accept cash.

  257. Avatar photo
    Hangi Tavakoli

    Good for daily shopping

  258. Avatar photo
    Hai Nguyen


  259. Avatar photo
    Vinit Agarwal

    Good place for small shoping for tourists

  260. Avatar photo
    mama mia

    Exact as the name, fair price

  261. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ang


  262. Avatar photo
    Caleb Low

    Staff courteous n well-trained

  263. Avatar photo
    Claudia Amanda

    Cheap place to buy grocery

  264. Avatar photo
    Moe Battota

    NTUC for a quick convenient last minute food item

  265. Avatar photo
    Frankie Leung

    Nice supermarket

  266. Avatar photo
    Nat Li

    Close to mrt, sufficient supply on fish and veggies and all things required for daily needs. Great prices for fresh fruits, friendly staff.

  267. Avatar photo
    Yeong Khai Foo

    A convenient place to get your groceries, vegetables, drinks, seafood and meat plus other neccessities for your home at very reasonable prices.

  268. Avatar photo
    agas maha astra

    cheap price. a 1,5L drinking water just 0.70 SGD

  269. Avatar photo
    Edu Juga

    price is good… cheaper than the other place

  270. Avatar photo
    Ban Guan Gea

    A bit small with narrow aisles. Compact and pretty congested. Otherwise quite well stocked and organised.

  271. Avatar photo
    jay loh


  272. Avatar photo
    Bijendra Bhakta Bhaju

    Learn new thing.

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