Review Fairprice Geylang Lorong, 612/620, Singapore

Review FairPrice Geylang Lorong - Singapore 612/620

“Convenience if u need to pop into NTUC to get something quickly, parking could b done at d petrol station adjacent.” or “It’s a grocery store in the neighborhood, it has basic necessity but you need to go somewhere else for a more complete one” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Fairprice Geylang Lorong. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Fairprice Geylang Lorong is quality.

Introduction about Fairprice Geylang Lorong

Here are some fundamental details regarding Fairprice Geylang Lorong. In terms of Supermarket, it is generally believed that Fairprice Geylang Lorongis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 612/620, 612/620 Geylang Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Supermarket, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 68416016 (+65 68416016)
  • Website:
  • Address: 612/620, 612/620 Geylang Rd, Singapore
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Detailed information of Fairprice Geylang Lorong

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Here are the operating hours of Fairprice Geylang Lorong.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


Please check the information below to find out the distance and travel time from the center of Singapore to your destination.

9.6 km10 minute12 minute8 minute

How to contact Fairprice Geylang Lorong?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Fairprice Geylang Lorong via:

Phone number

You can reach Fairprice Geylang Lorong at 68416016(+65 68416016). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Fairprice Geylang Lorong via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 612/620, 612/620 Geylang Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Fairprice Geylang Lorong reviews

Fairprice Geylang Lorong is among the best destinations of Supermarket in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Fairprice Geylang Lorong good?

To determine whether Fairprice Geylang Lorong is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Google Pay works perfectly here even at their self-service counters. Cheaper rice at 5.80 per 5 kg. Great store and so many to choose from.”

“A small grocery with all the basics you need. Very easy to locate and it is open 24 hours a day.”

“Very convenient. Not as big as the supermarket in Paya Leybar Square but at least it's open 24 hours.”

“Best grocery store undoubtedly in Singapore, have had freshest produce and very helpful staff.”

“Easy to find the things that you want and the staff are very nice”

“This supermarket was under government department,selling price always cheaper than other supermarket,and they are open 24 hours , you can find normal things in here.”

“Good safe stopover with ample groceries to meet your needs”

“Probably one of the biggest NTUC in the East without the nasty crowds.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 161 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 71% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Fairprice Geylang Lorong, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Fairprice Geylang Lorong are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Fairprice Geylang Lorong, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Fairprice Geylang Lorong, 612/620, Singapore

There is a total 161 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sam Chrysler

    Ok la….just need to squeeze through the lanes. Range of products not as extensive as the bigger ones but you’ll get your needs.

  2. Avatar photo
    chris m


  3. Avatar photo
    Paul Tuddenham

    The shop is very convenient, since it’s open 24 hours. I have had problems with the fruit from here not being so fresh.

  4. Avatar photo
    Swee Teck Teo

    Very convenient, FairPricr is popular, this is recognized!, Staff is very polite. It gives people a sense of intimacy!!!,

    Very 方便, FairPricr 又大众化,这是公認!,Staff 又很礼貌.给人有親切感!!!,

  5. Avatar photo
    Xuelin Xu

    open 24 hours


  6. Avatar photo

    Convenience if u need to pop into NTUC to get something quickly, parking could b done at d petrol station adjacent.

  7. Avatar photo

    things are not complete


  8. Avatar photo
    Wong Meng Seah

    Friendly cashier’s serving customers.

  9. Avatar photo

    A 2-storey supermarket where you can find fresh groceries, pre-packed food and beverages, canned food, condiments, household cleaning products, small electrical appliances, etc. Serves residents living in Geylang Serai and Joo Chiat areas.

  10. Avatar photo
    Wei Ming Lee

    Not the cheapest but selling quality stuff

  11. Avatar photo
    Terrier Romain

    The price is good and the cashier are nice

  12. Avatar photo
    Daniel Li

    Small store but staff is helpful

  13. Avatar photo
    Alexis Chua

    Interesting stuff. Check out the Cheap Fairprice-branded goods!

  14. Avatar photo
    rajandran v

    I always buy smart choice bread,but this brand they order less so many times l cannot buy so l always go to lor 17 sheng siong to buy bread there.

  15. Avatar photo
    Wee Pin Koh

    Good for groceries

  16. Avatar photo
    Mohan Elanchezhiyan (Elan)

    Small yet good

  17. Avatar photo
    Bernard Teo

    If you love late night supermarket shopping whereby it is not so crowded, this is the place. My go to supermarket for daily necessities after midnight. Will be quote pack during peak hours. Replenishing is not consistent. But you’ll be able to get whatever you need here basically

  18. Avatar photo
    Nexus yt

    Easy to find the things that you want and the staff are very nice

  19. Avatar photo
    V K Varathan

    Nice place

  20. Avatar photo
    Meisi Khaw

    24h supermarket. Small but functional

  21. Avatar photo
    S S

    Nice and compact by the roadside

  22. Avatar photo
    Lim Cher Khiang

    Look ok.

  23. Avatar photo
    Theo P

    Good safe stopover with ample groceries to meet your needs

  24. Avatar photo
    Gonekeng Redmi

    24 hr have most things you need.

  25. Avatar photo
    Ernest Kwok

    24/7 open

  26. Avatar photo
    Noratou Laraki

    Few items

    Peu de articles

  27. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Decker

    Pretty good selection and not overpriced

  28. Avatar photo
    Tom Nag

    The meat and fish in this supermarket are not very good. The selection is not very good. I think it’s a supermarket where you can normally find anything other than meat. It’s a pretty small supermarket.


  29. Avatar photo
    Nassim Hamidi


    Pas cher

  30. Avatar photo
    Don Ng

    A few Chinese aunties working there are quite aggresive and unfriendly. I saw an NTUC auntie offended a China lady and refused to admit her fault or splogise.

  31. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    The location is good only for the residents nearby. It is at the far end of the area which is just beside the PIE highway. It is usually quite crowded and the cashier queues could be too long for anyone to wait to pay. The place is limited by the size. Don’t expect to find a great variety of merchandise for the festive season.

  32. Avatar photo
    edward qin

    open 24/7, which mean you can get what you want anytime.

  33. Avatar photo
    Chester Gan

    So, you come into this nearby place on a regular basis, to buy the same old ingredients, at varying prices no thanks to supply-chain issues pushing up egg prices, to cook the same old meal regularly, because you want to avoid decision fatigue….

    This is what you do when you are jobless. lol.

  34. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Muzammil (Mzee)

    It’s a mini mart… Has all the essentials… Many times stocks get finished fast…. Hao mart better in this area and well stocked…

  35. Avatar photo
    Jonas J

    They don’t have the same bottled water as in other FairPrice Markets, which was actually the reason why I went to FairPrice…

  36. Avatar photo
    Jeffry Manhulad

    Google Pay works perfectly here even at their self-service counters. Cheaper rice at 5.80 per 5 kg. Great store and so many to choose from.

  37. Avatar photo
    rolf gesell

    Medium sized supermarket with good prices. You can find everything you need to eat and drink.

    Mittel grosser Supermarkt mit guten Preisen. Man findet alles was man so zum essen und trinken braucht.

  38. Avatar photo
    Arthur Lafon Kovenko

    How do you rate a supermarket?!

  39. Avatar photo
    Eng Hak Teo


  40. Avatar photo
    Dan Y

    Small. Doesn’t carry most of items on web site

  41. Avatar photo
    Lim han yang

    Got everything you need

  42. Avatar photo
    Ho Robert

    There are many foreign workers in Geylang, and NTUC Supermarket is reassuring regardless of the products or prices. The supermarket is not big, but it has a complete range of goods; it is open 24 hours a day, and it provides the daily necessities for neighboring residents and migrant workers, which is a great convenience!


  43. Avatar photo
    Jun Flores


  44. Avatar photo
    Ashish Kakar

    Nice small fairprice. Location is a bit uncomfortable for me due to fruit sellers just outside

  45. Avatar photo
    Ryan Chew

    Decent sized supermarket.

  46. Avatar photo

    Small Fairprice outlet. Opens 24hr

  47. Avatar photo
    Duck Lim

    This NTUC runs 24 hr n hve atm outside posb n ocbc

  48. Avatar photo
    Goh Francis

    Local groceries

  49. Avatar photo
    Dennis Cheng

    Good experience, they have everything I want to buy

  50. Avatar photo
    Peter Low

    convenience grossary store!

  51. Avatar photo
    Faisal Mohamed

    Good promotions

  52. Avatar photo
    Lim GE

    Convenient and fresh


  53. Avatar photo
    Ligia Saniz

    You get your money’s worth.

  54. Avatar photo
    Bee Cheng Goh

    Geylang District is quite special, exuding a very different and special side. I went to ntuc in Geylang that day, but was attracted by a building opposite. A special “Chaozhou Hongnong Yang’s Association” is engraved on the wall above. A row of banana trees are planted in front of the house. Banana trees with thick stems and large leaves are used as a screen to block the noisy cars outside and the dusty glare of the sun. What a wonderful economy!
    Walking through the banana tree screen into a shade, it turned out to be a traditional coffee shop “Xinfa Restaurant”, where the famous “Sheng Kee Duck Rice” is located. Shing Kee Duck Rice is run by several brothers. They are all fat and fat, but they are friendly and fluent in both Chinese and English. Duck rice is traditional, there is no need to play!
    If you have time, you may wish to come and see it. The address is 661A, Geylang Rd, just at the intersection of Geylang rd and lor 35 Geylang.

    Geylang区是较特别的,散发着很不同很特殊的一面。那天去Geylang 的ntuc,却被对面的一座大楼所吸引。上面墙壁刻着特别的“潮州弘农杨氏公会”,屋前种植一排香蕉树,利用干粗叶大的香蕉树当屏风,外面喧哗的车声飞扬的灰尘刺眼的阳光一下子全被挡在外了,多么经济美好!
    有空不妨来见识一下,地址是661A,Geylang Rd, 就在Geylang rd 和lor 35 Geylang 的交接口。

  55. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Not many varieties, normal household products

  56. Avatar photo
    Zhenhua Shang

    24 hour

  57. Avatar photo
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    Small but offers are quite complete.

  58. Avatar photo
    Kihu C

    Small fairprice shop. Couldnt find much of the things i want.

  59. Avatar photo
    Karl Panki Park

    It is same with other fairprice, but I think it has quite many kinds of products for its size.

  60. Avatar photo
    maithao nguyen

    Buy everything u need

  61. Avatar photo
    Danny Chan

    Good experience shopping at this FairPrice branch….Good service personnels…

  62. Avatar photo
    Kevin C

    24/7 open which is good

  63. Avatar photo
    Slavina Bueva

    They have all last-minute stuff that I usually need like milk, eggs or chicken/pork. Except maybe normal long thin “Japanese” cucumbers, they are always over in the evening.
    Good news is that they now have self service terminals, it really saves time.

  64. Avatar photo
    Kayee Chow

    Nice. I can buy the thing in here.

  65. Avatar photo
    Peter Ng

    Small, but convenient supermarket. The supermarket is good enough for all the basic needs.

  66. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim

    This is a Fairprice outlet that operates 24hours. Good stock of goods.

  67. Avatar photo
    Sohail Salehi

    Simply fair prices and good verieties

  68. Avatar photo
    Anh Quân Nguyễn Hữu


  69. Avatar photo

    It is a rather small store.
    However, it is a good place to buy daily necessities and groceries with affordable prices and a wide range of products.
    This store has a lot of Korean ramen and seaweed.

    규모는 조금 작은 매장입니다.
    하지만 저렴한 가격과 다양한 제품으로 생필품, 식료품 등을 구입하기는 좋은 곳 입니다.
    한국 라면, 김 등을 많이 구비한 매장입니다.

  70. Avatar photo
    Ruban Kumar Thanga Pandian

    Nice place

  71. Avatar photo
    Fancy Nancy

    complete snack and fresh variant fruit

  72. Avatar photo
    Varinder Singh Khehra

    Q a z

  73. Avatar photo
    Silvester Leo

    24/7 convenient grocery

  74. Avatar photo
    ritesh kumar

    It’s good for Daily needs

  75. Avatar photo
    Mayuranathan P

    Bit costrlier than normal shop. But for urgent purposes we can buy here.

  76. Avatar photo
    ice star

    Rather small as compared to other NTUC

  77. Avatar photo
    Gigi Chui

    Not a huge one but still have a great selection of items

  78. Avatar photo
    Viimaging singapore

    Small but good

  79. Avatar photo
    Steven Hi

    Food is delicious.

  80. Avatar photo
    K Kotaki

    Reasonable supermarket. We have a good selection of products, so if you have a problem during your trip, please look for FairPrice nearby.


  81. Avatar photo
    ChangFangNicholas Chen

    Tiny store. Only good for purchasing essential items . They do have a small selection of fruit and vegetables as well as fresh and frozen meats.

  82. Avatar photo

    Very limited range of items.

  83. Avatar photo
    Anaid Pogrebniak

    Never have a sour cream …

  84. Avatar photo
    Wong Tze Shin

    General groceries and household items… not the biggest u can find what u want but good enough for general use… if u want more varieties and items u have to visit the bigger ones like in Kallang Wave mall…

  85. Avatar photo
    Chester Gan

    So, you come into this nearby place on a regular basis, to buy the same old ingredients, at varying prices no thanks to supply-chain issues pushing up egg prices, to cook the same old meal regularly, because you want to avoid decision fatigue….

    This is what you do when you are jobless. lol.

  86. Avatar photo
    Risma Kurnia

    A roadside place, not too big a supermarket.. but enough for daily needs, regarding food and drinks, there are halal and non-halal. When going home, just walk a little to the left, there is a bus stop.

    Tempat pinggir jalan, tidak terlalu besar swalayan nya.. tapi cukup untuk kebutuhan harian, soal makanan dan minuman terdapat yang halal dan non halal. Saat pulang tinggal jalan sedikit ke kiri ada bus stop.

  87. Avatar photo
    hk tan

    I would like to compliment 2 staff of FairPice Lor 38 Geylang, Mr Bala and cashier Ms Fang Li Chan who served me today (22 Jun 2022) at the store. Mr Bala was very helpful in taking me to locate a few items that I could not find as this was my first visit to the store. He also explained to me the differences of two similar products on display and I finally decided to buy one of them. And for another item that the store did not carry, he advised me to go to one of the bigger FairPrice store to get it. When I was at the cashier, Ms Fang explained to me the price and discount on the breads I bought (as there was a special discount on it). And when she came to know that the items I bought was quite heavy for me to carry and my car was parked quite a distance away from the store, she loaded all the goods for me in a single basket and advised me to drive my car over and she would keep an eye of the goods for me. I really thank her thoughtfulness.
    The friendly and helpful work attitude of both Mr Bala and Ms Fang have given me a very pleasant shopping experience this afternoon. Keep it up!

  88. Avatar photo
    Benny Mooney

    Great supermarket fair prices

  89. Avatar photo
    Steve W

    Perfect for the essentials

  90. Avatar photo
    Jerald Ong

    It’s a great place to get fresh veggie and fruits, not the most selection on dairy and meat but it’s sufficient for a 24 hour convenient store!

  91. Avatar photo
    Sg Shoaib

    Always market

  92. Avatar photo
    Ramoncito Gabutin

    A small grocery with all the basics you need. Very easy to locate and it is open 24 hours a day.

  93. Avatar photo
    Vinh Nguyen

    Bưởi và thanh long Việt Nam được bán rất nhiều trong hệ thống siêu thị Fairprice Singapore

    Grapefruit and Vietnamese dragon fruit are sold a lot in the Fairprice Singapore supermarket system

  94. Avatar photo

    Very big & many thing can find.almost ok

  95. Avatar photo
    Amit Kay

    Nice food

  96. Avatar photo

    Place has everything

  97. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Probably one of the biggest NTUC in the East without the nasty crowds.

  98. Avatar photo
    Shaun R S

    Typical Fairprice outlet, & more congested than most….

  99. Avatar photo
    Nancy Pok

    Be serving

  100. Avatar photo
    Yeo Cher Chong

    Near Lor.40 Geylang Road

  101. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    The shop house type of ntuc. It serves the residents as well as people come for food like Chinese food and durian.

  102. Avatar photo

    Things are not expensive, cheaper than souvenir shops

    東西不貴 比伴手禮店便宜

  103. Avatar photo
    pyhongkong8@gmail.Com Fu Pui Yin

    There are many 24-hour supermarkets in this community, and it is one of them.


  104. Avatar photo
    O W

    Enough for daily grocery shopping

  105. Avatar photo
    Yeo Mui Seng

    Small supermarket.

  106. Avatar photo
    Beng Hwa Sim



  107. Avatar photo
    Shervy Oktavia


  108. Avatar photo

    Over priced on 50%. Underpriced the other half

  109. Avatar photo
    lee Yk

    Still ok

  110. Avatar photo

    Convenience if u need to pop into NTUC to get something quickly, parking could b done at d petrol station adjacent.

  111. Avatar photo
    Jia Da Chia

    Small ntuc. Not as big as those in shopping mall but have all the necessary stuff.

  112. Avatar photo
    Bonifacio Jr Cervantes

    The staffs accomodated

  113. Avatar photo

    Complete daily necessities


  114. Avatar photo
    Aalind Singh

    Good for everyday groceries and shopping.

  115. Avatar photo
    Roy Leong

    Small and cramp

  116. Avatar photo
    Henry L

    Safety enter control well done before going into shopping
    Service team politely treat visit customer like friends

  117. Avatar photo

    Good, good environment, fresh stuff!


  118. Avatar photo
    Dean Stanton

    Open 24 hours. Keenly priced. However occasionally long queues

  119. Avatar photo

    This supermarket was under government department,selling price always cheaper than other supermarket,and they are open 24 hours , you can find normal things in here.

  120. Avatar photo
    bondan prakoso (Bond Pro)

    Get a coupon whose nominal value is quite big!

    Dapet kupon yang nominalnya lumayaaan biyanget!

  121. Avatar photo
    Mogathadakala Venkateswara Rao

    Very near to my house

  122. Avatar photo
    Coffeebud Hong

    small but neatly organised

  123. Avatar photo

    Good for basics

  124. Avatar photo
    May Tan

    Staff service is good


  125. Avatar photo
    Ashraff Bakar

    Staff are very quick! Very convenient location. Open 24 hours. Lots of varities to choose from.

  126. Avatar photo
    YP tay


  127. Avatar photo
    Tan Bee Lin

    Excellent .

  128. Avatar photo
    Nuwan Weerasinghe

    24 hrs open, qulity foods and reasonable price in Singapore .

  129. Avatar photo
    Rony “RoGuKa” Kalfarisi

    It’s a grocery store in the neighborhood, it has basic necessity but you need to go somewhere else for a more complete one

  130. Avatar photo
    Tom LI

    The location is good, everything is quite complete.


  131. Avatar photo
    Puneet Sinha

    Best grocery store undoubtedly in Singapore, have had freshest produce and very helpful staff.

  132. Avatar photo

    complete items


  133. Avatar photo
    Mark Zaidy Serdon

    Good selection of food and home supplies.

  134. Avatar photo
    App Angel

    Got my discounted member price items here instead of at other locations.

  135. Avatar photo

    A wonderful experience shopping here, prices are reasonable. First time for me to experience self checkout machine to pay.

  136. Avatar photo
    A H

    Reasonable product range prices are a bit hit and miss

  137. Avatar photo
    Trail Gently (By Mv)

    24 hour grocery shop with very limited stocks and not so fresh chicken and seafood One time I have to return the whole chicken as it has a very funny smell after that I never buy those items anymore. This place is good for budget and just economical cooking otherwise loads of items are not available compare to bigger Fairprice in Singapore. Only one young lady staff is friendly otherwise the rest are just always in a hurry, busy, looking upset or not in the mood. How about a little customer service..?

  138. Avatar photo
    Ronalyn Prellegera

    Very convenient and accessible to where i’m staying.

  139. Avatar photo
    Yuwei Wang (WYW)

    The goods are not complete


  140. Avatar photo
    Z S

    Good supermarket but the variety of food items could be better. For example, more types of vegetables and cheese.

  141. Avatar photo
    Vivian Anak Seliyong

    It’s worth it. Plenty of choices

  142. Avatar photo

    One of the fair price located near geylang … I taught it would be bigger …but a little shop where very small daily necessary needs can be shopped
    .. can make it more bigger and install some other stalls and can make some other item too …it would be better for people to buy on NTUC amount groceries and stationery things and vegetables and fruits are very very few comapred to other fair price ..when on going on buying NTUC I would not suggest this one.. and I bought a 50-50 chaska maska I don’t check expiry date in NTUC because I believe that they will be fresh nd good after I’d a piece of bite i know it was expired nd got tensed …this should be taken into concern I don’t know who to ask nd how to ask .. before buying a product expiry must be checked

  143. Avatar photo
    Steve Tramacchi

    Very handy for those nearby, all the essentials

  144. Avatar photo
    sehee lee

    There are almost 50,000! You can often see Korean ramen snacks! But when I went to buy lens cleaning solution, it was gone… So I bought snacks, water, and other things! I don’t think I can say that sweets suit the taste of Koreans..! There are many Korean sweets!

    거의오만거다있어요! 한국라면간식정도는 자주볼수잇구요! 근데 렌즈세척액사러갔는데없더라고요….그래서 과자랑 물이랑 여러가지샀아요! 과자는 한국인입맛에맞다고할수는없을것같아요..! 우리나라 과자라면 많아요!

  145. Avatar photo
    Alexander “Brazzers JR” Chernykh

    Inexpensive store, there is everything for everyday use: food for cooking, household chemicals, dishes, hygiene products and cosmetics, teas, coffee, drinks. The price level for Singapore is very democratic.

    Недорогой магазин, есть все для повседневного использования: еда для приготовления, бытовая химия, посуда, средства гигиены и косметика, чаи, кофе, напитки. Уровень цен для сингапура весьма демократичный.

  146. Avatar photo
    Domagoj Pribanic

    Very small FairPrice with limited selection. Tighly packed aisles with limited walking room, not convenient for a stroller or cart. No butcher shop in store so no fresh meat available.

    There’s a good produce store/market right next door and I always stop by to buy any of the produce I can there and only pick up in FairPrice what I can’t find there. Gas station right next door too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Shawn Syou

    nice place!

  148. Avatar photo
    Frederick Loi

    A very small local supermart which serves the surrounding residents. Most common dairies n household items are available at reasonable prices.

  149. Avatar photo
    MK Seah

    A lot of store

  150. Avatar photo
    Andre Thum

    Just a little market with all necessary things.

  151. Avatar photo
    Haoyan Chang

    good shopping


  152. Avatar photo
    Yapp Mc

    reasonable price


  153. Avatar photo
    Adam Gerard

    Great selection, service and price

  154. Avatar photo
    Martin Schmidt - Effing

    24/7 open. Selection as usual. Layout of the supermarket very tight and narrow.

  155. Avatar photo
    Chua It Got

    Limited items displayed due to insufficient space.

  156. Avatar photo
    James Tan

    Just another ntuc.

  157. Avatar photo
    Goh Kim Chong

    Open 24 hours a day, affordable brands, it is one of the ideal convenient shopping places for laborers in this area


  158. Avatar photo
    John Joves

    Very convenient. Not as big as the supermarket in Paya Leybar Square but at least it’s open 24 hours.

  159. Avatar photo
    Big O Dojo

    Nothing much

  160. Avatar photo
    Rahman Md Sadekur


  161. Avatar photo


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