Review Eduedge English Specialists, 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore

Review EduEdge English Specialists - Singapore 301 Serangoon Ave 2

Knowing the address, operating hours, phone number, and services of a place plays an important role. Additionally, reading customer evaluations can give you an idea of what to expect, both in terms of the quality of the services provided and the overall experience. If you want to find out more about Eduedge English Specialists, read this article on to gain more interesting knowledge.

Introduction about Eduedge English Specialists

Here are some fundamental details regarding Eduedge English Specialists. In terms of English language school, it is generally believed that Eduedge English Specialistsis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to English language school, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 97976581 (+65 97976581)
  • Website:
  • Address: 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Eduedge English Specialists via:

Phone number

You can reach Eduedge English Specialists at 97976581(+65 97976581). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Eduedge English Specialists via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Eduedge English Specialists reviews

Eduedge English Specialists is among the best destinations of English language school in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Eduedge English Specialists is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“A big Thank You to Eduedge for teaching and guidance. Susie managed to improved from B4 to A2 less than 4 months. Susie has grasped the correct technique to study English.”

“I like the writing notes session. Currently in school, teachers just pass printed notes to students, and some points are unclear. However, at EduEdge, writing my own notes help me to remember a lot.”

“I am Andrea from S1.4, i joined around March . Before joining i was getting B4. After joining i attained A2 for the subsequent exams. The teachers in EE are supportive and kind .”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Eduedge English Specialists, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Eduedge English Specialists, 301 Serangoon Ave 2, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    Zay lin htut

    i know how to answer questions better and how to figure out what the pasage is mentioning and talking about. the teachers are also very caring and help answer questions i have in class. They make sure i understand and ensure im not lost.
    My grades have also improved from B4 to A2

  2. Avatar photo
    Tanavv Pm

    I find the method of teaching using formulas very effective. It has benefited me in many ways, I have also managed to increase my grade from a C5 (before eduedge) to a solid B3 (During EduEdge). I really appreciate the extensive help and detailed lessons provided by the Teachers. Even when I am unable to attend the classes, I can watch the videos via the e-learning portal and learn what I missed out on.

  3. Avatar photo
    Lai Jia Ying

    Before the EduEdge Experience, I faced a lot of struggles in English, especially when I could not understand why or how my comprehension questions were wrong. However, after joining EduEdge, I’m clearer on how to tackle comprehension questions using the six levels of comprehension. In EduEdge, I also made new friends who made learning much more fun. The EduEdge Experience has enabled me to learn English in a fun approach such that I am never bored in class! Personally, I have never looked forward to tuition till I joined EduEdge as I always thought that tuition was a mundane routine. The teachers in EduEdge also strive towards bringing out the best in their students while enabling students to participate actively in a safe environment. EduEdge has helped me improved my grades from a B4 to a A2 and I am confident that as long as I continue to apply the EduEdge Formula Method, I’ll attain my goal of achieving distinction for my O levels. With EduEdge, learning English is never boring anymore!

  4. Avatar photo

    EduEdge lessons make me feel more alert and energised than school lessons as the teachers are more fun than my school teachers. Because of the fun lessons, i have been able to learn more knowledge than in school and i have been scoring higher in my summary wirting in the practice paper my school teacher give.

  5. Avatar photo

    I was always very good at the English Language in Primary school but after moving into secondary school, my grades plummeted almost immediately. I was very concerned because I was getting borderline passes for my English language papers and I DID NOT know what I was doing wrong! I was also becoming increasingly worried because if I did not pass my English examinations in school, I would not be promoted to Secondary 2 during the subject combination exercise. Math and Science were unlike English as I can just understand concepts and formulas and walk into the examination hall feeling confident to do my papers. However, after getting a D7 for my SA1 paper, that was when I decided to join Eduedge. And I have to say, it was the best decision I made!! I gained so many insights and tips that I never knew existed. For example, the ‘SPEAR’ structure was like a math formula that I could remember to provide a step-by-step breakdown to write paragraphs in BOTH papers 1 and 2, yet allowing me to write in my own style. This made it easier for me to grasp what was taught in class because I was generally a Science student and this was a way for my strength to come to good use. Before I knew it, I was getting As and Bs for my WA and SA papers. If you are ever in need of feedback and help for your essays or have any doubts that you would like to clarify, the EduEdge teachers are ALWAYS here to help!! They would always never fail to motivate and encourage us to answer and ask questions if we ever have any. So, do not hesitate to approach them or text them via Whatsapp!!

  6. Avatar photo

    The eduedge notes are very informative and i particularly like the gp content packages because the content is more comprehensive and eduedge provides gp packages for a wide variety of topics. The formulas are easy to remember as well and can be easily applied during the exam, thus saving time. I also like the e-revision videos because i could view it in my free time so it’s flexible for me.

  7. Avatar photo
    Yi Shin

    What i like most about EduEdge is the teaching style of the teachers. The teachers here uses a unique formulaic approach that is really helpful for me as it allows me to recall the techniques easily during my exams. The feedback that i get from the teachers for RISE helps me to understand my strengths and what i needed to work on. Unlike subjects like maths and sciences, i did not know how to study for english at first because there wasn’t a specific content knowledge that i needed to master. However, joining EduEdge made me realise that english was actually quite simple to study and learn with the answering techniques and writing structures provided. The concise summary notes also helped a lot in my understanding.

  8. Avatar photo
    Park Jinyoung

    I am Andrea from S1.4, i joined around March . Before joining i was getting B4. After joining i attained A2 for the subsequent exams. The teachers in EE are supportive and kind .

  9. Avatar photo
    Lydia Tang

    So far I have learned new techniques for my Situational writing which managed to help me break down and plan my response easier. The tuition also provides lots of tips and techniques to tackle and strategize different components of the English language paper.

  10. Avatar photo
    Clara Tan Hui Shi (Ahs)

    EduEdge has helped me understand the components of the English paper and has given me amazing notes for preparation of the examinations. The way of teaching though the use of formulas like 4(S) answering strategy for comprehension made the learning for English more fun and interesting. The method of asking thinking questions (why/what/how) is very useful for me to generate ideas. I used to be afraid of writing compositions in school but with the help of EduEdge, writing compositions are not as terrifying as before. I used to be scared of summary writing but with the help of EduEdge ASAP strategy, summary is not as difficult as it seems. I have improved from 8/15 for summary to 11/15. EduEdge has certainly helped me understand the requirements of the English paper better.

  11. Avatar photo
    rfrz md

    I like the techniques the coaches taught me such as the comprehension technique. I used it in my comprehensions in school and they became so much easier as i can understand the text better. I try to apply the techniques taught in my school work and definitely saw an improvement. I also like the amount of homework given as it can be managed especially with school and CCA.

  12. Avatar photo
    Gareth Tan

    Even though I have just recently joined EduEdge, I saw a significant improvement in my vocabulary and speaking. I saw a grade jump from B4 to A2 in my recent exam and I also feel more confident as I can speak more fluently and eloquently.

    One thing I love about EduEdge is its myriad of information and resources. EduEdge has an updated website that is packed with resources. The centre’s strict homework policy also keeps me accountable and on task. On days when I am busy, I can also book another session to attend in a matter of seconds through a google form to attend a make-up session. With this well-organised structure and galvanised system, my revision is enhanced with a more in-depth learning experience.

    Overall, I feel that this experience is invaluable to me and it is super worth it, considering the number of benefits I receive. I am grateful to all my EduEdge coaches for the immense effort they put in!

  13. Avatar photo
    S4.2 Lim Si En

    Before going EduEdge, I always thought that English is a very difficult subject to pick up and that I would never be able to score well for English. The constant C or low B grades really took a toll on my confidence level. However, with the continuous support and understanding from the EE teachers, they really made the lessons interesting and easy to understand, and my grades really did improved. Currently, whenever I am attempting an English paper, I would feel much more confident and the techniques taught in the lessons also makes the entire understanding process of the various passage in the paper 2 sections a lot easier

  14. Avatar photo
    Navin Kishore Chinnadurai

    Compared to other tuition centeres Eduedge has an inclusive and constructive approach to teaching English. Whilst other centres and schools dump tons of pointless practice papers on students, blindly believing that practice makes perfect, the coaches at Eduedge have compiled systematic methods,which are like formulas, helping students hit their desired English grade. Not only does this formula like method pave a straightforward road to success, it allows students to fully understand the mistakes they’re making and how to tackle them. Personally, Eduedge has helped me clear all the uncertainty around continuous writing. It used to be an insurmountable obstacle until I started following these ‘formulas’. It was like unlocking a number lock, except knowing the exact pin code rather than repeatedly striking it with a rock, praying to make some progress. It was that easy! It allowed me to finally clinch that A for English and ultimately improve my language as a whole. Knowing that all my coaches and friends I’ve made here would be behind me was a big confidence booster. I can’t imagine how much I’d still be struggling without Edu Edge.

  15. Avatar photo
    Amanda Bek

    Before I was introduced to EduEdge, I had no methods or strategies to tackle English papers and I just did the papers based on what answer “feels right”. That definitely didn’t get me anywhere in the long run. Personally, I found PIVEO, CABDIO and LET to be the most beneficial formulas while tackling the English papers. I decided to enrol into EduEdge as I heard that English would be taught using a formula-style method and I thought that this form of teaching would be much easier to follow. In school, the lessons conducted by the English teachers weren’t the most helpful as there were no clear steps to follow or strategies offered to us. In EduEdge, there are different formulas to apply for each paper component which is more helpful as compared to just trying to fill in the most appropriate answer based on guessing. I managed to achieve an A2 for O levels. In school, my grades would range from C to A which made me worry whether my teacher’s expectations was of national standard and why my grades could vary so largely. Additionally, an A2 for English comes with a competitive L1R5 score which allowed me to be eligible for the JC of my choice. In my opinion, it would be unrealistic to try to apply every single formula taught in EduEdge. However, keeping in mind a few formulas for each paper component and actively applying them will help boost your English grade too Oh, I’d like to say thank you to Ms Juel for conducting easy-to-follow lessons and chatting with us casually so lessons are more fun!

  16. Avatar photo
    Ting 2nd Gmail

    I’ve been on the EduEdge programme since the start of secondary school. I’ve learnt many things. EduEdge does not only teach techniques to score A for English but also teach moral education and general knowledge that can be useful in the future. EduEdge has taught me to be open-minded and creative when it comes to Continuous Writing. I used to struggle in that because I often felt I did not write anything unique or I repeated my ideas too many times. I always just pass my paper 1 component. With the help of Eduedge, I managed to clinch my A for paper 1. EduEdge has taught me to look deeper into the meaning of the writer’s thoughts and feelings when it comes to paper 2. I often struggle with that. However, the caring teachers pointed out my areas for improvement and gave me encouragement not to give up. This motivated me to try harder and do better to strive for English. EduEdge also gives endless extra help from the writing credits and Podia (the online learning resource). This helped me improved even more for English. The cheerful teachers often support me even when I did not do as well as I expected. They were optimistic about the grades I can achieve. EduEdge taught the importance of self care and self love for teenagers to grow healthy and happily. This also benefitted me as I realised their advice given were 100% useful. EduEdge formulas taught in class were an edge to success as well because it is easier to remember the formulas and then put them to use than remembering by practice after practice. I hope to hit the A1 mark for English for O levels. Thank you so much Eduedge teachers for supporting me for these few years. I really appreciate your help very much!

  17. Avatar photo
    Grace Tang

    As a person who is strong with formulas, the tips and tricks the teachers provided are really useful. The formulas can be applied on any paper even if it is randomized. The formulas they teach are unique and special, you can’t find them anywhere else other than Edu Edge. For example, I can use SCORE in paper 1 to not only deepen my understanding on questions but producing high quality answers as well. To the students that think you can’t study English, you actually can with the formulas to teach! The teachers are really approachable and humorous as well which makes the lessons even more fun!

  18. Avatar photo
    David Chua (Deyiss)

    I am David from S3.6 and what I liked most about EduEdge is that their teaching style is kind of different from the way my school teacher teaches. EduEdge has a more detailed technique and I have a clearer understanding compared to what my school teacher is teaching. Last time, English was the subject I hate the most but now I am beginning to like the subject but still I am kinda overwhelmed by the number of papers that we have to take. But now I am feeling that I am coping better already

  19. Avatar photo

    I joined EduEdge because I was at a borderline A and wanted to better improve it to an A1. EE has a unique way of teaching with their formulas, which are easy to follow and ensures that I am following the correct formats so that I can score my maximum points. I think that the most useful to me is the 4S strategy for compre, compre is my weakest component and so following the steps allowed me to understand the question better first before I found my answer. The cheat sheets and sample essays are useful too, I learnt some useful phrases which I put into my prelim essay and I managed to score well! The Teachers are also very helpful and will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

  20. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Lim

    before my exams, i would revise with the materials and would familiarise myself with the formulas taught, which are not common outside of eduedge. after i joined eduedge, i managed to score better, jumping from a c5 to a b3! i’m really grateful that i am able to join this tuition to further broaden my knowledge of eduedge. i hope that more people get to get the same opportunity as me.

  21. Avatar photo
    Yang Yuheng

    Before I joined EduEdge, I have struggled with English since sec 1 and my grades were always stuck in the C5 range. My paper 1 composition was also a struggle for me as I could not write up a satisfactory story, which led to having many grammar or sentence structure mistakes. I also had trouble understanding paper 2 comprehension formats which led me to not fulfilling the question requirements.

    As I was determined to improve my English and get a better grade, I asked my parents for English tuition where I was then enrolled to EduEdge. As I have never enrolled in other english tuition centres, EduEdge’s formula style approach has changed the way on how I learn English.

    I feel that the key difference in the teaching methods from EduEdge and school teachers is that in EduEdge, the teachers would actively remind us to apply the formulas when doing the papers which was easy for me to remember and apply during exams. As for RISE, the teachers would give me valuable feedback to improve especially paper 1, whereas in school the teachers would teach us what we need to know and give us practice after practice with a short feedback. Thus, I feel it is not as effective as how the teachers in EduEdge teach me english.

    After joining EduEdge, I was able to see the improvement in my grades after each examination from C5 during sec 3 mid year exams to B3 in the N levels exams. Getting a B3 was not what i have expected but I am happy that I am able to qualify for PFP and without the support and guidance form EduEdge, I do not think I would have reach this far.

    An advice to my juniors in EduEdge, when doing practices such as school papers or TYS, apply the formulas actively when doing the questions so that during exams you will remember and apply them. Do also take the teachers feedback seriously so that you can improve yourself and avoid the same mistake. I would like to thank Mr Derek and the teachers of EduEdge for the support!

  22. Avatar photo
    Wei Heng Ng

    I like that EduEdge (EE) has a unique way of teaching students how to learn English. For me learning English is quite boring because I just sit there a listen to my teacher talk, but in EE the teachers engage us during lessons and I find the Formula method teaching very helpful.

    What I learned in EduEdge (EE) helped me alot in my examination as i was failing my English exams before I came to EduEdge. I learned many techniques to write and many different ways to make my writing better. Now my English has gotten better. I got good results for my recent English paper and I am happy that I came to EduEdge.

  23. Avatar photo
    ethan lau

    At EduEdge, I have learnt a number of different formulas to apply on different aspects of all english papers. For example the SPEAR for paper 1 and CABDIO for character development. This method of teaching is unique yet unexpectedly super effective. Not only was the classes immensely interactive and enjoyable, the teachers were extremely caring and was very funny as well. I believe that if I continue to actively apply whatever’s I imparted from my teachers here, I would definitely see a significant improvement in my english grades. Thank you.

  24. Avatar photo
    Howell Tay

    EduEdge has made my General Paper (GP) learning experience more meaningful through their in depth analysis of comprehension texts and clear explanation of composition structure. I now feel more confident in my writing capabilities and am able to write my essays more fluently and efficiently. I would recommended EduEdge to my friends all day!

  25. Avatar photo
    W J

    English language has been the language i struggled most in as I felt that I already worked hard during the exams but just could not get remarkable results. However, by enrolling in Eduedge, I learnt many more unique strategies like the ‘Peer’ structure and their ‘cheat’ sheets which really help me tackle the questions for both paper 1 and paper 2 and i felt it was really useful (though i only joined about a month ago). I also enjoy the onsite lessons as there are many chances to work together with other students and it allows me to socialise more!

  26. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    Hi I have joined EduEdge for around a year. During my end of year examinations last year, I was throughly surprised that my Eng was that best out of all my subjects. I was absolutely not expecting it as I was only in EduEdge for 2-3 months. Since then, I have seen my Eng results grown leaps and bounds and I have been attaining an A1 every Eng exam no matter what was tested. I want to extend my greatest thanks to EduEdge for this success and that it would definitely not be possible without EduEdge! Keep up the fantastic work, EduEdge!

  27. Avatar photo
    Hebe Tang

    i enjoy eduedge a whole lot as my teachers are always funny, engaging and abit weird but it adds to their charm. they are super friendly and approachable as well, to add on i really appreciate the efforts taken by our teachers and eduedge to upload the recordings of lessons for us to access as it allows me to revisit information that i needed a refresh on. furthermore, i love the games we play,
    it makes lesson all the more fun and something to look forward to. moreover, the formulas we learn for comprehensions, situation writings, etc is very interesting and unique. when i first joined, it seemed hilarious that we took three weeks to finish a comprehension open-ended but now, i appreciate and understand the need to go into specifics and mention the unmentioned. to add on, the teachers are very helpful as they provide very specific tips and feedback for me to work on, something for me to look over before my exams.

    the cherry on top is that eduedge lessons have improved my English, both spoken and written. in primary 6, the english language was my weakest subject and was one i was always worried about, barely getting a 70, a ‘b’. however, now i am aware of the right methods to approach and answer questions, allowing me to be more confident in my language and getting even above 80, an ‘a1’, for English. eduedge has really helped me a lot in teaching me the right ways to learn as well as allowing me to enjoy the learning process. and for that, i will always be grateful!

  28. Avatar photo
    Drishana Ravi

    I had difficulties with Paper 1, Paper 2 and listening comprehension. I kept getting a 15 or a 16 out of 30 for my writing no matter how much effort I put in such as writing more compos, correcting my mistakes and writing good vocabulary words. All my other classmates somehow managed to do better than me. Some of them managed to get 19, 20 or 21 for their compos and it’s just shocking to see how they did it. I was also struggling with Paper 2 as I had to infer to get the answers and not just simply look at the passage and copy the words from there. I tried my absolute best to understand what the visual texts and passage were talking about and try to infer correctly.

    When my school English teacher revealed the answers, I was so shocked to see that the answers were so different that not only me but many of my classmates did not get those correct answers. My school English teacher’s explanation of how he got the answers was very confusing. I was always getting a borderline pass or failing the Paper 2 component.

    I kept wondering how my classmates managed to do better in English than me. My schoolteachers were so nonproficient at teaching English that many of my classmates didn’t care about the subject at all whereas I still cared about English, and I wanted to put in all the effort I can to be better in English. After being stuck with B4-C5 grades, I really started losing hope and confidence in English.

    I asked my mom to put me in a good English tuition so at my void deck, there is a tuition centre. We were not sure if they teach English for secondary school but we went there to ask them. A teacher there said that they do not give English lessons but she suggested EduEdge. She said that it was a good English tuition so we decided to schedule a diagnostic consultation. After seeing the many reviews of students getting A1 for their N-levels and O-levels, we decided to enrol in EduEdge.

    After applying the EduEdge Formulas such as the writing strategies that I learnt from the Sec 4 classes, recorded broadcast and the Write Right Programme, I was able to get 19 out of 30 for my email and 18 out of 30 for my compo which is something that I don’t usually achieve. I now know how to share engaging ideas to interest my oral examiners during my N-level Oral exam. I was also able to brainstorm quality ideas using the SCORE technique. In Paper 2, I’ve learnt how to find the accurate and precise words for quotation questions and knew how to infer to get the answers using the clues from the passage. This helps me to see hope to achieve a distinction in English.

    In the end, I got 9 points for N-levels. I was extremely relieved that I got 12 below because I am open to the opportunity of PFP. I have finally achieved a breakthrough to the desired grade. I had finally made my parents proud of my English grade and proven to myself that I can achieve A1 for English. Even though I want to take Sec 5 to do O-levels to go to JC, I am glad that I am open to more opportunities of different pathways as I can make a choice.

  29. Avatar photo
    Masked Magician

    During secondary school, my english grades were below average. My report card is filled with mostly As, except for English. I would u usually get Cs and low Bs for english and that was worrying. I wanted to go to a good jc and knew that I had to include english in my L1R5. There was no escaping English.

    I tried to make the most out of the little resources my english school teachers gave me, but to no avail. I put in my best effort but was unable to reap the fruits of my labour. Getting a distinction for english o-levels felt impossible and I was on the verge of giving up my dream to go into a good jc.

    My parents decided to help me pull up my english grades by enrolling me in Eduedge. I joined eduedge when I was in primary school, and this promising tuition centre helped me achieve an outstanding A for English PSLE. When I got into Eduedge, I thought the online lessons would be a hinderance to my learning and felt that it was not going to be as effective as physical lessons.

    But I soon realised that online lessons were just as effective and I began to work harder and be more diligent. I re-joined eduedge in secondary 3 and from a few months, I was beginning to see a change in grades. My grade improved from C6 in Weighted Assessment 1 to C5 in my Mid-Year Examination. I started to be more hopeful and continued to be more diligent.

    The eduedge techniques taught are unlike anything I have seen in school. Being a more systematic person, I thought there was no way english could be fun or interesting. But Eduedge’s acronyms and formulas for every paper component proved me wrong. In my prelims, my C5 turned into a B4. Slowly, I was beginning to have faith in myself and I continued to take down notes and memorise all the eduedge acronyms by heart. They broke down the papers into bite-sized parts which were more manageable to answer. They gave me a structure and a plan instead of aimlessly trying to come up with an answer.

    During the o-levels, I applied all the eduedge techniques for all 4 papers and was anxiously waiting for my results. On 12 January 2023, I received my results and got a shocking A2 for english! My parents were proud and I was proud of myself.

    Getting this A2 was not easy, but it was definitely worth it! Now, I’m able to achieve my dream of going to a good junior college!

  30. Avatar photo

    It has helped me think of how to tackle the paper easier as well as nurture my love for English. English is a very complicated and difficult subject for me, especially at the start of the year. However, i really felt that EduEdge has actually helped me take concrete actions to improving my English. Instead of telling us like “read the newspaper’ or ‘just do more assessment’, they gave us formulas, examples and genuine care. It was really helpful as well as a motivation for me to finally conquer my fear of not doing well in English! Additionally, their lessons are engaging and interesting. They never criticize our answers like how some school teachers do but give us encouragement and the necessary helping hands in our work. Lastly, the genuine concern and care that they have for us really touch me. By going to the extent of even making videos for us to look after our mental wellbeing is very heartwarming. Their love and care inspires me to reach for the stars and to pass with flying colours for English. Thank you!

  31. Avatar photo

    My mother enrolled me into eduedge, confident that it would make a difference to my EL grade as my sister who took her O Levels in 2019 attained a A1 while she was previously getting Cs. I myself entered Eduedge with a c6. I was unable to properly format my arguments in argumentative writings as well as pick out answers for comprehension practices. At first I did not believe that Eduedge was going to be of any help as I thought that I had everything under control. However , My EL grade was at a stagnant c6 throughout every weighted assessment and there was nothing I could do to improve it. I watched video tutorials on youtube and sought help from my teachers in school but nothing was helping.

    In eduedge , the teachers taught us english using fool-proof formulas to help us easily structure our answers for every component tested such as FATCORP for situational Writing , SPEAR for Argumentative Essays , 4S Answering Strategy for Comprehension and many more . This made learning much easier as there was a standardised protocol as to how to approach each question when we see them and how to ace it. This was contrary to the wishy- washy methods taught in school and in other tuition centres. The dedication and patience of the Eduedge teachers is also worth mentioning. Without their guidance , I would not have had the confidence to keep giving my best. Through the course of attending English Lessons at Eduedge , I realised that my time management started improving significantly and scored better for the weighted assessments I did in school.

    Nearing to O level season , I was struggling with ny arguments for Argumentative essays but the allowance of submitting Write-Right Bonus Essays allowed my EE teachers to carefully scrutinise my work and assess where I had gone wrong. They also came up with very constructive feedback that helped me improve my writing significantly. I managed to attain an A2 for my english which was a 4 grade jump from the start of sec 4!!

    To all my juniors who are in Eduedge, do not be discouraged by your current EL Grade. Trust the process! Everything will fall into place if you regularly practice Eduedge’s Formulas and learn from your mistakes. Have a broad mind when it comes to learning and always accept feedback to better your skills. If you have any doubts , do not hesitate to consult your very loving and encouraging Eduedge teacher’s. Their feedback really saved me and will save you too!

    I wish you all , all the best. Trust the process! Always do your RISE! Everythjng will be fine. Never give up and constantly persevere. I did it and so can you!

  32. Avatar photo
    Eden Tan

    Before I joined EduEdge tuition centre, I have been struggling with English since secondary 3 with only scraping C6 and C5 and I couldn’t get a score low enough to go for jc. When my aunt introduced EduEdge I was really reluctant to join course of how boring tuition is. But after joining in December, I found formulas such as SPEAR, PIVEO and FATCORP very interesting. Furthermore, the teachers were very engaging always giving us backstories to entertain us while we were doing work and always helping us when we needed help. As I got used to the formulas, I saw my results improve time progress getting a B4 in my prelims. By then, I was happy with a B4 as I could qualify for jc. But low and behold, I got B3 and surprised my peers and teachers. I am grateful for the help from EduEdge for helping me accomplish the impossible.

  33. Avatar photo
    Cherelle Lee

    I love the interactive lessons here at EduEdge. The teachers are very helpful and will go the extra mile to help us understand the concept better. The EduEdge strategies have helped me greatly in my studies and boosts my English grades. I am glad to have joined EduEdge as it is a win-win situation where I get to improve my grades and enjoy the interesting lessons

  34. Avatar photo
    Darci Sim

    Hi I am Daric Sim from S3.2. I joined around August 2021. Prior to joining, I did not know how to study for English and would often not understand why I would just pass English. After joining EduEdge, I have greatly benefitted from their formula method in tackling English. My grades went from C5-C6 to A2-B3. The paper that I have benefitted the most is paper 2 comprehension. The 4S answer strategy alongside the 6 compre levels have made me clearer on what the question is asking and how to dig deeper to uncover the hidden meaning to answer language questions. Thank you EduEdge!

  35. Avatar photo
    Bhuvika Pathak

    I had started my journey with EduEdge in the beginning of sec 4 after being quite demoralized with my sec 3 EOY results. At that point, I was desperate for any sort of help I could get since it was my L1 subject, and it was crucial that I improved it. Having tried a few other tuition centers before had been fruitless as all they did was to hand out practice papers week after week without explaining how I could improve. Luckily I had stumbled upon EduEdge on the internet and it was a game changer.

    Their unique formula-based approach has piqued my interest and so I decided to give EduEdge a shot. It was honestly a blessing for my grade. Going from a C6/fail student in sec 3 to a consistent B3-A2 student throughout sec 4 was like a dream come true. I honestly thought doing well for English was based on luck or your ability in languages, but with proper help from skilled teachers here in EduEdge I was able to improve my English skills in a matter of few months.

    Their constant emphasis on formulas such as FATCORP, ACARPPIE and PIVEO were proven really effective for me. P1 became so much easier for me to tackle and was no longer like a giant monster I was too afraid to overcome.

    Going from C6 to a B3 in O levels for a language subject may seem impossible but with the right mentality and proper guidance, it is certainly possible. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Ms Yijun, Mr Giggs, Mr Kiat and the rest of the EduEdge teachers. I am really thankful for all the help and support the teachers have provided me. Best thing of all, learning a language sticks with you for life so the skills Ive learned in EduEdge will follow me and can be practiced even after I graduate.

    To all my juniors in EduEdge, all the best and I’m sure with your effort and hardwork you’ll be able to achieve your dream grades for English too!!

  36. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    I have learnt how to apply different techniques that can help me in answering and understanding the questions such as #FATCORP, #4S and the SPEAR structure. This has benefitted me by allowing me to do well for my exams and maintain my average of A2. The lessons are also quite interactive, we have many group activities that are useful, this helps me learn better as I am a competitive person. Thank You:D

  37. Avatar photo
    John Yong

    Before I joined eduedge, English was a subject that I frequently struggled with throughout secondary school. My grades were consistent, consistently poor that is. I would always be scoring B4 throughout my time in secondary school. As secondary 4 started to roll around, I was desperate to find something that could help me improve my English grade as I wanted to secure at least a grade 3 in order to progress on to the PFP programme after secondary school. That was when I found out about Eduedge.
    Eduedge had claimed that their teaching style was via formulas such as SPEAR. These techniques were both easy to rmb by acronyms and easy to execute, which is far better than other tuition centers that use the technique of the constant use of the assessment book. Although I agree that constant practice makes perfect, practicing would be completely pointless if you are practicing it wrongly. Eduedge has helped us lay the techniques needed for us to go home and practice by ourselves and execute the methods efficiently. The lessons at Eduedge were also very engaging, the teachers kept checking in with us to make sure we were always following with lessons, as well as giving us lessons where we can interact and write down our answers for everyone to share and learn from each other.
    Along with my own continuous practice using eduedge methods of teaching, I finally started to see an improvement in my exams when I scored a B3 for SA1 Following that, I got B2 for prelims and finally an A1 for N levels!
    A quote from the song Face Off “Put in the work put in the hours and take what’s ours” along with eduedges method of teaching, it is also important to practice these methods in your own time, i recommend to get the TEN YEAR SERIES (TYS) and do them at least twice to ensure that you fully understand any mistakes you make. In addition when you keep practicing, you will finally get the good results you expect and receive it proudly! Finally I want to thank Mr Giggs, Mr kiat, and the eduedge team for helping me get my desired grade for N levels. I now intend to apply for my PFP with an EMB3 of 8. Thank you guys so much! 😀

  38. Avatar photo
    sarah ng

    I am Ng Jing Wen Sarah from S1.2 and I joined EduEdge in july. I have tried going for many other English tuition classes but none of them was suitable for me. Thankfully, my parents learnt of EduEdge and wanted me to try it out. When I attended my first lesson online, I was extremely nervous as I did not know what to expect. I was amazed that there was three teachers and the newcomers were asked to stay back to let the teachers understand more about our English standards. EduEdge helped me alot with my comprehension with their answering structure and techniques. As a result, I was able to answer the comprehension questions confidently and effortlessly. EduEdge has also helped me boost my writing techniques and provided many tips on how to improve my writing. EduEdge also provided us with grammar notes which allowed me to have a clearer understanding of when should I use it. I could see small improvements in my English weighted assessments. I am still progressing and I will continue to work hard to achieve my desired results. I am grateful to be on this journey together with EduEdge and with that, I thank all the teachers for the countless amount of effort put in for us to learn.

  39. Avatar photo
    Tri BUI

    I like the writing notes session. Currently in school, teachers just pass printed notes to students, and some points are unclear. However, at EduEdge, writing my own notes help me to remember a lot.

  40. Avatar photo
    Shafiqa Shamsudeen

    English was a subject I loved from the start, I could speak and write it proficiently. However, I could never understand what the answer key demanded of me. I was borderline passing english and no matter how I tried to improve, it was to no avail. With other subjects to focus on and having no other means of support in english, I discovered eduedge and secured a spot in their IEPC programme. I had my doubts at first, never having been enrolled in an english language tuition but those doubts vanished as soon as I was granted access to their online recourse website. They had pre recorded lessons for every english component, ones I watched in my spare time that proved to be immensely helpful. The original methods used here to deconstruct english questions and formulate structured answers guaranteed my improvement. I was finally able to recognise patterns in the questions and expected answers, then able to craft modal answers independently.
    On top of this cutting edge methodology to teaching english, the programme allowed me to attend classes in person or online, this flexibility helped me always be comfortable for classes, especially on days that I stayed back in school late to work on other subjects. There were always two teachers assigned to the online students to answer our questions and engage with us to ensure we benefitted just as much as the in person students, a strategy I had never seen used in other tuitions before.
    Soon after joining this programme, I took my english assignments in school more seriously as I could finally understand how to tackle the various questions. My essays were then often chosen as modal essays to be shared with my classmates by my english teacher at school. This booster my confidence in the language and fostered a deeper appreciation for this language as more than a O’Level subject.
    I was elated to find that since joining this programme, my English had improved from a C6 to an A1, which opened up countless opportunities to peruse my passions in tertiary education. I am eternally grateful to my energetic and positive teachers at eduedge and their tried and true methods of concurring the english language.

  41. Avatar photo
    Bryan Yap

    I like how eduedge makes it more clearer for English lessons. They also use easy ways to teach formulas for English and also occasionally enables us to play games and have fun unlike other tuitions. I learn many techniques such as the ASAP and a checklist such as SCORE. It has also taught new concepts and allowed me to understand what is required. I consider myself quite strong in English as I normally score among the highest in exams and even got the highest percentage for overall last year but I sometimes grow unconfident in myself so I believe Eduedge has helped in that area.

  42. Avatar photo
    James Quek

    Eduedge tuition centre is one of the most interactive and fun tuition classes i have ever attended and i would love to continue attending eduedge class’s as their english classes are superb and much more engaging than my school english classes. previously i had been scoring c6’s for my english but now with the help of eduedge i can now score b3’s and a2’s so thank you eduedge!

  43. Avatar photo
    Jovan Khoo

    I am Jovan Khoo Wei Han from S1.3. Usually, I struggle with English language as I do not really apply the core language skills properly and accurately. After I joined EduEdge for at least a year, I met very professional teachers that shared some helpful and applicable strategies to tackle the different paper components, especially Paper 2 which I need the most help in. Through their teachings, I better understand the requirements of every paper component and I apply those techniques so that I not only score for every paper but to help me understand every question that I am supposed to answer. Thank you for your endless support, EduEdge!

  44. Avatar photo
    Raakesh Naidu

    I am Raakesh from Sec3.2, I join EduEdge End of February 2022. My WA1 I failed my English in school . However after joining EduEdge, I passed my WA2 English paper . Then , I continued and also Pass my WA3 Summary paper in school . Next I aim to do well in my finals with the help of EduEdge.

  45. Avatar photo
    Johanna Sreevathy Pooranakaran

    I had most of my primary school education overseas, and so when I first came to Singapore, the sudden increase in workload was frightening. I spent most of my time and efforts working on my mathematics and science subjects as I believed that  I would do well in English since I came from a western country. In primary school this was true, further decreasing my worry about how well I was going to do in secondary school. However, once I transitioned to secondary school, I was shocked at how my grades plummeted. It went from consistent A’s to my grades jumping between A2 and B4. I still dismissed these concerns as I was still confident in my English skills. Once I hit secondary 3, I knew that I had to change. Although I had great oratorical and essay skills, the comprehension segment was ruining my chances at an A1. I was failing repeatedly with my score averaging 20/50.

    My brother had attended EduEdge when he was taking his O’levels, and he improved drastically, because of this I decided to follow his path and also enrol at the tuition centre. I was amazed by the amount of attentiveness that the teachers had for their students. At my first lesson, I was blown away by how many critical details I hadn’t noticed that had pulled down my marks. They seemed to know exactly the right skills or formulas that I had to be used to improve my grades. At every lesson I would discover something new, and the notes that I took down would prove to be what I needed before my O levels.

    Honestly, at first, I only applied the skills that were taught in regards to compositions, as I was uninterested in comprehension and was amazed by the extra details that I could add to my essay. My essay scores did improve, however, my comprehension remained the same, unsurprisingly. I did know how to use all the formulas that they had taught me but for some reason, I just never did so. 2 months before my Olevel English Examination, I decided to finally use the skills and methods that had been painstakingly taught to me by the EduEdge teachers. I was so shocked when for the first time in 2 years, I had passed my comprehension! I would only go up from there. By continuing to practice and implement the EduEdge formula my grades skyrocketed, to the point that I was quite confident that i would get A1 for my Olevels. Something that i could never say 2 months before that. I can never be grateful enough to the EduEdge teachers who went above and beyond for every student.

    Although the formulas may look tricky or too much work to implement, it will be an absolute lifesaver. For those who do not have a natural flair for the English language the way that the Eduedge teachers have summarised and explained how to use different techniques will make it extremely easy to use. As long as you pay attention and do the RISE while using the formulas, you will be able to exceed your own expectations.

  46. Avatar photo
    Alicia Lim

    I am pleased to inform you that my daughter Xin Yu has scored an A2 for her O Level English.

    Earlier in Secondary 3, Xin Yu was struggling with her Paper 1. She constantly made errors in her essays, which led to grades of C5 or C6. However, after a friend’s recommendation, we enrolled her in EduEdge’s Secondary 4 class and the Write Right programme. Since then, Xin Yu has grown more confident in her essay-writing skills. She has also benefitted from the tips given for papers 2, 3 and 4.

    According to Xin Yu, she truly enjoyed EduEdge lessons as the teachers are patient and encouraging. She felt more assured to try in class as it was always emphasised that it was okay to make mistakes. Furthermore, she found the formulas taught in class effective as it was easier for her to recall and apply them during her examinations.

    All in all, Xin Yu has benefitted a lot from the lessons at EduEdge and is eager to start a brand new year with EduEdge for her JC class. Once again, thank you to the EduEdge teachers for all your help. Wishing EduEdge a Happy Chinese New Year.

    Alicia Lim
    Yap Xin Yu’s mummy

  47. Avatar photo

    I love how Eduedge comes up with acronyms for a multitude of techniques that one can easily remember and apply in their essays, and comprehension. One example is the SPEAR formula which is a more advanced method than the PEEL formula many learnt in school. The SPEAR formula allows me to better elaborate on my stand in expository essays and reminds me to always have advanced elaboration so my essay can stand out compared to my peers. Furthermore, their techniques have also allowed me to garner better grades in english and it has been proven in my assignments in school where i have been scoring more than 21/30 in the essays i have submitted. My teacher has also been impressed with the essays im producing and this is all thanks to eduedge.

  48. Avatar photo

    I like the way the teachers deliver the lessons to me. The lessons as well as the ways of teaching are much better than in school. Usually, I would have almost failed my English examinations but EduEdge has helped me to push my grads up higher from C5 to close to A2. I also find the tips that teachers give very helpful as it also helped to push up my grades. Thank you!

  49. Avatar photo
    Cham En Qi (Plmgss)

    I like the fact that we have to type our response on google docs or writing our answers on the whiteboard. Because some people are shy and might not want to tell the whole class their answer. But by typing or writing our answers out, we do not need to worry about not having our answers reviewed by Eduedge teachers.

    I have benefitted from most of the formulas given by eduedge. Usually in the past, i would not know how to study for english, cause its a language subject and I do not know how to study for it, hence most of the time i would not study for it. However, with the formulas given from eduedge, and after applying it in my exam, i have seen a significant improvement in my english language. I usually get a B4, but recently i have been getting A1, especially for my comprehension.

  50. Avatar photo

    I’m nicole from class s4.1 and joined from early 2022. Before eduedge, my english was below average which made me worry a lot as english is the most important subject in olevels. However, after being in eduedge for about a few months I have definitely seen improvements in myself. I have became more confident in answering questions especially in oral. All in all, Eduedge has made me feel much more confident and has been really helpful for me. Wishing myself goodluck!

  51. Avatar photo
    LY X

    It is an amazing learning centre for students .Its not just the teaching strategies that’s exceptional; the critical thinking skills that Eduedge imparts to the students Is a lifelong skill that will benefit them right till their adulthood . I want to say a big thank you to all the educators in Eduedge . The team there has helped my daughter gain deep thinking skills , gain confidence in her work , instill discipline, and proves that improving a langauge is definitely very possible! Her grades jumped from a C6 to an A2 in her O levels within 8 months. So thank you very much !

    Yuan Ling’s Mother

  52. Avatar photo
    Sanuthi Sara

    Lessons in eduedge are definitely enjoyable. The teachers are engaging and we have class discussions on most days where we get to share and brainstorm ideas with our friends. The content provided also goes way more in depth than my school. For oral, essays and situational writings, teachers elaborate each point very well which helps us generate more ideas as we write. As for grammar, we touch on it once a while but enough such that we are able to remember key grammar rules. The teachers are also very friendly and approachable so we are always encouraged to ask questions. Overall, I love it here in EduEdge!

  53. Avatar photo

    i have benefitted by understanding the english language and not not afraid to do english ws and make mistakes as i would be given suggestions to improve. eduedges teaching methods are enjoyable and easier to understand than the school classes. i started looking forward to learning english and wants to improve my english. even though i joined for only a few months, i felt my english improved quite a bit and i stared getting higher than 1 digit for paper 2 during my practices.

  54. Avatar photo

    When I first joined Eduedge, i was failing my situational writing very badly. I was often confused by the situational writing criteria and i did not know that there were 5 content points to look out for. As soon as i started applying the formula (FATCORP), it became clearer in my head and I did not feel so lost anymore. I am also proud to finally pass Situational Writing which i did not thought it was possible at first. So thank you Eduedge teachers!

  55. Avatar photo
    nicole yin

    I wanted to score distinction for English and I am not just content with a mere C6, when I just started Sec4, my confidence in English plummeted as my argumentative essays were always getting 15 to 18 out of 30, instead of 21 and above like how I used to score back in Sec3. My school was mainly focused on classroom discussions, but none of my classmates know the actual techniques, when I entered EduEdge, which I found out from my Chem and Phy tuition AD n CF, I was pleased to know that there are many seniors who gained skills from EduEdge’s teaching methods! Teaching us with the exact skill for each component, even down to editing, which many are complacent about. EduEdge techniques are easier to remember and apply, compared to my previous tution teacher and my school teachers, I also manage to understand the beauty of the English Language, soon becoming my favourite subject in secondary school! In my prelims, I finally managed to get a B4 and in the o levels, I achieved my aim of a Distinction, all thanks to EduEdge for the support. From formulating stronger arguments to engaging ideas to pique the oral examiners interest, I saw a gleam of hope in English. It also became my best subject in the o levels too. One advice I would give to students who are seeking to improve English is to definitely give EduEdge’s formula style teaching techniques a shot! Who knows, with completing RISE and participating actively in class, you may not only learn to love English and your grades will improve!

  56. Avatar photo
    Chen Jun Mah

    I am Mah Chen Jun. A student from S3.6. Being in Eduedge was a brand new experience for me. I was amazed on how the tuition was able to compile learning techniques into formulas like PIVEO or 4S strategy. These strategies are applicable to many segments of the English paper. I too have experienced the benefits of the formulas as I had managed to used one which is ASAP strategy in my summary writing. Garnering a amazing A2 which is great compared to my usual borderline pass.

  57. Avatar photo
    Abigail Chong

    Personally, i joined eduedge after failing my mye english paper 2 in sec 2. initially, i was worried and had no idea how to study for comprehension papers before joining eduedge. however, after i joined eduedge, the teachers shared many useful formulas to aid in my learning for english. Not only did i improve in my comprehension, i was also able to improve in my other english components such as writing and oral.

    what i like most about this eduedge experience is the teaching style the eduedge coaches adopt. i never thought that i would be able to learn english through formulas. because of these formulas, i am able to improve my english step by step, little by little. additionally, even though i take my lessons online, there are still many interactive activities to engage me in the lesson. as such, i never get bored of any eduedge lessons as they are always fun and engaging. the teaching formulas and interactive lessons are certainly one of the things i like most in the eduedge programme.

  58. Avatar photo
    chungus chunky

    Hi, my name is Jeriel and I am from S1.2. I joined EduEdge in mid P5. My English grade then was hovering around Al 4-5 and the highest I ever scored was al3. After I joined EduEdge, I got an Al 1 for my psle which helped me get into my dream school. Personally, I think 3(s) answering strategy for comprehension has helped me most. I was usually failing my comprehension as I failed to understand the question. However, EduEdge’s 3(s) answering strategy helped me understand the question and find the answers. Resulting in my tremendous improvement and allowed me to score 16/20 or more!

  59. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Greatbatch

    I am Stephanie from S3.4 and have been in EduEdge for 5 months.EduEdge has taught me many formulas which can be applied to various components of English exams. The formulas are simple and easy to remember! I use to struggle with my comprehension a lot. Before i joined EduEdge, i was barely passing my paper 2. I would overthink my answers and would not be able to finish my paper in time . After three months of being with EduEdge, i was able to get an A2 for my paper 2 during my Common Test!! I was able to answer the literal and quotation questions a lot better ! Now, i enjoy comprehension and can complete class practices in less than 30 minutes!

  60. Avatar photo
    Fire Midnightgamer

    Eduedge have let me be exposed to many interesting things that I didn’t learn in my school despite being new to the center. It is also fun learning from them as they are very approachable and helpful. After class short session helps me to understand myself better and what I’m lacking in. I feel grateful to be in eduedge as It is fun and amazing! In my class , I slowly understand better and I was happy not to fall behind like I used to. Currently learning in eduedge as been a memorable moments, thank you eduedge!

  61. Avatar photo
    Yufu Chng

    i am from s2.1 and have been in Edu for almost 2 years. My experience in this tuition was quite beneficial for me. At the beginning of the year I was stressed and thought I would not be able to catch up during classes.However, attending the lessons of EduEdge was wothwhile since after attending I was able to understand the topics taught at school. my grades for comprehension which was My weakest point in paper 2 has improved from a fail to a pass at C5. This really makes me sigh a relief, I now believe that with the help of the lessons I am able to accomplish a good B4 grade at the end of the year or may even get a B3.

  62. Avatar photo
    Yuanling Tan

    What I like most about the Eduedge experience is that all the teachers are entertaining and that their explanations are clear. Furthermore, the techniques taught in Eduedge is extremely helpful and easy to apply. Ever since I joined Eduedge, my percentile for English increased from 0-20 to 60-80. Hence, I think the skills taught in Eduedge has benefitted me a great deal.

  63. Avatar photo
    Kah shuen Tan

    Hi i’m Kah Shuen! What i like most about the EduEdge experience is that other than getting to practice more English outside of school, i can get to learn more about new things such as independent and dependent clauses I got to know more about grammar and proper sentences and when it is the appropriate time to add linkers. What i like most most most is that the teachers are kind and encouraging and i am able to approach and ask them if i have any queries. In school, my teacher go through the worksheets and syllabus too quickly for me and i don’t really like asking her questions because she expects me to know everything already… I now know how to write full sentences and split them up if they are run on sentences and also spot independent and dependent clauses. I also finally knew that we are supposed to write a linker ( e.g. hence/thus/furthermore) at the start of a sentence. I can do editing without just doing and answering just because the sentence sound right but also learn how to spot grammar mistakes. The EduEdge Teachers are nice! They make me feel more engaged and interested in the class and I do not feel bored for English anymore!

  64. Avatar photo
    Aiko Chandraratne

    what i liked most when learning in eduedge is the instant feedback the eduedge teachers gave me. i actually never went to an english tuition centre before so this is actually my very first experience!! before that, in school, the teachers do not give us writing practices and when they do they take like 1-2 months to mark them (some are even lost in translation and never saw the light of day). as such i never really had quick feedback and had to rely on trial and error during exams in which sometimes it works and sometimes its wrong. after attending the lessons and seeing how each of our work is treated seriously and that feedback is promptly given, i have more to work with and improve on my answers whether it be precision of words or even sentence expression so that i can score better in my paper 1 essay or in the comprehension section. the teachers there are so kind and encouraging it makes me want to do my utmost best in gp although it is not really one of my strongest subjects for now.

  65. Avatar photo
    Melvin Chia

    What I like most about the lesson is that there is a lot of interaction between the students and teachers. Unlike in school, there are many opportunities given to us students to do group work. Furthermore, we are rewarded if we are able to answer very tricky questions which is not like school.
    I learn techniques not taught in school so I gain an upper hand against my peers in the examinations.

  66. Avatar photo

    I joined eduedge in secondary 4, in hopes of improving my english grade for the upcoming o level examinations. For a long period of time,my English results had been stuck at a B3/B4 with little to no improvement despite the consistent effort that I had put in. I was aware that english is an extremely important subject, not just in the o levels but also in day to day life. Hence, I decided to give eduedge a try in hopes of finally moving out of the score range I was in, achieve a distinction in my o level exams, as well as improve on my language skills. I had first learnt about eduedge through a friend, and after looking the centre up on various social media platforms and seeing the many success cases they have had, I had faith that eduedge would be able to provide me with the best assistance in my journey towards achieving my goal for english.

    Unlike in eduedge, the teachers in my school provided us with barely any techniques to aid us in achieving our ideal grade for English, only teaching a few basic formulas like PEEL. While my school teachers emphasised on the importance of having a good basic foundation in the language and a wide vocabulary for essay writing, there was little to no advice on how to actually go about strengthening our English foundation or how to widen our vocabulary. Fortunately, Eduedge taught me many different techniques and strategies to tackle the different components of the English paper, such as SPEAR, PIVEO, the 4S answering strategy and many others. Additionally, the use of abbreviations was definitely helpful, for it made remembering these techniques a lot easier.

    Through using the various techniques and strategies imparted by eduedge, I eventually managed to go from an average of B3/4 to an A2. In addition, I have become more confident in answering comprehension questions, no longer second guessing my own answers during the examination. My essays have too become better in terms of its content, and have finally met the standards of my teachers.

    With my current English grade, I have achieved a more competitive L1R5 score, and am eligible to enter the jc of my choice. Moreover, I am now more confident in my English language skill, which is something that is essential in life.

    To all juniors in eduedge, as well as students who are seeking to improve their English, do not be disheartened if your grades have yet to meet your expectations. Just remember to keep working hard, for it will eventually pay off. To learn effectively in eduedge, it is vital that you put in your best effort in completing your RISE. Always remember to apply the techniques taught in class while doing the assignments, for practice makes perfect, and only by applying the techniques consistently will you be able to see improvements in your English grade. I wish you all the very best, and good luck for your future exams!

  67. Avatar photo
    Han Kwan Yeow

    If your child, or someone you know that needs help improving their English, I heavily recommend EduEdge!

    If you asked me a couple of years if it’s actually possible to study English and improve 4 grades (C6 to A1) in only a few months, I’d have brushed it off as nonsense.

    But after having had the chance to spend more than 2 years working with the EduEdge team,

    Personally witnessing countless of EduEdge’s students who had challenges with the English Language improve in their English grades, quickly scoring distinctions in a few months –

    I’m now a believer.

    Throughout the 2 years working with them, I realised that what made students find it so hard to study for English,

    Was simply because they didn’t have a simple, step-by-step way of studying for the subject.

    EduEdge spent years fixing that gap, developing their very own curriculum, and unique teaching method –

    And now, they’ve used it to help more than 3,500+ students achieve their desired results and more.

    Thank you EduEdge, for giving me the opportunity to witness all the good work that you do.

    Every single day that I spent with the team was truly inspiring, and your world class professionalism has truly impacted me in ways beyond measure.

    Parents! If you’re looking to give your child the best standards of English Education that you can find in Singapore – this is the place! Don’t miss out!

  68. Avatar photo

    Rachael Seow P6.1
    When i joined EduEdge (march 2022) my english grade p6 WA1 around al4-5. After joining EduEdge, my PSLE score: al2. EduEdge taught me how to answer my comprehension close questions with the 3S Answering techniques and the Tense helpsheet, helping me achieve my desired grade

  69. Avatar photo
    Sean Tenando

    For majority of secondary school students, English would be the most important subject in school. This is due to the fact that no matter whether we want to go to JC, Poly or frankly anywhere, majority of us would need to use it as our L1 subject. Hence I found it rather disappointing to only score a C6 during my first few exams in Secondary 1.

    My mother actually found out about EduEdge from a Sunday Times Article about how EduEdge was founded, this was also where she found out about EduEdge’s formula method! We found it to be a more “logical” approach to tackling English and thought it could help improve my English grades, hence we decided to give it a shot. Enrolling me into EduEdge about mid Sec 1.

    I used to think that English was a hit or miss kind of subject, solely based on the difficulty of the paper and luck. However EduEdge showed me that using their formula methods, english could be studied just like any other subject! Additionally, I found EduEdge formulas to be much more in-depth, helping us in the thinking process. For instance, in schools we are taught formulas like PEEL and PAC, whereas in EduEdge these are extended to PIVEO, SPEAR and FATCORP. Personally, I found the formulas the formulas make their respective components easier and less daunting.

    Over the years at EduEdge, I’ve gradually seen improvements, especially in Sec 4 where my situational writing jumped from around 15-18 to 20 and above from mid years onwards. Additionally, on my first oral exam (in sec 4 ) I managed to obtain a solid 27/30! This allowed me to attain my first A in secondary school, an A2 for prelims! Subsequently for the o levels, I similarly attained a A2! Honestly, I didn’t really expect myself to attain this grade, hence I would like to thank all the Teachers who have taught me at EduEdge for making all this possible and pushing me further than what I myself felt was my limits!

    Finally, to my juniors, don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t immediately seeing results you want! EduEdge has shown me that English isn’t a overnight thing, hence I’d highly encourage y’all to continuously apply the techniques imparted to us during our EduEdge Journey! Keep practicing, applying the techniques, actively participate in lessons (+ doing R.I.S.E. ) and I believe one day we will all see the fruits of our labour! Also, don’t forget to read and work on the extensive feedback that our EduEdge teachers give us when marking our work!
    Wishing you all the best in all your future exams! 😀

  70. Avatar photo
    jouy langster

    Languages have never been my strong suit since I found them quite fluid and hard to score. After suffering through lower Secondary and constantly getting Bs, I decided to enrol in eduedge. Through EduEdge I learnt Formulatic methods to answer questions with ease. They taught me different levels of chomprehension questions such that my answers could be more specific and target. They taught me ways to make my compositions more persuasive through intensifiers and examples. Through this my English has drastically improved and I am grateful for eduedge. Moreover, the energy level in the class is amazing. This makes me enjoy my lessons more than I do in school. All in all, eduedge is great and certainly helped me a lot in my english

  71. Avatar photo
    Lucas Loo

    EduEdge has enable me to be able to enhance my English skills drastically especially my Vocabulary as I used to score badly at my Vocabulary for my Composition. I am affirmative and certain that all other EduEdge students will agree to this statement too. Moreover, to add on to my previous statement, I would like to point out that the teachers in EduEdge is certainly different from the teachers from my school. Not only are they caring ,helpful and open-minded, but they are also willing to spend a portion of their pocket money to purchase some gifts to encourage students to thrive and move toward the right direction. Although the gifts might not seem like much, it means a lot for those who are receiving it. It means that someone is showing care and concern towards you. Ergo, I highly recommend EduEdge to the public and also to those who are lacking behind in their English skills.

  72. Avatar photo
    Evan Ong

    I feel that the teachers have been critical when assessing our area of concern but have also sometimes shows care and genuine concern when we needed it. Mr giggs has helped me by making the class more lively and bringing the class alive while being extremely strict when talking about crucial mistakes which I really admire this way of teaching. Mr kiat has helped me to benefit from this class by being the more soothing voice and making the class easier to follow and even allows us to raise our own funny answers. Mr Daniel Ms ming jie have helped me to have a smooth session whenever I have to participate in and makes it a productive lesson even though I’m not on site.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Ho

    Since the beginning of secondary school, comprehension was the greatest challenge for me. Doing multiple practice papers never improved my results as I never understood how to improve my answering techniques. I decided to enrol into EduEdge as my brother had previously enrolled as a student, and highly recommended it to me. The genuinely friendly and approachable demeanour of the teachers struck me by surprise, making my first few lessons less nerve wracking and enjoyable. All the different techniques are easy to remember due to their formula-like structure, which makes studying for English papers less stressful. I realised that doing the assigned homework is important in order to receive the necessary feedback, allowing me to slowly improve at both comprehension and compositions.

  74. Avatar photo
    Jia Hui Kang

    I am JiaHui from S3.5 and I have recently joined EduEdge this year around April. Since the first lesson, I have picked up skills and knowledge from my EduEdge teachers who are patient and caring towards me and my journey of learning . Every Sunday, I am always excited for lessons and group work as they are way more interesting that my school’s english lessons. During Weighted Assessment periods , I always feel comfortable in asking my educators for help and tips to improve my assessments. I still remember my first lesson with Teacher Joy learning about #CAB-DIO and have since used it in my english homework.

  75. Avatar photo
    chzrm xx

    Before joining EduEdge, I was afraid that improving in GP would be difficult because I had no other resources and didn’t know what I should start with. The lessons provided allowed me to gain personalised feedback so that I know what I should work on. Additionally, EduEdge teachers would revise contents taught last lesson and share techniques that help tackle questions.

  76. Avatar photo

    I started Eduedge at sec1 and now I am in sec3 I think it has really help me a lot in terms of my results. The formula that Eduedge teaches me helps me in my exams. I like the teachers here really caring especially Mr Kiat, always asking me whether if I have written my notes or done my rise.

  77. Avatar photo
    Chloe Lee

    I love that the Teachers care a lot about our mental well-being. No matter if our answer sounds lame or is wrong, the Teachers are always encouraging and kind. They affirm me and make me more motivated to continue to do better in English. I’ve benefited the most from the one on one feedback that the Teachers gave us. It really specifies which areas I can improve and encourages me to take concrete steps to close the learning gaps. I would use the formulas and feedback to improve.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ezekiel Koh

    I had always been weak in my English Language unlike my mathematics and sciences, therefore i have always struggled with my english grades and worrying if i would be able to reach the goal of mine, which is to be able to become a Cardiologist/ Cardiac Surgeon. However, when i joined EduEdge this year, it really help to change my perspective of learning english. I have always believed in the myth that you cannot study for an English Examination, but ever since in joined, EduEdge has taught me the different techniques in which I am able to study systematically and smartly to score for my Examinations. Such as the different levels of comprehension questions and how to answer the them, and the marking scheme for the composition examinations. The lessons and programmes at EduEdge are also very engaging, with all the discussion and debate activities that are carried out there which allows me to feel more included in the lessons. The Teachers at EduEdge are also very energetic and engaging which also helps to engage the students, including me, to pay more attention in class. Although I have only joined EduEdge recently, it has made a greater difference in my life as being a student as compared to the other tuitions i have been to. I was able to get my english to an A1 for my WA3 exams through the tips given to me from the recorded videos of other lessons on the EduEdge Podia website.

  79. Avatar photo
    Giselle 7158

    I like the Eduedge’s programme as it has fun and engaging Teachers to lift up the mood during lessons, in contrast to lessons in school where Teachers read off the slides and are not well-versed in the English language and do not recognise a wide range of vocabulary. The methods I have learnt, especially for English Comprehension has helped me to better understand the passage, but I have not be scoring well still because of my school’s strict marking scheme, so I am unsure as to when to use Eduedge’s method, or my school’s method. (I am scared that if I only use Eduedge’s method for my o levels, I will not be well prepared enough—trying a new method at the last minute seems very risky). I like the new change of the format (materials are given in booklet form, so that I can note take in the booklet itself. It is rather troublesome to read from the notebook, and refer to my materials because there is no space to annotate. The booklet also makes it easier for me to find my materials and I do not lose my worksheets/materials as easily. One improvement I think would be great is to have clearer overview/summary of the lesson at the start and end to make it clear which component we have learnt/key focus of the lesson for that day. Additionally, maybe have a vocabulary of the day? So per lesson, we will learn an additional vocab to apply on our compo/essays.

  80. Avatar photo
    J o e l l e _Es

    Hello EduEdge! I just wanted to let you know that I got my desired A2 for O-levels!! Although I came from a school known for their academic successes my friends and I somehow never really found my teacher’s words applicable or even useful at times whenever they went through practise papers or homework. Consequently, I always received Cs and ever so rarely a B for English.

    However, after joining EduEdge’s classes my grades started to improve gradually! Some examples of such improvements were seen in my summary writing. My teacher never really gave us much tips regarding this section of the paper, merely telling us to highlight and underline phrases in the passage and simply copy paste onto our answer sheet. He even spoke against using our own words and always told us to just focus on content points and reaching the 80-word limit. He scolded us for making “unnecessary mistakes” when using our own words… However, after following EduEdge’s methods in rephrasing and proper organisation my marks surged almost immediately as i was able to achieve marks in content and language. It was definitely an essential boost to my paper 2 grades when summary became an area in which i gained marks rather than lost them.

    Another example would be formulating unique and personal content points for Situational writing. It suddenly became so much easier after revising the formulas and model essays which you shared with us. From what started as one of the most dreadful sections of the English papers SW where i lacked creativity and originality definitely became my most confident part in Paper 1. (Again these are just some of the many examples of the successes I have had after joining eduedge!)

    I am incredibly grateful to all the other eduedge Teachers who have guided me along the way, providing us with fool proof formulas to secure marks in all types of papers. Furthermore, it is truly evident how attentive and caring the Teachers here in EduEdge really are. They really go the extra mile to make the class more entertaining, interact with students one on one during breaks or after class to check in on their understanding and shower us with never-ending encouragement. The teachers’ love for the subject and care for their students really sets EduEdge’s Teachers apart from other tuition Teachers. Once again a huge huge Thank you for all of your help!! Couldn’t have done it without y’all

    Joelle from class S4.2

  81. Avatar photo

    I attend here for english since June 2022. Teachers here are very helpful. If you are don’t know how to do a question or are stuck they will take the time and teach you and will give extra practices to let you get better at the concept. The environment is nice and peaceful with not big of distractions. EduEdge is a very good and helpful place for your grades to improve. Teachers there are very helpful and will help you in any time you need. They are very good in picking out on your weaknesses and helping you to strengthen them. This has helped me a lot drastically in my English. I like eduedge teachers and my classmates as I find the class very engaging and fun. Ms Juel is a very good teacher and she teaches English tactics very well. She takes every effort to teach each and every student until they master the chapter. She teach us very good tactics to tacle comprehension questions. Thus when we go for exam and we struggle in a question we could use the tactics she thought us in class and we would definitely would be able to answer questions. Not only comprehension but also compositions (argumentative) and even summary writing. Before I joined eduedge I was failing my English with an average of 48 after 3 to 4 months of coming here I have improved a lot in a matter of time to a b4 65 percentage. Eduedge is a good place to come and learn as the teachers are always there when in doubt.

  82. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim Yik Feng (Woodgrovess)

    What I liked most about eduedge are the amazing teachers and teaching techniques used by the Teachers .Although there are many homework given , I am able to manage it with the help of the skills and techniques given by the Teachers . I have benefitted from this program and had learnt skills that I may not even learn in school and would not want to . I would say that my overall experience at EduEdge is a fun one and I look forward to the revision lecture that would help me with my End of Year examination .

  83. Avatar photo
    Tristan Tiang

    I am from S3.2 . I have been with EduEdge since I was primary 4. I feel that the EduEdge techniques that have been taught to us are very useful to apply when doing the papers. It is very straightforward and direct. They also have easy and funny acronyms for us to memorise them.My English has improved a lot since then and I am very grateful to Eduedge

  84. Avatar photo
    ryan lam

    I remember the first time I went to EduEdge. I had a mix of feelings which mainly consisted of nervousness and anxiety. However, upon reaching EduEdge, 2 things helped to reduced the negative feelings. Firstly, I realised upon reaching that one of my classmates was my school classmate. That helped to reduced the negative emotions. Secondly, the friendly and enthusiastic teachers were very helpful in helping me counter the negative emotions. I would like to give a special thanks to teacher Derek who was especially kind and caring to me when I first joined. He was super kind and I could easily carry on a conversation with him as I would with a friend. However, I feel that all my teachers are as important and I am grateful for such great teachers.

  85. Avatar photo

    I feel that what I’ve learnt in EduEdge can allow me to strengthen my knowledge about how to get high marks for the various English O level papers. The strategies that I learnt such as PIVEO, VAS and ASAP will allow me to understand the marking rubrics of the paper and get high marks for that question.

  86. Avatar photo
    Potato Girl

    I am Ashika from S2.4. I have joined EduEdge from 2021 and it has indeed improved my English learning skills from PSLE. I really should thank my former EduEdge teacher Mr Amos and Ms Jia Hui. They have really guided me from a C grade to a B grade last year. I should also thank Ms Ariel and Ms Ashe this year since they had been putting a lot of effort in making the class both entertaining and educational at the same time. EduEdge has been marking our assignments with a lot of feedback and our strong areas which really helps me to know what I should do to improve on my weak areas. Hope to use the same methods taught and wishes for my SA2. Thank you!

  87. Avatar photo
    Matthias Low

    I think that EduEdge teachers have piqued my interests in the English language and scoring methods in the different exam topics. Planning has now become one of my most crucial learning factors to implement in my exam styles, especially for writing essays and emails, articles, etc. I now appreciate and understand the importance of planning my key points and content points I need to hit and emphasise in my text, utiling the techniques such as #PIVEO and #FATCORP. I am grateful for the teachers to have such strong charisma and fun energy that truly motivates most students to become and invested in the lessons and most of all, the english language itself.

  88. Avatar photo
    Chyenne Yeo

    Before I joined EduEdge, my English grades were always B or C. Now, it has been gradually improving thanks to the help of my EduEdge teachers. In the most recent exam, I scored an A grade and surpassed my expectations for summary writing (13/15). I like how English can be learned and improved by using formulas, which is much easier for me. Before I learnt these formulas, I had difficulty trying to score well for my English examinations.

  89. Avatar photo

    I like that there is at least 1 group work every session and homework is pretty manageable. I have also learnt many insights in making sure I score as high as possible for my tests and exams. I am sure that as long as everyone listens, applies and does their work we can all score well.

  90. Avatar photo
    Kaung Htet

    In my humble opinion, I like the caring, kind and enthusiastic environment of EduEdge most. In school and in my previous english tuitions, I had little to no interest in studying english as I felt that it was a boring and useless subject. However, after joining EduEdge, I have gained a newfound appreciation for english and have grown to love it more. With the various extremely useful skills and techniques that the knowledgeable teachers at EduEdge have imparted on me, I was able to boost my grades from B4 to A2 in just a couple of months. I will most definitely continue to use these techniques and skills in higher education and in the future.

  91. Avatar photo
    Joyleen Tan

    i especially like the method the teachers use to teach, and the hashtags created are very unique and helpful! i can remember them easily and use it easily in my exams. it made me clearer of what i need to prepare for during exam, and how to successfully score well. i have improved for both situational writing and comprehension

  92. Avatar photo
    Le Pin

    The explanations for how to each to score in each paper are clear. My marks are slowly improving and things that I could not understand from past English teachers , are made understandable thanks to the teachers in Eduedge. English lessons in school are very rush and boring. However, lessons here are less rush, giving time for information to slip to slip into the brain. Furthermore, the teachers are very welcoming and engaging, I have a lesser urge to sleep and concentrate on the lesson.

  93. Avatar photo

    After attending the lessons at EduEdge, I have learnt how to effectively write essays without fail and guarantee an acceptable score even if it’s something I’m weak at. For example, I can easily secure 19/30 for essay writing now because I closely follow the structure and ways of elaboration for expository writing.

    The lessons have helped me understood what I need to improve and gave me ways to improve it through methods I can follow easily even despite my insufficent vocabulary and gaps in understanding.

    For more difficult qns like L5 Paper 2 qns, I also learn the effective answering techniques to ensure I have better chances of getting the marks.

    Overall, the lessons are clear and direct with the purpose of learning and tells me the easy way to tackle questions I had a lot of doubts about in the past.

  94. Avatar photo
    Cookie Lover

    Pls do not mind my Eng… but I have only joined Eduedge for like 4 weeks but I know from within that I have improved a lot as in my Continual Assessment 2 I got B3 whereas in MYE I had gotten a D7… The Teachers are sooo kind as no matter what kind of qn I ask them hard or easy they always answer me and help me out!! I love their teaching formulas and the notes really help me a lot, I really like their teaching methods as they are really awesome and helpful to me…I’m still new here and already reached B3 I have full faith that For my End-of-year exams I will at least get an A2!! I would like to thank The Teachers esp. Ms Juel for her utmost support and help !! This really helped me improve!! Thank you for always being there and helping me clarify my doubts…thank you eduedge!! I have learnt Eng that better than I ever did and now I’m much better at English!! Thank you Teachers!! I really love your teaching methods and formulas!

  95. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Although I have just joined EduEdge for 2 weeks, their lessons are far more interesting than the boring lessons at school. I truly respect the teachers as they possess an incredibly rare ability to make a boring subject interesting. I have full respect for them because it is not every teacher that can do that.

  96. Avatar photo
    Tan CS

    My son has been taking lessons from Eduedge since he was in P4. I don’t need to worry about his revision for the English language since Eduedge will always provide sufficient practices and extra revision lessons. Though he did not improve immediately, there was gradual improvement of his results, from low 70s in P3 to AL2 at PSLE. My son did not really revise on his own, his score was purely what he did in school and with Eduedge.

    I was very impressed by how fast Eduedge personnel could prepare all the resources and logistics, and could pivot from F2F to online lessons very quickly and almost seamlessly at the onset of Covid. Help was rendered with just a phone call away when we needed to navigate the online platform via Zoom and the resource portal.

    It is also very easy to tap on the resources provided by Eduedge; the accessibility of the recorded lessons helped when my son could not attend any of the lessons in the week.

    The tutors are always looking out for their students’ presence and would call or message to check in if the student is absent, especially so during the replacement lessons in case the student forgets about the lesson.

    Such was the dedication and the commitment of the tutors and the personnel at Eduedge that my son continues to have English lessons at Eduedge now.

    Kudos to Eduedge.

    Moses’ Mother

  97. Avatar photo
    grace t

    I’ve always gotten a grade 3 or 4 for my school exams during this year and I was clueless on how to get a higher grade for EMB3 for n-level. I joined eduedge rather late in April and was really behind on everything as compared to other students my age who joined earlier.

    I tried to pay more attention and learn English in a way that was not taught before in school – for example, the different levels of comprehension (a component in the english paper I was quite weak). The journey was tough initially because I have to play catch-up, but I really wanted a grade 1 or 2 for my national exam.

    What eduedge taught was way in-depth and detailed as compared to English
    lessons conducted in school. It was a super tough process and marathon from April to September but I would like to proudly say I have gotten a grade 2 for my n-level and can also go to PFP which was my goal.

    I would like to encourage all students who may be struggling in English right now to not give up hope – no matter what you think or how the situation may seem to you, it may not be what it seems because anything can happen. You also cannot always predict the storm or what is at the end of the road. What’s most important is to put in your best effort regularly. Your grade 5 can become a grade 1, just like my English prelim grades which jumped from a 4 to a 2 for my n-level.

    However, my eduedge journey has not come to an end as i am planning on taking o-level English next year as a private candidate and will continue to learn and grow at eduedge.

    Thank you eduedge for everything, my gratitude and gratefulness are far beyond words.

  98. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Lim

    When I first started JC, I was still writing my essays using the standard PEEL paragraph. However, shortly after I started using the SPEAR technique, I began to improve quickly and have consistently been coming in top 3 in class for paper 1. Similarly, the new creation method for AQ has allowed me to score top in class on a number of occasions for that component

  99. Avatar photo
    Janelle Bek

    The teachers here are patient, understanding and helped me to get from a fail to a pass but it is not just a ‘pass’ but it is a pass with marks that I did not even think of getting. The teachers here give simple and understandable explanations. When I go to eduedge for my weekly tuition, I would always look forward to lessons and never would I not learn something new from my tuition teacher. My tuition teacher is a very patient teacher. She would always makes sure that I get the concepts clear and always prepares me for my examinations. Knowing that I’m the first one to start my ca2, she did not mind and asked if I would like to have extra lessons with her to clear my doubts for the topics that I am weak at. I am very thankful and grateful to have such a wonderful english tuition teacher at EduEdge

  100. Avatar photo
    Lee Shin Hanc (Nhhs)

    Name: Lee Shin Hanc
    Class code(2022): P6.2
    When I joined EduEdge on 4 June 2022, I scored an Al 5 in my SA1. However, after many months of going to EduEdge, I scored a shocking Al 2 in my PSLE.
    In my preliminary examinations, I scored an Al4. The following is what I scored for each paper.
    Oral: 25/30
    Listening Comprehension: 18/20
    Paper 1: 38/55
    Paper 2: 72/95
    Despite not scoring so well, I did not let my that affect me and continued to practise my EduEdge formulas. Hence, I achieved an Al2 in my PSLE.
    Although there are many formulas that have helped me in achieving my desired English grade, here is the formula that helped me out the most.
    In my opinion, the Comprehension Open Ended component is the most difficult of all the other Paper 2 components. Hence, scoring well in COE is quite difficult to me. However, it learnt that scoring well was not impossible with the 3s answering strategy. It helped me to understand my comprehension open ended questions more deeply. Thus, I could answer to the questions’ focus more accurately and it really helped me to score more marks.
    Other formulas that played a key role in helping me score extremely well:
    1. This is not a strategy but the cheat sheets provided by EduEdge played a key role in my road to success. For example, the synthesis and transformation cheat sheet helped me understand the different types of questions tested in s&t. Thus, I knew how to tackle the different types of questions in my papers.
    2.  The ‘ABC’ character description formula helped me to make my description of my main character in my composition more vivid and entertaining for my reader. I am positive that this helped boosted my Paper 1 marks.

  101. Avatar photo
    Rachael Lim

    I have discovered the joy of learning English ever since I joined eduedge. I have learnt many answering technique such as SCORE ,PIVEO and the six comprehension levels. I am impressed by the detailed lesson planned out for us and the patience of the teachers.They readily accepted my ideas and pointed out what can be done better.This definitely benefited bringing my score from a F9 to B3 . Moreover, it has given me the passion to find out more about English. Thank you!

  102. Avatar photo
    Lyla. K

    Hi I’m Eman and ever since I joined EduEdge, I managed to learn more in terms of how to tackle the questions, annotate the passage etc and even some methods. I especially do love how every lesson, the teacher will be conducting the lesson and after it, we would have a session to do group work which I really appreciate as we get to learn from each other/share our ideas. With the new techniques being taught, I do feel more confident for my english results and would apply in during my exams. Didn’t expect that I would enjoy this english lesson filled with uniqueness and also enjoyable. For example, the step to success which I wasn’t really sure of before I joined EduEdge. Soon after I got a hang of it and could apply it for my homework/ revision. Thank you for this opportunity

  103. Avatar photo
    xx l

    I think that EduEdge has a unique way of teaching their students. They offer formulas which contain techniques to help students remember them easily. Their classes are also much more enriching as compared to school lessons as they go through the thought process of answering every question. This allows students to clearly understand how to tackle such questions and score in english! They also expose students to much more question types as compared to schools to reduce the chances of students being dumbfounded by questions in exams. Additionally, my grades went up from B4 to A2 thanks to EduEdge!

  104. Avatar photo
    Jing Yi

    Joined EduEdge only in JC as my O levels english grade was terrible. after joining EE, i really regret not joining them earlier back in secondary school.

    1) I love how EE uses formula style to teach us how to write essays as it makes it very clear for us to structure our essays whereas in school, teachers only gives a brief description and not go through them in detail.

    2) EE teachers really engage all the students in the class by calling us one by one to answer questions and i really like that because i will not get bored and will feel engaged and assured that teachers are keeping a lookout on us and making sure we understand

    3) Mr Giggs gives very detailed explanations and whenever we are unsure of the questions he asks us, he will guide us through our thinking and not spoon feed us with answers.

    4) i’ve benefitted from EE’s lessons as my AQ grade and essay grade improved by a lot! i used to score 3/4marks for my AQ but after that scored 7 marks for AQ

  105. Avatar photo

    I like that there is a weekly rotation between online classes and on site classes. I think that it’s convenient to be able to have zoom lessons every biweekly while also help keep things fresh by going on-site everyday. I also like how there’s multiple Teachers on the class so that every student would not feel left out as they always have a teacher near them to help answer any questions they have. The lessons taught be the uses of literary devices such as irony which I can use in the English general paper if it ever comes out. The a+b structure is also very useful In answering explanation questions.

  106. Avatar photo
    Keagan Chua

    I have always doubted the formulae way of doing English and was a little uncertain when I first heard of using formulas to solve English questions. However as I continued my journey here in EduEdge, I realised that using formulas gave me a clearer view of how I face English questions. I love how that the formulas used and teaches at EduEdge is very applicable to doing questions which is great. Additionally, applying formulas is quite fun when you get used to it 😀 Before learning the formulas, I was so bad at doing English and solving questions. Ever since learning them, I have become somewhat better at getting a bigger picture on how to solve questions easily. Moreover, the conducive environment here at EduEdge gives of a positive learning space for students to learn effectively which is a great addition I have gained a lot of knowledge even though I just joined EduEdge this year. Teachers are always caring for us students by helping us out on things we want to clarify as well as outing in time and effort to help us. They also support us and encourage us to do our best!!! I love how encouraging everyone is at EduEdge. Using the formulas are also easy to apply after the many reiterations and reminders Teachers enforce on us , which allow us to do better in examinations. Hence, I love EduEdge and have benefitted from it a lot!!

  107. Avatar photo
    Janice He

    I love the teachers and how much they care about their students. I remember vividly that i was stressed and scared that i would not do well for english as well as my other academics. But the teachers shared with me to take care of my well being and made me feel less stressed as they assured me that i would do well in my English. They also shared with me how i could plan my time will and remember to take breaks when studying. I feel that EduEdge’s teachers can not only teach really well but they also really care about their students which i feel most other english tuition centres would not bother. The teachers are really funny and interesting too. My teachers Mr Kiat and Ms Juel always keep me engaged in the lesson although i am a person who gets bored very easily. EduEdge is honestly really awesome!!

  108. Avatar photo
    Avril Tan

    Before joining EduEdge, I have been scoring around a C5. However, after joining EduEdge, I have managed to score an A2 in the next examination I took! This would not have been possible without the extra help I have received from the easy to remember EduEdge formulas and the help from the teachers! The different formulas would definitely come in handy during examinations and can be applied quickly, which I believe would help me to score better in the future.

  109. Avatar photo
    Yi Chern Cheng

    When I first joined EduEdge, my english was very bad. I also did not like English. However, my grades jumped from a C to an A2 after joining EduEdge! It is all thanks to the teachers at EduEdge. The teachers make the lesson very engaging by having debates or activities. They also make us understand the concepts by explaining them very clearly! Whenever I had questions, the teacher would patiently explain until I understood! EduEdge Teachers are very patient and nice! Improving one’s english is definitely not an overnight thing. EduEdge formulas are easy to remember and apply, making studying for exams way easier! Recently, I had my WA3 and applied the formulas taught scored an A2! Thank you Eduedge!!

  110. Avatar photo
    Takuya Udagawa

    I have learnt the techniques to use to annotate the comprehension text and to apply these skills to answer my questions,in a more point based answers. The application in Eduedge is really unique, easier to understand rather than in school.

    I have joined Eduedge from early of the year and my grade have actually improved a lot! from D7 to C6 in my wa2 to B3 in my wa3! I just want to show my appreciation towards eduedge as i improved in my grades and got away from my parents scolding.

  111. Avatar photo
    Sanuthi Sara

    Lessons in eduedge are definitely enjoyable. The teachers are engaging and we have class discussions on most days where we get to share and brainstorm ideas with our friends. The content provided also goes way more in depth than my school. For oral, essays and situational writings, teachers elaborate each point very well which helps us generate more ideas as we write. As for grammar, we touch on it once a while but enough such that we are able to remember key grammar rules. The teachers are also very friendly and approachable so we are always encouraged to ask questions. Overall, I love it here in EduEdge!

  112. Avatar photo
    yes or yes boss

    I have always had the idea that English is a subject that cannot be taught. Throughout my schooling life, I had always felt that I could not understand English like my peers, but Eduedge had made me realized that English can be taught and be understood. As it is my third time having O level English, I am glad I have found Eduedge that have the resources and dedication to every student. This has encouraged me and have bigger confidence in my English. Thank you so much, Eduedge!

  113. Avatar photo
    tricia kong

    I joined Eduedge when I am in Secondary 3. The English language had always been my worst subject no matter in primary or secondary school. I decided to improve my English language and came across Eduedge while searching for English tuition online. After joining Eduedge, I realised that Eduedge teaches different techniques compared to what schools have taught. I apply these techniques in my daily schoolwork. I realised that I managed to understand the questions more clearly and was able to answer the question more accurately. Through this Eduedge program, I feel more confident in applying techniques in my English paper. I can clarify my doubts with my coaches and work on my weaknesses to better improve my grades.

  114. Avatar photo

    Before I joined EduEdge, I was constantly struggling with both writing essays and answering comprehension questions as I was unsure of how to expand my ideas in writing and how to approach the different question types for comprehension. It was extremely demoralising for me whenever I saw that my results weren’t reflective of the effort that I was putting in to score well in English as I was always in the B/C range. English is a subject I enjoy studying for and eager to do well in so as to use it as my L1 in O Levels, which led me to enrolling in EduEdge.

    I wasn’t scoring well for Situational Writing before joining Eduedge as I kept lifting details from the visual, which resulted in me lacking original ideas in my body paragraphs. However, EduEdge taught me the skill of asking myself thinking questions to include original ideas easily in my paragraphs, as well as FATCORP, which are skills I find extremely useful and easy to apply.

    Expository writing used to be one of my weaknesses but after applying the techniques that I’ve learnt at Eduedge, such as varied sentence openings and the SPEAR structure to fully develop my body paragraphs, it has made argumentative writing much more enjoyable for me.
    Applying close reading to selective paragraphs, asking thinking questions and annotating while reading the comprehension texts was effective in helping me to predict the possible questions that may be asked. Understanding and being able to identify the different comprehension question types has helped me to be able to approach the questions better and structure my answers.

    The learning resources and cheat sheets provided at EduEdge such as the SPOTVCD and Spoken Interaction cheat sheet were of great help in Editing and Oral, which were areas that were often not covered in depth by my teachers in school.

    I also appreciate that the teachers at EduEdge always put in their best to give each student personalised feedback through the RISE that we submit, which were extremely helpful in identifying the areas that I can work on in order to improve. The techniques taught to us at EduEdge are easy to remember and apply, which are definitely effective and allowed me to achieve an A2 for English in the O Level examination. I used to think that English was a subject that cannot be studied, but thanks to what I’ve learnt from my teachers at EduEdge, I can now prepare for my English exams and feel confident while entering the exam hall!

    To my juniors at EduEdge, I hope you all will be able to enjoy English as a subject just like how I did and put in your best to do well in it by submitted your RISE on time and listening attentively in class, as it will help you to master English, which will definitely be beneficial for you in the long run!

  115. Avatar photo

    i like the eduedge lessons a lot as the teachers are nice and helpful and the techniques and formulas taught by eduedge is very unique. Even though i only joined the class during term 2, i am still given good opportunities to answer questions. because there are more than one teacher in the class, there is always a teacher around to help me if i need it.

  116. Avatar photo
    Ryuu Tan

    I am Ryuu Tan from S1.1. I have recently joined but I know that I am going to improve in my English language. After participating in my first two EduEdge lessons I took my WA3 and have improved from a B4 to a B3, with just two lessons of joining I have improved, and I know that I am in great hands with my new coaches at EduEdge.

  117. Avatar photo
    x r

    i feel that it helped me a lot. I submitted my mid year papers to my teachers and they quickly helped me understand my mistakes and helped me to improve! after understanding what i have done wrong for my writing, my weighted assignment 3 improved from a c5 to a B3! i found it a great improvement as they had really helped me so far throughout. i have been in eduedge since i was primary 5 and i feel that it has really pulled me up. it also improved my psle scores. in my prilims, i got a low C for english.however, in my psle, i managed to get a nice B!

  118. Avatar photo
    Ashmita Sundaram

    hi im ashmita from s2.1. i’ve always had a passion for english and i found it much more enjoyable compared to the others. however, it seemed quite hard for me when i entered secondary 1 in 2021 and saw the format of the question papers. even though i liked reading comprehensions in primary school, the ones in secondary school were much more different compared to those. it was no longer story based but more on informational text types. this brought down my interest for paper 2 a little bit and i was not looking forward to my english examinations. however, eduedge once again never failed to stand by me as a support system and equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle what i found hard in paper 2. other than that, i was also exposed the various essay styles, even before it was covered in school. this allowed me to have a higher level of knowledge when compared to my peers. im extremely grateful for the guidance eduedge has always given me and i’m looking forward to the journey ahead that i have as a student in eduedge

  119. Avatar photo
    Mattias Tan

    I like that the lessons keep me entertained and have unique and interesting ways for us to do English. previously in primary school I had a C or D in English but after the tuition I becoming a B. Same for secondary. In sec 1 I was failing but in sec 2 it helped me push to a b3 almost and A2. All the techniques will help me as I use them a lot for my papers. The thing that I enjoy the most from this is that the lessons are never boring. Like there will be some jokes that are *cough* (not funny) yet somehow we still listen and focus. The teachers have group work and breaks in between allowing me to relax a bit and still be in the mood of learning. The teachers made me think that English can be fun.

  120. Avatar photo
    Grace Yap

    Recommended by my mother, I first knew about EduEdge via their Facebook advertisement and joined in January 2021 as back up for my N-Level English into entering PFP, also known as the Polytechnic Foundation Programme. At first, I was a little hesitant, as I felt that I had enough guidance for myself to study and pass English. However, after barely passing a comprehension test in March, I knew that I had to take whatever I had learnt seriously and hope that the tuition centre I had signed up for might benefit me, with only a few months left before N-Levels as I really wanted to achieve at least a Band 2.
    I signed up for EduEdge Zoom lessons for the first time, and back then, it surprised me, because unlike most of the tuition centres I’ve been to, they are very dependent on using consistent formulas and certain strategies, allowing students to use those techniques to pass their English. Additionally, as a student who relies on formulas to understand other subjects and study well for it, this really helps me learn new key concepts from the zoom lessons and obtain further knowledge about passing English better.
    To my further astonishment, they provide us with listening comprehension practices, compared to the tuition centres that I went to. Other aspects they did for each lesson were explaining well on certain topics regarding editing, such as watching out for verbs, past and present tense, subject verb agreement, pronouns and prepositions. Going through questions for paper 2 comprehension had even become a sudden breeze for me, as my EduEdge teacher went through the level of difficulty for each question, ranging from low inference to global, including the ‘Describe + Explain’ technique that I had used for my N-Level English paper 2 exam. Other strategies like separating the quantity between advantages and disadvantages for summary writing, using ‘ASAP’, and analysing steps for spoken interactions in oral exams had also become really effective for me.
    After seven to eight months of going through revision lectures and several note-takings on key formulas given by them, I went through my Preliminary Examinations and scored a Band 2, but I was still hesitant as I missed out on some important parts, so I went through more lessons and revisited the problems that I mostly encountered. I even ended up completing my English N-levels with low expectations, as I was worried if the techniques I had used from EduEdge still works.
    You can imagine the astonishment and bewilderment I felt when I ended up not achieving a band 3 or 2, but a band 1 for English when the results came out on 17 December. This made me realise that the effort I had put in was not just out of pure luck, but it was that I used the formulas provided by EduEdge to my advantage and that helped get me to where I am now, even supporting the opportunity granted for me to enter PFP. I knew that this was also thanks to the support I had from my teachers and peers, guiding me into knowing and learning concepts as well.
    EduEdge delves into understanding the key problems of certain questions that students commonly face, and instead of resolving them without giving further advice, they give out formulas and techniques that allows students to tackle similar but harder questions in the future. Other than that, I gained further confidence from having doubts on passing or scoring and would definitely use the same techniques for other possible questions in future exams.
    To end off, I would like to give a few important words of advice to the students of EduEdge. If you feel like giving up after a setback, don’t give up just yet. It’s not the end of the world. There’s still hope for you. Use the EduEdge formulas wisely. Use them to your advantage, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll score and ace your English with flying colours, just like me.

  121. Avatar photo

    I joined EduEdge after my Secondary One Mid Year Examinations where I scored a C6 for English. (I barely passed oops). Getting a C6 was a wake-up call for me as I know that English is a very important subject be it in secondary school or the future. I knew that I needed to do well in it to get promoted to secondary two and even get into my dream junior college. Coincidentally, I managed to chance upon EduEdge on the Internet and was convinced by the testimonials from the previous batches of EduEdge students! I was inspired by their Eduedge stories and was hoping for a miracle to happen to me just like how it happened to them. In hindsight, this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in the four years of my secondary school life. Now, look at me! I’m currently writing this testimonial to share my story to inspire my juniors.

    After coming to EduEdge, my grades have tremendously improved from a C6 to consistent B3s and an occasional A2. My improvement has been attributed to the efforts of my Eduedge teachers. They are very approachable and patient when it comes to teaching us. I really appreciate the fact that they are also very open to answering our questions be it online or offline. EduEdge teachers are extremely dedicated and passionate about what they teach. One thing about Eduedge that stands out from other English tuition centres is that they adopt a more formula-based teaching approach whereby students are equipped with specially curated formulas to tackle examination questions with ease! For instance, instead of the rigid PEEL structure taught at most schools, formulas like SPEAR, FATCORP, SPOTVCD, and the 4S Answering Strategy are being taught here at EduEdge! A formula that has significantly helped me in my O level paper two summary is “IRE” 🙂

    English has never been my strong suit. In fact, I was consistently relying on my Higher Chinese for my L1 in my L1R5. However, things took a turn during O levels! I miraculously scored my first A1 in English! I was more than happy. Looking back, I honestly couldn’t have done it without the help and support from the EduEdge team. I really appreciate all the EduEdge lessons and Power Revision sessions. (A big shoutout to Teacher Derek, Teacher Jian Hung and the rest of the EduEdge family! Thank you for supporting me throughout my English journey.) Having an A1 in English has enabled me to achieve a better L1R5 score to get me into my dream junior college.

    To all my juniors who would like to improve their English: I would like to advise you to simply trust the EduEdge learning process. I vehemently believe that all of you are in the good hands of our dedicated EduEdge teachers. Remember to always complete your RISE homework on time to receive detailed feedback from the teachers to improve your language! However, do note that English isn’t something that can be mastered in a day or two just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day. The mastery of the English Language ultimately boils down to your efforts and hard work. Pay attention to all lessons and jot down important notes when necessary. Most importantly, remember to consistently apply the “formula-style” techniques that were taught by our dear EduEdge teachers. Confucius once said “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Hence, please do not feel afraid or shy to approach our friendly Eduedge teachers whenever in doubt! Lastly, I strongly advise you to not belittle the importance of English. It is one of the key subjects required to get you into your desired jc/poly course. Having said that, I sincerely wish all of you nothing but the best for your N and O levels! Nothing’s impossible. Even the word “Impossible” says “Im-possible”. There is no doubt that the journey to success will be an arduous one but trust me, your efforts will pay off just like how I’ve improved from a C6 to an A1 from Secondary One to O levels with the help of the Eduedge team! Jia you

  122. Avatar photo
    Kannya M M

    Before joining Eduedge, I always kept getting Bs and Cs for my English. Even though I studied hard and participated in class, I was not able to get higher than a B. However, all that changed when I joined Eduedge. There were many formulas thought that was easy to remember to help us structure our answers. Furthermore, my EduEdge teachers were very encouraging and helped me to understand on what I should improve on for my comprehension, which is my weakest area. The constant feedback given on our homework and class assignments helps me to acknowledge my strengths, which is encouraging, and weaknesses so that I can improve on them. I hope that I will be able to achieve a higher score for the upcoming end-of-year examinations.

  123. Avatar photo
    Isaiah Tan

    I used to struggle with comprehension before joining eduedge but after joining eduedge this year, I understand how to apply the techniques in my school papers and manage to improve. Instead get getting boarder line pass at 50%, i manage to pull up my grade by 10%. Which getting me a grade B instead of getting grade C or D

  124. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Tay

    I feel that whatever I’ve learnt here at EduEdge gave me a huge advantage in english as a subject as opposed to my friends who took no additional english classes or additional classes elsewhere. I could clearly see the various strategies that EduEdge has taught me where is it how to answer a comprehension, composition or even listening comprehension question has massively impacted how I approached similar questions, in comparison without these strategies. Moreover i feel that EduEdge teachers are extremely caring such as during my shortcomings or simply coming late as they would try to understand my situation. My english today wouldn’t have been what it is without EduEdge

  125. Avatar photo

    The challenges I faced were trying to improve my English grades without knowing exactly how to improve my English grades as I didn’t really know there the problem lay and so I just stagnated at a B4.However, in prelims I managed to obtain a B3 which was by far my best secondary school grade and it really gave me the confidence that I could do well.

    I decided to enrol into Eduedge in Secondary 3 as my English was performing poorly with C grades and I was really desperate to pull it up. My parents heard about Eduedge from a friend and I decided it seemed like a good option to test out. Previously, I enrolled into two other English tuitions but I felt that they were not helping me much so I went looking for alternative options.

    I had quite a dedicated school teacher in Secondary 4. Eduedge taught me techniques such as the 4S Answer Strategy, PIVEO and Close Reading that really helped a lot for me to change my approach towards answering questions and attempting the questions. This helped to push my English grade from a B3 to A1 in prelims. This helped me to achieve a better L1R5 score which allowed me to get into the JC of my choice.
    I strongly advise my juniors to listen to their teachers and pay attention in class. Notes are very important always take down notes always. Don’t disregard anything your teachers say and good luck to you all!

  126. Avatar photo
    melissa yn

    what I like about the experience is that I get to understand things that has not been covered well in school and that the formula being taught in EduEdge are also something that has help me while doing my work. While being able to apply to apply it, I understand how to format my work better and to know which different formula to use. I would also like to thank Mr Derek and Ms Yijun for helping me through this past few months. With their help and support, I was able to grasp as much information as much as possible and to apply the techniques accordingly. EduEdge also records videos and post into the portal to enhance our learning. This helps me as I could rewatch the lessons if some parts are unclear to me and they even give as some helpful tips.

  127. Avatar photo
    Pamela Chen

    Hi I’m Pamela from class S1.1,and have joined EduEdge for 1 year From end of 2018. Before I joined EduEdge, I was struggling with my English and my English grades were very low.i was only scoring a low B in p5 .However,after I joined EduEdge, my grades improved to a high A and even A Star! For instance, for my end of year English paper 2 on which I scored Only 60-70 , I managed to improve a lot for my p6 SA1 on which I scored 88! This improvement was due to the techniques taught by EduEdge (3s answering strategy) ,annotating and using these techniques had helped me to clearly understand the question and passage more clearly and pulled my grades up as I could answer the questions more accurately.

    In Eduedge , teachers are all very caring and experienced. They patiently go through examples and address any queries students have promptly to ensure that we understand the lesson to the fullest. The eduedge method of using cheatsheets and different types of answering techniques for paper 1 , essays , compre etc make every step of the way a breeze and allows me to give in depth answers! At the end of the day , if both students and teachers put in the same effort , high English grades are very achievable!

  128. Avatar photo
    Ashy Danial

    Long before I first enrolled in EduEdge, I was very lost in my thoughts. Thinking that I will never understand what my school teachers had taught me. I was at my worst. I always thought of giving up whenever I failed my class tests or always at the same old progress. A C5 or U-grade for my english. I was degrading myself over again and again. My life became very stressful. I also thought that I would fail my English and retain or something worse.

    Not till one day, my mom found EduEdge, I decided to give it a try since it looks quite unique than the other tuition centers that I had been to for the past 6-8 years of education. I am quite shy and nervous about meeting new people in class. Usually back in my school, I am technically an outcast among the others. However, I told myself I have to put that aside and focus on what I have to improve on and achieve what I want which is B3 and above.

    EduEdge taught me things that I wouldn’t normally have been taught about especially in school and they taught me English formulas that would be easier for me to remember. For example, SPEAR, FATCORP and ectera. Also, they had helped me with my grammar and other stuff like how to be confident in communication as well as learning how to write formal and informal tenses. Not only that but EduEdge also gave us a variety of things for us to learn so that we could learn more, be creative with our writing and foresee more obstacles ahead. Rather than learning them at the very last minute. Thanks to EduEdge, this is very much more fruitful and appreciative because I would have failed N-levels without them teaching me things that would have benefited me in the first place. I also learned different levels of difficulties with other paper 2 questions so that I know which strategy I could apply on which questions correctly.

    Also a key to success is not by denial or something. We have to put in our effort in what we want because without effort there can be no achievements ahead. There is no point in learning when we don’t try to apply new strategies provided by EduEdge because the result will still be the same. So my advice to my juniors, just don’t give up and also do your homework. Homework is very important because it could help you identify whatever segments you are struggling with. With that, EduEdge will be able to assist you in any way and always try their very best to give correct solutions to fix your mistakes. I would rather make more mistakes today than on the day of national exams. Everyone is not perfect. I also mentioned myself not being a perfectionist of english. We all make mistakes. Additionally, try to focus more in class and I would prefer to take notes all the time so that I have something to refer to and be able to do my revision with no absolute problem. If we don’t take notes, we won’t be able to remember what we have been taught.

    With that, to all my future “Nationalists” of N levels, I wish you all the best of luck. As young adults, you have to make a decision for yourself whether it is all or nothing.

  129. Avatar photo
    Diandra Yanuar

    I have been in EduEdge for the past 6 months and I have a completely new perspective on learning the English language. In school, English lessons are not very interactive and I mostly scored C5s-C6s (Sorry English teacher from school…) However, EduEdge provides students with a unique way of learning English which is through formulas and group work. Firstly, the formulas such as “PEER”, “SCORE”, “4S answering strategy” made revising for English a breeze. No more, “How do I study for oral?”, “How do I study for Paper 2” When applying these formulas in school assignments, I scored B3s and A2s. Furthermore, every lesson, some form of group work which allows me to learn from others. In fact, I have used some of my peer’s ideas as inspiration when writing essays! Now, not only do I have more confidence during my English examination but also using English in my day to day life.
    (I would just like to thank the caring EduEdge teachers who have conducted engaging lessons for me and supporting me through my English learning journey!!)

  130. Avatar photo

    I like that I finally can learn how to properly understand how to best answer the questions in all parts of my English exams and gives me a much higher chance of doing well in O Levels than if I didn’t come to EduEdge. With the EduEdge experience, I have learned how to better understand what is expected of me in O Levels and helps me to answer with more confidence.

  131. Avatar photo
    Keane Liew

    i am keane liew from S3.4 and i joined for a little more than a year since the mid of 2021.Before i was with EduEdge, my Weighted Assessment marks were only at a F9 at 27 marks but on the next 2 WA after i joined eduedge, i scored c5 (55 marks) and a b4(64marks).I have to give thanks to my EduEdge teachers for supporting me and helping me to pass my exams. Without them, i think i would still be failing my english papers. I feel that the feedbacks and tips from my EduEdge teachers really helped me improve my English and when I got my results I was really relieved and I am very grateful to have my EduEdge teachers that didnt give up on me. THANK YOU TEACHERS

  132. Avatar photo
    Manaswini Perinbanathan

    I am Manaswini from S1.3. I joined Eduedge around the start of Term 2. English Language was always one of the subjects I was poorly performing in and when I had my WA1 for my first term of Sec 1, I had scored a B4 for my SW and was at a loss on how to improve my grades. That was when I heard about Eduedge from friends and decided to give it a try, after hearing about the formula-style technique, which sounded unique to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the teaching methodologies used were very interactive and fun, which captivated my attention. When onsite, we had the chance to pen down our ideas on the whiteboard as activities while working together with my classmates, allowing the sharing of ideas and learning from each other and when online, we do the same, but on google docs. Then our teachers will share our responses and point out the good things and AFIs to the class, enabling me to learn from mistakes and perform better My teachers were also very encouraging and prompted me to participate during lessons and share my ideas without fear, even if it is wrong. I loved the idea of taking down my ideas on my notebook as it allowed me to better remember the techniques and refer back when necessary, allowing the reinforcement of what I have learnt during the past lessons. Cheat sheets and notes that were provided were extremely useful to ensure I follow what has been taught. Techniques such as the 4S strategy for comprehension allowed me to understand the comprehension passages better and attempt the questions with much more confidence. I was impressed at how after I had learnt to apply these strategies, it has made learning way more easier and produced much more satisfactory outcomes. Because of this, My grades Jumped from a B4 to a A1 drastically and has maintained that since. Because of Eduedge, English is now my favourite Subject and has allowed me to embrace the subject and enjoy the learning process.

  133. Avatar photo
    Zahn Ng Wee Tao

    Eduedge is more than a tuition centre. It is a group of hardworking and dedicated teachers coming together to aid all students in Singapore with English. Before joining Eduedge, my English was very poor. My grammatical skills were appalling, and my compo writing was not up to my teacher’s standards. Enrolling on secondary school made it worse. With much more complex grammar rules to follow, I could not keep up. Things were made worse in secondary three as my English teachers kept changing. The two teachers had their teaching styles that made it much more confusing.

    I heard about Eduedge through my friend, who has been going here for four years. I thought Eduedge was like any other tuition and school, with the teachers giving worksheet after worksheet to do, without any success. However, after being in Eduedge and being taught by Ms Juel and other amazing teachers, my confidence grew tremendously. Being taught techniques like SPEAR, FATCORP, 4S answering strategy, ROCS and many others made it easier for me. These techniques made it easier for me to write concise answers for my comprehension and allowed my ideas to flow smoothly for my compo.

    Eduedge learning techniques are the best in Singapore. The teacher’s comprehensive support and mastery of this subject made me push myself to do well. Getting a B3 for my prelims was a huge improvement for me, and I felt that Eduedge was a huge part of my improvement.
    The best part about the whole experience was the teachers overwhelming support, enthusiasm and optimism in wanting to help me which made it very inspiring. The Examedge booklet was another factor in my improvement, with so many compo, compre and oral exercises to do and concrete answers. It is a great tool! As I am in the NA stream, PFP was the quickest option to get into a Poly, and I did. It was all thanks to eduedge.

    To all juniors and seniors, no matter how much help the teachers can give to all of you, it is up to you to want to do well and achieve your goals. Getting a C6 in SA1 to an A1 for N levels may seem impossible, but with the right mentality, it IS possible. To Mr Cheng, Ms Yue, Ms Juel, Mr Amos and the rest of the EduEdge teachers, Thank you for your help. Your love and dedication is truly inspiring Also to all students, remember to do your RISE, listen to the teachers and keep pushing to achieve your desired grades! To all the sec 3 taking their O and N levels next year, good luck!

  134. Avatar photo
    Chia JD

    When I first joined eduedge, I was failing English and getting f9 for the subject. However, since joining eduedge, my grades have increased by five bands from f9 to b4. Even thought sometimes i do not pay full attention in class, the teachers give u recaps for some of the things we have learnt making it easier for us.

  135. Avatar photo
    Amazing Slimezz

    I am Grace Yeo from S1.4,and I joined for almost a year from early 2022. Before joining EduEdge, I was scoring B4 continuously. However, after joining EduEdge, my grades has been improving faster than I expected. I am scoring a A2-B3! The most part I was struggling with for English was the Paper 2 comprehension. I had difficulty understanding the full whole long passage and felt hard to break it down to understand it. However, after joining EduEdge, I finally learnt and knew how to tackle and break down the passage to allow me to understand it even better. I learnt that it has a special teaching method and techniques, like formulas and ways to make us remember the steps easily and be able to apply it. EduEdge teachers also keep emphasising the importance and ask us to remember using the steps before attempting the questions.

  136. Avatar photo

    I like how interactive the lessons are like whether you are attending it online or onsite. Personally, I take online lessons and I thought it would be as boring as my other tuition. However, the EduEdge teachers plan the lessons ahead carefully, making sure all the students understand what is being taught and are engaged. The methods EduEdge teaches have benefited me and it allowed me to do comprehension much more easily. EduEdge also gives detailed feedback every time I hand in my work and it allows me to understand what I can improve.

  137. Avatar photo
    Airflax gaming

    When I first joined eduedge at the start of 2022, I was afraid since I haven’t had tuition before. After starting eduedge, I realised that the teachers here were able to guide me to realise my potential. They allowed me to reach greater heights and feel more confident in my English papers.

  138. Avatar photo
    Hannah Tan

    I think my greatest difficulty for English was that I did not know how to study for it. Since primary school, I thought that English was a subject that I did not need to study for, and I only needed to do some practices. Hence, I never actually studied for English. When i was in my Secondary 2 year, my grades slowly started to drop from an A to a C. Eventually, i barely managed to cling on to a B4 for the EOY exam. In the beginning of my Secondary 3 year, I even failed my English with a D7 grade. From then on until the MYE in 2019, I never went back to my A grade. That was when I joined EduEdge.

    I first learned about EduEdge when my mother found a website about it on social media. At that time, I was desperate to find someone who could help me in my English as the O’level examinations were just months away. Thus, I decided to enrol into EduEdge with my younger sister who had the PSLE in the same year.

    Before joining EduEdge, I engaged a private tutor in May 2018. However, the tutor only gave me timed practices during every lesson before marking on the spot and asking me to do corrections. I understand that practice is important but it was something I could do without a tutor. In addition, I did not learn anything new that could help improve my English, so my grades remained low.

    To be honest, I never really learned much about English in my whole Secondary school life. Each Secondary school year, I had a new and very different English teacher, making it difficult for me to keep track of my English learning process. Furthermore, some teachers did not seem that keen on explaining the reasons behind each wrong answer as they would say, “It is just like that.”

    I think the key difference between the teaching methods from EduEdge and other teachers is the formula-based style and the practice style. The EduEdge formula-based style worked really well for me partly because my Mathematics was good and I was definitely able to “apply what I had learnt”. The EduEdge teachers were also very precise in their teaching and showed us, students, many examples hence we were able to use the formulae more easily.

    By following the EduEdge techniques, I was finally able to conquer the unusual-and-effective questions and have a better structure for my compositions. In addition, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the comprehension passages through close-reading. Thanks to EduEdge who helped me achieve my English grade, I was able to have more options when I chose my courses and schools. Some courses in polytechnic require a certain English grade which could lie between A1 and B3, so I was eligible for all the courses. Moreover, my English grade definitely helped me to reduce my L1R5 and L1R4.

    For my fellow EduEdge juniors, my advice is to apply the techniques and strategies to your homework/practices outside of those from EduEdge as much as possible because it will definitely help you get used to using the strategies so that you can use it well in their examinations.

  139. Avatar photo
    Dpyj :D

    I like about how the EduEdge teachers teach. These techniques taught in class are very beneficial for me as it can be used during exams. Even though I came for EduEdge lessons not long ago, I can see some improvements in my results.

  140. Avatar photo
    Unknown_Y Gaming

    The interactive lesson where students can answer questions on the spot. I can easily apply them and check on my understanding by practising on the UNFAIR EDGE/ TYS. If I still do not grasp the concept clearly, I can consult my EE teachers about what I am lacking in. I feel that what Mr Cheng has mentioned to rewrite after model essays mindfully to notice of the structures is indeed of good help as I feel more confident about writing different essay types. The lessons taught here at EE are much more in depth than what students are taught at schools.

  141. Avatar photo
    Sheikh Muhammad

    I am Sheikh Muhammad from S2.4.I just started Eduedge this year and yet have learnt many amazing concepts such as 4S answering strategy and was also given cheat sheets.

    As of yet, in only nine months, I can see major improvements in my English Language Academic results, C6 to B3 to A1 in WA3! Eduedge’s method of teaching is very unique. Moreover, all of Eduedge’s marking is done online,which means that I will always have a digital copy of my work and this is very convenient as I lose stuff easily.

    I can apply almost all the techniques in exams since there is a restriction, time. Even so, the four S answering strategy can help me pick out and phrase my answers to better answer all aspects of the question, securing my marks and scoring well for my exams.

    Even for paper 1,composition, they teach us how to write well. There is also the EduEdge Write Right Program. Overall, the techniques that I learn at Eduedge can be applied in school easily

  142. Avatar photo
    Janessa Kwek Shao En (Cedargirlss)

    ms Ariel my teacher has been very patient and clear in her explainations she tells us what to look out for and not only that I feel that the grow assessment is helpful for me to understand what afi and helps me to improve faster . If I have doubts I can directly contact her easily and clear it. I like the game part when there is editing and we get to battle against each other we not only get a clearer understanding of the work but also get to have fun I have improved a lot from the beginning of the year although I have only attended a few months from c6 when I first started to a a2 already . The notes given is detailed and if I do have doubts in the future I can still refer to the recorded videos at my own time allowing easy access to revise before my examinations I would refer to the notes and it has been really helpful. Also before exams there will be revision lectures . Now I fully understand certain topics which I could not grasp earlier in the year.using acronyms like fanboys helps me to remember the stuff I need to look out for to help me ace the examination . I am truly thankful to Eduedge for helping me in my journey in English!

  143. Avatar photo
    Tan Yu Xuan Wenicia (Bendemeerss)

    What I like the most in EduEdge is how the teacher teaches, teaching the key points and what to observe, formats, key to answering questions, types of questions, the main points and weakness of most students and explains more of them, etc. I’ve benefitted by applying the methods taught on my school work assigned to me, and of course my examinations. What I’ve learned in EduEdge could help me to speak better English to people around me, making more sense. In general, EduEdge has helped me understand the requirements of the English syllabus and I am now more confident of achieving higher marks for my English Language paper.

  144. Avatar photo
    Nicole Chun

    English has always been a very challenging subject for me since primary school. Ever since I joined Eduedge in sec 1, I learnt very powerful answering techniques like the 4S answering strategy and am better able to understand the steps I should take to answer the questions with precision and accuracy.

  145. Avatar photo
    Joyce C

    Hi I’m Megan and here’s my Eduedge experience so far! Before joining Eduedge at primary 5 my English scores were around AL 5 to 6. After join EduEdge in the end of Primary 5, my grades gradually increased, I got AL 4 in PSLE! This was a very big improvement! Now in secondary 1, I still enjoy Eduedge as I learn new techniques and skills every lesson. Learning all the formulas for every paper components will help me remember what to do when tackling different parts of the paper. I was always worried about how to study English and do well for them but after knowing all the formulas, I will never ever panic in an exam again as I can remember the steps to tackling each and every one of the questions. For example, the 4s answering strategy for Comprehensions, this gave me a big improvement in my comprehension skills and understanding. The formula tells me the types of questions there are in comprehensions and this allows me to further understand each question. Furthermore, telling me how to tackle them! I also love the way Eduedge has place all the worksheets into a booklet, this way all of us would not lost any of the worksheets and we would have to file them like before. Thank you to EduEdge and all the teachers for the effort in teaching me English! The teachers are so patient and passionate in teaching me, also making the lessons as fun as possible with games, songs and videos to not let us fall in sleep.

  146. Avatar photo

    For the past few years I’ve been at Eduedge the thing I like most about my experience here is how the Teachers always explain clearly about everything and that it is not just one Teacher that does that it is every teacher. I feel like I have benefitted in Eduedge a lot from the methods they teach me even though I feel like I don’t use some of them a lot of them still help me such as unpacking keywords or how to write my continuous writings

  147. Avatar photo
    Nick David

    The best English Language Specialist in Singapore you’ll find.

    When looking for a good education provider, there are 2 things we all look for:
    – Good curriculum
    – Great teachers

    And this is where EduEdge is unmatched elsewhere.

    Their Formula-Style Teaching Method cannot be found anywhere else. Based on what I know, they developed their own unique teaching method over many years to help students learn English faster and more easily. Spending hours on curriculum development so they have their own unique curriculum that’s more powerful and useful for students.

    The quality of their teachers / teaching team is also of a higher calibre compared to elsewhere. Nowhere else have I found teachers so well trained, that take care of the students both in their studies as well as in their well-being. Upon deeper research, I found that they make all their teachers undergo stringent training that last months and months before they are even allowed to teach a class!

    Thank you, EduEdge – For putting in so much time, effort, and resources into making sure your centre is world-class and delivers for parents and students at a high level.

    For any parent out there, if you’re looking for the best of the best to be working with your child in their English – Check out what they do. You will be amazed.

  148. Avatar photo
    Sammi Wee

    I have always been insecure when it comes to doing English papers. However, that insecurity changed after I joined Eduedge. Eduedge equips me with all the necessary strategies that are easy to follow and apply for all English components. Now, after joining for close to nine months I feel more confident when doing my English examinations as I see improvements in my English.

  149. Avatar photo
    Zanden Cheng

    I am Zanden from S1.4 and I joined EduEdge just a few months ago. During my time here, I have learnt lots of useful and helpful tips from EduEdge teachers such as different strategies for approaching papers. These tips have helped me scored much better marks for my papers and from a AL4 during PSLE, I managed to achieve A for my English papers. Throughout my time here, I had many enjoyable moments and learned a lot of strategies to tackle different papers. I will definitely recommend others to join EduEdge as it will definitely help them in their English tremendously. I hope that my time in EduEdge will continue to be fun, enjoyable and meaningful.

  150. Avatar photo
    Felicia Tan

    I like the classroom activities the most as I am able to express my own thoughts and opinions and generate ideas. The learning methods benefit me in my learning as it helps me craft my answers more accurately and precisely.

  151. Avatar photo

    I joined eduedge about 7 months ago, when i was really struggling to score higher than a B3. Although i was not doing so bad, scoring a grade higher than B3 seemed to be almost impossible to me. Being a mathematically inclined student, eduedge’s formula system sounded highly appealing to me. True enough, using the formulas and techniques taught at Eduedge, i was slowly but surely able to push my ceiling higher and started scoring consistent A1s for english. I am surely grateful for all the teachers at eduedge who always take time to answer my questions and clarify my doubts to the best of their abilities. Apart from teaching extremely effective methods and answering techniques, exam strategies are also taught at eduedge which definitely give me an edge while attempting the papers. I am so glad that I chose to join eduedge

  152. Avatar photo

    Ever since I joined EduEdge, it was like my English took a turn. A good one, in this case. The Teachers explained all the components visually and verbally in a special way that allowed me to understand it fully. All the notes that I take down during class is super helpful and easy to understand! It will, of course, take time to get the hang of it and understand how to apply these techniques, but once you understand it and can apply it correctly, it makes a big difference! I used to be rather weak in Comprehension Open Ended, but I can see the improvement in myself after joining EduEdge! I love how the Teachers let the students participate actively and weave up interesting ideas to entertain us in class to keep us engaged. It also allows us to learn and have fun like an ideal class!

  153. Avatar photo

    I find EduEdge teaching technique unique and the lessons here interesting compared to the one taught in my school. It is something different and I definitely appreciate the teacher’s effort in making the lessons fun for us.

  154. Avatar photo
    Dylan Yeo

    I like the skills and techniques we are taught as they are easy to understand and pick up quickly and after applying them into my school work, I find doing attempting the questions many times easier. For continuous writing, I find structuring and developing my paragraphs way easier as well, all thanks to the skills we are taught. The class is also highly engaging which allows us to participate and therefore confirm our understanding of what we’re taught in class. After I started attending lessons here, my GPA score for English spiked from a 2.0 to a 3.5 to 4.0 grade.

  155. Avatar photo
    Yolanda Naing

    the techniques i learnt for both paper 1 and 2 really benefitted me especially in terms of the way i answer the questions now. i used to write long paragraphs of answers or PEELs without even hitting the main marking points. however, with the techniques i’ve learnt in EduEdge, i have managed to grasp the key points in my answers and paragraphs instead of beating around the bush.

  156. Avatar photo
    Chong Kai Jie Kurt (Cchms)

    Kurt Chong
    Class Code: S1.4
    I joined EduEdge on August 2021. My English grade then: P4-AL4, P5-AL4, P6-WA-AL5/SA1-AL4SA2-AL3
    After joining EduEdge, my English grade now(PSLE English grade): AL2
    I think that the comprehension 3 ‘S’ answering strategy, all the grammar rules and formulas for MCQ has really helped me a lot as I know why the answer I picked is correct and that helps me when I check my work. The synthesis and Transformation techniques also helped me significantly as I was particularly weak in that aspect

  157. Avatar photo
    Seow Hern

    I have learnt many useful tips such as the SPEAR technique to be used in the free writing session. The teachers also guided the class well and explained the concepts well in class and I am generally very grateful for the teachers’ effort in helping us achieve the grades I have wanted. My paper 1 has definitely improved from a b4 to an a2 and I feel what I need to work on will be the paper 2 segment. However, I will strive to do better with the techniques I have learnt such as close reading and identifying the question types to hopefully score an a1 in English segment. I feel that now the only constraint will be time but I think if I am determined and push on for the next 2 months using the tips in eduedge I will definitely do better than my prelims or midyears (hopefully). I would like to thank the teachers for the awesome free lessons and materials and I will diligently use them to aid me in my journey to secure a shiny A1 for o levels

  158. Avatar photo

    eduedge is a good place to learn English i find it very helpful because the skills taught are technique based and since then I have seen considerable improvement in my weighted assessment tests i look forward to lessons every Friday with eagerness because of its teaching style. It’s very novel and distinct compared to other tuitions I have previously gone through therefore I believe that eduedge is a cool tuition because my school English teacher is unfortunately barely teaching us anything and eduedge is literally saving my life and so that I won’t retain just because of my horrendous English despite doing well for other subjects

  159. Avatar photo
    Mikaela Goh

    I first joined Eduedge in Secondary One when I realised that English in secondary school was much more different than the one in primary school and there are many major changes. One example will be the Paper 1 segment where expository writing was introduced. As my school did not touch on much about expository writing, I learned all of my expository writing skills such as the SPEAR formula from EduEdge. I’m also glad to say that expository writing is now one of my strongest skills and I have constantly scored distinction for my expository writing. Moreover, my school only started teaching us situational writing this year. As such, I’m glad to have a headstart by applying the PIVEO formula to enhance my situational writing.

  160. Avatar photo
    Bryce Leong

    The style of teaching at EduEdge is much different from the style of teaching at school. In school, everything goes like a bullet train and there are very few opportunities to ask questions when we need it. However, at EduEdge, we can ask questions whenever and wherever we want which definitely has allowed me to improve on the areas I need help in.

  161. Avatar photo
    Ed Lenning

    I am Erin Ong from S1.2 and joined around February 2022. Before i joined eduedge, I usually scored AL5-6. After i joined Eduedge, I scored an AL3 for PSLE. The part i struggled most with was comprehension and usually scored 11-12 for it. However, after learning and applying the 3(S) answering strategy, i slowly improved bit by bit and scored 17 for my prelims.

  162. Avatar photo
    glenda koh

    Before joining Eduedge in 2020, I was constantly getting a D7 or a C6 for my weighted assessments. However, due to the techniques learnt such as the #SPEAR method, allows me to better develop my paragraphs. I was finally able to achieve a good pass for English! Not only are there additional support and resources given by teachers, but there are also cheat sheets for comprehension, oral and editing and a vocabulary bank book which further helped me improve.

  163. Avatar photo
    Jia En Kang

    i failed english o levels last year , 2021 and retook it this year 2022 and found eduedge through my cousin.
    initially class was a bit too fast for me as i was not adapted to their style but after adapting to eduedge classes , i learnt a lot of special techniques such as SPEAR etc for my essays. furthermore , eduedge also taught me connectors for my essays for example: furthermore.

  164. Avatar photo

    The techniques being taught in Eduedge give me a better understanding of the English paper and allow me to tackle those questions that most students are unable to. The coaches are also knowledgeable and able clear any doubts that I have. The lessons are always interesting and interactive as we are given opportunity to work with our peers in the same class and learn from one another.

  165. Avatar photo
    Kalavagunta Kedharnath

    I have learnt a lot of different strategies in EduEdge like the LET formula which has helped in my improvements in grades. As a matter of fact, my teachers make the class very entertaining by constantly encourages to actively participate in our lessons. They even go the extra mile to help analyse our papers and give us feedback on how to improve on our mistakes.

  166. Avatar photo
    junsheng wong

    I am from class S3.5 and my name is Wong Jun Sheng from Bendemeer Secondary School, here to share my experiences with EduEdge. After going through learning sessions from EduEdge and their online lectures which I can ask question or stay back online a bit longer to clear my doubts. EduEdge also allows me to stay back after lessons to ask questions regarding my english exams, paper 1, 2 and 3. I used to always have a risk of failing my english papers, but after attending EduEdge lessons my english have never seem to fail anymore, and now with a minimum grade of C5 to B4 from D7 that I have scored before coming to EduEdge.

  167. Avatar photo
    Theophilias Lin

    I am Theophilias Lin from s3.4 , and I recently joined EduEdge I think near the start of August . Although my experience with EduEdge hasn’t been long , I feel that i have learnt much more compared to what i learn in school which are beneficial . For example, common Grammar mistakes like run-on sentences , how to write an argumentative essay and etc .

  168. Avatar photo
    Viva Art

    (Shamir, S4.1, Class of 2021) I joined Eduedge at the start of my secondary 5 year, I was mainly facing problems in the comprehension, and continuous writing sections. No matter how much I tried I just couldn’t push the marks I got in these sections, which always led me to barely scraping through my school exams with a C6 at most . At first I thought it would be easy as I got an A2 for English in my N levels, so you can imagine my shock when that dropped to C6 in sec 5. That’s what lead me to joining Eduedge in the first place.

    I first learnt about Eduedge when my parents and I were sourcing for reliable tuition centres for English as it was a very important subject. We stumbled across Eduedge when we were just passing by to get some groceries. When we saw all the testimonials of other students who achieved distinctions for their O level English, we were convinced that Eduedge was the way to go.

    And I would like to say we were not let down, as through the various techniques and formulas Eduedge has taught me I have jumped from a C6 to an A2 in O levels.

    If I’m being honest , I prefer the teaching style here in Eduedge as compared to teaching style at school. The teachers here really take their time to make sure you understand whatever they’re teaching you, and the formulas and techniques taught to you are easy to remember and understand. It was these techniques and and formulas which really helped me understand the English language in a more clearer way. Some examples would be the SPEAR, PIVEO, ROCS, FATCORP the 4s Answering strategy and many more.

    To all my juniors in Eduedge , I would like to take this opportunity to let you know you should never give up based on your current English grade. I was once like you too, I felt like giving up so many times when I noticed my grades just were not going up. Despite that , I trusted in the techniques Eduedge taught me and really mastered them. Thus, allowing me to see the fruit of my labour in my O level English grade. So if I was able to do it , so can you!

    Adding on, if you really want to improve your English grade upon joining Eduedge , do these things. Please do complete the weekly RISE assignment given to you, as it really helps the teachers understand where you are at so that they can offer further assistance in the future. Also , if you have doubts or you don’t understand a certain technique or formula do seek out your teachers as soon as possible so that you would be able to improve and grow I would like to give my utmost appreciation and thanks to Mr Cheng, Ms Juel and Ms Yijun who have helped in many ways more than one for my O level journey.

    Thus, always believe in yourself and never give up. Life is gonna put you down when you least expect it..that’s just how it works, but you gotta pick yourself up again and persevere to see the results you want.

    Good luck to you all and wish you the very best in your O levels.

  169. Avatar photo

    Through the lessons I have been attending these past few years, I find it really helpful for me especially towards the approach of English language and learning the ways to tackle challenging questions through the lessons. Using the formulas learnt in EduEdge has also increased the ability for me to understand the context of comprehension papers and that has also allow me to answer questions efficiently. The coaches are really helpful when I have trouble which gives me the motivation to be resilient and take pride in my schoolwork. Overall, learning in EduEdge has been a huge benefit to me.

  170. Avatar photo

    EduEdge provides me with many different techniques and skills that I can apply to my exams and thinking questions that I can use in my situational writing or compositions to further my understanding of the questions as well as develop better and original ideas for my writing. Through this, I am able to understand my exam questions better when I unpack them which help me to answer the questions more better. My summary has also improved as I am able to paraphrase better and find almost all content points. The Teachers here are also so lenient and encouraging, never failing to answer my questions with dedication and kindness and re-explaining questions that i may still not understand over and over again till I am able to understand. I am deeply and sincerely grateful for their guidance and patience towards their students.

  171. Avatar photo

    I first joined Eduedge back in Secondary 2 as my parents were extremely concerned with my English grades. For context, I was initially average B4s for English before joining Eduedge. I actually attended another tuition centre for about 2 months but dropped out because there was no structure in the lessons at all and the teachers seemed quite unprofessional in catering to our academic needs. I faced several challenges in this particular subject, such as having trouble answering the higher-level thinking questions in paper 2 and writing a well-structured essay. In other words, I was originally quite weak in this subject and I thought that my fate had been determined; a low grade for English O-levels.

    However, I was given another chance to improve my English grades when I joined Eduedge. Eduedge has given me both the skill and the confidence to increase my potential in the form of efficacious techniques (eg. PIVEO, SPEAR) and teachers who are always more than willing to help me out in my academics. As a science student, the formulas really worked for me as they always gave me a standard way to either write out my essays or think about how to answer the questions in my comprehension papers.

    To add on, the great thing about Eduedge is the integration of group work which I feel makes on put on our thinking caps and absorb as much of the information that we have been taught. This form of active learning is extremely beneficial as it helps us retain information over long periods of time, and ensures that we have successfully internalized what we have just learnt.

    Thanks to the support and guidance I’ve received from the teachers in Eduedge, I have managed to score an A1 for my O-level examinations! This 3-grade improvement was undoubtedly a huge relief for me as it allowed me to enter my dream JC. English was always the ‘killer’ subject for me as it pulled up my L1R5 score, hence I was very anxious about English destroying my chances of entering my dream JC. Luckily, I had the support from Eduedge to prevent that from happening for my O-level exams.

    To the current students in Eduedge, press on! Consistency is key. Always heed the teachers’ advice and consult them whenever you face difficulties in your academics, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you . I hope that all of you would eventually be able to get your desired grade

  172. Avatar photo
    goh geok ting

    I like it when the teachers asked for my answers/rise and I actually got a chance to receive useful feedbacks. Furthermore , I used to think that English doesn’t need practice and it is based on how many books we have read from young. However, after joining eduedge , I realised that we can practice English.For instance , using the exam edge book.I have benefitted quite a lot from the programme because I can generate more well elaborated answers for my essays as well as being more self-initiated in my learning. The unique techniques learnt for continuous writing actually allowed me to apply in my paper 2 components.

  173. Avatar photo

    The essay writing structures taught by EduEdge are easier to understand compared to that taught in my school and the Paper 2 skills taught allowed me to have a better understanding of how to approach questions and structure answers.

  174. Avatar photo

    I found myself improving for my comprehension, and I learnt so many new skills! It has been a very enriching experience as I got to familiarise myself with these incredibly useful techniques! I learnt how to study english with ease, and although it was hard to master the skills at first, I was eventually able to do so, and found that they were very beneficial!

  175. Avatar photo
    Zhi Qing Ch'ng

    I have joined eduedge for almost 2 years . Before joining eduedge, i was scoring as low as B4 for english language. However, with the help of eduedge , my grades have improved. Not only is their teaching specific and easy to understand, their writing formulas have also greatly helped me in my english. The formulas allow me to use a much structural approach to tackling questions, making it easier to score for the english papers. I also love the fun and engaging lessons where we utilise technology and play learning game using apps such as kahoot and nearpod. In most lessons, we are encouraged to try answering questions and learn from out mistakes from google docs activity too.

  176. Avatar photo
    DLHQ :D

    I like that lessons in EduEdge are entertaining and they usually give me a great opportunity ask questions or even give opinions. I have benefitted from these lessons by understanding how to answer questions better in examinations and scoring better in them.

  177. Avatar photo
    Jay EQ

    I had a major difficulty translating ideas into an eloquent and powerful essay. I could easily come up with ideas and different perspectives/examples, but just couldn’t express it into words. I knew deep down in my hearts of hearts there was some kind of desired format for English essay writing, amazing words or phrases to use, or even a proper mindset to go about a question.

    However, the journey to find what the exact format Cambridge wants was futile. I was stuck at B3 from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. I seriously scored the same mark for my essay writing for years from different teachers no matter what I did. I decided to enroll into EduEdge because I wanted to achieve distinction in my English Language subject. English would be THE most important subject to focus on if I aim to go to Polytechnic.

    Hence, I decided to have tuition for English. I found out about EduEdge through some online searching. I did not enroll into other tuition centres for English previously. I placed all my trust on EduEdge and it was extremely worthwhile.

    While other English teachers do not ever specify HOW to write, EduEdge specified easy-to-remember acronyms for certain formats for each individual component of English. It highly benefited me as I could FINALLY see the pattern I was searching for in English. After consistently applying EduEdge’s techniques, I, at long last, managed to break the distinction barrier and get a A2 for English at ‘O’ Levels. I achieved my long-sought goal of obtaining a distinction for English at O Levels and I was ecstatic.

    To my juniors, I would suggest for them to take RISE seriously for as often as they can. Every single practice from RISE accumulates to a massive improvement overtime.

  178. Avatar photo

    Before I joined eduedge, I couldn’t quite stay on topic with my essays and most of the time I’d miss out on key points that could’ve easily been found in comprehension paragraphs if I were a bit more patient and careful

    So I decided to enroll into Eduedge because I needed some help and also because I was attracted to the number of positive reviews it had

    The teachers in EduEdge teaches everything with clarity and specificity compared to my teachers in school. But I guess it’s mostly because of the difference in duration of the classes

    I’ve been able to achieve an A2 grade that ks to the techniques taught to me by my teachers at eduedge and I could never be any more grateful for their guidance

    If I were to give advice, ask every question that you have in your head, especially if you wish to clarify something with the teachers. Always ask questions

  179. Avatar photo
    S4.2 Lim Si En

    Before going EduEdge, I always thought that English is a very difficult subject to pick up and that I would never be able to score well for English. The constant C or low B grades really took a toll on my confidence level. However, with the continuous support and understanding from the EE teachers, they really made the lessons interesting and easy to understand, and my grades really did improved. Currently, whenever I am attempting an English paper, I would feel much more confident and the techniques taught in the lessons also makes the entire understanding process of the various passage in the paper 2 sections a lot easier

  180. Avatar photo
    Yeo Jiun Hsiang

    What i like most about EduEdge is the friendliness of the teacher towards the students. If we have any questions, the teachers will answer it to the best of their ability. After joining EduEdge, my english results which is B4 rosed to A2. Thorugh the different type of formulas that EduEdge will be teaching us, i hope that i can still raise my english results to A1!

  181. Avatar photo
    Jia Ying Wong黃泇鎣

    I have benefitted by knowing and understanding unique techniques shared by my eduedge teachers. The podia (e-learning portal) by eduedge have helped a lot as well because they allow me to go back to the previous lessons to recap or relearn the skills I have forgotten. Eduedge teachers have shared formulas to easily answer any English questions.

  182. Avatar photo
    Tristin Sim

    Languages have always been my weakest subjects, i simply couldn’t understand why I can’t score higher when it is literally the language that i commonly speak in. I always couldn’t figure out what went wrong in my work. Moreover, i was very introverted so i never dared to question my school teachers about my mistakes. After joining EduEdge in April, i finally had an insight in what my current syllabus was looking for. This allowed me to also have a better understanding about my mistakes and how i can slowly but steadily improve. The resources materials given by EduEdge has also been very beneficial for me. The simple formula method used by EduEdge enabled me to check my work better and consider the many different ways i can express my message better. EduEdge has enlightened me in the wonders of English Language. Now, my motivation levels do not plummet the moment i see more of my English homework. Instead, i see them as opportunities for me to better my language skills!

  183. Avatar photo

    what I like most about my experience here is how the teachers crack many jokes and make my lessons even more enjoyable. I really like the light and happy atmosphere is class and I have also started to understand better in my school English classes after being taught about it in my eduedge classes.

  184. Avatar photo

    Before joining EduEdge, I did not know how to improve my English.
    As I began feeling less confident about my English, I decided to join EduEdge. The teachers at EduEdge clearly pointed out what I needed to work on in my language. Also, extremely helpful tips were given on how to score for the exams.

    EduEdge allowed me to see a pattern in English which allowed me to know when to apply certain techniques taught such as ‘PIVEO’, ‘ACARPIE’ and ‘SPEAR’. The wide range of techniques helped me write each component of the English paper more effectively.With the help of EduEdge, I improved in my English.

  185. Avatar photo
    Mingjun Low

    During my Weighted Assessment 2, we were tested on oral.
    Since we were following the new syllabus, oral was different from other orals that I have taken before. As a result, I was struggling to do well with it. I could not understand very well on what my school Teachers were teaching thus I was pretty stressed out. However all hope was not lost as my eduedge Teachers explained to me carefully on the skills to use during my oral therefore, I could do well for my oral and got A1. I think that without my eduedge coaches, I would not be able to do so well for my exams. Thus, I am looking forward to do well in English for the end-of-year exams

  186. Avatar photo
    Siva Meyyappan

    The extremely talented teachers are what which makes Eduedge so good. They are giving feedback for each and every students work, aiding one in improving themselves based on their own weaknesses unique form others. They are able to address the gaps that students are facing in their learning through the formula based approach to GP. It makes it a lot easier for students to be familiar with the structures such that it ingrains into their memory permanently. I always had struggles in English often lacking a good structure in my essays but now I am glad that at least I am better able to structure my essays now, without the continuous support and care from my EE Teachers, I would not been able to improve this much on GP

  187. Avatar photo
    Camelia Liao

    A big Thank You to Eduedge for teaching and guidance. Susie managed to improved from B4 to A2 less than 4 months. Susie has grasped the correct technique to study English.

  188. Avatar photo

    The part I adored most about the EduEdge experience is that lessons are recorded and posted on the podia. This makes learning and revision much simplier as I can easily revise and access past lessons to renew my English knowledge. In the past my English grades were below average and I was failing quite a bit but now my English grades are improving gradually and now I’m scoring Bs.

  189. Avatar photo

    The explanations and details provided by the teachers are very clear and accurate. My english improved a lot after joining eduedge as I learnt how to answer different types of questions. There were also many formulas provided to help us with the structure of different papers.

  190. Avatar photo
    skl h

    In lower secondary, my English grade was already not up to par. However, I did not bother to improve my English in my lower secondary education. Being the only subject I could use for my L1 score, I realised the importance of it in upper secondary. This pushed me to strive for better grades in English. This was so I could get a better L1 to enter the JC I wanted to study at. As a result, I started looking for English tutors to improve my English.

    Before joining EduEdge, I engaged different tutors, but what sets them apart is the unique way of teaching at EduEdge. Different from the usual way English tuition is being carried out – doing repeated papers and receiving comments on the essays written–EduEdge differs in the way that techniques are given in the form of formulae, for example, PIVEO and ACARPPIE, which are easier to remember. Whenever I asked my teachers how to improve my English, they would always tell me to improve my grammar, have more variations in my sentence structure, etc. However, I did not know how to do so since only very vague guidance was given. However, the EduEdge techniques taught me how to do so. With the method and constant practice in class, I could master and apply the formulae successfully, even under pressure, during exams. Teachers are also amiable and available for consultation whenever urgent assistance is needed. This was when I finally saw progress.

    I was able to improve from C6 to B3 in my prelims. This unexpected result gave me a glimmer of hope that I could do better in my actual O-level examinations. With that, I felt motivated to get that distinction. With the techniques imparted to me, I achieved A2 in O’levels. This helped me tremendously as I got an L1R5 score much lower than I expected.

    My advice to students is to always pay attention to class. Never give up, and don’t forget to take notes! Always do your homework and take it as a chance to practice and revise the techniques you have learned in class. Good luck!

  191. Avatar photo
    Chng Jialong

    English has always been the subject that I have been struggling to pass since I was sec 1, however ever since I joined eduedge in sec 3 and learnt about the different formulas my English grade has gradually improved from D7-C5 and now trying to aim for a B4 for my prelims and a B3 for my o levels. The Teachers also provides area for improvement which allows me to further strengthen areas which I am weaker in.

  192. Avatar photo
    Chaw Win Win

    I like that there are formulas to apply for the different components in exams. This makes it clearer and easier when attempting the questions since there is a structured way to do it. Additionally, it gets easier to recall and apply the formulas with more practice in class and I get to improve on my answers due to the in depth feedback given by the teachers.

  193. Avatar photo
    Aster Tan

    personally, i prefer eduedge’s teaching techniques as they are more detailed and also elaborative. they reach out to extends where my school teacher does not reach and i can apply their techniques much better in school papers. as much as i do not like general paper, eduedge has made it more tolerable and exciting to learn general paper as compared to the bore i felt in school ! teacher janva has been very helpful to me, helping me out of class as well and i am very thankful for her 😀 the teachers are entertaining and try to help us as much as we can even if we take longer to finish the lesson, they are still patient in guiding us and i am thankful for them

  194. Avatar photo
    Sidhant Thapa

    One of the ways that i personally have benefitted from EduEdge is that i have picked up the skills i need in order to answer the language use questions, such as sarcasm, unusual effective and irony. Previously, i struggled a lot trying to understand the demands of the question, and with the help of the teachers, i can better understand and thus answer more questions.

  195. Avatar photo
    SeowWei Seng

    What I like the most about the EduEdge Experience is that it provides me a better environment to learn English in such as having so many helpful teachers that always give in their fullest support. This actually encouraged me to learn English more actively as compared to when I’m in school. It could be because in EduEdge, it is a smaller groups as well as there are more than one teacher helping compared to in school, there is only one teacher focusing on the whole class. This have benefitted me from applying the skills and method during the exam and has allowed me to understand what the questions are asking so I can give the right answer. For instance, in paper 2 comprehension the different level of questions.

  196. Avatar photo

    English language had always been a subject that I worried about in my upper sec years. I was constantly puzzled on how I can improve my english grades and what I can do to score better marks. It wasn’t like math or science where improving in the subject was seemingly easier. Determined to improve my english grades, I decided to enrol in eduedge, which was a tuition centre I heard from my classmates. Eduedge has helped me to improve my english grades drastically. Personally, I find that the constant feedback that i got in terms of how to improve my writing technique and the answering structures for the various type of comprehension questions were really useful. I also got a clearer idea on how to study english, that it was just like other subjects. Referring to the summarised notes for oral, editing and comprehension before stepping into the exam hall was really helpful too! Thanks to their dedicated teachers who put in their utmost effort, I have improved from a C5 to an A1 in o level. To those who are still struggling with english language in eduedge, do not be disheartened! Improving in english is definitely a process and will not happen overnight. If you are in need of feedback for your essays or have any doubts that you want to clarify, do not hesitate to approach the eduedge teachers! All the best for your exams this year

  197. Avatar photo
    Annabelle Guan

    Personally, l do not really like the English language and since primary school, English has been one of my worst subject. English lessons in school are basically just extra lessons for me to rest as the teacher does not really share anything useful. However, EduEdge lessons are the opposite of school lessons. EduEdge lessons are fun, engaging and allows me to have more opportunities to ask or answer questions. The teachers at EduEdge are also really caring and always look out for students who do not speak up much during lessons, prompting them to answer questions so that everyone participates in the lesson. All in all, I find EduEdge lessons and teaching styles really unique (compared to all the other tuitions that I have went to) and would love to continue my journey here. Thank you!)

    Edit: I got B3 for my olevel english. Its the only B subject in my L1R5; all my other subjects were A1 so im really upset. Not sure if its because i went for all online lessons and online lessons may be not that helpful for me, or just because the syllabus does not suit me. (

  198. Avatar photo
    Ian 07

    So uh I been here for a few months and I been using EduEdge methods in my papers(eg compre). I think its once I get the hang of the techniques and formulas, it is much more easier to do the papers. For eg the comprehensions structure allowed me to not waste too much time thinking about the answers to higher level qns and summary was much easier when i followed the technique.

  199. Avatar photo
    xin yu

    I joined EduEdge last year in December 2021 and have benefitted in many ways through EduEdge. I love the EduEdge formulas as not only are they easy to remember but they are also very useful when it comes to analysing the various components. My English grade for my essay was a C5/ C6 while my average English grade was a B3. However after almost 5 months of tuition with EduEdge, my English improved and I scored top in my class for my Paper 1 component (50/70) for my Mid Years and my overall English grade have improved from a B3 to an A2. I will continue to apply the Eduedge techniques diligently to achieve the A2/ A1 which I desire for my O Levels

  200. Avatar photo
    Tiong Jun Hwei Kendrick (Stgss)

    I have always felt that English was a hard subject to master and my previous experience with tuition centres for English was not very positive. However, EduEdge teaches English in a simple to understand and interactive way, allowing my grades in English to improve, which is much more than I can say for my previous tuition centre.

  201. Avatar photo
    Ian Boo

    The eduedge experience is a new approach of method of teaching for me due to it having unique teaching methods. Unlike School, where they only teach us about how to get the answer amd not the reason. EduEdge certainly, without a doubt, does the opposite and is extremely effective .

  202. Avatar photo
    Jun He Tan

    I enjoy EduEdge teaching method as it engages students to have activities or group work and allows group discussion, which is rare to see in school. EduEdge also has unique methods on how we can remember the ways to score well for out examinations.

  203. Avatar photo
    Arataki Itto

    I have learnt many formulas that can help me with many areas of my English subject. They are easy to remember and helps me get better grades. By implementing the strategies, my chances of getting the question right would be higher allowing me to get as many points as I can.

  204. Avatar photo
    ; x i n l e

    I am Wang Xinle from S1.1, I have joined EduEdge in 2020 March. Before joining, I was getting around AL4-5 for English. However after joining EduEdge and started to learn more of their techniques, my grades really improved (from AL4/5 – AL2 for PSLE). EduEdge teach their students differently compared to normal tuition centres. For example, they use formulas and techniques which really works for me. Some of the techniques are the 4S Answering Strategy, annotating the compre-cloze passage and questions. On top of that, EduEdge teachers are willing to teach and share their wisdom to students of EduEdge. Not only that, they are also very friendly and would not scold you unreasonably. Instead, they would explain to you why you are wrong. Although the worksheets might be hard to understand for new students, it will take awhile to get used to the different techniques and formulas. One I got the hang of it, I could complete the worksheet smoothly and ace my examinations. I would strongly recommend EduEdge to students who wants to improve their English subject in a way that would strongly impact the efficiency. Thank you EduEdge!

  205. Avatar photo

    i joined eduedge in 2020 and i went from getting 3/15 in my summary writing to getting 13/15! eduedge has a unique way of teaching and i remember the methods better than the methods i’m taught in school. eduedge breaks down and clarifies each step and the formulas make it very easy for me to apply it in my schoolwork.

  206. Avatar photo
    clappy OnCrack

    My favourite thing about learning from Eduedge is that I am able to learn the different techniques that our schools do not teach us in order for our test to be done much easier. This has helped me as I am able to have a greater understanding of the different ways to answer comprehension questions.

  207. Avatar photo
    Simon Lee

    If you’re looking for an education provider that will help your child achieve their best ever English grade through real mastery of the subject, look no further.

    EduEdge consists of an incredible team of English language specialists that set the absolute gold standard of English education in SG and beyond.

    As an education provider that focuses on one subject only, they’ve been able to do what no other centre has been able to achieve:

    Develop an unmatched mastery and understanding of how English should be taught!

    And they exemplify this through their:

    – Formula-Style Teaching Method that will make your child’s English learning easier and structured, through their step-by-step, easy to apply formulas, just like in Math and Science! (they have tons of Formulas that WORK like MAGIC)

    -Professionally Trained Language Specialists with expert knowledge of the syllabus that I guarantee no other provider can match (they truly know their stuff, in and out)

    -So much more that I probably won’t even be able to fit in this review if I wanted to!

    And the results of their students speak for themselves –

    They have had over 3,500 student success stories and hundreds of 5 star reviews and ~ 80% of their students improve by 2 grades or more and achieve their As and Bs!

    So if you’re looking for THE PROVEN PATH to your child’s English success (regardless of their level – PRI / SEC / JC), EduEdge should be your only choice, as it is for me and thousands of other parents across SG. (the only regret you’ll have is not signing your child up earlier, I promise!)

  208. Avatar photo
    Shan Qing Ch'ng

    I am Shan Qing from class S4.6. English Language has been very challenging for me since I was in primary school. I have difficulty understanding English story books and let alone secondary narrative comprehension. My mother has to sit down and read my literature book together with me even when I was already secondary 1. English just doesn’t make any sense to me and I didn’t know how to improve. I thought that i am naturally bad at English and it could not be improve. However, after joining EuEdge, it gives me hopes to how English can be easy. Many Teachers and parents think that only reading sample essays over and over again will help me to improve my English. I felt helpless as it was very time consuming However, my EduEdge Teachers teach me how to learn effectively by applying the techniques taught in class instead of practising mindlessly. After applying the techniques taught in class, I understand the expectations of English language and I improve much more quickly and with greater ease. thank you to all my eduedge Teachers that taught me over the last 2 years!

  209. Avatar photo
    Shane Ang

    What I like about the EduEdge techniques, especially PIVEO and SPEAR. They are useful techniques to summarise the ideas of each essay paragraph so that I can write accurately with a great understanding of my essay. Furthermore, the teachers tried their best to clarify my doubts and drive me to work better. Through practice, I have gained a better understanding of how to tackle paper 1 and paper 2.

  210. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Ho

    Since the beginning of secondary school, comprehension was the greatest challenge for me. Doing multiple practice papers never improved my results as I never understood how to improve my answering techniques. I decided to enrol into EduEdge as my brother had previously enrolled as a student, and highly recommended it to me. The genuinely friendly and approachable demeanour of the teachers struck me by surprise, making my first few lessons less nerve wracking and enjoyable. All the different techniques are easy to remember due to their formula-like structure, which makes studying for English papers less stressful. I realised that doing the assigned homework is important in order to receive the necessary feedback, allowing me to slowly improve at both comprehension and compositions.

  211. Avatar photo
    Athens Sage Tan

    I am Athens Sage Tan from Class S2.1 and joined when I was Primary 5, I was unsure of how the English system worked when I first joined and I did not know the basis of the subject — English. I had a very low number of words in my vocabulary word bank when I first joined. In addition, I was horrified when I failed my Primary 5 comprehension test. Due to my ego, I did not want to look silly in the view of my friends and wanted to pull my socks up. Thus, EduEdge was bestowed on me as if it were a gift from Heaven. After 2 years, my English in Secondary School has been getting a constant A*, with only 1 exception of an A. EduEdge taught me countless of formulae to master that one segment of the paper. With these formulae imprinted at the back of my mind, I was able to understand questions easily. For instance, when I did my comprehension, I would grow to have a natural habit to dissect the question into smaller and more concise parts and doing my analysis on the text and the questions. Hence, getting splendid results. Ergo, the formulae they teach and the comprehensible explanation they give to substantiate the point are incredibly effective.

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