Review D’resort Downtown East – Singapore 1 Pasir Ris Cl

Review D'resort  Downtown East - Singapore 1 Pasir Ris Cl

“Mattress was not so great as well as the pillow. Shower and bathroom was very nice, room has mounted tv which was nice. Room was quite spacious.” or “Room were good, beds comfortable, easy walk to the waterpark, 10 mins walk to the bus stops or 5 mins for taxi” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about D’resort Downtown East. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if D’resort Downtown East is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding D'resort Downtown East. In terms of , it is generally believed that D'resort Downtown Eastis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 65823322 (+65 65823322)
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  • Address: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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You can reach D'resort Downtown East at 65823322(+65 65823322). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

D'resort Downtown East reviews

D'resort Downtown East is among the best destinations of in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether D'resort Downtown East is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Super impressed with this place for a quick stopover. Close to a mall if you need any food/snacks and a huge park nearby for a stroll to stretch jet-lagged-legs. Staff is friendly and nice.”

“The room was spacious and clean . AC is very cold - there's also a ceiling fan in the room . BBQ pit area was nice , you might want to bring extra chairs . parking is limited ”

“all is great except for the parking. 1 car per room for $11 per day with NTUC silver card. Visitors are capped at $21 or $26 max per day《 not too sure》pretty ex for entry.”

“Good atmosphere... Nice place. Must recommend for family.”

“Rooms are cleaner now, bbq pits are convenient. Downtown east nearby has plenty of food and entertainment choices”

“It was very excited and such a wonderful place, lovely place never forget”

“This resort was clean. Had barbecue downstairs with my extended family and the environment was cozy. In the rooms, the toilets were neat and tidy, which made me feel like I was at home. Thank you!”

“Had a short but pleasant staycation. Professional staff and easy accessibility to downtown east for food and entertainment. Awesome!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 230 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 73% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about D'resort Downtown East, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review D’resort Downtown East – Singapore 1 Pasir Ris Cl

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  1. Avatar photo

    Not too shabby after renovation, rooms were clean and spacious, looks more like a hotel than a resort now, walking distance to the nearest mall. Supported discounts mostly are for ntuc members. Overall it’s commendable on the upgrade

  2. Avatar photo
    Lwazzie Dashed (Lwazzie)

    Had a great birthday while staying overnight at D’resort. Room was spacious, staff was approachable and understanding.

  3. Avatar photo Member

    We decided to go somewhere near and it was a good choice to stay at D’Resort. The interior room design is very cosy and nice. There was a sign within the compound that said that we could have access to Pasir Ris Park but the access wasn’t available during our stay. There is nothing much to do at the resort itself.

  4. Avatar photo
    Ike Novitasari

    This place is excellent. Big and clean room, comfortable bed, big shower room, had microwave and kitchen sink in the room. Fast check in check out process, nice view and near shopping mall. One of issue is just the location quite far from favourite tourist spot. But the environment is really nice so it can be a great holiday staycation spending the whole day in the resort.

  5. Avatar photo
    loo chi hwa

    Room view is nice.
    Room’s toileries limited, only have 1 soup, 2 toilet roll and 1 shower gel. No breakfast included..
    Location is good, walking distance to beach, shopping centre, playground (in door and out door). Varieties of food around and nearby supermarket.
    Very suitable for family gathering, team building and staycation for couple.

  6. Avatar photo
    James Yee

    We stayed in the loft units. Nice and hope they maintain it well. I find the living room area is a bit under sized as there is no place for dining area or dining table. kitchenette or pantry area is also too small. Overall, we enjoyed the place. The TV size is big and we played games on it and family had fun.

  7. Avatar photo
    Peter McDonald

    This place is in a good location next to wild wild wet. You can get a discount to the water park if you are staying at the resort. Close to food hall and a 7/11. Very relaxing resort. Some of the signage is a bit hard to follow we found getting to our room a bit tricky. Overall we had a great time. Our kids loved the experience.

  8. Avatar photo
    iPS yANg

    My family liked the convenience of this staycation, everything under one roof. We booked the Rainforest rooms which do not have bbq pit. Next time we will book other room types with bbq pit, a different type of fun with the family working together.

  9. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Chan

    Too many bugs, too noisy all night, and it’s not in downtown.

  10. Avatar photo
    Zye. S

    This is our second stay. This time we stay on the third floor. There amenities are good and the nearby wild wild wet park made it more fun. Its a resort. I get it.. But the only issue i had abt the room was the blanket and the bedsheets.

    If you are going wild wild wet, Do note the entrance of the park which is located at dresort is closed! The staff did not inform us even when we asked abt the direct entrance for guest. We were not the only ones who were struggling to find the entrance. Informed the staff to do something abt it Even signages are not updated.

  11. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chong

    Everything is good but the no swimming pool in the resort really make no sense. Resort guest needs to pay 22 sin/person/day during so call peak season to enter into water theme park. They use to have a pool but after reno. pool gone. What were the management of the resort thinking wanna make more money? Basic amenities are not available in the room and you people charge 278 sin a night and you want to make you guest pay for using a pool? I dont need a water theme park but a normal swimming pool.

  12. Avatar photo
    Charis Lee

    Staff are very friendly and helpful. Rooms are clean with comfortable beds. Though it is a chalet the rooms resemble a typical hotel room with more space. Definitely recommended for families. Great location- just beside Wild Wild Wet and E!hub.

  13. Avatar photo
    Cassandra Price

    Beautiful grounds. Can ride bicycles and walk along the trails near the sea. Great place for families. The rooms are adequate but not luxurious. 2 double beds works well for our family with 2 kids.

  14. Avatar photo
    Quang Vu Nguyen

    Big room with balcony, lots of BBQ pits for group party, direct access to Wild Wild Wet and Pasir Ris park. Yet, very hard to get cab.

  15. Avatar photo
    Bryan Tang

    Room is clean but is dark, should have installed the light at the Kitchen counter and entrance, Aircon not cold,max allowable temperature set at 23 Celsius, Bathroom water pressure small and not strong, BBQ area lights are dark,should improve on all these areas.

  16. Avatar photo

    It’s a good place for bbqing. But alot more places than Dresort that provides that facility. I wouldn’t want to stay there overnight. Room phone also not working, unable to contact staff at all. Lots of bugs so bring your own repellent, lots of it. Bbq pit doesnt have roof so if it rains, blame nature. So bring ponchos and umbrellas for cover food.

  17. Avatar photo
    Inda Phelps

    For some reason I am staying in this place is just want to get out from the airport and waiting for my next trip . Well place is very convenient and easy to get to from airport. Very good place for families and kids Holiday. There is free shuttle bus to Paris this and from Pasir Ris station or taxi is not that expensive too .
    I live to explore and staying in different place , but to stay in this hotel it’s really satisfied with price and location . If you don’t want to go far next door there is a mall with a lot of shop and different restaurants to go too.
    Definitely recommend this place

  18. Avatar photo
    Sofyan Mohd Mokhti

    If its just to getaway with the family, i find D’Resort an appealing option as the rooms are ok for a family of 4, food options galore, amenities all within reach. Personal opinion, we prefer the park view as its the closest or with the least distance to walk to access the mall. Ahh… also a little bit more on the park, with multiple entrance/exit to the chalet, it’s very good for early morning walk/jogs.

  19. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Chaw

    Nice rooms albeit a little small. Unfortunately, BBQ pits and the chalets balconies aren’t sheltered so your plans are affected should it rain. The air conditioner was also not working well in the room we visited.

  20. Avatar photo
    Jillian Kavinsky Re

    The room was nice and spacious, good for the price, decent location. The downside was that wifi only supported two devices even in a four person room and we only got two room keys. So it would be great for a family of four, but isn’t quite ideal for four friends traveling together. It worked for one night, though.

  21. Avatar photo
    Samuli Rantala

    Nice rooms in two separate building. BBQ behind the rooms closer to the beach. BBQ by night can cause some noice, remember to ask for other rooms further from BBQ side. Water park only few hundreds meter. Many shops and restaurant nearby too. Metro station about 15 min walk, go along the river to cut some distance. Beach is not in a good shape, lots of trashes and other stuff. Hotel stuff very friendly. Grab station front of the hotel.

  22. Avatar photo
    Boon Jia Hwee

    The chalet is luxurious, more like a hotel. There are many retail shops and food options nearby that make it very convenient. The room is clean and spacious and the bqq pit area is large enough for medium-sized parties. Very beautiful place will definitely come back again!

  23. Avatar photo
    Steven Wong

    Good location n loads of activities/ stuffs around to get all happy

  24. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sai

    This resort was clean. Had barbecue downstairs with my extended family and the environment was cozy. In the rooms, the toilets were neat and tidy, which made me feel like I was at home. Thank you!

  25. Avatar photo
    Kiran Rajan

    Good 3 star hotel. Hotel as such getting slightly old but the room was surprisingly good and spacious. No breakfast available which is not ideal but a food joints available nearby.

  26. Avatar photo
    Lottie B

    I loved staying in this hotel! The location was perfect because it was next to a beach and my favourite part of all was the massive AMAZING water park that was part of the hotel but public could still use the waterpark but there was just that you get a discount if you were staying in the hotel (on the tickets). It was quite popular and I personally think that’s always a good sign. Is it the perfect place for holiday but the only problem is you have to buy and serve your own food. They provide you with a barbecue area out the back which I think is really good. I would definitely go back again 100% and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and I think you should as well; I also think you guys should go!

  27. Avatar photo
    Ying Ying Ng

    The rooms are clean and spacious. Light is good. The BBQ pits are well maintained. Staffs are friendly too. The only downside was the pillows are too hard for me and the shower bath dispenser is hard to get soap out.

  28. Avatar photo
    Amin Shah

    Went through a huge makeover and it has that resort-y feel but albeit like motels.

    Pro tip: if you’re staying on the ground floor, do book the BBQ pit outside your rooms even if you dont use it so that you will have exclusive use of the space outside, and you can sleep soundly knowing no one is going to BBQ throughout the night with loud music. Also useful area to eat and chill because the rooms are small.

  29. Avatar photo
    Siti Saleha

    Bed was clean. We are able to check in early so that is good. Service staff is very detailed in explaning. The shower in the toilet can be better because it is short so difficult to bathe my toddler. The toilet floor is also slippery. But the main reason for 3 star is because the lighting at the bbq pit area is not enough. It is very dark so it kind of killed the ambience.

  30. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Jackson

    The lobby was welcoming and cooling. The checkin experience was not so good. The website is confusing and information is hidden all over the place. The staff or helpdesk will ask you to refer to FAQ and expected you to read it.
    If you lost your NTUC link card, there’s no way you can get link points. They expect you to produce a physical card for this. EVEN though NTUC is asking you to go card-less, use app to pay etc…only D’Resort needs you to produce a card you don’t carry in order to collect link points. Also, to prove that you are indeed an NTUC member.

    For a room that can have 4 pax, there’s only 1 chair. The TV has only local tv channels. Wifi hardly worked, might as well not provide free wifi. Bring a HDMI cable so you can plug in a laptop to the TV. Also, bring more chairs if you have. (Decathlon?)

    The exclusive entrance to Wild Wild Wet was closed. We booked Mangrove specifically for this. If we had known earlier, we wouldn’t even book in the first place. This compounded our disappointment after checking in.

    Saving grace: The staff were helpful and happy, smiling whenever we crossed paths. They were willing to help us and that really helped. We’ll still come back for short 1 or 2 night staycations, but we’ll be more prepared for sure.

  31. Avatar photo
    Audrey Chia

    – Bad service, especially when calling to request for things like towels and some water (rude staff with 0 customer service attitude/skills)
    – Shower door can’t close properly
    – Shower heater sucks so there’s no hot water when taking a shower
    – Doesn’t provide conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste
    – Door mat for toilet is dirty
    – Pillow cases are dirty/stained

  32. Avatar photo
    Ginna Koh

    I’ve stayed at D’resort 3 times now (once every year) and their service has always been great and the cleanliness is superb. A bit on the pricey side but its reasonable since it is a resort. Room has good amount of space and toiletries are all provided.

  33. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lye

    Whole place is clean and pleasant to walk about. Really impressed with the environment. Only thing is if you are going there with small kids make sure you cab in. As the walk in to the lobby is quite a distance. Especially if you’re carrying lots of stuff.

  34. Avatar photo
    Michael Gabriel Rios

    very nice place. energy saving plans are somewhat in place. barbecue pits always clean. fact that you can get promos that let you use the Wild Wild Wet next door for free is always a plus. Staff is patient and friendly.. Vending machines are a little bit overpriced, but you can always walk to Cheers (24hrs) or walk on over to NTUC at Downtown East. the environment is nice and the sound is very well blocked off even if there are a few pits active. they let you stay on the pits till what ever time as long as noise is a minimal and that BBQing stops by 11pm. only downside I found was that if you had the pit in the center squares in the Mangrove area, there seems to be very little wind. Possibly because of the architecture or it’s just the times that I was there, but the cool breeze you’d expect from Pasir Ris seems to be some what lacking.

  35. Avatar photo Member

    The resort is fairly decent, offers good variety of things to do. Our stay saw relatively humid afternoons, so that the room could be quickly cooled on a hot day was very welcomed relief. Theres a connecting door so its very convenient for us. A lot of people are using the BBQ behind our balcony area by 5plus.

  36. Avatar photo
    Zhi Yang Ong

    Rooms were nice, clean and homely. Only issue I have to raise was people who were not staying at all of the chalets were using our bbq pit without permission, after some talking they eventually packed all their stuff up and shifted but only to another poor person’s bbq pit.

  37. Avatar photo
    Kong Ting Wai

    This is a chalet after all. Hence do come in with managed expectations.

    Facilities and Environment – Quite impressive given the current pricing. Room size was great for 4. Check in took almost an hour on the start of the long weekend, but this phenomenon is probably expected.

    Room amenities – fridge, basic bedding, towels etc were ok.

    Location – right next to Wild Wild Wet and E-hub. Excellent set up. Food options are in abundance.

    Noise – main reason for poor review. noise is terrible if you are unlucky to encounter party makers at night at the bbq pits. Soundproofing was nv expected to be tip top. Informing the security/ reception is useless as they paid lip service and did nothing to control the noise level. (D Resort had noise level rules after 11pm)

    Young families can still come, but manage your expectations.

  38. Avatar photo
    Tommy Dong

    Standard resort feel, too little food choices around without walking to downtown east. The convenient store closes early and opens late. The rooms are quite dirty on the floor and the sink has a lot of water stains. The free coffee provided is extremely cheapskate

  39. Avatar photo
    John lee

    Room was very very spacious! And clean, with balcony. Do take note that the room doesn’t come with tooth brush set, or facial tissues. You need to bring your own. My room came w two queen beds. Easily shifted to make into one huge bed! Overall a decent experience. Note that the walk from the malls quite far too.

  40. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Imran Abu Bakar

    Units were quite small than expected. BBQ curfew was till 11pm. Great guy came over to tell us to keep our volumes down politely. Appreciate the politeness. Limited parking for big family and friends gathering. Do request 1st floor prior to booking, if needed, and take note of additional prices. More access/side gate would be great addition to cut through to downtown East. Instead of having to detour. Great cleanliness of place overall.

  41. Avatar photo
    Waffles Gaming 101

    D’Resort was great. View from the 3rd floor lift lobby is completely blocked off while 4th floor lobby was nice to relax at. Didn’t use the TV but roommates said it was very limited in number of channels. Overall it was a nice place to stay and would visit again.

  42. Avatar photo
    Salman Al-Farisi

    Had a good staycation over the weekends! Especially BBQ till 11pm! Location wise, I think is still accessible via buses & overall, good place for family to relax & enjoy! Don’t forget to go wild wild wet! It’s a must if you’re going to stay over!

  43. Avatar photo
    Hing Wee Chuan - NUHS

    Although room was small, beds were quite comfy and free admission to Wild Wild Wet for NTUC card holders.The facilities were very clean and it was a fun 3 day 2 night trip. Also, I like the location as it is near the seaside and it is ideal for picnic. Only thing is that one of the lifts has almost no ventilation, and BBQ pits at night emit a lot of smoke and was very noisy.Hope they can solve this problem… …

  44. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Wang

    Checked in on a public holiday, reached earlier before the official check-in time. Counter staff were accommodating & assisted promptly for a ready available requested L1 room (w additional topup$). Room was clean, except for some old looking wall stains.. Didn’t think so much about it, & didn’t see the need to report such old stains.

    Few hrs after checking out, staff called to inform about the stains and the possible cleaning fees!! Was so shocked then. From their pov, the stains look freshly stained. Hence… My advise to all guests – do check and report any wall stains/non functioning amenities upon checking in asap. Overall, we still enjoyed the stay..

  45. Avatar photo
    Shanelle Tan

    We booked 4 days 3 nights stay in Jan 2023. It was definitely an unpleasant stay. The services can be improved.

    1. The room floor was dirty and oily upon check-in. When we feedback to the front desk, the receptionist told us we need to pay if we would like to request a second clean up. The additional charge was very unreasonable, as they did not hand over a clean room to us at the first place. Utterly disappointed with the staff attitude. It’s obviously they do not care.

    2. The room with smoking smell. Though the housekeeping tried to remove the odor with a purifier machine few times, but it did not work.

    3. Could not get the front desk and housekeeping line through the in-room telephone. Basically no one pick up the phone at all time. We tried at least 10 times within 2 days. We have to walk to the lobby for all requests.

    4. We stayed at ground floor. Room was infested with ants, affecting the whole quality of stay.

    To get to the connected mall or water park, we had to walk approx 500m-600m around the resort. There was no shorter route for anyone staying in Mangrove room.

    This is not a resort after all, it’s more like a chalet or budget hotel to us, therefore do come in with managed expectation.

  46. Avatar photo
    Cherry Chacko

    A nice getaway for overworked city dwellers. Not really a nature resort, still it is quiet and away from the madding crowd. Close enough to Downtown East and E-hub to enjoy a variety of food and other entertainment options. But far enough away to enjoy a quiet break.

  47. Avatar photo
    Hoong Wai Wong

    Rooms are cleaner now, bbq pits are convenient. Downtown east nearby has plenty of food and entertainment choices

  48. Avatar photo
    Kabir Gupta

    Reached the hotel, room telephone wasn’t working, whole line was broken. They ran out of water stock. No tissues, no slippers supplied (they gave eventually). Coffee was terrible. No bathroom amenities, toilet was average. Soap dispenser was broken for many rooms. Mosquitoes everywhere, hotel floor was oily. Asked for water at reception and never received it. Decent but not good for long stays.

  49. Avatar photo
    Apple Ke

    Wont recommends to friends or families …
    But some stuff are friendly.. but wont go back again!

  50. Avatar photo
    lewis chen


  51. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lam

    The room rates are slightly cheaper. Quite poular, almost all rooms in the next 3 weeks have been booked. Next to water park “Wild Wild West”, beach. Can BBQ, rent bicycles for kids and adults. A a good varieties of activities for family and young kids.

  52. Avatar photo
    J Tan

    D’Resort is easy to access by motor vehicle, less so by public transport although quite a few buses travel by. There are quite a variety of rooms available, from single rooms to apartments and chalet style accommodation. The lobby has a Cheers convenience store and numerous vending machines selling drinks, hot sandwiches and other conveniences. Rooms come with complementary two day, multi access passes to the adjoining wild wild wet water theme park. The resort is also beside Pasir Ris Park for those who want to enjoy the park (cycling, rollerblading, kayaking, pony rides for kids) or the beach (Pasir Ris beach) The beach is a little small but still passable for those yearning to feel sand between their toes. Prices vary, however it is a resort, so expect to pay a premium.

  53. Avatar photo
    Radin Nur Faridah

    all is great except for the parking. 1 car per room for $11 per day with NTUC silver card. Visitors are capped at $21 or $26 max per day《 not too sure》pretty ex for entry.

  54. Avatar photo
    Hayley T.

    Stayed in the mangrove room, facing the park. Love the big room, comfy beds. Fridge and aircon are very noisy… which we usually turned it off at night to sleep. Many bad and good memories over the past 3 weeks in D’resort, but I would still like to thank all the staff who have served us during our quarantine! Keep up the good work! …

  55. Avatar photo
    Carmen Von NIDA

    We stayed 2 nights at D’Resort the staff were friendly and very helpful. Our room was was quite nice and clean and it was quite refreshing to have a room that was comfy to rest in after a long trip with kids. Out standing place highly recommend to stay as it’s close to water park shops etc

  56. Avatar photo
    Michelle Chapman

    Lela went above and beyond to check me in. I had arrived early and she did everything she could do to get my room available. This is a great example of a wonderful customer experience. Thank you for doing so. She even offered a place to store my luggage while I had to wait. The room was big and clean. My view was awesome. It’s definitely a great place to stay.

  57. Avatar photo
    S.K Md Ibrahim

    Clean surrounding with greeneries. Good for relaxing

  58. Avatar photo
    AUS Mochic

    Checked in around mid night, later found out there was no hot water, no hotel intro guide book, had to call the main switch ended cutting off automatically, approached the reception but unable to help.
    Made a complaint to the hotel, the assistant manager Ivy took 5 days to conduct her own “investigation”, saying nothing was true, the management and staff are highly professional, the facilities are excellent without complaint.
    What can I say? We should had recorded all the evidences to prove who is lying, and we also should have taken photos of those ants crawling in the bathroom / bedroom.

  59. Avatar photo
    Abso Lutenut

    Very nice and neat resort. Connected to the attached water park.
    Rooms are large and spacious with interconnected rooms available.
    A few minor issues. The room does not have a full length mirror, there is no iron and there is only one chair for the four guests.
    Otherwise, all good.

  60. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Choo

    Had a short but pleasant staycation. Professional staff and easy accessibility to downtown east for food and entertainment. Awesome!

  61. Avatar photo
    Wei Chun Lim

    Booked this resort before seeing the comments….. But surprise surprise…. Not really that bad. Maybe I missed the peak season. Staffs were efficient and room is clean. Check in was fast and they’ve added a van to the buggy rides to shuttle folks. So not too shabby at all.

  62. Avatar photo
    Dave Lee

    Love downtown east, come here every other week

  63. Avatar photo
    Guek Khim tay

    Love it! A nice getaway for the family especially with kids. The room is spacious and clean. Like the security feature at the rainforest rooms. There is a mall that links to the resort. Guests get to enjoy unlimited entries to wild wild wet..

  64. Avatar photo
    Kevin Chong

    Perfectly sized rooms with comfortable beds if you absolutely have to stay in the area. Bathroom floor was wet when I checked in. Left my keys there during check out and they took one week to reply me that they didn’t find anything. I went for a meeting and didn’t leave the hotel premise for 24 hours, so either they care very little about things the guests leave behind, or there are key stealing gremlins lurking around.

  65. Avatar photo
    Steffie Chiam

    Horrible and noisy place. We stayed there with a family of 2 young kids, booked the Rainforest which is supposed to be designed for peace and serenity as claimed from their website. The room next door was making loud noises from 10am to 5am morning. Be prepare not to sleep if you book. No reception at lobby when we wanted to feedback , no one to look for. Please do not think it convenient as it’s near airport, you will regret it big time as you will not be able to sleep.

  66. Avatar photo
    Howard Morris

    Stayed one night as I was just passing through Singapore on the way to Kuala Lumpur. I enjoyed the easy access to the Pasir Ris Park just beside the hotel. Hotel staff very friendly and amenable to my need for both a top sheet and bottom sheet on the bed. I wasnt comfortable using the bed spread as the top sheet. Cost low presumably because water park didn’t seem like it was operating when I visited. I stayed on a Tuesday evening.

  67. Avatar photo
    rand chua

    Located on the North East side of Singapore. Near to Singapore Changi airport.

    A bit far from the city area. Good for people doing mini party or celebration. Doing own BBQ or just to get away from the city. Or unable to book a hotel room in the city.

    The room is spacious and clean. Only local TV channels in the room. No bathroom amenities, remember to bring own body shampoo, hair shampoo, comb and toothbrush, toothpaste. No slippers in room.

    The nearby mall and restaurants required a bit if walking distance. (8-10 minutes) Most restaurant open after 11am.

    Best part is located besides Wild Wild wet water theme park.

  68. Avatar photo
    Wan Yi Lim

    Great location, 5 minutes to Downtown East Mall via a link way directly to the hotel, with numerous shopping vouchers exclusively for guests. The room is quite spacious and comfortable though the bed could be slightly softer but I slept like a baby regardless.

  69. Avatar photo
    Tracy Kendell

    We only stayed for 2 nights on a layover to Oz from UK. Staff very friendly and helpful. Rooms basic but adequate for 2 nights. We managed to get free tix to wet wet wild which managed to burn some energy off with kids. We stayed in the underwater room which kids thought was fun. The only problem was noise, we got woke up 2nd night when we had to get up early for flight and never managed to get back to sleep! It does state that it should be quiet from 11 however some people don’t obviously observe this!

  70. Avatar photo
    Leisure Lim

    D’Resort @ Downtown East is a wonderful resort. The transformation has been tremendous over the years yet it is still the No. 1 sought after venue for chalet, celebration and professional event. I am attending an event at Marquee. The place is very comfortable and spacious. No wonder it was select for many dinners and celebration recently. Other than the chalets, this resort even has it own supermarket, cinema, bowling alley. There are also many easy bites and wonderful eatery for every occasions. For those that are on Halal diet. You will be please to know there are many halal certified outlets. There are plenty of parking available and easy access from Pasir Ris MRT.

  71. Avatar photo
    Sturbie Ju

    Once u come to the resort, it feels more quaint and relaxed. The room we had is sort of facing the beach (still a distance away) but it was convenient, with just 5 mins walk away. Generally the area is spaced out bery well, naturally windy.
    I would like to comment that the bbq pits are relatively close to one another and hope it can be combined 2 into 1 for consideration.

  72. Avatar photo
    Ju Annette

    Nicely renovated. Very convenient and spacious. It’s much better compared to the previous chalet. highly recommended to stay over for bbq. The staff are friendly and helpful. Doesn’t show any attitude when serving customer. well done

  73. Avatar photo
    Lemeax Mathew

    Very family friendly resort. Everything in the same place

  74. Avatar photo
    Pritesh Pandey

    Good atmosphere… Nice place.
    Must recommend for family.

  75. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Room was kind of small for the price. Wifi was only limited to 2 devices at a time. 2 barbeque pits were provided with plenty of table space and seats which was nice. The place was quite empty with only a few guests around. Overall a nice place for a chalet albeit the high cost.

  76. Avatar photo
    zhu zhu

    Check in was fast. Staff knows what she’s doing. The room was clean & spacious too!

  77. Avatar photo
    Lisa Cook

    Awful hotel. Huge, empty reception with no welcoming features. Rooms are big but again have no nice, welcoming features. Broken shower that 4 of us needed after long flight. 16&18 yr old sons had to share a bed, even though we booked 10 months in advance. Staff not interested. Nowhere to eat in site. No atmosphere at all. Would never go again.

  78. Avatar photo
    Hu WL

    Very very poor sound proofing. At 12:40am, rubbish bin / truck on its noisy wheels to clear the debris and mess by the side and bottom of our resort stay (we didn’t have BBQ) , we can literally hear every noise and sound outside of our balcony and corridor.
    It is bad. Real bad.

  79. Avatar photo
    Srinivas Reddy

    It was very excited and such a wonderful place, lovely place never forget

  80. Avatar photo
    Danny Koh

    The new D’Resort has more comfortable rooms as well as amenities. The only thing I dislike are the location of the rooms which are far behind and had to walk some distance. Other than that it is still a great place for family and friends gathering on weekends even when you did not book any rooms.

  81. Avatar photo
    Homme Fatale (Jose Carlos)

    D resort never disappoints at least in my experience. Easy check in and check out process. From lobby to room, walkway area is well maintained. Maintenance services are responsive should you need their assistance even though more than likely you probably won’t have to. Compliments to those working in the front line to the back end to ensure tip top up keeping of keeping the place smelling good and in excellent condition. I hope the management consider giving you all a pay raise.

    One advice I would like to give to house keeping team. Please ensure that the internal gutter trap is cleared off debris like hair and what not because this could cause water to back up and cause slow draining of water in the shower area. Otherwise, thanks for doing a good job in ensuring that everything else is in top condition.

    Enjoyed my stay throughout. For visitors local and foreign, do consider it this place as one of the top choices for your stay.

  82. Avatar photo
    Veronica C

    Not only was check in rather slow, the room was dusty and the blanket fabric kinda sheds even though the room superficially looks okay. I paid extra for this chalet as compared to a hotel because my friends have celebrated their 21st birthdays here and was relatively fine. Yet, when I held my own 21st yesterday, not only did they not give us a chance to lower our volume, they chased my friends out and even called a security guard and asked my friends to open the door so she can see them leave? Are we criminals? That was rude and I didn’t pay so much to have my friends mistreated like that. I even indicated during my booking that i am here for a birthday celebration. If so, if noise is an issue, i believe the resort should have done some precautions ESPECIALLY since they cater for events but have rather thin walls. It would have been better to put those who are celebrating birthdays together or put us at a corner where less people would be disturbed because in general no one ends a 21st birthday (or at least in my social circle) at a damned 11pm or so. While I also understand that other guests have the rights to have their quiet time at night, this in the end, is a resort that allows for other events so I think the resort has to manage it better.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    My experience may differ from others as I stayed at D’Resort as part of a camp.

    D’Resort is nicely located beside Downtown East and Wild Wild Wet, good for either tourists or Singaporeans for a staycation. The rooms are large, clean and nice. My room also had a balcony with racks for you to hang clothes to dry.

    The room was well ventilated with fan or aircon as an option. The two queen beds in my room were very comfortable to sleep on.

    There were sufficient electrical plugs and a lot of drawers and table space for you to lay out your stuff. Also, the toilet in my room was spacious and nice.

    The TV offered limited channels and at night, the signal was really bad and it was almost impossible to watch in my case.

    The Wifi signal was strong as well and overall, it is a great place to stay.

  84. Avatar photo
    Ross Fong

    Room is spacious at great location. Customer service is commendable. Unfortunately, the blanket was damp and stink despite we requested a few. Management please look into how you store your blanket. Air conditioning was another issue for us as the lowest allowable temperature was set at 23°C and was a bit warm especially for a room of 4 people. Love the discount vouchers offered by the resort was pretty useful especially the wild wild wet and dining discount vouchers.

    PS: Hope you caught the roden in our room!

  85. Avatar photo
    Alex Enriquez

    Nice rooms at an affordable price with lots to do nearby. Market square is right next door or leave the resort to go on a stroll on the paved trails behind the premise. Only complaint is that the rooms could have been a little cleaner.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kat M

    The good…
    Value for money as room stay comes with free 4 tickets to wild wild wet for ntuc members. We stayed in a mangrove room with 2 queen sized beds. Very spacious room with huge fridge. Bbq pits are just outside the rooms.

    Lots of fun things to do for the family. Aside from entrance to wild wild wet, you can get to enjoy a walk at pasir ris park. In the resort compound, there is bike and skates rentals. A 10-min walk from the resort will take you to a mall where there is a skating rink, cinemas, grocery and restaurants among other things.

    Since we are celebrating a birthday, hotel gave us complimentary box of chocolate. Also allowed our request for early check-in.

    And the bad…
    Tv has only few local channels. No cable TV stations.
    Need to bring your own toiletries as the hotel only provides hair/body wash.

    Overall, we will love to come back for a staycation.

  87. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Mok

    The Rainforest room at level 5 had high ceilings, which gives a sense of spaciousness. Has great views of the area below, as well as sunrise. Walls were not really soundproof though (either that or the party next door was just really loud), but still acceptable noise levels.

  88. Avatar photo
    Lewis Ching

    Nice if you want a quieter place

  89. Avatar photo Member

    A very interesting resort with ***y activities for the family and kids. Can rent a bicycle and cycle to Pasir Ris park where kids will be able to play at the outdoor park. Besides that Wet Wet Wild is just within walking distance and a …

  90. Avatar photo
    Pete Pait

    My biggest complaint was that the trains no longer provide round-trip single ride tickets and we had to grab a cab, but our taxi didn’t drop us off in front. The YouTube video didn’t mention the new train rules. We could’ve saved a couple of hours if we had known the taxi was better and cheaper, and had prebooked all the way.
    The lobby isn’t easy to find. The signs are misleading.
    The beds are extremely firm.

  91. Avatar photo
    Deil Thompson

    I like this place because the staffs were hands on to their work and they do everything professionally. The rooms were also great and functional. I liked their fitness center and their reception were also good. This place is also great for sightseeing and the bars were also nearby. Check this out if you want a more affordable resorts here in Singapore

  92. Avatar photo
    Hui En Tan

    Managed to get the ground floor rooms which made bbq so convenient (less than 10 steps away from balcony). Stayed at beach cove area which is very near to the exit to Pasir Ris park/beach. Rooms are spacious but cleanliness of bedsheet & blanket could be improved. Toilet bowl emitted slight foul smell, not sure if there is underlying drainage issue. Otherwise, the location is great as it is near to e!hub & wild wild wet. There is also bicycle kiosk at L1. Only 1 bicycle w child seat available. We rented the family bike (can sit 2 kids in front & 3 adults at the back). Overall fun experience at the resort.

  93. Avatar photo
    Brandon Phua

    It was not that bad. The toilet, room all clean. V good service too! Only its just that during night time got alot of noises of people coming back to the hotel at such late hour. But its fine and normal.

  94. Avatar photo
    Dennis Hee

    The whole point was easy access to wild wild wet, however the the entry maintenance blocked off the main walkway not only to the water park, and ask to downtown east. We had to either walk on the road, if take the 10mins long way on level 2 to get to the mall.

    Bathroom body and hair wash (1 thing) smells weird. No toiletries, bare empty room.

  95. Avatar photo

    Location was a little hard to find at first, somehow able to get used to it after my 2nd stay. The room was rather small but was filled with beautiful designs on every wall and includes a small secret box for those who are curious or simply love problem solving. Service was great, no need for reminders and came on time.

  96. Avatar photo
    alan lim

    Everything was excellent from the checking in to checking out. Was supposed to check in at 3pm but we arrived early at around 12+pm so I went to enquire if we could actually check in earlier which to our surprise, we were given our room straight away after the receptionist checked with the house keeping to ensure the room was cleaned and ready. And while chatting with her, happened to mentioned that the stay was to celebrate my birthday and she had arranged a little gift with a birthday card from the staffs at dresort so I was touched by her effort. The room was spacious and bed was comfortable, bathroom was clean and the housekeeping staffs was pleasant and friendly even when we requested extra pillows and also changing of new towels after using up all the towels while playing at wild wild wet. Overall, our 4days 3nights stay there was fantastic and we would definitely book again for next year.

  97. Avatar photo
    Koh Fuqi

    Nice place, newly renovated. Airy and spacious common areas. The room facilities are simple but sufficient.

    Would have given more stars, if not for the fact that the place is overrun with mosquitoes even as we were having our BBQ session. And it wasn’t simply one or two bites, but many members of our party being bitten all over.

  98. Avatar photo
    Nadia Amat Ali

    Was told this resort is good for isolating. The view of unpleasant bbq pit with green rubbish bin upside down. MOH said its good for my child. only 10mins in the room. MY CHILD WANTED TO GO HOME. We reach here at 4pm. strictly no food delivery till 7pm. Starving to wait till 7pm. Room smell like algae. Child not comfortable. Before we were from Holiday Inn express. So. not happy. How to recover?

  99. Avatar photo
    Theodore Tan

    Room was really clean and tidy. The air conditioning was great! Would’ve been nicer if the BBQ pit extended the shut-off time a little later, instead of 11pm. The beach too, was pretty nice!

  100. Avatar photo
    Sam Yip

    The room was pretty decent and clean. Located next to the seaside and wet wet wild theme park is a plus for vacation lovers. Chalets with BBQ pit are available. There is nothing to shout about the resort cafe. Food option aplenty within 10mins walking in E!Hub and E!Avenue. Overall, it’s a good choice.

  101. Avatar photo
    LJ Tan

    A family friendly resort great for staycation. The resort is divided into chalets and hotel types. The chalets have BBQ pits, great for gatherings. It can be crowded during school holidays and weekends. Wifi was not very stable. Overall, it is a comfortable and relaxing place to stay in.

  102. Avatar photo
    Chi Alison Pakenham

    No toiletries inside the room, only given 4 towels. For the price I paid I expected more. We stayed 2 nights to enjoy the water park, which I think one night would have been sufficient. The water park only opens during weekdays from 12-6 pm. You can walk out to the local park by the sea which is quite nice. Free shuttle from the shopping center can get you to the nearest MRT location to get to downtown which is a plus. The room is clean and spacious. I paid extra for beach view which is blocked by the trees. I paid extra for the water park through my hotel reservation, only to realise I can get the tickets cheaper from the resort directly. We did like the area though. It’s nice and quiet.

  103. Avatar photo
    Sabrena Arosh

    Nice hotel in Pasir Ris, only 15 mins walk from the MRT station. Rooms are comfortable and near to many facilities. Location is great as it’s next to the Pasir Ris Park and Downtown East mall complex. Buses are frequent and there’s a free shuttle from Downtown East to the MRT station. Staff are very professional and prices are reasonable. Good place to stay if you’re looking to unwind and destress.

  104. Avatar photo
    Diana Razak

    The room and toilet is very clean. The service is very fast also.

  105. Avatar photo
    Jake Lim

    After 10.30pm we can’t make any noise. So what for we open a chalet for celebration? Might as well change to a funeral parlor chalet… Security attitude is worst… Been there 3 times for celebration occasion and we’ve been told off 3 times… If anyone of you wants to book this chalet better think twice… Even on speaker at our talking volume also cannot. Being told off by 1 bald security guard and he insisted us to turn off the speaker…. This is a chalet that is worst then a FUNERAL PARLOR… I totally won’t reccomend this chalet….

  106. Avatar photo
    Filip Lou

    This resort has a build in waterpark that has some great slides. Spend two nights here as part of a stopover on the way to Europe. The whole day can be spend there with a little kid. Next door is a pretty good food court as well with one of a them a hot pot buffet, that one is the best. Rooms are basic but good and the staff service is acceptable. Prices are average and it’s only 10min from the airport.

  107. Avatar photo
    Eunice Yap

    Visited this place when it just opened a few years ago, didn’t have much complaint bcos its fairly new, not much crowd and serene. The only downside few years back was that the BBQ pit area is not well lit, which was quite dark that we have to use torch light from our phones. 4 years later, it’s still the same for the BBQ area, still not well lit.

  108. Avatar photo
    Coco Koh

    Rooms are clean and environment is good. Pasir Ris park is just next door. Suitable for family with children. Wild Wild Wet suits for kids and adults though entrance fee is expensive. Ample dining choices. Parking is chargeable at guest rate though should actually offer complimentary parking for guests.

  109. Avatar photo
    TR Miniatures Workshop

    Nice clean room with balcony. Had a wonderful stay.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Lau

    I booked for 4 rooms with bbq pit on 29th July which happened to b a rainy day. The bbq was disrupted throughout the evening till rain totally stopped at 9ish. However i was forced by your security to clear the outdoor bbq area and only to stay in my room despite i still have guest not done with food?? Your security mentioned, although i know it wasnt you guys who are noisy with loud music, but you have to clear the bbq by 11pm . I need to know;
    1) why i was not informed that bbq needs to end by 11pm during check in?
    2) what right do you have to confine me in my rooms? I was not allowed to stay at outdoor area at all?
    3) your security guard has bad body language and customer attitude. The whole process they were crossed armed and eyeing us to chase us into my rooms. I do not spend money to put my guest through these negative experiences and dampen our celebrations.

  111. Avatar photo

    The place was nice, clean and very family oriented. It was closed to a lot of activity places for the family to do.
    My downside, they need to train their staff better. For someone who does hospitality, they were not very hospitable.
    We had few luggage and obviously struggling with them, they were just reluctant to show us how to get to our room.
    I had to come back for another direction, on the of them came with us but not even offering to help with the bags.
    They could have done heaps better on that.

  112. Avatar photo
    Tim Hansen

    Super impressed with this place for a quick stopover. 15mins drive from airport. Large clean room (room 509) with views of the sea. Close to a mall if you need any food/snacks and a huge park nearby for a stroll to stretch jet-lagged-legs. Staff were lovely, but check-in was a tad slow due to lack of desks.

  113. Avatar photo
    Siti Noorbaya A M

    D’Resort rooms & facilities: 5 stars
    Cleaning aunties: 5 stars
    Service staff/receptionist: 0.5 stars

    Even though the place is newly renovated, the service rendered is zero.

    Vivian @ front desk is unprofessional, and the check-in process is unclear and draggy. She gave us the options of ground floor/second floor and after discussing for a minute – proceeds to tell us “second floor(s) are full”.

    Ground floors are subjected to EXTRA CHARGES – no matter if you’re old or had an operation. It’s about $30 extra per night.

    If you plan on going, do take note of the following in case it helps:

    1. The concierge offers a couple of services such as loaning of prams/wheelchairs/umbrellas. Did not personally try but worth noting.

    2. Peter @ 8752 5060 loans out baby chairs and it was a saviour for us. He charged $10/day.

    3. There is a convenient linkway connecting E!Hub to D’Resort.

    Shoutout to the cleaning aunties who made our stay feel comfy and clean!

  114. Avatar photo
    Noor Haida Gulam Hussein

    Visited on 10 December
    Room – deluxe twin sharing rainforest room

    There are plenty of activities to fit your time here. Highly recommend the BAIT AND CATCH prawning located nearby. We contemplated on Wild wild wet due to the weather. But it looked really fun. There is an acade and movie theatre also.

    Staff and service
    The hotel stay was wonderful and special thanks to Ms Norlinah, who gave her understanding that we need a slight time allowance for checking out, especially when we have kids and elderly. And yes, Ms. Norlinah also helped with our concerns on the kittens stuck in someone else’s car. Her passion and people skills are wonderful. Thank you for going the extra mile to help those poor kittens even though it was not your job. As someone who used to be in the hospitality industry, i find her service exceptional! She’s definitely a gem to have in the resort!

    Even before our visit, i was a pain to deal with because i am anxious about travelling with elderly and kids. So i called and emailed the hotel a few times to ensure my booking is valid and the 2 staff who assisted me replied promptly. Great service!

    Our room in the rainforest area is clean and comfortable. Aircons are working well. Great!

    Additional info
    We also had an invitation to the chalet and mangrove area as well..
    We do find the BBQ A LITTLE CONGESTED. Because the bbq pits are placed in a circular manner and we were breathing in so much smoke. We love the garden cove bbq, but we find the mangrove area bbq area too communal for events.

    There are always staff around to assist the guests. And they were always friendly and approachable. Hope to return soon!

  115. Avatar photo
    Clement Lim

    Not very flexible in changing of room booking.

  116. Avatar photo
    Azman Hassan

    Big and spacious room.great for big families. Great facilities nearby. However not flexible regarding the complimentary wild wild west tickets. Should tag them to stay period instead of just the check-in day. Check-in time 3pm. Pool closes at 6pm.

  117. Avatar photo
    Sanjeet Shrivastava

    Awesome place, great hospitality… We checked in almost at 2 am, but still found the staff cheerful and positive. The place also has a great cycle rental, and extensive cycle tracks. Also, there is an amazing water park attached to the resort.

  118. Avatar photo
    Sara Gan

    The air con was not cool enough and thus causing the room to be hot. However, the beds are comfortable. The service was good and the room was mopped. The location was extremely convenient as all the restaurants and shopping was near the resort.

  119. Avatar photo
    Ang Zhen Xuan

    The Resort is clean, well ventilated throughout even though there is a massive BBQ going on. Great view to Wild Wild Wet. The rooms are just nice for two-four people any more is advisable to book a bigger one, or another chalet

  120. Avatar photo
    Lisa Ong

    Everything about our stay was immaculate. From the friendly and helpful front desk personnel – Syah and Afiqah – to the room, and the benefits that comes with the stay. The room was clean and big for the price paid, and we even got tickets to Wild Wild Wet every day of our stay.

    Highly recommend!

  121. Avatar photo
    Tan Jian Jie

    Note that this is the first review I have that is bad, my history of reviews are normally good.

    Long snaking queues during the December holidays, have about 8 counters here but all very slow, I queued in the morning, and they told us the room isn’t ready yet. Told us to come back at 3.30pm told us they would pre check us in first just without the keycard. But then when I came back at 3.30pm they told us to re queue again. Management should have prepared for this. Best part is I paid $527 + $64 + $30 just for bbq pit and Low level for 2 days. Very costly. And not worth if you look at other chalets, this in future will never be my first choice for a staycation.

  122. Avatar photo
    Tushar Bansal

    Only 1 250ml bottle per day per person provided here. No extras they decline straight away! What are you trying to do here kill someone?

  123. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Tan

    Nice staycation. The pool wasn’t ready but got complimentary pass to wild wild wet. Comes with two queen size bed. Complimentary coffee n tea. They offer new towels change regularly. There’s plenty eatery nearby. It’s cosy.its near seaside, you could rent a bicycle at the resort. Can be noisy if there’s BBQ.

  124. Avatar photo
    Philip Francis

    Located near the sea with scenic views. Walks are recommended by the beach while swimming is probably not. Rooms look better after the makeover but there tend to be a smell coming from the centralized Aircon system. Whether it’s the sea air or mould growth. I cannot tell. Service for a reason is respectable with them attending to your needs as stipulated in their service handbook. Nothing outstanding but they get their job done.

  125. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Went to a friend’s Birthday Party. The BBQ pit area is dim. At the reception there is no seat for people to take a rest especially the elderly.

  126. Avatar photo

    Check in process was slow, it took 15 mins even though there were only 4 groups before me and 5 open counters.

    The room was clean and cozy however the BBQ pits were cramp and there could be more seating.

  127. Avatar photo
    Joy Jer

    The rooms felt more like an apartment instead. Very big and spacious. There were complimentary snacks and drinks. They even had a massage chair! It was a wonderful location, and the hand written message in the card was a lovely touch.

  128. Avatar photo
    Abel Goh

    Nice environment and ambience. I have not visited the place since the old chalet at Downtown East, so I like the new renovated place, feels more like a hotel rather than a chalet. The rooms have 2 queen size beds and equipped with a full fridge which is good if you are going to BBQ. The lighting can be better though at the entrance because it is rather dark and difficult to see. It is also good that the room price also include the wild wild wet tickets which allows unlimited entry, good for kids to move in and out. Shelter pathway would be a good addition to have from the wild wild wet to the resort. It was raining heavily almost everyday and the shelters can be better place as you would get wet anyway. There is not alot of food choices though. but overall a good staycation venue for the family!

  129. Avatar photo
    gaslight girlboss gatekeep

    The location was pretty convinient since it’s only a bus stop away from Pasir Ris interchange. Getting to the specific room was a little more tricky but if you refer back to the on-site maps/directions then it should be all good. The room itself was quite nice (2-story) and clean. A little small, but that’s only because our group consisted of more than 30 people. The barbeque pits were also easy to find and use and there’s a sink nearby so that’s pretty handy.

  130. Avatar photo
    Mr Alex

    I stayed in the beach duplex room with my family for 3 days 2 nights from June 14 to 16. The rooms were clean and cosy. Had great time at Wild wild wet (complimentary tickets), which is just a stone throw away. The amenities nearby were great and we had many discount coupons to enjoy the facilities.

  131. Avatar photo
    Dr Warren Jordan

    Excellently situated between the Downtown East Mall, the Wild Wild Wet and the Pasir Ris Park. Comfortable and clean, with all the essential amenities for a fun time away, with a price that is still reasonable.

  132. Avatar photo
    mainhaa a

    Booked a non-refundable room through a booking site, realised my mistake and asked for a change of date. This was available because I checked on the website and was willing to pay for the change. After being tossed between the booking site and the resort, my change of date request was declined. So I was without accommodation with a small child.
    People make mistakes. I don’t understand why I wasn’t given a chance to pay more for the correct date which I was happy to do as it was my mistake.
    Please be more understanding in future.
    Thank you

  133. Avatar photo

    Mattress was not so great as well as the pillow. Shower and bathroom was very nice, room has mounted tv which was nice. Room was quite spacious.

  134. Avatar photo
    Chin Siong Ang

    Was at the rain forest terrace for an event. The room was very clean and nice. The room had a treasure hunt box for the kids to find the different animals to unlock a chest of kids goodies. Excellent idea great for kids. Location was superb as well. Next to ehub. Movies, a wet theme park bowling lots of recreational activities around the area. Wonderful place. The car park is abit expensive though.

  135. Avatar photo
    Audrey Tan

    Check in was a little slow due to the holiday season. Room was spacious…equipped with fridge and microwave. Big balcony. TV entertainment channels were good. Cleanliness is slightly on the low side especially the bathroom. Hope they work on that. Service of staff is generally good. Hubby left a pair of jeans behind in the room after checkout. We tried calling the resort for over two days before finally getting someone on the line. Thankfully they found and kept our jeans.

  136. Avatar photo
    BnF Watches

    I stayed here in February as part of my Covid 19 isolation.
    First, the food is horrible. And I mean all the meals. Breakfast is just 2 slices of bread stuffed with a couple sad slices of vegetables and egg mayonnaise.
    Lunch and dinner is usually rice with 1 vegetable and 1 meat. There were multiple ocassions that the meat was almost inedible (one of the meals: the chicken was so deep fried that it was so hard to even bite. I really wonder how the older folks can consume such food). I also don’t know how are all these healthy enough for patients to recover from Covid 19.
    Yes, you are operating as a business but please spare some thoughts for these patients who are staying here because they have contracted Covid. They need proper nutritious food to recover faster and properly.
    MOH: if you are reading this, you should be doing a secret audits on all these outsourced facilities partners.

  137. Avatar photo
    harish chamarthi

    DResort has been our choice for make shift home for 1week under home renovation package. We didn’t regret single bit of it. Service, location and rooms were all excellent. Proximity to entertainment and food places was close.

  138. Avatar photo

    Wonderful. A lot of BBQ pit there and the chalet is a bit small but can fit maybe about 4 people. The television have a lot of channels to watch and it is near the wild wild wet. It’s just perfect. Good for families.

  139. Avatar photo
    Victor Chen

    Having recently renovated, the place is much more posh and cleaner. The rooms are spacious and well furnished. Do note that there’s a limit of 2 users to the WiFi. It is all quite deep inside, so it is quite a walk in

  140. Avatar photo
    Murali S

    As described on web site. Clean and spacious room. Room service every day changed every thing each day.
    What I like here is natural environment around the Resort. Enough cafes and restarents which serves Asian and Western food. Kids love the water theme park. Kids can go and play , women can go on some shopping and men can take a beer or walk in surrounding areas and relax.

  141. Avatar photo
    M Dali

    Managing expectations, the rooms are not hotel rooms but better than budget hotels.
    Service is on an overall rating and the staff deserves extra stars.
    Location is great being close to airport and it has all the facilities need as a resort. MRT/Bus Interchange is within 10mins walking and the beach within 5mins.

  142. Avatar photo
    Emilia Taylor

    I stayed in Dresort hotel only for 1 day. I prefer this hotel because looks like near to the airport. The reality is a bit far from the airport caused I must take a bus twice and walked to the mall around 900 m. Very tired. How lucky I am I meet chief security which help me to the lobby hotel by the golf car.( and the day after also to the mall ).Thank you very much for the chief security and the staff for your kindness!
    This hotel is amazing they have Water Park they.have Mall they have restaurant they have beach. The room very nice & clean. The staff very polite and helpful. All amazing. Which I regret is why I stayed only 1 day at least I must spend 1 week there. I will be back to Dresort hotel if I am go to Singapore.

  143. Avatar photo
    Ivan Teh

    Located about 15 minutes drive away from the Changi international airport in Singapore, D’Resort @ Downtown East is a nature inspired, all-inclusive family resort chalet, with an integrated water theme park (the Wild Wild Wet Water Theme Park) and shopping mall (the E!Hub @ Downtown East & E!Avenue @ Downtown East).
    Being affordably priced and with such diverse activities and amenities nearby, D’Resort @ Downtown East is a popular staycation experience for Singaporeans.
    Ambience here is a mix of urban and nature. Surrouding the resort is the natural greenery and beaches, but within, the place is a distinctly urban setting. Personally, I felt some of the buildings look like a prison. However, the layout offers easy access with some privacy, and the overall place feels relaxing and tranquil.
    Service is friendly and efficient. Checking in and out was easy, hassle-free, and quick. Staff were helpful, demonstrating good knowledge in answering queries. Housekeeping is hardworking and efficient, and there’s also cleaning of the barbecue pits. I particularly like the parking service which allows residents to park anywhere in Downtown East complex for a small daily fee (about SGD $13 per day).
    The facilities and activities are plentiful and family-friendly. Within the resort itself are several gardens, meeting and function rooms, and a bicycle rental service. Around the resort is the Pasir Ris Park & Beach, and the adjacent shopping malls of E!Hub @ Downtown East & E!Avenue @ Downtown East boast movie theaters, karaoke joints, indoor skating rink, rock-climbing facilities, wellness shops, and more. Residents also get discounted rates to the Wild Wild Wet Water Theme Park.
    Rooms at D’Resort @ Downtown East are spacious, clean, and decently stocked with amenities. I stayed at the Mangrove Walk, requesting for a room on the ground floor which opens to a nearby barbecue pit.
    The 2 queen size beds were clean and comfortable, and the blankets were soft and warm. The bathroom and shower were clean and easy to use, with basic amenities.
    The working desk and plentiful charging points were put to good use, and the in-room wifi was fast and stable. I also appreciate the medium sized refrigerator which can store a good number of items.
    The only drawback was the television, which features the bare minimum of Singaporean channels.

  144. Avatar photo
    Tricia Tan

    The check-in service was not very good. Staff was not listening to the details I was providing him and I have to repeat myself a few times. There were also no clear direction signage on how we can go to the main dining area. The queen beds were nice but sheets weren’t very clean. Not much amenities were provided, only towels, hair dryer, shower gel and shampoo, bottled water, coffee and tea. Given the price that I paid for, I would say that a hotel will provide better service and amenities.

  145. Avatar photo
    F A

    Rooms were big and clean abit dusty though.
    Pillow cases smelt even though we changed them 3 times but Peter really tried to help in this situation.
    Self service to take bags to room
    Staff were all very professional and helpful
    No breakfast included
    Resort itself is very nice and clean great location connected to the mall via a bridge. Lots of small lizards around the resort outdoors.

  146. Avatar photo
    A N

    Good: The rooms are beautiful, spacious, offer great views, and are very clean with good amenities like refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, television.
    The service was good, housekeeping did their job well.
    The rooms at Mangrove walk include jet spray and hand showers, which was a plus!

    Bad: The breakfast buffet available at the hotel’s cafe (Rainforest cafe) did not include anything in vegetarian! The hotel staff said they had no vegetarian food options available for breakfast!
    The hotel reception takes a long time to answer your call, so be patient!

    The location is good, however, it takes a long walk (0.5 km) from the main lobby to reach the room in Mangrove walk, which can be annoying!
    They also offer a free shuttle bus service from the Pasir Ris MRT station to Downtown East complex, which helps cut down on the walking part.

  147. Avatar photo
    Xin Yi Lim

    Rooms are relatively spacious, bathrooms are clean with sufficient toiletries and hot water works. There are ant trails present inside the room, but they’re attracted mostly by food. The room is air-conditioned and do not allow smoke in despite being beside BBQ pits.

  148. Avatar photo
    Maya Mikazuki

    I don’t know about the service but the rooms are good and clean. The bathroom is clean and I am comfortable taking a shower in it. I love that the rooms have a balcony. I love the BBQ pits but I wish there were more lighting and BBQ can end a little later than 11.

  149. Avatar photo
    A Fang

    Had a lovely experience at D’resort! Rooms were spacious and well maintained with a big good sized fridge – very handy for parents with young kids who drink fresh milk or breast milk, or for storing BBQ ingredients!
    They even provided 2 cots to accommodate our 2 kids (although the receptionist had to check for availability before assuring us which we felt was appropriate and responsible)
    We stayed on the ground floor of park view so it was a nice short walk to WWW entrance and downtown east. Parking was right at our door step (parking is not included in the room rate but this was clearly stated on booking).
    There were special rates for wild wild wet ($15 for adults).
    We booked a BBQ pit and was given one right outside our door. The pit was generous in size with a prep area beside it and there was seating enough for a party of 10 without a squeeze.
    My toddler thoroughly enjoyed herself playing at Pasir Ris beach and Wild Wild West! Would definitely recommend this place for a young family staycation.

    Cons: nothing major but as mentioned parking is not included. Wifi coverage is occasionally spotty (but who comes here for wifi!) Corridor noise or BBQ pit noise can be an issue as well but my toddler slept well despite these problems. No toiletries are provided but we always bring our own.

  150. Avatar photo
    terry kek

    Today i celebrated my daughter 8th birthday, first invite is nice and we got 4 free Wild wild wet tickets with the room booking, however bad things start when we start decorating the chalet, first we hang a poster for our daughter, that was just a banner, then front desk called say no deco outside the chalet told us to deco only inside the room, we shift the deco into the room then front desk came to our units, told us we can’t deco inside by pasting inside our room, we try to explained that it was a small celebration but all requests was been rejected, was a bad experience for the kids and us, so if you intent to have any celebrations with deco, this is the place that you should beward !

  151. Avatar photo
    Hao Ting Lua

    Worst ever. Utterly disappointed with the staff attitude. its very obviously they do not care. There was a false fire alarm at 12.30am! And the announcement played non stop for the next 10-15min in the room! Imagine if u have young sleeping children! It woke me from the night and becus of the scare i could not sleep anymore. The front desk never answers the line when we had been calling since day one. It was a horrible stay experience. Guests are smoking around the premise and its really not very ideal if you have young children.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jay K

    the place location is somewhat located at the back of the shopping centre, but overall the experience was good. The rooms were high class with the suitable price and the beds were clean. Which there was also 4 free wild wild wet tickets included inside the package that i had, which was a 3 day 2 night, a 2 story room with 2 beds and a couch which is suitable for 4 people. There are only one convenient store located near the lobby with some vending machines. But there is a connected walkway to the downtown east shopping mall which is a 5 min walk.

  153. Avatar photo
    Melvyn Chua

    Booked rainforest premier suite as an NTUC member. Room was fantastic but check-in process was horrendous. Reached at 12pm and registered but was only allowed checkin at 3pm even though the previous residents had already checked out. Please improve on housekeeping and checkin speed.

  154. Avatar photo

    Book and requested a ground floor room with bbq one month before the actual date. Upon arrival, was assigned to a second floor room instead. After going through some requests at the counter since mistakes were already made, gotten a ground floor room and chose a bbq pit based on the number. The BBQ pit are shared here which was not mentioned upfront as the map shown are with numbers only. But the pit are split by 1 & 1a which are basically one area sharing two pits with others, in the end we did not have enough space for our guests. Bad experience and will never book here again but would still thank Peter for managing all these issues that we faced.

  155. Avatar photo
    Sze Le Teng

    So disappointed with their service. Have emailed and ask for handicap room and connecting room when I booked for 2 rooms. However, I didn’t get any of them. But when I stepped into the room I gotten for my family, we realised it was a connecting room but not connecting to room that we booked together… So disappointed. Also, I wasn’t aware that need to pay extra dollar when I didn’t request for ground floor room. I don’t think I will recommend any friend to D resort unless really want a place to stay and can have bbq or water play.

  156. Avatar photo
    Stanley L

    This is my go-to place for chalets, dining and entertainment. I’m so blessed to live so close to here, it has everything I need. Stayed once at the chalet after the renovation – value for money, sleek and spacious. The beds are comfortable too. Really no complaints, except that it can be really really hard getting a room during the school holidays!

  157. Avatar photo
    angeline leow

    It’s a great experience staying with D’resort as we gathered as a family for the New Year countdown.
    Checking in was a breeze and extremely grateful to Jasrinda for making the check in process easy!
    Kids had fun and enjoyed their time at Wild Wild Wet.

  158. Avatar photo
    LAB 01

    Basic clean room. Good clean toilet. They provide coffee and milk powder for just one for one person. 20 min to the airport/ around SGD 16. 24/7 reception. Reception books the taxi for SGD 2.50, wait time 2 min at 5.30 am. Make sure the safe works properly before keeping anything there, battery was low and could no reopen after testing. Reception offered to send someone. Bu I decided not to keep anything there. Plenty of dining options just 500m away.

  159. Avatar photo
    Sally K

    We booked a Beach Cove on the ground floor, it was very clean. 1 room booking comes with 4 complimentary tickets to Wild Wild Wet, and you can get additional tickets at discounted price. With E!Hub right next to it, there is really a lot you can do! Do note that there are additional charges for BBQ pit and getting a room on ground floor. AND it is not guaranteed that you get your pit right outside your unit just because of the layout.

    Down side was that check in took really long.

  160. Avatar photo
    HuiLin .T

    Love The rainforest cafe ! Very friendly staff and v nice services

  161. Avatar photo
    Nasir Mccrea

    Room were good, beds comfortable, easy walk to the waterpark, 10 mins walk to the bus stops or 5 mins for taxi

  162. Avatar photo
    Celine Lim

    Room is good and comfy. But would be better if they provide facial tissue as well as hand towel. Wifi signal was weak and though it was connected but couldn’t use it. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Appreciate it. The room is quite dim at night.

  163. Avatar photo
    Jacky Ng

    First of all the toliets were clean at the entrance of D’Resort,the place was well organised as well,staffs were very friendly. Rooms were clean too and had maintained once in a while.Overall it was 7 out of 10. If only they could increase the size of the room it will be perfect …

  164. Avatar photo
    belle chua

    Was horrible, before the stay i called in and the service staff was rude. Requested for ground floor prior 4 months before my stay and still did not give the ground floor to me. Upon checking in, barely nothing was provided , no shampoo, no toiletries at all. Room was also dirty as i checked in feeling well and checked out with fever, flu and cough. Room service was basically non existent as no one picked up. Very bad hotel/resort. Wanted to charge for borrowing a table and there is nothing they would compensate when it rained during bbq. Staff basically did nothing to help guest. Will never return again thank you. So horrible.

  165. Avatar photo
    H S

    D’Resort does many things right, and some things wrong.

    Firstly, the rights:
    •The location of D’resort practically built into the mall allows guests to easily shop just a short walk away.
    •The waterpark right smack next to D’resort allows guests to play and relax very conveniently.
    •The room service constantly supplies rooms with bottled water which I found to be really cool, especially during the hotter days ensuring guests stay hydrated.
    •Behind the rooms were a spacious area for BBQs.

    Now the wrongs:
    •You should definitely note that D’resort will provide next to nothing in terms of bathroom accessories, no dental kit, no shaving kit, and somehow no hand soap (we had to use body soap) so you will have to bring those yourself.
    •The parties people throw behind the rooms at the BBQ grills can get pretty loud and annoying, especially at nighttime with children all running and screaming, and the smell of BBQ can get through your door. This isn’t necessarily D’resorts’ fault though, but I do wish they implement some sort of rule against such noise at nighttime.
    •Minor issue: the water pressure coming out of the shower head is kinda weak.
    •Minor issue: for us finding the main lobby was hard, navigating D’resort for the first time is difficult but gets easy very fast.

    With hotel prices in Singapore being what they are, I would say D’resort is actually pretty good. It could definitely improve but is actually pretty good the way it is right now.

  166. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahim Mohamed Yusoff

    The rooms are nice and a full-sized is provided. Each room also has a balcony. Do note that the resort lacks eating places. They only have 1 shop – Cheers; the equivalent to 7-Eleven, in the resort itself but it does sell BBQ supplies.

    Overall room condition and cleanliness in the general area is great.

    A short 5-10mins walk will bring you to E-Hub (where all the entertainment, shopping and food are).

    Parking isn’t free even for guests of the resort as you need to get a season parking at the main lobby. The season parking allows you to park t the E-hub as well.

    Resort guest are given free pass into Wild Wild Wet.

    Access to Pasir Ris Park and the beach is just a stone throw away behind the resort. You can do fishing, swimming, cycling etc.

  167. Avatar photo

    The check-in service at the counter is efficient and the staff are friendly where they would greet you and wish you a great when you are in the resort. However, the room was not really good because when I lived there, there are ants on the bed and tables. Not only that, the lock of the glass slide doors could not be locked. Luckily, the staff were able to get me a tech for fixing the door and pest control to remove the ants and room service for changing the bed sheet within 2 hrs. Overall, everything was fine, just that I hope the rooms can be more well maintained.

  168. Avatar photo
    Rujet_Eugene Music

    The location is a bit far(5mins walk) but there is signs and I prefer to take a taxi into the resort. The area is empty at night and their loft hotel room is smaller than expected but what you pay is what you get. There is no swimming pool facilities around that area but if you book the hotel the wild wild west tickets will be included in the package. The nearest convenient store is cheers just at the entrance of the hotel lobby.

  169. Avatar photo
    Toh Zhi Hui Cleo

    Room is relatively dirty on the floor, get in for 5mins and my foot is stuck with lots of dust and dirt. Service is slow. Some facilities is not working like the switch of the room service button. Also, not much entertaining like foosball and stuff ard the resort. Lights of room is not sufficient.

  170. Avatar photo
    Zeenath Kuraisha

    Fully developed with lots of restaurants, play area, shopping & almost everything

    Best for families, teenagers & kids

  171. Avatar photo
    K “Loving mum” Sia

    The hotel is great value for money if you are not planning to sleep. Very poor soundproof. We were allocated next to a noisy room, we had zero sleep for our 1 night layover in Singapore before our early flight. The guests next to our room decided to start arguing and screaming on top of their voice, swearing and carry on from 11pm all the way to 1.30am. The couple next door were so aggressive and loud, we had to stay awake in case they break our door opened. It’s a very frightening experience. We called the Reception 3 times and the noise eventually stopped. Not sure they got kicked out or they killed each other! I wouldn’t stay there even if they decided to pay me to stay. My poor daughter was woken up by the swearing and aggressive noise and couldn’t stop shivering after that. What a nightmare!

  172. Avatar photo
    A W

    Just terrible. Pretty run down hotel. It’s like a camp-site for school kid and local. This is not a resort at all.

  173. Avatar photo
    Darren Chocobisc

    It has a huge variety of food available nearby all of walking distant. A bbq pit for every chalet and 4 tickets for the wild wild wet theme park. It is a great place for a gathering with lots of fun activities to do together.

  174. Avatar photo
    Joerg Tan

    Popular for gatherings and easy access to local delights plus Wild Wild Wet for water play. Pasir Park is just next door for nature lovers. This location is tucked in a less populated part of Singapore.
    Resort is a bit of hit and miss. Clean and well-kept. The bbq crowds can get too noisy. One chair for a room up to four, where would the rest sit? They ran out of pillow when we asked- is it possible for a big resort? Perhaps, they could put it in writing some of their unusual policies. Good stay for couple of days, and for exploring the surroundings.

  175. Avatar photo
    Jerome Magnaye

    Recently stayed here 5 nights and I have to say it truly was relaxing and pleasant.

    The Wild Wild Wet water park is just next door to the resort and the resort itself connects to the E!Hub mall with plenty of retail and restaurants to choose from. The resort is only 15 mins away from Changi airport, however it is a little far from the main tourist attractions that Singapore has to offer.

    Lastly, a big thank you to Norlela for taking care of us during our stay, nothing was too much for her and always tried to go above and beyond whenever she could.

  176. Avatar photo
    A J

    The location and rooms are awesome – clean, accessible, well appointed, etc.
    The 3-star review is only due to the fact that we had the same issue on both of our stays – the resort needs more effective security / patrolling to ensure guests (mainly teens) keep noise to a minimum after a reasonable hour.
    We experienced loud singing, a birthday party, shouting and just noise that went on beyond 3am.
    No one came by to ask the guests to keep their volume down.
    We are all for fun but if this Resort is marketed to guests as a good alternative to hotels (in sites like Expedia), then noise control is a ‘must’.

  177. Avatar photo
    deepa shivale

    Super impressed with this place for a quick stopover. Close to a mall if you need any food/snacks and a huge park nearby for a stroll to stretch jet-lagged-legs. Staff is friendly and nice.

  178. Avatar photo
    Lim Chwee Khim

    Though the location is not very convenience. The room is big and well maintained. The amenities are also very complete with convenience store, lots of food outlets (fast food or restaurants), karaoke, bowling etc..not forgetting the wild wild wet water park where families can have fun together. The beach is at a short walking distance. Not forgetting to mention that the housekeeping team is very prompt with our requests.

  179. Avatar photo
    Sasu dog

    The hotel was very kind to offer me bananas in the middle of my stay,After I ate they bananas I had a diahoreaa,but the feces were yellowish,not only that,the basket balls where also placed like this when I went there.

  180. Avatar photo
    Hery Setianto

    Love the cleanliness. The housekeeping service did a job we done. Too bad there were other guest partying at 12-1.30am in the morning. I called to ask them to keep the noise down, but to no avail. A little bit of walk is needed to get food, but once u reach, u get quite a number of choices. And the best thing is, All day pass to wild wild wet.

  181. Avatar photo
    vivi rizky

    Spacious hotel room close by Changi Airport, very convenient and affordable as a transit hotel. Stroll away from downtown east mall, bus stop and Pasir Ris MRT.. because I arrived almost midnight, I can’t buy anything to eat/drink. But lots of vending machine nearby the lobby entrance, even a hot sandwiches too…

  182. Avatar photo
    Chris Chris

    My family and I had an enjoyable stay. The unit we stayed in was at the quieter end so it was nice. BBQ venue was located just downstairs. The renovated units were clean and spacious. Water features and pool and the shopping mall nearby has a great variety of shops and eateries. Love it! It was like staying in a small village, well equipped with everything.

  183. Avatar photo
    Shinchyn Lim

    Room for 4 occupants but only one chair available, need to rent at S$5 per day for each extra chair.

  184. Avatar photo
    Julie D

    It’s what we needed as a young family to kill a few days in Singapore. It’s basic but close to anything and everything we need.

  185. Avatar photo
    Halid Bin Ayob

    Service was nice, extra pillow is chargeable but they didnt charge for one extra pillow. We stayed in Beach Cove Level 3. There is 5 power points in the room. Space is big, comes with microwave oven, fridge freezer, sink, coffee 3-in-1 and water heater.

  186. Avatar photo
    Waleed Alowaiyesh

    Great location. Friendly staff. Lots of fun for adults and children. What this resort needs is a restaurant, at least for the usual breakfast buffet. It also needs more staff to help with bags and concierge. One of the best things there is that they have a bike rental stall with all types of bicycles for young and old at low rates. This will allow you to enjoy the gigantic Pasir Ris Park, one of the best public park I’ve ever been to in my life.

  187. Avatar photo
    mAd hAtter

    Doesn’t deserve only 3 stars, it deserves 5 stars! It’s a very creative hotel with understanding and very informative staffs. Awesome tropical theme combined with it’s very own shopping mall and Wild Wild Wet water park! The rooms are very clean and convenient. The beds are soft and the toilets are hygienic. Different sections for rooms make it organised. This hotel is all in one! Even includes gyms and gaming rooms. Would totally recommend this. I would also totally come back if I have a chance to.

  188. Avatar photo
    Jaime Leow

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I am very impressed with the hospitality and level of professionalism it has shown to me during my short time there. I was travelling with a 1yo and the staffs took it into consideration and provided us the best arrangement I could ever ask for. The resort provides a relaxing feeling and it is well located with shops nearby. It is also very easily to get a ‘Grab’ (Uber equivalent in Singapore) to the airport, approximately 15mins away.

  189. Avatar photo
    Ang Yong Jie

    Room was infested with ants despite, affecting the whole quality of stay.

    Staff were friendly from the reception too.

  190. Avatar photo
    Nurain Saip

    A huge change from last I’ve been there 15years ago…! Facilities and rooms and very clean, Easy access to malls, and a lot of cool new shops available for every needs.

  191. Avatar photo
    Justin Lee

    The room was pretty comfortable albeit a bit small. The resort is located near a mall so it’s easy to find a place to dine. There is even an amusement park that resides beside the resort that allows for entertainment for all ages.

  192. Avatar photo

    A very good staycation option for families.

  193. Avatar photo

    Cozy rooms and most important friendly and very helpful Staff Zarinah that attend to all my needs. Making my stay more worthwhile

  194. Avatar photo

    I stayed at the Mangrove Walk room. The connector from the mall to the room was really far, because Mangrove Walk is one of the inner rooms. I would recommend not using the connector and rather, walk through their carpark and then walk towards the mall from the ground floor. The lobby does provide free wheelchair for elderly.

    My room had 2 queen beds. Ceiling fan and air conditioning worked well. Note that when you open the balcony, the air con will turn off automatically. They don’t have an ironing board in the room though.

    For muslims, you would appreciate that there is a spray jet. Note that rainforest rooms DO NOT have a spray.

    Also, if you want a room on the ground floor near to the BBQ pit, it is an additional cost. Rental of bbq pit is about $35 (can be used from 3-11pm).

  195. Avatar photo
    Cheah Susan

    The room is so much roomy and cosy. Clean and tidy

  196. Avatar photo
    Double A Aiden & Alden

    Is poor service & poor staff. Even the management also poor service. The room got ants & every time I lucky get the ground floor w/o charging. But unlucky this time the staff ask us to pay for ground floor. If we don’t pay she say she will arrange upper floor for us. Ok fine, we pay already but the room got ants, table got ants & toilet got ants. We some more need to clean by ourself. 2 months ago we booked same room as this time, but that time was ok, some more got lemongrass with the machine in the room. Is really nice, but after 2 months totally are different. This need to charge, then some more got ants in the room & the room toilet is wet when we go in. No more mosquito repellent machine are there. If anyone want to go d resort chalet, I will definitely ask you pls re-consider. Price are not cheap then the room are not worth for this price. Pls pls don’t go for this chalet anymore

  197. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli BMO

    Easy access with carpark and bicycle kiosk available for residents. Gated resort with access to the beach and walking distance to the Wild Wild Wet, Mall with fast food restaurants, supermarket etc…
    Easy access to Changi Airport.

  198. Avatar photo
    B W

    Great that the resort is located right next to wild wild wet, unfortunately the northern entrance (closest) is closed. Had to walk all the right to the shopping centre to enter WWW.

  199. Avatar photo
    Md Nur Hakam

    The place was nice. The only issue we had was that for the 2 storey room we booked, there was like only 1 small sofa and a chair in the living room. They could’ve had a sofa bed and it would’ve been a better experience. Furthermore, the air conditioning is wacky. At times it works and the room is cold. Other times it just turns off by itself and there’s no way of turning it on again. We had to call for support due to this issue.

  200. Avatar photo
    Fabian Feilcke

    Decent homestay like hotel. The rooms are clean and spacious.
    Hard to reach by public transport or by foot.

    You get a discount for the water park nearby, but it is not worth it’s money. Each slide is controlled by a lifeguard and they leave completely unreasonable wait times between two riders. Basically the other person has to finish the slide, get out of the end pool, get dressed, go home and retire before the next one can slide. Especially annoying as they are understaffed and half of the slides are closed at any time. In the end you can probably slide about 8 times in the time the park opens.

  201. Avatar photo
    Omnisciens Lim

    While downtown east itself is not very accessible, once there, you have everything you want. D’resort is professional and family friendly. We were using the function room, but the space was large, there is a Cheers nearby, and large toilet and handicapped friendly facilities available, a long driveway, polite staff and spacious wife open spaces for kids to explore. The chalets seem self contained for privacy and they were crowded and popular when we visited

  202. Avatar photo
    Ng Teck Hui

    Excellent facilities. Even having special entrance for wild wild wet. Wish its abit more sound proof between rooms so we can party louder in the rooms. Fast response when we faced 2 issues with the room and was solved asap. Overall a very good experience

  203. Avatar photo
    subhanshu pradhan

    This a nice resort located in a beautiful place. We stayed at beach cove, this room opened towards the beach with a wonderful view. Situated just beside the Pasir ris park and wild wild wet water park in the same complex this was the real treat for the kids.
    Above all this didn’t cost a fortune as well.
    Little far away from the city centre, but I guess that’s why you book a resort .

  204. Avatar photo
    Pei Yun Huang

    The room is big and comfortable, but unfortunately there is no chair in the lobby, and there is no place to wait for a taxi. The location is good, and there is a very large shopping plaza next door. You can go shopping for a long time, and you can also have meals

  205. Avatar photo
    Nyanster TV

    Room was spacious, balcony great. If you’re looking for a place to chill, D’Resort is pretty good. It is located next to Pasir Ris Park, so the beach is 5 min away as well.

  206. Avatar photo
    Faith Tay

    Its a very clean resort, calm n quiet at night. Spacious surroundings, night walks there are quite romantic. Bbq pits are cleaner than other normal resorts in SG.

  207. Avatar photo
    Hatsune Jin

    Basic amenities is inadequate
    Water pressure for shower was very bad
    Building and room design is good
    Air-conditioning is good
    Good and responsible staff

  208. Avatar photo
    Ian Chan

    Stayed in a loft type room with a view of the sea. Very nice and comfortable, especially the beds. Small kitchen area includes coffee and tea making facilities (with a dolce gusto coffee machine!), a microwave and a fridge. Quite nicely done up. Only minor complaint is the TV is still analogue and only has local channels, but we didn’t come for the TV anyway. Would come again for a staycation.

  209. Avatar photo
    Chris Ly

    I chose d resort since it’s close to changi airport. There’s no free airport shuttle here but I was able to reserve a ride at the front desk. The room was really quite and clean and the workers were really helpful and friendly. I checked in at around 4pm and there were lots of people there and it took me 30 minutes to get my room cards. I will still recommend this resort but I don’t recommend anyone to check in at peak hours.

  210. Avatar photo
    Albert Lim

    Nice getaway resort with family. Everything still pretty new. The surrounding park with track for running, cycling, scooter etc. Bird watching is just a great ecologically friendly park. The only slack is no swimming pool and no swimming on the beach. But it’s just next to a big water theme park.

  211. Avatar photo
    Chathura Galappaththi

    The hotel was very clean and spacious. Would be great to stay for a few days, as there’s lots of activities around like the waterpark and BBQ areas. The staff were super friendly and helpful; we were struggling to order a grab and they came to help without question when they saw us waiting for a while. Just note that the bathrooms don’t have a toothbrush set but I think most don’t and it was very good for the price.

  212. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Zaqy

    Very nice place.. decorated in a fun way. Especially love the part that they placed a Treasure Box in the room filled with goodies. Although its at the far east side of Singapore, its location is good. Next to Wild Wild Wet and the food available nearby are awesome!!

  213. Avatar photo
    Upbeat badger

    Nice bed,nice pillows,air conditioning present,fan present,balcony for drying clothes available too. Staying there is nice, but the rules seem a bit lax because there were still party ongoing until 1am so couldnt sleep well. Other than that everything is good

  214. Avatar photo
    Ellie Bee

    Great place to go for a weekend getaway, but perhaps not for a long period (over 5 days). You need to self cater, but barbecues, fridges, and microwaves are provided. There’s also a nice outdoor seating area. Two improvements I would make are the fact that they need to get some cutlery and crockery provided and they could make sure people aren’t misusing the common areas for the wrong reasons. Overall, I enjoyed my stay!

  215. Avatar photo
    Royston Ong

    Location: getting here is a bit of a trek. The taxi uncle had dropped us at the entrance of the shopping centre rather than the reception. So take that into consideration when planning your trip if you have kids and towing more than 1 luggages (including kids lol)

    Rooms: we had the family room with bunk beds so it’s awesome for the kids to chill in their own space.

    Toilet seats come with toddlers seat so also helpful. Shower room comes with a door so also awesome to keep toilet area dry.

    Unfortunately information you’d expect in a room such as complimentary beverages and food, whether room service is available or information around the area, are missing. Not a big deal when you can google so it’s a minor inconvenience.

    Service is pretty average considering the price and target audience. There is also no seating in the reception area while waiting so if you have kids, you might want to consider waiting in the nearby cafe/mini mart.

  216. Avatar photo
    Raudhah R.

    The room was spacious and clean . AC is very cold – there’s also a ceiling fan in the room . BBQ pit area was nice , you might want to bring extra chairs . parking is limited

  217. Avatar photo
    Rick Astley

    Blanket for the room is a little small, but the price for the hotel will be justified by the complimentary water park access

  218. Avatar photo
    Stupid boy

    Only one dining place in resort.more dinning experience at downtown east mall.

  219. Avatar photo
    Chin Jia Qi

    I booked 2 rooms and 1 of them is rather dirty as compared to the other. It has leftover stains on the bed frames, some yellow string-like stains on the ceiling and they are most probably from a party not long ago. It would be great if they provide bedroom slippers and the room is rather cold as well. The staffs were friendly and helpful. I would give it 5 stars if the staffs take action againsts these stains everywhere as it’s unpleasant for us to be greeted by these sights. Overall, a great place to spend time with your family of all ages.

  220. Avatar photo
    Seng Howe Seet

    Nice short get-away and the place is located near Pasir Ris Beach.

  221. Avatar photo
    Noe Eugenio

    Pros: I enjoyed our stay here. Rooms were clean and well maintained. I like the concept that it is an integrated resort hotel. There is a water park, jogging/walking lane, bbq area, and you can access the nearby beach that is teeming with white birds. It’s also close to a mall.
    Cons: cr has no bidet. You can’t swim on the beach (gov’t does not permit). Sometimes its hard to use the elevators.

  222. Avatar photo
    R S

    The family room was clean, smell nice and easy access from the carpark. There are many Halal restaurants at the mall nearby. The ticket price to Wild Wild Wet for the hotel guest is reasonable. We had fun staying there for 4d3n.

  223. Avatar photo
    snehal shirke

    Amazing and most scenic place

  224. Avatar photo
    Martin Yeo

    The service of was great as usual. Room was clean and all the basic necessities were great. Room was at level 5, looks more like a hotel room rather than a resort. Kudos on that. Water park was just a 5 minutes walk.

  225. Avatar photo
    Shin lim

    Stay in Beach Cove, Room 338. The scenery was good. (Close to the beach) Service was good as well. Just that it got a bit noise at night when your neighbor haven’t end there celebration but that understandable. 5 to 10min walk to the shopping centre. Quick access to Wild wild wet this a plus. Cheer was nearby, shop was small but have the essential item for BBQ. Overall happy with my stay. Will come again next time.

  226. Avatar photo
    L R

    Just terrible. Paid around $350SGD for one night. The room smell like some kind of chemical. Someone obviously smoke e cigarette in the room before. Room is run down and look cheap. Looks more like a camp site for local than a resort for international visitors. The locals BBQ and mess the place up. Really terrible place. For this money stay someone else.

  227. Avatar photo
    Yongxin Hong

    Stayed here for 2nights. Beach cove rooms were close to the side exit to pasir ris beach. Walking distance to beach. Beach cove can link through Park view rooms all the way to the link bridge to Ehub / Eavenue / wild wild wet. Many food options there. There are also Karaoke, darts cafe, cinema for entertainment. Don don donki, 7-11, fairprice available.

    Room was basic (only linen, pillow, thin blanket, bath towel, hand soap bar, dispenser for hair/body wash provided). Good enough for us as we brought our own toiletries. No extra pillows.
    No dining place as well, we took turns to sit at the desk (only one chair) for meals.

    Kids enjoyed wild wild wet. Opened at 11am on weekends. Got our tickets at D’resort info counter (resort guests $25 per pax; Union member $24+ for adults and $18+ for child above 3. Free entry to WWW for kids below 3). Spent 5 hours there (exclude lunch). Can re-enter if you get a stamp from the helpful staff.
    Locker only accepts nets or cash. The vending machines for drinks only accept $2 notes which was a bummer cos we didnt have any more $2 notes. Bring your own water bottles!

    No complimentary parking but can get concession pass from info counter at $12 a night ($11 for Union members).

    Overall a good stay at D’resort as it is superbly convenient to walk back from Wild Wild Wet and the beach. Kids enjoyed the staycation.

  228. Avatar photo
    Hawkins Vanaw

    Great place for people who wants to have a good rest after a tiring day tour. The room we booked is spacious and air-conditioned. The bathroom is also clean and well-maintained. The reception area is a great place to meet new friends. You deserve a five-star rating!

  229. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ariff Ismail

    Overall it is a nice place. Well kept, friendly staff, great facilities.

  230. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Nice place but a little too costly. Checkin at 3pm n checkout at 11am… Don’t seem like “fully used” the resort… They do give a pair of unlimited free entry to wild wild wet for this period after the resort had been used for the convid patients (previously if I remembered, it only for a one time usage and with the room key)… Room wise is nice but a double bed come with one side plug for charging seem so “old design” … Telephone in the room 435 cannot be use, west wings, rainforest… A room for two come with small bottle of shampoo/ bath gel/ conditions don’t seem relevant but requested more from the housekeeper n they are willing to give u more… They do have a restaurant that serve reasonable price foods n a small mini mart now at level 2… Nice

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