Review Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, Singapore

Review DON DON DONKI HarbourFront Centre - Singapore 1 Maritime Square

“You can find so many Japanese things here just like in Donki Japan” or “Nice place to shop. No pepper lunch nor any shop selling food like the one at Jurong East.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre is quality.

Introduction about Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre

Here are some fundamental details regarding Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre. In terms of Japanese grocery store, it is generally believed that Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Maritime Square, #03-23/38 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Japanese grocery store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62611211 (+65 62611211)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Maritime Square, #03-23/38 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 11 PM.


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How to contact Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre via:

Phone number

You can reach Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre at 62611211(+65 62611211). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Maritime Square, #03-23/38 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre reviews

Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre is among the best destinations of Japanese grocery store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre good?

To determine whether Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Love love donki bentos and sashimi! It's convenient and there are so many options, good in individual portions and also sharing with larger group of people!”

“You can find so many Japanese things here just like in Donki Japan”

“Very good experience. Josephine is very helpful and knowledgeable.. everything seem so smooth with her assistance. She is a rare Gen service crew for Don Don Ki.”

“Nice place to shop. No pepper lunch nor any shop selling food like the one at Jurong East.”

“Japanese food and snacks haven! This store has wide selections and varieties of food and snacks! It’s right above Harbourfront MRT station at the 3rd level of Harbourfront Centre. Highly recommended!”

“If you walk past vivo city, it is quite difficult to find. It’s at the corner of Level 3. On weekdays there are almost no people and no queues. Plenty and various of choices. Very good”

“visit the store at around 8pm+ and they have a discount on the food. Dining there for the first time and is great!”

“Awesome, didn't even know there is a store here. Very quiet this moment. Items are placed nicely and more organized here compared to suntec.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 242 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Don Don Donki Harbourfront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, Singapore

There is a total 242 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Joel Dulce

    Disgusted by the (plump) Malay female staff in specs keep saying vulgar in toilet to another colleagues. Are you trying to let people know you are low educated?

  2. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Good variation to choose from. Easy to move around to find what you want. Sometimes weekends and evenings can be crowded. Try going off peak period.

  3. Avatar photo
    Chelsea L

    Relatively smaller compared to other DDDK, in terms of layout. However cooked food options wise, there seem to be more variety, so was quite happy about it!

  4. Avatar photo

    Big shop but not as much offerings compared to other branches. I have visted this outlet on many occasions to get salmon fins or salmon skin but it wasn’t available. They alao have a limited selection of cooked food compared to other outlets like suntec or novena. Come here if you are looking to buy different types of snacks or drinks, as there seems to be a plethora of options available, however I hardly buy any of those.

  5. Avatar photo

    Great place to shop for Japanese food and groceries. Huge outlet and there are tables after the cashier for you to eat what you have bought.

  6. Avatar photo
    Miak Siew

    Good deals on many items. And I love the sake and sashimi selection

  7. Avatar photo
    Edgar Sow

    Over crowded during weekends. Does have same entry but overall layout of the floorspace makes it impossible for safe distancing… When using floor area to guage number of people allowed inside, must not include goods display and shelving area where its not accessible. The place may be 1000Sqm buy factual walking area is less than 50%.

  8. Avatar photo
    Fuji Misato

    Always enjoyable is a trip to Don Don. Many memorable items and fanciful products, as well as seasonal items. A section dedicated to take away food that still promise to whip up a storm on the tongue while still gentle on the wallet.

  9. Avatar photo

    One of the smaller outlets. Onigiri runs out very early. Queue speed pretty fast.

  10. Avatar photo
    Luke Woo

    My go to place for Japanese food grocery and titbits in the south of Singapore.

  11. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    I like this Don Don Donki branch. Always busy and lively. Go in the morning on weekdays if you want to avoid crowd. It’s located inside Harbourfront Mall, level 3 right at the back of the mall facing Sentosa island.

  12. Avatar photo
    Istav M

    Great vibes great atmosphere great staff. Dondondon donki

  13. Avatar photo
    Emilyn Huang

    Very nice to shop after 8pm. Nice and good discounted food available

  14. Avatar photo
    C L

    @Harbourfront donki. Not sure is it because this charcoal grill flavoured unagi jyu have been out too long . Totally feel like I am eating a rubber textile fish. Waste of money ! Lucky I still have the egg and the rice and less 15% off because the food are clearing for the night.
    First time trying this and also the last.

    (Time : 755pm 5th May 22)

  15. Avatar photo
    Sheryl Ng

    So happy that there is a DDD near my place. The only thing I find is this shop is a bit small, but I can still find the things I need so I’m still happy.

  16. Avatar photo
    Harry Azcrac

    One of the biggest dondon donki!

  17. Avatar photo
    Cros Chum

    Neat and orderly. Quality products.

  18. Avatar photo

    Very good experience. Josephine is very helpful and knowledgeable.. everything seem so smooth with her assistance. She is a rare Gen service crew for Don Don Ki.

  19. Avatar photo
    Bonn Lim

    Had a bit of a hard time trying to find the entrance because the mall directory indicated that the shop is on level 3 but failed to mention that the entrance is on level 2 instead and the entrance kind of looks like the boarding gate for the ferry so I missed it when I first walked past it too

    That aside, just like most other donki outlets, it has a great selection of Japanese products at affordable prices. I went on a weekday evening during heightened alert period so it was pretty empty and nice to shop at.

    Bonus: The staff who checked out my items was very polite, mentioning things like

    “I will just put your receipt in the bag” instead of just stuffing it into my bag without saying anything (probably to adhere to social distancing)

    “Have a good evening, stay safe”

    Though simple, I feel that these little acts go a long way and give customers more reasons to return to the store!

  20. Avatar photo
    Pei Lun

    Located at level 2 of Harbourfront Centre, near to the area where Singapore Cruise Centre is. There is a dining area, once you take the escalator up, where you can eat after purchasing sushi, don or other foods from Don Don Donki. Very amaze by the wide varieties of items that can be found in Don Don Donki as compared to the normal supermarket in Singapore. Everytime can find something new and special, especially on the alcohol section. Love to shop at Don Don Donki.

  21. Avatar photo
    Eugene Heng

    This place needs no introduction. Food and product prices are reasonable. Tend to purchase cooked food, snacks and drinks whenever I visit donki.
    Certain food items like salmon belly don, unagi and sushi are tasty while others are just decent or horrible.

  22. Avatar photo
    Hiromi Hodgson

    I loved the sushi and kaki no tane but I could not buy the kaki no tane last weekend. We enjoyed eating sushi set and sashimi set sometimes. They’re very nice.

  23. Avatar photo

    Big outlet, certain foods are on discount. Q is long upon payment..

  24. Avatar photo
    M. Twinkles

    Tried the warabi matcha mochi. Not bad, worth a try if u’re a mochi fan! $3 for small serving of 6 pieces.

    Very soft mochi that’s not too sweet. However will like it even more if it’s more Q and chewy!

  25. Avatar photo
    Gordon Lo

    A great place for Everything Japanese Groceries and Drinks. Definitely a place to Visit…

  26. Avatar photo
    Rachel Ou

    My Go-to place for Japanese Groceries and glad it is located nearer to the heartlands

  27. Avatar photo
    TY Foo

    Everything you need & more!!

  28. Avatar photo
    Clash Royale

    Much bigger and less crowded than other outlets

  29. Avatar photo
    Ong Kim Tee

    You can choose most of Japan goods there.

  30. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Located on Level 3 at the back of HarbourFront next to the cruise terminal, this is a rather smallish outlet of the Japanese grocer Don Don DONKI, bringing the best of Japan to Singapore.

    This outlet feels a bit like a small supermarket also selling fresh vegetables.

  31. Avatar photo
    gary ang

    Packed with Japanese snacks. Beef pricing are very reasonable. Those products common in Singapore are not really cheap. Like Meiji Yoghurt, you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

  32. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Koh

    Wacky Japanese store. Not cheap but good selection of snacks and meals.

  33. Avatar photo
    Vincent Rugay

    Reminds me of my experience of Donki in Japan.

  34. Avatar photo
    Janet Tan

    As good as the rest here, great shopping place….esp. now when we still couldn’t go Japan shopping.

  35. Avatar photo
    Ping Shung Koo

    Always a great place for Japanese stuff but the walkways a bit tight, I felt.

  36. Avatar photo
    Chiara S

    **Pretty good sushi and small dine-in area **

    Smaller than other branches, but with everything you need. I particularly like their selection of sakes which are decently priced. Veggies are good and not too expensive, fruit tends to be on the pricier side and not always worth the premium. I find the wagyu meat too sweet, but really like their sushi, sashimi, and some of the hot items (takoyaki and croquettes). I would not recommend their desserts and ice creams – instead you can have one of the baked sweet potatoes (really nice) which are sold hot.

  37. Avatar photo
    jonathan “Drfeelgood”

    Loved it.. on the level above the cruise center.

    Bought my favorite Japanese roasted sweet potatoes

  38. Avatar photo
    John Lim

    Japanese super market. Fresh seafood and lots of Japanese items you can’t find elsewhere.

  39. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kwan

    Place is pretty big but maybe because I was there late, many meat stuffs are low in stock…. Still prefer the branch at Velocity or JEM anytime.

  40. Avatar photo
    Sangkar Ganess

    Good choice to by JPN product.

  41. Avatar photo
    Pei Li Andrina Liau

    Quite messy dont know where to start shopping ,i still prefer city square

  42. Avatar photo

    Rather new outlet near the largest shopping mall in Singapore (Vivo). This outlet does not disappoint with the variety of things sold, which is comparable to the larger outlets at Orchard. Great place to go to for good Japanese products!

  43. Avatar photo
    Wei Ping Ang

    Honestly quite a fan of Donki’s food and shopping. For the price, it offers pretty decent food, except that there’s some hits and misses for what they offer. Although most of their food (i.e. Kaarage, takoyaki, cold soba, and other dons) are pretty good, their tonkatsu omurice is a miss, as there’s really light flavour to the tomato rice, and the Tonkatsu was really dry, without much flavour too.

  44. Avatar photo
    M “Super” L

    A great place to buy Pokémon Cards! They just re stocked!!

  45. Avatar photo
    Lei Gao

    Just always crowded whenever I go, weekends or weekdays. Walking ways between shelfs are narrow. It does offer a wide selection of Japanese foods and snacks.

  46. Avatar photo
    SouwHwe Choo

    Don’t really like the design of the store location as entrance and exit is a bit inconvenient. Got to go down by staircase. Bad for my knee…lol

  47. Avatar photo
    Jojo N.

    I know Don Don Donki from Tokyo long before they landed in SG. it was already than a favorite place to shop. Harbourfront is just a bit strange with the main escalators between 2nd and 3rd floor. some offers are different from JEM. but in general it is an easy access, HBFT has also good facilities for the families, the elderly, ATMs, toilets, so easy shopping. we enjoy the fresh sashimi and sushi offers. the possibility of shopping and eating there is a nice concept, although it has been hampered due to the pandemic.

  48. Avatar photo
    Adam Koh

    Bought my dinner here.
    Personal viewing.-
    This place a like a 3x (minimum) upgrade version of Daiso Japan.
    Some of the food stuff you may not get at other place, you are likely to get it here.
    And you may get some saving, if you bought the right stuff (disclaimer)
    Remember to sign up as member, the point allow you to exchange voucher.

  49. Avatar photo
    Wooi Po Chang

    Not the biggest Don Donki store in Singapore, but enough essential selection.

  50. Avatar photo

    Many food products and almost literally everything you need everyday. Good location as well! …

  51. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lee

    Very bog place and good to buy. If you are there and want alternative snacks from Jqpan. The store on ground level of harbour front have a Korea air Japan store side by side. There the price cheaper by about 20 to 40 per cent. But limit items

  52. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tan

    I am so glad to know they have recently revamped and opened up a section to dine in. A good place to find budget Japanese food (bento, sashimi, etc.), snacks, or even groceries.

    I just wished they will bring in rare stationery and toys from Japan, as those are difficult to find in SG. Their selection for these is way more limited than when they first open, and their gachapon has also increased in price despite the yen to sgd rates going down.

  53. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    Limited selection, no food stalls but not too crowded compared to other outlets.

  54. Avatar photo
    Ji Li Tang

    Good quality Japanese products, but can be quite expensive, due to import tax, other fees and whatnots

  55. Avatar photo
    Laurent Delarue

    Best Japanese supermarket in town! Wide range of products.

  56. Avatar photo
    G.P. GP

    Many things to buy

  57. Avatar photo

    1 storey shop which has everything. Cooked food goes on sale at about 20% around 7.30pm onwards. You can choose to dine in there too and there are facilities. Just be aware that most of the times after 7pm, there will only be 1-2 counters to check out your items. So you can expect a snack queue.

  58. Avatar photo
    Chan Jing Hui Benedict

    I like the fact that both escalators to the supermarket are upward direction.

  59. Avatar photo
    ben ct

    Large range of products as usual in Donki. Sushi are fresh and their Yakiimo very good and sweet.

    However the staff is not really helpful when you look for a specific product.

  60. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    An interesting supermarket selling mostly japanese product

  61. Avatar photo
    Mark Ong

    Well this place is considered huge . I may say it is even bigger than their flagship orchard central. Probably the floor space is much more squarish as compared to some of their other branches. For deal hunters and tidbits lover I do not think you will be disappointed with this store. It probably has more snacks than velocity and downtown east store combined. If I have to nit pick I probably feel their vegetables and coffee selection could have much more variety. For cooked/prepared food lovers, selection of fresh sashimi to tonkastu are readily available. Given the fact of a semi lock down the crowd as bearable. I enjoyed my shopping experience here.

  62. Avatar photo
    Yeo Chye Whatt Kenneth

    Excellent variety of fresh, frozen, cooked Japanese food stuff, as well as Japanese products, all at reasonable prices. Check-out cashier service is also very fast. Great shopping experience!

  63. Avatar photo
    Hans Chan

    Always love the discounted takeaway foods past a certain time (8pm?)

  64. Avatar photo
    OrJep Seiya

    This is the place we have been waiting for opening Don Don Donki.
    Before you have spend you time all day long at the sentosa, you can stop by there for buying some food!!
    Many Bento sellection there, making people happy

  65. Avatar photo
    ezmie nadhirah

    Hard to read the handwritten price tag. Foods section is guwddddd. Hot meals yummy.

  66. Avatar photo
    Tan jack san

    Throughly enjoyed ourselves shopping for our Shabu Shabu ingredients!

  67. Avatar photo

    Funwari Meijin Soybe selling $5.90 per packet and expiry date November 2021 BUT today I saw Meidi-ya selling at $4.80 per packet and expiry date in December. DDK NOT always the best price. My advise is buy items only that you are aware of the price.

  68. Avatar photo
    Candyfloss Candyfloss

    The cashier women is abit rude , because I just tell her I want to dine in but the way she reply is not polite at all

  69. Avatar photo
    didoticious geller

    Japanese supermarket located on level 3 Harbourfront, Singapore. Once get inside it feels like in Japan. You can find many things from Japan here. It also has a little restaurant inside. Chocolate, coffee, sauce, instant noodle, candy, herbs, cookie, drinks, even towel and umbrella. It’s like little Japan.

  70. Avatar photo
    Boon Hian Tan

    Mum fav plc which has her fav fried chicken n saba fish …

  71. Avatar photo
    David Lim

    A great of variety of household products from Japan including snack, seasoning, marinating sauces, fresh produce as well as cooked Japanese Cuisine items to select from.

  72. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Lau

    I think this outlet is really spacious and have a wider variety of products compared to other outlets. They also have a section with $1.90 products.

    However during my visit, the availability of cooked food is very limited, nothing much left. The store is not too crowded, so it was nice to shop.

    Date of review: 13 Jun 2021

  73. Avatar photo
    Garlic Pepper Chicken Wings

    It’s very 偏僻…

    And when I went there, its quite hard to locate where the trolleys are. I bought $100+ worth of goods and then I got to carry all these heavy plastic bags and go down a flight of stairs as I leave. Its so exhausting!

    Overall, I would rather go to the other outlets instead of this one. The other outlets were more pleasant…. In a way. I can’t really put it in words…. Perhaps its the stagnant air in Harbourfront mall bringing the whole place down..

  74. Avatar photo
    Zayden Teo

    Quietest and least crowded DDK I’ve experienced so far, tucked in a nice corner in the mall 🙂 enjoyed my shopping here!

  75. Avatar photo
    Nana Lam

    Surprisingly coming on National Day, around 515pm itself is not as crowded as i thought it will be.

    Shopping experience was pleasant as i could take my time to browse through the lanes, look at the back of packaging and select my products.

    My loots:

    1. 9 chilled jellies
    2.1 packet of marinated spanish pork belly
    3. 3 packets of konjac jelly
    4. 1 packet bonito flakes
    5.1 packet kelp
    6. 1 packet of mixed dried seaweed
    7. I can of clams
    8. 2 packets of frozen chicken and pork balls

    Cost of my loots…not cheap but occasionally i guess its fine.

  76. Avatar photo
    Itani Masa

    Recently not enough staffs at check out. Queue is getting longer, and have to waste time.

  77. Avatar photo
    Nancy Lee

    U will forget where u are at Don donk.. nice place to shop especially the food area..u will lost there

  78. Avatar photo
    Desmond Sim

    As always excellent choice for japanese products. Fast and friendly cashiers make it a pleasure to shop there.

  79. Avatar photo
    Robin Chen

    Due to the covid situation. There’s no crowd here !! Superb !! Wide selection and spacious.

  80. Avatar photo
    Yoke Hui Fan

    Good place to shop, if can not travel to Japan.

  81. Avatar photo
    Phyllis Yen

    This Donki got no 日本攜帶食物 stall. All they have is a small oven for the baked potatoes so do not expect to be able to get those hojicha latte or red bean desert here

    Its difficult to find the entrance because it is actually located at level 2 although the shop itself is at level 3 but you do have to enter through level 2 via an escalator, which is weird

  82. Avatar photo
    Metta Sukha

    Wide variety of items. You can grab your meals there.

  83. Avatar photo
    Y Y

    A bit smaller compared with other outlets but still has a good range of bento for takeaway

  84. Avatar photo
    Daniel C.K. Tan

    Conveniently located store with good selection of Japanese products.

  85. Avatar photo

    I’ve visiting most of the Don donki , the standard of the store is the closest like suntec city, above Jurong .
    Authentic taste just like in Japan, fresh vegetables, ingredients cooked foods are really well prepared specially theそば( soba noodle ) , it still maintain a little chewy texture, which the store in Jurong was really too soggy … Friendly and helpful staffs , much more various of items to choose from, highly recommend.

  86. Avatar photo
    Alice Li

    A hidden place, a bit difficult to locate the place, eventhough it stated as 3rd floor, but need to enter at level 2 entrance and then take temp, scan qr code b4 can reach level 3, less variety of fruits

  87. Avatar photo
    Jawn Chang

    DonkiDonki, my two grown girls loves this Donki place, almost everyday salads n Japanese dishes, no rice cos they putting on some kilos, no more maggie mee n nomore places where we eat all we want. Ya, we enjoy every weekend eating outside, probably that’s where their kilos came from. As for me i cannot put on weight. I m very active, jog almost everyday. Oh, Donki, i love sashimi n sakae, buy home with some seafood snacks for my nightly n tv. I like to cook.. buy my salmon, salmon’s skin n soyu (jyonetsu kakamu men tsuyu) plus mushrooms or tofu to make a pot of good soup.

  88. Avatar photo
    Yu Bing Kwek

    You can never go wrong at Don Don Donki. A good place to get food supply before heading into Sentosa for picnic by the beach. Do remember to request for utensils, otherwise you might end up eating your sushi and rice with hands.

  89. Avatar photo
    June Teo

    The shop is quite spacious. Not very pack

  90. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Wide variety of packed stuffed, fresh raw seafood and cooked meal on the go. Very spacious.

  91. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    Pretty much similar to other outlets, winding aisles so customer has to go thru almost everything to get to cashier. Lots of reasonably priced ready to go meals tho and all the Japanese ingredients & foodstuffs you can imagine or need. From snacks to noodles to rice to crisps & chocs etc. Also toiletries incl face washes and shampoos as well as frozen foods from meats, dumplings to desserts. There’s a separate seating area for you to eat the ready to go meals but remember to request utensils like chopsticks from the cashier before heading there.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    New outlet of Dondon Donki at HBF Ctr upper storey. Must try the sweet potatoes best from JP to SG. …

  93. Avatar photo

    They have amazing Anime cards with snacks u can collect, They sell anime figures, Japanese dishes and more! I would highly recommend for people who love Anime merchandise and loves to eat! If you want to go there, buy the food there! You can buy food there and eat there as well.

  94. Avatar photo

    There are DEALS at this donki! I’m always going for the bento sets and Japanese snacks. Just by walking in this supermarket makes me feel like I’m experiencing a slice of Japan in Singapore

  95. Avatar photo
    Ray Bond

    Great selection of unique Japanese food. A little pricey but good quality.

  96. Avatar photo

    Another great Don Don Donki. Store is layed out well, reasonably spacious, staff at the check out are always friendly. And of course, lots of great Japanese stuff to buy!

  97. Avatar photo
    Ragesh Ramasamy

    Don Don Donki is the bomb, love shopping for discounts and cooked food. And the staff was so helpful in finding me a few stuff. Thank you for coming to this little red dot …

  98. Avatar photo
    Gregory Koh

    One of the bigger ddk in sg, well stocked with many interesting japanese item!

  99. Avatar photo
    fábio luiz de Souza

    Great place. Amazing option for market

  100. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Teng

    Things r neat and env clean. Staffs are friendly.

  101. Avatar photo
    Kanmanee Teerawat

    Great variety of fresh food and groceries

  102. Avatar photo
    Vee Kwok

    Not bad, much bigger and orderly than JEM branch. Got fresh groceries and sashimi

  103. Avatar photo
    Toon Mae Ng

    Smaller than the outlets at Somerset, City Square mall and Clarke Quay but nevertheless a welcome to people who lived at the southern region in Singapore. Limited range of cooked food and sashimi.

  104. Avatar photo
    Wannakoonz79 Lim-Lee

    It was nice it had lots of things ,I love the service .

  105. Avatar photo
    Samuel Jeanblanc

    Absolutely remarkable shop. Perfect for anything Japanese. …

  106. Avatar photo
    Adelina Zoe

    Nice place to shop. No pepper lunch nor any shop selling food like the one at Jurong East.

  107. Avatar photo
    Natasha Tjahjadi

    Love love donki bentos and sashimi! It’s convenient and there are so many options, good in individual portions and also sharing with larger group of people!

  108. Avatar photo
    Laurencia Chen

    Not bad other than the eating area needs more attention on cleanliness

  109. Avatar photo
    Lucas Ng

    Love this new store, it was big and awesome. Will head back. But there is no seats after you buy your food items

  110. Avatar photo
    Edison Tan

    Always my Japanese cuisine paradise. Their food is nice to taste. Price wise is slightly higher. But you can see the quality there. Worth going!

  111. Avatar photo
    Stephen LPK

    Price is high, one can find all things Japanese snacks and food.

  112. Avatar photo
    Mark Lee

    Wide selection of imported food. Some may be cheaper outside.

  113. Avatar photo
    Gregory Chew

    One of the smaller donki outlets. Very long and slow queue on a weekday afternoon.

  114. Avatar photo
    Kenny Koh

    Decent size outlet. Love the fresh sashimi!

  115. Avatar photo
    Greg Hiroaki Kobayashi

    The product shelving design is very genius that with limited space given, I would probably say double or triple the products can be stored compare with other supermarkets.
    Also I liked thar extra labels for more product info!!!

  116. Avatar photo
    soei tjing

    100 % Japanese food products

  117. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    Relatively easy to walk until you reach the cashier

  118. Avatar photo
    P2 NF

    Very helpful staff when I called to check for product in store. The staff, Ian (if I hear him correctly) took down my number, went to the shelf to check and then called me back. Kudos to him for the service rendered. …

  119. Avatar photo
    Poon YY

    Has a wide range of stuff. But find place a bit cramp.

  120. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    The prices are going up. No more the “Big discount ” japanese store. Should have more eating area.

  121. Avatar photo
    Lim Rick

    Been here twice so far. Both time was not so crowded. Makes for a good shopping experience. Size wise is not very big. It is maybe about the same size as the novena square Donki outlet.

  122. Avatar photo
    ah hock goh

    There are lots of Japanese products. From groceries to food. They also sell takeaway food.

  123. Avatar photo
    Jolene Teo

    Its smaller than orchard central but its convenient as i go ntuc at vivo and walk over to harbour front. The staff are friendly and has helped expediate the omusoba cooked food from the kitchen just for me. There is now an area we can sit and eat the food from don don doki. Try the teriyaki chicken pizza. Yummy.

  124. Avatar photo
    Jun-Ichi Sakabe

    I usually don’t go to this supermarket in Vivocity.
    However, it was very quiet when I visited in the weekdays. Alamak!!

  125. Avatar photo
    Si Borokokok

    Many ole japanese favourite snack found here

  126. Avatar photo
    Kerine Tham

    5% discount for Donki Members Fri to Sun …

  127. Avatar photo
    Leo Vyers

    Nice store with variety of Japanese products and foods

  128. Avatar photo
    Mohd Noor

    Many items to buy but place very narrow to walk around

  129. Avatar photo
    Jon Tan

    not crowded at time of visit

  130. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Chi

    Nice shopping place and staffs are friendly. However, upstairs is escalator, after shopping, carrying heavy bags to walk downstairs is not reasonable.

  131. Avatar photo
    Elrond Chen

    Best dddk shop, the music will hook u and u just dance along with the music, wide selection of food n stuff

  132. Avatar photo
    Farid Mohammad

    Standard DDDK with the range of packaged food and hot food. The only thing that’s not in this outlet is the drinks stall, ice cream and sweet potato stand like the ones you see at Orchard.

    Nonetheless, they have hot food, perfect to buy if you plan on going to the Beach at Sentosa!

  133. Avatar photo
    Amos lim

    Well stocked, wallet pok. but my girl loves it so bo bian lor

  134. Avatar photo
    David Lee

    Josephine the cashier was extremely friendly and lovely. She bothers to interact with customers, and it makes all the difference. Super awesome experience

  135. Avatar photo
    Picky Chan

    Large store with huge food selection
    Not crowded and no queue even at 4pm on saturday

  136. Avatar photo
    Dennis Heng

    A nice place to shop for groceries. But the selection of sake here seems to be lesser now.

  137. Avatar photo
    Chuan Ming Ting

    Think this is the biggest don don donki I have been visited. Nice to shop.

  138. Avatar photo
    Eddie Lim

    The outlet is less crowded than most of the other outlets and as a result alot of the discounted items after 9pm is still available. Definitely worth a visit.

  139. Avatar photo

    Easy to find the place. Should put up more poster as didn’t know there is a Don Don Donki there the last round I visited Habour Front. There is no eating area for us to buy and eat at the same time. One point down.

  140. Avatar photo
    elaine davis

    Very good but missing restaurant style ordering…

  141. Avatar photo
    Yun Ying WONG

    Supermarket with a wide variety of everything, including fresh sashimi and cooked food.

  142. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    As per all Don donki shops. But this place is less crowded. Travelator up to Don donki shop but for coming down have to take stairs manually.. Trip there on 14th Jan, so infor accurate as on that date.

  143. Avatar photo
    Fiona Rei

    Don Don Donki ENTRANCE is on 2nd floor at HarborFront Center near Cruise Center after you walked past the 2 escalators if you come from Vivo City, you will pass KCUT on your left & you will see 2 escalators in front towards HarborFront Center. Make sure you walk pass that 2 escalators and look to your left and you see DON DON DONKI posters & there are 2 escalator up to 3rd Floor Don Don Donki. It is also at Lobby D on 2nd floorIt’s a superb Japanese groceries store where you feel like you are in Japan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  144. Avatar photo
    Connie leong

    Sweet honey Dew $12.90 .Very very sweet.

  145. Avatar photo
    Jun wen

    Store layout is kinda confusing, not the best outlet but sells whatever u need at a normal donki store

  146. Avatar photo
    cheong sebestial

    Like the food there. Price is higher but still acceptable.

  147. Avatar photo
    Billy Cheng

    Japanese food and snacks haven! This store has wide selections and varieties of food and snacks! It’s right above Harbourfront MRT station at the 3rd level of Harbourfront Centre. Highly recommended!

  148. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    Quite a hidden gem within harbour front centre itself. Located at Level 3 uniquely on an independent side which is only accessible via a common level 2 area. Staff are friendly and helpful, lots of food options etc. better than the outlet in Pasir Ris imho.

  149. Avatar photo

    Harbour front Don Don Donki seem to have more products. Good place to shop.

  150. Avatar photo
    Stephen LPK

    The first Don Don outlet I ever visited. Love the beef selection, the snacks and the cooked food offered there. Prices on the high side.

  151. Avatar photo

    Good. Has a large variety

  152. Avatar photo
    Serene Law

    I like the Don Don Donki here! It’s not crowded and the layout of the shop is good, that makes my shopping experience a breeze. Furthermore, the staff are very friendly!

  153. Avatar photo
    Tommy Gui

    A nice place that you can visit when you are out of ideas what to cook for dinner, or if you simply just wanna keep the stove clean for the night. A good variety of chilled food, ready to eat food from sashimi, sushi, side dishes, bento sets to desserts. You probably be spoilt by choices. Alternatively, if you looking at doing a suyiyaki hot pot night or BBq, they have a wide range of meats available, at an affordable price.

  154. Avatar photo
    Laura L

    We always go here after visiting polliwogs to grab our lunch! Love all their hot and cold food choices. I could spend all day here just looking at things. Hard to not walk out with more than what you came in to buy.

  155. Avatar photo
    Joo Goh

    You can shop and eat your dinner there. A wide variety of Japanese fare at really competitive prices, some prices really below what one pays for at other supermarkets.

  156. Avatar photo
    Tan Yeh Hong Joseph

    Typically same as other outlets

  157. Avatar photo
    She She

    If your first time you’ll feel lost.. But you just keep wondering around and the next thing you know you’ve filled your basket and already at the counter i love the frozen food section just heaven! …

  158. Avatar photo
    Angel Prieto

    You can find so many Japanese things here just like in Donki Japan

  159. Avatar photo
    C A

    Place is nice with many Japan food offerings. They also have cooked food. You can purchase these and bring home.

  160. Avatar photo
    Darryl Khoo

    Has a wide variety of japanese grown vegetables and meat. Products made in Japan are also available. Has a wide range of cooked food ready for takeaway. I love to shop there.

  161. Avatar photo
    Gerald Neo

    Sufficient supplies if you need to grab essentials around harbourfront from donki

  162. Avatar photo
    Chong Yee Wee

    Definitely not the biggest outlet, and does not have the hot foodcourt kinda setup. But not as crowded. Easily located in harbourfront Centr, just tucked to the ferry/fastboat/cruise waiting area.

  163. Avatar photo
    Aw Clement

    Nice Japanese Food with seating to enjoy the delicious food

  164. Avatar photo
    Dean Aw

    Friendly staff and full breadth of products, abit cramp though

  165. Avatar photo

    Love DDDK . This harbourfront branch offer more variety. Quite pleasant place to shop there. Queue is smooth as there is ample cashier to attend to customers. Of cse food varieties also quite great selection.

  166. Avatar photo
    Alain Oki

    Convenient and variety choices as compare to other outlets

  167. Avatar photo
    Rick Tan YC

    Not the biggest branch, but good enough to shop

  168. Avatar photo
    QM Wang

    Not as big as central or Somerset. But there is a place for you to eat ur food.

  169. Avatar photo
    Willem Villet

    Good Japanese store. Layout is a bit bewildering but great variety of items

  170. Avatar photo
    Lee Chrispher

    Consider small to most of the outlet. But generally still ok as all the item needed is available at the outlet. Things you need before travelling and setting craving upon shores also good at this junction. It is consider the cheaper options as compare to most of the restaurant around at area as well. …

  171. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Awesome, didn’t even know there is a store here. Very quiet this moment. Items are placed nicely and more organized here compared to suntec.

  172. Avatar photo
    Albert Chang

    Very nice place to shop for what you want

  173. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Loo

    Very messy layout and a lot of items OOS

  174. Avatar photo

    Great megastore for all your Japanese needs and cravings. Good value lunch bento boxes. Wide variety of sashimi and sushi. Good selection of desserts. There’s even a seating area if you are buying food for immediate consumption. Highly recommended.

  175. Avatar photo
    Wayne Yan

    Great place to shop for takeaway lunch bentos as there are not much crowd and shopping can be done fast. pretty crowded during weekends. wide range of goods available but not as big as the flagship store.

  176. Avatar photo
    Matthew Wee

    Wide selection of good ready to eat Jspanese food. Highly recommended

  177. Avatar photo
    Wendy Law

    Love their beef and pork for shabu shabu…

  178. Avatar photo

    Quite empty on a weekday afternoon, partly due to the covid situation. Good to shop for Japanese stuffs and cooked food.

  179. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Located on Level 3 at the back of HarbourFront next to the cruise terminal, this is a rather smallish outlet of the Japanese grocer Don Don DONKI, bringing the best of Japan to Singapore.

    This outlet feels a bit like a small supermarket also selling fresh vegetables.

  180. Avatar photo
    Irshad Abdul Shakor

    I’m surprised to get to know that there is DDK at Harbour Front Centre. It is always mine & our family favourite departmental store.

  181. Avatar photo
    i am mr stop motion

    I went there to buy thing and staff there is good and friendly i and the things there because the food there is great and the product is very nice i love don don donki i buy thing from there regularly and all the staff were friend in all the don don donki shop thanks don don donki harbour front because your don don donki to me is the biggest don don donki in singapore

  182. Avatar photo
    Pete Lai

    As usual similar to other outlet.

  183. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Ong

    Location not as accessible from mrt

  184. Avatar photo
    Peter Poh

    Love shopping here as I feel this shop is cozy and full of good art of design. I like the food here too. And special compliment to staff (1426 J.T) for her warm, efficiency and professional approach. I believe she is not an usual cashier prior to this position.

  185. Avatar photo
    William Ow

    Smallest but have a little of everything. I went for the opening and needed to queue for 15mins. About 10 counters so payment is very smooth.

    Update July 2021 Got seating area to eat!

  186. Avatar photo
    Yancheng Ho

    Love shopping at this place! Wide variety of Japanese food and products.

  187. Avatar photo
    spring Lady

    Lots of varieties of Japanese stuffs. Enjoy shopping there.

  188. Avatar photo
    Spring Ng

    Vegetables section seems a bit small, overall quite good variety of items there. Bought the wayu beef at $25, sashimi, grilled tamago, chicken karaage are good.

  189. Avatar photo
    Pari k

    Huge premises full of lovely Japanese delicacies n things…not cheap…very little staff n those there seem hurried n busy so not helpful…very few customers

  190. Avatar photo
    Esther Li

    Although being smaller Don Don Donki branch, they practically have everything from fresh produce, kitchen ingredients, fresh meats, drinks, beauty products, to daily made sushi/bento boxes. Helpful staff, clean store, highly recommend. Reminder to bring your own shopping bag.

    Tip: If you are coming from Vivo City, there’s a skybridge on the 2nd level that connects the two shopping centers.

  191. Avatar photo
    Goh KwangHua

    Great varieties of Japanese products n great food

  192. Avatar photo
    Bobby Lee

    Place for all the Japanese products that u can find

  193. Avatar photo

    I actually like this outlet more than the others I’ve been to. It’s spacious yet not very big that it overwhelms. Has a great selection of items. If you spend $50 and above, you get to redeem $2.60 off your parking at harborfront centre went on a weekend afternoon and it wasn’t very crowded. Staff here are friendly and attentive as well i had a great shopping experience!

  194. Avatar photo
    gabriell alt

    I LOVE LOVE IT. thank you Don don donki for the foods especially snacks and jelly and also don’t forget UNAGIS AND SUSHISS your mochis are really GREAT and cheap!
    Really really recommend for weebs otakus and anime lovers.

  195. Avatar photo
    Christabel Hong

    Tucked away in a secluded floor. Well stocked. Quick service. A bit squeezy for me.

  196. Avatar photo
    Atlantis Ang

    Fun place to go if you want to appease some of the wunderlust for Japan somewhat.

  197. Avatar photo
    Seok Ling Tan

    The place is a little hard to move around due to the structure of the location. But lots of things to see n explore

  198. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lim

    Newest donki for the south. Very convenient as habourfront is just next to vivocity.
    As usual donki feature lots of popular stuff from Japan. Snacks, cosmetics, toys, food and drinks. Great shopping experience.

  199. Avatar photo
    Terence Yong

    My favourite outlet, probably because it is near my work place. This outlet is typical of DDDK shops, plenty of colourful merchandise and plethora of goods in all things Japanese. One of the good aspects of this store is actually its size. It is compact enough such that its convoluted customer journey makes it interesting enough without being too tiring to navigate. Oh, by the way, it has an excellent alcohol section too.

  200. Avatar photo
    Catherine Cheong

    Felt like I was going on a donki cruise as I went through the safe entry checks and headed up the escalator! Lots of your usual donki supplies!

  201. Avatar photo
    Lee Shiuh Liang JasOn

    Good Don Don Donki to visit if you are in the area.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ari Fadyl

    Best place for Japan goods

  203. Avatar photo
    Andii N

    Came on a weekday and there weren’t many people. Enjoyed having sushi and dessert at the quiet eating area.

  204. Avatar photo

    This outlet dun sell much vegetablea but not so crowded.
    Park at lobby C if u are going don don donki

  205. Avatar photo
    bryan valdellon

    Best place to go when craving anything from japan

  206. Avatar photo
    David Chua

    Not the largest, still plenty of variety & things are well spaced. Not crowded, don’t get the feeling of someone looking over your shoulder. Friendly, polite cashiers

  207. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Didn’t know what they opened the store at harborfront center. We were just taking a walk to her and found out this store at here. As usual, the displacement of items are everywhere and confusing and making us taking items here and there. Bought quite a number of items here, mostly snacks …

  208. Avatar photo
    Arun Sankar

    Excellent Eatables collection….mochis are great

  209. Avatar photo
    Yansen Yansen

    Good varieties of Japanese food, from sashimi to cooked food, wide range of Japanese alcoholic drinks too… …

  210. Avatar photo
    Hey Melon

    Place closes late at around 11, variety of toys is much less than other don don donki.

  211. Avatar photo
    Wong Kah Hoe

    Very accessible and not that crowded compared to other stores

  212. Avatar photo
    JiaHao Tan

    Great place to go for a late night grocery shopping!

  213. Avatar photo
    LK Kok

    Awesome shopping place with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff!!! Was looking for a yummy snack of seafood flavour nuts… staff knew immediately and directed me to it! Great service even at cashier counter!

  214. Avatar photo
    Chiara S

    **Pretty good sushi and small dine-in area **

    Smaller than other branches, but with everything you need. I particularly like their selection of sakes which are decently priced. Veggies are good and not too expensive, fruit tends to be on the pricier side and not always worth the premium. I find the wagyu meat too sweet, but really like their sushi, sashimi, and some of the hot items (takoyaki and croquettes). I would not recommend their desserts and ice creams – instead you can have one of the baked sweet potatoes (really nice) which are sold hot.

  215. Avatar photo
    Thanapol Puntastan

    Lots of Japanese fares at very reasonable prices.

  216. Avatar photo
    didoticious geller

    Japanese supermarket located on level 3 Harbourfront, Singapore. Once get inside it feels like in Japan. You can find many things from Japan here. It also has a little restaurant inside. Chocolate, coffee, sauce, instant noodle, candy, herbs, cookie, drinks, even towel and umbrella. It’s like little Japan.

  217. Avatar photo

    If you walk past vivo city, it is quite difficult to find. It’s at the corner of Level 3. On weekdays there are almost no people and no queues. Plenty and various of choices. Very good

  218. Avatar photo
    Boon Chong Chia

    Great selection including freshly prepared meals. But strange that both escalators go up to the store, so shoppers need to exit by walking down the stairs with their shopping bags if they want to use the same entrance/exit point.

  219. Avatar photo

    Be careful when buying the unagi bentos, a lot of sharp bones left in them

  220. Avatar photo
    Diana Toh

    I feel that it is much smaller than other outlets. May not have some items but things are neatly arranged.

  221. Avatar photo
    Pat Yau

    Inconvenience. escalator only goes up. Need to take stairs down

  222. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Neil

    No food stalls, only the microwave seating area.

  223. Avatar photo
    Samuel Tan

    Location abit remote. But nonetheless this outlet offers alot of bento varieties as compared to other outlets!

  224. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    There are many fruits and seafood from Japan. Many Japanese mothers shopped with their children and they biught snacks and drinks from Japan. I like rolls with vanila, strawberry or mocha flavour. I like lychee drinks with salt; the sweet taste of lychee mixed with salt gave you a kind of weird feel. The mirin, sake and plum wine are plenty. Crab, prawn and fishes are fresh.

  225. Avatar photo
    Keng-Hock Pwee

    Rather more intensely packed with goods than usual. I almost missed out on fresh and cooked foods sections behind as it was obscured. More directional signage might help. There is an area with seating out front where you can feast on their packed bentos and other goodies.

  226. Avatar photo
    Suraj Pinto

    Loved it

  227. Avatar photo
    BR H

    Delicious bento sets! Great price & great standard

  228. Avatar photo
    奪月 優

    Nice, not too big/small. Best is not much crowds. Not much option for food/bentos. They tend to sell-out really fast leaving the shelves almost empty.

  229. Avatar photo
    F T

    Latest Donki branch to open, stocking a wide range of fresh and interesting goods direct from Japan. Access via escalator at Level 2 Batam Ferry area of Harbourfront Centre.

  230. Avatar photo
    Eva Su

    Very good …

  231. Avatar photo
    M C

    Freshly prepared Tamago is what I came for. $10.80 for the biggest block. Good for my salmon Chirashi Don. …

  232. Avatar photo
    Patrick Kang

    Hungry and u know where to get Ur Japanese Bento

  233. Avatar photo
    Chan H

    Common area seem no one doing cleaning.

  234. Avatar photo
    Martin Lee

    A good Japanese supermarket, so many choices of food and tidbits and a fresh Japanese beef stick, a good Japanese brand from Japan

  235. Avatar photo
    Foong Seng

    Alot of variety food to eat

  236. Avatar photo
    Rong Jia Lau

    What’s not to like about this Japanese supermarket? There’s a wide variety of rice crackers here and some of those were on discount. The cooked food section seems to be well-stocked too, even on the Sunday evening when I visited

  237. Avatar photo
    Keigo Tan Jiong Hao

    Carries many japanese products, but sadly there is no dining area at the moment. But soon they all have a dining in area. Wait for it !!

  238. Avatar photo
    Evan Ong

    Was ok. They could have gotten a liquor licence like the other outlets. So we can have alcohol drinks with the lovely food they prepared. Gotta go either the clarke quay one or jurong one.

  239. Avatar photo
    Don Chua

    dusty area,especially packed food area.

  240. Avatar photo
    Angela Chen

    visit the store at around 8pm+ and they have a discount on the food. Dining there for the first time and is great!

  241. Avatar photo
    Ray Meows (RayMeows)

    Ready made food choices are quite less if that’s what you go donki for queue is less no doubt too.. Probably maybe is the date I went? I’m not too sure …

  242. Avatar photo
    Joe Teh

    Variety of goods is good but not so many fruits to choose from.

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