Dining in Rio de Janeiro

Dining in Rio de Janeiro

There are many restaurants throughout Rio de Janeiro that offer authentic Brazilian food. The food of a country allows you to absorb the flavors of the country and the region. Many of these restaurants offer the most authentic cuisine that you will find in any country. Brazil does it best with their amazing restaurants and cafes and you will want to try them all.

Moquecas is a Salvador staple. You can’t visit Salvador without eating moqueca. Moqueca is a stew of fresh seafood that is blended with coconut milk, lime juice, cilantro, and red dende palm oil. Try Sorriso da Dada in Slavador Pelourinho.

Prawns on Ilhabela is also a must have. These prawns are succulent and sweet. They are best enjoyed grilled, sautéed, or stuffed with cheese. You can’t find them any better than in Ilhabela.

If you are looking for fine dining, check out Porto de Galinhas’ Beijupira. This is a small resort town and Beijupira is one of the best restaurants in the country. The decorations are rustic Brazil and the food is inspired Brazilian cuisine that uses seafood, tropical fruit and spices that are all found in Brazil.

While you are visiting the Amazon, you will want to check out Belem and the local chefs. They serve up delicious plates of regional cuisine with a rich assortment of ingredients. The best restaurants Belem are the Boulevard Café and La em Casa.

Pantanal has the largest floodplain in the world. Here Pacu, dourado and pintado are easily caught and served to you in delicious cultural dishes.

While you are hanging out on the beaches or wandering through the city, don’t be afraid to try some authentic street food. You will find prawns, chicken, tapioca pancakes, coconut sweets, corn on the cob and they are all located in little street snack bars. The prices are also very low and affordable.

Porcao offers all-you-can-eat meat. You will find many cuts of beef that are savory and tender. The local favorite is the picahna, the lean and tender rump steak. Rio’s Flamengo neighborhood offers the flagship Porcao as well as beautiful view of Sugarloaf Mountain.

If you are looking for something a little more familiar, you may want to check out the Italian cuisine in Sao Paulo. They have some of the best Italian food in the world outside of Italy. Sao Paulo’s Massimo is well known and many immigrants have created new world creations of Old Italian dishes.

Feijoada is the national dish. You will first want to start with caipirinha, a potent lime sugar cane drink. Next, you will have some caldo soup, followed by hot black beans with various meats. Sides include farofa, cabbage, orange slices, and white rice. If you need an extra kick of spicyness, try the malagueta peppers.

The best bar in the area is Bar & Restaurante Amarelinho. The bar has a largepatio that sits on the beautiful Praca Floriano in Rio. The bar is near the National Library, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Theater. They offer cold chopp and various dishes of grilled beef, spicy sausage and codfish.

A relaxing coffee is great after such filling meals in Rio and you will want to go to Cafeitaria Colombo for the most elegant coffee experience in Rio. This café is 19th century Bell Epoque and is one of the most beautiful salons in Brazil. This will cap off the perfect day of sightseeing, art, surfing or beach soaking

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