Dining in Hong Kong

Dining in Hong Kong

Hong Kong features a delightful mix of cuisine. You would expect all of the cuisine to be Asian or at least Asian influenced, however, there is a lot of variation and a lot to choose from. From traditional Chinese to Mexican and French, you will have the opportunity to try a variety of cuisine while visiting Hong Kong.

The Chinese restaurants tend to be loud and noisy. They may be decorated with colorful lanterns but don’t expect them to be anything special. The Chinese are all about the food. Families and friends also like to gather in the local Chinese restaurants, as their apartments tend to be too small for entertaining. Therefore, the Chinese like to eat in large groups where everybody orders a dish and usually an extra dish as well. All the dishes are placed in the center of the table and everybody shares.

Chopsticks are the utensils of choice in Chinese restaurants. There are a few chopstick superstitions that one should be aware of while dining. The first is that an uneven pair of chopsticks is bad luck and means that you will miss your bus, plane, train or boat. Second, if you drop your chopsticks it is just plain bad luck. Lastly, if you lay your chopsticks across each other it is a bad omen, however, this doesn’t always apply. You may cross your chopsticks to signify that you are done with your meal and ready for the check. Also, your waiter may cross them to signify that you are paid out.

Other mannerisms that are found in Chinese restaurants include slurping your soup. It is acceptable to slurp and it even helps cool the soup so you won’t burn your tongue. Slurping signifies that you like the soup as well. Toothpicks may also be used at the table as well. They can be used to poke mushrooms or calamari that you are unable to pick up with chopsticks. As in most societies, it is good manners to cover your mouth while you dislodge food from your teeth. Finger tapping is used in Chinese culture to show thanks to the person that is pouring your tea. Finger tapping may be observed in Chinese restaurants.

Dim sum is a Chinese meal that is served in several small dishes but is typically light. They may eat a dim sum meal for breakfast or lunch. There is a combination of both sweet and salty as well as a variety of choices. Choices may include seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit. Dim sum dishes may be ordered from a menu and sometimes the food is wheeled around on carts. Serving sizes are usually small and there may be three or four different items in each dish. Dim sum is always served with Chinese tea.

If you are looking for the best in romantic dining, try Petrus. Petrus is French cuisine with live piano bar entertainment on the harbor. The food has a Mediterranean influence and the restaurant has a great ambiance and you will want to linger here for hours. The restaurant is also known for having the best wine list in Hong Kong. Located in the Island Shangri-La hotel.

If you are looking for a restaurant with the best décor, try Felix. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui in The Peninsula Hotel. The restaurant features art deco design with great views, exhibitionist bathrooms and even the guests are a part of the design. The restaurant was designed by Philippe Starke.

For the best in dim sum and authentic Chinese, visit Luk Yu Tea House. This restaurant originally opened in 1933 and still has the 30’s atmosphere. This is one of Hong Kong’s oldest restaurants and famous for dim sum. This restaurant is very popular and it is hard to find an empty seat.

While in Hong Kong you have to try great seafood and it can be found at Yu. Located on Salisbury Road in the InterContinental Hong Kong, they feature fresh lobster, crabs, mussels, prawns and abalone. The fish are kept alive until they are ordered and the chefs prepare your meal to order.

Wherever you choose to eat in Hong Kong, you are sure to find something deliciously good. Fresh seafood and a variety of cuisine makes Hong Kong the best in dining.

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