Review Din Tai Fung, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore

Review Din Tai Fung - Singapore 50 Jurong Gateway Rd

“Nice to have scan to queue feature where u can scan the QR code and come back later to the restaurant when it’s almost your turn. Food were nice.” or “It’s always my favourite restaurant! Excellent service & delicious foods.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Din Tai Fung. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Din Tai Fung is quality.

Introduction about Din Tai Fung

Here are some fundamental details regarding Din Tai Fung. In terms of Taiwanese restaurant, it is generally believed that Din Tai Fungis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02 - 07, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Taiwanese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 66941161 (+65 66941161)
  • Website:
  • Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02 - 07, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Friday, Saturday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM.

Sunday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM.


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How to contact Din Tai Fung?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Din Tai Fung via:

Phone number

You can reach Din Tai Fung at 66941161(+65 66941161). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Din Tai Fung via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02 - 07, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Din Tai Fung reviews

Din Tai Fung is among the best destinations of Taiwanese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Din Tai Fung good?

To determine whether Din Tai Fung is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Finally, I don't have to wait to eat Din Tai Fung. The taste is very good. Every dish is delicious. No wonder there is a long queue every time. Recommend!”

“It’s always my favourite restaurant! Excellent service & delicious foods.”

“Always loved those dumplings and pork chops. Great services too.”

“Nice ambience with delicious Chinese food. Must try Xiao long BAO and pork chop noodles.”

“[Updated Sep 2022] The crowd is back! LOL Do expect long queue during peak lunch and dinner hours LOL My all time favourite Xiao Long Bao!”

“Great customer service. Very attentive and managed expectations well even with long queues. And food is fantastic.”

“Great food and fun times with friends. Very fast with food and drink is and does do reservations. We had almost 20 people. The dumplings were great and so was the green and lemon tea.”

“Good customer service, friendly, attentive, quick service too. Totally enjoyed the visit.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 205 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Din Tai Fung, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Din Tai Fung, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore

There is a total 205 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ong Ming JI

    This particular outlet always has a long waiting queue. Prepare to spend some time. The usual 小笼包 also missing from the menu and seemed to be replaced my higher price truffle version.

  2. Avatar photo
    Sunny H

    Tasty but so crowded

  3. Avatar photo
    Wai Yip Tham

    Our favourite Din Tai Fung for birthday celebrations for one of my kid!

  4. Avatar photo
    Christine Sim

    Food good & nice. Price fair. Services best. I come here almost every week, sometime twice weekly. Should try. No regret …

  5. Avatar photo
    Wei Yi Loh

    I am very satisfied with the service of the staff at Din Tai Fung JEM. They are all very helpful and friendly. One of the gentlemen staff even joined me to sing a birthday song for my friend.

  6. Avatar photo
    Bryan Stewart

    Not from Singapore, but when I am here, it is a regular stop. Love the choices and the food is always delicious.

  7. Avatar photo
    Anthony Seow

    Very polite service crew and captain. Chinese cuisine at the Heartland Mall (Jems). Serve meat dumplings, Chinese noodles, rice based food, appetiser and dessert..

  8. Avatar photo
    A C

    Food here is always great and reliable. Great options from healthy to unhealthy Taiwanese cuisine. Service is excellent. Always got a queue so be prepared to wait during peak meal times. It’s the best outlet in my opinion – been to many others around the island.

  9. Avatar photo
    Jen Lim

    Very popular, go early if you do not wish to queue for 1 hour.

  10. Avatar photo
    Emily T.

    Food is consistently good everytime I visit. Their pork chop is really tender and juicy and the fried rice is fragrant and golden in colour. Love how they maintain high standards even during peak hours. Not to mention the prompt service provided by their staff.

    Tip: Do swing by to get your queue number before shopping around as you could be waiting for at least an hour during peak timing.

  11. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Great service and food quality was consistent. One of those restaurants where u can go back again and again

  12. Avatar photo
    Voon my

    Food tastes superp as usual. Don’t really like the new order system, and no more paper

  13. Avatar photo
    Steven Teo

    Amazing place for Chinese food. Great for beginners of Chinese food. The flavor is not too overpowering and I can customise my dish without salt and MSG

  14. Avatar photo
    Poh San Yip

    Fried rice and xiao long bao super yummy
    Staffs are attentive and friendly. Very good service

  15. Avatar photo
    YingChee Au

    Nice Taiwanese dimsum and beef noodles. Notice this store at JEM is nicer than other outlet.

  16. Avatar photo
    Geert Bieseman

    Dont let the waiting line scare you. Service is really quick, so your table is ready before you know it. Food is excellent

  17. Avatar photo
    Pankaj Shah

    Can’t go wrong with the dumplings, prawn pancakes, fried Ride with pork cutlets

  18. Avatar photo
    Han Yu Tan

    The strong suits of this place is the sides. The oriental salad is amazing, the texture is good and the sauce goes well with it. Their crispy prawn pancake is good as well.

    While it is famous for its xiao long bao (soup dumpling), I don’t think it’s anything too special. It’s just kind of meh. The fried rice wasn’t anything special as well, in fact I felt that it was lacking some salt and not very flavourful. But the pork on the rice was really good, cooked well.

    Overall it’s an alright Chinese restaurant, but I’d highly recommend trying their sides.

  19. Avatar photo
    2rogi Boi

    Excellent Resto, All staff are good specially the stewardings and chefs.

  20. Avatar photo
    Leslie Ho

    Pricey fares and average taste

  21. Avatar photo
    Rachel Alison

    Staff are attentive and nice. Food
    is good as usual. We love coming back here!

  22. Avatar photo
    Ho An Jie

    Food is nice and reasonable price just need to wait

  23. Avatar photo
    Shiling Zhang

    Love the beef noodles. Will be back for more

  24. Avatar photo
    Shirleen Bailay

    We came across this place & oh my the best dumplings we have eaten . This is well worth it & a must visit whilst in Singapore!

  25. Avatar photo
    Kelley Ditzenberger

    The food is always excellent. The service was especially good. The staff is attentive and very polite without being disruptive. DTF is our go-to for a special occasion because the quality of the overall experience for the price is hard to beat.

  26. Avatar photo
    Arun Sankar

    Awesome cuisines… love to repeat many times

  27. Avatar photo
    Xuan Jin Toh

    It’s no doubt that you’ll have to queue before getting a table. There’ll always be a long queue especially during dinner. Standard of food is always constant, but service depends on outlet and how pack that period is. No complains with the usual go to dishes, simple yet packed with flavours.

  28. Avatar photo
    saumya kashyap

    Very tasty spinach veg dumplings

  29. Avatar photo
    Ijeobana Faratyi

    amazing chinese food restuarant with excellent service. Note that there is always a long queue so go early to get seats!

  30. Avatar photo
    Christina Abc

    You can never go wrong with DTFung!

    I once had a colleague from oversea tell me it was disgusting food… and that was enough for me to determine what kind of person she was …

  31. Avatar photo
    Winston Wong

    Had dinner here on new year’s eve. It was busy, with a wait for a table, which I believe is a common occurrence here. We ordered a few items for sharing and whilst I found the xlb a little bit disappointing, wifey thought they were better …

  32. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    Quality of service and food have been consistent throughout the years. The original shop in Taipei was a favourite dining place for Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding prime minister of Singapore.

  33. Avatar photo
    Vivian Jee

    Service was good and food arrived promptly! Waited for a good 20 mins due to the peak hr

  34. Avatar photo
    Chan-Wah Ng

    Today’s dumplings is a long wait, but overall quality is ok

  35. Avatar photo
    Andy Loh Zhiming

    Severely shortage of staff. Be prepared to wait for a long time, be it leading you to your table, scanning your order, refilling drinks or even serving food to you.

  36. Avatar photo
    Wes Ch

    Usual Ding Tai Fung standard. Must have booking at park hour. If not will take 1 hour waiting time. Non peak hours starts at about 215pm to 430pm.

  37. Avatar photo
    Richard Cheah

    Simply loving it @ Din Tai Feng here.

    All time favourites:
    1) Egg Fried Rice
    2) Chicken Soup
    3) Xiao Long Pow

  38. Avatar photo
    Pallavi Misra

    Awesome! Really amazing service! But head to Paragon for more vegetarian options, if that is important….

  39. Avatar photo
    Juan Du

    The braised beef noodle is authentic and the best I have ever had in singapore. The staff here are approachable and diligent. I was served with tender care. Dishes were are served few minutes after ordering. Will come back for another time for sure.

  40. Avatar photo
    Liang Fong Wong 黄良风 (Fong 风)

    Staff super friendly and professional. Tasty food at reasonable price! But…. It is ALWAYS crowded! Average wait time is always above 40 minutes. The last time I went I waited for 50 minutes to be seated. Then another 20 minutes for the food. I guess good service, good food at reasonable price do come with a price – price of waiting!…. Note: my experience of waiting is always during the meal time. Am not sure what is the waiting time during off peak period….

  41. Avatar photo
    Ming Zhan Chai

    Food is good as always. Queue is long even at 5pm, and with many empty tables inside. I wonder why they dont want to allow more people inside

  42. Avatar photo
    Vincent Soh

    Food was nice. Not exactly value for dollar. But the 3 stars was more due to the bad service from service staff.

    Went at about 5pm, before the dinner crowd come in, so there was empty tables around. Staff was not attentive. Requests for kid’s cutlery and order sheets were not fulfilled until after repeated requests.

  43. Avatar photo
    sc Chiang

    Waited for an hour on a saturday evening before we got a seat. My kids love the xiao long bao there so we are willing to queue. …

  44. Avatar photo
    Sean Weng

    Countless visits. QC there. But felt the potions are getting smaller….

  45. Avatar photo
    Han Yu Tan

    The strong suits of this place is the sides. The oriental salad is amazing, the texture is good and the sauce goes well with it. Their crispy prawn pancake is good as well. …

  46. Avatar photo
    Chai Hong Teo

    Food is good, beside the famous xiao long bao, fried rices, noodles and other starter dishes etc. are good also. But waiting queue are usually long at weekend.

  47. Avatar photo
    Moky Mok

    Good & reasonably price food…
    Friendly & helpful staff

  48. Avatar photo
    Treasure Pot

    Nice ambience with delicious Chinese food. Must try Xiao long BAO and pork chop noodles.

  49. Avatar photo
    Jay Simon

    Good customer service, friendly, attentive, quick service too. Totally enjoyed the visit.

  50. Avatar photo
    Rajnish Narula

    Great food! Good vegetarian option. We go there regularly.

  51. Avatar photo
    tan sew eng

    DTF food is good and value for money. I also enjoyed good customer service at this outlet.

  52. Avatar photo

    Recently came over here a few times. Although their hot and sour soup has a very strong chicken stock taste, but still like their food (fried rice, the appetiser, noodle and xiao long bao although personally don’t like dumplings) and the service was excellent.
    Ordered Siew Mai, and one of the prawn was out of the place. The staff insisted to get us a new one and wanted to retain their presentation. Was impressed by their services. Nice experience

  53. Avatar photo
    Rockafella Lim

    Food is ok but on pricey end for the portion size.

  54. Avatar photo
    Hugo Gamboa

    Service and food is ok, not saying is bad. Just is good for the level is expected or for the price you’re paying. They could use more English speaking personnel as some only speak Chinese and that actually discriminates some patrons. Three plates of 6 each, costs $60 SGD

  55. Avatar photo

    One of the best xlb place and their fried rice is very very nice.

  56. Avatar photo
    Richard Sing

    food offered and cooked in Taiwan style, prepare to wait for 30 – 50 minutes during weekend, foods are good..

  57. Avatar photo
    Gudetama Yap

    food was really decent and restaurant was pretty spacious. Best to go earlier in the morning when there are less crowds

  58. Avatar photo
    Joshua Woon

    1 Michelin Star restaurant. Maintaining the quality service during Covid19, Ziplock Bags are given out to place your mask during this period. Excellent restaurant serving delicious chinese food. The XiaoLongBao is a safe choice to go for!

  59. Avatar photo

    Efficient and friendly service. Great food as usual.

  60. Avatar photo
    wkwsci 153

    There are several Din Tai Fung across Singapore, but this is definitely one of the nicer ones. The food here is delicious and I can’t get enough of their dumplings.
    The only letdown is that even the place is rather big, you almost always have to queue, but I guess that speaks for their food.

  61. Avatar photo
    MGJK 88

    Food is authentic and flavourful. Excellent and fast service by staff. Expect waiting time before being seated.

  62. Avatar photo
    Samantha Sim

    Worth the 30min queue.

  63. Avatar photo
    Kok Huiting

    The food was disappointing. Expected the 小笼包 to be better. The rest of the dishes are normal, nothing special to din tai fung.
    There was a long queue so waiting time was long.
    Luckily the service was good. Auntie was always helping to top up water.
    Will not consider to go again.

  64. Avatar photo
    Steve Matthew Evans

    You can never get enough of their xiao long bao, the juicy filling with the right taste, and also their fried rice it’s a simple egg fried rice with and excellent taste!

  65. Avatar photo
    Hyacinth F

    Prawn pea sprouts

  66. Avatar photo
    Iyner Nil

    A quality restaurant with quality service. Its popularity often results in long queues and can set expectations high, but its food and service quality definitely has a certain benchmark. The signatures such as Xiao Long Bao can’t go wrong. However, the Hong You Cha Shou is comparable to other places.

  67. Avatar photo
    Jim Ching

    Standard ding Tai fung. Up to mark in both food and service. Busy right from opening at 1130h.

  68. Avatar photo
    Eve C

    Excellent food and service and wait times are long on weekends but well worth the wait. Service does not slip even if busy. Get the xiaolongbao and drunken chicken!

  69. Avatar photo
    Mingfeng Chan

    Egg Fried Rice a little too oily.
    Nai Bai crunchy but still has earthy and raw vegetable taste. Didn’t taste of garlic.

    Dumplings great as usual.

  70. Avatar photo
    Rarchelle SY

    Very good customer service and attentive. Beef noodles is a little let down as the soup is too plain, I added some vinegar and chili to lift up the taste. Love their usual 小菜 and 小笼包. Crispy duck is a let down because the duck doesn’t go as well in the wrap. Fried rice is still as good.. overall a good experience as their service is really welcoming

  71. Avatar photo
    pauline yow

    Spacious place. Orders were slower due to overwhelming crowd..
    Had issues with the app.. so waitress took part of our order but missed out on 1 dish.. getting the staffs attention would need patience.. food is decent.. as what you expect from DTF

  72. Avatar photo
    JM Park

    It’s a normal taste, but my kids love this place.

  73. Avatar photo
    Srivathan Thiruvazhi

    A good place to have some authentic Chinese

  74. Avatar photo
    Sam Tang

    Good and tasty food but a bit pricy

  75. Avatar photo
    irini nini

    Xiao long bao is my life visited the branch at JEM at 5pm, waited half an hour for hubby to arrive. By that time, queues started to pop up and long waiting list there after. …

  76. Avatar photo
    Kurt Wittig

    Our kids eat all their food here with no nudging. Great for out of Asia guests. The wait could be shorter but it’s a popular place.

  77. Avatar photo
    Bitamin C

    Love the beef brisket noodles with big portions of beef. The spicy noodles is without meat therefore portion might be small for some. Service at this outlet is alright but not quite on par with other outlets.

  78. Avatar photo
    Nigel Sim

    Simply satisfying Chinese restaurant with very friendly staff. Their appetizers, xiao long bao, and chilli oil dumplings are always a must buy for me.

    However, beware of the queue!! Go early!!

  79. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Nicholas

    Everything about this place was excellent and good value for money. Each dish was a delight and brimming with different flavours. Everything was cooked and presented well. The staff were attentive and personable. The place was clean and quiet. A great experience, will definitely go back for more!

  80. Avatar photo

    Wonderful experience. From the moment I sat down the ambience was pleasant and comfortable. The free flow tea they serve is fragrant and enjoyable. Enjoyed several of their dishes including the fried rice with pork cutlets, xiao long baos, wantons, and beef noodles with broth.
    The price wasn’t too bad considering the food quality. Overall an enjoyable dinner and I look forward to my next opportunity to dine here.

  81. Avatar photo
    lek chew goh

    Good food and good service. Food portions have reduce.

  82. Avatar photo
    Shaun Chai

    Some queuing time, must go before 6pm for shorter waiting time. JEM’s outlet food not bad. The Yu-sheng is nice, ordered the smallest portion and top up some ingredients, just nice for 7 pax, food is not wasted.

  83. Avatar photo

    Had been to a number of their outlets. Like : Junction 8; Suntec; Paragon & MBS. All are equally maintaining its standard. Especially during CNY, their lohei dish was really delicious. Other than that, their xiao long bao, I still prefer Taiwan outlet. Went to eat at Taipei, the meat was really a big different. Natural sweetness of the meat & its tasty more yummy

  84. Avatar photo
    Winston Wong

    Had dinner here on new year’s eve. It was busy, with a wait for a table, which I believe is a common occurrence here. We ordered a few items for sharing and whilst I found the xlb a little bit disappointing, wifey thought they were better than the ones we had from another store a few days prior. To me they felt a bit small filings wise and didn’t have a lot of soup. In any case if you’re passing by the store/standing outside waiting for your table, you’ll be able to see the chefs making these and other dumplings.

    The wantons we had were much smaller than expected, though the flavours were still decent. I quite enjoyed the sliced duck in crispy spring onion pastry, the crispy golden prawn pancake, and the fried rice with pork chop.

    Service was pretty good and attentive, with water/tea being protectively topped up and dishes cleared without sitting too long on the table. There was a robot waiter though we only saw it showing guests to their tables and not bringing out food.

  85. Avatar photo

    Slight improvement to food court dishes but double the price

  86. Avatar photo
    Z D Y

    Very good service. Limited menu. Most pf the dishes are very small but the food quality is nice.

  87. Avatar photo
    Soh GT

    Nice and tasty foods. Do try their chilli crab xiao long pao.

  88. Avatar photo
    Samuel Swee

    I came by on a Friday evening at about 6pm. There was still no queue for a table, but a queue began to form at around 6.40pm. In terms of service, they were attentive. But too attentive towards the end of my meal. I had ordered a dish, and it had not arrived after 30 mins. I had numerous staff come by my table to check if the same dish had been served (it had not), which was very intrusive.

    Food-wise, I would suggest getting the appetiser of the vegetables ($4.80). A small portion, but nicely seasoned in sesame oil, and great for starting your meal. The pork chop with fried rice ($13) is definitely delicious. The fried rice was fragrant, and the pork chop was tender. Just as many others have mentioned, the xiao long bao ($7.80 for 6pc) is good.

  89. Avatar photo

    Always an enjoyable meal…cannot stop from coming back time and again.

  90. Avatar photo
    Joel Chong

    The new ordering system is absolutely rubbish. Previously it was pencil and paper and it was clear whether or not your order is taken. Now it’s yet another unneeded QR code menu where you choose your orders and press confirm and another QR code is generated. You STILL need the staff come scan that QR code and then send the order to the kitchen. I mean why not just send direct if you’re going to this online direction? Waited hungry 30mins to learn this. Call me old school but physical menus are still the best. There goes service and dining experience. Why eat out now?

  91. Avatar photo

    It’s been so long, since I posted and I’ve tried DTF awhile ago and I’ve never regret my choice of turning to Paradise dynasty.

    I liked the service and the quality of DTF. However, long queues can become a hindrance to me. Overall experience is good and would love to try out more comparisons between DTF and PD.

  92. Avatar photo
    Manish Gayan

    One of the very famous chain of restaurants spread across Singapore. This one located in the ground level of Jurong Point Mall, with both inside and outside seating. It’s is famous for its Signature dish “Xiao Long Bao”, we get mini-heart attacks at the faintest possibility of breaking their delicate skin, and popping them in our mouths just to savour every last drop of the comforting broth within. In addition we ordered “Green Chillies Stuffed with Marinated Meat”, never thought minced pork would marry so well with the humble chilli, and the finishing touch of marinade makes for all the magic. Some other dishes included Sweet and Sour soup, Braised Beef Noodles (The meat was cooked with perfection and noodles we’re immersed in thick creamy froth). For dessert we went with the Mango Pudding perfect to beat the heat, the mangos used are freshly imported from Thailand for the sole purpose of creating this gem. Made with pure mango flesh, the select variety makes for a luscious pudding, with a heady aroma of freshly peeled mango. Love this place and the food, best thing to add it has numerous healthier food options.

  93. Avatar photo
    Edward Har

    Best food. You need to come early as during lunch and dinner a bit long queue.

  94. Avatar photo

    Great food and fun times with friends. Very fast with food and drink is and does do reservations. We had almost 20 people. The dumplings were great and so was the green and lemon tea.

  95. Avatar photo
    Stanley Teo

    Food is consistently good…
    Drunken chicken good, way way better than Peony Jade, which is a lousy comparison… Hehe…
    Century eggs are tasty.
    XLB is the highlight, good as usual…
    Vege was good.
    Fried rice excellent!
    Portions a bit small tho… The duck fried roll so so…
    Wonderful service, long queues, u can understand why… It’s really worth going at non peak for the full experience…

  96. Avatar photo
    Grace Ho

    This is my favorite Din Tai Fung in Singapore. Service here is great, I recommend the crushed cucumbers, wantons in vinegar and oil, hot and sour soup, Xiao Long Bao, baby Kai Lan, pork chops, and mango pudding. The wait here can be a bit long during lunch time and from 530 to 8 pm, but it is totally worth the wait. The food is fantastic and the service is very friendly.

  97. Avatar photo
    He Wei

    Nice food and service as usual.

  98. Avatar photo

    It’s always my favourite restaurant! Excellent service & delicious foods.

  99. Avatar photo

    Excellent food. The place is huge and the waiting time was moderate. Food was good and value for price.

  100. Avatar photo
    Gareth Chen

    It’s a large outlet but is always crowded, which is a testament of their quality food. We usually go before 12pm for lunch to avoid the long queues. The kids love their xiaolong bao and other dumplings while their fried rice is the best!

  101. Avatar photo

    Quality & Quantity has dropped drastically which means it has become more expensive and less worthwhile. 酸辣汤has become diluted and less ingredients; different from past experience. 虾饼 dimension looks the same but the thickness has significantly reduce; making it more expensive. It used to be crispy and crunchy when we bite into the prawns but the 口感is lost. 小龙包is also smaller in size as compared to previous experience. As for Fried prawns rice with xo sauce, the prawns is not fresh and had the “freezer” taste. Stuffed meat in green chillie was the only dish that still taste great. However the overall experience was very disappointing and cost closed to $70 inclusive of gst.

  102. Avatar photo
    Anri Uozumi

    Some franchise in certain country is really terrible but in this country rum by Breadtalk, tastes very good. The only problem is long queue, as usual for this restaurant.

  103. Avatar photo

    Best Chinese restaurant in Singapore. The fried rice with pork chops is superb. The beef soup there is rich with flavours of different spices. The xiao long bao there is pretty good too.

  104. Avatar photo
    Mike Lee

    Great food and service! Crowded at times but wait times are displayed outside the restaurant. Orders are taken before entering the restaurant. Food was served quickly and the staff continually ensured that our drinks were filled. Dishes such as their signature Xiao Long Bao, dumplings and fried rice is worth a try! Worth a visit!

  105. Avatar photo
    Xin Ye

    I freaking love ding tai fung’s food. I often frequent at Jem’s outlet, love the service and atmosphere over there so much …

  106. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Ho

    Long queue as usual. The food is good and the service is very good too.

  107. Avatar photo
    I Am Stanz

    I am always amazed by the quality control of #鼎泰豐 (aka #DinTaiFung). No matter which outlet one visits, he/she can expect the food standard to taste the same, and that is so rare for a #ChineseRestaurant.
    Today we ordered two of my favourite dishes, they are #小菜 (aka #OrientalSaladInSpecialVinegarDressing) and its #排骨蛋饭 (aka #FriedRiceWithPorkChop).
    One of its most popular dish is none other than its #小笼包 (#XiaoLongBao, aka #SteamMeatDunpling).
    #StanRecommends #StanzFoodHunts @dintaifungsg #JEM @jemsingapore #Jurong #JurongEast #ChineseCuisine

  108. Avatar photo

    Pretty good and efficient service. Friendly staffs. Delicious broth and xiao long bao. The downsides are that we were seated too close to a stranger(no privacy as i could hear everything that couple was talking about and they could probably hear us too), and there are only 2 seats available for those people who are waiting for their tables. 20min waiting time even though it wasnt a peak hour(3pm).

  109. Avatar photo
    thetnaing oo

    Good location..we usually go for fried rice and any noodle ..good choice of snacks and appetizer too..price is reasonable…just that u need to wait as its always having long queue at lunch and dinner time

  110. Avatar photo
    Subhra Pradhan

    One of the best Chinese food. The regular size of soup can be shared by two people. It is very popular therefore during peak hours there can be a huge waiting.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ng Ann Nee

    My family was at the JEM branch yesterday for dinner. We were awed by the service of YEOW KIAT, a 70-yr old uncle who constantly came by to ensure that our water is refilled Salute his positive attitude and excellent service with a brilliant smile. Din Tai Feng pls commend and reward uncle YEOW KIAT

  112. Avatar photo
    Ming Cheng

    Not the best outlet in terms of taste – the fried rice was especially disappointing as it lacked flavour. The wait for our table was pretty long too.

  113. Avatar photo
    Margaret L

    Good service. Shrimp noodles is value for money as the amount of fresh shrimp is generous

  114. Avatar photo
    Siah Hx

    Clean place, warm staff. Nice tasty food. Crowds expected during peak hours.

  115. Avatar photo
    Tommy Teo

    Dining at Din Tai Fung was a great experience. Queue number was taken first and was told how long was the waiting time. Have to wait for 60min during peak hour. So I could do some walk around in the mall before coming back. Able to get the order menu to start ordering before heading to the seat which is a great idea because I could submit my order once I got seated so that the food serving time could reduce.

    The food is very fresh and taste. The environment is very big and seat apart from other diners are following the social distances rules.

    Will definitely come back again for dining.

  116. Avatar photo
    Leah Pinky

    As always, I love xiao long bao and fried rice pork chop. Sadly they don’t have custard bun. Overall, service crew are friendly and efficient. Keep it up guys!

  117. Avatar photo
    Liz Tan

    Delicious food that is consistent every time I go. There is a service lady Mdm Zhang who was very friendly and kind and kept coming to help us top up water/tea, upgraded our whole brunch experience, thank you!

  118. Avatar photo

    True to its reputation, the food is delicious. The store was clean and the service of the staff was satisfactory. The only downside of this place is the noise from the many people.

  119. Avatar photo

    Din Tau Fung 鼎泰豐 @ Jem
    One of the popular Chinese restaurant in Jem. Must try their 小籠包

    Update on Nov2017

  120. Avatar photo
    Casper Yap

    Great food. Too bad they no longer serve pu-er.

  121. Avatar photo
    Jenney Jen

    Food was average only, but the prawn fried rice was indeed fragrant.

  122. Avatar photo
    Teruaki Yahara

    Famous Taiwanese restaurant. People says SG dishes are better than in Taiwan. Anyways, highly recommended!!
    Always long queue specially weekends. Starting around 11am till 3-4pm. You can visit at opening time to avoid queue. No reservation allowed.

  123. Avatar photo
    Jim Chow

    The food is decent, the staff are polite but overworked. We went on a Saturday so service was too slow.

    Sticky floor.

  124. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lee

    Good Chinese food with great service,although you might see some empty tables, its probably because they cannot serve your food promptly and during peak hours its about 20mins wait and also depending on how many people there are. Large groups are definitely longer but well good food deserves a wait )

  125. Avatar photo
    Hi Its I

    Have to wait long 20-40min good service but mediocre dish order

  126. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Famous for the 小笼包 authentic traditional Chinese pao freshly made with hot soup inside each delicious ban. Conveniently located in the neighbourhood hartland next to MRT station and bus interchange of Jem Shopping Mall with plenty of dinning shopping banking library postage community centre cinemas entertainment and amenities nearby. Freshly prepared healthy ingridients with tender loving caring skillful cooking and professional warm services. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists expats locals visitors and families.

  127. Avatar photo
    EL Liew

    Nice to have scan to queue feature where u can scan the QR code and come back later to the restaurant when it’s almost your turn. Food were nice.

  128. Avatar photo
    Ange Ou Demon

    All time favorite. Best place for family meal.
    Price is reasonable too.

  129. Avatar photo
    Joel Lim

    Very good Chinese style food. Love the xiao Cai most.

  130. Avatar photo
    Kwang Kai Moo

    Prvide delicious first class Taiwan style food. Clean and tidy dining hall. The waiters, waitress and cashiers are well trained and friendly.

  131. Avatar photo
    Mandar Kulkarni

    Good vegetarian options

  132. Avatar photo
    Koizuki Amaya

    Higher price point, but the food is delicious and staff are good

  133. Avatar photo
    Sam Mat

    One of the best dumplings ever. The taste is consistent, flavourful, authentic and really tasty.
    On top of that, excellent service. The waiter and waitress are very cordial and always ready to serve. Kudos to the management. Keep it up.

  134. Avatar photo
    Akash Anandh

    My wife and I have probably dined here more than at anywhere else in Singapore. Limited, but very good vegetarian options. The Veg Dumplings are fantastic and consistent. Members of staff are very friendly, decent ambience. Highly recommend this place.

  135. Avatar photo
    Tarish Kadam

    My opinion may not reflect others. I found that I personally felt a bit of dislike for the place despite the great quality of the food. Ultimately, the place is rather noisy and the wait on weekends can be irritable

  136. Avatar photo
    Sze Qin Lim

    Best xlb i ever had! And the fried rice and mushroom noodle are equally awesome …

  137. Avatar photo
    Bischof Marc

    Never disappointed from Din Tai Fung. Delicious as usual.

  138. Avatar photo

    Quite nice, with delicious food and nice service, it is a good choice to have a meal there

  139. Avatar photo

    Had been to a number of their outlets. Like : Junction 8; Suntec; Paragon & MBS. All are equally maintaining its standard. Especially during CNY, their lohei dish was really delicious. Other than that, their xiao long bao, I still prefer Taiwan outlet. Went to eat at Taipei, the meat was really a big different. Natural sweetness of the meat & its tasty more yummy

  140. Avatar photo
    Yen disney

    Excellent food per usual Din Tai Fung standard. Service is prompt too. We now frequent the Northpoint City outlet rather than the one at Jem. Less crowded and better service.

  141. Avatar photo
    Arunsankar R

    Crispy Prawn Pan cake and desserts are awesome. Overall all delicacies are very good

  142. Avatar photo
    adrian yeow

    Great efficient service ….good food

  143. Avatar photo
    Hj Neo

    Great foods. Great staffs.
    What’s more to say.
    Long queue though. So be prepared to wait 30min.

  144. Avatar photo
    Wai Fong

    Nice food but always with queue, waiting time estimate 30 to 45mins

  145. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Food tasty, services good promptly

  146. Avatar photo
    Texximond Thong

    Been here a few times and the food served are pretty consistent. Which is different from some other outlets I have patronized.
    Keep up the good work …

  147. Avatar photo
    Reega Effendi

    Long queue but good food and service

  148. Avatar photo
    Oscar Lee

    Food is consistently good, dined here a couple of times. Only issue is long waiting time but the QR-code management system makes the wait alright as we can walk around the mall while waiting for a table.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ken Lim

    Staff are very polite and attentive. Must try pork Rib fried rice, all time favorite!!!

  150. Avatar photo

    Finally, I don’t have to wait to eat Din Tai Fung. The taste is very good. Every dish is delicious. No wonder there is a long queue every time. Recommend!

  151. Avatar photo
    Zhen Yu Lim

    Horrible waiting time for getting seats which takes about 20mins and another 30 mins to get the food. Dont waste your weekend waiting at this outlet.

  152. Avatar photo
    Teddy Lee

    Nice place. The dumpling is consider one of the best in Singapore in my opinion. The fried rices are very fragrance and have a nice texture.

  153. Avatar photo

    The xiao long bao is good (4 stars), pork cutlet egg fried rice was okay (3 stars), dan dan noodles were average (3 stars), appetiser was pretty decent (3.5 stars), tea was okayish (3 stars), the fried prawn cake was pretty delectable (4.5 stars). The price was acceptable (3.5 stars). Ambience was okay too. Overall experience was quite average (3.5 stars)

  154. Avatar photo

    Usual DTF fare except service is just a small notch above others – including flagship store in Tai Seng. The staffs are efficient vut mechanically so. Perhaps the long line of customers outside added to their stress level. Food quality is good. Portions adequate. One thing though their famous toothpicks with built in flosser has gone extinct. Tsk tsk. And the noise level is too much.

  155. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Tan

    Great restaurant service and online queue system was really convenient.

  156. Avatar photo

    Always spoilt for choice on whether to drink Chinese tea or their ice lemon tee.

  157. Avatar photo
    Sylvester Tan

    Absolutely amazing food. Service is good and the queue system is efficient and makes perfect sense. They give u the menu when u get your queue number so u can make your order decisions prior. The price though is a bit steep so a good splurge once in a while and one of the xiao long bao broke while it was hot

  158. Avatar photo
    Aikhong Chua

    The food and services are always up to standard with strict SOPs in place in the Ding Tai Fung group.

  159. Avatar photo
    Ye “Kunlun” Yang

    Standardized steam bun and warm beef soup makes a decent good meal and a happy family time. Comforting food!

  160. Avatar photo
    Antoine R

    Great food unfortunately the experience was not enjoyable due to excessive A/C I almost went into hypothermia

  161. Avatar photo
    Shwetank Arya

    Not my kind of place but it was a good experience, specially tea, ginger vineger and long bao.

    Take note. They are really busy at times. I witnessed long queues.

  162. Avatar photo
    Rhian Koh

    Service was good thou the fried rice that day wasn’t as delicious as usual.

  163. Avatar photo
    Phillip H.

    Fried rice is a must try on top of the Xiao Long Bao.

  164. Avatar photo

    Try their friedrice chicken chop worth it

  165. Avatar photo
    Tommy Ng

    Located on the 2nd level of JEM where you take the green MRT line and alight at Jurong East Interchange. Exit from the MRT leading towards JEM and walk towards the end. They are located beside the bridge in JEM connecting towards Westgate.

    Famous for their Tang Bao, this Taiwanese brand of restaurants was once awarded a Michelin star for their outlet in Hong Kong and with most franchises, their standards will drop over time. In my opinion, they are still good to visit for a meal every now and then but to queue for a significant amount of time is just not worth it.

    It’s great that they streamlined a huge part of their operation by scanning a QR code at the entrance to be assigned a queue number (which I have provided in this post) so to not waste time standing at their entrance and ordering using a QR code given by the staff when you’re seated is much more efficient than writing down on a huge piece of form which was practiced in the past.

    Their food are still good with new flavors and dishes every so often. I visited when they have the chilli crab Tang Bao and boy was I amazed, it’s unique taste replicates the taste of an actual chilli crab in a Bao! I highly suggest you try it while they’re available. The usual dishes from them are tasty but fantastic. I just hope that even with their streamlining, they would increase more manpower as there are times where I could not get any service crew for any help.

  166. Avatar photo
    Francis Soh

    Very tasty, despite phase 2 restrictions. Tables are well space out.

  167. Avatar photo
    Kurizu L

    The food was not as fresh and delicious as before. The services was average standard.

  168. Avatar photo
    Ben Koh

    Fast serving and nice food

  169. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ang

    CNY crowd, waiting time can be longer than usual. May squeeze you into tables that may not really fit your group size. Food quality still remains similar.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ratna Kariyawasam

    We had a late lunch here. And even at that time it’s about 50 to 60 percent full. The menu is quite extensive. Their dumplings are really good. The egg fried rice is very good. We also had several fried meat dishes and all of them were presented hot and was tasty. The pork soup they make is an exellent soup. This one of the few time that all of us on the table finished our soup including the meat when presented with pork soup. The noodles was enjoyed by my friends but was too hot for me as I do not like so much dried red chillies in my food.

  171. Avatar photo
    Khun Chalee

    Great customer service. Very attentive and managed expectations well even with long queues. And food is fantastic.

  172. Avatar photo
    Lim Bee Choo

    First time to DTF ,as it was weekday and we were there earlier around 5.30pm so there was no q,the food we ordered didn’t disappoint us,especially the chicken soup ,porkchop fried rice and Naibai vegetables, will visit again

  173. Avatar photo
    Kenny Cheong

    The staff seem genuinely caring and helpful. Food was good too.

  174. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    [Updated Sep 2022] The crowd is back! LOL Do expect long queue during peak lunch and dinner hours LOL

    My all time favourite Xiao Long Bao!

  175. Avatar photo
    Saritha Samudrala

    Good place to eat singaporean style Chinese food…. long waiting usually so get a number for around for shopping and come back

  176. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chay

    Xiao long bao was good, chilli was nice, pork fried rice was not as nice as I thought. Rice was too wet, no wok hey, not enough flavour. Not worth the wait tho

  177. Avatar photo
    Elaina Poh

    Love the clean environment, clean presentation, clean menu and clean services provided by the staffs at Jem.

    Beef noodle is a must try item. Tender, juice of the beef is so good. However, the soup base is rather light for us.

  178. Avatar photo
    Min Khant Zaw

    Average food. I heard good things about their egg fried rice and xlb but found it rather bland when I tried it. Service is okay too. Just got in time before lunch time so the queue was not that long.

  179. Avatar photo
    Siew Hing Lam

    Food is fantastic. Worth the wait. Staffs are attentive, refill your tea when it’s half cup. Ensure that the tea is always hot. Good service.

  180. Avatar photo
    Sigit Sugiarto

    Food is good and of consistent quality. But serving was rather slow during lunch hour.

  181. Avatar photo
    Darren Ho

    The food was fantastic , especially the xiao long bao, it was out of this world. The sides were fanatastic and so as the noodles. Ambience is great and I would recommend that you go there and try it. Worth your money.

  182. Avatar photo
    KiatJin Chew

    Long waiting time and food no longer nice anymore

  183. Avatar photo
    Doris L

    Great dining experience. Enjoyed the food w fellow colleagues

  184. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Lim

    Recommended: Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Oriental wantons in chilli (!!! super recommend!)

    That’s our typical order at DTF, just right for 2 pax.

    It can turn out to be a super long wait if you visit over the weekends or during dinner time – we waited for an hour to get a seat, and another 25 minutes for the food to arrive. The food quality is the same as other outlets, nothing terrible or outstanding about it.

  185. Avatar photo
    Wilson Choo

    Good service and consistent quality of food despite the weekend crowd.

  186. Avatar photo
    Lionel Wong

    Tried the xiao long bao, prawn fried rice, and mushroom la mian. Xiao long bao is on point as usual. Fried rice wasn’t as fluffy as the JB City Square outlet. Mushroom la mian was so-so. Their service was kind of slow on this particular day, we finished our la mian and almost finished the fried rice before it arrived. We weren’t even hurrying. Overall it’s still nice.

  187. Avatar photo
    Sowmya Ravichandran

    There is a separate vegetarian menu. Do try vegetarians. It’s a delightful ambience located in a busy mall.

  188. Avatar photo
    Engel D'silva

    Excellent food here. Around 10-15 minutes waiting time but worth the wait. The sliced beef and hot / sour soup definitely are our favourite dishes !

  189. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Wangoo

    Excellent place for experience of great food. May favourite two dishes …

  190. Avatar photo

    Rated one of the best Chinese food in the region. We made it to the place around 2.30 pm on a weekday so fortunately we didn’t have to wait and got a table straight away.

  191. Avatar photo

    Dishes are rather bland, contrary to most reviews, dtf is lacking and not worth the money

  192. Avatar photo
    Fong Fiona

    Food still good but the size seow long pao reduce in size.

  193. Avatar photo
    Timothy Leong

    Fried rice with egg is popular dish of Din Tai Fung. It’s also my top favourite dish. However, the quality over here isn’t as tasty compare with Jurong Point branch.

  194. Avatar photo
    Manu Andre

    If you don’t mind to wait one hour outside and another 30+ minutes at the table to get your food, avoid dinner and lunch time. And weekends. Otherwise the food is really nice, but worth such wait? Nah

  195. Avatar photo
    Egor Khaidarov

    This outlet seems understaffed. Had to wait in line to enter while there were free tables just because the person was busy with payment and grab riders. Don’t come here on weekend. Food is up to their standard, no complains.

  196. Avatar photo
    Justin Wong

    Food and service quality at this branch is good…comparable to that at that flagship branch in Paragon
    Keep up the good work

  197. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Had dinner here. Ordered the fried rice with pork, spinach, sichuan soup and the yam Xiao long bao.

    Taste, above average to me. Quite a lot of places would be able to produce this taste.

    Price, slightly high for food like this. Service, not the best, but will do especially during dinner time.

    For those who want desserts, they should give the yam xlbao a try. That one is quite good…

  198. Avatar photo

    Walked in at 5.15pm on the last day of a long weekend and was surprised there wasn’t a queue.

    Surprised that there wasn’t a wait, we requested to get a number and wait outside but the servers said it’s okay to wait inside and order some appetisers for a start. Excellent customer experience there and then!

    And we were also surprised because it’s the first time we didn’t had to ask for tea refill, as they have a waiter constantly topping up any half empty glasses throughout dinner. I was honestly impressed ️

    The dishes were served generally after 15-30 minutes, with the main course coming before the Xiao Long Bao and fried dishes, which should usually be the other way around. That said, it doesn’t really matter since they are as delicious as usual, given that it’s a global franchise.

    All in all, happy with the customer service and experience here at this outlet.

  199. Avatar photo
    Shannon L

    Great place for family with young kids. Long waiting time during meal time so better go early

  200. Avatar photo
    Venomancer Zhou

    The food is nice and affordable

  201. Avatar photo
    Coco happyprincess

    a place for family dinning and especially packed on weekends . the piping hot XLB (xiao long bao) a must have . fried rice and other dishes are decently good too . if you have time, do prepare to Q ohh …

  202. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Chow

    Always loved those dumplings and pork chops. Great services too.

  203. Avatar photo
    Rishi Marwah

    Love the food. Always a waiting line!

  204. Avatar photo
    Rui Chua

    Love their xiao long bao! Food standard is consistent. However, one of our dish took very long before it was served.

  205. Avatar photo
    อําพร เนอิน

    Good food

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