Review Din Tai Fung, 26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

Review Din Tai Fung - Singapore 26 Sentosa Gateway

“Best Din Tai Fung for me, very tasty. Fast service, very clean, the Xiao Long Bao is mouthwatering!” or “Foods and services expected to be of high quality were delivered as such. A sumptuous lunch after tiring morning in Sentosa Island …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Din Tai Fung. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Din Tai Fung is quality.

Introduction about Din Tai Fung

Here are some fundamental details regarding Din Tai Fung. In terms of Taiwanese restaurant, it is generally believed that Din Tai Fungis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-217 Resort World Sentosa, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Taiwanese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 66863565 (+65 66863565)
  • Website:
  • Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-217 Resort World Sentosa, Singapore
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Detailed information of Din Tai Fung

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Here are the operating hours of Din Tai Fung.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Friday, Saturday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM.

Sunday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM.


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How to contact Din Tai Fung?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Din Tai Fung via:

Phone number

You can reach Din Tai Fung at 66863565(+65 66863565). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Din Tai Fung via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-217 Resort World Sentosa, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Din Tai Fung reviews

Din Tai Fung is among the best destinations of Taiwanese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Din Tai Fung good?

To determine whether Din Tai Fung is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Best Din Tai Fung for me, very tasty. Fast service, very clean, the Xiao Long Bao is mouthwatering!”

“Foods and services expected to be of high quality were delivered as such. A sumptuous lunch after tiring morning in Sentosa Island …”

“Feels good when eating xiao long bao and fried rice. a bit tasteless but they are using healthy ingredients.”

“Nice food and good service. Supervisor Xianglian 1971 and their staffs are very courteous and helpful.”

“Went here after taking rides in USS. This area is really expensive. 1 singdollar for every glass of ice water. I think the food is good and worth a try.”

“Amazing food!! The dumplings are exceptional. There are so many varieties to choose. They have meat, vegetarian, and even desert. The prices are great and the service is relatively quick and attentive.”

“Great food! Has veg options like veg dumplings and buns. Fried rice is good as well. The lemongrass drink is refreshing. If you like mangoes , you must try the mango pudding …”

“Ok lah~ What’s new? Almost everyone in this world have tried din tai fung. But I find this outlet the service not as good~”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 215 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 89% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Din Tai Fung, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Din Tai Fung, 26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

There is a total 215 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Aaron Tyra

    looks huge from outside. seems like a waste of space. same taste as with any other Din Tai Fung. 🙂

  2. Avatar photo

    the food takes a really long time to arrive. you should order everything at once

  3. Avatar photo
    1dragon2snakes Nguyen

    Not sure if we came on bad day or not but it was not the experience I expected. The food was serve fresh; dumpling was great, noodles with pickles was delightful, and spicy wonton was what you expect. However, service was not as attentive as I expect. We waited about 10-15 minutes for water after ordering it, on top of it we had to flagged someone down to get more water. If this was a smaller restaurant I would have been fine with it but this restaurant is a big name and we paid a little more for that extra service.

  4. Avatar photo
    Drew Goh

    Food here is on par with their other outlets. We came a bit after the dinner rush, so there wasn’t a queue. Food came out pretty quickly.

    Only issue was the waitress tried to hardsell us on one of their dishes, so I dropped a star for them. That was annoying. The rest of the staff were good and gave quick service (and even covered up my girlfriend’s bag in their basket).

    The seafood fried rice / shrimp fried rice was great, with a lot of shrimps. Xiao Long Bao came out hot and the skin didn’t break easily, but also wasn’t tough. Overall, good food, only the waitress was annoying. Spend about $70 for two pax.

  5. Avatar photo
    Jerry Yang


  6. Avatar photo
    P C

    Spacious. Good food. Helpful staff.

  7. Avatar photo
    Amos Wee

    Nice place for a meal but could be a 30min wait.

  8. Avatar photo
    Ethan He

    The quietest branch to go to if you don’t mind the travel (if it’s not tourist peak season).

  9. Avatar photo

    Satisfied my cravings for noodles

  10. Avatar photo
    nelson woo

    I thought it was just another overpriced touristy restaurant until I looked at the menu. Price was reasonable for its location and service was superb. The server’s recommendations of dumplings and desserts were marvelous. Love it!

  11. Avatar photo
    Alongkorn Kiatdilokrath

    Good taste famous Chinese restaurant

  12. Avatar photo
    Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

    We are regular here like a furniture, visit Din Tai Fung almost 2-3 times a month. Oriental wontons in red chilli oil and vinegar is standout dish, so are the chicken dumplings and veg and pork dumplings, also try the veg and pork dumplings in special chicken broth. Service is excellent and best in class.

  13. Avatar photo

    After many meals at various DTF around Singapore. I kinda feel that their best service outlet is at Sentosa. The food to me is always an “oki lor” but the main reason which keeps my family coming back, is the service.

    Today they up sell me their $5.50 cucumbers. Now isn’t that expensive?

  14. Avatar photo
    jeana zhang

    I came with family to eat in the afternoon, the moment we stepped in the restaurant, the supervisor, Xie Xianglian welcomed us warmly, she took excellent care of my family, especially my smallest 2 year old son. She was also very gently and careful with him.when i say that it felt like i was some super important guest from Australia. Overall i woulf highly recommend this restaurant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  15. Avatar photo
    Phil Tonis

    Quite nice resturant.

  16. Avatar photo
    Chester Chen

    Good service.

    Price on the high side.

  17. Avatar photo
    Professional Tummy

    The best place to dine in and end off our tiring day!
    Service: staff was polite and very patient with us. Food was served rather fast too
    Xiao long bao: juicy, tasty and lighten our mood
    Drinks: refreshing and a must to get along with your food
    Food: delicious ingredients and flavours fall perfectly together

  18. Avatar photo
    Marklin Ho

    Tues ️ Jan 2023 ️ lovely and pleasant Chinese staff who served my mum and I cordially right from the moment we entered till we left ️ perfect teatime snack for us as we managed to get a seat immediately upon arrival tasty fresh food tops it off to make a five-star first impression

  19. Avatar photo
    Raaju Ganiesh Sunder

    Good place

  20. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Salazar

    Love this place!

  21. Avatar photo
    Ang Yong Jie

    The food quality here are really a level ahead of other stores. The only thing is the waiting time for patrons could be slightly better

  22. Avatar photo
    Sin An Na

    Nice food . Excellent taste

  23. Avatar photo
    Raquel Lara

    Delicious and yummy..

  24. Avatar photo
    Samuel Teo

    We were celebrating my friends birthday here and they were very kind and welcoming even with a baby running around, highly recommended this place after your time in Sentosa Thank you Supervisor xiexianglian for serving us.

  25. Avatar photo
    charita sarda

    Best dumplings ever

  26. Avatar photo
    Eng Soon Ong

    Rich marine species for viewing.

  27. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Good food, good and efficient service. Was told there’s 45 minute wait time and ended up getting a table in 43 minutes. Now that’s impressive! Consistent with DFT outlets, the wait is rewarded with good food, service and pleasant ambience. Even with last minute additions to orders, items were served promptly and cheerfully. Keep up the good work. Recommended.

  28. Avatar photo
    Alina Teodorescu

    Dumplings were great but it’s a shame that it’s all I could eat there for lunch since there weren’t more vegan options.

  29. Avatar photo
    Kok How Teh

    The “bak chang” is a scam! Using chicken instead of pork and there is no chestnut at all. It tastes more like a cheap sticky rice which is sold for $7+.

  30. Avatar photo

    Good food as always!

  31. Avatar photo
    CL Sparkman

    Gosh I like this chain. Surprisingly it seems the crowds are shorter at Sentosa than their venues closer into the city.

    Second visit. I think that this venue is not quite as good as others in Singapore. No loyalty to the tourists, but long bao still are sthard to beat.

  32. Avatar photo
    Mark Lee

    Generally nice but alot of the noodle dishes weren’t available. Service is excellent

  33. Avatar photo
    AK WorldTraveller

    The best Dim Sum place I have ever been to

  34. Avatar photo
    Rianne Wynn

    Good old DTF.

    What I’d order again:
    – Oriental salad
    – xlb
    – Stewed beancurd cubes with honey sauce
    – Deep fried veg and pork wantons
    – Spicy hot and sour soup
    – Fried rice with pork chop

  35. Avatar photo
    T J Khoo

    Nice food and good service. Although the restaurant was packed, we received our food in about 20 minutes. The xiao long bao is a must-try.

  36. Avatar photo
    Tanna Chang

    Friendly staff and quality food as always. Best part is no queue.

  37. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chan

    Service needs improvement and more attention to be paid for kids

  38. Avatar photo
    James Tan

    Decent food but can very very crowded.

  39. Avatar photo
    Gerard Goh Kwan Hung

    Great food

  40. Avatar photo
    Renny Ruha

    Very good dumbling place. Especially pork dumblings were good. Highly recommend. Only minus is a long waiting que but it’s worth of it.

  41. Avatar photo
    joe computers

    not I pay. big place

  42. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Mathur

    Good food and efficient service.

  43. Avatar photo
    YL H

    Service is really slow for 1pm lunch time. We waited 30mins for the food and was told another 10 mins for the xiao long bao and fried rice. If you are not in a hurry, it is ok. So, jus prepare to wait.

  44. Avatar photo
    Pan Nawathanachot


  45. Avatar photo
    Nguyễn Phong (DP Nguyễn)

    Good Location, best food.

  46. Avatar photo
    Surbhi Jain

    Amazing dumplings, please please give it a try. Worth it

  47. Avatar photo
    Teo Desmond (Desmond Sean Teo)

    Ok lah~
    What’s new? Almost everyone in this world have tried din tai fung.
    But I find this outlet the service not as good~

  48. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lee

    The food at this DTF outlet is below par compared to other DTF outlets. I would give other DTF a 5star. But I am rating this Sentosa outlet a 3star. The infamous egg fried rice is bland. The xiao long bao is also bland. And I like to eat DTF and frequent other DTF outlets so I know what I am eating.

  49. Avatar photo
    MiL Matthew

    Nice place to enjoy Taiwanese dumplings

  50. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    This outlet doesn’t open daily, only when USS is also open. When we were there on a Wednesday afternoon, it was packed and we had to wait about 45mins for table to be ready. Some dishes were also not available which is disappointing. But at least the other dishes we ordered were consistent in taste with other branches. Service was also prompt.

  51. Avatar photo
    Philipp Wolle

    Good food. Fast service.

  52. Avatar photo
    Valentino Papiatta

    So good food I love it for life …

  53. Avatar photo
    S Lee

    This branch of Din Tai Fung is not as nicely decorated as the others. And if you’re a member of Resorts World Sentosa, do note you don’t get any points for spending at this restaurant. But my son loves their xiaolongbao so we come anyway whoever we visit the aquarium.

  54. Avatar photo

    Feels good when eating xiao long bao and fried rice. a bit tasteless but they are using healthy ingredients.

  55. Avatar photo
    Invest Couple

    Food is so-so. The atmosphere is not relaxing as the service staff looks so tired especially the restaurant manager (guy). He made a mistake by saying the promotion is not available for weekend dinners. In addition, not sure how true, he said the promotion is not valid for some items.. the whole place is quite noisy, we are quite likely not coming back to this outlet. Should have gone to Paradise restaurant nearby.. will not recommend anyone to visit unless you have energy to fact check the promotion with the staffs before going in.

  56. Avatar photo
    Ace Russel

    A very nice, clean Taiwanese restaurant.. Food like other outlets is good and service is very efficient.

  57. Avatar photo
    Olivier Reuland

    The food was excellent. The only let downs are the ambiance/noise and the fact that you have to pay for tap water…

  58. Avatar photo
    Wesley Wong

    This din tai Fung service is very slow, have to ask a few times in order to get a cup of water. The noodle taste is bland and the special Tang Bao has a very thick skin, taste is bland as well. The bun is also dry when it arrive at our table, and it looked pathetic as we only order 1 in a big bamboo steamer.

  59. Avatar photo
    Anson Kaligis

    Great food

  60. Avatar photo
    Rupali Karekar

    They messed up my order

  61. Avatar photo
    Dora Explorer

    Food is good, although disappointing service

  62. Avatar photo
    SMJ Nishie

    Nice food and good service.

    Supervisor Xianglian 1971 and their staffs are very courteous and helpful.

  63. Avatar photo
    Felicity Angela Chen

    Din Tai Fung never fails to satisfy me. Good crowds, chefs are excellent. Contrary to the norm, I prefer their fried rice and noodles.

  64. Avatar photo
    Julian Reutter

    Really tasty dumplings

  65. Avatar photo
    Jonny H

    Solid as always. Straight forward to use QR code for a place in the queue. The wait time it displays is way longer than it actually takes so be patient. Just had the Xiao long Bao for a snack, they came super fast!

  66. Avatar photo
    Ali Chua

    As with all other DTFs around, I really like how they maintain the consistency in their food offerings. The queues can be a little disastrous here at RWS, but it’s very well expected, considering that their value for money offering is much better compared to neighboring restaurants. Do make sure you get the Xiao Long Baos, and the Noodles and Soups if you’d like. Personal favorite, the shrimp fried rice and yam xlb.

  67. Avatar photo
    Hank Terrebrood

    Love the place. Delicious food and great service. It would have received 5 stars had the dan dan mien not been missing scallions and had enough sauce to adequately cover the noodles. Still awesome, just not perfect.

    They don’t serve lollipops nor suggest dipping them in vinegar, Holly thought it a great idea though.

  68. Avatar photo

    Good food, awesome location, good ambience, generally busy. I miss the free flow to Jasmine tea

  69. Avatar photo
    Brian McNeil

    Yi-Hua Was Great She Made The Experience A Good One… Food Served It’s Purpose . Dumplings And Sticky Buns!

  70. Avatar photo
    Douglas Dsilva

    Delicious Chinese food.Varieties of dumplings,fried rice,vegetables, soup,chicken and pork.Tasty too

  71. Avatar photo
    Edy Wongso

    Nice resto

  72. Avatar photo
    Suda Tantawansodsai

    Clean and comfortable

  73. Avatar photo
    Ae Ae

    Love it

  74. Avatar photo
    Siddharth Mahajan

    Excellent food, you must try the famous dumplings

  75. Avatar photo
    Nick Voulgaris

    Good service and tasty food.

  76. Avatar photo
    wkwsci 159

    Nice environment, clean and spacious. The Chinese Xiao long bao here is quite delicious, also quite similar to what I had in China. Also like their fried rice. just a little bit expensive.

  77. Avatar photo

    I came with a group of friends cause we celebrating my friend birthday and the staff was very nice to us. I highly recommend this place after your time in uss. The supervisor xie xianglian was very kind and kept walking around to see if we needed anything

  78. Avatar photo
    M LV

    Not the best Din Tai Fung but food quality is the same. Portions are small as usual and dishes are pricy. Service was just okay. They were friendly but not that attentive. The manager letting us know it was last call was really nice.

  79. Avatar photo
    Kenny Yang


  80. Avatar photo
    Shubham Bagrodia

    I couldn’t understand some of the ways being a foreigner but the thing I found difficult to get around was the cost for four glass of water was enough for me to have a good meal alone around 5-10$ but apart from that the food was great. You should visit definitely . …

  81. Avatar photo
    Avery Woon

    Nice XLB but super long queue…

  82. Avatar photo
    Rachel Ou

    Always love Din Tai Fung food. I’m a creature of habit and I always other the zhajiang minced meat noodle, hot and sour soup and the famous xiao long bao. food is always consistent.

  83. Avatar photo
    Philip Ong一龍王者 东海霸主

    Their offering had been great for the past few times I had been there.

  84. Avatar photo
    Peter Ng

    Great food with great service

  85. Avatar photo
    Cathy Cheung

    professional dumplings maker. comfortable aircon. efficient service

  86. Avatar photo
    Jeanette Lee

    Disappointed with the Liao long bao. No taste at all. But the noodle is good, just the noodle only.

  87. Avatar photo

    A pretty solid restaurant serving Chinese food. The price is reasonable and the staff are friendly. However, the service is very slow and I had to wait 45 mins for my Xiao Long Bao. Have to wait a long time to enter and reservation is recommended if you want to dine in.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jim Tan

    Great DTF outlet that combined with other restaurant that you can order something else that you cant order from other outlet.
    The guests is not as busy compare to other outlet in town.

  89. Avatar photo
    Gary Heng

    The chinese food is fresh and tasty and the service is very good.

  90. Avatar photo
    my music Gift

    Yum yum good …

  91. Avatar photo
    A. Gani

    Long waiting list for dinner, but good food.

  92. Avatar photo
    Mac Cam

    Very nice food.. Worth every money

  93. Avatar photo
    Jia Tsing Ng

    Somehow I think the overall taste across DTFs have deteriorated. The Xiao Long Baus were relatively dry and the skin was thick.

    Crowds are still there so good for them, but there are certainly better Xiao Long Bau alternatives (paradise dynasty for one)

  94. Avatar photo
    Phuong Uyen Nguyen

    A high-class Chinese restaurant. The food was really great. It might be crowded at about 6pm.

  95. Avatar photo
    Mahesh Kini

    Great place, top service and good food.

  96. Avatar photo
    Sudha Shukla

    Awesome food

  97. Avatar photo
    Jose Angelo “Joey” Formoso

    The food was alright

  98. Avatar photo
    e nig ma

    just what I was looking for – dim sum par excellence

  99. Avatar photo
    Kath Alfonso

    Food is always great here at Din Tai Fung we had their world famous XLB, fried rice with chopped pork, hot and sour soup, wontons in black vinegar and chili sauce, and Custard buns for dessert
    Recommends making a reservation in advance to avoid long lines specially during busy hours.

  100. Avatar photo
    Cristo Wong

    I only found one restaurant outside Universal Studio providing vegetarian options. The steamed vegetable dumplings are tasty but at high price. Many people waiting for table outside, so reservation is suggested.

  101. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Tan

    A good place to dine in …

  102. Avatar photo
    Lyn Banzali

    One of the best chinese resto in SG.

  103. Avatar photo
    Éva Gál

    Great selection, perfect service

  104. Avatar photo
    Michael Cooper

    Great food, good service.

  105. Avatar photo
    Diem Le

    Food was delicious! Came out quick.

  106. Avatar photo
    Wii L

    At least a 45-min wait during meal times so patience is necessary. I love bringing guests here for its variety of steam dumplings. I recommend the pork, shrimp and crab dumplings. Also love the pork cutlet rice, and sweet and sour soup.

  107. Avatar photo
    Cool Cumcumber

    Love their pork chop noodles. Glad they have an outlet at Sentosa, where most food are not as good. Long wait though but at least there are seats for waiting outside. Comfort food.

  108. Avatar photo
    Andy Volk

    5 stars for their legendary Xiao Long Bao. Minus 1 star for cutting off orders at least 1 hour before closing time — late night diners, be aware!

  109. Avatar photo
    JW H

    Good food good service! Will definitely revisit

  110. Avatar photo

    Best Din Tai Fung for me, very tasty. Fast service, very clean, the Xiao Long Bao is mouthwatering!

  111. Avatar photo
    Meenakshi Prasad

    Our comfort food place. The dim sum, prawn fried rice, and spicy noodles is our staple. Love their consistency not just across Singapore but Taiwan too

  112. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    You can’t go wrong with Din Tai Fung. Quality is consistent, and service is very en pointe. I like how they fly actual Taiwanese down to serve at the restaurants here, for rotations and trainings of the locals. RWS outlet can be a little crowded, and the wait can be a little long. But I assure you, it’s worth it. The surrounding restaurants at RWS is good, but not this good a dining experience I can assure you.

  113. Avatar photo

    Great food always busy

  114. Avatar photo
    Hieu Nguyen Trong

    Good choice after joining Sea Aquarium in Sentosa, Singapore.

  115. Avatar photo
    Len Ng

    Good Shanghainese fare!

  116. Avatar photo
    Minh Nguyen

    Foods are good
    Nice and friendly staff
    Quick serving

  117. Avatar photo
    Jaishank Gupta

    Much has been spoken about Din Tai Fung’s food and service. What I would like to highlight is their constant zeal of continuous improvement. I had visited the Sentosa outlet in a gap of 8 months and while previously they did have vegetarian options in my second visit I was pleasantly surprised to notice they had a separate vegetarian menu.

    This truly shows their commitment towards customer service and are open to be flexible even after having set systems.

  118. Avatar photo
    Leonid R

    Great place

  119. Avatar photo
    Samuel Goh

    We tend to come to this Din Tai Fung when visiting Resorts World Sentosa. They serve great typical Din Tai Fung food in a comfortable air-conditioned atmosphere. If we’re seated toward the inner side of the restaurant, the ambience seems better cos it is quieter there. This time, we were seated very close to the entrance so it was the noisiest experience we’ve ever had.

    We ordered the Shredded Meat Fried Rice, Braised Beef Noodles, Prawn Pancake, 菜肉包, Boiled Dumplings and Earl Grey Tea. I can safely attest to the fact that all these dishes are really good and very consistent with each visit. As such, we tend to order these same dishes at every Din Tai Fung visit.

    We were greeted by the jovial, conversant and welcoming Ms Joyce and it was a very pleasant experience because of her.

    However, we had waited for about 45min for the 菜肉包 and had asked another waitress dressed in black about it twice. When we wanted to cancel the order, she insisted on keeping the order and rushed it to our table though we had already cleared up the rest of our dishes. My daughter said she looked rather stressed. We were fine with it so we stayed on to finish up the bao.

    All in all, we enjoy coming here and will return again.

  120. Avatar photo
    Kath Alfonso

    Food is always great here at Din Tai Fung we had their world famous XLB, fried rice with chopped pork, hot and sour soup, wontons in black vinegar and chili sauce, and Custard buns for dessert
    Recommends making a reservation in advance to avoid long lines specially during busy hours.

  121. Avatar photo
    Isaac Tan

    Fast service, not too long a queue, too bad the da long bao is sold out.

  122. Avatar photo
    Michelle Zenawick

    Phenomenal food!!!! Definitely a must go place to eat!

  123. Avatar photo
    Amelia Wong (Polkadotchef)

    Many items not available on Sunday evening 6pm. We sat at a corner so the aircon was not strong and felt rather stuffy hence the whole experience was not the best. Food was per usual standard so no complaints. Service was pretty good too.

  124. Avatar photo
    do duyanh

    Food is excellent, especially the fried rice with shrimp and egg

  125. Avatar photo
    Adrian Tanase

    Very nice restaurant, a good variety of food. A cute small robot is used to show you to your table.

  126. Avatar photo
    Kok Sem Low

    Nice food for family with all generations… ^_^

  127. Avatar photo
    Manu Garg

    Great dumplings. Love the Shrimp and Pork Shao Mao. It’s exactly like the Din Tai Fung in Seattle and Bellevue, WA.

  128. Avatar photo
    mark neow

    Great food at a reasonable price in RWS.

  129. Avatar photo
    Throttle Stop

    I had a great time with my family here. It serves good authentic Chinese food at affordable prices. It was quite crowded when I was here and I had to wait around 30 minutes before I was served but the wait was well worth it.

  130. Avatar photo
    LIM SM

    Great food.

  131. Avatar photo
    Db N

    Good food and great service, a reliable go-to join whenever we are at RWS. Only downside is there’s always a queue but it is fast moving – the staff has an efficient system in place.

  132. Avatar photo
    Richard Mills

    Great food, service staff were very good

  133. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Michelle Smith

    Amazing food!! The dumplings are exceptional. There are so many varieties to choose. They have meat, vegetarian, and even desert. The prices are great and the service is relatively quick and attentive.

  134. Avatar photo
    Loc Kee

    A Taiwanese restaurant that is famous with it’s xiao long pao or meat dumpling. Apart of yat their fried tat very good as well

  135. Avatar photo
    Holistic Cookie

    Not the best Din Tai Fung in town. The food is also not as good as the other branches in the country, with the best food and service at the Nex Shopping Mall. Like all things in the Sentosa area, it’s also slightly more expensive than other Din Tai Fungs. Service remains excellent.

  136. Avatar photo
    Divya Varghese

    The best dumplings I’ve ever had!

  137. Avatar photo
    Leo Jin

    Nice food and efficient service. I strongly recommend this restaurant to tourists especially those who from mainland China.

  138. Avatar photo
    Ange Ou Demon

    Good food and attentive staffs. All time favorite!

  139. Avatar photo
    Hazel lim Chun Peng

    comfort food! fav outlet in singapore!

  140. Avatar photo
    Serene Lee

    I had lunch there.. the restaurant is big.

  141. Avatar photo

  142. Avatar photo
    Jaydeep Deshpande

    Lovely Taiwanese food. A must visit!

  143. Avatar photo
    Zi Hao Yang

    This place is nice and fancy, the staff are wonderful and kind. No wonder this is a Michelin starred restaurant!

  144. Avatar photo
    Fumiki Nakao


  145. Avatar photo
    Kesmond Kwek

    The usual Din Tai Fung food quality annd standard. Ordering now is through a website by scanning a QR code. All their 小笼包 selection has the same picture and just one click you might order the wrong item.

  146. Avatar photo
    Jeremiah Pan

    Great food, excellent service

  147. Avatar photo
    * “‪Cho‬” *

    Understaff. Long wait for food.

  148. Avatar photo
    Praveen Visesh

    Great food.. even for vegetarians!

  149. Avatar photo
    MK Tan

    Went with my family. Crowded but service was adequate. Food was so so.

  150. Avatar photo
    Melvin Roper

    Good food, but expensive. No forks or spoon so you’ll have to make do with chopsticks, may be a bit tough if you’re a western person like me …

  151. Avatar photo
    Onur Oguzhan

    Love love love!

  152. Avatar photo
    Guan Li

    Really really good Chinese restaurant, the ambience is great

  153. Avatar photo
    Soo Khiang OO1

    Yummy Tim sum is what you should expect when you dine at din Tai fung restaurant located at resort world sentosa. Many flock to this Tim sun restaurant during peak hours and be prepared to wait for a while as you will be handed a order sheet where you can preselect your order. If you can’t comprehend Chinese then do insist that staff hand you a menu where there are beautiful photos of the food. This is one of the must visit restaurants when at resort world

  154. Avatar photo
    kevin shanmugam

    Always a favourite if you are craving some Taiwanese cuisine. The Ciao Long Pao and Pork Rib Friend rice is a must try.

  155. Avatar photo
    CC Leau

    Bland-tasting xiao long bao …
    Surprised to find their xiao long bao quite tasteless – feel its a letdown from a restaurant famous for this dish.
    The spicy & sour soup was neither spicy nor sour – apparently it’s to cater to international tourists but feel its no longer authentic.
    Fried and soup noodles were so-so.
    The only tasty dish was fried prawn cake.

  156. Avatar photo
    Evan Leonhardt

    This location runs like a well oiled machine. Even when it’s slammed it moves food and people through with efficiency. Definitely a good value considering the location. Will be back.

  157. Avatar photo
    Sara Aiyer

    Wonderful ambience and quality dining

  158. Avatar photo
    kayden chan

    Attentive staff. Good service good food.

  159. Avatar photo
    Stella Wijaya

    Precision at its best

  160. Avatar photo

    Good food and rice is amazing

  161. Avatar photo
    Andre Loh

    Egg fried rice and xiao long bao is like the best. Ther service is also very fantastic. Keep it up

  162. Avatar photo

    Great Taiwanese restaurant. Very clean and tidy. Food was great and moderately priced. Location is centralised too.

  163. Avatar photo
    Vaneet Dadra

    Like other dtf branches, simply great!

  164. Avatar photo
    Jay Chung


  165. Avatar photo
    Gareth Chen

    Spacious restaurant with a large seating area. I love Ding Tai Fung as they offer delicious food at very decent prices.

  166. Avatar photo
    SK Lim

    Good northern chinese food.

  167. Avatar photo
    lim yong

    Nothing much to share.

  168. Avatar photo
    Gaku Yokokawa

    Always good food!

  169. Avatar photo
    Yeeteng Ng

    Great food and good attitude

  170. Avatar photo
    Rakesh (RSR)

    Best experience in Din tai Fung always!! Try the chicken wings and chicken dumplings one of the best you can get!!

  171. Avatar photo
    Mer Koh

    long waiting time

  172. Avatar photo
    ef 2 point eight

    Long line to get in on a weekday – not the fault of the restaurant but something to keep in mind

    Food tasted average compared to other din Tai fung

    Waitresses non existent

  173. Avatar photo
    Winston Djohan

    very standardised restaurant. must eat the xiao long bao when you are there. i do enjoy all the foods there tho.

  174. Avatar photo
    Eugenia Eu


  175. Avatar photo
    Alexander Wermuth

    Delicious! Had a mango lychee salad with fried prawns. There are many more great dish compositions to select from.

  176. Avatar photo
    Shreya Ranka

    Great food! Has veg options like veg dumplings and buns. Fried rice is good as well. The lemongrass drink is refreshing. If you like mangoes , you must try the mango pudding …

  177. Avatar photo

    Be sure to be there earlier before the hours queue starts

  178. Avatar photo
    Si Yi Li

    The service staff called Chun Rong was absolutely amazing! I came with my grandparents and she put in extra effort to chat with them and made them feel really comfortable. Food is wonderful as always!

  179. Avatar photo
    Jason Telford

    Once I worked out the ordering process (and the staff were very friendly in helping us). Dumplings, you come here for the dumplings, and if they suggest the Michelin Star dumplings, you get these ones. OH MYYYY, I needed a moment because the little mouth party that was going on.

  180. Avatar photo

    Foods and services expected to be of high quality were delivered as such. A sumptuous lunch after tiring morning in Sentosa Island …

  181. Avatar photo
    Mei Cao

    Price is acceptable compare to other restaurants in Singapore.
    Food was 6/10 for me (I’m a fan of dimsum).
    Highly recommend chilicrab buns and peanut tangyuan sweet soup.
    Chili oil & vinegar wonton is my fav, but only 6/10 in Din Tai Fung Sentosa. I had this dish in DTF Shanghai and it’s way better than in Singapore. What a shame
    Xiaolongbao 5/10 , so sorry.

  182. Avatar photo

    Crab xiao long baos are overhyped but pork’s the best. The edamame in the jiajiangmian are a nice touch with color. Sweet and sour soup is lighter than I’d expect. Dimsum selection seems minimal and you do get what you pay for. …

  183. Avatar photo
    PP CC

    Supposed to be a nice restaurant, which has many franchise around the world.

    BUT, this one in Sentosa is not all that impressive anymore, yes they do have open plan kitchen and you can see they’re working on the bums. And it still taste okay compared to other Din Tai Fung.

    But the environment is not as good, long bench leather chair has holds and in Taiwan this would.have been changed. And the staffs keeps coming and promoting their side dish or gift pack when you didn’t order, kind of annoying and makes the restaurant’s class “low”, if you know what I’m saying.

  184. Avatar photo
    Yustinus Albert

    Technically i dont want to eat in here but my legs is so tired after 5 hour walking + we really hungry.. So no choice & the closest one we found is Din Tai Fung.. FYI, This place is consider expensive ya and also depend on your menu that you ar choosing..average per menus around 8-15 SGD..Today we testing almost 8 menu including drink(juice apple). Technically you can get free water in here assuming you dont want to buy drink(free refill)..The foods especially the dimsum is delicious and my favorite is pork with garlic and steamed pork dumplings..i recommend this place and i will come back again..keep the good work guys..Note: must fully vaccinated to eat inside..

  185. Avatar photo
    adrian C

    Excellent food

  186. Avatar photo
    Lee Shiuh Liang JasOn

    Food is the same Din Tai Fung. Staffs were friendly. Good.

  187. Avatar photo
    Kesmond Kwek

    The usual Din Tai Fung food quality annd standard. Ordering now is through a website by scanning a QR code. All their 小笼包 selection has the same picture and just one click you might order the wrong item.

  188. Avatar photo
    Renee Vanderhorst

    Lovely place on Sentosa island. Beautiful food

  189. Avatar photo
    Daylin Yap

    Came here to celebrate friends birthday and the food was amazing a bit expensive but the tea was good like THE TEAS WAS GOOD LIKE AMAZING WAH THE TEA IS THE BEST I EVER HAD U HAVE TO TRY THE TEA THE TEA TRY THE TEA

  190. Avatar photo
    Tuhin Sane

    favourite place for my dim-sum fix – visit at least once every 3 weeks

  191. Avatar photo
    Wendy Chin

    Only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday right now. You need to scan a QR code to book. It’s about a 30 to 60 minute wait on a Sunday night. Food is very good with a clean taste. Dumplings are handmade on site. You can pre pick your order while you wait and the waitress will scan when you are seated.

  192. Avatar photo
    Karishma Khanna

    The best dimsums

  193. Avatar photo
    Raphael Chew

    Good food but since becomin a franchise food prices and quality are quite regulated so you can expect what you would taste here

  194. Avatar photo
    Heng Tan

    Nice yummy chinede food.

  195. Avatar photo
    Mich Ong

    Food is OK. Do try these: Oriental Salad as opening dish, Prawn pancake is really good. They do offer vegetarian friendly dish as well. For vegetarian, try Vegetarian Dumpling – quite nice

  196. Avatar photo
    Isabel Austin

    Arrive before 11:30 to get ahead of the queue

  197. Avatar photo
    Hendy Ongkodjojo

    Lots of varieties from their signature steamed pork dumplings to sauteed vegetables and steamed buns. Order one or two rice or noodle dish with one or two dumpling dishes.

  198. Avatar photo
    Poustni Liska

    Crowded as hell but worth the wait. We tried the crab & pork, veggie and chicken dim sum and they we all super tasty. The service is polite and helpful. The place is not fancy but the environment is very clean. Would totally recommend!

  199. Avatar photo
    Apple iMAC

    The restaurant is famous for lots of Chinese cuisine which was worth-trying if you wish to try some Asian food in Singapore. The restaurant is located in Sentosa of Singapore, next to the A big candy store, opposite the gate of Universal Studio.

  200. Avatar photo
    Cheng Yee Lim

    The restaurant can be pretty pack during meal times so do expect long queues. To avoid queues, do arrive approximately 30 mins before the usual meal times. For example, 11.30am instead of 12pm for lunch.

    The food standard are as good as other outlets despite the crowd.

    They do serve vegan/ vegetarian dishes but don’t expect it to be a big variety.

  201. Avatar photo
    Gary Teo

    Great service

  202. Avatar photo
    Anit Roy

    So during a short trip to Singapore we ended up visiting Din Tai Fung restaurants twice – once at the Waterway Point in Punggol and once at Sentosa. There is obviously a marked difference in price between the 2 restaurants but the menu is the same. Both the restaurants were extremely busy and so be prepared to wait for a table. Take the time while you wait to select your order as the food takes time to arrive. Once you have selected the items and you have your table, you get to place your order. We ended up having an item missing from our selection in the order. Once pointed out, we were informed that it would take about 30 minutes for the missing dish to arrive. In short the place is super busy and so the service suffers a bit.
    Now coming to the food – we had several different types of the dim-sums and each of them were delicious. We also ordered the meat filled chilli peppers and some fried rice. All of them were very very tasty. We also had the lemon-grass cooler, this was excellent. I would really recommend the place for the fantastic food it serves. Don’t miss out on the chilli wantons. The food arrives in batches as and when it is ready – so order different types of food and share.

  203. Avatar photo
    Arunsankar R

    Less staffs and not a great response. Very unseen of DTF

  204. Avatar photo
    Jirehl John

    Went here after taking rides in USS. This area is really expensive. 1 singdollar for every glass of ice water. I think the food is good and worth a try.

  205. Avatar photo
    John K

    Although we understand this is a chain restaurant, the food was absolutely wonderful and so much to choose from! For a first time visitor it is maybe a little daunting as to order,you have to complete a tick form that indicates what you want but once past that, the food arrives quickly and hot. This is not a leisurely dinner affair as the Chinese seem to eat their meals quickly rather than savoring each bite. However, we recommend giving it a go.If you are not a spicy food eater,you have to ask for non spicy or a little bit spicy meal…

  206. Avatar photo
    Fred S

    Super busy, less friendly than average, but ok prices and same food as ever…

  207. Avatar photo
    Fabio crc

    Quality 5
    Quantity 5
    Price 5

  208. Avatar photo
    Koel Ganguly

    I was disappointed with the food today. We ordered shrimp dumplings with angled gourd. There was hardly any shrimp in that. The pork and the crab dumplings were also not super tasty. Staff was nice but it felt like they were rushing to turn tables more.

  209. Avatar photo
    Wesley Wong

    This din tai Fung service is very slow, have to ask a few times in order to get a cup of water. The noodle taste is bland and the special Tang Bao has a very thick skin, taste is bland as well. The bun is also dry when it arrive at our table, and it looked pathetic as we only order 1 in a big bamboo steamer.

  210. Avatar photo
    Intrepid Isas

    Always consistently good food at any Din Tai Fung we have tried around the world. A winning formula!

  211. Avatar photo
    Noe Tay

    Staff named with yin super friendly and excellent service thumps up team! Great food great !! …

  212. Avatar photo
    Vadim M

    One of those relatively rare options in Singapore, where good food and experience come at a medium price. Usually it is either cheap, but no much comfort (read – street food, which can be amazing, but hot and humid environment), or refined with high price tag.

  213. Avatar photo

    I love the fried rice here, it’s my favorite!

  214. Avatar photo

    Their signature dish xiao long bao is a must try! Their crispy fried prawn pancake is also fantastic!

  215. Avatar photo
    Abed Az

    Food is ok, the beef in the noodle was full of fat and looked old, the rest of the dishes were fine but nothing excellent

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