Review De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen, 2 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore

Review De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen - Singapore 2 Third Lok Yang Rd

“Visited the place after more than 20 years. The coffee ( which I made detour for ) is still superb. The same good stalls are still there.” or “The previous Bah Chor Mee replaced with this new one, with much more better taste. Try it yourself!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen is quality.

Introduction about De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen

Here are some fundamental details regarding De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen. In terms of Coffee shop, it is generally believed that De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteenis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Coffee shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62623807 (+65 62623807)
  • Address: 2 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6 AM to 7 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 8 AM to 6 PM.


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How to contact De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen via:

Phone number

You can reach De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen at 62623807(+65 62623807). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 2 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen reviews

De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen is among the best destinations of Coffee shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen good?

To determine whether De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Visited the place after more than 20 years. The coffee ( which I made detour for ) is still superb. The same good stalls are still there.”

“One of the best Prawn Noodles soup I've had, tastes exactly the same as back in Jurong Logistics Hub. Soup is very rich in flavour, fresh prawns and tender pork ribs.”

“The previous Bah Chor Mee replaced with this new one, with much more better taste. Try it yourself!”

“Very Nice Coffeeshop, very windy in such a sunny weather. The pig organ soup + rices is only $6 for 2 pax, very worth it.”

“Favourite breakfast place ... the only Bah Chor Mee with so much ingredients ... the vinegar mix is very tasty”

“The environment here is still okay, but there are a lot of people on lunch time.”

“Chanced upon this earlier and brought kids to try. They said it’s yummy!”

“One of the best malay food around the industrial area.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 275 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 74% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review De Tian Coffee House Lokyang Canteen, 2 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore

There is a total 275 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    CheeKong Lee

    Have a seafood dinner, delicious and diverse


  2. Avatar photo
    Abdul Latif


  3. Avatar photo
    Zong Ren Lee

    This coffee shop is usually busy during lunch time (12 to 1). So if you would like to get your food without much queue. You better go early to get your food.

    The prawn noodle is good. Originated from jurong port road.. This auntie uncle hawker sells really good traditional prawn mee. The soup base is good and so is the ‘ba kut’ really worth your try when you are there.

    The malay food also has a pretty interesting concept. You pick your ingredients and they will charge you accordingly for it. It’s cool cause you usually don’t get to choose and pick your food. The store will pick it for you when you choose it.

    The duck rice is pretty nice as well but I feel its kinda normal.

    Overall in tuas this is one of the most popular food places and most variety places. So expect the crowd to be huge when you are there.

    And pls tear your coupons. The parking warden will pay you a visit pretty often.

  4. Avatar photo
    Kamaruddin Katwadi

    Hajah faridah nasi padang offers different types of dishes. Open as early as 7am or earlier.

  5. Avatar photo
    Yue Tan

    agree 4.0 stars

    同意4.0 星

  6. Avatar photo

    Good stuff but it takes a long time to find a seat for lunch


  7. Avatar photo
    QBA Canon

    cheap and good food

  8. Avatar photo
    Khairul Jumaat

    Not enough parking space. On lunch time it will be super crowded.

  9. Avatar photo
    Kenichi Kato

    Nearest to my current workplace so had been my usual breakfast place since late last year and will only enjoy the food there till end of this year. The bee hoon stall is my go-to counter. Try to avoid lunch hours as will be very crowded
    Saw this morning that a new prawn noodle stall will start operation from Dec 28th. Will update with pic in my next trip.

  10. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ng

    Good selection

  11. Avatar photo
    Anuj AG

    Many canteen here with wide range of Indian, Malay and Chinese food

  12. Avatar photo
    Winston Goh

    Good spread of stalls selling different food, quite reasonably priced. Drinks sold on the high side and one of those few that don’t accept 5cents coin as part payment

  13. Avatar photo
    Tiaw Leong Gan

    Kah Hong Prawn Noodle. Great taste with fresh ingredients!

  14. Avatar photo
    Lee Teck Leong

    Good and reasonable price

  15. Avatar photo
    mohamed khosni

    The malay stall sell nice nasi padang.

  16. Avatar photo
    Tan Onn fah

    Yes. No. Bad

  17. Avatar photo
    Pt Tan

    Visited the place after more than 20 years. The coffee ( which I made detour for ) is still superb. The same good stalls are still there.

  18. Avatar photo
    Kevin Pek

    great place for wanton mee and prawn noodles.

  19. Avatar photo
    Ong Bee Yeong

    Easy to order

  20. Avatar photo
    Darren Cheong

    I like this place very much but

    1. have to park your vehicle at the roadside… …

  21. Avatar photo
    Ming Deng Chai

    Nice wantan with me

    Nice wantan mee

  22. Avatar photo
    Pt Tan

    Visited the place after more than 20 years. The coffee ( which I made detour for ) is still superb. The same good stalls are still there.

  23. Avatar photo
    Tien Yong Tee

    Got a good variety of food choices, but the environment is not so clean, and it’s quite hot in the afternoon.

  24. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chan Kean Seng

    Good variety of food for BF and Lunch, opens very early in the morning

  25. Avatar photo


  26. Avatar photo
    Otimus Flux

    Variety of food for quick lunch or breakfast

  27. Avatar photo
    Chin Wei Wen

    Nice place with good food not considering the heat and flies lol

  28. Avatar photo
    ChongSeng SNG

    Not bad, many delicious ones, such as shrimp noodles, minced meat noodles, Malay rice, duck rice and fish porridge, etc.

    不错 很多好吃的 好像 蝦面肉碎面 马来饭 鴨饭魚粥等

  29. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Teo

    Nice prawn noodles!

  30. Avatar photo
    Rajesh P

    Food is moderate price…dont have western food

  31. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    The nasi padang pick urself

  32. Avatar photo
    Eng Joo Tan

    Lots of nice foods. The wanton noodle is very yummy.

  33. Avatar photo
    s Tom

    The pig trotters and pig organ soup are nice and cheap.

  34. Avatar photo
    Winston Aw

    Wonderful wanton mee. Will definitely go back there

  35. Avatar photo
    Lee Francis


  36. Avatar photo
    Arfah Abu Kassim

    Standard drop. Foods got no taste .

  37. Avatar photo
    Garrie Giam

    Value for . Great variety. …

  38. Avatar photo

    Good shao rou mian. The uncle sipei friendly

  39. Avatar photo
    Jing Yuan Tan

    Absolutely love the mala xiang guo here! Cheap and delicious

  40. Avatar photo
    Ho Kok Hua

    A lot of things to eat.

  41. Avatar photo
    Chooi K.H.

    convenient place for breakfast b4 work

  42. Avatar photo
    vijay chandru


  43. Avatar photo
    Joe Cheong

    The econ rice stall, econ mee hoon n noodle stall their fd is nice

  44. Avatar photo
    Darren Cheong

    I like this place very much but

    1. have to park your vehicle at the roadside…
    2. The toilet very dirty..
    3. 1 Muslim stall only.

    A lot of choices of food and seating available..

    Got fans, shelter and

    Will come again if I happened to pass by..

  45. Avatar photo
    Hienheong Pang

    Kopi is the best coffee I have had in Singapore


  46. Avatar photo
    nelson soh

    I like the morning uncle wan tan noodles

  47. Avatar photo
    Ace Wu

    Good selection of affordably priced local food. Parking spaces are hard to come by during lunch time.

  48. Avatar photo
    Zaid Hashim

    Good Halal food spread …

  49. Avatar photo
    Mok Steven

    Recently renovated, very clean and comfortable.

  50. Avatar photo
    Uncle Jimbo

    Food here good

  51. Avatar photo
    EugeneElisa Sng

    Wanton Mee is good start from 0600 onwards. A lovely couple who serve their food with sincerity.

  52. Avatar photo
    Tony Liau

    Vegetarian food is cheap and delicious, other stall food is also delicious. clean.


  53. Avatar photo
    Ng BoonTuan

    OK. Food is not bad.

  54. Avatar photo
    Sani Selamat


  55. Avatar photo
    Richard TAN

    Industrial Coffee House

  56. Avatar photo
    Dawn Leow

    Very Nice Coffeeshop, very windy in such a sunny weather. The pig organ soup + rices is only $6 for 2 pax, very worth it.

  57. Avatar photo
    Aegison Qi

    Egg bread …

  58. Avatar photo
    Roslan Junid


  59. Avatar photo
    peter tan

    Buying coffee

  60. Avatar photo
    Lester Lester

    Kopi lady pretty

  61. Avatar photo

    Nice selection of food. The malay stall adopts the Malaysian way of picking your own dishes. Toilet floor is dry and quite clean.

  62. Avatar photo
    Bak Ng

    Good choices…

  63. Avatar photo
    C. Y. Jeffrey Phoon

    Various types of affordable food available for factory or office workers. Located in the industrial park area. Small limited inside parking area (Free), but outside road side parkung available but payable.

  64. Avatar photo
    T R

    Best place around. Good quality food and good coffee! For fish soup lovers it might be worth to travel but …

  65. Avatar photo
    Jacksen Chan

    crowded during lunch. but Nasi Padang is the killer. Must try.

  66. Avatar photo

    There alot of nice food in this coffee shop, like wan ton noodle, pork organ soup, prawn noodle , economy bee hoon, vegetarian food and duck noodle . 1 star drop due to the coffee shop is very hot and less parking lot.

  67. Avatar photo
    Yuanathan Chan

    Decent food at industrial area. Popular stalls are the wanton mee and nasi Padang.

  68. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman Kapi

    I already been here drink n eat about 20 years untill now

  69. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    Many stalls open oledy wen visited @ 0715-hrs. Some stalls are located inside a corner & some is located outside the perimeter.. Need to walk around to see the choice of food..

  70. Avatar photo
    HooiChew Tan

    Many varieties of foods. Kway Chap from the duck rice stall is good, prawn noodle mixed with vermicelli with pork rib soup, the bak chor mee etc. Can park your car at road side parking lot. That’s one vegetarian stall inside, one Malay food stall, one Indian food stall, one wan tan mee stall, one mala xianguo stall,etc. Not too hard to get a table at lunch time. Coffee ️ is OK, not superb.

  71. Avatar photo
    Norhayati Abdul Samad

    The coffee shop is very well maintained.

  72. Avatar photo

    a lot of things to choose


  73. Avatar photo
    Congo Seng

    Clean but expensive chicken rice.

  74. Avatar photo
    Edward Tan

    My first choices food

  75. Avatar photo
    Chia King Tan

    Good food

  76. Avatar photo
    Paul Lim Kian Leong

    Muslim is big stall .. lot of choices.. New stall just open Noodles stall from Pasir Panjang.

  77. Avatar photo
    Sainul Abid

    Cheap food..
    Indian food here is very cheap..

  78. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    nice food. limited parking

  79. Avatar photo
    Ng ding xiang

    Nice food

  80. Avatar photo
    Koh Fuqi

    Decent factory area coffee shop. Most of the stalls are inexpensive and of reasonable quality. The Indian and Chinese food stalls near the carpark are very popular with companies looking to pack food for their workers, being both cheap and generous with their portions.

  81. Avatar photo
    Azman Hassan

    Great food

  82. Avatar photo
    Chee chin Tan

    Stall with nice food

  83. Avatar photo
    Terence Kew

    Good local food at great price!

  84. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Foo

    A lot of options

  85. Avatar photo
    Morrison Sim

    The previous Bah Chor Mee replaced with this new one, with much more better taste. Try it yourself!

  86. Avatar photo
    Sahwan Osman

    Plenty of seats/ tables.

  87. Avatar photo
    arivoli paul

    Good and neat

  88. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chew

    Avoiď the lunch crowd.

  89. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan

    Variety and price reasonable

  90. Avatar photo
    joseph raj

    Nasi padang is cheap and great.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sin Leng Kee

    Only for workers to eat

  92. Avatar photo
    jeffri yasim

    good and always keep clean

  93. Avatar photo
    Alex Lee

    Inexpensive food, variety of choices


  94. Avatar photo
    Gregory Galistan

    Really good wan ton noodles

  95. Avatar photo
    Endro Sunarso

    A variety of food at reasonable prices. Place for the workers in the neighboring buildings to have lunch.

  96. Avatar photo
    Paul Tan

    Nice food

  97. Avatar photo
    Daryl Yiong

    Authentic and good old taste

  98. Avatar photo
    James Chan

    Very good

  99. Avatar photo

    Used to patronise this Coffee Shop for more than 20 years. Changed of owner and some stalls are new. Nice try on the braised duck noodles. Ok to fill stomach. Meat is soft. Soup is good. $7.80 for the set.

  100. Avatar photo
    Yn Yn

    Convenient, spacious, and the price is acceptable.


  101. Avatar photo
    liew jay

    Drinks and food in kopi stalls are expensive, and kopi stalls in sg blue and white uniforms are more expensive.


  102. Avatar photo
    G K

    One of the best malay food around the industrial area.

  103. Avatar photo
    Cf lau Cf

    not much choices

  104. Avatar photo
    Desmond Choo

    Good variety of food choices

  105. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Khaidir

    Perfect place for a quick lunch break from work and savour some Asam Pedas from the Malay stall

  106. Avatar photo
    Mingz Wang

    The seafood stall soup is better than the soup stall soup. Seafood stall food is good overall. But too many stall are closed.

  107. Avatar photo
    kenneth ong

    Coffeeshop with good spread, Malay food, prawn noodle, waton noodle, fishball noodle, and duck noodle made good breakfast choice. The pig organ soup owner friendly fellow, sell cheap and until 7pm. The parking limited, so avoid meal timing (12-1) go early or later.

  108. Avatar photo
    Pei Hiong Koh

    Great food options

  109. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tay

    Great choice of food at mostly reasonable prices. Parking and seating an issue especially during lunch hours.

  110. Avatar photo
    Ser Chiong Kerk

    The coffee shop here is open for half a day on Sunday and public holidays, which is very good.


  111. Avatar photo
    Duong Hang

    Food are not so good but cheap

  112. Avatar photo
    Jayataruna Padil

    The best malay food for lunch a lots of varieties and the price very reasonable, breakfast there is great you gonna be spoil over the choices you have

  113. Avatar photo
    Eric Chiu

    Wonton noodles is great.

  114. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Zie

    Wide spread of halal food sold here….

  115. Avatar photo
    wee lik tan

    There is vegetarain store here

  116. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Tan

    Chanced upon this earlier and brought kids to try. They said it’s yummy!

  117. Avatar photo
    esan venkad


  118. Avatar photo
    ShApE TEAM

    Not so fantastic. Just a normal coffee shop

  119. Avatar photo
    Samuel Koh

    Place is nicer after the renovation

  120. Avatar photo
    melody Lin

    Yummy lunch. Thank you.

  121. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Danosaur (Phil lion)

    Went during lunch, fair bit crowded, good and cheap food

  122. Avatar photo
    Edmund Lek

    Thanks for good swishes dress

  123. Avatar photo
    Zhenhao Chen

    Wan Ton Mee and Prawn Noodles are good! Wan Ton mee is value for money!

  124. Avatar photo
    SH Woon

    More variety, reasonably price. Boss likes the want mee, chicken wing stall, I like the mixed veg stall beside the Indian stalls

  125. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ng

    A little crowded but that is to be expected. Can only comment about the Nasi Padang because that is what I ate and frankly its just soso. So the jury is still out on this place. Just worthy enough to consider a return visit.

  126. Avatar photo
    sound keong

    Great place to din in and take away, various good food here to try.

  127. Avatar photo
    Frankie Tan

    Opened real early…one of the better kopi o ard that area.

  128. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Jurong workers usually like to come here for breakfast

    Jurong 工友一般都喜欢来这里吃早餐

  129. Avatar photo
    calvin khoo

    Many choice of food.

  130. Avatar photo
    calvin lim

    Selling cheap and good foods

  131. Avatar photo
    Patrick Goh

    Very nice foods and cheap

  132. Avatar photo
    Yogi Bear

    Price are reasonable

  133. Avatar photo
    Joy Din

    Very good, food for all race people

  134. Avatar photo

    The zhu char soup is nice and reasonably priced.

  135. Avatar photo
    Steven Hu

    Great food court with various local delicacies delicacies.

  136. Avatar photo
    Shawn How


  137. Avatar photo
    Lynn Tan

    good food for those working close by.

  138. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cai Wenjie

    Just a normal industrial canteen. +point – The prawn noodle is good!

  139. Avatar photo
    Eve Kek

    Nice place n many food can choice

  140. Avatar photo
    Somry so waing

    Very calm place for eating in the evening

  141. Avatar photo
    J Koa

    Best malay food

  142. Avatar photo
    Jenson Lim

    A lot of good food

  143. Avatar photo
    Steven Tng Tng

    lokyang 3 is good

  144. Avatar photo
    Jerry Lim

    Nice food

  145. Avatar photo
    Liau Wai Chee

    Reasonable price with good quality food and variety

  146. Avatar photo
    Liveup Young

    Variety of food stalls for preference of everyone in the lunch time. Other times can be improved.

  147. Avatar photo
    Muralytharan Krishnan

    Good place bit pricy

  148. Avatar photo
    Sim Lye Soon

    No air-con. Always hv traffic warden to catch parking.

  149. Avatar photo
    Sureshow Naren

    Good food

  150. Avatar photo
    Ching Leng Ken Wong

    Unexpected location with great food

  151. Avatar photo

    parking is not very convenient


  152. Avatar photo
    Arun Kumar

    Decent food, cheaper price.

  153. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Sim

    food is average and nothing exciting

  154. Avatar photo
    Lynn Chua

    I love the chicken wing and duck rice

  155. Avatar photo


  156. Avatar photo
    Sum “US”

    One of the eatery place with more varieties of food in industrial area

  157. Avatar photo


  158. Avatar photo
    Sanusi Khalid

    Nice cheap food but very hard to find parking space lunch time

  159. Avatar photo
    Yang Ng

    Store owners are helpful to scream if traffic police are there to issue summons to your car

  160. Avatar photo
    Bayzid Kabir

    Morning always crowded, Many kind of tea, coffee and juice available here. others food items also can get

  161. Avatar photo
    Thomas JJ

    Good food especially the prawn noodle soup and wanton noodle. The wanton noodle year 2022 onwards will increase price to $4 already

  162. Avatar photo
    EJ Ong

    Lovely oasis

  163. Avatar photo
    Stanley Khoo Zhen Shen

    Good place for lunch, nearby workplace

  164. Avatar photo
    Saravana Kumar

    By far the best eating house in the vicinity of joo koon to taman jurong. Most of the stalls has great food. There is one Indian stall too.

  165. Avatar photo
    Saaban Abdullah

    Field rice….v. good.

    Nasi padang….v. good.

  166. Avatar photo
    SuzseQ “RedDotter” Ng

    Great Indian food selection.

  167. Avatar photo
    Chin Piau Teo

    The Malay Nasi Padang Stall is super nice. Nice food and nice stall owner. They don’t sell cheap food. They just sell the food cheap. Highly recommended. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Tay Li Wei

    Drinks are a bit on the pricey side.

  169. Avatar photo
    Tan Yeh Hong Joseph

    Best wanton mee in the vicinity

  170. Avatar photo
    Lao GeGe Chong


  171. Avatar photo
    Abdull Aziz Ahmad

    Nice n clean place much variety of food to choose stallholder are friendly

  172. Avatar photo
    Wai yt

    good coffee


  173. Avatar photo
    Brandy Yeung

    A lot food to select

  174. Avatar photo
    E. Goh

    Avoid the lunch time and you will find this serene place a good place for food, chill, gathering, etc

  175. Avatar photo
    Sharath Raj

    Good eatery place for Breakfast. Fast service. Has a smoking corner. Parking is limited, however they have some free parking space beside it.

  176. Avatar photo
    alice Chua

    Fast,nice food including Malay stall

  177. Avatar photo
    sarath kumar sarath kumar

    Yes very good

  178. Avatar photo
    kenny chow

    food prices are expansive

  179. Avatar photo
    James Tay

    This industrial canteen offers plenty of hawker food you can be spoilt of choice. Some stall open on Sunday.

  180. Avatar photo
    Vike Esmeralda

    Tried the Prawn noodles and tasted fairly well. Pork ribs wasn’t available arnd 11.30am, take note.
    The coffeeshop is filled with various food option and tables are cleaned very quickly. Appreciate the cleaners’ work.

  181. Avatar photo
    KL Tan

    The wonton Noodle is great

  182. Avatar photo
    Simon sheng

    The half boil egg over cooked.

  183. Avatar photo
    Danny Heng

  184. Avatar photo
    Boy21har1 Hari

    Best nasi padang shop in Singapore

  185. Avatar photo
    Choon Hock Pang

    Muslim food is good

  186. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Good place to have a great meal at affordable price

  187. Avatar photo
    Kevin Leong

  188. Avatar photo
    Phoa Seng Khoon

    Ok.. parking available and food also meet expectation

  189. Avatar photo
    james goh

    Good curry rice

  190. Avatar photo
    KL Bison

    Food is no good. Parking is tough

  191. Avatar photo
    Beh Jiansiang

    Nice place to rest.


  192. Avatar photo
    James Low Aik Khoon

    good food and best price….. worth visiting.

  193. Avatar photo
    Ogy Man

    Good food and place for lunch.

  194. Avatar photo
    Syedhafidz Syedmustaza

    The padang rice shop is there, the food is delicious and cheap.. you guys should try it…

    Kedai nasi padang situ, makanan dia sedap² n murah².. korang kene try…

  195. Avatar photo
    Chow Bob

    Local food

  196. Avatar photo
    Jns Lim (Jenson)

    My regular morning breakfast place…. Food is fantastic!

  197. Avatar photo
    顺YU SOON

    food options


  198. Avatar photo
    Hisyammuddin Zainal

    Only 1 malay food stall here. Many varieties of food.

  199. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Most of the food stalls here the pricing is very good, varieties also very good, definitely the place to get lunch for the people working around the area.

  200. Avatar photo
    Geoffrey Tay

    Malay food stall is popular

  201. Avatar photo
    Jacob Chin

    Good clean environment

  202. Avatar photo


  203. Avatar photo
    Darren Seah

    Not bad, their vegetarian food and curry chap cai is decent. However if you are driving, just make sure to have a few coupons and be ready to park further. Otherwise, reaching there at 1140h is just nice.

  204. Avatar photo
    Jeff C

    Good variety of food, inexpensive, and with good drinks stall.. car park outside along the road will be a problem at lunch time.. prices increased, but variety not changed

  205. Avatar photo
    Lee Kah Han

    Just finished renovation. New look. Good food and varieties.

  206. Avatar photo
    Xiaopeng Wang

    There is a Chinese hometown dish, which is very cheap. Steamed buns, fried dough sticks, soy milk cakes

    有一家中国家乡菜,很便宜。包子油条 豆浆 饼 都有

  207. Avatar photo

    Nice food but limited park lots

  208. Avatar photo
    ee koon Chua

    Not bad, not too many people.


  209. Avatar photo
    willson chan yang (willsoncy)

    Fantastic and cheap

  210. Avatar photo
    Rizan Abu

    the muslim food have alot of dishes early in the morning ……if got more then 5 stars i will vote more….

  211. Avatar photo
    Rajiv Raj

    Slightly ex

  212. Avatar photo
    Sylvester Lim

    Wide selection of food. Famous prawn noodle stall

  213. Avatar photo
    Ong Han Ming Lawrence

    Many things to eat n choose from

  214. Avatar photo
    Benson Kang

    Clean & spacious

  215. Avatar photo
    jorch Ang

    Food selling over here taste good

  216. Avatar photo
    Wei Kai Ong

    affordably priced and decent food!

  217. Avatar photo
    Weng Keong Lim

    Good food

  218. Avatar photo

    Usual spot for coffee and food around lok yang road

  219. Avatar photo

    Wanton noodles are good

    云吞面不错 …

  220. Avatar photo
    Hidehito Ie

    Many stalls have been around for years, good selection of local food. Reasonably priced. Good Nasi Padang here.

  221. Avatar photo
    Widitama Prabanu


  222. Avatar photo
    Selvanathan Vadivalu

    Cheap, variety food
    I recommend this place …

  223. Avatar photo
    Gideon Chong

    One of the best Prawn Noodles soup I’ve had, tastes exactly the same as back in Jurong Logistics Hub. Soup is very rich in flavour, fresh prawns and tender pork ribs.

  224. Avatar photo
    Sridhar Kuppa

    decent hawker in jurong.

  225. Avatar photo

    A decent food court but avoid peak period and the parking aunty is always very on here.

  226. Avatar photo
    Lam Khim On

    Many food stalls selling there. You have a coffeeshop selling hot & cold drinks bread Pau. Chinese food Indian food roti prata chicken rice soup prawns noodle & all are Welcome.

  227. Avatar photo
    Chris Soh

    Kuey Chap

  228. Avatar photo
    mauro cruz

    Place is good, but only i notice no space for parking..

  229. Avatar photo
    Garrie Neo

    Great foods

  230. Avatar photo
    lim ngo thong

    Great taste bud on this traditional Teochew delicacy braised dish. The rice blends nicely with the braised meat tasting good texture and chewy. Only think is that I forgotten to request for less fatty portion to be served… Lol

  231. Avatar photo
    Sam Thung

    something delicious


  232. Avatar photo

    Good morning to go.


  233. Avatar photo
    Jie Rui Chang

    Try the prawn mee !

  234. Avatar photo
    Mui Mui Chua

    Love the dry fried pan mee here. There are also pork ribs noodles, which are also delicious


  235. Avatar photo
    Ken Nice (Tell me why)

    Hawker centre

  236. Avatar photo
    Zain A

    Malay rice padang stall is the best.

    Malay nasi padang stall is best.

  237. Avatar photo
    sim boonheng

    So remote but price not cheaper

  238. Avatar photo
    Tongngean Siew

    Food okay but parking lot very small.

  239. Avatar photo
    Alphonsus Chang

    Good selection of local food at reasonable prices.

  240. Avatar photo
    chong leng soh

    Nice lunching place

  241. Avatar photo

    A variety of choices to choose from and have tried all of them. Most of them taste great and valuable.

  242. Avatar photo
    Tan Hon

    The canteen is always crowded during lunchtime and the quality of the food is average. Price-wise, it is reasonable.

  243. Avatar photo
    Bock Haw Yi

    Ok food

  244. Avatar photo
    Des T

    Great food. Hawkers are all old-hands catering to their regular factory workers.

  245. Avatar photo
    Lim Ming Wey

    Good place for lunch

  246. Avatar photo
    Dr John Fong

    The prawn noodles was good and I feel that it is a nice place overall

  247. Avatar photo
    Ad Jap

    Good muslim food. Lunch crowded

  248. Avatar photo

    They have decent vegetarian food availble here.

  249. Avatar photo


  250. Avatar photo
    lye samuel

    Favourite breakfast place … the only Bah Chor Mee with so much ingredients … the vinegar mix is very tasty

  251. Avatar photo

    Used to patronise this Coffee Shop for more than 20 years. Changed of owner and some stalls are new. Nice try on the braised duck noodles. Ok to fill stomach. Meat is soft. Soup is good. $7.80 for the set.

  252. Avatar photo
    travis ng

    Nice old shady place, with trees. Felt like back in the old days. Good food and a few carpark lots available

  253. Avatar photo
    Toh Meng

    Lot of nice food , like prawn noodles,

  254. Avatar photo

    It’s ok

  255. Avatar photo
    Hazmi Othman

    Good spread of breakfast foods

  256. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Soh

    Prawn noodle and duck rice/noodle

  257. Avatar photo
    James Goh

    Coffeeshop at Lok Yang industrial area

  258. Avatar photo
    Tong Kok Chong

    Delicious food

  259. Avatar photo
    Jonathan HM Yuen

    Coffee is pretty decent, food is quite reasonable here

  260. Avatar photo
    goh kenrick

    Good as a place to eat during the lunch hour

  261. Avatar photo
    Andy Gold

    As usual lunch crowd, can try the prawn noodle, not the best but consider lucky to find in the industrial area

  262. Avatar photo
    Whye Kin Woo

    Wanton Mee, Economical Rice, Prawn Mee!!!

  263. Avatar photo
    BoonChian Tan

    The environment here is still okay, but there are a lot of people on lunch time.

  264. Avatar photo
    Chia Sammy

    Many varieties of cooked food stalls.

  265. Avatar photo
    tian siong cheok

    Good of coffee xi

  266. Avatar photo
    Heng Tan

    Simple coffeeshop – no frill. Good for lunch for those working nearby.

  267. Avatar photo
    Bhushan Surve

    My food centre in singapore

  268. Avatar photo
    Aizuddin Ahmad

    My first time eating here…I love the way the malay stall serve a buffet style…

  269. Avatar photo
    Chee Sing Tew

    Lots of variety of hawker food.
    Like the wantan Mee and 猪脚醋

  270. Avatar photo
    Powys Seong Seong

    Kopi time

  271. Avatar photo


  272. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Choe

    This place is to serve people working in this industrial location. It’s not an area for tourist to visit!

  273. Avatar photo
    Koh Eric

    One of the best canteen in this area. Relatively clean-Not a comment by me but from a friend of mine. The popularity of this canteen can be seen by numerous cars, motorcycles, lorries, primer mover with trailers parked around it. Large varieties of food to choose from. You will definately be spoilt for choice.

    The only draw back, limited parking space. You just need to be a bit more patient to find a place to park.

  274. Avatar photo
    Desmond Sie

    If there anything, try the prawn noodles.. Very nice

  275. Avatar photo
    danny kim


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