Review Dawson Place, 57 Dawson Rd, Singapore

Review Dawson Place - Singapore 57 Dawson Rd

“Everything you might need for your home can be found here. Food options aren’t that great though.” or “NTUC fair price super market open 24 hour, sooooo convenient.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Dawson Place. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Dawson Place is quality.

Introduction about Dawson Place

Here are some fundamental details regarding Dawson Place. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Dawson Placeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 57 Dawson Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64797716 (+65 64797716)
  • Address: 57 Dawson Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8 AM to 9 PM.


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2.28 km2 minute3 minute2 minute

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Phone number

You can reach Dawson Place at 64797716(+65 64797716). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 57 Dawson Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Dawson Place reviews

Dawson Place is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Dawson Place is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Basic essential mall. Has a 24 hour NUTC "Fair"Price... stuff are more expensive than 7-Eleven!!! Has a 7-Eleven. Nice Subway restaurant. A food court on 2nd floor. A small (Unity) medical supply shop.”

“There are unloading area behind ntuc. Many families parked there then go grocery shopping .. It seems like that is not a parking fine hot spot... Hope the luck last long.. Lucky..”

“NTUC fair price super market open 24 hour, sooooo convenient.”

“Very small shopping mail with a 10 stall food court and a Sub Way outlet. Conducive environment.”

“This place was certainly amazing the food on the second level was delicious”

“Can get Nice Chinese foods at the makan place inside.”

“Visited this mall for breakfast at the foodcourt. Great coffee and fried noodle. Not too crowded at 9am. Price are reasonable.”

“Small but complete, with sufficient range of shops, and near Skyparc@Dawson.”

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Review Review Dawson Place, 57 Dawson Rd, Singapore

There is a total 288 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ang

    Small mall… limited outlets

  2. Avatar photo
    David Tay

    Nothing special about but flats & flat,
    Look around you, just tall buildings,
    Pretty boring & nothing interesting,
    Hope they can have space for trees & some
    Interesting for families to pass their time in the evening walk,

  3. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    This place has potential but currently very limited store. Only one food court and the NTUC supermarket is too small but trying to fill up the space. Only need less than 1 hour to finish visiting this mall.

  4. Avatar photo
    Atul Sharma

    Only visit there for convenience due to close proximity of fair price. Rest its very dull and not welcoming feel

  5. Avatar photo
    Thein Htike Kyu

    3 storey shopping mall with no basement and car park on 3rd floor, Koufu eating place on 2nd floor

  6. Avatar photo
    Muthuraman Sundaram

    Has a very good 24/7 fair price !!!! Also has a couple of clinics !!!!

  7. Avatar photo
    Goh KwangHua

    Cozy environment with everything a neighborhood need

  8. Avatar photo
    Paolo Maimone

    Nice place. Shops closed, no people

  9. Avatar photo
    Sotthi Upali

    Cheapest parking for any supermarket

  10. Avatar photo
    Jenny Ng

    A small 2-storey shopping mall along Strathmore Avenue with several little shops to add convenience to its surrounding residences. Getting there is not a problem with many buses like number 33 and 64 from opp Redhill mrt.
    Its like a small bird with every organ intact.
    Its my 2nd visit to that area and I had tried the food at the Koufu on level 2 with the soup stall. Not bad at all!

  11. Avatar photo
    sunss teoh

    Ntuc purple colour shirt women so bird face.

  12. Avatar photo
    Greta Willis

    A Vibrant shopping mall with a wide range of shops from grocery to relexology, including a large cafe with s wide ranging menu.
    The store Fairprice has a vast range of produce covering all aspects of grocery as well as household and personal items.

  13. Avatar photo
    Cow Rabbit

    Something is wrong with the central air-conditioning system.

    It was very stuffy at individual shops like the food court and Subway.

  14. Avatar photo
    林宅莉TekLee Iris Lim

    Happy to see bus stop in front of the mall

  15. Avatar photo
    Lukas Lee

    Not many things to do here, fair price supermarket and a food court is most people will go and 2 bakery shops

  16. Avatar photo
    Francis WK Tan

    Small mall with a big Fairprice supermarket , Koufu food court with good caifan, tze cza etc and shops for families living in the area.

  17. Avatar photo
    tim l

    Amenities galore for folks @ Queenstown. 24hr NTUC for groceries. Quick walk from the MRT and by the main road.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ruki yann

    Small place. Have kofu, subway, ntuc, clinic, child care, and some shops. Not completely great but just enough for neighborhood.

  19. Avatar photo
    Yip Midori

    NTUC fair price super market open 24 hour, sooooo convenient.

  20. Avatar photo

    Very small shopping center…..only 2 floors….very few shops….a very big 24 hour open Fair Price….But you can get all the basic things for home here….a food court on the 2nd Floor… indian shop though…..have ATM…..a SUBWAY restaurant…..few bakeries……medical shop…..Medical clinics….a laundry…..a massage center too.

  21. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Soong

    The food court is pricey

  22. Avatar photo
    Cypress Chai

    Only visited for food, massage parlor spotted on second floor. Has a great bakery. Place is old and it feels dark maybe a little dirty.

  23. Avatar photo
    Hang Huat “Dave” Cheng

    Have a anchor store ntuc and unity pharmacy, with a aircon foodcourt.

  24. Avatar photo
    Shihong Khor

    It does what it has to do. Has a Fairprice, Subway, Koufu and some bakeries and outlets.

  25. Avatar photo
    Dennis Lam

    Not worth visiting, unless you need a cheap fan. Or if you are a fan of skateboards.

  26. Avatar photo
    Tricia Bluerain

    Nice greenery place.

  27. Avatar photo
    Stteven Siow

    Good for cheap local food.

  28. Avatar photo
    ban chuah teo

    Small mall for small neighborhood. Good to hide from hot day

  29. Avatar photo

    Lacks the essentials of a shopping mall. But has NTUC. POSB and OCBC ATMs are actually outside the mall for those who need them

  30. Avatar photo
    Alan Tay

    Car park very tight. For “drivers” who are new .. better to park HDB carpark. Saw a Merc scratched his side .. n no place for him to readjust his car .. not recommended for big cars.

  31. Avatar photo
    EJ Ong

    Convenient parking and one stop weekly shopping.

  32. Avatar photo
    ZC LIU

    old neighbourhood centre with all the necessary facilities and services

  33. Avatar photo
    Rukmawati Gunadi

    Confinient. Not too big. 24 hour Fair Price

  34. Avatar photo
    Amos Hoe

    Useful mall. Supermarket, household appliances, food court, hairdresser, bakery. What else could you ask for? : )

  35. Avatar photo
    Lim Roger

    Clean and good place to visit as it is not too crowded. Also, NTUC Fairprice is located here. So convenient for family people.

  36. Avatar photo
    P Freed

    Quaint neigborhood mall. Key tenant is a 24-7 ntuc supermarket. Other tenants include Kofu, a childcare, 2 clinics and hair/beauty salons. 2 Hardware and appliance stores on level 1

  37. Avatar photo
    Wing Wah Quan

    There is a NTUC SUPERMARKET here. Not many shops as the place is not a large mall.

  38. Avatar photo
    Rafe Luo

    Very boring mall. Only food is subway and kofu. No entertainment. Got ntuc. Good for those staying nearby only

  39. Avatar photo

    Has a food court and NTUC, nothing else of note.

  40. Avatar photo
    Minh Nguyen

    Solid food court upstairs.

  41. Avatar photo
    Marcus Tang

    Small neighbourhood shopping centre. There us a ntuc

  42. Avatar photo
    Peter TAN

    Nice place for small shopping. Good & cosy

  43. Avatar photo
    Rishabh Raj

    You get all kind of things here that’s required for day to day living

  44. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lo

    Not much here quite small. Has food court and supermarket.

  45. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan


  46. Avatar photo

    Basic essential mall. Has a 24 hour NUTC “Fair”Price… stuff are more expensive than 7-Eleven!!!
    Has a 7-Eleven. Nice Subway restaurant. A food court on 2nd floor. A small (Unity) medical supply shop.

  47. Avatar photo

    Small mall great for Dawson resident. Limited car park lots

  48. Avatar photo
    Meowish Yun

    Small neighbourhood mall. Have FairPrice supermarket, KouFu food court, Subway, bakeries, hair salons, optical shop, clinics, childcare centre and some other shops.

  49. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ching

    Small mall, nothing much at all.

  50. Avatar photo
    Joel Lim

    Simple 2-storey shopping mall, good for shopping for hardware. Has 2 bakeries, 1 restaurant, 1 foodcourt and 1 supermarket.

  51. Avatar photo
    Calvin Tan

    Food is nice at koufu… morning breakfast beehoon

  52. Avatar photo
    Leroy T.

    This is a vary small, simple neighborhood shopping mall. Great to have a (24hrs) NTUC Faireprice and a (24hrs) 7-11, Unity, a well maintained Food Court, clinics, hair/beauty salon, handyman stores, bakery shops, etc…
    The bad part is the male SafeEntry officers here is vary rude and fierce , and the way he seats at 2nd floor is like a gangster, very unprofessional and unfriendly. And keeps playing with his mobile phone.

  53. Avatar photo
    Kiagos Mohamed Faizal

    Good quick shoppung for groceries

  54. Avatar photo

    Good place

  55. Avatar photo
    Rezal roslan

    Beautiful cars along the way home…

  56. Avatar photo
    Louis Ponnu Dorai

    Well I am happy to do my shopping here. The staff are very helpful and friendly.

  57. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli Tan

    Not much restaurant n pkace for. Shopping

  58. Avatar photo
    Kong Poh Suan

    Have the mushroom-cheese toasties. Satisfying piece of sandwich for me…

  59. Avatar photo
    Deb Pal (Deb)

    Fairprice 24 hours is the key. Its big and carry a variety of stuff. Apart from that the mall has got a good bakery, clinics and other shops. They do have parking too.

  60. Avatar photo
    R M

    Nice place. 24hrs Supermarket

  61. Avatar photo
    Angelica Louise

    Its a small shopping centre with shops thats enough for neccessities.

  62. Avatar photo
    Le Gill

    Basic essential mall. Has a 24 hour NUTC “Fair”Price… stuff are more expensive than 7-Eleven!!!
    Has a 7-Eleven. Nice Subway restaurant. A food court on 2nd floor. A small (Unity) medical supply shop. Electricals. Toiletries. Bakery. And more…

  63. Avatar photo
    Sherman Lee

    Uncrowded place with ATMs, a Kopitiam, NTUC with other services. Nice, decent place for food and nearby neighborhood.

  64. Avatar photo

    Small but nice

  65. Avatar photo
    Hao Zhou

    24 hour NTUC,very convenient place

  66. Avatar photo
    Juliet Joe

    Food court has Jack’s Place western food and it’s yummy!

  67. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Small in size but it should cater to most of your essentials.

  68. Avatar photo
    Say Huat LIM

    Reasonable price for household items.

  69. Avatar photo
    Shaik Ismail

    Nice environment with variety of shops.

  70. Avatar photo
    Martin Lee

    Quite a small place near my secondary school used to go there all the time when I was younger staying in Queenstown

  71. Avatar photo
    A 3

    Small neighborhood mall with just a few shops.
    NTUC Fair Price supermarket is the anchor tenant with moderately big size spread of offerings.
    Food Court on Level 2 has a range of stalls.

  72. Avatar photo
    Xiuling Tan

    Small neighborhood shopping mall. But u can get almost everything here.

  73. Avatar photo
    Dannie Cho

    It’s pretty much the only place to go to for lunch in the area, if you are on foot.

  74. Avatar photo
    han neng

    A small shopping with food court, grocery and bakery shop

  75. Avatar photo
    Leonard Boyd

    Small mall but there is a NTUC FAIRPRICE supermarket. Foodcourt on the 2nd level with a impressive selection of food. Great place to eat

  76. Avatar photo
    Richard Thai

    Small place with limited shops. But have ntuc and a small kuo fu

  77. Avatar photo
    WM Tan

    A good NTUC supermarket there. A passable food court.

  78. Avatar photo
    Siew Lin Tuck (xiaold)

    The Fairprice supermarket is open 24hrs, the food court just upstair is aircon.

  79. Avatar photo
    Tay Yew Loong

    Neighbourhood mall with a foodcourt, NTUC, 7-11, subway, bakeries and electronic shops

  80. Avatar photo
    Roger Wong

    Everything you might need for your home can be found here. Food options aren’t that great though.

  81. Avatar photo
    Luke Chan

    Main places of note are the supermarket and the food court. You can get misc electronics and household stuff too!

  82. Avatar photo
    Dorman Borisman

    Easy to access, by bus or just walk while doing sport in the morning or evening…

  83. Avatar photo
    lay hwa chong

    Clean and orderly. The ambassador at the entree point says temp measurements using palm is not allowed. Bring your forehead nearer. Wow! So firm and fierce!

  84. Avatar photo
    Shah Alam

    Very small with 24hrs ntuc fair price

  85. Avatar photo
    Praveen Kumar

    Good shopping centre to visit

  86. Avatar photo
    liau yung bun

    Ground floor have two retail shop selling many different kind of standing fan

  87. Avatar photo

    Pleasant, Peaceful location just adjacent to the bus stop.
    1 min walk to the bus stop from HDBs, 24/7 Fair Price, Subway and presence of Electronic Shop makes it very convenient for the residents.
    The 30 floor newly renovated HDBs with 3 lifts helps residents stay at reasonable rent with family.
    Should consider staying if you’re working around Alexandra, Buona Vista, Redhill as these places are well connected.
    Volvo showroom is exactly opposite to the Fair Price.

  88. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Au

    My local mall, great supermarket and one of the best massage places in town

  89. Avatar photo
    Justin Toh

    Heartland mall with most of the necessary shops

  90. Avatar photo
    Michael Lai

    Small communicate shops and koufu coffee shop at level 2 is nice.

  91. Avatar photo
    Joniz Lim

    Hometown grocer available 24-7

  92. Avatar photo
    Jack Chua

    Small but adequate shopping mall offering a supermarket, food court, restaurants, medical n dental service, furniture, hardware, bakery and toiletries. All your basic needs.

  93. Avatar photo
    Rodrigues Osborne Adrian

    Very expensive at ntuc fareprice

  94. Avatar photo
    Ken Chua

    Food court above 24 hr NTUC Fairprice supermarket offers great convenience to residents

  95. Avatar photo
    Robhin Liauw

    24hours & wide variety of necessities.

  96. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    All the necessary shops required in a neighbourhood mall there

  97. Avatar photo
    Guo Rui

    No more free WiFi

  98. Avatar photo
    Denis L

    NTUC, a random bakery and subway on ground level. Foodcourt on top floor. That’s all you need to know. Its there just for practical reasons

  99. Avatar photo
    Deventhiran Nadarajan

    Ntuc supermarket open 24 hrs.. fantastic!

  100. Avatar photo
    Hovan Tan

    I live beside it. NTUC is a necessity. I cut my hair here. See doctor here. Eat at koufu here. A lot in my life comes from this place.

  101. Avatar photo
    SYH Sep

    Small but everything you need is here including ATM

  102. Avatar photo
    mae dalene villeno

    If you are not looking for high end place and just for the convenience for this area I can say Dawson plc is for you. NTUC, eating place at the 2nd floor and for any cheap household materials can be found here. Electrical Items at reasonable price and some shops.

  103. Avatar photo
    Ringo Tan

    Beautiful place, NTUC Fairprice, bakery, hardware, medical clinic, hair saloon n foodcourt.

  104. Avatar photo
    K C

    My goto place for grocery shopping. Fairprice has decent range of food and can be very busy depending on time of the day you visit. Visited the food centre other day, not a big range of options so didn’t try any food. Overall its average mini shopping centre

  105. Avatar photo
    Vishwas Tomar

    The fair price here is quite good.

  106. Avatar photo

    Nice neighbourhood mall with everything u need

  107. Avatar photo
    daniel ong

    There are unloading area behind ntuc. Many families parked there then go grocery shopping .. It seems like that is not a parking fine hot spot… Hope the luck last long.. Lucky..

  108. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    It has a NTUC in the mall and lotsa others facilities, but then during lockdown, only the supermarket is accessible.

  109. Avatar photo
    Goh Wei En

    uncles and aunties can be abit cold at times. thank you andre

  110. Avatar photo
    Hannah ChngKer

    This is a very small mall. Don’t expect too much probably only good is the Fairprice.

  111. Avatar photo
    David Kurniawan

    Went to this place over and over to eat at the koufu. Try asking for premium blend coffee less sweet add milo. It’s awesome!

  112. Avatar photo
    Janson Leong

    No frill heartland mini mall. Zi char at level 2 kopitiam is Good

  113. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Simple mall in the heart of neighbourhood. Basic but sufficient to meet daily needs with some interesting shops like selling old-school snacks which are hard to come by.

  114. Avatar photo
    Steven Ng

    24 hours NTUC fairprice, shengshong also here

  115. Avatar photo

    Visited the food court n ntuc supermart… Foodcourt is clean, spacious and notice a long queue at the kopi/drink stall… Heard tat the kopi is a class of it’s own…. Ntuc is big/tidy and come with singpools

  116. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    Very small shopping mail with a 10 stall food court and a Sub Way outlet. Conducive environment.

  117. Avatar photo
    Loo Alastair (TAI)

    Good place for ease of daily shopping area as well as for food. Setback is , smal l settings.

  118. Avatar photo
    Francis Tan

    Homely and cosy, with a 24 hour supermarket. Very convenient.

  119. Avatar photo
    Englo Wee

    A little quite now but still good for a quick bite or pick up some household items.

  120. Avatar photo
    Nguyen Minh Canh

    Get most of grocery you need daily and they also offer online shop which is free above some amount so easier to order heavy stuffs

  121. Avatar photo
    Johanan Lau

    24 hour fairprice! Nuff said. It’s not the biggest, but has got a fair variety of all your usual fairprice items, including fresh produce, household stuff, packaged things. The dried goods selection isn’t the best but that’s pretty normal for a neighbourhood ntuc. Honestly the fact that it’s 24/7 makes up for anything else. Great for late snack runs.

  122. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ong

    Good place to shop and eat around there, not much near by

  123. Avatar photo

    The food court provides the office workers n residents with wallet friendly meals

  124. Avatar photo
    Yogesh Jadhav

    Tried chicken rice with thai chili sauce, it was lovely!

  125. Avatar photo
    Elangovan Karuppaiah

    Great convenience in the area with a food court as well

  126. Avatar photo
    Its Me

    Wellness spa, hardware household n electronic shops etc

  127. Avatar photo
    Joe Can

    Nice food to be found at Food Court at 2nd floor.

  128. Avatar photo

    Small NTUC, a food court with so so food

  129. Avatar photo
    Eugene Hu

    This mall has all the necessary facilities for a neighbourhood mall (NTUC, 7-11, clinics and a food court)! 😀

  130. Avatar photo
    GenMax Store

    Very convenient place. Got 24hr ntuc

  131. Avatar photo
    viking T

    A simple Mall at HDB area. Sufficient to serve daily needs. However, Food Court not too amazing.

  132. Avatar photo
    Raja Robert

    Ntuc, electrical shops, pharmacy, cosmetics, hairdressers and average food options.

  133. Avatar photo
    Lychee tea

    amazing shopping mall with wheelchair accessible parking

  134. Avatar photo
    Mengkuang Han

    Small but have the essential things u can get from there

  135. Avatar photo
    Chong Jackson

    Nice & quiet corner shopping centre.

  136. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    24 hour grocery shopping convenience

  137. Avatar photo
    Mansor Akhwan

    Superb simple dining place

  138. Avatar photo
    Puven Subramaniam

    Very polite staffs, and clean

  139. Avatar photo
    Eva Su

    The ntuc we love to visit for fresh fruits.. they recently change their delivery schedule from evening to morning..

  140. Avatar photo
    Jerome C

    Nice place but filled with lots of annoying uncle and aunties

  141. Avatar photo
    Mansor Akhwan

    24hrs convenience place to buy urgent daily groceries needs

  142. Avatar photo
    Tan Roger

    Can get most of the items in NTUC n shops

  143. Avatar photo
    Rajkaran M

    Good place to buy groceries or hangout

  144. Avatar photo
    Krisvantoro Virgo

    Easy fast good places for urgent night groceries neec

  145. Avatar photo

    Although they try to safe the straw but the drinks, plastic containers are a waste of the environment, but plastic cup which most threw away but quite thick material.

  146. Avatar photo
    Uncle August

    Got clinics , 2 electrical hardware shops , NTUC fair price supermarket , etc.

  147. Avatar photo
    Paul Su

    Nice cosy area with foodcourt & amenities

  148. Avatar photo
    hong wan

    Mall located btw Redhill and queenstown mrt.

  149. Avatar photo

    Few shops, mostly for daily necessities

  150. Avatar photo
    Roland Tai

    Food court on level 2.
    NTUC Fairprice Supermarket on level 1.

  151. Avatar photo
    daniel Leeteckmeng

    A little run down and old. But it has a nice food court and supermarket.

  152. Avatar photo
    swati sinha

    Dawson place has a 24 hours NtucFairprice which is very convenient to the nearby locality. The food court at Dawson place has a very good Thai place, the green curry their is fantastic, try it out. The Korean place is also nice especially their hotplates. In addition to the food court they have shops like subway, unity, a Japanese homestore and few salons. They also have two general polyclinics. Two ATMs are located outside ntuc, one OCBC and one POSB. There is one AXS machine as well just besides the main entrance of ntuc. The complex is two storyed with washrooms at both level.

  153. Avatar photo
    SC MAK

    Small place with ntuc n food court

  154. Avatar photo
    Victor Lian

    Good place to shop, 24 hrs fairprice and reasonably has most of the things you need

  155. Avatar photo

    Popular amongst students from the adjacent school and residents from nearby housing blocks

  156. Avatar photo
    TAN KC

    A very small shopping. It not really a mall. It more like a neighbour shopping stretch but with aircon.

    The food court upstairs attract crowds during feasting hours. Another would be the NTUC there providing groceries shopping for the reside t around there.

  157. Avatar photo
    Jeam Wong

    A small size mall with a food court, ample car park and wheel access. The anchor tenant is the NTUC Supermarket.

  158. Avatar photo
    Sam Tan (Sam Tan)

    Limited eatery option on 2nd floor. Super market is alright.

  159. Avatar photo
    Willy Chiam

    Small shopping mall serving the neighborhood

  160. Avatar photo
    JY L (averick)

    A maze of shops with various wares, the average shopper must be prepared.

  161. Avatar photo
    Soni SL

    Easy to get there and convinience place and price

  162. Avatar photo
    Birunthaban Sivanesan

    Fairprice , subway, bakeries and some beauty parlour are here..

  163. Avatar photo
    Eng Julie

    The environment is good but the cleanliness is not great.

  164. Avatar photo
    MohdArifbinMansor Hp. 84836779

    Superb and very convenience place to do daily shopping need

  165. Avatar photo
    Cooper Li

    It’s a new generation of HDB bto( built to order ) flats

  166. Avatar photo
    Cindy Gan

    You can get most of necessities here

  167. Avatar photo
    Bala K T

    Lots of room to improve, especially Kofu outlets

  168. Avatar photo
    Sam Chan

    Lousy food (Chinese mixed rice) and service in the food court. Avoid. The rest of the facility and services are acceptable.

  169. Avatar photo
    KH M

    Just a small place but Subway is great in there.

  170. Avatar photo

    24hrs Fairprice have freshest fruits in town

  171. Avatar photo
    AG Lee

    Quiet place for a nice sandwich.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ong Michael

    Security don’t accept using hand for temperature check.

  173. Avatar photo
    Sim Lam Hock

    Food court seafood very good and not expensive

  174. Avatar photo
    Neo Sree (NeoSree Stories)

    Few small retail shops, but all are most useful in daily life.. Fairprice here is spacious..

  175. Avatar photo
    Kai weng Wong

    A small shopping mall,koufu eating house ntuc fair price ,sub-way outlets there. It is located at junction of leng kee rd/alexandra rd . Famous Motor car dealer like mitsubishi, mercedes along the rd. Behind, few hdb blocks, the koufu,subway care for alot of workers,residents at lunch and dinner times. Very crowded and family /friendly grouping.

  176. Avatar photo
    Charlene Lim

    A plain mall. Good for running small errands like buying a simple meal from the food court (or Subway), picking up groceries at NTUC, or maybe stopping by the heartland-style bakeries.

  177. Avatar photo
    Y S

    A bit too small with only fairpice that is what i need. It will be better if there is renovation to add more shop

  178. Avatar photo
    J.K. Chua

    Super busy Fairprice outlet

  179. Avatar photo
    Alex Lim Ban Hee

    Free parking during yhe weekend , a small shopping center for the housing development around , a food court , clinics, beauti centre , supermarket and other small shops

  180. Avatar photo
    john seow

    Good food

  181. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Comfortable aircon foodcourt wit good range of hawker food…

  182. Avatar photo
    Eddie Seah

    NTUC supermarket is there so can buy your groceries .

  183. Avatar photo

    You don’t expect fantastic bargain at Dawson Place, it serves as a neighbourhood shopping centre, providing you with daily needs. Seafood restaurant is popular with families having dinner.

  184. Avatar photo
    Carey Wong

    Small shopping centre, with an adequate NTUC and a coffee shop

  185. Avatar photo
    Chek Hong Tan


  186. Avatar photo
    Jerrick Lim

    Gets the job done. But koufu is too expensive for what it is

  187. Avatar photo

    Has pharmacy, supermarket and variety of shops meeting the basic needs of residents in the area. However, this public building looks dirty and poorly maintained. Obviously, the town council has not been properly monitoring the performance of its contractors.

  188. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Very small shopping mall with very narrow ramp for going up and down of the carpark. Go there mainly because of the also small food court.

  189. Avatar photo
    jini goyal

    For us its every week grocery shopping at fair price… fruits nd veggies r damm good in this fp… v prefer to go this fp only.

  190. Avatar photo
    siti ann

    Love the 24hr ntuc.

  191. Avatar photo
    David Chang

    Small shops n 1 supermarket

  192. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Tang

    Love the cozy corner facing the main road at subway. Especially cozy for a lone diner. All the privacy.

  193. Avatar photo
    lua jy

    Apart from the NTUC, stores over there are expensive and boring to walk in

  194. Avatar photo
    TT Tay

    This place was certainly amazing the food on the second level was delicious

  195. Avatar photo
    Mrs Wang

    Supermarket, small bakeries & provision shops on ground floor & air conditioned food court on level 2. Serves Dawson neighbourhood.

  196. Avatar photo
    Jeet Paricha

    Awesome roof top garden

  197. Avatar photo
    Neela Desai

    Excellent place for A to Z all items, groceries, households, electricals, hardware, unity pharmacy, toiletries, bakery, subway

  198. Avatar photo

    The mall is small and it looks a little old.

  199. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Foo

    A quirky mix of neighbourhood shops for the residents but at a slightly higher price point due to higher rental.

  200. Avatar photo
    steve bailey

    My local. Convenient and basic no frills mall with the usual local style amenities. Not for tourists and better for it. Food court is basic as well.i get my hair cut here too and my hairdresser is called Anna and I recommend her. ATM is available and the supermarket is great for locals.

  201. Avatar photo
    Ryan Hui

    Chicken rice at kopitiam not bad

  202. Avatar photo
    Hyphen Chia

    Visited this mall for breakfast at the foodcourt. Great coffee and fried noodle. Not too crowded at 9am. Price are reasonable.

  203. Avatar photo
    Power of Lights

    A traditional building housing a foodcourt on level 2, dairy shops on both levels for everyday needs not forgetting NTUC FairPrice at ground level with multi storey car parks above. All in one basic shopping experience.

  204. Avatar photo
    Jessica Tan

    Home delivery and pick up laundry available

  205. Avatar photo
    pavithranmenon ravichandran

    Can get Nice Chinese foods at the makan place inside.

  206. Avatar photo
    Tashfin Chowdhury

    The Fairprice there is open 24 hours & next to a bus stop

  207. Avatar photo
    jimmy chew

    The soup stall is value for money. Crowder at dinner time

  208. Avatar photo
    Cherkuan Lo

    Small mall. But sufficient to do your grocery shopping at Fairprice, eat at koufu, buy your cakes and snacks and household electrical items.

  209. Avatar photo
    Joanne Lau

    I love this quiet mall. NTUC, Unity, subway, kou Fu food court, POSB ATM, axs machine. Clinic, bakery, small goods shop, ample multistory parking. Love love love.

  210. Avatar photo
    WaterBox Projects

    Place for grocery and food. Fun :find the dragonflies.

  211. Avatar photo
    Jojo Ong

    1 NTUC, 1 foodcourt, couple of clinics and some retailers to serve the needs of the residents

  212. Avatar photo

    Small sub-urban hub, still serving the area during the renewal of the Dawson area.

  213. Avatar photo
    Chee Keong Soh

    Check out the bread shop near to NTUC Fair price. Breads sold there are cheap and good.

  214. Avatar photo
    Inferno Dragon

    It’s a shopping centre. Nice place

  215. Avatar photo
    Jerrell Chai

    Not bad if you want to get some quick bites

  216. Avatar photo

    Neighborhood shopping center, small n not much variety. Tight parking manuver

  217. Avatar photo
    Brian Allwood

    Great small neighbour shopping centre with NTUC Fair Price, food hall, medical clinics, hardware shops and more..

  218. Avatar photo
    Jackson Tan

    Some stalls are closed in the 2nd floor food court. The food is quite expensive with many priced above $5. Went to subway instead

  219. Avatar photo
    Cara Heng王慧贤

    NTUC Supermarket there is very conveniently near to the bus stop outside Dawson Place

  220. Avatar photo
    Eugene Hu

    Pretty much everything you would expect and need from a neighbourhood mall, with amenities such as a decent sized supermarket, food court, clinics and more! 😀

  221. Avatar photo
    MissPsycho Renae

    Many Local Old Folks For You To Hook Up With! …

  222. Avatar photo
    Siew Gek Ang

    Very nice to shop

  223. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Small but complete, with sufficient range of shops, and near Skyparc@Dawson.

  224. Avatar photo
    Kk Lee

    Except for the ntuc supermarket and a food court, the rest are small shops selling household things , cakes and bread….not many variaties…

  225. Avatar photo
    chua teck seng

    Small shopping centre with NTUC Fair Price as anchor tenant

  226. Avatar photo
    Bharathi Kathiresan

    It was quite good because there was a hawker centre with variety of food and there was subway and other shops. It was a little expensive though.

  227. Avatar photo
    Ahliang Nadelin

    Don’t realy like it, bcoz not many food stal

  228. Avatar photo
    Wong Yi

    Function over form. It’s a reliable able to get your groceries, hair done, clinic or dental services, or no frills meals. You come here because you need something, not because you want to sight see or spend an idyllic afternoon.

  229. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Neat & clean but stocks esp no international brands which is abit disappointing. Generally prices hv also gone up considerably

  230. Avatar photo
    Swati Mahapatra

    Got the lemon chicken rice from one of the shops. The food was ok but too little for almost $6.

  231. Avatar photo
    The Singapore Wealth

    Looking to sell your hdb ?

  232. Avatar photo
    Clifford Koh

    Small and Quaint neighbourhood shopping mall. Has most things you need without going far away. It has a relatively large NTUC

  233. Avatar photo
    Renata Dharma

    Food court has decent zi char food! There’s a supermarket there and public toilet too.

  234. Avatar photo
    stanley koh

    Small place consist of ntuc, food centre, electronic shop etc

  235. Avatar photo
    Praveen Shukla

    A neighborhood shopping centre. You can get daily stuff. Place has a 24×7 Fair Price.

  236. Avatar photo
    riva uy

    Good 24/7 fairprice and good food court.

  237. Avatar photo

    Just a small mall with mainly house stuff to buy.

  238. Avatar photo
    Fang Diang (FD)

    There are unloading area behind ntuc. Many families parked there then go grocery shopping .. It seems like that is not a parking fine hot spot… Hope the luck last long.. Lucky..

  239. Avatar photo
    Abul Kalahm

    Not much to shop too

  240. Avatar photo
    Allan Dale Ho

    Small mall with food court on second floor. Food choices were few. Good points would be the fairprice and clinics inside the place.

  241. Avatar photo

    Basic essential mall. Has a 24 hour NUTC “Fair”Price… stuff are more expensive than 7-Eleven!!!
    Has a 7-Eleven. Nice Subway restaurant. A food court on 2nd floor. A small (Unity) medical supply shop.

  242. Avatar photo

    Good thing in this neighborhood is the fair price supermarket. Apart from it, the shopping centre is small with few shops and few services.

  243. Avatar photo
    Irene E. Devadason (Irene Devadason)

    I just like the Fair Price here..

  244. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Wong

    Great place to eat while waiting for car servicing at komoco

  245. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wafi

    Near from our home.
    We can buy some groceries that we want which has been available at that shop.

  246. Avatar photo
    Robson Tan

    There’s a Koufu food court at level 2.

  247. Avatar photo
    Yasir Aslam

    Big plus is fair price which operates 24/7.
    Have a small food court at level 1. Also with halal options.
    For subway entrance is from outside.
    Doctor also available on level 1.

  248. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tan

    24 hours Ntuc supermarket is very convenient

  249. Avatar photo
    Loh Boon Hu

    Nice food

  250. Avatar photo
    Mine Shery

    Shopping groceries. NTUC, bakeries, Subway, 7eleven, atms, household shop, spa. Easy to park and less crowd.

  251. Avatar photo
    Eric ErJQ

    The food court is not very big.. Avoid going around lunch time…

  252. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Barak Perisseuo

    Small heartland mall with Fairprice supermarket and Kofu food court at level 2

  253. Avatar photo
    Johan Liew

    Love it

  254. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    Morning walk through Dawson- Heritage walk. Worth taking the guided walk.

  255. Avatar photo
    Audrey Tan

    Basic shops. Nothing fantastic.

  256. Avatar photo
    Clarence Leong

    The doors to the mall closed at 1130pm though the NTUC is 24 hours. There is supposed to be a automated door accessing to the HDB blocks behind the mall but likewise it is shut around 11pm & physically challenged persons and aged have problems accessing

  257. Avatar photo
    Susie Goh

    The aircon is a tad too cold but otherwise the variety at the KoufuFood court is good. What’s missing is possibly a Western Food Stall. The Sarawak kolo mee was not too bad. But thevkimchi ramyeon was too sour for my daughter’s liking.

  258. Avatar photo
    Aung Kyaw Zaw

    Not very big NTUC Fair price.

  259. Avatar photo

    This place has a 24 hour NTUC at the first floor with a bread shop next to it. There is also a food court and a massage at the second floor. It also has a subway shop.

  260. Avatar photo
    Ivy Koh2

    Many different shops, bakeries, stationary shop, fastfood and most importantly, love the NTUC where you can find many things.

  261. Avatar photo
    Leslie Chew

    Very limited shop , only there for NTUC .
    Carpark also limited space .

  262. Avatar photo
    Kopi O Kaya

    A small neighborhood shopping arcade. Nothing special or unique.

  263. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tay

    Rustic heartland feel, lots of useful little shops, 24hr supermarket

  264. Avatar photo
    TC Tan

    Small shopping centre, with an adequate size of groceries NTUC, food court, subway, hardware shop, atms, household, convenient store (7-eleven)

  265. Avatar photo
    Kemas Aurino

    It is an old shopping mall. The toilet is not so well-maintained. Most of the time I went there to purchase groceries and eat at the Koufu at level 2. At level 1, there is a “all household items” shop, like those at the void deck at our neighborhoods.

  266. Avatar photo
    Phuna Wai Tong

    Super nice curry wantan mee!!!

  267. Avatar photo
    Edo Lego

    Convenient place to have meal and buying groceries

  268. Avatar photo
    Asher Ramachandran (Chestnoot)

    Small mall with basic stuff. A foodcourt, 7-11, Fairprice, a clinic and a bakery

  269. Avatar photo
    SI Christopher Heng

    Good place for food and groceries during lunch hours

  270. Avatar photo
    harry harry

    NTUC fair price super market open 24 hour, sooooo convenient.

  271. Avatar photo

    A small strip mall with a small fairprice and food court. Not much else here.

  272. Avatar photo
    sameer gupta

    Because my 7 yrs old daughter says so

  273. Avatar photo
    Etha Pang

    A bunch of secondary schoolers come here there are some food stores all pretty good

  274. Avatar photo
    Atul Shrivastava

    A very good Mall. I had accidentally gone there. But was surprised to see all type of shops there including Fair Price Shops.

  275. Avatar photo
    Alan Tang

    Clean and comfortable place.

  276. Avatar photo
    Primrose Lim

    Visited NTUC. Easy parking, shopping trolleys can be returned at the carpark. ATM nearby. NTUC is well stocked.

  277. Avatar photo
    Vinit Sarangdhar

    A small and convenient place. Check out Karu’s Indian restaurant on L5.

  278. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    This place has potential but currently very limited store. Only one food court and the NTUC supermarket is too small but trying to fill up the space. Only need less than 1 hour to finish visiting this mall.

  279. Avatar photo
    Sivarajah Kanesananthan

    A little nostalgic corner but not much there in terms of shopping. Has a 24hr NTUC

  280. Avatar photo
    Aurora Mayang


  281. Avatar photo
    simply Green

    Positive experience and fast service.

  282. Avatar photo
    akoe erha

    24 hr ntuc there with some coffe shop.easy transport to getting there

  283. Avatar photo
    Nick “Johnny Me”

    Nice big 24 hour ntuc fairprice , good for shopping in the wee hours

  284. Avatar photo
    Denise Loh

    Basic neighbourhood mall with a supermarket, bakery, 杂货店, GP clinic, massage place, food court etc.

  285. Avatar photo
    daniel ong

    There are unloading area behind ntuc. Many families parked there then go grocery shopping .. It seems like that is not a parking fine hot spot… Hope the luck last long.. Lucky..

  286. Avatar photo
    QM Wang

    Got 24 hr NTUC… Subway and a shop selling old snacks which is worth to take a look

  287. Avatar photo

    Good variety!!

  288. Avatar photo
    Mansor Akhwan

    Superb place to do my daily groceries

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