Review Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review DAISO  THREEPPY  Plaza Singapura - Singapore 68 Orchard Rd

“One of many outlets belonging to a Japanese mega chain. Items are priced at just $2 and the range they stock is amazing. …” or “Awesome Japanese store, where each item is $2! Full of fun items. Feels like stepping into Japan without leaving Singapore.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura is quality.

Introduction about Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura

Here are some fundamental details regarding Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura. In terms of Variety store, it is generally believed that Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapurais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 68 Orchard Rd, #05-01/02 03 Plaza, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Variety store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 68849210 (+65 68849210)
  • Website:
  • Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #05-01/02 03 Plaza, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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4.94 km5 minute6 minute4 minute

How to contact Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura via:

Phone number

You can reach Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura at 68849210(+65 68849210). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 68 Orchard Rd, #05-01/02 03 Plaza, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura reviews

Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura is among the best destinations of Variety store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura good?

To determine whether Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I went there last week and the store has really stock up alot of new products. Still as crowded as before on a weekend, but the queue for payment moves on quite fast too.”

“Awesome Japanese store, where each item is $2! Full of fun items. Feels like stepping into Japan without leaving Singapore.”

“Simply love the place. Everything for 2 dollars. Never completely crowded and is always a fun shopping experience. Can anyone tell me what music trackthey keep playing there?”

“Wide variety of affordable and useful accessories and items.”

“Alway frequent Daiso at different locations. Good and cheap buy!”

“My all-time favourite hangout place. Everything under the sun (almost) for just $2. What's not to like? Just got a new stash of plastic containers for my fridge.”

“One of nicest Daiso. Big place with good selection. Very convenient inside Plaza Singapura mall.”

“Excellent customers service from sales assistant, Asah (may spelt name wrongly). Though she is working part-time, she is well trained in her job, patience, helpful and friendly. 5 stars for her!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 294 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 89% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Daiso Threeppy Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 294 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Belle de la Renta

    Everything costs 2 DOLLARS! EVERYTHING! I got everything i needed here at Daiso.

  2. Avatar photo
    Myra Isabel Yanson

    Love this place!

  3. Avatar photo
    Prashant Malhotra

    Great place for dollar shopping. Lots of things to shop for.

  4. Avatar photo
    Agnes OoiTan

    Various types of household, office, organisers, laundry, gardening, pottery ware, snacks & drinks available all at $2/ item. Great place to get your last minute stuff. Location is superb.

  5. Avatar photo
    Woo woo

    Some really good bargains

  6. Avatar photo
    Jojo Ong

    There is always something to buy cos it is so affordable

  7. Avatar photo
    Mary Ong

    Changes is now scan yourself and payment to me is aiyoh because not good with technology very probia

  8. Avatar photo
    Lim Ron

    So many things to buy at great value.

  9. Avatar photo
    Христина Теленчева

    You really can find amazing items for only 2 SGD. Variety of products.

  10. Avatar photo
    Sam San

    I can find anything I need from this Shop

  11. Avatar photo
    Gerald Neo

    Spacious and can get plenty of what u need for most items. Located @ town area and convenient

  12. Avatar photo
    My if

    Always packed with lots of variety

  13. Avatar photo
    WSL Scotland

    Lots of product you wonder how you survived without! Did about 8,500 steps looking for nothing! Did buy 2x non slip small mats. Why i ask myself maybe u cant exit the shop without going past check out tills??

  14. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim

    All tye Japanes stuff can be found here, price quite resonable.

  15. Avatar photo
    Derrick Tan

    One of many outlets belonging to a Japanese mega chain. Items are priced at just $2 and the range they stock is amazing. …

  16. Avatar photo

    My favourite haunt at Plaza Sing for unexpected treasures for $2

  17. Avatar photo

    Daiso is well-known shop but mostly in Japan. I in Singapore, Daiso have 4 or 5 location. Everything at 2$. You can find many things for home, travel, animal. Every time I go there, I buy something …

  18. Avatar photo
    Harwi Singh

    Everything under one roof. NICE

  19. Avatar photo
    Ng Eng Tat

    Wow there are many quality goods (house hold, stationary, gardening, etc) price only at only sg$2…every one should visit Diaso @Plaza sigapura when free.. Cheers …

  20. Avatar photo
    Joe Nagawa

    everything is S$ 2.00
    You can find mostly everything in here.
    From cleaning tools, kitchen stuffs, DIY stuffs, dining ware, foods, drinks, acrylic box, cosmetics, and many more.

    It is located on the 5th floor nearby the escalator.
    Hardly to find the staffs in the aisles but they are friendly enough to help you.

    The cashier is fast and very energetic..
    you may have to pack your own things after the purchase.

  21. Avatar photo
    Winston C

    It’s a bigger outlet which I would prefer. Things are organised as usual in a Daiso way, easy to find stuff. I was concerned when I saw the queue to pay but I like the counter staff when they proactively called out to customer to pay.

  22. Avatar photo
    Swapnil Patil

    Not much impressed with this Daiso.
    Doesn’t have a huge product line as some of other Daiso branches have.

    Ok ok.

  23. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim

    Always a good place to browse and find good stuffs to buy.

  24. Avatar photo
    Golden Bluewave

    @Plaza Singapura
    Convenient access by MRT. Easier to shop than @Ion. But lack of good variety and good stuff usually run out fast.

  25. Avatar photo
    Ambika Priya

    Amazing as always, ideal place to pick stuff if new in a city. Everything from cleaning materials to cookware to dining stuff to organising kitchen a available.

  26. Avatar photo
    julian yue

    Second largest store after IMM. Can’t go wrong just for $2. Wide range of goods for every day use. You won’t walk out without buying something.

  27. Avatar photo
    ng siew chen Teresa

    I like here Daiso bigger store hv many thgs to buy.

  28. Avatar photo
    Siew Lin Tuck (xiaold)

    The space rather small, but can get what you want.

  29. Avatar photo
    Ash Nizam

    All item @ $2

  30. Avatar photo
    Donovan Loh

    Christmas shopping is HERE !

  31. Avatar photo
    Ekber Serifi

    You can find all kind of interesting and useful little things there. But going to Daiso at the weekend is a huge mistake.

  32. Avatar photo
    Freo Ee

    Yeah… Everything also $2/=

  33. Avatar photo
    Aileen Teo

    Fuss free and quick.

  34. Avatar photo
    Juitchisin Lim

    Bot bad ,a lot of choice then other daiao

  35. Avatar photo
    Reno Cerbolles

    you can find a lot of things you need at a very affordable price

  36. Avatar photo
    John Martin

    Earlier days, there were so much to see. You practically don’t need a reason to come down and browse as you’d feel you are visiting one of their original native shop. Felt that items used to be very japanese and variety aplenty. Now you really need a good reason just for visiting. The variety dropped to meh level and the excitement for some people is no more than bargain hunting for certain products. Place used to be packed and nowadays becoming more and more of otherwise. The outlet chains really need to reignite the interest sparks and beef up the curiosity hype with more new innovative stuff every now and then.

  37. Avatar photo
    Hannah Choong

    Good prices for items

  38. Avatar photo
    Margaret L

    Lots of selections and lots of cashiers so you don’t have to wait too long to pay

  39. Avatar photo
    Cress Tan

    the store is quite small hence a little messy . It is not as neat as the bigger store. Moreover not all items can be found here. I can’t find whats i want fr this store

  40. Avatar photo
    Joseph Colin choo

    The place is even narrower to walk now.

  41. Avatar photo
    Rainie Green

    Very big place with many many things

  42. Avatar photo

    A lot of mini Legos makes my habit I love to make those Legos I wish I can buy more but I am sick

  43. Avatar photo
    Ken &

    Apart from IMM, here stocks most of the stuff!

  44. Avatar photo
    Sumedha Chandrarathna

    Excellent place, reasonable prices

  45. Avatar photo
    Brian Manley

    Low prices, decent selection. Quality is what you would expect for the price. Customer service is mediocre.

  46. Avatar photo
    Francis Lorenz “OBIE” Obiena

    Complete stuffs and it have everything for just S$2. Nice place nice stuffs.

  47. Avatar photo
    Alex Lee

    One of the best Daiso in the central area. A must visit for all Daiso lovers.

  48. Avatar photo
    Mae Ng

    Very neat store
    Fast and efficient cashiers

  49. Avatar photo
    Adrian Ang

    Everything’s $2, whats more to say?

    We all know that products that have a bunch of Japanese words slap on their packaging means superior quality regardless where the product is made from.

  50. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    Cheap useful everyday things

  51. Avatar photo
    Htet Paing

    Interesting Place and better to buy small tings with cheap price.

  52. Avatar photo
    low Jenny

    Big store. Got something useful not available elsewhere though looking for something I need was told told to have sold been sold out

  53. Avatar photo
    KiiKii L Belle

    My favourite daiso place is plaza Singapura

  54. Avatar photo
    Randy K

    This store not really best store for tourists as it seems more for local people because it’s mostly things you would use at home or things to make crafts with. The store was clean and organized. It gets 4 stars because they do not take debit or credit cards and when I’m in Singapore I don’t carry much cash. I use my card everywhere. I have been to Singapore several times and this is only place that I have found that does not accept cards. They do take the cards that can tap.

  55. Avatar photo

    Decent stuff at decent price

  56. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yew

    Big but really nothing of practical use. But it’s still good old daiso where you can find a quick temp fix for many thingz.

  57. Avatar photo
    Stella Anastacya

    Went to daiso at plaza singapura. Large selection of items. But there could be more staff. The staff were too busy and couldn’t help ppl with finding items

  58. Avatar photo
    Denis L

    All your needs and wants for $2. What more could you ask for. Does get overly crowded on weekends especially when checking out

  59. Avatar photo
    Mae Ng

    Very neat store
    Fast and efficient cashiers

  60. Avatar photo

    Good to shop, always have the items top up. Cashier service was good and efficient. Overall shopping experience it’s good. But for the food wise hopefully they can bring in more variety. Thanks

  61. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Amazing Awesome Affordable Excellent Incredible

  62. Avatar photo
    collins Voo

    $2 shop lol.its crowded when weekend

  63. Avatar photo
    Patricia Au Yong

    Nice n big, try to go in the morning where it is not so pack and you can shop comfortably …

  64. Avatar photo
    Chin Wei Wen

    Great variety and good service

  65. Avatar photo
    Kenrick Lam

    Large store, can sometimes get crowded but queue moves quickly.

  66. Avatar photo
    Harsha Somani

    I found their concept extremely captivating. each item is of2SGD only. Most of the items are worth to buy but a few of them not. Decide when you buy 😀

  67. Avatar photo
    HeeKok Chng

    Great place to buy bric a brac. Although at S$2 for single items some items are effectively more expensive than at a regular outlet. Eg a c or d battery at $2 is expensive . But at daiso you can find almost anything you need for the home

  68. Avatar photo
    sree lekhya

    Variety of collection, well organised and a nice shopping experience …

  69. Avatar photo
    Éva Gál

    Huge selection of everything. Big Xmas deco selection

  70. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    Wide variety of affordable and useful accessories and items.

  71. Avatar photo
    Ken Ho

    Many items to browse

  72. Avatar photo
    Florence Yik

    Enjoy my spending there. Varieties of items and snacks. The only improvement is to allow paywave payment method. Too troublesome to pay by cash or nets

  73. Avatar photo
    Robin Ng

    Very organized with a lot of selection

  74. Avatar photo

    This is my favourite hangout to find varieties of household items at a budget price and gardening stuffs. You can also get your basic hand tools and snacks here.

  75. Avatar photo

    Everything you need and don’t need for $2!

    Love the food/snacks section alot, meiji ice cream too!!

    Huge range of items: homeware to gardening to office use to fashion accessories for affordable prices.

    Better to shop during non office hours and weekdays, weekends are very packed!

    I am glad they changed the queue system which it is way more efficient and less time queuing which it’s great!

  76. Avatar photo
    Grumpy Goat

    Daiso = $2

    What more u want? Japanese inspired or really Japanese stuff instore.. Endless option and sections.

  77. Avatar photo
    Victor Lau

    Daiso is always my favourite value place to shop for anything. It gives you great and creative ideas at $2 per items. Your wallet does not hurt much after shopping there. Although is crowded but the queue to pay moves very fast.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ranvir Singh

    Just the best! Great stuff for Christmas decorations. And for odd little things you might need. Great value

  79. Avatar photo
    Anjanav 'Archie' Dhar

    Always great collection

  80. Avatar photo
    Maurice Phoenix

    Lots of stuff you can find here. Snacks, DIY, Pets, Stationary, etc. Even it’s very crowded the queue quite fast. Great service, great stuff, great deal

  81. Avatar photo

    Big outlet, sure hv things to buy!

  82. Avatar photo
    W K Sng

    Lots of great items at only $2!

  83. Avatar photo
    Chrissandy Fernando

    Veey crowded almost every day. But huge varieties of goods at a flat price of 2 SGD

  84. Avatar photo

    Always a trip of shopping ..
    Lots of interesting stuff…
    Small store but ample stock..

  85. Avatar photo
    Verian De Souza

    I would say quite a well organised store.

  86. Avatar photo
    Derrick Tan

    One of many outlets belonging to a Japanese mega chain. Items are priced at just $2 and the range they stock is amazing.

    You can get stationary, kitchenware, plastic containers, food, toys, craft materials, diy tools, gardening tools, bicycle accessories, fake plants, shoe racks, cosmetics, just to name a few. It possible that if you are in need of something that is normally affordable to begin with, it’s probably within this odd, eclectic store.

    Do note that items do run out, and staff members won’t be able to accurately tell you when it will be replaced. Overall, I do enjoy the affordability and managed to get quite a number of household items.

  87. Avatar photo
    Alexia Lin (Alex)

    Love everything but recently the yarn section is pathetic.

  88. Avatar photo
    Alief Hamdani

    So crowded today. Very good for business.

  89. Avatar photo
    Moses Chong

    Use the be the place to go for the $2 bargain items, but reecently they flooded their main aisle with more shelves that greatly hampen the shopping experience.

    Instead of shopping, it turns into a maneuvering activity to negate between the throng of shoppers in between the now much more constricted aisle.

  90. Avatar photo
    Greg Hiroaki Kobayashi

    No doubt price went up but still quality of products and varieties are abundant

  91. Avatar photo
    Philip chor Chung hua

    Daiso is a very gd place to shop all ltem $2

  92. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    Always something new there
    Spot an item to make pants for without any alteration required. Good item

  93. Avatar photo
    Germaine Shen

    2 dollar only nia~~ need I say more? Happy treasure hunting & mysterious pocket bleeding

  94. Avatar photo

    One of the best Daiso stores in Singapore. Spacious and filled with a large variety of products. Checkout is fast because of the many cashier counters. Staff members are always polite and helpful.

  95. Avatar photo
    Ellie Bee

    Great prices and friendly staff

  96. Avatar photo
    Aileen Chiok

    Standard price of $2 per item. Good place to browse n buy stuff from home items to office items to gardening. Plastic containers of every size.

  97. Avatar photo
    Neith See

    Regretful that prices are no longer SGD2 for all items. But there are still good picks.

  98. Avatar photo
    Tan Jone

    cheap low quality products…

  99. Avatar photo
    SB A.

    Nice. One of bigger Daiso stores in Singapore. Always have something to buy when I visit them. And everything is at S$2.

    No longer everything at $2. With many tiers now. Took away the joy of simplicity and bargain hunting.

  100. Avatar photo
    Christopher Wong

    One of the bigger DAISO branches in SG. Good layout (not cramped like some other branches) and good selection of items.

  101. Avatar photo
    Joy Xie

    Friendly staff, clean and well stocked …

  102. Avatar photo
    Zarin Bharucha

    Japanese $2 store

  103. Avatar photo
    Paul Lim Kian Leong

    It’s brightly lighted place n plenty to browse…

  104. Avatar photo
    Goh Swee Geok

    Great variety of household necessities at reasonable prices.

  105. Avatar photo
    Kef Low

    Lots of variety of goods. All at $2!

  106. Avatar photo
    Data data

    Always a new layout every time I go there. And vast new items.

  107. Avatar photo
    Saket Sarupria

    Not everything they have there but a lot of variety

  108. Avatar photo
    shirleen lim

    Daiso’s staff names JUAN JUAN. Is Super attitude Kindly reduce her customer service . …

  109. Avatar photo
    B C

    Good selection that is periodically updated. If you see something useful, no harm to get a few more.

  110. Avatar photo
    Kirana Mazaya

    Alway frequent Daiso at different locations. Good and cheap buy!

  111. Avatar photo
    boon siong ng

    Good mix of shops

  112. Avatar photo
    Kel Tan

    Cheap place to get the things you need. Huge store

  113. Avatar photo
    DIGS LIFE0913

    This is the Daiso branch that I liked the most. Variety of products and bought my super cute hair clips with my younger sister!!!️️️

  114. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Plenty of stuff and interesting knick knacks to browse and buy. Never gets boring!

  115. Avatar photo
    Royston D' Silva

    Not bad if I would say, only thing is that not all the things are from Japan I believe… when with my two daughters…

  116. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Good variety of products.

  117. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    This is one of their larger stores with more items and greater selection. Unlike other stores you checkout and then bag your own items along with wrapping, if needed, at stations after the checkout counter. Wide range of Meiji ice creams are on offer.

  118. Avatar photo
    jithin j pillai

    Fun shopping. Anything & everything @ 2$ 🙂

  119. Avatar photo
    Brenda Chin

    Very organise, easy to find what we need

  120. Avatar photo

    Japan SGD 2 store on 5th floor

  121. Avatar photo
    Maveric Chia

    Wide range of Japanese products.

  122. Avatar photo
    Melisa Kaslan

    One of Daiso outlets with the widest selection in the city!

  123. Avatar photo
    Mario Ferraro

    A great place to shop at low cost

  124. Avatar photo
    Van Anh

    So many useful items

  125. Avatar photo

    Listed as a pound shop on Google, charges 2 dollars. Absolute madness.

    Abandon all hope ye who enter.

  126. Avatar photo
    Iman Wong

    Just love their bathroom mats

  127. Avatar photo
    Priyadarshini Ravi

    Wow, it’s a lot bigger, There are lot more stuff to buy than few other Daiso outlets everything here is 2 dollar …

  128. Avatar photo
    Jin Jie See

    It’s Daiso… what do you want me to say? LMAO!

  129. Avatar photo
    Mei Wen Foo

    Very Good, we met a Japanese cashier, he explain the waist supporter to us clearly and selected a better choice for us.

  130. Avatar photo
    Mohanan M A

    Helpful staff

  131. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Chua

    One of the biggest Daiso outlet in Singapore.

  132. Avatar photo
    John Anthony Dassen

    Got place to buy $2 products also spotlight , and the golden movies in one plaza

  133. Avatar photo

    Go here with a shopping list or u end up buying more than ur intended purchase items …

  134. Avatar photo
    Rasika Vad

    Good everything. Good craft material for kids in case you are wondering where to buy stuff for school projects or DIY costumes!

  135. Avatar photo
    bernice ye

    everyth was well labelled neat n easy to find

  136. Avatar photo

    Big store for Daiso! Lotsa stuff to explore! Love shopping here and can scan capitastar points! …

  137. Avatar photo
    Troyden Tomooka

    It was ok. I find the Japan Daiso had more selection. But this location was ok

  138. Avatar photo
    Sosoter Vlogs


  139. Avatar photo
    Serena Chan

    A 1-stop shop for the old, young and hippies!

  140. Avatar photo
    mikk s

    good selection of Japanese products for daily use.

  141. Avatar photo
    Emmeline Foo

    Large store with many products in stock

  142. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chong

    Always like to come here, $2 and good selection of items too. Cheap and good

  143. Avatar photo
    C S

    Big store wide selection and fast cashiers even though the queue looks long.

  144. Avatar photo
    Halcyon Flowers

    My all-time favourite hangout place. Everything under the sun (almost) for just $2. What’s not to like? Just got a new stash of plastic containers for my fridge.

  145. Avatar photo
    Chee William

    Great place to shop…get almost everything you want.

  146. Avatar photo
    Hema Latha

    The place for everything…only $2

  147. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Tan

    They got good selections of essential needs. Esp container boxes that has variety of sizes.

  148. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ang

    Lots of stuff but lack of available assistants to find certain items

  149. Avatar photo

    good staff, not very crowded

  150. Avatar photo
    Morris Gabriel

    great $2 deals

  151. Avatar photo
    Benjamin New

    Large selection of stuff at $2. Currently quite crowded so stock of certain popular items quite low .

  152. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    Daiso everything for 2 dollars everybody knows, walk-in sure spend a few dollars but all pay even numbers, renovated with exclusive area. …

  153. Avatar photo
    vivek desai

    Goods for low income

  154. Avatar photo
    Ban Max

    Always a good place to shop for things you need daily, around the house or for travel. At only $2, most items are a good price but do not expect it to be top notch quality.

  155. Avatar photo
    Dora Tan

    I came here to buy hair bun net and torchlight. Where else can you find such a diverse variety of products costing just $2 each?

  156. Avatar photo
    Roland Tai

    Every thing for $2.00 only.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Nice shopping experience on a Sunday morning, crowd was OK and Q to pay was short.

  158. Avatar photo
    Russ williams

    Very nice and clean place!

  159. Avatar photo
    Sumaiya Tan

    Small, crowded but always a good place to pop by. Queue is almost always long haha

  160. Avatar photo
    aiza banal

    Affordable prices. Great deals on items.

  161. Avatar photo
    Maria Augustine

    Things that we can get cheap for only $2

  162. Avatar photo
    Dariella Tan

    Everything is $2, they have almost everything handy

  163. Avatar photo
    Chuan Sim

    A large portion of the place is currently under renovation. Very cramped and congested.
    Hope things will improve after the Christmas season.

  164. Avatar photo
    Rameez Reza

    Simply love the place. Everything for 2 dollars. Never completely crowded and is always a fun shopping experience.

    Can anyone tell me what music trackthey keep playing there?

  165. Avatar photo
    Will Tan

    Buy your various small items you may not find elsewhere even sun shade for various shapes n sizes. Cut off the sunshine glare.

  166. Avatar photo
    Koh Ailing

    Sell a range of items, from kitchen to living room storage, wrapping bags, stationeries, tidbits and etc.. All @ 2 bucks, any items u wan.. Name it and you can easily find it here. I bought a couple of storage boxes.

  167. Avatar photo
    Loh Wee Kong

    Good selection of items. Quite crowded at times.

  168. Avatar photo
    Edwin Kiew

    Wide range of products all at $2. .id a good time shopping spent 45min

  169. Avatar photo
    Ming Johansson

    One cannot have nothing to buy from this place. Ok, maybe because I am female. I just love the plastic boxes. They are of good quality and transparent. Easy for storage and know what is in it.
    Floor wipes are one of the those for the home that you might end up buying.
    You can buy Japanese candies and cookies, nuts, sauces for cooking.
    A good place to take your time and browse. It is unlikely for someone leaving the store empty handed.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ginny Ee

    I like Daiso many things to buy n is cheap.

  171. Avatar photo

    A retail store offering a wide variety of products all retailing @ SGD2.00 each.

  172. Avatar photo
    Francis Soh

    Some of the items are expensive

  173. Avatar photo
    Beetle Van

    Amazingly cheap, acceptable quality, great variety. That’s always something useful to get from their huge discount stores

  174. Avatar photo
    Its Me

    Have tecommended Diaso to whoever i know n foreign friends but also a found few items cheaper by a few cents. Nevertheless, quality items n the variety is a joy to shop in Daiso…

  175. Avatar photo
    Sock Hun Choy

    The staffs r helpful

  176. Avatar photo
    Daniel Leong

    Very crowded today, but products are still plenty and very good quality. Really recommend this branch

  177. Avatar photo
    God's Amazing Grace

    Cashier 4 so slow in returning my change
    Bought only one item!

  178. Avatar photo
    jane ng

    Good. Alot of thing n can get what i want

  179. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lee

    This is a bigger location with more options for specific items like gardening tools and accessories. Found a squarish white pot that works perfectly with my square table top planter. On top of that, was able to find a garden spade for my mom.

    Found other essential stuff like furniture leg slider/cap. They even carry socks for the legs of your chair; works perfectly with cutesy decor for your little girl’s bedroom or playroom.

    Glad that this location is also very near to Spotlight and therefore, between these two stores, your DIY-self will be in retail heaven.

  180. Avatar photo
    YY YY

    Able to get the items i need …

  181. Avatar photo
    Christine Alnes

    A huge store for value for money goods. They have a lot of stuff from various categories, e.g. party ware, cosmetics, food, stationery etc. As the store layout is cramp, it can get quite squeezy. Not recommended for people on wheelchair due to the hard navigation.

  182. Avatar photo
    Husna Hussin

    Got real deal here … knitting & crochet threads …

  183. Avatar photo
    B T

    Hi I do understand that prices are set to increase after the recent pricing changes where GST is now an add on. What i dont understand is a 103% hike from $2 (before GST add on) to $4.07 !
    My elderly relative bought 6 of these recently and and the receipt has been disposed.

    Could someone from Daiso confirmed that he has not been overcharged ? Pictures attached

  184. Avatar photo
    Timothy Wang

    Bicycle accessories, home essentials
    2$ mega store

  185. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Wow, pretty busy after circuit breaker, a good shopping place for knick knacks

  186. Avatar photo
    may “May”

    Nice. Big, complete. The mall is also great

  187. Avatar photo
    Len Ng

    Get all cheap $2 stuff here!

  188. Avatar photo
    Nyaw “NyawNyaw” Nyaw

    One of the big Daiso’s in SG that i know of. Great selection of stuff and frequently changing too so it’s nice to visit once in a while.

  189. Avatar photo
    Kerry Bunn

    Great range. Definitely one of the better Daiso stores in terms of product range.

  190. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Mun

    Excellent customers service from sales assistant, Asah (may spelt name wrongly). Though she is working part-time, she is well trained in her job, patience, helpful and friendly. 5 stars for her!

  191. Avatar photo
    B. S. Kappen

    Great place to shop

  192. Avatar photo
    Bishan Chew

    Safe distance announcement clearly heard and cashier was helpful

  193. Avatar photo
    Florence Lai

    Couldn’t find the item due to relocated by the store. Maybe try again where I’m not in a hurry.

  194. Avatar photo
    flame in go

    Even during COVID-19 periods it is still crowded. Not recommended during peak hours. Very much to my satisfaction, as it was a huge store. Got what I needed and though queue was long, it was also quite fast. The staff there are friendly and helpful Keep up the good work!

  195. Avatar photo
    Stand up and show Your skills you know the drill

    Very nice the staff are nice and the washi tapes and stickers there are nice

  196. Avatar photo
    CharlesAngel Lacson (WICKERMOSS)

    Organized and always have new designs especially for kitchenware. Staffs are friendly and always ready to assist. Cashiers speedy so queueing is not a problem. Do note that packing is self service, do your part by helping the staff with putting back your cart.

  197. Avatar photo

    I went there last week and the store has really stock up alot of new products. Still as crowded as before on a weekend, but the queue for payment moves on quite fast too.

  198. Avatar photo
    Johnny Jayakumar

    2$ everything u take and cheap n best things can buy here..

  199. Avatar photo
    Ryan Wong

    Lots of quality and useful products at cheap price

  200. Avatar photo
    Avacado AW

    Finally we are entering phase 2 of CB exit! I was so excited to go to Daiso. I am sure a lot of people miss shopping at Daiso. They have varieties of goods from baby to elderly stuff, kitchen wares, toys, accessories, toiletries and etc.. Everything at $2 each! Bought markers, crayons and many more for my kids and household. However, the queue to go in and payment was very long. That was not surprising though as everybody loves daiso

  201. Avatar photo
    Carlos Wong

    Cheap goods,nice items all at a cheap price

  202. Avatar photo
    Daniele Cazzaniga

    Nice place. A lot of useful and nice things form Japan. Each for 2 S$ at max.

  203. Avatar photo
    Yuliana Kasman

    Economical and easily accessible ^^

  204. Avatar photo

    GOTTA LOVE DAISO!!! Awesome to find a favourite in Singapore! Wish we had the flat rate prices in Australia (like we used to!)
    The best place in the world to find the stuff you never knew you needed & so much more!! Awesome job DAISO!!!

  205. Avatar photo
    Oktarina Yusprita Sari

    Cheap and nice.. quite complete

  206. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s a too great a place to shop.
    I wanted to buy a hole punch and a stapler.
    But ends up buying 23 other stuff.
    They are very creative and innovative in selling. It’s just too cheap to see it’s cost or value. And it became an”0bssession ” to buy
    And buy. It’s like you just want to need it.
    It’s a fun place to shop.

  207. Avatar photo
    R A Lew

    Crowded, but manageable. Good spread.

  208. Avatar photo
    Lionel G

    Great place to shop.

  209. Avatar photo
    Bobby Wan

    One of nicest Daiso. Big place with good selection. Very convenient inside Plaza Singapura mall.

  210. Avatar photo
    Daniel C.K. Tan

    Well stocked with different varieties of products.

  211. Avatar photo
    Rajesh N

    Wide range of collections and much more products to buy at low cost. Daiso …

  212. Avatar photo

    prefer dis outlet more den others as here always seems to wider variety of items and more well-stocked

  213. Avatar photo
    kuki six

    Convenient location, friendly staff and good layout. One of my favourite Daisos.

  214. Avatar photo
    john so

    Always have new things to shop for

  215. Avatar photo
    Margaret Ng

    Daiso added a health section where I bought knee and hand guards, cold ice packs etc

  216. Avatar photo
    Quan Li

    Cheap with good quality. Like to buy home product in DAISO.

  217. Avatar photo
    Lye Lee June

    Good place to buy everday use household items at $2

  218. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tong

    Lots of varieties at very cheap prices

  219. Avatar photo
    Seok Ling Tan

    Shopping experience is great in plaza sing branch. However, do try n avoid the peak period which has a lot of people inside. Lots of choices to choose from and its a big place to shop.

  220. Avatar photo
    Nini & Eva

    Items at $2 each!!! From households to stationeries, gardening, to snacks!!!!!! What more can u ask!!

  221. Avatar photo

    Daiso’s standard is the best.

  222. Avatar photo
    Samantha Loke

    Lots of varieties. Most importantly, I found what I needed at a lower price : )

  223. Avatar photo

    I went there last week and the store has really stock up alot of new products. Still as crowded as before on a weekend, but the queue for payment moves on quite fast too.

  224. Avatar photo
    Kazuhiko Takano

    The most useful Japanese store.l want more items to be added in Japan.

  225. Avatar photo
    Yew Kay Yan

    Everyone’s favourite $2 shop. No intro needed lol

  226. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    So uniquely arranged to meet your needs And enhance your Wants. Cheap and so decently priced up. It’s boleh to carry on.

  227. Avatar photo
    yusri rawi

    Some items could get cheaper at other shops

  228. Avatar photo

    Large store with many useful items

  229. Avatar photo
    Gerald Teh

    This place offers the best selection of art and craft products of all the Daiso stores at their normal price of S$2.

  230. Avatar photo
    Paul Soh

    Big shop with many varieties of selection.

  231. Avatar photo
    Cynthia M (ara)

    This daiso has everything!!

  232. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    Always love to shop at Daiso. The shopping experience is very nice and most of the items are very worthwhile to buy. I can easily spend more than an hour here shopping for necessities. Of course, there are some which are not worth the money, hence you must know what items to get.

  233. Avatar photo
    Siew Leng Tey

    A lot of stuff. Cheap and good.

  234. Avatar photo
    susuki bandit

    Great place to get those household product at $2 each.

  235. Avatar photo

    Christmas decor items are available now. A lot of options at affordable price

  236. Avatar photo
    Nam Nguyen

    Many things needed to shopping. 2 $ sing only

  237. Avatar photo
    Francis Tan

    Great price, great selection of items

  238. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    It’s this one, the one at IMM or Kallang Wave for widest range of products. Other branches are smaller and may not stock what you want.

  239. Avatar photo
    Gunawan Zhu

    Full range of items with price of 2 sgd. Dont expect high quality, but worth it based on the price

  240. Avatar photo
    grace yeow

    Space is bigger than City Square Mall.

  241. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    I have put multiple reviews avout Daiso in past. This time visited Daiso in plaza Singapura. Everything costs $2 here. I like clay pots available in this price. Quality is reasonable considering price. So, go and enjoy shopping at Daiso.

  242. Avatar photo
    Jianxiong Xu

    Wide selection of items all at $2!

  243. Avatar photo
    Johara Beevi

    You can’t go wrong with just $2 ..‍ …

  244. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    A nice place to shop especially Daiso with lots of varieties. Prices are affordable. Spacious shopping mall yet parking is not that expensive as compared to other malls.

  245. Avatar photo
    Chee Keong Soh

    One of the largest Daiso outlets in Singapore. Lots of producinot found on other outlets and lots of people too.

  246. Avatar photo
    G L

    I like this place because I can see the items and price

  247. Avatar photo
    Camilla Lee

    Please employ more staff to help during festive season and train them with heart as some staff have difficulty to help customers locate the items they want and some are too busy to attend to customer’s enquiries and just pointing where to get the item. But customers may have difficulty to find the items themselves. Thank you.

  248. Avatar photo
    Zhen Xuen Hua

    Their cashier counters are fast and prompt in clearing your items. There is someone in charge to facilitate the flow of customers in queue to next available cashier counter. Excellent. …

  249. Avatar photo
    Karthick Tamilarasan (foxKarthick)

    Household item’s are good for $2

  250. Avatar photo
    Amber Yong

    Located within Plaza Singapura, on the 5th floor. Easily accessible via mrt (Dhoby Ghaut station), public buses, taxis, private hired cars or you can drive there. There is a car park located within the mall but there’s usually a long queue leading to the carpark so it may be more convenient and less cumbersome to take the public transport instead.
    Daiso here is very popular.. The store is usually crowded and packed with all kinds of products. Take your time to go through all the aisles and you should not come out empty handed!
    Although the queue to the cashiers is usually long, but 5 cashiers are opened and the queue moves pretty fast!
    Drop by whenever you are here to pickup some value for money buys!

  251. Avatar photo
    Ch Mu

    One stop for all. This shop is crowded most of the time because of its cost. Everything is priced at $2. You can get kitchen , travel items, cookware, stationery, toys, gifts, candies, Planners, office supplies, gardening tools, accessories for cars and bicycles. What I love about this shop is the uniqueness. There are some items which are not available in any other shops. The products are user friendly and cute. Plastic boxes are very versatile.

  252. Avatar photo
    Anthony Leung

    This is one of the bigger stores and thus has a rather wide range of products to choose from.

  253. Avatar photo
    Wei Loon Wong

    Large area with lots of products

  254. Avatar photo
    Chiranjib Majumdar

    Daiso is great, but collections in this branch is average.

  255. Avatar photo
    madhur aggarwal

    It’s in ion mall, orchid road. All things are of 2 Singapore dollars.

  256. Avatar photo
    Michelle Yeo

    There’s always something to buy

  257. Avatar photo
    Sumarni R

    Bought items that I’m looking for. Great shop

  258. Avatar photo
    Zainab Sh Murtaza

    On Google they show open but actually they are closed so please don’t visit during circuit breaker period

  259. Avatar photo
    vorn p

    Great place for Japanese goods at reasonable price

  260. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Best place to buy all those small household and office items, cheap and lots of choices!

  261. Avatar photo
    Josephine Chua

    Cheap n good

  262. Avatar photo
    Carol Yuen

    Daiso Plaza Singapura was good but not now. Couldn’t find the laundry net I wanted, they used to have various sizes and designs but saw only 1 type on last Sunday. Quite disappointed

  263. Avatar photo
    Peishi Yeo

    Bright aisles, lots of merchandise

  264. Avatar photo
    tahera rehman

    You don’t have to think of anything; all yr life’s necessities are there for you at minimal cost.

  265. Avatar photo
    Satish Maheshwari

    Also crowded. Not large enough.

  266. Avatar photo
    Vinisha Mohinani

    Convenient store with good home stuff , one stop shopping

  267. Avatar photo
    si chiang Han

    Many things to buy at good price

  268. Avatar photo
    Anton 999

    The location is convenient and they have many things I need readily available. On the flip side, they only take cash or NETS, which I consider a minus.

  269. Avatar photo
    Larry Kho

    One of the largest variety Daiso outlet in Singapore. Spot Light is around the corner as well so if you need any DIY stuff I highly recommend you to visit the outlet.

  270. Avatar photo
    ridhi bhatta

    huge and a variety of options

  271. Avatar photo
    Anthony Kiong

    Large selection, near mrt, cheap at $2

  272. Avatar photo
    Town Wan Chiam (Philip)

    Best budget store with everything you need in the convinence of a shopping Mall

  273. Avatar photo
    Tuyet Mai Phan

    Many usefull items

  274. Avatar photo
    kongphui ng

    For those who drives, this shop is near the exit to the carpark, so it is very convenient.

  275. Avatar photo
    Kampi Dompor

    You’ll find stuff that you need but they’re products are not as extensive. They’re limited by the space that they have, so not really their fault.

  276. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fahmi

    Honestly nearly everything can be found here. Unfortunately the foods don’t have much halal options

  277. Avatar photo

    Everything is $2. Cashiers work really fast. There no way you can give less than 5 stars to any Daiso. Unless maybe some items being rather unfriendly to our environment.

  278. Avatar photo
    XX N

    Selection of items great, exchange policy, not great. Receipt states exchanges are allowed within 7 days in original packaging. Asked for exchange the day after purchase after realising I got the wrong type of product but was questioned and scrutinised a lot before staff finally reluctantly allowed exchange.

    I suppose partially because the packaging was already slightly torn when I got it off the e shelf (and in fact was the case for all of this type of products that were left on the shelf when I purchased). I would think if Daiso so this strict about packaging for exchange then they should have taken the effort to repack or tape the packaging properly before selling them to customers so that they have no excuse not to honour their own exchange policy.

    I know it’s a $2 item but a policy is set by your store and the customers have no say but just trying to follow your policy so the least you could do is to honour the policies set by you. In this case I was eventually allowed to exchange despite not so great attitude from the staff so I feel a 3 star rating is fair. The not so great attitude, other than being especially difficult and reluctant to abide by exchange policy, also includes telling me to move off as they have customers coming in to make payment (that is not my fault at all you were the one holding me up and you should have just opened more cashier counter then or at least be more polite asking me to move aside).

    Edit: Deducted 1 more star because after I was finally allowed to do an exchange, was then told that you can only exchange once – I am not sure if they are saying I can only exchange this item once or I cannot exchange other things in the same receipt as well but in anyway case I just agreed since it’s gonna take so much effort and being treated almost like a criminal to exchange. However, I would like to point out that whatever they mean, this “exchange only one once” rule isn’t on their receipt or term and contusions published anywhere, and as such it is still unreasonable.

  279. Avatar photo
    Terry Pour

    Renovation ongoing. Walk way is tight

    The new pricing is bit of confusing. Need time to get over it.

  280. Avatar photo
    TK P

    A fixed price for all items makes shopping very very easy, convenient and great experience. At $2 for every item it is no brainer to buy anything that catches your fancy. These Japanese are brilliant.

  281. Avatar photo
    Cyber Chris City Scrapers

    Decent cheap-wares. One gain what one pays

  282. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chew

    One of the bigger Daiso stores in Singapore.

  283. Avatar photo
    Chew Lay Ling

    Daisy Plaza Sing. Most of the times will find what I need for my artwork.

  284. Avatar photo
    Kamalesh BC

    Awesome, must visit place. Great products at cheapest price in Singapore

  285. Avatar photo
    Beatrix 77

    Fast service,thousand choice…afforable

  286. Avatar photo
    Lenin Elijah

    Cheap place but cannot expect great quality

  287. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Gill

    Awesome Japanese store, where each item is $2! Full of fun items. Feels like stepping into Japan without leaving Singapore.

  288. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Benjamin

    Daiso items is not as cheap as ever in the past that sell only at $2 . It getting more expensive.

  289. Avatar photo
    englai chong

    very great i like this place

  290. Avatar photo
    Selva Rani

    Always a good place to shop for cheap things. But since 1st May the prices went up. So do look out for the price changes.

  291. Avatar photo

    The branch at Plaza Singapura is actually more spacious and better organised than others I’ve seen.

  292. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lo

    Cheap and good stuff

  293. Avatar photo Vincentlim

    Wide variety of goods

  294. Avatar photo
    Aaron Derrick

    Anything and everything under the sun .

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