Review Daiso Imm, 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore

Review DAISO  IMM - Singapore 2 Jurong East Street 21

“Back for Xmas deco! Value for money and lots of items and choice! Every item is $2! Quality is good too.” or “I love it. I’m sure you’re going to buy something out from that shop even you don’t might need it. Hahaha” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Daiso Imm. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Daiso Imm is quality.

Introduction about Daiso Imm

Here are some fundamental details regarding Daiso Imm. In terms of Variety store, it is generally believed that Daiso Immis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03 - 50 IMM Building, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Variety store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 65669585 (+65 65669585)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03 - 50 IMM Building, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Daiso Imm?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Daiso Imm via:

Phone number

You can reach Daiso Imm at 65669585(+65 65669585). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Daiso Imm via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03 - 50 IMM Building, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Daiso Imm reviews

Daiso Imm is among the best destinations of Variety store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Daiso Imm good?

To determine whether Daiso Imm is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Always $2 dollar. Now change ready..Find fun and surprises in DAISO! We provide a wide range of exciting products of housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, bento supplies, gifts and many more.”

“This outlet is huge and very well organized, it is fun to walk around. There are so many hidden gems which cannot be found at other variety stores. Some items are not really worth $2.”

“Back for Xmas deco! Value for money and lots of items and choice! Every item is $2! Quality is good too.”

“Quite big compared to other stores and has many products for all people no matter if you are a kid or adult. Reasonable pricing and there are delicious snacks and fun toys too!”

“Cheap and convenient store to find craft supplies, home goods, stationery, food, costumes etc. but do expect constant crowds and long queues from 4pm onwards.”

“I love it. I'm sure you're going to buy something out from that shop even you don't might need it. Hahaha”

“They have gotten more products nowadays. And all at $2.00 and this outlet is no longer as messy as before ”

“Nice place to shop . All products are 2 sgd . From house hold stuff to party collection . …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 267 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Daiso Imm, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Daiso Imm, 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore

There is a total 267 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Lim Shuxian

    The only daiso in Singapore that I always go. Biggest outlet with everything. The rest are too small with not full range.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jaya Kumar

    Good choice of stuff that I can choose. Sometime is really crowded at this period.

  3. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nur

    The daiso here is big so can find more things. if you cant find what you wanted in jcube daiso, come here

  4. Avatar photo
    Angeline Shan

    Visited this Daiso at IMM though it’s very huge but i couldn’t get what I was looking for. Eg. Dish sponges, white sponge that is made in japan etc.
    If you looking for plastic containers etc…this is the place you should go. I prefer the one at Plaza Singapura .

  5. Avatar photo
    Shida Yeap

    Super long queue but clear super fast! Thumbs up for the quick serving staffs!

  6. Avatar photo

    Bring own plastic bag and nets card

  7. Avatar photo

    The store are nicely set up & tidy, but the queue for payment is abit lengthy.. Hope to see a better efficient process

  8. Avatar photo

    One of my favorite places to shop. Everything is only 2 Singapore Dollars.. there’s a variety of household items, accessories, fabrics, ornaments, crockery and eating items too. The place is very spacious and air conditioned. I highly recommend this place!

  9. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    This branch is simply huge! Must be amongst the largest one in SG.
    Smart shopping if you end up buying what you really plan to, at the end of your visit here. Else it’s literally burnt on your pocket (though practically not easy as stuff are mostly sold at only $2 each)

  10. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Getting crowded these days at weekends. Weekdays are better.

  11. Avatar photo
    Binghan Matthew SEET

    Still the best Diaso store for me! Huge floor plate and lots of items more than other Daisos.

  12. Avatar photo
    Guat Cheng Pee

    1st time there, wonderful place. Will visit again.

  13. Avatar photo
    Margaret L

    Touted the largest branch of Daiso in Singapore.

  14. Avatar photo
    Steven Mok

    One of the largest store. Things for $2.00 better get them before GST

  15. Avatar photo
    Deleted Account

    Very friendly staff. Promptly redirected me to the correct section when I told the staff I was looking for a specific product!

  16. Avatar photo
    Yew Guan Gwee

    Hopefully – The Fishing Lures & Accessories for fishing will be expended a little. ( love to understand more Japanese styles Lures ) as seen on Japanese TV guild entertainment for Fishing. Cheers. Well done so far. Bought quite a bit lately will be using for overseas Fishing trips

  17. Avatar photo
    Rashid Ismail

    Daiso IMM is the biggest in Singapore. Evrything $2. No bargain and no extra coat to pay. Varieties of items can be obtained here. Travel by bus, mrt and private hire car. Well the cheapest is by public bus or train.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ctan Mi

    You can find most of your daily use general products here. Affordable and wide variety.

  19. Avatar photo
    Bambang L

    Good stuff, all for 2$ – a lot of unique Japanese items that is not available elsewhere, good place for plastic boxes, pouches or utensils that typically cost more in other shops…

  20. Avatar photo
    kamaraj poongavanam

    Earlier IMM used to be economical and good for 2$ products and now it has both 2$ products and more than 2$ products as well. However I don’t like it those products beyond the initial daiso price

  21. Avatar photo

    Huge store, loved it, they have everything!

  22. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lim

    Good place to spend half the day away, has Everything! Always something new to buy, something new to look at. Truly a place where I’ll never not spend money at. Good atmosphere; music and aircon are perfect.

  23. Avatar photo
    Pranam Garg Acharya

    It is an excellent place where everything is available for S$2 . Gift items ,stationary,household, food items. It’s a must visit

  24. Avatar photo

    The Yen has weakened considerably recently. So any items that costs 200Yen or more uses a Yen to SGD rate that is far too disadvantageous to consumers. For instance, I’d have to pay S$4.07 (inc GST) for a 200Yen item. Still value or not? Not for me.

  25. Avatar photo
    Hui Yee Nyoe

    Many many useful lifestyle items! But I love their mini blocks most!

  26. Avatar photo

    The outlet is very big and has a wide variety of items.

  27. Avatar photo
    Tin Maung Htay

    As always lots of choices for small daily needs itemd. Some shelves are empty (kitchen, hardware tools)

  28. Avatar photo
    Farhad Pardiwalla

    some items are worth it some are absolutely not. don’t like the feel of the store though

  29. Avatar photo
    DHeats Cheesecake

    Located at storey 3 in IMM. The store is very big with most items available. The queue is long but waiting time is short

  30. Avatar photo
    Luc Lucas

    One of my favorite place for clever tools and ideas in making life easier 🙂

  31. Avatar photo
    Janet Tan

    Great shopping place, can find most of the things you want to buy.

  32. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Kang

    Good for shopping
    Very big and spacious over the IMM, good selection of items =) my fave place to shop. Next best place to buy things from daiso will be plaza sing.

  33. Avatar photo
    Yu XJ

    Can buy many thing is cheap each $2 only.

  34. Avatar photo
    feidzal maris

    Cheap Japanese goods available. Some products are not really recommended.. while some are of good value

  35. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fahmy

    Can’t go japan this is where u should shop. At level 3 in IMM.

  36. Avatar photo
    Sheng Wei [SW]

    -Biggest Daiso!
    -Whatever you want they have it
    -Dont expect a 10SGD quality because is just 2SGD (Some product can last like crazy)

  37. Avatar photo
    Cui Xinlei

    Lots of charming Japanese stuff that you cannot get anywhere else. Best part is. Everything is two dollars.

  38. Avatar photo
    Fengming Huang

    All $2 things. Goid place to find cheap but acceptable quality small items.

  39. Avatar photo
    Adnan Mohammed

    Big space with wide variety of knick knack! If you not careful, you end up buying things you don’t need! Fun place

  40. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Best store to buy everything you need.
    Well stock.

  41. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    This is one of the biggest and the first Daiso in Singapore.

    It has the biggest range of products for your need.

    One may forget their time when doing their shopping here. There are just too many things to look at.

    And this is only 1 shop.

    There are so many shops in this place that one has to be strategic when you are here.

  42. Avatar photo
    Cute Thulir

    household items , handmade bags, accessories, gardening items… cheap and best. Files and glass based lunch boxes also cheap and march 2022

  43. Avatar photo
    Ray Goh

    Bigger than most other Daisos. More space to move about

  44. Avatar photo
    Zain A

    Big Store. Located on the third floor. For those looking for this Daiso, look out for the travellators. Once you find it go up or down depending on your location to the third floor. The store is directly in front so just walk across straight across the concourse.

    This is one of the biggest Daiso in Sg so there’s lots of things to browse. As with Daiso stores, some are worth your 2 dollars while some may not… so choose wisely.

  45. Avatar photo
    Wai Peng Chan

    The place to go where you can find interesting and useful items priced at $2 each. It is crowded even on a weekday afternoon. There are frequent announcement about safe distancing and reminding all shoppers to wear masks..

  46. Avatar photo
    candice c

    Love everything here. They sell all sorts of things you may need for household, kitchen, gardening, crafts, small prokects, stationery, snacks. All at $2

  47. Avatar photo
    Caroline Chow

    Spacious, with a wide range of merchandise. Gets rather crowded during the weekends. Even though the q for the cashiers seem long at times, it moves smoothly and quickly. I regularly visits for mickey mouse theme items on the cheap.

  48. Avatar photo
    Linda Sam

    Daiso IMM was great, among all the outlet of Daiso I have visit, is the best. With almost everything they have it.

  49. Avatar photo
    Cheow Ping Tan

    Pay by electronic means (NETS) if you mind the store’s policy of rounding up to the next 5 cents when using cash. Good variety of products

  50. Avatar photo
    Richard Chia

    This is one retailer that makes lots of locals very happy cos you can browse through a wide range of stuff and get your necessities at $2 per item, making you feel good that you can still afford to spend a bit without burning a hole in your pocket.

  51. Avatar photo
    Su Yaminn Myat

    Very conveniently cheap, so many varieties of products ranging from beauty products to construction tools

  52. Avatar photo
    Caryse Soon

    Very big. Spacious. Wide variety of items. A must-go for daiso fans!

  53. Avatar photo
    Were Wolf

    One of the best Daiso among the group. Goods well stock up and wide range of products too.

  54. Avatar photo
    Sasi Emőke

    This is the biggest Daiso I have ever visited. I love Daiso for celebrations, food storeges and I will love it when my girl becomes bigger and we can do crafts together or she can choose her cute stationery from here. …

  55. Avatar photo

    One of the big outlets which really have many different items that one wants and looks for.. AND items that one never thought you would want or need… And all at the cost of $2/-

  56. Avatar photo
    Siti Zainab

    Like to go Daiso, many items can find there with reasonable price

  57. Avatar photo
    Suman Sharma

    Cheap and best. If you have nothing to do on a weekend , go to diaso 😀

  58. Avatar photo
    boii A.

    Not a bad place to shop for simple household items w/o spending too much …

  59. Avatar photo
    lagan chhabra

    I feel very happy whenever i shop at daiso. It gives me liberty to buy many things at an affordable price. For me it’s atleast one time visit every months. Highly recommended.
    It has an excellent collection for Christmas.

    It’s little different from daiso japan in terms of items and price. Buying something at 100 yen and here at $2 is itself a big transition

    Must go

  60. Avatar photo

    Good for casual shopping when one needs tiny touch-up at home.

  61. Avatar photo
    Kean Chong Loh

    This is a good place to shop for various types of household products at $2 per item. You can also find cheap gardening tools, gloves, pots, bicycle accessories etc

  62. Avatar photo
    Hani Jamalludin

    Bought a Charcoal Dehumidifier from Daiso IMM. Staff (Mui Eng & Kwang Ngoh) were very nice and helpful.

  63. Avatar photo

    Daiso @ IMM
    Every thing at $2. Some can be Xpensive.

    Last update Jul2017

  64. Avatar photo
    Sally Ang

    Many items at shopping areas …interesting to come and look ard , and hve deco ideas for your home. I think it can be more tidy , if shoppers try to help , by not messing up as much as possible

  65. Avatar photo
    Robert Teoh

    Good selection of quality goods at reasonable prices.

  66. Avatar photo

    Everything costs $2. Nice selection from cheap pottery, toys, notebook, broom, etc. The place is rather spacious. Nice to look around and waste some time.

  67. Avatar photo
    Ni Ni Aung

    every items will cost you two dollars. Almost products are more value than prices. Different home items are available.

  68. Avatar photo
    Chan “Toffees” Allen

    Probably the largest in Singapore with large walking space, without the need to bump to anyone like most of the smaller outlets

  69. Avatar photo
    Indigo H

    The place isn’t pack on weekdays. Jcube’s Daiso have shorter queues and I find it easier to find the products that I am looking for. As this Daiso is rather small, not all products can be found here.

  70. Avatar photo
    Jianfeng Yang

    Super huge variety of items, all at $2. What’s not to like? But do some homework cos not all items are good deals at $2. Quality is generally very acceptable for the price.

  71. Avatar photo
    Raju Bakare

    A very large store.innovative products. Every thing priced at $2 dollars. Between 3000 to 5000 items must be available for purchase. A must place to visit in Singapore.

  72. Avatar photo
    Christina W

    Singaporean’s favourite $2 shop. Some of the popular items are Art and craft supplies, Bathing stuffs, Skincare and Makeup stuffs, Kitchen stuffs, Household items, Cleaning supplies, Kids toys, Electronic (headphone/earphone/cables) and even Food and Beverages! Its so addictive that on usual days there are aunties waiting outside the shop just before it opens (I am one of them lol) Seldom come out empty handed.

  73. Avatar photo
    Neamul Kabir

    Awesome store! Everything for $2!!! Most of the items are from Japan, some of them from china. You can find almost all of your necessary items at a very cheap price. From gift items to toys for child, stationary, glassware, plastic household items, cleaning items and what not.

  74. Avatar photo
    Nicole Welford

    Many items to choose from. Sadly prices got up!

  75. Avatar photo
    Traveloholic Daniel

    One of the largest stores..has a huge range of items house hold, staionary, kitchen stuff, kids stuff… Lots of things that can be given as worthwhile souvenirs all for the price of 2S$ each.
    It’s my must visit store every time I’m upto to some kids project or activity… They have a good collection of Christmas decorations too.

  76. Avatar photo
    Hisham Zainal

    Everything $2.but when u exit with a full basket can add up to $100+++ …

  77. Avatar photo
    Grango Yikes.

    Prices are good standard ones like every other Daisos. This one is more ch bigger compared to ita smaller branches.

    The transition and waiting for queues is faster and is practically efficient in many ways. Downside is the large crowds, so you’ll have to be mindful whereever you go.

  78. Avatar photo
    Pixel Gun Boy

    Wide selection of items. Still preferred the old format of fixed price for all items….a little toublesome to compare items to a chart using Yen comparison.

  79. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    One of the biggest, easily u will spend 1 hours with it if u step in, but your pocket will dry

  80. Avatar photo
    Julian Wong

    This is a very big Daiso and it has a very wide range of products. It is usually very crowded especially during weekend. The check out counter usually has a pretty long queue too. Sometime it is very slow moving so be patience.

  81. Avatar photo
    HAN dia

    Amazing place that sellls everything at $2. Been shopping there since i was in primary school up till now! Really recommend the TWIN FLUORESCENT HIGHLIGHTERS! they sell 5 colours for $2 and its GOOD QUALITY!!

  82. Avatar photo
    Noel Toh

    Love this place. Its big and fun to walk around in. And I can find a lot of useful things for its cheap $2 pricing.

    Furthermore IMM offers free parking for the 1st hour so it’s nice coming here to walk around.

  83. Avatar photo
    Sahrin Safuan

    Found all my stationery needs here. Good variety of items. Very orderly and smooth cashiering and check out in spite of being busy on this Saturday night. A well stocked store

  84. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tay

    A wide variety of stuff that even ion orchard doesn’t have!!!! Anytime if you guys need anything come to daiso imm!!! Never fail to. Leave with a big bag!!

  85. Avatar photo
    Lim Ting Han

    Large and neatly arranged items for different needs. Wonders from Japan.

  86. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    Big store easy to get what you need. …

  87. Avatar photo
    Ryan Yeo

    Still a good place to take a stroll and browsing of many items for sale. Not all products on display today may be worth the $2 price tag, unlike the early days when their sole IMM outlet had more amazing products of great quality that commanded underrated value for a $2 price tag

  88. Avatar photo
    ong candice

    Hope to see more new varieties of items sold at IMM largest Daiso instead of the same boring ones (eg the same old transparent trays ,transparent storage boxes etc ) year after year.Instead of having so many small daiso outlets ,could Daiso spore considered opening 1 mega Dasio smiliar to the 8 storey mega daiso in korea,where are more wide selection of products .

  89. Avatar photo
    Blue Sky

    Loved this place…items at affordable price for relevant items

  90. Avatar photo
    Kw Lee

    I have visited Daiso since it opened in IMM.
    The store contains many items.
    the staff are friendly and helpful. Now, Daiso are all over Singapore. The variety of the items is fantastic. It is $2/item.

  91. Avatar photo
    Lester Chua

    One of the best stocked Daisos in Singapore in my honest opinion. This IMM store’s Variety is really very extensive. The floorspace is so huge that you can easily.get lost.

    Insider tip: Shop by zones so that you do not miss out on anything. One can easily accidentally miss a sector.. where there could be a hidden gem waiting for you (for only $2) to boot. Take your time and enjoy. I find it very stress free knowing that after picking up 10 items, they only cost me $2 a piece.

    Hope you find the review useful. Enjoy your shopping. Cheers and have a good one.

  92. Avatar photo
    xiong jing

    Very cheap items for only $2 per piece. A huge selection. From sporting goods such as badminton rackets to utensils such as cutlery and bowls. Clean and well maintained with air conditioners to cool you down. However my expectations of the quality are not high as an item only cost $2. Cheerful and friendly staff with fast service. Would come again.

  93. Avatar photo
    Ping Tong

    Quite big compared to other stores and has many products for all people no matter if you are a kid or adult. Reasonable pricing and there are delicious snacks and fun toys too!

  94. Avatar photo

    Quite crowded. But there is a variety of things to buy. Items are $2 each considered cheap. Items related to the upcoming festival like Halloween and more are available there.

  95. Avatar photo
    Zainab Nazar

    This outlet is huge and very well organized, it is fun to walk around. There are so many hidden gems which cannot be found at other variety stores. Some items are not really worth $2.

  96. Avatar photo
    Tan Bridget

    With e new Threeppy located at one of side of this Daiso store, be careful not all pricing is $2… feel its not right to plant another store in Daiso… so misleading n a bit unethical…. Daiso variety is there, Threeppy item r cute n nice too, e pricing range from $5 to $12+

  97. Avatar photo
    Ralph Michael Rodrigues (Ralphy)

    My God there is a lot of items being sold and the trend was for Halloween so take yr choice

  98. Avatar photo
    hahahehekekekokoho outloud

    Love the variety of stuff here, all the cute and random stuff you never knew you needed till you see them. And all for the value for $2 per item!

  99. Avatar photo
    Cheong Chew Hua

    Actual l went there wanted to buy dish rack but found a golden rat n buy sooo many things for cny lm sooo happy…l went alone..the customer so kind teach me use .50 coin to use the rolley first time there

  100. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    This Daiso is huge and the variety of products here is more compared to other Daisos…

  101. Avatar photo
    Nelson Lim

    Nice place to shop for items with each item at $2 but now it could $4++ …

  102. Avatar photo
    Po Vincent

    Cheap quality products. The store here is pretty big too.

  103. Avatar photo
    Wong C.L.

    Everything $2!
    Wide varieties of stuffs to choose!
    Widest range as compared to Jcube which is just nearby.
    Hardware tools are available more down here.
    Even strong neodymium magnets which has quite a number of sizes for selection!

  104. Avatar photo
    Chu ting

    Small but there are a lot of things available and btw, everything is priced at $2 !!

  105. Avatar photo
    Jawn Chang

    ️ DIASO .. always looking for LED n Solar lights n also likes to see the back of every items n as expected “made in china” 9 out of 10 items. $2.00 store. Lots of items not worth $2.00 Usually i dont find what i want, n if i do find it .. its not worth $2 or some cost more in Japanese Yen, Today i bought sharp n sq ⏹️ bamboo chopsticks .. chopsticks sud not roll off fr our bowl to the table n then to the floor . I imagine more than 5000yrs ago – they hv discovered that s .. sud be sq n the rolling “off” sud stop. Ofcos round n fancy one are not wrong .. juz hold on to it. Goodnite .

  106. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    The only change is the pricing. They do carry items above $2 adding to better quality products.

  107. Avatar photo
    Estella Skywalker

    Daiso had started selling Christmas Decorations, Mini Xmas Trees, Xmas Plates, Cups, etc.

    Check it out.

  108. Avatar photo
    Leonard Thangavelu, PBM

    This Daiso is mammoth! It’s got a wide range of items ranging from toiletries to cleaning equipment.

    There is always a queue to the Cashier; however, service is quick and efficient.

    Do note where you park your vehicle in IMM as the mall is very huge with exits and one can easily forget where one has parked his/her vehicle.

    The mall is also conveniently connected to Jurong East MRT and Bus Interchange.

    What I love about Jurong East is the use of the J-Walk overhead bridge that links all malls, shopping centres and hospitals.

  109. Avatar photo
    Daryl Quek

    Pretty crowded at peak hours but has a great variety of products that can cater to most needs.

  110. Avatar photo
    Ibumisali Djbu

    Got all the thing i want, ike new layout of this place, n easy to find thing that i want, friendly staff good job. …

  111. Avatar photo
    Che-yin Suen

    Polite and helpful staff

  112. Avatar photo
    Edmund Tan

    Almost always crowded. One of the larger stores they have and IMM is great for a one-stop shopping location with great parking

  113. Avatar photo
    Shafir Ahmad

    A very big and comprehensive Daiso

  114. Avatar photo
    June Tan Yi Lei

    The place is pretty well organised in terms of products category, which category of items r placed at which area, etc. Cashier who served us is nice and smiley.

  115. Avatar photo
    Nurfatin Asmaa

    Spacious outlet with good variety that i wouldnt mind to get lost in …

  116. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Marvellous place to shop with so many exciting and creative products to meet your households and every day needs.
    And at a bargained price of $2/-
    From two products of my intentions always ending more than 20 items to purchased.
    It’s a can’t stop buying mini super stores.

  117. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Wong

    Nice place. Has a wide varieties of items.

  118. Avatar photo
    Sherman Seow

    Back for Xmas deco! Value for money and lots of items and choice! Every item is $2! Quality is good too.

  119. Avatar photo
    Noel Boyd

    It’s one of the less crowded Daiso stores. The staff are friendly and it’s opposite a value shop. Affordable shopping for the win!

  120. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    Always can find so much cute and interesting thing to buy and it’s only $2. This place is very value for money.

  121. Avatar photo
    Khairul KhaiTona

    I love it. I’m sure you’re going to buy something out from that shop even you don’t might need it. Hahaha

  122. Avatar photo
    Ayodhya Pathirana

    This outlet is crowded on weekdays also. Huge collection of items are available. Kitchen equipment, gardening equipment, stationary, decorations, plastic items, storage, cleaning..etc. Each item 2 dollar. Some items are not worth for 2 dollar. But there are many things to buy for 2 dollar which are very reasonable. Bit hard to get help from staff for finding something. Other than that this is a good place to buy house hold items. Even the outlet is crowded you don’t need to wait in the queue for too long to pay. Cashier staff is so efficient.

  123. Avatar photo
    Bee Lim

    $2 shop with wide range of products. Constantly adding new items. Wide aisles that make shopping around easy and comfortable.

  124. Avatar photo
    Christine Lee

    A fav place to shop for affordable stuff. Party decor selection is limited to only 1 shelf though. Only 9 inch sized balloon sold.

    A wide range of Christmas Decor though.

  125. Avatar photo
    Akane Chung

    Very spacious, huge variety of items, extremely value for money

  126. Avatar photo
    WP NG

    Lack of organization. Items that should be grouped together were located on different shelves.
    But some items were not restocked in time.
    Walkway was cluttered with cartons of new stock.
    Staffs were courteous and helpful though. But they gave me feeling that they hated their job when they simply poured out new stocks and pushed them to shelves, unconcerned whether their action would damage the goods or not.

  127. Avatar photo
    Kim C

    Love the sheer size of this outlet – so many things to see & choose. Great selection

  128. Avatar photo
    Samyuktha Suresh

    Great store with everything at 2 dollars. You get stationery, plastic goods, home goods and much more.

  129. Avatar photo
    Doreen Goh

    Very big, can get many things but a lot of things out of stock, like ceramic knife and the thick facial cotton pads.

  130. Avatar photo
    Alex Wan

    One of biggest Daiso store in SG with widest range of goods and stuff. Always pack with people especially on weekends and holidaya.

  131. Avatar photo

    One of the largest outlet in Singapore.
    Huge crowd from Evening onwards.
    Items were nicely arranged and categorised.
    Some products had price tag if it’s above $2, usually at the side or bottom of product.

    Utensils and handy kitchen appliances with not bad quality. Containers for storage are good to shop for. Give the tidbits a miss, always oxidised.

    Sometimes they do have tips and recipe for a particular type of flour or ingredients that u might want to buy and try. [ Refer To Photo ]

    Carpark extremely stuffy at higher storeys.

  132. Avatar photo
    Nur Shahida

    Not well stocked up. Other outlets have better choices of products.

  133. Avatar photo
    KS Chong

    One of the biggest daiso with the widest selection of goodies at budget friendly pricing. One of the earliest daiso in Singapore as well.

  134. Avatar photo
    Marc Lee

    Always the best place to find home use stuffs. $2 for every single item. One of my favourite place to visit!

  135. Avatar photo
    edmund choo

    Daiso is big, sells many variety of items which you need.

  136. Avatar photo
    Dean Loh

    Always enjoyed my visit to Daiso! I only wish there is a way for customers to quickly locate an item, eg set up computer terminal for product search…

  137. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    Really like this Daiso in IMM, Huge $2 retail Daiso Mart and definitely a great place to shop!!!

  138. Avatar photo
    Sheng Li

    The shop is big. Not many customers today, maybe due to the implementation of GST with effect from today.

  139. Avatar photo
    Michaela Tan

    Because everyone loves diaso for the range and variety of products selling at $2. Staff is generally not very warm to approach.

  140. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Ling

    Lots of people! But it’s quite a huge area so one does not feel too cramped. There are many cashiers as well so don’t be daunted by the long queues at the cashier. It moves fast.

    There are a few item that are in this branch but not in others and vice versa. But other than this there’s not much difference between this branch and the other branches.

  141. Avatar photo

    Quite big outlet and well organised..

  142. Avatar photo
    Diyanah Jumahat

    Very big many household items.. stationaries can be found there

  143. Avatar photo
    no cash.

    Great place for cheap goods and raw materials like styrofoam, wood etc

  144. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Great store, really packed on weekends. Sometimes they run out of the things you want..

  145. Avatar photo
    T K

    Go to Daiso outlet, wide range of selection. Crowded at times but there are many cashiers. Queue may look long but its fast.

  146. Avatar photo
    Timothy Leong

    Nice Japan’s value shop with huge variety of items including stationary, storage boxes, items use in living room, bedroom, kitchen and etc. And all just cost $2 each item.

    Even during some seasons like Christmas or Halloween, they are selling related decorative items too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Mohan krishna Goyal

    Very large and well laid store with big offering. Love it.

  148. Avatar photo
    Satyanarayana Bachu

    It’s great store with every item priced 2 $.

  149. Avatar photo
    chua teck seng

    Great place to hunt for home needs. No longer all things $2 but still quite reasonably priced. Variety also increased with different pricing range.

  150. Avatar photo
    Bernard Goh

    Good selection of items. One of their larger stores.

  151. Avatar photo
    Mohd Ali

    All items price at $2 per pcs that is very cheap and affordable.

  152. Avatar photo

    Good. Lots of small innocuous items available at extremely low prices

  153. Avatar photo
    Ruby Rasheed

    The only place where your creativity truly comes alive. There are so many, many ways to look to for organising your home anytime!!!

  154. Avatar photo
    bernard wong

    Very affordable, with everything priced at 2 dollars, wide range of items, from home living, to offices supplies and even imported japanese special products!

  155. Avatar photo

    Will always go Daiso if I happened to be in this mall. Always have new items, various useful household items at attractive $2 price too. Even though the pet toy always oos very fast, can see that they try their best to restock as much and as soon.

  156. Avatar photo

    One of the larger Daiso stores around. Great place to visit if you are shopping for cheap disposable stuffs.

  157. Avatar photo

    Quite compared to other outlet.However, I still found wat I wantNice and friendly staff …

  158. Avatar photo
    Menori Ayumi (Menori)

    You can find most of the thing u nid in daily use. although most of the thing cost $2 which is cheap but some is not.

  159. Avatar photo
    W. Hormchant

    Loads of varieties of $2 stuff ranging from household, D.I.Y., food and beverages, snacks, electrical, Halloween , gifts, party stuff, birthday gifts, etc, etc… so many endless products to choose from in one megastore! …

  160. Avatar photo

    A place full of memories been around for many years ! $2 $2 ! Best for laundry bagsss

  161. Avatar photo
    Verian De Souza

    Always nice to go to Daiso. Any Daiso for that matter. Very polite and helpful people.

  162. Avatar photo
    Kalaiarasi Perumalsamy

    The goods are very cheap and best. I purchased many things nd it costed low. If you want to save money you can buy things at this place

  163. Avatar photo
    JJ Low

    They have gotten more products nowadays. And all at $2.00 and this outlet is no longer as messy as before

  164. Avatar photo
    Ndee Yoong

    You can always find good quality products at a low value.

  165. Avatar photo
    Yuto SHIMIZU

    alot of stuff. friendly service. clean and neat.
    You better ask staffs when you have something particular to buy.

  166. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    The biggest Daiso that I have been to. Good for windows shopping but the sheer size can be quite intimidating when you have specific things to buy and depending on your luck, some staffs are helpful to bring you to the exact location of the things you couldn’t find and some staffs just point to the direction you should go, perhaps they themselves do not know exactly where to find.

  167. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Seek

    good place to shop at, many useful and cute products, pretty designs at $2 only. polite staff

  168. Avatar photo
    suki gemok

    Diaso very spacious place many option of choices can buy service payment very fast keep it up.

  169. Avatar photo
    Achen JA

    Almost 99% meets my requirement for any simple household fixture need. Reasonably affordable price, good quality for such price tag. …

  170. Avatar photo
    Mohai Menur

    Japanese store with housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, garden supplies & gifts and many things! You can collect many item for your home decoration. Oh Desco’s main point, product price is very cheap. And all product price is only S$2! You can’t believe how many collection they have! Need 2-3 hours to check out every sector.

    You should try Disco for buying your daily small essential item.

  171. Avatar photo
    Kampi Dompor

    Everything I need is there. Tip! If you find something that you like, better grab it coz it takes a while before some items are restocked.

  172. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    The store is bigger than the rest. Many household items, tidbits, handicraft materials and food and drinks. I bought tidbit and Soba noodle for breakfast.

  173. Avatar photo
    Rage Wraith

    Everything for 2 bucks. The store is massive.
    From plates, gardening tools, japanese snack all the way to cosmetics.
    What more can u ask for?

  174. Avatar photo
    Chyan Phang

    The go-to store for all kinds of knick-knacks.

  175. Avatar photo
    D Chua

    Lots of variety to choose from but they didn’t have what I was looking for. In fact I’ve noticed that certain items in some outlets simply sell out and are never restocked while supplies of the same stuff gather dust in other outlets. Perhaps they ought to have some centralised stock database where stuff is sent out to all outlets to ensure they are all equally stocked. That would make shopping at Daiso much better across the board. At least for the consumer.

  176. Avatar photo
    Yoges Dayalan

    Usually very crowded. Some things are not updated.

  177. Avatar photo
    Winston C

    This Daiso outlet is their biggest outlet and yes! plenty to see and shop! The mini splicer is the next find for me. They have their usual staple of snacks, gardening tools, cleaning equipment and many more. Service staff is helpful.

  178. Avatar photo
    Rishab Chaturvedi

    Just ok place to get cheap products at cheap price. Don’t expect a great quality. Everything here is $2/ each product

  179. Avatar photo
    Sivasothy Nanthagopal

    Every time I go there, I find new items in their shelves that are really useful.

  180. Avatar photo
    Ml Yeoh

    If u want to find japanese goodies…this is good place to explore

  181. Avatar photo
    Dora SeeToh

    Kind of disappointed as those popular items are always out of stock… went there almost every week also can’t get what I want… Orchard io Ln daiso has the stock instead ‍️ …

  182. Avatar photo
    Anand Sampathkumar

    Awesome shop. We love Daiso

  183. Avatar photo
    Yasir Aslam

    Huge outlet, many everyday essentials and goods available.
    Located at 3rd Floor.
    Disappointing when considering current situation cannot pay by wave.

  184. Avatar photo
    Roseli Rasiman

    Most things at $2.14. Except a few items. My source for DIY items.

  185. Avatar photo
    Toh Hong Yong

    The biggest Daiso outlet in Singapore .
    You can get all your Daiso items from this store alone …

  186. Avatar photo
    General Enquiries

    One of the largest Daiso shop in SG with wide aisles for easy browsing. Most of the time well stocked.

  187. Avatar photo
    chong see hau

    Big store but always out of stock for some items. Find no one to ask everytime I need to ask for assist

  188. Avatar photo
    কিংকং *

    Free car park for 1 hour is very helpfully and encourage to shopping in daiso.

  189. Avatar photo
    Vincent Owyong

    $2 go crazy.. Have fun!!

  190. Avatar photo
    Liang Patrick

    Love Shopping here, can always find something to buy, and everything are just $2.
    Lost it attractiveness after 1st May 2022. Items that are use to be $2 only, may cost more.

  191. Avatar photo
    Glo Lim

    Big shop. All daily needs, food items & household items at only $2 per item across the shop

  192. Avatar photo
    Ron WZ Sun

    I’ve always been a Daiso fan. Though most items are SGD$2, with exception from a few being SGD$3, the quality of the products are better, in some cases, to the outside shops. By bringing in bulk items, they could offer for retail at attractive $2. Noticed that ‘rare’ items when available, is best to get it fast as they may not replenish the stocks regularly. Overall, a good experience. Be mindful of long queues to the counters during peak periods esp during weekends.

  193. Avatar photo
    HM Yuen

    This place sells house hold products. Products are usually from China. Psrking at IMM is free for first 2 hours on week days only. There are many eateries n fast food outlets. Giant hyper mart is on the hround floor. The place housed many furniture and bedding items. There is also sanitary wares.

  194. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Loo

    Nice place to shop and lot of stuff to get from there.. even snacks and ice cream can be found there. I got myself a little Christmas tree which is a few more days to Christmas.

  195. Avatar photo
    YC Yak

    Daiso is a $2 shop which has everything from storage to gardening to stationary to snacks to origami paper. What is amazing is not the price point but the selection of ingenious Japanese innovations that will let you rethink your daily routine. Want to Marie Kondo your home? Their wide range of storage boxes is a good way to start sorting your clutter at home. Guranteed to spark joy. Laundry bags are good to keep your shirts in shape and many little knick knacks to find in an exploratory shopping trip.

  196. Avatar photo
    Ernie Lee

    Big space and good selection. A hidden jem in IMM

  197. Avatar photo
    prabahar annalingam

    You will realise you spent a lot after you bought more at $2 …

  198. Avatar photo
    barneyT qinglong

    Always crowded and people queuing for payment thas to look at merchandise with absence minded

  199. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    You can buy a lot of creative products that you can never think off. Wide variety of product for your choice. Shop until you drop.

  200. Avatar photo
    gokul ve

    Nice place to shop . All products are 2 sgd .
    From house hold stuff to party collection . …

  201. Avatar photo
    Nurul Lim

    Good. Ricky the cashier very neat & tidy in bundling my purchases that has gardening poles and plants supporting poles. Great job!

  202. Avatar photo
    Badariah Dahrol

    Diaso items are cheap but not easy to locate. U can get everything that u need but only u hv to be patience to look for it.

  203. Avatar photo
    Kin Hoong Yam

    Updated: Every household and daily essential under one roof and at only $2.00+. This daiso isn’t the threeppy so don’t expect better valued items above $2.00. All in all, a must come if you need to get something for your household. Even with the price adjustment, this is still the go-to place for affordable and innovative necessities. Go before they hike their prices again!

  204. Avatar photo
    Angelia Neo

    Well stocked Daiso , lots of variety

  205. Avatar photo
    Lyon Ng

    Not much changes except price structures.

  206. Avatar photo

    Daiso’s items are mostly at $2. There are a few which are $2 or more. The quality of each product is reliable and it has a wide range of options for you to choose from. I would recommend them to put up signs for people to know which item is found where as I almost got lost looking for a product.

  207. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    There are so many cheap novelty/quality-of-life items available here all for $2. Just beware that some items can be found for less outside.

  208. Avatar photo
    Imran Alam

    Always $2 dollar. Now change ready..Find fun and surprises in DAISO! We provide a wide range of exciting products of housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, bento supplies, gifts and many more.

  209. Avatar photo
    J Q

    Biggest Daiso around. Has everything there. Just that it’s now expensive

  210. Avatar photo
    Ivan Heng

    Everything 2 dollars. But getting boring as its always the same items. Need to bring in new and interesting items

  211. Avatar photo
    Ng Idah

    This is one shop you don’t want to miss when you are at IMM, Jurong. Everything is $2 though not all their products matches the value. It’s good that young kids can choose their wants at an affordable price.

  212. Avatar photo
    lagan chhabra

    I feel very happy whenever i shop at daiso. It gives me liberty to buy many things at an affordable price. For me it’s atleast one time visit every months. Highly recommended.
    It has an excellent collection for Christmas.

    It’s little different from daiso japan in terms of items and price. Buying something at 100 yen and here at $2 is itself a big transition

    Must go

  213. Avatar photo
    Danis Luke

    The biggest and the best variety off things to buy.Also Very helpful staff

  214. Avatar photo
    CM Tang

    Surprisingly quite a selection of everyday stuff, all for the price of $2 each. Must know your price well because at $2, not really cheap for some items! Con: almost always too long a queue at checkout.

  215. Avatar photo
    Venkataraman Krishnan

    Nice collection for 2sgd. Locating the aisle for your needs is challenging.

  216. Avatar photo
    Norman Gerard Teng

    Good selection of stationery and kitchen tools. They stock unique drinks from Sangria too.

  217. Avatar photo

    Big store with wide range of products,nice nicknacks and useful stuffs for household needs.

  218. Avatar photo
    SK Lim

    Awesome store for good shopping experience. Especially you can really buy alot of stuff since everything is just two dollars.

  219. Avatar photo
    Athreya Nicolas Ravi

    Well populaces and easy sectioning. Ask the items were good value and quality. There was also a large range of things.

  220. Avatar photo
    Daniel Pang

    Wide range of stuff for 2 dollars. Some stuff worth buying. But some not worth the 2 bucks.

  221. Avatar photo
    Phileo Kang

    Tiring if you go Daiso with a female – there’s always something to buy. Besides that, this Daiso is really big and you can certainly find anything you want from plastic containers to snacks. There’s a huge section for outdoor stuff like pots and ground layables.

  222. Avatar photo
    Aizuddin Tuah

    Cheap and convenient store to find craft supplies, home goods, stationery, food, costumes etc. but do expect constant crowds and long queues from 4pm onwards.

  223. Avatar photo
    Sl Ong

    An ideal big department where you can almost everything you want, with cheap prices. Excellent !
    All the best and Merry X’mas! ️ …

  224. Avatar photo
    vincent lim

    One of the biggest store in Singapore well stocked with many varieties. You can easily spend more than half an hour if you’re bother to look at all the displayed items.

  225. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ayres

    Everything you could want from Japan

  226. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    This Daiso branch is one of the largest in Singapore and stocks a huge variety of items, all for $2 each! I work in a research laboratory and I always come here to buy trays, containers, and stationery for my work. Despite the crowds, the cashier queue is quite fast, because customers have to pack their own items at the packing area after payment.

  227. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Khoo

    Lots of things to get.. Initially only want to buy 1 but then later, u will go out of the shop buying a lot.. Haha.

  228. Avatar photo

    Probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest Daiso in Singapore. Great selection of quality Japanese goods at an affordable price.

  229. Avatar photo

    Well stocked and I found what I wanted all in one place.
    Aisles and display a bit haphazard though, so it is difficukt tobonpw if you have missed any stuff.
    Might be the biggest Diaso outlet.

  230. Avatar photo
    Mabel Goh

    Wide selection, love shopping here for household items. Almost everything sold is priced at $2 each

  231. Avatar photo
    ade subhan

    Unique retail store but for the toys section, I thought its very poor collection, many od those in very very low quality toys even if you compares to the third country. The rest rest is fine.

  232. Avatar photo
    Missy Tootz

    I always love IMM Daiso. But I think due to current covid situation they kinda turn down the aircon a little too much coz as good as no aircon haha

  233. Avatar photo

    Great store with wide range of products, many of which are worth the price. However the customer service staff do not seem to be very well trained? When i asked about the availability of 4 products for an urgent purchase, they asked me for the code number and i gave it to them. 5 minutes later i received a call back saying they were all out of stock. But i went there myself just to check, there were plenty of each of the 4 items. Besides this staff are friendly and helpful.

  234. Avatar photo
    M.Indra Soyat

    Very convenient to public transport.

  235. Avatar photo
    Zainab Nazar

    This outlet is huge and very well organized, it is fun to walk around. There are so many hidden gems which cannot be found at other variety stores. Some items are not really worth $2.

  236. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    You can get almost anything here like this window device when I broke mine

  237. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Big DAISO with loads of item to buy from. It is quite crowded on weekends especially when everyone is trying to buy the items before the price hike!

  238. Avatar photo
    Violet Yap

    Everything $2! Always get everything I need for my projects. Excellent! Great Customer Service. Love it

  239. Avatar photo
    It's Me lahhh

    Lots of items to shop for..great I just love this Daiso…$2!!!!!

  240. Avatar photo
    Nurul Afifah

    Check out the new price list for Daiso. It’s not $2 for each item anymore.

  241. Avatar photo
    Francis Soh

    Overcrowded, poor crowd control, shoppers Don’t observe safe distancing and social responsibility.

    Today is 10 July 2020, public holiday. Staffs only ensure that you’re registered Safe Entry, but don’t really care overcrowded inside.

  242. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim

    One of the Best Japanese store.located at IMM Megastore,always $2 per item

  243. Avatar photo
    Noordin Sagit

    Nice place. Items are inexpensive. The cashiers n staffs are all friendly.

  244. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    Very famous house brand in Japan. Invaded in Singapore literally, established many branches at known shopping malls locally.

  245. Avatar photo
    Imran Alam

    Always $2 dollar. Now change ready..Find fun and surprises in DAISO! We provide a wide range of exciting products of housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, bento supplies, gifts and many more.

  246. Avatar photo
    Saikat Adak

    This place is the largest daiso in Singapore and packed with different stuff from lifestyle to apparel to kitchen utensils to electronics to gardening etc etc. And everything is priced at 2$ ; well 99% items are. Very much pocket friendly and definitely recommended if you want to steal some good deals

  247. Avatar photo
    Ashok Kumar

    It is as value-for-money as always.. very innovative, elegant designs, practical use and above all long lasting… hats off to Japanese technical excellence

  248. Avatar photo
    Laks NK

    Very good spread of items you’ll need for your home needs. All things 2$ means you don’t have to spend a lot for essential needs. Good options for home gardening needs

  249. Avatar photo

    a little hard to find specific stuff. can get very crowded too. quality varies but is usually pretty decent imo.

    this outlet has a ton of arts and crafts stuff and usually has a lot of cute stickers/washi tape

  250. Avatar photo
    Donald Tan

    Great place to kill time but better not get carried away everything looks useful/ pretty / interesting and it’s all $2… …

  251. Avatar photo
    Li Xuan

    Value store with all items priced at $2 per item. Great value items can be found here. Obviously some items aren’t worth $2. Large variety of household items including gardening, car accessories, storage boxes, cleaning materials, beauty and makeup items, kitchen and cooking utensils, cutlery, office supplies, snacks and beverages, and many more misc items. Most products are made of plastic.

  252. Avatar photo
    Caleb Liu

    You’ll always find a very good bargain here – something you might not have thought you wanted but you’d pay $2 for.

  253. Avatar photo
    Isaac Teo

    One of the biggest Daiso outlets I know of. Everything here is $2 (as is the usual for Daiso) and they also have seasonal items depending on the next festivity that is coming up. Great place to shop whether you’re travelling soon, having a party, or stocking your house up.

  254. Avatar photo
    Stephen Sim

    A great place to shop for a lot of practical items over 90 % are at S$2.00 each item. Thousands of items ranging from chop sticks, spoon, forks etc gardening tools, laundry items, clothings, electrical items, etc.etc.

  255. Avatar photo
    Chang Soong Boey

    Used to buy those $2 stuff. I was shock to see the little spray bottle I bought for $1 was 2 here.
    Anyways, still a good place to find things that hard to come by.

  256. Avatar photo
    Oblin Scrica

    One of the bigger Daiso’s. So it has a larger variety of choice and items available. And of course all at Daiso’s super low prices

  257. Avatar photo
    Annie Pang

    Enjoy shopping at this IMM Daiso

  258. Avatar photo
    Dan Ee

    What did I shout? $2 for every single items in store. So no price tag checking. Grab and go. Watch your basket. Usually buying a few items intentionally and end up with a full basket.

  259. Avatar photo
    Wk F

    Daiso at IMM – prices varied, no more “Always $2”. Also, GST to be added to each item. See pic for price range

  260. Avatar photo
    Nuri Emelda Emelia

    Best store ever. Has things suitable for all ages from baby to elderly. For house deco or office or gardening or cleaning supplies, even toys.

  261. Avatar photo
    Bahrom Ahmad

    Big and well categorized

  262. Avatar photo
    Lim BL

    Not enough gardening things. Soft Plastic pots sold only in small sizes

  263. Avatar photo
    Philip Chua

    Too many barang barang to buy. This is a right place to find and with a reasonable price.

  264. Avatar photo
    He Wei

    A lot choices of items used in daily life with good price.

  265. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    This outlet has been ard for a long time. Its always crowded and even more so now when everyone is trying to save.

    Everything here is $2 per item and that is the main draw, especially for seasonal decorative items for Christmas, CNY, Halloween etc.

    I have bought flower pots, sponges for clean up and other daily essential cleaning items though their range of items is much more comprehensive ranging from personal items to even pest control items like sticky pads rat trap as well as food items and cutlery.

    Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for and hence be prepared to compromise on quality n durability.

  266. Avatar photo
    Bryan Plunkett

    Cheap and good, goods well displayed, goods are returnable within one week if unservicable, staff very accommodating

  267. Avatar photo
    Khong Wei Ooi

    Large store and lots of stuff for merely 2$. Good place to buy small home/kitchen stuffs.

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