Review Daiso Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6 B1 – 14, Singapore

Review DAISO  Eastpoint Mall - Singapore 3 Simei Street 6 B1 - 14

“A good size of Daiso shop, currently in 2 prices $2+gst or $4+gst (2022). Not the most complete but it covers most of the popular items.” or “Come here to Buy some WEEKLY PRODUCTS NEW ARRIVALS Spotted yum yum Offer taste good” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Daiso Eastpoint Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Daiso Eastpoint Mall is quality.

Introduction about Daiso Eastpoint Mall

Here are some fundamental details regarding Daiso Eastpoint Mall. In terms of Variety store, it is generally believed that Daiso Eastpoint Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Simei Street 6 B1 - 14, Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, #B1 - 14, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Variety store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67826835 (+65 67826835)
  • Website:
  • Address: 3 Simei Street 6 B1 - 14, Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, #B1 - 14, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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17.1 km17 minute21 minute14 minute

How to contact Daiso Eastpoint Mall?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Daiso Eastpoint Mall via:

Phone number

You can reach Daiso Eastpoint Mall at 67826835(+65 67826835). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Daiso Eastpoint Mall via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3 Simei Street 6 B1 - 14, Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, #B1 - 14, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Daiso Eastpoint Mall reviews

Daiso Eastpoint Mall is among the best destinations of Variety store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Daiso Eastpoint Mall good?

To determine whether Daiso Eastpoint Mall is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Joy Nee from Daiso Simei is very helpful and friendly when attending to customers enquiries. Same pleasant manner when helping her colleague when the latter needed help with the till.”

“Who doest love daiso?! Although no longer the $2 dollar shop, I still love it. Now Price starts from 2.14”

“Managed to stay true to price point with all the crazy inflation until recently. Incredible range too.”

“DAISO $2 everything you can get! It's great! Can buy many stuff!”

“A good Japan store, you will get pretty much everything here for good deals”

“Very nice place to shop. All the staffs there very friendly..”

“$2 place ! Very great place to go to buy everything, from infant, toddler, kids, teenager, kids, adults, parents, old folks ! The service counter staff all very friendly ! Thank you !”

“i like hang at Daiso, because many items we can't saw at other shops”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 265 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Daiso Eastpoint Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Daiso Eastpoint Mall are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Daiso Eastpoint Mall, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Daiso Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6 B1 – 14, Singapore

There is a total 265 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    so many things here for household

  2. Avatar photo
    Kian Theng Ong

    Located at Eastpoint Mall with free 1 hour parking on weekdays between 12 to 2.

  3. Avatar photo
    Rohit Murarishetti

    Good Inventory.

  4. Avatar photo
    Noraini Syed Hassan

    Cheap staff n worth for it

  5. Avatar photo
    Adrianna Qistina

    it is a big daiso and i can find a lot of the stuff i want there

  6. Avatar photo

    Reasinable useful products sold here.

  7. Avatar photo
    Adibah Daud

    I’ve always liked Daiso but I don’t usually come to East Point’s branch. They don’t have much stock due to the crowd I think. So, if you want more choices, I would suggest to make the effort to visit one of the bigger branches.

  8. Avatar photo

    In basement, medium size outlet.

  9. Avatar photo
    yusof azhar

    (DAISO Eastpoint) Not the best DAISO I’ve been to… There is a lesser variety of items available compared to other outlets in Singapore. If you’re going to a DAISO for the first time, or need to buy something specific, I suggest you visit another outlet

  10. Avatar photo
    Josh Loh

    Got what i wanted at $2!

  11. Avatar photo
    Thomas Chua

    Here all items are at SGD2 each.
    many surprises.

  12. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ali Hamid

    Very friendly staffs, clean environment n items are in order n easy to locate.

  13. Avatar photo
    Paranitharan Shanmugam


  14. Avatar photo
    Siddharth Thirumalai V.

    Great for getting frequently used items like stationery, chopsticks, organizing boxes and a whole lot of others etc.

  15. Avatar photo
    Daniel Long

    They have all sorts of knick knacks. I needed cable ties, but not just the regular sort, but reusable ones. Found them here, and in two different sizes, and two different designs.

  16. Avatar photo
    Shan Ning

    Queue was quite slow, and they reorganised the whole shop, so now it’s harder for me to find things than it was previously.

  17. Avatar photo
    Baoyan Xu

    Very small

  18. Avatar photo
    Anantha Talasu

    Very good collection

  19. Avatar photo
    FAY yah

    Probably this is one of less crowed daiso outlets in singapore. U can enjoy shopping things with less traffic problem

  20. Avatar photo
    Dan Ee

    $2 $2, trust me. You go in in mind for 1-2 items, end up you buy more than 10 items. Everything seems so practical and essential. Watch ya shopping cart.

  21. Avatar photo
    Joshua Goh

    Everything under the sun

  22. Avatar photo
    Sukanya Chellappa

    Lovely collection of various items at an affordable cost and good quality. …

  23. Avatar photo
    Eusof Amli


  24. Avatar photo
    Linenajo Lasru

    Daiso is a nice store and very cheap

  25. Avatar photo
    Roslan Mohamad

    Everything $2 . .but $2 ending up $100 hehehe.. pick and pick surprised when at the counter. ..awesome place. All you need is there.

  26. Avatar photo
    David Wong

    One of the many $2 Japanese store popping up in the neighborhood.

  27. Avatar photo
    Zamri Rasheed

    Best place to get Japanese stuff

  28. Avatar photo
    Sunhitha voduri

    You can get all small small items with reasonable price

  29. Avatar photo
    Mathiarasan Kandasamy

    Can get many house hold things here…

  30. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chow

    Usual Daiso stuff… Nothing to shout about… Got my stuff n off…

  31. Avatar photo
    Kim Choo Neo

    Feel disappointed, no more $2/- products can be search in DAISO. No matter how I still support DAISO. I will keep continue buying their products even Price rise up. Make no different to me.

  32. Avatar photo
    jeery gerard

    Many good items to get there

  33. Avatar photo
    lee choonyiap

    Nice place with a lot of choices.

  34. Avatar photo
    Theodore Zhou

    It’s daiso…

  35. Avatar photo
    X/X X (Cynthia)

    The price of small household goods is close to the people

  36. Avatar photo
    Raihan Jumat

    Everything for $2.

  37. Avatar photo
    Elaine Tan

    Doesn’t seem to have as much variety of goods as the one in Tampines one.

  38. Avatar photo
    Vignesh Narasimhan

    Interesting & good collection of items at S$ 2. Quality of product is good. Tip: Payment via cash if purchase total below S$10.

  39. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ong

    Not too many things|

  40. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    A rather small outlet, typically merchandise are the same as other outlets but less

  41. Avatar photo

    For budget stuffs

  42. Avatar photo
    Phay Tan

    Joy Nee from Daiso Simei is very helpful and friendly when attending to customers enquiries. Same pleasant manner when helping her colleague when the latter needed help with the till.

  43. Avatar photo
    Goh Francis

    Japan merchandise

  44. Avatar photo
    boon siong ng

    Should have just gave the building to DAISO……A tired mall with poor tenant mix n the layout is like ……wth.

  45. Avatar photo
    Louis Koh

    Mainly a $2 item shop. Most item are from Japan.

  46. Avatar photo
    Sita Sundar

    The place you can shop till you drop

  47. Avatar photo
    Norazah Anwar

    Clean and all things are in an orderly manner.

  48. Avatar photo
    Mohd Jai Muhammad Sahriff

    All under one roof with the price hike no complaint….

  49. Avatar photo
    Chef Balaji

    Good 2$ shop …. always nice

  50. Avatar photo
    VC Chong

    Big and spacious. Good variety of items. Comfortable shopping there. …

  51. Avatar photo
    Fernelle Feirenelle

    China staff don’t speak English when ask for help. Dreadful. Why hire people who can’t communicate

  52. Avatar photo
    Manic Irony

    Very wide range of innovative goods. Some items shelved too high and staff not often around.

  53. Avatar photo
    Barun Sharma

    Nice place to find variety of essentials at good rate.

  54. Avatar photo
    Goh BengSu

    Good choice of $2 styff

  55. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Lau

    A nice and spacious Daiso store located at Basement 1. It was not crowded when I visited this evening. They have a good variety of products here and I stayed around 1.5 hours shopping here.

    Housekeeping is well done as the store is kept neat and tidy. Keep it up!

  56. Avatar photo
    Srinath B

    Good place to get things cheap. Anything for $2

  57. Avatar photo
    Ben Woo

    Limited product range.

  58. Avatar photo
    Aarthy Sai


  59. Avatar photo
    Twic Twin

    Great 2 dollar store. Can almost find my necessary items there

  60. Avatar photo
    Renascence “Renascence” Renascence

    A great place to shop for your everyday items reasonably priced at Singapore $2 a item.

  61. Avatar photo
    Imon T.C

    Smaller than other branches, sometimes I need to make a trip to Tampines to get what I need

  62. Avatar photo
    Rahul Banerjee

    Great shopping experience

  63. Avatar photo
    Tan Benjamin

    Almost everything you can find here. cost are getting higher, but not a lot here at daiso.

  64. Avatar photo
    P P

    Nice and spacious store. Have lot of products. Only negative is its in basement and most people not aware of it who are new to mall. They should put more banners to let people know of the store.

  65. Avatar photo
    Brian Wong

    Chip chip no more

  66. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    One of the smaller daisies around. Good if you’re in the neighborhood.

  67. Avatar photo
    Winnie Wee

    Buy for buy home stuff

  68. Avatar photo
    Neenu Chandna

    Loved it

  69. Avatar photo
    Ritson “Phoenix” Tan

    Daiso have almost everything for daily needs
    And prices are affordable.Good shopping experience.

  70. Avatar photo
    Nur Afiq Bin Mahadi

    Everything is $2

  71. Avatar photo
    Phay Tan

    Joy Nee from Daiso Simei is very helpful and friendly when attending to customers enquiries. Same pleasant manner when helping her colleague when the latter needed help with the till.

  72. Avatar photo

    Decent size outlet but nothing useful to me personally.

  73. Avatar photo
    Sulaiman Hamifah

    Just another Daiso…. cheap $2 stuffs

  74. Avatar photo
    Nicholas lee

    Staffs very helpful. Given by I don’t go Daiso alot, they also let me know where to look for guide for prices converting from Yen to Sgd

  75. Avatar photo
    Lester Leong Poh Sen

    Two dollars shop many things u wanna to buy..

  76. Avatar photo
    sandy ang

    All $2, nice to shop

  77. Avatar photo
    aicetea lechugo

    It wld be better if there were more stuff that are useful to buy.

  78. Avatar photo
    Cheng Kangwen

    Some stock like swimming cap not top up.

  79. Avatar photo
    IDK M

    It is a fun place to do to and just buy some stuff and the cashiers are really quick because they just have to multiply the items by 2.
    Overall a good place to go to but be careful not to spend too much money as a tweaser might be $2 there but might be $1 somewhere else

  80. Avatar photo
    See Hong Yeo Joel

    Good place to shop

  81. Avatar photo
    Steve Lee

    Love Daiso. Everyday at $2 is just so lovely

  82. Avatar photo
    Eshan Akif

    Felt like a spaceship

  83. Avatar photo
    My if

    Limited selection compared to other outlets.

  84. Avatar photo
    Douglas Ng

    Cheap and nice items all are $2.00

  85. Avatar photo
    Aman Mehra


  86. Avatar photo

    Quite a small Daiso outlet, but it houses almost all the essentials. We did all the Halloween party shopping right here… boo!!

  87. Avatar photo
    Bloody Toad

    Same place as other Daiso. Many stuffs for purchase. All for $2.

  88. Avatar photo
    Zi Mi

    The address never indicate floor level.
    Update your address Daiso.

  89. Avatar photo
    3 Flowers Sun

    Managed to stay true to price point with all the crazy inflation until recently. Incredible range too.

  90. Avatar photo
    fazila begum abdul razak

    Always love!

  91. Avatar photo
    Toshi Aze

    Among DAISO, Stationary system is abundant. We also have a large amount of office supplies, so it may be that we are putting more effort into that than for home use.

  92. Avatar photo
    Pra win “Nani” Nani


  93. Avatar photo
    Allan Ung

    Interesting store. You can find many things here ranging from foodstuff to household cleaning items and gardening related items. Although everything may be just $2, but some items are actually more expensive compared to nearby NTUC Fairprice. For example, a packet of spaghetti only costs around $1.60 at NTUC Fairprice as compared to $2 at Daiso. If you have any questions, some staff may be helpful whereas others may not. One of them I spoke to could only converse in chinese which can be a pain if you don’t speak the language.

  94. Avatar photo
    KC Lee Caleb

    Small compared to the one in Downtown East

  95. Avatar photo
    Denise H

    Value for money to shop for household and travel items

  96. Avatar photo
    Robin AGPC

    Fairly well stocked up. Staff are helpful n friendly.

  97. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    All items at one SGD 2 each! Good value for money

  98. Avatar photo
    Jawath Raheem

    2 doller shop

  99. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ismail Hensem

    $2 shop. Worth to buy

  100. Avatar photo
    Agus Wiwanto

    A good size of Daiso shop, currently in 2 prices $2+gst or $4+gst (2022). Not the most complete but it covers most of the popular items.

  101. Avatar photo

    Good price.

  102. Avatar photo
    Han Nor

    Alot of items u can find here

  103. Avatar photo
    alankar kumar

    This one of best Daiso store in Singapore base on my experience. All items are well arranged.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Yap

    Great. Got all the gardening, auto and kitchen items I needed.

  105. Avatar photo
    Cherry Chacko

    Cheap but cute gifts, household items, stationery items, snacks and drinks. Cramped but many little knick-knacks and plastic and paper goods and toys. Nice place to walk around to kill time, you might be inspired to spend a couple of bucks on Japanese tidbits. Prices no longer cheap. Many other shops, like Japan Home and Value Dollar offering better deals. Daiso still has the widest variety though.

  106. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Yeo

    BIG news: Daiso has put up notices that it will be raising prices to include GST from 1 May 2022.

    Do go down to get your bulk purchases for yourself before the raise. Inflation, rising costs of living and everything simply just gets more expensive nowadays.

  107. Avatar photo
    Beetle Van

    Paying at the counter, felt the cashier ‘snatched’ my money away rather than receiving. It’s very disrespectful in that way. Hearing the way she spoke to other customers, it seems lifeless

  108. Avatar photo
    E L

    It’s a branch situated at the the basement of eastpoint mall. Not very big though but big enough to house most of the typical daiso items

  109. Avatar photo
    Ivor K

    Personally enjoyed shopping at Daiso. It’s got lots of knick knacks to pick up and sometimes explore how they work. Best of all, everything goes for $2. And the quality is not too bad, as in items from Daiso would not survive harsh use but they do last in normal circumstances. The one thing to note is that Daiso is not always the cheapest and you could probably find similar items slightly more economical at a local convenience store. What you get from Daiso, besides the merchandise, is the convenience and a nice overall shopping experience.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jennifer L.

    Due to the smaller store space, the variety of items here are not as varied as the other bigger stores. Some items are usually out of stock. Nevertheless, a good place to shop for the $2 items I want.

  111. Avatar photo
    Jon S

    The place to visit for cheap good-quality sometimes-not-that-necessary household items …

  112. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    A all $2 store from Japan…

  113. Avatar photo
    Magdaline Heng


  114. Avatar photo
    Mamun Mishra

    This a $2 shop. U will get lot of stationary, kitchen, laundry, utility stuffs etc here at $2.Not all the products are good but most of them are good value for money. Its a loved place both for locals and tourists. Must take ur parents here when then visit you. I bet they can spend at least 2-3hrs here …

  115. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    small sized shop. good for after meal walk walk.

  116. Avatar photo

    Very chèap

  117. Avatar photo
    Riken Katani

    Spacious and many things they selling there. Good so visiting again

  118. Avatar photo
    Richard.limbat Lim

    Everything I need

  119. Avatar photo
    Mary Tan

    Good place to browse and get most things you want

  120. Avatar photo
    Adam Zuhry

    As a reasonable price of two dollars per product, you can buy almost anything you need in the store. No matter the age, there is always something in the store for everyone. I have been to DAISO a lot of times and recommend everyone to shop there. Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll check out DAISO @Eastpoint Mall or any other of DAISO’s branches.

  121. Avatar photo
    Kenneth law

    Has a good selection of items. But is rather cramped between some of the aisle

  122. Avatar photo
    Padambahadur Dhami

    Everything in 2$
    What else you need …

  123. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    No comparison, all items are being sold at $2.00. Must choose and buy wisely and it may incur more expenditures. …

  124. Avatar photo
    kelvin pereira

    large selection of small goods at $2. staff very helpful.

  125. Avatar photo
    Edward Lee


  126. Avatar photo
    Ray Ang

    The $2 outlet where most usable items can be found although some of the items are not that cheap @ $2… However, still it’s worth the while shopping there.

  127. Avatar photo
    Anwari Henry

    Good affordable price good quality and attractive …

  128. Avatar photo
    arpana aravinthkumar


  129. Avatar photo
    Anastasia Diamond


  130. Avatar photo
    tehsing sun

    my favourite shop!

  131. Avatar photo
    Lee Teng foon

    Good place to shop and location easy to reach by mrt.

  132. Avatar photo
    Tan David

    Small daiso not much

  133. Avatar photo
    William W

    DAISO Simei East Point Mall
    Very organize, goods are divided into sections and shelves with big text signs and graphics.

  134. Avatar photo
    Yosaicko Rui (ICKO)

    All the things just 2$ SGD

  135. Avatar photo
    Kevin Chan

    Retails good quality products at cheap prices

  136. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Loh

    I like Daiso and found this one near safra tampines where i play lan games

  137. Avatar photo
    Nitesh Rathi

    Great staff here, always helpful.

  138. Avatar photo
    Saurabh Gangarde

    It’s a very cost effective place to get general things, from colors for kids to kitchen utensils, and many other things.
    It’s changed got new toys and all things are rearranged. Bought some toys for myself and kid..

  139. Avatar photo
    Jack Sim (Simgapore)

    i like hang at Daiso, because many items we can’t saw at other shops

  140. Avatar photo
    Marliah Mohamed

    The place is neatly arranged according to daily necessities. Price is depending on items you buy. There is a list of prices at the end of the shelves to indicate list items prices accordingly.

  141. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Ong

    Not as well stocked as other branches

  142. Avatar photo
    Bobby Tan Wah Min

    Diaso outlet is really have great varieties and some of the items are valued for your money . Most or almost all are at $2/- per item. And they can survive even until today. I wonder how they can make it with high rental ???? …

  143. Avatar photo
    Bibin Gokuldas

    Good place to buy some quickies for home

  144. Avatar photo
    Ian Long

    One of the smaller daiso around

  145. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    Every Daiso stores are just as well as the other. I’d say this is one store that I’ll not miss whenever I happený⁸ to be within close proximity of the place. I’m not saying this store lacks attractiveness but occasionally she

  146. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ang

    Visited the Simei East Point outlet… Lots of varieties… Friendly and polite cashier…

  147. Avatar photo

    Paylah payment option is available, hope daiso will include more cashless option in future

  148. Avatar photo
    Caribbean Spa

    cheap and easy to get things in the shop

  149. Avatar photo
    Thian Heng Lim

    Items cheap

  150. Avatar photo
    Halimoon Naher


  151. Avatar photo
    anis yunus

    Some of the items are cheap but good.

  152. Avatar photo
    Agus Wiwanto

    A good size of Daiso shop, currently in 2 prices $2+gst or $4+gst (2022). Not the most complete but it covers most of the popular items.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ian Yeo

    always come here for innovation ideas

  154. Avatar photo
    Arlina Ahmad Lim

    Was looking for coloured sand… they only had white left… haiz…things really fly off the shelf in Daiso

  155. Avatar photo
    Thaddaeus Kwok

    A small daiso. But otherwise, not much difference from other daiso. Everything $2!!!

  156. Avatar photo
    Juaria Abuzer

    A typical daiso Store …

  157. Avatar photo
    lay har chua

    So nice hello kitty cute

  158. Avatar photo
    Sandesh Bhat

    A good Japan store, you will get pretty much everything here for good deals

  159. Avatar photo
    Karan Malhotra

    Excellent selection of items

  160. Avatar photo
    Lalith Sumedha

    Spend 2 sgd & buy a any item. …

  161. Avatar photo
    Koo Kam Yin

    Can’t stop visiting Daiso wherever they are, surely will find something to buy, most of the products are good quality even though is only $2. My husband had been using their socks ( 3 for $2 ), so far so good, worth to try.

  162. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    Every visit have a sure find that you may need. Hope Daiso can maintain at this price and bring in more stuff from Japan that can be used in Singapore.

  163. Avatar photo
    mokmok babat

    Take your own sweet time to find something new for $2

  164. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Talhah

    Variety item from apparel, food, kitchen, gardening and others

  165. Avatar photo
    C J

    This store ia located at ground floor easy to access. As always daiso offers a wide range of products to be bought. They have from makes up to household tools, so many to choose from.

  166. Avatar photo
    Wawa Ho

    I have been to “Daiso” in East Point several times, but all of them are disappointed , because the variety and style of the goods are inferior to those of Tampines and other “Daiso”, there are not many choices, and it is just Christmas. Goods, some are still in the box, not yet on the shelves!

  167. Avatar photo
    bajis Video

    $2 value shop. All items just $2 only

  168. Avatar photo

    DAISO $2 everything you can get! It’s great! Can buy many stuff!

  169. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ho

    Numerous items at very affordable price

  170. Avatar photo
    Katijah Ibrahim

    Very good. A lot of great and cheap stuff here

  171. Avatar photo
    Zheng Dong


  172. Avatar photo
    Jack Hsu

    Located at the basement of eastpoint mall together with many food especially noodles stalls . Daiso, the must go place to buy things that we might need in future

  173. Avatar photo
    MASS Trends

    Better place to buy gifts for your friends and relatives, good variety of small household item

  174. Avatar photo
    Susan Lee

    Daiso is already filled with interesting stuff!

  175. Avatar photo
    Merican Melic

    Every knick knack u don’t need

  176. Avatar photo
    MJ Osman

    Some of the stuff are like gimmicks,some are really worth it.

  177. Avatar photo

    Very big sells tons

  178. Avatar photo
    Noraishah Ibrahim

    Not much craft items.

  179. Avatar photo
    Lee Teo Er

    Small shop but still able to find the essential household items

  180. Avatar photo
    Dina Indrapati

    Who doest love daiso?! Although no longer the $2 dollar shop, I still love it. Now Price starts from 2.14

  181. Avatar photo
    mark neow

    Daisy. Quite big inside.

  182. Avatar photo
    aidah aidah

    Small n tuck rgt at the corner of the mall. Nit much stuffs avail as its just a small shop.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sitaram Das

    Super ️️ …

  184. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Tan

    Mid size branch. Convenience for residents in the estate.

  185. Avatar photo
    Doris Neo

    Daiso provides fairly good items for all walk of life and prices too.
    Nobody can complain !!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chua

    Full range of home appliance for kitchen… Etc snack….

  187. Avatar photo
    Lia Garnisha

    Not crowded today …

  188. Avatar photo

    Good variety of products

  189. Avatar photo
    Rashmi Vats

    A paradise for people like me.. An extravagance of items.. That too.. So cheap.. And they still manage to maintain the quality.. Hats off.. The billing staff are extremely polite and courteous too..!! …

  190. Avatar photo
    Aloysious Lee

    Very nice place to shop. All the staffs there very friendly..

  191. Avatar photo
    Michael Eng

    Although small store but all items was completely …

  192. Avatar photo
    Vivin Pathiyil

    Fairly big Daiso. You get mostly everything here

  193. Avatar photo
    Wan Malmsteen

    Always there when need it most

  194. Avatar photo
    Teh Hoon

    Spend a lot of money here… Bought stationery, household items.

  195. Avatar photo
    Nalla S

    Lots of stuff with mainly a 100 Yen (US 95 cents) price tag. Great Value for Money.

  196. Avatar photo
    syoshi ng

    The usual Daiso stores of the many in Singapore.

  197. Avatar photo
    Angel D Shmuel

    Great variety of products

  198. Avatar photo
    Alice Li


  199. Avatar photo
    Ang Peng Chiang

    Things are cheap.

  200. Avatar photo
    Suzanne Lim

    Nice & cheap

  201. Avatar photo
    Eric Tan

    Less cluttered. Easy to navigate and walk about

  202. Avatar photo
    Lylesh Vijay Menezes

    Good stuff available

  203. Avatar photo
    Ishmam Mohiuddin

    Clean, bright and cool.

  204. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    All your house hold needs under one roof.

  205. Avatar photo
    Siva CS -

    Very good and worth shopping

  206. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Yeo

    BIG news: Daiso has put up notices that it will be raising prices to include GST from 1 May 2022.

    Do go down to get your bulk purchases for yourself before the raise. Inflation, rising costs of living and everything simply just gets more expensive nowadays.

  207. Avatar photo
    Sokkheng Ong

    Many items I looked for always out of stock, and took long to restock.

  208. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Rather big Daiso outlet at the basement of Eastpoint mall. Not so crowded as compared to the Daiso at Tampines 1.

  209. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ho

    Love the $2 buys always

  210. Avatar photo
    Sitalakshmi Ramasamy

    Name it. You get it. Love daiso for all the cute things it has

  211. Avatar photo
    Chris Lee

    I couldn’t find any birthday themed corner.

  212. Avatar photo

    neatly organised..

  213. Avatar photo
    Jasavelle Ang

    Everything is at a fixed price of $2.Want something cheap?!Then go to daiso japan…however don’t expect that you will definitely find what u need^~^… …

  214. Avatar photo
    KK Ang

    Everythingvs selling at $2. Good place to dig for bargains.

  215. Avatar photo
    Ricardo Ricafort Jr II

    All you want for a good price good products try it

  216. Avatar photo
    Otoko Otoko

    This branch used to have heaps of stuff, but 8 months into Covid19, the store has very limited items and options these days

  217. Avatar photo
    A Z

    Good stuff at standard price

  218. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    Tuck in one corner of the basement. Good range of $2 product

  219. Avatar photo
    Suppiah Veerasingam

    With variety of things, Daiso offers cheap and good options to one and all.

  220. Avatar photo
    Khairil Nizam

    So so

  221. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Prasad Mathur

    Very nice

  222. Avatar photo
    Shindoh Gin

    Lesser crowd compare to tampines1. Items sold are more or less similar.

  223. Avatar photo
    Minu Murali

    So many 2dollar items

  224. Avatar photo
    Biglight Kim

    It seems to have recently started business. It is large and clean.

  225. Avatar photo
    anand agarwal

    Quiet Good Collection of Daily Use Items at reasonable prices

  226. Avatar photo
    Leesa Pillai

    $2 place ! Very great place to go to buy everything, from infant, toddler, kids, teenager, kids, adults, parents, old folks ! The service counter staff all very friendly ! Thank you !

  227. Avatar photo

    It feels like Japan is exquisite and creative.

  228. Avatar photo
    Shaikhah Luna Alsagoff

    What not to like? It has all the cutest, useful household items and stationaries at a very reasonable price.

  229. Avatar photo
    Yian Har Wan

    Love all the products.

  230. Avatar photo
    Jordan Sim ChongMeng

  231. Avatar photo
    Sunny Chia


  232. Avatar photo
    Indrakala Nigam Beniwal

    Very good

  233. Avatar photo

    Some products that are never replenish. Keep asking them but no one knows. Not really a good experience.

  234. Avatar photo
    sk fong

    Good place for household items but the new pricing isn’t making the daiso the original daiso liao

  235. Avatar photo
    hong kee

    Great place to shop for xmas gifts and decorations where everything goes for $2!!

  236. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Everything at $2. Some are more value for money than the others.

  237. Avatar photo
    Balamurugan M

    2 dollar shop. Economical

  238. Avatar photo
    Rajendra Pajai

    Good place for small items

  239. Avatar photo
    Shiryu Chen

    Come here to Buy some



    Spotted yum yum
    Offer taste good

  240. Avatar photo
    Edwin Wong


  241. Avatar photo
    Hartono Harjono

    Located at B1 east point mall, this store not really can be easy to see. Good to have daiso in simei, even though not so big. Limited variety of goods, but the basic needs are there. Not bad.

  242. Avatar photo

    Small and Messy

  243. Avatar photo
    Joe Chooi

    This outlet doesn’t seem big compared with other outlets and it occupies a corner of the basement level. Though still offer a variety of items but carries limited items in each category. Still worth visiting.

  244. Avatar photo
    Jess tan

    Nothing much to buy

  245. Avatar photo
    Tadek Watkins

    Does not exept visa

  246. Avatar photo
    Madhavan MudurChakrapani

    Japanese 1-2 dollar shop

  247. Avatar photo


  248. Avatar photo
    Papa Lim

    Quite comprehensive

  249. Avatar photo
    Leonidaa Yanagiya

    Normal daiso stall…..

  250. Avatar photo
    Allen Nguyen

    Good place to shop. But workers don’t always know where the items are placed or even if an item is available.

    I was often told an item is not available/not sold here but would then find it somewhere in the store.

  251. Avatar photo

    Daiso is really awesome in making competitive commodity.

    For just 2 dollars, users are able to get various daily goods such as facial products, gardening supplies and home organization items.

    Although they are cheap, but still in good quality. Google shall learn from made in Japan! How to make quality product with cheap price!

    This Google map function is really not user friendly! The app anyhow hang or crush without saving the half done review and only 1/3 photos can be successfully uploaded!

  252. Avatar photo
    Ramli Yusoff

    You can find interesting products there at just $2!

  253. Avatar photo
    Evangeline dela Dingco

    you can get from this store almost everything that you need in your household.

  254. Avatar photo
    Johnny Chan

    Some items cannot be found in this store

  255. Avatar photo

    things are cheap

  256. Avatar photo

    Not as big as daiso in suntec but complete enough

  257. Avatar photo
    Tim Wong

    Good place for bargain household hunts.

  258. Avatar photo
    jokekiak tan

    The Daiso $2 items in this East Point are not as complete as the Daīso $2 items in the Tampines Shopping Center. I will be disappointed when the insulation I need to buy is not sold, and the arrangement is not neat, I feel unhealthy, in my Japanese goods are organized and neatly arranged in the fortune, so when I visit this store, I stay for a short time, so I hope that Daiso of East Point wants to review and improve, I am very grateful because I am a supporter of this store And customers, this is from the heart. If you have bad comments or dissatisfaction, please give me more advice, sorry, if you like my comments, give me a like, and by the way, give me encouragement and cheer! Sincere thanks, thank you for reading my review, have a good day, bye!

  259. Avatar photo
    Tim W.

    Smallish Daiso outlet. Won’t have everything but still good for Daiso fanatics out there.

  260. Avatar photo
    Julie Leong

    So many useful things, every item is sold for $2.

  261. Avatar photo
    ZW Huang

    Well organised

  262. Avatar photo
    Hwa Chyang Chong

    Value for money will many things to buy

  263. Avatar photo
    XMr SlenderXD

    All 2 dollars

  264. Avatar photo

    A lot nice things, some time you can get worthy product for just $2

  265. Avatar photo
    Ash Ley

    The price is awesome

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