Review Concept First Physics Tuition Centre, 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, Singapore

Review Concept First Physics Tuition Centre - Singapore 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2

“CF helped me understand the concepts better through summarised notes and lots of practices. The lessons are always fun and enjoyable.” or “I’m glad I joined cf in s4 where I actually started to enjoy physics as a subject. Helped me improve from a f9 to an A1 for o levels. …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Concept First Physics Tuition Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Concept First Physics Tuition Centre is quality.

Introduction about Concept First Physics Tuition Centre

Here are some fundamental details regarding Concept First Physics Tuition Centre. In terms of Learning center, it is generally believed that Concept First Physics Tuition Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Learning center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 82465685 (+65 82465685)
  • Website:
  • Address: 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Concept First Physics Tuition Centre via:

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You can reach Concept First Physics Tuition Centre at 82465685(+65 82465685). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Concept First Physics Tuition Centre via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Concept First Physics Tuition Centre reviews

Concept First Physics Tuition Centre is among the best destinations of Learning center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Concept First Physics Tuition Centre good?

To determine whether Concept First Physics Tuition Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Concepts first is a very reliable tuition centre. The practices given, the lesson plans and the many resources offered to students has truly helped me to achieve that A for physics!”

“Thank you CF tutors for helping me understand my Physics better! At first I had trouble applying the content learnt to my assignments. Now I can understand and apply my knowledge better.”

“Beautiful notes and very good teachers :3 Helped me secure A1 for O level physics. Everything was very organised and made studying for physics much easier and more enjoyable.”

“Best physics tuition, all the notes are very good and the explanations are very clear and concise! Mr Seah best teacher! Helped me get A1 for O’ levels!”

“i only joined CF around June,, so it was around 4-5 months before my Olvls. My grades in school were bare passes but for olvl got an A2 so I would really like to share my gratitude to CF and Mr Seah ”

“CF helped me understand the concepts better through summarised notes and lots of practices. The lessons are always fun and enjoyable.”

“I’m glad I joined cf in s4 where I actually started to enjoy physics as a subject. Helped me improve from a f9 to an A1 for o levels. …”

“Tuition is good. Teachers are kind, literally all-in-one (tuition,practical) Physics tuition. Definitely one of the better ones”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 223 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Concept First Physics Tuition Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Concept First Physics Tuition Centre, 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, Singapore

There is a total 223 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Bee Hong Chua

    I am Kang Jun’s mother. Really appreciate the help that Mr Calvin Kong from Concept First has given to my son to help him in preparation for his Physics O Level Exam. With the help from him, my son has scored an A2 in O Level! My son had benefited from the materials provided from the centre which are very well organised and clear. More importantly is the engaging lessons that Mr Kong has delivered and he has also inspired my son to continue to love Physics and wants to do H2 Physics in JC.
    Thank you Mr Kong!

  2. Avatar photo

    I never liked physics, always failed, and did not have any hope. After being in CF for 1 year to achieve a pass with a B4 is something more than I had hoped for. Amazing! Thanks a lot!

  3. Avatar photo

    When I joined Concept First, Mr Kong helped me greatly by teaching me the concepts and providing me with ample practice. The 2 page notes provided were concise and I referred to them throughout revision. Mr Kong was always willing to help me with extra questions and answered any queries through Whatsapp. I also found the practical classes very helpful as I don’t get sufficient practice in school. This helped me to familiarise myself with the equipment. I improved from failing to A2 during O Levels! Thank you so much Mr Kong!

  4. Avatar photo

    Concept First tutors explain their concepts very clearly and provide ample exercises for the students to practise those new concepts. Having studied here for a year, they have greatly aided me in helping myself achieve a B in A Levels (initially U grader) as well as spark my passion for Physics (i once hated this subject). Though some may argue, coming from a higher ranking school, CF provides notes which are more helpful than school notes (we can agree to disagree). Definitely worth the cost.

  5. Avatar photo
    Adrina Ting

    Through attending lessons at the centre, I was able to better understand the concepts previously taught in school and clarify my misconceptions easily. In addition, the lessons conducted by the tutors were effective as they were able to easily bring across the main ideas of each chapter by breaking it into various key ideas, such that it would be easier for us to understand. Moreover, the informative notes and the 2 page summary that were provided by the centre really enhanced my learning as I was able to test my understanding of the fundamental concepts through attempting MCQ questions and clear all my misconceptions. Furthermore, whenever I had any doubts or needed clarification, it was really helpful that I was able to ask Mr Kong my question on WhatsApp or in person, and this makes the process a lot easier and convenient. In addition, the centre also provides weekly tests to ensure that the students remember concepts which in my opinion, is very beneficial to us. The tutors are also able to explain difficult concepts easily by making use of simulations to allow us to see for ourselves the application of the concept, which I feel helps us to understand the concepts a lot easier.

  6. Avatar photo
    Aster Tan

    Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Kong for his patience and for answering my all my questions at any time of the day on WhatsApp. It really motivates me to work harder knowing that there’s a teacher who would help me anytime and encourages me! The foundational videos are what really helped me the most, since my foundation is really weak. However, after watching them, I had a better understanding of the basics instantly. I recommend coming to Concept First!

  7. Avatar photo

    Very good tuition centre. Physics is very concept heavy instead of memorisation heavy so grasping concept is the most important to doing well. CF teaches concepts very well with a very good pace that seems to accommodate all students
    I went from a B4 who didn’t understand anything to a consistent A1 once I understood concepts. There’s also a lot of practices and weekly quizzes which help you practice after learning concepts.

  8. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tan

    Brought my physics from a fail to an A2 …

  9. Avatar photo

    Mr Seah is a teacher who is dedicated to craft and goes the extra mile for his students. He explains concepts in a clear and concise manner and ensures that students thoroughly understand each topic before moving on to the next one.

  10. Avatar photo
    Tan Shanice

    Attending Concept First’s lessons have made me realise that physics could be manageable for me. I started understanding the topics more by doing the weekly set questions (which were slightly harder than the ones set by schools). The notes are very concise and easy to refer to. Although I attended the lessons online, it was still easy to understand the teaching with the detailed explanation and workings.

  11. Avatar photo

    Concept First anticipates the needs and planned the syllabus & revision ahead of time. During the Circuit Breaker, the centre moved very quickly to online teaching. Subsequently, when the students could attend classes in person, much effort was put in to conduct the tuition in accordance to the safety measures guidelines. It even offered hybrid classes, accords to the comfort level of the students & parents.
    I am thankful for the attention and help given to my son by Mr Kong & his team. My son was quite lost in the subject when he went to Concept First in middle of Sec3 and he did very well in for Physics in his O level. Credit to Mr Kong.

  12. Avatar photo
    Treffert Wee

    Thank you for preparing us well for the upcoming o levels examination and teaching us the concepts well to grasp onto the different topics easily.

  13. Avatar photo
    alycia latiff

    Tutors are engaging and detailed in explanations. The notes provided and questions are pretty useful.

  14. Avatar photo
    Renae George

    I was given many notes, extra practice questions and even lab sessions which prepared me very well for my O’levels.

  15. Avatar photo
    Han Karci

    Mr Calvin Kong and the teaching staffs of CF really helped me understand concepts that i had previously thought were impossible to master. He helped turn my barely passing grades to an A1. I attribute this to his clear teaching method and exceptional explanations. 10/10 would recommend

  16. Avatar photo
    lee joyce lih min

    The lessons were engaging and helped to reinforce my topics well. I’m happy with this experience and hope to do well in physics!

  17. Avatar photo
    Matthew Teo

    Eversince my daughter started tuition with Mr Kong, she show improvement and more confident in her work. A center highly recommended to all parents.

  18. Avatar photo
    Gilda Lee

    been here since secondary school, first with mr kong and then with mr ram during jc. both of them are super helpful and incredible in breaking down physics concepts!! super thankful to have them in my physics journey, allowing me to score A1 during O’s and A in alevels )

  19. Avatar photo
    Jaron Sze

    Mr Ram has been a fantastic teacher with good knowledge about the syllabus and the marking system of Cambridge. He is able to provide advice based on his experience as a student and as a teacher to ensure that our learning experience is optimized. He is also a friendly and casual teacher which bonds well with students and makes the learning environment less tensed. He is also readily available to answer our doubts and questions throughout the day even if it is late at night. He frequently asks questions on our learning experience to try and improve his method of teaching to cater to our different styles of learning. Overall, Mr Ram has been an exceptional teacher which helped me to improve in physics and brings out the best in his students.

  20. Avatar photo
    amber tan

    The physics topics were taught clearly and was easy to understand. There were also regular assignments for us to check our knowledge of the topics and feedback was given quickly .

  21. Avatar photo
    steffi hehe

    Physics was never my strong subject. In Secondary 3, I struggled to keep up with my school teachers and could not even understand fundamental topics such as forces. As a result, I received a low grade for the End of Year exams. I was encouraged by my parents to attend the centre’s December Holiday Revision Classes as a last ditch effort to save my physics grade before the gruelling Secondary 4 year. In those 4 sessions, with the help of the tutors and the helpful notes provided, I managed to achieve a stable foundation and could attempt difficult and challenging questions. This was a feat that I had never expected to achieve and thus, I joined the centre as a regular student. The centre has not only helped me to grasp the concepts of physics, but also develop a liking for the subject, encouraging me to continue on in Junior College. Thanks Concept First!

  22. Avatar photo
    Unknown_Y Gaming

    Thank you CF tutors for being able to help me with my exams. If it wasn’t for CF, I would have continued failing physics due to a lack of interest for it. With CF’s help, I now know the strategies on how to improve and clearly understand the concepts easily now without any doubt.

  23. Avatar photo
    j T

    I’m glad I joined cf in s4 where I actually started to enjoy physics as a subject. Helped me improve from a f9 to an A1 for o levels. …

  24. Avatar photo
    Rei Lim

    Concept First Physics is a great learning centre and has helped me boost my confidence when doing Physics! The lesson materials are very understandable and caters to our learning demands. I’ve used it widely in my revision for my End of Year exams and O Levels as well!

  25. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ang

    CF never fails to help me clarify my doubts and teaches me the topics well, both the foundation and the extra knowledge learned definitely came in handy!

  26. Avatar photo
    joshua lim

    When i first joined at the start of sec 3, i found the materials and the teaching style of concept first to be more engaging and conducive than my school lessons. So since sec3, every physics lesson in school i will take a nap or play game and 聊聊天 with my friend then lepak during lesson. 90% of My revision and learning were from the weekly concept first lessons. Eventually i secured an A for sec3 EOY. In sec4 my school physics teacher gave up trying to get me to listen. Concept first o lvl revision was extremely helpful because i was too lazy to revise normally. In the end i got an A2 for o lvl! thank you mr Kong,concept first and praise jesus!!

  27. Avatar photo
    joey chok

    Concept First has not only helped me to improve my physics grades, but made me gain a liking towards physics even though I used to dislike it, as the lessons are very engaging. The lessons helped me to enjoy physics as I learnt to understand the concepts well. I did better in every test as it became not just a subject that I took but a subject that I love and strive to do well in. The tutors are always prepared for lessons with well-equipped technology and lesson notes for us which has helped us to learn and understand concepts deeper and properly.

  28. Avatar photo
    Chantelle Tong

    The summaries for the different topics was helpful for revision to understand them better along with my own school notes. The books were also very well organised as Mr Kong went through them thoroughly and I had extra questions for myself to practice. Mr Kong is also a very meticulous and caring teacher that always answers any queries in class. He helped me understand certain topics that I was clueless about before I joined this tuition.

  29. Avatar photo
    Sanjit Kandaswamy

    Mr Kong is a very engaging learner he has helped me like the subject and now I think of studying further into physics

  30. Avatar photo
    Isaac Soh

    A really good place if you want to improve your physics. The CF tutors are also very understanding and are very supportive of the students. They have many practices in the notes they give the students which is essential if you want to achieve high marks. They also provide summary notes which are very helpful to use to revise ahead of the exams, highlighting the important notes for you already. I am secondary 3 as of 2021, and I took this class as I am doing pure physics for the first time. The teachers have helped me to understand the complexity of physics easily and are always very approachable to ask questions. This tution has helped me to achieve my A1 overall this year. As long as you have the attitude to always ask questions and work hard and take full advantage of the tution, physics can be a very easy A1.

  31. Avatar photo
    averie ng

    CF Tutors’ teaching are amazing! They ensure that we understand the concepts and techniques instead of just memorising answers, which makes physics much easier and actually fun! I can depend solely on their lessons to build my foundation as opposed to school lectures. They also answer our queries promptly even during non working hours CF’s physics materials are also detailed and concise. The center also respond to students’ feedback by creating revision materials and mock quizzes etc. Overall I highly recommend coming to CF.

  32. Avatar photo
    Nicole Tan

    I highly recommend students to learn at CF if you are not confident in physics! my tutor aka Mr Seah was truly a god send for my struggling physics. They have really pretty and useful summary notes, packages for practice questions ( Sec 3 & 4 topics and challenging prelim questions ) and patient teachers that are always there to help out. There’s a supportive and understanding culture over here so you don’t have to worry if you ever feel that u lag behind others

  33. Avatar photo
    Clarence Tan

    Thank u Concept First for helping with practical and answering my doubts during lessons. The 2-page notes for each chapter helped a lot

  34. Avatar photo

    The lessons are very engaging and help me to better understand the topics. The notes are very beneficial and detailed to help us fully understand, while the 2 page summaries are very useful and helpful for quick revisions and final overviews of the chapter. Mr Kong is also a very fun teacher and makes the lessons less boring and more interesting. Overall, Concept First has definitely benefited me and helped me better get a grasp of physics and not dislike physics like I used to.

  35. Avatar photo
    Leora WILLAMME

    CF has helped me to understand the concepts better as they offer a lot of practices and gives concise notes to help me in my revision. Before I attended lessons, I struggled to understand some topics but now I am confident in my physics …

  36. Avatar photo
    Javier Toh

    was an ex student here in 2021 and attended classes here. the teachers were really friendly and helpful as well. they also answer any questions the students may have to the best of their abilities. they pulled my physics grades from c6 to b3 in 1 semester too. recommend it

  37. Avatar photo
    Pranav GK

    Concept First has really helped and guided me in my learning through concise notes made by the tutors. The teacher at CF is very engaging and the pace of the class is just nice which allows me to learn. The 2-page summary has helped me immensely in my last minute revision for my exams as all the main concepts are present and helps me keep my things concise. Lastly, the foundational concept videos are very helpful for students who have weak foundations and struggle to recap on certain concepts.

  38. Avatar photo
    Michael Vendargon

    This tuition centre is very spacious for students as students have ample space to take down notes as the lesson is ongoing. The centre also conducts Physics Practical lessons in different parts of the year which is extremely beneficial.

  39. Avatar photo

    CF helped me improved in physics drastically over a short period of time …

  40. Avatar photo
    E Dominator

    i love concept first

  41. Avatar photo
    Megan Wang

    Before coming to this tuition centre, I was scoring a low D7 for my school exams, however in a matter of half a year, the tuition centre has helped me tremendously, helping me score a distinction for my olevels! Thank you concept first physics

  42. Avatar photo
    shanise Tan

    CF gives a variety of practise questions to increase my application skills and is very clear in explaining concepts. They also gives us key information to take note of for exams.

  43. Avatar photo
    Keith Young

    Mr Seah was very kind and took the initiative to help me by going out of his way to cater to my IB specific topics. He also arranged to zoom classes to give me selected questions to do before my eoy exams, balancing my specific needs with those of his primarily o level class which he was teaching at the time . Overall, I saw a improvement in my physics grade and a better understanding of physics concepts.

  44. Avatar photo
    YM Tang

    Thanks to Calvin and his team, my child scored A2 at the O levels. Calvin is patient and stays back after lessons, to answer my child’s questions.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jae Yap

    Although I only joined in June of my O Level year, Concept First was a great help in helping me improve my grades. The summaries and topical recaps were much clearer than my school teachers’ way of teaching, and were very concise. Especially for structured questions, my tutor would always break down the key points to the answer and explain the mark allocation.

  46. Avatar photo
    javier peh

    Lessons were very interesting and informative. Notes were very helpful. Mr Kong also makes the lessons as enjoyable as possible and never gives up on any of his students. Thank you for helping me achieve my distinction in physics!

  47. Avatar photo
    Dhanya Kumar

    My journey with Concept First is one that was very fulfilling. The in-depth lessons equipped with questions of varying difficulty levels has allowed my to go from a C6 to A2 for physics in O-levels. I found their 2 page summaries extremely useful as revision. There was endless practice which allowed me to retain my knowledge. I also appreciate Mr Kong’s teaching which allowed me to grasp key concepts quickly and effectively and was apply to apply these concepts along with answering techniques

  48. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Wang

    My son scored C5 for his Physics in Sec 4 CA1. Then I enrolled him in Concept First Physics in May 2020. Since then he has scored A1 for his Physics in CA2, SA2, and his GCE ‘O’ level examinations! (There is no SA1 because of Covid). Concept First Physics is able to turn my son’s results in a short period of time, with that I am grateful to them!

  49. Avatar photo
    Daron Ker

    Mr Kong teaches with much passion and does not just relay the forumlae and rules to us like a textbook would. He takes his time to slowly explain the concepts and ensures that we all fully understand. Furthermore the topical quizzes he gives at the end of each lesson is really helpful in ensuring we secure what we have learnt during the whole lesson. Overall a overly pleasant experience throughout the year and in the end, it resulted in me getting an A1 for the O level results. Hence I fully recommend Concept First to any secondary school student taking physics!

  50. Avatar photo
    peh lena

    Mr Kong is very dedicated. He knows the syllabus and the content very well and has great chemistry with the students. The practical classes are very helpful! Mr Kong also gave free online classes nearer to the exam and on the eve of the paper 2 to give students the last ‘umph’ and help before the paper. I highly recommend Concept First.

  51. Avatar photo
    Sherin Tan

    My experience with Concept First has been extremely smooth sailing! My teacher, Mr Kong, helped me alot with understanding the physics concepts easily through his amazing explanations and notes! He makes lessons enjoyable by engaging his students with physics-related equipments. I entered the tuition with a failing grade With the help of Mr Kong and the well-collated notes, I manage to grasp the physics concepts and scored distinction for my O levels! There were also night study days for students to study tgt and receive help from concept first teachers immediately, that was definitely helpful leading up to O’s! Spr thankful for Mr Kong and his team !!

  52. Avatar photo
    Chloe Lim

    CF helped me understand the concepts better through summarised notes and lots of practices. The lessons are always fun and enjoyable.

  53. Avatar photo
    gwen ionna

    Before joining Concept First, I hated physics with a burning passion throughout my entire Secondary 3 life. In May of Secondary 4, I decided to join Concept First as I felt like I had nothing else to lose and I was also convinced by the reviews on the website. Although I joined the centre during the Circuit Breaker period, it did not affect the lessons’ effectiveness and with Mr Kong’s never-ending help, I finally felt like I was understanding physics. Not only are the notes concise and to the point, but the lessons are engaging and Mr Kong always goes the extra mile to make physics easier to learn. The practical workshops were also quite helpful and made me feel less lost during practicals in school. Thank you to Concept First for making me appreciate physics a little more!

  54. Avatar photo

    This tuition has greatly allow me to improve my results. Despite my borderline chemistry results, this tuition allow me to fully utilise my physics concepts and apply them properly. Overall, I have experienced getting taught by Calvin Kong and Ms Lisa Goh, and they are very welcoming and also very experienced in teaching physics. Thank you for the great tutors that taught me for the past 2 years.

  55. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Aasim Ali

    thank you CF for the summary notes and the questions

  56. Avatar photo
    Kaung Htet

    This highly entertaining and enriching tuition has helped me improve my grades from a B4 in my mid years to an A1 in the O levels! The teachers here, such as Mr Seah, are very kind and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend anyone needing assistance in physics to join CF so that they can get a huge jump in their grades as well!

  57. Avatar photo
    Aidan Poulose

    I only joined the tuition centre in April of my Secondary 4 year. I got an E8 for my class test and so I decided to enroll in the centre. The classes were easy to understand and over time, I began to improve. My tutor always made the effort to push us to do better and work harder, and the 2 page notes and formula sheets were very effective for me when I was studying. After only being in the centre for a few months, I got a B3 for my prelims. I highly recommend Concept First Physics Tuition!

  58. Avatar photo
    Wong Wen Bing

    I was originally struggling in Physics till I joined Concept First.. After joining, I improved and felt more confident in doing physics. Concept first have excellent resources – the learning portal, notes, physicspedia, practical lab. i would recommend it for anyone who needs help in physcs!

  59. Avatar photo
    nicole lee

    Thank you CF for all the time and effort spent on teaching us and providing us with resources. the readily available resources makes studying physics much easier and less daunting! the lessons have also been really engaging and helpful. furthermore, the lab lessons have significantly boosted my confidence in handling the experiments in the exams! i’ve improved by 4 grades since joining! thank you for everything!

  60. Avatar photo
    Senthil Velan

    Mr Calvin is more dedicated and very good in teaching the concepts.His lab session are more useful besides the theory part.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ying Lin

    I have been in Concept First for pure physics since the start of Secondary 3. Before joining, I struggled with answering techniques and phrasing when doing physics papers. However, under the guidance of the tutors, I picked up answering skills and sentence structures to answer the question requirements to make sure the answer is not too vague. Apart from the theory paper, the teachers also use a variety of unique instruments and equipment to showcase and prove theories to students. This not only enhances the students who are visual learners but it broadens every student’s perspective of physics and understanding of the topic. Through this and hard work, I managed to improve to a B3/A2.

  62. Avatar photo

    I joined Concept First a few weeks before my Sec 3 EOYs so I’ve been here for slightly over a year now. I can see a pretty good improvement in terms of my grades and interest in physics in general. Thank you for the lessons, the additional help given, and the really comprehensive summary notes provided which are very helpful for revision and occasional look throughs. Would 10/10 recommend anyone to come here for lessons

  63. Avatar photo
    xingxiao chong

    I started Secondary 3 with a strong passion with physics. However, I could not score well no matter how hard I studied and I was very worried about my physics grade. My mother saw an advertisement for Concept First and she asked me to give it a try. In the first lesson, I was surprised that I could understand the physics concepts for the first time! When I got the 2 page summary notes, I was amazed as I had never seen any tuition that provides such detailed summary notes, and the most I’ve seen is paraphrased notes from the textbook. During Mr Kong’s lessons, I learnt the simpler way to remember physics concepts, and it has really benefited me. I managed to go from an F9 in Secondary 3 to achieving a B4 in my Secondary 4 prelims.

  64. Avatar photo
    Seow Hern

    i really appreciate the lessons in this tuition centre and i really am thankful for mr kong to actually put in the extra effort to arrange new and free lessons just to cater to those with different exam topics tested. All those lessons have made me have a better understanding of physics and i am really thankful for that

  65. Avatar photo
    hy chen

    Mr Kong is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher. He explains the physics concepts very well and in a detailed way which has helped me gain a clearer understanding of the topics. He has definitely helped me with my physics grade and I will definitely continue to pursue physics later on in my life!

  66. Avatar photo
    Denise Tan

    I have always thought of physics as a rather daunting subject that I disliked because I had many gaps in my knowledge, which resulted in me struggling while attempting questions. Concept First has been a huge help to me in both fuelling my interest in physics and enabling me to make progress towards excelling in the subject. The comprehensive 2 page summary sheets have made revision less tedious and gave me the assurance that I had covered every key aspect of each topic. Thank you Mr Kong for helping me to clear my doubts, make significant improvements and even grow to enjoy the subject a lot more!

  67. Avatar photo
    RuiXian Thye

    Tuition is great, really helpful and helped my grades to improve alot to an A. Teachers explanations are detailed and easy to understand and they give good notes.

  68. Avatar photo
    Afreen Rafi

    When I first joined Concept First, I was clueless as to what was going on as my foundation was not strong at all. I was struggling with Physics a lot and it made me hate the subject. However, through the notes and practices provided by the centre, I was able to gradually understand the concepts. Moreover, Mr Kong is a really fun and engaging tutor so I started to like Physics as well. With the abundant practice questions provided, I was finally able to tackle similar difficult questions during school examinations. I also found the 2-page summaries super useful as I was able to use them to study a topic really quickly before a test.

  69. Avatar photo

    thumbs up man

  70. Avatar photo
    Nana Kairi

    My child, Alya Sufiyah, had a good experience in learning Physics though she only joined for 2 terms before her O levels. She improved so much that she scored A1 for the subject during O levels. Thank you so much to Mr Calvin Kong for his dedication towards educating & guiding the class.

  71. Avatar photo
    Reshav Menon

    I’m glad that CF takes the time to explain certain concepts that my Teachers in school wouldn’t bother spending more than 5 minutes on. I finally got my first distinction for physics and I only have CF to thank.

  72. Avatar photo

    Concept First helps learning physics become an enjoyable process, with all the encouragement from teachers, as well as the initiatives and materials given out to students. i have developed a love for physics, and it’s all thanks to Concept First!

  73. Avatar photo

    teachers helped me enjoy learning physics after three years of having no interest in the subject. mr seah and mr kong are lively and passionate, and care for their students. they explain concepts in ways students can comprehend and easily. the centre also provides a lot of study materials for students. though i only joined in the second half of sec 4, when i was barely passing physics, i managed to score A1 for my physics O Level

  74. Avatar photo
    Akhilesh Karthikeyan

    CF is truly an engaging tution center that is able to stetch a child to their fullest potential and hence allowing to get thier desired grade. I truly felt as though CF managed to improve how I approached Physics as a subject. Thus I am very great

  75. Avatar photo
    KOH JAVEN Student 2019

    I LOVE CONCEPT FIRST SO MUCH! Their super duper rich resources and summary notes as well as the dedication of their teachers!!!! Their teacher SUPER STEADY LAAHHH!!!Their lessons also sibei powerful u know i from f9 then o lvl kena A2 SIA. So why are you still reading this review? FASTER GO SIGN UP LAH!!!! W teachers W resources W tuition centre

  76. Avatar photo
    sin yee

    mr kong’s notes are very easy to understand & informative the centre is also located near clementi mrt station, making it very convenient to access. it has helped my physics improve by leaps and bounds !! i highly recommend your child to attend concept first too

  77. Avatar photo

    Thank you for making physics interesting and letting me not dislike physics anymore . I love my time in the centre . Thank you mr Kong for allowing me to be interested in physics again !!

  78. Avatar photo
    Akashini Anbalagan

    Concept First Physics Tuition really works wonders. The teaching methods used to explain concepts work well for students across the board. It is definitely the place to go to for physics.
    Thank you Concepts First for making the distinction in ‘O’ level Physics a reality.

  79. Avatar photo
    Hao En

    Thanks to mr ram I was able to enjoy learning physics and better understand the concepts especially those topics that are more abstract like nuclear quantum and superposition …

  80. Avatar photo
    Mehrab Hossain

    I first joined Concept First for their Intensive Revision Classes after my Sec 3 exams to get a feel of the lessons. The first class had already given me a very good impression of the centre and this has never changed. I joined the classes again after my Sec 4 prelims for an extra push. I still think that the teaching style and questions are good, difficult and challenges me.

  81. Avatar photo
    Mae Chan

    I usually dread physics in school, but after attending the lessons at Concept First, I have developed more interest in it. Mr Kong has taught me how to think beyond the box which helped me in understanding the concept of physics better. I have even applied this knowledge to things in real life and learned to appreciate them better. Thank you Mr Kong for making physics fun!

  82. Avatar photo
    Javier Chua

    My physics grade improve a lot from c6 to a2

  83. Avatar photo
    Loh Yan Yu

    Before joining Concept First, I didn’t really understand physics. However, after attending lessons, I finally understood the physics concepts. Mr Kong is a very helpful and dedicated teacher who makes physics lessons more engaging and easy to understand. The notes provided are useful and the foundation videos helped me to revise well for my examinations.

  84. Avatar photo

    Thank you CF for helping me understand my concepts better! I was struggling with Physics but with the use of the concepts I had picked up in CF, I manage to do better! Thank you!

  85. Avatar photo

    Personally, I think that Mr Calvin Kong is good in using numbers as well as real life demonstrations to explain difficult concepts to us. With his well elaborated explanations, I am able to have a deeper understanding of physics concepts and also a better group of concepts I have previously struggled with. Even though I have only been with concept first for about 1 month, I have positively benefited from the weekly lessons as well as from the resources given that greatly complements Mr Kong’s teachings. Indeed, concept first ensures that students are able to have a good grasp of physics concepts before moving on to gaining mastery of the topics and eventually, good mastery of Physics! Putting your child in concept first will ensure that he/she will be well prepared to combat mind boggling physics questions in his/her secondary school life!

  86. Avatar photo
    Akashini Anbalagan

    Concept First has helped me so much with physics. Before joining concept first, I was getting C5/C6 for my physics. No matter how many times I did the tys or read the textbook, I never understood certain concepts. Physics just seemed so complicated and abstract and I was on the verge of giving up. I only found Concept First a few months before the O levels. I joined in July/August (Sec 4) and with the guidance of my physics tutor and the resources he had prepared for us, I started to see a significant improvement in my physics grade. I felt more confident with the concepts and had a really enjoyable time doing physics. With a newfound confidence and love towards physics, I was more motivated to work towards my goals. Most importantly, the support of Concept First helped me to achieve an A2 in physics within a matter of 3-4 months. I would strongly recommend Concept First for anyone whose struggling with physics or anyone who wants to secure their distinction. Their dedication and resources does wonders!

  87. Avatar photo
    Qiu Yingfei

    thank you for improving my understanding of the subject and the efficient classes! Mr Kong is truly experienced and approachable!

  88. Avatar photo
    Chelladurai Kamalini

    I used to be a very weak physics student regarding concepts and answering questions, but after I joined Concept First, I was able to grasp the content and had a better understanding of the concepts. With the help of my very supportive tutor, I was able to clear my doubts without hesitation. The notes and exercises provided were really very helpful and served their purpose of summarizing content before my O Levels.

  89. Avatar photo
    VX Gaming

    Before joining Concept First, I could not understand the basic fundamentals of physics and did badly. However, since I got into Concept First, I have been getting A1 on every physics exam and a higher confidence in my physics ability. Thank you for teaching me for these two years and allowing me to succeed and do well in physics!

  90. Avatar photo
    B Viveka

    Concept first gives exposure to many questions of various difficulties. These questions helped me correct my answer techniques as well as allowed me to understand the concepts. The revision materials and summaries of each chapter made my revisions easier too.

  91. Avatar photo
    Yang Yi Tyo

    the lessons are fun and engaging and i learnt a lot from CF lessons!

  92. Avatar photo
    Leana Lee

    Calvin not only has the brains to tutor the students, he also has the heart to find ways to innovate online learning during circuit breaker period, making sure students did not lag behind in the curriculum. Parents are always kept duly informed on matters relating to their child’s progress and lessons’ schedule. Daughter scored an impressive A1 at O levels and credit goes to Calvin for his dedication and tutorship.

  93. Avatar photo
    NURA N

    My son needed help in Physics as he didn’t understand what the teacher in school was teaching. He enjoyed learning at the centre under the teaching and care of Mr Calvin Kong who understands the needs of his students. Good environment for learning with extra help whenever needed. My son did well for his O level Physics. Thank you Concept First Physics Tuition Centre!

  94. Avatar photo
    Tyler Tan

    Concept First has helped me greatly with my understanding of the subject , the one thing that stands out is their preparation for each lesson and the commitment the tutors have to making sure that you get your A1

  95. Avatar photo

    Even though I joined quite late :/ , I would really like to thank CF ( mr Kong and the admin also ) for assisting me a lot . Mr Kong was very friendly and he is always there to help me and make sure I can learn . After joining CF , I found many new concepts and answering techniques and also , a motivation to do well for physics , in other words , physics was made easier Thank you !

  96. Avatar photo
    Leo Goh

    Concept First’s tutors are very approachable and always give their 100% to ensure students learn and grasp important concepts. They are very approachable and encouraging as well. They teach students to not memorise too much but study by understanding how concepts work and how to apply these concepts.

    Concept First’s study materials are very useful, clear and concise. They tell you all that you need to know and how the knowledge is applied in exam questions.

    Concept First’s lab lessons are extremely beneficial. They are conducted more frequently than those in school. This means that you would have more experience, exposure, knowledge, speed and confidence for the lab exam component.

    Thank you Concept First!

  97. Avatar photo
    yan ling

    The summary notes are very concise and near to the start of O’s other notes to help with description were given which were all very useful. The lessons are very interactive with many live examples related to the topic, helping me to further understand the subject. Thank you!!

  98. Avatar photo
    Darryl Lim

    Genuinely a great tuition centre that really helps you clamp down on fundamental physics concepts before moving on to more complex questions. Mr Seah always teaches the content using a variety of methods that really make physics a lot easier! Helped me improve from a B4 to A1!

  99. Avatar photo
    wang tommy (Rainsmains)

    Mr Kong’s lessons have been extremely informative and enjoyable. He would never give up on any student and would consistently motivate us to strive for the best. Furthermore, during lessons, there is an absence of a gap between the teacher and student because Mr Kong always goes out of the way to bridge that awkwardness/gap, to ensure that each one of us would learn in the most efficient way possible. His expertise and passion could be seen when he sometimes goes out of the way to explain to us various formulas, to allow us to better understand it.

    Thank you Mr Kong for making these lessons informative and enjoyable.

  100. Avatar photo
    Jiahui Song

    thank you concept first for providing clear and concise explanations of physics questions. it has greatly helped me in my A level examinations!

  101. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    Before joining, I was failing Physics. Concept First tuition has helped me understand physics better. The teacher is very engaging and has provided us with all the necessary resource to help us such as coloured notes and all the formulas printed onto one sheet of paper for easy reference. The teacher also uses real like events to explain how physics is involved making learning physics even more interesting. All in all, this tuition has improved my physics and helped me achieve a distinction for my O level.

  102. Avatar photo
    yeo bee yan

    Mr Kong has inspired and guided my girl in preparing solidly for her physics O Level. Whether it was the intensive preparations or the enriching material with his thorough content lectures and dedication, Mr Kong has indeed supported her tremendously and enabling her to achieve an A2

  103. Avatar photo
    Ghin Hay Fok

    Tuition is good. Teachers are kind, literally all-in-one (tuition,practical) Physics tuition. Definitely one of the better ones

  104. Avatar photo
    Jack Ng

    The notes provided were extremely helpful and easy to understand, even for someone like me who is weak in physics. A lot of work had been put into them to make them as beneficial as possible as well. Lessons were always enjoyable, due to Mr Kong’s jovial personality and sue of different objects to demonstrate different concepts. The practical workshops were also extremely helpful at revising and going through the different methods of experimentation. Mr Kong is very patient and takes time and effort to explain things, going the extra mile to stay back after lessons to answer questions

  105. Avatar photo
    shintyan ng

    Thank you for helping me to improve my phy grades from C6 to A!

  106. Avatar photo
    mooi zoey

    Concept First’s lessons and teaching approach kept me engaged throughout the lessons. Through my weekly lessons, I was able to be more confident in physics and found joy in studying for the subject. The notes provided by the centre made revision much easier, thus making me clear-headed and well prepared for the exam even when I had little time to study for it. Knowledge is really subconsciously drilled into you through the weekly lessons here!

  107. Avatar photo
    Joshua CJR

    Before joining Concept First, I was very lost about physics and I did not know how to help myself. I failed practically all my class tests and even my Sec 3 EOYs. I did look for my school teacher for help, and though I did improve, it wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be. However, only 1 week after joining Concept First and studying the precious notes given to me, I surprisingly scored an A1 in a class test on waves and DC circuits. Till this day, that memory lives vividly in my mind. Slowly, I tightened up my understanding of every topic with the help of the teachers and before I knew it, I was easily scoring A1 for class tests and major exams. Overall, Concept First has been impactful in my O Level journey and I have absolutely no regrets joining this tuition centre.

  108. Avatar photo
    Branden Tan

    Very good notes and teaching

  109. Avatar photo
    joel kwok

    Concept First Physics Tuition has definitely allowed me to understand this subject much better, since all the chapters are simplified so that it does not seem so scary. It has really helped to build my foundation in Physics too.

  110. Avatar photo
    Shivli Vinod Lal

    Concept First has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Physics. The extensive amount of resources provided to the students allows students to work on their weaknesses at their own pace. The teachers at Concept First are also very engaging and encourage students to ask questions!

  111. Avatar photo
    Basuvalingam Pavithra

    Had a great time learning physics concepts in a very short period of time.

  112. Avatar photo
    Natalie Lim

    Before I joined this tuition center, i was very unsure about the concepts and hated the subject. However, the teacher made lessons very easy to understand, the practice questions given every lesson helped me improve my answering technique. Mr Kong is also very helpful to every student and never fails to answer my questions. He has also created a two paged notes for each chapter, these notes allowed me to grasp the main points of each chapter very easily. This tuition center motivates students to achieve their best scores.

  113. Avatar photo

    My son has benefited greatly from this centre. Mr Kong is an excellent tutor. He helped him build good foundation and love for the subject. Thank you Mr Kong for helping him achieved an A1 for his O level Physics. Thumbs up!

  114. Avatar photo
    Long Yu Han

    Thank you Mr Kong and Teachers for going the extra mile in clarifying our doubts and patiently guiding us in the assignments. Even though I was initially very unsure of many physics principals, the lessons at CF have definitely allowed me to improve by leaps and bounds! Due to the teachers’ efforts, I have managed to advance from a C6 to A1. Thank you Concept First!

  115. Avatar photo
    Ng Jing Xuan

    At the beginning of Secondary 3, my grades and interest for physics were extremely low. I was not able to fully understand the concepts nor able to keep up with the learning pace in class. As a result, I always flunked all my physics tests and exams for at least half a year. However, after joining Concept First and meeting Mr Kong, it has definitely enriched my learning experience. From the variety of weekly quizzes and papers provided to the extremely useful 2 page summaries for each chapter, Concept First’s holistic approach to teaching students has not only helped me to improve my grades but also sparked my interest for physics. Mr Kong is very knowledgeable and able to convey his ideas very effectively during classes. Additionally, he is very caring and always available to help me whenever I faced any difficulties when doing a question. Hence, I was able to improve from a F9 in secondary 3 to an eventual A2 for my olevels thanks to him.

  116. Avatar photo

    Truly appreciate Calvin’s help and dedication to my daughter, especially during the challenging year of 2020!
    My daughter was struggling with her physics.
    With Concept First’s help, she managed to get A1 for her O level. Thankful!

  117. Avatar photo
    Bhumi Gupta

    CF makes it extremely easy to understand the basic concepts in each topic by providing two page summary sheets. There is a very good mix of both commonly asked questions as well as higher order questions in the materials provided, which helps us to remember the basic keywords needed to answer each question and also helps us to stretch our thinking further.

  118. Avatar photo
    Jenlene Choo

    Thank you for providing so many tips and tricks!

  119. Avatar photo

    CF’s notes are detailed and contain all the information you need to tackle any sort of question in the A’s. Mr Ram’s lessons were always concise, clear, and targeted popular exam questions. My Physics grades improved tremendously after enrolling!

  120. Avatar photo
    Monishasakthi Shanmugasundaram

    I joined Concept First from the very beginning, in January of Sec 3. The teachers have been making a lot of effort to improve the lessons, such as providing notes like the formula sheet, 2 page summary, and explanation sheet which helped me revise efficiently and also quickly remember the facts for my exams. Moreover, the lessons are engaging and fun. This allows me to ask any questions I have without the need to hesitate.

  121. Avatar photo
    Rathika R

    My Son have a great interest in physics and CF had grown his interestto be better with deeper understanding. CF increased his answering skills to score good grades and the teachers are very helpful by even opening the centre for study hours especially nearer to o levels, so that he can go down to do their work and get teachers help for clarification. I was very impressed with their dedication. Great work by CF team

  122. Avatar photo
    Crystal Lai

    Concept First’s lessons have been interesting and really easy to follow! Before joining Concept First, I felt that physics was a really difficult subject to understand and apply in exams. However, after joining Concept First, I was able to develop a strong interest in learning physics and was able to grasp the various concepts more easily. I was also able to clear my doubts in class, which made me feel more confident in tackling physics questions. I really enjoyed the classes here, thank you Concept First!!

  123. Avatar photo
    raphael lam

    mr kong is exceptional at teaching physics concepts and ensuring you comprehend them by using relatable real life examples to explain difficult theories. the centre itself is well equipped to help students who are struggling with practical as well. classrooms are spacious and provide a conducive learning environment!

  124. Avatar photo

    Concepts first is a very reliable tuition centre. The practices given, the lesson plans and the many resources offered to students has truly helped me to achieve that A for physics!

  125. Avatar photo
    Dora Teo

    Highly recommended to sign up concept first
    My son school teacher called me and said my son has been almost failing physics and sleeping during lesson and he refuses to bring textbook. I assured him my son is in good hands with concept first and he need not worry about his results, after seeing my son score an A for s3 eoy, he is convinced that he has good coach for the subject. He was pleasantly surprised when my son scored an A2 for O level.
    A big thank you to Mr Kong and CF team

  126. Avatar photo
    Azach Chew

    CF Tutors are very thorough with their explanation so after listening to it I fully understand my mistakes. Classes are also very interesting and it helps me focus for the 2 hours of class.

  127. Avatar photo

    i really enjoy mr seah’s charismatic teaching style

  128. Avatar photo
    Michele Yap

    Concept First has caring teachers who go the extra mile for their students. Mr Andrew Seah has helped my daughter to improve several grades to score an A. I’m very grateful for his patience in teaching her the concepts and ensuring she understands them. The lab lessons are very useful too! Thank you so much

  129. Avatar photo
    Michelle Yong

    Was referred to this centre by Jerald and have positive experiences here. My daughter scored A2 for her O Levels Physics and am so grateful and delighted at her quick progress here!

  130. Avatar photo
    Crim_ Zen

    Location is very convenient, accessible to various things, food after/before tuition, stationary for school ,groceries, etc. Helps with tight schedules Classes here are engaging, informative and made easy to understand. Notes provided are simple yet effective. Would recommend students taking Sec 3-4 Physics to attend this tuition even if they are not struggling with the subject.

  131. Avatar photo
    ZhiLiang Lim

    The tutors are very interesting, very relatable and up to date. Student are not forced to do work but encouraged and inspired to. My tutor(Mr Kong) also makes learning physics fun which is the point of a teacher. 100% recommend

  132. Avatar photo

    I am able to experience more questions and allowed me to tackle different types of questions. I was able to find my weak points and improve enough for Os.

  133. Avatar photo

    physics tutor was very thorough and patient, would slowly go through content and make sure everyone understood the concepts, would even walk up to students to personally help them during breaks if they were requested to do so, were cheerful and constantly making jokes to keep the positive atmosphere during class and ensure everyone was paying attention

  134. Avatar photo
    niama nidema

    Concept First really stays true to its name. It is all thanks to the owner, Mr Kong, who is an excellent teacher alongside his wonderful team of tutors. If you ever feel like giving up on physics, they won’t give up on you. I believe through their methods of teaching, they not only teach you how to be better in Physics, but also how to be better as a whole. I 100% recommend this tuition centre for anyone who is struggling in Physics. If you think you can find any other tuition centre which is better, dream on. Much love for the tutors there

  135. Avatar photo
    Nizamuddin Sayeed

    Because of the concepts I mastered at CF ,I did well in my written papers much better

  136. Avatar photo
    chloe goh

    Thanks CF for being so thorough with the explanations and the wonderful notes and summary sheets that have been very helpful

  137. Avatar photo
    RJ Lim

    My daughter came to Concept First as she needed help to support her learning in Physics. Mr Kong and team did an excellent job of coaching and motivating her to enjoy the subject. During the past year, the tutors also made extra efforts to enhance the learning experience during the pandemic. The overall experience with Concept First was excellent!

  138. Avatar photo
    Annabelle Guan

    Cf helped my physics grades to improve from C5 in sec 3 eoy to A2 in sec 4 prelims and I got A1 for olvls.

    The teachers are really patient and caring; the notes are concise and neat; there are many workbooks and exercises for students to practice and… ig my grades speak for itself. All in all this is one of the best investment I’ve ever made. Thank you cf! 🙂

  139. Avatar photo

    Mr Kong’s teaching has enabled me to better understand physics concepts to the detail. Though I ended my Secondary 3 with a just pass for physics and only joined the class in early days of Secondary 4, I was still able to quickly catch up with his teaching. Additionally, the exam preparation before our prelims and O Levels provided us with good and adequate practice that were very useful in helping us pace ourselves before our tests. Overall, I felt the class was helpful for learning the subject and really liked it!

  140. Avatar photo
    germayn yeo

    i really enjoyed my physics tuition at concept first! i look forward to every physics lesson bcos they’re so fun and enriching! mr seah has been very dedicated and helpful, even during outside tuition hours, if i have any physics questions that i don’t understand, he is always willing to help! he always ensures that we get enough practice and feedback, and i’m super grateful for that as it has helped me to improve my understanding of topics that i was weaker in! thank you so much concept first and mr seah!!

  141. Avatar photo
    Jenny Fang Yu

    Very interactive tuition with short and succinct notes for quick and effective revisions.

  142. Avatar photo
    Chloe Leoh

    Concept First has helped me to understand the physics concepts much more easily. The 2 page summaries and notes are very helpful in helping me to prepare for exams and it also helps me to save a lot of time.

  143. Avatar photo
    Angela Ang

    Conducive environment to study and learn. Location is also great, etc mrt next to the centre, food and beverage just below it

  144. Avatar photo
    Leora WILLAMME

    CF has helped me to understand the concepts better as they offer a lot of practices and gives concise notes to help me in my revision. Before I attended lessons, I struggled to understand some topics but now I am confident in my physics knowledge and can clarify my friends’ doubts. The teachers are really kind and funny. They will make lessons fun and engaging. I had always looked forward to attending lesson.

  145. Avatar photo

    I used to think that physics was a dry and difficult subject, but I’m glad to say that I now find physics more enjoyable, and I understand concepts better thanks to the comprehensive notes!

  146. Avatar photo
    Leia Beh

    After I had joined CF, my physics has improved tremendously and I went from not being able to do many questions to being able to handle many tough questions. My confidence in the subject has improved by a lot too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Sivaraman Amirtha

    i only joined CF around June,, so it was around 4-5 months before my Olvls. My grades in school were bare passes but for olvl got an A2 so I would really like to share my gratitude to CF and Mr Seah ️

  148. Avatar photo
    Jaron Sze

    Mr Ram has been a fantastic teacher with good knowledge about the syllabus and the marking system of Cambridge. He is able to provide advice based on his experience as a student and as a teacher to ensure that our learning experience is optimized. He is also a friendly and casual teacher which bonds well with students and makes the learning environment less tensed. He is also readily available to answer our doubts and questions throughout the day even if it is late at night. He frequently asks questions on our learning experience to try and improve his method of teaching to cater to our different styles of learning. Overall, Mr Ram has been an exceptional teacher which helped me to improve in physics and brings out the best in his students.

  149. Avatar photo
    Gabrielle Lam

    Mr Kong is a very engaging and lively teacher that makes physics a subject much more enjoyable to learn, using his live interactive demonstrations or his detailed explanations that include online simulations. He puts in additional effort to ensure that his students have everything they need to do well — preparing crash course videos, finding ways to improve his notes, etc. His style of teaching is unique and captures your attention. I really admire his teaching as it is displays his passion and love for physics. I would definitely recommend Concept First for others.

  150. Avatar photo
    Chu Yan Tong

    I scored consistently C6 for my physics and was about to drop the subject. After joining cf, I was able to understand the concepts better. Mr Seah uses a lot of acronyms to help students memorise keywords and definitions better. He also answers all my questions and takes the time to explain till I understand. Managed to get a A2 for my O levels.

  151. Avatar photo
    Leia Beh

    cf helped me a lot in my o level journey and i felt that it was easier to grasp certain concepts. the notes and materials which they gave were very useful and concise. the teachers are very approachable and are very willing to help you.

  152. Avatar photo
    Chan Jia Hui

    Mr Kong made learning phy fun for me and he had put in alot of effort to give us a pleasant study environment!!

  153. Avatar photo
    xiang han

    Before I started at Concept First, I always thought that physics was gruesome to learn because of how dry the content was. However, coming for tuition has changed my mindset completely. I learnt to see physics from a whole new perspective with the guidance and support of my teacher. I started in February of Sec 4 and most of the Sec 3 topics were already taught. To catch up our learning gaps, Mr Kong had planned extra classes for us to attend which I found extremely helpful. With the concise notes and detailed explanations by the tutors, physics is no longer the subject I dread after coming for tuition.

  154. Avatar photo
    Isaac Lim

    Concept First has helped a lot in helping me build my confidence in physics. Mr Kong makes learning fun and enjoyable and his lessons are engaging. He is very caring and regularly checks in on his students. The resources that the tuition centre provides is very useful for revision, especially during periods near exams, and has helped improve my grades for physics.

  155. Avatar photo
    Siah Ern Harn

    Thank you for making my revision much easier and allowing me to learn topics much quicker!

  156. Avatar photo
    Elliot Nah

    Thank you CF for the guidance and making physics fun and easy to understand. I was initially struggling but after attending many lessons i’ve became more confident in the subject

  157. Avatar photo
    James Ang

    Mr Kong’s lessons were well thought out and he explained the topics very clearly. The notes provided by the centre were well organized, easy to understand, and has been a great help to my son’s O level exams.

  158. Avatar photo
    Felicia Handojo

    Beautiful notes and very good teachers :3
    Helped me secure A1 for O level physics.
    Everything was very organised and made studying for physics much easier and more enjoyable.

  159. Avatar photo

    I was getting a C6 in physics due to my lack of interest in the subject. However after attending Concept First’s classes, I found physics to be a lot easier. With steady improvement and encouragement from the tutors, I eventually scored an A1 for physics in my Sec 4 Final Year Examinations.

  160. Avatar photo
    Kang Jun

    The notes and worked examples were useful so much so some HOT questions came out in the exam.

  161. Avatar photo
    Valerie Toh

    I am glad that I have enrolled my daughter in Concept First Physics Tuition Center. She was struggling with the subject and was scoring C6 in lower secondary. After 2 years with the center, she scored distinction for her GCE ‘O’ level. According to my daughter, Mr. Kong’s notes are easy to understand and she is able to comprehend the concept during the lessons. Despite the challenges from Convid19, the center acts swiftly and parents are always well informed. I would highly recommend the center to students who are struggling with the subject.

  162. Avatar photo
    David Lam

    Lessons are simple, practice questions are well set. Mr Kong is humorous yet serious about his work. It is a good balance of fun and learning.

  163. Avatar photo
    edmund yee

    focuses on building your foundation for you to improve your grades steadily

  164. Avatar photo
    Michele Chan

    I’m really grateful to have enrolled here for physics! I’ve been scoring 50s for my tests and struggled a lot, but after coming here i managed to get an a1 for eoys!!
    concepts here are explained clearly, with multiple resources like summary sheets and videos to help guide you!

  165. Avatar photo
    Cadence Heah

    Concept First really helped with my physics concepts when i was struggling with the subject in sec 4. Within less than a year i managed to improve from a C5 to a A2 in olevels. thank you so much for the detailed notes and the countless practices given to us during the lessons. The notes help to ease the revision of my concepts and also allowed me to understand my physics concepts better!

  166. Avatar photo
    chloe lai

    i really appreciate how mr kong is always so enthusiastic during lessons and makes it an effort to make jokes and give us breaks in between lessons thank u!

  167. Avatar photo
    anakin Skywalker

    CF has helped me to tackle many questions that has come out in the examinations.

  168. Avatar photo
    Jenna Ong

    CF has helped me gain a deeper understanding of physics concepts as well as grasp answering techniques. The lab lessons have also been helpful in refining my practical skills.

  169. Avatar photo
    Soon HL

    Good teaching materials, dedicated teacher who constantly give encouragement to student

  170. Avatar photo
    Kezia Quah

    Mr Seah is very nice and always helps me even late at night when everyone else is sleeping. I’m very grateful that there are such nice teachers at CF that helped me in my journey in physics from C6 to A2 (for Os).

  171. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    Best tuition center in Singapore!!
    Thank you teachers for guiding my child and supporting her whenever she is in doubt.

  172. Avatar photo

    The method of teaching is good, as the explanation given and key concepts used is helpful.

  173. Avatar photo

    Thank you for helping me improve i came here w a 27% but by CT2 i manage to improve to 51%.

  174. Avatar photo
    frozen meu

    Concept First teachers had helped me in understanding the physics concepts well. The detailed notes and questions provided are good. After attending the lessons, my grades improved from F9 to B3 in a span of 7 months. I find the lab lessons useful and I learnt how to do many experiments from the teacher. Without CF, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the grade in such a short time. Thank you so much Mr Kong and team.

  175. Avatar photo
    Wendy Koo

    My son who is sitting for his O level this year, is weak and struggling in his Physics since sec 3. I had sourced around Singapore to look for a suitable tuition support for his Physics since last year. I am very glad that in June this year, I found Concept First who offers crash course for O level Physics. After his 2 lessons of crash course, I could see that he had regained his confidence for Physics. He is currently very enthusiastic and positive in his learning for this subject. I believe good understanding of the subject is very important especially for Physics as there are so many application questions. And by understanding, he will be able to tackle all kinds of questions in the tests and examination. Indeed I was so glad when I saw his radiant smile after the lessons as he had once again found interest in this subject. He had further requested to enroll for the other revision classes of which he is currently looking forward to.

  176. Avatar photo
    Shana Tan

    I am happy that I scored well for my exams Thank you CF for teaching me how to spot the exact points that the question wants and what keywords to put into the question 😀

  177. Avatar photo
    h4r n3E

    The questions in the booklets were really helpful because it really gave me the practice and helped to gauge the types of qns that will come out and the two page summary had everything in a glance, there were a lot of challenging qns also so that really helped me do well. thank you!!

  178. Avatar photo
    Ryan Terence

    I was not doing very well for physics when I first started at Concept First and it was not one of my favourite subjects. However, through the lively and interactive lessons, I developed an interest in physics. My grades improved tremendously as well. Mr Kong goes the extra mile to ensure that we have adequate materials to achieve our best potential. He is the best physics teacher anyone could ask for!

  179. Avatar photo
    Vera Lee

    CF has allowed me to be able to understand the key concepts which allows me to tackle the questions more easily and helped me improve!

  180. Avatar photo
    Harnisree Pandian

    I found the detailed notes and concept orientated practices given by concept first to be really useful . Especially Near O’ levels, the summarised notes with key concepts, definitions and formulas were easy to comprehend and very useful for quick revisions. Mr Kong is a wonderful teacher as he taught and guided us in a unique way. I would 100% recommend anyone who is struggling in phy to join concept first as i was able to improve my grades from a C6 to a A2 in o’s .

  181. Avatar photo
    Isaac Tang

    concept first physics helped me to better understand physics overall and let me better grasp the concepts needed to understand the topic better. Together with the extremely useful notes, the 1 page summary guides and extensive help from Mr Kong i am able to revise adequately for my exams. Thank you!

  182. Avatar photo
    AVERIE NG SHI YUN NYJC 2020/2021

    Amazing teachers and staff at CF!! Lessons are super concise and easy to understand, the tutors are also rlly helpful when answering any questions from us. Lesson materials are well structured in a detailed summary form that aids in our learning! Definitely the best physics tuition i’ve been too

  183. Avatar photo

    Great teachers, and a very nice and spacious environment to learn in. The teachers helped us to be able to fully grasp concepts and apply it to the challenging questions provided. I was able to pull my pure physics grades up from an E8 to a B3 in just a span of a year. Definitely recommend, 10/10 .

  184. Avatar photo
    Shirley Gan

    Hi Mr Kong, thank you for your coaching for the past 2 years to bring JooWy’s grade from borderline passing to distinction. Thank you once again 🙂

  185. Avatar photo
    Megan Wong

    Before joining Concept First, I scored poorly in school and found all the concepts difficult to understand. After joining, my grades jumped from an F9 to a B4. I found physics easier to understand and my grades improved much more. Now I have more confidence in this subject.

  186. Avatar photo
    Rina Kurniadi

    My daughter started with a ‘just passed’ mark in the beginning of the year to an A1. She did work hard, but without the support of Calvin she wouldn’t make it so far. Calvin gave lots of time and effort to ensure all her questions are answered and all her confusion is clarified. Thank you very much for helping her throughout the year!

    My 2nd kid went for physics tution at CF as well. Also get A1 in O level.

  187. Avatar photo
    Adhvika Mohan

    Concept First is a really good tuition centre and it really helped me get a deeper understanding of physics

  188. Avatar photo
    Teagone Jeo

    The teachers at this tuition don’t just teach by telling you but gives you examples and props in class to help you understand and relate to the topic.

  189. Avatar photo
    Irene Seet

    Definitely made the right decision to enrol my son for Physics lessons here. Despite CB and covid last year, the team ensured that everything fell in place quickly and effectively. Online lessons were instituted almost seamlessly. What else is great? Concise summary notes, intensive preparatory worksheets for prelims and O levels, responsive WhatsApp support, additional zoom sessions for go through & clarifications, plus of cos an engaging and committed teacher, Mr Calvin. The in house practical workshops sure helped my son in clinching his A1 too! All in all, I knew my son was in good hands. I wasn’t even worried when I heard his teacher was leaving school 3 months before his prelims.

  190. Avatar photo
    Kiran Lal

    When my son had problems with Physics, I did not hesitate to send him to Concept First because my daughter had previously been a student of Concept First. Both my kids have benefited greatly from Mr Calvin Kong’s Physics lessons and both went on to attain an A2 grade for “O” levels, a vast improvement from the C and D grades they were getting before Mr Kong’s class.

  191. Avatar photo
    Karunanithi Dhurga

    Concept First’s lessons are always engaging and enriching at the same time. I have been in this tuition for 2 years and Mr Kong has made learning physics easy and enjoyable. The notes, especially the 2 page summary for each topic, has really enhanced my learning. I am able to get a quick overview of each topic and it also makes the topics seem less intimidating. He also includes lots of real life examples, making the lessons more interesting. I have really enjoyed learning physics and I would surely recommend this tuition centre.

  192. Avatar photo
    gwynneth nai

    Despite me joining CF nearer to the end of sec 3, Mr Kong helped guide me along the way to make sure I could understand the physics concepts well. I improved on my physics due to Mr Kong’s continuous support and I appreciate it. His humour definitely made the lessons more interesting and his explanation made me understand btr.

  193. Avatar photo
    Justin Tan

    I love Mr Seah, he helped me improve by over 6 grades within a span of 3-4 months to get a B3! Concept first Physics has amazing tutors who place their time and dedication to help your child to improve, even going the extra mile to help you outside teaching hours! Homework is minimal, since they convey concepts clearly and effectively to the students. I really recommend joining Concept first to help your child improve by leaps and bounds in Physics!

  194. Avatar photo
    Tharun Kumar

    CF Tutors has taught me very well and their explanations are very elaborate and clear to understand. The 2-page notes are very useful and comprehensive with important points already highlighted. Doing questions and going through in class allows me to know what I am doing right or wrong. Lessons at CF are fun and very engaging. It changed my opinion on physics as I came in with a bad grade and now has improved.

  195. Avatar photo
    keisha siahaan

    Mr Kong and CF team has helped me improve tremendously in physics, allowing me to jump by 3 grades within a few months. Mr Kong has a very efficient teaching method and allows me to grasp complicated physics concepts. the notes and practices have been very helpful and well consolidated, not to mention the fact that Mr Kong goes through the questions thoroughly during lessons!

  196. Avatar photo
    Jk Lim

    The lessons were easy to understand and I was able to improve under the the guidance of the concept first teachers

  197. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    I had been doing badly in Physics since Sec 3, and even failed my MYE in Sec 4. Worried, I decided to enroll here months before the start of my prelims and the GCE O Levels. Lessons are extremely interactive and fun, and Mr Seah’s use of hands-on experiments during lessons and his clear way of teaching really made me enjoy Physics a lot more than I previously had. I also managed to get a B4 in prelims after failing repeatedly, and have improved even more since then. During O-Levels, I managed to score an A2! I would highly recommend coming here if you’re strugging with Physics and need help

  198. Avatar photo
    Yi Long

    Mr Kong is a patient, caring and motivating teacher. He is experienced in teaching Physics in a concise manner, making it easy to understand. His notes are one of a kind and help me a lot. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with Physics to Mr Kong. Once again, thank you Mr Kong!

  199. Avatar photo

    Concept First’s materials are extremely useful in helping you to understand the various concepts in much greater detail. Paired with the interesting and fun lessons, you are bound to like Physics one day. I would definitely recommend you to join this tuition centre!

  200. Avatar photo
    xin yu

    A big thank you to Mr Kong and the CF team for all their hard work and patience I really enjoyed the lessons and the materials given have been of great help! CF definitely helped strengthen my foundation for physics. My A1 grades are much more stable now and I’ll continue to work hard and improve on my grades!

  201. Avatar photo
    Patricia Lin

    My son started lessons with Mr Calvin since last year August 2018 when he was Sec 3. My boy came to me that he urgently required physics tutition for his EOY exams and I was at lost where am I going to get one at such last minute notice and near our home. Google came to my help when I searched for physics tutor at Clementi and Mr Calvin’s school is one of the few search results that popped out. Mr Calvin took my boy in despite the last minute EOY preparation.

    After attending Mr Calvin’s lessons, my son shared the physics topics which he struggled to understand became clearer and he no longer feared the topic. Mr Calvin is able to break the physics fear in my boy and he is now able to grasp the topics very confidently.

    I would strongly recommend Mr Calvin if your child dislikes physics especially he/she is struggling to understand the concepts as Mr Calvin will surely help your kid overcome the fear.

  202. Avatar photo
    Kaleb Teo

    Mr Kong has been nothing short of an excellent teacher whose dedication and commitment to his students cannot be understated. The materials that Concept First has provided is also detailed and helpful to examination revision. I would not hesitate to recommend Concept First to anyone and would like to commend the centre of a job well done.

  203. Avatar photo
    Ignatose g

    Nice notes and teachers that helped me with my physics …

  204. Avatar photo
    Jessica Hu

    Ruitao’s physics performance has greatly improved after taking tutoring, and he got an A1 grade in the o-level exam. Thanks to the teacher for his professional and patient explanation, and for giving a lot of exercises. In Concept First Physics Tuition, Rui Tao gained a lot, thank you teacher!

  205. Avatar photo
    Hannnie Guozhen

    Teacher vv nice , u can always text them if got qn also theh vv funny sia

  206. Avatar photo
    Kevion Lee

    Wonderful tution. D7 in exams till A1 in O’s. Mr seah was passionate and has a unique way of teaching that enables me to grasp concepts fast.

  207. Avatar photo

    I find that Concept First’s physics tuition is really flexible and good. The tuition timings are very flexible so I am able to attend lessons at my own convenience. The materials given are really helpful too, especially the 2 page summary for every chapter which helps to consolidate all the important things to note for the chapter. The exercises given are also fairly challenging and helps us understand concepts. I find my tutor very engaging and good at explanations, allowing me to learn new things every lesson. Overall, this tution has benefitted me a lot.

  208. Avatar photo
    Angeline Wong

    Really good tuition center. The Teachers are vry nice and they give a lot of resources to help.

  209. Avatar photo

    I would recommend concepts first to everyone. With the help of Mr Kong and his well prepared lesson materials, I managed to make an improvement within a short period of time.

  210. Avatar photo
    Richard Lee

    If you’re looking for a tuition that offers comprehensive lessons, effective notes, kind and appropriate teachers, Concept First is definitely the right choice. They are the only physics tuition that offers the opportunity of conducting physics experiments. Weekly quizzes are also available and perhaps most importantly, they listen to students’ feedback and actively seek to improve students’ welfare.

  211. Avatar photo

    notes were pretty clear and thorough, and the structure of the notes and lessons made it easier to improve in physics slowly with consistent practice and revision

  212. Avatar photo
    Parent Tan

    Concise notes, clear explanations, and lots of support given. Mr Kong was friendly and always open to help us whenever we needed it. O Level results jumped up 2 grades from my usual grades. Recommended.

  213. Avatar photo
    Seelie Cocogoat

    Best physics tuition, all the notes are very good and the explanations are very clear and concise! Mr Seah best teacher! Helped me get A1 for O’ levels!

  214. Avatar photo
    olav liza

    I was able to better understand physics as a whole and the concepts I required to understand the subject better thanks to concept first physics. With the incredibly helpful notes, the one-page summary guides, and the thorough help from Mr. Kong, I am able to properly prepare for my tests. Thank you Oliver Wairisal (NA AES) …

  215. Avatar photo
    Pramesh Nellai

    Dear Mr Kong, thank you for all you have done for us, for educating us in regular lessons. Your teachings have been extremely fun, with the occasional jokes. I also enjoy coming for the offline lessons as I can request help directly from you, which is much more easier. I do not know if you enjoy every lesson that you have with us due to the amount of work you do for all of us and for our education, but I am sure that every single one of us is thankful for you being our teacher. I am thankful for all you have done for me and I look forward to working with you in any way possible. Once again, I would like to thank you for your kind help. Kindest regards, Pramesh Nellai.

  216. Avatar photo
    Jaron Sze

    I have benefited a lot from the lessons since joining Concept First. The tutors make the concepts simpler and easier to understand which allows me to approach the chapter with a deeper understanding. The 2 page summaries are a handy material which allows me to conveniently refer and recap when in doubt.

  217. Avatar photo

    I am very grateful that I studied in Concept First, the notes given were detailed and it was helpful to me in my revision. I did not expect learning physics to be fun but my physics tutor( Mr Seah) made it possible ️ He makes lessons super fun and makes physics much easier to understand for me. He gives great feedback in my work and encourages me a lot and I have managed to jump a few grades! Their 2-page summary notes are awesome too! Overall, I would really recommend Concept First, definitely worth it !

  218. Avatar photo
    Rene Chia

  219. Avatar photo
    Ewen Chai

    Before I joined, my physics was subpar and i was scoring C6. But thanks to Concept First Tuition Centre, I managed to get an A1 for physics for O levels! The Centre’s environment is very welcoming and the resources provided are helpful.

  220. Avatar photo
    Ag Channel

    This tuition centre is amazing! They provide amazing resources for the students and they helped me to improve from MYE to Prelim and now I feel more confident for O Levels! Even better, next year there are A Math classed with one of the teachers being Mr Yung! Come and join the tuition!

  221. Avatar photo
    Sherwin Chan Yukang

    Thank you CF tutors for helping me understand my Physics better! At first I had trouble applying the content learnt to my assignments. Now I can understand and apply my knowledge better.

  222. Avatar photo

    I am very grateful that I studied in Concept First, the notes given were detailed and it was helpful to me in my revision. I did not expect learning physics to be fun but my physics tutor( Mr Seah) made it possible ️ He makes lessons …

  223. Avatar photo

    this really helped me in my physics! thank you mr seah for helping me improve my physics from a C to an A! There were a lot of fun and engaging lessons that helped me enjoy physics better At first I did not understand much about physics but the teachers were really patient and helped clarify any questions I had. There were a lot of different ways used to teach us physics and that helped me to understand and grasps the concepts better!

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