Review Comfortdelgro Driving Centre, 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore

Review ComfortDelGro Driving Centre - Singapore 205 Ubi Ave 4

“Excellent! Sangat terbaik sekolah 非常好 Probably one of the most conducive environments in Singapore’s east for learning …” or “Very professional instructors who train on proper techniques as well as safety riding. Always ready to help and guide you. Keep up the great work.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Comfortdelgro Driving Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Comfortdelgro Driving Centre is quality.

Introduction about Comfortdelgro Driving Centre

Here are some fundamental details regarding Comfortdelgro Driving Centre. In terms of Driving school, it is generally believed that Comfortdelgro Driving Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Driving school, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 69788199 (+65 69788199)
  • Website:
  • Address: 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 AM to 7 PM.

Saturday: 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Sunday: Closed.


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How to contact Comfortdelgro Driving Centre?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Comfortdelgro Driving Centre via:

Phone number

You can reach Comfortdelgro Driving Centre at 69788199(+65 69788199). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Comfortdelgro Driving Centre via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Comfortdelgro Driving Centre reviews

Comfortdelgro Driving Centre is among the best destinations of Driving school in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Comfortdelgro Driving Centre good?

To determine whether Comfortdelgro Driving Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Excellent! Sangat terbaik sekolah 非常好 Probably one of the most conducive environments in Singapore’s east for learning …”

“Took my Class 2A motorcycle lesson. Second TP I pass. DEFINITELY HUGE THANK YOUS to ALL the motorcycle instructors. AWESOME People. Hope to see you next year for Class 2. ”

“My lessons at CDC were incredibly effective and fruitful. My instructors Allan Tan (1085) team 5 and M.N. Mirza were very dedicated and committed, which gave me the confidence i needed to pass my test.”

“Very professional instructors who train on proper techniques as well as safety riding. Always ready to help and guide you. Keep up the great work.”

“1278 mazlan bin Jan is very good instructor he know how to teach to learner easily understand driving method. Strongly recommend. Thank you very much my best instructor. …”

“I definitely recommend instructor Mazlan Bin Jan(1278)! He is very patient and good at finding my flaws in driving and correcting it when I drive and most importantly motivate me.”

“I had the best experience learning under the Motorcycle Training team. Friendly faces and passionate educators as always. Thank you all …”

“i had meet one good cdc driving instructor Mr Mazlan bin Jan today. He is a good motivator, patient and fun instructor. Thanks for his encouragement and patiently guidance my mistake.tqvm.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 215 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 96% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Comfortdelgro Driving Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Comfortdelgro Driving Centre, 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore

There is a total 215 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Quek Li Ting

    I would like to extend my appreciation to my driving instructor Mr Allan Tan (1085), team 5. He had always provided me with useful advice and shared techniques to correct my weaknesses. Allan was very professional and patient in guiding me throughout my entire learning process.

  2. Avatar photo
    Tam Kok Mun

    Passed my class 2A within 4 months with CDC on my first TP practical test.
    Would like to say Thank You to all Senior Instructors with their patience guidance.
    Always there to remind the important points to look out during practical training and circuit revision.

  3. Avatar photo
    sblmnl x

    Would like to give my heartiest thanks and gratitude to all the instructors here who genuinely want you to succeed. They certainly make the entire experience a fun and engaging one with their awesome humour If they don’t pass you for your lessons, do accept their decision as riding on the road requires significant mastery to keep you alive. They’re doing you a favour and not leaving you to pass your TP exam just by chance. This is speaking from over a year of riding and completing both 2B and 2A with CDC. I highly recommend them and enjoy the journey. Don’t give up. It’s worth it. P/s: also thanks to Encik Kamsani for assisting more than once and helping make my 2A a pleasant journey.

  4. Avatar photo
    Sheryl Say

    Joanne Pek was very helpful and clear with her explanation. Fast and efficient service and catered to all my enquiries. Overall, great customer service.

  5. Avatar photo
    shahin hossan

    Instructor 1278 Mazlan bin Jan..very good teaching. I more confidence now.thank you

  6. Avatar photo
    Its Michael

    Very good instructors that give very good and realistic scenarios for you to learn. Instructors like Edwin, Sufi, all are very good to approach

  7. Avatar photo
    Vernice Poh

    I passed my license in 1 time
    I am so thankful for Christopher and Raymond they helped me a lot and guide me making sure that I am clear and their lessons are always great . Best Cher ever love them

  8. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Reephana Mohamed Sapuan

    All 41 of us pass the test!!! Incredible experience. Good and friendly instructors

  9. Avatar photo
    Min Hui Koh

    Would like to commend Mr Allan Tan (1085) from One Team 5 for being patient, clearly articulating his instructions and all the little tips to look out for when driving. Thankful to be able to pass on first attempt (had lessons for 3.5 months) and thankful to have met such an amazing instructor.

    I’ve had experience with another instructor who wasn’t as responsible, asked me to see and feel for myself how i should drive through the S and crank course but the last straw was when he scolded me for something i was helpless about – long story short, he scolded me for making the wrong turn when he was falling asleep and a tp was signalling me to turn out of the circuit. ‍️

    Time wasted with the other instructor was compensated when Mr Allan took extra time to teach me what I’ve failed to learn under the other instructor (4 lessons to be exact). Imagine how much money wasted. Mr Allan could have just turned a blind eye to modules that i failed to learn properly but he didn’t – he took things to his own hands and taught me from wrong to right. So if anyone is considering to learn driving, i’d recommend Mr Allan for his professionalism and dedication.

    P.S. i think it’s pretty clear who’s a good instructor when you see such a high first time pass rate + sooooo many good google reviews on him. Lol

  10. Avatar photo
    lee layne yu

    Thank you to all the instructors who have taught me in my driving journey in CDC! I’m very grateful to have been part of team 5 (one team) for my driving lessons. Would specifically like to thank Mr Allan Tan (1085) who i took majority of my lessons under for giving me a last push and constant guidance, correcting me in every single lesson while making lessons not very stressful It’s clear that he’s someone who is passionate in helping students learn and a very dedicated instructor who ensures that every minute of the lesson is not wasted and will keep giving me tips and encouragement till the very last minute. Under his guidance, I was able to pass in my first try!

  11. Avatar photo
    ben toh

    Overall a great experience at CDC! Instructors are really good with basic and teaching till our fundamentals are strong. They give insightful feedback on how to really improve and makes you your experience here will be a great one

  12. Avatar photo
    Ng Chin Ern

    friendly and strict instructors, great for learning how to drive

  13. Avatar photo
    Jun Koh

    Passed my motorcycle license 2B here. I started from zero with multiple falls and issues handling the bike for 7 months to being an abled rider thanks to the help from the dedicated instructors there. The instructors here really care about your success if one puts in the effort to take revision courses, ask questions and do the work. Shout out goes to Roslan and Kakak (the only female instructor) for giving me tips but also for really cheering me on, believing in me, and providing emotional support to get through my own fears. Mr Ronald and Encik Baht, for all the encouragement and also the explanations and being very available and open to answering questions. Also Mr Seaweed (alamak, forgot his name) and the rest of the merry crew – honestly, it was very fun to come in to learn a skill, but also to be supported by a passionate community. Thank you so much for the great experience and now I can’t wait to see you in another year!

  14. Avatar photo
    lea tomboc

    I had the best practical lesson today! Shout out to Mr Mazlan Bin Jan (1278) who was so helpful and taught me an easier technique that works well with me. It was such a stress-free lesson today. More power to you sir!

  15. Avatar photo
    Alexander Toh

    I took my simulation lessons and trainer Justin was incredibly patient as well as informative. He displayed patience and guided me along as a first timer. CDC staff are professional and efficient.

  16. Avatar photo
    Ava Mun

    I’d like to share my 2 parts of my experience at CDC over the course of 5 months that I spent here.

    First of all, the booking of classes are an absolute hassle. CDC releases class bookings on the 17th each month, and be prepared to log in your CDC account on every single device that you have because the server will crash multiple times and you might end up being able to book a handful of classes, or worse – none. I’ve had this happen to me for 2 months straight and I was left with 0 classes to book under my team. Hence, with my fear of losing touch with my driving skills, I resorted to booking classes from other teams, which the school will charge an extra $9+ for switching teams PER lesson. I felt that it was very unfair but there was nothing customer service could do.

    Apart from the school management, I had a pleasant experience with my driving instructor, Mr Calvin Chua from Team 9. He was very patient with me throughout all my modules, and the dedication that he has towards teaching is remarkable. He always addresses my weaknesses and starts class a few minutes ahead of time (occasionally ending a few mins late too) just so I could practice my parking before the circuit gets crowded. He also goes the extra mile to share with me various tips and reminders before my test. Upon the failure of my first attempt (Class 3A Licence), he continued to encourage me and ensured that I was able to practice my circuit one final time before my next test date. With his encouragement and belief in me, I was able to pass on my 2nd attempt! Thank you Mr Chua, you are amazing!

  17. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    Customer service -Sheron is very helpful and friendly in answering my questions. She provide excellent service …

  18. Avatar photo
    Muslimah Mohamed

    Cdc should increase all the instructor salary, Not easy to teach and they really working hard and they are your assets.
    Today my driving instructor ID 1010 Car 643.@lesson 8.30am to 1010am.Mr John Peh Eng Kiat was a very patient attentive and he really taught me very well.i learned many things today.He told me,to ask him if I have any doubt or questions n he explained to me without hesitation.He showed me how I did my mistake n upon seeing that,I stop doing that mistake.No need to feel scared because he don’t shout and thats make me learn fast and he even showed me how to do it properly.Omg! 1st time in CDC I felt, I love driving and wanting to learn more.This the best INSTRUCTOR EVER.He really taught by heart. He was calm and steady.Thank u sir.

    Hi guys today was my next day lesson with Mr Patrick my instructor,he is wise man and taught me very well.He advice me how to be a good driver. He very professional and also patient with my silly mistake.Please do consider him if you register over the counter.Team 11.Thank you guys.

    Hi guys, Today i had 2 Pratical Lesson 8.30am to 12.00 and Both of my Instructor was really Superb. Honestly they so patience, intellectual, very attentive and explained to me in detail all the driving technique. They can understand student mind.They build my confidence on the road.If you really want to learn driving, please look for Instructor ID 1192 and 0950.

    Hi guys today was my lesson at 8.30am.
    My instructor Mr Allan ID 1039. Guys He teach me very well, he gives me tips of many ways to do parking. Really that was awesome.. Please look for him guys.thank you.

    Guys today was learning my parallel parking and circuit revision with Mr Zakaria bin Zainal ID 0037 .Very talented Instructor very wise and so simple way he taught me how to do the parking..He was very attentive and patience like his teaching too.Please for him guys if you want learn driving..
    0662 Mr Victor.. great in teaching and he taught many new skills n tips.look for him no regrets.

    Hi guys I pass my lesson on my second attempt on 15 Sept..I’m so grateful to all cdc instructor who was patient with my slow learning. I was from private but didn’t manage to learn much so I failed.i joined CDC and they make sure you learned.My thanks to to my instructor all .I really couldn’t make it on my own.Thank you so much to all my instructor..I was from Team One but managed to learn from other team as well which was plus point for me.All of them are really PRo.CDC must be proud to have them as they assets to CDC.

  19. Avatar photo
    nik 23

    Aliff zulfiqar (1256) Is a very good instructor he help me alot during my practicals and before my TP

  20. Avatar photo
    Jean Valjean

    Brilliant service. counter staff Joan Pek exhibited a high degree of professionalism and initiative. Her clear advice of my circumstances, saved me a lot of time and money. Would likely recommend her and her dependability to give proper advice when planning your learning journey with ComfortDelgro!

  21. Avatar photo
    Mick Lee

    Passed all my Class 2b, 2a, 2 and 3 at first attempt. Thank you all the instructor 🫡 …

  22. Avatar photo

    had a super pleasant experience with joanne pek, she’s very patient with me altho i was mostly unclear with the procedure, she’s very knowledgeable and throughout with her explanation. she’s also very humorous and friendly. go look up for her guys, you’ll never regret! never had a better customer service experience! …

  23. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tay

    Was taught by Mr Mazlan Bin Jan (1278) who is very passionate and friendly.

    He gave helpful and easy to understand advice for each circuit station. He also helped draw notes on how to position the vehicle for future reference in the learner’s training record book. I became more confident and improved significantly with his advice.

    Thank you for making it a stress-free yet impactful lesson!

  24. Avatar photo
    Megan O.

    I passed my driving test!! Very glad to have been under the guidance of Mr Allan Tan (1085) team 5. He genuinely cares about his students, is very patient, and pays close attention to details. Very grateful for all his guidance. Thank you so much Mr Allan!!

  25. Avatar photo

    Finally passed my TP test!
    I would like like to thank OneTeam 24 for helping me gain confidence in my driving.
    Furthermore, I would like to extend my gratitude to Norman Iskandar Bin Ismail (1258) for his sincere teaching. He teaches very well and gave me really useful pointers to tackle the tricky courses. I was very lucky to have been assigned to him as he is one the most patient instructors I have met in CDC.

  26. Avatar photo

    Learning experience has been great so far. Dedicated and professional Instructors and Admin Support. Kudos to Trainer Azhar and Mus. Looking forward to my practical lessons

  27. Avatar photo
    Yongfeng Lau

    Passed my Class 2B with CDC (8 months). Huge thanks to all instructors who are very knowledgeable and passionate.

    – Class slots are relatively easy to book and you won’t need to wait very long between lessons.
    – CDC is also the most accessible driving centre in Singapore.

    It has been a fantastic journey and I would definitely consider taking my Class 2A here.

  28. Avatar photo
    Lekshmi P

    I definitely recommend instructor Mazlan Bin Jan(1278)! He is very patient and good at finding my flaws in driving and correcting it when I drive and most importantly motivate me.

  29. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Aqmal

    Satisfied with practical knowledge taught especially from seasoned instructors who know the important tips and tricks of the circuit. Specialist quality. Passed my class 2 on first attempt. Thank you CDC! Would recommend …

  30. Avatar photo
    Jonah Heng

    Mr. Allan Tan (1085) Team 5 was a knowledgeable, engaging and encouraging instructor, I managed to complete my driving license in roughly 7 months despite having to enlist in the Army!

    The school also has an efficient in-house student welfare officer to help manage student-related issues.

  31. Avatar photo
    bijoy kuttikkattu

    Mr. Lim Wei Hua Alan (1039) is very good instructor. Was so helpful and patient and encouraging. Given me confident. Thank you very much Sir. Really appreciated …

  32. Avatar photo
    Khamis Sooip

    Thank you credit to all instructor. And to instructor rafiq for your guidance n good tip n sharing at last I passed.

  33. Avatar photo

    Passed my class 2B TP today after 3rd try.

    Thankful for the experienced team of instructors who were very patient and understanding. Safety was the top priority as well for all learners.

    Once again, I am thankful and grateful for all the motor instructors for their patience and advices for us motor learners.

  34. Avatar photo
    Tasha Arriola

    Took my Class 2A motorcycle lesson. Second TP I pass. DEFINITELY HUGE THANK YOUS to ALL the motorcycle instructors. AWESOME People. Hope to see you next year for Class 2. ️️

  35. Avatar photo
    Victor Lee

    Customer service officer Sheron was extremely helpful and patiently walked me through the process of booking my lessons. She offered helpful tips and advice and even put my lessons on my calendar! Really really appreciative!

  36. Avatar photo
    Brocken Redoy

    Customer service is excellent , I got my licence smmoth and fast process.
    Thkq sister Sheron and my good instructors .

  37. Avatar photo
    An. Atik

    1278 Mazlan bin Jan best instructor. Highly recommended

  38. Avatar photo
    Lynn Low

    Just passed my 2B class ytd and words cannot describe how happy I was. But the best thing is that I get to share this happiness with others. I don’t look at CDC as just a driving school but a community of people from different age and background coming together with a common goal. The instructors may be strict w a little bit of tough love, but at the end of the day it is your life at stake on the road. Hence a special shout out to all the instructors for their patience and guidance especially instructor Edwin who was with me all the way from lesson 1 – TP test!! This experience will definitely be etched in my life forever! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR!

  39. Avatar photo

    Instructor Sofi (motorcycle department) is the best! She is always encouraging us and very patience with all the learners. Has never shown any unhappiness or anger at us. Always willing to step up and go above and beyond for all the learners ‍️ …

  40. Avatar photo
    Poh Lay Meng

    My lesson today taught by instructor 1278 Mazlan bin jan is the most fruitful lesson i had so far. He corrected my weak points and i feel more relax now. Hopefully i be able to have him as my instructor again. Instructor Mazlan, thanks you. Really hope to see u again.

  41. Avatar photo
    Belinda Chan

    I passed my class 2 on my 1st attempt yesterday!
    I am really thankful to all the motorcycle instructors here. They are very patient n teach me well especially Edwin, Bahtera, Sufi, Ronald.
    They taught me since 2b, 2a and now cls 2 especially i fell down many times last time
    I recommend taking licence here as the class is well structured and instructors are really good!!

  42. Avatar photo
    Pei Hua

    Want to express my thanks to two instructors I’ve come across in my driving journey — Mr Vincent Ng (0486) and Ms Shirley (can’t remember her instructor code, but she’s one of the two female instructors in the whole center). …

  43. Avatar photo
    Marklin Ho

    Excellent! ️ Sangat terbaik sekolah 非常好

    Probably one of the most conducive environments in Singapore’s east for learning …

  44. Avatar photo
    George Koh

    Staff Joanne was one of the most friendly yet professional employee I have met at the centre since 2020. Despite being slightly rude in my response, she still managed to provide the help and was proactive in giving additional information that would aid in my course. Definitely a commendable employee and I hope to be served by her once again. Approachable, helpful and do not take up more than required time with her assistance.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jiawen Oh

    I just started my practical lesson at CDC and Met Mr Mazlan Bin Jan (1278) who is passionate and friendly.

    I was not confident about the control of the steering wheel but after his demonstrations and advice of the right techniques, I could see the improvement before and during class. My turns and brake are smoother and I become more confident in controlling.

    Thank you for making it a stress-free lesson and I hope you will be able to impact more learners with your knowledge.

    I have a great lesson with you.

  46. Avatar photo
    Myo Chit

    1278 mazlan bin Jan is very good
    instructor he know how to teach to learner easily understand driving method. Strongly recommend. Thank you very much my best instructor. …

  47. Avatar photo
    Irina Afanasyeva

    I passed my Traffic police test today. That was my second try, because I failed my first exam. I was leaning how to drive using a “common pool” option, but I noticed that some instructors “don’t want to teach” and they just prefer to sit through out a lesson or they give a very confusing answers to my questions. Personally, I prefer to know what am I doing wrong and how to improve, or make corrections.

    I was really lucky to meet instructor Andy Kuah Khong Hui, instructor number 0589. I can’t thank him enough!!!! I’ve booked 5 lessons with him to improve my skills before my next exam. It was amazing! I’ve learned a proper way of driving in the circuit and outside. He “walked” me through my way of driving, corrected everything step by step, taught me how to do corrections in the circuit and how to drive properly outside. He is a truly professional instructor and I highly recommend him!! Mr Andy gave me the confidence and skills/knowledge how to pass my second exam.

    I thank Mr Neo for helping me to book lessons with Mr Andy.

    For the Center itself, I’ll recommend to standardise a learning strategy for all instructors. Also “active teaching” approach for instructors will improve the level of the centre. I’m a Doctor and I’m capable of learning so it was very disappointing to fail the first time! Anyway I’m so glad and grateful that I’ve got my license now. Thank you all!

  48. Avatar photo
    iris pink

    I’ve finally gotten my 2B license.
    I took a long time, as i feel that booking of lessons can be difficult. Instructors are mostly nice, friendly and helpful. I want to give special thanks to Edwin because he had given the most detailed briefing/lessons and feedback for me and others to improve on.
    They’ve got new black bikes now which was nice to ride for my EFR.

  49. Avatar photo

    Took my class 3 in 2015, and class 2B in 2021 in CDC. A lot have changed throughout the years of my visit, and one thing that stands out the most are the attitude and services provided by the instructors. It’s clear that the driving centre equipped the instructors with teaching skills sets & educate learners through a structured program.

    Sadly, they are one start short due to their poor enrolment capacity management. While taking my class 2A, I could never get my hands on a revision lesson despite checking in daily for 2 months. And going in blind for TP that I waited for 1.5 months.

    You might have heard of other riders asking you to head to BBDC instead due to more slots (date & time) availability. Well, it is true.

    The waiting time is the worst trait for CDC. And the instructor’s teaching style is the best trait for CDC.

  50. Avatar photo
    xingru yan

    The service counter staff Joan is very knowledgeable and helpful, she give me a very detail introduction for my starting training program .

  51. Avatar photo
    N A

    Sharon Kong explained the procedures in detail on how to go about booking my classes in the app during my enrolment. 5 stars service on her end. Thank you so much for helping! On another note, Comfortdelgro driving centre should improve on their customer service hotline waiting time. It is impossibly hard for me to reach for a customer service officer to get on the line. Had to wait at least 48 minutes before my call was being attended. The officer who attended my call was pleasant and helpful but I hope they fix this issue to improve other users experience. Thanks!

  52. Avatar photo
    Jervis Chionh

    Thanks Jefferi Jamaludin 1024 for your unwavering patience and tips to help me ace the TP Test.

    10/10 Recommended Instructor! His work ethics and professionalism in his teaching is very commendable.

    Keep a lookout for him!!

  53. Avatar photo
    Erni yesika

    I had just passed my Traffic Police test and I am so happy and contented. I have to say I am so grateful to my two amazing instructors Mr Shafiek Abdat (1098) and Mr Allan Tan(1085) from One-team! They have been very patient, kind and sincere in their teaching and it shows when they taught me during the lessons. They are not stingy in sharing knowledge and tips and are very generous about it. They gave encouraging words and provided constructive feedback on my driving techniques and correct me when I did something wrong. I like their approach in teaching because unlike some other instructors that I have come across, these 2 instructors don’t criticize or denounce you, instead, they will tell you nicely and show you the right from the wrong and corrected your mistakes. They make the lesson more comfortable and relaxed and yet make me gain the confidence that I need. They customized the approach in driving based on how my sitting position is and doesn’t apply the “one size fits all” method. They are nice instructors and are very passionate about teaching and truly cares for the student’s progress. They even wrote notes on the booklet so that we know what are the pointers/ mistakes we made in the lesson and they will follow up again in the next lesson and ensures we have corrected our mistakes and mastered the techniques. They really go the extra mile and I truly appreciate it.
    Overall, I would indeed recommend Mr Shafiek and Mr Allan from One-team should anyone need someone patient, thoughtful and provide a soft approach in teaching you and in obtaining that driving license at ease.

  54. Avatar photo
    Iskandar dzulkhairi

    My last ride on a bike were 25yrs years ago. To start fresh class 2 lesson is made easy & comfortable with all the instructors . Their guidance, patience & their care is not replaceable. To name a few instructors like Sufi, Harris Roslan, Rafi.. These special people need special mention. Thank You so much

  55. Avatar photo
    Marklin Ho

    Excellent! ️ Sangat terbaik sekolah 非常好

    Probably one of the most conducive environments in Singapore’s east for learning ️ whether picking up a new skill or practicing in the circuit, you’ll find no speed bumps to achieving your dreams when joining this school

    Instructors here are amiable, extremely competent and experienced just like Muhd Ghaddafi Bin Nor Azman and John Peh Eng Kiat who have no problem guiding learners whether they are audio-prone or visually inclined highly recommended!

  56. Avatar photo
    Al Hadi Mahmud

    The assistance provided by Counter officer Ms Joanne was excellent. Information & instructions given were concise & precise. Thanks Ms Joanne!

  57. Avatar photo
    myo chit

    Today learning driving with mazlan bin jan 1278 is very kind and a patient person also good teaching bcz I don’t understand before how to changing lane and speed control now he teach me Clearly that control method. Thank your patient.

  58. Avatar photo
    Ryan Choo

    During my time at CDC, I was under OneTeam Auto Team 5 with Shafeik and Allan as my instructors. Under their guidance, I was able to attain my license within a short time. Both instructors were extremely helpful and effective in their …

  59. Avatar photo
    Janan (Puzzle Lover)

    Kuji is at the desk helping me with eye test.

    He is so friendly, helpful and efficient. Thank you for taking care of us!

  60. Avatar photo
    Serene Chang

    Sheron is very detailed in her explanation and make sure I was clear with everything before I go off.

  61. Avatar photo
    Nancy Tan

    I passed my 2B yesterday on first try thanks to wonderful the instructors at CDC, especially Bathera, Ronald, Rafiq and Mdm Sufi. They watch out for individual trainees and give them specific tips on how to ride better and safer. When I passed, they continued to give me tips on what to watch out for on the roads to be safe rider. This is a team of instructors who really cares for the trainees!

  62. Avatar photo

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my instructor, Mr Allan Tan (1085) team 5 of class 3A , for teaching me patiently and giving me alot of guidance. He have gone out of his way to make the lessons easier for me to understand. It has been a great experience and thank you for teaching me!

  63. Avatar photo
    Neal Jha

    Very good experience with the customer service rep, Sheron. She helped me through all the steps and patiently explained everything to me.
    The process seems to be a bit complicated but they are more than happy to help!

  64. Avatar photo
    Amit Kumar Singh

    Very professional instructors who train on proper techniques as well as safety riding. Always ready to help and guide you. Keep up the great work.

  65. Avatar photo
    Zhixian Tong

    I would like to thank Mr Shafiek for his amazing teaching! He has extremely concise instructions and gives me many crucial tips that allowed me to pass my driving test on first attempt! Whenever I feel nervous about a certain course, he will always make jokes to lighten the atmosphere, allowing me to overcome every course. His faith in me also gave me the confidence to perform well during the test, as he believed in me throughout my learning at CDC. I’m glad that CDC has an instructor like him, and strongly recommend him as an instructor for class 3A!

  66. Avatar photo
    Fiona Loh

    I passed my driving test yesterday!!! It is a roller coaster of emotions but I’m super happy and couldn’t have done it without Mr Peters Lim Boon Kuan (Instructor no. 7018)! When I first enrolled with the school to get my class 3A licence, I joined the common pool (i.e. instructor assigned at random for every lesson). Thankfully was lucky enough to have gotten a lesson with Mr Lim early on in my driving lessons, where he shared that “learning driving is about learning the right techniques, and I am going to show you those techniques. No such thing as learning driving by “sensing”‘. And that is so true! Or else, why pay to go to a SCHOOL when you can just ‘sense’ your way to becoming a driver right?

    I managed to fix Mr Lim as my instructor after that lesson, and even then, I was only able to snag 1 – 2 lessons per month under his name. For those of you who are planning to enroll and learn, try to fix Mr Lim as your instructor early as slots are really limited and competitive, but totally worth the extra dollars to get his time. He is patient and gives very constructive feedback every time to help you learn. And he also tweaks his teaching style to match the learning abilities and speed of the student.

    Best part? He does mock tests for you when you are nearing the last few lessons to your driving test. These tests are not just watching you drive and giving verbal feedback. He actually imitates a tester and notes down on the assessment checklist paper the mistakes you made during the mock test (e.g. which circuits to improve, what to improve, how many demerits points you accumulated at the end of the mock test). These mock tests are super useful and a ‘sobering’ view to show how much mistakes you were actually making. As you can see from the photos, I made plenty! But these mock tests, along with Mr Lim skillful way of teaching in a techniques-based method, is what made me pass my actual driving test on the FIRST TRY, and to even hit a single-digit demerit points accumulated. All in all, really good experience having learnt driving under Mr Lim, and hoping the new learners out there are also able to get the same learning experience I did!

  67. Avatar photo
    Emerald Gal28

    Comfort Driving Centre is a very good training school for those intending to get a Class 2/3/4 driving licence.
    The customer service is efficient and polite,they are able to answer your queries immediately which gives a person a sense of security.
    The driving/riding instructors are friendly,helpful and very informative.They are very patient when guiding the students and always attentive watching what the students might have missed.
    It’s not difficult to get here and the cars/bikes are well maintained.

    if you intend to take your driving licence or get a conversion done nearest to the airport,this is the place to go.

  68. Avatar photo
    Nicole Chow

    Took my 2B and 2A motorbike license here! The instructors are very easy-going and are always willing to answer your questions/ doubts. It has definitely helped me to pass on my first try for both classes!

    Slots are limited to book but if you plan out properly, it will be fine

  69. Avatar photo
    Kenny Goh

    (Class 2B) Instructors might be strict, but they genuinely care for the students’ results; which will only be apparent on test day.

  70. Avatar photo
    Nuzwan Iswan

    I had gone to CDC on 22 June and Joanne, the CSO had gone the extra mile in reactivating my Class 2A account. This was her exemplary assistance when my primary intention was for a my Class 3A eye test. Thanks for the help, Joanne!

  71. Avatar photo
    jiayi ang

    Was very lucky to be enrolled into Team 5 and under the guidance of Mr Allan Tan (1085)! He was very detailed with his teaching and always gave clear corrections. I had many questions during my lessons and he would always answer them patiently! Had a really great experience during his lessons and am very grateful to have passed on my 1st attempt. Thank you again Mr Allan for your kind and understanding guidance! (:

  72. Avatar photo
    Team Laki Bini Alang & Saleha

    Hubby took his 2B license here and did it (pass his TP test) on his 1st attempt. Very difficult to find parking space here should you drive here.

  73. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Heung

    Started my Class 3 auto learning journey in late Sept 2022. Was absolutely clueless about the process of signing up but the front desk customer service staff were extremely helpful. Started with 0 theory and practical driving knowledge but i was fortunate to be assigned to Team 5 by Mr Allan Tan! He teaches in a structured way and gives you practical guidance rather than just asking you to ‘feel’ as you drive. Every student learns differently and he would take the effort to tweak his teaching style based on what works for his students. A very dedicated instructor who wants only the best for his students. He also took the time to give me extra lessons before my test. I’ve also taken some classes under other instructors and they were very helpful and kind in general. Thanks to Mr Allan and CDC, I managed to pass on my first try!

    Would highly recommend any learner to take their lessons with CDC. Only downside is that classes are hard to book due to limited slots and an outdated booking system.

  74. Avatar photo
    N WBZ

    Enrolled into CDC for class 3A in January 2022 under ‘Standard’ and was able to pass my test in October 2022. Although there were some instructor that weren’t clear in their teaching there is also some helpful instructor that i’ve met during my pract. Special mention to Mr Azrine and Mr Seah for helping me out the most.

    The booking system for CDC is quite tough as it is difficult to get slot once it is release so I had to frequently check the app for any availabilty.

    Overall CDC is good.

  75. Avatar photo
    Ejen Han

    I wanna share my great experience at CDC

    The last time I was here for my bike test was 16years ago. unlike last time today’s instructors are very motivating and very friendly, they are very concern too.concern for you to pass. my wife thought that its about time I fill up my schedule to have some fun and indeed it was a very fun experience since Aug 2021 and today my TP test I passed it.

    on top of that Harley Davidson sales team allowed us to test ride their bikes. it was indeed a very nice experience and also i got to make some new friends there.

    truly encourage you guys to enroll here for all your road traffic lessons

    best regards
    ejen han

  76. Avatar photo
    Izan Ummi

    Among all of the instructor,I recommend Mr Roy, Mr Kelvin,Mr Asri,Mr Johnson,Mr William,Mr Tay they’re very sincere when comes to the lessons n 2 more I forget their name..
    These are the names that I really highly recommended to all students.
    If u all manage to engage them as ur instructor,do appreciate their kindness coz to me they’re not stingy to share all necessary remarks.. For those instructor that managed to make our mind burst can’t be mentioned here due to respect their periuk nasi.

    So far so gd , highly recommend CDC even it’s quite strict but gd service gd conduct.

    Thumbs up.

  77. Avatar photo

    I would like to express my gratitude towards my driving instructor, Mr Nizan Bin Ali (Class 3A, ID 0999) from Team 3. He is very professional in his driving, was overall respectful towards learners. As a person who has been avoiding to …

  78. Avatar photo
    PS Y

    I’m giving 5 star for the lady who serve me in customer service. But zero star for the website. The customer service lady is very helpful but the website isn’t. I’ve been trying to navigate the CDC website and App trying to figure out how to access my e-trial test the one I’ve booked, and no notification or website link or email send to me. Phone call and email also no response from the centre, end up I’ve to come down to the centre on the day itself early morning to check, and luckily I did so cos my test is actually to conduct at the centre. Also the information website provided is very confusing or misleading. As an user I don’t even know where should I navigate to or what should I action next… hope they can improve the website and their app user experience.

  79. Avatar photo
    Ira Mazlan

    Recently just passed my 3A license in one attempt. Special thanks to all the instructors especially the one from Team 6 – Mr Ghaddafi Bin Nor Azman (1073). He was very friendly yet strict at the same time which is good. He gives good pointers and advice for me. He was very patient in answering all my questions and doubt. Was very positive as well and kept on giving words of encouragement and assurance. I honestly can’t thank him enough. ️

  80. Avatar photo
    Md Ibrahim Khalil

    Customer service she is very amazing everything explained clearly. I am happy with the service. Thkq Ms Sheron

  81. Avatar photo
    Ying Shuen Chua

    My lessons at CDC were incredibly effective and fruitful. My instructors Allan Tan (1085) team 5 and M.N. Mirza were very dedicated and committed, which gave me the confidence i needed to pass my test.

  82. Avatar photo

    Pleasant and enjoyable experience learning! Had the best instructor Seng (1038), who was patient, precise and had a structured approach to ensure I am both confident and competent to drive on the roads. Would recommend! …

  83. Avatar photo
    Hans Ng

    I don’t know if its due to covid but it has been extremely difficult to book lessons. Communication is slow and non existent. Initially in 2020, they answered my queries and went out of their way to assist when i needed help. But lately …

  84. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Sulaiman

    Sheron kong customer service. She is very professional in doing her job. I fully understood and motivate to do my driving lesson.

  85. Avatar photo
    Mitchell Liang

    Professional Staff. Friendly and helpful. Came for my eye test for my Driving Lesson.

    Decided to sign up for my motorbike lesson midway and she went out of the way to help me sign up. Though my appointment was just for my eye test

  86. Avatar photo
    Jovan Lim

    I started my lessons in 2019, I was picking up driving a little slower and my then instructor was a little abrupt and impatient with me. So I stopped driving for some time until I came back to try for my license again at the start of 2021. …

  87. Avatar photo
    roza ong

    After numerous practical lessons & 3 TP tests later, I finally passed class 3A driving test on 22 Dec ’21. It was a roller coaster of emotions and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without Nor Harris (0570) & Kenny Leong (0841) from Tampines Service Point, Car 605. Though they have different teaching styles, both are equally passionate about driving my progress. After every lesson, they would give a debrief on what could be done better and what we’d be learning for the next lesson. Besides driving tips, they also share real life hacks and that made the whole 100min so much more enjoyable & valuable. To be honest, I didn’t mind paying for the extra revision sessions because I knew I would walk away with valuable insights and tips from them. They are top-notch that even a 5-star review doesn’t even begin to do them justice.

    Another PLUS point is the condition of their training cars. They are very clean (squeaky clean actually!), well maintained, and even have that fresh linen smell. They even make sure to choose the type of windscreen spray that doesn’t give ‘lines’ staining’ on the windscreen. Amazing.

    TLDR: These instructors — along with their training car — are simply the cream of the crop.

  88. Avatar photo

    I signed up at CDC in October last year to pursue a class 3A driving license. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to instructor Mr Peters Lim (7018), whom I engaged after reading his outstanding reviews on Google. Sure enough, he did not disappoint. Mr Lim is an extremely patient and experienced instructor who knows what he is teaching. I think many learners may be concerned about meeting fierce instructors who scold and make them afraid to ask questions. With Mr Lim as my fixed common pool instructor, I did not need to worry as lessons with him are always very fruitful. He answers my every question to the best of his ability and always go the extra mile to help his learners out, such as giving learners mock tests and notes. Despite multiple attempts in the test, he urged me not to give up and to have confidence in myself. He was a very dedicated instructor all the way to the end and patiently explained to me my mistakes in detail. Because of that, I am able to pass with flying colours (6 demerit points) and I believe I can now drive safely on the road!

    Mr Lim has a strong record with a high 1st time pass rate and his portfolio is only further enhanced by the different learning styles and personalities of the learners he takes on. If anything, I have learnt that the outcome of the test is less important than your final confidence level to drive on the public roads, and would love to urge other learners who might feel discouraged, to not give up. Do not worry too much about the outcome, then you would be free to feel calm, confident and in control, and enjoy the driving experience.

    My overall experience at CDC was pleasant, albeit for a few hiccups here and there. One thing I wish I knew beforehand is that lessons are relatively hard to book through the system, as they release the slots all at once together on a fixed date and time of the month, which means you would have to fight with other learners to book a slot. It was rather stressful, trying to secure slots like that every month. Plus slots are limited due to covid. However recently, I see some efforts to try to improve the system and prevent it from crashing, so now the process is more smooth. With this exception, service at CDC is relatively good and the vehicles are well maintained.

    Thank you to all the instructors and staff at CDC! I am sure I would look back at this fond memory in time to come <3

  89. Avatar photo
    Dark Rossy

    Just finished my car lesson today (3/01/2023)/ 12:45pm- 2:25pm and I just want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Tan Thian Huat for having me as his student today He’s a friendly instructor with a bit of strictness!! He will tell you your mistakes and tell you what to do to avoid making the same mistakes I can sense and see his sincerity when guiding me throughout the lesson Honestly I feel a bit sad as he told me that hes retiring soon he taught me a lot of things and how i can improve on my driving skills (Class 3A)… He really is a great instructor!!! Hope to be his student again!!

  90. Avatar photo
    Fangqi Koh

    It’s been great experience learning driving here. Instructors (especially Mr Adrian, Mr Bernard and Mr Paul) are helpful and patient. Will definitely recommend! Thank you for helping me pass my TP!

    And also the customer service team are extremely helpful and nice as well. I would like to thank Miss Leelee for helping me reschedule my lessons previously.

  91. Avatar photo
    Herman Koyinsky

    Awesome instructors!! Thank you so much for all the coaching!!

  92. Avatar photo
    Huiying Teo

    Shoutout to the awesome instructors who go out of their way to teach and guide the learners! Despite having to camp more frequently for available lesson slots, CDC is still worth the wait …

  93. Avatar photo
    Lyou Willie

    Took my Class 2B at CDC, Instructors were friendly and they were very patient with all learners. The Training instructions were delivered professionally. Definitely going back to CDC for my 2A

  94. Avatar photo
    Ethan Yong

    Just passed my class 3A test on the first attempt yesterday! Would like to say a big THANK YOU to my instructors Mr Chia Fong Fatt (0954) and Mr Jefferi (1024) for being such excellent mentors throughout this journey—definitely couldn’t have done it without their help.

  95. Avatar photo
    cohani tay

    Extremely outdated website with plenty of bugs. Long wait times for lessons, which will cause tremendous delay in getting license.
    Instructors are ok. Simulator lessons are a waste of time and money. Better simulators can be found in arcade and PC games.

  96. Avatar photo
    Nur Afiqah

    Took my class 2B last year and 2A this year and pass both in one try, all thanks to the amazing instructors who are very patient, knowledgeable, helpful and caring! On top of that they will always ensure your safety. To name a few Ms Sufi, Mr Ronald, Mr Azhar and many more Will definitely come back here again for my class 2! Thank you to all the instructors!

  97. Avatar photo

    I am very grateful to have Mr Allan Tan (1085), Team 5, as my instructor for Class 3A. He took the time and effort to explain each lesson objective, articulated instructions clearly, as well as gave useful tips that helped me improve my driving. He also did not hesitate to give extra lessons for me even when he was tired from his previous sessions. Thanks to him, I was able to pass the test on my 1st attempt.

  98. Avatar photo
    Siti Nuruljannah Salleh

    I passed my driving test (Class 3A) recently which is pretty unbelievable at the start.
    Started of nervous to drive the car & slowly gained my confidence and understanding of the car with the help of ever patient & encouraging instructors from OneTeam 5, Mr Shafiek & Mr Allan.
    Both instructors had their own unique strengths which complements different learning styles.
    Mr Allan(1085) had been consistently detailed in his guidance to ensure every flaw/mistake to be improved & be better as each lesson progresses.
    Mr Shafiek is a composed & a very encouraging instructor, which had eased my nerves when I’m practising on the road.
    I also love how the instructors in CDC too have no stigma & was encouraging from Day 1.
    Really appreciate all the effort made & thank you again for pushing me to be a better driver despite the nerves. Would recommend One Team if wanna learn driving here.

  99. Avatar photo
    Hanwei Koh

    Decided to sign up the EV package after Joanne Pek told me the benefits and convenience of getting it instead of signing up for normal package. Was very satisfied with her service and knowledge! Highly recommend to go UBI CDC for their EV lessons.

  100. Avatar photo
    Ednergy Ang

    Sufi is enthusiastic and passionate, she explain everything in detail and more. Overall I had wonderful experience here and already looking forward for my class 2 experience here

  101. Avatar photo
    H f

    Just got my class 2 at CDC. Class 2A and Class 2B was from CDC too. The instructors were really nice and chill (: Will miss them a lot! CDC would be perfect if only it is sheltered. The circuit courses can get extra scary especially when it rains heavily.

  102. Avatar photo
    K Lin

    Dear Mr Arthur & Mr Lawrence from OneElite Team,

    Thank you so much for teaching how to drive from scratch & helped me pass my TP exams on my first attempt.

    I was really nervous on the day of my TP exams and was really touched that Mr Arthur caught me by surprised to dropby to give me words of encouragement, calm me down & reminder on some of my mistakes and pointers to take note.

    I will definitely miss having lessons with Mr Arthur & Mr Lawrence. Really appreciate their knowledge sharing & guiding me to be a safe driver not just for the exams.

    Your 101% dedication, professionalism, guidance and importance of being a safe driver will be remembered!

    Last but not least, a big heartfelt thank you to Mr Ronald Koh for encouraging me to take up with One Elite team at the start and guiding me throughout my learning journey.

    All the best! Keep in touch! =)

  103. Avatar photo
    Jaz Oh

    My experience with CDC was a pleasant one. The curriculum was great in preparing first-time learners for theory and practical tests. There were multiple e-trials and e-learning lessons to ensure that student get familiar with the driving theories. For busy learners, these platforms were very useful to prepare us for the tests. As for practical lessons, I joined the One Team mode which allowed me to have dedicated instructors to help me improve on my driving skills. In all, I passed my driving test on first attempt after 23 lessons.

    I would like to specially thank my 2 instructors – Mr Edwin Quek and Tan Beng Huat. Their strong partnership and unique learning approach, helped to keep my learning progress on track. This was important and I did not have to spend additional costs/lessons covering the same thing the other instructor had covered. The learning process was therefore productive and efficient. Below are the reviews on my instructors:

    • Instructor Edwin was patient and thorough in his teaching, where he would share important tips and procedures to guide me in completing different modules. Being a visual learner, he helped me jot down notes and made me pen down the steps to the difficult tasks, e.g. lane change. I think my student handbook overtime, became my user manual/textbook.
    • Instructor Beng Huat was an opportunist and would ensure that I get to learn all the non-textbook tricks. While he taught me several foolproof tricks to manage the circuit, he would also deliberately let me make mistakes so as to create opportunities for me to correct them on my own while he guided me through them.

    Both of the instructors were very encouraging and assuring. There were stressful times for me (especially when I first started out), but their relentless teaching and coaching helped me overcome my fears and gained confidence to hit the road. I had chances to meet other instructors while my instructors were on leave too; they were also very helpful.

    With the solid curriculum and nurturing instructors, I highly recommend keen-learners to consider learning driving at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre. It has been a fulfilling learning journey for me and I hope it would be for you too.

  104. Avatar photo
    G T

    Big thanks to the instructors of common pool (class 3A) that taught me the past 4 months. Benefitted from experiencing the different teaching styles from different instructors which help me feel less pressure during the test. All the instructors were spot on in identifying weak areas I needed to improve on. I had 10 instructors for a total of 20 lessons (number of times i saw the same instructor ranged from 1-6. Most instructors have a fixed schedule, so if you always book the same timings, you will see the usual instructors).

    The tough portion is really booking of the lessons in CDC app (which you must be extremely patient with to get in). But booking back-to-back lessons is definitely possible (I managed to do this for 4 times, by letting the app load slowly during rush hour when slots are released).

    Special mention to Jackson (7081) and Lawrence (0336) who helped me a lot in prepping for my test! Definitely could not have passed (first TP passed with 6 demerit points) without the tips and pointers you gave. I wasnt expecting to pass honestly after hitting so many immediate fail scenarios during my last few lessons, but knowing how to stay calm during the test made the most difference for me. (Which is why i think enrolling to common pool was a good choice)

    All the best to those getting/planning to get their license, hope you consider common pool!

  105. Avatar photo
    Santhi Raman

    Customer Service Sheron did a good job my explaining well.Good job keep it up.Thank you.

  106. Avatar photo
    Kristal Tang

    I was very thankful to be assigned to Mr Allan Tan (1085) team 5 for my class 3a driving lessons. He is a dedicated instructor who has a wealth of experience in cdc and is able to share with us tips that are important for the driving test. Moreover, he is a friendly instructor who will go the extra mile to help his students and he will patiently correct your mistakes. Thanks to him, I was able to pass on my first try! Thank you Mr Allan and thank you to the cdc team who were able to bring my simulator lesson forward as it was cancelled due to the closure of CDC when there was a covid-19 case.

  107. Avatar photo
    Kiro Gareth

    Shout out to Motorcycle department!!! Wooooo! Love the app for easier booking! Trainers were friendly and have fun when teaching. Tried different schools, so I know good trainers when I see one!
    CDC instructor don’t scream at you like military school.

    Love you guys! Muack Muack!!!

    I’m from the north, but actually rode here to take my lessons, worth it, the app makes everything easier, trainers has their techniques on how to clear the obstacles, once you get the hang of it, it’s a sure okay kind of thing, just practice and lots of practice.

    Shoutout to Instructor Sufi and Rafiq!

  108. Avatar photo
    Joe Lim

    2 wheel department guys were helpful and funny. Best place for bike license upgrade. …

  109. Avatar photo
    Levia Ji

    A BIG Shout out to both Mr. Jefferi (1024) and Mr. Chia (0954) from Elite team! (Car no. 679)

    If you want to learn driving in an enjoyable and efficient way, please go for their team! They are super experienced and knowledgeable in what they do, every lesson is filled with so much knowledge points and laughter. Never a lesson in school is wasted! I kid you not, the top-ups are definitely worth it!

    I can really tell the difference because I was switched from common to elite team. I met Jefferi by chance while I was still in common team. He took one of my lessons and I immediately loved it! He was very clear with his instructions, gave encouragement when I was unsure about myself or made dumb mistakes. He will share tips and tricks for driving and at the same time be super patient with me. Hence I switched to Elite right after that one lesson with him.
    Also not forgetting Mr. Chia! He is super experienced in driving, great man with lots of tips and tricks to share. Had a good time learning from him and again he’s extremely patient and gentle!

    Even if you’re not looking for these two great guys, I still highly recommend everyone to go for Elite team. For every Elite team, there will be a pair of instructors taking care of the students. Hence, they can monitor and follow up with the students’ progresses better and tailor their ways of teaching to individuals. (So higher passing rate)

    Nonetheless, THANKS to both CDC and my instructors for letting me learn driving in an enjoyment way!

    CDC PLEASE GIVE THESE TWO MEN A RAISE!! They totally deserve it – Levia

  110. Avatar photo
    Ashish Awasthi

    I went for eyesight test, for driving license. I had 9am appointment and by 9:12, I was done with eyesight test and photo. Excellent customer service. Note that its a big building with different places for different services. Place for eyesight and photo is door next to customer service window.

  111. Avatar photo

    Just completed my 2a. In view of the current covid19 situation, the CENTRE is doing a great job since I last cleared 2b. 1. CDC app! Makes things easier. 2. Most instructors using mic! So much clearer. 3. Big TV on the course circuit!! 4. Instructors are all friendly and helpful. Well done on the improvements!! …

  112. Avatar photo
    Liz Wong

    i had meet one good cdc driving instructor Mr Mazlan bin Jan today. He is a good motivator, patient and fun instructor. Thanks for his encouragement and patiently guidance my mistake.tqvm.

  113. Avatar photo
    Kelven Low

    I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr Norman Iskandar #1258 for being the most patient, strict yet caring instructor. I am honoured and lucky to have been taught by him for the majority of my lessons, enabling me to pass my TP test (Class 3) in one try. He remembers his students by heart and goes out of his way to help them improve. It’s been a truly great experience, and I will dearly miss lessons with him and CDC.

  114. Avatar photo
    Panda Vert

    The website is totally outdated and inconvenient… asking captcha at each change of page even after login, even bank less annoying… the app just provide link shortcut to this website… It’s not that expensive to have a proper platform now

  115. Avatar photo
    Halimah Helme

    Had a good experience with Joanne Pek. Knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining every single details of changing from auto to EV. thank you for the assistance!

  116. Avatar photo
    Yazeen Buhari

    Had my Class 2A Theory lesson, conducted online by Trainer Hasan. Great engaging session, and topics covered were adequately explained by him and injected a good amount of seriousness and fun in his delivery. Well done chief!

  117. Avatar photo
    Nadiah Khairul

    The driving instructors are great and teach me a lot.
    My issue is with the website. It is horribly difficult to navigate and book sessions. For example, I wanted to book a driving test for myself next week. The maximum I am able to top up in the website is $200, whilst the test costs $350. I had to wait another day to top up the remaining $150, but by then all test dates have been fully booked till the end of the year. The site itself has poor user experience and is very outdated. I find this very disappointing for a very successful company. Please look into this as some of us really want to obtain our drivers’ license. Thanks.

    EDIT: Customer service from Comfort got in touch with me to resolve the issue, and offered to help with other issues. Thanks very much for your help.

  118. Avatar photo
    i Prototyp3

    I took my 2b at CDC. Now passed my 2A here too. I love how the instructors are open to questions and willing to teach. They are friendly too and looks like the love doing their job. Thank you so much CDC. I will come for my class 2 here as well

  119. Avatar photo
    L T

    5/5 stars to instructors- Instructor Bhatera, Edwin, Ronald (in no particular order). A special shout-out to them. They are truly dedicated in educating and ensuring that learners like me acquire the correct techniques. They teach with a heart. Would like to just say a heartfelt thanks to them, for their patience and guidance.

  120. Avatar photo
    Joy Chang

    Shout out to the 2W Motorcycle Team of Instructors at CDC! Friendliest and most helpful team!

    Personally I didn’t pass on my first try but I know of many that did. I persevered on and finally passed on my 11th try! Haha

    So to all girls that want to ride!

    Thank you Kak Sofi !!!!
    The only female instructor for Motorcycles!
    She’s the best!

  121. Avatar photo
    David Fernandez

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude toward my amazing team of instructors from Team 18,
    Alex Ngheen (0741) and Sam Ho (1188). They’ve helped me pass my test on the very first try! Throughout our lessons, they’ve never failed to give me practical pointers and teach the proper techniques. The circuit course is really challenging but their teaching made it incredibly straightforward. They also gave me insight on how the tester evaluates us for our test. Alex and Sam firmly follow the mantra of do until you get it right. The skills they have imparted on me go beyond the CDC on the open roads. Although I have made every mistake imaginable as a learner driver, they have not once given up on me and have constantly encouraged me to do my best.

    If you’re reading this, Thank you Alex and Sam! I’m gonna miss our random conversations and I hope you continue to impact more students like myself. I promise to be a safe driver

  122. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Zaki

    Finally gotten my 2B license on 04/01/23, after first enrolled on 7/7/22. What a journey it was!

    Thankful to all the instructors who guided me and gave the tips to handle the bike better. They’re all professional and genuine about helping the learners. Though sometimes they may raise their voice to remind you of your mistakes, they’re actually looking out for you.

    Next up, 2A!

  123. Avatar photo
    Singsing MacKinstrie

    Another year gone by and I have now passed my Class 2 licence. Again, I say a big thank you to all the guys and the girl. (There is still only 1 girl motorcycle instructor. Why leh?) They are number 1 professional motorcylists. If you want to learn motorbikes, this is the place. They will teach you all the skills you need to pass the test and stay safe on the road. Thanks again, all of you. You are the best.

    Well, It is about 1 year and 4 months later, I just passed my Class 2A. All the guys and girl are still there and are still number 1 for motorbike riding instruction. Thanks again. See you all next year when come back to do class 2 (Yes…I am wearing the same t shirt, but it has been washed).

    If you want to get a motorbike this is the place to go. The instructors are friendly, approachable and they know everything that you need to know about motorcycle riding. I am very thankful I went there to get my licence. They helped me every step of the way. All of them are fantastic. These are the true professionals. In a funny way I will miss my sessions there…Never mind, I will see you all next year when I come back to do my 2A. Thank you all. I would never have made it without you.

  124. Avatar photo
    Lin Min Htoo

    It’s a driving school, what else can you expect haha. The location is inconvenient though, even after taking the train all the way to Ubi, you still need to walk a good 15-20 mins (depending on your walking speed). Pray it doesn’t rain because there’s no shelter from the MRT. Food options are non existent as well, except for the cafeteria there.

  125. Avatar photo
    Edgar Chen

    The 2 wheel team rocks! They were very detailed and patient w us bike learners. Definitely the place I would recommend for your bike journey!

  126. Avatar photo

    Grateful to have taken my lessons under Mr Allan Tan (Team 5) for Class 3A. I’m a very scaredy cat driver but Allan was very dedicated and patient. He went the extra mile to give me various tips and corrected my mistakes again and again as well as give me extra lessons. Allan was friendly and professional throughout the lessons too. Had a great experience

  127. Avatar photo
    Melissa Zheng

    Best motorcycle riding school in Singapore!! I’ve not tried others but after taking my 2B with them, there was no reason to switch even though I moved nearer to other schools. After 3 years, I’ve just passed my class 2.

    Huge thank you to all the instructors who have been so so encouraging and supportive. Special thanks to kakak too, who I think was a big reason why I passed. Your pep talk before TP made all the difference! I’ll see you guys on the road.

  128. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lee

    Got my Class 3A from CDC under EV Elite Team – was a very pleasant experience overall with my instructors Roland Lee (1021) and Sebastian Ong (0965). They were strict but very professional and helpful throughout – took me only 21 lessons and less than 3 months from enrolment to passing my TP. Would definitely recommend topping up for Elite Team, and special shout-out to Sebastian for his self-proclaimed “straightforward” teaching, it made all the difference 😀

  129. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman Bin Amid Marican

    The Chinese instructor at the registration counter at 2.20pm on 5/6/2022 was extremely rude and cocky.
    The instructors at the circuit revision was extremely nice and courteous

  130. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Chan

    Was served by Sheron today and she helped me understand the new flow of the curriculum. Also advised me on how and when i should be making bookings so i can go through with getting my license and fuss-free and fast as possible. Really glad I met her

  131. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Jackson

    CDC has the best motorcycle instructors in Singapore. They are firm, thorough and always ensure safety comes first. When it comes to skills, they are knowledgeable and sharp to correct your mistakes. They are also very approachable.

  132. Avatar photo
    Phone 6 6

    Thank you sister Joan helping and explain and book for me. Will ask my friend come cdc learning.

  133. Avatar photo
    Daniel Yeo

    After months of procrastinating I’ve finally decided to pursue my drivers license. I had chosen CDC Ubi based on its location and through a friend’s recommendation. During enrolment, I had decided to go with CDC’s One Team training programme, and I was paired up with the Instructors of CDC Ubi One Team, Team 6, Mr Tan Beng Huat and Mr Edwin Quek Wei Qiang.

    In the Circuit phase of my training, Instructor Tan Beng Huat taught me about the basics of driving and what is required of me as a driver. Mr Tan had also shared several tips which were very useful for the technical aspects of driving, such as things to note when driving through narrow courses and during parking. Through Mr Tan’s lessons I was able to develop the skills and confidence necessary to proceed onto the Road Phase of training.

    During the Road phase of training, I was placed under the guidance of Instructor Edwin Quek Wei Qiang. During his lessons, he showed me the importance of being observant and paying attention to the finest details when driving along. In addition, Mr Edwin had gone the extra mile to create a WhatsApp group chat where he shared several notes and diagrams about driving on the roads. Through Mr Edwin’s lessons I learnt about the many skills required to drive and merge smoothly into Singapore’s heavy traffic.

    Overall, I’m very grateful to have been paired up with Instructors Tan Beng Huat and Edwin Quek Wei Qiang of CDC Ubi One Team, Team 6. They did a fantastic job in coaching and moulding me into a safe, responsible and confident driver. Thanks to their attention to detail and teamwork I was able to pass the TP driving test on my first attempt!

    Thank you CDC Ubi and the Instructors of Team 6 for the wonderful experience!
    -Daniel Yeo

  134. Avatar photo
    Tasha Arriola

    Took my Class 2A motorcycle lesson. Second TP I pass. DEFINITELY HUGE THANK YOUS to ALL the motorcycle instructors. AWESOME People. Hope to see you next year for Class 2. ️️

  135. Avatar photo
    Egi Tan

    I would like to extend my gratitude to one of the instructor, Mazlan(1278). I have always thought that driving was a really scary thing. Yet, after he taught me, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. The lesson was really relaxing and I had a lot of fun. I learned about where I did wrong and was able to improve on it. He is also a really good motivation speaker. I still considered myself to be very lucky to have met him for one of my lesson.

  136. Avatar photo
    L A

    The instructor mazlan (1278) is very helpful and sincere in his teaching on class 3 license.I feel motivated every time i drive with him .Solid person.Strongly recommended!

  137. Avatar photo
    irene lu

    Thank you Mr Allan Tan (1085) from team 5! I am not confident in my driving and never thought that I can pass with my first try! Thank you Mr Allan for always correct my mistake on the spot and try very hard to think of different ways to help me!

  138. Avatar photo
    Eunice Amor Oh

    Today I passed my driving test on my first attempt, all thanks to my instructor Allan Tan (1085) from Team 5! After reading good reviews about Allan online, and being recommended by a friend who recently passed the test, I decided to enrol in Team 5 to learn from Allan – and I’m very happy to say I have ZERO regrets!

    Allan is a really patient, detail-oriented and personable instructor. He takes time to explain different rules and concepts, and really works on building your foundation and confidence in preparation for the test. Instead of asking you to just memorise, Allan appropriately explains how the car moves and how to do corrections effectively, so that if you accidentally make any mistakes during the test, you are well-equipped to remain calm and adjust accordingly. I also like that he is also quite mathematical in his approach – teaching you how to gauge the distance away from the curb accurately and to determine the right time or moment to turn. This way, I could trust that I was doing the right thing, instead of relying purely on feeling.

    I also really appreciate that he gives constructive feedback during his lessons, and is willing to answer any questions. He even went the extra mile to write down things to take note of in my booklet and drew diagrams for me to visualise key concepts better (e.g. who has priority at junctions, my turning points, etc).

    Personally, I struggled a lot with my nerves leading up to the test, but Allan encouraged me to remain calm and rely on what I had been taught the past few months. It is very true that having a good instructor makes you feel more assured, because if he thinks you’re ready to take the test, you definitely are.

    I highly recommend Allan for anyone who wants to learn, PASS, and enjoy driving. One Team is slightly more expensive than common pool, but definitely worth it if you want an encouraging and amazing instructor like Allan!

    Thank you Allan! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  139. Avatar photo
    Emerald Gal28

    Comfort Driving Centre is a very good training school for those intending to get a Class 2/3/4 driving licence.
    The customer service is efficient and polite,they are able to answer your queries immediately which gives a person a sense of security.
    The driving/riding instructors are friendly,helpful and very informative.They are very patient when guiding the students and always attentive watching what the students might have missed.
    It’s not difficult to get here and the cars/bikes are well maintained.

    if you intend to take your driving licence or get a conversion done nearest to the airport,this is the place to go.

  140. Avatar photo
    Juriya “JULZ” Zainudin

    Being in the Elite Team, I was used to having only 2 of my fixed instructors. Desmond has been patient and calm during his teaching and I truly appreciate his passion as he guides me through me attaining my license.
    Another thumbs up for Cik Mazlan(1278) too for covering up for the instructor and his style of teaching boost up my confidence as he made the two lessons so relaxing yet ensuring my safety.
    Thank You for your passion and I’m looking forward to passing my license soon.

  141. Avatar photo
    Y C S

    Very difficult to get slots for practical lessons. You have to make sure 18th of each mth….to log in at 10pm.
    To try get slots.
    If not… You have to wait for a mth.

    Everything has to be done online… The reception only can handle new intakes…

    Now is August.. After passing BTT your simulation slot is in January.

    The difference between TP test dates between sch and private is just 8 days
    But you don’t have to que in front of the computer every day to park for practical lessons slots…

    Learning motorcycle .. you have no choice…
    Only can learn from school…
    But if learn car..
    You might want to consider those private cars.

  142. Avatar photo
    Elaine Ling

    I enrolled with One Team 11 with instructors
    Mr William Tan( 1173) & Mr Patrick Mun(0004).

    School students have to finish up 3 modules in total before practical test.

    Mr Patrick taught me Module 1.
    Mr William taught me Module 2 & 3.

    Module 1 consists basics car maneuvers, road discipline, road safety etc.
    Mr Patrick is an old and experienced instructor who is determined to teach all good habits of driving. A jovial old gentleman.

    Module 2 & 3 consists of circuit stations, parking, lane changing on roads etc.
    Mr William is an experienced instructor with ample patience. His teaching methods puts me at ease each time I am behind the wheel. He is very forgiving on mistakes and never fail to give ample assuring advice and motivation.

    In this review, I will like to express my gratitude to both instructors on imparting their skills and techniques and making my time in CDC an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

  143. Avatar photo
    Hidhayath Begum

    I promised myself that I will write a good review even if I fail. But now I’m here to say that I passed my TP test on my first attempt and I would like to dedicate this success to One Team especially to my instructors JEFFERI(1024) and ZAMIR(1142)

    I would like to say that I was fortunate to get them as my instructors. They both were very professional, understanding, patient, helpful and knowledgeable persons. They helped me to understand the common mistakes and never hesitated to clear my doubts.

    I had trouble positioning my car to the centre and they taught me tips and techniques and now I know what to do.
    They gave lot of insights on driving techniques through their professional experience.
    Before every lesson the instructors will deep brief about the days activity and topics covered. This helped me to cover the modules with ease and good understanding.

    I would also like to congratulate Mr. Jefferi on his recent promotion and I would like to congratulate Mr. Zamir for his future endeavours.

  144. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn T

    My overall experience was amazing at CDC and my decision to undertake Class 3A journey with One Team was rewarded with passing on my first attempt within a 3 month period.

    I would like to give my appreciation to Team 2 instructors, Jefferi(1024) and Zamir(1142) whom have made this possible by providing precise guidance and constructive feedback during lessons. Their professionalism have encouraged me to become a more confident and safe driver.

    Thank you both and also the instructors of One Team (had lessons with a few others and they are all amazing!) for this memorable experience.

  145. Avatar photo
    Hannah Vu

    I have just passed my class 3A driving test today. Heart-felt thanks to my instructors Mr Jefferi (1024) and Zamir(1142) from Team 2, car 634. My instructors had been very dedicated and giving precise guidance and clear corrections during my learning journey, which help me to pass my driving test with ONE try.
    One again, thanks for the wonderful experience.

  146. Avatar photo
    Prabavathi Balakrishnan

    The best place I learned my motorbike skills. The instructors were beyond amazing. They don just teach you but also motivate and take extra care when you need something or even advise. From Class 2B till Class 2. Thank you to all the motor bike instructors for the journey.

  147. Avatar photo
    NY NY

    After being a 2B learner with CDC for the last 10 mths, I finally, thanks to the instructors who tirelessly imparted their knowledge with patience to me, passed my tp test today!

    They may at times be stern but are actually having learner safety in mind and at heart, so respectfully raise your doubts or questions to them, and show you are keen to learn, for sure they will assist you!

    Edwin, Mus, Roslan, Zamir, Asri, Rafiq, Mdm Suri, Bahtera, Khamsani, Raime, Shafie, Reduan, Ronald~~ I hope I didn’t miss any names.

    Definitely coming back here for my 2A in a years time such a passionate team to be taught by, I am blessed.

    They also broadcast a video for those who prefer to learn by observing, so the circuit and road segment videos made it easier for a visual person like me.


  148. Avatar photo

    I would like to praise instuctor Mazlan Bin Jan(1278) for being a good instructor as he is able to speak Mandrian,English,Melayu and Hokkien. Able to help me spot my mistakes and improve on from there. Also being patient towards me when driving.

  149. Avatar photo
    Samantha V

    Met an extremely helpful and experienced staff, Joanne Pek, who helped me with my account issues and clearly explained all the steps to prepare me for my learning. Appreciate the service!

  150. Avatar photo
    B H Tan

    Passed my Motorcycle 2B in May 2022, after having my first practical from early February, so that took me 3.5 months!

    Really grateful to the instructors, who always answered my many questions, and provided useful tips in clearing different stations like Plank (toughest), Crank, Fig 8, Slope, E-Brake.

    Highly recommending CDC for Motorcycle Courses! Thanks again CDC!

  151. Avatar photo
    Gigi Koh

    Had more information of ComfortDelGro school lessons from Joanne Pek ! Great advice make !

  152. Avatar photo
    Ong Yen Ni

    A heart-felt Thanks to all bike instructor in Ubi cdc! It have been a great 9 months of learning journey! The instructor sometimes loud but were actually all kind at heart! They will patiently correct and guide me when i have any query. They will share pointers everytime they see you making a mistake during circuit revision or what can be done to better improve your timing. The effort they put into helping each student every session and all the reminder that safety comes first is 200%!

    Special thanks to Edwin and Ronald who gave me lots of tips and encouragement to help me overcome my weakness on fig 8, crank and plank as i failed prac 5 twice due to these 3 courses. I am very grateful to all instructors who have contributed to my class 2b journey!

    And on TP date, which was raining with slippery plank and road. They cheered, enouraged and motivate all of us.

    When we were all waiting for results they will encouraged us and stood with us. They even joke to lighten the mood as all were nervous waiting to know if we pass or fail. Glad for my whole batch who were all in e same room we passed!!!

    We all made it on a rainy day!!!!

  153. Avatar photo
    M J

    I passed my class 3A in one shot. I joined Elite team and my instructor Mr. Walter Peh (0507) is superb! He’s an experienced and professional instructor. He shares his techniques and knowledge selflessly, and he cares about his students very much!
    Without his teaching i wouldn’t be able to pass the test in one shot. Thank you, Walter!

  154. Avatar photo
    Simon Ang

    Professional and very helpful instructors for my class 2a. Patient and methodical in teaching the correct techniques and tips.

    Highly recommend

  155. Avatar photo
    Justine JIANG

    My hubby and I took classes in different One Team, both passed in first attempt. Most of the instructors we met there are nice and good, and I personally felt my instructor Alan Tan (1085) in Team 5 is the best. Responsible, detailed and kind. Would share a lot of tips and notes and answer all your questions, really good instructor provided that you can take someone pointing out your mistakes (sometimes repetitively) with no hard feelings. Whilst some other instructors would be more of “you just practice more then get your own sense“ style. I booked only his sessions after a few classes taken, which makes my booking experience even more challenging – The CDC app and webpage really need some upgrades, too slow and too difficult to book classes…5 star is for Alan, 3 for CDC itself – so 4 stars it is.

  156. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Giovanni

    I have just passed my practical test and gotten my license last week! yay! 😀 I joined Car 637 since I started. Just want to take this opportunity to thank my instructor, Mr. Allan Tan (1085) from OneTeam (Team 5).

    Mr. Allan Tan was very sincere and passionate in all his teaching. He often gave me useful pointers and reminders for me to drive better. I really appreciate him reminding me of my mistakes and continuously encouraging me to be better.

    He remembered my weakness and always try his best to correct my wrong driving habits so that I would be better and do not make mistake during the test. His sincerity in wanting all his students to drive well and to pass the test really touches me. He is willing to go extra miles to teach all his students. He gave his lesson until the last minute and never cut short of the lesson time.

    I am grateful to have you as my instructor.

  157. Avatar photo
    Corrine Lee

    my driving instructor Calvin Chua is very experienced in teaching driving. I felt very comfortable learning under him and he gave very useful tips on how to drive. he was also very patient and guided me slowly whenever I was confused. managed to pass my practical test on the first try. thank you so much!!

  158. Avatar photo
    Maheswari Muruganantham

    Instructor 1278 Mazlan Bin Jan helped me a lot and now I passed my driving test. He told me tips that helped a lot and even when I was nervous he told me to be confident .One of the best instructors I’ve seen. Thank you so much for ur tips and help. Thank you to all the instructors that helped me.

  159. Avatar photo
    vinod pr

    I’m surprised to see that there is no way to cancel/postpone a booked driving class session on the same day or the day before even in case of a medical emergency! Understand that the only option available is two days before the scheduled class. Please add an option for medical emergency cancellation/postponement with medical certificate submission by the student.

  160. Avatar photo

    I was very lucky to have instructor mazlan (1278) for most of my lessons and he is one of the most patient instructor I have met here at CDC. He is very knowledgeable and would always provide me with feedbacks on how I can improve on my driving. He never fails to encourage me especially at the start when I first started learning due to my low self confidence. He is definitely an asset to the team!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Kevin Huang

    Kovan is always fully booked. Calls do not get picked up. I really need to see if I made the right choice choosing kovan.

    Called them and found that the team i was assigned to do not have any car. So Firdaus transferred me to another team, which will hopefully enable me to book.

    Thank Firdaus for his customer service again.

  162. Avatar photo
    Andrea Ng

    A special thank you and commendation for customer service specialist Lily who is always so patient and superbly helpful. Whenever I called in for help, regardless of instructor’s schedule or to seek assistance to book my practical test date, Lily was ever ready on standby and went that extra mile to help me check and advise on instructor’s schedule. Lily even went out of her way to pass messages to student welfare officer Mr Neo so that he could help me with my practical test date due to my work schedule.
    Could not have imagined the inconvenience without the assistance of the ever helpful customer service specialist Lily. A special shout-out to Lily. Thank you very much and God bless your heart.
    Hope that CDC can engage more customer service specialists like Lily to help out the learner drivers.

  163. Avatar photo
    haslan mohamad salam

    The word instructor may not be a perfect name for these motorcycle team. To me, they are like your personal coaches who treat u like friends and never once i noticed their coaching enthusiasm decreases even we all knew these are daily routine to them.

    I enjoyed my class 2A journey with them. The tips they gave in every lessons will benefit all of us trainees.

    Thanks for the memories. I’ll be back for my class 2 next year!

  164. Avatar photo
    Sinead Sng

    Took my 2B license here. The instructors were all really helpful and patient with us learners. I’d especially like to thank Instructors Edwin, Sufi, and Bahtera for their guidance. They helped me to not give up on becoming a biker even when the journey was tough.

  165. Avatar photo
    Dawn W

    Took my 2B license with CDC! The school instructors are well skilled, attentive and approachable. Classes and revisions were relatively easy to book through the mobile app. Don’t let the fact that the circuit is not sheltered hinder you from learning here – it’s good for real life training anyway! Thank you to Madam Sufi & all the Sirs (Rafik, Edwin, Ridwan, Mus, Ronald, Bahtera, Nazar, Azhar, Mr Husni, & many more sorry did not get everyone’s names!) for making this experience a good one!! Still amazing to look back at how I’ve gone from not even being able to mount/dismount a bike without trembling and panicking, to being able to do all the circuit courses n flying down expressway at over 80kmph.

  166. Avatar photo
    Thanesh Zaheer

    So far so good but audio instructions can’t hear properly .I suggest to provide microphone

  167. Avatar photo
    kenneth chan

    Best experience having lesson at CDC BIKE ride. All instructor was friendly and helpful . Will come back soon for my class 2

  168. Avatar photo
    عمعل محمد

    A big shoutout to my driving instructor Mr. jefferi (1024) from Elite team!

    I met Jefferi by chance while i was still in common team. He took one of my lessons and immediately loved it! He was very clear with his instructions, gave encouragement when i was unsure. He will share tips and proper techniques of driving that u can easily absorb. Highly recommended everyone to get him as ur instructor. Superb!

    Nonetheless, Thanks to CDC and Jefferi for letting me learn driving in a enjoyment way!

    Lastly, CDC please give him a credit! He totally deserve it! – Amali

  169. Avatar photo
    Leonard Tan

    I passed my driving test today and it was a long 2 months but well worth.I was part of One time-C3A team 4.I am very grateful for Instructor Tommy(1166) and Instructor Azmie(0838) for the past 2 months as they were very patient and taught me many things whether in the circuit itself or the outside road. They taught me the value of being a patient and alert driver.The tips that they give me really improve my confidence in driving and passing the test.

  170. Avatar photo

    My instructors, Mr Allan Tan (1085) and Mr Shafiek (1098), from OneTeam 5 are very professional and encouraging. They would explain the lesson of the day, train me till I am good in all aspects of my driving, and brief me on the practical test procedure in details.

    I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mr Allan Tan for his sincere teaching and sharing of knowledge. I learnt a lot from him as he gives useful pointers and honest feedback for me to improve on. He teaches very well even for difficult modules, corrects my driving problems, and truly wants me to do well. I feel safe and know I am learning the correct techniques from him.

    Really appreciate that he writes notes on my driver’s book so that I remember the key pointers, the circuit numbers I did, and the areas I need more practice. He trains me till the last minute; never cut short of the lesson time. A very technical, attentive, and compassionate teacher.

  171. Avatar photo
    Jun Xiang Ong

    Just passed my Motorbike Class 2B with CDC! Started in early Feb 2021 and finally finished yesterday after 1 try at TP!

    – Instructors are really nice and helpful. They will answer any questions that I have.
    – Instructors are knowledgeable and professional and they will really do what it takes to help us pass TP.

    – Tough to book lessons (I started L1 in Feb and by the time I got to L4, it was super tough to book L5. Had to keep checking the app for slots.)

    Will definitely come back to do my Class 2A. Thanks again Instructors!! 😀

  172. Avatar photo
    Sarah Cowley

    Chose Ubi to take my 2b and im so glad i did! Despite covid and smaller class sizes, i passed within 8 months (i am not able to attend every week due to work commitments)

    The instructors are very friendly and patient, and they don’t make you feel silly for asking questions or when you need extra time to understand something! Speacial shoutout to Edwin, Bahtera, Mulyadi and Ronald who really helped ne out alot, but overall never had a bad experience during any of my lessons!

  173. Avatar photo
    Manchao Wu

    Got my Class 3A license with first TP attempt! Huge thanks to my instructor Jefferi from the Elite team, who taught me many useful tips in clearing the various circuit stations as well as good habits of driving safely on the road. Thanks for teaching me!

  174. Avatar photo
    skb munshi

    Customer service was excellent, i’m glad i made the right choice joining school very professional guidance. Thank you.

  175. Avatar photo
    Leong Seng Loo

    Passed my Class 2 TP test in Aug 21 (first attempt) within 5 months course with 2 weeks lockdown in between due to COVID19 cluster. Many thanks to the bike Instructors (such as Edwin, Ronald, Noor Azhar, Bahtera etc.) for their guidance and patience. Good learning experience and wonderful bike (MT-07).

  176. Avatar photo

    I was attended to by Joan. Even though it was just for the eye test, she went out of her way and helped explain the next steps in my car learning journey. I left the centre satisfied and clear with the requirements.

  177. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tan

    The simulator staff and customer service staff were really helpful and friendly, but I had to wait a few weeks for the eyesight test as I needed to make appointment to go for it. The learning environment exposed me to heavy traffic situations especially along Eunos Link.

  178. Avatar photo
    Nagaraj Yohapriya

    Special shout out to instructor Lawrence Lee for 3A practical lessons. He really understands us and gives us the best advice! He is so caring too and told me to be safe many times as my class ended at 10pm

  179. Avatar photo
    Eric N

    Just passed my Class 2A today. Very grateful to all the instructors. Your patience, guidance and going that extra mile, helped me improve my riding skills and passed my previous 2B as well as today’s class 2A. Thank you. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Looking forward to coming back next year for my class 2. Have a great day.

  180. Avatar photo
    Li RuoTong

    My instructors at the CDC Ubi Branch were Sam and Alex from One Team 18, and they were extremely kind and professional during the 6-months. I was glad to have them as my instructor since they provide sound advise and educate in a relaxed manner.In 22 classes, I completed all of my courses and I passed my driving test today. Once again, appreciated all the time and effort Sam and Alex have spent one me, thumbs up for them!

  181. Avatar photo
    Mohd Zukhee

    Thank you to my instructor Mohamad Rashid and Mohamad Azli, (oneteam 711) they are patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. Both of them are friendly and good listener. Any doubts that i have are answered prompty. They even went the extra mile by answering my text after working hours. Couldnt have passed my TP test on the 1st attempt without their guidance. THUMBS UP to the both of them!!!.Highly recommended instructors.

  182. Avatar photo
    Khairul anwar Aminol rashid

    2A. Instructors really did a good job on making sure that all riders clear their doubts and it was a smooth journey! Will come back for my class 2.

  183. Avatar photo

    Motorcycle Dept:
    Ive been attending CDC courses for class 3, 2b, 2a, 2.

    Sent this review on my last time here attending(hopefully).

    The trainers are always friendly and helpful. Strict when needed.

    Thank you instructors!

  184. Avatar photo
    Alexandria Lim

    Instructors are extremely patient!! Yes they are strict but it is for your own good! Especially when it’s about checking your blind spots. They want you to be as safe as possible. The process of obtaining 2B is difficult only if you don’t listen and don’t practice what you’ve been taught. Amazing experience, the feeling after passing is very rewarding, validating your hardwork!

  185. Avatar photo
    Justin Chan

    From common pool in ubi cdc taking class 3 manual. After encountering Mr Aliff (ID:1256) as my instructor, I decided to select him as preferred instructor through the front desk. He is patient, understanding and give feedbacks well. He …

  186. Avatar photo
    Rajiv Menon

    I got de-merit points recently for a traffic violation and had an option to take a safe driving course (theory and practical) to reduce the demerit points. As mentioned, it was optional. Thankfully, I chose to take it and my mind has been blown away! I approached the theory lesson and practical assessment as a ‘punishment’ for my violation but I now honestly and entirely believe that this has been a blessing in disguise. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3.5hr theory lesson, in great part due to the amazing instructor Mr Azzure who was not only very experienced and Knowledgeable but also made the class very funny and engaging for all participants. I really didn’t realise how the 3.5hrs passed. We got lots of good reminders on common sense principles and road etiquette that I believe will be useful for all drivers every few years even if they have not received a traffic violation notice. I sincerely recommend that the SDC be made available to all drivers on Singapore roads (even without a traffic violation notice). My physical assessment instructor, Mr Ronald, was amazing as well. An engaging conversationalist, passionate and knowledgeable about his job, he shared some very relevant practical examples. Most, if not all, of us can fall into bad habits over years that come to define our driving style. I believe that my micro habits as a driver have changed for the better permanently thanks to my 2 instructors and as a result of this course. My sincere thanks to Mr Azzure and Mr Ronald and to destiny for helping guide me to and through this experience without any accident or injuries to anyone.

  187. Avatar photo
    AdrianV Music

    The class 2B instructors are dedicated and will patiently answer all my questions to prepare me for the TP test. They work really hard and genuinely want everyone to pass, be able to ride safely and with confidence. I wish the CDC motorbike instructors well for their fantastic efforts.

  188. Avatar photo

    Being someone that doesn’t like to drive because the streets are as dangerous as a tiger mouth, finally took the courage to learn driving at mid 30s. Got into CDC one team class 3A under car 637 and that totally change my view of driving. I thank Mr Shafiek and Mr Allan Tan (1085 team 5) for the moral boost, confidence, advices and teaching they gave. With them, I have both reality and exam ready learning.

    I also thank Mr Allan (1085 team 5) for being so meticulous, and value add. He is very technical in teaching the driving car techniques. He will identify my weakness and correct me , and sometimes he will coach till eat into his 10min break time to make sure I am good for that lesson. He also constantly remind and make sure I book other classes like FTT, simulator and follow up even after the practical test, making sure everything is as shun shun (顺) as possible for you.

    Once again I thank both Mr Shake and Mr Allan, without them, there is no me passing at first attempt in the shortest time possible (despite all my commitments). Car 637 has many first attempt students too.

  189. Avatar photo
    Jia Jia Phua (xsuperjj)

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 2B journey! The motorbike instructors are genuine and patient. They poke fun at you in the best ways making the whole learning process great! I have some MASSIVE phobia coming to CDC because of my driving license journey. However, my 2B was 10x better. Wanted to give up at lesson 1 but I’m so glad I didn’t. See you peeps in a year for my class 2A!! Great end to 2021! Big thank you to the instructors!

  190. Avatar photo
    Liyana Jauhari

    Thank you for the lessons taught by my instructor from the Tampines Outpost.
    Mr Misri Mohamat & Mr Alex Jerry Chan
    I saw Mr Misri more and he was a very experienced instructor. He was super friendly, chats with you to ease your nerves and patiently taught this quick tempered student of his. He learnt how i learn and it made it easier for me to understand.
    I am filled with gratitude for having such a wonderful instructor! From June 2021 to passing my TP test 11 Oct 21 (4 months), he was encouraging and had many kind words. If you are lucky enough to get him as your instructor, congrats to you!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Minnie Tweety

    During my practical lesson time at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, I was assigned under ONETEAM TEAM 2. I was grateful to be under 1TATEAM2 as, even though I am a slow learner, the instructors were able to adjust to my pace of learning. Overall, during my 6+ months of learning as a school oneteam learner, they never failed to provide me with their professional tips and ways [As well as important points I should take note of] on passing the important modules in the circuit [For the TP Test], as well as on the roads. Additionally, they also never failed to encourage me to become a more confident [And safe] driver on the roads. Both instructors are really patient [And friendly] in their teaching, ensuring that I understand not just the method(s), but also the concept(s) behind the method(s)/ module(s). Even so, they remained professional when it comes to improving myself as a better, safer and responsible driver, through their feedback(s) and lesson recap(s) after I end each driving lesson with them.

    If there are any strong point(s) I would like to highlight about both instructors in 1TATEAM2:
    1) They were also more than willing to answer any questions I do have along the way [Without much judgement], even if these questions are covered previously, repeated or basic.
    2) After each lesson(s), they are not afraid in pinpointing out my areas of improvement, as well as my overall driving performance of the lesson(s).
    3) Be it in the circuits and out on the roads, they are aware [And attentive] on what is happening in their surroundings, and I have never ever seen them once being blur/ not attentive, or not performing their duties as safe and responsible drivers [Even when they are at the passenger seats most of the time]. This helped in preventing me from getting into near accidents throughout my learning journey in CDC. Not only that, but they would also highlight the importance of certain module(s) that are previously covered, as well as giving tips in avoiding them in the future after I pass my TP Practical Test. Throughout my whole learning journey, both instructors displayed exemplary examples on being safe, skilled and socially responsible drivers.
    4) At the last module, they would plan out in advance: The lesson structures, as well as the TP Test Day [And recommended time]. I felt that this was essentially helpful for me mentally, in approaching the TP Test Date, and at the same time, knowing the remaining amount of time I have left in brushing up my weaker module(s) before the TP Test Date.

    I would not have imagined, and wanted any other way for my driving learning experience in CDC. I am thankful for the counter lady at the Customer Service Centre for allocating me to Team 2 under ONETEAM. Most importantly, I am thankful to the ONETEAM Team 2 instructors: Jefferi [CDC Instructor No.: 1024] and Mohamad Zamir [CDC Instructor No.: 1142] {CDC Car No.: #634 for Auto Car}, for giving me a pleasant and memorable experience throughout, allowing me to pass on my 1st attempt for my TP Practical Test!

    If there are any current students who are enrolled in Team 2 under CDC’s OneTeam System, you all can be rest assured that your CDC learning experience, as well as your safety, is in good hands! For any prospect students who are thinking of enrolling into CDC’s OneTeam System [Ubi Branch], please consider Team 2 as your choice!

  192. Avatar photo
    LucIANo Mtv

    I would like to thank all the motorcycle instructors who facilitated my TP on 12/1/2022. Their sheer dedications & commitment goes above their call of duty. My words seem futile at how patient and extraordinary the instructors in comparison. All of them deserves formal commendations for their dedication.

    Yours sincerely learner 00432385. God bless the instructors and their family.

    Thank you for ur guidance and patience.

  193. Avatar photo
    Mira Rahmat

    These instructors are awesome group of teachers! Friendly, helpful always ready to answer your questions and doubts. During my classes and sessions they make you feel at ease and accomodating. Theirs skills are tops! Great job and I have truly enjoyed my classes!! Kudos! Recommendable to all wanting to get their class 2.. …

  194. Avatar photo
    Shir YH

    I just completed a 45-min safe driving course today. Prior to this, I had 3 hours of theory lesson conducted jointly by CDG and Traffic Police. Kudos to Traffic Police and CDG for setting up this system for motorcyclists and motorists to refresh safe driving on the road.

    I really encourage that all drivers should go through this when they reach 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs of driving as I observed that these days, drivers do not signal.
    Not sure if they are just lazy or plain forget.
    This is a pretty dangerous and selfish act by them.

  195. Avatar photo
    Natalie Tan

    Lucked out and got a wonderful instructor on my first day of my practical lessons and never looked back. Allan Tan (1085) of team 5 is personable, clear in his instructions and versatile in adapting to the learning style of each of his students. He was patient and enthusiastic in ensuring that I pass on the first try, and that’s what I did! With just 6 points, which is a miracle. Highly recommend this instructor!

    Otherwise, the website is a bit of a pain to get used to. You’d think after thousands, perhaps millions of students, they’d upgrade their servers so the lesson booking might be less painful.

  196. Avatar photo
    Sherilyn Sim

    Just finished my driving test! So happy to have been under Team 5 Mr Allan Tan (1085)’s guidance. He is super patient, gives great tips and genuinely cares about his students. THANK YOU MR ALLAN!! Would not have passed my test without you!!

  197. Avatar photo
    Wai Foong

    I just passed my 2A Motorbike Test thanks to all instructors for their guidance. They are great and very helpful too. Prepare to get earful from them if not following rule, and yet very patience with their guidance. Cheers …

  198. Avatar photo
    Adelle Low

    I had a great experience learning under Instructor Allan Tan (1085, team 5) for my class 3A driving license. Instructor Allan is a very passionate teacher, he always goes the extra mile to ensure I gain the required skills and knowledge to pass the test. His constant tips and useful feedback made every lesson fruitful and enjoyable. It was thanks to him that I managed to pass my driving test on the first try.

  199. Avatar photo
    Baldev Singh

    I have be under training for quite some time & would like to thank all my instructors for teaching me n guiding me for my bike lessons.

  200. Avatar photo

    I finally passed my practical test today !!! I would like to say big big thank you to Allan Tan (1085) in team 5. Previously I failed twice, so I was very upset until I met Allan when he was my substitute instructor. I was surprised that Allan, a substitute instructor was so professional and patient to guide me, correct my all weaknesses and highlight the little details… so I decided to transfer to his team. Absolutely, I made right decision. Definitely I will highly recommend Allan to my relatives and friends who are planning to take driving license in Ubi. Thank you so much Allan!!!

  201. Avatar photo
    Taufiqul Hakim

    I had the best experience learning under the Motorcycle Training team. Friendly faces and passionate educators as always. Thank you all …

  202. Avatar photo
    Mabel Tan

    I recently just pass my driving test Would like to take this opportunity to thank and compliment to all the experience & knowledgeable instructors that have taught me. Thank you CDC for assigning me to Team 25 (Class 3A -One Team). Even though its a new team, I’m grateful to have Instructor Jack Teo(1234) as my instructor. Thank you for your patient, guidance and dedication in guiding me on how to drive. Thank you for being part of my driving journey. Enjoyed the lessons under one team instructor. Would highly recommend to choose one team, if you are planning to enroll here

  203. Avatar photo
    Hazel Chin

    Edwin, Adrian and Bobby were my main instructors when I was learning driving at cdc Ubi driving centre. They were very friendly and ensure that their explanations were clear. In addition, they gave me many useful tips that would help me to be able to grasp the various techniques more easily. Under their guidance, I was able to obtain my licence within 2 months. Overall, I had a very pleasant and enjoyable experience at cdc!

  204. Avatar photo

    The school is conveniently located and the instructors are all awesome and so friendly! The bike instructors treat you like their family member and make sure you learn the correct and fastest way. Kudos to the team and thank you so much!

  205. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Schertzer

    I had the chance to take my 2B motorcycle licence there. (9months)

    I have to say that all the instructors are extremely dedicated. You can clearly feel their passion. Shout out to Elvin for his kindness and guidance.

    Looking forward to come back next year for my 2A.

  206. Avatar photo

    I would like to thank the customer service personnel, Mrs Lily and the simulator officer, Mrs Chan Foong Kheng for showing compassion to my situation. I as unable to attend my simulator course due to compassionate urgent leave. They both attended to my concerns and they assisted to change my date to another nearby date to accommodate to my needs.

  207. Avatar photo
    Jun Hong Tan

    I’ve just passed my driving in the beginning of the year 2022! All thanks to both my driving instructors Mr Allan Tan & Mr Shafiek Abdal in one team 5.
    Especially to Mr Allan (1085) whom had been very patient and giving precise guidance to me, ensuring every of my mistakes had been taken care of. This is the kind of professionalism that he will extend to every of his student as well. I will definitely recommend my friends who wished to learn driving from him.
    Thank you for the wonderful experience!

  208. Avatar photo
    Andrea Kok

    Joined w ONE TEAM (team 2) and my main instructors- zakaria & zam were super helpful and zakaria was nothing but patient and guided me. Easy going instructors !! I also had Allan from Team 5 teach me for a few lessons and ever since, we would always say hi and he still cared for my progress! The instructors are so nice :”) go join cdc and join team 2/5!!

  209. Avatar photo
    Twelvegreenapples Nil

    Many thanks to my instructor, Alex Ngheen 0741 (One Team) for his excellent guidance. I will not be able to pass without his support.

  210. Avatar photo
    Rachel Gunn

    Customer Service Sheron has been incredibly helpful when I came by to rectify some issues I had with booking simulator course. She was so patient and jovial throughout even giving recommendations on how to do things faster and more efficiently. Need more people like her at the centre to assist with customers!! Keep up the good work Sheron!

  211. Avatar photo
    A Manickam

    Before covid any time can visit here , now can’t walk in only for appointments, you have to book the appointments in online comfort delgro website,then only you can enroll the class for 2A,2b,3A,3C,3.

  212. Avatar photo
    Jo Tan

    All the instructors are very professional, patient and helpful. I am really grateful and thankful for their guidance and always instilling Safe Defensive Riding tips to me enabling me to pass and get my 2B license.

  213. Avatar photo
    Charlie Poh

    This staff Joanne Pek is very good , excellent work in her duties , help to support in very detail in all aspects

  214. Avatar photo
    eisa hamid

    GREAT SERVICE JOANNE PEK. Came by to enroll for Auto car but Joanne PEK recommended EV to me and explained everything in details. I’ve decided to go ahead with EV Thank you Joanne!

  215. Avatar photo
    Joy Lym

    Awesome & experienced rockstar instructors imparting their knowledge to learners of different levels; strict for their own good yet friendly to keep them motivated in the learning journey. Many thanks to instructors Sufi, Ronald, Rafiq, Bahtera, Raime, Edwin, Romany, Mus, Asri & others for the teachings so far #ontothenext …

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