Review Cold Storage Compass One, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore

Review Cold Storage Compass One - Singapore 1 Sengkang Square

“Cold storage is located at the lowest floor of compass one. Another thing is that it’s always crowded at peak hours but they still haven’t …” or “A very wide selection of good are available here. The aircon is so powerful that despite its huge crowd, the place is still very cold.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Cold Storage Compass One. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Cold Storage Compass One is quality.

Introduction about Cold Storage Compass One

Here are some fundamental details regarding Cold Storage Compass One. In terms of Supermarket, it is generally believed that Cold Storage Compass Oneis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Sengkang Square, #B1-25, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Supermarket, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63863254 (+65 63863254)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Sengkang Square, #B1-25, Singapore
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Detailed information of Cold Storage Compass One

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Cold Storage Compass One?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Cold Storage Compass One via:

Phone number

You can reach Cold Storage Compass One at 63863254(+65 63863254). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Cold Storage Compass One via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Sengkang Square, #B1-25, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Cold Storage Compass One reviews

Cold Storage Compass One is among the best destinations of Supermarket in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Cold Storage Compass One good?

To determine whether Cold Storage Compass One is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Cold Storage at Compass One has recently completed it renovation. I was there to buy beef. The place now look more open and spacious. One can easily check out and navigate to the place to get the grocery.”

“Very Friendly long service staff are still in this branch. So glad we have a Cold Storage here. They have just about everything we need for home.”

“You can get most necessities here, especially dishwasher tablets where you can't find in neighbourhood mini marts”

“looks much more organised and better after the renovation was done. Awesome”

“Really enjoyed shopping. Good place for organic foods.”

“The newly renovated outlet is very well done!! Very impressed by the wide selection of bread, meat and seafood. The way to present was far better then the other outlet. More spacious and bright. Good work!”

“Well stocked with everything you could possibly need. Since it is a Cold Storage, you're practically assured of freshness but of course that comes at a price. Anyways, much better than Finest for sure.”

“This supermarket is as good as its name. The fresh produce are really fresh. May sometimes be pricey. Love the cook food section where they serve roasted chicken, and HK roast.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 236 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Cold Storage Compass One, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Cold Storage Compass One, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore

There is a total 236 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    kywe thong

    Wide range of groceries. Can get clearance sale at end of day for beef.

  2. Avatar photo
    Euphegenia Doubtfire

    They’ve rearranged the racks but it’s fine. It did seemed to feel smaller now.

  3. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Lim

    Nice tom yam BBQ chicken

  4. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Chew

    Not a big supermarket, but the range of goods is comprehensive

  5. Avatar photo
    Nathelie Lilith

    Big outlet. They have alot of selection

  6. Avatar photo
    Growly Bear

    They have revamped their layout, but the choices seem to be less. Empty shelves are filled by spreading out the existing stuff. How about ordering more of the things people buy and not having shelves stocked with items they can’t sell?

  7. Avatar photo
    Krishan Vasu Chia

    Great place to shop

  8. Avatar photo
    Dr Reviews

    Cold storage is located at the lowest floor of compass one.

    Another thing is that it’s always crowded at peak hours but they still haven’t done anything to assist customers in checking out faster. There are only 2 counters so there’s always a snaking queue between aisles.

    They had some decorations for Halloween that are pretty scary but it’s limited to just one side of the store.

    Some Halloween products they had include face paint, hand props, wizard hats, masquerade masks, dagger props and fake blood.

    The vegetables section has a large selection of produce that look fairly fresh.

    There are quite a bit of herbs and spices that are arranged in an orderly manner.

    The products are a bit pricey but they are off a reasonably good quality and is to be expected.

    They have a few biodegradable products and go green packaging.

    Do i like this place ? Yes. Will i return ? Depends, i really dislike the queue to check out. They have fantastic products, if only they could enhance the customer purchase experience.

  9. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Kok

    Cool place with all the necessary you need.

  10. Avatar photo
    Metta Sukha

    You can get most necessities here, especially dishwasher tablets where you can’t find in neighbourhood mini marts

  11. Avatar photo
    Charles Teo

    Just renovated. Spacious and easy access to all sections.

  12. Avatar photo
    Kek Boon Lim

    It’s the only cold storage in the Sengkang area

  13. Avatar photo
    Ong Yu Ren

    Nice Renovation Design, Clean and neat.

  14. Avatar photo
    Wilson Yeu

    Clean and neat, good for shopping.

  15. Avatar photo
    Juliette Psycdellic

    One of Cold Storage’s newest and biggest outlet. I had to come here to get my daily staples eversince they close their outlet at Causeway Point

  16. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    This supermarket is as good as its name. The fresh produce are really fresh. May sometimes be pricey.
    Love the cook food section where they serve roasted chicken, and HK roast.

  17. Avatar photo
    Carrie Liew

    Neighborhood friendly

  18. Avatar photo
    Mia's Profile

    It is a good place to buy food. There are high quality products and many brands. Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish are all fresh. Price is a bit higher than other supermarkets. But I still enjoy shopping here for our family’s daily meals.

  19. Avatar photo
    Steven Chan

    Good variety of items and counter staff are friendly. Queue markings are clear

  20. Avatar photo
    Kuek Hock Meng

    Fresh grocery

  21. Avatar photo
    YS Koh

    The only store in sengkang, Punggol and hougang. Can get very crowded at times.

  22. Avatar photo
    Venugopalan T K

    All types of freezed items you can get from there

  23. Avatar photo
    Sarah Lee

    Variety of fresh fd

  24. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    No regrets..always provide the best and fresh items on the shelf too. Staff are service oriented and happy at work. Good environment too …

  25. Avatar photo

    all under one roof with best customer service orientated staff .

  26. Avatar photo

    Very neat and offer a wide range of groceries.

  27. Avatar photo
    Sofia A

    I would give 5 star but because there is a lack of halal meats, cold storage gets a 3 star. Other than that, the variety of products are good and staff are friendly

  28. Avatar photo
    Kathir Kathiravan

    Conveniently located in the town centre of Sengkang, Compass One is one of the most extensive and fully integrated mall boasting numerous facilities and encompassing a comprehensive mix of more than 180 established brands providing a wide range of products and services uniquely curated for each and every individual.

    Positioned as both a family oriented and recreational hub within the region, Compass One periodically curate special events and activities dedicated to enriching your experience with your families and friends at Compass One.

  29. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Wu

    Great range of products

  30. Avatar photo

    Can get all your fresh fruits and vegetables and all daily needs

  31. Avatar photo
    Sutjahjo Ngaserin

    Good variety of stuff available, poor crowd management

  32. Avatar photo
    caroline,suk fung chee

    Certain product availability n quality differs in price from ntuc in this safety mgmt measures environment n consumers still spoilt for choice in either supermarts!!

  33. Avatar photo
    S.K. Low

    Well stocked wide range of food & groceries!

  34. Avatar photo
    Meet Singh

    Clean place

  35. Avatar photo
    Erin Ha

    Very spacious ever since they renovated.

  36. Avatar photo
    C. S. Poon


  37. Avatar photo
    Eaglenestsg SG

    Cold Storage supermarket is always known for good quality products. Pricey if you compare with Fairprice. Having said that you are paying for better quality.

  38. Avatar photo
    Town Wan Chiam (Philip)

    A supermarket within the Compass Point for your grocery

  39. Avatar photo
    Veena D

    A bit pricey, but has most groceries

  40. Avatar photo
    Ms Tan

    Now they have revamped the self checkout area which is less confusing as compared to before

  41. Avatar photo
    Sam Ong

    Inside this cold storage, there are stalls like Yong dao fu, fresh pork, and even roast duck/pork/char siew.

  42. Avatar photo
    Wuang Kwang

    Very fresh fruits available.

  43. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    The newly renovated outlet is very well done!! Very impressed by the wide selection of bread, meat and seafood. The way to present was far better then the other outlet. More spacious and bright. Good work!

  44. Avatar photo

    The newly renovated Cold Storage is a lot better than before – no lame block off to force ppl to walk the entire place just to get something simple. The ambiance was a lot better too – brighter, more spacious.

  45. Avatar photo
    Aurelius Family

    Cold storage , lots of fresh fish and meat

  46. Avatar photo
    Strike Tan

    Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats. Clean and spacious with lots of stuff

  47. Avatar photo
    ReverieReo (ReverieReo)

    Most of the item I want is there

  48. Avatar photo
    Poh Beng Lim (Alvin)


  49. Avatar photo
    isaac kim

    Wide varieties of groceries to choose from!! But you should bring a sweater coz its quite cold there

  50. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lim

    The supermarket is clean and quite crowded on weekdays.

  51. Avatar photo
    Gilberto Kunihara

    A household name in supermarket in SG.

  52. Avatar photo
    YN Lee

    Fresh produces. More varieties. More costly. There’s roasted meats, nang tofu and fresh flowers.

  53. Avatar photo
    Laval Ng

    The Angus striploin turned out very good.

  54. Avatar photo
    R Sohaib

    Expensive but has almost everything

  55. Avatar photo
    LouisJzee Jianzhi

    Shop for groceries and quality fresh produce

  56. Avatar photo

    A very big cold storage. Lots of stuffs to buy and browse.

  57. Avatar photo
    W K Song

    Supermarket that you can get more varieties of imported products

  58. Avatar photo
    Trisha Chua

    Good variety, easy to find what I’m looking for. However, I sense a lack of hospitality from certain staff. On one occasion, I was looking at the roast chicken on display. One of the staff inside came out and rudely asked me in chinese, “miss, what are you doing?” and placed herself in between the display and me in an attempt to shoo me away. I was not blocking the path. Perhaps I looked like I wasn’t going to buy any chicken so she doesn’t want me to block others’ view, that was understandable. However, right after I left, she went back in to badmouth about me to her colleagues. She pointed at me and was gesturing. I will leave her identity anonymous, but I feel that this isn’t the proper way to treat customers. She knew I was looking when she was complaining about me to her colleague, yet she continued with it and urged her colleague to have a glimpse of me. Cold storage should do a better job in training their staff to be more hospitable. She just chased away a prospective customer. I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon after this.

  59. Avatar photo
    Arivalagi S.

    Very Friendly long service staff are still in this branch.
    So glad we have a Cold Storage here. They have just about everything we need for home.

  60. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Gudi

    Good stores we all items are available here and very clean price is also reasonable

  61. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Quite a standard Cold Storage. I like their breads.

  62. Avatar photo
    James Choy

    Very well equip and pleasure to shop in. Only check out counter waiting long .Need improvement to collect payment .Counter helpful .Thank you .Will come again .Sir .

  63. Avatar photo
    Muhd Ayub

    Love the supermarket, but some items are overpriced when compared to other supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice. I personally shop here for items that cannot be found in other supermarkets such as specific types of potato chips and snacks. Also, the discount for certain foods is also nice which sometimes beat the discounts offered by other supermarkets.

  64. Avatar photo
    Danny Foo

    Always get my fresh groceries in Cold Storage!

  65. Avatar photo
    Hwee Kuan Tan

    Wow!It is a nice place to shop at Cold Storage supermarkets to me i ‘d rather go for quality of products although the prices of various kinds of fruits n vegetables at Cold Storage are indeed a bit steeper than other marts however frankly speaking we as regular customers must remember to take note of those special promotion items besides i notice Cold Storage in terms of fruits n vegetables have much more variety than other local supermarts take for instance

  66. Avatar photo

    Bright clean and spacious supermarket. Quite a big cooked food section with different roast chicken or pork or duck items. Also has some sushi and sashimi. Located in basement of compass one, quite crowded on weekends. Also has a bakery section with sourdough breads. Fresh fruits and vegetables available too, nice to walk around explore

  67. Avatar photo
    Tan Yap Hong

    Good place to get ready-cooked food and exotic items, such as oysters. Quite pricey though. The Cold Storage supermarket now stocks Dodo brand of Yong Tau Foo.

  68. Avatar photo
    Mosh itachi

    All you can buy!

  69. Avatar photo
    Paulo 78

    Prices may be higher than fairprice but the selection is wider with more international options.

  70. Avatar photo
    gilberto kunihara

    One of Singapore pioneer supermarket.

  71. Avatar photo
    Thomas Labadie

    Used to be a good supermarket but is now closed as the mall is closed for renovation …

  72. Avatar photo
    AnnieNat Sunari

    One of the best “Cold Storage” in the North East! Love the display of food! The chiller sections of variety of dairy products is “Wow!” And the sights of baked goods are welcoming!

  73. Avatar photo
    Geethani Siriwardena

    Well organized supermarket. So many different varieties of things

  74. Avatar photo
    taufik shah

    Crowded most of the time. Toto counter inside may block the exit.
    There are 6-8 self check-out counters to the left which many are not aware of. Helps speed up transactions.

  75. Avatar photo
    Walter Lee

    Slightly pricier but you can find certain higher quality stuffs.

  76. Avatar photo
    Wyvern Lim

    Average. Clean.

  77. Avatar photo
    Iona Woodford

    The newly renovated store at Compass One is very spacious, bright and open. I love the new bread section and the fresh Butcher section. I was served by Sathyan here and he was very helpful in answering to my queries. I like the fresh flower section too.

  78. Avatar photo
    Richard Sim

    Go there to get fresh fruits, groceries and alot of other foods.

  79. Avatar photo
    Siow Wai Wong

    Spacious with assorted items.

    Cold Storage rarely disappoint other than the steep price …

  80. Avatar photo
    Richard Tan

    C/Storage at Compass 1 is gd many choices best.

  81. Avatar photo
    June Lim

    Roast chicken good deal but staff also serving cold cut counter in afternoon…

  82. Avatar photo
    Ronald Lee

    Great supermarket with lots of selection and located at the basement 1 which consists mostly food and beverages. Recommended.

  83. Avatar photo
    R L

    Price is tad more costly here… But with much better brands and choices. Raw food seems better and premium. The salad bar and Yong Tau Fu(ingredients) are very nice!

  84. Avatar photo
    Anthony Kiong

    Great variety of goods. Near MRT. can be more costly than NTUC. Friendly and helpful staff.

  85. Avatar photo
    Peter Neo

    Well stocked with everything you could possibly need. Since it is a Cold Storage, you’re practically assured of freshness but of course that comes at a price. Anyways, much better than Finest for sure.

  86. Avatar photo
    N R

    Good option gor groceries..even halal meat options are also available there…halal sausages too..
    You can buy bread, eggs ,mayonnaise, jam, yougurt, porridge, milk. butter, cream. chesse , lots of fresh vgetable and fruits, ready made curries, rice, flour. Frying mix, oils, canned food, flavoured milk, baby food, powder milk, diapers, shampoo, conditioners, soaps,razors, bubble baths, etc everything has lots of variety and prices are reasonable too…
    You can call it, All under one roof.

  87. Avatar photo
    Ch Mu

    Perfect place to buy all your groceries. There are chocolates and nuts which you can buy by weight. Some of the available products here are unique. Today they also had a stall for Kin Ho Mame – trial is available. Very delicious and nutritious options are available. Huge selection of vegetables and fruits. Also imported fruits are available.

  88. Avatar photo
    see Bai heng

    Nice display

  89. Avatar photo
    rajeev ranjan

    Loved the place amd you can find everything here

  90. Avatar photo
    Wei Yuet Wong

    Great selection of local and international food. I like the range of Korean, and Japanese snacks and condiments. There’s also great choice of yogurts. I also love browsing the plants section. Generally quite crowded, so I try to go just before closing time.

  91. Avatar photo
    Yuu Pewpew

    Nice la what else do you want in a supermarket

  92. Avatar photo
    S P

    The best groceries stall in entire Sengkang Region, way better than all the small NTUCs in the Sengkang region.

    In the entire Sengkang, it is mainly served by basic groceries supermarket and NTUC. but over in this cold storage, you can get the better quality and fresher produce.

  93. Avatar photo

    Cold Storage is always one step ahead of its competitors. The Compass One outlet is now bigger and brighter after the upgrade. The fresh fruits and vegetables section have a wider selection than before. For me, this was a very pleasant shopping experience.

  94. Avatar photo
    Simran Kaur

    A great variety of goods. Love getting my GF bread from here.

  95. Avatar photo
    Sean C

    By far the only supermarket in sengkang to have exotic produce such as variations of different herbs and spices, there is a Japanese section with a whole array for seasonal japanese snacks and chocolates
    However one thing to note due to the limited cashier’s the queue can get frustratingly long.

  96. Avatar photo
    CH Loh

    Just to note that this CS is like almost perpetually crowded. Haha. Just a diff between how crowded it is.

  97. Avatar photo
    Bejoice Paul

    Good supermarket in Compass One. Spacious and have lots of variety of items. But I have observed items are pricey than other supermarkets around

  98. Avatar photo
    KH Ang

    Cold Storage at Compass One has recently completed it renovation. I was there to buy beef. The place now look more open and spacious. One can easily check out and navigate to the place to get the grocery.

  99. Avatar photo
    soh baorong

    Cold Storage is more high class than our local supermarket.
    U can get fresh abalone from Korea! Shell fish and the likes.
    Prices are relatively cheap considering that its not easily available elsewhere!
    It’s indeed a place where it can fulfill my marketing needs!

  100. Avatar photo
    Anthony Koh

    Lots of choice and food are fresh

  101. Avatar photo
    Erwan Ibrahim

    Well stocked up but it is always crowded with long queues.

  102. Avatar photo
    WS C.

    They sold bento but do not provide fork and spoon. Go figure

  103. Avatar photo
    Yves Von

    After renovation, the store look more spacious and the air con is cooler within the store. The self checkout is shifted to one end which is more organized

  104. Avatar photo
    ybanfong John

    Things are better price and fresher than NTUC.

  105. Avatar photo
    Jude Thaddeus

    For your fresh grocery and they have a 4D outlet

  106. Avatar photo
    Clinton Tay

    Excellent, got my groceries easily as everything is organizerd and payment is swift.

  107. Avatar photo

    Cold Storage is always one step ahead of its competitors. The Compass One outlet is now bigger and brighter after the upgrade. The fresh fruits and vegetables section have a wider selection than before. For me, this was a very pleasant shopping experience.

  108. Avatar photo
    Chi Kiong Chai

    Place is big always come with my family member. But hope that they can be more organize. Thank you for the aunty and uncle for great help.

  109. Avatar photo
    Fiona Liew

    Great produce

  110. Avatar photo
    Liz Seet

    Cold storage never fail in their supplies. Being dry food, frozen or any other types of essential stuff. Love shopping at cold storage supermarket. Clean,orderly n neat.

  111. Avatar photo
    Jo Lee

    Very conducive shopping environment.

  112. Avatar photo
    Nigel Chua

    Cold storage sengkang is a very common place I get my fresh groceries from in sengkang

    Good quality and value for money

  113. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Sharma

    Good place for quick shopping. It is slightly expensive than other stores. But some time you may get cheaper too subject to promotion. It is very convenient.

  114. Avatar photo
    Lanz Leong

    Nice and friendly staffs .. thank you

  115. Avatar photo
    Pak Soon Lau

    Quality products and friendly service.

  116. Avatar photo
    Nway Oo Maung

    Nice shopping outlet

  117. Avatar photo
    Karen Gal

    After renovation, it’s look nicer and better

  118. Avatar photo


  119. Avatar photo
    Vincent Goh

    Could get some of import items which ntuc, giant or prime does not offer…

  120. Avatar photo
    Fung Chul Yean

    Very good place to shop with very good air condition and ventilatiion.

  121. Avatar photo
    MR. Bojenggoals (The One)

    Reasonable groceries prices.

  122. Avatar photo
    Chng Lip Ern

    A very wide selection of good are available here. The aircon is so powerful that despite its huge crowd, the place is still very cold.

  123. Avatar photo
    Hien Nguyen

    Today I went to Cold Storage and was charged 1 item 2 times. Luckily I checked the receipt right after that and came back to the counter to ask for refund. There was also another auntie there waiting for the store manager to get money back. So if you go Cold Storage Compass One then please check your receipt carefully.

  124. Avatar photo
    Stella Lew

    Not improvement after Reno

  125. Avatar photo
    Zulhilmi Ariff

    Clean and lotsa choices

  126. Avatar photo
    Manuel Tung

    Just not like the Cold Storage atmosphere that i missed of years gone by?!!

  127. Avatar photo
    Simon Fong

    Very cold

  128. Avatar photo
    Kow Tang

    Went there to buy nescafe ( gold ) for $13.35 only. Offer price — additional 200gm.

  129. Avatar photo

    Customer service is great and it’s a convenient place to get your groceries.

  130. Avatar photo
    Nancy loh


  131. Avatar photo
    Kavita Subramaniam

    My favourite place to go.

  132. Avatar photo
    Prabhu Sundaram

    Love shopping on this place.

  133. Avatar photo
    Pat Lim

    Nice place to shop. Price higher than others. If you see stock to clear, price are cheap but left with 1 week shelf life.

  134. Avatar photo
    Liow Nighthawk

    As usual, Coldstorage is famous for their products being fresh but a bit pricey across most of their products. Generally, they carry a very good variety.

  135. Avatar photo
    Pandy Bci

    Today is soooo crowded. Chinese New year’s eve.

  136. Avatar photo
    venkata D

    Nice place to shop

  137. Avatar photo
    Victor koh

    Quite big. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  138. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Lots of house brands products

  139. Avatar photo
    Adrian Ang Pixel 4a

    Different layout after some renovation.

  140. Avatar photo
    Isaac Loh

    The nuts at DIY area are mushy, no longer crispy. Fortunately I didn’t buy too much Hazelnuts from there. Perhaps you try them yourselves and see how they taste?

  141. Avatar photo
    Meena Sutha S

    Costly but good

  142. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Tiboleng

    Always better then NTUC…..way ahead

  143. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Heng

    Good supermarket

  144. Avatar photo
    allan teo bak leng

    A supermarket that has many products to choose from. It’s slightly pricey but the quality in terms is fresh. It’s convenient and worth the money spent. Most of the staff/cashiers are polite!

  145. Avatar photo
    aidah aidah

    U can find most food items there..

  146. Avatar photo
    Ty Chua

    Not a pleasing place to shop for your groceries, but probably little to do with the proprietor but the lousy people who visit this supermarket.

  147. Avatar photo
    Fae Fae

    Always long queue…
    A lot of counters but there is always 1 or 2 open cashiers. 2 long lines que for 1 cashier…

  148. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lim

    This one is huge, well stocked and nice. I just wish the queue for paying is shorter. At peak hours the queue is insane

  149. Avatar photo
    E K Goh

    payment very slow at evening period

  150. Avatar photo
    Amanda Wong

    Pricey and not many varieties.

  151. Avatar photo
    Cami Kami

    19th May 2020, 15:02
    I had left a bag of paid groceries (chicken wings and tahu) at the self checkout counter. Only realising it today 20 May 2020, 13:30. A bit too late on my behalf but had try and see if it could be resolved. (Since it was fresh items, I wasn’t sure if they would still have/kept it)

    Went back on 20 May 2020, 14:00. Approached an employee (A) at the self checkout counter. I said I had left those items and was wondering if it was reported/ mentioned, and if I was able to get those items without having to pay for it twice.

    (A) asked me where and demanded the time. I had receipts to show so I did. This was where things turned sour. The way I was talked to was appalling. Words said amongst the lines of ‘how to prove you didn’t take it’ ‘it can’t be helped (since it was fresh chicken and tahu)’.

    I responded that I really had not taken it and that if you wanted proof, you can check the CCTVs.

    (A) replied back, you can talk to my manager and then proceeds to yell out manager (B) name to handle the situation.

    (B) came up and asked how he could help. Retold everything again and was asked to hold on while (B) tries to resolve.

    (B) came back with the chicken and asked if it was the same kind of chicken and honour the transaction. I had also chimed in that the tahu (which was forgotten from conversations as chicken was all that was heard) was also left.

    (B) replied back, why didn’t I mention the tahu (I thought I did) and if there were too many things then there need to be an investigation.

    I answered that it’s alright, I’ll just take the chicken and pay for the tahu if it would make a hassle. I thanked (B) and made my way to find no specific tahu available and walked out.

    Although the situation was partly resolved, the tone of (A) was full of distrust and condescending instead of concern. However, (B) was helpful, concerned and actually wanted to resolve the problem which made it a little better.

    Overall this left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ll admit it was late in trying to retrieve the items but would’ve been fine having to pay again if there was absolutely no other way said in a nice tone.

    TL:DR : don’t forget your paid groceries. Come back immediately or if it has been more and 12 hours, just forget about it. Don’t even bother.

  152. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan

    Nice experience. The queue can be long at peak hours in the evening.

  153. Avatar photo
    serene new

    Half price on BBQ food after 9pm

  154. Avatar photo
    Judy Chan

    The display is neat and nice but i will not buy the fruits and vegetable from cold storage i find them too expensive.

  155. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rashid

    The price a bit ‘atas’

  156. Avatar photo
    Helen Sim Helen

    Easy access frm my resident get my grocery all under one roof so organize

  157. Avatar photo
    Allin Perez

    Very convenient everything i needed were there..and the cashier is so accommodating.

  158. Avatar photo
    Kelly Chew

    Layout of the supermarket has improved greatly after the revamp. The fruits are picked with care, likewise for other produces too. Really love shopping here! Keep it up!

  159. Avatar photo
    Thomas Liew

    Wide variety of good quality food.

  160. Avatar photo
    christina estologa

    So nice place & clean

  161. Avatar photo
    sylvia ong

    good variety of brands of produce, with nearby choices of eatries including breads, kueh kueh etc

  162. Avatar photo
    Shabnam Moulvi

    Premium range products.

  163. Avatar photo
    Osh Neeli

    i visited this super market several times. its a good place to buy high quality products. price is bit high compared to other stores. if you really concern good quality and high end verity of super market products cold store is the best place.

  164. Avatar photo
    Shane Madden

    Best supermarket in sengkang and punggol has wide range of choices

  165. Avatar photo
    Hariharan Ranganathan

    A great supermarket. But availability is not consistent

  166. Avatar photo
    RB Rasetia

    Convinien but the prices hire than ntuc

  167. Avatar photo
    Pancy Siam

    Items on shelves are displayed nearly and easy to find. Most of the items are more expensive than other Supermarkets.

  168. Avatar photo
    kelvin loh

    Most of the items are fresh….

  169. Avatar photo

    looks much more organised and better after the renovation was done. Awesome

  170. Avatar photo
    Lim Emilyn

    Everything hav except some item is expensiv…….

  171. Avatar photo
    Jardin Jumat

    Big place to shop. You can find/buy items which you can’t find at other brands supermarkets.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ignatius Png


  173. Avatar photo
    Evangelia Lim

    It is very good place to shop for food

  174. Avatar photo
    Nikita Kale

    Big and well organised cold storage branch at Sengkang compassone mall . Many well known grocery brand can find here .

  175. Avatar photo
    Sazaly Elendrus

    Different from other supermarkets…..

  176. Avatar photo

    Expensive compared to Fairprice, in my personal opinion.

  177. Avatar photo
    Charles Chan

    Less crowded around 8.30pm onwards. Very crowded on weekends

  178. Avatar photo
    Karl Mumm

    15min waiting in line. Nice store tho

  179. Avatar photo
    Tevesh Murthy

    Wide selection of things from around the world but can get really crowded

  180. Avatar photo
    Anthony Tan

    A wide variety of fresh foods n great service

  181. Avatar photo
    Gloria Lim

    What I want to buy are all there. Very good place to shop …

  182. Avatar photo
    Cloudy Cloud (카이윤)

    First time visiting in the morning

  183. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Choo

    Well stock with Supermarket items. When it has promotional items, these items can be cheaper than other supermarkets.

  184. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    Good variety. Staff are mostly helpful.
    Renovated and very spacious now

  185. Avatar photo
    Richard Tay Sah Bah

    This Cold Storage is well organised with proper stacking of items on display. The foods are more fresh as compared to other brands stores.

  186. Avatar photo
    Nikki Ming

    Love the place, hate the queue…

  187. Avatar photo
    Brenda P.

    Variety is good, they having live butcher service at this branch. Too bad I’m a local, I tend to compare prices.

  188. Avatar photo
    Hsiao Fhong Tan

    Recent replacement of different aisles making the search for things more difficult

  189. Avatar photo
    Kenny Hong

    Plenty of local as well as overseas produce for choice.

  190. Avatar photo
    Quỳnh Sophia


  191. Avatar photo
    Jodie L

    This supermarket has grown up and glowed up with me through my childhood all the way to now – love the recent reno and current display, really elevating the everyday retail experience at the supermarket. From the variety of baked goods to …

  192. Avatar photo
    Keith Zhang

    Freshest of the products here. Amazing selection of groceries

  193. Avatar photo
    Melion Tan

    One of the bigger supermarket in the area. Can get almost everything here.

  194. Avatar photo

    Cold storage? Not even cold

  195. Avatar photo
    Shyam Sunder Rai

    Being Indian, I do find all my necessary junk here. For a while I was looking for Couscous, couldn’t find it in Fairprice or other outlets but here, about 5 different varieties, trick is that it was sharing the same aisle as rice

    There is a SGPools outlet as well the best part of all, it has an awesome selection of liquor.

    Vegetable section has lot of items.

  196. Avatar photo

    BBQ Chicken on 50% off stock clearance after 9pm. Items here are quite fresh but prices are also slightly higher.

  197. Avatar photo
    keng juan Yeo

    Have the self check out cashiers, very convenient!

  198. Avatar photo
    Julia Belle

    It’s good supermarket offering high quality items, the best is passion card rewards can redeem anytime for shoppers when you’re shopping using passion card.

  199. Avatar photo
    Anna Louise

    Grocery is a bit pricey compared to other grocery shops in Singapore. However, Cold Storage carries more brands and types of grocery especially international brands.

  200. Avatar photo
    Balamurugan King

    Quite big and wide variety of items

  201. Avatar photo
    Josephine Xie

    One of the bigger grocery store serving the Seng Kang community, hence it’s very crowded after working hours. It’s one of the bigger cold storage with sushi, bakery, fresh seafood, meat cuts. It has quite a few self checkout machines, hence I’ll recommend using that, otherwise be prepared to queue.

  202. Avatar photo
    SockPeng Teo

    Great variety of products.

  203. Avatar photo
    Lee Lewis

    Good beef cuts

  204. Avatar photo
    Angela chng mg

    Fresh grocery

  205. Avatar photo
    Charlotte C

    Variety is there. Favourite part is to buy the roasted food at 9 pm.

  206. Avatar photo
    danny ong

    Everything are fresh

  207. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ooi

    Cold Storage at Sengkang has Saybon’s seafood bisque but not Gardenia’s multi grain loaf.

  208. Avatar photo
    Michael Chua

    Very convenient with many varieties of products especially the cooked foods

  209. Avatar photo
    Hirantha Neranjan

    Large Cold Storage. It has all you need except customized salads

  210. Avatar photo
    Vera Yeow

    Convenient and fast to shop during lunch time

  211. Avatar photo
    Chun Keong

    Although a little more pricey than other supermarkets but the goods are definitely of a good quality.

  212. Avatar photo
    Rajagopalan Ra

    Very good selection of products, including niche varieties that is hard to get elsewhere.

  213. Avatar photo
    Andy Fong

    Fantastic supermarket with fresh meat products!

  214. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Chue

    New look Cold Storage…Compass One!!

  215. Avatar photo
    Kristine Calpe

    I like this branch as it is complete with all the good stuff

  216. Avatar photo
    Seok Yong Tan

    Neat and organise

  217. Avatar photo
    Sathish Kumar J (SK)

    Self checking makes queue faster during peak time

  218. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Went to buy steak. It was quite expensive though. Wasn’t expecting it would cost me 50 bucks for 2 pieces of ribs eye steak. They were quite big though 1 piece was more than enough for one people.

    Queue wasn’t that long. It was quite manageable. The rest of the items are quite the same as any other shops.

    Grapes were new ‘green’ package.

  219. Avatar photo
    Dr Reviews

    Cold storage is located at the lowest floor of compass one.

    Another thing is that it’s always crowded at peak hours but they still haven’t …

  220. Avatar photo
    Kathiravelu Srirangan

    Really enjoyed shopping. Good place for organic foods.

  221. Avatar photo
    Joseph Fong

    Good place to buy groceries,but this cold storage do not have salad bar

  222. Avatar photo

    They have changed the layout and it looks grand

  223. Avatar photo
    KH Ang

    Cold Storage at Compass One has recently completed it renovation. I was there to buy beef. The place now look more open and spacious. One can easily check out and navigate to the place to get the grocery.

  224. Avatar photo

    Great place to shop and learn all the variety of food available there. Enjoy my shopping attention everytime

  225. Avatar photo
    Chan Weng Fei

    I think this Supermarket has a very variety of food items. But the prices are a little on the high side.

  226. Avatar photo
    alex aw

    Newly renovated and nice layout. Looks very neat and clean.

    Not so crowded.

    Cons:- not many cashiers. Mostly SELF CHECK OUT

  227. Avatar photo
    Eric Cheok

    cashiers staff was very friendly …

  228. Avatar photo
    Gowrishankar G.V

    Have a good collection of items

  229. Avatar photo
    Pauline Uchida

    Usually go after yoga class to get something to cook for dinner, bought a roast chicken this time, was disappointed chicken doesn’t taste fresh so soft like almost rot
    end up in the bin. …

  230. Avatar photo
    Akari C

    Good variety of items and groceries. Just that the queues are very long, even for self checkout.

  231. Avatar photo

    i love cold storage

  232. Avatar photo
    kowshik surya creations

    Greatest all in one shopping experience

  233. Avatar photo

    Close so early at 10pm

  234. Avatar photo
    Rosenna Lee

    Convenient to visit and has many items to choose from.

  235. Avatar photo
    Irene Ham

    I like compliment SARI from Compass1 Cold Storage for her outstanding service. She alert me that the cucumber got problem and went to exchange a new pkt. Well done SARI for your excellent services .

  236. Avatar photo
    Jee Jong Ang

    Just brought item fr cold storeage ,milk ,egg ,bread n tomorrow,they put in 3 plain white plastic bag ,the 2 bottle of 830 ml meiji milk drop fr the bottle of the plastic bag,3 of the plastic bag is no good to carry thing home ,lucky I have untiy plastic bag wi me they are strong enough to put my egg ,bread n 3 pot of tomatoes togather wi unit item.

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