Review Cluny Food Court, 1J Cluny Rd, Singapore

Review Cluny Food Court - Singapore 1J Cluny Rd

“Tucked away in Botanical gardens. Piccante Pronto serves pretty good food. Margarita pizza was the right thickness and nicely fired.” or “Slightly expensive food court with western, porridge, Indonesian options.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Cluny Food Court. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Cluny Food Court is quality.

Introduction about Cluny Food Court

Here are some fundamental details regarding Cluny Food Court. In terms of Permanently closed, it is generally believed that Cluny Food Courtis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1J Cluny Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Permanently closed, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 96253593 (+65 96253593)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1J Cluny Rd, Singapore
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You can reach Cluny Food Court at 96253593(+65 96253593). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 1J Cluny Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Cluny Food Court reviews

Cluny Food Court is among the best destinations of Permanently closed in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Cluny Food Court is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Tucked away in Botanical gardens. Piccante Pronto serves pretty good food. Margarita pizza was the right thickness and nicely fired.”

“Morning walk Botanic garden, here for Kopi. The cleaning lady Aunty on duty (2 July) is so nice and polite. As sudden rain, she offered me umbrella to carpark. 1st time here, like the Mui Kee porridge here”

“Hard to find but excellent food court! With great European and Asia choices, from Pizzas to Congee, all in a relaxed environment. Cheapest, and IMHO, best alternative at the Botanic Gardens.”

“Mui Kee century egg lean meat porridge is yummy! The baked pasta at the western food stall is creamy and delicious!”

“I will come back again, the barbecue was good was well. love it”

“The wagyu burger is AMAZING ! Restaurant quality, worth every penny!”

“Excited to try out this new eatery after taking strolls around Botanic Gardens. Can't wait!”

“Nice and quiet place for breakfast. The lontong and prata are highly recommended. Nasi lemak is good too but it is too big a portion for breakfast.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 199 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 66% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Cluny Food Court, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Cluny Food Court, 1J Cluny Rd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo

    The food is very good

  2. Avatar photo

    The food is so-so, but the price is high. If you are going to the botanical garden, it’s okay to come here to eat. If you come here specially, the nasi lemak is disappointing.

  3. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    Came before 9am for breakfast. Food is not bad, but I wouldn’t give 5 stars. I don’t like that the half boiled eggs come with sachets of soya sauce and pepper instead of having pepper shaker and sauce dispenser bottle.

  4. Avatar photo
    Phoon kohwai

    A hidden gem in the botanical garden. Good variety of food. Affordable price.

  5. Avatar photo
    Jean-Michel Wu

    Hard to find but excellent food court! With great European and Asia choices, from Pizzas to Congee, all in a relaxed environment. Cheapest, and IMHO, best alternative at the Botanic Gardens.

  6. Avatar photo
    Zack L.

    Reasonable pricing.

  7. Avatar photo
    Andrew Kwek

    The food was good

  8. Avatar photo
    Albert Hew

    Quiet and cozy. Open air

  9. Avatar photo
    Md Zaim Rasid

    Project Penyet Service is very terrible.

  10. Avatar photo
    Dan Lee

    Wow. Great to found you here!

  11. Avatar photo
    XE T

    Quite a nice environment to dine in. The ayam pengyet was pretty good!

  12. Avatar photo
    Eva Su

    Was thinking to go foodcourt at law school but saw this one so we decided to try!
    Before odw home, was asked if want to go Orchard for lunch, and I was thinking about MuiKee.. then found MuiKee express is also here and Laifaba, another one I wanted to try for long. There’re six vendors with good variety of food options! Worth of paying a visit if you are nearby

  13. Avatar photo
    iq mian

    Better selection of food now

  14. Avatar photo
    Joan Quah

    10/10 for the pasta @piccante ready

  15. Avatar photo
    M J

    We enjoyed the laksa and nasi lemak post a morning walk in the botanic garden. Next to the never busy parking lot and easy stroll to Nassim entrance this footcourt is enjoyable. Laska has good flavour.
    Food court is never to busy.
    Limited stalls open for breakfast, more choise for lunch and dinner.

  16. Avatar photo
    lim meiyi

    Good, not cheap , smao barbecue was very good ( we had the grilled beef tenderloin if I recall correctly), Mui kee porridge ( average /above average ), Penyet ( above average, reasonably priced). Red wine imbibed : perfect in this year end weather (appreciate if it could be served at room temperature).

  17. Avatar photo

    Doesn’t open until 7:30. Very nice ambience when it does.

  18. Avatar photo
    Shiroi Lily Shaiza

    Good food ! Great student discount if you are fr NUS

  19. Avatar photo
    Shane Pereira

    Food is ok ok only lah. Not epayment friendly.

  20. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Reasonably priced local food at unique location

  21. Avatar photo
    Witchy Babe

    Limited stalls and very pricey for a “food court”. Other than that, the food is good.

  22. Avatar photo
    Lester Tan

    Best food court in botanic gardens.

  23. Avatar photo

    Food Canopy has been renovated, but there is less variety now. Prata is no longer available.

  24. Avatar photo
    Francis Higgins

    Good assortment of food but the payment system is way too slow. The drink stall could do with more staff on the weekend

  25. Avatar photo
    TL Tan

    Relax and convenient after a morning in the park. Friendly Prata man. Shame Chicken rice and drinks stall staff spoil the ratings.

  26. Avatar photo
    Fun n Relax

    I was dying to fine a food court that is chill, not crowded, clean, in the green nature. And wonderfully Cluny Food Court hits all the points.
    We only tried the Italian stall this time. Food was presented classically and served the purpose. Pizza Margarita was at the sweet end but pleasant.

  27. Avatar photo
    Joseph Loh

    Fragrance coffee after a good morning run.

  28. Avatar photo
    Mae Ng

    Nice and cozy food court

  29. Avatar photo
    Anthony Harris

    Di Wei teo chew one was tasty, other one no desserts boooo

  30. Avatar photo
    Serene S

    Love the Congee with yutiao there. Kopi is nicely brewed. Will go back there again.

  31. Avatar photo
    Peter Han

    Nice and quiet place for breakfast. The lontong and prata are highly recommended. Nasi lemak is good too but it is too big a portion for breakfast.

  32. Avatar photo
    Gayle Amul

    Since they renovated, the food got a bit more expensive but they also offer a lot more varied food options. One of the stalls however only has a Chinese menu and thus have yet to try it. They have also automated the payments so the staff do not need to handle the bills and coins themselves.

  33. Avatar photo
    Budi Novirani


  34. Avatar photo
    Roger Mun

    Airy and not warm. Ample carpark lots that are just across the road. The environment is pleasant and just next to the Botanic Gardens.

  35. Avatar photo
    I Kuan

    Pleasantly surprised with the array of high quality food after not going there for a while during the pandemic. Les Amis has certainly given it a breath of new life with the “upscale hawker” variety.

    S’Mao’s short ribs and pork belly were excellent. In particular, the blend of tender beef charred nicely on the outside, and lined with juicy fats made the flavourful short ribs absolutely delicious! Had 2 rounds of it with friends and I even went to buy takeaway (to go) on the following day for my family!

    Tried the Frutti di Mare and Diavola pizzas from Piccante Pronto which were nicely thin and crispy. The large 12″ is great for a hungry, growing tween/teen.

    Will certainly try Mui Kee Express the next time I’m there. Their porridge seems to be pretty popular.

  36. Avatar photo
    Carlos Palop

    we ordered food but everything taste the same too spicy… prices are ok

  37. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lloyd-Shrimpton

    Many of the options in the menu were not available. One of our party tries three different options and none were available. Some of the won tong options were good. Most of the food was cold and tasteless. Staff more interested in what was happening on their phones than dealing with paying customers.

  38. Avatar photo
    Artem Shuster

    lax is fine

  39. Avatar photo
    wsheng Bopi哥

    good place for enjoy dine

  40. Avatar photo
    Patrick Amici

    Morning walk Botanic garden, here for Kopi. The cleaning lady Aunty on duty (2 July) is so nice and polite. As sudden rain, she offered me umbrella to carpark. 1st time here, like the Mui Kee porridge here

  41. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Definitely my current favourite place for lunch since I’m working near this place. The food is very good, the price is very reasonable, and the service is also very friendly and good.

  42. Avatar photo
    TL Teo

    Mui Kee Express!

  43. Avatar photo
    SUN Denis

    Just renovated. Food is very tasty. But is always the case that the staff always want to restrict your choice of sitting which gives it an unpleasant feel like you owe it to them to eat there.

  44. Avatar photo
    W.M. LIEW

    Like the ambience of this food court. Set in the mist of the botanical gardens with heaps of greenery surrounding giving it a very different feel from the usual food courts n hawker ctr. Downside is that there’s no air-conditioning so can be a tad uncomfortable given the humid and warm weather. I reckon it’ll be quite nice during the cooler days.. I managed to grab a seat near the fans, so all good for now. There are only 3 stalls operating here… 1 the typical kopitiam that we can’t do without. They serve decent kopis n tehs (and other cold sodas) plus the standard kaya toasts 2 a central kitchen type hawker stall serving a whole menu of local dishes. Food’s not that great here. I’d passable laksa n wanton soup. The wanton tasted pretty un-delicious since its the mass market frozen type and they have cooked it throughtly. 3 a surprise here to have a Teochew zhi char stall operating here. Have not tried the food from this stall as yet. So stay tune…

  45. Avatar photo
    Angie Goh

  46. Avatar photo
    John Tay

    Food prices increased after renovation and number of stalls down to only 3. Terrible. Nice environment though.

  47. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Great porridge if you are willing to pay $10 per bowl.

  48. Avatar photo
    Xian You Lim

    A “high class” food court that deserves more attention. There’s Western, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines here, all managed by restaurant quality chains. Pricing is surprisingly competitively mostly. Serving sizes are mostly generous. Char Siew noodles were really savoury despite it’s color, and the fried rice had a rich and flavorful taste. We had a sumptuous meal here!

  49. Avatar photo
    David Chang

    Nothing special.

  50. Avatar photo
    Michael Tan

    Amazing food in the middle of a gigantic garden

  51. Avatar photo
    federico clementelli

    The location is great, but the food and service are not up to standard. In particular the food at the Wok Singapura is very wide-ranging in its mediocrity. They could simplify the menu and concentrate on something that they can really do well. In my experience it definitely is not noodles or wontons.

  52. Avatar photo
    Sam Soo

    Cluny Foodcourt is a very secluded place hidden beside Raffles Building (NParks). You need walk quite a fair bit from the Visitor Centre down the path to Cluny Foodcourt. Please note that there is only one drink stall with some snacks opening on Tuesday.

    I went for the western food which are pull-pork burger and the classic burger. $13 burger with french fries and coleslaw. Drinks are normal foodcourt price at $1.50.

    The rustic charm and the quiet green surrounding are quite enticing. Somehow it does have a stint of being in Dempsey without the expensive price tags.

    Will i go back again?

    Yes! To try other food in other stalls.

  53. Avatar photo
    nornisah jumat

    Taking nasi ayam penyet for dinner with clean and comfortable place to eat..

  54. Avatar photo
    louis chow

    Nice food. Porridge is good but rather expensive

  55. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ang

    Yummy food but only few stores available

  56. Avatar photo
    Cheen Kuan Au

    Went there to takeaway lunch fr Laifaba on Sat, 19 Mar 2022. Food was packed and given to me. Went home and found that they didn’t give me the sauce for the wanton Noodles. Drove back to get the sauce and they didn’t even apologise. Very poor customer treatment. The food – wanton Noodles were OK not spectacular, but the signature bu jian tian char Siew did not have the expected deep BBQ flavour, and worse, some pieces were dry and tough. Disappointing.

  57. Avatar photo
    Alain Oki

    Out of the way, food is costly, beverage below average…

  58. Avatar photo
    Michel RAMAMONJY

    Not very expensive but it lacks flavor.

  59. Avatar photo
    Angel Huang

    Tried Mui Kee Express the porridge is nice. Their pork liver is a bit too thick, would b nicer if is thinner. You Tiao is very crispy and service is fine. It would be a great place for breakfast I like the opened air food court concept especially this COVID period.

  60. Avatar photo
    Choon Ng

    Nasi Lemak was disappointing. Who deep fries their otah? Nothing to sing about… but for les amis, I guess we expected a little more…

  61. Avatar photo

    Having experienced the previous food court here, I’m disappointed that famed Les Amis group actually came up with an underwhelming alternative. Basic essentials in a post pandemic world like a basin is non-existent. There used to be 2 basins in the old food court. Food wise, satay was so so. Ketuput was cold. It was actually soaked in cold water before being served. Pizza was the thin crust one. Tasted ok but toppings could have been more premium for this price. Pasta needs work. Maybe my expectations are too high but this place is starting to look like an unwanted child of a celebrity parent.

  62. Avatar photo

    Ok food, cheap

  63. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Barak Perisseuo

    Mui Kee century egg lean meat porridge is yummy! The baked pasta at the western food stall is creamy and delicious!

  64. Avatar photo
    Rene Tan

    Tasty pizza but only when it’s hot. Overwhelmed the baked pasta’s taste

  65. Avatar photo
    Bear Melon

    It’s a food court
    Well-ventilated and nice atmosphere

    However, the kaya toast at the cafe was bad.
    The owner’s attitude was also great

    I want to try the Chinese one next time

  66. Avatar photo
    jvlive H

    Nice. Quietly tucked away. Value for money for this location.

  67. Avatar photo
    It's Me

    I stumbled upon this place recently as I was doing my walks in Botanical Garden. Very nice ambience. Prices are very affordable. The kopi is good, much better than those i got at other food court or coffeeshop. The lontong is also good. If you want a place that is not crowded, serves up affordable food and drinks, then this will be it. There is also a huge car park right in front of it. I’ve already recommended this place to a few friends to check it out.

  68. Avatar photo
    Joshua Chin

    Good place to get relatively inexpensive food compared to the rest of the eateries in this area. Further pluses are the open air seating and availability of parking nearby. Quite a number of stalls to give options.

  69. Avatar photo
    ChingWee Tan

    Nice ambient to have simple breakfast after morning work out

  70. Avatar photo
    Cassie (Cassakating)

    Dropped by Cluny Food Court, the multi-concept dining by Les Amis Group, over the weekend as we were in the area. Not exactly accessible unless you’re driving or hiking in Botanic Gardens.

    A small casual dining area, they house five hawker-preneurial concepts where you can satisfy your craving all at once.

    Devour the All-in-Plate ($24) meat platter by S’Mao Barbecue, before digging into a bowl of piping hot Garoupa Belly Congee ($13.80) by Mui Kee Express while polishing off the thin-crust pizzas by Piccante Pronto.

  71. Avatar photo
    Carissa Lim

    Excited to try out this new eatery after taking strolls around Botanic Gardens. Can’t wait!

  72. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    It’s alright if you have the time to wait. During dinner time, 2 out of 3 food stalls (4th one don’t open on Mondays) required waiting times of 30 to 35 minutes (pizzas, grilled meats), and the drinks stall only offer food till 4pm.

    Ended up having congee for dinner as it was the quickest. Tasty congee for ~8 bucks.

  73. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Walking distance to popular Orchidarium Healing Gardens Evolution Garden and interesting exhibition at National Parks Board. Walking distance to Botanic Gardens MRT CC19 DT9 via the Eco Lake with the popular amphitheatre for music performances. Popular Food Court walking distance to Botanic Gardens Nassim Gate. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services at reasonable prices amongst scenic well maintained landscapes with flower trees and flora. Love the Piccante Pronto Pizza and Western delights Hawker delights including Toasts Sandwiches pastries cakes bakery beverages Nasi lemak Laksa and Mee Siam. Friendly cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  74. Avatar photo
    Ma Ke

    The chinese fried rice and ho fen is very good here.

  75. Avatar photo
    Fun n Relax

    I was dying to fine a food court that is chill, not crowded, clean, in the green nature. And wonderfully Cluny Food Court hits all the points.
    We only tried the Italian stall this time. Food was presented classically and served the purpose. Pizza Margarita was at the sweet end but pleasant.

  76. Avatar photo
    Norman T

    Unfortunately they are closing on 9 Feb 2021.

  77. Avatar photo

    OK food but price on the high side

  78. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    Not enough choices. Empty most of the time. Bad food

  79. Avatar photo
    Dennis De Rozario

    Good place to relax and have breakfast.

  80. Avatar photo
    Dan Lau

    The nasi lemak (from the drink stall) is nice but not the best. Overall everything is overpriced..

  81. Avatar photo
    Peter Ong

    Mini foodcourt with local fares at botanic gardens

  82. Avatar photo
    Chia Zhi Jie

    Had the ayam penyet here. It was great. Not enough sambal, but more was given on request.

  83. Avatar photo
    D D

    Food is good, but pricey. Even the drinks are hiked up, but expected in this somewhat touristy place. Good to still check it out, otherwise you can also just travel out nearby hawkers for normal priced food.

  84. Avatar photo
    Nazmi Yazid

    Probably the nicest food court in Singapore

  85. Avatar photo
    Explore Nature Have Fun

    went to Mei kee for breakfast congee and youtiao. good food, more expensive than hawker centers.

  86. Avatar photo
    Eric Man

    Only one stall opened for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

  87. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    Cluny Food Court is the first-ever food court by Les Amis Group, providing all-day casual dining right in the heart of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Overall it is an affordable, relaxing and well-ventilated dining destination within an urban oasis environment. They have a few tenants within the space – local delights such as Mee Rebus, Chicken Curry, Nasi Lemak. Italian fanfare (Pizza, Pasta). Ayam Penyet, Satay, Seafood, Hong Kong Congee, Barbecue, Wanton Noodles with crisp, juicy wood-fired roast meats. All these are concepts brought in by Les Amis. For those who want a budget-friendly hawker meal, this is a great destination, especially after your stroll along Botanic Gardens.

    The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens. You would need to walk about 1km. For those who drive, there are ample parking spaces just opposite the food court (open air and not sheltered). I tried the Nasi Ayam Penyet for $6.50 – comes with a very hearty platter of crispy smashed fried chook with fragrant chicken rice, cucumbers and robust sambal. Also tried the signature Char Siew and Roast Pork platter (all grilled in house over hardwood fire!) with Wanton soup from Laifaba Express.

    Last but not least, the most amazing aspect and my favorite is the cashless payment ONLY concept. – via Visa, Nets, Mastercard, AMEX, and PayNow. Environment is also kept very clean with wash basins around and very friendly cleaners (thank you so much).

  88. Avatar photo
    Gone Fishing

    De food taste gd. 1 halal store and 1 Chinese store. Halal store hv western, indian and malay food. Quite variety choice of food

  89. Avatar photo
    Pamela Phang

    Saturday, 22/01/2022: we decided to give this place a 2nd chance. #Laifabar Signature BJT Roasted Charsiew & Wanton Noodles – noodles were qq, good chilli, char siew – I had eaten better, fried wanton – pathetic, wantons were not bad. Was it worth $8.00 & queueing – NO! Hubby had the BBQ Pork Belly & Pulled Pork which was tasty & substantial (price=quantity/quality) from another stall #s’mao. Very disappointed that all the hype about #laifaba was just hype & nothing more.

  90. Avatar photo
    Lean kheng Ooi

    Nice environment, good food

  91. Avatar photo
    Fook-Meng Chan

    The braised belly pork was very good.

  92. Avatar photo
    Saravanan ND Naturopath

    No vegetarian options. Had to eat prata with sugar.

  93. Avatar photo
    Rayden Tan

    There are a lot of food choices there… However the food is not the best

  94. Avatar photo
    Andrew Attan

    Had the following:

    S’Mao Barbecue
    Beef burger $12
    Grilled chicken $8
    Pulled pork burger
    Came with fries and coleslaw

    Mui Kee Express
    Congee with Garoupa $10.80
    Kai lan $9
    Yu Tiao $2.50

    Laifaba Express
    Wan Tan Noodle $8
    Small plate of roast pork $11.50

    Piccante pronto
    Baked pasta bolognese with fries $12.90

    I liked the grilled chicken the best 4.5 stars. Smoked and grilled to perfection. Just a tad on the dry side but the skin is just nice, coated with pepper!

    The burgers were just alright; meat was good but non could be better (a bit sweet?). Preferred the smoked pulled pork to the beef. Will need to be back at dinner time to try their smoked pork ribs. Fries ok.

    Congee was bit of a let down. A bit too watery. The Kai Lan was pricey but normal. Yu tiao ok.

    Did not try the wan tan noodle. The roast pork was cooked alright but there was no crunch left in the skin. Beautiful colour and served au naturel, it lacks taste. The served chilli sauce was darn spicy though… yum.

    Baked pasta was just alright. 3 stars. Good layer of melted cheese that appeals to kids.

  95. Avatar photo
    Cuong Do

    Đồ ăn cũng được,hơi ít đồ để chọn, giá cả cũng hợp lý

  96. Avatar photo
    Lavender Chia

    Had a few good experiences before but the food has gone downhill. Specifically the nasi lemak which used to be alright – today it was stale. Chicken cutlet had a rly overwhelming refried oil smell, no chicken taste (??), and the peanuts are lao hong (tasted rly stale like it’s been left out for a long time). Given that I bought this early lunch time, not sure why the food would have tasted old… overall would not dare to return again for the nasi lemak

  97. Avatar photo
    Pearl Chye

    The food court was pleasant to be on a rainy day.
    Had the pull pork burger which was good although the fried was crunchier than I liked.
    Higher prices to be expected at a touristy spot.

  98. Avatar photo
    Erwin Li

    Very relaxing cafe and value for money

  99. Avatar photo
    Sarah Othman

    Wok Singapura is certified halal. The food is cheap too. Love it.

  100. Avatar photo

    Dropped by for a quick dinner. Place was quite empty but the Chinese store was still open. The surprise dish was the fried noodle with preserved radish, it was very very tasty. Will return!

  101. Avatar photo
    Seng Hock Chang

    Les Amis owns and operates Cluny Food Court. Came on 2nd day of CNY for breakfast after morning walk.

    We ordered a nasi lemak ($6.80), nice Mui Kee mixed organ porridge ($8.80) and a cup of very ordinary tea ($1.90).

  102. Avatar photo
    Caroline Flamand

    Location is great and place is pleasant for having lunch . Quite disappointed by western food, I recommend to stay on local dishes at the entrance

  103. Avatar photo
    HF Lei

    Convenient location to fuel up my energy after a long walk in the botanic garden. Food court is clean and windy but some of the stores are closed.

  104. Avatar photo
    Justin Teo Y. K.

    The Cluny Foodcourt is a small outdoor hawker center (no aircon) that’s beside the Raffles Building in SBGs. Although small, the choices are good. Prices are higher than most food court.

    I like that it gives visitors to the park a convenient and now affordable good option. Smore BBQ and Penyet stall recommended.

  105. Avatar photo
    West Point


  106. Avatar photo
    Luke Phang

    Cheapest food option in Botanic Gardens, if you don’t mind sitting out in the open. The zi char is the best stall here, while the economy rice and halal stall are just average. But no complaints since the food is cheap.

  107. Avatar photo
    M K

    Almost hawker centre like with a clean ambience and very affordable prices for a food outlet located in a tourist area.

  108. Avatar photo

    Small food court, food was average. Can find cheaper prices in a hawker centre

  109. Avatar photo
    Stephen Kurniawan

    Food is good, but most of t do not open at once.

  110. Avatar photo
    Megan Goh

    The porridge and you tiao is the best

  111. Avatar photo
    Shaun Chen

    Slightly expensive food court with western, porridge, Indonesian options.

  112. Avatar photo
    Danny Chua

    Wanton Mee was very nice !!!! Calamari was great too! but PSA to all parents of young kids – no baby chairs available. …

  113. Avatar photo
    Mark Chin

    If the food here were better, there’d be more customers cos there’s ample parking.

  114. Avatar photo
    thitikorn topothai


  115. Avatar photo
    Ng Wei Lin

    Went for their lunch menu and tried the pulled pork burger and grilled chicken thigh.

    Both items were underwhelming. Lacked salt or flavour, which is odd because I expected barbecue to be packed with smokey flavour.

    Pulled pork was moist, lacked salt. Added the barbecue sauce given on the side to compensate. The flavours of the sauce was OK, but it was also lacking in salt.

    Chicken thigh was nicely charred but overcooked and tough on the outside. The inside was juicy but tasted rather one dimensional because of, yet again, lack of salt.

    Hopefully their dinner menu will be better. Will be trying it again due to the proximity to my home.

  116. Avatar photo
    Dylan Ng

    Not sure what eggs the porridge stall uses but when you add an extra egg, it is $2 more for 1 raw egg in your porridge. I hope they are using organic, free range eggs to be charging this amount. Went there on a morning and only 2 stalls were opened. Not a great place for breakfast due to lack of options in my opinion and would rather support our local hawkers since this upmarket canteen dishes out similar local fares at least in the morning.

  117. Avatar photo
    Huiqi Lim

    5 stars for the ambience and location, but 3 and below for the food
    My mui kee express porridge, whilst the same price as the restaurant was so so watery.. (I was quite surprised actually)

    The wanton mee at first glance appeared to be the most popular item there, with the queues and number of people eating it, was a real disappointment. The noodles were basic, char siew was really fatty and lacked the aroma flavours that have yet to penetrate the meat. And the soup, albeit the lovely opaque appearance turned out tasting like cheap white sugar and water ️

    Don’t expect great food, but otherwise still a really nice sit down eatery in bukit timah!

  118. Avatar photo
    Peter Yeung

    Loved it

  119. Avatar photo
    Chloe PS

    The wagyu burger is AMAZING ! Restaurant quality, worth every penny!

  120. Avatar photo
    Wee Tan

    Not all stores are open in the morning…only the one selling drinks and the Chinese porridge…the rest opens after 11am..

    Nice option after a walk

  121. Avatar photo

    Decent food in the botanic garden

  122. Avatar photo

    Nice place, surrounded by lots of greenery.

  123. Avatar photo
    I. Syukor

    Food is cheap and good

  124. Avatar photo
    jennifer yew

    Loved their prata! Yummilicious!

  125. Avatar photo
    David Seow

    3 main shops . Diwei Tze char, SG food and drinks

  126. Avatar photo
    Michael Lie

    it is clean and the local Teo Cher zse char cafe was good

  127. Avatar photo

    Good in concept but poor in execution. The management never considered the actual footfall, limited number of stalls, problems getting there in rainy weather and etc host of other problems.

  128. Avatar photo
    Hayeon Kim

    Nice place to visit at a reasonable price, especially after a good walk in the Botanic Gardens. Quite airy and spacious.

    One thing to notice is that most of the place open around 12 in the weekends. When I visited slightly after 11 to avoid the crowd, only 2 of stores were open. However around 12, you need to wait to fetch a table!

  129. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Yong

    Good food and nice ambience but that Indian guy (at the drink counter) really has a kind of attitude. He’s rude and impatient. He called himself a service staff. Wasted! Spoilt the whole atmosphere!

  130. Avatar photo
    Binking Binking

    This is a expensive food count

  131. Avatar photo
    Felix Young

    Tucked away in Botanical gardens. Piccante Pronto serves pretty good food. Margarita pizza was the right thickness and nicely fired.

  132. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Millar

    A hawker-like food center within the botanical gardens. The prices are very reasonable but the selection a bit limited as there is only two food vendors and a drinks stall. There is seating under a roof where you can shelter from the occasional downpour and have your lunch. There are toilets close by and fans overhead to stir up a bit of a breeze in the Singapore heat.

  133. Avatar photo
    Peter Leong


  134. Avatar photo

    The food is not that great and it’s literally an open food court with over priced drinks and food. I ate the the signature wanton Mee and sadly it’s not that great, the noodles undercooked, wantons taste like ntuc bought. The char siew is not bad if you enjoy the smoked to taste. Wouldn’t purposely come here unless I’m visiting botanic garden in late future since I can’t find a reason to do so

  135. Avatar photo
    Pheng Soon Tan

    Nice coffee shop in a very nice environment. But I feel that the bread and egg set priced at $4.20 is expensive.

  136. Avatar photo

    Great court

  137. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tay

    Nice ambience, delectable options

  138. Avatar photo
    Michael Ng

    Though only a few stalls bit the food are generally very good. Price may be more expensive than your typical hawker centers but the quality and the taste is well worth it.

  139. Avatar photo
    Mike Koh

    Not a good place for meal

  140. Avatar photo
    Xian You Lim

    A “high class” food court that deserves more attention. There’s Western, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines here, all managed by restaurant quality chains. Pricing is surprisingly competitively mostly. Serving sizes are mostly generous. Char Siew noodles were really savoury despite it’s color, and the fried rice had a rich and flavorful taste. We had a sumptuous meal here!

  141. Avatar photo
    collins Voo

    Nice place for breakfast and not crowded..for those driving parking lot just infront the coffee shop

  142. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lim

    Chanced upon this cosy food court, with pretty good quality food! First time trying Carbonara which looked like baked rice on initial presentation, the shoestring fries had tad too much salt but otherwise a nice double fried crispy texture. The curry chicken was crispy with an extra layer of batter, do note the curry is the watery spicy asian type not the thick hainanese curry style. Will be back to try the other dishes!

  143. Avatar photo
    Lisa Ang

    environment is good ..

  144. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    A lovely surrounding among the gorgeous greenery. This is a fantastic idea by the Les Amis Group to bring good food to the masses.

    I foresee many tourists enjoying the selection of food over there, at a very attractive price given the location and quality.


  145. Avatar photo
    Stephen Sim

    Nice, quiet and unhurried ambience. Good menu spread.

  146. Avatar photo
    Anthony Neo

    Great Place to have breakfast, carpark is just next to the food hall. A wide variety of food to choose from: Malay, Indian, Chinese & Western and they are delicious too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Karen Jus Ng

    Went for breakfast. The kaya & butter, and peanut toasts are ok but not the hot lemon tea – not hot & bitter due to generous slices of lemon. Friends said mee rebus & mee siam are good. Didn’t try the porridge which is the other stall opened; the other stalls only open from lunch time. Airy & pleasant environment; so overall 3.5-4 stars.

  148. Avatar photo
    Henry Shaw

    Excellent place to be alone to do your work / leisure reading. I stumbled upon this cul-de-sac when playing Harry Potter’s Wizards Unite game. The place is clean, serene and surrounded with greeneries. It has two food stalls and one beverage stall. However, the varieties is extensive from coconut water, almond pudding, juices, chinese food, western food. They even sell Crab. They open everyday, and close at 10 pm.

  149. Avatar photo
    Lisa Tay

    Decent selection. Nasi lemak is good

  150. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    I’m really sad to see them close, I loved S’mao and Mui Kee. Always brought a little excitement to my Saturday lunch.

  151. Avatar photo

    Clean and Green

  152. Avatar photo
    Su Sim Tee

    Ample parking, great ambience and affordibility

  153. Avatar photo

    Visited Sunday lunch, probably not the best time as the BBQ stall was closed. Ayam Peyak great value, pizza tasty but better for dinner as more selection of menu items and stalls in the evening after 6pm. Drink stall allows you to bring a bottle of wine, you can just pay for an ice bucket and glasses. 4 dollars per glass, 5 dollars for ice bucket, makes for a cheap brunch.

  154. Avatar photo
    chevy ang

    Food can be a little slow of peak hours, but the food tastes great and there are a ton of vegetarian options

  155. Avatar photo
    Chung Soon Hu

    The pork porridge with wide ranges of healthy foods, the steaks with ribs are very good indeed and lastly the Pizzas at its very best!

  156. Avatar photo
    Vicky Tan

    New hawker vibe
    Table setting a bit weird
    Came here on Monday morning around 8 am was quite empty but suddenly many people came for tabao
    Ordered ice milo and mee rebus
    Noodle taste better than Toast b*x
    Will come back again for Mui Kee Express next time when the weather not too hot

  157. Avatar photo
    Victor Ang

    Quite a nice place for lunch if you know how to get there. Nice variety of food. Price is food court level . No smoking corner here and the nearest place to smoke is quite a walk.

  158. Avatar photo
    Joke Jong

    Only 1-2 stall open in the morning (Saturday) and the feel to the place a bit ‘sad’..

  159. Avatar photo
    D L

    Food is ok and cheap, drinks are horrible. Tips: don’t try any fruit drinks

  160. Avatar photo
    Riski S

    Little pricey

  161. Avatar photo

    Saturday 10am only 3 stalls were open. Drinks/ local food, Roast pork rice & Congee stalls.
    Enjoyed the slightly sour Mee Rebus and the Century Egg Congee was really good!
    Food is about $7~, so slightly pricier than a normal coffee shop

  162. Avatar photo
    Eric TEO

    I always like the environment here, so close to the nature, perhaps I should say: enjoy the nature… Don’t hesitate to drop by if you happen to be in the area (renovate)️

  163. Avatar photo

    It was a promising selection of Brands and food options however poorly executed. Opening timings are not consistent and the wait time for the drinks store is super long, till it is really ridiculous.

  164. Avatar photo
    Lester Kok

    Reasonable price for average food. Cheap breakfast place near botanic gardens.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jessica X

    Very nice choices for those doesn’t like Western food in botanic garden.

  166. Avatar photo
    regina chua

    Clean and open, Sunday lunch is comfortable and food choices, though few, features a well curated choice. I’m so impressed with the cafe quality burgers and the affordability too! Asian options are just as yummy! It might feel a little to hot on a sunny day but family with kids, chill time with friends or take out, absolutely perfect!

  167. Avatar photo
    Ah Hong

    Located in the only food court in the botanical garden, the others are restaurants and cafes. The food court has only four or five stalls, and there are not many tables. There are often no seats on weekends. The price is more expensive than outside the park, and it can be compared to Sentosa.

  168. Avatar photo
    Felix Young

    Tucked away in Botanical gardens. Piccante Pronto serves pretty good food. Margarita pizza was the right thickness and nicely fired.

  169. Avatar photo
    Laura L

    Went by today for lunch. The Ayam penyet was nice and crispy, chicken was tender. The sambal very good! We also had a couple craft Beers from the stall that sells smoked ribs/pulled pork and they were great on a hot day after walking around the gardens. The seating is quite limited though and there is also no highchairs for kids so just be aware. Otherwise a nice place to end your walk.

  170. Avatar photo
    Barry Lo

    Gorgeous place for a weekend breakfast or lunch with the family. Surrounded by greeneries, get yourself some local staple from the drink store and a wok hei porridge from Mui Kee

  171. Avatar photo
    Lucienne Leroy

    A bit overpriced but the food is quite good and it’s in the middle of the botanical gardens.

  172. Avatar photo
    Agnes Kang

    I will come back again, the barbecue was good was well. love it

  173. Avatar photo
    jek lit

    Nice and quite hawker although just a few stalls. Located just beside the car park. The Chinese hawker portion was very huge. We ordered a large fried rice for two, however the portion was more like a four instead. We went around 5.30 to 6pm and it was relatively empty. It was cool and very airy too.

  174. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lee Thomas

    Pricey food. Porridge costs plus minus 10 dollars with a few addons. Did not find the porridge outstanding, although it was definitely adequate. Laksa is good. Overall, would come again if in the vicinity. Good job by Les Amis.

  175. Avatar photo
    Sheue Lin Ng

    I ordered the nasi lemak with fried chicken. I like that the food is served hot. The food is freshly prepared. However, the sambal on my nasi lemak doesn’t quite have enough taste. The chicken was well fried but it lack the lemongrass taste.

  176. Avatar photo

    The wait for the food was way to long but the food was decent.

  177. Avatar photo
    Soon Horng “Soon” Chai

    Cool atmosphere in Botanic Gardens of Singapore. Not many stalls, especially less in the afternoon on weekdays. Reasonable food quality at slightly higher price for the location between Bukit Timah Road and Tanglin area.

  178. Avatar photo
    Glenn Wong

    A nice new little food court in the midst of the botanic garden area. Very airy and spacious and not too crowded. Some shops only open in the evening though. The food is decent but very pricy. Good for a simple meal if you do not want to travel far after a round of walking or taking. Otherwise, there are better places in this area for meals.

  179. Avatar photo
    chee tian

    In the canteen of Cluny Food Hall, there are two prices, one is the preferential price for the staff in the botanical garden, and the other is the general price for all the public who come in to eat, and for those who work there In terms of food, it is a canteen that can save money and fill you up.

  180. Avatar photo
    William Tan

    Teo Chew Restaurant

  181. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Away from rush and crowd. Slow down and have your meal.

  182. Avatar photo
    WenKang “wenkang” Chin

    Okayish breakfast. Good Milo Gao. Pricey though.

  183. Avatar photo
    Ben Ong

    Delicious Indian Omelette

  184. Avatar photo
    Kai Rene Teh

    Went there for late lunch on Christmas eve. Not crowded, quite airy, comfortable for open air food court. Tried Mui Kee mixed pork porridge, S’Mao Barbeque platter, and mee siam from drinks stall. Food was mixed, Mui Kee was good, S’Mao was 1-dimensional, bit bland, resulting in very greasy mouthful. Mee Siam was also average, expected much more for $6.80. Toastbox one richer.

  185. Avatar photo
    Calvin Lim

    The food isn’t great but nice cosy place in the midst of the botanic gardens to take a break

  186. Avatar photo
    Wonder Boy

    The prices are much higher than expected for a coffee shop setting. Limited choices, do not expect your usual food fare here. Surprised they used paper cups, instead of reusable ones, in a garden for dine in.

  187. Avatar photo
    Tan David


  188. Avatar photo
    Shin Fuku (Shin)

    When I went there for the first time in a while, the store had changed.
    Previously, there was a price notation for staff and a price for general customers. But this time it was gone.
    About half of the shops were empty, probably because it was a holiday.
    I wanted to eat, but the local food store wasn’t open… sorry.
    It tastes good. The price is normal.
    Payment is by credit card. Cash payments are not accepted.

    Adjacent to the botanical garden. Probably the staff cafeteria. Available to the general public. The prices are slightly different for staff and general customers, but even so, it’s cheaper than the cafeteria in the park.
    There are Chinese restaurants that accept credit cards, but I prefer local restaurants that accept cash.
    With 10S$, you can eat lunch for two.

  189. Avatar photo
    james ong

    Mixed vegetables and rice. Not salty and reasonable price.

  190. Avatar photo
    Caleb Goh Teng Hian

    Better than Summit at NUS BTC.

  191. Avatar photo
    C. P. Justin

    Nice zhichar here, good place parking and dinner

  192. Avatar photo
    V L

    Decent and don’t expect hawker pricing here

  193. Avatar photo

    1/5 stars – Curry pork cutlet from drink stall is terrible, cutlet was hard, 1 star only for the cabbage.
    3/5 stars – S’Mao burger was alright but not memorable.

    Actually wanted to try Mui Kee porridge but they are closed on Wednesdays.

  194. Avatar photo
    susanjil lo

    This cafe cum food hall is all about location and ambiance. Set in a green area just near the Botanical gardens it is a great place to chill out in when you are sweaty after your morning walk. Good local food!

  195. Avatar photo
    Isaac Ho

    Mui Kee is good, but avoid the char siew stall. The Combination Platter ($16.50) I ordered had the most chewy char siew ever. Thankfully, the roast pork was ordinary. The teh-C from the drink stall didn’t fare any better. It was over-steeped and tasted bitter.

  196. Avatar photo
    TW Tan

    Good smoke meat but porridge is average. Pricing is on the higher side for hawker standard consistent with how Les Amis will charge …

  197. Avatar photo

    Pizza and pasta was nice. Small portions though.

  198. Avatar photo
    KH Chong

    Cool ambience with lush ambience and constant sound of water flowing down from the roof. Ikan Pengyet is quite nice. Not all the stalls are open on a Wednesday though.

  199. Avatar photo
    Christine Kwong

    The Ayam penyet is so yummy- had the breast meat option that some penyet stalls do not have. Very tender meat and crispy on outside. For $6.50 pretty affordable! Nice view too and the Cheng tng for $2.80 was also good and affordable!

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