Review Clementi Florist Aquarium C328, Clementi Ave 2, Singapore

Review Clementi Florist  Aquarium C328 - Singapore Clementi Ave 2

“Very good place to buy your aquarium needs. Ask the lady boss, prefer to ask her because she seems more knowledgeable and nicer.” or “Best place for good quality fishes at reasonable prices but you have to squeeze…” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Clementi Florist Aquarium C328. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 is quality.

Introduction about Clementi Florist Aquarium C328

Here are some fundamental details regarding Clementi Florist Aquarium C328. In terms of Aquarium shop, it is generally believed that Clementi Florist Aquarium C328is one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Clementi Ave 2, Block 328, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Aquarium shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67778468 (+65 67778468)
  • Website:
  • Address: Clementi Ave 2, Block 328, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Sunday: Closed.


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How to contact Clementi Florist Aquarium C328?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 via:

Phone number

You can reach Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 at 67778468(+65 67778468). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to Clementi Ave 2, Block 328, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 reviews

Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 is among the best destinations of Aquarium shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 good?

To determine whether Clementi Florist Aquarium C328 is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Well stock with loads of varieties of aquatic creatures suitable for levels of hobbyist. Able to get everything you need to setup an aquarium from scratch.”

“Very good place to buy your aquarium needs. Ask the lady boss, prefer to ask her because she seems more knowledgeable and nicer.”

“Best place for good quality fishes at reasonable prices but you have to squeeze...”

“Cheapest products when compared with the other shops. My items were 2-3$ cheaper. Shop very cramped and water quality doesn't look like the cleanest though. Staff are busy but helpful”

“Staff are friendly and many different brand of aquarium stuff can be found here. The only downside is the store can be very crowded and quite hard to move around.”

“Best Place to get supplies! Cheaper than buying Online! Wide spread of aquatic fishes for you to choose from!”

“Nice place to buy aquarium supplies.. bit crowded though”

“Sales ppl are knowledgeable n friendly n patient despite sometimes overcrowded - prices are reasonable compared to shops in the vicinity”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 256 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 89% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Clementi Florist Aquarium C328, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Clementi Florist Aquarium C328, Clementi Ave 2, Singapore

There is a total 256 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Balakrishnan Pavadaisamy

    Famous for selling variety of fresh waterfish and fish tank accessories. There are about four shops along side selling fresh water fish and accessories. Prices are reasonable. Ample parking space.

  2. Avatar photo
    Adrian Ang

    Clusters of aquariums selling ornamental fishes. Pet fish keepers can buy everything they need here.

  3. Avatar photo
    Lye Hanrui

    Bought all my aquatic plants and Bloody Mary from this shop. The auntie is really nice and helped me reserve 60 Bloody Mary shrimps, and told me to collect them immediately the next day. Prices are really very reasonable, and cheaper as compared to the neighbouring aquariums. Can get very busy in the evening so advisable to come in the afternoon!

  4. Avatar photo
    Sean Ng

    Went there before a few times but did not see any vampire crabs maybe they were out of stock

  5. Avatar photo
    Rachel L

    Cheapest products when compared with the other shops. My items were 2-3$ cheaper.

    Shop very cramped and water quality doesn’t look like the cleanest though.

    Staff are busy but helpful

  6. Avatar photo
    F L

    Although the place was very busy, the owners and staff were very patient to assist us. We are newbie aquarist by the way and had a lot of questions. Still not a single bad vibe that came from any of them. Overall a pleasant experience!!

  7. Avatar photo
    Alexis Song

    Alot of choices.
    All your fish needs are here. basically whole stretch along this block has multiple aquarium shops.

    This one is the one with most crowd. Competitive prices. Squeeze your way in and find the fish you like!

  8. Avatar photo
    Huiting Neo (turtleism)

    Lots of different variety on aquarium life stocks, well stock shop, almost all the essential require for building tank from scratch to mature tank upgrade can be found there.

  9. Avatar photo
    Lester Tang

    this place is always packed full of people almost regardless of what time you are there. some good choices of aquatic fishes, no labels thou so you might need to make some guesses on what breed are they, however you can try to catch their passing staff or the boss. They don’t seem to mind assisting you. But of course this is a neighbourhood typical fish shop so don’t expect excellent service.

  10. Avatar photo
    Edmund Lee

    The people are friendly and patient, for example when I asked for an exchange when the fishes had died, they immediately traded in another pack of fishes. The boss also very good.

  11. Avatar photo
    Max Wang

    Have been patronising this shop every Sat. Nice uncle that sometimes give packet of free fishes…

  12. Avatar photo
    415 YJ

    If u are in the aquarium hobby you will definetly have heard of this place. You know that its good when it is always packed full with people (not really gd to observe fish for a long time tho). You can probably find whatever you need for your aquarium here

  13. Avatar photo
    ram peruvemba

    Great place …. Most reasonable prices among the row of all the shops selling fish

  14. Avatar photo
    rob w

    Good place for aqua plants and accessories. But really crowded. All space stuffed full of fish tanks, accessories and plants. Best time to go is before lunch time. Lady boss price was good compared to their sons now taking over. Lots of lfs within reach of each other.

  15. Avatar photo
    muhammad zainuddin jamaludin

    Went though all the shops at that blk. All the bettas were poorly maintained but not this shop.
    Soo many bettas. Uncle is helpful but serious and patient. But shop is squeezy coz its the most crowded. Will patron there again.

  16. Avatar photo
    Chan “Toffees” Allen

    Always love to come here to see fishes. Many shops to choose and prices are reasonable. A little crowded after work. Bought a small aquarium for my home. Just nice.

  17. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth M

    Great place to get fish and aquarium acessories. Good prices, but the store is always busy and can be quite cramp

  18. Avatar photo
    Fyxl Khan

    Good stuff and fish are small so if you have big tank you have to look around

  19. Avatar photo

    Out of all the 4 fish shops in clementi, this is my favourite of them all! Friendly staffs, affordable and many choices of feeders, affordable fishes, affordable accessories, this place has most of the stuffs you’re looking for! I never fail to visit this place whenever I go to clementi and would always go back home with something. Definitely worth your trip to the West if you’re staying in the East side.

  20. Avatar photo
    Genesius Ng

    Nt for beginners.

    Things are significantly cheaper here, but its very messy and crowded, so its more of a “i know what i need, grab pay” kind of shop rather than a “browse at your comfort” kind of shop

  21. Avatar photo
    Alfred Ang

    Staff are friendly, give suggestions and advice when I need most to start off my first aquarium in my new house. Until now, everything still works well. Been drop by ever since when I need extra equipment/food and a new place to shop around within the 24/7 operating hours. You won’t regret visiting this stall among all 3 stalls there or even in SG! Thumbs up! ️

  22. Avatar photo
    Prakash Mailravanan

    Highly recommended! Anywhere in Singapore other fish shop you can miss..But not this one. Products are cheap and good! Many varieties of fishes, lobster, crabs, lights guppies and many more.. Highly recommended you visit at least once if you’ve never been there. I just wish they open on Sundays too.. Unfortunately Sundays closed..

  23. Avatar photo
    Jim My

    Recently bough 3 batches of guppies from them. Those $2-$6 range. I kept in 3 different tank. Most of it came with same tye of diseases.

  24. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Tan

    The Myanmar stall in the coffeeshop serve halal food. I had their fried rice several weeks ago, it was delicious. This time I tried their briani rice with curry mutton. It was excellent, using the usual basmati rice, it wasn’t too oily. The Myanmar owner has been living in Singapore for a while, thus he is fluent in several language. The stall is clean too.

  25. Avatar photo
    tommy yang

    The prices are reasonable and the lady boss is very friendly and helpful.

  26. Avatar photo
    Chuin Lee

    A brilliamt place for hobbyists. About 5 shops to browse through and pick your fav aquarium pet. Enjoy!

  27. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Items are cheap. Huge variety. But be prepared for a squeeze. The place is so small and squeeze, there’s literally no space to walk, much less browse. Avaoid peak hours. Trust me.

  28. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Koh

    Small shop with basically everything you need for the freshwater aquarium hobby. Great shop if you alrdy know what you want as it is filled to the brim with things & difficult to navigate.

    Not the best if you’re looking to talk to them to ask for info due to the shops’ cramped layout. Although I’m sure they’re happy to answer whatever question you might have.

  29. Avatar photo

    Good variety of fish and accessories for hobbies.

  30. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    The shop sells quite nice & healthy fishes at reasonable prices. However, its pretty cramp to move around. Overall, a place worth visiting for your “fishy-hobby”. (^_^)

  31. Avatar photo
    Santhosh Justin

    The amount of fish and verity surmounts to no other shop cluster. If you are a patient person this will be your final stop for all your needs. Prices are reasonable.. Name it u have it. If you are claustrophobic don’t go there.

    You will be greeted by fellow fish enthusiasts n hobbyists. You can ask questions about the fish. The staff of the shop will be pleased to advise you on the compatibility of the fish. And again. Be patient and look around for fishes or accessories. Its crowded like Mrt

  32. Avatar photo
    Zai Din (Z4zai)

    Regardless of how busy this place gets, the storekeeper always attend to you warmly and patiently.

    Everything is slightly cheaper than everywhere else. Items might seems to be in disarray but whatever you need, you will definitely find it here.

  33. Avatar photo
    Laura Ong

    It’s really cramped, with fish in tanks, buckets, plastic bags, and three staff (?) attempting to serve at least 10 people. The outside is fish tanks and decorations, with the shelves occupied by filters, food stuffs in the middle and fish scattered around. If you do not speak Chinese, this may not be the place as the fish names are scribbled in that language. Betta corner is a tight squeeze, because there are always people looking for the fish. Staff are fully occupied with restocking, may not be able to answer your questions over the barrage of people. Very hard to just enjoy the fish, or ask questions regarding their upkeep.

  34. Avatar photo
    Angus L

    Great place to get supplies and fishes. Very wide variety for pumps, filters, fish food, medicine and other accessories. Also a lot of different fishes, crustaceans, etc.
    Prices are cheap, and the boss lady may give you a further slight discount.
    But it is always crowded. The place is also small with very narrow aisles, just enough for 2 people to squeeze past each other.

  35. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lee

    Great place to buy aquarium-related stuffs.
    Do rem keep social distancing when the place get crowded. cheers!

  36. Avatar photo

    Best fish store of all row with huge variety selection of fish, snail, crabs , crayfish and aquatic plants. Price is actually similar as fish shop of this row is just side by side. But environment is quite packed and less hygiene. Anyways suggested to go here to explore and get your aquatic supplies and fish️

  37. Avatar photo

    Good products, Very crowded on every dah of the week except sunday when its closed. I bought 5 Crystal Red Shrimps from the pre packdd bags. The shrimp looked fine and i got the same type of shrimps from another store. Within the week the 5 shrimps from here died while the shrimps from the other store survived. very dissapointed

  38. Avatar photo
    tan sew eng

    Best place for good quality fishes at reasonable prices but you have to squeeze…

  39. Avatar photo
    Naveen Kumar P N

    If you want to find best prices for aquarium products in Singapore then this is the place …
    You can’t expect any guidance .. be prepared with your checklist before getting in as the place is to crowded …

  40. Avatar photo
    Sim Simmy

    Bought my fishyyyy….

  41. Avatar photo
    Chris TJ

    By far the most exciting selection of African cichlids of all the LFS I have been to, and also the most affordable. Half the price of a normal LFS for a medium sized African cichlid. Love the authenticity of the place, a little disorganized but very good vibes.

  42. Avatar photo
    Local Guide

    1. Place is old-school. Good for experience (e.g. letting your kids catch their own fishes).
    2. The variety of fishes is sifficient, though not alot.
    3. Tanks, tank setups, decors, equipment, various types of feeds and medications are available too.
    4. Friendly shop attendees.

    1. A little squeezy and crampy.
    2. Constant/ mostly wet floors.

  43. Avatar photo
    Joel Chong

    The folks there are usually very helpful and will answer even stupid questions. Though the sheer volume of ppl over there makes it a little hard to browse. Sometimes linger too long also paiseh haha

  44. Avatar photo
    Ken Lum

    Nice sucker fishes there! Bt store keepers weren’t too friendly. Nice bettas an guppies. Rest of the fishes are so so…plant prices vary quite a bit…so hv to pick the right ones if you want value for money

  45. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Apart from its cramped and tight alleys, it has the most competitive prices and large array of fishes and accessories.

  46. Avatar photo
    Bella Crosszeria

    The most affordable and friendly aquarium shop all under one roof! Highly recommended but do note the shop have crowds most of the time, be patient!

  47. Avatar photo
    Chris Chia

    The shop has a wide variety of aquarium supplies at reasonable prices. However, the shop is small and it is hard to shop when too crowded.

  48. Avatar photo
    Jiunjeh “JJ”

    My to go shop for any fish supplies. Prices are slightly lower than other locations, hence expect to see longer queue to enter the shop. Highly recommended.

  49. Avatar photo
    Alex Teo

    One of the best priced local fish shop. Business there are always good I think by looking at the numbers of customers in the shop. Anytime of the day is always full of customers. Worth a visit if you are into Aquarium thingy.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ernie Lee

    Shop has a comprehensive and wide-ranging stock. It is tight in space though

  51. Avatar photo
    Justin Wang

    Auntie is extremely knowledgeable about fish but perennially busy all over the shop.

    Fresh stock comes in from the fish farms on Saturday 10am. Come then to see the fishies

  52. Avatar photo
    Tan Angeline

    This is the best shop to get a huge variety of accessories.. shop is quite crowded at most of the time.

  53. Avatar photo

    Superbly stocked at reasonable prices. On the flip side it’s very crowded and not the place where you’d find much advice or customer service.

  54. Avatar photo
    Philip Ng

    My favorite fish shop

  55. Avatar photo
    Ho Wee Siong

    Place to go for aquarium stuff. Stocked to the brim but watch your steps due to tight spaces.

  56. Avatar photo
    Jing Rong

    I came all the way from North East to find out why a lot of good feedback. Even my friend said must make a trip to have a look. Frankly speaking it worth my trip. The price are very reasonable. Friendly boss and staff. Buy a lot of things from there and other shop because I came from North East. I thought I will visit once only. I think I will visit to that shop again in near future. That block a few aquarium shop. I shop at that block for 3 hours. Nice

  57. Avatar photo

    Fish variety is a lot but shop is simply too cramp. Overall shopping experience is quite poor actually. Price is not the best also, at least for the fish I was looking for.

  58. Avatar photo
    Jn L

    They have many different varieties of bettas. Halfmoon, plakat, crowntail, nemo, alien, wild whatever you name it male, female and giants as well. Price is very reasonable. Also wide variety of other fishes, shrimps etc from tiny, medium, XL fishes and a wide variety of fish food and products. Everything you need is under one roof. Tanks are clean and fishes healthy too compared to the other aquariums beside. The owner and staffs are also very helpful, patient and nice

  59. Avatar photo
    CJ Tune

    Very well stocked aquarium shop! But too crowded for its own good.

  60. Avatar photo
    dogcom sg

    Widest range of selection of aquarium fishes and accessories, reasonable price. Though the tanks are congested, they constantly clean the tanks and clear it of any dead fish and feed a fishes. Unlike some neighboring shops that have dirty water, diseased and dead fishes in the tank and some starved to the bones. Price are always competitive.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jye Ong

    This is a best shop in west area. We can find a lot of stuff here with cheaper price. It is hard to walk here since the shop is crowded. The staff are friendly but they are too busy to assit you if you are beginner and have a lot of questions.

  62. Avatar photo
    Polypterus “Nile beast” Bichir Bichir

    Aunty has been in this business since I was a kiddo. Her aquarium is literally a one-stop shop as one is able to purchase both aquarium equipment and select from a wide variety of livestock. Always worth a visit when around the area.

  63. Avatar photo
    Jenga Layla

    Very small shop, difficult to get around when crowded. But they have a wide variety of plants and aquarium fixtures, the Uncle and Aunty also very friendly

  64. Avatar photo
    Syaikhul'Azim Jailani

    It can be quite congested to move about during high traffic hours. Tank display are so-so.

  65. Avatar photo
    Juliana Seng

    Lady boss is always very polite and nice. Good stock of equipment and plants.

    If you are looking for any items, especially big items like soil, but cannot find it, just ask them and they might have stock in their storeroom.

    Plants are delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (in Dec 2018 not sure if got change) so come on these days for new stocks. If you cannot find the plants, just ask them and they can order specially for you also.

  66. Avatar photo
    Fake Bullets

    Shop is big but very cramp. Don’t always like to swing by cause staff sometimes are too busy to even help you or answer your question properly.

  67. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    Can most fish food and stuff there. The employees a bit stuck up.. To me..

  68. Avatar photo
    Xun Xu

    The best lfs to visit around clementi. Very well stocked from fish to accessories. The price is always reasonable and sometimes the best all over Singapore.

  69. Avatar photo
    Hazren Harun

    Shop quite squeezy,but their Betta Fish Superb.
    Got variety of fishes to buy..more to freshwater & Blackwater fishes.
    The price of the fish,Tank & accessories are quite cheap compare to other fish shop at this block.
    Recomended fish shop to shop..

  70. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    In my opinion, the best aquarium shop in Singapore. You can really get anything with regards to fishkeeping here, and in cheap prices. The range of fauna and flora collection here is extraordinary. Some of the rare ones will come in stock in the morning and gone by noon. There is always customer who will camp there in order to get them first hand.

    I know some reviewers mentioned that the shop is small and crowded with little space for walking and lady boss and staffs are always busy. But with the cheap prices and extensive range of products here, its not hard to understand why this shop is always full of customers. You certainly cannot expect the store owner to have a huge store with plenty of walking space (with sky high rental) to sell cheaply. Bottomline is this is the price you pay for cheap prices.

  71. Avatar photo
    James Wan

    (Update): place is slightly better maintained with healthier looking fishes but still cramped.

    Offer cheaper items and products as compared to other aquariums.

    However, place is cramped and tight. I cant select my fishes in peace with the staffs walking to and fro continuously in such a cramp place.

    Bought guppies that infected my other fishes. Most died with the infectious columnaris disease that can hardly be cured. Must quarantine the fishes first before putting in main tank.

  72. Avatar photo
    The Genesis Family

    Here to get puffer fishes at great price and seek puffers up keeping advices from boss aunty.

    Prices are more reasonable here.

    More selection of feeders – shrimp, frogs, worms, crickets, different sizes and types of fish feeders

    Its a small shop, hence quite pack, try to come during off peak.

    Many staff working here to handle your enquiries thou they are very busy most of the time

  73. Avatar photo
    Kiara Choo

    Good place to go. Lots of live stock and products at effortable prices.

  74. Avatar photo
    Chiew Bobby

    Best place for aquarium fish lovers. SHOP owner is honest and reasonable

  75. Avatar photo
    YC Fong

    Great place for fish aquarium lovers. There are four to five shops here, you can find everything you need from fish, shrimp, snail, accessories, tanks, fish food….and many many others. Parking is easy too

  76. Avatar photo
    Angela Tee

    Good prices. Good variety of products. Tiny walkway gets crowded.

  77. Avatar photo

    Very cramp place, lack of walking space but it has lots of stuff and overall its a okay place for people who are into aquarium hobby.

  78. Avatar photo
    Meng Tan

    The best Shop to buy your Tropical Fish in Clementi at good price

  79. Avatar photo
    Lim C

    Many varieties of fishes n aquarium accessories but due to the number of customer there effectively no time for service

  80. Avatar photo
    jack lim

    This shop has the most efficient service. Knowledge of products is good. And they work in such confined space. Amazing. And they are honest as well

  81. Avatar photo
    TB Foo

    Is a very nice place to shop here where privide full range of Aquarium related products. Many customers visit here from early from 10 am to evening. The price is very reasonable and service is good. When I start to buy some fishes where my visit around this area due to I need to send my son for dental appointment. My first batch of fishes among all gone and get the owner for some techical advice. I bought 2 batches with difference type of fishes. Happy to see that get 3 batch ( baby fishes born ). It also way to mental release to WFH ….. worth to visit …..

  82. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tan

    Famous well stocked aquarium flora and fauna in Singapore. Space is tight, service is brief but prices are always right.

  83. Avatar photo
    Timothy Soon

    It has most things a fishkeeper needs, but man is it crowded and messy, but that’s also the fun part i guess!

  84. Avatar photo
    Sherman Tan

    Extremely packed with merchandise, lifestocks and customers… even spotted local celebrities buying tropical fishes. Yes, this is THE fish shop for your one-stop needs. Very competitive pricing and excellent service ALWAYS.

  85. Avatar photo
    Bob The Builder

    Good local lfs for all your aquarist needs

  86. Avatar photo
    Francis Wong

    Shop has everything for your aquarium needs. Price is reasonable and shop owner is kind and helpful. Worth to drop by the shop if you are a keen fish breeding.

  87. Avatar photo
    Jayden Ng

    They have everything u need in 1 place. Just be mindful that it can get very crowded on weekends etc. Avoiding peak hours would be the best option to drop by the store.

  88. Avatar photo
    Mark B

    Most staffs are friendly but often times they are too busy to attend to you. Need to catch their attention, even to make paymen! Try to get the boss auntie if you want better service. However the man guarding the entrance for Entrypass is bad mannered with stuck up attitude even tho he’s not the boss yet behave like one, very yaya.
    Shop is relatively well stocked but the premise is extremely crammed with hardly any walking space, literally shoulder to shoulder at times. It is however one of the cheapest in Singapore for aquarium equipment such as tanks, filters, lights, soil, hardscapes etc. Lifestock variety is average but what they have are general in good health. Its the kind of place where you go get your things, pay and leave quickly, especially more now if you take safe distancing seriously. So do your homework first and know what ur getting before going. If you prefer to leisurely browse jalan jalan before buying, this place is not for you. But if you’re looking for the best bargain, it’s worth the trip. And try to go during off peak hours for a better experience.

  89. Avatar photo
    Dennis Tan

    Best in sg. But super crowded. Good service and best prices. Be prepared to wait as auntie and uncles have lots of guests to serve. I wish they open on Sundays.

  90. Avatar photo

    A small shop with everything. This is probably the most popular lfs in Singapore . Packed with people even on weekdays . They have a wide selection of fishes and supplies . While the small shop means a little cramp for searching a fish, the prices there are unbelievable. Got this 2 foot dragon head driftwood for only $12 . Was quoted as much as $98 for similar size items from another aquarium. Good deal !

  91. Avatar photo
    Bohua Zheng

    the fish there are all good qualities and very cheap too.The uncle.and aunty there are very kind and helpful.I always go there twice a week.

  92. Avatar photo
    Han Wei Tan

    Is a nice small shops with lots fish for selection. it also has everything you need for keeping fish.

  93. Avatar photo
    Swee Kiat Tan

    One of the best price and place to keep your aquarium. Although sadly my shrimps died.

  94. Avatar photo
    Tang Keith

    Great place great price…friendly lady boss. Plenty of aquarium stuff.

  95. Avatar photo
    Steven Tay

    Sales ppl are knowledgeable n friendly n patient despite sometimes overcrowded – prices are reasonable compared to shops in the vicinity

  96. Avatar photo
    Carey Wong

    Decently cheap place to get your aquarium accessories and fish. But the place is very packed and so are the tanks, which isn’t exactly ideal for the fish

  97. Avatar photo
    Zulkifly Jumari

    This shop is legendary with lots of ornamental fishes around and plus auntie always give discounts. A must go place for any aquarium lovers.

  98. Avatar photo
    Pak We Henry Chua

    Sells a good selection of fishes and aquarium equipments. Just that its always crowded, really no space to browse. You need to know what you want and just go ahead to buy

  99. Avatar photo
    H Hh

    Large selection (and some weird stuff you don’t see elsewhere), reasonably priced as well.

  100. Avatar photo

    Easily the best aquarium shop in Singapore. Have the widest variety of fishes and accessories often with the cheapest price too. Only con is how crowded the place is at any time of the week. Note that this shop is closed on Sundays. Must visit if you are a fish lover.

  101. Avatar photo
    Helen Koh

    Prices there are relatively affordable however the staff is a bit rude and unhelpful. He asked me if i was ready to pay, i told him i wanted one more medicine and the name of the medicine. He just told me to look for it and take it myself before going to the counter despite the medicine being behind the counter. I eventually found the medicine and it was right beside the counter and it was stacked under a lot other medicine. And there was a customer infront of me, hence i won’t be able to take the medicine until the customer left? Eventually, I asked the lady at the counter to help me take for me but the service of the old chinese guy whom i assume is the boss of the shop is bad. He was also unwilling to show me where the filter section was at.

  102. Avatar photo
    Jovelle Liew Sub email

    Very small aquarium shop, boss always busy so only drop by if u know what u want to get… too many pails outside of shop… always crowd and pack with ppl… hope they could expand the shop for more space.

  103. Avatar photo
    Mervin Chua

    One of my favourite place to hunt for aquarium stuffs. The downside is it is very hard to navigate inside the shop once it is super crowded. Difficult to stand at a spot to observe any fish. Price is reasonable and can bargain if you buy large quantities with the lady boss.

  104. Avatar photo
    Zak Rafik

    You’ll have a love or hate kind of feeling with this shop.
    Love : Reasonable prices, good variety, unique selection of livestock.
    Hate: Crammed and fishy smell in the shop, fish are kept in unhealthy conditions, Plants are not labeled as aquatic or non aquatic. Customer service is clearly lacking.

  105. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chua

    Stock every imaginable kind of aquatic pet, and some unimaginable ones too. Shop is very cramped to be prepared to get cosy with the other customers.

  106. Avatar photo
    XuanKai Chen

    Crowded as usual even early morning when shop just opened. Wide variety of products, always managed to get what I required at a better price.

  107. Avatar photo
    Ting Hwee Goh

    They have a wider range of flora & fish tanks among all 5 shops in the same block. The aunty was also very helpful and friendly.

  108. Avatar photo
    Benny Ng

    One of the best shops in Singapore to find aquarium supplies. Good selection of livestocks too. Conveniently located near Clementi MRT station is a plus.

  109. Avatar photo
    Paul Ling

    Very cheap and affordable fish and aquarium supplies. Well stocked and has huge variety. Shop assistants are pretty helpful, but you will need to take the initiative to ask as they are usually very busy.

  110. Avatar photo
    Philip C

    Excellent selection of hardware available at a lowest price. This has been a favourite store for many aquarium fan. U will love it.

  111. Avatar photo

    Cheap equipment, medication, and fish price.. but in return, it’s full of customer.. so expecting queue and many people inside store..

  112. Avatar photo
    lester bong

    All the necessary things you need for fish hobbist. Too bad the shop is too cramped

  113. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Poon

    Been coming here for years! Great place to get quality fish. Yes it is always cramped with people, products and all manner of aquria, plus the staff are always busy but if you want the best variety in Singapore (from plants, to crustaceans, to arowanas to plecos to bettas) and everything (and anything) else an aquaria hobbyist needs? This is THE place to be.

  114. Avatar photo
    wee chong

    Various aquarium fishes available. Well use of space . The cheapest n best pace to get your freshwater aquarium fishes and accessories in the west of singapore.

  115. Avatar photo
    Upstairs Fromyou

    Haven’t been here in ages (More than 10 years), but glad to see them still going strong. Much more competition now, they all probably hate each other, but yet being together draws the crowds.

    It is as jammed packed as ever and I still have as hard a time differentiating the hobbyist from staff. It’s very easy to mistake customers for staff and vice versa, unless you actually see them doing something with their hands. This is not staff who volunteer to help you, they’re busy.

    Prices still seem reasonable to me.

  116. Avatar photo
    Andy W

    good prices but the place is absolutely tiny and crammed full of people – can not even walk. make sure you know exactly what you want, and get it and get out

  117. Avatar photo
    Joel Kwok

    It’s really cramped if you go during the store’s peak hours, and sometimes you’ll be thrown off by where items are as items are everywhere. However, this is still a good place to go if you know what you need for your aquarium. Not the best for viewing and deciding though.

  118. Avatar photo
    minghui yeo

    Aquarium lovers must visit. Good prices and wide range of livestock and products.

  119. Avatar photo
    Chng chyi sheng

    Well stocked with fish and aquatic plants. However it is extremely packed during the weekends. It is not a place to hang out for a long time. Plan your purchases, grab and go.

  120. Avatar photo
    ꧁【Weijie】꧂ (WJ)

    Highly Recommend you to get fish there, wide variety of food from different brand, equipment and fish species, very nice staff there but just a bit too crowded

  121. Avatar photo
    Randy Wan

    They feel fish shops and coffee shops is o

  122. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Chua

    Everything you need for aquarium

  123. Avatar photo
    jackson chan

    This was the Best aquarium shop in clementi cheap also have a lots different type fish also sell alot different types fish foods & seaweed

  124. Avatar photo
    Shun Qiang Ng

    awesome local aquarium shop. many different species of plants, fish, substrate and equipment. even though it is just a hdb shop, the variety of things available can easily beat those at the farm.

  125. Avatar photo
    shao hua ng

    One of the more popular aquarium shops, which is not surprising because they sell a lot of fishes and other aquatic stuff. Also has a lot of merchandise and medicine and feed. Most importantly, their prices are good. I bought a 17L glass tank for just $20

  126. Avatar photo
    jB (Mr J)

    Perpetually packed always on weekdays and weekends. Bought a nice betta fish at reasonable price of $5, anti chlorine solution at $2 and 90gm pellet feed for $7.50. Total of $14.50

    Had my own tank already so no hard selling from them in any way, only asked them for what was needed and they recommended the options.

  127. Avatar photo
    Were Wolf

    One of the most fully equipped aquarium shop for all hobbyist. Great varieties of fishes and huge stock of aquarium equipment. Great for all hobbyist.

  128. Avatar photo
    Darwin Binazmi

    This place has almost everything you need for your freshwater aquarium hobby. Can find varieties of plants and fishes in this old school shop. Only gripe I have about this place is that its so popular that you have difficulty maneuvering around in its tight spots. Do avoid its peak hours

  129. Avatar photo
    George V (infinitygeorge)

    Nice place to buy aquarium supplies.. bit crowded though

  130. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    One of my favourite place to buy aquarium stuff at very reasonable price. Do expect long queue during peak hours during lunch and dinner time. They are close on Sunday and opens from 11:30am to 9pm. Their prices for aquarium fish is one of most competitive in the entire row of 4 fish shop along this block 328.

  131. Avatar photo
    Jason Ong

    At least 5 live fish shops here, 1 of which is open 24 hours. Great place for all fish hobbyists!

  132. Avatar photo
    Johnson Seah

    A very well stocked local fish shop for meds, plants, filter medium and equipment and more. Every trip to C328 is like a learning trip for me.

  133. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Poh

    The block is mainly cater to aquarium hobbyist. With 4~5 aquarium shop line up at the block itself.
    It is highly not recommended to visit there on weekends or public holiday. As there will be massive crowds around the area. With limited spaces, most aquarium shops packed their stocks full. As there are not many place you can move around especially if you are intending to buy fish.
    Pricing wise, I personally do not feel that there is a drastic difference that would set apart from other local fish shop in Singapore. If you buying products produced by YiHu Fish Farm Trading there is not point of going there as it is widely available around Singapore.
    Plan what you want to buy before you go there during the weekend as it would be much easier for you. Or if you like the lively atmosphere feel you can visit there as well.

  134. Avatar photo
    alvin care

    Nice area to get your Aquarium Fish here.

  135. Avatar photo
    YJ Yip

    The store sells a wide range of aquarium goods, without the frills of air conditioning or a membership system. Prices are highly competitive, and the store is well stocked. Exotic pets like hermit crabs, and crabs are also available.

    However, the store, being a single unit, is rather cramped inside. Patron numbers remain high even late into the evening. The congestion makes walking around or getting to the cashier counter inside a difficult affair.

    Shrimps are only sold in pre-packed bags of ten. Many of these bags may contain dead individuals. The number of dead individuals likely depend on how fresh the stock is, as bags of aesthetically coloured and healthy fire shrimp are available at times.

    The location of the store is rather convenient, being a mere five minute walk from Clementi station. However, the distance nonetheless makes carrying heavy items different. There is however a carpark next to the block.

  136. Avatar photo
    Jasper Goh

    Affordable LFS for anyone to start an aquarium. They carry hermit crabs, crayfish and a wide variety of aquatic animals apart from the usual ornamental fishes.

  137. Avatar photo
    Ong Keegan

    Thus shop has lot of aquarium items to look for. But due to they have many thereby the place is congested. Item price are economical too.

  138. Avatar photo
    Duan Huei Ho

    There are 5 fish stores here. One of the best place to buy aquarium equipments in the west side of singapore. It’s like Simlim sq but for aquarium hobbyist. Unbeatable pricing and is located near clementi MRT.

  139. Avatar photo
    Elvin Siew

    Best place to get your fish keeping needs with a very very reasonable price! However crowded during peak hours.

  140. Avatar photo

    lots of items available regardless of what kind of fish u own, price is good also

  141. Avatar photo
    eugene goh

    It may seem a bit haphazard but that’s just because they have so much stock! May just be the very best one stop solution for your aquarium needs. Staff and friendly and knowledgeable.

  142. Avatar photo
    tatayi ray

    Well known place for fish hobbyists , 6 fish shops for u to shop around. Price very competitive.

  143. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yew

    One of the most complete place to shop for aquarium related stuff.
    Fish to equipment to plants as well.
    This place is close to complete because of the several different shops.
    They compliment each other, for example shop A has item X, but shop B has item Y and shop C has item Z.

    Some negative opinions include the poor customer service, and at some shops the prices can be steep. Last but not least, some shops do not even have walking space and it can be difficult to identify who the shopkeepers are.

  144. Avatar photo
    Chan Ryan

    shop is super compact, and very packed at all times. HOWEVER their pricing for equipment is one of cheapest. And willing to provide advice.

  145. Avatar photo

    Most amazing fish store ever fishes are in perfect health items all cheap and good and I love the cramped feeling as it makes the store seems bustly and cool

  146. Avatar photo
    Andie Liny

    Affordable prices, very busy and teeming with customers

  147. Avatar photo
    GW Ng

    One of the most comprehensive LFS in Singapore. Prices are highly competitive making it a must visit for all fish hobbyists.

  148. Avatar photo
    Roger Tan

    Possibly the widest selection of aquarium accessories in Singapore. Reasonable price but shop front quite messy and the helpers always very busy.

  149. Avatar photo
    Nahar Bear

    Fish enthusiasm. Everything under 1 roof. As a Betta hobbyist, this is one of the place to should you be residing in the West. I got my Betta fishes here. Great selection of varieties of fishes and shrimps.

  150. Avatar photo
    Okiver Hon

    C328 is well known for cheap products but they also mass sell them

  151. Avatar photo
    Kaicheng Oo

    Very crowded, but for good reason. Sells a large variety of quality products for hobbyists!!!

  152. Avatar photo
    Sora Millay

    This is a famous aquarium shop and they do good business. There is a huge variety of livestock here and also a great selection of live plants at really good prices. However, it is very cramped and busy. The supplies are also scattered around many shelves so it’s not easy to browse. It would be better to come here if you know what you are looking for.

  153. Avatar photo

    Some items can be very cheap. Plenty of livestock available but quality and cleanliness of livestock questionable.

  154. Avatar photo
    F L

    Although the place was very busy, the owners and staff were very patient to assist us. We are newbie aquarist by the way and had a lot of questions. Still not a single bad vibe that came from any of them. Overall a pleasant experience!!

  155. Avatar photo
    nicholas Quah

    Place very small and squeezey don’t go in u will be smashed into pancake but prawn they sale quite expensive and got alot of babies but there didn’t have social mataince

  156. Avatar photo
    Choon Leng Tan

    They are selling in reasonable price and there are plenty of variety of choices over fish pellets, fish species and equipmets

  157. Avatar photo

    A very popular shop to buy anything for the fresh water aquarium hobby. Great selection of almost everything. It is always busy. So be patient.

  158. Avatar photo

    Always crowded, its like a hardware shop for fish tanks.. Lots of different fishes and plants to browse

  159. Avatar photo
    Joel Teng

    Never a bad vibe from here. Excellent place to get your things. Closed on Sundays though and can get crowded at times.

  160. Avatar photo
    Richael Ng

    Lots of suppliers can be found at reasonable price… There are quite a number of aquarium shops here but personally I like the one that is nearest to the coffee shop uncle is always sharing his experience on hiw to deal with aquarium problems

  161. Avatar photo
    BraiMo 8

    All things aquaria. Best to avoid during lunch and evenings as it gets very crowded.

  162. Avatar photo

    Best fish store of all row with huge variety selection of fish, snail, crabs , crayfish and aquatic plants. Price is actually similar as fish shop of this row is just side by side. But environment is quite packed and less hygiene. Anyways suggested to go here to explore and get your aquatic supplies and fish️

  163. Avatar photo
    Randall Lim

    Best range of items including aquatic plants. All types of fishes. Lobsters crabs shrimps snails. Tank decoration. Medicines. Feeds. Soil. Tank stuff like filters and all. Best local fish shop I’ve been in Singapore. Helpful staff even when full crowded shop. Extremely humble. Not proud. Have everything you could ever need In my opinion.

  164. Avatar photo
    Justin Yeo

    Need to know what you want to get here. Especially if you come during weekend. Place is squeezy and pack. Staff are busy to entertain. Price is cheaper than others though.

  165. Avatar photo
    H I

    I agree with all the reviews here. Really good and complete shop. My reviews are dropped to 3stars only due to one salesperson who dont deserve to be part of this wonderful shop. Uncle crewcut should be part of the beer drinking group at the coffeeshop beside rather than serving customers with rude voice and aggressive demeanour. Total disregard to customers. He will shove u aside if u r in his way. He dont bother to say anything if your back is facing him and he wants to pass by u thru the shop. If u r hot tempered this guy will be the best person to flare u up instantly. Just hate to talk about this uncle. My stars go to the auntie who is so welcoming and also to the young Filipino lady working there who looks like a chinese lady. Anyways u can also try out That aquarium shop few shops away. Not bad too..

  166. Avatar photo
    Azhar Jamil

    Lovely shop. Suitable to find anything related to fish and aquariums. If you are a starting this hobby go head down to clementi. So many choices.

  167. Avatar photo
    Chee Yong Lim

    Busy at all times. But they doing good job regulating the customer flow.

  168. Avatar photo
    Anrick Anrick

    Buying things from C328 need not worry the pricing coz they’re one of the cheapest in SG. Be more patient coz they’re very busy always crowded.

  169. Avatar photo

    Huge variety and great prices, but extremely cramped walking space. Not helped by the various tanks and equipment placed everywhere.

    Know what you are looking for before u enter this shop, unless you love jostling with a crowd.

  170. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Ignatius

    Very crowded during the lunch times but it has a hige variety of auqurium stuff from plants going at $1.50 to guppies at $0.50 to $0.60, even green tree frogs, pinhead and many many more

  171. Avatar photo
    brandon cheang

    Has everything u want to find. From medicines to fishes. It’s still at a very reasonable price. Always my joy to visit the shop

  172. Avatar photo
    Ben Ong

    Very friendly staffs and get items i want. Cheers mate.

  173. Avatar photo
    Brian Milner

    Its extremely crowded and squeezy, difficult to find who are the staff. You may be thrown off by the fish in the buckets on the floor and the general inactivity of most fish but i would give it a chance and say, the fish are direct from the supplier so transfer stress makes them like that. The prices are reasonable and fish are good if you know how to pick and choose.

  174. Avatar photo
    s Tom

    Well-equipped with fish related stuffs. Things are cheaper than most stores and online shops. However, the place is super crowded on weekends and you will need to queue and squeeze.

  175. Avatar photo
    Little Owl

    Have many selection and busy shop.

  176. Avatar photo
    Stephen Kurniawan

    I buy from here a lot, the animals are all at resonable prices, love the animals, although the other fish shops next to it have many cheap fiah that die easily.

  177. Avatar photo
    Max Neo

    It’s the BEST in terms of variety, service, reliability of product, condition of fishes and most importantly the price. Just visit and u will know. Those who gave 3 stars and below are probably competitors imho

  178. Avatar photo
    Zhi Ting

    Fishes are always in bundle.
    The better grades one are often bag as pair and nearer to the cashier.

    Carries many types of BETTA FISHES and a joy to watch.

    Prices are reasonable if not cheaper than other LFS in the west.

    The plants are sold at $1.50 onwards.

    Fishes can be $0.80 onwards. Good for amateur fish hobbyist to start their purchases.

  179. Avatar photo
    Owen Soriano

    low price, wide selection, friendly and helpful staff for your aquarium and live stock needs.

  180. Avatar photo

    Visiting this shop is a nostalgic experience and feels like a flashback to the past as the shop has retained most of its 1980s look and feel.

    Here, you’ll find an excellent range of livestock, accessories and supplies, all priced very affordably.

    The price point here is the lowest along the entire stretch of aquariums. Supplies like anti-chlorine would probably set you back upwards of $10 at other shops but here, it’s $3 for a 1 litre bottle (Ocean Free).

    The shop may be packed at times but it’s a small price to pay for what you’d get in return: wide range of products at an excellent price point.

    Customer service is great as well, you just need to approach the right people. You don’t have to worry about being ripped off either as the uncle and auntie are helpful, honest and knowledgeable. Just ask if you need help or tips, they’ll be willing to help you out.

    Of course, you should be willing to wait a while if they’re busy attending to another customer, you will be attended to eventually.

  181. Avatar photo
    ivan gee

    the best store amongst others at that area depending what you are looking for. shrimp are cheap and others livestock looks cheap also

  182. Avatar photo
    Machine Operator

    Very wide variety of fishes n is a whole row of shops selling aquatic supplies and fishes. Definitely worth visiting. Cheap too but that also means these fishes are not very well taken care of. Water quality is not that great most of the time and please do quarantine your fishes and preferably treat them first in a separate tank with antibiotics before adding to main tank. Had my entire tank infected with ICH due to addition of new fish bought from fish shop here

  183. Avatar photo
    Jin ZhiYan

    Went over yesterday, found it to be a great shop, just like previous reviews said!

    I saw many varieties of crustaceans and fishies which are not available in my neighbourhood shop. The selection of other products like plants, food, and decorations was also wide. Additionally, the shopkeepers are willing to provide advice and very polite. It’s also fun to be able to choose and catch your own fish. Price of red cherry shrimp was about 40% cheaper than my neighbourhood shop as well.

    The only con would be that it is quite crowded, especially with the narrow aisles and buckets on the floor. I went around 6pm, 7pm, so that might have made it a bit worse.

    But overall it was so great! I will definitely go back!

  184. Avatar photo
    Jessica Saiya

    The first fish/aquarium shop I went to after seeing many online. Found it easily from the MRT after a little walk. Went to buy a Betta for my 5-year old after hearing they had good prices. Before that I only saw Bettas for $25 at a pet shop near the city! We loved seeing all the different creatures and species of fish. They might have too much for their space, however. The aisles were very narrow and it was almost impossible to get around without walking sideways. Once my son chose the Betta he wanted, I had to wait about 5 minutes or so before someone was available to put the fish in a bag. But for $8, it was worth it! All the fishes are healthy and well-maintained. They just need to organize their store better so that there is order for queuing and expand their store space so it’s easier to move around since they have so much supply.

  185. Avatar photo
    Bubbly Fishball

    One of the better price shop.
    Be it weekdays or weekend, Morning or night, you need to be very slim to press through millions of people inside.

    If you have the time you might find some really good quality fish at a very reasonable price.

    Place is not very well organised, really feel like treasure hunting.

  186. Avatar photo
    Bryan Soh

    Bought a bag of small guppies which consist about 30 for only $3.

    Shop was very crowded but still able to answer my call for checking of availability of those guppies and the lady boss answered. Fortunately, it was the last pack and they reserve it for me. I headed down within 40mins from Teck Whye. Really appreciate the effort even though you are busy.

  187. Avatar photo
    Johnny Loh

    Very old fish shop, literally many old time hobbyist grew up with this shop.

  188. Avatar photo
    Christopher Tay

    Good price for aquarium product. Wide variety of fishes as well. Recommend

  189. Avatar photo
    Edwin Chua

    One of my favourite aquariums. Sells a good selection of items to get you started in the hobby. Their prices are cheaper than majority of their competitors.

  190. Avatar photo
    Jamie “Jamo” Whitehouse

    Excellent range, good prices, healthy (in the majority of cases) stock, but as cramped as a shop can possibly be. No space or time for personal service though, but that’s fine for this kind of shop.

  191. Avatar photo
    WaterBox Projects

    Best place to get aquarium supplies – lots of fishes, aquatic plants, food – live worms, shrimps, feeder fish, brine, etc. Selection of food pellets. There are 4 major aquarium shops catering to all your aquatic needs.

  192. Avatar photo
    Mages L

    A large selection of fish, plants. It has everything you need to start a fresh water tank at very competitive prices

  193. Avatar photo
    adrian ong

    Friendly and very approachable auntie. Though they’re pretty busy, they will usually make time to address any questions. It’s also has the cheapest prices.

  194. Avatar photo
    lewis yee

    Great place to shop

  195. Avatar photo
    kenny chong

    One of better aquarium around. Clementi Aquarium is known for its great variety. Very well stock and reasonable prices. You need to see it for yourself. Be prepared to squeeze a little since it is heavily stock and attracts huge crowd.
    Happy browsing.

  196. Avatar photo
    Darren Ang

    Good and nice HDB aquarium shop. Price is cheaper then alot of HDB shop and variety of product is enough for what you need to setup a aquarium.

  197. Avatar photo

    went couple times but never purchased anything. fish range good but fish quality not particularly strong. plants – yes they have but sea view is way better, wood? yeah they have but fishy business store is much better. and always crowdy…

  198. Avatar photo
    The Genesis Family

    Here to get puffer fishes at great price and seek puffers up keeping advices from boss aunty.

    Prices are more reasonable here.

    More selection of feeders – shrimp, frogs, worms, crickets, different sizes and types of fish feeders

    Its a small shop, hence quite pack, try to come during off peak.

    Many staff working here to handle your enquiries thou they are very busy most of the time

  199. Avatar photo
    Jong Mike

    Best place to get aquarium supplies and fresh water livestock. You will be surprised the variety of stuff there. Just ask the lady boss if you couldn’t find it.

  200. Avatar photo
    SherMin Liau

    They have got many things I need and many special species of fishes.

  201. Avatar photo
    Kasun Chathuranga

    Must visit for every aquarium lover. Good collection of different fish types and all the necessary items at a reasonable price. Owner should think of improving aqua plant collection too.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    really good fish shop, lots of fishes and supplies. but super crowded on weekends.

  203. Avatar photo
    Witchy Babe

    Huge variety of fish, aquatic plants, fish food, water treatment, assessories. Had a hard time deciding what to get! Staff are friendly and helpful. Especially for a newbie like me wanting to keep fish!

  204. Avatar photo
    Mark Law

    The best shop among the rest to shop for livestock & accessories for your aquarium. Prices are better & great variety of choices

  205. Avatar photo
    Zai Jin Neo

    If your looking for a equipment that you couldn’t find elsewhere, you most likely be able to find it here.

    The crowd here can be a big minus point BUT the price and stock available more than make up for the crowded situation.

  206. Avatar photo
    Chee Kin Fong

    Many aquarium equipment available at a cheaper rate. The only reason not getting 5 star is the placed is packed with aquarium stuffs and people. Staff is helpful provided the place is not fill with customer

  207. Avatar photo
    Glenn Tay

    Best Place to get supplies! Cheaper than buying Online!

    Wide spread of aquatic fishes for you to choose from!

  208. Avatar photo
    Rick Tan YC

    Ornamental fish and other accessories for fish rearing hobbies. Fishes are priced quite reasonably and wide variety as well

  209. Avatar photo
    SuZpEcT Lambert

    Lots of fish related accessories and equipment at an affordable price compare to those boutique ones. Been a loyal customer of the shop since i was a little kid.

  210. Avatar photo
    Isaias JL

    Very popular location for your aquarium needs. Prices are reasonable and wide range of items. It’s quite crowded so do be patient while getting attended.

  211. Avatar photo
    Elvako Wee

    Exotic tropical fishes of vast variety and great price. A place that all fish hobbyist should visit.

  212. Avatar photo
    drader blade

    Came into this shop because I heard it’s cheap and the owners will offer further discounts at times, but I didn’t manage to get one. Very crowded tho since it’s too popular, and the neighboring aquarium shops had no business.

  213. Avatar photo
    CheeWai Lum

    Always ask for discount can find “almost” everything for your aquarium need. …

  214. Avatar photo
    Tan Albert

    First time to Block 328 Clementi Florist & Aquarium shop on 28DEC19 Saturday and I bought a RS Electrical S600EF fish tank 620 x 380 x 570 mm full set with cabinet at $198 very cheap and reasonble price, I was very happy I can get it here, the same brand same model fish tank selling at Tampines and Pasir Ris aquarium shop were much more higher.
    There were wide varieties of fishes and aquarium products there, shop was very crowded with many customers. The lady boss was very helpful , she went up to her HDB house on top and bring down the brand new fish tank and cabinet with original packaging. The staff help me to bring carton boxes by trolley to my car behind the shop very convenient.
    Beside the shop there was a coffee shop which you
    can have drink and take a rest. Nice place to go again, I strongly recommend this aquarium shop.

  215. Avatar photo
    Darren Foo

    great variety and price. shrimp, betta, pelco, and a lot other with varieties. must visit aquarium shop. always full of people.

  216. Avatar photo
    Marilyn Liew

    Way too crowded, can’t get staff to help n answer questions. Products are fairly priced though

  217. Avatar photo
    Yan Kwong Cheong

    Very popular shop. Things are quite cheap. Service quite fast. Place little bit cramp. I think need to re-lay out again. Not very safe and slippery.

  218. Avatar photo
    Tan C.

    Cheap with a large variety of fish supplies – just crowded and rather messy. But if you wa nt some fish supplies for cheap, chances are that this place has it. Near to the MRT too!

    Take note that they close on Sundays.

  219. Avatar photo
    Randall Kok

    One of the oldest n reputable fish shop in SG. Friendly auntie boss with tons of variety fresh water fishes, water plants and accessories.

  220. Avatar photo
    kn sim

    You can nearly everything you want. Hardware such as pumps, filters, fish foods and etc. I went there for nearly 20 years. Very polite lady boss. Now, there are total 6 aquarium shops along stretch.

  221. Avatar photo
    Sam Tay

    One of the most busiest aquarium accessories and ornamental fishes shop in Singapore.

  222. Avatar photo
    Amos O

    My fave aquarium shop for all time . Be coming back to this shop for almost 25 years. Prices are really competitive and products ranges also quite wide.

  223. Avatar photo
    Noordin Noorhisham

    Would give a full star if the shop is spacious enough. Its really cramp place they really need to widen the place so we can have a piece of mind browse thru

  224. Avatar photo
    Angeline Chong

    I’m so addicted to aquarium shops. It’s a small place but they seem to have almost everything. All their bettas look so good, I tried so hard to not get anything on impulse.

  225. Avatar photo
    Mardu Ismail

    Amazing place, bought my betta(fighting) fish here. Affordable and has everything ull ever need.

  226. Avatar photo
    Jun Hong

    Staffs are all polite and helpful.

  227. Avatar photo
    Hk Lee

    There are a 5 aquarium shops in clementi block 328. Popular one is Clementi Florist and Aquarium. This shop is overcrowded like the fishes in its tank. Price of fish is cheaper but not necessarily good given such poor tank conditions. Buyer beware !

  228. Avatar photo
    Boon Kiat Koh

    Except for great white and killer whale, you can buy anything aquatic here. A must visit place for a aquarist hobbyist

  229. Avatar photo
    Yong Zen Tan

    Very nice range of fishes. They usually do not have dead fish in the tanks. …

  230. Avatar photo
    hera lynch

    The owners and workers and extremely helpful if you approach them for help — especially the lady boss. The prices are one of the best in Singapore. Their livestock and plants are really healthy too. They sell such a wide variety of flora and fauna that it’s definitely a ‘must-see’ if you’re interested in aquatics or terrariums.

  231. Avatar photo
    Perry Tan

    Many fish aquarium (6 shops) selling fishes & accessories. Many varieties. There are other smaller shops & coffee shop there. Other blocks also have coffee shops, neigbourhood shops etc. Very conveniently located near & behind Clementi MRT.

  232. Avatar photo
    michael teng

    Nice place ,I have drop my key in front this fish shop, blue color pouch with one Mitsubishi car key inside, if u pick up kindly message me at 98582834,reward $50,thanks

  233. Avatar photo

    My favourite shop in the west. Need something? 99% this shop will have. One thing is that it’s mostly crowded due to it being popular. Don’t take ur jollysweet time to look around. You can look at other shops. If you come here, you must know what you want to buy. There’s a long queue outside so when you are asked to leave. Don’t take ur race as an excuse.

  234. Avatar photo
    Kheng Wei

    Staff are friendly and many different brand of aquarium stuff can be found here. The only downside is the store can be very crowded and quite hard to move around.

  235. Avatar photo
    Suguru Osako

    Prices reasonable but crowded and narrow. Do your homework before going . Buy and go. Not a place for you to be browsing.

  236. Avatar photo
    Weechye Tan

    Well stock with loads of varieties of aquatic creatures suitable for levels of hobbyist.

    Able to get everything you need to setup an aquarium from scratch.

  237. Avatar photo
    ho eng keey

    Clementi florist and aquarium have a good rating of 4.8 …after that today I visit this shop the auntie very friendly and I ask her how much is the tree block .She says $3 then I yes ok. I buy.. I told her she got the highest rating online do you know that? She laugh I hand over $3 to her. She return $1 to me LOL… I say thank you to her… Infact $3 is already cheap… Her goodwill she gave discount to me I didn’t ask for. The blk 328 clementi got 4 shops.. The first fish shop I ask similar tree block Filipino says $5 before I go to the c328 auntie shop. I wait for her to. Open the shop. I was there @10am. This tree block is very beautiful. Share around if info is good.

  238. Avatar photo
    Little Ong

    Great variety of fish, plants and accessories at good prices, coupled with knowledgeable and friendly staff. That just means that it’s always crowded so come with a bit of patience to be served and you’ll leave no less than happy.

  239. Avatar photo
    ChonChat Tock

    Price is reasonable and has a wide range of products to suit your aquarium needs.

    It is always crowded during weekends and due to the space constraints inside the shop it is difficult to move around! I will suggest to go during off peak hours like near closing hours during weekdays so that you can get more attention from the shopkeepers.

  240. Avatar photo
    Lee Moon Son

    Good price and variety of products

  241. Avatar photo
    Donovan Tan

    Anything & everything you need at super awesome price. . Nnuf said. Just bear with the crowd. …

  242. Avatar photo
    Ceres Ng

    Very good place to buy your aquarium needs. Ask the lady boss, prefer to ask her because she seems more knowledgeable and nicer.

  243. Avatar photo
    Lokman Loks

    Friendly staffs and very reasonable price of all kinds of aquarium stuffs…. Just bought new tank there …

  244. Avatar photo
    Yong Hieng Chua

    Good place to go to for all your aquarium needs. A very wide range of fishes and all the necessary equipments to jump start your fish hobby as beginners or amateur. Highly recommended but abit cramp at times in the shop. Reasonable pricing on fishes, fish foods(live or dry fish food) & aquarium equipments. Staffs quite helpful & knowledgeable of their products if you need any assistance. Definitely an awesome experience to visit the shop compare to the other aquarium shops at blk328.

  245. Avatar photo
    Jerald Tan

    Large variety of good quality livestock, plants and equipment for the aquarium hobby. Great prices as well

  246. Avatar photo
    A Albert

    Got 8 numbers gold fish, sales person is quite professional and knowledgeable on fish.

  247. Avatar photo
    Azhar Sarwan

    Good place, cheaper than other shop. Can find almost everything for aquarium needs but staff really don’t know the product, the pricing and not so friendly, all like robot. All depend on lady boss. Lady boss always busy. Shop too cramp! But I still visit the place

  248. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheoh

    Got everything you need for your fresh water fish tank.. very good prices vs the rest of the shop at Clementi

  249. Avatar photo
    Lee Tm

    Good place to buy know stufff. But not fishes.

  250. Avatar photo
    Dannie Cho

    Wow! This shop is popular! There were already people waiting to enter the shop right when it opened, and to their credit, they were assiduous about managing the crowded in the shop. One of the shop assistances accurately guessed that I was a first-timer for setting up a shrimp tank just based on the type of moss I was looking for. That’s expertise right there!

  251. Avatar photo
    Augustine Ng

    Nice place and the prices are reasonable. Always look for the auntie she will give you discount automatically when checking out. Place can be disorganized and cramp though. Will still go there to purchase my aquarium supplies

  252. Avatar photo
    Kg Tan

    Well stocked and competitive pricing.

    BUT where buying of fishes are concern, I’ll NEVER buy again. Each time I buy fishes, I’ll realized e fishes conditions are bad and casualties are EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH.

    Latest, bought 5 fishes. After 24 hours, ONLY SURVIVED!

  253. Avatar photo
    Zhen Wen Cheong

    Cheap and gear place to buy fishes,prawns and all aquarium related items, only bad is it’s too crowded on weekends and the shop isn’t spacious. Saw 2 person knocking down the items

  254. Avatar photo
    Chee Peng Neo

    麻雀虽小 五脏俱全。been here since I was a boy. Have all sorts of knickknacks and some interesting fishes from time to time. Good pricing too. Cheaper than most places.

  255. Avatar photo
    Kim Siah Lim

    Reasonable priced stuffs

  256. Avatar photo
    Ken Chu

    Equipped with a lot of aquarium accessories, fish food, plants and lifestock. Always crowded no matter what time you go as prices are reasonable. Some fish and shrimp are packed in bags and ready to go. Knowledge of staff depends on who you ask.

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