Review Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore

Review Cineleisure Orchard - Singapore 8 Grange Rd

“Went to Benjamin Barker to get my Fiancé birthday present. Love the atmosphere and the service provided by the staff.” or “Nice seats, big hall, great sound system..overall a good experience” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Cineleisure Orchard. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Cineleisure Orchard is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Cineleisure Orchard. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Cineleisure Orchardis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 8 Grange Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63378181 (+65 63378181)
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  • Address: 8 Grange Rd, Singapore
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Cineleisure Orchard reviews

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“Went to Benjamin Barker to get my Fiancé birthday present. Love the atmosphere and the service provided by the staff.”

“Nice seats, big hall, great sound system..overall a good experience”

“Looks like it’s losing the charm, but good theatres and nice surroundings”

“Alas , so far fm their heyday of long queues for great show like Love story, Big Boss or sold out shows. Quieter now. Fire ramen, collins and the Mala stall and Macdonalds are se main Food flagship.”

“Cathay Screens here are really better than the other cinemas in Singapore”

“Great place for all ages... Food, entertainment both for adults n kids. Fun-filled weekend to spend here.”

“Catching up a movie in the city? This is the best place to hang out with friends families after a good dinner at 313 Somerset, just a 2minutes walk over.”

“Redefining your dining experience by visiting COLLIN'S. You will see the difference.”

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Review Review Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo

    Nice hipster place along orchard shopping belt

  2. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Alas , so far fm their heyday of long queues for great show like Love story, Big Boss or sold out shows.
    Quieter now. Fire ramen, collins and the
    Mala stall and Macdonalds are se main
    Food flagship.

  3. Avatar photo
    alf ng

    Use to be very crowded and “happening” place. But not now. It has been very quiet nowaday. Nothing excited. The cathay cinema above is getting less people visiting. Guess is because due to watching a movie is not cheap, the price of a movie ticket is getting higher. $10 on weekday, weekend is evenmore higher. Around $15 per ticket !!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Sasha Said

    Went to Benjamin Barker to get my Fiancé birthday present. Love the atmosphere and the service provided by the staff.

  5. Avatar photo
    Paula Yago

    Paid for the expensive tickets $26. The bathroom Did not even have hand/paper towels or a hand dryer. When I asked the attendant about it he said they use the toilet paper. Seriously? Not worth it at all. Even the food was not that great. What a disappointment.

  6. Avatar photo
    Nini & Eva

    Catching up a movie in the city? This is the best place to hang out with friends families after a good dinner at 313 Somerset, just a 2minutes walk over.

  7. Avatar photo
    KC Lim

    It’s a mall where the young at heart goes

  8. Avatar photo
    Elaine Chua

    Was there for Bounce INC. The mall was a huge part of my youth, it’s kind of sad to see it constantly under renovation. If you want a place to let your hair down, Bounce is a good option.

  9. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    The coin refund of the vending machine outside the cinema at lv4 is covered by a metal plate, so the story is like this. we’re able to insert coins and notes, when we selected the drinks, the refund of leftover amount can be heard being dispense, however that particular area where we take back the refunded amount is covered by a metal plate. Please check on this to prevent more victims of this theft in the future.

  10. Avatar photo
    Ignacio Pallares Sevilla

    The mall is kind of beaten down; electrical escalators dont work. However, the movie theater is great, movies are up to date, seats are super comfortable, and if you go during the weekend and pay with MC you will get a discount.

  11. Avatar photo
    Xian You Lim

    More for the youngsters! More hipster brands and a good selection of food. Trampoline park and cinemas on top of the building is a huge plus.

  12. Avatar photo
    Phil Chiang

    a nice cinema to visit with a group of friends. In my opinion, the most unique feature of this mall is the Stussy store, which features all the newest Stussy releases, definitely worth a visit. Other clothing stores such as Flesh Imp and a. are also worth checking out!

  13. Avatar photo
    Choon Yang

    Keisuke ramen is a must if u come here

  14. Avatar photo
    Leonidas Stanescu

    Tasty food, great idea for families with small kids crazy about KTV. Excellent service. The lights though very cold reminds more of a school making you feel more like being grounded than having fun. But the rest is excellent.

  15. Avatar photo
    ken koay

    it’s always a happy time going to the cinemas. This one in particular is nice due to its location which is at orchard road, but in a building less frequent by shoppers. That means less crowd, yet the shopping mall has the usual food court, fast food chains and other eateries for your convenience. Parking could be a killer, you’re probably better off park at a neighboring building for much less. A parking app for android/IOS would quickly show you the difference.
    The cinema itself? Unfortunately i don’t have dog ears so can’t tell the difference in sound quality between this and other modern cinemas. What i can tell however is the seats are comfy, and sloped appropriately (like all modern cinemas) so the dude in front won’t be blocking your view except when it’s Yao Ming sitting in front of you. Then treat the movie ticket price as an exchange for his autograph.

  16. Avatar photo

    Great place to chill. Inclusiveness

  17. Avatar photo
    Calum Leys

    Compared to other malls in Singapore, this one might seem more like a low class mall than the one next door, Mandarin Gallery. But it has things to offer. Bounce Singapore and the large cinemas are a big attraction to see. And the food is spectacular! Their is a wide variety of food choices, and the restaurants touch about every single part of the Eastern Hemisphere.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ping Ong-Coates

    This is a good mall for teens. Movie theatre, eateries, trampoline park, street fashion. Skate Park and basketball courts close by.

  19. Avatar photo
    Ali Akbar SGGS TD

    Cozy place at orchard area

  20. Avatar photo
    Sahwan Osman

    The turning into the entrance/exit is too sharp and the yellow railings caused a hazard rather than enhancing safety. Parking rates are high

  21. Avatar photo
    Zi He Goh

    If you are looking for a cinema that’s more classy, choose cineleisure which is located in the heart of orchard. It’s a place for teenagers and adults to hang out.

  22. Avatar photo
    Joey Yow

    The cinema seating there is interesting. Can’t remember the particular hall number and not sure if all halls are the same. The one I went is a cinema filled with all double seats. Just that last two rows the center arms are up making it couple seats and the rest with arms down and used as single. But because all are double seats, the gap in between the double seats are wider. So when you thought you book two single seats next to each other, you may be further away from the friend you went with but closer to the stranger sharing your double seat. It’s weird.

  23. Avatar photo
    alf ng

    Use to be very crowded and “happening” place. But not now. It has been very quiet nowaday. Nothing excited. The cathay cinema above is getting less people visiting. Guess is because due to watching a movie is not cheap, the price of a movie ticket is getting higher. $10 on weekday, weekend is evenmore higher. Around $15 per ticket !!!

  24. Avatar photo
    Bernard Tan

    Hate the escalator arrangement to make you walk round the mall.
    Crowded lifts.

    Better be early for your movies there!

  25. Avatar photo
    Jeff Seah

    This place used to be the hippster place but it has gone downhill. Lots of empty shops space. It doesn’t renew well enough to give life to the shopping centre. Been there a couple of times and they definitely have 1 escalator out of service.
    The worst one is the recent visit. They upgrade one of the lifts and have at least 3 escalator out of service.

  26. Avatar photo
    Ming Hong Lim

    It is not everyday that a mall has the gumption to stand-up against the conservative LGBT-hating movement against the Pink Dot, so the mall deserves a sixth star in my opinion.

    Other than their political stance, the mall offers some great restaurants (Lobster Ramen), cinema, entertainment (arcade, pool, KTV) and a trampoline park. Although mainly marketed for youths, one can easily find a restaurant or something to do here

  27. Avatar photo
    Shiela Eudela

    Good place to huddle with friends.
    Comfortable cinema theater too.

  28. Avatar photo
    Adriano Lopes Gomes

    The cinema is old, ugly, and the rooms are very bad… I’ll never come back, honestly…

  29. Avatar photo
    Adam Siew

    Nice Platinum suites! But the aircon was crazy cold though. Would be good if you want to show off your winter wear???

  30. Avatar photo
    Patar Paian Tambunan

    A mall not only for shopping but also to chill out as well. There are some decent cafe outside of the area with a group of friends to take a break having a dinner.

  31. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Used to be quite a decent mall, with affordable clothes shops, quite a lots of restaurants, a food court, and a cinema. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected it rather severely.

    The food court has few stalls. Retail shops are not very appealing. The only thing to go to Cineleisure for during this time is the cinema and restaurants.

    We like the cinema (Platinum Movie Suites) though.

    May the mall prosper as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

  32. Avatar photo
    renhua he

    Used to be the trendiest cinema in Singapore. But now a little worn out and empty.

  33. Avatar photo
    Junqin Eric

    The hangout place for teenagers in Singapore. However, most of the retail shops are priced out of what teenagers can afford. There are plenty of food joints which are affordable, a great cinema with lots of show timings, big karaoke joint and bowling too!

  34. Avatar photo
    Yanie Dizon - Rosales

    Tickets can be bought in a self service kiosk which is cool. The cinema has its own restroom so you dont feel like you’re missing out some scenes. Seats are comfortable although the arm rest cannot be lifted. Otherwise everything was okay.

  35. Avatar photo
    Dhruv Baid

    One of the better movie halls. Clean seats, no foul smell in the cinemas, good food/beverage service, and sound system wasn’t too loud unlike some other cinemas.

  36. Avatar photo
    foxplayz 132

    Sadly, this is not the Cineleisure I used to visit. Due to Covid19, probably 40% of the units are empty.
    Other than movie watching, there isn’t much to see or do.

  37. Avatar photo
    D. Fan

    Watched spiderman with the family. Nice cinema and nowadays without crowd. A bit sad but thankful for the SMM.

  38. Avatar photo
    Looi trevor

    Cinema at orchard near to somerset mrt ,have 3 storey 4 and 6 floor are cinema and level 5 is ticket counter . It has open for more than 15 years, but maintenance well

  39. Avatar photo
    Connor Disselkoen

    Really nice and clean shopping mall with great shops and a very good cinema. Great place to go to see a movie.

  40. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Central location. Good mix of eateries and shops. Best accessed with public transport in view of traffic and relatively high parking charges 🙂

  41. Avatar photo
    Jorge Gutierrez Luthe

    Nice movie theatre but it was a pain to get to and the bathrooms were not well maintained. I feel like there are definitely better alternatives in the area.

  42. Avatar photo
    Soul Brandeis

    Winding staircases and escalators that make shoppers circle the entire floor before being able to get to the next. Can be massively annoying for moviegoers and serious shoppers.

  43. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Rawi

    Great mall for young people but perhaps have lost some of its appeal due to the ease of online shopping. Nice foodcourt at the basement with western food stall ‘fish and chicks’ (halal) and a movie theatre.

  44. Avatar photo
    Cayden Tan

    Need more shops…But bounce is the thing that lights everything up.The movie theatres as well.Plus the fire ramen there.

  45. Avatar photo

    Came on the 08/01/19 to watch a movie, I was taken aback at how inhospitable the cinema is. Hall 5 has a very bad odour (mouldy/stale). The ceiling looks run down. Seat is broken… About time for a reno.

  46. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    While this place is still attractive with its late night eateries, movies, Charlie Brown cafe, trampoline park, karaoke, it seriously need a revamp for its look and feel. A bit dated.

  47. Avatar photo
    Ayi KW

    The whole Orchard road now forbidden for smoking. Nice with all the branded goods but cozy. Beside plaza shopping there is underground shopping too.

  48. Avatar photo
    Drew STH

    Relatively quiet mall that has lost its appeal. Most patrons now visit cinema and indoor trampoline park & adrenaline arena located on the upper floors.

  49. Avatar photo
    Wen Yao Koh

    No noteworthy shops in the mall. Food choices there are mainly fast food. Cinema has really poorly maintained toilets which sleeps.

  50. Avatar photo
    Jyothish Kumar

    Cathay Screens here are really better than the other cinemas in Singapore

  51. Avatar photo
    Benazir Hiya

    The only thing that could make me go back is the leftfoot outlet. It has the nicest collection of shoes from many different brands. You might find shoes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Singapote.

  52. Avatar photo
    Ruzana Rahim

    Mall suitable for movies & teen fashion. Not much else going on else. Can check out the mall next to it if you’re there; there’s a flea market every weekend.

  53. Avatar photo
    Gustavo Souza

    The favourite shopping mall of the teenagers. Small and frequently packed. Cinema is good.
    Also taking one star because you have to walk the entire perimeter when taking escalators. I don’t enjoy how super busy it is either.

  54. Avatar photo
    D M John

    The cinemas still have a special lure about them..the Dolby system etc.But you get the impression that Netflix,Amazon Prime and illegal downloads have taken a toll on cinemas here.The show this afternoon, of a reasonably popular English show, was only 20 per cent filled.One of the escalators was not functioning and the lifts were slow.

  55. Avatar photo
    Narasimha Murthy

    Leisure hang out place,nice

  56. Avatar photo
    Erfi Anugrah

    Came here since my teens. Oddly empty though

  57. Avatar photo
    Ivana Deng

    Was looking for places to hang out. Once again Love the bounce and food court. Reasonable prices despite being at Orchard.

  58. Avatar photo
    M Pung

    Younger crowd, popular with high school and college students. Located along the shopping stretch, Orchard Road, and a short walk from Somerset MRT. Outfitted with a cineplex, various food and beverages outlets and retail stores aiming at the trendier crowd.

  59. Avatar photo
    Emanuel Steen

    It is nice there are toilets inside the cinema hall itself. But this place is very crowded and noisy, other cinemas in Singapore have nicer atmosphere.

  60. Avatar photo
    Renny Low

    Nice cinema and entertainment, fashion mall.

  61. Avatar photo
    Aditya Erlangga

    Not a big mall, but they definitely will fullfill your need of sneakers and streetwears.

  62. Avatar photo
    Nipun Bhushan

    Lots of screens, means lots of movies hosted at one time ! There is very rare chances, that current movie won’t be hosted there. Cathay has comfortable seats and good quality print movies.

  63. Avatar photo
    SG T

    Use to be very busy in this mall but due to covid -19 many shops inside here are close
    But still one of nicer mall In singapore

  64. Avatar photo
    Ernest Aw

    Nostalgic. De facto hang out place for 90s kids. But the architecture forces you to walk past the shops to get to higher levels. Can be annoying.

  65. Avatar photo

    The young crowd is gathered here almost everyday… Great place for a movie and get some chance to chill with Starbuck outdoor…

  66. Avatar photo
    Mario Ihsan

    The place is relatively empty now with many unoccupied spaces. The atmosphere was gloomy and quiet.

  67. Avatar photo
    The Wong Family

    Nice cinema and interesting shopping outlets. Moreover nice restaurants like Snoopy, 18 Chefs , Japanese Ramen and more. There is also Bounce a trampoline park with exciting sections to bring the child out in you

  68. Avatar photo
    Farid Mohammad

    Watch JJK: 0 on its release day. I would say that they service standards at Cineleisure is the worst I’ve experienced out of all the Cathay outlets? On the day I went it was between Cineleisure and The Cathay, and I would only go to The Cathay from now on.

    The first star it lost was when they allowed a young couple to cut right in front of us when another counter opened. No proper queue management system and doesn’t help when seemingly unruly youngsters frequent this place.

    Second star it lost was when the staff who served us was nonchalant, and gave a very bochap attitude to the service. A “hi” or even a “yes?” would have sufficed instead of his complete silence throughout the service.

    Third star it lost was when the same staff told me that GrabPay was not allowed at the outlet. Quite ironically, he just waited for me to take out my card to pay via paywave when his colleague walks past, and on the back of her shirt stated a big sponsored “GRABPAY” logo. At which point he just insisted I pay via paywave.

    Of course I pointed it out to him. It was just something… yknow you could check before you tell me no, especially when you are a new staff and you’re wearing a shirt that promotes GrabPay.

    Movie was great though, we had to pay full price of $13 apparently because it was a special feature and no discounts could be applied.

  69. Avatar photo
    Fredion Yu

    I like the Korean food situated at b1 koufu. It’s affordable and delicious. I also enjoyed watching movies in the cinema as well as visiting various shops such as Benjamin Parker and pastamania.

  70. Avatar photo
    Jordan Toh

    Very quiet for a shopping mall.

  71. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    A place for the teenagers and the youth to gather and party. Beside this mall is also the scape park that caters to the skateboarders and the graffiti connoisseurs. Often I see youth who decorate excessively with piercing rings on nose, ears, mouths, bodies, hands and legs. We feel that the sharpness, but for them it is a sense of achieving their identity and individuality. So much that few of us can appreciates, but sure I do like to take photographs of them to document this social phenomena. A certain time of the year, a certain moment.

  72. Avatar photo

    Great clean cinema with friendly staff. I often go there to catch movies that other cinemas no longer screen (longer run time). However as the halls are spread across different levels, I’m often confused as to which level to go.

  73. Avatar photo
    Aisyah Abdullah

    good place to hang out and shopping!!!

  74. Avatar photo
    Acit Putera

    Nice place for young adults to shop at. For someone who wants to be a hypebeast, cab come here and shop for cool sneakers.

  75. Avatar photo

    Watched Justice League at one of my favourite hotspots back in my teen years. Despite its major changes, this place does bring back some memorable moments.

  76. Avatar photo

    If you have ever wondered what it’s like to sit in a room that feels like winter in a country that is permanently summer, here is your chance. Watch an OK movie while you eat some stale popcorn that cost half your paycheck and remember to wish that you had brought a thick winter coat.

  77. Avatar photo
    Samuel Edyson

    One of the preferred shopping malls for watching movies. The studios span across 4th storey up until top, so be sure to see the location of studio for your movies in your tickets.

  78. Avatar photo
    Divya Soni

    Best Starbucks in Singapore with so much of peace

  79. Avatar photo
    My SECRET Corner

    I watch some movies and events in this place. They also have a big space for skateboarders where my son used to go. Place is popular to the younger generation due to the availability of products like shoes, clothing, gadgets and teenager accesories stuffs found in most levels of the building.

  80. Avatar photo
    Ruth Lim

    Youthful jap and Korean infused mix of outlets catering to the below 32 market mainly. Cathay is what draws the older crowd

  81. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Young

    This place is due for a revamp. It’s getting jaded. Mostly apparel shops for teenagers and young adults, and eateries.Some eateries had come and gone quite fast,except the fast food restaurants, Pasta Mania and Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe. There’s a relatively new Western restaurant at B1 called ‘Collins’ with another sushi restaurant and a food court. Also lots of walking around the building and up the escalators just to get to the cinema halls which are spread over 3 levels. Cinema goers,do make sure you check which level is your movie and make ample time for all the walking. During peak and weekends, their lifts are usually full so waiting time is again needed.

  82. Avatar photo
    caroline,suk fung chee

    Bouncing playground on the 9th flr with fastfood n eateries on the lower flr to replenish energy from all the exercise n within close walking proximity to lrt in this safrty mgmt norm.

  83. Avatar photo
    James Ang

    Aeroplane Business-class type of seats and setting, with privacy for every two seats, for the entire 20 seats in the cinema. Food platters are served to patrons. Dolby surround sounds systems. The front row is too close to the screen though.

  84. Avatar photo
    rajesh sharma

    Nice place on orchard road..Mandarin gallery is great for outings and shopping with friends or kids or elderly..quite close to mrt and Old Major Brands…must visit place in Singapore..few other special malls and shopping complexes around like ngee Ann city, lucky plaza, Wisma atria around..

  85. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Romatic cinema for couples young and mature alike. Fascinating atmosphere with good views, realistic 3D, majestic 2D, charming colour, exhiliating moving audio, together with numerous delicious restaurants in and arround ideal for a unforgetable evening.

  86. Avatar photo
    Keigo Tan Jiong Hao

    A Hidden Mall slightly away from the Main stretch of Malls in Orchard Road. But this Mall is a Gem they have quite a few good food choices to offer. And plently of Shops selling Clothes, Shoes & Accessories.

  87. Avatar photo
    Bahrom Ahmad

    The once hype place has fallen.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jessie Ching

    Many interesting finds from unique boutiques to eateries to Korean hair dye in Cineleisure & its neighbour SCAPE. But mind the uneven steps in the surrounding and the strategically located escalators in Cineleisure that ensures that you tour around the building accessing one level to the next.

  89. Avatar photo
    Joe Halstead

    The movie theatre was comfortable but escalators were out of service on several floors and there was nobody operating the cafe for drinks or popcorn. I’d go again for the convenient location but I’d prefer the Shaw Centre or Great World City theatres.

  90. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Lim

    A mall more for the young! There’s a lot of food places here that offers student value sets and lunch discounts! Don’t forget to visit the bounce location upstairs for those who love jumping

  91. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chan

    Pretty nice place to hang out. Has a big cinema on the higher floors and a trampoline park on top floor. The food court is located at the basement level and there’s good sushi restaurant beside it (been there twice). Lots of other food options and clothes stores too.

  92. Avatar photo
    Luke Phang

    Like its neighbour SCAPE, Cineleisure is targeted mainly at the younger crowd. The mall’s unique selling point is its cinema, though there are a mixture of fashion shops and food places as well.

    However the mall is currently undergoing construction at some levels and has shuttered shops as well, making the entire experience not as enjoyable.

  93. Avatar photo
    Min Tay

    We attended the secret screening yesterday before the closure of entertainment outlets in Sg. Movie experience was good, $12 ticket came with a drink and popcorn as well. First time trying it out, will be interested to go again next time!

  94. Avatar photo
    JO Sze

    Supposedly the manager on duty, Thelma but she was furiously arguing with customer. She was trying to explain that she need to teach her staff how to handle similar situation but she was teaching her staff how to argue with customers.

    While we were trying to explain that the receipt was not returned to us after partial consumption of 17/20 tickets . She doesn’t want to listen but instead keeps arguing .

    She should just go for customer service classes herself first

  95. Avatar photo
    Wai Peng Chan

    A lot of shops were closed on 5May when I visited. Generally still spacious to walk around and explore the variety of food and bubble tea available.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ash Lim

    Quite empty with many stores closed. Still being forced to walk the whole 2nd floor to get from level 1 to level 3 by escalators.

  97. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Hangout spot for many youths in Singapore. Good variety of shops and restaurants that cater to the young crowd, including cheap wanton noodles at the basement for $4/5, and expensive restaurant food upstairs. Cinema upstairs is also very popular, especially on weekends.

  98. Avatar photo
    Iwan Junaedi

    One of the shopping malls that frequently visited by students. I love the Indonesian food restaurant, Es Teler 77, at the basement. Mie baso (noodles with meatball) and nasi goreng (fried rice) are my favorite which go well with the must-drink Sosro tea.

  99. Avatar photo
    Mark Zhou

    Nice place for movie and lovely seats. Also a nice place to shop & eat dinner at various levels and also a food court below. Only downside is that it can be quite crowded on weekends.

  100. Avatar photo

    Good food, reasonable pricing. It’s kind of quiet now due to COVID, which I preferred. Food is served on generous portions, but a little too salty for my liking. Will definitely return soon in near future for the ambience and pricing.

  101. Avatar photo
    Clarisse Mak

    To access to different levels, some requires you to walk a big round detouring. While the lift practically stops at every level even if its full.

  102. Avatar photo
    Zechariah Toh

    lots of shops are closed and some toilets are single user only

  103. Avatar photo

    Just still very confused by the mall structure, like why must you walk all the way to the other side to go down or get up the escalator from 2nd to 3rd floor? It’s just very funny isn’t it. And inconvenient

  104. Avatar photo
    Swaminathan Iyer

    Has lots of eateries and most important Bounce if you have kids

  105. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    It’s kind of quiet. Unlike the long queues of the 70s or 80s.
    It’s soo quiet.

  106. Avatar photo
    Abhay Kumar

    The theatre halls have an in-house washroom. This is out of the world. The entrance is opposite the Starbucks and the Google entrance is the side road only for vehicle entry. Not many coffee shops inside except the assembly on 01 floor. Collect the tickets at Level 5 and proceed to your screen.

  107. Avatar photo
    Gary McRae

    As far as cinema experiences go this place is okay.
    Once you drown out the people munching popcorn and slurping on cola and the air conditioning being on full blast you will be fine.
    Speaking of AC, bring something to cover your limbs as it is chilly inside.
    It is a good idea to buy tickets online to avoid the lines and collect at the automated machines.

  108. Avatar photo
    Taj Meadows

    Platinum class here isn’t quite as good as gold class at gv…The foot rests are too short, not a full and comfortable recline, and it always seems like it’s not quite cool enough (though the blanket they give you isn’t the best either). Also, the online booking system is way more confusing and frustrating than others…Really tough to figure out if you’re booking in platinum until you get halfway through the process

  109. Avatar photo
    Loh Nee Yuen (Paul The Sun Buddha)

    One of the 2 cinema places to go in Orchard town.

  110. Avatar photo
    mark holmes

    One of my favourite cinemas as they have movies til 4am. Book ahead as even the late night shows are often full.

  111. Avatar photo
    xiao shan

    Many shops are closing already… sad.
    One cathay already close I don’t want this to close too.. Its a nice mall with big theater. Clean toliet.

  112. Avatar photo
    R Kumar

    Movie theatre is centrally located. Nice location

  113. Avatar photo
    Alvin Teo

    A place for youngsters it seems (I seems to be the oldest in the crowd ) but still a good place to relax around with cafes and eatery. Of course the main thing is the cinema at the top level. I am not sure is it just that day but the air con don’t seems to be powerful enough as i feel it was quite warm in the building (Singapore Malls are famous for blasting their Ari cons).

  114. Avatar photo
    Yulea Xia

    The largest Paris Baguette Korean French Cafe opens in Singapore. !️

  115. Avatar photo
    Aziz El Bakush

    Theatre has red walls and reflections from wall mounted lights that are noticeable while movie is playing. Much better to have a dark space that does not distract from the movie.

  116. Avatar photo

    Nice place to hangout for teenagers. Has got everything a teenage needs to chill out for the afternoon. A cinema, ktv, games room and food. Scape is right next to it which is also popular for youth hangouts and if you are feeling rich, mandarin gallery is just around the corner with high end products for sale.

  117. Avatar photo
    PJ 8131

    Go there 4 a movie

  118. Avatar photo
    Paul Pistore

    This is an Orchard area mainstay. Mall, large multiplex and many, many food options. They are also proud supporters of Pink Dot and human rights, which makes them OK in my book!

  119. Avatar photo
    Keith Chong

    Great place for young people and teens. Boost a Cineplex and great places to eat. Situated near Somerset MRT station and adjacent to SCAPE.

  120. Avatar photo
    derrick tan

    Redefining your dining experience by visiting COLLIN’S. You will see the difference.

  121. Avatar photo
    jmaiillusion foo

    My favourite restaurant is here ! Affordable and tasty at all times ! Not forgetting the golden village cinema which always screen great movies. A great where food and relaxation can be found at your own weekend pace.

  122. Avatar photo
    Vazern R

    My first time here, it was very quiet and peaceful to enjoy a movie date!

  123. Avatar photo

    Nice hangout for teenagers. There are movie theatres, Bowling alleys and a few average restaurants if you are not choosy.

  124. Avatar photo
    JunJie Pang

    Went to sing karaoke with my friends. At first was given a room that has some slight problems with the sound system but the staff was friendly and patient enough to get us another room that is fine. Really appreciate the efforts of the staff and will visit again. Good ambience, good pricing and good services. Just remember to bring your own jacket cause it can get quite cold inside the room.

  125. Avatar photo
    Jane Sparrow

    Upbeat place that seem to be even more alive at night! There’s a great range of street wear brands available here and this shopping mall is very popular among youngsters and students.

    From Leftfoot to FleshImp, Lacoste, Bratpack, Wakai shoes and many more…

    Also thanks to the (Cathay) Cineplex that’s located on the few levels on top, while waiting for the movies, patrons will usually window shop or shop around too, adding to the crowd of the mall.

  126. Avatar photo
    Rio Ramadhana

    The building is managed by Cathay Organisation under its subsidiary company of Cathay Cineleisure International. The mall opened in October 1997 after the previous building, the old Orchard Cinema, was torn down in 1994.

    Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Orchard operates 12 screens with 6 on Level 4 and 6 on Level 6.

    Cathay Cineplex Orchard as a “Favourite Cinema in Singapore”

  127. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Fong

    Losing the crowd as too many empty shop spaces. Great place for movies and Karaoke though!

  128. Avatar photo
    S D

    The top 4 floors are for movies. The rest of the mall has regular fare. The elevators suck and lifts are almost always packed.

  129. Avatar photo
    Vu Long Tran

    A great mall to watch movies as it opens till late.

    The structure of the mall is annoying though, as I understand they need to encourage people to walk by stores, but not every single one. You often need to walk loops to get all the way up to the cinemas as lifts are often very slow and crowded…

  130. Avatar photo

    Not much shopping to be done here. Place has gone from upbeat to dead. Has a great cinema though and lots of delicious restaurants to eat from. Highly recommend the Ramen place on the first level. Cineleisure is more for teenagers than adults. Smoking corner is available right outside, next to starbucks.

  131. Avatar photo
    Darshana Chandrakumara

    B1 food court is less crowded than the other places at the orchard road. Food also nice. Got a collins also.

    Most busy days this is the only place where u can find easy seating..

  132. Avatar photo
    Chang Yong Xing Bram

    It has almost become a ghost area. I used to hang out there quite often

  133. Avatar photo

    Cool mall, amazing cinemas

  134. Avatar photo
    North Pole

    Nice place to catch a movie. Staff are polite and friendly. Seats are clean, but could use a bit of refurbishing. Only complaint is the toilets on level 6 (behind the elevators) are somewhat dirty.

  135. Avatar photo
    Serx Tetchan (SERX)

    The shopping mall itself has not alot of diverse shops. Just a few shoe shops and some clothing. In the basement there are more fast food shops. The good thing is the cinema on the higher level, convenient and short queues for the cinema.

  136. Avatar photo

    Went to see aAvengers Endgame which was great. But the theater was horrible. The sound was not impressive. The volume of the voices were low and just outside we could hear everything. Just not a great experience .

  137. Avatar photo
    Kuan Ds

    Has kfc, Japanese ramen, korean chicken and stylish shops and also movie theater. What else can u ask more… they even have a 7-11

  138. Avatar photo
    Genevieve Fernando

    We scheduled to watch CATS the movie and the most convenient screening time is located here. There is not much to do, however there’s fastfood shops and Alley where you can grab cocktails and have a seat while waiting for the theater to open doors.

  139. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ang

    Place is quite lifeless with v little crowd. Far from the Cineleisure that I knew. Granted I have not stepped in here for v long. The food court is limited with many stalls cleared out. Food quality cannot make the standard. Came here for bounce only. And ate at food court and KFC and mos burger. All cannot meet my standard.

  140. Avatar photo
    Giorgio M

    Big shopping mall with a good variety of stores, bars, dining options and activities. There’s even a decent cinema inside. Tends to attract a younger crowd than most neighboring malls.

  141. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Chaturvedi

    Nice seats, big hall, great sound system..overall a good experience

  142. Avatar photo
    Sasha Said

    Went to Benjamin Barker to get my Fiancé birthday present. Love the atmosphere and the service provided by the staff.

  143. Avatar photo
    Ng Benny

    Very nice & cozy waiting lounge for your lazing whilst waiting for your movie screen time. Otherwise, can also browse around the mall for fashion, food, etc…

  144. Avatar photo
    Amazing Klang

    A centre housing the cinema and a centre for young people to sell their own creations like clothes, etc. There are some eating outlets here like KFC chicken, Starbucks. A 7-11 store is here as well.

  145. Avatar photo
    Charles Chandar

    Smacked right in the centre of Orchard road upmarket shopping belt. Latest DLP digital with High-end Dolby digital plus should and great visual screens at the Cinema. Shopping experience is not compromised.

  146. Avatar photo
    Amos Teo

    Quite an empty mall, considering its in the heart of town. The layout of the mall is stupid, need to walk one big round to reach the escalator, if you want to go toilet, its one whole round around, it’s so inconvenient. There’s only a few shops here, and outside the mall opposite is a Starbucks. There’s pastamania here and keisuke (ramen place), collin’s and liho at b1, other than that there’s nothing much. The Koufu seems so forsaken and pathetic, its’s just sad, looks like going to close down soon because nobody really visits this place.

  147. Avatar photo

    Their opening hours are still a mystery

  148. Avatar photo
    Pablo Savva

    Smells awesome as you walk in because of the cookie place by the door. It’s a standard cinema complex with lots or restaurants you will more than likely find some type of food for everyone.

  149. Avatar photo
    Nunung Afuah

    This place has good ambience and atmosphere. They offer many dining places, stores and cinemas. Here for trying its lasagna and spaghetti. They are pretty good.

  150. Avatar photo
    WeeSiong Ng

    Oriented towards youngsters and teenagers who are looking to get clothings and accessories at not-so-good prices but does have some unique items. Great cinema to catch a movie though.

  151. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Yeo

    A traditionally popular hang out for teens. The most important aspect about this place is the cinema. It has a very well equipped cinema with very hip shops for millennials.

  152. Avatar photo
    Samantha Loh MY

    Love this place at Orchard Cineleisure for gathering with my buddies. You can choose for buffet lunch and dinner that comes with 3 hrs of singing session only served over the weekend, or just singing session without buffet too. Prices are reasonable and rooms are clean and nice after the recent renovation.

  153. Avatar photo
    Sotong Sotong

    This is a mall greatly located in the heart of Orchard Road. It used to be a go-to place in its heydays but I don’t know what has happened to it in recent times. There are a number of gym type places, some restaurants and the cinemas. Many of the outlets are closed or not tenanted. It’s generally dead town even on a Sunday afternoon. Parking prices can compete with the top malls in the Orchard area though. I am not sure what the strategy is in attracting any crowd to this mall. It should be 3 stars, but am giving 2 cos the mall management is certainly not trying.

  154. Avatar photo
    Marisa Mahmood

    Everything’s looks good the security is doing their job well done . But not much entertainment there . No arcade . But just retail shop and F&B

  155. Avatar photo
    J Y

    Nothing to much shop or eat, very quiet. Not much reason to go there unless for the cinema but will still prefer to go elsewhere

  156. Avatar photo
    Xiu Ling Lim

    The mall is small but has a good variety of shops which mainly cater to youngsters. There’s a cinema which is often packed, might wanna purchase your movie tickets early.

  157. Avatar photo

    Access to different floors limited to few elevators and slow lifts. Ambience – quieter than surrounding outlets. Energy is lower.

  158. Avatar photo
    Ashraf M

    Looks like it’s losing the charm, but good theatres and nice surroundings

  159. Avatar photo
    Shaun Shen

    Too few shops left. Heard it’s gonna be gone soon. Visit it before they announce officially and it starts getting crowded.

  160. Avatar photo
    Bill Z (Thirty Seven Tech)

    Nice place for youth, good cinema but a little dated. Food options are quite diverse too.

  161. Avatar photo
    Aissa Marie Llanto

    Nice place to watch movies. No lounge or waiting area for movie goers though.

  162. Avatar photo
    Carly Neo

    Lots of people come here to hang out. Movies are ok, not the best though. Pretty much a hang out place since it’s next to scape

  163. Avatar photo
    Dinda Hanifah

    One of my Singaporeans friend told me that this Mall is for teenagers shopping. Indeed it is, all of the stuffs inside the store were really complete! No wonder, will be back again!

  164. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Pretty good place, sufficient seats and stores are very nice with good variety!

  165. Avatar photo

    Mall is alright. Good for kids and young people I guess.

  166. Avatar photo

    Not bad for movie goers but has few shops of high popularity. Got some niche shops though.

  167. Avatar photo

    Reasonably priced eateries and fast food joints, some interesting fashion stores, popular with youths, throw a multiplex theatre in the mix and a formula for a guaranteed one stop for all is met.

  168. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Subhan

    Awesome cinema to watch movies. Centrally located and a good selection of movies.
    A little chilly, if you are not a big fan of the cold. Suggest to bring a sweater/jacket.

  169. Avatar photo
    Shirley NKL

    Food outlets on three floors with a Koufu Food Court in the basement. Many restaurants and fast food joints like Keisuke, Mos burger, KFC, Nihon Mura Express, etc. Price range to suit a lot of pockets. The convenience of enjoying the latest movie in town and filling your tummy. …

  170. Avatar photo
    Lisa Lim

    The wait for the lifts are always ridiculous and the escalators are frustratingly placed and often under repair. This makes it rather difficult when you are in a rush to catch a movie. It would also be ideal if it had a drop off point rather than relying on Mandarin Gallery’s. But the theatres are good and not overly crowded. Food options are improved with the opening of a MOS Burger.

  171. Avatar photo

    Super convenient location for a movie theater. I’ve always loved Cathy Cineplex as your can get 9.50 dollar ticket from grab and aviod purchasing through long lines. Cinema is clean and big here.

    Overall I would rate this place with the following:

    Location: 10/10
    Ambient: 10/10
    Service: 9/10
    Price: 10/10

  172. Avatar photo
    Karthick Tamilarasan (foxKarthick)

    Food court foods are good you can find various foods here. Can find various chain of restaurants.. and movie halls. Nice place.

  173. Avatar photo
    Hussain Ahmad

    The escalators make you walk all over the mall, and the elevators are ill equipped to handle the traffic. If you want to go up a few floors (e.g., to the cinema), make sure you budget an extra 10 minutes…

  174. Avatar photo
    Sheela M

    Was able to book tickets for show with ease and less crowd at theatre

  175. Avatar photo
    Jin Hong Choo

    Not as fun as previous years. The place seems to be filled with a lot of people standing around and making the place rowdy. The cinemas are still as good and well kept.

  176. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    Interesting mall with lots of eateries, a movie theatre, and a few shops. This entertainment complex is 7 stories tall and just a 3 min walk from Somerset MRT. So easy to get to.

  177. Avatar photo
    kaarthick subramanian

    Totally secluded from the crowded cinema halls. Come here if you wish to watch movies without any howling or noise making crowd

  178. Avatar photo
    EG Brothers in Singapore

    It was good but not much variety of dishes to choose after watching movie.
    This week also not much to choose good and exciting movies.

  179. Avatar photo
    Mathavan Rajendran

    Good theaters have in this place.
    If u want see movies with better feel come here.

  180. Avatar photo
    Daniel I Vianco

    The best for hight tea, but book earlier

  181. Avatar photo
    Cai Sheng Tong

    A mall targeted at youths & located within walking distance to Somerset mrt station. There is a cinema & a number of F&B options like PastaMania, The alley & Charlie Brown cafe. Retail options are forgettable, and there are a number of empty shops.

  182. Avatar photo
    Keith Choy

    This is where youngsters like to visit. The go to place for spending time with your buddies. Either for a good game in the LAN shops or in the cinema!

  183. Avatar photo
    Lee Kah How

    Cinema + ample dining options like kfc, mos burger and an eternal pasta mania that withstood the sands of time. If you are looking for ramen Keisuke crab, that is however unfortunately gone. There is liho around for consolidation that does not have much queues

  184. Avatar photo
    T T

    Good cinema and shop, but elevator is aweful. We had to wait really long to get to Bounce (Bounce is fantastic by the way)

  185. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Greenstein

    Very nice mall and cinema. Lots of dining and shopping options in addition to the wonderful cinema.

    One of my favorite places to dine out, shop and catch a new release.

    Comfortable seating, good snack bar and overall a great place.

  186. Avatar photo
    Andrea Bonanomi

    The cinema in located on 3 floors, the complex has some restaurants and clothes shops. Screenrooms are comfortable and allow a good view of the movie, temperature inside is fine

  187. Avatar photo
    TaeHoon Kim

    Good location, one of the only 2 movie theaters near orchard station.
    But the organization of the elevators is weird.
    Takes a lot of effort to go upstairs

  188. Avatar photo
    Rowena Mananquil

    Cineleisure as always beautiful as it is..also it’s too nearby… to hang out if you love to meet your friends and family.

  189. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Er

    Nice place to catch a late night movie and have a good meal. Would recommend trying the fire ramen located on the 5th floor. Be sure to make a reservation as there would certainly be a queue.

  190. Avatar photo
    Izwan Kamis

    Back then it was supper packed with people, but now due to pandemic strike, it is so quite even on the weekends.
    Lots of shop have closed down.

  191. Avatar photo
    Grumpy Lee

    because Cathy Cineleisure supports the freedom to love …

  192. Avatar photo
    Rossane Putri

    pretty okay! If youre searching for a more quiet place to eat or work at a cafe this is the place to go. There’s a foodcourt downstairs with various selection and i had a great time at The Assembly Ground

  193. Avatar photo
    Edwin Ang

    The elevators here are very slow, the layoit is also a bit weird, have quite a hard time navigating, an ok place to shop but not a place that i would stay for long. The cinema is the main attraction here.

  194. Avatar photo
    Glo Lim

    Lots of empty shops.
    The food court is no more.

  195. Avatar photo
    Anndy Lian

    A rather well organized mall. Good range of F & B, gaming, cinema and etc. A great hang out for the teenagers.

  196. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Dhar

    Good place to hang out. Has a nice multiplex. Take a jacket if you go for a movie as it gets cold. Has a convenient Starbucks just outside the entrance. Nice food court and other restaurants. Next to orchard Mandarin hotel and mid way between Somerset MRT and Orchard MRT stations. Close to numerous other malls… Takashimaya , Robinsons. …

  197. Avatar photo
    Kah Kuei Wong

    This 麻辣烫 at the basement of orchard cineleisure is always my one stop places tm go to. The herb soup is always my favorite

  198. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Yang

    Wonder if it is the theater or its universal. We went in right when the theater opened and the place was in complete darkness. Many of us were using handphone torchlights to find our seats. The LEDs for the row light was spoilt. The same thing happened after the film even when the credits stopped rolling. There is a whole series of advertisements before the show started. No previews pure adverts. The only plus is that the seats were comfortable and you can get cashback from shopback buying tickets through them instead of cathay directly.

  199. Avatar photo
    Richard Tan

    Went there to watch a movie recently after many years of my personal boycott when the management deliberately made visitors walk round the whole of each floor before they can take the next flight of escalator.

    I am not sure whether they have changed the access to escalator on each floor. But this time I decided to just take the lift to avoid the frustration of having to walk round and round if they have not made any change.

    Toilets are very very third world. Shameful for a first world country to still have third world toilets in Orchard Rd. I hope NEA can advise the management to stop embarrassing Singapore and have the toilets modernised.

  200. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    Mall is average at best. Some half decent food options.

    Theatre’s are always packed! Also a very bad lingering smell of sweat in the seats.

    Would highly suggest other theatres just due to sheer volume that orchard road entertains.

    The half decent thing is just purely the location TBH.

  201. Avatar photo
    Andrei Rasmussen (Andy)

    The mall does well with their cleanliness and there are sufficient choices of f&b and leisurely activities such as the tramoline park on the 9th floor. You will find something for everyone

  202. Avatar photo
    Zero Tkh

    High end mall targeted for the youth, however some of the shops doesn’t cater to the needs and demand of the youth crowd.

  203. Avatar photo
    Lim Jianping

    Good place with friends and quite a number of restaurant variety range of food.

    Quite a handful of pushcart shops selling gadgets.

    There is food court at the basement level as well.

    Top level also had BOUNCE, good for familys with energetic kids.

    There is another small shopping centre beside Cineleisure, which is great for youngster or anyone who fall in love with anime and manga.

    But this place is full of youngsters, hence maybe abit over crowded especially on weekends.

  204. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    This mall has few people shipping or eating. The pandemic has certainly made the situation worse. Do help patronize the shops.

  205. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Bones

    Great place to see a movie, loads at screens to choose from. Nice range of snacks too, though the mall has plenty of cafes to choose from too.

  206. Avatar photo
    Low Choon Kit

    Nice deco

  207. Avatar photo

    Super nice to take a walk around. Chill at some steps, do some people watching while eating an ice cream sandwich. Also inside is a mall, but it not that great.

  208. Avatar photo
    Deepankar __

    I recently had the chance to catch a movie at the Cineleisure and it was a fun experience. The location is great and so are the amenities. The theatre is nice with great seats that are paired off for a more intimate experience. It even had trays on the sides of the seats to keep stuff. Again this was my first visit so I didn’t get to explore rest of the screens and I can only hope that they too have similar arrangements.

    Beyond that the entire complex is full of leisure attractions and food outlets. You will be spoiled for choice. I would suggest come a bit early or stay back after the movie and enjoy the variety of entertainment offerings in the complex. If you want to leave your kids for a couple of hours while you sneak in a movie you can do it here. Lots of kid activities all around. I loved the place and will most definitely re-visit.

  209. Avatar photo
    Zheng Whye Hui

    Once a very happening place as the “second mall of Dhoby Gaught” shortly after the launch of North East Line back in the 2000s. I remember the long queue that goes round the mall in circles for the free ben n jerrys back then.

    The first HUGE movie theater in SG that I am actually impressed and watched quite a couple of movies there only in Hall 1 the “Grand Cathay”. The Aston’s at the 4th floor is great to attract the teens who are on a budget but love to stay within the comfortable setting pre and post movie time.

    They occasionally have movie introduction and pop up in the even space below (see my photo). Overall I feel that the mall needs a huge push from the management in order to hype things up again. Or we may see the fall of the mall sadly

  210. Avatar photo
    Calvin Lienardy

    For those youngs who wants to buy a shoes or maybe some newest fashion style , this mall is a good choice. For some people, this mall cant be called mall because of the less option of the shop.
    But this mall got a big cinema on the top with many studio inside.

  211. Avatar photo
    Anjin San

    Orchard Cineleisure has everything that you could ever want all ajmmed packed inside it’s 4 walls. From a cineplex to video games, to fashion and food. You have to check this place out!

  212. Avatar photo
    Conan Juparky

    When i go to this place, it is dated. The place was dirty, and most of the stores are closed which also means that there are very limited stores open there. The only thing I like is the restaurants and cool air conditioning

  213. Avatar photo
    Scribbling Geek

    Cineleisure really, really needs to do something about its escalator situation. Some of which have been out of commission for over three months now. Worse, even the elevators are now under servicing. I know it’s all about healthy lifestyle in SG now. But please, there are other places for that. The heavy traffic struggling up and down one long escalator borders on dangerous.

  214. Avatar photo
    Jessy Tan

    It’s teenagers’ favourite mall in town. Lots of great shops selling affordable items.

  215. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ng

    Like using the Koufu App in placing my order. Hassle free in queue to buy my food, but some store didn’t wanna login to the App for people to place orders.

  216. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Always been my favorite spot for cineplex, plenty options for food and beverage. Cinema staffs do not really check your belonging when entering theatres )) hence I could bring my favorite KFC from level 1 and few heineken cans from 7-11 downstairs hehee…

  217. Avatar photo
    Boris Osmán Martínez Vásquez

    Cinema is fine but building is terrible. Escalators are perennially broken, which takes away from the experience because the cinemas are in upper floors.

  218. Avatar photo
    Paul Tuddenham

    Good shopping mall. Visited quite often for the cinema. This mall has quite a few independent stores selling smart-casual mens clothes.

  219. Avatar photo
    Jo Jurianto

    I like this mall. It’s a big mall but the shops here are not too crowded. I found several unique shops here. The one with the duck as its logo (forgot the name), and the Japanese supermarket in the basement that sells various Japanese snacks.

  220. Avatar photo
    Haliqi Maliq

    This mall used to be vibrant & packed with people & lots of hips shops.. Now 75% shops are either permanently closed or empty.

  221. Avatar photo
    Clayton Chua

    Vibrant and hip place for the young crowd. Has a variety of eateries and shopping. Close to Somerset MRT, and within walking distance to Scape. Has Cathay Cinema for those moving outings!

  222. Avatar photo
    Chong KV

    Jun 2022. Closing down. Here for some memories

  223. Avatar photo
    Vivek Mangalam

    One of the better malls in Singapore, which is located at heart of the shopping district in Orchard. I mostly visit this mall to watch movies at it’s Cathay Cineplexes.

    The Cathay at Cinelasure Orchard has more than 10 screens where all the latest movies are screened. The cinemas are comfortable and nice, with amazing sounds system. Do visit the Cathay here if you get a chance.

  224. Avatar photo
    Joel Yeo

    Cineleisure most of the movie are fully booked left fronts row seat. To advance book before going down to try your luck.

  225. Avatar photo
    Xenocide Duke

    Great place for all ages… Food, entertainment both for adults n kids. Fun-filled weekend to spend here.

  226. Avatar photo
    Kaptain Kerr

    We went to Platinum class and were surprised that they don’t serve beer. Only one toilet inside too so unless you are the only one in the complex, outside you go. We had the chicken welcome platter, which was spicy spicy hot. So be warned!

  227. Avatar photo
    Mark R.

    Sort of a standard Orchard mall that mainly caters to teens. Has some unique shops but the mall is poorly planned and it is fairly inefficient. Escalators take too long to get up resulting in most people using the lifts. There are only four of them and lines can be very long.

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