Review Choa Chu Kang Stadium, 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53, Singapore

Review Choa Chu Kang Stadium - Singapore 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53

“With the newly renovated structure and facilities, the stadium is standing as a popular sport building of Choa Chu Kang town.” or “The stadium has amenities, such as a world-class athletics track, Olympic swimming pool as well as fast-food restaurants.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Choa Chu Kang Stadium. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Choa Chu Kang Stadium is quality.

Introduction about Choa Chu Kang Stadium

Here are some fundamental details regarding Choa Chu Kang Stadium. In terms of Stadium, it is generally believed that Choa Chu Kang Stadiumis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Stadium, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67674576 (+65 67674576)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53, Singapore
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You can directly come to 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Choa Chu Kang Stadium reviews

Choa Chu Kang Stadium is among the best destinations of Stadium in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Choa Chu Kang Stadium good?

To determine whether Choa Chu Kang Stadium is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“With the newly renovated structure and facilities, the stadium is standing as a popular sport building of Choa Chu Kang town.”

“Big and spacious. If not wrong, doors at the bottom of the flight of stairs are open as well as up the stairs. Shelters for the seats but open air tracks and field. Nice place.”

“The stadium has amenities, such as a world-class athletics track, Olympic swimming pool as well as fast-food restaurants.”

“Wave Pool is finally opened! Expect a 15min period of water waves per hour to simulate great seashore experience for kids in safe n controlled environment.”

“This place has been renovated. I love running at the stadium with my partner. The staircase landing seems quiet and rarely got anyone there. Can do private business there.”

“Big leisure pool for kids, there is a wave every hour”

“Well maintained. Very welcome by the duty staffs. Very firm in safety management, especially during inclement weather. Good initiative of colour code to controlled patrons on exercise.”

“Great place to enjoy water and have fun. Love the WAVE!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 289 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 78% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Choa Chu Kang Stadium, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Choa Chu Kang Stadium, 1 Choa Chu Kang Street 53, Singapore

There is a total 289 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Tan Xiang Yun

    Empty with only a few shops

  2. Avatar photo
    Dinan Abubo Gacad

    Excellent Facilities and to shar and open uo to the public for jogging running walking and aerobics for seniors is very good

  3. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sai

    The stadium has amenities, such as a world-class athletics track, Olympic swimming pool as well as fast-food restaurants.

  4. Avatar photo

    Cozy swimming pool. Suitable for family, especially love its sheltered and wave pool but sadly they gonna the revocation works since April 2019

  5. Avatar photo
    Kwok Si-yang

    The place is very big and spacious. Has a water park as well as a very good sports hall and perfect for playing badminton. Noticed there aren’t alot of places to sit other than inside the sports halls and other centres there. Went there to play badminton not long ago and the experience was quite smooth. No issues with booking and people there were friendly.

  6. Avatar photo
    herman kassim

    Kids water facilities

  7. Avatar photo
    Leah Pinky

    Excellent for jogging. Got 2 tennis court

  8. Avatar photo
    Ivan Lam

    Nice sporting complex with a wide range of sporting facilities such as tennis, badminton and running track.

  9. Avatar photo
    Jack Sg

    Nice place. Many people come to exercise. The hall with 6 court is a popular place that can be used for many different activities like badminton, netball etc. Corporste event cam be held there too. They swimming pool and track and field. Football training and competition are held there too.
    Health promotion board are held there too. Some on weekend and some on weekday evening. There are many public amenities around the stadium. Some with bathing facilities.
    They are gym too that is open seven days a week.
    This place is accessible by wheelchair too.
    Finally the a sport shop and a fast food restaurant too.

  10. Avatar photo
    Viola Lin (The Stomach That Travels)

    Went to the Swimming complex. One Olympic size pool, wave pool, spa jacuzzi and there’s stationary bike at Swimming complex too.

  11. Avatar photo
    Timothy Lee

    A huge stadium for all kinds of sports. One of the better stadiums to do your trainings.

  12. Avatar photo
    Toh Soon Onn

    Running tracks above land, good air flow.

  13. Avatar photo
    William Benno

    Superb place for badminton…

  14. Avatar photo
    ALVIN Yee

    Needs more machines …

  15. Avatar photo

    Nice jogging track

  16. Avatar photo
    Jiayi Goh

    Good facilities. Love the swimming pools. There is wave pool and Jacuzzi pool. The water feels warmer at the Jacuzzi pool, very good for relaxing. *Update: Jacuzzi pool is temporary closed when I revisited recently*

  17. Avatar photo
    Justin Lim

    Here for the gym people are friendly would not recommend the swimming facilities though

  18. Avatar photo
    CK Lam

    Easy and convenient parking.

  19. Avatar photo
    luqman zamrot

    Stadium is under renovation works

  20. Avatar photo
    Min Rui Wong

    Choa Chua Kang stadium has a full suite of sporting facilities. These include a swimming complex, a football field surrounded by a running track, a gym, several studios, as well as badminton courts. It also has KFC and Pizza Hut outlets.

  21. Avatar photo
    Luft H.

    Surprisingly no crowd here during December holidays. So it’s quite a relax atmosphere. Booking the facilities is also a breeze using the Activesg Apps.

  22. Avatar photo
    Hyphen Chia

    It’s a public running track. It is also the training ground for SAF Warrior football club. As such, sometime the players will encroach onto the running track and disrupt the runners.

  23. Avatar photo
    phillip chai

    Nice place to work out

  24. Avatar photo
    Joey Jiang

    Great sport complex

  25. Avatar photo
    K Y Yong

    Great place to exercise

  26. Avatar photo

    Difficult to find the way in. Great equipment and many sports to choose from.

  27. Avatar photo
    Siti aisyah

    Not many people. Good place to go to have a quick break in the neighbourhood.

  28. Avatar photo
    Ron King

    Good gym

  29. Avatar photo
    Huili S

    Has a big swiming complex.

  30. Avatar photo
    rama rao g

    Choa Chu Kang stadium is good place to play badminton, table tennis and swim. We can go with family and friends. It is airconditiined i door stadium you can play while your loved one’s watching you from gallery.

    Wash rooms are clean and tidy, take bath anf have food you favorite pizza/chicken in Pizza hut & KFC in the 2nd floor.

  31. Avatar photo
    Navdeep Mahajan

    Nice Indoor Stadium on the west

  32. Avatar photo
    Rizal Jailani

    Met an old friend for a game of badminton with his family. Courts were clean and brightly lit. Toilets were well-maintained and cleaned. There are water coolers too!

  33. Avatar photo
    Marcus Lim

    Nice place

  34. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Rafi

    Great for kids..

  35. Avatar photo
    Leong Chao Yong

    Pools are interesting but not as exciting

  36. Avatar photo
    Faqih Ainmaran

    Awesome staff (Mansoor) at the gymnasium. Active sg should give him a pay raise.!! Awesome environment.

  37. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    Stadium with pool, gym and fast food restaurants.

  38. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Popular place for sport entertainment. Connected to Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex Warriors Football club and Dancepoint Academy. With Olympic size running tracks football basket ball and squash courts. Conveniently located in the neighbourhood heartland of Limbang within walking distance of Kranji Primary School Limbang Park Stagmont Park greenery Limbang Shopping Centre with wet market two bus stops to Yew Tee Square and Yew Tee Point Yew Tee MRT station and bus interchange with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets library postage community centre cinemas entertainment and amenities nearby. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists expats locals visitors and families.

  39. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    A little hard to get there. Has a wave pool, and KFC/Pizza hut. Apparently students come here to study. Renovations coming soon, so check online before coming

  40. Avatar photo
    abdul rahman

    quite a few sports activities to choose from.theres a swimming pool, active sg gym and fast food restaurants.

  41. Avatar photo

    Big gym but comes with people who have no gym etiquette

  42. Avatar photo
    YongKang Chia

    Mostly crowded, but one of the biggest public gym in Singapore

  43. Avatar photo

    My favourite place to play badminton

  44. Avatar photo
    nurul huda


  45. Avatar photo
    MGJK 88

    It has excellent sporting facilities.

  46. Avatar photo
    Harshada Upare

    Nicee and windy , very well maintained.

  47. Avatar photo
    Lawrance Tan

    Good for jogging.

  48. Avatar photo
    Tamil Top up


  49. Avatar photo
    Chai Peng Lai

    Good place for excercise

  50. Avatar photo

    Good place to sweat it out. Quite crowded tho

  51. Avatar photo
    Dax Cheah

    Nice clean stadium with soft laterite track but undergoing renovation at mom.

  52. Avatar photo
    ပိုးပိုးရဲ့ပါပါး Yan Naing

    Good neighbourhood workout places

  53. Avatar photo
    Wei Lun Tan

    Low human traffic at 6.45pm. If you are driving, park further in for nearer access to stadium entrance

  54. Avatar photo
    chua teck seng

    Currently, the pool is closed from 1 April 19 till 31 March 2020 for major renovation. …

  55. Avatar photo
    Amir Abidin

    Occasionally there for Track&field competitions for primary school students.

  56. Avatar photo
    Andy Goh

    The track is well maintain.

  57. Avatar photo
    Don Ngo

    Good but facilities getting old, hope it will be refurbished

  58. Avatar photo
    ban crusher

    Good stadium with nice indoor stuff with gym sup stairs

  59. Avatar photo
    ella richard

    Great view of the field

  60. Avatar photo
    Alvin Chew

    ActiveSG is a great app that bring me to CCK stadium!!!

  61. Avatar photo
    MHM HZ

    Great variety of sports activities to do here such as swimming, jogging, table tennis, basketball and so on. There’s also a sports shop. However, why is there Pizza Hut, KFC and Pastamania at a sports stadium? Anyway, I could just go here instead of shopping centres to buy food.

  62. Avatar photo
    Hee Sen Pau

    Basic gym equipment

  63. Avatar photo
    Siow ChengXin

    When we reached the tennis court, the light was not on. Need to call the counter to on the light and wasted some time…

  64. Avatar photo
    Elok Robert Tee

    An old stadium. Regular school meets. Limited covered parking. A good place to loiter and hide from work.

  65. Avatar photo
    Ryan T

    Got gym

  66. Avatar photo
    Tan Yong Kang

    Good sporting facilities

  67. Avatar photo
    Ray Tio

    Nice swimming pool with wave pool

  68. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    Used to have a bigget play pool pre covid. Came back and the playpool was shifted and now it is smaller. Wave pool is still arount though.

    A pleasant place to have lessons and leisure swimming for families.

  69. Avatar photo
    keanloon chiew

    This place is currently under renovation (Jul 2019) so best to avoid unless you have no where else to go. The pool is closed and entrance has major debris due to the construction activities happening here.

  70. Avatar photo
    Kai Hien TAN

    Good place to run and to exercise

  71. Avatar photo
    David Chandra

    It has a wave pool

  72. Avatar photo
    Albert Pek

    Changing after game is good

  73. Avatar photo
    Wayne Yap

    Just a neighbourhood stadium

  74. Avatar photo
    Navitha Ratheesh

    Very good swimming pool.

  75. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Well maintained. Very welcome by the duty staffs. Very firm in safety management, especially during inclement weather. Good initiative of colour code to controlled patrons on exercise.

  76. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Gupta

    Great Tennis court. Lots of parking

  77. Avatar photo
    De Wei Tey

    Great stadium!

  78. Avatar photo
    Joseph Dreamer

    There is free wifi here.

  79. Avatar photo
    Adam Mohamed

    The swimming pool is good.

  80. Avatar photo
    Nafsiah Wagiman

    Slide in the pool is not working !

  81. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chu

    Toilets at sports hall are smelly

  82. Avatar photo
    Steve Liao

    Cool quiet in morning.

  83. Avatar photo
    Xyvier Lau

    Great place to jog after work, nice air

  84. Avatar photo
    JX C

    Should extend the hours of the stadium if there is demand.

  85. Avatar photo
    Shiva Prasad

    Good facilities. Esp badminton courts.

  86. Avatar photo
    Ban Crusher

    Cool stadium but a little run down

  87. Avatar photo
    Yeow Ong Lim

    A full facilities stadium.

  88. Avatar photo
    Iruka Shōnen

    Has many different venues. Such as a gym and swimming pool.

  89. Avatar photo
    Grace Gan

    This is the place where, I think, it held Sports Day. Today is my Sports Day and have a enjoyable time here. I love it as there will be runners competing each other. We can get to cheer for our own house. Since I am 12 and half, we can also listen to songs. Also, we have cheer leaders to cheer our house runners to give them the spirit to spirt towards the finishing line. I really have a enjoyable time here at CCK stadium. That means Chua Chu Kang Stadium

  90. Avatar photo
    wannhoi fong

    Very good location for sport …

  91. Avatar photo

    Please bring Ur card if u are planning to buy drinks from vending machine as they only accept cards like ezlink

  92. Avatar photo
    Wong Hong Lee

    Good place to do run n sports

  93. Avatar photo
    Fabian Ding

    Near my place. Complete stadium.

  94. Avatar photo
    Ghazali Yacob

    Good place for family sports

  95. Avatar photo
    EngBeng Tan

    Wave Pool is finally opened! Expect a 15min period of water waves per hour to simulate great seashore experience for kids in safe n controlled environment.

  96. Avatar photo
    Haziq Ali

    Nice stadium

  97. Avatar photo
    nS Yu

    There are restaurants, gym, swimming pool etc.

  98. Avatar photo
    Aaroson koh

    Gym is awesome one of the best community gym in singapore

  99. Avatar photo
    ismam pepeco koh

    great swimming pool( lazy pool, hourly- wave pool) mega slide is out of bounds. very child friendly.

  100. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Swimming pool and stadium

  101. Avatar photo
    rei mack

    Not really much shade. Could be better. Have seen better.

  102. Avatar photo
    Subhajeet Chakraverty

    Very well maintained

  103. Avatar photo
    79th Jedi

    Great for running, unless soccer matches are ongoing. Got plenty of eateries nearby as well

  104. Avatar photo
    Idzuan nayla

  105. Avatar photo
    Marlon Capuno

    Good place to swim. Having renovation though.

  106. Avatar photo
    Muhd Idris Elias

    Demolition in progress. Partially closed. Oh well.

  107. Avatar photo
    SS NG

    Great car park

  108. Avatar photo
    Colin Yeo

    Ample parking for wide variety of sports. We’ll maintained facilities such as badminton, swimming, football etc.

  109. Avatar photo

    Outlook of the stadium need to look more posh

  110. Avatar photo
    Jake Koh

    Great for an evening run

  111. Avatar photo
    Bartt (A.a)

    Under renovation right now

  112. Avatar photo
    George Chok

    Good to pace your running with a real stadium running track

  113. Avatar photo
    benjamin lee

    No shelter from both bus stops

    But still the best place to exercise at yew tee

  114. Avatar photo
    Ahboonz of Saikong Clan

    The stadium facilities are getting old.

  115. Avatar photo
    Suhéb Khawaja

    One of the best places for exercise and fitness.
    The new renovated swimming complex is great. Almost like a water park with the slides and such.
    The ActiveSG gym is now on 2 floors, so you have to book a slot specific to which floor you are visiting.

  116. Avatar photo
    James Ng


  117. Avatar photo
    Phee Jennifer

    Nice. Windy too

  118. Avatar photo
    Syukril zzz

    Its A Very Good Stadium To Train In. Home Of The Warriors Club! I Hope The Stadium Will Be Looking Much Better When The Renovations Are Finished …

  119. Avatar photo
    Ng Wei Hang

    Nice to run, but evening will be damn hot. Nice slide in the swimming complex, just less fancy than sengkang.
    Nice gym, the view is just plain boring

  120. Avatar photo
    Hafidz Hassan

    Good open swimming complex

  121. Avatar photo
    pohkhng po


  122. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Adipranoto

    pretty big space for badminton

  123. Avatar photo
    greg tang

    Nice place. Will be ever better since now they are doing an upgrade decoration.

  124. Avatar photo
    Li Fern Goh

    Sports complex with stadium, swimming pool & badminton hall all in one. Shops and learning centre, childcare & preschool centre available. The only letdown is no ATM.

  125. Avatar photo
    alex gg

    great place to swim and gyms

  126. Avatar photo
    Aeden Tang

    With all the restricted access, not like before with all the activities

  127. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    Great workout ground by ActiveSg

  128. Avatar photo
    Nita Jasmine

    Nice and fun with family , children’s enjoy so much at the pools …

  129. Avatar photo
    Zek Rahman

    Love this stadium when I always hang out with my friends in my younger days.

  130. Avatar photo
    S K Tan

    Good sports facilities.

  131. Avatar photo


  132. Avatar photo
    N K

    This is the third stadium I visited in SG. Like everything else is in SG, this is also a nice one. The entrance and the exit is a bit puzzling though and you need to walk a good bit if you are trying to catch a bus. The stadium has very good bleachers, good changing rooms and water to drink. Overall the experience was good. And the fun doubles when you have good friends to company you and you go all out to have fun. This place is not connected by an MRT station so be prepared to take a bus from the LRT/MRT station.

  133. Avatar photo
    Pankaj Shah

    Always a great place to run with a nice track. Get a bit sunny after 8 am.

  134. Avatar photo
    John Ee

    Still under going upgrading. Completed. New face-lift. Leave the decision to you all.

  135. Avatar photo
    Mark Chan

    This stadium has a swimming pool on top of all the usual stuff you would find in other stadium. Location is a little inconvenient as it is not near any mrt stations.

  136. Avatar photo
    Elle Goh

    Big and spacious. If not wrong, doors at the bottom of the flight of stairs are open as well as up the stairs. Shelters for the seats but open air tracks and field. Nice place.

  137. Avatar photo
    Oscar Koh

    The place is currently under renovation. Hard to navigate around. Not even sure what facilities are open or close. It is quite a mess in my personal opinion. Hope they have clearer sign to help user navigate the place. I had a hard time just finding the washroom. Asked around a few passerby and they were all unsure too saying they also having a hard time navigating the place and unsure what facilities are in operation.

  138. Avatar photo

    I died

  139. Avatar photo
    Derik Chan

    Currently under renovation.

  140. Avatar photo
    Nx Original

    Nice and clean place to go for a quick run and is convenient for me and those who lives nearby

  141. Avatar photo
    Fion Tay

    Needs to refurbish. Old facilities.

  142. Avatar photo
    Rayyan Daniyal

    Dead end

  143. Avatar photo
    Archana Bhole

    Decently large stadium

  144. Avatar photo
    Ernest Leong

    Good place play sports

  145. Avatar photo

    Good place to exercise

  146. Avatar photo
    C A

    Nice ambience and a good place to run at in this staidium.

  147. Avatar photo
    Cherlek Toh

    Swimming, Badminton, jogging, etc

  148. Avatar photo

    It’s good at the same time not so good

  149. Avatar photo
    Karthi V

    Good swimming pool, badminton court

  150. Avatar photo
    Blank 1234

    Parking plenty,stadium house swimming pool too

  151. Avatar photo
    Song Wee Chew

    Good place bring kids walk around.

  152. Avatar photo
    William Win

    With the newly renovated structure and facilities, the stadium is standing as a popular sport building of Choa Chu Kang town.

  153. Avatar photo
    Joey Eyu

    Hope to see more restoran or quick bite stall.

  154. Avatar photo
    Elle Goh

    Big and spacious. If not wrong, doors at the bottom of the flight of stairs are open as well as up the stairs. Shelters for the seats but open air tracks and field. Nice place.

  155. Avatar photo
    asdf qwerty

    race track
    not bad

  156. Avatar photo
    Muthu LG

    The stadium big and can do jogging. easily and can do some exercise

  157. Avatar photo
    Zhen Yuan Yeo

    Very good stadium, lots of place for sports. Got WiFi and showers.

  158. Avatar photo

    Not yet fully open. Went there for KFC.

  159. Avatar photo
    Tristan Sow Zhi Lin

    It’s hard to tell where are the tennis court if you haven’t been there. Court 1 & 2 are near the running track. Whereas, Court 3 & 4 are at lvl 2, right above the car park.

  160. Avatar photo

    Well equipped gym

  161. Avatar photo
    Dragon Fu

    No chance to try ‘cos of rain

  162. Avatar photo
    Derek Goh

    Good place with a wave pool. They have KFC and Pizza Hut with spacious area to sit. The stadium is well equipped and a decent gym.

  163. Avatar photo
    Alan Chan

    Quite old, need renovation.

  164. Avatar photo
    Mohd. Jamil

    There is pastamania and kfc. Wave pool is available too

  165. Avatar photo
    Sharul Nizam

    Great place for swimming

  166. Avatar photo
    Victor Toh

    Has a running track, fitness area, swimming pool, gym, tennis and badminton courts. Great area for sports and recreation.

  167. Avatar photo

    Have swimming pool with wave pool, and kids area.

  168. Avatar photo
    Jamilah Abu

  169. Avatar photo
    Murugan Engieering and Exports

    Nice place for sports person to spend time..

  170. Avatar photo
    Andrew Boey

    Come here to exercise nearly every morning. Low crowd

  171. Avatar photo
    Ramli M

    Good for sport and game

  172. Avatar photo
    Khin Thuzar Thin

    Just so so. Not good that the water slide tube is not working

  173. Avatar photo
    Toh Samuel

    Good place for people enjoy the swimming pool and stadium facilities. Toilets are pretty clean.

  174. Avatar photo
    Sherna Liew

    Mediocre pool facilities. There is no training pool but the competition pool, so I wouldn’t recommend this place for beginners. The jacuzzi area feels quite dirty and there isn’t chairs to sit on. The pool has some amenities for children such as slides and wading pool. Shower area is well lit and maintained so that’s good. If you live nearby and don’t mind the quality of the facilities, you can get by with it.

  175. Avatar photo
    Sahwan Osman

    Next to swimming pool and KFC restaurant.

  176. Avatar photo
    Ajith Sebastian

    Looks good

  177. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    Like the facilities. Well maintained.

  178. Avatar photo
    Zhi Xiang

    sports stadium include gyms swimming complex, stadium with running track, indoor stadium usually used for badminton and ping pong , do book for courts a week beforehand as it tends to be harr to book a spot during weekends.

  179. Avatar photo
    KamOn Leong

    Nice place to do some workout for health lifestyle …

  180. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yap

    The facilities were fairly well maintained and the staff were helpful

  181. Avatar photo
    Rodney Tan

    3 different pools.

  182. Avatar photo
    San Lee

    Huge stadium with good running tracks and tennis courts. Tip: If you are taking the train, alight at Yew Tee station instead and walk about 10 minutes to get there.

  183. Avatar photo
    kang hanqi

    Cheap. Effective. Accessible.

  184. Avatar photo
    tay poh wah

    I come to this stadium everyday from Monday to Friday 7am to 8am for exercises. The facilities yet to improve like playground not enough exercising equipments.Also the stadium clock should be replaced with big digital time like Gombak stadium upgraded. Just like to see improvement and more people come to enjoy using this stadium. Thanks

  185. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    A great place to bring the family to. Many will love the pool with the man-made waves.

  186. Avatar photo
    koh Chan

    Very less player on the sport Hall.

  187. Avatar photo
    zat zot

    Currently under renovation, expected to open in 2020

  188. Avatar photo

    Nice facilities and good CCA programmes

  189. Avatar photo Vincentlim

    Good place to exercise and stay healthy.

  190. Avatar photo
    William Win

    With the newly renovated structure and facilities, the stadium is standing as a popular sport building of Choa Chu Kang town.

  191. Avatar photo
    Jason Leong

    Track, field, gym, badminton courts and tennis courts are available. Swimming pool is closed for renovations though.

  192. Avatar photo
    Khng Suansee

    good place for jogging or brisk walking

  193. Avatar photo
    Selva Kumar

    Superb sporting place

  194. Avatar photo
    May Tan

    The distance from my house to Stadium is near.
    The Stadium is dark. I ever saw some one fell and I did almost fall due to not enough light. One time my running friends came to run with me, they mentioned choa chu kang Stadium is too dark. Whales hougang stadium, toa payoh stadium and yisun stadium woodlands stadium, all are brighter than choa chu kang stadium. After one time visited , they will never want to come here run. I seriously looking forward the brightness can be improve so then may convenience to choa chu kang residents. Thankyou .

  195. Avatar photo
    Aaron Cheng

    Excellent neighbourhood sports complex
    Sufficient indoor parking …

  196. Avatar photo
    Kin Hing Chin

    Closing soon (April 2019) for renovations…

  197. Avatar photo
    Nancie Koo

    Nice gym and swimming pool. Friendly staff.

  198. Avatar photo

    The new dance studio and gym are very spacious. Still lots of renovation going on

  199. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    It has a nice track to run on with the capability to hold a lot of people in the spectator seat. It is easy to access with buses 979 and 307 having bus stop near the stadium. It has a nice surrounding to run in too as the stadium is surrounded by a highway, a school and the nearby private estates. It is a good place to train my jogging ability and to make memories with friends as we exercised in this area. Highly recommend for the residents staying in Yew Tee to try out the facilitiies at the stadium.

  200. Avatar photo
    Praveen Kumar

    Small place… quiet

  201. Avatar photo
    Jaffa M.S.

    Although being one of the “international standard” facilities especially for track and field events, the run down of certain parts of the stadium plus the poor running track are just those things that will frustrate you.

  202. Avatar photo
    FW L

    Nice track and field.

  203. Avatar photo
    Bryan Yong

    Pretty confusing layout and it gets warm during the night at the soccer stadium. Air conditioning maybe?

  204. Avatar photo
    Michael Woon

    Light not bright enough and it makes it very dull

  205. Avatar photo
    Dk random

    It’s kinda small,and there there isn’t enough equipment

  206. Avatar photo

    Went there a couple of times. It’s big and the stands are great.

  207. Avatar photo
    Leon Antony Gomes

    Mad tings

  208. Avatar photo
    Raden Abdul

    Still under renovation hopefully everything goes well.

  209. Avatar photo
    Bone Zaw

    Good for daily workout exercise.

  210. Avatar photo
    Natraj Veladandi

    Amazing place for all. Loads of fun awaiting at the swimming pools

  211. Avatar photo
    Shok Chan Jacqueline kwong

    Too hot k that day

  212. Avatar photo
    Yin Chen LEE

    Convenient location, with feature swimming pool

  213. Avatar photo
    Haziq Saini

    Its nice

  214. Avatar photo
    Sendhilraj Jude Sathasivam Kusalan

    Very well equipped. But now under renovations.

  215. Avatar photo
    Edwin Low

    Nice place to keep fit and healthy

  216. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chin

    Simple track for runs and sports meet.

  217. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ehsan.J

    Good place tp do my training

  218. Avatar photo
    Lakshminarayanan Ranganathan

    Lot of construction activity..

  219. Avatar photo
    Jun Yan Yap

    The sports facilities are ok. Unfortunately there is no air conditioning and the place is quite poorly ventilated so it’s a real chore to sit in during the day.

  220. Avatar photo

    Great place to enjoy water and have fun.
    Love the WAVE!

  221. Avatar photo
    Harris Stein

    For indoor exercise but need to book by Activesg app.

  222. Avatar photo
    ah hock goh

    Nice environment. Fully equipped gym.

  223. Avatar photo
    EY WT

    Not too crowded but lots of FT during evening.

  224. Avatar photo
    1Academy Science Howard

    Still under renovation..But the track is ready. Beautiful view from level 14 at Blk 762.

  225. Avatar photo
    Ace Dalisay

    Great place to run or jog

  226. Avatar photo
    Lai Kolin

    CCK recreation section is functional tested…hopefully will be open to the public soon!

  227. Avatar photo
    Chua Ban Cheng

    Have KFC & pizza to eat.

  228. Avatar photo
    Borhan Alladin

    Good Swimming complex

  229. Avatar photo

    Good place for exercise

  230. Avatar photo
    Emily Ho

    It’s opened daily now. Awesome!

  231. Avatar photo

    Clean and nice environment to play sports in

  232. Avatar photo
    Sharmala Jacquelyn Solomon

    Façade under renovation but it’s business as usual for the track. Not many signs to guide you so just walk straight through the sheltered carpark.

  233. Avatar photo
    tiosun tio

    My fav pool to do laps

  234. Avatar photo
    Ashwanth Ganesh

    Awesome pool and jacuzzi available!!

  235. Avatar photo
    Justin Peh

    Quality of facilties are alright. Overall design of the place can be abit confusing.

  236. Avatar photo
    Philipp R.

    Great audience. Amazing soccer

  237. Avatar photo
    Eric Loke

    In the midst of upgrading, wouldn’t recommend now.

  238. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chiang

    Went to the gym for a evening workout to see the wore out machines. Sad to say the machines has been in service for more than a decade since opening. Hope to see new machines and layout soon.

  239. Avatar photo
    Saleh Chowdhury

    Standard stadium with necessary facilities.

  240. Avatar photo
    Ace Junior

    Nice place for outdoor activities…

  241. Avatar photo

    Came here for competition, the view is amazing

  242. Avatar photo
    mikk s

    Renovated and new

  243. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Gow

    Great place to bring family and children for sports events. (Swimming, Badminton, gym, running track, etc.)

  244. Avatar photo
    Kin Teokeong

    Did not explore there. Just drop off someone there.

  245. Avatar photo
    Tommy Gui

    The place is going through an upgrading now, only the gym is functioning. Seems like many new shops coming soon. Several F&B outlets, including 1 by the pool, subways, learning centres, childcare. As of now, can’t see much of the shops yet, probably by Q2 of 2022.

  246. Avatar photo
    raj deva

    stadium in choa chu kang.

  247. Avatar photo
    roberto suarez

    Good place to go for swimming and other exercise workouts.

  248. Avatar photo

    Good sport facilities

  249. Avatar photo
    lai xun

    nice !!

  250. Avatar photo
    G L

    Good place for kids swimming lesson.

  251. Avatar photo
    Kingsley Ng

    Typical stadium. Has an indoor circular stadium.

  252. Avatar photo
    Omar Ali

    Place is still undergoing renovation thus a little dusty. But the facilities are being upgraded and thus seems new too.

  253. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    This place is currently under renovation. Hope after the renovation this sports centre will be good one for all sports.

  254. Avatar photo

    Great track

  255. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Ed

    Nice stadium

  256. Avatar photo
    Siti Nur Khalilah

    Love that there’s a section for ladies

  257. Avatar photo
    Shishir Bychapur

    Nice badminton court

  258. Avatar photo

    The stadium was big enough and very good place for work out but there are a lot of bird droppings left on the seats when u wanna have a break.

  259. Avatar photo
    Gopinath DJJ

    Wave pool .. is my favourite

  260. Avatar photo
    yongwah seah

    The stadium is spacious yet not so crowded, compared to the Bkt Gombak stadium, in the morning.

    They are doing major rwnovation now. Will complete in 2020.

  261. Avatar photo
    Mohd A.

    The table tennis area is not good. Very stuffy, tables with damaged surfaces, slippery floor. The other amenities are okay!

  262. Avatar photo

    it is a really beneficial place to exercise!!

  263. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tong

    One of the best stadiums in Singapore.

  264. Avatar photo

    Great place to workout

  265. Avatar photo
    Glynis Lee

    Not convenient access for the elderly to the building. To take the lift which is in the middle of car park, you have to pass by the bin centre in front of the basement car park.

  266. Avatar photo

    Swimming pool is now under renovation. Stadium is still open.

  267. Avatar photo
    Nathaniel Ng Li Wen,

    Centrally and conveniently located public recreation complex with a public pool and a 400m track! A great place for exercise and leisure time with the family!

  268. Avatar photo
    David Fhu

    Choa Chu Kang Stadium is a public sports stadium operated by Sport Singapore.

    It is located in Choa Chu Kang Sports Centre.

    Since 2001, Choa Chu Kang Sports Centre, formerly known as Choa Chua Kang Sports and Recreation Centre, has brought new levels of excitement for the young and young at heart with its integrated facilities.

    In addition to being home to the S-League powerhouse SAF Warriors, the stadium plays host to annual inter-school athletics meets.

    Situated between 2 MRT stations, Choa Chu Kang Sports Centre has positioned itself as the location of choice for its sports and recreational activities for residents nearby.

    Facility Information:
    8 Badminton Courts
    4 Table-Tennis Tables
    4 Tennis Courts
    1 International Running Track
    1 Football Field
    1 Gym
    1 Olympic-size swimming pool
    1 Wave Pool
    2 Children Pool

    Some of the facility is closed (Maybe for good):
    Slides Tower is closed from 13-Nov-14 until further notice.

  269. Avatar photo
    Michael Koh

    Not completely finish renovation running track n swimming pools is open

  270. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sai

    The stadium has amenities, such as a world-class athletics track, Olympic swimming pool as well as fast-food restaurants.

  271. Avatar photo
    chris chong

    Regional sports stadium with swimming pool, gyms and badminton halls and track and fields. Very comprehensive facilities

  272. Avatar photo
    Piotr Garbacz

    Ok place

  273. Avatar photo
    Balamurugan Thangasamy

    Good place for people to stay healthy. Kids enjoy playing in swimming pool at stadium.

  274. Avatar photo
    Hai Quan

    Feature pools with a lot of fun including jacuzzi.

  275. Avatar photo
    Poon Victoria

    Quiet and upgrading now

  276. Avatar photo
    min ho

    fun with basketball court

  277. Avatar photo
    Yicheng Peng

    Nice place for family, plenty of car park
    KFC and Sport Shop

  278. Avatar photo
    The Linear

    Part of the stadium is under renovation. Parking is easy

  279. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Big leisure pool for kids, there is a wave every hour

  280. Avatar photo
    Jenna (thejulietmike)

    Great facilities from gym to pool to sports hall. Though I thought the appearance of KFC and Pizza Hut is kind of inappropriate. How about subway? Or more healthier food choices instead.

  281. Avatar photo
    Charles Ang

    It has alot of facilities

  282. Avatar photo

    Just make sure you stay off the field else you will get scolded! This is the home ground of a almighty S-league top team (yawn)

  283. Avatar photo
    Luqman Amir

    This place has been renovated. I love running at the stadium with my partner. The staircase landing seems quiet and rarely got anyone there. Can do private business there.

  284. Avatar photo
    Abdul Hakim

    A quiet stadium with all the necessary facilities.

  285. Avatar photo
    Balasubramanian T V

    It has swimming pool, tennis courts and indoor badminton court, table tennis court.
    Has a football play ground and running track.

  286. Avatar photo
    Sailor Wong

    Did therapy exercises for my spine in the small pool. Better relieve than pain killers or massage.

  287. Avatar photo
    Jason Lim

    Got swimming pool and KFC

  288. Avatar photo
    Poh Kok Ng

    Sport and swimming pool facilities

  289. Avatar photo
    G BL

    Great facilities,KFC , Pizza Hut And Pastamania are available if you are hungry.

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