Review Chic Capsule Otel – Singapore 13 Mosque St

Review Chic Capsule Otel - Singapore 13 Mosque St

“Everything was good, just breakfast too late (8 am) and rooms a bid dark.. location is excellent” or “Location is excellent but restrooms are not very clean” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Chic Capsule Otel. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Chic Capsule Otel is quality.

Introduction about Chic Capsule Otel

Here are some fundamental details regarding Chic Capsule Otel. In terms of , it is generally believed that Chic Capsule Otelis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 13 Mosque St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 91546893 (+65 91546893)
  • Address: 13 Mosque St, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

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You can reach Chic Capsule Otel at 91546893(+65 91546893). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 13 Mosque St, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Chic Capsule Otel reviews

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To determine whether Chic Capsule Otel is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Capsule Hotel with super friendly and helpful staff. Much nicer than a hostel bed. You have your own TV with headphones. Towel and blanket are included. …”

“It was nice place! The staff here also nice and friendly! I was harassed and they came to help The bed also nice too hehehe. I will come again next time! Thank you! ”

“Location is excellent but restrooms are not very clean”

“Best place to stay if you are a solo traveler and wants to”

“Friendliest staff I've ever had at a hostel, they are willing to accommodate anything you ask. We got a free upgrade for a room worth twice what we paid for. Would definite recommend.”

“Clean, safe, conveniently located, quiet. Free WiFi, breakfast, and airport shuttle. Worth way more than what I paid for. Desmond is the best. He will take care of your needs.”

“My stay The Chic Otel went beyond my expectations. My capsule was comfortable and clean and the service was exceptional - especially from Naz. Would definitely recommend to everyone”

“Next to train station, friendly staff, small room but ok. Safe for female solo traveller”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 197 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Chic Capsule Otel, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Chic Capsule Otel – Singapore 13 Mosque St

There is a total 197 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Elly Manda

    Very good location, 2 min from the underground station. Easy to walk from here to raffles place. The rooms are clean, the capsule concept is perfect for people who want a bit of privacy. You get a big TV and headphones for each bed and a medium sized locker.

  2. Avatar photo
    _____ Kim

    Each bed is connected to a TV and Dr. Dre headphones. The staff is friendly, and the sandwiches they give you in the morning are ok. It was good except that the shower/toilet was shared, so it was a bit inconvenient.

  3. Avatar photo
    Avis Thomas

    A good deal for one person, but if there are 2 or more you might as well find a regular hotel room. Great staff –helpful and genuinely interested in our well being. The large individual lockers, operated using a proximity device embedded in a silicone bracelet, was a great idea. They could also store larger luggage in a secure room. The shower area despirately needed a working exhaust fan, but that is a small thing.

  4. Avatar photo
    Janaka Kuruppu

    Coolest hostel in singapore n Desmond is really doing a great job .

  5. Avatar photo

    Super friendly and helpful service from Desmond and the other staff. Good value, clean and well run hostel right by Chinatown and the MRT station so easy to get to and from the airport without needing a taxi. Maxwells Food Center must be visited right around the corner and Little India and Gardens by the Bay also very close on the MRT.

  6. Avatar photo
    Sophia Siu

    Great convenient place to stay in!!! Just around the corner is the MRT station and great hospitality all the way!

  7. Avatar photo
    Cahya Riski - Oki Wiranegara

    Very comfortable capsule hotel, if realy focusing on explore singapore and doesnt have issue about space, this is the place what are you looking for.

  8. Avatar photo
    David Chungue

    Cheap, nice capsule, bathroom a little too humid and hot but service is nice.

  9. Avatar photo
    vishma dananjaya

    You can find the 5 star hotel spend the day but never can have the 5 star service like this.
    Nasik is the man.. cheers brother…
    Solo traveler – sri lanka

  10. Avatar photo
    Gabor M

    Really nice place with an absolutely incredible and nice staff who’ll basically help you with anything. 5/5 would recommend it any time.

  11. Avatar photo
    B Rey

    Clean, safe, conveniently located, quiet. Free WiFi, breakfast, and airport shuttle. Worth way more than what I paid for. Desmond is the best. He will take care of your needs.

  12. Avatar photo
    Budi Tosin

    Lovely place, best staff!!!

  13. Avatar photo

    Overall Review – Very good value for money, I would definitely choose this place if I came alone
    People who are sensitive to bed are considered / Those who do not know even if they carry it while sleeping, choose it unconditionally
    Pros – The price is cheap and breakfast is included. And there are many famous places to eat nearby, for example, Eastern food in Vicen. Arrive in about 5 minutes on foot from the subway station. There is also a convenience store nearby. and kindness. The room is well cooled. Big TV and YouTube in the room. wifi fast. headphones are very good
    Cons – The entrance is difficult to find and the shower facilities are rather poor. Soundproofing is not good If you are around people who snort like me, you have to say you’ve slept.

  14. Avatar photo
    Emile Ruig

    The main reason for me to choose this place was the low price. Unfortunately I had to compensate for this by giving up a lot of sleep. A group of teenagers was being so loud and it didn’t stop. No staff member seems to care.

  15. Avatar photo
    K.kee Satira

    convenient to travel Hospitality and attentive service are very good.

  16. Avatar photo Member

    In the heart o …

  17. Avatar photo
    Antonin ROY

    (+) Location is great and bedrooms are confortable
    (-) not enough bathrooms, no living room/place to stay to have breakfast or to google but the entrance corridor. I asked assistance for the TV to the staff which never came.

  18. Avatar photo
    Jevan Jovandy

    Great service and very comfortable to stay

  19. Avatar photo
    Blond Reports

    Better pay more and stay like a human

  20. Avatar photo

    I don’t know about anything else because I only wash and sleep.
    I like that it is close to the subway station.

  21. Avatar photo Member

    The front desk guy is marvelous, he loves his job and goes through every introduction needed even though he knows that I stayed there a couple of times.

  22. Avatar photo
    Jason Jo

    Not bad price, location and facilities. There is a TV and headphones (Dr. Dre!) in each individual capsule. You can pull down the blinds so you can’t see them sleeping. Everything is good except for the toilet in the shower. A simple breakfast was served, and drinks were also farmed in Geha. Tickets for the luge can be purchased cheaply. Koreans are often seen inside. When you go to the airport early in the morning, if you talk to the counter, they will find it and join you for carpooling. In general, everyone is friendly, especially the narcolepsy staff. let’s go

  23. Avatar photo
    Shaun Cameron

    I really liked this hostel and would stay here again if I returned to Singapore and wanted to stay in Chinatown. It is close to the main transport systems, Chinatown, markets, and you can easily reach other attractions easily. The staff were all very friendly and the hostel was clean and relaxed.

  24. Avatar photo
    james wong


  25. Avatar photo

    It is very close to the Chinatown MRT and the market district. You can store your luggage. The counter staff are very nice and can communicate in Chinese. The room is also clean. The disadvantage is that the public lighting is a bit dark and it is inconvenient to arrange luggage.

  26. Avatar photo
    Karthik Ramanathan

    Well designed hotel and the lighting are perfect Good and comfortable stay

  27. Avatar photo
    mana kiyo

    The location was good and the staff was kind.
    I think it’s a good hostel for a solo traveler. They also provide free airport transfer (the subway station is nearby, and you can also use the subway to get to the hostel. S$2.5 one way)
    If you walk a little, you can also go to Hawkers (food stall village), souvenir shops, and if you walk about 20 minutes, you can also go to Marina Bay Sands.
    We got sandwiches and tea for breakfast.

    Speaking of disappointing things, the bathroom is an integrated toilet and shower, and the toilet seat and floor are wet. (For that reason, bath mats are provided.) There are only stairs, so it is not recommended if you have heavy luggage.

    But when I go to Singapore, this is the hostel I want to stay at again!

  28. Avatar photo

    (1) If you don’t mind congested and limited space to move around, this is the place for you (2)If only want a shower and a place to sleep, (3)They shut the air-conditioning from 11am to 3pm (4)Cleanliness particularly the toilet maybe a concern (5)Beware of shoes theives. Overall, OK as it’s freaking cheap and great location.

  29. Avatar photo
    Djey J

    Very good ! Little bit expensive but worth every penny

  30. Avatar photo
    Andrew Kaupi

    Nice hospitality and pleasant place which I enjoyed stay..

  31. Avatar photo
    Yudith Cai

    Located in Singapore’s Chinatown. Just walk about 5 minutes from the MRT station to get to the location of this hostel.

    The room facilities are standard, I like the curtain box covering our room.

    Wi-fi is quite fast, hot water in the shower is also good.

  32. Avatar photo
    topee singson

    place was clean, well located.
    manager desmond is knowledgeable about the city. good value for money.
    the room is just a bit dark, it helps if you have a small light with you to sort out your stuff..

  33. Avatar photo
    Sissi Lemarr

    Just awful.

  34. Avatar photo
    Jason Scott (Jason)

    Free breakfast and airport shuttle (no pick-up service, advance notice required)
    The boss’s Chinese is not bad, but the other service staff are not very good in Chinese. The registration will give you a cocktail voucher
    The hostel is located in the food street, Chinatown exit A is nearby, and there are many small 7s that Taiwanese often go to.

  35. Avatar photo
    Edyth Fernandez

    Best place to stay for 1 to 2 days

  36. Avatar photo
    Sawaminee Khamma

    The room is quite dark, friendly and good staffs

  37. Avatar photo Member

    Good location! Maybe is about time to change the mattress?Other than that it is fantastic!

  38. Avatar photo
    Andy Lau

    Its good capsule for me…

  39. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Fadli

    Economical…for backpackers to SGP

  40. Avatar photo

    First place to stay in Singapore. It is close to Chinatown Station and close to Bulyasa Temple. The staff greeted me every day and their kindness filled my whole body and made me feel good. The hot water came out well and I could truly feel that a capsule hostel was like this. It was cozy and ok. It was on the 2nd floor, so going up and down was uncomfortable, but it was quite fun. It was dark in the room, so I couldn’t tell if it was clean or dirty. The lighting itself is dark, so the whole room is brown. It was cold because the bunk bed was right behind the air conditioner. The hair dryer was on the verge of being damaged, but it was not replaced.

  41. Avatar photo
    Miia H

    Only one toilet/shower. Otherwise clean and good location. No atmosphere

  42. Avatar photo
    Arturo Rodríguez

    It is the best that can be found for a reasonable price, Singapore has the worst value for money I have ever seen, in all its services

  43. Avatar photo


  44. Avatar photo Member

    great …

  45. Avatar photo
    Natalia Pichon

    I would stay here again. I stayed in a shared female room and even though there were 10 of us, everyone was very quiet. The bed has a courtain so you feel a lot of privacy, and it has a power outlet, light and TV inside. The bed felt very clean. The shared bathrooms are a little bit outdated and the walls and floor is black so it is hard to see if they are really clean but they felt sufficiently clean, but they are not well ventilated. The staff was very nice and helpful. The breakfast is simple but enough (cereal, sandwich, small piece of fruit, coffee). The location is excellent in a non-crowded street of Chinatown and the subway just steps away. Overall very good experience and value for money.

  46. Avatar photo
    Vijay Srinivas Ganesan

    Fabulous location. Terrifically clean. Very comfy.

  47. Avatar photo
    Clément Delmas

    Excellent hostel extremely helpful staff and very close to the metro
    really great

  48. Avatar photo

    The staff is very friendly. The location is good. Above all, it is quiet.

  49. Avatar photo
    s ol

    Those who care about hygiene should avoid it.

    First, there is a shower and toilet together… ;; I’ve been to Thailand and Hong Kong in the past and it was like that, but at least it was separated, but here it was not separated, so it was uncomfortable to wash and go to the bathroom.
    Second, I want to try hitting it in the bathroom… Yep, I’ll stop at this point… Maybe it’s because the toilet doesn’t drain well. Of course, it’s dark, so it’s hard to see, but once you see it, you can see it all the time. ^^ But it’s a strange structure that there’s no scallops.

    I wrote only the cons, so I will write the pros as well.
    1. Cheap
    2. The place to sleep is still clean, but there are a few tiny flying bugs crawling
    3. It’s on TV but it’s Netflix and YouTube
    4. Kindness
    5. It looks like he cleans every day (though it doesn’t seem to make any sense)

    All in all, it’s dirty and outdated… I went to a cheap, friendly and clean capsule hotel in Japan and came to this place, so there seems to be more comparisons ㅠㅠ

  50. Avatar photo
    Xiao Ming

    My first time to Singapore and my first time staying in hostel ! This hostel I would like to recommend to everyone! The location is good the staffs are friendly and helpful! Most important the place is so clean and good rate ! (Owen from Malaysia)

  51. Avatar photo

    Very value-for-money capsule hotel, and it’s a Buddha’s heart to pay for breakfast
    The toilets are shared, which is convenient and clean!
    This time I live in a 10-person room on the first floor (girls only)
    The room and bed are quite clean, with towels attached, water, milk, coffee and some biscuits are available in the public space
    The overall experience is pretty good, and there is no sound from the upper and lower bunks, but the air conditioner is quite cold at night, so be careful~~

  52. Avatar photo
    akiko _w

    Close to Chinatown station, there are many shops around! However, the hotel is quiet and comfortable.

    The owner is very friendly!
    I only visited Singapore for one night without any big plans, but all the spots and shops suggested by my husband were wonderful.

    Of course, all the other staff members were also kind!

    Breakfast served sandwiches, fruit and coffee (tea).
    The entrance is small, but stylish and relaxing!

    In the room, if you are sensitive to the cold, long sleeves might be better. It was a little cold when I slept, so I put on a hoodie.

    I forgot the Singapore spec plug, but they lent it to me.
    There is also a hair dryer.

    I want to repeat when I come to Singapore again

    There is even a shuttle bus service to the airport! Let’s use it next time!

    * I think it was 11:30/15:30.

  53. Avatar photo
    Mochamad Firmasyah

    Quite nice and cozy capsule dorminatory You’ll have a free breakfast every day and the location itself nearby to chinatown.

  54. Avatar photo
    Emmanuela Garantonaki

    Excellent staff at the reception and great location. The bathrooms could be a little cleaner.

  55. Avatar photo

    Perfect location, friendly staff, super privacy!

  56. Avatar photo
    nh N

    Great location near the station and mall!
    The capsule is comfortable with a TV and headphones.
    It would be better if the shower and toilet are separate.

  57. Avatar photo
    Karina Fidela

    The owner is so nice and he recognised us almost immediately the second we entered the building. Located not far from the Chinatown MRT station (only one alley away) and the facilities were so good for the price. They provide TV, headphones, reading light, and even hairdryer. Not really spacious but enough and it’s even more comfy if you’re travelling in group and booked a whole room. The breakfast were good too and Desmond (the owner) was nice enough to serve it on his own. This guy is really nice and he was pretty helpful to us. The waiting/foyer/reception area was narrow but it was more than enough.

  58. Avatar photo
    Gasper Explorer

    I have traveled to Singapore a few times already and this hostel was my favorite place to stay so far, especially considering the price. It’s located in the center of Chinatown and near the mrt station, so it’s easy to get around.

    The hostel itself is a more quiet type of accommodation which I preferred at that time. Capsules are spacious and comfortable and even include a smart TV with Netflix! They even provided headphones. Towels included as well! It would be nice to have a little bit more storage in the capsule itself as well, like a shelf or a smaller safe. Lockers are very big and they work on a number code system.

    The bathroom is clean. There’s an interesting modern looking shower feature that includes timer and thermostat. In one of the showers it didn’t work properly and it seemed a bit damaged/broken.

    The staff was very nice and helpful. Breakfast is minimal but they do provide free hot and cold drinkable water. Door rooms work on a key card but it was often opened which could be a slight security problem.

  59. Avatar photo
    Xiao-Lun Zeng

    The staff is very kind. The place I live is not far from the subway station, and the transportation is very convenient.

  60. Avatar photo
    A D

    I felt was a bit too expensive (40S$) for a dark, dingy dorm, but the staff were very nice and helpful. I know they have more dorms in the property, so maybe the other dorms are brighter and better.

  61. Avatar photo

    The staff are super helpful, and he is able to speak various languages which make our conversation even more interesting.
    He also lend me one umbrella to cope with the raining season at that moment.
    Each bed provide with personal television (Web browser, Netflix, YouTube and so on), a bed light and a curtain to retain your privacy, simple breakfast also provided!

  62. Avatar photo
    nadia septianie

    Love the relaxed ambiance and the kind staff. But the bathroom is not clean enough and didn’t have enough light. I’ve got female dorm 4 bunk, and is quite nice.

  63. Avatar photo
    R L

    Perfect stay under budget

  64. Avatar photo
    Rina Bahrah

    The hostel is in an excellent location. The staff is awesome! There is a nice breakfast served with lots of love!

  65. Avatar photo

    Right in the middle of China Town with great public transport access. Spacious cubicles with TV and air-conditioning. Good for the price.

  66. Avatar photo
    Bella Q

    I like & really enjoyed staying at Chic capsule becos the place is peaceful. I met many nice & friendly guests all over the world here too. Most of them are very respectful. Honestly speaking, I like only one of the front desk , Claire. That made me keep coming back. I do not like the manager here. Not warm & friendly to me. From a stranger, this Chic capsule has really become my home & favourite place now. I had stayed a few capsule hostels before. But only one or two made me keep going back. I shall put Chic capsule first unless it is fully booked. I used to stay at hotels becos i am not comfortable staying with people at all. Liked to be in a low profile. But this place changed my mind completely about the capsule hostel. I start enjoyed staying at hostels now . Though it is a capsule hostel, but i consider it as premium standard. Must be the mystery & uniqueness of the Chic capsule. This is the only one place i put very high review as i am very strict about it. Put thumbs up

  67. Avatar photo Member

    I stayed one night in this city to see the sights. You will not be disappointed for what you get for the money you pay. Everything was kept spotlessly clean during my stay there. Is very near to the airport. Transportation to the city and touring is just around the corner.

  68. Avatar photo
    Logan Sun (Logan Sun)

    It is a pleasant to see such a surprising hospitality. The service and the friendliness of staff have totally reached my expectations. Great Job Chic Capsule Otel!!! I would definitely recommend this to others.

  69. Avatar photo
    ManWai Yeung

    Capsule Hotel with super friendly and helpful staff.
    Much nicer than a hostel bed. You have your own TV with headphones. Towel and blanket are included. …

  70. Avatar photo
    Tetsufumi FUKANO

    The staff were friendly and helpful. I want to go again.

  71. Avatar photo
    Yin Xin Ong

    Great location and amazing service!

  72. Avatar photo
    Bayram Dökmeci

    Terrible place !! Now place to sit together, only 1 table outside. No working places. Too many people in a very small space. You can’t move properly. Not enough dishes. Not enough toilets and showers. I regret booking this hotel and do not recommend it to anyone.

  73. Avatar photo Member

    Good location, the front desk guy loves his job and loves this place.

  74. Avatar photo
    Johannes Schmidt

    Everything was good, just breakfast too late (8 am) and rooms a bid dark.. location is excellent

  75. Avatar photo

    The staff is attentive and can provide local information in Chinese. It’s great~

  76. Avatar photo
    A.T H.P


  77. Avatar photo

    It is easy to go to Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay near the subway station.
    Hawkers is also nearby and there are many Chinese restaurants, so the location is good. There is even a free airport shuttle service twice a day.
    The staff were friendly and helpful.

    However, since the shower booth is not large, it is necessary to devise ways to prevent your clothes from getting wet. It’s unisex, but the walls are frosted glass…
    However, it is good because it is in a good location and has good access.

  78. Avatar photo
    Sinop Bangjoe


  79. Avatar photo
    haseeb ahmad

    Comfortable place.. with friendly staff …

  80. Avatar photo
    Alex Rus

    Very good for a hostel!

  81. Avatar photo
    Gu Gu

    Dirty, smelly. But the staff is quite nice. Still not recommended to stay.

  82. Avatar photo
    Indah Sukmawati

    One of the few capsule hotel with TV inside the pod. But the wifi now is not very good, slow connection so that the TV which using wifi to stream movies or youtube often lagging and sometimes it wouldnt even connect with the internet rendering the TV useless

  83. Avatar photo
    Pete Sk

    Great location close to China town, the MRT train line. The bed was very comfortable and had its own individual TV. The guy at the desk was super helpful and friendly. The room had a lot of beds for only one toilet and shower and that was a bit annoying as I had to wait to use it a couple of times.

  84. Avatar photo
    Daniel Greens

    AC too cold

  85. Avatar photo

    Pliz put the guest on the right place where they booked before…. i almost fall frm up bed,ive confirmed ,before i went to ur hotel,so i felt dissapointed when i got different bed

  86. Avatar photo Member

    Convenience is …

  87. Avatar photo

    Lovely little place, very helpful staff and surprisingly good accommodations

  88. Avatar photo
    Renata Dal Bó

    The hostel is pretty cool. I stayed in a mixed room and still had a lot of privacy. The capsules with tv, headphones and lamp. I thought it was great to be a hostel. Very friendly reception and nice breakfast.

  89. Avatar photo
    Lily Wong

    Excellent location, just exit from Chinatown MRT exit A and make a few turns to reach the hostel. Staff was welcoming and friendly. I was given a cup of cold tea as a welcoming drink (a nice treat after a long travel). As it was too early for check in, I left my bags there and explored the area. Towels are provided along with a blanket. There’s a restaurant next door that has live music performance at night and I could hear it through the walls. I am not a light sleeper so I was fine by it.

  90. Avatar photo

    Given the price, you can’t really complain

  91. Avatar photo

    This is our second hotel in Singapore. It might be nice to have a TV in each capsule, but I wonder if it doesn’t matter to people who don’t watch TV. After all, it should be noted that the bathroom is difficult. I stayed two nights, but basically I tried to use the toilet and bath at the same time. Because the shower and the toilet are not separated, the toilet becomes soaked when you take a shower. You have to leave your towels and clothes outside, but it’s a place where people come and go, so if you’re not good at it, you may run into other people. I’m a man, so I didn’t really care, but I thought it was a very difficult bath for women. Of course, even if you only use the toilet, it is better to think that you are too wet to wear socks. If only this point can be improved, I think it will be a very good hotel coupled with the convenience from the station.

  92. Avatar photo
    Andy Kun

    This is my first time staying at a capsule hostel, very clean and friendly staffs, even include simple sandwiches for brekky! I left my suitcase on the Shuttle bus they helped me called and got my suitcase back!! Highly recommended,

  93. Avatar photo
    Edwin Kurniawan

    Very good backpackers hotel, very quite with 32 inch smart android tv in each capsule

  94. Avatar photo

    Cheap, but quality was definitely good for the price. Room was a tad bit hot, and there are not enough bathrooms considering the number of rooms, but everything else was great

  95. Avatar photo
    Kevin putra

    Its clean and affordable. Location is good too.

  96. Avatar photo

    It’s really great here. positional position. The facilities are also very clean. The staff is so friendly ㅠㅠ I really recommend it!!

  97. Avatar photo
    Jessica Stelter

    Amazing and helpful staff. Free breakfast is great (sanwich, tea or coffee, fruit) and they serve it to you and do your dishes! The capsule bed pod is so cozy and has a big TV in each one with Beats headphones, two lights, an outlet, hangers, good pillow, soft blanket, a curtain for privacy, and a locker underneath. They also offer free electric scooters to borrow to explore the city and discounts on tickets for the main attractions in the city.

  98. Avatar photo
    Simon Wein

    Perfect location in the middle of Chinatown, less than 200 meters away from the nearest subway station and very nice staff

  99. Avatar photo
    Ally mary

    My stay The Chic Otel went beyond my expectations. My capsule was comfortable and clean and the service was exceptional – especially from Naz. Would definitely recommend to everyone

  100. Avatar photo

    In the downtown area, it is an economical choice for one person to stay overnight. Great personal TV screen

  101. Avatar photo
    aka yyy.

    Rooms: (4/5) Space is not stuffy, considerbly spacious for one pax! Cons” There’re ants crawling on my bed, and strand of hair. GENERALLY, cleanliness is up to expectations.

    Provided: towels, blankets.

    Expectations: Had to bring own toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste) slippers etc. No snacks mineral water, breakfast provided.

    Price (5/5) Fair and reasonable for a heartland location.

    Location (3.6/5) Heartland location. Cons”: HEATED and super packed during the morning and afternoon, in the Cny season.

    People are all friendly. Everything is great except for the annoying ants! guess because my area was near the bin…

  102. Avatar photo
    Tina Liu

    Location is excellent but restrooms are not very clean

  103. Avatar photo
    Lukas Lee

    Good service

  104. Avatar photo
    Stefani Stan

    Hostel with “capsule” beds where you have your own privacy… super well located and a top staff

  105. Avatar photo
    Chubby_Cah Diaries

    I highly recommend this hostel.

    The place is very relaxing and cozy. Plus, its very near to restaurants, souvenirs, and MRT.

    Welcoming committee are very friendly and so kind. The room is very quite that you can really sleep very fast and luckily the bedy is very soft and comfy. BFAST IS and the T&B is very clean. Overall, my stay is totally amazing! I’ll be staying here on my next visit! Thanks alot Chic Capsule Otel and the rest of the staff! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON.


  106. Avatar photo

    Lovely staff, spacious dorm rooms with good privacy, nice that you can choose to eat breakfast at the hostel, great location. Only downside is the toilets/bathrooms. Theyre combined so bring a pair of flip flops because the floor is always wet!

  107. Avatar photo
    binh do thanh


  108. Avatar photo
    Luis F Gómez

    Would stay again. Friendly staff, clean and quiet capsules. Ask for the free scooter to get around the city.

  109. Avatar photo

    Nice place / helpful staff / good location / CHIC …

  110. Avatar photo
    Gladys Njeri

    Absolutely perfect! Edmond was the perfect host..will definitely come back

  111. Avatar photo Member

    the location is very great. 3 mins walk to chinatown mrt station. A lot of food around. The bed is private enough

  112. Avatar photo
    Viktoria Menz

    In the room it has fallen. Otherwise it was very clean. The hosts were very helpful. The breakfast was ridiculous, inadequate and also really bad. (There was toast with mayonnaise!) The sanitary facilities were OK. However, there were only 3 shower cubicles in which the toilets were located. Accordingly, there were waiting times in the morning. The location was good

  113. Avatar photo
    Bella Castro

    Spacious capsules. Clean. Quiet. Helpful and friendly staff. I’ll go back again, someday.

  114. Avatar photo
    E Malonje

    Great place and services!

  115. Avatar photo
    I BM

    Chic Otel is hand in hand with Cube boutique hostel really. Chic Otel offers flat screen and headphones in each capsule, which is outstanding! The staff is friendly and very helpful. In the heart of Chinatown. Comfy, clean. My only advice would be to upgrade The Manchester and towels. Highly recommended otherwise.

  116. Avatar photo
    Leon Lee

    The place was clean and comfortable, with a very friendly staff member whose name I, unfortunately, didn’t manage to ask for. The rooms were dim and when the pod blinds were drawn and the light turned off, it was very dark and made for a very conducive environment to sleep in. However, the smart TV in each pod seems to be not so smart after all, and I would recommend that travellers bring their own devices if they want to watch their favourite programmes.

  117. Avatar photo Member

    As for transportation, I think it’s a very convenient locatio …

  118. Avatar photo

    Helpful staff, strategic location near MRT, great personal audio visual entertainment in each capsule

  119. Avatar photo
    Aniket modi

    Best place to stay if you are a solo traveler and wants to

  120. Avatar photo
    ian borj

    Hassle free backpacker accommodation.

  121. Avatar photo
    harsh purty

    Good place to live

  122. Avatar photo
    Lionel Riley

    It is very quaint and cozy.

  123. Avatar photo
    Taty -

    It is a very clean hostel, very well located and friendly staff. Breakfast is included. Overall I loved it. I would go back and I recommend it

  124. Avatar photo
    Mrs Choi

    Actually, I chose this place because the accommodation in Singapore is too expensive. The location is very good as it is very close to the subway, and the staff are very friendly. It’s a breakfast service, but I haven’t eaten it for two days, and I’ve never seen anyone eat it, so it’s hard to rate it.

    I made a reservation because I thought it wouldn’t be bad to sleep in a capsule hotel for two days during an 8 night trip…
    First of all, the bathroom, toilet, and shoe cabinet are all very dirty. Dozens of sewer bugs fly in the bathroom, and there is a single-person washroom, but it is very inconvenient because it is a place used by both men and women. The water pressure is also very weak.

    And the worst thing was that a very small bug crawled on the sheet in the light of my sleep and killed it, but immediately my leg sting and I saw another little bug attached to it. It was the first time I knew that such an insect bites. After that, I caught a total of 3 crawling in the bag again.

    This is nothing. I couldn’t sleep like that, but I finally found a cockroach. It was stuck under the TV on the bed, and I was so surprised at the moment that I grabbed it with a blanket. It is said that there are too many to see a single cockroach…

    The thought of crawling on my body while sleeping is terrifying.

    There is an urgent need to improve hygiene and cleanliness.

  125. Avatar photo

    It was nice place! The staff here also nice and friendly! I was harassed and they came to help ️ The bed also nice too hehehe. I will come again next time! Thank you! ️

  126. Avatar photo

    Clean rooms, great front of house, amazing location near key Singapore sights.

  127. Avatar photo Member

    The hostel is conveniently located in Chinatown area, which can reach the marina bay and Sentosa easily. I reached the hostel at 4 am at midnight and still able to check in. Thank you for the assistance of the friendly staff. AC is a little bit weak in the capsule and toilet/shower facilities are not that enough, you may have to wait.

  128. Avatar photo
    Erin Scannell

    Great location in China town, lovely beds and good storage. Friendly manager, don’t have the breakfast sandwich (not great) shame there aren’t more bathrooms

  129. Avatar photo

    Next to train station, friendly staff, small room but ok. Safe for female solo traveller

  130. Avatar photo
    Mercedes Medina Palomino

    A very nice and clean hostel

  131. Avatar photo Member

    Friendly staff. Singapore is a beautiful place.

  132. Avatar photo
    Roberto Perez

    Overall, great experience. The capsule was clean and the guy at the reception did everything and beyond to make sure I had a good stay. I just wish the showers had more hangers or a better distribution so it would be easier to keep the clothes dry will showering. Location is ideal.

  133. Avatar photo
    Awkward Tourist

    I would have gone 5*, but the advertised airport shuttle only runs 2x per day.

  134. Avatar photo
    Pera Utami

    Lovely place in a strategic location. Great price and they do provide breakfast: sandwich, fruits and tea/coffee. Very nice! Compact cabin but surprisingly clean, complete with European style electricity plug.

  135. Avatar photo
    Hedy Kusuma

    Fully recommended

  136. Avatar photo
    J G

    Pretty basic but ok for the price

  137. Avatar photo

    Good : comfortable bed, friendly staff
    -very soft pillow till difficult to sleep, I think not enough cotton inside
    -only 3 bathrooms and limited space, it is a share bathroom with translucent shower glass. Totally no privacy at all, someone might see it
    -the tv is like forever unable to function , please guide your guests how to use it, very difficult to function and I struggle almost half and house still unable to watch it

    I would rather stay at other backpackers in Chinatown with cheaper price , doesn’t justify the premium price. Never again

  138. Avatar photo
    Kara Vaillancourt

    Friendliest staff I’ve ever had at a hostel, they are willing to accommodate anything you ask. We got a free upgrade for a room worth twice what we paid for. Would definite recommend.

  139. Avatar photo
    Agarwala, Shashi

    Great location…clean..and affordable

  140. Avatar photo
    Mark Raymund Nava

    Clean cozy hostel.. Capsule bed comes with TV, headset, personal locker, towel and bedding.. Toilet and bath are clean compared to other hostels I’ve stayed in Singapore.. the attendants are also very accommodating plus no hassle check-in and check out.. Location is also good as it is very near Chinatown and accessible by bus and train from the airport

  141. Avatar photo
    Cheng-yi Lee

    The bathroom is too small with nowhere to put dry clothes.
    The air conditioner in the room will be turned off during the day

  142. Avatar photo

    The rooms are clean and you can watch Netflix.
    It is very close to the subway station and breakfast is free.
    The staff were also very friendly!!
    The only disappointment was that the toilet and bathroom were attached, but I couldn’t wear shoes. It would be good if you put your bathroom shoes.

  143. Avatar photo
    meo Wong

    The receptionist is very friendly and can understand Chinese, English and other languages. There are free breakfast sandwiches, unlimited refills of coffee, and the price is cheap. It takes about one minute to go to China town Chinatown, and there is also a free bus to the airport

  144. Avatar photo

    The accommodation is in Chinatown. near the subway There are restaurants and convenience stores near the accommodation. The capsule has a TV with headphones. The towel smells a bit up. There are 3 small shared bathrooms. The toilet is combined with the shower room. But they never had to fight each other to use the bathroom. The capsules are separated up and down with a curtain to provide privacy. But this safe is at the bottom level, separated from the left and right. People in the upper bed are a bit difficult. The bottom bed is a bit annoying. Receptionist, good service, smiling, greeting

  145. Avatar photo
    ika putri

    Although the room was big and had about 15 beds, you can still have privacy, it was clean and was not smelly at all. The room did not have any window which is normal for the area, but the aircon is always on that helped a little bit. You get a sandwich or cereal, coffee or tea, and fruits for breakfast, which was enough for a 2-star hostel. 5 minutes walk from the MRT station (exit E) and there are plenty of stores nearby (restaurants, 7-11, mall). Don’t forget to bring cash to pay because they don’t have any machine – which was unusual for me. Perfect for the first days in Singapore / SE-Asia. Very friendly and very helpful hosts – I had a great time.

  146. Avatar photo
    Christy McCann

    Do NOT book here. I walked in a week early to ask to add a day in my booking, which was booked 3 months before and they never sent me any form of cancellation or communications and low and behold they were not honoring my booking. I was informed the online system somehow allowed bookings and it should have been closed and instead of them contacting us who booked, you find out once you arrive and then have to pay an exuberant rate to find another hotel last minute. They are hosting workers right now and said it may not be safe and the guy in the front was nice and appreciate the transparency as i would not want to be somewhere that has a greater risk of exposure, which is why I gave 2 stars, but I cannot give a higher rating due to lack of communication and then would have had nowhere to go during the pandemic if I wasn’t already in Singapore.

  147. Avatar photo
    Jorge Barrios

    Desmond, the manager and receptionist is very kind solution to all your problems the cabins are comfortable spacious you have television headphones light, air conditioning in the room, the location is very good just around the corner from a subway station and in a sector full of restaurants, minimarkets and bars.

  148. Avatar photo
    joy driv

    Love this place.

    Check in staffs super helpful even late check in, truly friendly not fake smile types.
    room still good, smart tv set, headset.
    Bathroom was clean, but need more sinks and male urinoir.
    keep it up guys. look forward to next stay here.

  149. Avatar photo
    Gandhi Ben

    Nice place. Clean

  150. Avatar photo

    Service was excellent and the bunk was clean.. don’t expect much from their TV (either error or wifi too slow for streaming)

  151. Avatar photo Member

    It’s right next to Chinatown’s main alley, so it’s quiet and nice. Dorm …

  152. Avatar photo
    Lilith S

    Clean, helpful personal and close to the metro.

  153. Avatar photo
    Siswoyo Choi

    Excellent in overall, clean tidy and not smelly

  154. Avatar photo
    Marie-Eve M.

    I was very well received by Girlie and “uncle”. The dormitory offers privacy and the air conditioning is functional.
    The breakfast is simple, but is nice for a low budget trip. 2 minutes walk from Chinatown station. However, if the need is to share moments with other travellers, there are no common rooms other than the lobby. I recommend a stay in this hostel

  155. Avatar photo

    It was so comfortable and fun! It’s more comfortable than I thought and it’s comfortable!

  156. Avatar photo

    Note: Bring cash because they didn’t have a card reader when I came.

    Check in guy was friendly and helpful, and the beds were surprisingly nice and clean. Includes own capsule space with TV headphones AC and outlet. Would come again. Towels and showers provided, includes hot water and microwave and fridge. Close to Clarke Quay and Chinatown

  157. Avatar photo
    Juan José Botero

    Everything was good except the bathrooms, it needs a deep cleaning!

  158. Avatar photo
    Adrian T

    A capsule hotel with a great service! Particularly by Desmond, he helps me a lot during my stay in there. Every capsule equipped with one big TV that connected to wifi and the internet is super fast. I watch my favorite Sherlock in there! Definitely gonna visit this place again!

  159. Avatar photo
    Rochman Mustofa

    One of the best budget capsule hotel you can find in Singapore, especially in Chinatown area. Receptionist understand Indonesia Language, Mandarin, and english. The place is clean and receptionist is very helpful

  160. Avatar photo
    Armani Lin


  161. Avatar photo
    Radio Rinjani Permai

    The place is cozy n the staff very helpful

  162. Avatar photo

    The lady at the reception is beautiful, kind and helpful
    Great for renting toilets and showers even after check-out
    A customer called her at midnight

  163. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Yusuf

    it is in a middle of the chinatown. close to the mosque and traditional market. room was clean and tidy. the host were so nice and helpful.

  164. Avatar photo
    J Yeap (Yeap)

    Good location, good host, will definitely stay there again!

  165. Avatar photo
    Zoljargal Munkhsaikhan

    no air condition. quality doesnt meet the price. staff are friendly

  166. Avatar photo Member

    Good location! Will definitely stay here again if traveling alone on budget.

  167. Avatar photo
    Joakim Sandberg Røvik

    Alright for budget stays, a kind of crossover between hostel and capsule hotel. Bunkbeds with curtains and a tv. But having the toilet and shower in the same cubicle was the downside. Always wet toiletfloor after extensive use through the day and night.

  168. Avatar photo
    karen edwards

    This is a nice comfortable hostel. The rooms are nice because you have your own privacy with curtains. Safe place to look your goods away. There is a tv at the end of each bed (in the 16 bed girls dorm) which was a nice change. The staff were friendly and helpful altho sometimes I felt hurried and rushed by them (probably because I am in go slow travel mode). Was allowed to sleep on the sofa when I arrived as my flight got in at 5am. Should’ve called ahead and booked an earlier room.

  169. Avatar photo
    Agustin López

    Excellent attention, I recommend it 100%

  170. Avatar photo
    Sai Krishna Raghunathan

    Awesome place with awesome people!!! Never expected this much comfort in a capsule hotel

  171. Avatar photo
    Lola Principessa

    I stayed only for 1 night and kind of liked it, always wanted to try this capsule hotels I was happy to check in late night. The tv in my ‘box’ was amazing! Just difficult to navigate with the control. Luckily I was too tires to get claustrophobic… In the morning it got really noisy. The breakfast was not so good but there are plenty of restaurants & food courts close by. The staff was very friendly! I did not like that there was no sink in the bathroom and neither a mirror.

  172. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Naufal Fariza

    This hotel is an excellent choice for budget travelers or backpacker or if you are thirsty for new experience. They have very friendly and funny staffs, good hospitality, free drinks, clean toilet and bathroom. The capsule is also very nice, it has nice color, sturdy stairs, nice bed and pillow, good lighting, and an exceptional android tv with headphones. The breakfast facility is located at other building very near with the hotel, they have simple breakfast choice, coffe, tea, sandwiches, milk, cereal. Ohh they also have free chocolates, you only need to give a 5-stars and good review (I took 6 chocolates) lol jk wkwk. Thanks chic.

  173. Avatar photo
    Patty B

    Lady checking guests in was very friendly and nice. I was unsure of her name unfortunately, overall good experience. Very good location, walking distance from a lot of the main attractions and the MRT station. I have given it 4 stars because the washroom had smelt like sewage/had an unpleasant odour and it did not feel clean. Bed/bunk was nice and comfortable, towel, pillow and blanket provided.

  174. Avatar photo
    Dane Weeden

    Low price but not as good as some competitors

  175. Avatar photo
    Sharon DuPree

    Decent capsule hotel, but there were big issues with service at check in/check out. I think a new hire was in training, but he was nowhere ready to be left to manage the counter alone. It took him almost 2 hours to process three check ins, meaning tired guests were stuck sitting in the lobby for hours after midnight.

  176. Avatar photo
    Iman Wicaksono

    Clean, very friendly and helpful staff. Not for light sleepers though. Personal flat screen tv was a big plus for me.

  177. Avatar photo
    Zoe Zeiler

    Fantastic experience. The staff was amazing, prepared my breakfast, helped me with my things, walked me to my cab with an umbrella, just above and beyond. The place was clean and provided towels, had check in all night and good washroom facilities with hot water. Would definitely stay again. Thank you!

  178. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Hatta

    First time experience with capsule hotel, it was great, very service excellent, near from mrt station,shopping center, mosque. And also they have airport transfer for customer with appointment first.. I will get back soon

  179. Avatar photo
    Leandro Rehem

    The good experience. The best!

  180. Avatar photo
    ihearttravelling. com

    Nice staff and perfect location-wise. It could have been cleaner and it bothered me that you couldn’t turn on the light in the dorm (only your light in the capsule which made it hard to find stuff in my backpack and packing as well.

  181. Avatar photo
    Berk Çakmak

    Employees are helpful and kind. Location is authentic.

  182. Avatar photo
    Heejun Noh

    [ Advantages ]
    As most of the users seem to be satisfied with, the biggest advantage of this place is that the blinds can be lowered, so you can secure your own private space.
    Of course, there are several other Kevin-type guesthouses in Singapore besides this one, so check the price and location carefully and make your own choice!
    The location of the accommodation is right behind Chinatown Main Street, very close to the subway station, just 2 stops on the same line to Sentosa and 1 stop to Clarky! Clarky is a distance that is not too difficult to walk at night.
    The reception is also very friendly and tries to help, and the simple breakfast in the morning is worth it.
    Since the air conditioning is fully operational, you should worry about the cold rather than the heat.

    [ disadvantage ]
    As in Malaysia, most of these areas have toilets and showers in one room, but shouldn’t some of them be made exclusively for showers and toilets… Due to lack of space, they all seem to be used together, but sometimes I want to go to the bathroom, but everyone If you are in the shower or the toilet is wet, the toilet paper was damp and uncomfortable.
    The dryer is also ready, but there is only one…. This was also disappointing.

  183. Avatar photo
    Fitri G

    The main reason I’m giving this place one star is because upper-management (David, who I spoke to over the phone) was absolutely rude to me when I complained and asked for a refund. I have never been spoken to in that manner by hospitality management in my life. He told me that we all have a choice in life, and that I had chosen to be a difficult customer, and that I was “wasting his time”. I regret ever finding this place, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

    Other reasons I was unhappy here:
    1) One shower/ toilet combo for 12 beds with a heavy door that was hard to open. You also can’t tell if anyone is in there.

    2) The towel smelled DISGUSTING.

    3) TV was confusing and there were no instructions posted. It turned out my remote was broken, it took some time for the problem to be resolved.

    4) I saw a bug on the wall and squished it. I’m paranoid about bed bugs so I checked the mattress and saw black things in the cracks. The property manager was convinced it was dust, I was not, as I am not familiar with black dust. I freaked out and left. (Without a refund.). Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I wasn’t going to take a chance and I was already unhappy at that point.

  184. Avatar photo
    Antoine Lbr

    Great service

  185. Avatar photo
    Anh Tu Sam

    This place sucks. Seriously. There’s not a single dedicated toilet since they’re all within one of the few shower rooms. Since this place has a “no street shoe” policy, you either have to take off your socks or you end up with wet socks if you need to go relieve yourself. I know that space is limited and that there’s not much the owners can do about it. I just wanted to share my experience to people so they know before making a booking. Other than that the staff is super friendly and helpful which is why I finally gave a 4 star rating.

  186. Avatar photo

    I arrived at 3am, it was very easy to get to by shuttle bus. Despite the late hour, I was warmly welcomed and shown around. Equipment of the sleeping area with own television exceeded my expectations. Comfortable bed in dorm where everyone is considerate and quiet. Super pleasant climate.

  187. Avatar photo

    Quite place and friendly staff.

  188. Avatar photo
    ชลธิรา ศรีธรรมา

    Staffs are very nice especially Mr.D He take care of us warmly.We would to come back again.

  189. Avatar photo

    There are a lot of Koreans and it’s a quiet atmosphere. I recommend it

  190. Avatar photo Member

    “친절한 서비스”,”친절한 매니저”,”편리한 위치” Very kind and nice ***ager named Des***. If you want to save money for shopping and just sleep its good deal here.

  191. Avatar photo Member

    Very convenient location for budget conscious travellers!

  192. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Farid

    Located in Mosque street in the middle of Chinatown near near Metro station , quite and cozy , bunk beds are clean and comfy , every bed with a safe and TV set, breakfast is so limited only club sandwich and a hot drink , but overall frugal and budget saver.

  193. Avatar photo
    jan stenko

    Nice hostel in excellent location.

  194. Avatar photo
    Angelia Paramitha

    Nice employee who serve our need

  195. Avatar photo
    Takeshi “Andy” ANDO

    Clean & Compact Hotel

  196. Avatar photo
    hoho K

    The toilet and shower are together, which is a bit inconvenient. However, you can purchase various admission tickets at a low price, and above all, the staff are really friendly!! It’s not pressured, it’s friendly and kind, so if I come to Singapore next time, I want to stay again

  197. Avatar photo
    Pornlert Kulprasootdilok

    Nice and clean capsule hotel. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Great location, close to the train. Many attractions in walking distance.
    The bed is a little too deflate in the middle, the pillow is a little too soft though.

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