Review Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore

Review Century Square - Singapore 2 Tampines Central 5

“Great mall with nice supermarket and good restaurants like HDL, Ichiban boshi etc A great deal of entertainment with cinemas and CPCM.” or “Quite a good variety of shops , supermarket , food places , hope they can continue to bring in more variety of tenants. …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Century Square. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Century Square is quality.

Introduction about Century Square

Here are some fundamental details regarding Century Square. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Century Squareis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67896261 (+65 67896261)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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You can reach Century Square at 67896261(+65 67896261). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Century Square reviews

Century Square is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Century Square good?

To determine whether Century Square is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great mall with nice supermarket and good restaurants like HDL, Ichiban boshi etc A great deal of entertainment with cinemas and CPCM.”

“Used to be Liho but bobo replaced the store. We decided to try. Not bad! We had alot of freebies with the promo drink that we buy. Ended up buying 6 cups!”

“Great mall with substantial amenities. Great variety of eateries too. Ample space to walk around and maintain safe distancing too. Occasionally there are some events in the atrium.”

“After the major renovation. This mall hss become of the best F&B experience for heartland area”

“Very nice shopping mall with a beautiful cinema. And basement where could access different kinds of eatery.”

“Improved alot compared to years ago. Good place for food, entertainment and more.”

“Wow! What a beautiful new mall.... modern and so many new restaurants and shops.... love the open concept!”

“Happy too see a new jollibee outlet is opened here recently!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 234 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Century Square, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore

There is a total 234 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jack Faizal

    Easy access to the loading area

  2. Avatar photo

    Excellent shopping mall after its renovation, many dining options there and place is clean, does get crowded especially on the weekends

  3. Avatar photo
    Ernest Chew

    Pretty upscale after the major renovations, so doesn’t really fit what I feel comfortable with overall. However, still a good place to come once in a while to shop and eat for a change.

  4. Avatar photo
    tan maureen

    Love all the NEW eateries
    Spicy Beef Noodle, Jollibee, Prawn Original Vadai
    New stall selling cheese tarts

  5. Avatar photo
    Jameson CHIANG - Singapore

    place for nice food and quick bites gathering. …

  6. Avatar photo
    Low Irene

    Nice and good place to shop at, excellent customer service from Pauline. Brought my whole family here to do spectacles, highly recommended!

  7. Avatar photo
    Simon Chew

    One of 3 malls that make up Tampines central. Updated tenant mix complements rather than competes with other 2 malls so shopping is usually fruitful! Multiple entrance/exits reduces unnecessary walking especially when hurrying with shopping bags

  8. Avatar photo
    Handy Chen

    Better shopping mall among the three in a row in Tampines. Its just the upper levels dont have any great stores unlike the basement.

  9. Avatar photo

    Lots of Food & Beverages kiosk outlets at the basement level of century square.
    Ji De Chi Desserts basement level a small cafe with good smooth warm yam dessert & colded dessert too.
    Cinema kinda small with few selection of movies at the last 5th level beside The Texas Chicken Fast-food & The Meat Grill is a Halal Restaurant, so it’s highly recommend to go for reservation for a table if goes in a family or friends group.
    Dinner meals usually crowded for get together friends or family having meals there.
    Manager Melanie always friendly towards waiting customers & most of their serving staffs always attend towards waiting tables too.
    MAHOTA supermarket & restaurant cafe are located on basement level & 1st level floor. On 1st level corner unit nearest exit entrance there’s a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cafe too.
    Bigger seating area with choices of cakes too.(“,)

  10. Avatar photo

    Quite a good variety of shops , supermarket , food places , hope they can continue to bring in more variety of tenants. …

  11. Avatar photo
    79th Jedi

    Standard shopping mall, rooftop garden may be hard to find, but it’s there, and small

  12. Avatar photo
    steven lim

    Just reopened today (6 June) and it was crowded. There is a nice mix of shops, which include Tott, Bata and Song fish, as well as a supermarket in the basement.

    Food options include the foodcourt on the third level, with the Minang nasi padang, hokkien mee and Buntong chicken rice, as well as a rojak and kueh tutu stall at the entrance. There are also Yakun in the basement, as well as Soup kitchen and The Tip Top curry puff shop.

    Filmgard cinema is also located at the top.

  13. Avatar photo
    Tyler Teo

    Varied yummy food choices, sarawak kolo mee, ichiban boshi, Swee choon dim sum etc. A pity that nakhon kitchen Thai food has closed it’s outlet in century sq.

  14. Avatar photo
    Stanley Wong

    Good mix of tenants from learning centres, restaurants , food courts , retail shops. Hopefully the new Hai di lao will be able to bring in my customers due to its lack in location

  15. Avatar photo
    Nurazimah Kamis

    Spacious corridors for strollers, wheelchairs accessibility. Wide range of stores – especially more dining options. Comes with a 24hr gym in the mall.

  16. Avatar photo
    Albert Tan

    Just refurbished. Most of the shops are new tenants. There’s a lot more space to move around now, but prices at food outlets are higher now.

  17. Avatar photo
    Dark Knight

    Lots of food stuff in the shopping center. There’s also a cinema at the highest level. You can always walk over to Tampines Mall since it’s directly beside. Convenient area to do your shopping

  18. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lim

    A good place for food dining. Shopping is limited to small retailers and lack mega big store experience.

  19. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    Century Square is 1 of the 3 malls located near the Tampines mrt. Although after going through the $60 million renovation and reopened in 2018 it is still unable to draw as much crowd as Tampines Mall which is not renovated. Maybe perhaps it is slightly further away from the mrt station or it is lacking in popular shop tenants.

  20. Avatar photo
    Theresa C.

    SHops mostly are open but the grand opening is on August 2018 great place for foodies and families and hipsters too

    I got really excited seeing The Seafood Market, Nishiki Tako ( a new find after a lonngggg wait for a decent takoyaki….I wont miss Gindaco anymore after Ive tried these just now…A lot improvement is needed but wayyyy better than the other brand the Singapore has now – *unfortunately this is closed now*

  21. Avatar photo
    Alan Ngu

    So much less crowded than tampines mall but I wonder why as it got a fairly good mix of shops and entertainment places.

  22. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Great mall with nice supermarket and good restaurants like HDL, Ichiban boshi etc
    A great deal of entertainment with cinemas and CPCM.

  23. Avatar photo
    Noorman Mubarak

    Still the place to go for food. Especially Food Junction at Level 3.

  24. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    This shopping centre is spacious and underpass link to farrer park MRT station. The food court are unit as it have nice view and very high ceiling feel like in a train station.

  25. Avatar photo
    Souhayla Ariff

    It just opened 2 weeks plus. I went but am not satisfied. So am going to give it a month or so for all to finish set up and settledown. Still not sure what are their main attraction ie more focus on food or retail. No departmental store is a bummer. Having ISETAN next door isnt enough. Maybe good things will come soon. Will be back again. Congrats on the new facelift. Refreshing.

  26. Avatar photo
    rabi gurung

    Love this place. Good selection of local stores and local delights. Train station is just two minutes from this Mall.
    But be warned that this place is always very very busy irregardless of weekdays or weekends. And you can be very hot to get to the mall but once you’re in the mall do you have a pretty good air conditioning system.

  27. Avatar photo
    Suryati Wahid

    Love the food much choices to try.

  28. Avatar photo

    Good variety of shops, conveniently located and less crowded than Tampines Mall.

  29. Avatar photo

    The 2018 facelift made the mall much more modern. Quite a few new and specialise stores that are a great addition to the neighbourhood.

  30. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ong

    A east side popular shopping centre with a lot of outlet and stores for shopping.

  31. Avatar photo
    Christine Tay

    This the first Shopping Mall which provides all the necessity fot almost 25 + years which I spend most of my time there and grow up with it since i have living here since I984. I sincerely wish it to upgrade for better prosperous usages shopping area

  32. Avatar photo
    Ann Armstrong

    Century Square is a pleasant place to shop, very spacious and good facilities available.

  33. Avatar photo
    Julia Tan

    Seems majority of space taken up by eateries rather than retail. Quite a nice revamp with a more open concept, but still lots of shops not open. Lots of crowd flocking to see the new place.

  34. Avatar photo
    Lin Gho

    Sleek clean and newly renovated mall in the heart of Tampines. There are ample number of eateries. The photo shows my favourite choice of Keto lifestyle meal ie. beef steak with vegetables. The sauce for steak is great and cole slaw vegetables is class. It’s from Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant on Level 4 of Century Square.

  35. Avatar photo
    Benson Ong

    I was told the whole building will soon be renovated as all shops are to moved on by 16 August 2017.
    The place really needs a good face lift,. Hopefully it will not be second to Tramlines Mall after the renovation.

  36. Avatar photo
    lim yong

    Normal nothing much. But a mall can find alot of eating.

  37. Avatar photo
    Madeleine Ng

    Good customer service! If only the shoes comes in half sizes…

  38. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Century Square has been a good place for food and entertainment. No qualms about this place! Well done!

  39. Avatar photo
    William W

    Century Square Tampines
    It showcases curated offers, new-to-market concepts, new tenants and more to complement the larger Tampines retail ecosystem. It aims to create a community space where shoppers can indulge in its diverse offerings.
    Modernised with a new façade, the community-serving mall comprises of 6 exciting levels of retail, entertainment and F&B establishments with open-concept dining areas. The mall includes family-friendly services and activity spaces such as larger nursing rooms, family car park lots, roof deck, 24-hour gym and more, leaving shoppers satisfied.

  40. Avatar photo
    Muralytharan Krishnan

    must go place and pls try out Swee Choon Tim Sum … damn good .. crowded at lunch time so go for dinner with your family and have a good home made tim dum

  41. Avatar photo
    zhao hong

    Water dispenser in all nursing rooms under maintenance.

  42. Avatar photo
    Anand S

    Visited the place on 25th September 2017. The shopping mall is closed for renovation.

  43. Avatar photo
    Titus Wang

    Not crowded like Tampines Mall. The Prime supermarket has a good selection of vegetables, fish and meats.

  44. Avatar photo
    Eric Cantona

    Newly renovated and open mall. Different offering from before. Different food choices and retail options. Foyer area more spacious than before. Much more crowded than before.

  45. Avatar photo
    Moo Teng

    Area is more spacious than before, more shops we have nv seen before in tampines. Overall its good, but because of some atas shops, prices are steeper…

  46. Avatar photo
    Ramona Yeap

    After renovation mall is more spacious. Lots of food choices from basement to top levels. Food court is fairly decent. Supermarket mahota has decent selection of vegetarian food items and a small cafe area.

  47. Avatar photo

    Great mall with substantial amenities. Great variety of eateries too. Ample space to walk around and maintain safe distancing too. Occasionally there are some events in the atrium.

  48. Avatar photo
    Chong Eng Ong

    All nursing room’s water dispenser is under maintenance. Hope they fix it soon.

  49. Avatar photo
    How Seng

    Century Square is a shopping mall conveniently located at Tampines Central.It has a parking lot at the basement.The mall has many eateries catering to the various taste of the people.It has a modest cinema at the uppermost level.It also boasts of having a vast variety of sporting goods.A mini supermarket is located at the mall.Apart from the above mentioned, there is also an eclectic mix of education centre, barber shop clothing retailers and lifestyle shops.For those who enjoys shopping-it’ offers a good shopping experience.

  50. Avatar photo
    Zaini Razali

    Came here for Ayam Penyet President. There is one food court also worth visiting at 3 floor called the Food Market. Sad to see Fatpapas is now closed, probably due to the economic effects of Covid19.

  51. Avatar photo
    Babu Hillary

    One of the three oldest malls facilitating shoppers what exactly they require in Tampinis is getting ready for a major face-lift. As part of the renovation project this is expected to closedown from September 2017 for about a period of one year.

  52. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Great mall with nice supermarket and good restaurants like HDL, Ichiban boshi etc
    A great deal of entertainment with cinemas and CPCM.

  53. Avatar photo
    Seet Judy

    Love the local food at cafe – rojak, satay , hor fun. So much to offer. Staff service is good

  54. Avatar photo
    orhan kahya

    The seats are very comfy and spacious however it feels like they are old. The temperature of the hall is not too cold opposite.

  55. Avatar photo

    Went for a movie at filmgarde. It was a good experience. Seats were comfortable. Sat in the front row, and was surprised to find that the seat’s neck rest was good enough for the watching angle to be decently comfortable for 2.5h.

  56. Avatar photo
    Alex Ong

    This shopping mall took one year to revamp. Now it has more eatery shop and more lively. The foods are better then last time. More crowded then before renovated.

  57. Avatar photo
    jerence cheong

    A eatery paradise and popular shops are available. A supermarket and fish shop and Japanese outlets too. Familiar chicken rice, soup restaurant and Tepan Yaki are also there together with other good foods.

  58. Avatar photo
    Harry Singh

    Specially visited the place as the review in internet is good. Ordered a few types of breakfast (avocado toady, mushroom kimchi toast, scramble egg, and big breakfast sort of dishes) …. scramble egg n bacon was disappointing, they are all overcooked, … mushroom kimchi toast was a bit too salty. I understand this may due to nature of kimchi… maybe can reduce the kimchi or lighten the taste before adding to the toast.

    The good part is staffs service was good even from kitchen you can see them smiling when collecting your food, drinks were also pretty tasty. My sister lov their presentation.

  59. Avatar photo
    Will Will

    Pleasant and the foot traffic is still relatively lower against near by store although Century Square under went upgrading last year. The stores within have limited choices as it is a smaller mall among the few in the vicinity.

  60. Avatar photo
    Ben Lin

    Weekend morning is a very relaxing time to shop some home grocery and enjoy a casual breakfast in the basement of century square. Prime supermarket provides lots of fruit options, some prices are even lower than NTUC, excellent.

  61. Avatar photo
    Macarena72 Musa

    So many sale gg on @ the basement shop

  62. Avatar photo
    kok liang lee

    Currently this place is under renovation until third quarter 2018 The food stalls and restaurants at the basement have pretty good food to pamper your taste buds. There is a cinema at the top which is less congested and cosier than the one in Tamping Mall. There is a food court at level 3 as well.

  63. Avatar photo

    Another mall that was recently renovated! The selections are much better now. Lots of food options especially at basement. There is also nine fresh! Not much shopping but more for eating.

  64. Avatar photo
    Venny Juliana

    This mall isn’t as crowded as tampines mall. The food market packed with halal food. Many eateries at basement too. But sometimes the toilet can be a bit horrible.

  65. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    Century Square is 1 of the 3 malls located near the Tampines mrt. Although after going through the $60 million renovation and reopened in 2018 it is still unable to draw as much crowd as Tampines Mall which is not renovated. Maybe perhaps it is slightly further away from the mrt station or it is lacking in popular shop tenants.

  66. Avatar photo
    Data data

    A little bit less crowded mall because of the access to it need to mass Tampiness mall. But actually a lot of good restaurant and less crowded place to meet people

  67. Avatar photo
    weng meng tang

    Reopened after a year of renovation. Added many eateries. I tried the 老火汤 restaurant, quite good but a little expensive. There’s a Ichiban Boshi which is always a good choice for a quick Japanese fix. A Boon Tong Kee chicken rice in the basement, very popular at meal times, queue. I went there twice and was told later that I had missed out many smaller shops on the outer rim of the place. Please don’t make the same mistake. Enjoy.

  68. Avatar photo
    Priyanka Balaganapathy

    No directory. An old mall with good offers, especially at BHG. Unfortunately will be ripped down, but, knowing how Singapore improvises building architecture, expecting a better build for the better kind of shopping experience.

  69. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    This is one place that I’d go to for something that is considered you would be able to get moderately priced food. The food stalls here are all halal certified, and we can eat without having doubts. You’ll find tender satay sold here – Bosque Satay – and they serve mutton, chicken, and beef satay, and also some other traditional dishes. You can also get Yong Tau Foo, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi Ikan Penyet, carrot cake, fried Noodles, fish soup, Western food, Chicken Rice and many more varieties of food here.
    This place is popular as you’ll find that it’s always crowded during peak periods such as during lunch and dinner, and you’ll sometimes have to wait and search for vacant tables. This has also been a popular food court for families with kids because there are definitely food suitable for them too. I find that it is beneficial to get the membership card because you’ll get a 10% discount each time you pay for the food with the card, and there are 2 machines for topping up when your balance runs low.
    This is definitely a convenient place to come whenever you’re shopping at this shopping centre and you’ll want to have some refreshments after your shopping spree

  70. Avatar photo
    Diana N

    L3 FOOD court getting very expensive while food quality dropping.serving getting smaller. Our Tampines hub better.

  71. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Great place for Sushi and Salmon Soup at Level 2 Ichiban Boshi

  72. Avatar photo
    J D

    Nice neighbourhood mall with food and shops aplenty. Linked to the MRT and other malls beside.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ricky Lai

    Clean & big space to walk around in.
    Very cooling mall + a lot of optical stores in it.

  74. Avatar photo

    Always found it nostalgic coming here, reminds me of my school days. Rough parking going up to the carpark, full of twists and turning slopes. Set to 1st and 2nd gear and go steady on the accelerator and you should be good to climb the steep slope. The carpark’s not that grandiose or big, so temper your expectations in place. This ain’t some Hollywood villa la.

  75. Avatar photo
    Nadia Nadhirah

    Used to be Liho but bobo replaced the store. We decided to try. Not bad! We had alot of freebies with the promo drink that we buy. Ended up buying 6 cups!

  76. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lian

    It is a unique mall to its two competition (tampines mall and tampines one). There are more small businesses there so it offers more variety to the big chains that you see everywhere. It’s a cozy little place to hangout.

  77. Avatar photo
    Lo'vyn Lai

    A wide range of eateries.
    My husband and I will come here for food or health and beauty services before shopping at the nearby Tampines Mall or Tampines One.

  78. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    Have retrofitted to look more class than previously. Choice of color is good. Overall a good feel.

    Right at the top is a nice looking Halal restaurant ‘The Meathouse’ operated by the founder of Eighteen Chefs, which serves pasta and also wagyu beefsteak at $45++!! Gotta note this down in my diary.

  79. Avatar photo
    Syon Lim

    Improved alot compared to years ago.
    Good place for food, entertainment and more.

  80. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    It is not very crowded. The shops mixed are quite good. There are quite a number of food outlets. The shops mixed have changed with some interesting new players like Swee Choon, Jollybee, Kenny Roger, etc. Definitely good for consumers.

  81. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Harith

    Changed alot from the previous. Since its renovation, the shops here seems to be much lesser. Not much variety of food places here. Would be better if they knew how to utilize the space for more shops.

  82. Avatar photo
    Feliz K

    A medium sized mall near the Tampines MRT. It is linked to the Tampines Mall. This mall has a lot of restaurants and small eateries. It also has a cinema at Level 5 and a supermarket at B1. This mall is a nice place to have some good meals and to get basic necessities.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tang

    The revamped mall has some of the original shops like Universal Optical & many new ones. Lots of F&B outlets too. I believe the big supermarket in the basement is the ‘upmarket’ version of Prime Supermarket, similar in concept to Ntuc Finest. Worth checking out

  84. Avatar photo
    Mocatoto Butter

    Wow! What a beautiful new mall…. modern and so many new restaurants and shops….
    love the open concept!

  85. Avatar photo
    Marisol Gloriani

    One of our favourite places to shop near our place ️

  86. Avatar photo
    Deon Jong

    Mall has been renovated and filled with new F&B options, like Hai Di Lao!
    Beard papa in the basement as well …

  87. Avatar photo
    am j

    The newly revamped Century Square has a lot more food options than it did previously. Most of the eating places are new to me such as Fatpapas and Big Fish. Will need to try them out soon!

  88. Avatar photo

    A mall with plenty of hair salons and nail salons. A few food options. Go to the basement level for more food options. There a cinema, arcade, amazing food court and Value Store here. Washrooms here as re really clean and trash cans come with recycling options.

  89. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    The new Century Square has much more food outlets compared to the old. Explore the basement. Has Mahota supermarket, various food options.

  90. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chan

    Used to go to this cinema often. The prices here are decent, seats are comfortable but can tell this place is starting to wear out quite a bit. Usually not as crowded and is a great alternative to the GV in Tampines Mall.

  91. Avatar photo
    C S L C

    Kindly do something about yr toilets flushes esp level 2. Pple don’t bother to press fully on the flush n leaves lots of tissue on it… so unhygienic… change yr flush system man Fraser malls are rich… y stingy…

  92. Avatar photo
    Mimazak Ali

    After renovation, the mall has more food outlets..not sure if irs an advantage or disasvantage..very sad no popeye outlet. Tgey used to be on the 5th floir

  93. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lee

    Very good location and serves good food. The best Thai Milk Tea is found here at Khun Thai Tea.

  94. Avatar photo
    Au Kellumar

    So many great selections now that it’s been renovated.. they have all great places for some good food. I think they have more food houses now than before.

  95. Avatar photo
    Leesa Pillai

    Great mall but too crowded everyday

  96. Avatar photo
    Anna Ng

    This entire building is closed for major renovation and will reopen second quarter of next year. I’m missing Kiddy Palace and BIG already.

  97. Avatar photo
    SN P

    No more money changer at Tampines One, Tampines Mall & Century Square. Nearest money changer is at Blk 510 Tampines Central which is next to Cash Converters.

  98. Avatar photo
    Brenda Chin

    Love here, not crowded n congested

  99. Avatar photo
    Ariane Lee

    Sighted rainbow just b4 sunset..

  100. Avatar photo
    Chng Lip Ern

    Tampines is always crowded and this shopping mall does not have alot of choices in the shops selection as well as food. Still, it is far better than before its upgrade and at least its lightings and decor is contemporary.

  101. Avatar photo
    Lynn Teo

    The layout of the refurbished mall didn’t change but most of the shops are new. Tried the new restaurant Mahota Kitchen. Food was not bad but the serving is very small.

  102. Avatar photo
    Sin Chew Lim

    Very few sites area for old people

  103. Avatar photo
    Nur Azuera

    Century Square has transformed quite a lot from when I was very young. They have ample of popular restaurants and a nice hawker with plenty of delicious halal food. However, no musollah but you can go to an empty area near gymboxx for prayers. Some staff may have their breaks around there as well.

  104. Avatar photo
    Amran Noordin

    Like it. The food court is great for Muslim diners with loads of halal choices. Love the J-Mart store at the basement. Get variety of stores compared to the other malls which have pretty standard stores that you find everywhere else.

  105. Avatar photo
    SYH Sep

    The better and less crowded mall within the super densely populated estate. Will feel more peaceful compared to tampines mall or tampanies 1

  106. Avatar photo
    Yusoff Osman

    Halal food options available

  107. Avatar photo
    J O

    Neighbourhood mall with a lot of stores albeit in a confusing layout. Still fun to shop here!

  108. Avatar photo
    Chloeingelical Peh

    Erica, Jamie, Chereen, Ruby thank you all for today. They did a very good service for me and my sisters. Highly recommended! …

  109. Avatar photo
    Junaidi Abdullah

    Great shopping mall. Nice eateries for all. Parking aplenty. Enjoyed spending tine there. Went kopitiam to have brunch. Packed with ppl but managed to get seats as the place is huge.

  110. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    Century Square must be known as the small sister of the three shopping malls in Tampines Central.
    By the way, it’s up and coming after 9 months of renovation. Re-opening on 6 June 2018. Rejuvenation is expected, just as much as how East Point Mall came back with a bang, after a major facelift.
    (26 May 18)

  111. Avatar photo
    Paul Stephens

    It was a pleasant experience because being a weekdays there weren’t many people so it was easy to move around. I am glad the free Wifi service the management provides and hope to make another visit soon especially dinning in one of the restaurants.

  112. Avatar photo
    Yang ZhaoDe

    Lots of food choices, from food stalls to food court and restaurants.

  113. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chow

    Went to optical shop, lenskart. Good customer service from Daniel. Not too crowd.

  114. Avatar photo
    Ben Lynn

    Hot stone miso ramen was really delicious and big portion as well. Highly recommend to try this out!

  115. Avatar photo
    Feng Hui Cheong

    Nice to visit a newly renovated mall.

  116. Avatar photo
    Taniya Wanasinghe

    This shopping mall is located just near the Tampanies MRT. When you get out of the station towards Tampanies Mall you can see this Century Square next to Tampanies Mall. Many types of food , cloth, shoe, daily wear , electronic, household item shops are available for you to buy your needs. Seating areas of the top upper floor food shops are arranged to see the ground level and it gives a very pleasant view, specially during the nights of festive seasons.

  117. Avatar photo
    Susan Lee

    Many new shops since its reopen in June 2018. Super crowded during meal times… of course! It’s a revamped place! Please come!

  118. Avatar photo
    Vaughn __

    Recently renovated! Looks very pretty and spacious with lots of food and shopping opportunities. It’s near 3 other malls as well so I’ll say go take a look!

  119. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    The mall is very good for shopping and food beverages. Transportation is linked to MRT n transit buses . Quite place during non peak season. …

  120. Avatar photo
    Natasha Emir

    The recently renovated heartland mall is conveniently located near the Tampines bus interchange and MRT stations. The typical mall is a great place to while the time away with your loved ones or to look for specific items from their stores.

  121. Avatar photo
    Richard Ferdinands

    An aged mall but still just as relevant to many of the newer malls within Singapore. With many shopping outlets available as well as food eateries. I would recommend having a look in this mall in addition to the surrounding malls if you’d pass by Tampines.

  122. Avatar photo
    Daryl Chan

    The newly refreshed Century Square has many interesting new stalls and feels current compared to its counterparts.

    But when they built this mall, they obviously forgot to put in the ATMs.

  123. Avatar photo
    Guragas The

    After 10pm no aircon. Used to be the best of all three malls, now the aircon is meh! It’s ok Tampines hub is the best with seats and tables plus WiFi aircon and 24hr amenities.

  124. Avatar photo
    Zac Yan

    Great place. Too many people in the weekend. Food offering is great.

  125. Avatar photo
    Zhiming Heng

    Look refresh look after under going a major renovation and facelift. A nicer mall to walk around with Shaw movie on the upper floor. Just beside Tampines Mall, so there is tons of food selection and stores for shopping.

  126. Avatar photo

    It has been a long time since I visited this place after their renovations. A lot of changes especially the shops. Missed Kiddy Palace which was one of the bigger outlets but since it is no longer there, had to shop elswewhere for baby and children needs. Also missed Qiji which is now located at Our Tampines Hub so had to walk a distance for that. Was sad that Fat Papa’s was only around for a short time. But love the fact that it now has Value Shop, Mr DIY and D’Laksa (same as the one in Msia).

  127. Avatar photo
    Lilo Stitch

    Nice,vibrant and all in one shopping mall. Lots of halal eateries here. Atrium always have events going on. Mr.D.I.Y is a must to visit as lots of cheap household and kids product here. Fatpapa is a hip and chic halal western restaurant very popular among youngsters for their awesome burgers.Lots of good foods to choose at the Food Market foodcourt and very spacious.At B1 there is supermarket and Japan Home and many eateries too.

  128. Avatar photo
    Joel I N Lee

    We came at 5:40pm before the crowd and didn’t have to wait as we made reservations. Our host, from Malaysia, was cordial and efficient. Haidilao knows how to attract it’s customers. Little things means a lot and providing free phone charging, tidbits n drinks while waiting, birthday celebration, and some outlets complimentary manicure, attracts people. The noodle stretching show is another plus. All this plus the quality of food, one will return!

  129. Avatar photo
    Dylan Xie

    New and improved and lots of food concepts in the mall. A great way to spend a lazy afternoon where one will be spilt for choice on what to eat. The shopping however is a different story. The tenant not the strongest but some gems in the mall.include ToTT store with hole products to an interesting supermarket down at the basement.

  130. Avatar photo
    Lucas Barsby

    Century square has recently been updated. It was always and still is a first class mall that remains on top of its game. There is always some excitement somewhere to be found and the decorations and design are very artistic.

  131. Avatar photo
    Christine Chua

    Soupersoup – luv this outlet tried all the diff soups n popia. A bit pricey though but worth it. Staff are friendly esp Carlos n Vincent. Gd ambience of course there’s a crowd during lunch time. Off peak is worth visiting. Carlos is formerly frm Eastpt branch he noes wat i want. Hv been visting this outler since the popia is healthy, costing if i m not mistaken was $1.80. Now $2.80. I like d beef stew, yummy 2 me but some dont eat beef.

  132. Avatar photo
    Amanda Quek

    Went to get some door gifts for my bday dinner and i was very amazed by the choice. Went to.Popular and some other stores and found what i wanted.

  133. Avatar photo
    razzieya begum

    So many things to eat and see, store offerings that are different from Tampines Mall. Head to the basement for quick bites and a high-end supermarket. Watch a movie where it’s less crowded or window shop till you get hungry then eat some more!

  134. Avatar photo
    John Lin

    A much better looking and comfort mall after renovation. The ground floor is a lot more space after removing the big department store which is a good move. Lots of nice food store at L2 to push customer to go up and explore the shopping mall. Most shop has been renovated and move around with the mall like the Logo shop. Overall its a great improvement and I will shop & dine more often at Century Square.

  135. Avatar photo
    Waqas Jamal

    Plenty of options to shop and dine. Fatpapas is one of th good options to try here. Hawker centre is great as well which includes 6-8 halal options as well.

  136. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    Newly renovated shopping mall. Behind Tampines Mall, a 5 minutes walk to Century Square from Tampines Mrt Station
    A very crowded foodcourt known as the fiod market under Food Junction management
    A great place for the whole families.

  137. Avatar photo
    Ang Daviv

    Really lack of variety to shop…. But if ur looking to eat…. Yes it does offer great variety… More food that all

  138. Avatar photo
    Sonia Tandon

    This mall was renovated last year.. and I think it was well worth the wait. It has plenty of options for shopping and dining. From multi cuisine food court to gourmet restaurants and the newest brands for shopping in town. Everything under one roof!

  139. Avatar photo
    Tze Ching Goh

    Not the biggest mall but it has everything that a family wants in an outing to a mall. From baby clothes and essentials to fashion and beauty care to electronics. Plenty of choices for food too. Must try the Korean Cafe on the 2nd level.

  140. Avatar photo
    Peggy Lee

    Much better than the previous place after renovation. More offerings and interesting;
    There’s a 24h gym for those who need to work out before going to work

  141. Avatar photo

    Mall was renovated. More restaurants and foods now. Recommended if you want to eat. There is a new KL 辣椒拌面。

  142. Avatar photo
    Anantha Talasu

    Fat Papa’s…..while we tried 3 types of burger (crispy chicken, Lamb and veggie) did not satisfy my taste buds…I prefer McDonald’s compared to this.

  143. Avatar photo
    Soul Kain

    New chic look with new stores after reno. Cons – ventolation not good enuff.. 2nd level pungent smell due to restaurant cookin and aircon combined – needs better cookin exhaust fans.

  144. Avatar photo

    It’s a 5 storey tall and 2 basement deep mall. Currently it’s affected by the cb measures, the retail shops are still closed. The prime mart, the song fish fresh seafood store and the food and beverage outlets are still opened with reduced hours. My favourite mall to get fresh salmon in a 1kg bag of 5 slabs for $26.

  145. Avatar photo
    KJ B

    After the renovation, the place looks more high class. The prices here are very very expensive. Surprising for a neighborhood shopping centre. It is a nice place to just walk walk, nevertheless.

  146. Avatar photo
    Fifi O'Neil

    Convenient place where we do not have problems finding halal fare since the food court offers many halal selections. Wide variety of shops, able to get most things under one roof

  147. Avatar photo
    Han Wei Chew

    Tried MediumRare by Saveur today. Not bad.

  148. Avatar photo
    Jace Ng

    New renovated place with many new place to see and explore for new food section at basement like volcano ramen, boon tong kee, etc and new cinema, new restaurant as well like fatpapa, and other

  149. Avatar photo
    Moses Ong

    Heartland mall. Can go as most of the things needed are available

  150. Avatar photo
    Az Craft

    The food court has my favourite Chicken Rice, rojak, my son’s Korean noodle soup & my favourite fried seafood rice. There’s also the Lego brick shop and Shaw cinema with big red seats!!!!

  151. Avatar photo
    Tania Hussaini

    Many places to shop and eat. Can find cheap toiletries and reasonably priced groceries. All essential items needed can be found there.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jess Fung

    After the major renovation. This mall hss become of the best F&B experience for heartland area

  153. Avatar photo
    Poached Salmon

    A great shopping center for such a small size. Has a gym, cinema, amazing restaurants and food stalls. A great place for families to hang out together

  154. Avatar photo
    Gideon Yin

    Newly refurbished Century Square has alot of interesting food and grocery shopping options. Big upgrade over the old mall!

  155. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Visited Song Fish bought some Seafood. Good courteous and informative services provided by the staff unless the one I visited 2 days ago at Oasis Mall. No service at all. What asked a man where I can find the Seafood, he just replied I don’t know.

  156. Avatar photo
    Chye Eng Ng

    Century Square is a pretty old shopping mall with more than two decades. Despite having a couple of renovation, it doesn’t attract much crowds as it doesn’t offer much choices for shoppers.

    Apart from the cinema, supermarket and eateries there isn’t any much to shop and do in this shopping mall.

    It will be under going renovation (complete facelit according to AsiaMall) from the end of August 2017 for a year. Hope it will give shoppers a complete different experience.

  157. Avatar photo
    Alex lorenzo

    Eateries is everywhere in this mall and you will be spoiled with choices. but as for shopping experience there isn’t much in here.

  158. Avatar photo
    L Ng

    Nicely renovated with many shops

  159. Avatar photo
    Sophia Sng

    I love the soup and the noodle. Taste exactly like in China. The beef is gd too. Worth trying

  160. Avatar photo
    hock boon Ang

    A good mall managed to differentiate with Tampines 1 and Tampines mall. Good food mix with coffee bean, teahouse (dim sum and chicken rice), thai food, Boon tong kee, duck rice etc… The retail mix still not strong, more focusing on learning and beauty outlets. So I feel the mall had revamp with success in the F&B but still need to catch up on retail. Unless they got anchor tenant like Zara or H&M (unlikely since the outlet just left Tampines mall) to improve the retail experience. Another feeling is the first level inside the mall doesn’t had much to attract customers, level one is a key location, but I always skip as nothing much there.

  161. Avatar photo
    peter h t seow

    Good place to shop, stroll or eat some traditional kaya butter toast and drink some beverages such as milo, tea or coffee!

  162. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Very tasty and nice …assam chilli fish …must try if you are here….Happy eating !! Happy life !!

  163. Avatar photo
    Amelia Koh

    Many eateries and very affordable sashimi at basement 1 – Seafood market place by Song fish, fresh and frozen seafood

  164. Avatar photo
    Edna Ng

    I like the newly revamped design and spacious mall. A numbers of new stores here. The mahota supermarket is my favourite. Tried the Two Hana restaurant on level 1. They have the lunch time promo.which is quite worth to go.

  165. Avatar photo
    Siew Nai Lim

    Great delicious and scrumptious burger. I had the mushroom burger but some of the fries were not that well cooked. The cashier offered me a free take away fries to replace the uncooked fries. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for me that the staff cares about the feedback from customer.

  166. Avatar photo
    Dennis Ng

    Will be closed for renovation, probably a year. Most shops already closed, but if you are looking for hobby stuff, there’s a clearance sale at hobby shop on the top floor

  167. Avatar photo
    Edgar Lee

    It is much better now after its renovation, there’s a wide variety of selection for food and shopping; however, more of the former than the latter.

  168. Avatar photo
    Kim Tan

    Shops r spacious in n out , not much of a human traffic congestion , overall mall is clean n smell fresh …

  169. Avatar photo
    Chandra Fuentanilla

    I love my nailss thanks to vicky,sarah and hazel for pampering me well️️️

  170. Avatar photo
    Chong Seok Yin

    Nice layout of shops & eateries. Wide variety. Well connected to public transport

  171. Avatar photo
    Cherry Chacko

    Still newish after recent renovation, enjoyed the food options ranging from the steak joint(Medium Rare) to the wide variety of snack and street food joints. I especially liked Tip Top curry puffs. A few tea, coffee and dessert joints on 1 and second floors, though a bit pricy in my humble opinion. Nice place for teens and families but not really trendy fashionable or hip.

  172. Avatar photo
    a lee

    Crowded during weekend

  173. Avatar photo
    tasjuz maimoon

    Loved the before one but this is not too bad…but all d cute shops are gone n replaced wid big ones. But still a gud place to be at

  174. Avatar photo
    Vishal Mahajan

    One of the three shopping centers in Tampines, always packed. Popular stores, kiddy palace, BHG,Bata and many more. I still miss the halal food court at level 4.

  175. Avatar photo
    Noraini Syed Hassan

    All kinds of shops, whatever you need u can get ot, like to eat at the fd court, all halal, è ayam pemyet very nice

  176. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    As a shopping mall, they’re a little dated, as their cooler and newer mall neighbors sprout out. The stores and dining options are a little less attractive as well, and if any good at all, will be crowded with inefficient queues. Beyond that, they’re definitely trying to improve the retail experience so stay tuned!

  177. Avatar photo
    Manan Rathi

    very crowded and it’s very difficult finding a cab in the evening! the shops are kinda limited but the theater is great.

  178. Avatar photo
    Asrin Omar

    The food market is the best food center to choose off.
    Satay is juicy.
    Western d best.
    Majority is delicious.

  179. Avatar photo
    marine maiden

    Reopened after half year renovation in June 2018. Lots of new shops and eateries. Cinema has been changed from Shaw to Filmgarde. Technically, still the same mall for residents in Tampines.

  180. Avatar photo
    B B

    Surprise finds at century square, now its a food haven

  181. Avatar photo
    Nadia Nadhirah

    Used to be Liho but bobo replaced the store. We decided to try. Not bad! We had alot of freebies with the promo drink that we buy. Ended up buying 6 cups!

  182. Avatar photo
    Aakhil Ali

    Good mall with lots eatery places and very next to other makes in tampines

  183. Avatar photo
    Albert Yap

    A mall that is less crowded than the nearby t1 and tm yet located at the same area. Has a supermarket, lots of f and b, and also educational shops for kid.

  184. Avatar photo
    Jian-Lin Lee

    This mall has seen better days. It’s plus point is that it is pretty deserted throughout the day so I prefer to shop there for groceries and other stuff sometimes. Also, Tampines printing services is located on the top floor so it is convenient to get last minute print jobs done there.

  185. Avatar photo
    Breanna Yeo

    It is now open much better before the reno, however they place the restaurants outside, which makes it look a bit messy and there are some food smells (which is good) a number of stores are not open yet. The basement looks promising for f&b shops. A little crowded

  186. Avatar photo
    Linda Syah

    So much have changed. Better than before but a lot of the smaller shops are gone. A huge foodcourt. Not all are halal though. Carpark is still the same except for the safety measures in place.

  187. Avatar photo
    EnQing Xavier

    This shopping center keeps upgrading it’s facilities. Although it’s name is century, it’s not even close to fifty years old. There are many shopping stores and superma inside this place. The carpark is large and curvy, easy to navigate around the place. Many dedicacies are available in this place. Awesomeness! Do some and check this place out

  188. Avatar photo
    Sam B

    This is an upgraded version of the old century square and looks dapper and posh.
    There are 5 floors above and 2 floors below.
    Basement 1 devoted mostly to foodies.
    Cineplex on the top floor

  189. Avatar photo
    shuyi chong

    I would like to thank my consulrant IreneKong so much for curing my patch problem. After coming to Yun Nam Haircare my patch problem has never come back. I have been to other haircare centre but didn’t get the result i want. After being service by irene im really glad im under maintain session. Coming to Tampinee Century Square outlet is really like a second home always welcomed by all the staff. Thank you guys for taking care of me. Thank you Irene & All the other staff over there.

  190. Avatar photo
    Zura Rahim (zzanyy)

    No doubt Century Square deserved its revamp. It is now more visual appealing and spacious albeit a little dark in ambience. They have newer stores and restaurants fit for young adults.

    With that said, if you are a fan of the original stores, you may find it disappointing.

  191. Avatar photo
    Ace SG

    Recently renovated mall with good selection of food at the food court.

  192. Avatar photo
    Brendan Lin

    It is finally reopened after 9 long months of renovation. Was really curious to find out about the new shops in the mall. Lots of food options with some new concept restaurants around, nice to see some of the old tenants who remained in the building. However, the basement is quite cramped and a little dark due to their lighting configuration.

  193. Avatar photo
    LM Zhang

    Great with more food choices, after reopening! But ideally there should be more seats for people eating at basement. And cleaning should be done more often.

  194. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lee

    This newly renovated mall in Tampines looks so much more modern than before. The theme is so open concept and great. Alot more space to hang around and many many new shops have setup businesses here. Well done to the management for doing a good job!

  195. Avatar photo
    phang c fong

    Love it and enjoying my day here.

  196. Avatar photo
    JC Sim

    A way better than average shopping mall. You have pretty much everything here. TCM, plenty of food choices, gym, cinema, supermarket, bubble tea and a prime sneaker store. Adjacent to Tampines mall had complemented each other.

    Nothing to complain for now.

  197. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Yes another Mall in Tampines and also very popular with residents of Pasir Ris and Simei. A good mix off shops and eateries. Was there this afternoon and enjoyed waffles with my wife. A little pricey, the ice-cream was so-so but the waffles on its own was very good.

    Reopened 6 June 2018. Looks cosier with yellow lights and more eateries. Some of the old tenants like Best and Jack’s Place are no longer there. Looking forward to see the other shops open soon

  198. Avatar photo
    Robin AGPC

    Has a number of eateries at basement, first and second floors. Swee Choon timsum is very well patronised.

  199. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Young

    A revamped mall which is now cleaner and more spacious. A lot of eateries have popped up there. Shops- not that exciting. Mainly small shops selling anything from clothes, toys, gadgets, gifts and others. There’s also a small cinema operator there, Filmgarde. The arcardes tend to occupy quite alot of space on the top floor.
    Basement is also beaming with eateries,a small supermarket, Mahota and other small shops like Guardian Pharmacy, Miniso, bakeries, bubble tea etc.
    Mostly a place for diners.

  200. Avatar photo
    John Chow

    I had Dinner at Boon Tong Kee @ Centuary Square with a Friend – their Chicken is extremely Juicy- I also recommend the Sweet Sour Pork & crispy bean curb – but service wise lacks. But compensated by the good Food

  201. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Zulkifly Bin Nazran

    The recently revamped CS is more attractive than compared to the one before. With Lenskart, Owndays, Bata, Footlocker, Prime Supermart etc. it’s a complete one-stop mall in Tampines.

  202. Avatar photo
    Melvin Tee

    Bad customer service by a female Malay staff, I miss out bringing my phone and using token for checking vaccination and was inform that the token unable to check system is down and I ask her whether another side of the entrance working for the token vaccination was told that is down as well. When I went to another entrance the token is working fine.. It’s very bad to mislead those who want to enter the shopping mall.

  203. Avatar photo
    sam kam

    It does have its charm. Some shops have been close due to covid.

  204. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    I don’t think the variety of shops here is good compared to neighboring malls. However, as a consequence, it feels spacious and quiet, so it might still be a good place to hang out if you find a nice shop.

  205. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh

    Despite the upgrading, this mall has failed to attract much. The mall seems to lack the brightness – more enclosed rather than more open.

  206. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Great place for Sushi and Salmon soup

  207. Avatar photo
    Ching Kang Ong

    Good range of selection for food and shopping. Has cinema, several clothing stores like BHG, Giordano, Bata, and food like Kenny Rogers, Popeyes, etc. With newer malls coming up like Tampines Hub, Bedok Mall etc, malls like Century Square gives a more traditional feel and view. I.e. You can see 1 end from another, unlike the newer malls; more spacious.

  208. Avatar photo
    Anthony Liew

    Very nice shopping mall with a beautiful cinema. And basement where could access different kinds of eatery.

  209. Avatar photo

    Recently refurbished, most of the old stores are no longer there. Level 5 is still an entertainment area though where you can find cinema, arcade and claw machines.

  210. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ganapathy

    Decent place to do some slow walk and browse their shops. Good thing they didn’t duplicate offerings from Tampines One & Mall.

  211. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Used to be a small old mall and not many variety of shops. After renovation seems to be a bit alive with many shops and restaurants, not as crowded as tampines 1 or tampines mall because it is located a bit further away from MRT station.

  212. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lin

    It’s ok

  213. Avatar photo
    Samson No Delilah

    Yet another cliched enclave masquerading as the new kid on the block..very crowded on weekends…meh tasting overpriced food…give it 3 years till it looks old and rundown…give it a pass.. Better off spending at Tampines hub kopitiam nearby! …

  214. Avatar photo
    Dilip H

    Newly renovated building wow… Has various variety of shopping option, Anyone looking for where is value$ in Tampines, here it is. Many eateries options, obviously mostly Chinese food available, also healthy option. Top floor is dedicated for kids play with paid option.

  215. Avatar photo
    Ng Andrew

    Ever since the mall does a make over n without anchor tenant other than prime supermarket most of the eateries are not vibrant n can be found in any mall.

  216. Avatar photo
    Shirley Cher

    Love this place for the old school cinema, been there almost every weekend to have a day out with my kids. Still have the same acarde and new cafes & food found.

  217. Avatar photo
    Lian Mei L

    2nd oldest mall in Tampines. Less crowded than the 2 other malls which is good if you don’t like to squeeze too much. Has a movie theatre as well.

  218. Avatar photo
    Kelly Kelly

    Many years did not go there. Happened to go there for Nandos Chicken dinner. Didnt have time to shop and look around.

  219. Avatar photo
    Xavier Ng

    My favourite location for shopping! Watched it develop from a small mall with shop selling heartland needs and cheap clothing and accessories! Its under renovation now and will re-open at the late quarter of this year! Hapoy 2018!

  220. Avatar photo
    Hisham Van Der Vaart

    Century Sq have the original wadeh shop. Recommended must buy the prawn wadeh

  221. Avatar photo
    Bignuub lol

    MY second to-go mall in tampines after tampines mall. There is a lot of restaurants and toilets are very clean. The reason im giving 4 star not 5 is beacause I feal that they should have a bigger variety of shops. Plenty of tuition centres and daycares as well

  222. Avatar photo
    Ray Tan Hong Ping

    Is good for motorcycle riders because parking fee is $1.28 per entry ! …

  223. Avatar photo
    Olivia Sung

    The management regularly does renovation while in operation. Lots of brands and stalls you can do window shopping. Prices varies and it depends on the brand. Roaming guards are visible in every floor of this shopping mall. Safe place for kids.

  224. Avatar photo
    kelvin tan

    Wide variety of shops… especially food !!

  225. Avatar photo
    Lee Wilson

    Newly renovated. Not all ships are opened but to food outlets are good! The 3th floor food count have pretty interesting range of food

  226. Avatar photo
    Tommy Lim Dao Ming

    Happy too see a new jollibee outlet is opened here recently!

  227. Avatar photo
    Gregory Athanasius

    The newly renovated Century Square, is finally opened the 6-storey shopping mall in Tampines, It is located near Tampines MRT Station. It completed the renovations in 2018.

    More than half of the tenants of the mall in Tampines will be new, with more dining options as well as the return of a popular local fashion label.
    The mall will have 45 eateries, up from 30.

    Other new tenants at Century Square include cinema operator Filmgarde, which replaces Shaw, 24-hour gym Gymmboxx, and a new “hybrid dining-grocery model” called Mahota Market.

    Century Square is managed by AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd.

  228. Avatar photo
    Rainie Loh

    So good

  229. Avatar photo
    Marcus LimHG

    Now have more food outlets. Last weekend went to Fat Papas …

  230. Avatar photo
    Rick Property Page

    After the revamp, this mall is much improved with much better human traffic than before. The ever popular HaiDiLao hotpot has a restaurant here and operates till 0400.

  231. Avatar photo
    Melvin Wee

    Nice place many food outlets. Abit crowded over weekend. Has Prime supermart.

  232. Avatar photo
    Adnan Mohammed

    Loves it here. So many different shops. There’s a halal food court too on the 4th floor.

  233. Avatar photo
    Louise Tan

    Recently renovated with more food choices but I feel lesser retails which is the trend now. The food court serves slightly more expensive food but now I found Putien type Xin Hua Bee Hoon which is my favourite and at slightly cheaper than restaurants price. Overall I am happy.

  234. Avatar photo
    hemanth kumar

    Nice mall. Lot of shops and resturants.

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