Review Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4, Singapore

Review Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure - Singapore 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4

“My company rent the whole cinema venue. It was nice. Place is clean, cold & sounds are awesome.” or “Cinema is good and clean! Also the ordering and all were great and allowed space for events!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure. In terms of Movie theater, it is generally believed that Cathay Cineplex Cineleisureis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4, 5 & 6, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Movie theater, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4, 5 & 6, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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You can contact Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4, 5 & 6, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure reviews

Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure is among the best destinations of Movie theater in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Did my Hair at D'cut Hair Studio with Stylist Kol. Love the attention given to my hair and my friend as it's our first experience. Definitely highly recommend the Salon & Stylist Kol”

“My company rent the whole cinema venue. It was nice. Place is clean, cold & sounds are awesome.”

“Very little people which is good and the cinema is bigger than normal cinemasand have seats for couples”

“First experience of the seating during Avatar 2 first preview show. Surely will be back again.”

“Great place to enjoy your favourite movies! Been coming here since my school days!”

“Best place for small talk long hours nite lazing joint. A classic avenue with tons of story from the past. No one should miss”

“Less price for the tickets and good screen and great sound effects”

“Bringing the kiddos to a cinema I used to frequent when I was dating their mom...!!! Some of the areas of building under upgrading so it wasn't a good site...”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 242 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 67% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road Cineleisure Level 4, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    Jianwen Ben

    Clean modern place of leisure with good selection of restaurants and retail

  2. Avatar photo
    Ambon Freda Lesta

    The place is much better than the last ever I visited. Modern concept and clean environment. Unfortunately the staff that sell the snacks and drinks are very impolite and unprofessional. (Indian lady) never served the senior citizens coffee which they are entitled.

  3. Avatar photo
    Kym Lee

    Cinema is comfortable but snacks are bad. Popcorn is horrible and wedges were not crispy.

  4. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Platinum Movie Suites – Comparisons to GV Gold Class

    1. Lounge is smaller but not necessarily worse. Fells intimate and cosy. Very cold though.
    2. Tickets are cheaper and comes with a snack (popcorn) and a drink.
    3. Seats are similar. In fact, they are better than some Gold Class theatres.
    4. In light of COVID-19, both do not offer blankets. Platinum Movie Suites however offers blankets for sale @$5 each.

    I definitely prefer Platinum Movie Suites to Gold Class. Much more value for money.

  5. Avatar photo

    Great place to watch movies. Wide selection, better than most cinemas in Singapore. Toilets are available inside the theatre so no worries. Cineleisures public toilets are always under renovation or dirty. Cinema food is always overpriced so no qualms there. Recommended to try their cheese hotdog. Quite delicious. Place is usually booked in the evenings, try to purchase tickets online before arriving. There are self help kiosks as well.

  6. Avatar photo
    Sameer Khan

    Snack counters closed and had to walk across different floors to get stuff and escalators are at a distance from the screening rooms and elevators are always full

  7. Avatar photo
    Nestor Dave

    Nice cinema and comfy seats!!

  8. Avatar photo
    Ivan N

    Haven’t been here for quite awhile, theatre still well maintained. Best part for level 6 theatres, toilet inside the theatre, good for lengthy movies like endgame!

  9. Avatar photo
    yoga yoga

    5 stars cinema with 5 stars seating with food and drinks served. There are a choice of fried chicken, pop corns, nachos with cheese, bottled drinks and etc. The seat was too comfortable until I fall asleep during the movie showtime. …

  10. Avatar photo
    Raphael Tan

    Very nice mall but it’s rather empty and lacks the shops to fill up the empty spaces. I also found that they force you to walk the long way around by blocking the short routes when going up which sucks

  11. Avatar photo
    Sagar Jindal

    This has caramel popcorn. Case closed

  12. Avatar photo
    18Y5C21 LIM ZHI YU

    The seats are really really comfortable and the screen size is decent

  13. Avatar photo
    Dustin Lim

    I just want to thank Cathay’s staff for the excellent service! Came here to watch a movie and I had changed my mind about the tickets and the manager and staff made all effort to help me with this. I wished I got their names, sorry! Excellent service thank you!

  14. Avatar photo
    Shuren Lin

    Typical cinema but quite old and comparatively limited show times

  15. Avatar photo
    Swift Six

    Best place for small talk long hours nite lazing joint. A classic avenue with tons of story from the past. No one should miss

  16. Avatar photo
    Wei Fatt Lee

    Cinema was a bit old with a certain smell. I bought for a group of 15 people and had extra 1 ticket and when asked if can it be refunded… got ping pong around and eventually they tell me need only can change to another movie and need to pay to change. The last time at GV… they simply refunded me the extra tics with no questions asked.

  17. Avatar photo

    Cleaners were quite unfriendly. Insisting that we cannot leave by the front when it was past midnight and had to wait for everyone in threatre to leave.

  18. Avatar photo

    Went there for a movie. Food options available including kfc. Bike parking available at lv 1, normal parking should be b1 and below. Lifts are a little confusing as some only service the basements lv -lv 1. The other set of life is lv 1 and above. Toilet available from lv 2.

  19. Avatar photo
    Jayden Teo

    Mall with expensive supermarket below

  20. Avatar photo
    Mathavan Rajendran

    The dolby 7.1 Digital sound system
    Interior very nice. …

  21. Avatar photo
    Jay Chong Yen Jye (iamJayChong)

    Redeem, purchase ticket and drinks & beverage level 4 and 5.

    Hall entrance level 5 and 6.

    Washroom outside of cinema, near to lift.

    Seat is comfortable and surround sound system is good.

  22. Avatar photo
    Florian Parzhuber

    I fell asleep while watching the Terminator movie.

  23. Avatar photo
    Five CELL

    Nice cool place to hang out after movie date!!

  24. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    love the seating layout plusl the sound system

  25. Avatar photo
    Tony Leo

    Always a dependable and clean cinema. They’ve got two entrances on two sides of the building so make sure you’re waiting to enter at the right side.

  26. Avatar photo
    Slicing Frost Blade

    It’s a nice movie area and it’s close to the mrt station. Pretty convenient.

  27. Avatar photo

    Tryin the alley at newly open stall at cine. The royal no.4 milk tea was abit to a dissappointment. Not worth the $5 bucks standard, to less bubble too, serving took good 10mins. Happened to catch Aladdin and thought of giving myself a sweet drink. The whole cineleisure was abit like a ghost town with many shops closed. Perhaps I should give benjamin barker cafe a go..

  28. Avatar photo
    Sunbear GOH

    Nice dinner and place for chill out on weekends

  29. Avatar photo

    The chair cannot put up the leg rest

  30. Avatar photo

    Clean seats, comfy cinema, shiok aircon!

  31. Avatar photo
    Travis Teen

    Good service and nice ambiance.. Will come again..

  32. Avatar photo
    James Ang

    An aeroplane’s Business-Class-type of seats and setting. With only total of 20 seaters in the theatre. All audiences get platter of snacks, and good quality sense-surround sound settings. The movie screen was a little too close, I find.

  33. Avatar photo
    JY Cheong

    First experience of the seating during Avatar 2 first preview show. Surely will be back again.

  34. Avatar photo
    Crisse Apan

    My company rent the whole cinema venue. It was nice. Place is clean, cold & sounds are awesome.

  35. Avatar photo
    TS Lai

    Great place for movie dates

  36. Avatar photo

    Good comfortable seats with enough leg room. Should have more lifts in the Cineleisure building to ease travel between floors.

  37. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    Good little central movie theatre in the heart of Orchard. Can feel a bit messy at times and if they just did a slightly better job keeping it tidy that would take it up to the next level. Amazingly, kids get into movies for free! How awesome is that?

  38. Avatar photo
    Sujay Krishnan

    Viewing pleasure

  39. Avatar photo
    Patrick Popa

    Small screens but nice atmosphere

  40. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Helmi Kamaruzaman

    Mall was rather dead compared to a few years ago. Great place to catch a movie in town tho

  41. Avatar photo
    SQ Ng

    The lift and esclator situation in the building has not improved.

  42. Avatar photo
    Madhu Bala

    Best theatre in town to watch with the prefect Dolby Atmos…

  43. Avatar photo
    Zhenggang Wang

    Old cinema, but still nice.

  44. Avatar photo
    Serena Lee

    Regular movie place that will go with my family

  45. Avatar photo
    Eganki Liew

    Quite confusing when collecting online movie tickets, will be great if the online QR code can use for the entrance.

  46. Avatar photo
    Andrew Imanuel

    Doesn’t seem well maintained

  47. Avatar photo
    Ben C

    It’s quite distracting to see a green glow cast by the exit sign onto the bottom left corner of the screen. Might just be the room I’m in (screen 12)? On the plus side, the seats were comfy with enough leg room.

  48. Avatar photo
    may joy ragudos

    It was clean and comfortable to watch,,the Aircon is working properly

  49. Avatar photo
    Teddyhugs You

    One of the most comfortable cinema I would say. At least this outlet.. the chair is slight inclined, really super comfy after you finish your meal and heading for movie. Pretty satisfied. …

  50. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Great place to rest and relax with a good choice of movie with your loved one. Variety of show to choose from. Just that checking in is a little troublesome.

    Cannot use handphone to scan anymore.

    Must use the token distributed by the government or NRIC to scan into the machine.

  51. Avatar photo
    myogyi. gtc

    Great experience with Dota 2 TI 9 watching.

  52. Avatar photo
    Ek Seng Ng

    It’s gonna be another The cathay sooner or later.

  53. Avatar photo
    Mayflor Lumacad

    The scenery was amazing. It’s a good place to be part of your itinerary.

  54. Avatar photo
    GY Chan

    I recently visited a movie theater in the middle of the town center, and while I enjoyed the movie itself, there were some issues with the overall experience. The theater is currently undergoing renovations, which resulted in a dimly lit environment that made it difficult to navigate.

    The cleanliness of the theater was acceptable, but the renovations made it clear that the facilities were in need of an upgrade. The seats were worn out and uncomfortable, and the overall decor felt dated.

    The theater’s location was convenient, being situated in the middle of the town center, but the lack of lighting made it hard to find my way around. I had to be extra cautious when walking through the hallways and staircases.

    On the positive side, the movie selection was impressive, and the screen and sound quality were good. The staff were also friendly and accommodating.

    Overall, while I enjoyed the movie, I cannot recommend this theater in its current state. Once the renovations are complete, I imagine it will be a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Until then, visitors should be prepared for a dimly lit and somewhat outdated environment.

  55. Avatar photo
    Zain A

    This place is Empty and is literally a ghost town.

    I was there on a Friday evening in Sept 2021 and I saw a lot of empty stores. Most probably they are affected by the pandemic and also because cause there is a significant shift in shopping habits of the new generation.

    Gone are the custom and limited edition shoe stores. Only a few eateries are left and they are mostly on the first floor and the basement. The cinema is also rather quiet and one can still get good seats as a walk in customer on weekends. No need for advanced booking.

    It is rather sad because this place used to be bustling and very busy before the pandemic. It was the IN place to catch the latest movie releases before year 2020. Now it is just an empty shell.

  56. Avatar photo
    Darell Pang

    Why the inside cinesnax bar not open?

  57. Avatar photo

    Great Cineleisure

  58. Avatar photo

    Watched Avatar 2 here recently! Was a great 3D Movie experience. The glasses were nicely fitted and didn’t dim the movie too much. Avatar 2 is a 3 hour plus movie, so it was important that the experience was comfortable and it definitely was. Will come back again for 3D movies in the future.

  59. Avatar photo
    Johanna Abigail

    Did my Hair at D’cut Hair Studio with Stylist Kol. Love the attention given to my hair and my friend as it’s our first experience.

    Definitely highly recommend the Salon & Stylist Kol

  60. Avatar photo
    H. Lee

    Used to be my favourite cinema in Singapore to catch movies since 2007. But recently, the cinema halls seem to be increasingly dated (possibly due to the lack of upkeep). The cinema halls have this funky damp smell and dated sofa seats.

  61. Avatar photo
    Steven Master

    It’s a ghost mall now … Hardly any retail tenant …

  62. Avatar photo

    Recommended if watching a movie there.

  63. Avatar photo

    I’ve been to that cinema with my friend a couple of times and its not only the cinema that is amazing, its also the view on the way there and the amazing food areas

  64. Avatar photo
    Surya Challa

    Normal theatre. Frequently Vist

  65. Avatar photo
    tak monmon

    Not that cold than expected, but still I needed a fleece to put on.

  66. Avatar photo
    nt dt

    Lots of empty shops only left kensuike, mos burger, kfc, Nihon Mura and kofu food court not much shops

  67. Avatar photo
    Musho Pea

    Need to fix the shoddy toilets on L6. No place to hang bag, the soap dispenser is broken and it looks rundown …

  68. Avatar photo

    Screen show 7.1

    But heard only normal sound

  69. Avatar photo
    Red Barker

    Attended a private screening of the new Star Wars with friends & colleagues. Good screens and sound quality. Comfy seats.

  70. Avatar photo
    Nina Salas

    Very nice this place you can visit there.

  71. Avatar photo
    Justin Zhang

    Staffs were warm and welcoming. Seats were comfy at their platinum suite

  72. Avatar photo
    Derrick Chew

    Ok. More than 10 years never been there. Still ok.

  73. Avatar photo
    Yash Goyal

    Theatres a bit worn out but comfortable seats and good experience

  74. Avatar photo
    Kedar Tembe

    Just like any other multiplex. Sometimes deals available on grab or other platforms. Really nothing to distinguish from the other multiplexes. As a vegan, I was excited about them introducing quorn products in their snacks line-up, but when I went and asked for it, they had run out of them, which was disappointing. Hope they stock them again.

  75. Avatar photo
    Ali Chua

    Beyond the many good things about Cathay Cinemas, this outlet is slightly dated in terms of the decorations and maintenance of their cinemas. Location is indeed conveniently located close to Somerset MRT, but it’s not sheltered all through, which can be a slight issue for cinema-goers. The overall Cineleisure Orchard is also undergoing huge revamp work, which can be disruptive to patron-experience. Besides that, it’s still a good place to hangout and catch a movie with friends over the weekend!

  76. Avatar photo
    Janani Sugumaran

    Very comfy seats! Good sound system.

  77. Avatar photo
    A K

    Loved it

  78. Avatar photo

    When Malaysia can’t watch Thor. So I come here.

  79. Avatar photo
    Xavier Low

    Seats were really plush and comfortable and the environment was really clean too. Only downside was that the area to buy tickets was abit confusing as it wasn’t the first level of the cinema, I was directed to go to the second level instead which was a little strange. But the staff were quite friendly.
    Those that are prone to feeling cold might want to bring along a jacket, but I felt that the temperature of the air conditioning was just nice for me.

  80. Avatar photo
    Emman Bautista

    Seats need to clean thoroughly. Otherwise, it is an OK for a cinema.

  81. Avatar photo
    Just Farah “Farah” Here


  82. Avatar photo
    Manuel Toco

    Quick visit.

  83. Avatar photo
    Luciana Alves

    It’s one of the few movie theaters in Singapore which offers options of movies with English subtitles.

  84. Avatar photo
    fock seela

    I use the app my payment have get through I received nothing from my end.i am so disappointed

  85. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Lam

    Best normal hall

  86. Avatar photo

    The staff service was so good. I bought nacho cheese with chips and the cheese was a little less. I asked the staff and he added more for me. The seats were comfortable. The screens was big.

    But the seats were abit smelly. Maybe should clean them more often. The purchase of tickets and food are only at level 5 so it is quite inconvenient cause the theatre are at level 4. The 3D glasses were quite dirty and not well prepared. So the 4 stars is really for the service and the movie experience.

  87. Avatar photo
    Korvinous farenzi

    Less crowd compare to 10yrs ago..haha…less shops but Its ok to’s a weekend and you can just walk in to buy movie tix 30mins before it starts!

  88. Avatar photo
    K Max

    Seats were comfortable, was a good experience but the popcorn sold here was horrible hahah

  89. Avatar photo
    Karen Teoh

    Always like to come here to watch movies with family bcuz not crowded… …

  90. Avatar photo
    LouisJzee Jianzhi

    Movie experience is good. Friendly and helpful staff

  91. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Odd exit and link to car park.. Should have put up the MRT like gantry..

  92. Avatar photo
    Nathan Iglesias

    Kinda tired interior. Strangely, despite having very few people in the theater, we were all next to each other. Only few seats have the center armrest lift, which means not great for a date (or scary movies!)

  93. Avatar photo
    Priya Ranjan Sinha

    Wonderful and beautiful place to watch movies off your choice

  94. Avatar photo
    tingyu guo

    Good viewing experience. However, I was confused when making an exit after the show end. I was the first to run for the exit and the door with the green exit sign wasn’t meant for exit. The real exit is the stairs at the opposite with no signage. It is my first visit at the orchard Cathay and find it quite peculiar. I end up waiting for other patrons for the way out. Haha.

  95. Avatar photo
    Beary Beary

    This is a mall that has tremendous potential. It is situated in the heart of Orchard Road and has tenants that offer stuff to do as well as some that are eating places. The building is home to a large cineplex. Cathay could do better by offering reasonable car park prices to attract the crowds. Unfortunately car park prices are sky high for the moment. I hope it does not go the way of “The Cathay”. Strongly recommend good parking prices to help bring the crowds.

  96. Avatar photo
    Gk Tamil

    Good Experience.

  97. Avatar photo
    Firdaus Azizi Abdullah

    Good to catch up movies. Nice and clean theater …

  98. Avatar photo
    Wing Hung Tai

    a bit expensive. Under staff but the choices of food look great.

  99. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Cinema is good and clean! Also the ordering and all were great and allowed space for events!

  100. Avatar photo
    Darren Liu

    Clean and Comfortable and in a very central location, highly recommended!

  101. Avatar photo
    Yus Joseph

    Very troublesome when u book the ticket online. The 5th floor for print out the ticket and the 4th floor for the cinema

  102. Avatar photo
    Beverly Velasco

    It took sometime for us to locate the,atea as we get confused with Cathay Mall. But this is a very good place to chill and go oround shop after watching cinema. They have toilet inside the movie theatre as well.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jeff Qiu

    3 levels of cinemas with box office located at 5th floor

  104. Avatar photo
    Adriano Lopes Gomes

    Very old, ugly and uncomfortable…

  105. Avatar photo
    Matin Kamal

    Accidentally spilled my nachos cheese there but the cashier was patient. Good customer service to be frank. The cinema and sound system was amazing. Loved the atmosphere

  106. Avatar photo

    Great cinema and eating place

  107. Avatar photo
    arpit singh

    Not very tech friendly. Subpar experience.

  108. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tan

    Self collection machine ran out of paper and had to wait for 10 mins before someone came fixing.

  109. Avatar photo
    Lucas Ng

    Went here yesterday to watch The Lost City. The cinema surprised me, the cinema screen was wider than expected, and the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound was a huge surprise. The sound from the speakers was bombastic. If you are planning to watch a movie with the Dolby Atmos feature, then I would suggest watching it at Cathay as an alternative to GV. For the same student price, Cathay offers movies in the Dolby format compared to GV Max Dolby Atmos which costs $9. Also, they have a popcorn promotion at $3 for students too with an add on of $1.50 for a drink. What disappointed me was the aircon giving me frostbites despite the temperature not being that cold. So, if you plan to watch a movie here, bring along a jacket and wear it at the start of the movie!

  110. Avatar photo
    Mui Keng Lee

    Always a relief to watch a movie here on a Friday night.

  111. Avatar photo
    Samuel Teh

    Aging not very gracefully. Many shops vacant.

  112. Avatar photo
    PJ 8131

    A pity nt as much shop as previously.Luckily I went there to catch a movie only.Nt much to shop in there wif a few restaurants. …

  113. Avatar photo
    Lil'D _Cree

    Great place to watch movies with your friends n family

  114. Avatar photo
    Terry Aik

    Love the toilet in the cinema hall. U get to hear what’s going on in the movie

  115. Avatar photo
    Shermaine R

    The cinema have weird smell.

  116. Avatar photo
    Eric Lee

    Movie booking was a hassle (compared to GV’s online system and website). The service wasn’t great and there was only 1 restroom cubicle shared between guys and gals serving several platinum suite cinemas.

    The only reason I gave it a 3 stars were that the seatings are further apart than GV’s Gold Class and has a physical divider.

  117. Avatar photo
    Dhaya Dhayalan

    Good movie theater

  118. Avatar photo
    Shubham Shrivastava

    It’s quite a good cinema hall with above decent audio… However I would have loved a bigger screen. Probably I chose the wrong movie… It’s ultra easy to reach here and Starbucks outside is open till late… And you can have a hot or cold… Which ever you prefer after movie

  119. Avatar photo
    Dr Faizal Wahab (FaizzMeraz)

    Nice place for a movie . More teens

  120. Avatar photo
    Robin Yeh

    The aisle light is too bright. It hurt my eyes.

  121. Avatar photo
    Coco Caramel

    There’s more interesting things for the kids. Not much shopping but more recreational activities that will keep them occupied.

  122. Avatar photo
    YH J

    There was a secret screening which was interesting. The theatre (theatre 3?) was completely filled with couple seats so that was cool. There were two small side table (one on each side) beside each seat to place drinks and popcorn so that was pretty thoughtful but in the darkness, it might be a little easy to grab your neighbour’s drink accidentally.

    Had the chocolate popcorn which came together as part of the secret screening package ($12/pax on a tuesday night). Serving was generous, each person had a bucket but the popcorn wasn’t warm the flavours of dark chocolate and salted popcorn was good though. Perhaps experience would have been better if I didn’t saw the staff scooping the popcorn out of the big plastic bag instead of the popcorn machine…..

  123. Avatar photo
    Chiew Li Tan

    Seat and sound system is good.

  124. Avatar photo
    WaiKai Yeong

    The cinema was clean and seats comfortable. However the volume of the sound system was way too loud.

  125. Avatar photo
    Milosz Protynski

    It was extremely cold inside.

  126. Avatar photo
    Kevin Vanderkerff

    Please consider QR codes for entry! The need for online bookings to still queue & collect a physical ticket is an outdated system and should be upgraded in my opinion. Cheers!

  127. Avatar photo
    Jack Sg

    The concession price for senior is $5. More expensive than Golden Village.

  128. Avatar photo
    Lucas Ng

    Went here yesterday to watch The Lost City. The cinema surprised me, the cinema screen was wider than expected, and the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound was a huge surprise. The sound from the speakers was bombastic. If you are planning to watch a movie with the Dolby Atmos feature, then I would suggest watching it at Cathay as an alternative to GV. For the same student price, Cathay offers movies in the Dolby format compared to GV Max Dolby Atmos which costs $9. Also, they have a popcorn promotion at $3 for students too with an add on of $1.50 for a drink. What disappointed me was the aircon giving me frostbites despite the temperature not being that cold. So, if you plan to watch a movie here, bring along a jacket and wear it at the start of the movie!

  129. Avatar photo
    Simon Ting

    Initial I am only give one star, because the smell of anmonia all over the cinema hall. I give two star for the part that their air con won’t simply drop down and hit somebody.

  130. Avatar photo
    Nicole Lee

    Very little people which is good and the cinema is bigger than normal cinemasand have seats for couples

  131. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Chia

    This place has quieten a lot compared to the previous times. However, still a decent cinema though.

  132. Avatar photo

    Car park gantry cannot use the Nets FlashPay. So much inconvenient.

  133. Avatar photo
    Sean C

    One of the better cineplexes in singapore with well maintained upholstery and a wide selection of films at and given day. Also screening halls are jus the right size to ensure it’s not too crowded and everyone has a good view of the screen

  134. Avatar photo
    Shaik Dawood

    Great place to enjoy your favourite movies! Been coming here since my school days!

  135. Avatar photo
    jefferson yuvens

    its a long way up unless you use elevator, filthy theater, but decent, good enough to watch on the middle row, good sound system

  136. Avatar photo
    Jowsonj Gong

    Nice seat,sound and screen

  137. Avatar photo
    Supreme Queen

    It was clean and enjoys watching the movie

  138. Avatar photo
    Arun Devadiga

    Good experience watching movies.Loved watching “KANTARA”

  139. Avatar photo
    Airon Bee

    Clean but quiet. Not many shops.

  140. Avatar photo
    Rena Wong

    Theatre is really small, one small noise and everyone hears you. Toilet only allows one person at a time, better to go to other levels to go to the toilet. My movie room no. Was 12 (last room) but it was situated far from the rest of the movie rooms, have to walk to locate that room, the staff also have no idea where that room is which makes everyone confused when they were getting ready to go into the movie room. Not a great experience at all…

  141. Avatar photo
    Nicolas C.

    Went to the Platinum suites and had a good time. Chairs are huge and very comfy, I am just not sure how often they wash the pillows and blankets. Service was a bit off, the diet coke they served had null carbonation and the food was very basic. Other luxury movie theatres do a better job. Also, the sound was extremely loud, almost so that we wanted to walk out.

  142. Avatar photo
    Harris Mescallado

    This is a great cinema. The toilet is just inside the cinema, you’ll never miss any part of the movie as you can still hear it inside the toilet.

  143. Avatar photo
    Al Y

    Good Covid practices in place and enforced. Orderly and peaceful. Good night out experience!

  144. Avatar photo

    The cineplex is spacious. The only downside is if you have bought tickets online, you have to first go lvl 5 to collect it, if your theatre is on lvl 6.

  145. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Mudassir

    The orientation of the place is very complicated but is a nice place to chill

  146. Avatar photo
    True Black

    So many things to see there!

  147. Avatar photo
    Sundar M

    Unique cinema experience.. This place is quiet and located in the most busy area in orchard..

    Theatre is big and nice atmospheric and toilet is located within the theatre. Snacks and beverages is located st lvl5 and theatre in lvl 6..

    Entry allowed only 10min before the show time.

  148. Avatar photo
    Sundar M

    Unique cinema experience.. This place is quiet and located in the most busy area in orchard..

    Theatre is big and nice atmospheric and toilet is located within the theatre. Snacks and beverages is located st lvl5 and theatre in lvl 6..

    Entry allowed only 10min before the show time.

  149. Avatar photo
    Stteven Siow

    A cinema showing latest movies. Good variety.

  150. Avatar photo

    Cinema is cosy, seats are big but the gaps between the seats can be better. High chance of falling down if you enter after the show has started. Aircon not cold enough — no jacket required.

  151. Avatar photo
    Mario Ihsan

    Regular seats were narrow. Couple seats were more comfortable. Sweet popcorn was fresh and not too sweet.

  152. Avatar photo
    Dio Adi

    Not bad. Good sound system. Comfortable seatings.

  153. Avatar photo
    Willy Wihardja

    Good clean Cineplex but the parking here is expensive and a bit tight to navigate otw in and out.

  154. Avatar photo
    Ted Chen

    Wonderful entertainment center not just for movies but also dinning and shopping

  155. Avatar photo
    Dennis N

    We went for the marvel black widow screening, platinum suites. The food is fantastic and the curly fries is a nice touch. The wine is pretty bad and expensive, no surprise. The staff at the counter is hasty and somewhat dismissive, wanting us to order quickly and go.

    We had better premium experience at golden village gold class. Hence it did leave a slightly sour impression overall.

  156. Avatar photo
    Andrew & Donna Woods

    Good price, but older theater that could use some updates…

  157. Avatar photo
    Tejasri Gopi


  158. Avatar photo
    Sheela M

    Was able to get seating at gd location

  159. Avatar photo
    Tan Sze Sze

    Yesterday watched wonder women 84
    Nice nice movie ️️ …

  160. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Young

    This place is really,really dull as most shops have closed down due to poor business. The only saving grace is the cineplex spanned over a few levels.
    There’s a Pasta Mania, Mosburger, KFC, Burger King at level 1 & a food court at B1.

  161. Avatar photo

    A nice place to watch new movies. Speakers were really good. But theatre abit dated. Paints were peeling and had the damp smell.

  162. Avatar photo
    Gerald Lim

    We had a great experience watching Dune here. The hall was nice and cosy.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chee How Kwok

    Comfy seats, conducive experience watching movies.

  164. Avatar photo
    Rayrayray Zzz

    Comfy seats. Good distancing measures in place.

  165. Avatar photo
    acido sallie

    Long time no see, many changes love it

  166. Avatar photo
    T D L

    Rundown and dirty.

  167. Avatar photo

    Is the opening hours that is different everyday a result of being located in town?

  168. Avatar photo
    Yong Keong Tan

    Great place to watch movies at.There are 3 floors of access to the theatres

  169. Avatar photo
    GY Chan

    I recently visited a movie theater in the middle of the town center, and while I enjoyed the movie itself, there were some issues with the overall experience. The theater is currently undergoing renovations, which resulted in a dimly lit …

  170. Avatar photo
    Lionell Hwang

    Movie theatre is outdated and run down. The sound, Espescially the adverts, is ear piercibgly loud.

  171. Avatar photo
    Qiming Low

    Unfriendly staffs. Cathay used to have the best popcorn but these few years the popcorn is almost tasteless. Good place to watch movie since every other patrons are at GV or Shaw these days so it’s not crowded.

  172. Avatar photo
    Yew-Fei Tang

    Decent cinema but the whole mall is quite quiet.

  173. Avatar photo
    Wyvern Lim

    Average. Sound system good, but screen size small.

  174. Avatar photo

    Nice place to watch movies. Comfy seats. Expensive snacks.

  175. Avatar photo

    Great cineplex as usual. Nothing much has changed. Cineleisure itself however has become a has been. Used to be great and bustling. Lots of shops has permanently closed. And to make matters worse, almost every existing shops closed early even on Friday night. Hard pass for shopping experience.

  176. Avatar photo
    Debayan Mukherjee

    Multiple levels without proper direction can be very frustrating when you are running late for the movie. Theatre itself is pretty old and screen is small as compared to other Cathy cineplexes. Seats were however comfortable.

  177. Avatar photo
    Surya Adil Wijaya

    Old and really need a good renovation… we have been to this cinema for a long2 time… very unfortunate to see that most cinema in singapore is old and never have renovation…

  178. Avatar photo
    Riduan Tay

    Many shop closed down..

  179. Avatar photo
    Dharti Bazaz Arora

    Good mall ,lots of eating options and activities for all

  180. Avatar photo
    L Camp

    Top notch screens and surround sound system.
    Would go back again if I’m in the area.

  181. Avatar photo
    ben lim

    Watched doctor strange 2 over the weekend and had couple seat . There are still popcorn debris stuck at the ledge of the seats. Welp

  182. Avatar photo
    cheng marie (marie.c.doodles)

    Place is spacious, the lounge is nice. Toilet can be cleaner, the seat is I’m bad condition.

  183. Avatar photo
    an ciner

    Nice n big cinema…. Very cleen n nice food

  184. Avatar photo
    Sam Liew

    Its a good place for teenagers to hangout as it has the bojnce Singapore playground and cinemas as well as koufu the food centre at basement 1

  185. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lee

    The sound systems are of state of the art technology.

  186. Avatar photo
    Shao Jun Leong

    First movie with the prettiest girl on earth

  187. Avatar photo
    Orca Doodle

    Some of the staff are helpful. Some are not friendly

  188. Avatar photo
    Adam Koh

    The CINEMA was great. Enjoy the sounds system 7.1.
    Food option quite oki. But i feel it mainly for the age 20 and above but not more than 35. …

  189. Avatar photo
    Ananda Yogi

    Unhelpful, unfriendly service from counter staff. I wanted to book 2 tickets for a later show and this counter staff asked to see both vaccination proofs. I showed her mine and said my friend can show his when he arrives. She said that is not acceptable. Since the cinema allows patrons to book online, and will check for the proof before entering the hall, I do not understand why they insist a different practice when one purchases in person. Silly!!

  190. Avatar photo
    lil ith

    good place to watch movie but the layout of the mall is time consuming to walk around

  191. Avatar photo
    Empathos Xywin

    Seats were really dirty and there were stains on the seats. Really contemplating on leaving =(((

  192. Avatar photo

    I have been there several times. Overall good experience, many things to discover, not crowded, peaceful and quiet. One last thing, I suggest you bring a jacket or coat when going inside the movie theater, it’s pretty cold in there. Thank you for reading and I would love to be there again!

  193. Avatar photo
    Munny L

    Couple seats at the back, Cathay rocks!

  194. Avatar photo
    Mathilda Chua

    Loo inside hall 11…convenient.

  195. Avatar photo
    Elicia Yeo

    The aircon is so cold in the cinema that i had a brain freeze and it hurt so bad i almost cried lol. I was wearing a outerwear too. I dont understand why is their aircon so cold, i can barely enjoy the movie as i was suffering from brain freeze <3

  196. Avatar photo
    Coco Wong

    Just for the cinema experience its ok.. mall wise very sad many closed down due to covid.

  197. Avatar photo

    Overall is good experience. But the sound system need to be upgrade. Some of the speaker sounds are breaking.

  198. Avatar photo
    Sei Spiers

    Some of the staffs are not nice. And this place won’t accept any food from the outside even if it’s just drinks.

  199. Avatar photo
    Stan Hwang

    Comfortable seats, lots of leg room…

  200. Avatar photo

    Dude, we were literally helping them change the paper roll so that we can get our payments transacted and tickets printed. …

  201. Avatar photo
    Genevieve Fernando

    Watched CATS the movie here. It’s good, clean and average sound.

  202. Avatar photo
    brimo tazir


  203. Avatar photo
    Sherry L

    Not many shops, feels pretty small. But there are some pretty affordable food options to choose in this mall.

  204. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Cinema being tired, need some refurbishment.

  205. Avatar photo
    SC MAK

    Quiet spot during weekdau

  206. Avatar photo
    Antosajin Xavier

    One of the best cinemas in Singapore, bit disappointed with the sound quality

  207. Avatar photo
    Soe Gadar

    Aging Cineplex. Can smell bad odour upon entering the hall. Sound systems is a saving grace.

  208. Avatar photo
    Jack Worrall

    Nice cinema with very reasonable prices

  209. Avatar photo
    Saaim Shoaib

    Great cinema especially when GRAB sponcers you and you can see free movies!

  210. Avatar photo

    Most shops already closed. Like ghost town.

  211. Avatar photo

    Great place to watch movie during weekdays. Human traffic tends to be lowest on weekdays. Uncle think maybe because the parking is too ex and only few shops operating in the mall. The place reminds uncle of the Yangtze cinema. Where lots of uncles hangout together during weekdays.

  212. Avatar photo
    LEACH LiChingHeng

    Hate the slow lifts and the ridiculous escalator layout. Worried about fire safety.

  213. Avatar photo

    The cinema here is in a shopping mall which seems like it is going to close down soon

  214. Avatar photo
    Jason Thomas

    Less price for the tickets and good screen and great sound effects

  215. Avatar photo
    Karen K

    Movie theaters are still not at its previous glory. Need to check in to the exact cinema you’ll catch your movie. There’s people but not as many as before. Impressed that they still decorated the place in view of Halloween though. Nice touch! Service a little slow but the staff were all very nice and pretty attentive. We got the couple seats and it’s very spacious.

  216. Avatar photo
    Shiela Eudela

    Watched Spiderman earlier. Seats are comfy wherein you can stretched and criss crossed your legs. ACU temp was at right coldness only. Soo, that was good! …

  217. Avatar photo
    kenne kang

    This place has a great cinema and plenty of food options.

  218. Avatar photo
    William Leitzman

    It is a nice place to see a movie. Like many places in Singapore, it is freezing inside, so bring pants and a sweater. It was probably 20° in the theater.

  219. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Personally find the Cathay cinemas here at Cineleisure Orchard a little dated, but it does serve its purpose. The building is going through overall renovations and improvement work, which can be a little disruptive at the moment for patrons. That said, you still get what you need for a movie, easily.

  220. Avatar photo
    Karan Malhotra

    Watched Spiderman, large theatre with comfortable seats and a reasonable selection of snacks

  221. Avatar photo
    xiao shan

    Old theater, its so empty. I hope people will visit them more as recently the cathay have been going quite bad. Feels like more and more cathay will be closing…

  222. Avatar photo
    SivaSenthoor Veera

    Awesome place to watch movie

  223. Avatar photo
    Roy Abg Power

    Nice place, good and better environments
    Food awesome …

  224. Avatar photo

    nice to watch movies

  225. Avatar photo
    Jeanne Herawati

    Cute balloon

  226. Avatar photo
    Samad Arshad

    Bringing the kiddos to a cinema I used to frequent when I was dating their mom…!!! Some of the areas of building under upgrading so it wasn’t a good site…

  227. Avatar photo
    Dominick Koh

    Good place for a movie but lacking in terms of shops

  228. Avatar photo
    Averil McCarthy

    So weird that you buy tickets down stairs and then go upstairs for drinks and snacks to go back downstairs to the cinema

  229. Avatar photo
    Erick Wijaya

    Quite empty. There’s a cinema and a few eateries.

  230. Avatar photo
    Ryan Siow

    Not bad still the cinema. Do not go too early. They don’t open so early like last time and not much shop’s there for you to shop and walk around.

  231. Avatar photo
    Denis L

    Went for the Cathay Platinum Suite. Movie options at that time were limited and terrible. Popcorn and choice of bottled drink (either GT or water). Blankets were charged at $5. Not worth the price.

  232. Avatar photo

    25 minutes of ads before a 3 hour movie, plus air conditioning capable of freezing the north pole again. No thanks.

  233. Avatar photo
    Penny Hu

    Level 6 Screen 11 smells like feet!!

  234. Avatar photo
    honsie ponsie

    Was in queue with 2 other customer in front of me, there were 2 staff at the cashier but only opened one counter, the staff then only open the second counter for awhile for the 2nd customer in front of me and closed it again. There is still a long queue behind me so did not understand why they could not improvise and continue opening the second counter.

  235. Avatar photo

    Comfortable seats and hall temperature. Acceptable sound system. Overall good experience.

  236. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Syahrul

    Dead place. Ghost town.

  237. Avatar photo
    Joel JJ Singh

    Very troublesome as screens are dispersed across three levels.
    Popcorn also not tasty.

  238. Avatar photo
    Yuchen L

    Spacious theater but seats don’t recline and the snack selection is poor.

  239. Avatar photo
    YuanZhi Lin

    The brown sugar pearls are really something! Definitely worth trying! Queue wasn’t as bad as expected. And the pearls were still warm when we drank it before stirring (as recommended by the lady at the counter)

  240. Avatar photo

    Sound system was good

  241. Avatar photo
    Federika martinez

    Cool & cosy theater to watch movies

  242. Avatar photo
    Umar Faruq

    Sadly to witness, it’s place has lost its vibe it used to have, might be due to the hit by pandemic. Hopefully it can bounce back to the good times again in the future.

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