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If you are planning a trip to North America and would like to know which are the best cities to visit during your visit, then we’re here to help. We think the best cities in North America are those listed below. Click on each one to find out more. However, if you think another city in North America should be on the list, why not contact us and let us know.

Canada – Montreal
Canada – Halifax
Canada – Victoria
Canada – Quebec City
Canada – Toronto
Canada – Vancouver

USA – Atlanta
USA – Chicago
USA – Columbus
USA – Honolulu
USA – Las Vegas
USA – Charlottesville
USA – Austin
USA – Los Angeles
USA – Memphis
USA – Miami
USA – New Orleans
USA – Philadelphia
USA – New York City
USA – Boston
USA – Portland
USA – Seattle
USA – San Antonio
USA – Baton Rouge
USA – Santa Fe
USA – San Francisco
USA – Charleston
USA – St. George, Utah
USA – St. Louis
USA – Savannah
USA – Washington
USA – San Diego