Review Captivate Escape Rooms, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore

Review Captivate Escape Rooms - Singapore 190 Clemenceau Ave

“I did Prestige Escape Room with my friends. We had so much fun and enjoyed how the puzzles matched the story. My 2nd visit to Captivate. Thanks.” or “We had a fun exciting and enriching experience working as a team to solve the puzzles and riddles.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Captivate Escape Rooms. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Captivate Escape Rooms is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Captivate Escape Rooms. In terms of Escape room center, it is generally believed that Captivate Escape Roomsis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-28, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Escape room center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 68370870 (+65 68370870)
  • Website:
  • Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-28, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday: 11 AM to 9:45 PM.

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You can directly come to 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-28, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Captivate Escape Rooms reviews

Captivate Escape Rooms is among the best destinations of Escape room center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“Have a wonderful hour in the "Murder on the Singapore Express" room. Nice setup with some electronic trap instead of all being locks and keys for some other escape room. Reasonable challenging but doable.”

“I did Prestige Escape Room with my friends. We had so much fun and enjoyed how the puzzles matched the story. My 2nd visit to Captivate. Thanks.”

“It was very fun and challenging to work my mind. Very fun experience, I recommend everyone reading my review to go here. Definitely going back here in the near future.”

“Staff was very friendly and patient with us. Despite us being very confused with the clues, she still tried her best to help us. Definitely will recommend this to others who want to try escape room!”

“Went there for Hanstel and Gretel escape room, it was quite fun. The staff are nice! Finished the escape room in fifty minutes. The difficulty is around median for me”

“We had a fun exciting and enriching experience working as a team to solve the puzzles and riddles.”

“Its been awhile since I did an escape room and it was quite an interesting one! The staff was super nice. Will definitely recommend if you have some time and money to spare!”

“The rooms are fun, not very hard. We did the hitman theme. Found out who kill my wife. More pocket money now. Good place, good price & helpful staff.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 225 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Captivate Escape Rooms, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Captivate Escape Rooms, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore

There is a total 225 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Tan Chunhaw

    Tried the beast room today, the puzzles were cool and interesting, and had fun completing it!
    The tech were good and the staff gave subtle hints just enough for us to complete the gamewould come back and try the other puzzles!

  2. Avatar photo
    Zahinathunnisa Ziawdeen

    It was very interesting ! Quite a few surprises, and we had to find the balance between directly and indirectly thinking about the room. It’s worth the price …

  3. Avatar photo
    Nryx Ng

    We did the magic escape room which was quite tough. Our timer ran out but they gave us extra time which was really nice.

  4. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lam

    Room was challenging enough and rather thrilling and its great for bonding with friends, even new friends

  5. Avatar photo
    Randy Reyes

    Very fun and exciting experience! It was our first time trying escape room and thus got us hook! We tried the CSI and really glad that we chose that! We will be back!

  6. Avatar photo
    Bryan Ong Yan Tet

    Third time here, highly recommended, appropriate difficulty for beginners and veteran alike, with fun interactions and mechanics, will try the rest soon

  7. Avatar photo
    Daryl Lim

    We escaped! Number of puzzles and clues were well paced

  8. Avatar photo
    Melvin Jee

    Paid $26 per-pax, tried the CSI clown murder theme, all of the clues makes sense and are logical, require you to think outside the box, there are clues everywhere, some are meant to distract you tho, it’s just in front of you most of the time, you just have to look harder, good luck!

  9. Avatar photo
    Roaring Leej

    Thanks to Andy and team for a smooth and memorable proposal!

  10. Avatar photo
    Daarshini Devaraj

    CSI – It was the one of the best room I have ever played! Super interactive and interesting to figure out the clues. The staff was friendly and gave us clues when we asked but told us in a way that helped us figure it out ourselves!

  11. Avatar photo
    Ching Lin

    We were a grp of 5 and tried the prestige theme room. Slow start but definitely worth sticking it out! Compact room and fun for all ages! We will defs rec this activity for you and your friends!

  12. Avatar photo
    Wen-en Khoo

    Had a great time at Captivate Escape Room. Puzzles were tough but not too tough, story was well thought out.

  13. Avatar photo
    Keith T

    Played Murder on Singapore Express with my partner. It was a simple escape room, nothing too much to shout about. It was actually way too easy to my liking but would be great for kids or family!

  14. Avatar photo

    Its my first time here, quite interesting and fun. Staff are very helpful. We will come back again for the other themes.

  15. Avatar photo
    Elmer Dizon

    Awesome escape room experience! This was my first ever escape room and will definitely come back for more.

  16. Avatar photo
    Taranya Devaraj

    I went to the beast room today. It was really fun and tricky and the staff was really nice and friendly and gave us good hints to escape the room. She was rally patient and I feel that the rooms had good high techs and fun puzzles to solve.

  17. Avatar photo
    Gideon Tash

    Played the Hitman and it was pretty underwhelming. Objectives were unclear and story was not intuitive

  18. Avatar photo
    Ovidiu H.

    Had a fun b’day party for a bunch of 9yo boys. Kids had a blast despite the fact that some puzzles where slightly too hard for them. With some help from the (sometimes unenthusiastic) staff, they managed to figure it a out.
    Some more work could be done to ensure everything works perfectly. We had a lock where the key needed to be jiggled in order to open and we thought is the wrong lock/key and one of the puzzle had to be rebooted as the kids managed to mess it up trying to solve it…
    All in all a good experience and we would recommend it and return.

  19. Avatar photo
    Faith Kwan

    me and my friend screamed alot but it was really fun , 10/10 would go again , the staff who helped us, she was the mvp

  20. Avatar photo
    Debarchana Chatterjee

    The room was great fun,with great clues. Challenging but
    interesting. Worth trying.

  21. Avatar photo

    It was fun playing and solving with my friends
    You should bring your friends along to play

  22. Avatar photo
    Annabelle C.

    Story/sequence of events flow quite well. Out of all the activities, only 1 was a little confusing for us. We managed to escape in 48min. We chose the room “Prestige”. It’s a manageable room!

  23. Avatar photo
    Brendan Loo

    Feel that certain parts should be more clear, for example we did not know how to reset a directional lock which cost us some time. The hints provided should also be more clear as some were inaccurate

  24. Avatar photo

    It sure was captivating! Went for the CSI room and it was really fun, the staff was also very friendly and proactive, will definitely come back again

  25. Avatar photo
    recheal desalit

    It was fun! A bit frustrating at some point but the staff were so helpful to assist us.

  26. Avatar photo
    lois lim

    Interesting escape room with a great variety of puzzles. I enjoyed the process of solving the clues. The storyline of the room could be stronger as it was not developed throughout the escape room experience as well as we hope it would be.

  27. Avatar photo
    Lip Boon Ng

    Completed 2 of the rooms.

  28. Avatar photo
    Mark Lai

    My team and I had an immersive experience at Captivate Escape Rooms! Superbly designed puzzles – we will definitely return

  29. Avatar photo
    Khairul KhaiTona

    My first experience was awesome. You can’t bring in your hps. Just bring yourself and don’t forget to bring your brain along too. Required a lot of thinking. I would go back to try other rooms.

  30. Avatar photo
    n (Hyperoid)

    Our braincells to small to solve the last puzzle, but the staff was kind enough to guide us

  31. Avatar photo
    Christopher Ng

    The puzzles were mind blowing. One of the toughest escape room games I have played in recent times

  32. Avatar photo
    Prisha Alagu

    The hosts are very friendly! My friends and I tried the Labyrinth Maze! It was brain-stimulating!

  33. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan

    “We love it! Let’s go again!” – My kids…. =) We went for the Hansel and Gretel room.

  34. Avatar photo
    Manuel Fink

    Our game master was super friendly and eagerly helped us several times with just the right amount of hints. We were happily surprised about this given some other negative feedback on here about unmotivated staff.
    My wife and me did Kellar’s and the difficulty was just right. We needed 71/75 minutes and 3/3 hints to successfully escape. It was our 7th escape room in total I think and I would rate it neither particularly good or bad compared to others. It was definitely fun but some weird riddles and the lack of mechanical triggers makes me rate it a bit less than average.

  35. Avatar photo
    Chelsea Curto

    Captivate’s escape rooms are a solid diversion. The puzzles are tricky but solvable and the stories are engaging. I can’t give Captivate five stars because the wear and tear on the rooms is pretty bad and staff tends to be there to do the minimum and nothing more – we had to track someone down and ask them to take our photo after we finished the room, and one time we went, the escape room made zero sense because the staff member didn’t orient us with the background we needed for the story. Aside from these drawbacks, the experience is fun overall.

  36. Avatar photo
    No Name

    I went for the Magic Emporium. It’s small but fun and the staff were really helpful. We came in for a later session (started around 8pm) and they gave us some extra time because we were the only players there.

  37. Avatar photo
    King Hub

    It was very fun and challenging to work my mind. Very fun experience, I recommend everyone reading my review to go here. Definitely going back here in the near future.

  38. Avatar photo
    Liquor KORKOR

    Played movie magic. Staff chaywen was friendly and helpful ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  39. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Khoo

    Loved it! Tried the prestige room and unlike many other puzzle rooms, there was a lot of use of technology and inputs vs others which just uses many locks. So a very refreshing and interesting room!

  40. Avatar photo
    Weihoe Ow

    Visited the outlet on 03/05/2022 and played HITMAN room. It was an interesting room, well designed and decorated. The service rendered by Sermin was excellent, she provided us with hints at the right moment and made the whole experience enjoyable. It is really affordable as well!

    It was easy for me to locate the Captivate Escape Room as it is conveniently located beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT. There are FnB outlet nearby, so dinner after the session was convenient.

    Would return again to try out other rooms and have a nice bonding session with my friends.

  41. Avatar photo
    Tan Zi Rong

    Overall was really fun, would recommend for friends. First time doing this and it was really fun. Did the CSI room …

  42. Avatar photo
    Quinn ALDRICH

    you need to go to this escape room! amazing activity for your family or group of friends, of course in a group of 5 hahah. Tricks and clues are hard and mind boggling but so innovative and smart, with amazing room designs and props to set the scene. 10/10 recommend …

  43. Avatar photo
    humairah ahmad

    great bonding session! fun course to do with friends. time to be a detective!

  44. Avatar photo
    Lisa Risa

    Loved it!! Going back next time I visit Singapore! The puzzles flow well and the staff were so helpful when we got stuck. It was so immersive and puzzles fit with the theme! It was overall a great experience! Wish I had more time in Singapore so I could try more of their rooms.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jason Ang (Ruikun)

    Staff is very helpful, and the puzzles are very intrique and challenging. Recommend for a date!

  46. Avatar photo
    Adilah Ramlan

    I brought 3 cousins of primary school age (I was the only adult). The 4 of us found the CSI Escape Room a tad difficult for their age but the staff was very helpful and patient with our constant need to ask for help. They also extended our time limit, knowing that we were having trouble figuring out the clues. It was my cousins’ first time trying an Escape Room and though they got easily scared, they said they had tremendous fun!

  47. Avatar photo
    Jiawen Kang

    The puzzles were beginner friendly and the staff were helpful throughout stages. Really enjoyed myself with my friends

  48. Avatar photo
    Hui Yi Phua

    First experience over at this location. Location was easy to be access due to near distance to MRT. Unknowingly, we took the hardest room which in the end requires the assistance from their staff. They were friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this place for any mystery seeker. Definitely a 5 out of 5. Well done Captivate Team!

  49. Avatar photo
    Jason Qiu

    I love it, mind boggling puzzles with unexpected twists and cool mechanisms!

  50. Avatar photo
    Alex Berg

    Went with 7 other people, extremely fun! I think definitely worth the price since its 1h and the rooms have really unique and creative puzzles. Challenging but rewarding when completed. Help by the staff was prompt through a walkie talkie and helped us when we were stuck

  51. Avatar photo
    Huiteng Chew

    Enjoyed the escape room very much. The puzzles were challenging to solve and well designed. The staff were friendly and helpful, and provided us with useful hints to move on.

  52. Avatar photo
    Henry Shaw

    We are a team of four people played “Murder on Singapore Express”. we finished the game in fifty minutes, ten minutes shy of time limit. The game is intermediate challenging but we still, shamelessly, used three hints. We missed so many obvious clues. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable gaming experience. We will return for more games in the future. Good job to Captivate Escape Rooms team.

  53. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Roslee

    The room was actually pretty fun. We went to murder on singapore express. Its quite small and some of the hints was difficult to link to. But the staff was super nice and helped us out when we were stuck. Overall, it was super fun!

  54. Avatar photo
    Jackson Lim

    TLDR: experience was poor in general.

    We did the Hitman room. The puzzles were good in general and there was some ingenuity with the equipment. I think a party of four would be good to finish the room.

    Any good escape room would involve the staff and unfortunately this was what made the whole experience terrible. The counter lady was rather condescending in tone throughout the whole session. Her English was good and precise but she did little to explain many things in between her words – all she seemed to do was to repeat her words again and again as if we didn’t understand her.

    I think an escape room is an experience and unfortunately she lacked any insight in that factor and how she could have affected her clients. Right from the start, it was bad and difficult; it sparked no joy whatsoever!

    I have read through some of the reviews posted here and there seems to be conflicting reports. Perhaps the management may do well to consider how to maintain a certain standard of experience to the customers. We just want to have a good hour of puzzle solving and not be treated like we were idiots.

  55. Avatar photo
    Naggy Guibman

    We had a fun exciting and enriching experience working as a team to solve the puzzles and riddles.

  56. Avatar photo

    Very welcoming staff!! The props were really good and it was an exciting and fun experience! Even though we broke their cup, they were still very nice to us. 100% would come back to try out their other escape rooms!!

  57. Avatar photo
    Hariananda D

    Overall it was good first time experience for us. Great idea to get a team work. The room already seems not well maintained, but we thought it was intentionally. The staff was very friendly, but need to be more ‘selling the idea’ especially for us the first timer.

  58. Avatar photo

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at captivate. I did the hitman room which was very well thought out and filled with smart and fun puzzles. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants a fun escape room experience.

  59. Avatar photo
    HaoWei Tan

    Its been awhile since I did an escape room and it was quite an interesting one! The staff was super nice. Will definitely recommend if you have some time and money to spare!

  60. Avatar photo

    Went with two friends. I don’t remember what the name of the room was but the puzzles flowed well and required a creative use of the items obtained from previous puzzles. There were even some unique features requiring smells which I’m not sure how they made but it was really cool. Would go again

  61. Avatar photo
    ziyin lee

    i went on tuesday evening and we were attended to by this employee called Phav. she was extremely friendly and patient in explaining the hints and we had an amazing time there. the escape room experience was fun but what made it better was the service we received!

    will definitely recommend to all my friends and will be back to try the other rooms!

  62. Avatar photo
    Aaron Lim

    Enjoyed the murder on the Singapore express room. Utilized one hint and managed to clear! Fun and happy!

  63. Avatar photo

    second time here and tried the new Hansel and Gretel themed escape room. Much easier compared to the clown one and finished within the hour.

  64. Avatar photo
    Tania Lin

    Tried the Labyrinth challenge. Hints and story was well thought of. Balanced use of machinery and puzzles. Would recommend this if you’re up for a murder mystery challenge! Third time coming back and it still hasn’t disappointed us …

  65. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kho

    What a captivating (pardon the pun) way to escape not just the room but reality itself, albeit for a short while. Maybe we found it super fun because we solved the Murder of the Singapore Express with minimal hint(s) and well within time. Teamwork truly makes the dream work. Per Sherlock Holmes, “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ️

  66. Avatar photo
    Sugar Chan

    Very friendly staff who offer tips upon requests. Excellent n fun.will be back.

  67. Avatar photo
    farhan shah

    this is my first time going to a escape room with my friends and the staff here are so nice and it was really fun and the place was really cool,overrall it was really fun and recommended to come here

  68. Avatar photo
    En Xuan Loh

    Was very fun staff are friendly

  69. Avatar photo

    Overall was a good experience! Staff was nice and gave us hints when needed child friendly place for children to go with their parents …

  70. Avatar photo
    Lily W

    Went there for Hanstel and Gretel escape room, it was quite fun. The staff are nice! Finished the escape room in fifty minutes. The difficulty is around median for me

  71. Avatar photo
    Chloe Tallentire

    Amazing! Did the Prestige new room and the puzzles were unlike any other in Singapore, Super well thought out and elaborate. Would definitely return!!!!

  72. Avatar photo
    Saga Salim

    Great room, not too scary (no jump scares). Not too difficult but we needed all the clues to finish solving. CSI room has clown pictures.

  73. Avatar photo
    Lim Isabel

    I went with a group of friends and the escape room we chose was alien vs humans. Overall we had a lot of fun. I wouldn’t say that the difficulty of the room is very high, it should be quite manageable. My friends and I managed to blast the alien eggs to outer space and save humanity within an hour. Everything was pretty exhilarating and i will definitely go back there again with them to try out the other rooms.

  74. Avatar photo

    went for one of their escape rooms and it was very fun!! highly recommend coming in groups good for team bonding, the escape room will make you think and it was such a good experience, staff are very kind and welcoming! good service overall very good experience!!

  75. Avatar photo
    Roy Nahum

    I love escape rooms, but not these ones. I’ve been to three escape rooms here. Cheaply built, tech often fails and some puzzles are illogical.

  76. Avatar photo
    Vanie Aeries

    It’s a very interesting round for first time escape room and was challenging enough

  77. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Cheong

    I’ve done almost all their escape rooms and they’re all pretty fun! The booking system is simple and there’s no cash needed upfront

  78. Avatar photo
    Evan Leybourn

    My team from work came here for a social event and we all loved. None of us had done escape rooms before and we really loved the intricacy of the Kellar scenario. There were a few surprising parts as well. I’m definitely coming back.

  79. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn SEE

    The kids had fun. Staff friendly n helpful and provided good hints to solve the mystery codes.

  80. Avatar photo
    Jayson Sew

    My first escape room experience. Helpfull staff and interesting puzzle. Great experience overall. Will recommend the CIA for first timer

  81. Avatar photo
    Hung Yeh Chien

    It was a fun experience. The staffs were friendly and the room was engaging!

  82. Avatar photo
    Nicole Teoh

    Room was fun! Puzzles were interesting and fun to solve. There were obvious clues that we didn’t notice but the game masters were very kind and helped out. Overall place is relatively clean and game masters were friendly.

  83. Avatar photo
    Doreen Lim

    Went for the CSI room and it was really tricky and fun! The puzzles will really leave you leaving the place with a sense of achievement completing them successfully. The staff are also extremely helpful in giving hints and kind too! They’re also really friendly, thank you for the superb service! Highly recommend

  84. Avatar photo
    Chocolate Swirl

    Puzzles were outdated. Room was rather small and did not have the ‘escape room’ atmosphere. We could hear kids screaming from other rooms all through out. Only giving a two star instead of one because the staffs were nice.

  85. Avatar photo
    Sky Loy Jun Hong

    Fun but small room, some items weren’t working so it was hard to solve the puzzles. Would be good to maintain the batteries and the clues so we can solve the puzzles better. Service was good when we needed clues.

  86. Avatar photo
    Fadilah Miel

    Lacklustre service by the staff. They weren’t enthusiastic and we left the place feeling meh. The room we tried was so-so. Nothing fantastic and the clues were super random in my view. Though we did manage to escape, for the price we paid, it wasnt worth the experience. You can do better Captivate Escape Room !

  87. Avatar photo
    Daisy Siah

    Tried the CSI room today, the room was really fun. The staff was very helpful and allowed us to complete the room despite us overshot the initial 1hr. Thank you for the great experience!

  88. Avatar photo
    Claire Lee

    had a really fun time solving the clown room. the game is perfect for team building and improving communication. i’ve been to many escape rooms and the concept for each room was well-thought out. highly recommend this escape room for medium sized groups

  89. Avatar photo
    Tan Chong Xuan

    very kind boss and staff!! escape room was very exciting i think its good for beginners! i tried the prison one and we got out in the time limit with some hints would come back to try the other themes

  90. Avatar photo
    Fadz S

    We played the Prestige room. It was fun. We used all the hints but we’re happy that we managed to escape!

  91. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    I had a great experience at Captive Escape Rooms, I did the FBI Zero Hour and thought that it was very well planned, designed and fun. The staff there were very friendly and helped us along the way. Overall, the story was interesting and I would recommend the FBI: Zero Hour story. However, I wished that there was a place that we could take photos, like maybe a sign or something that says that we had succeeded.

  92. Avatar photo
    Kok Ping

    Hitman was fun. some mechanism not working too well but staff was ready to come assist quickly!

  93. Avatar photo
    Aik Koon Wee

    For the team building fun only. Otherwise much of the game of escaping the room involved finding useless clues that were meant to distract your progress or clues that logical senses does not help. Perhaps if you practice alot of lateral thinking you might stand a bigger chance. Practice picking number locks if you can. This will help you get through, especially the labyrinth room.

  94. Avatar photo
    Bernard Tan

    Tried the Murder on Singapore Express. Great for beginners. Staff was generally helpful but perhaps missed out on explaining the first clue.

    Cant say much about the other rooms though.

    The rooms may probably need a refresh.

  95. Avatar photo
    Glenn Pang

    Played the murder room! Moderate difficulty solved using 2 clues and 7 people in total. Would recommend if you wanna chill time. Go for alien or the lab if you want something far tougher.

  96. Avatar photo
    Lee Dowsett

    Experienced escape roomer here. I can’t speak to the other rooms but the fbi one basically sucks. Very little story, puzzles that don’t really fit together well, not nearly enough of them, and a real clanger that uses something not originating inside the room which is just not good design at all. Cannot recommend.

  97. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Alif

    Did two rooms in one eveming, best experience ever, especially the murder on singapore express, had a blast

  98. Avatar photo
    Ghee Yong Heng

    Great experience here at captivateescaperoom!! We enjoyed the puzzles! The staff is also very friendly and helpful! Will come again!

  99. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Lam

    Did the Blackout escape room about a week ago. Some puzzles were fun but most clues were easy to solve and the game felt a bit too short– 75minutes given and 2 of us finished within ~40minutes. Room was also sparsely furnished and didn’t have much vibe. Not worth $25 imo

  100. Avatar photo
    Xaylin Kwek

    Fun but we were a bit dumb so we needed to ask for a lot of help even tho it was simple

  101. Avatar photo
    Stuart Howarth

    Very enjoyable experience, the puzzle was very interesting and got our brains thinking!

  102. Avatar photo

    Very welcoming staff (even though we broke one of their stuff :’)) Their escape rooms r very fun too especially for beginners! (went to labyrinth and csi)

  103. Avatar photo

    The black out: amnesia was interesting with a creative storyline and very friendly staff. Not easy to crack either. Recommend that u come here.

  104. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Came with wife and the little ones! Lots of fun and really good props. Smart settings too.

  105. Avatar photo
    V Lim

    My hubby and I tried CSI and we had so much fun! Big thank you to the awesome & friendly staff who provided hints when we needed help. Great activity for couples, friends or team bonding.

  106. Avatar photo
    Jessica Tan

    The room we went to was the CSI room and it was really fun because many clues were unexpected. Even though we didn’t manage to escape within an hour, the staff provided us with more clues after our time was up and even let us try to complete it. The staff there were also very friendly

  107. Avatar photo
    Ngoc Nguyen

    The puzzles made a lot of sense and were very interesting, I may just have minor complaints about how some equipments seemed rather run down but somewhat expected of a place that encourages people to try anything. Definitely will revisit once I can find enough people to join (2-12 but 2 seems pretty hard).

  108. Avatar photo

    this is my first time in an escape room with my friends and I really enjoyed it. The amazing puzzles, clues and atmosphere of the room made it fun. although we took a longer time then the time limit, we were given a chance to solve it. I really look forward to coming here again

  109. Avatar photo
    Callie Bay

    This was my first escape room and it was quite exciting. The staff is really nice and I definitely enjoyed it. Although it a as quite tricky to solve but it was really fun.

  110. Avatar photo
    Aliah Binte Mohamed Shariff

    This is my 3rd time and it never fails to amaze me at how much fun I have every single time! Looking forward to more eacapades!

  111. Avatar photo
    Liam Harris

    Really fun group activity. Puzzles were challenging but logical. Staff were welcoming and friendly. Would visit again.

  112. Avatar photo
    Rex Caelestis

    Very fun experience! Would come back here to try the other rooms! Tried the train room and we skipped some of the steps hahaha

  113. Avatar photo
    Nur Nabila Zainol

    Room was fun to figure out how to escape, but there were some faulty things and that made us doubt if we figured things out correctly or not

  114. Avatar photo
    Terri Tan

    Overall was fun except first room has a bit of glitches in the trap. Took us very long to escape from the room due to inaccuracies in the devices.

  115. Avatar photo

    Tried the hitman (kingsman) room – it was only ok. It was a simple-designed room but personally felt that the technology / mechanisms were old. Had some problems with the puzzles due to malfunction of the mechanisms and it eats into your allocated 1 hour for the room when the staff comes in to fix it. Some puzzles had no link to the plot and while the point was for us to think out of the box for the answers, the answers are TOOOOOO out of the box. When asked for help from the staff, the male staff didn’t seem like he enjoyed doing his job and hastily ran through everything without much explanation. I think it’s fine for a beginner experience but for people who genuinely like escape rooms and the puzzle-solving and overall experience, seek someplace else.

  116. Avatar photo
    The Yong Family

    The Fantastic Beasts escape room was a hit with our 9-year-old and friend

  117. Avatar photo
    Lu Min HEW

    Just successfully completed the ‘Hitman’ room with my friends. Highly recommend. Storyline, effects, and execution was riveting. Will bring my family there and try out the other rooms. Great find!

  118. Avatar photo
    Alex Berg

    Went with 7 other people, extremely fun! I think definitely worth the price since its 1h and the rooms have really unique and creative puzzles. Challenging but rewarding when completed. Help by the staff was prompt through a walkie talkie and helped us when we were stuck

  119. Avatar photo
    Toh Wen Mian

    Went for the labyrinth escape room. Although quite tough, very fun and exciting. Excellent experience.

  120. Avatar photo
    Fandi Zainudin

    Yup. Prestige and murder on Singapore express was quite fun and challenging. Would recommend it 120%..Have fun..

  121. Avatar photo

    Amazing Mazes!

    We loved Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking. It is gigantic with an amazing ceiling maze and a mirror maze too.
    The puzzles are fun and very different from anything I had seen before. Very immersive plot and clever.
    Had a fantastic time. Highly recommended!

  122. Avatar photo
    Hugo Beadle

    Good fun escape rooms, best time is off peak and you’ll get your money’s worth!

  123. Avatar photo
    Michelle Phan

    Came here with my husband while we were in Singapore for 2 weeks and did Zero Hour. The puzzles were logical and you’re given enough guidance to move through the room without needing clues. We visited a few other escape rooms while in Singapore with flashier mechanics but much poorer puzzles and narratives where the solutions could not be explained and many REQUIRED using hints to solve. Captivate’s rooms make sense and kept us coming back… WE ENDED UP DOING ALL 6 ROOMS

  124. Avatar photo
    Amber AW

    We had so much fun! my brother and I did the CSI room. The puzzles were challenging but doable, it helped us bond and we managed to find our way out (using a few clues). Would definitely recommend going.

  125. Avatar photo

    The escape room team-building activity was super thrilling, exciting and fun!

    Keat Hong CSC had a fantabulous time together…we cracked our brains, we hunted for every possible clue…some good some silly and we laughed, but we did stay focused and worked as a team.
    The team to finish it off like a professional CSI team solving a big crime. FINALLY escaping the crime scene.

  126. Avatar photo

    the experience was very fun and the puzzles were very well thought of, the staff are so welcoming and funny and it was a great experience

  127. Avatar photo
    Beh Alvin

    Super fun… must try! Staff very helpful. Wooo

  128. Avatar photo
    Nur Syahirah

    Our experience was great as the clues is link to the room. The staff was helpful by giving us hints and helping us out with our experience.

  129. Avatar photo

    hi, so i recently went to the captivate escape rooms (murder on the singapore express), i and my friends spent 81$ and were quite disappointed with what we got. it was a small shabby cheap room and there were extremely challenging and not clear clues within the escape room ‘adventure’. the staff were rude and not professional at all, they treated us like we were wasting their time and the expectations of what i thought would be they just didn’t help represent the place well at all, they were disrespectful and seemed to be judging us. the advertisement of this escape room seemed very impressive and then the when we arrived we felt we were scammed off our money because it wasn’t worth it. maybe it must’ve just been that room that wasn’t up to the standard, but i do feel there are improvements to be made for the room.

  130. Avatar photo

    A little janky, but otherwise a great place for the price. The puzzles were a little on the easier side (but fun easy) though a tad tricky. The apparatus were a little wonky with a few props spoilt by previous patrons and one puzzle didnt make sense. But the plot twist at the end made my day. Suitable for 2 people play as well. Definitely give this place a try!

  131. Avatar photo

    Definitely would come back again, was a fun time doing the Labyrinth room 8/10

  132. Avatar photo
    Mike Ng

    Very good experience! This was our first time trying out escape room just me and my nephew so we took a while to understand how the puzzles work or the logic but the puzzles were great and fun to do. It’s more challenging to do as a pair only but we had so much fun we end up did three rooms in one day. If you are new and beginner to this, I recommend the easier rooms to start with like hansel and gretel.

    Staff were very friendly and helpful and make the experience much better. They also walk us through and allow for little bit of extension when they could. Awesome team.

    We were able to store our valuables in our lockers before the session so our phones and car keys and wallets are safely secured and they would check and remind us if we néed a toilet break before the session too.

    Will come back again after trying other escape rooms as well. Top notch!

  133. Avatar photo
    Siti Nurbayah

    Good experience with challenging puzzles. Staff is friendly and help us Everytime we come to dead end. Thank you!!!

  134. Avatar photo
    azlin baharuddin

    Enjoyable, surprisingly intense genre addition that defies the typical team building set up. Captivate Escape Room is the ONE! Awesome!

  135. Avatar photo

    the experience was a lot of fun & enjoyable, but we did need to get alot of help, probably because me and my friends aren’t that clever. but definitely recommend it!

  136. Avatar photo
    Andy Went

    Just for your information… Captivate is re-opening on 19th June. There are three new rooms in July, August, September taking the total number to eight rooms … there is a limit of five people per room.

  137. Avatar photo
    Iyner Nil

    This escape room is in an obscure location in Singapore Shopping Centre. The planning of the rooms has some story but lacks flow and innovation in the design and consistency. Some effort has been put into the room layout but the place may be getting old and could use some sprucing up. The temperature is freezing so you should bring a jacket in. Veteran players may not find this place a challenge but kids should be able to enjoy the puzzles. At $25/pax, I’d definitely say that there are better escape rooms to visit.

  138. Avatar photo
    Gloria Acke

    Andy was very kind to make an exception to let us start early than their usual opening hours! It was the first Escape Room experience for most of my team members, and we loved FBI Zero Hour! Thank you Andy!

  139. Avatar photo
    Chess Teo

    Kai was a very friendly and helpful game master . She gave clear instructions during the briefings and we enjoyed solving the puzzles !

  140. Avatar photo

    Really fun and enjoyable and really friendly staff too! Will definitely come back again ! The staff were really patient too ! …

  141. Avatar photo

    The escape room was fun, though a bit difficult. The staff was friendly and helped us solve the puzzle. Great experience for friends and family.

  142. Avatar photo
    Felicia S

    Went for Prestige the room has many automated locks/puzzles and is a very new experience for us 😀 medium difficulty

  143. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ong

    Came here with 2 friends and it is actually our first escape room. The staff were amazing and friendly. We managed to escape after requesting one hint (though we later figured that we could have used without it but no issue) with 15 minutes to spare. Have got to say, even though we managed to escape, I personally felt that there wasn’t a concrete proof or some sort that way to the mystery itself, so it felt a little anticlimactic when I got out. That being said, it was a really cool experience and all 3 of us agreed that we have to come back to finish all of the rooms. I would say, you definitely need friends who you know all work well together and at the same time, able to work on separate things sometimes. We solved a few that way. Definitely a fantastic team bonding activity! Totally going to recommend this to my company HR if we are to have team bonding activities!

  144. Avatar photo
    Sherilyn Tan

    Played Murder on the Singapore Express as 2 pax and it was tough but fun! The puzzles were interesting and we sometimes felt very dumb lol but so exhilarating to get it right (which we rarely did). The staff were also really kind and after we escaped we still hung out in the room to look through all the little things we might have missed. Can’t wait to play again~

  145. Avatar photo
    Hann Wen Yap

    Fun rooms and friendly and helpful staff! …

  146. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Goh

    Great Escape Room!! This is not the first time we do the eacape room as a family but it is the first time we manage to escape!!! Great room for kids and family. Thumb up and highly recommended!

  147. Avatar photo
    Mia Z

    The friendly staff, Syara, made the experience a good one!

    Went for The Hitman room, which had some puzzles that were a little non-intuitive and requiring some strange leaps of logic, but overall experience was quite fun! We used up the 3 hints and needed 1 more extra hint to escape within the time limit.

    Makes me want to try more escape rooms!

  148. Avatar photo
    egg yolk

    It was fun. Nice service. Some employees are really kind. Interesting story. Would recommend to go with frens ))))

  149. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Lim

    Fun and easy to understand puzzle to solve. Counter staffs very friendly

  150. Avatar photo
    Eric Elijah Lim

    Interesting game. Played the CSI game. It was enjoyable. However, there could be BGM to get us into the mood. The lights could be dimmer to match the mood of the game. The room looked a little tired and old compared to other escape room providers.

  151. Avatar photo

    Tried the Labyrinth challenge with just 2 pax, everything made sense and we were able to get out of the room with a bit of nudging. Definitely will come again to try other rooms.

  152. Avatar photo
    Nicole Tan

    Great customer service, she stayed back after even though we had exceeded the time limit. Was also very helpful with the hints. I found hitman very tricky!

  153. Avatar photo
    Wilson Chia

    Went for two escape rooms here with some friends and contrary to what other reviews said, we felt that the staff was very accommodating and friendly to us. We had a good experience overall, but giving 1 star less because our first room was not reset fully, one part of the room had a minor technical issue (even the staff took a while to get it to work correctly) and we found some of the hints provided to be confusing.

  154. Avatar photo
    Grégoire Appelhans

    Really nice escape game!
    The intrigues and story line are well designed.
    The staff is very friendly.
    I recommend it …

  155. Avatar photo
    Ertem Esiner

    Not good, not bad either. We got “black out” and got out in 30min+ without clues… 75 min is extremely generous time for the challenge in there. So definetly stick with “no clues challenge” and it is okay.

    May be good for team building activities, but the staff needs to improve their attitude a bit.

  156. Avatar photo
    Stephanie De Costa

    Very fun! And so doable with 2 people only Though we were given a little more extra help I would definitely come again!

  157. Avatar photo
    Asha Vasu

    I went to Captivate Escape Rooms and did Kellar’s Magic Emporium. It’s was very exciting and it tests your mental focus. The clues in Kellar’s Magic Emporium are not in order, and some are red herrings. You will have 75 minutes to escape the room, and if you need help with the clues, the staff will help you by communicating through walkie talkies they would have given you before starting.

  158. Avatar photo

    Did the alien room. Was slightly disappointed as the venue was poorly signposted, quite tried and dirty it desperately needs a paint job and some new furniture the lounge looked like it may have a heartbeat. When we arrived they were not ready and had not reset the room – despite having g 3 days notice. The room itself was quite good however one of the doors wasn’t reset properly and messed up our sequence of puzzles. Staff did seem a bit disinterested before and after with McDonald’s orders everywhere and on their phones the whole time instead of talking with customers. Expected it to be a bit more professional / clean given its Singapore, but it was still fun and the group enjoyed it nonetheless. Puzzles were sufficiently difficult.

  159. Avatar photo
    Christian Key

    Really tough to rate this place. From staff and price point to room and puzzle quality, everything about Captivate is inconsistent.

    I’ve been to a few different rooms at Captivate and they range from really creative and well thought out (Singapore Express) to worn out and confusing (Hitman is a prime example). I’m not entirely sure who designs the room or if they’re designed by committee, but they should probably player test a few of these rooms a bit more before charging people 30 dollars per person.

    Even the things within individual rooms vary. In some cases, basically zero hints or signposting are given to direct you to the order of things, making it seem like you’re just supposed to guess until you get it right. Then, in the very next phase, instructions are given where they arent even remotely necessary (the way the arrow points is the order you should follow for the directional lock, here’s an audio recording telling you that). For Hitman in particular, you could tell the employees were a bit embarrassed as they actually volunteered to come in to show us the way (their explanations of the logic behind the puzzles betray how poorly thought out many of them are).

    Staff are another sore point for this place. When staff guide you to a room, they point out the hint button, give you a sentence of backstory and leave. Other rooms I’ve been to provide full reading material, short presentations and even video recordings to get you into the story. No such luck here. In one case, the staff member on duty (I believe a university-aged woman) was very polite and put a lot of effort into her presentation of the story and was very helpful and polite (Singapore Express). However, more often than not I’ve come in to play a room, only to get attitude when I ask for a hint. The last room I played, the staff member rolled his eyes and mentioned that the puzzle “really isnt that hard” before stumbling over himself to explain the logic of the puzzle.

    I will probably avoid this place for at least a year or two and give them time to sort things out. There is definitely potential for Captivate to improve their quality and match with the likes of Lost.Sg and Trapped, both of which dwarf Captivate in price point, quality of rooms and quality of staff.

  160. Avatar photo
    Jiahui Lian

    Tried the Hitman (Kingsman) room with 2 other friends on a Sat afternoon. Room seemed ordinary when we first enter but I must say this is one of the most challenging rooms I have played. The puzzles were challenging and it really require you to think out of the box to complete it. Thankful to the staff who were very helpful when we were stuck. A great 1hr spent!

  161. Avatar photo
    charmian tee

    Friendly staff but the room had some hiccups haha but overall it was a cool experience.

  162. Avatar photo
    Clovis Ruelle

    So after experiencing multiple escape rooms, we decided to try Hitman (recommended for 2). We came with decent expectations and wanted to try it out.

    Firstly, the logic in almost ALL the puzzles was not there ie: car, hints and mechanisms to find.
    The storyline did not even make sense (find out for yourself).
    Also the fact there was no walkie talkie provided made it worse as we had to ring to get a hint.
    The staff seemed reluctant to even help…

    Only one staff seemed happy to help, having worked in the service industry for 6+ years I can tell they don’t enjoy working there except for the one mixed lady receptioning.
    After all, escape rooms is about the experience and fun to have solving puzzles and captivate escape rooms made it really hard to achieve that.

  163. Avatar photo
    Noel Tam

    We attempted the fbi room n made use of the entire 60mins with some hints given along the way! It was great fun n a good way for family bonding!

  164. Avatar photo
    Schoot Learning

    We had a great time with our students at Captivate. Everyone had fun and I really liked the puzzles.

  165. Avatar photo

    Had fun looking for clues and solving the mystery, although not always intuitive. Worth a visit to try with your buddies!

  166. Avatar photo
    Victor Tan

    What an Awesome experience ! a huge shout out to the management for getting the escape room concept totally spot on.. particularly a huge thank you to the service crew..thanks for lighting up the day with your smiles and energy…Hikmah, Haffiz, Zubs, Yan En & Jean… You guys are more than awesome!

  167. Avatar photo
    Grace Wong

    We tried the Hansel & Gretel escape room on Dec. Overall, the room was fun, the staff was polite and helpful when I called for enquiries. However one of the clues in the room was misplaced hence it inevitably ruined the overall experience of the game as we were confused and stuck towards the end. The staff was definitely apologetic however could only offer a ‘sorry’. We sent in an email and was offered a free play for 3 pax however we had to utilise it by 15 Jan, which is quite short a timeframe. Other than that, a refund of any sort was not allowed.

    It was truly unfortunate that our first experience with captivate escape had to end on a not so pleasant note like this. It definitely deters us from going again or recommending friends. Hopefully the QC and managing of situations like this can be handled better.

  168. Avatar photo
    Pierre Lantuas

    My girlfriend and myself tried the murder room today. For the two of us the challenge was way above our capacities and we have spent a good number of time asking for help. The items are not always working well and we might not have been the sharpest either. So quiet frustrating. But the woman was patient and accommodating.

  169. Avatar photo
    Sabrina MH

    Captivate Escape Room is amazing and the staff are nice!! 5 ⭐️

  170. Avatar photo
    Angela P

    Great family fun! We did the Hansel & Gretel room with the kids. Owner was friendly, encouraging, patient and non-judgemental despite us needing loads of help! Age-appropriate for primary school kids. Will return!

  171. Avatar photo
    Ryan Hoe

    Incredible place. Bring a friend who solves and a friend who finds clues well!!
    Staff was really helpful n straightforward with their hints. Thank you guys ~

  172. Avatar photo
    Kelsey Yu

    Very fun! Best escape room I’ve been to! The stuff is very welcoming and friendly!

  173. Avatar photo
    Adriel Ong

    Great experience here at captivate escape rooms. Puzzle were quite tough, gotta think out of the box. Overall 10/10. Friendly staff!!

  174. Avatar photo
    seo qt

    It’s a good experience for couples or friends. Highly recommended! Staff were nice, friendly and accommodating!

  175. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lai

    The staff that served us today 17th January 2021 at 7.45 PM to 10 P.M was very professional and experienced.
    Great experience at this location.
    Will be coming again to solve the other rooms.

  176. Avatar photo

    Shockingly unwelcoming staff. Two ladies at reception when we arrived. We hadn’t booked as it was a spontaneous decision. We looked online and saw they had a room available (Hansel and Gretel). We were so excited! The excitement died when we were greeted with the most bored faces ever. It was like they didn’t understand why we were there. We asked if the room was indeed available they said yes. But again no smile, no welcoming feeling, no excitement. We went to our room, which is not sound proof. You can hear children shouting and playing around. Anyway, we did the puzzles which were very easy (very!). The H&G theme was very poorly executed. The decor was lollypops and doughnuts and we had to find their smartphone which they left inside the witches house (?). They could have done so much more with the decor (a gingerbread house!!). We finished the room with 15 minutes left on the clock which would have been 20 minutes if we wouldn’t have missed a very silly thing (my fault). We didn’t need any tips.
    If you finish an escape room with so much time left you expect the staff to get excited for you with “wow congratulations!! Well done! How did you like it?”. But nothing. The lady at reception just took the phone we found and sat down and ignored us. It was the biggest anticlimax. No picture, compliment, smile,… We just walked out (not even a “Goodbye see you next time”). We took a selfie ourselves next to the logo of the escape room. It was so disappointing.
    The room is easy and there’s only really one path to follow (not like in some good ones where you have different things going on at different times). But that’s okay, the main disappointment was the staff. Would not go back!

  177. Avatar photo
    Penny Lee

    Can’t take pics inside the room as yr phone will be in a locker. The staffs are really nice but the escape room unfortunately is pretty run down.

  178. Avatar photo
    evander singh

    Gretel and Hansel was great fun! The new tech totally adds to the fun while giving a new twist to the game

  179. Avatar photo
    Joanne Chin

    Great plot and puzzles with good level of difficulty. Recommended to both beginners and seasoned players!

  180. Avatar photo
    JL Ng

    I enjoyed playing the game and I highly recommend it.
    You really need to put in the effort to solve all the puzzles.

  181. Avatar photo
    Adel tan

    We have a great time bonding to solve the puzzles and friendly staffs to give us limited clues.

  182. Avatar photo
    Yanty Azami

    I did Prestige Escape Room with my friends. We had so much fun and enjoyed how the puzzles matched the story. My 2nd visit to Captivate. Thanks.

  183. Avatar photo
    Yew Kiat Tock

    It’s interesting as the story of Gretel leaving breadcrumbs and there is many clue that we have to revisit to find the next clue.

  184. Avatar photo
    Felicia F

    Really fun escape room with challenging puzzles! Game master were very friendly and helpful too …

  185. Avatar photo
    Alvin Chen

    Really fun experience! Do look up reviews of the different rooms available for the difficulty and overall rating of each room.

    Staff is polite and friendly.

    The conditions of the furniture and rooms may be a bit old, which kind of removes the immersion.

  186. Avatar photo
    lin said

    Fun and helpful staff! Puzzles were not too easy to difficult to solve too

  187. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Sill

    Super friendly staff, easy to book, and clever rooms! Tried out the new Alien room with some friends and really enjoyed the puzzles and solving them. Highly recommended!

  188. Avatar photo
    Su Ann Wong

    Syarah was an amazing person to work with and gave good personalised service. Would 100% recommend and come back to Captivate. Thank you Syarah!

  189. Avatar photo
    Kedar Tembe

    Couldn’t solve the last phase. But it’s great fun till it lasts. Need your site about you. Wish it was a cleaner place, and I hope they sanitize it regularly. The staff is very helpful and gives clues without telling the answer. So that’s pretty cool too.

  190. Avatar photo
    Ming Hui

    Staff were super friendly and gave us grace time and a lot of hints! hahhahaa!! Each session last about an hour and more than enough time for the whole escape! The room itself was designed wonderfully with clues and distractions everywhere. My first time there and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  191. Avatar photo
    Sufian Sam

    New room Hitman was good. Alot of cool features to unlock the next clue. Will try out other rooms soon!

  192. Avatar photo
    NC League Of Legends

    Overall engagement from game host to reception was not engaging enough for one to visit Cativate Escape another time.

  193. Avatar photo
    Toshi Briones

    What a great date idea for lovers who love to solve mysteries together. The staff very helpful and accommodating. The whole experience was intense and would definitely go back!

  194. Avatar photo
    MingHan Cheng

    It was a very interesting and fun experience! Managed to clear the room in 55mins with 2pax (murder on the Singapore express)

  195. Avatar photo
    Lee Guan Yi

    The staff was very helpful and they are able to accommodate 2 paxs. Great experience

  196. Avatar photo

    Had a go at the Prestige room on Thur, 29 Apr, in a group of 4. Concept was good and the plot was interesting. Would have been an enjoyable experience deserving of 4/5-stars if… the staff had remembered to lock the box next to the door, which contained a crucial hint to escape. The box was left open from the start and we used its contents at the very beginning, thinking it was meant to be a starting clue, which ended up giving the plot away and telling us the way out. Of all the puzzles in the room, that was probably the most challenging to solve, but unfortunately, it was given away to us just like that. Naturally, we did not feel any joy or satisfaction when we ‘escaped’ the room, and in a very short time, which was really disappointing. Really hope the staff can be more careful next time so that their guests can have a more rewarding experience. Was told that the owner makes an effort to read every review so hopefully he/she can remind the staff to be more careful next time. Cheers.

  197. Avatar photo
    Clara Ho

    Did the Labyrinth and FBI rooms with my family (total five adults) and it was really intriguing and fun – but some of the puzzles were quite tattered so it was hard for us to read and gather information from those to move on.

    We had 75 minutes to break out of each room which was great because we always spend the first 15 minutes searching high and low for any clues and discussing what we are all trying to solve.

    We had to ask for a clue because we could not identify one of the puzzles – it was faulty and the lady who came in to assisted us added the time lost back to us which was nice.

    Overall, I think the rooms are alright apart from some of its tattered puzzles and clues (which can lead to a lot of clueless waiting). Some of the puzzles were really good and it really made us worked together as a team! The only thing that disappoint is the sound quality of each room, as we can hear other groups shouting from the other rooms.

  198. Avatar photo
    Weiling Lim

    Staff are friendly, very interesting concept. The puzzle was challenging. Will try other room next time! Cheers!

  199. Avatar photo

    It was such fun, mind tackles solving the clues but at the end it was worth while. Good to recommend!!

  200. Avatar photo
    calista wong

    very fun and exciting experience, the staff was very friendly and humourous and very kind as well! even though we broke something, they were also very kind to us!!! very good experience! will definitely come again to try other escape rooms. the escape rooms were also very interesting, had so much fun in them!

  201. Avatar photo
    Sadie Hall

    It was super fun and me and my friends were screaming, eventually we got out, yayyyyyy! I would definitely go back again! 10/10 recommend …

  202. Avatar photo
    Kaze Minamo

    The games here are some of the most immersive ones I have tried, including puzzles that are customized to your group. Definitely visit here if you like escape rooms.

  203. Avatar photo
    Joy Marcotte

    We did the labyrinth room, and the clues were very clever! The staff are very friendly and approachable. Great experience

  204. Avatar photo

    Very nice room concepts. It was quite the challenge and really fun. However some of the mechanisms inside were quite old so it got stuck.

  205. Avatar photo

    It was a really fun and great experience. It made us think a lot but the puzzles were manageable. Overall it was a great escape room and would love to try out other rooms.

  206. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lim

    Truly captivating experience in the escape room PRESTIGE. My partner and I were so absorbed with the creatively designed challenges that my proposal during the escape came as a complete surprise to her. Excellent customer service in going the extra mile for helping to create this magical moment for us. This was my 2nd escape room at Captivate and will be back for more!

  207. Avatar photo
    Maya Raivadera

    We played the CSI room and managed to escape in 50 minutes – perfect level of difficulty and was fun to do with friends. Would be happy to come back!

  208. Avatar photo
    Lisa Risa

    Loved it!! Going back next time I visit Singapore! The puzzles flow well and the staff were so helpful when we got stuck. It was so immersive and puzzles fit with the theme! It was overall a great experience! Wish I had more time in Singapore so I could try more of their rooms.

  209. Avatar photo

    Chose CSI room & played with 2p. Puzzles were fun & the guy on duty was really friendly & helpful with the hints.

  210. Avatar photo
    Terrence Siah

    Have a wonderful hour in the “Murder on the Singapore Express” room. Nice setup with some electronic trap instead of all being locks and keys for some other escape room. Reasonable challenging but doable.

  211. Avatar photo
    Sophie HOET

    I did the new hitman room and it was so exceptionally well made. It had a very intriguing and well thought out story line to accompany it’s great puzzles. It was just the right level of difficulty as we had only finished the challenge with 30 seconds to spare! Would definitely come again and try out the other rooms.

  212. Avatar photo
    Qi Ting Ong

    Tried their CSI room and it was great! Puzzles were logical and we got out quite fast! Definitely escapable. It has clowns (warning for those with phobia for them) but it was not scary.

  213. Avatar photo
    Wanxiu Hong

    Played Captivate – Mythical Beasts on 31 Dec 2021 from 4.22pm to 5.15pm around there.

    Nice Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast themed room. Slight disappointment that 1 interesting part of the room was not used for my entry.

    Key disappointment was when I entered late 7min from diagonal rain with wind, 1 staff at counter spoke rudely to me, saying I was 30min late, cut me off and say they will not give extra time as they are fully booked. I did not even expect nor ask them to give me extra time.
    2nd nice staff brought us to the room and told us we had 1h. I was trying to rush cause the 1st staff said I only have lesser than 1h due to me being late. But I had to press 5 times the hint button on my 1st call before someone came over. Glad subsequent hint press the staffs came very promptly.
    Met the 3rd nice staff at the counter and we left.

    I do not feel welcomed to come again due to the 1st staff I met Captivate. (I had not felt un-welcomed by any other escape room before.)

  214. Avatar photo
    Toh Siang Goh

    It tries to be smart but there’s a strong feeling of things falling flat. The puzzles feel a little random and the clues aren’t really clues. The various puzzles do not feel cohesive.

  215. Avatar photo
    Stella Eswari

    It was a fun experience & the room was interesting!

  216. Avatar photo
    Ong Pei Lian

    Did the hitman room, the entrance is hidden. Fun experience. Room is not fancy but puzzles are interesting.

  217. Avatar photo
    guo yubo

    The rooms are fun, not very hard.
    We did the hitman theme.

    Found out who kill my wife. More pocket money now.

    Good place, good price & helpful staff.

  218. Avatar photo
    Elo Die

    Very nice puzzles, a little bit disjointed from puzzle to puzzle. The clues don’t necessarily take you from one riddle to the next. Nice rooms overall with good mix of tech and imagination.

  219. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    Of the 3 escape places I’ve been to, this was my least favourite. The room was small and bare, not well decorated, not much ambience, things falling apart. The puzzles did not make sense, was not satisfying to crack, was very one dimensional. Also not convenient to get to.

  220. Avatar photo
    chee kiat teo

    Brought 2 kids and they had so much fun. Staffs are also friendly. Good experience for the family.

  221. Avatar photo
    Nur Barirah

    Staff was very friendly and patient with us. Despite us being very confused with the clues, she still tried her best to help us. Definitely will recommend this to others who want to try escape room!

  222. Avatar photo
    Martin wong

    Went on the 2/3/2023 afternoon and the two staff at the counter was extremely friendly when we asked for hints. Frankly thought they would be annoyed at us due to the fact that we were asking for plenty of hints but they were very accommodating and welcoming! Thank you for the pleasant experience!

  223. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Yi

    Very unfriendly staff when giving hints. Explaining rules and giving hints is literally the bulk of your job. If you’re not patient enough, this is probably the wrong job for you. Big boss needs to do something about this because based on the reviews they are losing a lot of customers!

  224. Avatar photo
    Lucy ELLIOTT

    Super fun escape room ! Solved it with 5 mins remaining The 2 rooms I looked at were so well thought out. For sure will go again.

  225. Avatar photo

    the staff was VERY friendly and it was super interesting and fun
    rlly nice experience and wld go there again!!

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