Review Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore

Review Bukit Panjang Plaza - Singapore 1 Jelebu Rd

“…..we like the simple but funtional layout of the mall….also had a wide selection of food and retail outlets….” or “There are tons of food options and snacks here… Korean, Chinese, Japanese, hot pot, western, food court, bread shops, old Chang kee, etc.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bukit Panjang Plaza. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bukit Panjang Plaza is quality.

Introduction about Bukit Panjang Plaza

Here are some fundamental details regarding Bukit Panjang Plaza. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Bukit Panjang Plazais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63146388 (+65 63146388)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore
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You can reach Bukit Panjang Plaza at 63146388(+65 63146388). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bukit Panjang Plaza reviews

Bukit Panjang Plaza is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Bukit Panjang Plaza good?

To determine whether Bukit Panjang Plaza is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“.....we like the simple but funtional layout of the mall....also had a wide selection of food and retail outlets....”

“There are tons of food options and snacks here... Korean, Chinese, Japanese, hot pot, western, food court, bread shops, old Chang kee, etc.”

“Ajumma's restaurant is opening soon. Can make a trip down to try. A few nice ramen shops too. It is opposite Hillion mall so it is worth going there and hv'g two malls to shop around. …”

“Jasmine is my hair stylish for few yrs and whenever I book my appointment she will slot me in to my request and she always cut my hair to my liking …”

“I still prefer BPP as the better mall in BP. Starbucks is big and had great varieties of food stores and etc!”

“Homely shops and good food available and very accessible”

“Near housing estates, very convenient with NTUC and few fast food restaurant”

“Opposite Bukit pajang plaza is a newly upgraded Pang Sua pond with wellness centre .”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 239 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bukit Panjang Plaza, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore

There is a total 239 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Gek Noi Koh

    Convenient for supermarket groceries with travellator to the 2 basement level car parks. Lifts too to access both levels although with Covid-19, the access of the lifts is complicated due to safe entry measures.

  2. Avatar photo
    Naggy Guibman

    Just came here for a quick lunch reunion.

  3. Avatar photo
    Lovely Cameraman

    Now that Hillion Mall has opened, BPP has lost its glory.

    BUT! All hopes are not lost.

    The only shopping mall that is not crowded on a Saturday (excluding McDonalds and Starbucks coz its always crowded).

    If you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping mall on a weekend, this is the place….

  4. Avatar photo

    An awesome place to spend time with your family. Delicious food and a large variety is there in the food court. Supermarkets like 7-11 and fairprice finest are available.

  5. Avatar photo

    Nice neighbourhood mall. Just lacking a departmental store for clothes (eg BHG or Uniqlo) and lacking covered linkway to MRT.

  6. Avatar photo
    Alifiya Zakir

    The new library at Bpp is awesome with new books and cool modern interior!

  7. Avatar photo
    Siew Lee

    Good Neighbourhood mall to shop for what we need. But few of the shops were gone and quite sad. My beloved Daiso no more here. NTUC became NTUC Finest which selling high end and expensive groceries and vege which not suitable for me. And my Favourite library still undergoing renovation and closed…

  8. Avatar photo
    Bina Q

    Bukit Panjang Plaza and Hillion Mall both are situated close but for some reason I like BPP better. It’s compact with limited but good stores. Good eating places also for both fast food lovers and ppl who want to have a good meal. It has Fairprice too which again is very convenient. Overall it’s like a one stop shop

  9. Avatar photo
    Wennie Goh

    A lot of food here and a library. But quite a lot of things are over priced in terms of value. Suki-ya and wok hey are that stand out, aside from the food stalls on the first floor. There aren’t many places to sit here but the toilets are big and quite clean. Overall Hillion is a better Shopping Centre though and it’s right across the street

  10. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Paramsivan

    It’s great especially it’s in the hinterland.

  11. Avatar photo
    Lester Tang

    This mall has more to offer to compete with upcoming Hillion mall across the road. With recent changes to the mall. You see old street bak kut teh, Lenas, eighteen chefs and the likes a welcoming addition. NTUC has been upgraded to NTUC finest as well. Let’s wait and see what’s next in store for residents and visitors!

  12. Avatar photo
    Lim Kelvin

    Good spacious neighborhood mall. Sadly the shops choices there are limited.

  13. Avatar photo
    Victor Lee

    Very convenient place for shopping n dining

  14. Avatar photo
    sam tan

    It is a shopping centre with great food & shopping for home appliances for replacement. Most importantly , the price is right with friendly staffs from Harvey Norman.

  15. Avatar photo
    Kirby Poh

    Although it’s been renovated, it’s a regular neighbourhood mall. Trade mix is OK but nothing that could excite. Dining selection had been expanded though.

  16. Avatar photo
    kelvin koh

    Nice place to do shopping. Essential products can be found here.

  17. Avatar photo

    Not so crowded place with tonnes of shops to visit. Located near to Hillion Mall.

  18. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    This mall appears quite small from the first floor but it is actually very big and has many stores in the basement levels. There are some facilities here. This mall is located near the transit station and a walk away from most of the residential units here. Overall a great mall for the residents here.

  19. Avatar photo
    Desmond Siah

    One of the best malls in Bukit Panjang, even though this particular mall is not connected to the train station or the bus interchange, this is the one shopping centre that every Bukit Panjang residence will patronise at least once a week or so. Food such as Bober / LiHo / WokHey / mrBean / Aston / Swensen’s are my usual go to food stores/restaurant.

  20. Avatar photo
    Things by Ziqing

    This is a good place for me to go as most of the stalls there are what I need. This is definitely not the biggest mall you will ever see, but if you are around the area, you may want to come here to see if there anything you need to buy.

  21. Avatar photo
    Shaun Tay

    One of the oldest neighborhood shopping malls in Bukit Panjang.
    It has been renovated a few years ago.

    There is a NTUC finest which is quite big and has 2 levels the top level for non food items and the bottom levels for food products.

    It has a library at the top level which has also been recently renovated there is a Teens and Adults section and the Children section at the other end of the floor.

    Overall a simply designed shopping mall which is quite easy to navigate the main area is also open spaced so you are able to see the shops that you want to go.

  22. Avatar photo
    Ashish Kumar

    After Hillion has come up, this has become a quieter and more likeable place, if quiet works for you. There are plenty of eating options, with my favourites being Wang’s (I carry their card), the 18 Chefs complex and the food court. It’s great to have a branch of the library as well.

  23. Avatar photo
    Lily Pang

    Good though crowded but singaporean really practice social distancing n wearing of masks. Also the ambassadors really work to ensure ppl who were there practice the laws. Thanks to all

  24. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Jumadi Jamaludin

    Nothing much to say just a neighbourhood Shopping mall. A bit more glamorous. Best part it’s has ntuc finest, plenty of makan outlets and restaurant, a library etc but due to covid 19 it kinda quiet

  25. Avatar photo
    Touristmouse (Tourist Mouse)

    A compact neighborhood mall comprising of Library, Restaurants, wide range retail/service store and a 2 storey NTUC. The only letdown is the lack of cinema. The mall recently undergo a face-lift which is near completion. Worth a trip only if you stay nearby.
    PS: Look out for the new train station nearby in Dec 2016

  26. Avatar photo
    eadric wong

    Really has nearly everything. Fairpirce finest also very big for neighborhood shopping centres. Always upgrading so that’s a good and bad with the construction but always something new every few months

  27. Avatar photo
    Romeshshanker Sachythanandha

    It’s near a MRT station , we can buy the essential items here , in the ground floor daily there will be some promotions on going , almost all kinds of goods can be purchased here

  28. Avatar photo
    Meenaloshini Girjashankar

    I still prefer BPP as the better mall in BP. Starbucks is big and had great varieties of food stores and etc!

  29. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Nice place for shopping and food beverages ️. Transportation is very easily accessible.

  30. Avatar photo
    SNG SK

    It’s Nice Ambience attracted me…especially the Bright & Opened Concourse …

  31. Avatar photo
    Venkatesh Raj

    Good to shop dine and chill

  32. Avatar photo
    Average Guy

    Has a wide range of shops and retailers. Possible to have a nice meal, do groceries, have a hair cut, and some shopping too. Only problem is there are no major banks here to do quick banking. Also, the mall is not too big so it can get rather crowded during peak hours.

  33. Avatar photo
    Danis Luke

    A few good fast food outlets and hawker food…Nothing much to shop thought but convenience for those staying around here for household stuff / supermarket and food variety…

  34. Avatar photo
    Baha BAHA

    plaza ah got improve got new things every now and than

  35. Avatar photo
    N K

    An okay Shopping Mall. Though it isn’t so big and popular like the NEX or IMM, it does have some places to eat out. One can find the NTUC which is quite okay. There is a Public Library, UOB bank, Popular Bookstore, Harvey Norman, Japan Home and Value Dollar. For eating out and chilling one can find MacDonalds and Starbucks. The Korean Nene Chicken place got some spicy fried chicken which is yummy. You will find a barbeque place and some traditional Chinese meat thingy. Four leaves bakery stuffs are good. There is a royal sporting house for sport needs. However, it is a a small mall compared to others and though its functional don’t expect so much from it because you obviously may be disappointed.

  36. Avatar photo
    Ashim Ahmad

    Good plc with many options for food. I got my battery for the trace-together token replaced at the Lvl 1 concourse in a snap …

  37. Avatar photo
    fongling choong

    Very much your suburban mall with the basics – ntuc finest, eateries and some Telco, hairstyling and the library. My favorite is the library and supermkt.

  38. Avatar photo

    A really nice nice shopping mall.
    Lots of f and b choices
    Only thing missing is a great cinema
    Other than that the mall is just fine

  39. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Tai

    Nice place to explore with lots of good food options. The kimchi pancake at Ahjumma’s is nice. Eat it while it’s hot!

  40. Avatar photo

    BPP is one of the many shopping malls in the area, next to Hillion Mall and Junction 10.

    Inside there are many shops such as Boost and a supermarket too

    There is also a MacDonald’s.

    Very well built but quite old. Toilets are ok.

    Nearest MRT is Bukit Panjang. Also near an LRT. Convenient to come if you live here but nothing special in particular I would visit from far away.

  41. Avatar photo
    Julia Cheong

    Awesome mall , always bustling and great variety of shops! Sad that petite bazaar is closing )-:

  42. Avatar photo
    Adam Jones

    Just a normal shopping mall with your basic needs

  43. Avatar photo
    Alan Leonard

    Went shopping only , not as good as other shopping centres

    Also not very crowded at 1st and 2nd level

    Food Lane at B1 has many varieties of food for takeaway

  44. Avatar photo
    William Win

    Relatively older Plaza compared to Hillion Mall on the other side, this mall might have made some fond memories to the residents in Bukit Panjang area. Still for some patrons, they will prefer to shop here as there is Fairprice Finest Supermarket and cling to the tastes of foods that are served by the restaurants and Stalls at Foodcourt.

  45. Avatar photo
    Leng Wee Lim

    Opposite Bukit pajang plaza is a newly upgraded Pang Sua pond with wellness centre .

  46. Avatar photo
    Suwardi Ngaturi

    My favorite mall in our neighborhood. Not a huge place but it has all we need. Always full of people. Very well managed since it was taken over by CapitaMall. Miss the bowling alley that it once housed many years ago.

  47. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Have not been to his mall for about 10 years and still feels well maintained and house few key tenants such as NTUC, restaurant and foodcourt. Just a short walk from the Bukit Panjang bus interchange.

  48. Avatar photo

    Love the place This mall has all the retail and food outlets which I like… Convenient place to shop and open concept layout of the original design makes it easy to look for shops from the 1st floor atrium

  49. Avatar photo

    Libray, ntuc, eating place, macdonald. spacious and clean

  50. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    Nice neighborhood mall with many eateries and shops. However there’s no shelter to any bus stops or MRT/LRT stops. Bring an umbrella if you take public transport.

  51. Avatar photo
    Md K

    Plenty of things there u can find, eat or shopping

  52. Avatar photo

    A shopping mall with many shops and restaurants. There are also small eateries, bakeries, etc. in basement. There’s also fairprice finest and library.

  53. Avatar photo
    Van Faith

    A great shopping among within the neighourhood. Basically whatever you need, they have it. Ntuc finest, Harvey Norman, library, Boonlay Gems (jewelry shop), Money max, Fast food, Restaurants (jack’s place etc), food court etc and many more. Don’t miss out their basement!

  54. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Tang

    It’s your own cosy typical neighbourhood shopping mall. There’s loads of lovely hip drink stalls coming in like Liho and Boost. And there’s the usual McDonald, KFC, Subway and Starbucks. I highly recommend Jack’s place and eighteen chef. Jack’s because their selection of toppings for you mash potatoes is commendable. And eighteen chef because no one will judge you if you pour all the free flow cheese into your cheese baked rice. No one except everyone who sees it. But it’s okay cos it’s free

  55. Avatar photo
    Lily Tay

    A good place to shop n dine

  56. Avatar photo

    Good place to visit if you want your basic shopping needs met. Not much fashion and lifestyle outlets here. Restaurants are limited but good enough.

  57. Avatar photo
    Adah Ahmad

    Homely shops and good food available and very accessible

  58. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Dizon

    Good place to chill

  59. Avatar photo
    Keval Panchal

    Not a huge mall. However it has one of the more interesting and Advance library after it’s renovation. Good place for studying. The shops in mall are pretty general type that should give you all the basic necessities needed. Good place to shop for general items. The basement has immense variety of food stalls for those foodies and quick grab eaters

  60. Avatar photo
    Ivan Holmberg

    Nice mall and a variety of food and shops of various services. Able to get most of what you may be looking for. If you can’t find it here, just cross over to Hillion Mall which is a stone throw away. These 2 malls are a great combo.

  61. Avatar photo
    ray chong

    I frequent this place and it is my go to mall. Although it is small, it is less crowded than Hillion (Nearby mall) Has restaurants, McDonalds, Ichiban Sushi etc… Popular for stationery, bakeries, Harvey Norman for IT stuff, NTUC, all you need in one and not even crowded

  62. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    …..we like the simple but funtional layout of the mall….also had a wide selection of food and retail outlets….

  63. Avatar photo
    Alex Chia

    Visited a very good PD to treat my baby for her rash. Well organized building look and feel clean. Have a decent amount of shops range from children care, electronic, fashions to food!

    Price in this mall are consider reasonable.

  64. Avatar photo
    Ratinah Rawi

    Had lunch @ Gado & Grill. Like the gado-gado instantly.
    The peanut gravy is reasonably thick & mild. If u wanna make it spicy, mix it with the sambal that comes with the gado-gado or just dip your tauhu or lontong in the sambal to get that spiciness….

    At the lobby area – new activities almost on a weekly basis. Many makan joints plus Kopitiam. Can find Bukit Panjang Library on thr 4th floor & Popular Bookshop on the 3rd floor. MacDonalds on the 2nd floor & NTUC Fairprice on the 1st & 2nd floor. Convenient for family with kids & students – under one roof.

    The tap water flow in the toilets can be improved.

  65. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    Nice neighbourhood shopping mall with quite some food options. Not much of shopping options though.

  66. Avatar photo
    Shi En

    Used to be a mall that was rather small, after it had refurbished 2 years back, there are now many more food options for everyone. From Suki-Ya to Eighteen Chefs, there is no lack of food choices for all. There is also a food court by Kopitiam on level 3 with a variety of food as well. Retail shops are worth a shot for window shoppers, ranging from Harvey Norman to TOG. Located in Bukit Panjang, a 5 min walk from Hillion Mall and Bukit Panjang MRT(DT1) /LRT(BP6), it is a great choice for families to spend some time together.

  67. Avatar photo
    Chan David

    Nice place with a variety of shops and food delicacies. Yet to fully explore the place.

  68. Avatar photo
    John Francis Sukamto

    This plaza is a place I grew up in, so in the course of my stay of over a decade this place has gone through a lot of changes and redevelopment. My preschool education was in Apple Tree on the top floor, but that was years ago. Now it seems like my every visit to this place is unique and very different. They have extended the plaza and even have a rooftop balcony. There’s even a library and a Starbucks for those who are into that. Unfortunately there’s no cinema there and that sucks for those living in this area coz that means having to go all the way to Lot 1, that’s why I can’t give it 5 stars

  69. Avatar photo
    Brandz Lim

    We had lunch at Thai Boat Noodle at Bukit Panjang plaza. It is a halal restaurant. Pad thai is tiny portion. Thai fried chicken is like any fried chicken in Malay stall. Overall food is more expensive and tiny portion here. Total $25.87 .For a restaurant which charges service charge n GST, we are surprised that they serve the plain rice first without the chicken. Left feeling hungry, had to eat Bao set at Kopitiam.

  70. Avatar photo

    The recycling machine for aluminium can and plastic bottles is faulty. Unable to accept cans. Pls beware and travel down to CCK lot 1 to deposit instead.

  71. Avatar photo
    Cham Fengquan

    It have many variety of shops. From food choices to merchandise. But lacks a cinema compared to other similar shopping malls. Just an opinion.

  72. Avatar photo
    Lily Teo

    spacious carpark
    awesome with good foodies

  73. Avatar photo
    Markos Tando

    Quiet these days after the opening of the Hillion opposite. There’s the NTUC offering wines, a bak kut teh stall offering bogo deals Monday to Thursday, and a public library on the upper floor of the mall. A kopitiam with several stalls serving delicious food is on the second floor.

  74. Avatar photo
    Samarth Kikkeri

    It is a huge mall. There is all the shops a person needs to visit. At the basement there is a variety of food stalls with delicious food. There is also a huge library.

  75. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Good neighbourhood shopping mall with decent variety of shops! Can get what you need on a daily basis.

  76. Avatar photo
    Lau Su Ching

    Had food places and a library. Library as split to adults and kids section – both were very aesthetically pleasing. Had many food options and is very convenient to go to from Bukit Panjang MRT.

  77. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    Small but compact. Many shops and cafe. The plaza also house bukit panjang library.

  78. Avatar photo
    HomeTour Studios

    A suburban mall for the people living nearby. Good enough for simple dining and shopping without the need to travel far. More F&B choices after the expansion of the new wing as well.

  79. Avatar photo
    Nad Ira

    Hillion Mall is just fantastic. Opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza.

  80. Avatar photo
    KJ Yaw

    All the basic necessity mall. Good for weekend shipping with family.

  81. Avatar photo
    Jessica Sim

    Capital mall is doing a great job in making this place so happening. The 2 levels NTUC finest is great to shop.

    Quite a pleasant mall to room around. Hope to see more new merchants inject to the mall.

  82. Avatar photo
    Yeo Huway Hwa

    Clean aircondition envirament good for shopping with whole family. Its has many product on sale most of the time especially festive season. Some time with car exhibition also.

  83. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Strangely enough, I do quite like this suburban mall. Parking is easy enough and the tenant mix is good.

    Wide range of food available and there’s also a library within the mall!

  84. Avatar photo
    Syed ibrahim Ibrahim

    The BP is very nice place to shop but don’t have a Cinema boring

  85. Avatar photo
    PY Lee

    I only enjoy the NTUC supermarket here. They have more organic range of items. I like the grass fed beef and olives. Food choices are boring. Old shopping centre in a neighbourhood. It needs a revamp.

  86. Avatar photo

    Good shopping mall for those staying around Panjang

  87. Avatar photo

    not bad but could use more dinning places

  88. Avatar photo

    Very Varied Amenities, a great place to go for almost any occasion

  89. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafeez

    Friendly staff and full of makan places. Toilets are superbly maintained but nt at all times. Prices are affordable. Too many things to choose from. ;))

  90. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Many Fast Foods. McD, KFC, PH n others. Also there are many Restaurants of different cuisines n Eateries. A Food court with 10 stalls or more, reasonable pricings. The anchor is Fairprice. You will also find Hair n Beauty Salons, Tele, Optical, n many others. Harvey Norman is there also. Worth repeat visitings.

  91. Avatar photo
    Chow Gerald

    Nice Yong tau foo sold at the food court!

  92. Avatar photo
    Sumaiya Tan

    neighborhood mall with popular, library for adults and kids, food, $10 haircut, bubble tea, optician, the event space at lvl 1 is also always filled with sales. family friendly! there is a playground too but small. on level 3.

  93. Avatar photo
    Wenhan Xie

    Pretty homely mall. Recently updated with a very good library (and kids section). Food options relatively limited, but one can pop by Hillion for a greater spread of food and beverage options.

  94. Avatar photo
    Junhao Ng

    Friendly neighborhood mall with everything. A dead town after the opening of hillion mall next door.

  95. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Nostalgic neighbourhood heartland shopping centre conveniently located at Bukit Banjang next to Senja Cashew Community Club with scenic view of Pang Sua Pond in Bukit Panjang Park and Bukit Banjang Neighborhood 5 Park with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes nearest LRT at Senja BP13 connecting to Bukit Panjang MRT DT1 at Hillion Mall and to Choa Chu Kang MRT bus interchange Lot One Mall. Plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets library cinemas entertainments groceries sundries Electric Electronic postage services community centre and amenities nearby. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  96. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ang

    Bigger and newer after renovation. McDonald opened until 12am on Friday nights.

  97. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    Convenient with Blue line MRT and beside it is Hillion another new mall
    Most of all my elderly mom live behind the mall and there is a beautiful library one adult and one children both on the dame floor

  98. Avatar photo
    The True Farhan

    Good mall with a decent variety of eateries, places to shop. Not very large shops but this does the trick for the quick shopping or eat-out you need.

  99. Avatar photo
    KavyaSri Ravichandiran

    found recently, very spacious place and simply nice

  100. Avatar photo
    Geoffrey Brown

    July-2022 update. I’ll take it from 2 to 3 stars. I’m glad the construction for a few years is over. Still miss the old BPP. Places like Timezone and Daiso were great and are missed. The new library has grown on me and that’s quite nice. Overall, it’s still kinda okay for those that live nearby with some big potential missed. And definitely no reason to visit if you’re not a Bukit Panjang resident.

    Under constant construction, they somehow made it worse through renovation. Provides some basic shopping for residents but gives no reason to visit unless out of options.

  101. Avatar photo
    joe tan

    Convenience of shopping and restaurant are nice. could surprise my self everytime I visit this more , due to finding things that usually unexpected

  102. Avatar photo
    Alex K

    Nice old shopping mall style. Spacious and less crowded. I actually prefer shopping mall with lesser crowd, makes the experience better. The open ceiling glass let’s the sun comes in the mall

  103. Avatar photo
    Louella Capuno

    I can say one of the good mall in SG, you can easily find your basic need here, like food, money changer, shoes, clothes and many more it’s a one stop shop. Not too crowded place for me,.

  104. Avatar photo
    Snowtea Coffree

    Quite small and nothing much to say bout it, there are fast food restaurants and a food court with some other Chinese and Malay stalls and restaurants . The food there are nice, but not all are delicious. It honestly depends on ur liking. They sell a variety of food. There’s a library and a supermarket, NTUC. It also includes stalls that sells finger foods.

  105. Avatar photo
    Stupid boy

    A heartland mall w common amenities, Watson, guardian, ntuc, foodcourt, electronic store.

  106. Avatar photo
    viking T

    Found the Taiwanese famous Egg Cake there

  107. Avatar photo
    Staphne Lee

    I would say there isn’t really much in this mall that would make it a must-go place. It is a neighbourhood shopping malls with mostly food stalls and restaurants and some shops. However, there is ironically a higher end mart “Fairprice Finest”, where most things are imported so they are more expensive than the usual Fairprice. Other than that, there is a delicious wonton noodles stall at the Basement, but do note: The noodles will only be nice when it is done by an old uncle. Sometimes a young man Will be the cook for the day and I never patronize when I see him. The mall also has a really good massage place “step by step” and a rather modernised library (completed just few months back).

  108. Avatar photo
    Julian Wong

    An older mall which is able to evolve and keep up with the newer one. There are lots of eateries, so it is a good place to meet up with friends for a meal or a drink.

  109. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ang

    Been coming here even since it first open. Gotten better after the renovation and now there’s Starbucks and a huge 2 level ntuc. The hardware appliances and lifestyle shops covers all the need of the community.
    Wide range of F&B option. For a neighbourhood mall it’s great.

  110. Avatar photo
    austin quah

    Neighbourhood shopping mall that caters to everyone’s needs. From high class restaurants to simple bites, this shopping mall has it. With its central locality in the neifhbourhood, expect it to be filled with people during the weekends. Recently refurbished library has two sections, one for children and the other for adults. It has good amenities and a Fairprice finest to top it off. It truly is a all in one place for your enjoyment.

  111. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tsai

    I have been a westie all my life and grew up with BPP. I have to say that bpp are now filled with my favorite stalls and I no longer need to travel any further to get my favorite tarts from tai cheong bakery, and cakes from cat and the fiddle, and much more!

  112. Avatar photo
    EK S

    Nice busy neighbourhood mall with all the essentials ntuc popular Harvey Norman and food court and an outdoor garden for ActiveSG events.

  113. Avatar photo
    Sherman Seow

    Neighbourhood mall with all essential stores and food!

  114. Avatar photo
    Joan Chua

    A relatively small mall with limited shops but have all the essential stuffs that you need:
    – Supermarket
    – Foodcourt
    – Mobile recontract
    – Hair salon
    – Nails
    – Library
    – Electronics
    – Bookstore

    There’s also another shopping centre nearby, Hilton Mall which you may be interested to visit

  115. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Burger King @ Bukit Panjang Plaza is nicely renovated, cosy and comfortable. But trying to cut costs by supplying sub-standard fork that can’t even poke into their french fries really dampened the otherwise nice dining experience.. frustrating…

  116. Avatar photo
    YOGA with Susan

    There’s yummy WokHey fried rice next to all time favourite Old Chang Kee. Tai Cheong bakery will be opening at BPP soon. Looking forward to their egg tarts

  117. Avatar photo
    Amith Lokugamage

    This place has many eateries and shops, including a fair price finest, mini challenger Harvey Norman and a public library. Need to cross the road to access from Bukit Panjang MRT or the bus interchange.

  118. Avatar photo

    A nice shopping place and there are quite a few choices for food. Rather noisy though while I ate there recently. Had to wait for a long time prior to getting some seats for a meal. Noticed changes to a couple of eateries. Not there any more.

  119. Avatar photo
    Stanley Teo

    Seems small from the outside, but enough regular eateries and stores inside. Spacious and comfy

  120. Avatar photo

    Near housing estates, very convenient with NTUC and few fast food restaurant

  121. Avatar photo
    KP Lau

    A small suburban mall. It has quite a few restaurants and cafes and fast food restaurants such as KFC, pizza hut, Mcdonald, sukiya, etc. It has a small food court.

  122. Avatar photo
    Debdipa Mazumder

    Nice place…plenty of shops…I like Harvey Norman as it has thickest discounts and very good customer service…I also like the macdonalds as their service has been 10/10 for several years ..I would say the worst is Challenger…….no one to serve customers…people surfing the Internet abd browsing through the phone but never attend to customers…..very very bad service…

  123. Avatar photo
    Mal Kann

    They have a good mixture of shops. Like NTUC Finest. Value Dollar. Now even Redmart.
    Many Bakeries, popular fast food restaurants and my favourite Ichiban Sushi and many more, take aways Shake Shack, Crave, and Bubble Teas.
    Step By Step Foot Massage here has good therapist too.
    The only drawback is there’s only one Bank, that’s UOB. And ATM facilities for Posb Bank is always a very long Q.
    Good Ample Carpark Space and the public multistory carpark is actually attached to the Plaza Via linkway
    At the Popular Korean Japanese Food located in Kopitiam food is always good and economically priced. Even when I Grab Order.
    Aunties making coffee here are very friendly and the Kopi is good!! Desserts too are priced reasonably.
    Don’t forget the Library!! And I wish for Daiso to be back!!

  124. Avatar photo
    Dee Cee (The Dead Cockroach)

    Used to frequent when there was Daiso and the old Kopitiam. After Daiso left and the Kopitiam renovated, found no reason to visit anymore.

  125. Avatar photo
    Dat Dude

    This shopping mall is a great example of good consumer’s convenience, as it is surrounded around various public transportation.
    Great place for basic food and shopping purchases.
    Additionally, one of the most oldest and highly underrated malls in Singapore. Definitely give this place a visit.

  126. Avatar photo
    Zacfie hanz

    Bukit panjang plaza, there are a lot shop, so don’t worry so much what ever you one there is. But there is halal food, not really interesting rather then Hillion mall. If buying groceries and etc I always go to Bukit panjang plaza. If finding food, I go Hillion mall.

  127. Avatar photo
    Ethan NJW

    My favourite place for getting the essentials

  128. Avatar photo
    1Academy Science Howard

    Spacious and practical. Up and down escalator on same side of atrium is excellent.

  129. Avatar photo
    TLGS _wut

    Mostly good place to go for food and some shopping and the place is rather clean.

  130. Avatar photo
    Wong YY

    Very good place to do shopping and also plenty of dining options available

  131. Avatar photo
    Terence Badalge

    It has a decent selection of shops for most general needs. A decent range of eateries other than the Kopitiam given it’s limited space. A POSB branch is opening up soon in June/July 22.

  132. Avatar photo
    Karen Thia

    It is not bright. Rather dim. Quite a boring mall except the basement food.

  133. Avatar photo
    xavier yap

    Quite a lot of diff type of food to da bao …

  134. Avatar photo

    Best mall in Bukit Panjang. Got all the things you wanted. Cozy library as well.

  135. Avatar photo
    Theruthaney Velu Rangasamy

    A very clean environment food court with delicious food NTUC and many other shops nice place

  136. Avatar photo
    Tacky Zippo

    Good place to do your household purchase and cheap and fast food, haircut pet shop and electronic and DIY equipment no cinema though entertainment is dull nothing to relax but have food varieties taxi frequently available near to MRT and bus interchange

  137. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    Great, well-maintained mall with strong anchor tenants, NTUC, Kopitiam, Harvey Norman, library and etc. Offered many varieties of food. The halal and non halal options; Swensens, Ajumma, subway, Ichiban, Sukiya. Relatively convenient as it is walking distance to MRT. Clean mall.

  138. Avatar photo
    taufik shah

    Has variety of food. However, carpark exit a bit narrow prior to the ramp, so do be careful.

  139. Avatar photo
    Regina Elon Chua

    This heartland mall has been revamped and converted to be the home to good food… The only Starbucks in the area, nice eateries all around. Convenience to the max here for daily necessities.

  140. Avatar photo
    Yang Changhan

    Lots of food choices and shops for essentials near the transport hub of Bukit Panjang.

  141. Avatar photo
    Rashid Minhas

    One of the best mall in Singapore. Nearby residents are lucky enough to get all things in one mall.
    Unfortunately there is no specific place to offer prayer.
    The management must setup something in roof top for prayer.
    30% Singaporean population is Muslim who work n visit regularly in these malls and at the time of prayer they really need a proper place to worship.
    Three star due to no prayer room.

  142. Avatar photo
    Adam Lim

    One of those neighborhoods mall. All your basic stuff is there. It’s a family mall. No movie theater. A very educational mall where you can find a library and tuition center.

  143. Avatar photo
    Bernlad Japheth

    Convenient place with a good variety of shops. Would have gotten 5 stars were it not for the typical CCK crowd, which, to make things worse, I have personally always found to be quite inconsiderate and barbaric compared to people in other estates in Singapore. Not a bad place overall but I only come when absolutely necessary because of that. Might be good if Singapore malls started to take a page from malls in some other countries and charge for entry, unless a minimum spend per head is met, to filter out the browsers and tagalongs.

  144. Avatar photo

    It’s located near Bukit Panjang MRT and future bus interchange. You can find NTUC Fairprice, Macdonald, UOB, Kopitiam Foodcourt, Daiso, etc here.

  145. Avatar photo
    Syed Muhamad

    Small mall with lots of food options.

  146. Avatar photo
    B. Rachel

    Not bad shopping place for supermarket, food, library, hotpot. Overall got you covered. It’s clean and neat, not much decorations.

  147. Avatar photo
    Chun Keong

    Have not been here for about a year and the variety of stores have improved tremendously. Shops like Bober Tea and Tai Cheong Bakery increases popularity of the mall itself.

  148. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    The older of 2 malls in Bukit Panjang, I still like it cos of the NTUC Fairprice Finest which is the more upmarket supermart. Very nice to browse and look at the extensive range of products.

    There are also good eateries here with the basement Japanese eatery being the more popular one as there is always a queue especially during weekends.

    My favourites are Boost Juices and the Dan Ngan Lo herbal tea/jelly.

    Its still a rather popular mall inspite of the newer mall across the road.

    A good place to hang out.

  149. Avatar photo
    Erwin S

    A small cozy mall. NTUC Finest is here and there’s a community library here on the top floor. An adequate spread of eateries and the layout is bright and spacious

  150. Avatar photo
    Wynne Soh Xue Qi

    Many food choices available. Fairprice Finest provides convenience for customers to purchase all kinds of groceries they need, definitely provide more than what I expect. A good mall, considering its size. Clean.

  151. Avatar photo
    Geng Liang Chong

    Diverse choices with food places in the basement area and fairprice extra to purchase groceries as required.

  152. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Dzariif Mohammad Hakim

    An average mall. Quite complete in terms of shopping categories and food choice. However its pretty small. Best mall in Bukit Panjang as compared to the two other malls here.

  153. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lee

    Generally easy parking and access to the mall basement entrance on Saturday evenings. Toilets are very spacious, clean and functional. Plenty of food options. With kids in tow, these matter a lot.

  154. Avatar photo
    Noorhuzaimi Hatbi

    Many eateries halal and non – halal alike. Would like to see more famous clothing brands available. I say yes for food and groceries but no for shopping.

  155. Avatar photo
    Roy Teo

    Not as “modern” as Hillion Mall, but it has a good mix of shops & eateries. General pricing-levels at this mall are “lower” than at the much newer Hillion Mall.

  156. Avatar photo
    Wilson Chua

    Limited shops compared to Hillion Mall just across the street. Not a good place to shop.

  157. Avatar photo
    Chit Boon Lee

    Gets crowded during weekend and you are expected to wait for seats for the more popular eatery. There is library and supermarket, suitable for family with kids. You can also pick up some house hold items from Daiso at the top level.

  158. Avatar photo

    Good mix of shops for a typical family’s needs. Food, grocery, stationery, library, tuition, hairdressers, beauty products/services and fashion.

  159. Avatar photo
    Webster Toh

    Pretty big shopping mall after its renovation. Lots of food available but can be crowded at peak hours. Nearby to many public transport and have bicycle parking outside. Easy access to atm.

  160. Avatar photo
    Shankar Kanthimathinatha Pillai

    Great food options, one of the best libraries

    Miss a food court here but otherwise great for families

  161. Avatar photo
    Pearry A

    It’s a great neighbourhood shopping centre with a supermarket, restaurants, IT retails stores and services like printing and hair-cutters. The aircon is cooling and has an attached bridge to a Community Centre and a HDB carpark. Another great perk is the Capitalstar membership, which I recommend for all to join in coz it’s free and you get discounts and coupons.

  162. Avatar photo

    Good place for window shopping. There are many eating places, cafe, boutique, library supermarket, household items and others in this shopping centre. Walking distance away from mrt, lrt and bus interchange.

  163. Avatar photo
    Nouve Sim

    Still same as before, not as crowded as Hillion mall.

  164. Avatar photo
    En-lai Chan

    Nice shopping place with a good range of food stalls and restaurants. Good underground parking facility

  165. Avatar photo
    Fatimah Nasuhah

    It is filled with many shops that cater to different needs of people; from NTUC to money changer to tailoring shop. It is a go-to place whenever at bukit panjang. It has many famous restaurants such as Eighteen Chefs, Streats Hong Kong and many fastfood restaurants too. It also has the face shop where you can find all your face masks. Overall, a place with all that you might need anytime.

  166. Avatar photo
    Clarice Tan

    Small scale mall. Comprehensive stores to cater to neighborhood daily needs

  167. Avatar photo
    timothy goh

    Typical shopping mall, has a good selection of food, NTUC, Watsons, and Guardian

  168. Avatar photo
    Treasure Pot

    Decent neighbourhood mall that offers what you need from food court , fast food macdonald and burger king, clothing, Japan home, Value Shop. Sadly, McDonald’s only allow takeaway from 9pm onwards. Burger King still allows dine in. Nice Xmas decor this year 2022 with Winnie the Pooh theme. Has National Library on top floor.

  169. Avatar photo
    Enya Fu Qingquan

    Generally well maintained. The big plus points would definitely be the two libraries found on the top story of the mall. The adult and children libraries are each at either end of the top floor. The libraries are very nice and modern, with a wide selection of books and places to sit and do work (if you are at the adult section). However, due to the open space in the middle of the mall that is reserved for things like decoration (e.g. CNY), the shops are all arranged around the perimeter of the oval-shaped mall, making walking around time-consuming. To add to that, there is only a few escalators around. And I really do have to congratulate them on hiding the lift so well. The plaza is around a 5 minutes walk away from Hillion Mall.

  170. Avatar photo
    Vijaya M

    Jasmine is my hair stylish for few yrs and whenever I book my appointment she will slot me in to my request and she always cut my hair to my liking …

  171. Avatar photo

    Disappointed as the mall has made several upgrades and renovation over past two years without any improvements. With escalators often breakdown or maintenance causing inconvenience to shoppers. NTUC just revamped less than a yr and nw switching to Fairprice Finest. Stock inventory nt sufficiently replenished. F&B outlets with crazy price esp noodles shop at basement. Please do something ABT it.

  172. Avatar photo
    Jack Tan

    Newly renovated and you can find everything you need.

  173. Avatar photo
    Mikejacqsg Tong

    Standard shopping mall in the heartland where one finds stores for basic amenities and simple shopping. A library is also there (now closed for upgrading). Good for families to visit.

  174. Avatar photo
    Jinim Lidon

    A lot of ready & nicely cut products. Just need to do a bit of rinsing & ready to fry. Yummy.

  175. Avatar photo

    Lots of eating places but relatively fewer choices of retail stores compared to some other larger heartland malls. The central foyer area also cannot have events and activities for the time being due to covid restrictions in place.

  176. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ong

    Heartland mall catering to the needs of the residents living in the area. Anchor tenant is NTUC. Recently upgraded and minor renovations are still being carried out. The retrofitting provided more F&B establishments. Although the floor area does not increase significantly, residents here have more options for food and retail therapy.

  177. Avatar photo
    Karis Phuong Do

    I love the food court here (kopitiam), there is great variety of local food with low price. Suitable to bring family for daily cuisine. There are some international brand shops with constant sale.

  178. Avatar photo
    KK Victor Ng

    A more than basic shopping centre.
    More food, library, laundry, other services.

  179. Avatar photo
    Wee Johnny

    I purchase n spend most of items there since opening. ie: CAPITALAND VOUCHERS. V familiar w comfortable Shops layout. Nearby my home too. . “Fajar.

  180. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Tan

    NTUC FairPrice is there for my groceries. Usually get fast food ie Mac / KFC there too. Parking can be at the HDB carpark which is attached to it – cheaper

  181. Avatar photo
    Nancie Koo

    A lot of shops that caters to the need of various people. Foodcourt has many varieties of local and other delicacies. Library, Popular Book Store, NTUC, Pizza Hut, MacDonald, KFC, Harvey Norman, Royal Sporting House, various bakeries, pharmacy and many other shops. Taxi stand is just outside and very convenient. There are many buses and a bus Terminal nearby.

  182. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    Not very accessible to those who don’t live around the area compared to the other malls nearby (Hillion etc.). The mall has a few good restaurants so that’s alright, as well as a supermarket for groceries. However, other than that, it doesn’t really compare to the other malls that are available in terms of variety of places to shop at.

  183. Avatar photo
    Alex Ang

    The variety of shops offered by heartland mall is reasonable.

  184. Avatar photo
    M S

    There are tons of food options and snacks here… Korean, Chinese, Japanese, hot pot, western, food court, bread shops, old Chang kee, etc.

  185. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    …..we like the simple but funtional layout of the mall….also had a wide selection of food and retail outlets….

  186. Avatar photo
    Aileen Nitcolinz

    Accessible and have a lot of shop especially the ntuc is easy to find what you need bcoz its organized even its not complete.

  187. Avatar photo
    Pranavan Theivendiram

    Good place to do all necessary shopping. It has Fairprice, Starbucks, Pizza hut, KFC, Subway, Popular, Harvey Norman, Challenger, and number of restaurants and Kopitam.

  188. Avatar photo
    Bob Tyler

    Big and spacious mall. Less crowded than usual. Great shops.

  189. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Kwek

    A behemoth of a neighbourhood shopping mall – many places and eateries now with the newest expansion, but to be honest, it has also become increasingly confusing with so many shops cramped into a small mall. One of my favourite places is still the library as it is the rare quiet spot within such a busy mall, and it offers a wonderful selection of books!

    The NTUC is huge as well (double storey) and would serve most of everyone’s needs!

  190. Avatar photo
    Mark Chan

    Great variety of food with KFC, Mac, Nene Chicken, Swensens just to name a few. There is also a community library located at the top floor. Food court and NTUC supermarket found here too. Tend to be crowded during evenings and weekends but carpark space are usually sufficient. Walkable from Petir LRT and Bukit Panjang MRT.

  191. Avatar photo

    Good mall, has most of the key things you would need from a heartlands mall: a good variety of restaurants, bookstore (Popular), tech stuff (Harvey Norman, Best Denki), simple clothes (Giordano) and so on. It’s useful if you are nearby and need anything. Anything more specialized you would need to head into town though.

  192. Avatar photo
    Kia Joon Ngoh

    Cosy neighbourhood mall to get some makan, groceries and light shopping…!
    Look out for various sales at its atrium and night mass exercise events at its garden…
    Sadly, there’s no entertainment section in this mall…

  193. Avatar photo
    Kek Boon Lim

    Nice shopping mall for Bukit Panjang residents

  194. Avatar photo
    William Win

    Relatively older Plaza compared to Hillion Mall on the other side, this mall might have made some fond memories to the residents in Bukit Panjang area. Still for some patrons, they will prefer to shop here as there is Fairprice Finest Supermarket and cling to the tastes of foods that are served by the restaurants and Stalls at Foodcourt.

  195. Avatar photo
    Christopher Tan

    Beautiful location where many variety of food, drinks, integrated with shopping. If you want to buy jewelry, do visit the Boon Lay Gems shop as the price is good and staffs were very friendly.

  196. Avatar photo

    Just went to bpp. They had only 1 entrance/ exit (due to the covid virus) at the McDonald. In this situation, people go bpp is to go NTUC, but they place the only entrance/ exit right at the extreme end. This is very inconvenient for families esp for elderly people who are forced to walk 1 big round. The entrance should be placed near the ntuc. Management please relook into this and place the entrance near ntuc

  197. Avatar photo
    Eudy Oh

    The toilet flushes are the only issue I have, they all need to be upgraded as when you want to use the toilet sometimes you get a surprise when you opened the door. And when you try to flush the toilet bowl, the water flow comes out like a leaky pipe. There is no force to even flush the toilet paper at times.

  198. Avatar photo
    Johnny Xu

    Just a normal neighbourhood shopping mall

  199. Avatar photo

    Nice place and got variety of foods.

  200. Avatar photo
    alex hew

    There is a library, popular book store, fairprice finest, kopitiam and so on… a variety of makan choice available.
    One thing to mention that Fairprice finest have some of the rare thing that you will not find from normal Fairprice store. Worth to go and see it for yourself.
    Thumb up, i like the pink cactus ice-cream exclusive at Fairprice finest only.

  201. Avatar photo
    Vicki ANG

    Recently brought our table center piece for dry cleaning at Sparklean Laundry. The price was ridiculous at $10 + gst of $0.70 Same table cloth which I brought for dry wash at 2 others place only charge $7 inclusive GST. Definitely last time they get anything from me.

  202. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    It is a neighbourhood mall here, now there is another new one just across the road infront.
    Despite the competition it is facing, BPP has face up to the challenges well.It has under gone renovations also.There are quite a selection of different categories of shops, food eateries,tuition centres, beauty/hair salons, foodcourts,supermarts, clinics,etc.There is also a libary on level 4.
    Accessibility is easy as the mrt stn and bus stop are just a short walk away and taxis are available easily.One point on the downside though is that it does’nt has a cinema as many new malls have.But with so many amenities it has, it is sufficient to meet the needs of the visitors and customers.

    Dated : 04/03/2018 ( Sunday ).
    Updated : 01/07/2018 ( Sunday ).
    Added 3 new photos.

  203. Avatar photo
    Engelbert Kok

    It is one of the old neighbourhood shopping mall left that provides one stop shopping experiences as compared to the newly established outlets. Supermarket, banking, food joints and all essentials goods needed to survive can be found here

  204. Avatar photo
    David Koh

    Recently, Bukit Panjang Plaza has added several new food outlets in the basement and on the other floors. This has contributed to an increase of shoppers, and it has also provided competition to the other outlets that have been there for quite a while. Nevertheless, these older outlets have pushed up their service level in order to continue winning old and new Customers. So everyone who visits any of these food outlets will enjoy a higher standard of service.

  205. Avatar photo
    Nur Nadia

    Not much comment on the drinks coz the taste is about the same for all outlet.. It’s good that they have an initiative to provide place for us to sit outside their shop

  206. Avatar photo
    Xueqin Chen

    A mall along old rail corridor, to have a meal. Many different food stalls there.

  207. Avatar photo

    A good plaza filled with clothing shops on the second and third floor, many food shops like Four Leaves on the first, along with a library and Popular. A worthy place to explore and is right next to the newer Hillion mall across the road.

  208. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    One of the nice neighbourhood shopping mall with a NTUC Finest within.

  209. Avatar photo
    Hyphen Chia

    Went to shop for essential. Easy access with public transport or self driving. The mall is pack with many food and amenities stores.

  210. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    Escalators are not streamlined for easy movement between floors. Makes going up n down floors a treasure hunt. Worse is when they service the Escalators. You are left hunting for stairs n lifts. A signboard would have helped.

  211. Avatar photo
    Ivy Lim

    Good neighbourhood Shopping centre with a library also. Need to have a cinema to perfect it

  212. Avatar photo
    wan ah

    Easy to find parking and many varieties of foods avaliable in this Mall and neighboring Hillion Mall.

  213. Avatar photo
    Ravida Rawee

    This place is nice. You can find popular book shop and also library. I love to eat at Nene Chicken. There also Swensen.

  214. Avatar photo
    Jessica Yin

    Neighborhood mall with the necessary amenities such as public library, Ntuc supermarket, popular book shop, child care centre, food court and other retail outlets. Public library has a comprehensive children’s section.

  215. Avatar photo
    Jordan Toh

    Typical neighbourhood shopping centre. Japan home, Harvey Norman, NTUC Finest, Ichiban Sushi, Song Fish, Watson, Guardian, Library etc. Lack of a cinema.

  216. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    Used to be the only shopping mall around, been upgraded few times. Only mall around with public library apart from usual foodshops. For grocery, Ntuc finest is at basement. Shopping mall. Is near mrt/lrt and bus stands to nearby estates as well as to town and beyond.

  217. Avatar photo

    Come here to eat with friends sometimes at places like 18 Chefs, Pizza Hut, Subway, Siam Kitchen etc. There’s also a large Popular outlet here and a National Library. A great mall with many fun things to do!

  218. Avatar photo
    Cheong Ceciliar

    Ajumma’s restaurant is opening soon. Can make a trip down to try. A few nice ramen shops too. It is opposite Hillion mall so it is worth going there and hv’g two malls to shop around. …

  219. Avatar photo
    Shreyas Bhatt

    Love this place, been here for years. Nice selection of shops for everyday stuff but not one particularly special. It is however right next to another smaller mall Hillion which is alright too.

  220. Avatar photo
    Nur R

    Good place but abit far to walk from LRT…… used to have 18chefs but now no more already. the KFC is always crowded, andes too. But worth the time to walk here i guesssss

  221. Avatar photo
    Cherkuan Lo

    Easy parking inside the plaza as well as in the HDB car parks nearby. Good spread of food choices. There is Kopitiam foodcourt, fast food McDonalds, Pizza Hut and BurgerKing and more upclass restaurants serving Thai, Chinese, Western and Japanese food. Food koisks for takeaway are in the basement. Other shops like diy, cake and pastry are available. There are pharmacies and supermarket too. There is UOB for your banking needs. Got everything i need including the newly upgraded library. Best of all, it is not crowded.

  222. Avatar photo

    Quite comfortable place , toilets are not very busy and is quite clean. Not alot of restaurants here but good for family dining. The temperature in here is not very cold and feels around 24-25 degree celsius.

    Moreover , i suggest trying the western food at level 3(around the value shop). However , the subway here is horrible . Service is bad and the restaurant isn’t renovated. In conclusion , this is still a great neighborhood mall with a 2 level fair price with anything you need from fresh veggie to sushi and deli and also an organic section .

  223. Avatar photo
    Shu Min Teo

    After renovations, many food stores are introduced such as Boost (drink stall), eighteen chefs etc… NTUC is bigger than before too with wide variety of items you can find there compared to normal NTUC. However disappointing is it that Daiso is closed down after its renovated …

  224. Avatar photo
    Taqin J

    The renovated mall has more eateries added to its wide selection of outlets. The newly revamped library is also worth checking out. There is also a playground at the roof.

  225. Avatar photo
    Lee lee

    frequently shop here as here can get capital point too!Went to try the new restaurant ! New but expensive …

  226. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    Great, well-maintained mall with strong anchor tenants, NTUC, Kopitiam, Harvey Norman, library and etc. Offered many varieties of food. The halal and non halal options; Swensens, Ajumma, subway, Ichiban, Sukiya. Relatively convenient as it is walking distance to MRT. Clean mall.

  227. Avatar photo
    Charles Lim

    Your standard neighbourhood shopping mall. Has the essentials that you would need from a shopping mall of this type. Supermarket, atms, fast food, clothing shops, library, bakeries, restaurants ect.. been less crowded ever since the new hillion mall has opened across the road, might be a good thing for some people..

  228. Avatar photo
    Natalinus Lo

    Small but plenty of eating place. Pretty much you can find all major fast food is present along with kopitiam. Grocery shopping with Fairprice extra. A separate library for adult reader and kids, one at each side. Loved the kids section where you can watch how they sort the return item running on converyor belt behind the glass. The only thing missing is cinema.

  229. Avatar photo
    Loy Tai Wang

    Many places and choices for your meals. Popular, library is available as well, makes it a convenient and nice place to visit from time to time.

  230. Avatar photo
    Mary Goh

    This is a compact shopping mall with anchor tenants, NTUC Finest Supermarket, Popular Bookstore, Kampong Kopitiam, Harvey Norman and the Bukit Panjang Library. Unlike the bigger shopping malls which can be a huge place to walk, this is a nice place to shop, relax or meet friends.

  231. Avatar photo
    Tyersall Adam

    It has improved since the last 20 decade for good and there will always be room for more.

  232. Avatar photo
    Kae Hwan Sim

    Love shopping for seafood here, the shopkeepers are polite and friendly.

  233. Avatar photo
    Vita Woo

    We visit weekly. So many food outlets, shops, even starhub, singtel here. So convenient. Lots of changes over 8 years.

  234. Avatar photo
    LL Low

    Short walk from Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange, LRT and MRT station, Bukit Panjang Plaza is great neighborhood mall. There is a public library on the top floor of the mall and various eateries on basement and ground floor.

  235. Avatar photo
    Punggol Panda

    Drop off point was okay – 1 lot each for taxi and drop off – because that’s the only place I encountered in more than a decade for this mall. Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists though because your view might be obstructed.

  236. Avatar photo
    Yunxuan Li

    There is a lot of good food stalls to eat,like Astons. But if you are looking for something cheaper, there is also a kopitiam there, selling authentic Singaporean cuisine. There is also a library there which separates the Kids section from the Adult section.

  237. Avatar photo
    Singularity Convergence

    A mall that has more than adequate offerings for things necessary for daily life. There is a supermarket, many establishments to eat from, bookstore, medical clinic.

  238. Avatar photo
    Miya Tan

    Food court pretty but food fail

  239. Avatar photo
    Jing Yi Ng

    Is your neighbourhood mall, with focus on restaurants and food places. Students crowd the starbucks, so don’t expect to get seats there! Otherwise you could get all the necessities of life here

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