Review Buangkok Square Mall, Block 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore

Review Buangkok Square Mall - Singapore Block 991 Buangkok Link

“Modern and clean. A decent sized neighborhood mall with loads of amenities and connected to 2 blocks of flats in the area.” or “Nice small mall to serve the residents living at buangkok. The estate is behind IMH. Got prime mart, selffix, koufu, pizza hut and mcdonalds.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Buangkok Square Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Buangkok Square Mall is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Buangkok Square Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Buangkok Square Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Block 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: Block 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore
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Buangkok Square Mall reviews

Buangkok Square Mall is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Buangkok Square Mall is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Modern and clean. A decent sized neighborhood mall with loads of amenities and connected to 2 blocks of flats in the area.”

“Nice neighbourhood mall. Not very big but also not very crowded. There is a supermarket, barber, fast food restaurant, food court, bakery, value shop, etc. Basically all the basic needs in one mall.”

“Nice small mall to serve the residents living at buangkok. The estate is behind IMH. Got prime mart, selffix, koufu, pizza hut and mcdonalds.”

“Small mall with everything such as food court, fast food, retail shops and supermarket.”

“This mall has now set aside some space beside the building for bikes. Well done. Now our bikes are protected from the sun and rain.”

“Eateries and food court for lunch and dinner will be great for families. Prime supermarket to get your groceries shopping. Mall is just infront of the bus stop and it’s convenient to get to.”

“Nice mall with all types of food & groceries. Macdonald, pizza hut , food court,big parking space start from level 3 available”

“Neighborhood mall with a reasonable number of shops and eateries.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 261 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 69% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Buangkok Square Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Buangkok Square Mall, Block 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore

There is a total 261 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Cm Na

    Great place to hang out. Nice Xmas decorations

  2. Avatar photo
    Eve Lim

    Not very crowded over here. Hope there are more shops like massage & spa etc coming in and more education centres too

  3. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Fairly alright for a small neighbourhood mall.

  4. Avatar photo
    Jumiaton SelamatKadri

    Fast food restaurants, 7-11, halal bread shop & many more

  5. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    Not much food variety ,prime supermarket, small koufu, MacDonald. Noodle hub was okay not much of choices, fave pay available.

  6. Avatar photo
    Paul Lim Kian Leong

    A relative medium small family mall for supermarket n a number of nice F&B outlets n others. Carpark can be a challenge during peak period

  7. Avatar photo
    Hello BKK

    You can get your basic needs met. Some learning centres around – music, dance, academic classes etc. Common fast food brands around – Pizza hut & Macdonald.

  8. Avatar photo

    Nice suburban mall. Its reasonably quiet if you like a bit of peace and quiet. Nice Prime Supermarket for those looking for an alternative toFair Price and Cold Storage. One star off as the mobile reception is strangely patchy inside the mall

  9. Avatar photo
    steph ng

    Got food poisoning, after eating at one of their food places.

  10. Avatar photo

    Koufu, McDonalds are already open… Could not find d supermarket though

  11. Avatar photo
    Suria Kasim

    Buying frozen food using my CDC voucher. One of the popular Malay store… Returning soon to the store buying the frozen food for my kiddos. Thumbs up

  12. Avatar photo
    Nur Hafizah Wahid

    Usually not busy.
    Very friendly employees.
    Family-friendly, a lot of baby chairs at the side. You can sit inside or outside.
    Fast service, food is always hot & nice.
    There’s no toilet inside the McDonald’s itself, so you have to go into the mall to use the toilet.

  13. Avatar photo
    HNS Saeedipour

    Small n convenient mall for neighbourhood at Buangkok Cresent. I am very glad that we have BS mall near our HDB at 997B. Thanks to HDB for that.

  14. Avatar photo
    Tang Anthony

    MP visit this morning, Free hot drinks at Koufu , on the former! Rare oppo!

  15. Avatar photo
    Max Tan

    Clean mall. Cater to the neighbourhood

  16. Avatar photo
    Alicia Tan

    Your average neighborhood mall with a decent mix of shops. Would be even better if there was at least one ATM here.

  17. Avatar photo
    Jun Kai Foong

    good mall with posb atm, unity, koufu, valudollar, fairly big prime supermarket and mcdonalds. 7 Eleven are the only 24hr shop.

  18. Avatar photo
    Yijie Tay

    Hmmmm, a mall with lots of things. Need anything can just drop by here ! They even have a level for enrichment class.

  19. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan

    Amenities in HDB precincts. Good for residents to have a place to chill out

  20. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheong

    The only 2things I will go there for food and buy groceries that’s all. There is Macdonald but not 24hrs what a waste.

  21. Avatar photo
    Nurazlin Hamzamli

    Need to add on more choices and different shops…

  22. Avatar photo
    wes hope

    Convenient with just about everything you need in walking distance. Look out for the book stall in centre of mall sometimes: rare sight in Singapore but many excellent books broad selection, good especially for young ones, many classic childrens novels and educational/factual books to stimulate learning: fair prices throughout

  23. Avatar photo
    Z a

    Small mall there’s 2 stories only but helps to make the area not so dead and ulu

  24. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Firuz Mohamed Noor

    Prime Super Market..SuzyAmeer Halal Grocery..

  25. Avatar photo
    Farah Mohd

    All in one of all where I can get food for lunch, breakfast, etc, a supermarket to shop for groceries as well as diy shop to get electronic gadgets and such.

  26. Avatar photo

    The mall is great but the security is very rude and biased. When i parked my bike in the premise he warned me that he would lock up my bike and fine me. I said okay sorry and parked outside where it wasnt blocking anyone, then he shouted at me aggresively saying that i cannot park on the footpath?? I must park on the grass. wow. the second time i went i parked my bike outside the premise, he came again and rudely said that he was gonna lock up my bike and call lta again. My day was already bad and he just had to make it worse.

  27. Avatar photo

    Prima supermarket got a lot taiwan snack

  28. Avatar photo
    Baharudin Pawanchee

    Frozen halal food awesome lots of choice and reasonable

  29. Avatar photo
    Daljit Singh

    This is the best Mall because it have nearly everything you need and is just beside my house I only wish it can replace McDonald’s to subway or Popeyes …

  30. Avatar photo
    Ritson “Phoenix” Tan

    Nothing much to look forward to not in full operation shop still empty

  31. Avatar photo
    Jailani Mahmood

    Just a neighborhood mall that caters the needs of Buangkok Drive and Crescent housing estates. MacDonald, Pizza Hut, a halal establishment Makan Kakis, the Prime Super Market and other stores are opened for businesses. There is one particular shop, Suzy Ameer Halal Food, that sells all halal Muslim frozen food and other halal products.

  32. Avatar photo
    Steve Ong

    Small mall to grab for food and items

  33. Avatar photo
    John Leong

    Sparkling new HDB mall located in an HDB estate. Have a Prime Mart as the anchor tenant together with McDonald’s. Many other stores that will cater to the heartlanders staying within its vicinity. And many enrichment and tuition centres on the third floor to keep the Tiger Mums happy.

  34. Avatar photo
    blitzwoofer max

    It’s has shops that are rare to find in Singapore

  35. Avatar photo

    Nice place, if have Watsons and guardian is perfect!

  36. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    New neighbourhood mall that is slowly opening up. Only about half the stores are open but the supermarket and foodcourt are operational.

  37. Avatar photo

    slightly lacking in shops but still sufficient for daily living!

  38. Avatar photo
    malcolm g

    Bit lacking in a couple of impt amenities. Not one ATM in sight. Terrible

  39. Avatar photo
    Hibro Jklol

    Whats The girl names that works at 711 at this timing 1230am? She’s Indian muslim i think, or maybe she’s just indian i want to know her age and name or maybe Instagram

  40. Avatar photo
    Kenny Zhang

    Let’s keep the people density like this. Almost every other similar collection of shops in Singapore in unbearably crowded

  41. Avatar photo
    Choonseng Yap

    Neighbourhood store and convinience shop

  42. Avatar photo
    christine clare oh

    Not very crowded. Prime Supermarket has a good range of merchandise, spacious … did not manage to have a good look … was a quick browse visit today!

  43. Avatar photo
    Brenda P.

    Not bad within a small mall. They have value shop, pharmacy. Prime supermarket. A good convenient spot for neighbouring ppl.

  44. Avatar photo
    Derek Tang

    Prime supermarket on the ground floor. It stocks many interesting local selection that I haven’t seen elsewhere. They also sell local grown vegetables, very fresh! Koufu upstairs isn’t too crowded even during peak hours. Food selection is passable.

  45. Avatar photo
    Ms Tan

    Ample parking lots. Spacious mall.

  46. Avatar photo
    Hema Rama

    Didnt even know this place existed. So many dining choices

  47. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Many services line and makan place. Parking is convenient.

  48. Avatar photo
    Dickson Lee

    ATM machines limited. Not many shops.

  49. Avatar photo
    Clement Chew

    Heartland essentials and food. Pity the mobile signals of all telcos are almost negligible making it almost impossible to use mobile payment options which Buangkok Square is promoting.

  50. Avatar photo

    A new neighbourhood’s kinda mall. Non air conditioned. There’s a supermarket and few eateries. Self sufficient. Not much shopping.

  51. Avatar photo
    Oon Ban Cheah

    The mall is relatively quiet. The food is also run of the mill type.

  52. Avatar photo
    Poh Ivy

    Koi express..iced honey..going to imh..3 bus stops away..chill drinks on buses!!

  53. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Choe

    A place where food and supermarket made available for the residents staying nearby.

  54. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Quiet mall, koufu, prime supermarket, McDonald’s, unity, pinnacle family clinic, value $, hair salon and a few eateries.

  55. Avatar photo
    Aidil Amran

    Good place to shopping and eat …

  56. Avatar photo
    Ray Fang

    Nice and clean, quiet and cozy neighborhood mall

  57. Avatar photo
    A calverley

    It’s small but has what I need

  58. Avatar photo

    small but good mall with carparks at the top and parks scattered nearby the area

  59. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    New and clean. Easy to access by bus.

  60. Avatar photo
    Pain Uchiha

    Lovely new mall near my place.

  61. Avatar photo
    Desmond Soo

    Power aircon… Not 100% occupied yet. Wait for few months to fully running I guess

  62. Avatar photo
    Kay Wi

    More like a suburban neighborhood centre for people to buy essential items rather than a mall. No fancy things. Theres a food court where you can buy typical food court food at typical food court price.fully air conditioned including food court. Theres a value shop where essential household products can be bought such as Glade air freshener etc. Not bad. The mall section has only 2 storeys. Rest of the storeys belong to HDB carpark.

  63. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Nice & cozy new mall in Buangkok link with nacdonald, koufu & several nice mini eating house & so far considered good! Go check this place out before it gets real crowed over time.
    Remember always stay safe and keep a distance!

  64. Avatar photo
    Otoko Otoko

    Has quite a lot of stuff available for the residents living in the vicinity, especially the supermarket for your daily needs.

  65. Avatar photo
    din othman

    It would be even great if there are shops selling clothing, shoes etc. Should also accommodate bicycle stand at the front lobby so customers would find ease of shopping over there.

  66. Avatar photo
    Leon Seah

    Very modern, small neighbourhood mall serving the immediate nearby community, ulu and no reason to visit otherwise (unless you are exploring)
    Has tutoring and childcare centers + a main Prime supermarket grocer

  67. Avatar photo
    rah man

    The bus service is not easy connected

  68. Avatar photo
    Boy Dhillon

    Nice place quiet clean prime supermarket

  69. Avatar photo
    Mathilde (MathildeOnTravel)

    Eateries and food court for lunch and dinner will be great for families. Prime supermarket to get your groceries shopping. Mall is just infront of the bus stop and it’s convenient to get to.

  70. Avatar photo
    Tan Sy

    New shopping mall in Buangkok with good variety of choices for food and groceries.

  71. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    A neighbourhood mall with basic amenities given

  72. Avatar photo
    Dexter Jemuel Tay

    Has a Gym Pod, food court and supermarket!

  73. Avatar photo
    Abby FizElmi

    Would love if they would consider opening a bookstore and Singapore post office here. So no need to travel all the way to hougang mall to mail out any item.

  74. Avatar photo

    Small shopping mall with very few shops, more suitable as an eating spot

  75. Avatar photo
    Anna Chen

    Not much food to eat

  76. Avatar photo
    Jeyathasan So krishnan

    Needs better use of its open space & don’t have any Chinese foodstall selling sea food at affordable prices.

  77. Avatar photo
    Ervin Yeo

    Can do with a better variety of outlets

  78. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chua

    Nice place shop is limited

  79. Avatar photo
    Sutjahjo Ngaserin

    A smallish mall with McDonald’s, a food centre and a few decent F&B outlets. A pharmacy helps but it’s too small for me any more than basic shopping. Prime supermarket there is prices affordable.

  80. Avatar photo
    Ronald Lee

    Located along buangkok crescent and provides necessary amenities which is really meant for the neighborhood as this place is quite remote from everywhere. I hope more crowd will start to pack and support the business. It is always nice to have a mall around the neighborhood given more option and selection thereafter.

  81. Avatar photo

    For Me, Its A Beautifully Architectural Building But There Isn’t Really Much To Do There. Its Kind Of Like A Pit Stop To Grab Some Snacks At PRIME Or Go To Their Tuition Centres. I Think They Overestimated Themselves As The Parking Lots Are At Least Half Of The Buildings Hight. Around The Mall, There Still Is The Last Kampong (Village Made Out Of Attap Leaves And Natural Items) That You Can Visit. Nor Here Neither There. Since Its A New Mall, I Won’t Really Go To Harsh On It.

    Basic Needs/Wants:
    Food Court:
    Education Centre:

  82. Avatar photo
    Prathipraj Devaraj

    Limited shops! Minimal choices

  83. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Small and cleaning maintenance could be better

  84. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    A small yet with a wide range of retail shops, including hair salon, halal food, coffee and snacks.

  85. Avatar photo

    it looks cool

  86. Avatar photo

    Mainly eateries and children enrichment centre.

  87. Avatar photo
    Rong Jia Lau

    Amazing place for residents in the area. With such a neighborhood centre, never mind that this estate is not in a central location or within walking distance of a MRT station.

    A young family could probably stay within the estate the entire weekend as all basic needs are met – groceries, decent F&B choices, an indoor playground for kids (charges apply), and some say enrichment centres too! It also has a rooftop garden which no one is using

  88. Avatar photo

    You can get it all here. Small but very convenient mall. And the New POSB ATM is here to complete it!

  89. Avatar photo
    Seb Ong

    Small residential mall, anchor tenant is Prime Food & Grocer, no major fashion outlets, mostly food related shops. Some units are empty now.

  90. Avatar photo
    Lee Siang Teck

    Not yet open. Hope to see it operate by Xmas 2018

  91. Avatar photo
    Mr J

    Limited choices. Probably there for macdonald or prime supermarket only.

  92. Avatar photo
    Roger Poh

    This mall has now set aside some space beside the building for bikes. Well done. Now our bikes are protected from the sun and rain.

  93. Avatar photo

    No earmarked taxi queue.

    If not a taxi queue, no seats for resting while waiting for ride hailed.

  94. Avatar photo
    Anis Z Chonchol

    Very small mall .. don’t have variety

  95. Avatar photo
    Weimin Lim

    Small yet packed with all essential services

  96. Avatar photo
    Aik Peng Ng

    Still quite a few shops and stalls are not opened but I believe this place will be in full swing in 3 months time. Rest room is dirty and wet for a new place.

  97. Avatar photo
    Judith Jalin SG

    Apart from the essential Prime supermarket, 7-eleven, pizza hut, MacDonald, hardware shop, nothing much to cater to do a shopping there.
    Hope it can improves better and more tenants to cater for the residents.

  98. Avatar photo
    Mdm Didy

    Great neighbourhood mall

  99. Avatar photo
    tan hiekoon

    All outlet not fully open

  100. Avatar photo
    chinling yip

    Near by to me..
    Sad that Mac is not 24hrs operations
    Now still new.. food are limited

  101. Avatar photo
    Yusof Joseph Abbey

    Easiest way from my house

  102. Avatar photo
    lee siong

    Is a small mall but hv everything, food court, supermarket, fastfood, cake shop, hair cut shop almost daily need also hv.

  103. Avatar photo
    Md nasir

    Nice building . More carpark lot . There is popular frozen food shop at Suzie Amer ,prime super market and also yufu food stalls , Mac Donald & eta .

  104. Avatar photo
    Gecko Chua

    Buangkok Square Mall was opened in the beginning of the year 2019, it served the residents, especially the Buangkok Crescent residents, as it is the only Mall around here.
    Although it is just a two storey building but you have a Prime supermarket where the residents can do their groceries and you have a Koufu Foodcourt and other stall selling western food like pizza, a confectionery shop, a children playground a malay stall selling mainly Halal products, etc
    Just outside the building there is also a McDonald fast food restaurant.
    Just last year Oct 2020, a new bus loop service 114 was introduced and it commence its journey from Sengkang Central at the bus stop outside Exit B of Buangkok MRT Station and this bus will stop at a bus stop opposite Buangkok Square Mall.

  105. Avatar photo
    Tan Yap Hong

    It was a nice place with modern amenities, such as food court and neighbourhood shops nestled in a corner between Hougang and Sengkang.

  106. Avatar photo
    fathi haz

    Official Opening on 17 February, Sunday!

  107. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Modern and clean. A decent sized neighborhood mall with loads of amenities and connected to 2 blocks of flats in the area.

  108. Avatar photo
    Adawiyah Zul

    The entrance by 711 is closed which is super silly as the drop off point is there.

  109. Avatar photo

    Small but have the necessary things.

  110. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Nice small mall to serve the residents living at buangkok. The estate is behind IMH. Got prime mart, selffix, koufu, pizza hut and mcdonalds.

  111. Avatar photo
    Velu Velu

    Good night to all who are working ,they takeing more procation from viruses i am happy with the person who take temperature and safety one metre away prime supermarket and allso others places i and allso McDonald café and papa café and seven oElEVEN Buangkok square Mall very good and good , from Velu Silvadorai Mohammad Azim bin Abdullah

  112. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Firdaus

    Strategically located for BTOs around it. I cannot believe how I could have missed this mall. Offers quite a range of varieties decent enough to cater to the needs of residents there. Foresee myself visiting more frequently now that my neighbour and friends endorsed their support for this place

  113. Avatar photo
    Advaith the king

    This is a convenient place for near by blocks as we had difficulty in getting groceries, hawker shops, Tution a for the kids. This is like a boon for us.

  114. Avatar photo
    Prem Rai

    Nice mall with all types of food & groceries.
    Macdonald, pizza hut , food court,big parking space start from level 3 available

  115. Avatar photo
    Nur Aisyah

    Staffs there were all pleasant

  116. Avatar photo
    Food Lover

    Could have more cheaper food options! Quite boring there

  117. Avatar photo
    Lisa Arina

    E mall is quite quite small, not much activities beside the normal eatery, supermarket, food court and some other clothing shop, dentist, tuition centre.

  118. Avatar photo
    Jeff C

    Not many shops, choice limited. Only meant for the immediate neighbourhood.

  119. Avatar photo
    Rong Jia Lau

    Amazing place for residents in the area. With such a neighborhood centre, never mind that this estate is not in a central location or within walking distance of a MRT station.

    A young family could probably stay within the estate the entire weekend as all basic needs are met – groceries, decent F&B choices, an indoor playground for kids (charges apply), and some say enrichment centres too! It also has a rooftop garden which no one is using

  120. Avatar photo
    Ry Lee

    Small neighborhood mall. Hope futher development can be plan more for it.

  121. Avatar photo
    Joel Tng

    An alright mall newly opened in February 2019

  122. Avatar photo

    Small mall with basic need

  123. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Awesome Amazing Accessible Excellent Incredible

  124. Avatar photo

    Small HBD Mall. Huge Prime Supermarket.

  125. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Husaini Mohammad Yusoff

    Love the fact that there is a store known as ameersuzy.

  126. Avatar photo
    Dani Mika Qayla Misha

    Overall a great mall. Basic necessity shops are there like prime, suzyameer. However quite dissapointed with the restaurants around, there is only pizza hut and macdonald. Hope they can open KFC as well. Perhaps a dessert shop as well especially at koufu? Very little halal shop.

  127. Avatar photo
    Sveta Smirnova

    More to plaza rather than mall. However, we got what we’re looking for. The rate is neutral.

  128. Avatar photo
    J C

    Could have been better… more parking spaces than retail.. please add more shops to attract shoppers. Otherwise, one by one the stores r going to have to close soon.

  129. Avatar photo

    Indeed a very nice mall with many food options… The Mac Donald’s at the front really stands out as are able to stop by and quickly and conveniently get some snacks.

  130. Avatar photo
    Ong Ong

    Not a big mall but serve the needs of residents nearby. Koufu is still lack of new stalls. Hope there are more varieties of food & a vegetarian food stall here. Thanks to the management.

  131. Avatar photo
    Joy WhomJesusLoves

    Your ordinary neighbourhood mall with plenty of enrichment classes for the kids. Prime mart is there, so is Koufu and Pizzahut.

  132. Avatar photo
    Prem Gan

    Good and clean mall with with many nice eateries. Has a flagship Prime Supermarket as well.

  133. Avatar photo
    Alden Chua

    Plenty of parking space but quite off the track unless you happen to be in that area.

  134. Avatar photo
    John Lim

    clean and not many people here

  135. Avatar photo
    Jovinder Singh

    Small mall. Prime grocery store is highly recommended.

  136. Avatar photo
    Izyani Taha

    A compact mini mall that has all your necessities under one roof. Most importantly the Sunshine Kids indoor playground is a big hit with the kids. There is a Halal frozen store outlet, Suzy Ameer which originated from Tampines and now, thankful that there’s a branch to serve us from the northeast of Singapore! another plus point the bakery is also halal, with the Makan Cafe and Pizza Hut, McDonald’s we are given a variety of food choices here! Looking forward to the new Cafe coming up, Papa Cafe for our staple Indian delicacies. On the other hand, the network is still rather terrible at the Basement. And a negative fact is that the drop off point is virtually invisible from outside and the entrance to Buangkok Square is hidden due to the drop off point located below the big Multi Storey Carpark (MSCP) of 991 Buangkok Link! It has to be more prominent to lessen visitors’ frustrations. Overall, Buangkok Square is an updated version of Punggol Plaza & Rivervale Plaza.

  137. Avatar photo

    Nice cosy place

  138. Avatar photo
    Martin Gaspar

    New Mall. All the necessary amenities available, supermarket, food court, clinic, hair salon and many more

  139. Avatar photo
    noor mohamad

    Nice neighborhood mall.
    Prime Supermarket is a good substitute for a traditional wet market. Nice mix of retail, food, medical, dental, education outlets.

  140. Avatar photo
    Karin Soong

    Good, food choices are available chineses, fast food, coffee & toast. Household stores, cgildren play room, 7-11, prine supermart.. very convenient indeed.

  141. Avatar photo
    noorkamal vip

    stationery section at prime most items price not listed hpoe there hv pick up drop point in front mcdonald,facing main road

  142. Avatar photo

    Awesome mall. Large variety of stores.

  143. Avatar photo
    TS Ng

    Not bad. Has Mcd, koufu food court. Nice place to meet up

  144. Avatar photo
    David Moh

    Neighborhood mall with a reasonable number of shops and eateries.

  145. Avatar photo
    Hamza Ahmad

    There ara so many shops fast food n food courts..the mall is not so big ..u can the bus service 114 ,329 n 101..

  146. Avatar photo
    Boon Teck Lim

    Many stores are open , included value store.

  147. Avatar photo
    Chandni Chandni

    Boring for food choices

  148. Avatar photo
    Aeson Chua

    Most of the ships still not open yet

  149. Avatar photo
    Kai weng Wong

    1 coffee shop (open house) A kopitian ;ntuc fp supermark,few shops. Not really a mall. Nevertheless, we can get every necessity, food, meal here. Not crowed any time. Buangkok mrt here.

  150. Avatar photo
    jase f

    Interesting to see a mall of such spring up in what are pretty much the boondocks… But still good and functional – level three is replete with enrichment centres and kiddy classes. Garden roof is a nice touch, but the landscaping could be improved. Will be back for more, hopefully the place doesn’t remain too deserted as was the case during P2HA

  151. Avatar photo
    J Lee

    Decent mall with OK selection of retail options.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chua

    Koufu has good variety. Not crowded

  153. Avatar photo
    Edgar Cheong

    Cosy mall with lots of space. The amenities are pretty good, but the family rooms seem to be all closed… The place is clean and there’s a good mix of shops and eateries. There’s only 1 entry into the mall due to safe distancing measures, but the rules can be easily circumvented. That’s not very good…

  154. Avatar photo
    Lupita Laksmi

    Small mall with everything such as food court, fast food, retail shops and supermarket.

  155. Avatar photo
    William Teo

    Small residential area mall that has a good sized Value shop.

  156. Avatar photo
    ant little

    small square…

  157. Avatar photo
    J Y Shawn

    Mala hotpot in Koufu is not bad. Must have try

  158. Avatar photo
    C Ps

    New neighborhood shopping center, not a big one, but there are eateries place, tuitions center, and the prime supermarket interior and arrangements is fantastic.
    We having our lunch at Kaki Makan, the turmeric chicken rice is delicious, we like the sambal and coffee.
    Kufo is located at the 2nd floor.

  159. Avatar photo
    Lee Francis


  160. Avatar photo
    Jerald Lim

    Small neighborhood mall with children enrichment centers, supermarket, food court, and other necessities. Parking is plenty, and there is a neighborhood park with children platforming playground. Pretty out of the way, so caters mainly to the new BTOs and parents waiting for kids classes to end.

  161. Avatar photo


  162. Avatar photo
    Timezone Watch Trading

    My usual makan place here in this mall , I love the Koufu food courts the food there is nice , even The Noodle Hub food #01-02 too . Prime supermarket is also my place for groceries clean and spacious . Noticed a new stall selling desserts on 03/08/22 went in to eat .. nice place .

  163. Avatar photo
    Jin Feng Seah

    Not every shop opened as of now

  164. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    Probably the only shopping mall strategically located around the vicinity. It provides all the basic necessities and interestingly there’s a bicycle shop, that provides repair and retail services. Suzyameer is also there! They provide affordable halal frozen food and groceries. Definitely a good complement to Prime Food and Grocer. The upper level, level 3 are mostly the schools.

  165. Avatar photo
    BH Cheng

    Love it ! good for kids too .

  166. Avatar photo
    Praveen Ranjan

    Handful of shops, couldn’t find taxi stand in front of mall. Maybe visit again after few years

  167. Avatar photo
    Henry Goh

    Very good

  168. Avatar photo
    Imran Mohamad

    Halal frozen food is here

  169. Avatar photo
    Fiona Ong

    New shopping mall that is well located in the central of buangkok link. All the necessities are available – Supermarket, coffee shop, breakfast stalls, fast food chain, clinic, salon, tool shop etc.

    Hope there will be interesting atrium sales or events in the mall to hype it.

  170. Avatar photo
    Mark Lee

    Great mall! The prime supermarket is awesome! Excellent service staff! Thanks!

  171. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    New shopping mall. Many stores are not open yet.

  172. Avatar photo
    David Yeo

    Nice place to relax and eat all the decisions foods.

  173. Avatar photo
    wilsn odonata

    Must try the laksa at New Noodle Hub at level1. Awesome

  174. Avatar photo
    Jefri Marvel

    Nice mall affordable and lots of stall

  175. Avatar photo
    Nuraini Sadek

    Buangkok square mall only not very good no taxi stand diffucult for us

  176. Avatar photo
    PM Boy

    Spacious, quiet, not too crowded mall in a somewhat quiet neighbourhood. Not to expect it to be like big shopping malls, and this is worthy a visit for the comfort food offered in eateries like Koufu and McDonald’s, and a decently sized Prime Food & Grocer for groceries shopping…

  177. Avatar photo
    Yus Sulaiman

    Quiet neighborhood shopping mall.

  178. Avatar photo

    This is rather a small shopping mall. But for meal you can have a variety. Nearest R&B store in hougang area.

  179. Avatar photo
    Kenn Tan

    Small mall with limit choice

  180. Avatar photo
    Hungry Kwee

    Can find all basic necessities in this small mall …

  181. Avatar photo
    Jamie Chua

    There’s Mac, Prime Supermarket, Bakery shop, Koufu food court, salon and household shop.

    some other shops are still under renovation.

    Going to have pizza hut and more..

  182. Avatar photo
    Kalith Sattar

    New mall with all required shops especially McDonald’s

  183. Avatar photo
    Terence Howie

    1 clinic is not enough. At the moment, 1 clinic with 1 doctor only. Many patients waiting time is long. Need 1 more clinic to open at this mall. Eatery at this mall its enough.

  184. Avatar photo
    Sanusi Khalid

    There is a great shop selling all halal frozen items

  185. Avatar photo
    Alan Tay

    No Kopitiam group there Kofu bolding n some stall very expensive

  186. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    Although is a very small shopping mall but the prime supermarket is good with many varieties. Goods are arranged very neatly and nice place to shop your groceries

  187. Avatar photo
    Marmot Starpax

    beware of slippery pavement and sword-wielding man

  188. Avatar photo
    Lutfi Dali

    Nothing much to expect here; McDonald’s, 7-11, Prime, a few other grocers, bakeries and Wellness outlets.

  189. Avatar photo
    Yu Sisters Channel

    Visited so many times. Great mall in neighborhood to do quick shopping after lunch…

  190. Avatar photo

    Additional eating House had been added to the recent open Mall
    Kohfu also have a few good food stalls

  191. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Toh

    Nice neighbourhood mall. Not very big but also not very crowded. There is a supermarket, barber, fast food restaurant, food court, bakery, value shop, etc. Basically all the basic needs in one mall.

  192. Avatar photo
    Tennyson koh

    V nice and new mall

  193. Avatar photo
    Yeoh Jo Ern

    simple mall with koufu, mcd, valu$ and prime supermarket

  194. Avatar photo
    Peter Neo

    Just a neighborhood mall with shops for convenience and a few eating places. Park at the MSCP.

  195. Avatar photo
    Wren Lim

    Koufu foodcourt is ok. But the cleanliness of the toilets and the mall itself is quite bad. There are cocroaches in the toilets, the lifts always look scruffy and dirty, the floor surface look dirty as well. And there is bad smell at the lift landing area too.

  196. Avatar photo
    Timezone Watch Trading

    My usual makan place here in this mall , I love the Koufu food courts the food there is nice , even The Noodle Hub food #01-02 too . Prime supermarket is also my place for groceries clean and spacious . Noticed a new stall selling desserts on 03/08/22 went in to eat .. nice place .

  197. Avatar photo
    Steven Sou

    Quiet and cosy. Prime supermarket not so crowded. Enjoy nice food from Fishy people restaurant.

  198. Avatar photo
    laykee Tan

  199. Avatar photo
    Soonwei Lim

    Small but with the necessity for family needs.

  200. Avatar photo
    Happylove Judith

    Only Pizza huts, Macdonald, Prime Supermarket Guardians, hardware store, are essentials and good. The food at Kofu are not fresh. Whole cake in bakery taste cheap for the normal price range compared other bakery. Cubicles in toilets are always dirty.Should have more shops and keep price affordable to the residents. Js a nice shopping mall but poor tenants.

  201. Avatar photo
    BH C

    Crowded on weekends ,stalls prices are generally expensive

  202. Avatar photo
    Ariane Lee

    Though small with a few tenants, it is sufficient to serve the basic needs of residents

  203. Avatar photo
    Shaidah Nafisah Mahmud

    Spacious. Weekend go to place from sengkang!

  204. Avatar photo
    Mak Kam

    Can find Halal product at Susy Amir .

  205. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Amizan

    New mall in Buangkok area. I didn’t explore much cos’ there are many slots (of shops) still empty- just walk around the 1st level only. However, Prime supermarket is there and the concept is slightly different with the usual supermarket we always go to (eg. NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage). So far I observed that Prime supermarket, McDonalds and Kopitiam in the upper level (as seen and found by the front entrance/exit of the mall) are the places that most people go to when they arrive at this mall.

  206. Avatar photo
    Sue S

    Very new. Still not 100% operational. But i like the Prime Supermarket. A lot of varieties and the products that they carry, more upmarket. U can find the unique spices there.

  207. Avatar photo
    Terry Seetoh

    Small shopping center with plenty of food options. Quiet atmosphere and good for chilling out.

  208. Avatar photo
    Enna Dune

    No ATM. No halal food in the food court.

  209. Avatar photo
    Devin Tay

    Decent mall for the neighbourhood.
    Doesn’t have much stuff but the essentials are there so good enuf

  210. Avatar photo
    Wei Le

    Very awesome shopping centre! Even though it is small, still there is very good services

  211. Avatar photo
    Lee Carol

    Unbearable without ATM. Basically bfast lunch n dinner with Mcd. How sad …

  212. Avatar photo
    Poong Lieng

    So perfect a mall in every way.

  213. Avatar photo
    Silfer Lau

    Nice soup at koufu. Near to finishing it with my kids. Also tau suan

  214. Avatar photo
    Forever Alone

    Ease my tummy but close too early and open too.late

  215. Avatar photo
    Pak We Henry Chua

    Brand new and clean mall. Spacious layout, just abit confusing when comes to locate certain shops.

  216. Avatar photo
    Christine Tan

    A variety of shops and a big supermarket to cater to the residents in this area. Ordered mee siam and coffee from Roast & Toast, nice food. They have other nice food too.

  217. Avatar photo
    Ms jilli

    Indoor playground is clean

  218. Avatar photo

    Nice place to shop at Prime Supermarket

  219. Avatar photo
    Mary Koh

    Very convenient for those who live at that area, but there is no atm to draw cash, at some parts of the building there is no signal like Prime Supermarket

  220. Avatar photo
    Yeong Lok

    3 levels of shops including Prime supermart and Koufu food courts

  221. Avatar photo
    Jun Lina

    not much things to shop.if theres no svalue,prime or bread junction…theres nothing there

  222. Avatar photo
    McFarlane The

    Nice community mall

  223. Avatar photo
    Melodie Tan

    Very small mall with only basic necessities. Food options limited as well. 3rd level has quite a number of children enrichment centres.

  224. Avatar photo
    Amabelle Kok

    Simple Neighbourhood shopping mall that means most of your needs

  225. Avatar photo
    Loh Jia Zheng

    I always like mall with less people visiting
    If you having same thought with me, you should go there too

  226. Avatar photo
    Alyah Insyirah

    Basic amentities available:-

    Koufu foodcourt
    Bicycle shop
    Kids indoor playground
    Meni & pedi
    Renovation company
    Educational centres

  227. Avatar photo

    Decent mall, has food court, mcdonald’s bubble tea, pharmacy, supermarket, couple of hair cut shops, got a decent haircut for 10 dollars at the barber on second floor. Some tuition centres. Also have DIY shops and some food

  228. Avatar photo
    angel yong

    My favourite hair salon with friendly staff. Price is rather cheaper than other outlet. Monthly doing my dyeing hair and treatment must visit salon.

  229. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lim

    This place have a supermarket, food court and some other fast-food outlets, etc. Clean and quiet surrounding with ample parking lots.

  230. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Halal retaik available by suzyameer store️

  231. Avatar photo
    grant roberts

    Has mcd

  232. Avatar photo
    Maverick Ng

    Small and boring neighbourhood mall… but good enough for the Buangkok residents as they don’t have to travel to Hougang Central.

  233. Avatar photo
    Riven ChuaHo

    If you travel to Bangkok Square Mall in a Taxi, you may have to advise the driver to avoid the regular alighting spot whereby it is closed due to the current pandemic; instead alight at the loading bay area and screened for entrance into the Mall.

  234. Avatar photo
    Ian Goh

    Only “shopping centre” in the neighbourhood, its well cleaned all the time very impressed.

  235. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Another new mall on heartland community. Not much to browse and looks empty at times. …

  236. Avatar photo

    A small shopping mall which serves the needs of the residents living in the Buangkok housing estate. Quite a few eateries (McDonald’s,Pizza Hut,Koufu) and also a Prime Supermarket.

  237. Avatar photo
    scarecrow .ncl

    Nothing particularly special. Just a good neighborhood mall.

  238. Avatar photo
    Huiting Lee

    This is located at 991 Buangkok Link, a multi-storey car park cum shopping mall by HDB. Opens in February 2019. Operating hours from 8am to 10pm only. Best of it there are retails, dining outlets, clinic, salon, 7-Eleven, Prime Supermarket …Many more shops coming it’s way.

  239. Avatar photo

    Buangkok square Mall is quite small but trendy as it’s been built about the same time as the surrounding BTO flats which is somewhat new .. quite convenient for residents and nearby housing to visit . It has a supermarket and other shops .. which is typical of a new hdb town . Worthwhile to visit this place as leisure .

  240. Avatar photo

    A small 2 floor neighborhood shop mall with nice prime market, koufu, and McDonalds.

  241. Avatar photo

    You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food cuisine istg,,,

  242. Avatar photo
    Michael Tey

    good place for marketing, eat breakfast and do laundry …

  243. Avatar photo

    Why I rated 5 stars– as a person who do not like crowded places, I find the food court a nice place to hv breakfast or a chat with friends. Not too crowded on weekdays as most residents are back to their workplace. Yet the mall hv the necessary shops to cater to daily needs. Clinic, hairdresser, grocery stores, bakery, small cafes, McDonald, and PRIME Supermarket..are there. Even a shop that provides play areas for toddlers. Opposite the mall there’s a footpath that led to the Park connector. And the only village left in Singapore, Kampong Buangkok, is just about a 20 mins walk away. Transport is much better now as you can take bus 114 from Buangkok MRT Station. Buses 329 and 101 also passes by.

  244. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Quiet and clean mall , awesome but if they can have ATM will be better.

  245. Avatar photo
    Teng Pok Chye

    What I hate? Too little stalls. The combination stalls does not compliment each other. Not enough food outlet.

  246. Avatar photo
    Jordan Cheng

    Not a big mall but quite delightful shopping experience, because it’s not as crowded.

    Koufu is clean and comfortable, with decent selection of food. Always enjoy a nice cup of coffee there, with yummy food, in a cozy environment.

    Prime supermarket feels like a Fairprice Finest, spacious and well organized.

    The New Noodle Hub at level 1 (before the mall entrance) has nice noodle and laksa with generous portions.

    Never like to go shopping mall but this one is an exception.

  247. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Modern and clean. A decent sized neighborhood mall with loads of amenities and connected to 2 blocks of flats in the area.

  248. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    Any craving for Pizza Hut and Mc Donalds then go here. Valu$ also open there. Basic veggie and grocery shopping also available. Good Mall for nearby people.

  249. Avatar photo
    Joel Yeo

    Nice simple mall near buangkok Link with Mac and laundry service

  250. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Firdaus

    After closing, we can access toilet via 7eleven

  251. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Small mall but it has all basic necessities.

    Not crowded even though it is on the weekend. Good for quick shopping.

    There is no parking lot linked to mall directly. There are 2 lifts from the parking. The nearest one will be lift lobby at the other side of parking (not the nearest from entry), will send you beside the DBS ATM. The other lift should have linked directly it seems but now closed because if restrictions. If raining, need umbrella to walk there from this lift.

  252. Avatar photo
    Azhar Md Saleh

    First visit to BSM during the Circuit Breaker Period. All i can is that i’m not impress with the place, design and location. The place is spacious but there’re not many shops here. The parking entrance and exit is poorly designed, basically its an accident waiting to happen.

  253. Avatar photo
    Nancy Teo

    Looks big and spacious outside but inside is very small nothing much to shop. The design of the pickup and drop off point was not convenient, especially on raining days.

  254. Avatar photo
    Ashraf uAsh

    Macdonalds usually takes order wrongly or takes very long

  255. Avatar photo
    my c

    First visit with mum tdy ( a Saturday afternoon) as discovered bus service no.114 directly down my place stops conveniently opposite the mall.
    Love the relatively spacious and clean environment as there weren’t many people.
    Love the Prime supermarket that’s really well stocked with meat, veg & seafood looking much fresher than the Fairprice outlet at my place.
    Love the spacious Koufu with many seats – tables & reasonable food prices, tried the Kway chap at the Duck Rice stall & like the ‘kway’ and soup & that they accept CDC vouchers.
    Will NOT patronise the Fish Ball Noodles cos the short skinny fellow at the stall was really rude when i attempted to order a bowl of Laksa, he retorted with ‘No laksa, where to find laksa at this time!’ . It’s 4pm & no signs posted at the stall saying Laksa only available at certain times!

    Hope the Prime supermart & prices at Koufu there will remain & last for a long time. Will visit again.

  256. Avatar photo
    Ian Mc

    New mall, several options for kopi ah. Even McCafe from McD can. An option when on a ride

  257. Avatar photo
    govinda kuna

    Nearest shopping mall for us, not 2 bad though can’t complain since they have the necessary shops like supermarket and obligatory Macdonald

  258. Avatar photo
    Vicky Mobil

    Very quite place doing shopping peacefully

  259. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli BMO

    Good place for getting your household supplies and restaurants.

  260. Avatar photo
    Ty Chua

    Quiet suburban mall, pretty much all the daily necessities you need are available here.

  261. Avatar photo
    Maya Agustina

    the toilet has no water to flash and there is no tissue either. very unpleasant experience

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