Review Brazil Churrasco, 14/16 Sixth Ave, Singapore

Review Brazil Churrasco - Singapore 14/16 Sixth Ave

“Recommend by a friend. Amazingly wonderful meal with freeflow of dishes & grills. In a cosy & fun ambience. Love it.” or “Tasty juicy barbecued meats to eat to your heart’s content. Duck breasts were bbq’d to perfection, soft and juicy. Loved the barbecued pineapple too!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Brazil Churrasco. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Brazil Churrasco is quality.

Introduction about Brazil Churrasco

Here are some fundamental details regarding Brazil Churrasco. In terms of Brazilian restaurant, it is generally believed that Brazil Churrascois one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 14/16 Sixth Ave, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Brazilian restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 64631923 (+65 64631923)
  • Website:
  • Address: 14/16 Sixth Ave, Singapore
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You can reach Brazil Churrasco at 64631923(+65 64631923). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 14/16 Sixth Ave, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Brazil Churrasco reviews

Brazil Churrasco is among the best destinations of Brazilian restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Brazil Churrasco good?

To determine whether Brazil Churrasco is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“The staff were friendly, service was top notch & the ambience was cozy. The food & dessert were amazing. If you are a meat person, it's a must to try.”

“Original first Brazilian Churrasco meat buffet in Singapore. Nice great ambience with indoor and outdoor seating. Meats are very tender with a lot of variety and service is great.”

“Tasty juicy barbecued meats to eat to your heart's content. Duck breasts were bbq'd to perfection, soft and juicy. Loved the barbecued pineapple too!”

“Nice place to do chit chat and catch up over dinner. Add a bottle of their fine wine will be perfect. Service is just right . V friendly and helpful staffs.”

“Fantastic ambience & the meat is simply mouth watering! Waiters are friendly and warm! Love this!”

“If someone want to enjoy huge amounts of excellent food at reasonable price this is right place to go. Staff is very sympatic and food is excellwnt. Especially reccommending caramelised pinneaple.”

“Amazing food as usual. The salad bar is open and it feels amazing to be able to take your own salads!!! Best place for meat lovers!”

“Sue was an excellent staff, very good service from her. All the staff are friendly and the food is lovely . Thank you so much ”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 248 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 94% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Brazil Churrasco, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Brazil Churrasco, 14/16 Sixth Ave, Singapore

There is a total 248 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jenna (thejulietmike)

    Tried carnivore 2 times, and personally thought this was a much better choice (at the same price)! Wide spread of salad bar.. dont be deceived by the word salad, it includes fried enoki my fav, roasted vege, fruits, seafood, etc… the frequency of meat served were fast and meat slices were not too thick so u could try more variants! We requested 2 rounds of beef short ribs which were the best besides the lamb!! Must try! $115 for 2 on Friday evening.

  2. Avatar photo
    Lewis Mitchell

    Lovely food and ambiance. Substantial selection of tasty meat cuts that’s difficult to say no to whenever they come around. Very friendly place with attentive staff and quick service. Also they boast a very comprehensive wine list that’s a great accompaniment for the dishes.

  3. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tee

    After having visited this place multiple times over many long years, the bbq meat and extensive salad bar is still awesome with a good ambience.

  4. Avatar photo
    Tuka De Oliveira

    After traveling for a month in asia was great to find a authentic brazilian food in Singapore, there meat. Feijoada , guarana, pao de queijo mede me so happy and i recommend to anyone who wants to have a brazilian experience . By the way the service was perfect from everyone.

  5. Avatar photo
    Liyin Chen

    Have been here several times. Good meat selection and done with perfection. The grilled pineapples are the perfect sweet ending to all that meat so you got to try.
    They used to have an amazing salad bar but now that has stopped and instead you order it like an ala carte though it is free flow. However, it is not as good as the salad bar. So its a pity Covid hit and they had to take it away.
    Service is as usual warm and welcoming.
    This place is my go to for a good churrasco experience.

  6. Avatar photo
    Victor Yeoh

    Outstanding service, food selection and quality. Polite staff. I will return definitely!

  7. Avatar photo
    pcm lim

    Went last night with family. Last time came to this restaurant was more than 10 years ago. Very good service and ambience. Food is good also. Except that the chicken came only one time. Left a big tip.

  8. Avatar photo

    One of our favorites. Foods so good. The staffs are very polite and accommodating

  9. Avatar photo
    Sasi Kumar

    I liked how the chef specially made fish for us when we asked if they had any. They could have easily said they don’t have it, but they went the extra mile to fire up the grill just to give us some great tasting fish! It definitely is a meat paradise

  10. Avatar photo
    Yno Sanchez

    This churrasco is legit. The meat was flavorful, and they kept it coming. The salad bar is on point as well, and the capirinha was well made…. Got here right after they opened. And by the time we left, it was packed! Service was good, quick. And attentive…. I would definitely go back!Firstly the boss would stand outside and invite you in, followed by seating. The salad bar is really extensive and there are so many food. Please do not take too many salad bar and wait for the meat to come.

  11. Avatar photo
    Soki Tadashi

    If you were a meat lover, this is d place. Grilled meat, chicken, pork, lamb and beef non stop. Taste good! I must say the spread at the salad bar (included in the buffet) is impressive too. Skip a meal before you go, as it is very fruit’full’. Should rate 4.5*, 0.5 for too much to eat 😉

  12. Avatar photo

    Great ambience with excellent service. Staff went above and beyond for my baby. Great for families.

  13. Avatar photo
    Giovanni Corsa

    Almost typical Brazilian restaurant, all personnel was super gentle and very attentive I believe we will meet again during my business trip here in Singapore thanks

  14. Avatar photo
    Irene Chan

    The food is awesome! And you will be able to eat as much as you can.

  15. Avatar photo
    stefanus indra

    I almost die because of the food (in a good way). All you can eat brazilian BBQ, they cut the meat in front of you and keep them coming until you say “stop”. A must try!

  16. Avatar photo
    Anna Chua

    Such a great place! BBQ was just perfect and the fritters were good!

  17. Avatar photo
    Ruben James

    Nothing to say about this place that is bad…but recently the quantity of the types of meat has gone down. Service could be better. I always come with my wife and 2 kids… been there 6-8 times in 2018….I am a frequent customer yet some service staff couldn’t recognize me….was disappointed and missed the warm welcoming Owner who is there most of the time who always welcomes us with a big smile…

    Whatever it is….they are still the best.

  18. Avatar photo
    Dinh Khanh

    BBQ was decent. I think the chef is from Brazil. Food was served continuously until you can’t eat anymore!
    Food is worth the money

  19. Avatar photo
    Wong Vernetta

    Great for meat eaters! The salad bar selections are also quite generous. Very good service too.

  20. Avatar photo
    Joel Kou

    I have been here many times.. it’s really good.. But I think they should consider changing the menu, the marinate of the meats

  21. Avatar photo
    Dawn Toh

    Just wonderful– the quality and variety of the meat, the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff, even the presence of the adorable Ginger cat outside! The chicken hearts, beef ribs, lamb and pineapple were my favourite. The pace of the servers was just right in bringing the meat to the table while allowing you to enjoy what’s already on your plate.

    Definitely my go-to churrascaria amongst the options in Singapore. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

  22. Avatar photo
    Sanat Madkar

    Great place for meat lovers, all you can eat for a very reasonable price. Try the grilled pineapples as well. Tends to get really crowded over the weekends so reach well in advance or reserve a table.

  23. Avatar photo
    Randy Ngatimin

    Great experience in this restaurant!
    Waiters were attentive and fast; quite a big selection of meat choices; meat quality were generally good; Ham is surprisingly good as I like the smokey and BBQ-y flavour infused into it; try the pineapple as it helps to balance out on overeating of the meat!

  24. Avatar photo
    Jerome Lee

    Everything about this place was great, salad bar was fantastic, meats were excellent. But the best part of all were the staff. Friendly, exceptional service and impeccable attention, definitely an integral part of the experience there. A must go place if you love meat!

  25. Avatar photo
    Joel Quimbo

    The food is superb and the service is very good..will recommend to my friends.

  26. Avatar photo

    Great food great staff and price is alright

  27. Avatar photo

    Wide selection of meat n salad. Good service from staff. Only outlet in Singapore
    Try the rump and fish (YUMMY)
    Salad is good too but who goes there for the greens?

  28. Avatar photo
    Ann J

    This place has been around for years! I haven’t been here in more than 10 years. Their package price was very reasonable. $68 per pax for a not stop amount of food. I was so full! Food is great

  29. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ong

    Wonderful place. The food and ambience is great. Service staff is awesome! Kudos.

  30. Avatar photo
    Marc V

    Honestly speaking I’d come here even if they charged double what they did.

    Let me just start by saying the service was impeccable. Especially from the hostess Maya and the server Briggs. Thank you both so much for making my birthday dinner an enjoyable one.

    The food was amazing. The beef was great. The lamb was good and the fish was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I personally hate fish but this fish is a MUST TRY, even if you’re allergic.

    Overall it was a great experience and I’ll definitely be back here again. Thank you so much for the great birthday dinner.

  31. Avatar photo
    Penelope Wee

    Always one of my favourite places for good quality meats. And it’s All You Can Eat. The grilled pineapple is a must have. Plus their fried bananas, cheese puffs and other side dishes that you can order. Don’t fill up on the side dishes and focus on the meats that will come around.

  32. Avatar photo
    Abigail Chang Ting Yi

    a favorite that still holds true for many years. Brazil has been a name within my family associated with love and beautiful memories. love the service staff especially those bringing the amazing cuts of meat but also the friendly servers bringing out the sides. always a good time here!

  33. Avatar photo
    Zhihan Yeo

    Excellent meats and great service for the buffet. Surprised with the quality of even the salad bar with legit Chinese stir fried dishes. Pincanha and beef ribs were my fav cuts.

  34. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hong

    Great food, slightly on the pricey side though. Good for groups who are meat lovers

  35. Avatar photo
    Zhengtian Ma

    Friendly staff, fantastic food, great environment!

  36. Avatar photo


    The chicken heart too was great. Loved the firm chew texture and seasoning they used.

    The sides (cheese bread, banana fritters, mozerella cheese) were pretty addictive too!

  37. Avatar photo
    Ipoh Chay

    Good service and love meaty food. Authentic brazian food with wine. I was entertained w/o reservation on Christmas day.

  38. Avatar photo
    Allan Sibanda

    Great service. Great selection of proteins!!! Need to work on the buffet selection and perhaps a little more seafood!

  39. Avatar photo
    Dexter Kok

    Best to go with a hungry stomach! The chicken heart was to die for!

  40. Avatar photo
    Cesar Oliveira

    I am Carioca (born in Rio) and I love barbecue. I was today in Brazil Churrascaria and observed that the quality of the meat is fairly good for Singapore but with a fairly weak service from one waiter. In order to enjoy a barbecue, besides the quality of the meat, the waiter has to know how to serve, to cut the meat and to understand what the customer wants/expect. Leaving the restaurant, I asked the owner of the business where he learned and appreciated “churrasco”, he commented that lived long time in Portugal where he learned it. This may explain the experience I had and, in this case, the restaurant should be called Portugal Churrascaria.

  41. Avatar photo
    Alison Yeo

    Had the dinner buffet ($90 post tax). There was a decent variety of meats and the salad bar was impressive.

    The garlic beef was our favourite. The other cuts of the beef was too tough/too well done for our liking. Service was a tad slow so we took some time to get our meat refilled but the staff were very kind to us

  42. Avatar photo
    Su TPE

    Located in a nice neighborhood. Great salad bar and very juice BBQ meat such as lamb, beef, chicken including pineapples are avl. Meat is kind of salty so giving three star rating. Staffs are very friendly.

  43. Avatar photo
    Anna Chen

    Definitely a place for meat lovers! Loved this place, but is rather high in cost

  44. Avatar photo

    My WIFE LOVE that place…GOOD FOOD, GOOD SERVICE and reasonable price for the budget…..!!

  45. Avatar photo
    Honey Goseyney

    Love the salads that helps to cut the meat grease. My fave were the ones with grapefruit and red cabbage.

    I find some of the cuts very dry like the lamb(so salty) chicken, fish and two others. But when it is juicy it is really good.

  46. Avatar photo
    Gitika Singh

    My first experience of Brazilian BBQ. You will love the place if you are a meat lover. Lot of varieties in meat : chicken, beef, pork, fish.

  47. Avatar photo
    Christopher Koh

    I’ve been patronizing it for almost two decades. Good food, fun atmosphere, reasonable prices for food – about $50 per person. The best carnivore buffet in town, with the best price-to-quality point.

  48. Avatar photo
    David Ang

    Nice place, Good ambience, nice food and friendly staff! What more can you ask for….meat lovers a must go place. …

  49. Avatar photo
    Annie Liu

    This has been my favourite Brazilian restaurant since more than 10 years ago. Still amazing as usual.

    Besides all the amazing meat spread, I actually came for the banana fritters and cheese bread. Didn’t count how many were down this time but definitely went for a few rounds.

    The bbq caramelised pineapple also a unique thing here which you should try if you like sweet stuff. Still worth to try if you are not.

    You can also try the Brazilian all time favourite soda – Guarana.

    I love today’s pumpkin soup served in a very cute tiny tea cup, makes drinking soup in a pretty fun way.

  50. Avatar photo
    cinnanthamby Lee

    It’s been around for close to 30 years and still very good. In fact, probably improved over the years.

  51. Avatar photo
    Edmund Teo

    Skewered meat buffet was great.
    I will like the meat to be more smokey. Meat lovers must try this. Good selection of salads.

  52. Avatar photo
    Yaniv Mesika

    Great experience with great service!
    An all-you-can-eat meat buffet, with a great salad bar.

  53. Avatar photo
    Daphne B.

    Do you like eating meat until you puke? Then Brazil.Churrascaro is for you! It’s got great meats lovingly served up to you on a sword, yum. Must have the grilled pineapple if you go

  54. Avatar photo
    Sheldon Wile

    Amazing selection of beef cuts and exceptional service. A true all you can eat 5 star experience!

  55. Avatar photo
    Neeraj Soman

    Excellent service, and extensive menu. The meat carving servers are attentive to your needs and preferences, know how to cut meat, and will pick up on your needs. We had our “no service thanks” tokens up, but a smiling waiter came over to our table with beef filets anyway, knowing we would want some of the higher quality cuts.
    Another server insisted we try the roasted pineapple, even though we were full – and that was the right call by her!
    My caipirinha was strong, but not overwhelmingly so, and service was friendly, without being overbearing.
    They really know what they’re doing here – will definitely come back.

  56. Avatar photo

    Worth the try. Meats taste great. Wide selections. The servers are friendly.

  57. Avatar photo
    Nicolas Tann

    A place to go to for those seeking to satisfy your meat cravings. High standard of quality in their meat preparations.

  58. Avatar photo

    Recommend by a friend. Amazingly wonderful meal with freeflow of dishes & grills. In a cosy & fun ambience. Love it.

  59. Avatar photo

    It never disappoints and is great value for money.

  60. Avatar photo
    Jose Luis Mejia

    If you are a serious meet eater, there is not better place than Brazil Churrasco. Even if you aren’t a meet lover, you can enjoy the huge salad bar and the BBQ pineapple. Recommendation: Go early (opens at 18:00) to enjoy more time, less people and more personalized service.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jiasheng Melvin Chiow

    Good Food Good Service!
    Nice homey feel with the salad and meats the highlights of the night!

    We were let in 5min early although we were there at 5.55pm. Which was nice.
    We were warming greeted with smiles. Also a returning customer was recognized by the service staff.

    Quickly we were seated down. And the different type of meats were introduced.

    Cocktails introduced and recommendations made. Little tid bits and history of the drinks shared which was very nice and helped with the selection.

    Highlights for me was the salad bar and different cuts of meat. The pineapple was also a wonderful addition as it was nicely bbq and taste oh so sweet without being acidic.

    Salad bar had many choices of vegetables. Fried banana was also available.

    Meats were the star with beef hump and garlic beef the best cuts for me. Chicken heart was also surprisingly good!

    Would avoid the ham and sausages but still good!

    Warm lights with wooden furnishings. Makes you comfy and feel at home.
    Place was nicely sized so walks to the salad bar was within 5-8 steps.

  62. Avatar photo
    Ahlin G

    Meat is served right in your tables every few minutes and their buffet selection of sides ranging from salads to rice are very good. Definitely a must-place to go to for meat lovers

  63. Avatar photo
    Terry Ding

    Recommend the beef ham, beef rib and pineapple.

  64. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ching

    Great good and great service! The only thing I would improve is the choice of plate + cutlery. The sound of knives screeching on the plates was constant from the other diners throughout and got on my nerves

  65. Avatar photo
    sam lim

    Food is nice. Shop is walking distance from MRT Station. Good place for meat lover.

  66. Avatar photo
    Dominick lee

    Food is good, service can be better. I still stand by this review as of 2022.

  67. Avatar photo
    Werner Iucksch

    Being Southern Brazilian, I can tell this is the real deal. Of course not the same variety as a BBQ restaurant in Brazil, but the quality of the beef is very high. They also have authentic cuts such as Beef Hump and Back ribs, cooked to perfection by Brazilian Chef. Ahh, the black beans are by far the best in Singapore. Love it!

  68. Avatar photo
    Taha Abachi

    The best restaurant in Singapore.
    Be ready to eat a lot of meat.
    The smoked duck and barbecued pineapple are the cherries on top.

  69. Avatar photo
    C L

    Dined here back in March. Food was great but I had a v bad case of food poisoning shortly after (suspect it was the coleslaw). Wrote in to inform the restaurant but it’s been close to two months and have not heard back from them. Can’t recommend :/

  70. Avatar photo
    Cesar Lui

    for a meat lover like myself this place cannot disappoint. Also as takeaway food it’s still good to eat at home. I find that this is not always the case for other places..

  71. Avatar photo

    One of the first in Singapore although food still good but not as good as when they first started. Services good but there are preferential treatment for regular guest(big tips), being served first with better cuts of meats when we visited. It’s when after they left that the leftovers are being served to us.

  72. Avatar photo
    Arva Rangwala

    Some cuts are very tasty but I could not consume so much meat at one time.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ey Lian

    Buffer style and good for meat lovers. I like the duck, ham, beef and pineapple. Like the fried bananas too

  74. Avatar photo
    Elvis Do

    Decent spot to get your Brazilian meat fix. Price, quantity and to quality is pretty seasonable. They had a good rotation of meats and cut, sides were good too. Moderate selection of wines to go along with the food. I’d come back ,if I needed my fix ! 5 guys and two bottles of wine worked out to be about $100 each with ++

  75. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Lim

    Wonderful food and service!
    Hubs and I made a mistake of not making a reservation, and of course the restaurant is fully booked. we were about to walk away disappointed when the staff said she could squeeze us in. So thankful, If not it would be a wasted trip for us.

    We’ve been to Carnivore before, but Brazil Churrasco still wins hands down in terms of food, service and ambience. The food keeps us excited for more, and the staffs were all warm and friendly.

    Cat lovers: look out for Ginger the cat that’s always outside the place.

  76. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Great food, great service

  77. Avatar photo
    Biggus Flickus

    I regret eating here. Because now, no restaurant I go, no piece of steak I eat will ever compare to the most amazing picanha and service at Singapore’s Brazil Churrasco. A restaurant that truly deserves a five of five.

    Oh, and they have a salad bar. It’s in the centre of the restaurant. Mostly so we can mock whoever goes there. Salad’s what your food eats, people.

  78. Avatar photo
    Jason Gabriel Valenzuela

    if you are looking for meat this place is just right for you. Just make sure you can keep up to the meat serving phase. Food is great as well as the staff service. Must try.= )

  79. Avatar photo
    benjamin xue

    A nice place to dine for meat lovers, comes with a salad bar. Everything is free flow, except for drinks. Perfect place to bring your important guest for a casual dinner or lunch.

  80. Avatar photo
    Andy Andy

    Very good food and service. They were very nice with us. The food is just like in Brazil.

  81. Avatar photo
    Arif Andy

    Probably the best Churrascaria in Singapore. To my credit: I have dined at several Churrascaria in different countries.
    Service was great, attentive, and knowledgeable staff.
    Shout-out to Mr. Martin and the Staff.
    Just make sure you LOVE meat and bring your appetite (make sure to reserve, we were there at Thursday night and the place was full, do we even need to ask why?), because it will be a meat fiesta: plenty of meat selections.
    Picanha was great. Cheese bread, pumpkin soup were excellent.

    Now most important part:
    Damage: $55++ for adult buffet, not cheap, but definitely cheaper compared to a typical steakhouse, especially when you feel like eating the whole cow.

    Pardon the half eaten food on my pics, I was too hungry.

  82. Avatar photo
    Alexander Bhojwani

    Came here expecting an experience like Fogo de Chão in Minneapolis. This place is even better. Food was incredible, staff was incredibly friendly and the price was reasonable for what I paid. Even the cheese bread appetiser was good. They even have Guarana! Will definitely come again and again.

  83. Avatar photo
    Michael Lee

    Went for their buffet many years ago and it was a memorable meal. To celebrate wife’s birthday during the circuit breaker, decided to order takeaway. Fuss free pick up of food. Most important of all, family enjoyed the food especially the garlic rump and grilled pineapple. Also appreciate the complimentary lava cake for wife’s birthday. Highly recommend!

  84. Avatar photo
    Hậu Trần

    Sue was an excellent staff, very good service from her. All the staff are friendly and the food is lovely . Thank you so much ️️️

  85. Avatar photo

    For $49++ dinner buffet in Singapore, the price is rather reasonable.

    As stated there are 14 various meat selections. All the cuts of beef were quality taste and texture (medium/ medium rare) although some were rather salty, the taste was phenomenal. The fish was rather mediocre as the lemon taste was too overpowering . Lamb was rather gamey however taste and texture was fine (dont eat lamb often). Chicken was cooked and seasoned beautifully, worth trying a piece. Other cuts such as ham and sausage i suggest to give it a pass as its nothing special and value wise not great. ( conclusion: just get lots of beef, try the lamb and chicken, skip the cheap cuts. GET THE GRILLED PINEAPPLE PLS ) Salad bar rather average but good enough, nothing fancy.

    Service was top notch, staff were friendly and proactive. 5/5. great as meat comes to you fresh and hot.

  86. Avatar photo
    Yugaank Uprety

    Great place. Beef lacks some seasoning, but everything cooked to perfection. Suggestion from my side if a tiny dessert can be provided inclusive of the buffet bbq meal.

  87. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Still good! This is the original Brazilian meat buffet. It is still good after all these year. Includes lamb, chicken, snow fish, different cuts of beef and baked pineapple. There is a nice salad selection. It is pricey but you get what you pay for. Attentive and pleasant service makes a good experience.

  88. Avatar photo
    Giles Henderson

    Fantastic food and service! We need to order less meat and more salad next time!

  89. Avatar photo
    Bella Chin

    Awesome dinner, love the grilled meats, grilled and Quindim dessert soooo much!! Good service ,Highly recommended, looking forward for the next dinner

  90. Avatar photo
    Danny Lim

    It’s been a long time since I last visited this place. Still as good as before. Love it. Meat lovers paradise!

  91. Avatar photo
    Kally Teo

    So so soooo good! I can’t believe I never heard of this homely place!
    They thought of everything: plastic covers over each dining set and a plastic to keep your mask while you dine too!
    No awkward moment of asking whether we could have water or whether water is charged extra: that cup of water is filled upon sitting.
    Meat were served in a comfortable pacing, everyone was attentive and engaging.
    Recommendation: Cheese puffs were great! Banana fritters were softer and chewier than traditional goreng pisang. Chicken and beef (especially beef topside and tenderloin) were soooo good. I have never enjoyed meat this much.
    This is the first time I have been to a buffet where they asked which meat you preferred and they had it served to you again.
    Thank you to all the service staff, especially the two gentlemen, one telling us chicken liver is ‘ho jiak’ (& his eyes sparkled as he piled more meat on my plate) and the other making sure we are full.
    A buffet place asking whether you were full? Dayumm I’m going back.

  92. Avatar photo

    Comfortable, delicious, kind staffs.

  93. Avatar photo
    Ghim Hong Toh

    Love the meat, the vibe, the people. Great place for gathering, joy and more

  94. Avatar photo

    This place was okay I’ve been to many Brazilian restaurants and the primary focus is usually beefs however at this location it was a few types of meat that I would prefer most of them were fatty and the rest of the meats were sausage chicken ham 10 things that I would not prefer when I went to a steakhouse thethe puffy cheese balls were okay they were kind of stale the salad bar wasn’t great so for the price it’s not worth it but if you’re really looking for Brazilian steak this is probably the only place in Singapore where you’ll find it

  95. Avatar photo
    Hongwen Ng

    Fantastic service and amazing food! Will definitely bring my family back here again because its just so good =D

  96. Avatar photo
    Lucas Wee

    Decent variety of meats, some were good but some weren’t. The lamb was tough and dry but the beef ribs were cooked perfectly. Salads were great and service was good. A good one time experience but if you can’t eat your share it is not worth the price.

  97. Avatar photo
    Jade Ho

    The wait staff is awesome with water refills and plate changes but the meat doesn’t come around fast enough. We asked the wait staff to flag down the meat guys. It wasn’t too busy and we we’re sitting near the window in the corner. The meats were delicious when they came to our table. Just make sure to ask for more meat if they don’t come around often. Leave room for dessert! It’s so good: mango pudding and ice cream puffs.

  98. Avatar photo

    Great service by friendly staff. Fun place to dine for meat lover.

  99. Avatar photo
    Keith Lim

    Has been around for decades. Food quality has maintained. Picanhas and beef short ribs especially tasty if you get them once they leave the kitchen. No more salad buffet due to safe distancing measures. So table service. Did feel that the frequency that the meats and other grilled dishes leaving the kitchen has been reduced compared to before so be prepared to wait for the grilled meats.

  100. Avatar photo
    Aaron G.

    Warm freshly roasted meat, sliced right onto your plate. Heaven on Earth

  101. Avatar photo
    Angela Ng

    An oldie but goody. I think we’ve been coming here since they first opened their doors, and there is no other Churrascaria restaurant that really compares. The one point of improvement could be for them to serve dishes like the grilled fish, tenderloin and garlic beef early on. We’ve found that we had to request these items in our last few visits.

    Otherwise, we always leave with bellies full and completely satisfied.

  102. Avatar photo
    Joon Khee Teo

    Good food, friend staff. I will recommend any meat lovers.

  103. Avatar photo
    Olav Laudy

    This is a place with fantastic food and super friendly waiters. Hidden gem. (Meat eater & fan of Brazilian grills across the world)

  104. Avatar photo
    Jason Quek

    Unlimited flow of meats and salad bar.

  105. Avatar photo

    Had my lunch here. Very nice staffs & chefs. Good food and I like the salad bar alot!

  106. Avatar photo
    darren pang

    Tasty juicy barbecued meats to eat to your heart’s content. Duck breasts were bbq’d to perfection, soft and juicy. Loved the barbecued pineapple too!

  107. Avatar photo
    Yixuan Zhong

    I agree that poultry here are of fine quality and service is very good and attentive, but the price is quite steep. Almost 80 SGD for buffet and one Caipirinha, which could afford a very good hotel buffet in town. Food wise the taste is better than the one I had in São Paulo. Abacaxi assado (grilled pineapple) is must try.

  108. Avatar photo
    Paulo Victor

    Excellent service provided by Tiki! He always tries his best to make us feel like home, great experience overrall. Due to Covid, they are understaffed and you may not get the full brazilian bbq experience (the buffet is chosen from the menu instead of self serving). The buffet quality is just ok, tbh we only go there for the beef so we don’t mind it. Great place to bring your friends over for a new experience. The picanha and the Guaraná are a must try! (Photo was taken on Dec 2019)

  109. Avatar photo

    Staff were efficient and came round with the meat refills systematically and frequently. All the different meats were well seasoned and nicely cooked.

    We loved the mushroom soup and mini cheese bread too. The banana fritters were also a pleasant surprise. Fluffy and soft on the inside, nice batter on the outside.

    We did hope for more Leafy greens, perhaps some cheese or nuts or dried fruits or even fresh fruits to help cut the grease. While there’s a fair option of cold and hot salads, the variety suggested would have rounded up the heavy meal perfectly. And oh, do consider throwing in black tea or coffee.

  110. Avatar photo
    Adele Ong

    Our go-to place for get-togethers. Consistent cook on the meats whenever we visit. We’d usually steak to the red meats. The sides are great as well — they change the menu quite regularly so there’s always something new to try. Can’t wait for the egg mayo to come back!

  111. Avatar photo
    HanTing Lu

    Nice service, food is great. I love the duck breast and the pineapple!

  112. Avatar photo
    dhruv kumar

    Was Introduced to this amazing restaurant and cuisine by a friend and never expected every meat to be so flavourful and can’t wait to go back again soon

  113. Avatar photo
    Woo woo

    Meat was plentiful and forthcoming. Salad bar was good. Water topped up and friendly staff. Great touch to have a guy looking after vehicles at the front.

  114. Avatar photo
    Geoffrey Brown

    Staff is very friendly, service is amazing and food is delicious and plentiful. Really a great experience and can’t wait to come back!

  115. Avatar photo

    We love this place. We dine here nearly once every other month. They have a good variety of meats and the beef were especially good. Well flavoured and nicely grilled. It’s a fun place to enjoy meats with a twist and have some fun while dining. They also have other meats like chicken, fish etc but their main dish is beef. They also have a buffet counter for salads and sides which u can help yourself to now that the restrictions have been lifted. Other than the grilled meats, the grilled pineapple, crispy kale, fried quinoa and frijoles are a must try. U can also BYOB there at a corkage charge of $30. If you BYOB, a weekend dinner for two will cost about $195

  116. Avatar photo
    Kynaston “Zelphie” Jamison

    Friendly staff deliver meats to your table. The selection of meats are extensive with chicken, pork, fish, lamb, ham, smoked duck, chicken hearts and different cuts of beef.

  117. Avatar photo
    Karen Ariniego

    It’s really a good place to eat different types of meat that serves directly into your plate and I love their salad buffet..

  118. Avatar photo
    Kanesh Thangaraju

    Great food and fantastic service.

    Extremely kid friendly and a spread that puts hotel buffets to shame.

    The only place i know that sells chicken hearts and that sweet caramalised pineapple.

    If u have never been to a churassco. Try this oe b4 u die

  119. Avatar photo
    chun jean Lim

    Cozy, professionalism exudes at the door with the waiter/waitress lead u to the table.

    Though a small place but they managed to handle the seatings and customer well. Reservations strongly required.

    As an old player in local churrascaria, its authenticity is always there. Meats are sure warm n juicy at your table. The server also packs w good banter.

    Good selection of appetiser and off course without fail the good old charred pineapple. Good amount of sweetness-charing-acidity.

    Big thumbs up for service, cozy, attentiveness and surprisingly their in-house coffee taste decent.

  120. Avatar photo
    Mike Ang

    Interesting meat feast….. Came not prepared with 1/2 full stomach…. Should have not taken anything earlier lol.

  121. Avatar photo
    sean tan

    Always a pleasure coming here staff are friendly and the churrasco is one of the best and most authentic in Singapore

  122. Avatar photo
    Jessica Lim

    It was a hearty meal, but the atmosphere is definitely not as lively as compared to pre-covid where more sticks of meat were floating table to table to be offered to you.

  123. Avatar photo

    I would say this is the best brazilian bbq in Singapore with great quality meats. Chicken heart n cheese breads were to die for. Excellent service also. Only gripe is the restaurant can get extremely noisy on a full house.

  124. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chow

    This is a place i will always choose to entettain close friends and business associates from overseas. They have great servers, chefs and also service staff. Now with covid restriction lifted, the salad bar is back and more vegetable are on the menu.

    The price is $68 but worth every cent as there are 14 cuts

  125. Avatar photo
    Peter Grabowsky

    Great quality and very friendly staff. A bit expensive in my opinion as the ambience appears like a canteen rather than a restaurant.

  126. Avatar photo
    Chan-Wah Ng

    The waiters/chefs keep coming around with meat on skewers to slice onto your plate. Some are delicious while others may be too dry. It’s better to go slow

  127. Avatar photo
    Ghazi Altway

    Nothing beats the Churrascaria at Sixth Avenue. The best in Singapore. My good friend and I will make our pilgrimage there annually and stay for at least 2 hours. Food is really good. Prepared just right though can be a little salty at times. Service is good too. Honestly worth the money. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. Guess it’s time to go again.

  128. Avatar photo
    Sakthi Balan

    Had a great time here with amazing Brazilian cuts of beef. The Tenderloin, ribs and top sirloin are my favourites. The lamb was great top.

    The staff are really super nice and service was excellent.
    They go table to table and are always so polite and friendly. Love the vibes and atmosphere here. Even without music – I’ll be sure to be back for more.

    Thank you so much all !

  129. Avatar photo
    andrew ong

    Meat meat meat…. Oh yes there is also a salad bar for the more health conscious. Love the chicken heart and beef ribs. The roasted pineapple is also delicious…. actually very little not to like

  130. Avatar photo
    Dmitry Goldin

    Definitely will come back

  131. Avatar photo
    Ksenia Saifutdinova

    Im totally addicted to meat at Brazil Churrasco. Been going there once a month for the past 8 years , love it! Great salads and sides selection, meat juicy and tender. Beef hump is a must try thing.Service attentive and friendly. Good wine selection. It worth every penny. This is place for true meat lovers. Definitely will be back again and again.

  132. Avatar photo
    S Ying H

    This place beats Rodizio at Clarke Quay hands down! The staff were attentive to every table… we get our meats served to us regularly… our plates were never devoid of their juicy & tender meats. The only drawback is it cost slightly more than Rodizio but definitely a much better place with better food. When we ordered 3 slices of beef at 1 go… the staff obliged… whereas at Rodizio, the staff actually told us 2 slices per person per time… made us feel like there had to be “food rationing” and i thought for buffets, you can orfer as much as you want so long as there is no food wastage! We were in this restaurant from 7pm -10pm as they were still happily serving us the meats at 9-ish.. We love the grilled pineapple too! Will definitely be back for more… giving only 4 stars instead of 5 stars because of the price hahaha. Otherwise, it’s easily a 5 star dining experience with all the lovely & spontaneous wait staff!

  133. Avatar photo
    Norden Grimmettba

    You can tell by their ingredients that it is really fresh esp when you taste it. BBQ meat is really good and their salad bar is awesome!

  134. Avatar photo
    Jing cus

    Service is good. Food is good for a first time experience. If you are not a big eater maybe go for the ala carte

  135. Avatar photo
    Zafer Evren

    Always excellent. I have been a customer for more than 20 years. This is the best churrasco in Asia, says somebody who lived in Brazil 5 years.

  136. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Tight seating between tables but the buffet is quite worth it

  137. Avatar photo

    We love this place. We dine here nearly once every other month. They have a good variety of meats and the beef were especially good. Well flavoured and nicely grilled. It’s a fun place to enjoy meats with a twist and have some fun while dining. They also have other meats like chicken, fish etc but their main dish is beef. They also have a buffet counter for salads and sides which u can help yourself to now that the restrictions have been lifted. Other than the grilled meats, the grilled pineapple, crispy kale, fried quinoa and frijoles are a must try. U can also BYOB there at a corkage charge of $30. If you BYOB, a weekend dinner for two will cost about $195

  138. Avatar photo
    Farah Foo

    Food comes fast and faster, such that I’m super full and out of the shop in 1 hour. Don’t miss out on the prime ribs, super soft and juicy. 1 thing I noted though is when the meat starts stacking on my plate and cools, most of the meat turns significantly hard and not enjoyable anymore.

  139. Avatar photo
    Claus Bergholdt

    Excellent selection of meat. Good atmosphere.

  140. Avatar photo
    Li Na

    It is a bit over price, 2 adult 1 young kid 240+, only add two mug of beer, Also the beer like diluted with water. Will not recommend to my friend.

  141. Avatar photo
    Nica Policarpio

    Amazing service, good food and definitely value for money.

  142. Avatar photo
    Sybil Yap

    Meat Meat and more Meat!! Feels like a muscle woman today. Food is delicious. Top choice is the roast duck followed by lamb. Perfectly cooked.
    Dessert is too sweet though. Could do with less sweetness.

    Great service.

    My date night was a great night.

  143. Avatar photo
    Jomar Palaypay

    Comparing it with other churrascarias in (Peru, DC), this place was way below in quality and value for price. It’s the first churrascaria I’ve visited here, hopefully the other places would be better.

    Service is top notch, very good distanced tables with everything on top of the table are in plastic and removed only after you’re sat on the table. Everything is served to you, no buffet even for cold menu for obvious reasons.

    Maybe another try when things get back to (new) normal, but I’ll definitely try other places before I do that.

  144. Avatar photo
    Kevin Wang

    Had a great time there. Even if it’s only s neighborhood restaurant, I wouldn’t mind traveling a bit to have dinner there. Service was very friendly and efficient. The food was simple and delicious. Nothing pretentious. It felt just very humane. Which is in Singapore. Not vegan friendly obviously.

  145. Avatar photo
    Hazel Ang

    Very friendly service! The food is always of high quality and super yummy!!!

  146. Avatar photo
    Tashfin Chowdhury

    starve for a while before coming here because the variety of food choices is both huge and delicious. the beef and chicken are halal, but they serve booze & you need to tell them in case you won’t be eating pork

  147. Avatar photo
    Kw L

    Came here when they ran a promo in Oct 2018, 52 nett per diner for weekday dinners which was a steal. I did not regret my trip at all. We helped ourselves to multiple servicing of meat, beef, pork, chicken and their salad bar as well. Highly recommend their fish and chicken anything especially the hearts. The rest I found them to be too salty for my liking. Drinks are quite pricey, you have been warned. Would I be back? Most likely!

  148. Avatar photo
    Sonia B.

    Had the delivery service, food & service was great. Everything came packed properly and food was still piping hot upon arrival.

  149. Avatar photo
    Emma Ford

    Quite average. Food can be okay but it’s oily and greasy. The staff can be hit or miss, just walking up and dumping food on you hopefully hitting your plate and not all over the table as one waiter did several times with us.

  150. Avatar photo
    Edwin Sim

    The place and staff is great. The food unfortunately is not to my taste bud.

  151. Avatar photo
    Graeme Bain

    Excellent food and service.
    Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
    Martin is a great host.

  152. Avatar photo
    Cliff Fischer

    Very nice atmosphere, friendly staff good food.

  153. Avatar photo
    Willy Hajdarevic

    Nice choice of meats and sides.
    They have a large choice of meats and will offer you until you give up.
    Sides are on self service and quite nice, with enough choice to cater dor all tastes.
    Not cheap but good deal if you consider you will get a lot of meat.
    Wine is so so

  154. Avatar photo
    Shu Fen Toh

    Is a fun, slightly theatrical experience. Good for meat lovers

  155. Avatar photo
    Ilya Zaytsev

    Very nice restaurant and great staff! We have arrived almost at closing time and we have been served perfectly! Food is good, fresh meat and great preparation.

  156. Avatar photo
    Benjamin T

    Amazing selection of meats and sides, authentically cooked Brazilian style. Loved the picanhas and duck breast. Along with the free flow of sides. Definitely will come back again!

  157. Avatar photo
    Melvin Sim

    Prices are at $55++ per adult for all-you-can-eat including salads though the self-serve salad bar is not in operation now due to Covid measures.

    Meats were good and there was a variety of beef, chicken and the various parts, eh ribs, liver, heart, etc. The grilled pineapple was very sour though and some at the table decided to leave it on the plate.

  158. Avatar photo
    Li Jie Ng

    The food is great with quite a big variety. Was the first time visiting a brazillian churrasco and loved the experience. Well it wasnt the most affordable meal, but it was well worth the money.

  159. Avatar photo
    Jie Bo Ti

    Fantastic service from a group of enthusiastic staff. The meats were ordinary at best, perhaps at a slight disadvantage from the hype I placed unfairly on it.
    The salad bar was awesome though, but seriously no one’s here for the salad bar.

  160. Avatar photo
    Randy Valencia

    Come hungry Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. Meat! Roasted duck yeah!

  161. Avatar photo
    Fern Keto

    Friendly team with excellent service. We just wanted to go balck again! Wish I could eat more!

  162. Avatar photo
    Wendy Hoe

    The staff were friendly, service was top notch & the ambience was cozy.
    The food & dessert were amazing.
    If you are a meat person, it’s a must to try.

  163. Avatar photo
    Joke Jong

    Still as good as before. We had our fill of meat. I like the no nonsense, professional and pleasant service. Every servers are professional and seasoned. They are very hospitable and it really feels like a nice diner. Overall very pleasant experience. Oh yes, salad bar counter is not available due to COVID-19 precautions. But there is unlimited serving of pumpkin soup and other veggies. Very nice. Do try out the deep fried kale.

    One more thing, there is no more one for one birthday person treat. So just be prepared to spend and eat to your hearts content!

  164. Avatar photo
    Yeo Yongxiang

    Great dining experience with delicious food

  165. Avatar photo
    Robin Low

    Excellent BBQ..Loved the pineapples

  166. Avatar photo
    Fa'Iz M

    Fantastic ambience & the meat is simply mouth watering!

    Waiters are friendly and warm!
    Love this!

  167. Avatar photo
    Randy Ngatimin

    Great experience in this restaurant!
    Waiters were attentive and fast; quite a big selection of meat choices; meat quality were generally good; Ham is surprisingly good as I like the smokey and BBQ-y flavour infused into it; try the pineapple as it helps to balance out on overeating of the meat!

  168. Avatar photo
    LessTrodden Path

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s fantastic? Fabulous Brazillian cuisine? Everyone knows!

    The wait staff were really good. My daughter who doesn’t eat meat was taken cared off. After ordering the vegetarian lasagne, they sped it off to the kitchen. We were told to expect 20-30 mins. It came in 20min flat and my daughter ate it ALL up. Enjoying every spoonful!

    Kudos to the whole team! In and out of the kitchen.

    The barbeque meat selection was exquisite. The hump and upside was especially sumptuous. And who will miss the pineapple!! The deep fried kailan was surprising!

    We over ate…. of course!!

  169. Avatar photo
    Annie Tan

    The food selection, quality and taste was good but the service left much to be desired.

    They were not interested to engage or serve and they probably was happiest to see us leave the restaurant. We didn’t have dessert there coz they were practically “chasing us.

    Happy to have my cakes and coffee at the cafe next door!

  170. Avatar photo
    Desmond Chua

    Fantastic Brazilian food. It’s not too pricey and has a wide variety of options for meat lovers. There’s so much to eat, my friends and I thought we’d need 3 days to finish digesting all of them.

  171. Avatar photo
    Surina Lim

    Service was excellent! Fantastic food done just right…super delicious! Valet service was friendly. The staffs were helpful and friendly

  172. Avatar photo
    Sunil Sudheesan

    Still love it after all these years. Stars are the chicken hearts, burnt lamb slices and the caramelized pineapple. Beef eaters seemed to enjoy the short rib and rump. Fried kale is a sleeper hit. And don’t forget the snow fish.

  173. Avatar photo
    arwi madangar

    Everything is yummy
    If you like meat should go try this place

  174. Avatar photo

    Overall not bad. Not amazing. But definite value for money. At first the meats were a bit on the medium well done side, but after ask, the medium rare meats were nice. Ask for salt and pepper on the side to season more properly. Wine corkage was $30.

  175. Avatar photo
    Tonci Zdunic

    If someone want to enjoy huge amounts of excellent food at reasonable price this is right place to go. Staff is very sympatic and food is excellwnt. Especially reccommending caramelised pinneaple.

  176. Avatar photo
    Yusuf Santoso

    All menu is delicious

  177. Avatar photo

    Amazing Food and Great service. Special Thanks to Martin, Fiza and Osmund for making the get together great.

  178. Avatar photo
    AnnieNat Sunari

    There were some meat unavailable for the evening. The fish has an overwhelm lemon zest and it was kind of dry. Otherwise, the beef and lamb is still good although 1 – 2 cuts was way too salty.

  179. Avatar photo
    Weng Yue Siew

    Very good for meat lovers.

    The standard experience involves you picking whether you want to have the meat buffet. Else, you get a buffet at the salad bar which has a wide range to choose from for a salad bar. Pay the little extra and you get freshly grilled skewers if meat presented to you. It also serves chicken heart, which may seem like a put off, but it was actually a pleasant experience! The grilled pineapple is also super yummy, with a very prominent caramelized sweetness to it.

  180. Avatar photo
    CarlosG OlivaresO

    Wonderful atmosphere where you can enjoy high quality meats, delicious Brazilian drinks, and great customer service.
    Ideal for casual dining, dates, or parties. You can also practice your Portuguese in case you would like to.

  181. Avatar photo
    Hans Jensen

    Good food, good service with friendly staff. If you like meat, and a lot of it, pop in here you won’t be disappointed.

  182. Avatar photo
    Wendy Chern

    Always our family go to place if we are craving for alot of meat !!!!!
    Staff are always friendly.
    Beef are BBQ to the correct doneness

  183. Avatar photo
    Ong Joyce

    Approachable & Excellent Friendly Staffs. Atmosphere & Food was Awesome. Team Work is Good. We shall patronize again ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ …

  184. Avatar photo
    Rudy De Rozario

    The only good place for meat! The staff are amazing and funny! Hahha

  185. Avatar photo
    Kit Sin

    Food is delicious as usual and service is good. We were always being asked if we need additional salad or other type of meats. Tonight our favourite is pomegranate salad with olive, onions and walnut. It is so refreshing. Love the cute mini tongs that is used to clasp the meat off the skewer, this is safety measure and yet fun for the guests.
    We had a great dinner tonight , thanks for your thoughtfulness and great service. Special thanks to Mr staff whom is always holding the beef topside skewer. We look forward for our next visit again. Stay safe

  186. Avatar photo
    Goh Wei Pin

    Great place to go for meat! Big variety with their salad bars. Must go for all meat eaters!

  187. Avatar photo
    Raymond Loke

    Great for get together. Meats of many kinds and certainly refreshing fresh salads & condiments served with pride. Meats cooked to everyone’s liking and staffs and management always there to welcome all. Great Value for money !

  188. Avatar photo
    chun yee chan

    Nice place to do chit chat and catch up over dinner.
    Add a bottle of their fine wine will be perfect. Service is just right .
    V friendly and helpful staffs.

  189. Avatar photo

    Free parking after 5pm and in case you cannot find one, valet service is available. They observed my wife does not take beef and automatic offer to serve chicken and fish. Total 13 different choices of meat we had.

  190. Avatar photo
    Rafael Mendoza

    I do love a good buffet. This place hasn’t changed in 10 years. Not the place to go if you do not eat meat, they mostly serve beef and lamb. Fish and chicken are in sparse quantities. The salad bar was good with their fried banana fritters.

  191. Avatar photo
    Zhi Xiong Yong

    Meats were tender and well cooked. The smoked duck and beef top side are the stars of the show. Tip: eat the meats while they’re hot

  192. Avatar photo
    G W

    Best Brazilian Churrasco in Singapore.
    Best place to go if you’re looking to feast on meats. They have an extensive free flow salad bar as well.
    I’ve never been to Brazil but I would assume this is an authentic replication in Singapore.

  193. Avatar photo
    Danilo Soares Silva

    Excellent steakhouse standard, same one of the best in Brazil and was the best picanha I have ever eaten in my life and with great service. Congratulations.

  194. Avatar photo
    Yix Chua

    Original first Brazilian Churrasco meat buffet in Singapore. Nice great ambience with indoor and outdoor seating. Meats are very tender with a lot of variety and service is great.

  195. Avatar photo

    The meat is perfectly cooked which makes it one of the best place in Singapore for having excellent churrasco. It is a buffet formula. We came to celebrate the birthday of a Chilean friend and enjoyed the dinner

  196. Avatar photo
    Shanake C

    Awesome place. Awesome staff. Awesome food! All you can eat! The menu is amazing for all meat lovers.

  197. Avatar photo
    Gspot Keys

    Don’t go there if you are vegan or vegetarian. Delicious meat varieties served/carved onto your plate fresh off the roast.

  198. Avatar photo
    Tobias Söderblom

    They bring more and more food constantly. The food is good, but some staff in particular are rude and pushy. And it’s quite crowded.

  199. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lee

    A meat lover’s delight!

  200. Avatar photo
    C.Sharman Nair

    very friendly staff, great service and good food will definitely come back here again

  201. Avatar photo
    Anthony Lim

    great experience on different beef parts. the hump is the best one, must try. the grilled pineapple take the meals to another level of having a feast. the smoke duck also incompareable. overall a really great feast and prepare your tummy for the feast.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ferdinard Low

    Good food. Restaurant quite crowded but to be expected seeing that it’s on a weekend. Service is impressively good.

  203. Avatar photo
    Gulcin Tefek

    Good food and efficient service.

  204. Avatar photo
    yves eloi

    Amazing food as usual. The salad bar is open and it feels amazing to be able to take your own salads!!! Best place for meat lovers!

  205. Avatar photo
    Melissa Sarah Wee

    I have been coming to this restaurant for more than 20 years with my family or friends. My late grandfather loved the food here as well. The standard of the food has always been great all these years. The service staff are friendly and always made us feel at home. Best Brazilian churrascaria in Singapore.

  206. Avatar photo
    Keith Bambang Indrawan

    the beef piyanya is the best.. tender and chewy so juicy. the restaurant set up is good. the free flow salad was nice . last… the capriroska is best. overall experience was good .. brazil style..

  207. Avatar photo
    Chin Zhi Hui

    Had a good time and the food was good at the churrasco. Slices of meat are dropped on your plate and were tasty. Good selection of salads, but they can be more fresh and zesty.

  208. Avatar photo
    Marja “Manzicca” Österbacka

    Better than most of the churrascarias in Brazil. The service was absolutely wonderful. The quality of the food was amazing. …

  209. Avatar photo
    Desmond Goh

    Everything is just perfect. Food, services, staff attitude and thanks David for your hospitality.

  210. Avatar photo
    Alexander Freickmann

    Very tasty meat and you get unlimited supply. You might have to wait longer for best meat, as the waiter distribute it by table themselves. The free side salad so is… acceptable, nothing i would recommend. The salad menu option would be definitely a miss. But who would go with his vegetarian friends here.

  211. Avatar photo

    An experience not to miss. Food of top quality. A meat lovers paradise. A must must do and repeat for sure. That’s my stop for sure on my next trip. With an ever smiling team serving you and only ensuring you didn’t stop eating, if you haven’t been here, you’ve missed something..

  212. Avatar photo
    Rena Z

    My Husband and I come here really often. The staff always gives us a really warm welcome and make a point of remembering what we like. They have a pretty wide selection of meat you can choose from. And of course we love the food. It gets very busy for dinner. They always have huge groups. So you will need to call them for reservations

  213. Avatar photo
    Navin arunachalam

    Meat meat meat MEAT GALORE!! loved the smoked duck and chicken.. beef tenderloin, chicken heart and pork sausages are really good. Good ambiance and the salad bar is loaded with some great dishes!! Must try for all the meat lovers. Worth it for the price. Light eaters don’t waste your money on the buffet.

  214. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Lots of great meat options. The dinner is basically an all you can eat buffet with nice pork, chicken, lamb and beef main course which they keep bringing back. Decently priced at 52 per head before taxes and service charge. The cocktails (which are an additional charge) and salads are pretty basic. A unique item is the pineapple steak

  215. Avatar photo
    Ligaya Reyes

    yummy foods clean place very accomodating staff all happy service crew. must try if you love all meat unlimited. not for children because there is no unli dessert but they serve good and freshly made dessert of your choice.

  216. Avatar photo
    chu shin

    Friendly staff, good selection for meat lovers, great spread at the salad bar. Just the grilled pineapples need to be a little more charred!

  217. Avatar photo
    Dan Millard

    Friendly staff and excessive meat! Fun place to go and you won’t leave hungry! Good quality is good, especially for what you are getting… unlimited and massively varied BBQ meat!

  218. Avatar photo
    anim farm

    Probably those happy staff are the best reason that inspires you to enjoy food like them enjoy working. If they ask you to try the roasted hot pineapple slice, do say YES! Sweet and fresh, as the perfect full stop of this meal!

  219. Avatar photo

    Great meat selection from the buffet option. Sausage, chicken thigh and smoked duck were my favourite. Meal was complimented by friendly and quick servers and an all around pleasant dining experience.

  220. Avatar photo
    Ernest Chuang

    If you are looking for something fancier, this is the place. There servers come to you with all kinds of meat in skewers. Definitely give the pineapple a try.

  221. Avatar photo
    R Lee

    Good variety of meats offered during the buffet will keep the meat lovers full. There’s even chicken hearts! Everything’s cooked really well. The side dishes aren’t really as good, but that’s not what you’d come for anyway.

  222. Avatar photo
    Zafer Keskin

    Various meat selections , and almost all is well cooked and delicious . You must absolutely try the taste ….

  223. Avatar photo
    Glen Goh

    Brilliant. Second time back to this place and got to say that it has hold up on its standards. Definitely recommend this for meat lovers…leave the small eaters at home. Wahahha!

  224. Avatar photo
    sp hp

    Very good food and service, will definitely come again.. Just need to find proper parking..

  225. Avatar photo
    Nurul Ain

    Food was great and wait staff were very friendly. However, as we were nearing the end of the hour, the staff became very aggressive in clearing our plates and even passed us the bill without us asking for it. Mind you this was a buffet for 55+++ per person so we expected better service. Dinner was great up to the end when it was clear they just wanted to chase us out eventhough we were not even close to the 1.5 hour limit.

  226. Avatar photo
    Ganesh A

    Amazing food ! Unlimited meat.

  227. Avatar photo
    Brian Seow

    First time going to a Brazilian churrasco restaurant with my friends and boy the people there are so nice! They are incredibly friendly and guide you on the steps & rules when you eat there. they are also very committed to giving good service. The Meat was incredibly good & their all fresh & hot.
    Would definitely come back again with my friends.

  228. Avatar photo

    The price is a little high, but the food and service cover everything.
    This is a good restaurant that makes customers happy.

  229. Avatar photo

    great and personable service, evidenced by the regulars that continue to frequent this place. the complimentary Brazilian cheese balls were rly great. some meat offerings better than others, not super consistent unfortunately. would still return!

  230. Avatar photo
    Kieron Tang

    I’ve been a patron for years and my parents have been patrons before I was born, amazing service and amazing food. You come here for the delicious meat barbeque buffet and it’s definitely worth the price tag

  231. Avatar photo
    Lee Qilin

    I’m actually in the middle of eating now but this place is just that good to give it a 5 stars. Food here is awesome. Service here is impeccable, observe how they serve. Price is high at around the 50-60 range per pax, but if you’re looking to feast meat, head on down here and enjoy yourself! Especially during this time of Covid, let’s support the restaurants that deserve it.

  232. Avatar photo

    The diner was excellent and we were pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of meat cuts. The service was equally good and we will definitely be back.

  233. Avatar photo
    Legin Haes

    We went for the a la carte items like feijoada and moqueca but they were quite underwhelming. The flavours were a lot more bland than the original versions.

  234. Avatar photo
    Robert Turner

    Some of the best steak and other grilled meat I’ve ever had. Fish is fantastic and the house wines are very solid. Combined with copious quantities and good service, we will be back for at least a third time.

  235. Avatar photo
    Gerasimos Ventouris

    Very tasty food, polite and efficient service with a smile. My favourite place in Singapore

  236. Avatar photo

    Overall not bad. Not amazing. But definite value for money. At first the meats were a bit on the medium well done side, but after ask, the medium rare meats were nice. Ask for salt and pepper on the side to season more properly. Wine corkage was $30.

  237. Avatar photo

    Food is legendary as reviewed by many others. The staff were mostly eager and enthusiastic. BUT:

    I didn’t think the 90 mins time limit for the buffet was going to be an issue, and agreed to it before starting the meal. UNTIL one of the wait staff muttered rather loudly to another wait staff at the 70th minute to serve us quicker because, in her words, “I need their table!”. Eeeeks

    Just saying, we are light eaters and already told the staff we were kinda full by the 40-50th minute. We were just hoping to be able to sit a while more and enjoy a slow-paced Friday dinner…

  238. Avatar photo
    A d.S.

    Amazing meat buffet, will definitely have to come back. Everything was so flavourful, well-seasoned and tender!! Even the little cheese puffs/bread and mushroom soup were addictive.. I highly advise you to starve yourself before coming so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

  239. Avatar photo
    Xun Wang

    Nicely priced restaurant with excellent taste. Beef and lamb are cooked at the perfect texture. Fish is juicy and fresh.

  240. Avatar photo
    Daniel Oh

    For meat lover only, free flow of beef, lamb and chicken meat. Go with empty stomach.

  241. Avatar photo

    Great meat but unfortunately not match with service.
    The same service staff with what seemed like a special cut ignored us Three times and only served some regular guests.
    Well if you go back often enough you might earn that privilege service.

  242. Avatar photo
    Matt C

    Amazing Churrasco in Singapore – it’s been open for many years and I have discovered why! Great value great service and great meat buffet from chicken to duck to lamb to beef and then dessert! What a treat. A definite must visit place, only negative is that I forgot to take photos of the meats as I was too busy enjoying them!! Next time

  243. Avatar photo
    Pari k

    Simple ambience n decore…good variety of food n really pleasant staff n service…liked everything really
    to our taste so added salt a lot….all the salads n sides were lovely..will go again buffet are open now.. …

  244. Avatar photo

    Amazing Brazilian food! Salad bar was extensive and meat was the best. So many meat but I would recommend chicken knuckle, beef chunk, grilled pineapple and others. Best meat I ever tasted.

  245. Avatar photo
    Philippians 4:13

    I have tried churrasco in singapore , malaysia and at Brazil itself . I find “Brazil churrasco “ 6th Avenue still taste the best . Not to mention staff that are super friendly and honorable mention – Mr. Tiki whom is a brazillian that has been working in Brazil churrasco and producing nice meet . And the way Tiki slice the meat thinly made it even better .

  246. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Ho

    Amazing food, service and service. Love the wide spread of available meat here. Must try!

  247. Avatar photo
    Paulo Neto

    Taste of Brazil!!
    This place is fenomenal! Great meat selection and the most friendly service you can find in Asia.
    Trust me, I will be back here for sure!!!!

  248. Avatar photo
    Ryan Choo

    The managing director was the most friendly and hospitable host I have met for awhile now. The food – for the barbeque lover – is unparalled! Love that roast duck, sausages, ham… drooling already!

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