Review Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain St, Singapore

Review Bras Basah Complex - Singapore 231 Bain St

“Beautiful shop. Cultured and very helpful lady boss. Many different calligraphy brush offerings. Excited to try my new brush” or “I went there in the afternoon, so many shoppes closed. There are many art gift shop.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bras Basah Complex. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bras Basah Complex is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Bras Basah Complex. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Bras Basah Complexis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 231 Bain St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 91113257 (+65 91113257)
  • Website:
  • Address: 231 Bain St, Singapore
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You can reach Bras Basah Complex at 91113257(+65 91113257). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 231 Bain St, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bras Basah Complex reviews

Bras Basah Complex is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Bras Basah Complex is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Beautiful shop. Cultured and very helpful lady boss. Many different calligraphy brush offerings. Excited to try my new brush”

“An interesting shop 小时候 (wheniwasfour) at a corner of the highest floor that sells interesting local theme products, e.g., bags, files, notebooks, name tags, etc.”

“Best place to find your arts and crafts stuff, and also to print anything from cards to banners. The largest popular book store is in the complex too.”

“You can find all sorts of learning materials, as like books, stationery, drawing materials, photocopying here, it's a convenient spot if you are here.”

“Amazing place. You can source for all your stationary materials here. Many shops to browse around.”

“The same nostalgic place to get assessment books, art stationaries and musical instruments The classic Jack's Place is still around.”

“Classic watch shops and book stores. Interesting place to walk walk see see.”

“A great place to spend a fruitful weekends for Arts & Crafts, Music Equipments, Books, Comics & Toys, Food & Beverage etc...”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 232 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bras Basah Complex, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain St, Singapore

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4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Alan Tay

    A place where I use/find mat’ls for my art work projects at Popular & Art Friends. Beside this place, the other is Plaza SG, where there are Art Friends Spotlight & Daiso.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jan Adrianus Gunawan

    Seems a bit deserted area. The food court had a lovely soup that tasted good even when its not hot anymore. My kids loves it!

  3. Avatar photo
    Alex Loo

    Old school charm. Can find English and Chinese books (old & new). Also have some music related shops and some art galleries. Also saw a picture frame shops. Bring back old memories.

  4. Avatar photo
    Subramaniam Thirumeni

    It used to be a haven for book lovers in the 1980s and 1990s. Over the years the number of bookshops have reduced. The main tenant there now is Popular Bookstore. Bras Basah complex is still a great place to get your school textbooks and guidebooks

  5. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    Lots of traditional art shops and books shop. A treasure hole for those who like to explore the world of things, books and arts.
    Look out from the residential units above the complex, we get a nice view of the city. It’s worth a million dollar view here, from a HDB flat and not a condominium. Just amazing. Wonder if anyone does a homecook dine it here.

  6. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Wong

    Old school bookstores can be found there. Almost the same like in the 80s. A lot of good memories there.

  7. Avatar photo
    sheng qiang Teo

    the mall is more for art and craft, book, picture frame, there is a massive popular store. there is also a few store at level 1 selling luxury watches/Pen etc. there is a sing post at level 1. nothing much overall. there is a noodle store there that is highly rated by tv, i have tried it and it was really good. the singpost here is till 7pm for local mail

  8. Avatar photo

    Nice place to look2 see2. Sometimes u never know things u need can be found there.

  9. Avatar photo
    W M Loo

    There are books n stationery shops… As well as shops selling art materials… Jack’s Place is a restaurant for western set lunches n some local food.

  10. Avatar photo
    Nikolai Böhm

    Always a good place for quality Chinese art supply and used books. You will need a bit of Mandarin on occasion though. As of right now in terms of antiques Tanglin Shopping Centre still reigns supreme, but that will likely change to Bras Basah complex early next year.

  11. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Great place if you are looking for books, stationery, musical instruments, or have your instant signage made within the same day. There are varieties of Chinese paintings and arts as well as lots of second hand books to choose from. Good food can be found too at the place.

  12. Avatar photo
    Teo Ming Chong Ryan

    A rustic shopping complex with an incredible treasure trove of little shops – selling books, instruments, art, trinkets and gifts, souvenirs and great food to top it off. Undergoing several upgrading projects to increase accessibility, including new escalators. A terrific, nostalgic place to visit often!

  13. Avatar photo
    ayisha Raihana

    I love the popular bookstore there. The complex is like boonlay shopping centre. most stores are art supplies or music related stuffs. there are a few printing stores (like laminating , A4 printing etc)

  14. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Building under renovation especially at basement basement carpark , need abit skill to move around the carpark. Sharp corners. Youngsters don’t really know about this place anymore…

    This place used to be a book worm world, several kinds of musical instruments shops, banners, name cards printing, photocopying shops can be found here too.
    Very quiet nowadays…

    Came over to collect the season 6 HPB watch ⌚at the post office though and running some errands.

  15. Avatar photo
    Moti Lal Parsad

    Great place to buy art n craft items

  16. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    Good place for books, art and signage needs ! Carpark is undergoing some works so it’s crazily convoluted inside but drive carefully and you’ll be fine, otherwise, might find yourself stuck where there used to be a turn into another row of lots. Narrow lots too better if ya use public transport !

  17. Avatar photo
    LL S

    The anchor tenants Popular and Art Friend are always a go-to for the widest range of books and art supplies and everything in-between. The complex also has wide range of craftwork, music equipment, stationery, time pieces and art works. A feast for the eyes and interests of people with such interests.

  18. Avatar photo

    The stationary section has almost every single stationary needs …

  19. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Teh

    Old school mall in the city area, where you buy books, school books, 10 years series….

  20. Avatar photo
    Edmund Teo

    Our favourite haunt for all things books. Both new and used. There are shops for musical instruments for both western to eastern music too. Art Friend and Popular is also there for your art and stationary needs. Love it.

  21. Avatar photo
    C Lim

    There was some renovation going on at the basement car park, but there was no clear re-direction signage as part of the car park was sealed off.

  22. Avatar photo
    Thew Guat Hoon

    My fav complex, a lot of book store which I like it so much, old complex I hope this will remain as is it for a long time. It just opposite the national library and a lot of students come here to buy book and others stationary such like drawing stuffs, calligraphies stuff, art work tools and so on.

  23. Avatar photo
    Lam Leong Sing

    Looking for art material? Art Friend a wide store displaying their stuff giving an idea of the art creation needs. Wide range of books on english, chinese & stationery are available along the shops with Popular book store the main. Mini food court & Jack’s Place also located here.

  24. Avatar photo
    GengBai Lim

    My main purpose for visitation is the large Popular Bookstore, the Art Friend art and craft supplies shop and the Hobby Point. There are also smaller bookstores here, but my 3 main hits are the above mentioned.

  25. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    You can find arts & crafts stuff here and school education stationeries, textbooks etc. There are F&B restaurants like Jacks Place and many more. Located near Bugis and Raffles Hotel.

  26. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    A baby boomer’s ‘love interest’. You have all the Stationeries, School’s Books, References Guides, Arts Stuffs, Music Scores, Chinese Books, Comic Books. You name it you have it.

    Sadly it was the past glory. Now not many will come visit this old dame. As younger generations know more about using technologies to get what they needed online. Also many book stores may not even have the next generations to take over.

  27. Avatar photo
    John Paul Abellera

    Old-style shopping complex. Looking for a specific shop was a bit difficult.

  28. Avatar photo
    Travel Writer

    Place to get your test papers, one huge popular store and one art friend store.
    We heard from fellow expat friends about a neat little luthier store located here. So violin lovers, take heed. …

  29. Avatar photo

    If not for me to go for Jack’s place for my lunch I will not go there. Bras Basah is also know as “book city” of the 70s which most of the shops selling books and stationery. But a lot of shops already close down, it because quite and lose the vibrant of the past. Now old few old men walking around the bookshop. Don’t go if you don’t like books

  30. Avatar photo
    cat o

    Although it has lots of stores for books it’s really not good value. The 2nd hand book stores are discounting the books by 10% off the retail price regardless of how bad the condition is. I’d rather shop on Carousell

  31. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    A rather dated building. But serves its purpose if you’re looking for art and craft shops, printing shops, plaque shops, book stores, and watch shops.

    The shops here tend to offer below average prices. So it does kind of make up for the dated building.

    Don’t expect pretty stores. It’s a slice of older Singapore. But do support some of the older retailers here.

  32. Avatar photo
    Aylwin Low

    Childhood place where I came to buy school books and read comics.. fond memories, I am sure everyone had it too

  33. Avatar photo
    Samuel Yu

    The same nostalgic place to get assessment books, art stationaries and musical instruments The classic Jack’s Place is still around.

  34. Avatar photo
    Natje Natjemo

    Various art and paper shop As well as a few possibilities to eat.

  35. Avatar photo
    Xiaoan bai chi

    It’s known as ”书城“ in mandarin and it’s not difficult to see why. While a little run down, the facade is not what we’re here for. The excellent selection of book shops is what we’re here for

  36. Avatar photo
    Tiny T

    Beautiful shop. Cultured and very helpful lady boss. Many different calligraphy brush offerings. Excited to try my new brush

  37. Avatar photo
    Levin Lim

    The used bookstores are a joy to visit, there are other places that offer Chinese calligraphy and good fengshui services.

  38. Avatar photo
    tpt reginalimroblox

    This place looks rundown although it is supposedly a mall. But there are 2 amenities which I liked. A huge popular stall full of things which interest me as well as art friend with full of interesting items

  39. Avatar photo
    koh deric

    Where the old story tells,
    where new & second hand education book can be bought
    It is a place where used story book can be found for pleasure and where needy families can purchase cheaper used education text book for their children study journey

  40. Avatar photo
    Shafwana Shafeek

    The ideal place for all the stationery needs.. Not only stationery, a lot more. TBH for me one day is not enough to buy things here and am lost once I see the things they have. Less price and lots of choises. Wooden, pottery whatever you like, you can get here..

  41. Avatar photo
    Freddie Low

    The place brings fond memories of my childhood as I used to go to Tecman, the Christian bookstore. Also has a good Buddhist bookshop called Awareness Place. Looking for quality fountain pens and writing instruments? Fook Hing is the place to go. I also like the Shine Korean Mart there. The place still has some secondhand bookstores there and you can find books at a steal. A good reason to go there would also be Popular Bookstores. The food court has a delicious bakchormee.

  42. Avatar photo
    Aditya Natanael

    Good place if you’re looking for book or print shop

  43. Avatar photo
    Karin Ng

    One will be surprised to find things they least expect. I was looking for name tag for exhibition assistant and I found them at 1 Sign

  44. Avatar photo
    Ah Kun

    Come here to buy old books …

  45. Avatar photo
    mikk s

    Has quite a lot of good book store. But the lift renovation work has been going on for years, very dark at certain places.

  46. Avatar photo
    Olivia (Ollie)

    It’s a good place to source for art materials and sound/music equiments. Place is quite old already. Have been going there since I was a teenager. Imagine that! …

  47. Avatar photo
    Bonn Lim

    Despite the building being built some time back, I think the building management is doing a good job maintaining the place. Toilet (men’s) is clean and this is an overall good location to drop by if you’re looking for second-hand assessment books for your kids. It also has a huge Popular bookstore which is two-storey!

    Other than that I think there are also a number of music stores around, though I haven’t patronised any because I’m not a musician myself

  48. Avatar photo
    Cheong Kah Wai

    I had visited this place many times to get stationeries and art materials. Popular main branch is located in this complex. Like to shop at Popular as it is spacious and has wide range of books and stationeries. You can get all sorts of art materials from Art Friend. Jack Place at this complex also provides delicious western food and set lunch. It is a good place for family with schooling children.

  49. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ong Koon Bieu

    This is the place at 4th floor can buy tai chi accessories.

  50. Avatar photo
    Atul Mistry

    Good for stationary related items and for exhibition display needs

  51. Avatar photo
    Dr Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer

    Unique complex – They call themselves as “A Centre for Books and Arts”. It is very true in all aspects. Lots of arts shops – music instruments, art, craft, Bhaskars Arts Academy etc. Lots of book shops – new and used books. Really a unique place in the centre of Singapore.

  52. Avatar photo
    JJJ chen

    I love the stores there. Prices are good. Lots of Chinese books and education books. Lots of good second hand books. Chinese calligraphy. It is a place to go for.l books. For 20yrs, I still return. Different variety of old vintage books, English books, Chinese books, guitars and even have two oldest specs glasses shops there!

  53. Avatar photo
    Aashish Ghosh

    I loved visiting the place after a recommendation from a friend about it’s art natural stores. Lots of small galleries and other fun things to look at.

  54. Avatar photo
    Poh Keam Tan

    I came here to relaminate a certificate.that had air bubbles in it. The lady who helped did an excellent job. I noticed she has a wrist injury..I hope she will recover soon.

  55. Avatar photo
    Val Tan

    Always love this place that has nostalgic feel. Even though it may not looks modern, i am able to get all the art supplies i needed and sometimes you may get some interesting findings!

  56. Avatar photo
    Brandon Liew

    A unique place.

    Locals call this “书城 ” , which literally translates to ” Book city ” . This is a place that is supposedly ” Cultural ” to locals, which probably is .

    (I am saying ” Cultural ” as contrast to Pop culture. The kind that people go online on phones and computers. )

    Fantastic location. It’s located in the City .

    You would find old styled book stores selling various kinds of books .

    “Bookshop ” chains are here too .But , enough of those . They mainly sell stationary .

    Yes , books. Books made from paper.

    Some very unique titles could be found here. Mainly Chinese language. Some are English language . I salute these small book shop owners , knowing how tough it must be to still run such bookshops , in the face of declining book readership and generally low Chinese language standards of locals. (Could also be that Chinese from China who reside in Singapore still supporting them )

    There are a few bookshops that specialise in Art books .These are slightly more popular. Art friend ( an Art stationary retail chain) is here too . There are a number of musical instruments shops , selling traditional Chinese instruments , traditional and new Western instruments .

    Some mini Art galleries are here too.

    Shops that specializes in framing paintings and calligraphy can also be found here.

    Why visit here ?

    Well, a good way to pry your attention away from gluing to your mobile phones and tablets.

    (It’s known to be not so healthy )

    Also, to see and experience very unique “alternate reality -like experience ” , which is different from your every day life experience.

  57. Avatar photo
    Gerry Pereira

    Good place to browse music stuff

  58. Avatar photo

    Wonderful place to grab those exotic as well as popular Chinese books, English books (both new and used), musical and art materials etc. Not to mention the flagship Popular bookstore is located here, together with the long established Jack’s Place.

  59. Avatar photo
    Hoang Minh Le

    a very desolate place to shop, but specialized in printing and art supply

  60. Avatar photo

    Current under renovation the carpark is a headache. Shops look old but still books and other stationary can be found here

  61. Avatar photo
    Max Dryan

    A lots of book stall there,and Tec Man Christian gift shop is also there.

  62. Avatar photo
    Grace Tan

    Great for books and signage. A place that hasn’t changed much in decades.

  63. Avatar photo

    Nice addition to Raffles area for books, stationery, arts, and well hidden family korean BBQ restaurant – SSAK level 2

  64. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Pey

    This is a very old building, in term of amenities, it seriously need some upgrading. However the plus point is there is a wide varieties of bookstores, musical instruments shops, service clinics, frame makers, printers and a branded writing pen shop within the building. A good place to hangout if you are a book lover or looking for art materials.

  65. Avatar photo
    md hasni

    I used to get secondhand books at the shophouses along Bras Basah Road stretch. With the urban development, all these shops had moved away. Only this Complex still caters to these secondhand books dealers.

    Apart from that, this complex caters for stationaries & printings, art material shops, an art gallery, a Popular Bookstore which occupies 3 floors, among others. There is an eatery at the other side of the building.

  66. Avatar photo
    Maguto Liao

    So many book stores in the building, some stores sell musical books, at least 2 stores selling various instruments includes guitars , saxophones, drums… etc. Many treasures hide in and waiting for you to explore.

  67. Avatar photo

    Old doesn’t mean no good. For books lover, u can find some really good books if u can’t find it online.

  68. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    The trick is not to wait for a parking slot during peak hours. Just drive to park next door at the Oden Building.

  69. Avatar photo
    Wei Yuet Wong

    The complex and the block of flats were completed around 1980. It has an eclectic collection of shops. Music, books, graphic books, watches, art, stationery. Some shops still remind of a time gone by. The place still has an old world charm. Think this place holds many memories for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

  70. Avatar photo
    V K

    Happy place for art, book and stationery lovers and a shopping complex still happily stuck in the 80s. Nice change from all the glitzy, impersonal, homogeneous shopping malls that predominate the island. Conveniently located next to the national library so it can make for a nice day out just browsing and taking in the atmosphere. Long may this place (and others like it) last.

  71. Avatar photo
    Daniel Koay (DanKo83)

    For all your nostalgic needs…. This is the place to find. Calligraphy to Teresa Teng, here is your best shot. Arts, literature and sports… Wide range and choices that suit all budgets. Did I mention made to order violins? This is the place where you’ll find it.

  72. Avatar photo
    Colin Dailey

    This old and crusty shopping centre has many good guitar, sport, and art shops. The business there are well established and the prices are reasonable. I’ve found good deals on instruments, school and office supplies, and the food centre has some nice stalls, albeit not supper clean. It’s centrally located and even has parking. This is a go to mall for many useful things.

  73. Avatar photo
    Paul Nakarin Poonsiriwong

    FAQ about walking distance from various MRT stations:

    – Bras Basah Station (CC22)
    via Victoria St. 302m.
    -Bencoolen (DT21)
    via Victoria St. 411m.
    -City Hall Station (EW13/NS25)
    via North Bridge Rd 437m.
    -Bugis Station (DT14)
    via North Bridge Rd 470m.

    Conclusion: Shorter walking distance from Bras Basah MRT station exit A start from Bras Basah Rd turn left at Victoria St enter the complex from block 323 near Coffee Express Food Court.

    Old non-aircon Shopping Complex but this shopping centre has something special to offer. Known to be a place for lot of bookstores, Artists supplies, Music & Sports supplies. More to specialists mall.

  74. Avatar photo
    Blu executor

    Great place to look for books. There is also a Jack’s Place on the first floor with great food. The place is highly underrated as it is an old complex built in the 1980s. Great place to visit for book lovers or city explorers. The building may be old, but it is a hidden gem in the city with many shops selling items from second-hand books to shops for painters and artists. It is also near MRT stations such as Bugis with the National Library just a walk away. The Popular bookstore there sells many niche books and is a good place for parents to look for revision books for their studying children in Singapore. An interesting feature of the building is the void deck for the residents as the void deck is above the old shopping area on the fifth floor.

  75. Avatar photo
    Jesse Tan

    Nostalgic, from early years of buying assessment books for myself to attending mini Xinyao concerts, to eventually going to buy assessment and supplies for my kids.

  76. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tng

    Place for books, art & crafts accessories, printing needs, signage, banner & etc

  77. Avatar photo
    Travel Writer

    Place to get your test papers, one huge popular store and one art friend store.
    We heard from fellow expat friends about a neat little luthier store located here. So violin lovers, take heed.

    What can u do here?
    Buy second hand story books level one and two
    Korean Mart located below
    Violin and accessories
    Music book store

  78. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    browsing around and noticed Jack’s Place still operating..many happy dining memories also the many retail outlets..

  79. Avatar photo
    Joel Tan

    Easy parking. Nice foodcourt. Popular Bookshop has a wide range of books and stationery. Art Friend is THE place to go to get your arty crafty materials.. Helpful staff. Lots of stationery shops, art related, book related and printing shops, spectacles, watches, etc on 4 levels. Jack’s Place has been there for years – nice ambience, quiet place for dining and catching up with friends. Family oriented restaurant. Toilets are clean, especially those on the upper floors.

  80. Avatar photo
    Lorraine Lee

    Foods nice & Service Good & Staffs very nice . thanks

  81. Avatar photo
    Karthig Kunasakaran

    Very cool place to me. Love coming here for second hand books alone. Have the cool film photography shop, popular and music Instrument shops as well. Not to mention the past year assessment paper shops. Guess if you someone like me it’s a cool place to walk around and all. Hobby point is there too. Couple of frame making and laminating shops there too. Worth a visit to check the place out even if it’s not your thing. Iconic place at the wbrg least.

  82. Avatar photo
    Alyssa Wong

    an old building, full of small shops for arts and crafts. Also some used books, stationary and music shops.
    It used to be popular among liberal students. I used to be regular shopper here back in the days.
    As I drive by, it brings back lovely memories, when I used to be creative and do things like oil painting and clay work.
    Pretty close to the national library too, and that’s an added bonus

  83. Avatar photo
    Kasthuri Gunasegaran

    Great place for artistic individuals. My 2 favourite stores are Art Friend and Popular Bookstore. Both have wide varieties of art supplies thar you will be spoilt for choices. There are some bookstores which have been there for ages and carry reasonable priced books and stationeries. Especially do not forget to pop into the bookstore on the ground floor that is near to the escalator. You will shocked by their reasonable prices.

  84. Avatar photo
    Thomas FunE3

    The only HDB block within the business area and had lots of shops that are working for years. Worth it to go there.

  85. Avatar photo
    Won Soon Lau

    This place has been adapting to the new internet economy but at a much slower pace. Gone were most of the bookshops I knew since 40 years ago. It’s now mostly a place to buy materials for art and musical instruments. Some shops are making banners and adversiment billboards. A few shops selling watches and clocks are still around. Basement carpark is as full as it can be.

  86. Avatar photo
    Strawberry Pie

    Bras Basah is usually known for the book shops. Unfortunately, the number of shops has been greatly reduced. But is still worth visiting.

  87. Avatar photo
    Chi Hong Hwang

    A gem of a place with a variety of small and big shops. The shop mix has remained the same over the decades. Where you go to kit out for every new school year for textbooks, assessment books and arts and craft stuff. Best place to look for Chinese culture related materials.

  88. Avatar photo
    Swee Yew Goh

    Old venue, still a good place to find stationeries, art and craft and etc.

  89. Avatar photo
    Merry Goh

    It is old hidden gem located in town area which is not affected by surrounding hotels and shopping malls. People might have nostalgia feel as they could big and small independent book stores in there. You could even find handicraft things and stationery there as well.

  90. Avatar photo
    Shareen Teo

    Very big Popular outlet. Parking was easy.

  91. Avatar photo
    ayoblaza 69

    There’s a popular there, used it to buy my electronics

  92. Avatar photo
    Little Owl

    Upgrading in progress. A place to buy books, stationary and arts essential. Business is quiet.

  93. Avatar photo
    Pui Yee Lee

    Choices of art materials and stationery other than books

  94. Avatar photo
    Lisabelle Ho

    Although its a old old complex on the surface,
    It’s a hidden jems for books and art lovers like me!

    Art Friend, Union Bookstore and of course the big Big stationary store none other than POPULAR!

    My heaven

  95. Avatar photo
    David O

    Fun old mall. Very Chinese focused. Lots of books, learning materials, and calligraphy supplies.

  96. Avatar photo
    K Kking

    Completely dead. Many shops closed. Under some kind of renovation. Food court is dead. Government policy is working bankrupting the small businesses

  97. Avatar photo
    JY Phan

    I use to come here buy book and music instruments. Very nostalgic building.

  98. Avatar photo
    Brendadirk Cramplescrunch

    The place to get art supplies
    and I love how it still has old school vibes. The location is great too, within the city and near a couple of MRT stations. It’s right across the the national library as well. It needs better maintainance though, and more facilities for the elderly and handicapped.

  99. Avatar photo
    Raymond Wang

    Biggest and first popular bookstore is here!!! Best place to get kids to love reading with the wide variety of books.

  100. Avatar photo

    Good place to get some goods from. They have shops like hobby stores, instrument stores, art stores, household stores and more. The parking here is cheap and probably costs 2$ or less. I mostly come here for the music equipment’s. From stores like Swee Lee or the sports and music store near Swee Lee. Also a good place for people who need other important equipments like clocks or watches or toy vehicle collecting and artsy or gamer stuff. A variety of stuff. It is recommended to come here. i personally enjoy it here

  101. Avatar photo
    Matthew George Morris

    Why I rate this place 5 star even its a old building , because if you have kids even for adult. This place sales everything from stationery, cook books, school books,laptops, hp,history books,magazines and many more, you have to see it to believe it..oh ya if you an art student they have everything you need. …

  102. Avatar photo
    Zhiming Heng

    The hidden Korean BBQ – Ssikkek BBQ is nice and affordable! A place to chill and chat chat with friends because it’s not very crowded.

  103. Avatar photo
    Sherman Tan

    A great place to spend a fruitful weekends for Arts & Crafts, Music Equipments, Books, Comics & Toys, Food & Beverage etc…

  104. Avatar photo
    Sybil Yap

    Place is so dated. Just go get what u need time to move on. There because of Kwong Shin Optical. My go to for me and children’s glasses. And now contact lenses. Reliable.

  105. Avatar photo
    Joe Carson

    Bought a nice watch band at one of the watch shops. Prices and choices were good. Helpful staff.

  106. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Now in December, if you spent $30 in 1 receipt, you will get a 2022 calender and a glass bottle with wooden straw. Nice.
    I come here to get all my calenders & Christmas card. Nice food court also but remember do not between 11:30 – 1:30 pm. Lunch time. Its packed.

  107. Avatar photo

    The only place worth inside is the Art Friend store and the Artbook store at the top floor. The rest is available and easily accessible elsewhere.

  108. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Bennett

    Truffle fries were hot and fresh but didn’t really taste of truffles.

    Chicken Wings were crispy as advertised.

    Fish burger was nice and the patty was crispy.

    Frozen drinks were delicious.

    Pricey for what it was however.

    6.5/10 would recommend if you are unable to find anywhere else.

  109. Avatar photo
    HY TAN

    Quaint and lovely place, not the most modern looking place but has what you need if books are what you are looking for. A few printing shops, music related shops, signage makers. Food court and Jack’s Place too. Highlights would be the huge Popular and Art Friend.

  110. Avatar photo
    Ram Ramchandani

    This shopping complex has mainly stationery and book shops. It also has shops that makes company seals, business cards etc. There’s a small food court at the ground level that also has a good nasi padang (malay food) stall. The place is well known for books and stationers.

  111. Avatar photo
    Lia W

    I liked the old building feel. Stumbled upon a pretty cool bookstore here with picture books for architecture, fashion, economic mags, etc. We also went to the music store Swee Lee which looked more modern than he building itself LOL. Bras Basah was a pleasant find amidst Singapore’s modern & advanced image.

  112. Avatar photo
    Marcus Lee

    The best things about here are: school books, stationery supplies, art & craft supplies, graphic books, and second hand bookstores.

    The worse thing about this place is the danger of it being gentrified. Once that happens, you’ll never find them here again.

  113. Avatar photo
    Ann You

    Good place to shop for books (both new and used, English and Chinese), text books, exam papers. Also many art galleries. Many print shops if you need printing and banner, signage printing service.

  114. Avatar photo
    Samuel Siaw

    Run down and very sad looking, especially the food court. Food there are costly (food court standard) and worse, they are all average to subpar in taste. Not worth patronising. Unless you relish a throwback to the 1970s Singapore, this is a place to avoid and you won’t be worse off.

  115. Avatar photo

    There are good like old style shops there that are nice to go to. Despite mainly going there for the hobby store I walked around for quite awhile to explore the other stores

  116. Avatar photo
    Jon O

    Best place to get your books, including arts and crafts stuff.

  117. Avatar photo
    suki gemok

    When to buy books at popular bookstore located at level4

  118. Avatar photo
    Alice Sum

    Old building. Went there with auntie to the Singapore International Auction outlet to assess her antiques. She couldn’t park her van there as the carpark height limit is only 1.9m so we parked at the national library which is just next to the building. Not much shop or things to see there. No eateries seen. Majority shops there are old shops that buy and sell old antiques, paintings etc. Have a Popular Bookstore there at level 2.

  119. Avatar photo
    Lim Lam Sin (Keston)

    24 Nov 22’

    I haven’t visit this place for long time, as recommended, appointment here with friend who help me to select Ukulele, at 3rd level, there are few musical instruments stores, …

  120. Avatar photo
    vertically vertiginous

    This is classic old Singapore–HDB with bustling commerce and a hawkers’ food center on the ground floor.

  121. Avatar photo
    Peter Ng

    Mostly visit the plastic scale modelling shop located on the 3rd floor. Plastic of kit to choose. My favourite shop.

  122. Avatar photo
    Marc Tan

    Always love the old school environment the complex possesses. A trip for nostalgia and also many hidden gems. New turns deliver new experiences!

  123. Avatar photo
    Louis Tye

    Good place to revisit for old schooll days remembrance.

  124. Avatar photo
    Pin Lay Chi

    Was looking for Chinese ink brushes and also a place to do scroll framing. There are dedicated shops that does scroll framing and you can choose from those at level 1, 2 or 3. I have done my scroll with Chen Soon Lee and it was rather good experience. I usually get my brushes from them though there are other shops that sell books, brushes and papers. If you intend to do some calligraphy this CNY, can pop by.

  125. Avatar photo
    Colin Dailey

    This old and crusty shopping centre has many good guitar, sport, and art shops. The business there are well established and the prices are reasonable. I’ve found good deals on instruments, school and office supplies, and the food centre has some nice stalls, albeit not supper clean. It’s centrally located and even has parking. This is a go to mall for many useful things.

  126. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    Went there to get PSLE test papers for my child. It sure was THE place. There’s like 10 shops selling these past examination papers. Best part the papers were as recent as 1 month ago. Amazing! Thank God for Bras Basah Complex that never changed after all these years!

  127. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Oh

    An old building which has one of the largest Popular book store (if not the flagship store) over 4 floors. It offers items other than books, for example mobile phone, which is unexpected of a bookstore.
    It is located at the centre of the city, across the road from the world renowned Raffles hotel.

  128. Avatar photo
    Andy Lee

    Mainly to buy musical instruments and guitar parts. A nice place to visit the complex because apart from the number of musical shops, there are bookshops, printing shops, a reasonably priced restaurant and many other shops. It is good to spend some time scouting around for things that are needed to purchase. The building is old but clean.

  129. Avatar photo
    arvelia ong

    Very hugeeeeeeeeee Popular bookstore is here. Have pretty much anything. Found most of the books that I couldnt find outside here.

  130. Avatar photo

    An interesting shop 小时候 (wheniwasfour) at a corner of the highest floor that sells interesting local theme products, e.g., bags, files, notebooks, name tags, etc.

  131. Avatar photo
    Cengiz Ogutmen

    Any printing work can be done quickly

  132. Avatar photo
    Jazz Low (婕昕)

    There are many hidden gems in this complex. More on selling the materials to fulfill your hobbies. Calligraphy store, music store (vinyl recordings, music books), bookstore (secondhand books /old school comics books etc).
    Didn’t really walk the whole complex but I will definitely come again to check on the books and calligraphy stuffs.

  133. Avatar photo
    JT Lai

    Childhood place to buy books and assessments. Now not as busy compare to their peak. Have to revamp and new idea to revitalise the place

  134. Avatar photo
    Fam M Y

    Have been coming here since 80s for the bookshop and free concerts. A local “art and science heritage” to me. Visited it again yesterday after a long while and simply enjoy the vibes

  135. Avatar photo
    Kok Sing Hee

    Popular, the only place I visit, other shop nothing much can see.

  136. Avatar photo
    Terence Ho

    Still best place to go for art & crafts supplies.

  137. Avatar photo
    Bridgit O'Donovan

    Good for school supplies, bookstores and nice coffee on the ground floor.

  138. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Good place to buy books. It worth to take a look here especially if you are a tourist.

  139. Avatar photo
    Joana Chandra Tirtajasa

    Apartment area with shops downstair and po box area

  140. Avatar photo
    Lisa Lim

    Came here to visit a lovely children’s Chinese bookshop (03-11). If I had known of such a bookshop when I was a kid, I’m sure my phobia for Chinese language will be reduced…. the books were arranged in such a way as to be inviting, and there is such a vast selection… its like a typical bookshop we see at malls but all books are in Mandarin. I had a great time buying books for my daughter and a simple K1 level storybook for myself 🙂

  141. Avatar photo
    Chester Tan

    A quaint place where old shops still dwell, selling old vintage books and music audio products. Currently undergoing retrofit, hope it retains the flavor and not too modernized. Car park need to redraw, lots are too small.

  142. Avatar photo
    bernard wang

    Garlic toast really nice! Cai Peng 2 meat 1 veg $4.

  143. Avatar photo

    Giant popular and art friend. Lots of book stores and second hand books. Walkable from SMU, bugis station or bras basah station. If you are looking for university textbooks or printing banners or clothes, this is the place.

  144. Avatar photo
    Chung Soon Hu

    Stationary, books, musical instruments etc. etc. And, for western food there’s this “Jack’s Place ” for steaks, fish and chips, lobsters or oysters and escargot! Very nice ambient too.

  145. Avatar photo
    Ng Soo Yong

    Multi-Storeys of hobbies, stationery, academic, music, art related retail outlets. Finding the elevators can be quite a challenge. Taking escalator at the centre of the development is easier.

  146. Avatar photo

    A complex of many shops including art stores, artfriend, chinese calligraphy shops and the biggest popular bookstore spanning more than 3 storeys. Toilets have been recently revamped but the complex is still of an older design and isnt very nicely maintained.
    Come if you have a place to go in mind. parking is available.

  147. Avatar photo
    pp t

    a building with old charm, full of unique quaint shops, including art gallery, antique shops, art supply shops (eg, artfriend and many others) -definitely a treasure trove for arts lover.

  148. Avatar photo
    Sherman Ho

    You can find so much here. Great hobby shop, art shops, supplies, second hand book stores and others. Spend some time walking around. You may find something you like

  149. Avatar photo

    Great for students who wants to buy school papers.

  150. Avatar photo
    Parameshwari Raghavan

    This a little old building or complex mall which houses a good amount of music shops,book shops,stationary shops,music and dance studio for classes,got very less eateries or food can find jacks place which is a little wallet thinning place for a dinner,the escalators are pretty small however it doesn’t gonna impact as you will not see much crowd since it is not a typical commercial mall.People looking to buy musical instruments,books,dance and vocal classes bras bass has all of this in it.

  151. Avatar photo
    Nathanael Pribady

    Many great stores, but looks pretty empty and dead-ish

  152. Avatar photo
    Dennis Peh

    Bras Basah Complex had been around since my primary school days back in the late 70s.

    It basically sells both Chinese and English books, which later started to comprise school text and references, which in turn attracted a lot of other relevant shops such as stationary, arts, music and little bit of sports.

    It also branches out to house service providers, mainly linked to print media. There used to be 1 or 2 magic gadget shops, but eventually was taken over by other trades.

    Next to Bras Basah Complex, at current Odeon Towers, used to be a cinema complex. And when it made way for the current Odeon Towers, I believed, one of the very 1st MacDonalds in Singapore, was setup on the ground floor. This MacDonalds was in the headlines during the Mac’s Hello Kitty craze, where people actually queue all the way to near cityHall train station.

  153. Avatar photo
    Carlson Hong

    To go place to print and get your book cravings done!

  154. Avatar photo
    Mer S.

    Ranking Music store opposite Swee Lee has a good range guitar accessories by reputable brands. The service is also good, honest and attentive.

    The food court sells a wide variety of food (including halal) at very affordable prices. McDonald’s is just a few steps away, and there’s Cheers for a quick grab of a beverage or snack.

    The Popular bookstore is 5 levels high, and you need to travel up and down to get different stuff. However, payment counters are available on all floors including self-checkout.

    The toilets on L3 are relatively clean and odour-free.

  155. Avatar photo
    Dr Thomas Anthony

    Book shop has a big variety of stationary and arts product

    Music shop is Awesome

  156. Avatar photo
    David Yeo

    This is another old dame who manage to adapt through time and maintain her charms to remain relevant.

  157. Avatar photo
    damienn foo

    it has many shops selling their printing services, watches, arts & craft materials, musical instruments, and many other things. while the building is very old, the stores inside are not found at any others places, such as a 3 storey Popular, and a very big Art Friend, and countless of printing and watch repair shops. it is a building like no other, and you should definitely make a visit there

  158. Avatar photo
    Zacfie hanz

    Bras Basah Complex, is Art and IT stuff. Gadgets, art materials, there is a store that sell books, comics and etc. If you want to print namecard, banner, company stamp, poster and etc a few store doing that services too. The near met is city hall just cross over from raffle city towards Carlton Hotel. It near there.

  159. Avatar photo
    Anuradha Ravi

    The shops in the complex are very good. Cleanliness could be improved.

  160. Avatar photo
    Ai Choo Ong

    Major tenant , Popular Bookstore.Convenient for purchase of wide selection of books and stationery.
    Also second hand bookshops available.

  161. Avatar photo
    Last Angel

    Affordable and juicy steak from Jack’s place

  162. Avatar photo
    Reuter Chua

    Old school books, stationery, arts and crafts shopping complex. Easy to lose time over used books and niche subjects. Good complement to the nearby National Library. Must visit for the old Singapore charm.

  163. Avatar photo
    Francis Woo

    Very old complex with many stores selling schools` books and stationery.

  164. Avatar photo

    Known as the centre of arts and books, Bras Basah Complex was very much frequented by many, including myself, go to sell/buy/rent new and used books before online marketplace like Carousell surfaced. Today, it remains a gem for, not only for books, its many specialty stores. The main attractions now are the Art Friend for its wide range of affordable craft DIY products and supplies, as well as Popular bookstore for its a comprehensive range of merchandise consisting of books, stationery, multimedia and AV products.

  165. Avatar photo
    Candy Lim

    Love this place so much, you will find the art supplies store – Art Friends, 3 to 4 stories stationery store- Popular, bookstore, dance and music school, photography shop, art exhibitions, and etc. Also there is a post office at the ground floor.

  166. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Still a good place for kids to get their study materials.

  167. Avatar photo
    marion joy

    great ART destination .. lessons, art shops, galleries, art magazine shops, framers, ink and pen retailer, optometrists, watch and watch strap retailer.. Narrative Coffee stand, food and drinks and much more .. old style .. harks back to before the glitz and glamour.. my favourite mall in Singapore

  168. Avatar photo

    there arent a lot of malls quite like bras basah these days, no major makeover on the facade since the 80s. but still, you still can see a good balance of ppl of all demographics here due to the specialty of goods some of the stalls have to offer since beginning. e.g., music-related stuffs, school assessment books, secondhand books, stationery shops (quite a few art schools within proximity)

  169. Avatar photo

    You can find all sorts of learning materials, as like books, stationery, drawing materials, photocopying here, it’s a convenient spot if you are here.

  170. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    A really old building with lot of books stores n art stores… Occasionally will hold some playback oldies music show that will attract lots of people… Way out nostalgic… All the art school students will be here to get all the stuffs that they needs n some really rare magazine n books can be found here of u find hard enough…

  171. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Nostalgic. With its mini sized room for 1 escalator still in operation. Went to ART Frank for what art needs you want , all are available.

  172. Avatar photo
    Nitha Nathan

    Be careful of carpark for van drivers as the ceiling is low evej thounit indicates 1.8m
    My van was scratched on the top through out the in n out

  173. Avatar photo
    Angelia Neo

    Favourite haunt for craft supplies and second hand books.

  174. Avatar photo
    BH C

    Sort of shopping place of early 80s, particularly the coffee shops.

  175. Avatar photo
    Adeline Kang

    Big Popular with no crowd so that I can actually browse and buy at ease.
    Also has a good selection of past year exam papers at the bookshop near escalators. Korean minimart near the ground floor convenient shop was good too.

  176. Avatar photo
    Sofyan Mohd Mokhti

    Here for Art Friend. When it comes to buying art supplies, it’s kinda hard to top the breath of selection that Art Friend has to offer. Additionally for fan of music or gunpla, your needs can be served here as well. I have a weak spot for places with nostalgic value so, 5 stars all day.

  177. Avatar photo
    Aatu Dorochenko

    Complex full of art supply shops, book stores, magazine stores etc. Worth visiting. I spent in Basheer Graphic Books like an hour by browsing through their selection. ️ On top of the complex very instagrammable red pipes and white walls.

  178. Avatar photo
    Gin berri

    Largest Popular Bookshop outlet is located here. You can also get your supplies of art materials from the Art Friend outlet here, seems one of their biggest outlet too. Shops mostly close early at 7 p.m. during this Phase 2 Height Alert. Be there early.

  179. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Always a great place to get guitar or other music instruments etc. They have a really large Popular stationary store and also a very well established Christian book/gift store. Some of these stores have been here almost 20 years. A few other book stores selling used books as well.

  180. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    This place is a ghost town most of the time I was there, granted that I was hardly there on Saturday where the occasional events might drove in the crowds. There seems to be non-stop talks of revamping the place and there were always some kind of construction works going on for the past few years but apart from some touch up changes on the facade, the place pretty much looks the same.

  181. Avatar photo
    Jixian Gavin Goh

    Visiting casefactorie! My go to place for screen protector and cases for phones

  182. Avatar photo
    Sangay Wangmo

    Loved the area and very chill. I went there to check out the biggest popular book store and ended up at the secondhand book store which is right at the 1st floor of the same building. I bought a lot of books. Affordable!

  183. Avatar photo
    Eric Yeo

    Iconic destination, calligraphy and Chinese arts and articles for locals and visitors

  184. Avatar photo
    fauzi yacob

    Largest popular store. Your printing needs and sweelee music store still around

  185. Avatar photo
    little dot

    this is a very old complex that has seen better days. Vendors are mainly stationery and printing companies. This build also houses the biggest and the first POPULAR book store in Singapore. Assessment books are what keeps this store open and thriving in the midst of printed books sales slowing down globally

  186. Avatar photo
    hafis pratama

    Good place to look for used children’s books. Some books are very cheap and in excellent condition.

  187. Avatar photo

    Nostalgia and vintage feels all over. But the best bet around this place is the 4 level popular. Literally a hidden gem with awesome deals. Don’t miss it!

  188. Avatar photo
    Doreen Goh

    Nice place to buy assessment papers or books. Good place to get art supplies too!

  189. Avatar photo
    Louis Loo

    Art friend, popular and some stationary and book stores.

  190. Avatar photo
    Sunil Pratap

    Nice place to get bargains!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Kirby Ong

    if you looking for stationery products, this is the place to go. ArtFriend is there too if you need art-related materials.

  192. Avatar photo
    Connie Leong

    If u want a better hair treatment u need to pay more

  193. Avatar photo
    Pansy Long

    Amazing place. You can source for all your stationary materials here. Many shops to browse around.

  194. Avatar photo
    Lucas Cheong

    Perfect place for artistic spirits. This place has the biggest art and craft supplies store that I have ever seen (its name it “Art – Friend”, they have almost everything at a fair price ;D), and one very cute souvenir shop with a big yellow fluffy cat (on the 3rd floor if I’m not wrong).
    Plus, the shop for Art books on the highest floor sells various great prints from Art/Design books to photos, magazine. Although I cannot find the book that I want here, the number of books are still very impressive.
    I would recommend this place for a solo walking day (they close at 5:00pm) or with a couple of friends who also enjoy art. Those who love taking fancy photos and extravagant experience might not like this place.

  195. Avatar photo
    kwee mee

    I like this place beco u can get any books n stationary which u want to buy. Price are reasonable. Also located at central zone. Transport to there are very convenient. …

  196. Avatar photo
    Jen Jen

    Come here for Popular bookstore

  197. Avatar photo
    Hans tu

    Good place to look for chinese book and table tennis equipment

  198. Avatar photo
    Paul Chen

    One of the places where u can find shops that operate for 40 to 50 years

  199. Avatar photo
    Tiny T

    Beautiful shop. Cultured and very helpful lady boss. Many different calligraphy brush offerings. Excited to try my new brush

  200. Avatar photo
    Jeanne Wang Yu

    Bras Basah Complex is a super cute and nostalgic place for anything related to arts, from books, to painting supplies, photography and music instruments. It feels like I’ve travelled back in time, in a good way.

  201. Avatar photo

    Best place to find your arts and crafts stuff, and also to print anything from cards to banners. The largest popular book store is in the complex too.

  202. Avatar photo
    Kalev 08

    I found the biggest popular bookshop in Singapore. It was three levels tall!!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Cheong Loong

    This charming centre where one can find many surprise buys or services. If you love watches, check out the wide range of brands the shops carry. Many book shops that carry vintage books n music shops that still carry old music record n tapes. Art lovers can also find something to start your creative hobby n discover your hidden talent. And if hungry, check out some restaurants n cafes inside the place. Good place to spend your spare time browsing around.

  204. Avatar photo

    A good place to find arts and crafts as well as school supplies with less money. I particularly love the second hand books stores here.

  205. Avatar photo
    kok long Ang

    For decades with the nickname BOOK CITY, this have been THE place in Singapore for all things about books (English and Chinese), Stationery, Art & Crafts supplies, paintings, and antiques. If you are here to explore and browse, good to plan for half a day visit particularly in the afternoon.

  206. Avatar photo
    Jansen Quek

    Vintage retail shops for music, stationary, art lovers. “Popular”, the biggest branch is situated here as well.

  207. Avatar photo
    Dawn Smith

    An old rustic nostalgia of how information through books used to be exhibited…
    My favorite place to go for used books…

  208. Avatar photo
    Yazid Rawi

    We used to come to this place to get books, stationaries mixed with printing name cards for your biznes needs, shops and offices.

  209. Avatar photo

    Quaint nostalgic looking place with books, music and art stores!

  210. Avatar photo
    Putera Suman

    Bras Basah Complex is ok lah, but this optic Kwong Shin is the Best …

  211. Avatar photo

    Quite a old school complex. I drop by to the shine korea store and was quite satisfied with my purchase. Though the sales lady wasn’t too friendly. Overall pricing is good so i don’t mind dropping by again if i need some korean goods.

  212. Avatar photo
    Ping Shung Koo

    Place for books, mostly Chinese and 2nd hand books. There’s a small handful of eateries, art gallery as well.

    There are art and musical supplies too.

  213. Avatar photo
    Magdeline Tan

    Place now under lift upgrading so noisy at times. Most shop opens around 12noon. Though Internet states the shop I am going opens at noon but the owner had personal errands and opens only at 3pm.

  214. Avatar photo
    Gavin Cheng

    Popular flagship store is here. Extensive range of stationary and books here.

  215. Avatar photo
    Ramsey Wee

    Shop name call ( YU Pan ) , sell good fish soup , signature soup and mee pok dry . Visit them countless of times , they had few outlets around in SG ..

  216. Avatar photo
    Erwin Liew

    If you like music, a few music shops selling scores, guitars, Chinese instruments, Ranking sports which besides sporting goods, sells guitars, some more rare instruments like xylophones. The iconic Swee Lee with lots of guitars, ukelele, cajon, and a few galleries for local and Chinese art. Art material suppliers including art friend.

  217. Avatar photo
    Shreya Maliwal

    Great place to get second hand books or trade them in. All has a few shops that have frame services. There’s is also a Fujifilm shop to print photos or get your film developed.

  218. Avatar photo
    HF Lei

    Visit this place every month to buy magazines . Some changes here with presence of some good cafes. Waiting for the building enhancement works to complete so that it will be a more present place to spend my time here

  219. Avatar photo
    Sze Mei NG

    Peaceful place.
    Good complex, hidden gem for the art materials, stationery, books, musical instruments, and models. Good deal.

  220. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Ng

    A nostalgic feel.
    This place is around more than 30 years (estimate).
    A great variety of books especially academic and school text of all levels.
    If you are into literally, rare or old works by both well and lesser known authors. This is the place to go.

    Interesting fact is most shops are brick and mortar shops. The books may not be systematic categorize but do approach the owner. He is a walking directory.

    Simply out, if you love books you must at least visit once.

  221. Avatar photo

    A nostalgic place where one could find old used books, chinese calligraphy, art galleries, and lots of art supplies shops

  222. Avatar photo
    Li Cheng

    Classic watch shops and book stores. Interesting place to walk walk see see.

  223. Avatar photo
    bing liu

    popular central’s opening hours

  224. Avatar photo
    Maisarah Abu Samah

    It’s full of art and music stores. Nowadays there are cafes too. If you can ‘wait’, the best toilet is at the library in the next building.

  225. Avatar photo
    Delvin Chua

    A place to get all the art materials. There are various grades of equipments and materials to choose from around the complex. There is also another store diagonally opposite Brad Basah Complex which sells higher grade art materials. The location is definitely for art students and design professionals.

  226. Avatar photo

    Favourite place for stationaries, art crafts materials, or even old books.
    Food options are limited though. But there are many choices around the complex.

    Carpark can be challenging as it is a squeeze and cramp.

  227. Avatar photo
    Noor Noor

    Loved it because the complex is like a time capsule of my teen years. Vintage, retro vibe but full of treasures. Basheer Graphic Bookstore, Prelove bookstores, Popular largest few levels bookstore, Art Friend, printing & art needs.

  228. Avatar photo
    Robin AGPC

    Old but still selling books. Popular book store n some stores selling musical instruments. Nostalgic place.

  229. Avatar photo
    Roland Leo

    It’s a old building associating with learning & education. You may “rare” books available for individuals interest. You can appreciate a business of the past decades with a new light in digital set up. Just enjoy the ambient and be joyful.

  230. Avatar photo
    Yee Kang Guan

    Look like modern types Pasar malam. Selling variety of merchandise.

  231. Avatar photo
    Minh Châu Lương

    I went there in the afternoon, so many shoppes closed.
    There are many art gift shop.

  232. Avatar photo
    Angeline Tjhin

    Good place to look for old books

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