Review Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre, 16 Bedok S Rd, Singapore

Review Block 16 Bedok South Market  Food Centre - Singapore 16 Bedok S Rd

“There are a lot of local hawker food stalls with good quality food at reasonable prices.” or “Love this market. Many great food options. With all the hustle and bustle, it really feels so nostalgic.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre. In terms of Hawker centre, it is generally believed that Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 16 Bedok S Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hawker centre, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62255632 (+65 62255632)
  • Website:
  • Address: 16 Bedok S Rd, Singapore
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You can reach Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre at 62255632(+65 62255632). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 16 Bedok S Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre reviews

Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre is among the best destinations of Hawker centre in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Lots of food choices here. One of my favourite is the coffee and Kaya butter French Loaf toast from the stall You & Me Coffee (#01-49). It's so delicious! Must get”

“There are a lot of local hawker food stalls with good quality food at reasonable prices.”

“Love this market. Many great food options. With all the hustle and bustle, it really feels so nostalgic.”

“So nice to be back to bedok south.. it's been a long time.. the food is still the best..the Malay mixed rice and kueh is the best. Recommended”

“Bought some really fresh fish here. Ikan kuning $9 per kg. Brought them home and fillet them all. Baked them in the oven. Flesh is boneless sweet, juicy and fresh.”

“Home grown market for me. Best of the best with my favorite stalls! Does not open till late so once it's past 9pm very little stalls remain! Come early and enjoy the full power of this Market! Bagus!”

“Hill street char kway teow is good! Very fragrant! Thai stall also has tasty & affordable thai dishes e.g. garlic chicken, basil pork, yellow curry with prawn & kailan with roast pork!”

“Their sour veggi grilled fish (mid-spicy) & dry baked intestine is a must!! 很下饭哦。 (forgotten to take pic though) Both the boss & lady boss is very friendly too.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 229 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Block 16 Bedok South Market Food Centre, 16 Bedok S Rd, Singapore

There is a total 229 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Yoke Tan

    One of my favourite food centres. Lots of choices. Always a safe bet.

  2. Avatar photo
    Wei Min Kuek

    A lot of good options for local food

  3. Avatar photo
    David T.

    Came here for the first time yesterday. Bought my food and was shocked that we have to pay 50cents deposit to make use of a tray!
    This is my first encounter with such a tray system, and quite shocking.
    Which town council is managing this food court should rethink this policy.
    There is no way to carry the food without a tray.
    And you have to invest in a tray refund machine which is not working and cost money to maintain.
    Yet we still need workers to clear the plates, because if you don’t take a tray, you will also not be returning the used plates.
    Please review this system.

  4. Avatar photo
    raymond poh

    Good food at this hawker centre

  5. Avatar photo
    Joshua Loh

    Ordered this duck rice and was quite disappointed with it. Taste was average and auntie charged extra for a bowl I was using to share with my friend. Plate costed $4 and didn’t fill my stomach. I wouldn’t recommend this

  6. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    Very convenient with minimart and couple other mom&pop convenience stores, UOB ATM, frozen foods shop, hair dresser and dental clinic, hawker fare, 2 bakeries, fruit monger and a shop selling knick knacks… residents really have it good here !

  7. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Only a few stalls were open in the early evening. Still can get $2.50 chicken rice here, decent portions too.

    Was very windy the evening we were there.

    We also enjoyed the deserts too.

  8. Avatar photo
    Guo Hwei Lee

    favourite hawker centre in the east….well ventilated, great variety of food choices

  9. Avatar photo
    Jenny Gao

    A good place for a community hub. Shops, bakery, food court and wet market all in one place. Nicely surrounded by the clean open areas of sitting and basketball playground. Only wished that all food stalls were open at the time we visited. Alas, another reason to go back to.

  10. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ong

    Good and cheap food!

  11. Avatar photo
    Ho Ellen

    Good variety of hawker fare. Recommend kway chap, cha kway teow, dou hua and many more.
    Still limited seats due to SMM. Better to dapao

  12. Avatar photo
    John Little

    Nice food centre with a wide selection of local delights. Some of the must try’s include the Hill Street Char Kway Tiao and the fish ball noodles.

  13. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Bernadette Tan

    Love this market.
    Many great food options.
    With all the hustle and bustle, it really feels so nostalgic.

  14. Avatar photo
    Koh Joo Keng

    Houses many stalls with great tasty food. Too bad, many stalls still closed. I was there today morning and wanted to try the braised duck noodles, and was shocked when owner rudely inform me that she starts business at 0900hrs only.. what can I say, when business are good, owner will display for-all-care attitude. When no business, they beg for assistance.. what the…..

  15. Avatar photo
    Low Ah Chye

    The food market have a few famous food n variety food stall easy access mid crowded n wet market lots of stalls

  16. Avatar photo
    Ken Ko

    Bedok South Niu Ji Prawn noodle
    This stall is abit special, it serve prawn noodle soup in the morning and fried prawn noodle at night. The fried noodle broth is from the prawn soup base, so you can be sure the soup intensity as it is boil all the way from morning.

    It was decades ago when I eat this stall, the soup was full of prawn unami taste.

    Hock Seng Choon Fishball Kway Teow Mee (4/5)
    Eaten this stall since I was a teenager. There was one period time when the quality was so bad, I stop coming. Today not sure why, I decided to give it a try again. And thank god, I come and eat it again, the fishball was once again to the standard I remember, handmade and fresh. I ordered mee pok dry, bewarned, the chilli had quite a kick on your lips after you finish the bowl.

    坤记粿汁。猪什汤。鸭饭 (2/5)
    One of the worse I had eaten, the braised small intestine and big intestine was not properly clean. Not only had a game smell, it also taste abit sour, most likely its not fresh. The braised egg was also abit too hard like been reboil many time/long.

    However the kway was quite good, even thou I order take away, when I eat it, it was still QQ however just for the kway, I doubt I will eat this stall.

  17. Avatar photo
    Gerard De Souza

    Good place there are so many stalls to choose from even if the stall that I like is closed gd parking facilities n shops on the side that can browse around after yr meals

  18. Avatar photo
    Genesius Ng

    There for the braised duck rice. Although i am sure some other reviews will reveal other gems there

    Two stores with the same name, supposedly by two brothers. One with kway chup, while the other sells other roast stuff other than the original braised duck

    One of the best in singapore. Closes pretty early ard 6pm. Even then, go earlier as their braised rise runs out well before closing thereafter they will serve u plain white rice to go with the duck wich is a really bummer.

  19. Avatar photo
    John Seah (sgboys)

    Best stall here are soya sauce 油鸡饭,prawn noodle & 娟 coffee stall.
    Peanut Pancake here also good

  20. Avatar photo
    Ricky Chng

    01-31 Haven’t been here for months! Visit the market tonight at 8 pm. Ordered pork porridge from this stall and waited for 20 mins. Despite the wait, the porridge wasn’t well cooked. The porridge was not hot. The egg was still very raw and so ended eating about less than half.
    So not very good.

  21. Avatar photo
    sunset bay

    I go there every weekend evening cos there always seats available and ample spaces at the mscp~ the fish soup stall is always queue but really worth the wait~

    The dessert stall is one of the cheapest in Singapore, last year they are selling most of the dessert at $1.20 but now they increase to $1.50 which is still cheaper than most of the hawkers in Singapore~

    Other stall to try, rojak, roast meat, Hill view fried kway tiao, Western food~ lunch time crowd has much more people than evening and there are lesser stalls open in the evening as well~

  22. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ismail B Abd Rahman

    They have some of the best traditional food here like Nasi lemak, Nasi Jenganan, Nasi Rawon, Mee Soto, Mee Rebus and more. Very good tasty food at unbeatable prices. I just cant understand how they can keep prices so low. Just unbelievable. Awesome place with good food at affordable prices. How can you beat that.

  23. Avatar photo
    Kia Guan Ng

    Nice bowl of $3 mee pok dry at Hock Seng Choon. I think the fish balls are handmade. If you are not a chilli person, ask for less chilli as their chilli is really OP. The coffee is good at only $1 for big cup, there’s a small cup option.
    Definitely this gawker centre has a wide variety of food, even a stall selling Japanese food.

  24. Avatar photo
    henry tan

    Besides famous CKT, From food to fruits, they are all reasonably priced.

  25. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Always love the food here as i used to live here as a kid. The stall keepers that has been here since it open in 1975 or so are the fried hokkien mee, rojak, fishball noodle and fish soup. The rest like hillstreet fried kuey teow came later around year 2000. The indian drink stalls are there for a long time too.

  26. Avatar photo
    Edmund Chan

    You can find nice cooked food, bakeries and wet market all at the same place. Some cooked food are very nice here such as Hill St fried kwey ball noodles..Indian rojak and porridge are some of my favourites here. A multi storey carpark with lift is also near by.

  27. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Leung

    Excellent food court at Bedok.

  28. Avatar photo
    Weili.Clarence 0148

    This hawkers only most of the chicken rice stall cheap and nice

  29. Avatar photo
    Junhao Siow

    5-stars for 坤记 kway chup at 01-35 (beside rojak stall). Love their kway chup! I always order the largest portion of large intestines and pig tongue. Eat already still need to da bao (since I don’t live nearby and only pop by once in a while).

  30. Avatar photo
    Ng Eric

    Friendly people over the market, nice food and price. Good place for people that like the olden day of Singapore.

  31. Avatar photo

    great place for local hawker food. less stalls open after 5pm. only downside is many pigeons trying to peck on unattended finished plates of food.

  32. Avatar photo
    Seah Eu may

    Their sour veggi grilled fish (mid-spicy) & dry baked intestine is a must!! 很下饭哦。 (forgotten to take pic though)
    Both the boss & lady boss is very friendly too.

  33. Avatar photo
    R & R

    We were eating yummy Thai Food with my hubby and helper.

  34. Avatar photo
    Catherine Leong

    Its ok. However food a bit expensive as most stall increase their prices by 50 cents. A hefty increase about 20%. Too much for retirees with no income.

  35. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Lots of food choices here. One of my favourite is the coffee and Kaya butter French Loaf toast from the stall You & Me Coffee (#01-49). It’s so delicious! Must get

  36. Avatar photo
    Janice Tham

    was very happy to find traditional tau huay (#01-48 jin yuan xiang; 70cents) to eat. and also the fishballs from #01-50 hock seng choon were good – light and springy!

  37. Avatar photo
    Sarinya Aiyarak

    Love this place. Lots of varieties of stalls. Food is great and price is good too. Come.

  38. Avatar photo
    Mill Ionaire

    The 东风发 chicken rice at this hawker centre is one of my favourite. The rice is infused with chicken stock and has a aromatic pandan leave smell. The chicken is smooth and juicy, and goes well with the chilli and ginger sauce. Sedap!

  39. Avatar photo
    Ghazali Salleh

    Good choice of food from breakfirst to lunch

  40. Avatar photo

    Very good

  41. Avatar photo
    Daniel Oh

    The popular Hill St char kuay teow is here taken over by his son. His standard is far from his father. Taste also not as ‘shiok’ and still command long queue. In the morning there’s a very good malay ‘tauhu goreng’ stall name: abang din.

  42. Avatar photo
    Lim Zheng Yue

    Plenty of good food.

  43. Avatar photo
    Teck Lin Ang

    The Hill Street Kway Teow is delicious. Dong Feng Fa chicken rice also quite nice. Very kind uncle: charge my son student rate @$2.50 when he is wearing school uniform.

  44. Avatar photo
    Rodrigues Osborne Adrian

    Food very good price fair teh-0 $1/dollar it fair price better than other place better than plaza singapura

  45. Avatar photo
    Fuji Misato

    Classic SG style breakfast if your here on the early morning hours.
    A very neighborly hawker center where you see tons of Singaporean’s, young and old dressed in cozy home cloths enjoying their meal.

  46. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s one of the local community makan with which we fm St Pat’s meet.(0ld folks)
    It’s has an airy and cool atmosphere, perfect for our breakfast chat. With nice eateries
    And coffee joints, it serves us well

  47. Avatar photo
    Cyn O

    Wish floor is cleaner .. cleared off many paper & blown items. Otherwise a great food place, with lots of food variety too!

  48. Avatar photo
    Anjin San

    Bedok South market has a few hidden gems in terms of culinary delights. such as the fish ball noodles soup, old hill street char kway tiao and the duck rice stall. the Muslim section also contains delights such as nasi ambeng which for around 6 dollars gives you a plethora of ingredients such as potato cutlet, beef of chicken curry, sambal goreng, bean sprouts, brinjal and an pickled veggies.

  49. Avatar photo
    Wong Tze Xiang

    Popular hawker center and market which is very convenient. It also has a lot of shops next to it like barbers and clinics making it accessible

  50. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Lots of food choices here. One of my favourite is the coffee and Kaya butter French Loaf toast from the stall You & Me Coffee (#01-49). It’s so delicious! Must get

  51. Avatar photo
    Vince Choong

    A hawker center & market for Bedok South residence in this neighbourhood.Some shops here provide convenience to residences in this region.

  52. Avatar photo
    LH Keong

    Nice spacious place for good German food. Nice meats n fresh beers abound. Advisable to go off peak hours so as not to compete with the crowds. Very popular with the tourists as well.

  53. Avatar photo

    If you love to eat Nasi Jenganan, this is the place to get your fix for Nasi Jenganan. This stall have been in this hawker centre since 1980s. The peanut sauce is to die for and it is delicious and tasty. Mixed w Sambal sotong, Begedil and Paru. Sambal sotong is soft to the bite and not chewy. That’s how a sambal sotong supposed to be. Begedil contains spices and full of flavour. And the best is their Paru Goreng. Don’t be fool by it’s colour. Earthy in flavour and chewy. Prepare for the long queue on peak periods. But it’s worth the wait. Go get them now.

  54. Avatar photo

    This place is a gem. I hesitate to write a review then everyone will know but the foods here are too good not to. The Hill Street Char Kway Teow is my sister’s absolute favourite. Everything else is worth a visit or two or three…

  55. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    This hawker center is better known for it’s char kway teow from Hill Street. Just tried a bee hoon goreng and wow! It taste really good. Cheap ($3.50) and not oily or sticky and bee hoon fried just nice, soft and fluffy. Maybe because it is cheap there is no mutton or the usual cucumber with ketchup but if it taste so good by itself why do you need the ketchup? Must try if you like a good bee hoon goreng..

  56. Avatar photo
    Bravo G

    This place food is cheap and good, besides that, it has a wet market

  57. Avatar photo
    David K K Kwan

    Serving good food since I was a child.

  58. Avatar photo
    Chin Ye Leong

    Fried kwey tiao.. still as good after all this year

  59. Avatar photo
    Gra Cious

    The eggs are nicely done and goes well with traditional bread. The place is definitely where you can find all types of local delights.

  60. Avatar photo
    Chamz Zheng

    Will always buy the hokkien mee and fish ball noodle if I have the chance to visit bedok.

  61. Avatar photo
    Pauline Wan

    If you are looking for old school tastes, this is the hawker center you need to check this hawkder center out. In particular mee siam, longtong, nasi padang ( I had a ratatouille moment when I ate it, bringing me back to my Muslim neighbour’s hari raya lunch), famous high street char kway teow, prawn noodles, freshly brewed fragrant local coffee, pork porridge that is cheap and good, Teochew porridge that dishes out freshly steamed fish…need I say more? Here’s a preview of some stalls.

  62. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lee

    This is the place where you can get good & affordable food, esp the duck rice, fish ball noddles & the famous Hill Street Char Kuey Teow (fried noodles).

  63. Avatar photo


  64. Avatar photo
    Moses -

    The fish ball noodle here is . Not to be missed if you are there. …

  65. Avatar photo
    Prashant Datt

    Very good food options .. the spinach fish soup was a very good option though a bit pricy

  66. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Tan

    Was one of my favourite hawker centre before it’s upgrading. Numbers of good stalls had been disappeared, eg dried prawns noodles and Rojas etc. Nevertheless, still one of the popular hawker centre in the eastern part of the island.

  67. Avatar photo
    Constance Yeaw

    Was here for Fried kway Teow and Rojak.
    I liked the texture,fragrance
    of the noodles with cockles.
    The food centre had introduced the self- returned tray service at the costs of 50cents.
    These amount will be reimbursed after you
    returned it at the self-check out station.Probably NEA should run a cleanliness and hygiene campaign.

  68. Avatar photo
    SL Ong

    Lots of nice food. A good place to come with friends.

  69. Avatar photo
    Leslie Lau

    Lots of good food stalls. At those good food stalls, waiting is way too long

  70. Avatar photo
    Lim Muji

    Gs choices Hainan chicken rice . Seng wanton mee formerly from dunman food centre . Kway chap . Yong tau foo . Char kway teow in middle row is famous . As got bedok famous bak cho mee

  71. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    Just opposite Temasek JC, this place is popular especially during weekday lunch. Quite a few famous stalls here, eg Hill Street Char Kway Teow. The dough fritters is nice, but is quite expensive at 90 cents each. The nasi ambeng is also delicious but getting more expensive. Has also a wet market. The vegetable stall sells a huge variety of vegetables.

  72. Avatar photo
    W M Loo

    A few fd stalls serving reasonably priced fd. Clean dry floors n tables n seatings. Hong Kong soya sauce chicken is tasty but not overly salty n very reasonably priced.

  73. Avatar photo
    Yee Hon Leif Chan

    Must try the satay handmade bak Kwak

  74. Avatar photo

    Besides the High Street char kway teow helm by the children, there are several fairly decent chicken rice stalls, Hung Kang fish soup is good, praen noodle soup good and the kopi in tin can on the same side as the praen noodle soup.

  75. Avatar photo
    Colin Chng

    Lots of variety available! However, I was there quite late, at about 8:15pm. Most of the stores were already closed. The Thai food was good! Have yet to try the others, will definitely head back there again!

  76. Avatar photo
    E L

    Lots of yummy food stalls here. Heard the fish ball noodles and the min jiang kueh are good

  77. Avatar photo

    Good variety of hawker food – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai

  78. Avatar photo
    Otoko Otoko

    Great selection of cooked food and wet market

  79. Avatar photo
    HaiSeng Poh

    Unfortunately the Hill Street cha kway teow is closed for Christmas. However this place has a lot of traditional hawkers, selling roast pork rice, chicken rice, braised duck rice, prawn soup noodle, porridge and many more

  80. Avatar photo
    Yew Meng Tan

    One of the best hawker centers left in singapore, some of the good food here are the hill street char kway teow, the hand made chinese pan cake , the fried carrot cake and last but not least the local kopi stall.

  81. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Khoo

    Very yummy Bak chor Mee soup with homemade dumplings at this food center! For $4, you get this huge serving of goodness.
    Other noteworthy stalls include fried carrot cake, wonton Mee etc.

  82. Avatar photo

    A number of nice food stalls, like Hill Street Char Kway Teow, Sin Ho Zichar and Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice

  83. Avatar photo
    Ong Ding Cheng

    Visited last night with my grandma
    . And we had such a lovely time. The foods there are fabulous, especially their duck rice which is one of the best that we have ever had!

  84. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ong

    There are many stalls serving halal food. Was not overly crowded when I was there about 08:30am on a weekday. Prices are reasonable although my “Lontong” with additional “Sambal sotong” cost $5. Hot drink – “Kopi O” was $0:60 only. I paid $1:10 in Bishan. Place is well ventilated & looks clean. Will probably visit again to try non-halal dish in future.

  85. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Cheng

    Many choices for yummy local food! …

  86. Avatar photo
    Sophia Khee

    Hawker centre with good selection of local fare. Crowded over weekends and some stalls garner long queues. This round we had Seng’s wanton noodles. The wait is especially long and it felt like the queue hardly moved. Noodles are traditional in taste, you have choice of chilli, tomato or black sauce or combi of 3. The dry noodles are springy and goes well with the sweet tasting char siew. Will definitely order this again but probably during off peak hours.

  87. Avatar photo
    S L Ng

    YUMMLICIOUS food at this market.
    One of the porridge stalls that always close before my lunch time. I have to rush out few minutes to get it, else I will miss it.

  88. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    So far, haven’t identified something my family really likes. Some are ok, good but not great. A few cannot repeat.

  89. Avatar photo

    Typical Singapore food centre and wet market, such scene is slowly disappearing. Offers good and cheaper food compare to malls. Lots of variety. Recommend porridge and fried noodles during breakfast. Prawn noodles during lunch.

    Famous food? There is this fried kway teow, with a constant queue, not sure why. But you can try it.

  90. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Intended to eat hill street char kway teow, but it’s closed today, Sunday.
    Walk around every stalls to decide what’s for lunch.

    Noticed there’s a new prawn noodle stall replacing Niu Jim Prawn Noodle. A long queue was seen at a vegetarian stall, so decided to try it out. Tabao beehoon and some dishes for 2 big packets and total came to $6.50. Not bad, definitely worth a try.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sok Huang Tng Eunice

    The Japanese stall is very good and charge reasonable prices.
    There are numerous items to choose from and the food is nice and tasty.

  92. Avatar photo
    George Gan

    Old hawker centre. Notable food stalls are:
    1. Hill Street Char Kuey Teow (Expect Long Queue),
    2. Teochew Fishball Soup (Dry and Soup – simple dish, no frills but delicious
    3. Chicken Rice
    4. Fried Fritters (Yew Char Kuey in the morning
    5. Fried Carrot Cake (black white or half and half in the morning)

  93. Avatar photo
    Kamarulzaman Kamarudin

    Support local! Food here is affordable and delicious! Really taste like home cooked food, if you have a 5 star chef at home..

  94. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    I went there to recall memory of the place which I visited quite often when I was staying nearby many years ago. There are still some stalls selling food and drinks at very affordable prices.

  95. Avatar photo
    Dan Ho

    sprawling market/food center with plenty to eat, famous stalls include Hill street char kuay teow and right beside it Jia Hui BBQ. there is a good selection of muslim halal food as well. Several stalls specilise in epok epok (curry puff). The hawker center can get crowded during lunch time as students from nearby junior college and workers from factory building like to have their lunch there.

  96. Avatar photo
    Victor Koh

    Best yiu tiow in the East…and the next door kopi makes it a happy morning start to the day. In the next lane is a great kway chap stall. Tasty, reasonably priced and co-operative service.

  97. Avatar photo
    Karen Leong

    Offers a place for a quick meal. Most stalls open mainly in the morning. But you can still find food in the evening if you are ok with a smaller range.

  98. Avatar photo
    Joseph Then

    My childhood place. A lot of good food here. The fishball noodle is my all-time favorite. And of course, the Char Kuay Teow which always super long queue.

  99. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    Cheap and good food especially the set meal – nasi jenganan, nasi rawan, etc

  100. Avatar photo
    Dean Loh

    Great food selection and not too busy

  101. Avatar photo
    Natalie Sophie Chua

    Good range of food.
    Fish all noodle stall is the best !

  102. Avatar photo

    Small but great variety of stalls here. Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian Japanese and Korean food.

  103. Avatar photo
    Trinh Lan

    Reasonable price, food r nice too

  104. Avatar photo
    Nuts & Bolts

    Can find pretty decent food here. Reasonably priced too

  105. Avatar photo
    Robyn Phua

    To be honest Food so far so good but there are a lot of crow birds flying around and sometimes the birds try to eat the left over food on the plate which the cleaners cannot cope with the workload to clear the leftover food on the plate on time, thus causing a unpleasant scene and may get contaminated
    on other foods. My suggestions is the Hawker Blk 16 can add some nets to hang on the surrounding to prevent the birds from going inside the hawker stalls area. You may want to see how the Bishan Interchange, the 2nd floor hawker area that they try to hang some nets to prevent the birds from going in the food stalls, the nets hole were quite big enough for ventilation around the surroundings. You may consider this suggestion and try it out. Is easy to maintain and not costly.

  106. Avatar photo

    Good mix of fare and known for some reliable cuisines like You Tiao, chicken rice, fried carrot cake and chicken rice

  107. Avatar photo
    Martini Ricki

    Family’s top fav stall here is the famous fish ball mee. Usually orders dry mee kia for all my family members. The fish balls are the best that l have eaten so far in all my years as you wouldnt be able to find that authentic old school taste and texture elsewhere. Prices are also reasonable.

  108. Avatar photo
    Anthony Leung

    There are a lot of local hawker food stalls with good quality food at reasonable prices.

  109. Avatar photo
    ian tay rongde

    Very good food! Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice is the same one that used to be at Parkway Parade hawker centre. Highly recommend the kueh chap as well. Fishball noodles also good, and very popular.

    I don’t know why some people say its dirty. It is very clean. It is important to tell the difference between old and dirty. It may be older than the new hawker centres like the new one at Bedok MRT but it is clean. Sure, it may not be as new and air conditioned like food courts but you just cannot find the same quality, good, proper hawker food in shopping centre food courts. Always one of my favourite eating places

  110. Avatar photo
    Aribist Bist

    Noorul Afra best prata in Bedok area. Must try…

  111. Avatar photo
    KM Gan

    All the stalls with relatively good food & drinks are captured in the photos shown. Avoid coming on weekends or public holidays or you have to endure long queue. Relatively inexpensive & food in general is quite tasty!

  112. Avatar photo
    Raymond Foo

    My favour hawker foods. There are many stalls with nice foods. eg fish ball noodles, fried noodles, prawn noodles, 油条,soya bean drink, rojak etc. I found a nice coffee stall operates by a few Viet ladies, the coffee and bread is good. Try it if u happen to be there next time.

  113. Avatar photo
    Francis Marzuq

    Lots of halal food, malay, Indian and Chinese Street food here. Loved the smmoth A1 tau hueh only for $1.50! My place for tau huh, you tiao, mee soto, mee rebus, buboh ayam and mee siam!

  114. Avatar photo
    Chin Joo Chng

    I’m willing to travel for some of the food here. That’s how good the food is.

  115. Avatar photo
    M. J. Nazri

    Alots of stalls selling good halal and non halal hawker foods and prices are very cheap and reasonable. Every Monday most stalls closed but still some are opened. Good nasi padang stall like Wak Na, Enak, good thosai, prata stall dhall curry with fats and so on. …

  116. Avatar photo
    Isa Sukaime

    Good and affordable foods with plenty of choices. A very clean environment despite the daily overwheming crowd.

  117. Avatar photo

    Bedok South Hawker Foods for Halal and Non Halal Customers …

  118. Avatar photo
    B G

    A wet market cum Hawker centre with many food stalls and a famous char kway teow formerly from Hill Street Hawker centre which was demolished about 10 years ago

  119. Avatar photo
    Swadesh Bhattacharjee

    Good, I traveled a few times by Bus & taxi,bought some necessary things & enjoyed a lot.

  120. Avatar photo
    Tommy Ong

    Nice n cheap foods found here. Such as Hill Street fried kway Teow , Minced meat noodles, Kway Chap , Mee Pok dry chilli noodle , etc.

  121. Avatar photo
    Joan Guyll

    Got to wait in Q..great tea n coffee n kaya toast.
    Today tried the fried hokkien mee. Fab!!!

  122. Avatar photo
    Salehuddin Mohd Said

    I missed eating at this place. Brings back nostalgia. Food is of good quality and reasonably priced. But its crowded. Had to wait more than 30 mins to buy my food at Wak Ana. But its worth the wait.

  123. Avatar photo
    Crysta Ling

    Limited food during the nights compared to the morning. But the ma la hot pot is quite nice. Value for money. The market is quite spacious too.

  124. Avatar photo
    WaiLee Yang

    Items at the wet market are priced v reasonably. Uncle at the beef stall so friendly.

  125. Avatar photo
    Ron WZ Sun

    Lots of good food at reasonable prices. Many food stores too, so you might be spoilt for choices… …

  126. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Lots of good varieties of hawker food, be early and by 3pm it’s empty stalls.

  127. Avatar photo
    Tony X

    Two best stalls in this place – Char Kway Teow and Prawn Mee

  128. Avatar photo
    Michael Chan

    Bought some really fresh fish here. Ikan kuning $9 per kg. Brought them home and fillet them all. Baked them in the oven. Flesh is boneless sweet, juicy and fresh.

  129. Avatar photo
    Li Hsu

    Blk 16 only has a few good stalls. Like Niu Ji Fried Hokkien mee, Fried KT, Vegetarian stall, Dessert, CTK….What else?

  130. Avatar photo
    lyeheng Tan

    Value for money with great chilli paste. Start at 4am and usually finish by 11am or 12pm.
    Bee Hoon is a must try here.
    Close on monday.

  131. Avatar photo
    Louis Loo

    The Hillstreet char kuay teow with its never ending line, hand make fish ball noodles, rojak is good. I would says it has a comphrensive array of good food. I discovered the House of Yellow on block 18 for dessert, home made ice cream, cakes, crepes and muay chee, make with fresh Mao Shan Wang durian from their own plantation in Pahang according to the owner, Desmond Lin.

  132. Avatar photo
    Amos Chan

    Hood selection of hawkers fare.
    Wide and well ventilated. Thus comfortable compared to others small ones.

    Car park is a quite congested on weekends. Especially the MSCP which will require patience and careful maneuvering.

  133. Avatar photo
    Ben Wong

    Nice place to eat at with lots of cheap food. Not sure if it has the best but definitely lots of cheap food. Main downside is the crowd if the Junior College across has classes going on, they flood the hawker centre during weekday afternoon lunch times.

  134. Avatar photo
    Nizze S

    There’s a wide variety of good local delights at this hawker centre. It is not a supper spot though as a number of stalls operate until afternoon only. The prawn noodles (both stalls), fishball ball noodles, japanese food (esp their chawan mushi), kway chap, bak chok mee, nasi padang, rojak are worth a try

    The vegetarian food facing the hdb block sells at reasonable price and taste yummy too. There’s a new kid on the block selling peanut pancakes, which is surprisingly good. The dough is crispy and not overly thick with a nice chewy bite; the fillings are not very sweet too. Makes a good breakfast or aftermeal dessert item.

    Good place to go, especially for breakfast and lunch

  135. Avatar photo
    Khaixuan Tee

    Lots of food to be found here, but for my recommendation, I usually come early and had breakfast at the porridge stall alongside with the coffee stall beside (55 & 56), the porridge is rich in flavour, u can even add an raw egg which makes it even better, the coffee stall beside is great too, aunty at the stall is a friendly and nice person who served great and rich aroma coffee, tea, etc. Not to mentioned their toasted bread use slice butter, which I very much like it.

  136. Avatar photo
    mike phua

    I give this Hawker Centre a 4 star , at normal times, with several very good food stalls. But please note, this place is closed from now till mid November for renovations.

  137. Avatar photo
    John de Souza

    Very good food at this location. Wide variety n delicious.

  138. Avatar photo
    Teo Khoon Leng

    Fishball noodle n bbq chicken wings nice.

  139. Avatar photo
    Teng Boon Khoo (Boon)

    This hawker centre cum wet market has been here since the late 60s or early 70s… used to eat here when granny first moved here.
    Many of the stalls were either from other famous foody joints that closed long ago or had moved here when it originally opened.
    Come notable stalls here are the fishball noodle stall that goes back to the early 60s when they had started from a platform across the drain at the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Jalan Buloh Perindo; Wong’s Congee (Hainanese, not Cantonese… thicker consistency)… yum!; The famous Hill Street Char Kway Tiow has a perpetual long queue; The handmade tim sum stall… any many more!

  140. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tan

    This place will close from 2nd Sept for the next 3 months for cleaning & upgrading. See you in 3 months..

  141. Avatar photo
    Philip Siow

    Hill Street char kway teow, waiting time 45-60mins during lunch hours. Good chinese coffee stall, kaya toast, half boil egg, kopi next to the Youtiao stall nice to try, good value/quality.

  142. Avatar photo
    Chin Seng Yue

    Good selection of food, and the ever popular Hill Street char kway teow.

  143. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yong

    There are quite a few well known stalls in this hawker center. If it’s your first time here, you can try the fish soup. The old couple doesn’t seems to run it anymore, but the soup is still good.

    There’s also the chicken rice stall. I personally prefer the roasted chicken rather than the Hainanese chicken.

    The fish ball noodles attracts a queue too. The taste is good. I am not a fish ball noodles fan so my review may not be what others feels about their food.

  144. Avatar photo
    Teh Hoon

    Try the Teh O from the drink stall that was located near to the fish soup was really nice, not sweet and the Tea has nice smell.

  145. Avatar photo
    Swift Six

    No one should miss this food heaven under one roof.. Affordable and stomach fillable. Must try!

  146. Avatar photo
    Clifford Yeo

    Only the Teochew fishball noodles entice me. Char kueh teow, always with long queue, taste good, but u would feel extremely thirsty after eating it.

  147. Avatar photo
    Teo kheng peng

    Thus place look Like a big centre. Those bikes any how park. Also ride very recklessly. Must ban all riding along this are. Needs LTA to oversee and summons those riders

  148. Avatar photo
    wilsn odonata

    Traditional market hawker centre with varieties of food. Must try the ‘or chien’ (oyster omelette). Another gem here is the teochew porridge stall, amazing dishes.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ivy Wong

    The fish ball stall is good. Hand made n price very reasonable
    Noodles are a variety n can be dry or in the soup.

  150. Avatar photo
    Che Azman Che Soo (IceMan)

    Nice place to have breakfast, variety of foods to choose from…..
    Highly recommended

  151. Avatar photo
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    Superb food choices, most of the stalls here have some level of heritage status in our food culture.

    Pretty much if you stop by here, you’ll be able to find something that you like, something that is famous or both!

  152. Avatar photo
    Ng Eugene

    Stall 01-63 Teochew porridge..
    Here for the steam Fresh fish/head.
    Nice home cooked meals.
    Try it out.

  153. Avatar photo
    patrick chin

    The Char Kway Teow is good! However, the Fried Hokkien Noodle was horrible! Never tried hokkien mee in my life which is totally tasteless…

  154. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    Went to buy the Hill Street char kway teow. Delicious. But the queue is super long. Be prepared to wait for at least 45 mins to an hour.
    Other notable stalls include the fishball noodles and the pancakes.

  155. Avatar photo
    CZ Lim

    Famous Fried Kuey Teow, Handmade Fishball noodle and soup, chicken rice, duck rice etc. Will definitely come back for lunch or dinner! Carpark is a bit hard to find during peak hours.

  156. Avatar photo
    Margaret Ang

    Nice local food.

  157. Avatar photo

    Clean. Eating at Wak Ana. Food was delish and affordable.

  158. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Geraldine Png

    Teochew fishball noodle not so gd anymore. Fishball has a fishy smell . Its an individual preference here as ive ate the orginal sellers cooking for years. Their chilli is still gd. know their dad passed on. I still patronise cos I wld like to support them. Fishball is hand made. Maybe its just today.

  159. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    many great hawker here! friendly services too!

  160. Avatar photo
    B Sri Pon

    Good n delicious variety of hawker food n of reasonable price too…definitely cheaper than coffee/food court prices. Coffee/tea sold tastes better than most of our coffee shops…with price tantamount to exploitation n abuse which nobody can do anything abt it..The Market Merchant Assc? (Must b joking) The market also sells a wide variety of veg,fruits n meats..spoilt for choice..not to expensive too n storeholders can b said Friendly. Goes there practically every day due to mentioned reasons.

  161. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Many traditional hawker fares here though seems to be plenty of chicken rice stalls …

  162. Avatar photo
    Roy Lee

    Has a good variety of food that caters to my tongue, so I have plenty of fallbacks whenever my intended target has an overly long queue. Hill Street CKT is the only hawker stall in SG that I would make a trip for just to satisfy my craving for a good plate of CKT, regardless if the queue is 45mins or 1h. The kuay zhap is good. The roast duck rice is good. The teochew fishball noodles used to be better but is still pretty acceptable, considering it offers such a classic taste. The newly opened prawn noodle soup along the row facing the park/playground is also pretty decent.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chiu Hee Tan

    Love the wide selection of good traditional local fare, from char kway teow, fishball noodles, wanton noodles, duck rice, etc. All priced reasonably, too!

  164. Avatar photo

    Nice place for decent coffeeshop drinks. Ginger C tea and iced coffee-cino for $3.30.

  165. Avatar photo
    Christian Ang

    This hawker centre has a wide selection of food to choose from. Has Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western food. Some food such as the chicken rice, Thai food, prawn noodles, kwey chap, char kway tiao and even the soya bean drink are really good! Most active for lunch and half open for breakfast and dinner.

  166. Avatar photo
    Liz G

    Fried fritters or you tiao is superb! The coffee stall next to it has great coffees and teas, toasts and sandwiches! Great service too!

  167. Avatar photo
    biyan tt

    Good vibes at this large hawker centre in eastern part of Singapore. About 60 stalls offering local favourites like fish ball noodles, chicken rice, lontong, and mee siam etc.

    Had fish ball noodles today, washed down by home-made lemon tea.

  168. Avatar photo
    Zackery Zaihan

    You’ll be spoilt for choices! There are several award winning Food Stalls in this Famous Food Centre! So come on down and let your taste bud go crazy!

  169. Avatar photo
    elena suzette

    Ordered Bak Chor Mee and Carrot Cake today.
    Suggest you just go for the yummy carrot cake! . In case, you see Blk 18 wang fu stall, suggest you skip this stall and go for hawker food. …

  170. Avatar photo
    biyan tt

    Good vibes at this large hawker centre in eastern part of Singapore. About 60 stalls offering local favourites like fish ball noodles, chicken rice, lontong, and mee siam etc.

    Had fish ball noodles today, washed down by home-made lemon tea.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ram Ramchandani

    Just a normal hawker centre and close to a wet market. Buy your fresh, fish, chicken , meat and vegies here at reasonable prices than most markets. Then enjoy the long-queue char kway teow at the hawker centre … seems always popular .
    There’s also a Nanyang coffee stall in the food centre along with a variety of other local delights. The place is clean and close to housing board flats.

  172. Avatar photo
    Abdull Aziz Talib

    One of my favourite HC since 1976, price is still HC price, the only problem during weekends is the allowable seats available is very limited due to pendamic..

  173. Avatar photo
    Lim Yi Heng

    The people are kind and some of the shop’s prices are quite cheap. And they sell a variety of drinks for and others

  174. Avatar photo
    Eat eat K

    Had the Handmade Bak kwa at $3 per stick here and it taste WONDERFUL. They deserve to be known. Really nice bak kwa, meat intact, but soft when you chew on it. The flavour linger in your mouth.. You just have to try it to know.

  175. Avatar photo
    Chia Joel

    Home grown market for me. Best of the best with my favorite stalls! Does not open till late so once it’s past 9pm very little stalls remain! Come early and enjoy the full power of this Market! Bagus!

  176. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Underrated market. Best Char Kway Teow, soya chicken, soya duck, nasi ambeng, porridge, coffee, you tiao.

  177. Avatar photo
    Jade Mulvaney

    We had a small stopover in Singapore so I decided to bring my boyfriend to this place to get some local food and he fell in love! There is something for everyone! Make sure you finish it all off with an ais kacang.

  178. Avatar photo
    Boris Choo

    A great place to have food. Price reasonable n vendors are extremely friendly.

  179. Avatar photo
    Jivan Tulsiani

    Superb place to eat. Foreigners looking to find a one-stop place to try the different local good can consider this place. Order crispy and fresh you tiao, chicken rice from Tong Fong Fatt, among others.

  180. Avatar photo
    Hamran Mohamed

    Food is good. Nasi lemak with fish only $2/$2.50(different stall). However due to old flat area, lots of senior citizens around. A place I’ve hanged out during younger days.

  181. Avatar photo

    One of the best handmade fishball in Singapore.

  182. Avatar photo
    Anwari Henry

    Good clean and clear view amenities food buy affordable good hygiene stall

  183. Avatar photo
    Jn Leow

    Haven’t been to this hawker centre for quite some time. Many stalls are not open at this dinner hour. Good to see that most stalls from previous time I came are still here. Ordered fried kway teow from unit 85 Bedok North branch. Not so delicious as compared to Hill Street Fried Kway Teow a few stalls away, closed day sadly

  184. Avatar photo
    Hsuan Heng Tan

    You can get good, delicious and market price food here. I was there for dinner a number of times.
    The fish noodle is good and you can get $2.50 for small soup mee, been hoon etc.. The dried ones are just $3. For those who are big eater you can get the $4 ones. Be early or you have to wait sometimes for 20 minutes.
    Must try the satay, rojak, duck rice or porridge, chicken rice. Many other foods are also available.
    On Sunday the parking is free just opposite the temasek junior college

  185. Avatar photo
    Marc T.T

    The best vegetarian stall I’ve tried. Fried kueh teow tasty even on its own. (every mouthful filled with Wok Hei) Add a serving of Achar onto cut up “UFOs”(cai bing) to complete a hearty breakfast…

    Appreciate the stall owners for their effort and culinary skills…

  186. Avatar photo
    Francis Woo

    Many stalls closed on Monday so take note.

  187. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chua

    A good place to go for lunch. Big variety of food to choose. There is the Hill Street Char Kuay Teow, You Tiao and the Meat Ball Mee.

    Parking is convenience.

  188. Avatar photo
    Roslan Mohamad

    Best foods and drinks. Affordable $$nasi Padang stall. Best Kueh kaswi on one of the corner stall if I not wrong kedai Din.. must try sedap!!

  189. Avatar photo
    Soul Kain

    Plentiful of heartland local dishes to choose. Spoilt for choice.. affordable and mouth watering.. especially the malay dishes.

  190. Avatar photo
    Raphael Leong

    Both food center and wet market. Large selection. The market is open but the food center under renovation opening 10/11. Many coffee stalls competing with each other. Same as chicken rice stalls. I like the you tiaw place and also the Chinese desserts. If you like Muslim halal yes plenty. There are also Imd stalls. One such sells apom. Very crowded on weekends. A famous char kway teow stall. I prefer this stall to the one in China Town. Bring your own lime to squeeze on the noo and you will enjoy it more. There are nearby atms. Bring cash for now as cash free I think may come soon but not yet. The public space is large. A coffee shop nearby has good paos. Service there not bad.

  191. Avatar photo
    desmond khoo

    Many great food options to choose from. Most stalls are open for the morning and lunch crowd. Not as much choices in the evening.

  192. Avatar photo
    Kon Yew Tan

    very delicious hawker food

  193. Avatar photo
    arthur pok

    Living in the east and hardly been Bedok South, i have just discovered this food center has the variety and local favourites.
    Worth for the people living in the east to explore local food.
    Our favourite is the Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce chicken, curry rice, zi char, roasted meat. You have many choices.

  194. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    There are more food variety in this market. The famous Hill street Char Kway Teow (non hala) always has long Que, be prepared to wait more than 30 min.

  195. Avatar photo
    Meng Feng

    Good place to relax and have good food.

  196. Avatar photo
    K Max

    Great variety but erm I don’t see any stalls selling ban mian. Tried the noorul afra prata which has a relatively long queue but it was meh to me. Hahahah

  197. Avatar photo
    Merlin Y

    Good hawker centre with many food and drink options. Malay, Indian and Chinese food all sold here. Wet market also over here

  198. Avatar photo
    Love animals

    Great malay cuisines with a good variety. Teochew porridge, fried carrot cake, Thai food, Xing He Tze char, rojak.

  199. Avatar photo

    An old hawkers’ centre in matured HDB estate with some nice local cuisines. Stalls like fried kway tiao and kway chap are value for money. However you needs to be patient, the queue can be 15 persons deep during lunch break.

  200. Avatar photo
    Denize Ash Pereira (de24nizelogy)

    Most of the stalls there are closed on Mondays. Try to avoid going on Mondays. Must try items are the Chinese rojak, fish ball noodles, a nonya kueh stall which had the best 9 coloured kueh, the green kueh that has glutinous rice & their ba-zhang is really good. They normally leave once their items are sold. So if u crave for kuehs, go in the morning.

  201. Avatar photo
    Cheong Loong

    Good range of local food at reasonable price. Try the popular stalls like Japanese set lunch, fried kuay teow n carrot cake, fish ball soup, rojak, prawn noodles n Vietnam coffee. Indulgence.

  202. Avatar photo

    There is a stall that sells Thai food. Super sedap. We saw students from schools nearby queueing for a roast chicken stall next to the Thai one, and the Q never stops (at least for the 1hour when we were there makaning)! And oh, one absolutely need to get their hands on the ‘you-tiao’. You can’t miss it. It sells nothing but you-tiao. Specialization at its finest.

  203. Avatar photo
    Noorizah Mohd Noor

    So nice to be back to bedok south.. it’s been a long time.. the food is still the best..the Malay mixed rice and kueh is the best. Recommended

  204. Avatar photo
    Desmond Kok

    Lots of tradition local hawker food. Stalls fuelled by nearby factories are stimulation to hawkers owner to be the best. Few stalls like Hillstreet 85 Cha Kway Teow is always long queue.

  205. Avatar photo
    Pauline Ong

    My sister ordered 3bowls of dry mee pok, wow, we tug in within minutes and even complimentary soup was good. So we commented at last we need not travel elsewhere for such craving. Pleased and contented, a blessing indeed. Stall #01-42. Check out yourself ..

  206. Avatar photo
    E P

    Lots of variety of food, vegies and poultry available in the wet market here. Also a few popular hawker food here. This is a old market place which had been renovated recently.

  207. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the duck rice here cos it tasted like the one at Marine Parade one. Korean and western food and fishball noodle are my kiv food.

  208. Avatar photo

    Generally many food stalls have been operating for decades, reasonably priced food draws loyal customers. This morning we patronised a Teochew porridge stall with pleasant surprise, city standard, village price.

  209. Avatar photo
    Swee Hong Tan

    Lots of reasonably-priced food choices.

  210. Avatar photo
    Qi Lin

    Peanut pancake $1 is good. Crispy on some edge and the pancake is soft and nice. The peanut is given gao gao by the stall owner before it is given to you.

  211. Avatar photo
    alexkoh joo keng

    Was there earlier for lunch.. omg. Most of the stalls has queue.. I ordered Japanese food. Super yummy and economically price….

  212. Avatar photo
    MK Yoon

    Nice variety. Love the vegetarian food stall!

  213. Avatar photo
    Amanda Ong

    Old school prawn noodles soup is so satisfyingly good. The broth can do with abit more prawn taste but overall it is very nostalgic and satisfying.

  214. Avatar photo
    Mage Lim

    Good to shop u only spend one to two hour u can get what u want here

  215. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan

    This food center has a wide variety of food , carrot cake (if the father is frying), chicken rice, peanut cake, char kway teow, porridge, etc,

    but this Mee Rebus stall, almost all the utensils were super oily, after supposedly being washed. Hope I don’t get diarrhea!!. It ended up not being nice at all! I left 3/4 of it unfinished, gravy artificially starchy, and not much taste.

  216. Avatar photo
    Joseph Yong

    The breakfast crowd was receding and the lunch munch yet to begin. Plenty of empty seats for me ch
    oose for my mid morning coffee. The kopi lady’s brew was ever so aromatic and strong. The $3 chicken porridge served up with plenty of shredded chicken. The slow sip and fragrant slurp really made the day. The venue wasn’t posh but had its usual morning tranquillity. What else should one ask for?

  217. Avatar photo
    Piyush Raj

    Great place for local purchase, you get pretty much everything what you need for your daily use. Has a temple nestled in and includes neighbourhood doctor & dentist clinics.

  218. Avatar photo
    S Foo

    Was there on a Monday afternoon about 12.30pm. Plenty of empty tables and seats.

    Ordered soy sauce chicken noodles from Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodles. At $3.50 a serving it came with generous portion of chicken pieces. The chicken was very juicy and tender.The noodles were al dente and tasty.

    Had a $2.50 portion of carrot cake from Original Changi Ten Mile Carrot Cake. The small carrot pieces were well coated with a slight pan- fried flavour. The dish was not too savoury as the radish used was the sweet variety.

    Would patronise both these stalls again.

  219. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Hawker centre with a wet market… Have some lovely foods like fish soup, 油鸡, Muslim foods, cheapest masala thosai, “popular” fish ball noodles but no longer good… Prawn noodles that no longer good too… Seem all these old “stores” really lose the shine of their old days… Just not recommended… N ah wah rojak really bad, “cold” n not crispy at all, do not try…

  220. Avatar photo
    gw wong

    Why pay $1.40 for your Kopi C or Teh C when you can pay just $1 for an excellent cup at Yuanwei Kaya Toast (01-19) at Blk 16 Bedok South Market & Food Centre. This locally run stall serves the whole range of traditional kaya toasts n beverages n a variety of wholemeal sandwiches at old prices while others have taken advantage of the situation to increase their prices. DO SUPPORT THEM, SUPPORT LOCAL. Like me, you’ll be glad to discover this stall. Now I save 80 cents every morning when I n my friend hv our excellent Kopi C n Teh C at Bedok South Market & Food Centre.

  221. Avatar photo
    Robbie Say

    Food was cheap and good. Stores sell a variety of cuisines too.

  222. Avatar photo
    W Y

    Hill street char kway teow is good! Very fragrant!

    Thai stall also has tasty & affordable thai dishes e.g. garlic chicken, basil pork, yellow curry with prawn & kailan with roast pork!

  223. Avatar photo
    Ting Chung Hua

    I Found It! Freshly hand-baked at 5th Generations, Teochew Ng Kian Seng Confectionery at Block 17 Bedok South Road #01-567, Singapore 460017. Some of the items are available during the Mooncake Festival only. Bus No. 12, 12e and others stops not too far away from the shop. Public parking behind the shop, opposite the Temasek JC. Shop is next to popular Block 16 Bedok South Market & Food Centre. See my Facebook Blog = Been There Done That, for food at the Food Cdntre.

  224. Avatar photo
    Elaine Ong

    Good food dwells here. Here on a Saturday morning around 8… still quite a lot of seats… pretty clean. Snapping some pics of the stalls here. Will visit again. Trying the wanton noodles …

  225. Avatar photo

    Food is okay, hawker centre is ALWAYS filthy and crowded with birds though

    What I mean is that be prepared to dine with birds walking on the table/floor RIGHT next to you while you eat your food ^

  226. Avatar photo
    Mike79 Eng

    A lot of traditional cooked foods served here! Like Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, Liji Hainanese Chicken Rice, High Street Fried Kway Teow, Fried Carrot Cake… etc

  227. Avatar photo
    huang mark

    香港油鸡饭,面。one of the best I’ve tasted. Chicken
    is flavourful, smooth and soft. Noodle is typical Hong-Kong style that is not soggy. Only $3 for a big portion. Prawn noodle is reasonable at $3.50.

  228. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ganapathy

    I love the you tiao and Song Li chicken rice.
    Even the Warong’s Mee Siam and Mee Rebus are good.
    Check out the You & Me drink stall. They make great strong coffee and tea.
    And nice service staff too.
    Interesting the stall is manned by all ladies.

  229. Avatar photo
    gw wong

    Why pay $1.40 for your Kopi C or Teh C when you can pay just $1 for an excellent cup at Yuanwei Kaya Toast (01-19) at Blk 16 Bedok South Market & Food Centre. This locally run stall serves the whole range of traditional kaya toasts n beverages n a variety of wholemeal sandwiches at old prices while others have taken advantage of the situation to increase their prices. DO SUPPORT THEM, SUPPORT LOCAL. Like me, you’ll be glad to discover this stall. Now I save 80 cents every morning when I n my friend hv our excellent Kopi C n Teh C at Bedok South Market & Food Centre.

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