Review Blessed Health Tcm Clinic, Blk, Singapore

Review Blessed Health TCM Clinic - Singapore Blk

“My ex massager Kelvin is now working here he is very good i find he many year alr” or “The masseuse who named Kelvin, Expert in treatment body ache Nice massage skill Will recommend my relatives and friends” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Blessed Health Tcm Clinic. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Blessed Health Tcm Clinic is quality.

Introduction about Blessed Health Tcm Clinic

Here are some fundamental details regarding Blessed Health Tcm Clinic. In terms of Chinese medicine clinic, it is generally believed that Blessed Health Tcm Clinicis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Blk, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1938 Block 555, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Chinese medicine clinic, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64524272 (+65 64524272)
  • Website:
  • Address: Blk, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1938 Block 555, Singapore
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Detailed information of Blessed Health Tcm Clinic

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8 AM to 10:30 PM.

Tuesday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM.


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How to contact Blessed Health Tcm Clinic?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Blessed Health Tcm Clinic via:

Phone number

You can reach Blessed Health Tcm Clinic at 64524272(+65 64524272). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Blessed Health Tcm Clinic via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to Blk, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1938 Block 555, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Blessed Health Tcm Clinic reviews

Blessed Health Tcm Clinic is among the best destinations of Chinese medicine clinic in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Blessed Health Tcm Clinic good?

To determine whether Blessed Health Tcm Clinic is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“My ex massager Kelvin is now working here he is very good i find he many year alr”

“The masseuse who named Kelvin, Expert in treatment body ache Nice massage skill Will recommend my relatives and friends”

“Good massage skills. The masseur made the effort to really check where are your aches or pains and tackle the problem areas. Felt better after the massage. Will visit again.”

“Solid place, solid TCM tuina. 小九 was really really really really professional and friendly!! Thank you so much!”

“The tui-na is really good. Looks for Sky if you like deep tissue massage”

“Shuzhen is very professional and skillful. I came for Tuina every month and highly recommended with reasonable price!”

“No frills good Tuina. No up sell, no package, no pressure. Anna's Service is good.”

“Parents have had leg pain for a long time and the physician here managed to manage it pretty quickly. Price was well worth it”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 235 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 98% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Blessed Health Tcm Clinic, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Blessed Health Tcm Clinic are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Blessed Health Tcm Clinic, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Blessed Health Tcm Clinic, Blk, Singapore

There is a total 235 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Annabelle Wong

    Always a good tui na experience here with my go-to therapist Sha Sha. Fantastic technique, friendly service, and I always leave feeling much better.

  2. Avatar photo
    soon kok Teh

    Sky ‘skill is very good! He is professional!

  3. Avatar photo
    macaron cheese

    Two thumbs up for Qing Qing.

  4. Avatar photo

    Friendly therapist and doctor. A nice place for massage and tcm consultation.

  5. Avatar photo
    Si Yu Tan

    The therapists here are all very professional and knows what they are doing. No hard selling, only recommends what is necessary.

  6. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Experience tcm doctor , with very good male Massuer . Relives my frozen shoulder .
    Dr. Shen’s judgment and dispensing gave me the medicine after treatment. played a lot of restorative role

  7. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Chew

    Excellent therapists always able to treat the issues with various injuries and tuina treatment.

  8. Avatar photo
    Soa Nguyễn

    The masseuse who named Kelvin,
    Expert in treatment body ache
    Nice massage skill
    Will recommend my relatives and friends

  9. Avatar photo
    steven ooi

    Very good treatment. Managed to cure my fingers (injured for few years) within a few treatments.

  10. Avatar photo
    goh leoric

    Outstanding services by Candy. Good strength, accurate accupoint and friendly. Highly recommended.

  11. Avatar photo
    H Winfor

    Went for a tuina massage for my sciatica. I must say – go for their expertise n don’t expect Spa type environment! Place is really cramped and hygiene is ??? Broke out into a rash after first visit HOWEVER the masseur really fixed my sciatica!!!! For 1st time in weeks I slept soundly!! Tried other masseurs on my subsequent visits n found them to be very good!! n didn’t get a rash revisit. $50/hour is so worth it but don’t expect bells & whistles like atas spas which charge doubled easily!

  12. Avatar photo
    Veeramah Kandasamy

    Good service but clinic needs cleaning up.

  13. Avatar photo
    Natasha Cheah

    I had massage by Sha Sha for my injured back and stiff neck and shoulders which was very effective, Sha Sha was very patient and professional, she also helped me gua sha and ba guan (which are free) to further release the tension in my back. Dr. Shen then helped me with acupuncture which helped as well. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m already feeling much better after just one session, even though my injuries have been around for a long time.

  14. Avatar photo
    wenny tang

    Good tuina! Been here almost every week!
    All tuina shifus are professionals! Highly recommend this place! Price is reasonable as well! Look for Kelly! I like her good working attitude towards her job!

  15. Avatar photo
    Allyson Choi

    Great service! Will come back again!

  16. Avatar photo
    tecksiang chow

    The service attitude is very good, the doctor is very professional, the medical ethics is very good, the clinical experience is rich, the doctor can diagnose accurately, and prescribe the right medicine for many diseases. Generally, it only takes three to five days to one week to prescribe the medicine. Seeing good results, won the trust of many patients

  17. Avatar photo
    Samuel L.

    Good place for Chinese tui-na, aka massage. Soothes your muscle and helps relaxation. But there are many therapists and some are not as good. Price keeps increasing and you can claim under PA plan if you know what I mean.

  18. Avatar photo
    wayne ang

    The tui-na is really good. Looks for Sky if you like deep tissue massage

  19. Avatar photo
    Boon Seng Ow

    The massage of Lion City Chinese Medicine can help you solve the problem of body aches and pains. In particular, Ms. Sha Sha, the masseur, is even more skilled. Recommended. Also, Dr. Shen in the clinic has excellent medical skills.

  20. Avatar photo

    Recommended! Came to Blessed TCM a few times when I have some injuries. All the therapists I encountered are skilful and the tuina really helps to loosen the muscle and knots. 小九 did the tuina for my recent visit. She was friendly and professional. Thank you and keep up the excellent service!

  21. Avatar photo
    Stella Kwek

    Thank you Lucy who helping me to solve my neck and shoulders pain give you 5 star

  22. Avatar photo
    Jiingdar Lai

    The shop integrates Yan, thin rings, and hypertrophy. There are many ‘many’ masters, and all of them have unique housekeeping (massage) skills. The muscles are full and powerful, and the kung fu without muscles is also a combination of rigidity and softness. After their repairs, they must have clear lines when they go out. The tight muscles are loose, and the loose ones become tighter and stronger.

  23. Avatar photo
    Chuang Peck Say

    When others pro did not give you solution. Come to Blessed Health TCM Clinic they are the pro who find way to ease your pain

  24. Avatar photo
    Theresa Lee

    TCM tuina is great with Sha Sha as my masseur.

  25. Avatar photo
    Nat Yuen

    All masseuse are experienced. Do remember to call to book because they are always fully booked. Hourly charge is $50. Reasonable and good service!

  26. Avatar photo
    Stella Ho

    Just ended my first visit here upon reading online reviews. I can say i’m pretty impressed with their service and level of professionalism. Honestly been to many tcm doctors over the years and few have impressed. They don’t push you to buy anything, treat you with sincerity. Masseus Le Le was good, and Dr Shen is also patient, non-assuming and seem to have great acupuncture skills. As for treatment effect, remains to be seen, but they have surely impressed me with their standards and in future I’ll be going back. Good job to the management and doctors, for they must be doing sth right to enable this clinic and their employees to thrive and render quality care despite the hard work and long hours they put in.

  27. Avatar photo
    Nixon T

    Had a stiff neck and tight shoulders. Sky is my therapist and after 90min, the stiffness disappeared and felt a lot more relaxed. Very authentic services.

  28. Avatar photo
    Song Keng Chuan Samuel

    Very satisfied with the massages. They are well trained. Will recommend more friends.

  29. Avatar photo

    Solid place, solid TCM tuina. 小九 was really really really really professional and friendly!! Thank you so much!

  30. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lam

    Engaged Lucy for massage. Very knowledgeable. Know where to find the origin of the problem(i.e which vein). No hardselling or any nonsense.

  31. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tang

    Massage 48 dollar. Include cupping and gua sa. Painful but somehow help to release your body ‘heat’

  32. Avatar photo
    elson chua

    I was suffering from chronic pain for my back and leg. Was very lucky to meet Master Therapist Sky, after a few treatments, I was much better and on the road to recovery now. A highly recommended master therapist, whom is very skillful and experienced. If you really wish to recover from any chronic pains, Sky is highly recommended, do request for him when you call or visit the blessed AMK branch.

  33. Avatar photo

    Judy massage and solve body pain very good! Everyone in clinic were well trained

  34. Avatar photo
    Xiaojun Wu

    Like their tuina skills but do not expect the place to be renovated. Issue receipts for insurance and company claims. No hard selling of packages

  35. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Michael

    Good massages

  36. Avatar photo
    T snowy

    Yan yan tuina is the best. Every point are on point. Feel relax everytime after the tuina! Strongly recommend.

  37. Avatar photo

    Sprained my back.
    Was given 1.5 hr tuina and ba guan by therapist Susan.
    She is friendly,patient. And shared her knowledge and advice on some of the health issues that I am facing.

    Definitely Feel much better after that.

    Pls call up to reserve for slot first as they are usually full especially on weekends

    1 sep
    1.5 Hr massage by Susan. I told her I was being 折磨 by her tuina. So funny that she will always ask me to Feel much loosened and refreshed .

    Thanks to her great skills

  38. Avatar photo
    Andrena Ong

    Excellent place for sprained ankle and twisted muscles

  39. Avatar photo
    jeremy chan

    Doctor and staffs have very good experience in massage

  40. Avatar photo
    Shawna Tay

    massage by ms shasha was really good, helped me with my injury.

  41. Avatar photo
    David Ngoh

    It was a blessing in disguise;
    Had my knees Tuina-ed and felt great (although it was painful)!
    Trust me; I went Chiro, sports Chiro, TCM – Nothing works;
    and, even contemplating to have it operated.

    Best I have found so far; I will visit again before deciding further on Costly alternatives which may or may not work ..

    Thank you, Blessed TCM.

  42. Avatar photo
    yixing yang

    Shuzhen is very professional and skillful. I came for Tuina every month and highly recommended with reasonable price!

  43. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ying

    From my recent right arm injury, which left my arm in cast for 6 weeks. To make matter worse, staring at the notebook for numerous hours and extensive air travel recently had added burden to my neck, shoulder and back. Signed a few “packages” but ALL useless. I was introduced to Blessed TCM by one of my mates and Sasa (Tuina therapist) was assigned to work on my condition. Initially, I was recommended once every 2-3 days and subsequently once every 4-5 days. Miracle thing is after a day after the 3rd session, the strain was greatly reduced and now, after the 6th session, it’s almost all gone. Nonetheless, I will still be going back every 1-2 weeks for a session. Making sure to maintain a healthy body.
    Sasa is highly recommended.

    Thank you Blessed TCM and Sasa.

  44. Avatar photo
    Jifen Shen

    TCM physicians are professional! Massage skill very good! very strong!

  45. Avatar photo
    Tianrun Liu

    very good!
    I slept for a night and woke up in the morning with pain from the left side of the cervical spine to the left shoulder blade.
    It’s so painful that I can’t walk.
    In the afternoon, I went to a room for treatment of bruises. I put a plaster on my back shoulder and prescribed some oral medicine. I felt it was useless, and then I saw this room on Google because of the high score.
    When I arrived, I saw a group of young girls, and there was no consultation but massage. To be honest, I wanted to leave. But after thinking about it again, I gave her a massage. After an hour, I rely on it. After pressing it, it was really much better. It was really unexpected. If the pain was 100 points before, the pain left after pressing was about 10. Really good

  46. Avatar photo
    Gloria Yee

    Great Tuina & customer service. Just one time, my tennis elbow is healed. Highly recommended!

  47. Avatar photo
    kazuki lim

    Honestly one of the best TCM I’ve been to so far.

  48. Avatar photo
    A. Lim

    Decided to take a chance to come here for tuina as an old back pain was starting to bother me again. My masseur Jing Jing was excellent, with her techniques and pressure. She was very focused and did not talk excessively during the massage, unlike a few others. As it was the time of the month, she would not directly massage my lower back area but applied some heat therapy for that area. I did not think I would feel much difference especially to my lower back, but I walked out and woke up the next day with a lighter back and much lesser pain. Will most certainly be back again!

  49. Avatar photo
    Wei Shan

    Very good!

  50. Avatar photo
    Vion Lim

    I am very grateful to the massage master Qingqing here. He is a massage master who serves customers very carefully. He has solved my old problems for many years. I have introduced friends to come here. They all praise the technicians here and the service is very good.

  51. Avatar photo
    Wei Long Wong

    Thank you doctor Shen treated on Shingles and relief my pain.

  52. Avatar photo
    alice leow

    They help yo solve my shoulder pain issues thks

  53. Avatar photo
    nas man

    No nonsense. Skillfulled massage. Highly recommended

  54. Avatar photo

    Best massage ever

  55. Avatar photo
    Wee Joey

    Has been visiting blessed health for about a year and ongoing. I want to praise Linda for her skillful tuina to ease my migraine. She is such a professional and nice staff. She is an asset to Blessed health. I will continue my regular visit with blessed health as long as she is working there. She reduced my migraine significantly. She is so good that I have introduce my friends and family to let her massage. I want to thank her for her awesome service.

  56. Avatar photo
    Audrey A Chua

    One of the affordable placesto get Tuina. My specialist is ShaSha and she does a good job. The rates are by the hour and doesn’t matter if u combine tuina with baguan or guasha. I read some comments from reviewers expecting this place to be dolled up like a spa,. They had been to the wrong place or are simply cheapos.

  57. Avatar photo
    KOOI Wai HO

    本人因为身体生蛇herpes zoster and suffer body pain. I sincerely thank Dr Shen help me with the medication to solve my problem only few days.

  58. Avatar photo
    john toh

    Very skillful tcm practitioner. Highly recommended

  59. Avatar photo
    Dr Roger Ng

    Very good service .

  60. Avatar photo

    A traditional clinic, with minimal decor. Treatment payable by grabpay. Staff were non-pushy with sales of packages, products.

  61. Avatar photo
    Shinyunn Liang

    The tcm doctor shen is very good wherever medicine or Acupuncture!

  62. Avatar photo
    J L

    My mum was having a bad pain in her thigh. So I was searching for some TCM around AMK area & I saw many good reviews for this TCM online.

    My mum is a very skeptical & particular person. So when she first stepped into this TCM, she already questioned how is the pricing like and whether the treatment is going to be effective and if the bed is being sanitised. She can be quite intimidating. But the TCM lady physician & the staff are professional and patient with her. I’m thankful for this.

    After that 1st treatment, my mum did comment that her pain has kind of subside and her backache is also gone. Will bring her back again for future treatments.

  63. Avatar photo

    Professional and the good services

  64. Avatar photo
    Teo Pearlyn

    Tuina and acupuncture done. Not bad

  65. Avatar photo
    yanren kong

    Therapist Apple’ tuina skill is very good …

  66. Avatar photo
    Timothy Yeo

    Amazing Tuina services. Prices have gone up slightly post-covid, but it still remains to be a great value location to get your knots ironed out by a knowledgeable team of masseuses!

    Be prepared for some pain! Remember, pain is weakness leaving the body!

  67. Avatar photo
    Nancy Lim

    Physician is good at treating coughs.

  68. Avatar photo
    Salena Sam

    Excellent service, great full body massage on focus on aching points! Highly recommended!

  69. Avatar photo

    Affordable tuina under $100( for 1hour session)

  70. Avatar photo
    chunying li

    TCM.skill very good!

  71. Avatar photo
    Louis Ang

    First time visiting & was expecting a long wait, but was attended to immediately by staff and doc. Doc was patient and friendly. After consulting, one of the staff skillfully applied tui na on my sprained ankle. The tui na helped relieved most pain at end of session. My ankle was bandaged with some cooling medicine after that. Looking forward to complete recovery! Highly recommended.

  72. Avatar photo
    C S Wong

    Glad to be here, skilful and effective.

  73. Avatar photo

    Tuina service is ok. Doctor gave 3 packs of pills with no label no name no instructions. When I asked, she cannot exactly tell me what are those medicine. So the doc say “全部都是活血的”. No further explanation given. For this alone, I do think there are better TCM out there.

  74. Avatar photo
    Jun Rui Goh

    Very good.

  75. Avatar photo
    bakkiyaraj ganesan

    Very good massage and auqupancture …

  76. Avatar photo
    Yeo Qian Yi

    Skillful and comfortable after massage friendly staff. Highly recommended

  77. Avatar photo
    sieng kok

    Good experience sin sei

  78. Avatar photo

    Dr. Shen treats patients with kindness and patience, and the doctor is caring and caring

  79. Avatar photo
    Choo Jeremiah

    Excellent TCM massage! Highly recommended

  80. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Khidhir Bin Johari

    Cheap and good. Exp masseuse.

  81. Avatar photo
    Andrew Woo

    A very good place for a tiuna massage. Good service and hygienic.

  82. Avatar photo
    Mar N.

    Assigned masseur Coco was chatting away during the tuina session. Tried to stop her but she just continued to talk about her stuffs with her colleagues.

    Got home with lots of blue blacks despite her “pre-warning”. Have been to other tuina but never been bruised so badly.

  83. Avatar photo
    Aaron Chia

    Helpful and effective treatment with dedicated staff! Good recommendation on treatment based on specific issues and needs.

  84. Avatar photo
    Andy Lee

    Pop by for a tuina session with my Mrs. Good service, friendly staff. Good massage, although I am aching now, Kelly knows how to identify the knots!
    60min for $48, this is value for money. No hard sell. We will be going back for round 2 soon.

  85. Avatar photo
    Chen Siang

    Linda technique is out of this world. I ve been to many TCM and massage centers in Sg and overseas..Linda is d best hands down. If you have any ache, just request for her. The effects can be felt during the session itself. Seriously good. Highly recommend.

  86. Avatar photo

    Today, I did a full three-hour massage treatment. Thanks to Dr. Shen for her skill. I am very grateful to Miss Anna for her service. I am also worried that she hands may have been sour for so long.

  87. Avatar photo
    Elvin Chia

    云 very skillful in TCM massage.

  88. Avatar photo
    Tang Chye Kow

    I’m glad to knowing Dr. Shen for helping my wife back pain after the first TCM and result very well recovered as like 90++% that already to see her for any problems like orthopedic & traumatic treatment & Chinese internal medicine. Will be the best option for treatment.

  89. Avatar photo
    Jason Chan

    Felt pain walking down steps after a run and drop by for leg massage. Their rub is good as they can pin to the correct pain point and veins. …

  90. Avatar photo
    guochang lin

    The technique of the Massager at Blesded Health TCM is good, especially Lucy, who understands the acupoints and meridians, and the massage is in place, the treatment effect is good.

  91. Avatar photo
    Mervyn Chua

    Regular patron here.
    Most of their masseurs are very good at helping to kneed out those knots around your neck, shoulder & back. Some are a tad enthusiastic to the point where you feel more painful than when you first entered…but otherwise, great place to get those stiff muscles loosened up!

  92. Avatar photo
    Albert Hon Wan Long

    I have been to another massage parlor, and I have been treated twice, but it will not improve.

    Go to this massage parlor for treatment, and you will be fine.

    The point is that the service is very good, the massage takes a long time and is very careful.
    Finally, the price is very reasonable and cheap! Only $35/half hour. (Outside $75++, it won’t be good).

    Highly Recommended.

  93. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    Ang Mo Kio Blk 555 Blessed Health TCM is one place you will never regret to go if the need for acupuncture, hand/leg/body pain treatment etc. I am very satisfied with their service, not only Dr Shen who is very experienced, and one of the employee named Kelvin, which i specially highlight and recommend, who is extremely hardworking, cheerful and friendly. I got better from my injury thanks to all of them. Pricing is also at a very reasonable rate despite the recent GST increase. Excellent service, i will visit again and spread this news to the people that i know.

  94. Avatar photo
    Joan Goh Ming Hong

    I have been seeing Dr Shen for many years for my severe cervical spondylosis. I was having severe neck pain associated with headache and giddiness. My symptoms have significantly improved after her acupuncture treatment. Dr Shen is very professional, caring and helpful in the treatment of her patients. My masseuse Lucy is very skillful, professional and caring to all her clients. I have recommended many friends to this clinic.

  95. Avatar photo

    I heard that this traditional Chinese medicine massage is good. I tried it today and it is really good. Each acupuncture point will feel a little sore and comfortable. After pressing, the whole person will feel relaxed. Solved my troubles for many years, thanks to Lion City Chinese Medicine

  96. Avatar photo
    Noel Tan

    Sky is a fantastic therapist, helped me tremendously with chronic pain that has since been alleviated.
    Absolutely highly recommended!

  97. Avatar photo
    Kris Lau

    Good tuina here. Ba guan / gua sha included. Fully satisfied after 2 hours of tuina.

  98. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    Ang Mo Kio Blk 555 Blessed Health TCM is one place you will never regret to go if the need for acupuncture, hand/leg/body pain treatment etc. I am very satisfied with their service, not only Dr Shen who is very experienced, and one of the employee named Kelvin, which i specially highlight and recommend, who is extremely hardworking, cheerful and friendly. I got better from my injury thanks to all of them. Pricing is also at a very reasonable rate despite the recent GST increase. Excellent service, i will visit again and spread this news to the people that i know.

  99. Avatar photo
    Wong Jialing

    I highly recommend the Chinese medicine practitioners and massage here. They are very professional. I myself have a very serious problem of menstrual pain, but I only saw a Chinese medicine doctor here and solved 80% of the problems.
    The masseuse is highly recommended – sky is very professional. He also has osteopathy. Every time you have a backache or a stiff neck, you come to him. I really recommend it. It is a time-honored Chinese medicine treatment center

  100. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Chee

    Good! Other than the small outlets, service is professional.

  101. Avatar photo
    John Lim

    Great place for tui na!

  102. Avatar photo
    chunling Wang

    Dr. Meizhen’s techniques are excellent. I had a stiff neck yesterday and it was in excruciating pain. After half an hour of pushing by her, the pain was gone. Thank you so much!

  103. Avatar photo
    R L

    Shen 医师 is great – patient, knowledgeable and very effective. The tuina here is great too

  104. Avatar photo
    Jane88 Lim

    The service is excellent and the medicine is very effective. …

  105. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lim

    Affordable and on point massage, professional and patient therapists

  106. Avatar photo
    Lim Eugene

    Really good and effective tuina! Masseuse was Sha Sha, recommend her for tuina

  107. Avatar photo
    Chris Dai

    First time here for Tuina. I feel it’s good to spend a moment to write a review for them. They do a quick consultation on you to see if you facing any problem with your body. SKY was excellent in attending to me, he managed to release my shoulder, back and waist issue, straightaway you can feel the relieve after the 1 hr treatment. Will come back again.

  108. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan H H

    Amazing place, my leg injury was like almost gone after just one session!

  109. Avatar photo
    Emiko Harada

    Been to a few tuina here so far this is one of the best and value for money. Therapist are all very well trained and know exactly where the pressure points are and know how to treat if you’re experiencing any ache or injury.

  110. Avatar photo
    hong wanting

    The therapist, Crytsal is very skillful amd good. Highly recommended

  111. Avatar photo
    Dan Foo

    Got a stubbed toe 12 days ago which after finishing the pain killer and anto-inflammatory western medicines still has not been fully healed.

    Went to this place for the first time because of the great online reviews. The Tui Na therapist was experienced and after a few touches knew where the issue was. Walked out with a much relieved foot after the session.

    Will definitely return to this place!

  112. Avatar photo

    Two days ago, I went to Lion City Chinese Medicine to find a technician Meizhen massage. The technique is very good to solve my problem!

  113. Avatar photo
    Kevin Schwantz

    No frills good Tuina. No up sell, no package, no pressure. Anna’s Service is good.

  114. Avatar photo
    Harry Ye

    Very professional and good service!!!

  115. Avatar photo
    Ray Ho

    All the staff was very profession and the physician really know their stuff. Very knowledgeable in their field. Highly recommended!

  116. Avatar photo
    Tay Merry

    Went to massage several times, every therapists have their own skill, I suggest you may try different therapists then you can make decisions who is suitable for you. We have few of therapist which we preferred.
    Service was good, the place is so so but with the reasonable price still acceptable.
    I would like to have personal feedback that they shouldn’t chit chat during the services time to their colleagues or to customers. This would show unprofessional and may disturbing customer who wish to have relax and listening music. Customer always prefer relaxing and enjoying the music while massaging but not to hear the 三姑六婆story or sometime still need to entertain therapist with their story.

  117. Avatar photo

    Had a 90mins session with linda. She is good and very accurate on the points. She put in extra effort to ensure that she had loosen up the tough area for my back.

    Less a star as other therapists were talking very loudly outside, it felt like a market. But would be back for the tui nai & linda!

  118. Avatar photo
    Charisse Ng

    Massage was very on-point and eased the tension on my neck, shoulders and back! Excellent!

  119. Avatar photo
    Jolene Chua

    Tuina and cupping done and hit all spot

  120. Avatar photo

    very good!

  121. Avatar photo
    Sam Cheong

    A good experience. Good tuina and cupping with relieved my shoulder pain from canoeing. …

  122. Avatar photo
    miko yennie

    Great Tuina & customer service. Highly recommended️ …

  123. Avatar photo
    Hong Shing Soh

    Was handled by masseur Juliet. The finale move of neck cracking instantly released the endorphins and my neck ache almost gone. Magic!

  124. Avatar photo
    Titus Tay

    Great tuina for neck pain. Recommended!

  125. Avatar photo

    Excellent doctor and treatment!

  126. Avatar photo
    SM Misai


  127. Avatar photo
    Lin Fang

    Dear valued customer,

    Blessed Health TCM Clinic provides mobile massage service for residences in Ang Mo Kio. This service is designed for the following groups of people for therapy, healthcare and relaxation at the comfort of home :

    1. Old people with reduced mobility
    2. Tired working person
    3. Bedridden patients
    4. Women in prenatal or postpartum
    5. Children with poor appetite and slow growth

    The fee is S$70/hr. TCM doctor home visit fee is excluded. Please call 64524272 for booking. Free consultantation fee for first 10 bookings. Thank you.

    Dear customer,

    Lion City Chinese Medicine provides door-to-door massage/tuina services for residents of Ang Mo Kio. This service is specially designed for the following people to receive treatment, health care and experience physical and mental relaxation in the comfort of their home:

    1. Elderly people with limited mobility
    2. Tired office worker
    3. Bedridden patients
    4. Women before and after childbirth
    5. Slow-growing children with poor appetite

    The hourly fee is 70 yuan, and the doctor’s visit fee is calculated separately. Please call 64524272 to make an appointment. The first 10 doctors will be exempted from the doctor’s visit fee.

  128. Avatar photo
    Velle Toh

    A special thank you to therapist Judy. The first time I came here for massage, I could feel that she was very attentive to help me massage. The massage techniques are also very professional. Though I have not fully recover but at least now I don’t feel so agony and painful after 2 treatment at this place. I understand certain injury will take time to heal and I will definitely come back again for my next treatment.

  129. Avatar photo
    M P

    Meizhen massage skills is not bad. My back feel relax after session though not 100% solve my chronic neck ache

    There’s a lot upwelling involved like using ginger oil or other machines to dispel toxic. Upon Taobao check seem the machines they use are expensive so not sure worth it not as yet to try.

    Just a note. This place is very small and cramp w beds stacked next to each other n only separated by curtain. It looks old but at least the towels are nice smelling and they all wear gloves n have plastic covers over bed and seem to change after every customer. Imagine those malaysia Low budget massage place

    Also there’s many staff inside and you can hear them talking throughout and esp the recep taking enquiry calls which seem non stop.

    It cost $50 per hour which I find it slightly pricey for the environment n I’m heartland areas. But the massage skill seem not bad la

  130. Avatar photo
    christine chung

    Was professional. Got my treatment immediately. But is soooooo painful . Cried during my treatment.

  131. Avatar photo
    Accord Auto Services

    Stiff neck and frozen shoulder! Went to numerous chiropractic but could not solve! Accidentally found this Gem hidden at AMK! Went for their massage and recommended me to “put blood”!! Amazingly, instantly relief and could tilt my head left, right up and down without any pain….. recommended! Candy, Qing Qing and Anna was great! Doctor Shen was very fantastic too

  132. Avatar photo
    Bee Wah

    I like Dr. Shen’s kindness and patience with patients. The doctor is caring and attentive

  133. Avatar photo

    Very good massage. Will keep coming back

  134. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Leong

    Highly recommended

  135. Avatar photo
    Ja cob

    Professional service that is hard to come by at AMK. Thanks to Alice, my soreness on the left leg are much much better now. Please continue to train your staff well and provide good tuina service to all thank you!

  136. Avatar photo
    Liew Moy Chin

    Dr Shen is experienced. Gentle n with great patience towards patients..thankyou.

  137. Avatar photo
    Nayden Lim


  138. Avatar photo
    kek ming wong


  139. Avatar photo
    Mac Lye

    Sasa tuina is nice and good.

  140. Avatar photo

    All the therapists are well trained & good to treat my neck & back pain issues.

  141. Avatar photo
    Simon Loh

    Chun Ying, Sha Sha have been patient and attentive to listen to my problem and help to relieve my hip and back issue.
    Doctor Shen was detail in diagnostics my migraine and cured this long time illness.
    Thanks You.

  142. Avatar photo
    Edmund Tong

    My first time here for tunai due to back injury. I would say this is one of the best massage/tunai i ever had. The therapies is very experience and skilful, press to the right spot of my knots, I feel relief from the back pain. Highly recommended.

  143. Avatar photo
    tan samuel

    Good treatment for acupuncture. Great!

  144. Avatar photo
    TC Lau

    Qingqing’s workmanship is very good, and the treatment of my waist is very good.
    Will definitely introduce friends

  145. Avatar photo
    Yu Xin Tan (Korokke87)

    Sprained my ankle due to a fall and came here to get it fixed.. my therapist ah guo was very attentive to my pain spots and helped me to massage and change accordingly.. my ankle felt better after 3 treatments with acupuncture from Dr shen.. recommended for people with injuries to try

  146. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Chung

    Very effective tuina, highly recommend

  147. Avatar photo
    Beatrice Yip (Triceeepunzel)

    Almost every therapists that was assigned to us are on average okay, they have their own unique skills, but our favourite is Lucy! Lucy is skillful and know how to control the friction and circulation well (not just giving hardcore pain), understand her customer, practice hygience. The sessions was calm and at ease.

  148. Avatar photo

    The massage therapist of this Lion City TCM clinic is very skilled. Zoey, who gave me the massage, was very attentive and professional in acupressure techniques. After the massage, I felt much more relaxed. It is worth recommending!

  149. Avatar photo

    This is one of the best places to get a real massage. All the therapists are experienced and really know what they are doing.

  150. Avatar photo
    jordan choo

    Amazing Tui Na massage by Judy. Helped to relieve my knots.

  151. Avatar photo
    Mariat Amj

    Very Good

  152. Avatar photo
    R T

    Consistently good, great value, great technique

  153. Avatar photo
    David Yap

    Good tuina. Need to call for booking as they are usually busy

  154. Avatar photo
    shuicai Li

    I heard from my friends that the masseurs of Chinese medicine in this Lion City are very skilled. Come and experience it today. The female masseur JI MEIZHEN who gave me massages is attentive and professional. Every acupuncture point feels sore and swollen. After the massage Obviously a lot easier, it is worth recommending!

  155. Avatar photo
    Sherlyn Seah

    I was served by Yan Yan. She knew my pain points well and spent good time and effort trying to ease my aches.
    She also praised me for the courage to bear this great pain as she pressed on. She could see my needs and work around my limits. An excellent experience I had. Good job, Yan Yan. I also like to thanks 沈医师 for treating my persistent health issues. Will return for their services.

  156. Avatar photo
    I gao

    Very experienced doctor and masseurs..
    Coco thanks for the help on my injury..

  157. Avatar photo
    Clarence Guo

    Very experienced doctor and masseurs!

  158. Avatar photo
    ShianG KeR

    The staff here are all friendly and professional! Everytime we came for Tui Na, the next day back pain just miraculously disappeared. Best of all, the charges are very affordable! Strongly recommend

  159. Avatar photo
    lee kwee chuan

    Pretty good

  160. Avatar photo
    anim farm

    Dr. Shen is very professional, and the acupuncture technique makes the needle feel less than the needle. The massage scraping cupping is also in place, the price is fair, the doctor will get to 11 o’clock at 9 o’clock in the evening. Can accept appointments, recommended!

  161. Avatar photo
    qing he

    Therapist Qingqing’ skill is very good!

  162. Avatar photo
    7316 Will

    The Tuina was good.. With Accunpuncture… It’s $78….its not cheap

  163. Avatar photo
    Si Min Chan

    Have been going for months – truly one of the best places to get a TCM Massage!! ️

  164. Avatar photo

    It has been 3 years since I went to the Lion City for Chinese massage treatment. When I went to see a specialist, the doctor said that I should take medicine for a long time. Now I don’t need to take medicine for a long time. This is thanks to the massage therapist Ms. Sha Sha and Dr. Shen with excellent medical skills. The massage therapists of Lion City TCM are all very skilled, and Ms. Sha Sha helps me push every time. He can handle my discomfort. And they do not charge extra for cupping and scraping. Thank you very much Dr. Shen and Ms. Shasha

  165. Avatar photo
    francis ha

    Affordable price for tuina.
    Sky know what he is doing. Solving my stiff neck

  166. Avatar photo

    Great service!
    After the bloodletting, my body relaxed a lot.
    Next time I will see Dr. Shen

  167. Avatar photo
    Ty Hu

    Nice service
    As specially, The masseuse who named Gina,
    Expert in treatment body ache
    Nice massage skill
    Will recommend my relatives and friends

  168. Avatar photo
    Chih Wei Lai

    Good, clean, healthy. No funny business going on. …

  169. Avatar photo
    Jolyn Ng

    The tuina is good by the specialist, helps to relieve all the aches. The tcm doctor is able to give good advice to the pain points and give remedy.

  170. Avatar photo
    Louis Koh

    Staff members were very friendly & professional ! They were very knowledgeable as well. All my aches, pains & illnesses were well treated by the doctor highly recommend !

  171. Avatar photo
    Cathryn Cai Yuan

    good massage! good tcm treatment! good service!

  172. Avatar photo
    Ju En Wun

    Must try, excellent massage

  173. Avatar photo
    Alicia Cheng

    I had a fall from the escalator and somehow my right side of the bone seem to be in pain on and off. I went for tuina having the idea to try. I requested for Sky and I actually like his good services. Somehow after one session I don’t feel so pain le and I had a very good sleep even I don’t want to. Thru the session I can feel the heat travelling thru. Will look for him again.

  174. Avatar photo

    Went for back ache, professional

  175. Avatar photo
    Felicia Chee

    Came here after seeing the good reviews. The TuiNa masseur has good strength and she hit all the spot. With the price given, i find it value for money. I am satisfied with their service, no complaints.

    If there is a thing to pick, probably is the massaging room/environment.

  176. Avatar photo
    Sze Yi Aw

    Kelly is really good! She knows where’s the knots and applies just the right pressure …

  177. Avatar photo
    Laxiang Long

    Everyone in Lion City TCM is very good, especially the therapist Xiang Xiang. With more than 10 years of experience in massage, the treatment technique is first-class and painless. It is highly recommended!

  178. Avatar photo
    cai weizhong

    Good TCM skills

  179. Avatar photo
    May Heng

    Therapist Qing Qing is very good with her massage and the Tuina sessions have helped me a lot in my recovery. Overall thank you for the pleasant experience and will definitely recommend this TCM clinic to others.

  180. Avatar photo

    Michelle, a massage therapist from Shicheng Chinese Medicine, has very good massage techniques and is worth recommending.

  181. Avatar photo
    Oriana Tay

    One of the best and most affordable tcm clinics I’ve been too. I go there regularly for tuina massages. I look for Judy When I’m there!

  182. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chye

    Good massage skills. The masseur made the effort to really check where are your aches or pains and tackle the problem areas. Felt better after the massage. Will visit again.

  183. Avatar photo
    Vivian Chew

    Good skill therapists.
    Doctors Shen ji fen help me to settle my shoulders very painful.her help me
    Settle my problem.

  184. Avatar photo
    KB Gui

    I had body,head aching & heatiness after taking 2nd Dose of Pfizer Biontech vaccine.Due to drug allergies,I cannot take pain killer.My colleague recommended Dr Shen JiFen in Blessed Health TCM Clinic.Dr Shen is friendly & patient,she prescribed medicine for me to take.
    After taking medicine for 1 day,I had recovered & happy that I can be back to work.
    Thanks Dr Shen.

  185. Avatar photo
    Nikki Hii

    Recommended Sasa. Very skilful for tuina! She really solve my shoulder and back ache!

  186. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lim

    Very good massage by Shasha. Tq

  187. Avatar photo
    Joe L

    Parents have had leg pain for a long time and the physician here managed to manage it pretty quickly. Price was well worth it

  188. Avatar photo
    Alice Nguyen

    Very good and professional TCM massage treatment place

  189. Avatar photo
    Lydia yong

    The service was good, I did try 1.5 hours massage with sha sha(ms).. Really helps my back pain and stiff neck. I’ll be definitely come back again

  190. Avatar photo
    Dong Ju Jiang

    Massager Lan Lan’s skills are very good
    will introduce friends

  191. Avatar photo
    Mandisa Toh

    It’s our 1st visit and we knew it’s a correct choice after our TCM cum Tunia session. Physician was very experienced and explain our problem clearly. Tunia Therapists are very skillful and friendly as well. Thanks for instantly getting rid of our back pain n treating my trigger finger issues.

  192. Avatar photo
    Gen L

    Amazing tuina massage to target the main area of concern which is my upper back. Michelle adjusted her pressure to my needs and do not undercut on time or end early or slack off in between. During cupping process she offered to give me leg massage. But most other TCM places i go, during cupping the therapist will dissappear for 15mins. So Blessed TCM Michelle is very professional!! I coming back every 2 weeks.

  193. Avatar photo
    Joyce M

    Good TCM…. and the massage was fantastic. Eased all the tension pains.

  194. Avatar photo
    Connie seet

    I having whole body massage with Amy. She really help to solve my issue. Thanks give you 5 stars for your services. Will come again.

  195. Avatar photo
    Tay Merry

    Went to massage several times, every therapists have their own skill, I suggest you may try different therapists then you can make decisions who is suitable for you. We have few of therapist which we preferred.
    Service was good, the place is so so but with the reasonable price still acceptable.
    I would like to have personal feedback that they shouldn’t chit chat during the services time to their colleagues or to customers. This would show unprofessional and may disturbing customer who wish to have relax and listening music. Customer always prefer relaxing and enjoying the music while massaging but not to hear the 三姑六婆story or sometime still need to entertain therapist with their story.

  196. Avatar photo
    Benedict Heng

    Great effort and worthy service!

  197. Avatar photo
    Sabarudin Hashim (Saba)

    Had a case of batman neck if you know what I mean. Worse still, pinched a nerve while shifting equipments so the entire left shoulder and arm hurts like hell. Just waking up from bed to sit down was a daily battle for 3 days straight. Therapist Mr. Sky managed to relieve the pain and my neck could turn after just one session. $35 was decent price. On the road to recovery. I am a believer in TCM now.

  198. Avatar photo

    Just finish the session…. Supperb…. Visit agin…..

  199. Avatar photo
    Junnie June

    Yan yan her services is excellent which help to solve my back pain . Thanks for your effort.

  200. Avatar photo
    liew crystal

    Therapist good skill.tuina +cuping very shen ji fen very profesion settle my back problem.

  201. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn N

    Tried their Tui Na by Yan Yan and it’s very good, my shoulder and neck feels more relaxed, highly recommended and affordable.

  202. Avatar photo
    Miawaty Tjhin

    I’ve tried first time tuina at the blessed health tcm…as i got back pain injured…i felt really good after the first tuina…my pain is gone…really blessed to know this TCM. Thank you for physician Hu Liyu.

  203. Avatar photo
    M H

    Dr Shen is very knowledgeable, patient and pinpoint accurate at acupuncture.

  204. Avatar photo
    Eric Chin

    Good tuina and recommended. Reasonable price.

  205. Avatar photo
    WeeJie Chai

    Excellent tuina by Sky and Lucy.

    Came twice due to my prolonged stiff neck issue.

    After 2 sessions, my neck never felt better!

    Very good skills and never hard sell anything.

  206. Avatar photo

    I had a pinched neck. Or rather, doctors from hospital said it was something like slipped disc but not exactly the case. It was the disc being swollen for no apparent reasons, protruded out & pressing on my nerve which causes the entire upper right side of my body at the back and my entire right arm to be partially “handicapped”. The pain was excruciating that I couldn’t even sit up for more than few seconds, let alone feeding myself, standing up and walking around with an ease. Most of the times I was lying down, flat, can’t even allow a pillow to be underneath my head.
    Western doctors advises was to go for surgery since the injection to my neck, physiotherapy and the tons of painkillers like morphine, tramadol and etc doesn’t help. But I went to Blessed Health TCM instead. Had a few sessions of acupuncture and tuina, together with the prescribed chinese medicine. After about less than a month from the visits, I am finally able to sit up for long, I can also feed myself, getting back to work and did some chores at home, even though there’s still some flares of pain every now and then. But honestly the pain has became much lesser/ bearable than before. I’m feeling better each day.

    A BIG thanks to Blessed team. Specially to my acupuncturist, Dr Shen & my therapist Lucy. I feel so blessed indeed

  207. Avatar photo
    Rinda Lim

    Lucy is very responsible. She is skillful n making sure tat she has solved my pain problem.

  208. Avatar photo
    Marcus Heah

    Good massage. Relief tense muscle. …

  209. Avatar photo
    Rochelle Mendoza

    Staff named Yan YAN personally had her job well done…keep it up!!!!highly recommended …

  210. Avatar photo
    Teo Chloe

    Fell down and injured my shoulder joint. Was my first tuina experience and theres no any hardsell package. I was very satisfied with their help from relieving my pain. Will come back again even though its far from my house.

  211. Avatar photo
    Ky Teo

    Always come here for my injuries. Bring my kids here too! Recommeded!

  212. Avatar photo
    Selena Chua

    Came here a few times and their service is very good! Did a whole body massage to solve my back pain issue.

  213. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Teo

    Loved the quality of service. Inexpensive and professional. Had a strain on my forearm and had expected them to just to massage my forearm, was surprised when they spent most of the time the therapist massaged so many other places and spent only the last 5mins on my forearm. Total relief.

  214. Avatar photo
    infopowerart Lim

    Have been here many times seeing Dr. Shen. The best TCM ever as it always solve my problems.

  215. Avatar photo
    Ricky Seah

    My ex massager Kelvin is now working here he is very good i find he many year alr

  216. Avatar photo

    Severe back pain much improved after treatment. Would recommend for the treatment. But as a first timer, there was no proper reception area and hence was a bit lost when I first reached

  217. Avatar photo
    aik leng

    Treated my shingle and relief my nerve pain that is disrupting my sleep at night. Thumbs up for Dr Shen! Thank you!

  218. Avatar photo
    danny chan

    Very skilled Tui Na specialist. Helped me resolve my shoulder pain! Highly recommended!

  219. Avatar photo
    George H

    Had a tight back, after the treatment it felt lighter- good recommendation.

  220. Avatar photo
    Tomy Lee

    Therapist good skill.
    Doctor shen ji fen very professional settle my waist problem.

  221. Avatar photo
    Alvin Koh

    Reason price with Tui Na. Had a very bad stiff neck and shoulder, went for a 1.5 hr session and immediately can feel the recovery. Second day almost 80% recovered! Highly recommended

  222. Avatar photo
    Andy N

    Very good tuina skills helped to alleviate my neck pain

  223. Avatar photo

    Good TCM .especially 燕燕 highly recommended .

  224. Avatar photo
    anna liu

    Good tuina,better to call for booking as they are usually busy.

  225. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ng

    A hidden gem! The place may not look much from the outside but it is a beast (in a good way!) once you start your treatment. I had stiff neck coming here, but felt relieved after an hour of massage. The service comes together with gua sha and cupping at a reasonable price of $80. As some people have called out, there is no hard selling of products or services, just an authentic offering to make sure your pain/ache is well managed. Will be back!

  226. Avatar photo
    Vikki Cheah

    Honest and skilful Tuina TCM! Helps with my neck pain issue

  227. Avatar photo
    Lani Delmolin

    My first time doing accupunture its relieving for my elbow .Female doctor is good and also the staff they are friendly, they know right spot on how to get rid the pain.price is affordable.

  228. Avatar photo
    Fook Sang Chin

    Thank you, Dr. Shen, for treating my cough. My cough has not recovered for two weeks. After taking the medicine prescribed by Dr. Shen, it has recovered. Thank you

  229. Avatar photo
    frankbel Yang

    Good service!

  230. Avatar photo
    Mervyn Chua

    Regular patron here.
    Most of their masseurs are very good at helping to kneed out those knots around your neck, shoulder & back. Some are a tad enthusiastic to the point where you feel more painful than when you first entered…but otherwise, great place to get those stiff muscles loosened up!

  231. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Toh

    One of the best Tuina you can find in Singapore. The deep tissue massage made all the difference in making the tightness of my body feel much better and more relief. This establishment is clean and the service provided is much applauded. Highly recommended!

  232. Avatar photo
    Christie Chan

    A place that help me relieve back pain …

  233. Avatar photo
    Jessie Tan

    It’s pretty rare to find a TCM place that doesn’t bug you to sign tuina packages nowadays. Blessed Health TCM is the one! All you need to do is call them to fix an appointment, arrive on time, get your tuina by your preferred therapist, pay for the session and say bye. You need not stress over any sales talk because there’s none here.
    How about the skills of their therapists? I have only tried Yanyan and I am happy with her. She has never failed to loosen the knots on my tensed back/shoulder/neck. I highly recommend Yanyan but I guess other therapists are good as well because they always have customers?

  234. Avatar photo
    J Katyusha

    Massage is very painful, but I feel very relaxed afterward, and I still feel a little sick. If you can hold it, you can try it. I have had a bad experience with scraping. I didn’t know what tools to use at first, and it would scratch the spine. Below, although it hurts, it still scratches. Later, I found out that it was a very large wooden stick. The traditional influence is like jade. The gap is too big and it is not acceptable.

  235. Avatar photo
    Bobo Chacha

    TCM worth the treatment if you have shoulder stiffness and back pain!

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